Show #2354 - Thursday, November 24, 1994

1994 Tournament of Champions final game 1.


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David Hillinck, a high school principal from Sacramento, California

Rachael Schwartz, an attorney from Bedminster, New Jersey

Jeff Stewart, a College Tournament winner originally from The Dalles, Oregon

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 29
Nancy Reagan chose the design for this, ivory edged in red; it was donated to the White House
    $100 19
In "The Two Jakes", Jack Nicholson reprised Jake Gittes, whom he first played in this 1974 film
    $100 30
Victoria Day is celebrated with a week of festivities in Victoria, the capital of this province
    $100 5
One school of thought says the mint for this Kentucky Derby quaff should be crushed
    $100 22
In 1961, she published "Thirteen for Luck", a selection of mystery stories for young readers
    $100 14
This term for a flower worn in a buttonhole is literally French for "buttonhole"
    $200 17
Surprisingly, she was head of the campus Young Republicans while a student at Wellesley in the 1960s
    $200 27
The 1967 Sidney Poitier film "To Sir With Love" was directed by this "Shogun" author
    $200 24
Saskatoon is this province's "City of Bridges"
    $200 7
Sweetened wine is added to bottles of this French wine to ferment & produce carbonation
    $200 23
This author's 1835 story "Young Goodman Brown" is a tale of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts
    $200 15
Judo is Japanese for "soft way" & this self-defense form is Japanese for "soft art"
    $300 10
Robert Kennedy said it was this woman, not her husband, who carried Texas for the Democrats in the 1960 election
    $300 12
This one-letter Yves Montand film won 1969 Oscars for Best Foreign Language Film & Best Film Editing
    $300 2
Green Gables, the home made famous in "Anne Of Green Gables", is a major attraction in this island province
    $300 25
This Mexican spirit is obtained by distilling pulque
    $300 11
This collection of 100 tales begins with 10 young people escaping plague-ridden Florence in 1348
    $300 21
The word chime comes from the name of this other percussion instrument
    $400 16
His childhood friend, Edith Kermit Carow, became his 2nd wife in 1886
    $400 26
This great costume designer's last film was Steve Martin's "Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid"
    DD: $600 9
With an area of 594,860 square miles, it's Canada's largest province
    $400 18
French Chablis is made of this grape that produces some of the finest California white wine
    $400 1
The 1922 play "Rain" is a dramatization of "Miss Thompson", this author's story about Sadie Thompson
    $400 4
From a Greek word meaning "to speak ill of", it's irreverent talk of God
    $500 6
This 19th century first lady was a fashion trendsetter who made Turkish-style turbans all the rage
    $500 3
In this 1936 film, Humphrey Bogart recreated his Broadway role as gangster Duke Mantee
    $500 28
Fredericton has been the capital of this Atlantic province since 1785
    $500 13
This potent liqueur, now banned in many countries, has been called "The Green Muse"
    $500 8
He called his third collection of short stories "The Trimmed Lamp and Other Stories of the Four Million"
    $500 20
The name of this Russian urn used to heat water for tea is Russian for "self-boiler"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 12):

Jeff Rachael David
$900 $900 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Jeff Rachael David
$1,800 $2,000 $1,000

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 1
From June 1953 to November 1954 Mohammad Naguib & Gamal Abdel Nasser shared power in this country
    $200 28
Some of these waterspouts carved to look like grotesque beasts may protrude 3 feet from a cathedral
    $200 9
This lone mortal among the Gorgons was once a beautiful maiden with beautiful hair
    $200 15
Except for the pulmonary, the body's major arteries all branch out from this one
    $400 2
Upon his death in 1725, this Russian czar's second wife, Catherine I, succeeded him
    $400 6
Swiss architect Hannes Meyer was the first chairman of this German design school's department of architecture
    $400 11
When this man solved the Sphinx's riddle, she threw herself over a cliff
    $400 18
Though this ocean is half the size of the Pacific, its drainage area is 4 times as large
    $400 26
Tendons connect muscles to bones, & these bands of tissue bind the joints
    $400 27
Lady Macbeth is holding one of these when she enters for her "Out, Damned Spot!" speech
    $600 3
In 241 B.C. the first of these wars ended soon after Rome defeated Carthage in a naval battle off Sicily
    $600 19
If you know that oeil de boeuf is French for this kind of window, you're right on target
    $600 12
While trying to avoid this whirlpool, Odysseus lost several of his men to Scylla
    $600 21
Tajo is the Portuguese name for this river
    $600 24
There are 33 of these bones in the body including 7 in the neck & 12 in the chest region
    $600 8
"Macbeth will not be afraid of death and bane til' Birnam Forest come to" this place
    $800 7
The Inuit of Greenland called this associate of Robert Peary "mi palyuk", or "kind little Matthew"
    $800 16
This Canton-born architect designed the Morton H. Meyerson Symphony Center in Dallas
    $800 17
With his own enchanting music, he was able to save the Argonauts from the Sirens
    $800 23
The Gulf of Papua on the coast of New Guinea is an inlet of this tropical sea
    DD: $400 4
The true organ of hearing is housed in this spiral-shaped structure of the inner ear
    $800 25
He's the first king of Scotland to speak in the play
    $1000 14
In January 1823 this son of an Irish immigrant resigned as Chile's supreme director
    $1000 20
This Baroque architect & sculptor designed the colonnade that borders the piazza in front of St. Peter's
    DD: $5 5
A master craftsman, he invented the axe & built the labyrinth
    $1000 10
The Red River of Asia empties into this gulf
    $1000 22
Organ that contains special cell clusters called the islets of Langerhans
    $1000 13
He's the last king of Scotland to speak in the play

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Jeff Rachael David
$7,605 $5,200 $3,800

Final Jeopardy! Round

Province discovered by Vasco da Gama on Christmas Day, 1497

Final scores:

Jeff Rachael David
$0 $7,200 $6,300

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Jeff Rachael David
$9,600 $5,200 $3,800
25 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
(including 2 DDs)
15 R,
3 W
10 R,
0 W

Combined Coryat: $18,600

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Game tape date: 1994-10-12
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