Show #3078 - Wednesday, January 7, 1998


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Melanie DeCarolis, an editor from Brookline, Massachusetts

Larry Blair, a software engineer from Palo Alto, California

Michael Forrest, an actor from Silver Spring, Maryland (whose 1-day cash winnings total $3,700)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 11
He puts "sleepy dust" in children's eyes to help them sleep
    $100 16
Be prepared to tell us that this group's motto is "Be Prepared"
    $100 13
Fans from around the world sped to Winnipeg to see this "Speed" star play Hamlet there in 1995
    $100 6
If you've been to a prom, you should know "prom" is short for this, also a popular name for a shopping mall
    $100 1
The Danes call this island dependency in the north Atlantic Gronland
    $100 26
Of a bird, a fish or an insect, what a water boatman is
    $200 12
On stage, this fairy, visible only as a dancing light, swallows poison to save Peter Pan's life
    $200 18
"Ring" in if you know it's engraved with the motto "Proclaim Liberty Throughout All The Land..."
    $200 14
He's only 9 years younger than Glenn Close, but he called her Mom in Zeffirelli's 1990 version
    $200 7
A type of large snake; it may be "reticulated"
    $200 2
Hey, mon! The Cayman Islands were colonized about 1734 by British settlers from this nearby island
    $200 27
The American Water & Irish Water breeds of this dog are both noted for retrieving waterfowl
    $300 15
In December 1892 "The Nutcracker" was first produced with Antonietta Dell'era in this role
    $300 22
Put a feather in your cappa if you know this Greek society's motto is "Philosophy The Guide Of Life"
    $300 19
The role of Obi-Wan Kenobi was light-years away when he played Hamlet at the Old Vic in 1938
    $300 8
From the name of a river, it's the "fever" that tends to afflict national politicians
    $300 3
The Safety Islands off French Guiana consist of Royale, Saint-Joseph & this diabolical island
    $300 28
Bubalus babalis is the scientific name of this animal also known as the water ox
    $400 17
This mischievous fairy speaks the epilogue of Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream"
    $400 24
"Power To The People" was one of the mottoes of this '60s militant group, founded in Oakland
    DD: $500 20
He played Hamlet at the New York Shakespeare Festival before he hammed it up as Mike Hammer:
    $400 9
It's the kind of lurid fiction printed on the low-quality paper of the same name
    $400 4
Politically, this Greek island is divided into 4 departments: Canea, Lasithi, Rethymne & Iraklion
    $400 29
Water hog is another name for this, the largest living rodent, that looks like a giant guinea pig
    $500 23
Sometimes a fairy will steal one of these & leave a changeling in its place
    $500 25
"Duty, Honor, Country" is the motto of this New York school
    $500 21
This star of "A Fish Called Wanda" not only starred in but directed a 1990 production of "Hamlet"
    $500 10
This term for a social outcast is from the Tamil for "drummer", a position once held by a person of low caste
    $500 5
This island was specially built for San Francisco's Golden Gate Int'l Exposition of 1939 & 1940
    $500 30
The water opossum is also called the yapok, in honor of this continent's Oyapok River

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Michael Larry Melanie
$1,900 $1,800 -$100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Michael Larry Melanie
$2,800 $2,500 $1,700

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 5
She had the "face that launched a thousand ships"; sounds painful!
    $200 2
A nat'l memorial near Kitty Hawk features reconstructions of the camp & hangar used by this pair
    $200 1
Isabella II was proclaimed queen of this country a few days before her third birthday, in 1833
    $200 24
In March 1997 this Swiss miss became the youngest player to be ranked No. 1 in women's tennis
    $200 29
In 1494 Pope Alexander VI gave this country the right to colonize the east coast of Brazil
    $200 26
The great white whale who hosted "American Bandstand"
    $400 9
Believing Thisbe to be dead after finding her bloody veil, this youth killed himself
    $400 13
Open to the public, a St. Louis farm once owned by Ulysses Grant is now operated by this brewery
    $400 19
Kipling wrote of this queen, "Walk wide o' the widow at Windsor, for 'alf o' creation she owns"
    DD: $200 25
Nancy Lieberman-Cline is among the inductees in the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame for this sport
    $400 30
The Dutch had already sighted Australia, & Aborigines lived there, when he claimed it for England in 1770
    $400 27
"That Girl" who wrote the Declaration of Independence
    $600 10
She was Pygmalion's "statuesque" wife
    $600 6
Wish you were in Dixie -- National Forest? You'll find it near Bryce Canyon in this state
    $600 20
He & Carlota landed in Mexico on May 28, 1864
    $600 14
Kathy Whitworth was the first woman in this sport to win a million dollars in prize money
    $600 17
This 2-word term coined in 1845 asserted that the U.S. had dibs on land stretching to the Pacific
    $600 28
Now ear this: it's an "ear" vegetable served on a spider structure
    DD: $1,500 11
As the muse of this scholarly discipline, Clio probably tended to repeat herself
    $800 3
You can visit the Netherlands Museum without ever leaving the USA; it's located in this Michigan city
    $800 23
This country's King Carl XVI Gustaf was born Carl Gustaf Folke Hubertus at Haga Castle in 1946
    $800 7
In 1996 Christy Martin became the first female pro in this sport to be featured live on national TV
    $800 15
When this native group had dibs on the Mexico City area, they called it Tenochtitlan
    $800 21
A Lerner & Loewe musical about a lovely insect who flies away home
    $1000 12
Vulcan's Greek counterpart, he created Achilles' armor
    $1000 4
For some fun in this Pennsylvania city, drop by the Dutch Wonderland Family Fun Park
    $1000 18
Duchess Sophie of Bavaria married this tiny country's Crown Prince Alois in 1993, in Vaduz
    $1000 8
In 1997 this 14-year-old American became the youngest women's world figure skating champion
    $1000 16
The Russians & Japanese both want these northern islands that were first occupied by the Ainu
    $1000 22
Leonardo da Vinci's portrait of Michael Jackson's ex-wife

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Michael Larry Melanie
$8,800 $7,900 $6,200

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Final Jeopardy! Round

This 1726 satire reported the existence of Mars' 2 moons 151 years before Asaph Hall discovered them

Final scores:

Michael Larry Melanie
$1,700 $13,401 $12,200
3rd place: Panasonic Large Color LCD Palmcorder New champion: $13,401 2nd place: Trip to Hotel Melia Don Pepe, Costa del Sol, Spain

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Michael Larry Melanie
$9,000 $7,900 $5,400
19 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
21 R,
1 W
16 R
(including 2 DDs),
4 W

Combined Coryat: $22,300

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