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Rosanna Cavallaro, a law professor from Brookline, Massachusetts

Robert Ashley, a psychiatrist from Los Angeles, California

Marc Spraragen, a graduate student from Los Angeles, California (whose 2-day cash winnings total $30,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 2
Like another important biblical figure many years later, David was born in this small city just south of Jerusalem
    $200 11
The first volunteer fire department in the U.S. was organized by Ben Franklin in this city
    $200 14
In 1983 David Byrne & the Talking Heads were "fighting fire with fire" with this Top 10 song
    $200 26
This type of building can be a place to stay while on a hunting trip or a place where Freemasons meet
    $200 21
Popular soul food side dishes are mustard, collard & turnip these, a word for leaves
    $200 1
The forward section of a missile containing the explosive
    $400 7
David killed the hero of these people at the Valley of Elah
    $400 12
It's how influential philosopher & priest Giordano Bruno died in 1600
    $400 15
John Lennon said that this movie title tune was a plea on his own behalf
    $400 27
"Moistureless" name for the material also known as plasterboard
    $400 22
This minced meat-filled Chinese dumpling is simmered & served in the soup named for it
    $400 3
There were 5 during the invasion of Normandy, including Utah & Omaha
    $600 8
David succeeded this man as the leader of Israel around 1010 B.C.
    $600 13
Stovetop term for where one puts matters of lower priority
    $600 16
In a 1986 anti-war song, Sting hoped that these title people "love their children too"
    $600 28
It's a mixture of lime & cement with other substances used to bond bricks together when building
    $600 23
This Italian name for squid is a reference to its ink
    $600 4
The general, fixed costs of running a business
    $800 9
Ambitious & handsome, this son of David led a rebellion against him that almost succeeded
    $800 19
A popular WWI song urged Americans to keep these "burning" in support of the troops overseas
    $800 17
A Van Morrison tune says "Well it's a marvelous night for" one of these, "with the stars up above in your eyes"
    $800 29
They're the slender towers that are part of a mosque & from which Muslims are called to prayer
    $800 24
Types of this fruit include the French nicoise & the Greek kalamata
    $800 5
It can be the name of a newspaper at the top of the first page, or a list of its staff
    $1000 10
David is anointed king in the second book of this prophet
    DD: $1,000 20
One of these famously burned in Alexandria in 47 B.C. & also in Los Angeles in 1986
    $1000 18
This Billy Joel song says, "Sinners are much more fun"
    $1000 30
From the French for "to push", it's the type of building support seen here
    $1000 25
It's Middle Eastern dip made from chickpeas, often flavored with sesame
    $1000 6
17th century British anti-royalists

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Marc Robert Rosanna
$3,400 $2,000 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Marc Robert Rosanna
$10,600 $4,000 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $400 6
The universe's background radiation is thought to be left over from this primordial event
    $400 26
Sitcoms collide when a Debra Messing show spins off into Brett Butler's
    $400 21
Thoreau wrote this essay in 1849 to inform others how & why to protest against government misdeeds
    $400 16
Nickname of the Spanish-American War volunteer regiment that included Teddy Roosevelt
    $400 11
    $400 1
This type of doctor will see how you see & see you now
    $800 7
Electrically speaking, it's the opposite of resistivity
    $800 27
The Hank, Peggy, Luanne & Bobby show that took a dramatic turn with Capt. Frank Furillo & friends
    $800 22
Bank Teller Joseph K. is put on trial in this author's "The Trial"
    $800 17
This fabric is in nicknames for Robert Louis Stevenson & Mel Torme
    $800 12
Buenos Aires,
    $800 2
It's the removal of harmful substances such as radioactive material or poisonous gas from an area
    $1200 8
Ossification, the formation of this, begins in the embryo at the end of the second month
    $1200 28
A sketch show's dead parrot lives to soar through a flaming hoop held by Cathy Lee Crosby on a '70s celeb variety show
    DD: $2,000 23
It's Edith Wharton's tragic novel of a New England farmer who falls in love with his wife's cousin
    $1200 18
Similar to Fannie Mae, it's the popular nickname for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation
    $1200 13
    $1200 3
Though not used technically, it's another term for the upper troposphere
    $1600 9
C2H5, it's found before "alcohol" & is a homophone of a female first name
    $1600 29
Show in which Paris Hilton teams up with the developmentally disabled Corky
    $1600 24
As well as novels, he wrote rags-to-riches nonfiction like the James Garfield biography "From Canal Boy to President"
    DD: $1,000 19
With this heavenly nickname, Louis XIV must have brightened up the lives of his subjects
    $1600 14
Guatemala City,
Panama City,
Mexico City
    $1600 4
You can find 3 different words within this word meaning "in spite of"
    $2000 10
(Kelly of the Clue Crew indicates a formula on a monitor.) In Newton's law, "F" is the attractive force, "G" is the gravitational constant, "m" is the masses of two bodies, & "d" stands for this
    $2000 30
This show's Chief of Detectives Virgil Tibbs takes a wrong turn & ends up on a '70s Rod Serling anthology series
    $2000 25
She penned both "A Raisin in the Sun" & "The Sign in Sidney Brustein's Window"
    $2000 20
(Jon of the Clue Crew stands in Radio City Music Hall, New York.) The theatrical mind behind Radio City was Samuel Rothafel, better known by this nickname also found on a movie palace he opened
    $2000 15
    $2000 5
"Ante" up; it's third from the end

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Marc Robert Rosanna
$14,200 $18,200 $4,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Erasmus called an English friend of his "omnium horarum homo", which became this title of a play & film

Final scores:

Marc Robert Rosanna
$18,200 $28,401 $8,600
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $28,401 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Marc Robert Rosanna
$14,200 $18,800 $6,600
22 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
20 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
10 R,
5 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $39,600

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Game tape date: 2006-12-05
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