Show #965 - Friday, November 11, 1988

1988 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.


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Ron Trigueiro, a student from Caruthers, California

Mark Lowenthal, a State Department employee from Reston, Virginia

Leah Greenwald, an architect from Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 2
In 1845 & again in 1846 this crop failed in Ireland
    $100 18
When Balanchine staged "Orpheus and Eurydice" at this U.S. opera house, he kept the singers in the pit
    $100 24
Trying to find similarities between New York & L.A. is like comparing these
    $100 1
A bodkin is a large blunt one of these used to draw cord or elastic through a string
    $100 5
William Wyatt Bibb, Thomas Bibb, Bibb Graves, & George Wallace all held this office
    $100 14
Song that says, "Roll out the barrel, we'll have a barrel of fun," is named for this type of barrel
    $200 3
Besides farm machines he invented the first practical rapid-fire machine gun in the U.S.
    $200 20
This modern dancer created over 170 works; her career spanned the century
    $200 25
The biblical phrase "give up the ghost" means this
    $200 10
Finishing this, which should be invisible, is usually the last step in making a dress
    $200 6
He was born Nathaniel Adams Coles but was best known under this "unforgettable" nickname
    $200 15
Two of the animals you're urged not to be like in "Swinging On A Star"
    $300 4
In 1880 this state became the first whose population exceeded 5 million
    $300 21
In a single year he choreographed "42nd Street", "Footlight Parade", and "Gold Diggers of 1933"
    $300 27
"He has more money than you can" do this "at"
    $300 11
A twill fabric with a zigzag pattern, or what can stick in your throat when you eat a certain fish
    $300 7
Though he was born near Lafayette, Alabama, the arena named after this boxer is in Detroit
    $300 16
"It's the only thing that I could do half right, and it's turnin' out all wrong, Ma"
    $400 8
Austrian archduke who became emperor of Mexico in 1863
    DD: $400 22
He conceived, directed & choreographed the musical which included the following:

"Tonight, tonight, the world is wild and bright..."
    $400 29
From the tradition of men fighting topless came this saying urging calm
    $400 12
These are folds of fabric pressed to resemble the bellows of a squeezebox
    $400 13
Gawl-ee! This man, born in Sylacauga, has had two Top 40 albums
    $400 26
1950s hit that begins, "Life could be a dream, if I could take you up to paradise up above"
    $500 9
In the early 19th century they collected tales from the people around Kassel, Germany
    $500 23
In the original 1942 production of "Rodeo", she danced the role of the cowgirl
    $500 30
Originally a caption in silent Westerns, it returned your attention to the main house
    $500 19
It's fabric that gives body & shape to a collar, not two computers talking
    $500 17
In his last major opinion, this "colorful" justice upheld the New York Times' right to publish the Pentagon Papers
    $500 28
Song whose chorus goes, "Valderi, valdera, valderi, valdera ha ha ha ha ha ha..."

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Leah Mark Ron
$1,000 $600 $1,100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Leah Mark Ron
$4,000 $1,600 $2,100

Double Jeopardy! Round

(character, not the play)
    $200 15
This fairy king's first line is "Ill met by moonlight, proud Titania"
    $200 11
This classic 1939 John Wayne Western was partly based on the short story "Stage to Lordsburg"
    $200 21
This "Maja" artist said he recognized only three masters: Velazquez, Rembrandt, and nature
    $200 2
All of the present District of Columbia is on land originally donated by this state
    $200 28
Ironically, this Chicago airport was named for a naval hero
    $200 1
His last words, spoken in Warm Springs, Georgia, were "I have a terrific headache"
    $400 16
Famous "tamer" who enters saying, "Verona for a while I take my leave"
    $400 12
Marlene Dietrich played Shanghai Lily in this 1932 film named for a Chinese train
    $400 22
In 1922 Marc Chagall left this country, his native land
    $400 3
As the insurance company commercials remind us, Wausau isn't in Poland but in this state
    $400 29
On July 21, 1959, the first cargo ship powered by this was launched at Camden, New Jersey
    $400 7
"I've always loved my wife, my children and grandchildren, and I've always loved my country," he said in 1969
    $600 18
Warrior who says, "Call here my varlet; I'll unarm again; why should I war without the walls of Troy...."
    $600 13
Jimmy Stewart killed a Mountie in this 1936 musical, so singing Mountie Nelson Eddy chased him
    $600 23
He painted one of his most famous pictures, "Christina's World", 40 years ago
    DD: $800 4
A city is named for the great falls of the Missouri River in this state
    $600 26
In 1957 an Air Force doctor stayed a record 32 hours in the stratosphere in one of these
    $600 8
"Thomas Jefferson survives"
    $800 19
His first line consists of just one word, "Calphurnia!"
    $800 14
In the last scene of "Casablanca", Claude Rains tells one of his officers to "Round up" these
    $800 24
This Iowan was a leader of regionalism, a movement that dominated U.S. art in the 1930s
    $800 5
This state's capital lies on Cook Inlet, west of the Chugach Mountains
    $800 27
In the Old West, this railroad, named for three cities, was said to have "started nowhere and went nowhere"
    $800 9
Though noted for his drinking, the last thing he said was "Water"
    DD: $1,000 20
King of Denmark who begins, "Though yet of Hamlet our dear brother's death the memory be green..."
    $1000 17
Bob Hope sang this Oscar-winning song with Jane Russell in "The Paleface"
    $1000 25
In 1485 this Italian painted "Madonna of the Rocks", his earliest major work that survives in complete form
    $1000 6
Elizabeth Garrett, the blind daughter of sheriff Pat Garrett, wrote the state song of this 47th state
    $1000 30
With over 200,000 miles of railroad tracks, this country has more than any other
    $1000 10
"I know that I'm going where Lucy is," Lemonade Lucy that is

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Leah Mark Ron
$4,000 $6,400 $9,500

Final Jeopardy! Round

Only member of the current court who has been elected to a public office

Final scores:

Leah Mark Ron
$8,000 $8,800 $7,000
2nd place: $1,000 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 3rd place: $1,000 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Leah Mark Ron
$4,000 $6,400 $9,300
16 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
17 R,
3 W
23 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $19,700

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Game tape date: 1988-10-24
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