Show #3213 - Wednesday, July 15, 1998


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Rick Goldfarb, an attorney from Seattle, Washington

Jolyn Dunavant, a budget administrator from Lancaster, Texas

William Toren, a copy editor from Northridge, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $2,400)

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Jeopardy! Round

BY 2000
    $100 4
During his first term as president, the Bill of Rights became law
    $100 21
Experts say to drink 8 cups of this a day; that's about 5.3 cups of H & 2.7 cups of O
    $100 16
Phi Delta Theta & Sigma Nu are 2 of these that are trying to ban alcohol by 2000
    $100 22
His 1969 hit with the First Edition, "Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town", was written by Mel Tillis
    $100 11
Rice whose length is over 4 times its width is typed with this 2-word name
    $100 1
Desi's daughter
    $200 5
In 1813 the U.S. defeated the British in the Battle of the Thames River in what is now this country
    $200 25
A 1997 recall ended the pairing of the diet drugs known by this homophonic name
    $200 17
Computers that recognize 00 as this date have to be fixed by the year 2000
    $200 23
Classic song heard here in a remake by Randy Travis:

"Trailers for sale or rent..."
    $200 12
Gouda cheese is named for Gouda, a town in this country
    $200 2
Spanish for "the poplars", the first hydrogen bomb was designed there
    DD: $900 8
In 1832 this president declared, "The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me; but I will kill it"
    $300 28
Your body can convert beta carotene into this vitamin found in liver & stored in your liver
    $300 18
British musicologist Jonathan Del Mar hopes to have fully restored this composer's 9 symphonies
    $300 24
In 1997 some of country music's biggest names celebrated this "Singing Cowboy's" 90th birthday
    $300 13
Kimbunda speakers know nguba, from which we get goober, means this
    $300 3
She sat behind the reception desk at "WKRP"
    $400 9
In November 1689 Joseph Wadsworth hid this colony's charter from the British by placing it in an oak tree
    $400 29
From the Greek for air, this type of exercise, like race walking & swimming, helps your heart & lungs
    $400 19
Ukraine has promised to close this nuclear plant by 2000
    $400 26
A flower arrangement at his 1998 funeral included a pair of blue suede shoes
    $400 14
An Englishman might "win one for" this flattened, cold-smoked herring
    $400 6
Tibetan monks reputedly believed that their souls would enter the bodies of these watchdogs
    $500 10
He earned his captain's commission by burning the Philadelphia at Tripoli in 1804
    $500 30
By definition, lactoovo-vegetarians eat these 2 types of foods along with the veggies
    $500 20
A 500-foot-tall one of these fair attractions is planned to be built across the Thames from Parliament
    $500 27
Sexy singing sensation heard here with a recent hit:
    $500 15
Obtained by hard milling durum wheat, this flour is used in cream of wheat cereal
    $500 7
Citing personal reasons, he announced his resignation as Secretary of Defense in 1993

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

William Jolyn Rick
$2,000 $300 $1,800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

William Jolyn Rick
$2,800 $1,500 $4,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 3
Discounting China, it's the most populous country named for a person
    $200 22
This kids' baseball team was so "bad" they had a different coach for each of 3 movies about them
    $200 19
You could write a brief history of the times people have tackled this physicist's "A Brief History of Time"
    $200 1
Kay got to ride this animal when she visited Tibet
    $200 2
The currency called wampum was originally strings of these made from shells
    $200 12
In 1983, the year he became a U.S. citizen, he flexed his acting muscles making "Conan the Destroyer"
    $400 4
This South American country was named for "El Libertador"
    DD: $3,000 23
It's the movie whose theme is heard here:
    $400 27
Your grasp of this French existentialist's "Being and Nothingness" may be closer to nothingness
    $400 17
A wee female sheep can grow up to be a great big one
    $400 8
This tribe called themselves Hotcangara & moved around the Great Lakes in canoes, not motor homes
    $400 13
This Korean-born woman married Woody Allen in December 1997
    $600 5
This Pacific island nation was named for the crown prince of Spain in 1542
    $600 24
Drew Barrymore was one of several pistol packin' prostitutes in this 1994 Western
    $600 28
After starting this last James Joyce novel, you may talkingbe pas Anglais thissaway
    $600 18
Verna has a pet one perching just above her chamber door
    $600 9
A wigwam is an Algonquin bent pole-&-bark dwelling; this Sioux word means a house of animal skins
    $600 14
This Czech-born tennis star seen here won 3 straight U.S. Opens & is now a U.S. citizen
    DD: $1,800 6
Zambia & Zimbabwe were formed out of this country named for a British colonizer
    $800 25
Bad, Patty, bad! Patty McCormack played the evil little girl in this 1956 classic based on an Anderson play
    $800 29
It's a lot easier to finish this author's "Death in Venice" than his "Dr. Faustus"
    $800 20
An astronaut drinking Tang doesn't want to find this insect in it
    $800 10
This grouping including the Crow & Wichita is named for the area from the Rockies to the Mississippi
    $800 15
The ABC News fifth column includes Peter Jennings from Canada & this British-born "Nightline" host
    $1000 7
This Mideast country was named for a man named Abdul
    $1000 26
Harvey Keitel protects & serves only himself as a corrupt cop in this Abel Ferrara drama
    $1000 30
Few have finished both the Barsetshire & Palliser series by this "wanton" 19th century novelist
    $1000 21
Some folks love this ratlike rodent related to the lemming
    $1000 11
Colonists called it the elk, though the Shawnee had given it this perfectly good name
    $1000 16
This Havana-born actor is not related to poet Federico Garcia Lorca, whom he played in a 1997 film

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

William Jolyn Rick
$14,400 $1,500 $11,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

A February 1998 study found the world's highest store rents, $580 a square foot, on this street

Final scores:

William Jolyn Rick
$4,400 $0 $3,000
2-day champion: $6,800 3rd place: Panasonic Portable DVD Player 2nd place: Trip to Holiday Inn Aruba Beach Resort & Casino

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

William Jolyn Rick
$11,800 $1,500 $10,000
30 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
8 R,
2 W
21 R
(including 2 DDs),
0 W

Combined Coryat: $23,300

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