Show #3791 - Monday, February 12, 2001

2001 International Championship semifinal game 1.
From the Las Vegas Hilton.


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Carsten Wiedemann, a journalist from Hellerup, Denmark

Sharon Eshel, a graduate student from Rosh Ha'ayin, Israel

Yuri Bershidski, a television producer from Moscow, Russia

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 5
Tourbooks suggest shopping for baskets on Muindi Mbingu Street in this Kenyan capital
    $100 1
Kulcha, nan & paratha are types of this from India & a Hindi knows which side his is buttered on
    $100 21
This chief Norse god gave one of his own eyes to the giant Mimir for a drink from the Fountain of Wisdom
    $100 26
Julio's 77th album, released in 2000, has 2 songs about this body part, "Corazon Partio" & "Dos Corazones, Dos Historias"
    $100 10
In 2000 the state of Alabama voted to end a 1901 ban on this type of marriage
    $100 16
Spanish for "few" or the '70s group that sang "Crazy Love"
    $200 6
This capital city's Grand Palace was once home to Haile Selassie
    $200 2
A type of this is the queso in a quesadilla
    $200 22
Counted among this ancient people's gods were Khonsu, Amon & Ptah
    $200 27
Born in 1975, this son of Julio's has become a singing superstar too
    $200 11
These "wild" South Africans carried on their war with guerrilla actions against the British
    $200 17
Miss Te Kanawa should know this means "left" in Java
    $300 7
Founded in 332 B.C., this port city was designed by Dinocrates, architect to Alexander the Great
    $300 3
It's the type of pastry dough you use when you whip up some Greek floyeres
    $300 23
Name of the passionate pipe-playing god portrayed here
    $300 28
On the 1984 hit "To All the Girls I've Loved Before", Julio duetted with this U.S. country music star
    $300 12
On Jan. 22, 1901 the Prince of Wales succeeded to the English throne as this king
    $300 18
Dash it, it's German for "dog"
    $400 8
Sudan's national museum is in this capital city
    $400 4
To make this classic German-named dish, pound a veal cutlet, coat it with crumbs, then brown it in fat
    $400 24
As the Aztec god of this, Huitzilopochtli must have been "hot" stuff
    $400 29
"La Cumparsita" is found on Julio's album named for this South American dance
    $400 13
Emil von Behring won the first Nobel Prize for Medicine with a serum against this "d"isease, a common killer
    $400 19
Consisting of 2 4-letter words, this French phrase on a menu means there is a set cost for a meal
    DD: $800 9
It's the oldest of Morocco's imperial cities, & a fine place to shop for a hat
    $500 15
This beef & sour cream dish is named for a Russian count
    $500 25
We're not sure, but this wing-footed Roman god of commerce might be liquid at room temperature
    $500 14
The world's most productive oil field was in the area of this city, now the capital of Azerbaijan
    $500 20
This founder of analytical psychology will never get old

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Yuri Sharon Carsten!
$900 $300 $2,300

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Yuri Sharon Carsten!
$2,800 $1,000 $2,700

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
Polish-born Jerzy Kosinski wrote all of his novels, including "Being There" in this, his adopted language
    $200 26
...who was barred from a third term as Serbian president; in 1997 was made president of Yugoslavia
    $200 7
This popular tropical fruit was named for its resemblance to a pine cone
    $200 2
Characters in this Bizet opera include a toreador, a gypsy girl & cigarette factory girls
    $200 21
In 1968 this widow of a U.S. president married Greek shipping tycoon Aristotle Onassis
    $200 16
"Red Vineyard at Arles" was possibly the only painting this Dutchman sold during his lifetime
    $400 12
She based the characters of Anne & Robert in her novel "The Mandarins" on herself & Jean-Paul Sartre
    $400 27
...who became the first popularly elected head of this island in 1996, Lee Teng-hui, is a Taipei personality
    $400 8
This tropical island has roads linking Port Antonio, Montego Bay & Kingston
    $400 3
This Austrian composer didn't complete his operas "Adrast" & "Sakuntala"; he left a symphony "unfinished", too
    $400 22
Less than a week after Princess Diana died, the world mourned the death of this beloved nun in India
    $400 17
A famous Rembrandt painting shows "Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of" this ancient poet
    $600 13
It's the native country of Flora Nwapa, who wrote "This is Lagos, and Other Stories"
    DD: $4,500 28
...who ended the ban on the ANC in South Africa in 1990
    $600 9
It's the name for the parallel at 23 degrees 27 minutes south latitude
    $600 4
In Offenbach's "Orphee aux Enfers", Orpheus goes to Hades to retrieve this woman, his cheatin' wife
    $600 23
Previous jobs on her resume would include research chemist, lawyer & prime minister of Great Britain
    $600 18
He depicted a poppy field in a hollow near Giverny in the painting seen here
    $800 14
The original Italian title of this Umberto Eco novel is "Il Nome Della Rosa"
    $800 29
...who went from La Prensa to la presidencia of Nicaragua in 1990
    $800 10
Large tropical rain forest regions include the Amazon & one centered on this 2,900-mile-long African river
    $800 5
Verdi's "Falstaff" is based on Shakespeare's "Henry IV" plays & this Shakespeare comedy
    $800 24
Italian lawmaker Alessandra Mussolini is the granddaughter of Benito Mussolini & the niece of this famous actress
    DD: $2,000 19
Appropriately, one of this painter's views of Toledo can be seen at his museum in Toledo, Spain
    $1000 15
In 2000 Turkish author Andrew Mango published a new biography of this founder of modern Turkey
    $1000 11
The largest country in the world entirely in the tropics is this Asian nation made up of over 13,700 islands
    $1000 6
A comic opera by Strauss based on an incident from his marriage, or a short orchestral piece played between scenes
    $1000 25
In 1988 this Karachi-born woman became the first female to head a modern Islamic country
    $1000 20
He's the great 16th century German artist seen here in a self-portrait

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Yuri Sharon Carsten!
$9,600 $1,400 $10,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

The highest peak outside of Asia is found in this mountain range

Final scores:

Yuri Sharon Carsten!
$19,100 $2,800 $19,600
2nd place: $5,000 3rd place: $5,000 Finalist

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Yuri Sharon Carsten!
$8,400 $1,400 $6,400
22 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
8 R,
2 W
18 R
(including 2 DDs),
3 W

Combined Coryat: $16,200

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Game tape date: 2001-01-24
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