Show #3011 - Monday, October 6, 1997


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Ron Gordon, a graduate student from Atlanta, Georgia

James Fraleigh, a senior journal production editor from Hackensack, New Jersey

Kate Rogers, a veterinarian from Seattle, Washington (whose 1-day cash winnings total $12,400)

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Jeopardy! Round

    $100 7
It's a play-within-a-play, & so is "Kiss Me, Kate", the musical based on it
    $100 1
These symbols worn by cops are made, appropriately, of copper
    $100 14
He honked, whistled & gestured; in fact, he did everything but talk
    $100 19
The "hyper" type of this economic event struck Germany in 1923, when a U.S. dollar was worth 4 trillion marks
    $100 6
In 1975 this company introduced the first nationally successful "lite" beer
    $100 24
Another name for a couch
    $200 8
This play may have premiered a dozen days after Christmas, which would explain its title
    DD: $500 2
(Hi, I'm Kirsten Dunst.) A communion wafer as well as this better-known Christian symbol can be used against vampires
    $200 16
In "Animal Crackers", this African explorer is the guest of honor at Mrs. Rittenhouse's party, hooray
    $200 20
Spreading Greek culture far & wide, he inaugurated the Hellenistic Age in the 4th century B.C.
    $200 9
It turns a shamrock & a grasshopper green
    $200 25
3-part command that begins a footrace
    $300 13
This comedy concerns Valentine & Proteus, 2 guys from Italy who vie for the hand of Sylvia
    $300 3
These heraldic symbols are full of genealogical information, but be skeptical of mail-order versions
    $300 17
In "Horse Feathers", this brother of Groucho played his son
    $300 21
1995 public sector strikes protesting premier Alain Juppe's austerity plan paralyzed this country
    $300 10
This "chilly" beverage is often made of sparkling burgundy & champagne
    $300 27
In tennis, it's played at 5-2, 40-15, for example
    $400 15
Anthony Hopkins played the female role of Audrey in an all-male production of this "likable" comedy
    $400 4
This term for an African doll representing a spirit also refers to an extreme fixation
    $400 18
Groucho said the stateroom scene in this film was so complicated it took at least a week to film
    $400 26
The tribunal for war crimes in areas formerly part of this country held its first trial in 1996
    $400 11
1 of 2 fruit juices featured in a Vodka Seabreeze
    $400 29
Add an "L" to the name of a reddish dog breed to get this term for the town founders of Murphys, Calif.
    $500 23
If you think the Antipholus twins aren't the heroes of this comedy, you're "mistaken"
    $500 5
Sanskrit for "circle", it's a circular representation of the universe in Hinduism
    $500 22
The famous "Why a duck?" scene comes from this, the Marx Brothers' first major film
    $500 28
These states that included Rome were established in 756 & were absorbed by Italy in 1870
    $500 12
Tempted by a Tempter? -- it's made with apricot brandy & this sweet dessert wine

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 13):

Kate James Ron
$2,300 -$100 -$500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Kate James Ron
$2,600 $2,600 $200

Double Jeopardy! Round

    $200 3
Legend says this play is cursed, so if you mention it in a dressing room, you may not get off Scot-free
    $200 22
A sign above the visitor's clubhouse at this Detroit park once read, "Visitors' Clubhouse -- No Visitors Allowed"
    $200 21
Between 1282 & 1287 this Venetian served as governor of Yangchow, China
    $200 1
Hemophilia is a hereditary condition in which this coagulates extremely slowly
    $200 13
This word for a small charcoal grill is from the Japanese
    $200 11
Wife of Akhenaton & mother of 6, she wasn't just another pretty bust
    $400 4
George Orwell griped about this kingly tragedy: "One wicked daughter would have been quite enough"
    DD: $3,000 27
Ballpark seen here:
    $400 23
In 1521, 8 years after claiming Florida for Spain, he was wounded by an arrow & died in Cuba
    $400 2
In the early 1930s surgeon Alexis Carrel & this American aviator invented a mechanical heart
    $400 15
Body part terms schnozzle & tuchis come from the body of words in this language
    $400 12
Some blame the influence of Aspasia for leading Pericles into this war
    DD: $2,000 6
Laurence Olivier was accidentally hit by an arrow when he played this king on film, so his limp was real
    $600 28
On May 4, 1984 Dave Kingman hit a ball through the roof of this Twins park but was only credited with a double
    $600 24
On his fourth voyage to the New World, 1502-1504, he reached Panama but did not cross the isthmus
    $600 5
From the Greek for "against life", these substances kill or inhibit the growth of infectious organisms
    $600 16
As Dorothy might tell you, this 2-word Latin phrase means "entirely"
    $600 14
The song of this woman, who led the tribes of Israel to defeat King Jabin, is found in the book of Judges
    $800 7
Horatio speaks of this play's "Carnal, bloody, and unnatural acts", & he should know
    $800 25
In 1725 Peter the Great commissioned this Dane to explore the Pacific coast of Siberia
    $800 9
This medical specialty is also known as chiropody
    $800 17
Italian meaning "to the tooth", it's used to describe firm pasta
    $800 19
Plato wrote, "Some say there are nine muses....look at" this woman "of Lesbos; she makes ten"
    $1000 8
In this monumentally gruesome play, Titus kills Tamora's sons & serves them to her in a pie
    $1000 26
In 1604 this "Father of New France" founded the Acadia colony at the mouth of Canada's St. Croix River
    $1000 10
Information about the medical problems of those wearing this metal tag can be accessed 24 hours a day
    $1000 18
German for "substitute", like cubic zirconia for diamond
    $1000 20
Lysimache, an antiwar priestess, may have been the model for this Aristophanes title character

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Kate James Ron
$3,600 $9,800 $400
(lock game)

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Final Jeopardy! Round

In reviewing this May 1997 4-hour miniseries, TV Guide said NBC didn't "quite hit a Homer"

Final scores:

Kate James Ron
$5,600 $12,300 $800
2nd place: a trip to Hotel Melia Don Pepe, Costa del Sol, Spain New champion: $12,300 3rd place: Meade Model 395 telescope

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Kate James Ron
$3,300 $8,400 $3,400
13 R
(including 1 DD),
3 W
21 R
(including 1 DD),
4 W
13 R,
7 W
(including 1 DD)

Combined Coryat: $15,100

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Game tape date: Unknown
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