Show #3602 - Tuesday, April 11, 2000

Mike Blumenfeld game 3.


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Terri Ross, a travel agent from Birmingham, Alabama

Derek Schatz, a computer security consultant from San Jose, California

Mike Blumenfeld, a network administrator from Minneapolis, Minnesota (whose 2-day cash winnings total $20,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: A whole category devoted to...)
    $100 1
It's believed that Odo of Bayeux, half-brother of this conqueror, commissioned the Bayeux Tapestry
    $100 9
This Saturday night "TV" show is inspired by the magazine that gave us Alfred E. Neuman
    $100 2
The name of the oil additive STP stands for Scientifically Treated this
    $100 24
They're the two chemical elements that make up steam
    $100 17
You can make a dark vegetarian stock from the red or black type of these legumes
    $100 14
To cheat or swindle
    $200 7
Archduchess Maria Theresa was one of the finest rulers born into this Austrian family
    $200 10
Stuttering John & Jackie the Joke Man are featured on his late-night show on E!
    $200 3
(Hi, I'm Deidre Hall from "Days of Our Lives") This California company that began in 1945 turned Erica Kane & my character, Marlena Evans, into dolls
    $200 27
In central heating systems using steam, this is the equivalent of a furnace
    $200 18
This 4-letter word is seen after "apple" less often than after "cole"
    $200 15
Some worms make it
    $300 8
Alaric II, king of this branch of the Goths. was defeated in battle & slain in 507 A.D.
    $300 11
(Hi, I'm Al Franken) ABC's 11:30 P.M. reports on "The Iran Crisis: America Held Hostage" evolved into this regular program
    $300 4
Headlines in January 2000 said of this company, "You've Got Time Warner"!
    $300 28
Steam well above the temperature where it condenses into liquid isn't just heated, it's this
    $300 19
The main ingredients of the Greek dish spanakopita are cheese & this green vegetable
    $300 16
An assassin's middle name
    $400 22
This Dutch queen, born in 1880, was the daughter of King Willem III & his second wife, Queen Emma
    $400 12
This saxophonist played "Heartbreak Hotel" when he appeared on "The Arsenio Hall Show" June 3,1992
    DD: $500 5
Hilton's first hotel in this city opened in 1999; the earlier "Hilton" there was actually a prison
    $400 29
Most of the world's electriic power comes from steam turning the wheels of this type of machine
    $400 20
As a vegetarian Jimmy Buffett "made it nearly 70 days...drinkin' lots of" this juice "and soakin' up rays"
    $400 26
Irish home of legendary fighting cats
    $500 23
This U.S. president was nicknamed "Matty"
    $500 13
In 1980 NBC cut the "Tonight" show to 60 minutes & extended this Tom Snyder program to 90
    $500 6
This soap for "All Your...Parts" was introduced in 1990
    $500 30
One of this Scotsman's big ideas was using the expansion of steam to complete a piston stroke
    $500 21
The name of this fragrant type of rice means "queen of fragrance" in Sanskrit
    $500 25
Austrian poet & sonneteer "To Orpheus"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Mike Derek Terri
$900 $1,100 $200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mike Derek Terri
$900 $2,600 $800

Double Jeopardy! Round

NEWS OF 2000
    $200 11
Today it's Brasilia, but a map from 1950 would have shown this city as its nation's capital
    $200 15
This 9-letter word evolved around 1960 for a fictional movie or TV show based on real events
    $200 4
"Don't Fall Off the Mountain" is a memoir from one of the lives of this actress
    $200 1
With the U.S. boycotting the summer games, this host country won 197 medals
    $200 18
The first swarm of these to enter the U.S. was destroyed
    $200 22
This actress & Ted Turner announced their separation after 8 years of marriage
    $400 12
This European nation occupied 42,000 square miles in 1949; 41 years later it ceased to exist
    $400 16
The Ford Falcon was the first Big 3 version of this smaller type of car
    $400 5
This 1970 Irwin Shaw book became a TV miniseries in 1976
    DD: $300 2
This woman who had been perfect in 1976 fell off the uneven parallel bars in 1980
    $400 19
The FDA approved Simplesse, a "fake" type of this
    $400 26
This "geographic" police outfit announced it had foiled a kidnap plot against Posh Spice
    $600 13
Today known as Belize, this colony in Central America had a population of only about 70,000 in 1950
    $600 17
This word altered the term for a follower of Jack Kerouac to mean someone compulsively tidy
    $600 6
In 1970 Maya Angelou wrote about a "Caged Bird" & he flew up the charts with "Love Story"
    $600 3
He's the hero of Lake Placid seen here:
(speed skater)
    $600 20
A genetic cause was found for some cases of the "osteo" type of this joint disease, the most common form
    DD: $600 14
In 1950 delegates from the Italian colonies Fezzan, Cyrenaica & Tripolitania met to discuss union as this nation
    $800 7
A libel trial is the focus of this "Exodus" author's riveting 1970 novel "QB VII"
    $800 9
This man was elected president of the IOC just before the summer games; he's still there
    $800 21
The Hubble Space Telescope was deployed by this space shuttle; 3 years later the Endeavour fixed its mirror
    $1000 25
Traveling to Timbuktu in 1950 would take you through French Sudan, today known as this country
    $1000 8
His "Hard Times" was "An Oral History of the Great Depression"
    $1000 10
Lutz Dombrowski's 28 feet 1/4 inch was the longest ever of these at sea level
    $1000 23
This mapping project begun in 1990 is less than 50% done, though a private firm, Celera, claims to have 90% finished
    $1000 24
Besides Bush, McCain & Forbes, 1 of the 3 other participants in the Republican debate held Jan. 10, 2000

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mike Derek Terri
$4,500 $4,200 $4,100

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This nursery rhyme character's name goes back to the Jacobites' satiric nickname for the Prince of Orange

Final scores:

Mike Derek Terri
$8,500 $50 $1,000
3-day champion: $28,500 3rd place: Vtech Cordless Phones 2nd place: Sanyo Blimp Trip in the U.S.

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mike Derek Terri
$5,000 $4,200 $4,800
16 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)
16 R,
3 W
12 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $14,000

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Game tape date: 2000-02-02
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