Show #3088 - Wednesday, January 21, 1998


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Kate Ricci, a statistician from Deep River, Connecticut

Ron Hankey, an operations research analyst from Falls Church, Virginia

Kevin Perry, a shipping supervisor and college student from Fredericksburg, Virginia (whose 1-day cash winnings total $9,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 3
Of Rye, White or Pumpernickel, it's the city where chief justice John Jay is buried
    $100 9
When his 1972 film "Beware! The Blob" was reissued, it was subtitled "The Movie J.R. Shot"
    $100 15
This king romanced Mary Boleyn before her sister Anne lost her head over him
    $100 24
A national Philippine dish, adobo contains chicken & pork, & the "milk" of this palm fruit
    $100 4
1 of 2 Spinks brothers to win boxing gold medals at the 1976 games
    $100 1
A deep shade of black, or a 747
    $200 11
Appropriately, it was once known as "The Cataract City"
    $200 10
He directed himself, dad Lloyd & brother Jeff in the TV movie "The Thanksgiving Promise"
    $200 16
A tall, thin mistress of George I was nicknamed this, for a tall, thin thing folks dance around on May 1
    $200 27
A German specialty, braunschweiger is a smoked sausage traditionally made from this organ meat
    $200 5
On July 28, 1996 the USA's Charles Austin set the Olympic record in this event with a leap of 7' 10"
    $200 2
In 1882 Prof. Jigaro Kano opened the first school for this in Japan
    $300 12
Once the site of a Utopian community, today it's famous for its flatware
    $300 20
"A Bronx Tale", the first film directed by this "Taxi Driver" star, earned critical praise, not Bronx cheers
    $300 17
She blamed Prince Albert's early death in part on anxiety over their son Bertie's fling with an actress
    $300 28
Watch out for the hot peppers when partaking of this Szechwan Chinese dish made with chicken & peanuts
    DD: $400 6
In 1976 Hungary's Miklos Nemeth threw this farther than any field apparatus in Olympic history -- 310' 4"
    $300 21
Bette Davis picked up her second Oscar for this film
    $400 13
It's home to the Rockwell Museum of Western Art, as well as to a famous glass works
    $400 25
This daughter of director John made her own directing debut with the TV movie "Bastard Out of Carolina"
    $400 18
This king nicknamed Lackland didn't lack a love life; he had at least 7 children out of wedlock
    $400 29
It's the traditional meat in souvlaki, a popular Greek dish
    $400 7
Then with the Phoenix Suns, he was a member of the USA's "Dream Team" in both 1992 & 1996
    $400 22
Slang for electric current
    $500 14
Ulysses could tell you it's where Cornell University is located
    $500 26
Peter Ustinov directed the 1962 film version of this Herman Melville novel & played Captain Vere in it
    $500 19
This famous diarist's wife called King Charles II's mistress 'Moll' Davis "The Most Impertinent Slut"
    $500 30
Rad Na & pad woon sen are popular noodle dishes from this country
    $500 8
In 1984 he became the first man in 56 years to win the springboard & platform diving events in one Olympics
    $500 23
To put together in a makeshift fashion is to jury-rig or to "build" this way

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Kevin Ron Kate
$1,300 $2,000 $500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kevin Ron Kate
$2,500 $2,400 $1,500

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
When Henry Luce & Briton Hadden founded this magazine in 1923, they almost called it "Facts"
    $200 11
The "American Buffalo" in David Mamet's play is one of these that would interest a numismatist
    $200 2
Victor Hugo described it as "A vast symphony in stone" -- Quasimodo would agree
    $200 12
A joint in this part of the body is the most likely spot to be hit by gout
    $200 19
"Cool" rappers include LL Cool J & this single-named "Gangsta's Paradise" artist
    $200 22
From the Greek for "to leave out", it's an obscuring of one celestial body by another
    $400 7
Zita, who died in 1989, was the last empress of this house that ruled Austria-Hungary
    $400 17
Walter Matthau & Art Carney starred in this play when it debuted on Broadway in 1965
    $400 3
James Renwick designed this Fifth Avenue cathedral in the Gothic Revival style
    $400 13
In 1997 the journal Nature reported this giant meat-eating dinosaur may have been a gout sufferer
    $400 20
They showed white "boys" can rap with the 1986 album "Licensed to Ill"
    $400 23
Put the pieces together & you'll see the name of this artwork means it's "of the Muses"
    DD: $500 8
In 1931 she was the blonde gentlemen preferred:
    $600 18
Feydeau's "La Puce a L'Oreille" translates to one of these "in her ear"
    $600 4
The Basilica of the Holy Blood in Bruges in this country contains a relic believed to be drops of Christ's blood
    $600 14
Gout didn't stop this reformer from nailing his 95 Theses to a Wittenberg church door
    $600 27
Originally rhythmic backing music, it now refers to all of rap culture, including dress & dance
    $600 24
From a Latin word meaning "to hang" comes this word for an ornament that hangs from a necklace
    $800 9
This program was grounded from January 28, 1986 to September 29, 1988
    $800 21
1958's "The Birthday Party" was the first full-length play by this author of "The Homecoming"
    $800 5
This English city's modern cathedral, built in 1962, stands next to the bombed-out ruins of the old one
    $800 15
This resort city, once a haven for British gout victims, gave its name to a type of wheelchair
    $800 28
Ed Lover & Fab 5 Freddy were among the hosts of this MTV show that helped bring rap to suburbia
    $800 25
The word spider comes from an Old English form of this verb, referring to its web-weaving
    $1000 10
Anthropologists "gorged" themselves on the discoveries the Leakeys made at this African gorge in 1959
    $1000 6
The cathedral of this northern Italian city looks quite fashionable with its 135 marble spires
    $1000 16
This author was crippled by gout; Blifil's mother dies of it in his novel "Tom Jones"
    $1000 26
The name of this ancient & elaborate coffin is from the Greek for "flesh-eating"; how gruesome

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kevin Ron Kate
$3,700 $4,900 $3,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Due to demand Bugs Bunny's U.S. commemorative stamp was the first to have a second printing since this one

Final scores:

Kevin Ron Kate
$7,350 $7,401 $7,399
3rd place: Monorail Desktop PC New champion: $7,401 2nd place: Trip to Kauai Coconut Beach Hotel, Hawaii

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kevin Ron Kate
$3,600 $5,400 $3,700
17 R
(including 1 DD),
6 W
18 R,
3 W
(including 1 DD)
11 R,
1 W

Combined Coryat: $12,700

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