Show #3194 - Thursday, June 18, 1998

Dave Abbott game 3.


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Tom Wrosch, a legislation and outreach coordinator from Salem, Oregon

Ginny Morey, a writer originally from Ketchikan, Alaska

Dave Abbott, a musician and contract manager from Cincinnati, Ohio (whose 2-day cash winnings total $25,800)

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Jeopardy! Round

WHO "M I"?
    $100 1
One of the signers of Israel's Declaration of Independence, she became prime minister in 1969
    $100 11
Now that you're flush, consider the "whole life" type of this, unless you're planning to die soon
    $100 26
The apartment complex located at 4616 on this title L.A. street is home to some "Fox"y ladies
    $100 6
It's "the shortest distance between two points"
    $100 18
You can see a miniature replica of this city's Forbidden City at Splendid China, a park in Kissimmee
    $100 16
During my long relationship with Woody Allen, I starred in 13 of his films
    $200 2
Before designing the first successful steamboat, he worked as a portrait painter
    $200 12
To minimize your risk, buy these "colorful" stocks in established, reliable companies
    $200 27
"Promised Land" with Gerald McRaney is a spinoff of this heavenly CBS series
    $200 7
It's where something embarrassing is swept
    $200 19
The "Terrors of the Deep" attraction at this park might even scare Shamu
    $200 17
From 1961 to 1964, I invited TV home viewers to "Sing Along with" me
    $300 3
This "Nine Days' Queen" of England was a granddaughter of Henry VIII's sister Mary
    $300 13
Don't blow your money on Hanson CDs (compact discs), put it in one of these bank CDs
    $300 28
He's played Pete Ryan, Alexander Mundy & Jonathan Hart
    $300 8
Pool table piece you don't want to be "behind"
    $300 20
The Cypress Roots Museum traces the history of this famous floral site
    $300 23
In 1505 I was summoned by Pope Julius II to create his tomb
    $400 4
This Redshirts leader led his final campaign when he fought for France in the Franco-Prussian War
    $400 14
The new Roth type of this "account" allows tax-free withdrawals when you're in your 60s
    DD: $500 29
(Hi, I'm Julie Pinson.) "Port Charles" is a spin-off from this soap that's also set in Port Charles
    $400 9
Shifting your debts is "robbing Peter to pay" this saint
    $400 21
For years Gomek the giant crocodile was the big attraction at this oldest Florida city's alligator farm
    $400 24
Since leaving Czechoslovakia, I've directed films like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" & "Amadeus"
    $500 5
Guess what? This Cherokee who devised an alphabet took the English name George Guess
    $500 15
If buying corporate mutual bonds, you should know this is Moody's highest rating
    $500 30
After NBC canceled this Sam Waterston series in 1993, PBS produced a movie to wrap up its loose ends
    $500 10
Alexander Pope criticized these who claimed to be authorities with "Fools rush in where angels" do this
    $500 22
The Wallendas' poles, rigging & costumes are on view at the Circus Museum in this Florida city
    $500 25
You can hear me doing what I did best in the following:

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Dave Ginny Tom
$1,200 $1,300 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Dave Ginny Tom
$3,800 $2,000 $1,900

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 3
The mouthpiece of an oboe contains a double one
    $200 16
Huck, as in Huck Finn, is short for this
    $200 21
Leonard Maltin said this '84 mermaid film was "a bit too long, but... I really don't want to carp"
    $200 8
For his books on the Cossacks of the Don River Mikhail Sholokhov won this top prize in 1965
    $200 26
After this bird rose up from its ashes, it would gather them into a ball & fly them to Egypt
    $200 1
Most members of an ant colony are these, as opposed to resters
    $400 4
A flamenco dancer should also be accomplished on these percussion instruments
    $400 17
He gave Charlie a tour of his chocolate factory
    $400 22
As Eliot Ness, Kevin Costner cleaned up the mess in Chicago in this 1987 film
    $400 9
While there were a few mechanized units, the Cossacks in WWII mainly served in these units
    $400 27
The name of Agni, the Hindi fire god, gave us this word meaning "to start a fire"
    $400 2
Like termites, ants are this type of insect, not solitary
    $600 5
Heard here & in a 1997 film, the Grimethorpe Colliery Band is this type of "heavy metal" band:
    $600 18
1938 Daphne Du Maurier novel in which you find the second Mrs. De Winter of our discontent
    $600 23
Robin Williams "sail"ed into movie stardom as this title character in a Robert Altman film
    $600 10
For a while the city of Kharkiv, founded as a Cossack outpost, replaced Kiev as capital of this republic
    $600 28
When Phaeton borrowed his dad Helios' chariot, he was joy-riding on this heavenly body
    $600 13
If you want a mound built to damage farm machinery, "hire" these ants
    $800 6
It's played tilted back on the right shoulder; the shortest of the 47 strings are closest to the body
    DD: $1,500 19
This author felt he had no choice but to create Sophie Zawistowska
    DD: $3,000 24
It's the last name of the politician played by Paul Newman in the clip seen here:
    $800 11
In 1992 this Russian president granted the Cossacks the status of an ethnic group
    $800 29
Siegfried discovered this woman asleep in a ring of fire
    $800 14
Amazon ants become masters when they steal the young from other nests & make them these
    $1000 7
Popularized by Lionel Hampton, you have to plug it in first
    $1000 20
Where's Mr. Waldo? In this Welsh poet's "Under Milk Wood"
    $1000 25
This offbeat director cast himself as a nutty psychiatrist in his own film "Hairspray"
    $1000 12
The name Cossack comes from "Kazak", a word in this language that also gave us the word yogurt
    $1000 30
Apollo tells this Roman blacksmith god that Venus is cheating on him, in the painting seen here:
    $1000 15
The extinct passenger pigeon & this African army ant are both known for moving in huge swarms

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Dave Ginny Tom
$12,300 $6,800 $4,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In 1814 & 1815, before he was president, he served simultaneously as Secretary of State & Secretary of War

Final scores:

Dave Ginny Tom
$13,600 $3,800 $3,850
3-day champion: $39,400 3rd place: Jeep Electronics Boom Box 2nd place: Trip to Sheraton San Marcos Golf Resort, Chandler, Arizona

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Dave Ginny Tom
$11,600 $4,600 $5,200
29 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
13 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
12 R,
1 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $21,400

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Game tape date: 1998-03-04
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