Show #3717 - Tuesday, October 31, 2000

Brad Rutter game 2.


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Mike Dugan, a first-year law student from Lauderdale, Minnesota

Annette Wilkinson, a stay-at-home mom from Andover, Massachusetts

Brad Rutter, a college student from Lancaster, Pennsylvania (whose 1-day cash winnings total $10,201)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 11
With help from the British & the French, Israeli forces occupied this peninsula Oct. 31, 1956
    $100 14
It was originally titled "Alice's Adventures Under Ground"
    $100 1
Traditionally, a squeeze of this makes a whiskey sour sour
    $100 6
Mr. Edward Stapleton was one of those who experienced a "premature" this -- can you dig it?
    $100 13
Pete the dog is pictured on the marker for Carl Switzer, Alfalfa of this group
    $100 16
The palindromic ABBA had a 1975 hit with this palindromic song of distress
    $200 12
On Oct. 31, 1754 George II granted a charter to King's College in New York City, now known as this university
    $200 17
Audrey Meadows played this long-suffering woman on "The Honeymooners"
    $200 2
A Cuba Libre contains a liberal amount of this potent potable
    DD: $1,000 7
"I admit the deed! Tear up the planks!" this title object is beneath them
    $200 15
Elmo Lincoln, the first to play this character onscreen as an adult, lies in the cemetery, far from the jungle
    $200 24
She & her siblings title a Woody Allen movie
    $300 18
It became a state Oct. 31, 1864, five years after people noticed it was "loded" with silver
    $300 21
This multi-decade showman tore up the charts with hits like "School's Out", "No More Mr. Nice Guy" & "Muscle of Love"
    $300 3
The French term bouchonne refers to a wine contaminated by a faulty one of these
    $300 8
There is no doubt the treasure in "The Gold Bug" was part of this pirate's booty
    $300 28
Tyrone Power's grave has quotations from this work, including "Good night, sweet prince"
    $300 25
This tranquilizer & anxiety suppressor is a brand name for Alprazolam
    $400 19
On Oct. 31, 1984 this prime minister was assassinated by 2 Sikh bodyguards
    $400 22
"You can get anything you want" at this title location in an Arlo Guthrie hit
    $400 4
To make this south-of-the-border A.M. specialty, add orange juice & grenadine to tequila
    $400 9
At the masque "He had come like a thief in the night. And one-by-one he dropped the revellers."
    $400 29
There's a memorial to this "Gone With the Wind" Oscar winner, barred from the cemetery when she died in 1952
    $400 26
Epic Norse narratives
    $500 20
"I will never return to the United States", declared this ex-marine to Russian reporters on Oct. 31, 1959
    $500 23
Of the 2 women seen here in 1934, she's the Alice
    $500 5
The two brand names in a 7 & 7
    $500 10
Claustrophobic tale that ends "For the half of a century no mortal has disturbed them. In pace requiescat!"
    $500 30
This notorious man's crypt bears his given name, Benjamin, & the inscription "In Loving Memory From the Family"
    $500 27
It means "Having been made a god"

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Brad Annette Mike
$2,500 $100 -$200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Brad Annette Mike
$4,500 $2,000 $1,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 17
This author's birth, November 1, 1871, may have earned his mother a "Red Badge of Courage"
    $200 1
Regular bedtime for the inhuman creature seen here (a vampire):
    $200 10
This U.S. state's lower peninsula is sometimes called the Mitten because its shape resembles a mittened hand
    $200 22
Bubble water & the bubbly are slang for this drink
    $200 2
Lady Jane Grey, 1554
    $200 6
The Declaration of Independence mentions the unalienable rights of "life, liberty, and" this
    $400 18
She was "Singled Out" to be "Playmate of the Year" in 1994
    $400 26
From the Greek for "wolf" & "man", its what the person seen here is suffering from
    $400 11
The name of this Greek peninsula means "Island of the Pelops"
    $400 23
Bubbles of information pop up throughout music videos on this channel's "Pop-Up Video"
    DD: $900 3
Pvt. Eddie Slovik, 1945
    $400 7
A book by Erma Bombeck asks, "If Life Is a Bowl of Cherries, What Am I Doing" here?
    $600 19
With "Short People" composer Randy Newman, this November 1-born Texan sang "Long Tall Texan"
    $600 27
In Ancient Egypt this flaxen cloth was used to create the following (a mummy shown); Egypt didn't have cotton until later
    $600 12
5-letter name of the peninsula on which you'd find the city of Kuala Lumpur
    $600 24
As a child, this opera singer used the stage name Bubbles Silverman
    $600 4
Bruno Hauptmann, 1936
    $600 8
He wrote, "I went to the live deliberately, to front only the essential facts of life"
    $800 20
In 1979 the Dodgers acquired this pitcher born November 1 from Puebla of the Mexican League
    $800 28
She's the "attractive" mythological woman seen here (with hair full of snakes)
    $800 13
Explorer Abel Tasman called this continent's Cape York Peninsula Carpentaria Land
    $800 25
In the '60s, he popularized the song "Tiny Bubbles"
    $800 5
Caryl Chessman, 1960
    $800 15
In this play, Shakespeare described life as "A tale told by an idiot, full of sound & fury, signifying nothing"
    $1000 21
This South African's mother was up to par when he was born November 1, 1935
    $1000 29
In probably his 1st time on a pumpkin, he's the historic "Scourge of God" seen here
    $1000 14
The Istrian Peninsula of Croatia & Slovenia projects into this arm of the Mediterranean
    DD: $600 30
John Travolta played Tod Lubitch, a teen with no immunities, in this 1976 TV movie
    $1000 9
Joachim Von Ribbentrop, 1946
    $1000 16
It's the translation of the Latin phrase "ars longa, vita brevis"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Brad Annette Mike
$15,000 $6,800 $1,200
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

Named for the outline it commonly produces, it affects about 40 million U.S. men

Final scores:

Brad Annette Mike
$14,000 $6,300 $0
2-day champion: $24,201 2nd place 3rd place

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Brad Annette Mike
$13,700 $7,400 $1,200
34 R
(including 2 DDs),
2 W
14 R,
1 W
(including 1 DD)
8 R,
2 W

Combined Coryat: $22,300

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Game tape date: 2000-09-27
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