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Benjamin Tomkins, a journalist from Portland, Oregon

Tracy Parrish Wolfe, a stay-at-home mom from Carmel, Indiana

Andrew Espinoza, a vice principal from Emerson, New Jersey (whose 1-day cash winnings total $16,500)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $200 6
It ended the Revolutionary War
    $200 11
This saxophonist's "Miracles: The Holiday Album" is one of the bestselling Christmas albums of all time
    $200 1
A request in the Lord's Prayer is for God to "lead us not into" this
    $200 26
Longfellow pointed out that "into each life" this "must fall"
    $200 21
This word can mean a group of graffiti taggers as well as of rappers, like the "2 Live" one
    $200 16
An enclosure for the temporary housing of cattle
    $400 7
It ended the French & Indian War
    $400 12
"Feels Like Home" was the eagerly awaited follow-up to her smash-hit album "Come Away with Me"
    $400 2
In John 21, "when" he "heard that it was the Lord, he girt his fisher's coat unto him... & did cast himself into the sea"
    $400 27
Pope rhymed, "True ease in writing comes from art, not chance / as those move easiest who have learned to" this
    $400 22
In the 1730s NYC created No. 1 of these "business" groups; today there are over 350 engine, ladder & rescue ones
    $400 17
To remove someone from the priesthood
    $600 8
It ended the Spanish-American War
    $600 13
"Rememberin' Stevie" on Buddy Guy's 1991 album "Damn Right I've Got the Blues" was a tribute to this guitar legend
    $600 3
In Luke 17 Jesus cleansed 10 of these people, but only one came back to thank him
    $600 28
"Crossing Brooklyn Ferry" first appeared in the second edition of this Whitman collection
    $600 23
In law, a panel is a list of this group's members--that's why they're "impaneled"
    $600 18
Household insect pest of the order Dictyoptera
    $800 9
It ended the Napoleonic Wars
    $800 14
This big-hair band's 1989 album "Dr. Feelgood" was partly inspired by the band's days at a detox clinic
    DD: $1,000 4
In Luke 9, even after "about" this number of "men... did eat and were all filled", there were 12 baskets of food left over
    $800 29
Tennyson wrote, "Forward the Light Brigade!" Do this "for the guns"
    $800 24
William R. Howell (no relation to Thurston III) is on this body for Pfizer, Halliburton & Exxon Mobil
    $800 19
Poisonous herb of the parsley family that was used in executions in Ancient Greece
    $1000 10
It ended World War I
    $1000 15
This Police album that included "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" got its title from the work of Arthur Koestler
    $1000 5
Hebrews 3 says Jesus "was counted worthy of more glory than" this Old Testament man
    $1000 30
Marvell's "To His Coy Mistress" ends, "Though we cannot make our sun / Stand still, yet we will make him" do this
    $1000 25
The congressional Hispanic one was founded in 1976
    $1000 20
Scottish town that was the site of Robert the Bruce's 1314 defeat of the English army

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Andrew Tracy Benjamin
$800 $3,600 $0

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Tracy Benjamin
$2,800 $5,400 $2,200

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Going back quite some time for that.)
(Alex: I hope you know what that word means.)
    $400 16
It's what the first "C" in FCIC stands for; it was insurance for farmers
    $400 21
Store some Nikes & Pumas in this company, FL
    $400 26
The unit equal to 10 decibels is named for this inventor whose early career included teaching the deaf
    $400 11
Add this letter to "action" to get a little bidding action going
    $400 1
The title of this director's movie "Rope" is also the murder weapon used in it
    $400 6
On the road to Morocco from Tunis, I go by this capital city
    $800 17
This 1935 act that provides unemployment insurance was born out of the New Deal
    $800 22
"X" marks the spot for this company spun off from USX in 2002
    $800 27
On this Swedish astronomer's scale, zero represents the ice point & 100 is the steam point
    $800 12
When you add this letter to "quart", instead of a unit of measure, you get a mineral
    $800 2
Alfred Drake was the first male lead in "Kismet" & "Kiss Me, Kate" as well as in this show, as Curly
    $800 7
On the way to Santa Fe, I go by this city where Bugs Bunny wished he'd taken a left
    $1200 18
3 letters in the New Deal's "alphabet soup", it oversaw the federal art, theatre & writers' projects
    $1200 23
You can't NOK this leading mobile phone & networks supplier
    $1200 28
The principle that sound seems higher in pitch as it apporaches & lower as it recedes is called this man's effect
    DD: $3,000 13
Add this letter to "Boer" to get the name of a rebellion in China that occurred the same time as the Boer War
    $1200 3
As Dr. Octopus in "Spider-Man 2", this actor was armed & dangerous
    $1200 8
Heading south from Washington, D.C., I go by this Virginia city where George Washington once drilled troops
    $1600 19
Many of the original groups of programs were devised during this "numerical" period of FDR's first term
    $1600 24
Cialis is a hit for this company, LLY
    DD: $4,000 29
A triangle, a theorem, a law & a computer language are named for this Frenchman
    $1600 14
Sorry to tell you that adding this letter to "apology" turns it into the study of bees
    $1600 4
What, me worry about Alfred Newman, who won music Oscars for "With A Song In My Heart" & "The Song Of" her
    $1600 9
If I take the 5:15 p.m. train from Adelaide, Australia on Sunday night, I go by this city Monday at noon
    $2000 20
In 1935 the Supreme Court declared this Administration, the NRA, unconstitutional
    $2000 25
People seem to go bananas over this company, CQB
    $2000 30
(Jimmy of the Clue Crew indicates the symbol Å on a monitor.) Named for a Swedish physicist & symbolized here, this tiny unit of measure is one ten-billionth of a meter--that's 254 million per inch
    $2000 15
When a fisherman adds this letter to "reel", he gets a wicker basket for holding his fish
    $2000 5
In 1915, with his wife Blanche W., he founded the firm that published Thomas Mann, John Updike, et al.
    $2000 10
En route to Grenoble, the 1968 Winter Olympics site, I go by this 1992 Winter Olympics site

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Andrew Tracy Benjamin
$14,400 $26,000 $4,600

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Final Jeopardy! Round

THE 1850s
He published a book of prose & verse quotes "to trace to their source passages and phrases in common use"

Final scores:

Andrew Tracy Benjamin
$24,000 $30,000 $8,200
2nd place: $2,000 New champion: $30,000 3rd place: $1,000

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Andrew Tracy Benjamin
$14,200 $21,800 $4,600
18 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
24 R
(including 2 DDs),
0 W
9 R,
3 W

Combined Coryat: $40,600

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Game tape date: 2006-09-12
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