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Dan Pawson game 8.


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Allen Riedel, a teacher from Riverside, California

Nicole Steeves, a tutor and tour guide from Chicago, Illinois

Dan Pawson, a legislative aide from Boston, Massachusetts (whose 7-day cash winnings total $126,301)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
Napoleon's brother Joseph is made king of this neighbor of France
    $200 5
(Leonard Maltin reads the clue.) 1935's "The Band Concert", my favorite animated short, featured the color debut of this ultimate Disney icon, who played the maestro
    $200 23
Introduced in 2001, Pibb Xtra is a bolder version of this similarly named beverage
    $200 11
Chess castle's crannies
    $200 18
Munich's 16-day (or so) annual beer festival staggers to an end in this season
    $200 14
Like a loon's, a tern's feet have this feature, yet terns are not notable swimmers
    $400 2
Later a state capital, this city is incorporated & renamed for Princess Anne of England
    $400 6
(Leonard Maltin reads the clue.) The craze inspired by this TV hero in the '50s took Walt by surprise; he'd killed him off at the Alamo in episode 3, so he had to film prequels in order to bring him back
    $400 24
Quite simply, Bubble Up is "a kiss of lemon, kiss of" this
    $400 12
An ugly old witch who always wants to be "it"
    $400 19
The annual Earth Day celebration takes place during this season
    $400 17
The sooty tern is about 16 inches long with a white forehead & is otherwise this color above & white below
    $600 3
She founds the Christian Science Monitor
    $600 7
(Leonard Maltin reads the clue.) The crown jewel of Walt's career was this, my favorite Disney film of all time--& it gave the world a new movie star, Julie Andrews
    $600 25
Aargh! Black lemonade must be perfect for pirates; this Jolly Roger symbol adorns its label
    $600 13
A mumblety-peg tool for a spouse
    $600 20
Pamplona's running of the bulls zips by during this season
    $600 28
This geographic tern's 20,000-mile trip gives it the longest migration of any bird
    $800 4
Dutchman Hans Lippershey files for a patent for this new scientific instrument
    $800 8
(Leonard Maltin reads the clue.) A chance meeting with Leopold Stokowski led Walt to hire him for a "Sorcerer's Apprentice" short; Stokowski prodded him into making a longer film, this 1940 epic
    $800 26
The drink known as "Code" this is "everything you love about Mountain Dew with a smooth cherry flavor"
    $800 15
A push from a pugilist's padded paw
    $800 21
We don't think Mike Tyson celebrates Boxing Day, which falls in this season, but he's surprised us before
    DD: $100 29
Terns eat insects, small fish & this type of arthropod whose name comes from the Latin for "hard-shelled ones"
    $1000 9
Clovis I establishes this city as the capital of the Merovingian kingdom
    $1000 10
(Leonard Maltin wraps it up.) My favorite animated Disney film is this 1941 classic in which a lovable misfit becomes a high-flying circus star
    $1000 27
Made originally from the roots of Smilax plants & similar to root beer, this sassy Old West treat is still served today
    $1000 16
NHL projectile in a violent frenzy
    $1000 22
Louisiana celebrates Battle of New Orleans day during this season, y'all
    $1000 30
Named for the "sea" between SE Europe & Asia, this 21-inch-long bird is one of the largest kinds of tern

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Dan Nicole Allen
$3,800 $1,200 $1,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Dan Nicole Allen
$8,100 $4,000 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 3
When this prince dies, Horatio prays that "flights of angels sing thee to thy rest"
    $400 11
Vanessa Williams,
Tony Plana,
Rebecca Romijn
    $400 16
Female deep-sea anglerfish use this, produced by bacteria, to attract prey
    $400 1
In 1990 Iraq invaded & tried to absorb this much smaller country it called its "19th province"
    $400 18
On old TV, "A fiery horse" & "a cloud of dust" let you know this guy was either coming or going
    $400 23
Breakfast dish that can also mean "to flatten"
    $800 4
In "The Merchant of Venice", he says, "Since I am a dog beware my fangs"
    $800 12
Tom Welling,
Allison Mack,
Annette O'Toole
    $800 17
Using adsorption (yes, with a "d"), activated charcoal in these military items attracts harmful chemical vapors
    $800 2
It's the nearest capital city to the peak of Mount Everest
    $800 19
(Kelly of the Clue Crew runs a wet finger around the rims of two crystal glasses with different amounts of water in them.) The more water in the glass, the slower these are, & the deeper the tone
    $800 24
In 1966 the U.S. government banned M-80s & these round, red firecrackers
    $1200 5
A nurse tells Juliet, "His name is Romeo, and a" member of this family, "the only son of your great enemy"
    $1200 13
Cobie Smulders,
Josh Radnor,
Bob Saget (well, his voice, anyway)
    $1200 28
In a covalent bond, 2 atoms each contribute one of these to a pair, which is then attracted to the atoms' nuclei
    DD: $7,000 8
It became a Caribbean capital in 1872
    $1200 20
On a building site, you're a brick layer, but a pipe one of these
    $1200 25
The Boeing P-26 fighter of the 1930s & '40s was nicknamed this, like a classroom weapon
    $1600 6
This play ends with, "goodnight unto you all. Give me your hands, if we be friends, and Robin shall restore amends"
    $1600 14
James Woods,
Sarah Carter,
Jeri Ryan
    $1600 29
Bombykol, one of these attractant chemicals, is sort of the Calvin Klein obsession of the female silk moth
    $1600 9
This capital city lies on the shores of Lake Victoria
    $1600 21
A cold-causing agent, its name combines the Greek & Latin words for "nose poison"
    $1600 26
(Kelly of the Clue Crew ties one on.) It's the 2-word spicy name for this type of knot that lets you join a rope to something else, like a rail or a post
    DD: $7,000 7
When Mistress Page receives a love letter from Falstaff in this play, she asks, "How shall I be revenged on him?"
    $2000 15
Omar Epps,
Jennifer Morrison,
Robert Sean Leonard
    $2000 30
(Kelly of the Clue Crew is a bit too on-the-nose.) Gravity, the shape of a spoon, & this molecular force of attraction between separate bodies, from the Latin for "to stick", help me do an amazing trick
    $2000 10
This second-most populous Afghan city is said to have been founded by Alexander the Great
    $2000 22
Jesus was a teenager when this Roman was banished for a poem on the art of making love
    $2000 27
Reference to this container suggests the homespun style & philosophy of rural folk

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Dan Nicole Allen
$22,500 $9,200 $3,000
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This state has the largest sand dunes complex in the U.S., just north of a river named for its flatness

Final scores:

Dan Nicole Allen
$25,000 $9,200 $5,900
8-day champion: $151,301 2nd place: $2,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Dan Nicole Allen
$12,400 $9,200 $3,000
25 R
(including 3 DDs),
4 W
12 R,
3 W
9 R,
5 W

Combined Coryat: $24,600

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Game tape date: 2007-10-17
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