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Jonathan Cole, a practice support coordinator originally from Port Chester, New York

Christina Kim, a production coordinator from Los Angeles, California

Ben Sternberg, an investment banker from San Francisco, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $21,200)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Food that starts with the letter C.)
(Alex: Each correct response will begin with the letter C. There will be some other letters in there, but at some point in the correct response there will be two "N"s as well.)
    $200 12
1993--Stargazing just got a little easier following a mission to repair this
    $200 11
When Jamie-Lynn Sigler auditioned to play Meadow on this HBO series she "had no idea it was about the mob"
    $200 6
Mark Twain said that this vegetable is "nothing but cabbage with a college education"
    $200 1
The Old Water Tower, Wacker Drive, O'Hare Airport
    $200 26
In a bible for beetles, this large variety might be slain by a David beetle
    $200 17
Thomas' English muffins are known for their nooks & these
    $400 18
1986--This African leader continues to defy the United States; let's bomb his house
    $400 13
On a CBS series, Marg Helgenberger plays a C.S.I., which stands for this type of sleuth
    $400 7
A pickled bud used as a garnish or seasoning; or a stunt or antic
    $400 2
Chelsea, Soho, Trafalgar Square
    $400 27
In a colony of these bugs, you'll find pygmy soldiers, giant soldiers & workers
    $400 22
BBC2 is an English one
    $600 19
1971--Upstate New York. We hope calm can be restored here after violent rioting
    $600 14
Concetta Tomei, who isn't really a smoker, lights up herbal cigarettes as Melina Kanakaredes' mom on this series
    DD: $1,000 8
A Louisiana appetizer, this type of "popcorn" is actually fried crayfish tails
    $600 3
Omonoia Square, the Plaka, the Parthenon
    $600 28
Starchy materials, like books, are a favorite cuisine of this "swimmer" that's also known as a bristletail
    $600 23
To form a picture do this to the consecutively-numbered dots
    $800 20
Dateline 1956--Led by Imre Nagy, this nation hopes it has found breathing room under the Soviet yoke
    $800 15
Simbi Khali, seen here, played the beleaguered assistant to Dr. Albright & Dr. Solomon on this sitcom
    $800 9
Cannelloni are large pasta tubes stuffed with meat & cheese; these are white Italian kidney beans
    $800 4
South Platte River, Moffat Tunnel, Coors Field
    $800 29
This type of butterfly bears the name of an African mammal
    $800 24
To a Mexican this pepper is a chili
    $1000 21
1973--Tonight this former presidential counsel has a few things to tell the Senate
    $1000 16
This actor began starring on "Combat' in 1962, the year his daughter Jennifer Jason Leigh was born
    $1000 10
This French grilled ham & cheese sandwich also comes in a version pour "madame"
    $1000 5
Kenmore Square, Commonwealth Avenue, Beacon Hill
    $1000 30
In predatory flies like robber flies, these body parts are unusually strong & well-developed to catch prey with
    $1000 25
It means to take parts out of an old machine to fix another one like it, or to have a friend for dinner

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 16):

Ben Christina Jonathan
$3,000 $2,400 $2,400

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ben Christina Jonathan
$7,200 $2,800 $3,800

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: "OUT" will be the three letters ending each correct response.)
    $400 11
In a 1958 novel this character said, "I would like a medium vodka dry martini...shaken and not stirred, please"
    $400 18
The unique sound of this instrument derives in part from the use of a skin membrane
    $400 17
Study plate tectonics & you'll see the Earth has more main plates than the number of these large land masses
    $400 16
One of the 2 most common names of sovereigns in English history
    $400 6
A forerunner of modern marsupials, the bettong is one of the rarest mamals on this continent
    $400 1
A wrestling or boxing match
    $800 12
"All I wanted to do was drink beer. And mind was the wild thought, where is Dean", wrote this "Beat" man
    $800 19
From the Greek for "theory of music" it's the instrument heard here
    $800 23
Marble is classified as a metamorphic rock; before that it was limestone, a type of rock classified as this
    $800 21
This "sanguine" monarch reigned over England from 1553 to 1558
    $800 7
Hawaii's state bird, the nene is a rare variety of this bird sometimes served at Christmas dinner
    $800 2
To defeat thoroughly
    $1200 13
Edmund deals with an alcoholic brother in this playwright's drama "Long Day's Journey into Night"
    $1200 20
Jazz ensembles often feature this favorite heard here
    $1200 28
The neap one of these occurs when the Moon & Sun form a right angle to the Earth
    $1200 24
Known as "the Peaceful", King Edgar formed a fleet & defended the coast against attack by these 10th c. marauders
    $1200 8
This brilliant gemstone is actually a rare variety of beryl
    $1200 3
Deeply religious
    $1600 14
A tipsy Fortunato is just another brick in Montresor's wall in this 1846 Poe short story
    $1600 22
The name of this instrument comes from the Latin for "sweet song"
    $1600 29
The great circles drawn through the poles of the Earth are known as lines of these
    $1600 25
Great Scot! James I ascended the English throne following the death of this cousin in 1603
    $1600 9
Although rare due to disease, the American type of this tree is still the official tree of Massachusetts
    $1600 4
An animal's proboscis
    $2000 15
This roaring, drunken character, Olivia's uncle, lives up to his name in "Twelfth Night"
    $2000 27
Heard here with drums, military bands often use this transverse instrument when marching
    $2000 30
The places in space around the Earth where the magnetosphere is the densest are known as these belts
    $2000 26
Known as "The Lion", this Catholic king meekly fled to France following the Glorious Revolution in 1688
    DD: $2,600 10
Discovered in 1898, this rare element found by Marie & Pierre Curie was named for her country of birth
    DD: $2,000 5
Power & influence

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Ben Christina Jonathan
$15,000 $7,600 $7,800

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Besides the Mississippi & its tributaries, 2 of 4 rivers in the 48 contiguous states that are over 1,000 miles long

Final scores:

Ben Christina Jonathan
$20,000 $200 $15,201
2-day champion: $41,200 3rd place: trip to Kauai by Yahoo! Travel 2nd place: trip to Bahamas & stay at Breezes Resort

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Ben Christina Jonathan
$17,200 $7,600 $7,800
23 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
(including 1 DD)
12 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
16 R,
4 W

Combined Coryat: $32,600

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Game tape date: 2002-01-15
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