Show #3560 - Friday, February 11, 2000

2000-A College Championship quarterfinal game 5.


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Molley Jesse, a senior at the University of Virginia from Columbia, South Carolina

Greg Hodgin, a senior at Emory University from Columbia, South Carolina

Gwyneth Connell, a senior at Amherst College from Great Barrington, Massachusetts

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: We'll give you 2 varieties, you identify the food.)
    $100 6
Here's an analogy:
Tuesday is to week as May is to this
    $100 21
This boy pharaoh's tomb was discovered in 1922; that of his wet nurse, in 1999
    $100 1
Yukon Gold & Russet
    $100 26
In 2000, women will compete for the first time in this sport that uses a pool, 2 nets & an inflatable ball
    $100 11
Bill Clinton's middle name, it's also the last name of another president
    $100 2
He abandoned his studies at Harvard after his junior year to co-found Microsoft & got filthy rich
    $200 7
It can be a bum, an old abandoned ship, or an adjective meaning lacking a sense of duty
    $200 22
A fossil found in Portugal may have been the child of Neanderthals & these early modern humans
    $200 17
Bing & Royal Ann
    $200 27
The devices used in this new Olympic sport can propel somersaulting gymnasts up to 30 feet in the air
    $200 12
In 1927 this future president created the Georgia Warm Springs Foundation to help polio victims
    $200 3
Ben Affleck left college for Hollywood; this co-screenwriter left Harvard just shy of graduation
    $300 8
A synonym for glinting, it's what the twilight is doing in "The Star-Spangled Banner"
    $300 23
Otzi, a man found frozen in 1991, attempted to cross this European mountain chain 5,000 years ago
    $300 18
Fuji & Jonathan
    $300 28
The IOC recently granted provisional recognition to this ancient sport, one of Japan's most popular
    $300 13
Talk about a checkered past! In 1952 he gave his famous "Checkers" speech
    $300 4
He went to UCLA to study film but dropped out; he ended up directing & co-starring in "Reality Bites" & "The Cable Guy"
    $400 9
Of Laurel, Hardy, Rowan & Martin, the 2 that are trees
    $400 24
Italy is seeking a new caretaker for this historical site which, like Pompeii, was buried by Mount Vesuvius
    $400 19
Shiitake & Portobello
    $400 29
At the 1998 Winter Olympics, the USA's Ross Powers won the bronze in the halfpipe event in this new Olympic sport
    $400 14
Stephen was the real first name of this president who served 2 non-consecutive terms
    $400 5
Left Temple University in the '60s to be a comic, was in one of the biggest '80s sitcoms & sold Jell-O
    $500 10
When given freedom of action or choice, you're given this type of line that encircles the world
    $500 25
Kennewick Man, discovered in 1996 in this state, has sparked a custody battle between Native Americans & scientists
    $500 20
Bosc & Seckel
    $500 30
This new Olympic martial arts sport was founded in the 1950s by General Choi Hong Hi
    DD: $700 15
Seen here in his youth, he was a handsome Army officer, generally speaking:
    $500 16
In 1996, after winning his third U.S. Amateur title, he left Stanford to turn pro

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Gwyneth Greg Molley
-$200 $300 $1,700

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Gwyneth Greg Molley
$1,800 $1,900 $2,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 18
3 squared is 9; 1/3 squared is this
    $200 3
Literally, this state's name means "Penn's Woods"
    $200 1
In 1928 this American wrote his tone poem "An American in Paris"
    $200 20
The Ward House in this Massachusetts city is haunted by the ghost of witchcraft victim Giles Cory
    $200 8
Trilogy consisting of "The Fellowship of the Ring", "The Two Towers" & "The Return of the King"
    $200 13
His gospel ends, "...and were continually in the temple, praising and blessing God. Amen"
    $400 19
Hey, gimme this, the sum of the 2 smallest prime numbers
    $400 4
It's named for a Great Lake
    $400 2
This type of singing that alternates between a low voice & falsetto is popular in the Alps & with Jewel
    $400 21
A friendly ghost of a young woman haunts the current governor's mansion in this Virginia city
    $400 9
"Palace of Desire" is the second novel in Naguib Mahfouz' trilogy about an Egyptian family in this capital city
    $400 14
A lake of this, not water, sometimes fills Kilauea
    $600 24
Rob & Larry agreed to split their profits (Rob 60%, Larry 40%); if they made $20 Rob would get this much
    $600 5
This state's name is derived from an Indian word for "flat water", a reference to the Platte River
    $600 23
Legato is the opposite of this direction that tells a pianist to play with abrupt breaks between notes
    $600 22
Her home for a time, Hollywood's Roosevelt Hotel boasts the ghost of this sex symbol who died in 1962
    $600 10
The narrator of "The Unnamable", part of an odd prose trilogy by this "Waiting for Godot" author, lived in a jar
    $600 15
"Metropolis" filmmaker Fritz, or bluesman Jonny
    $800 25
If 100-pound Kathy steps on a scale holding 2 5-ounce bags of candy, the scale will read this many ounces
    $800 6
In 1629 Captain John Mason named it for his home county in England
    $800 28
He composed the lively piano sonata heard here:
    $800 27
This 19th C. man's ghost appears at Loudon Cottage, once owned by the woman who sat next to him when he was shot
    $800 11
Orestes is the hero of this tragic trilogy that was first performed in 458 B.C.
    $800 16
In California, car buyers know the Tanner Consumer Protection Act as this "fruity" law
    DD: $1,300 26
In 90 minutes a minute hand will travel this many degrees
    $1000 7
Rev. Allen Wright, a Choctaw Indian, was responsible for giving this state a Choctaw name meaning "red people"
    DD: $1,600 29
Presented in 1692, "The Fairy Queen" by Purcell was the first opera based on this Shakespeare play
    $1000 30
A British officer who drowned in the Thames River nearby haunts Eldon House in this Canadian province
    $1000 12
"Number One" is actually the number two novel in a trilogy by this author of "U.S.A."
    $1000 17
This British medical journal's October 30, 1999 issue was number 9189

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Gwyneth Greg Molley
$1,200 $8,000 $5,900

Final Jeopardy! Round

The 2 mammals that live at the highest altitude on a permanent basis are the pika & this animal

Final scores:

Gwyneth Greg Molley
$0 $8,000 $3,800
3rd place: $2,500 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 2nd place: $2,500 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Gwyneth Greg Molley
$1,200 $7,700 $7,300
14 R,
7 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
6 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $16,200

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Game tape date: 2000-01-15
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