Show #3326 - Monday, February 8, 1999

1999 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.


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Melizza Zygmunt, a stay-at-home mom from Valparaiso, Indiana

Dan Girard, an artist from Altadena, California

James Arey, a hotel concierge from New Orleans, Louisiana

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: You identify the vice president.)
    $100 2
    $100 22
In 1906 these 2 Chicago teams played each other in the Series for the first & last time
    $100 27
A 1998 study reports half the "vegetables" we eat are these, & half of those are deep-fried
    $100 7
The word monosyllable has this many syllables
    $100 1
A male goose you might take a look at
    $100 14
In an 1884 work, runaway slave Jim rafts down the Mississippi with this title character
    $200 3
    $200 23
In 1955 the series between the Yankees & dese Bums became the first televised in color
    $200 21
Over 70% of teens know Al Gore is vice president; 90% know this man starred in "Titanic"
    $200 8
This final board game maneuver comes from the Arabic phrase "Shah Mat"--the king is dead
    $200 12
Garbology is the study of this, not of Greta Garbo movies
    $200 15
The Associated Press named him the greatest male athlete of the first half of the 20th century
    $300 4
    $300 24
In 1992 this Canadian team won 3 of its 4 World Series games in its last-at-bat
    $300 28
The USA's largest private employer, it has over 700,000 workers, most stocking shelves & pushing carts
    $300 9
A group of things of the same kind, or scenery constructed for a theatrical performance
    $300 13
A small cave, perhaps a "blue" one
    $300 18
In this 1939 book, the Joads run into Jim Casy, a preacher who becomes an activist
    $400 5
    $400 25
This fabled Yankee catcher holds many World Series records including most career hits with 71
    $400 29
The national average is about 1,000 (500 verbal, 500 math) of a possible 1,600 on the test abbreviated this
    $400 10
From one to ten, the only digit with the same number of letters as its value
    $400 16
It's the slang term for a newcomer to India, even if his first name isn't Merv
    $400 19
Name shared by a Minnesota Twins pitcher & a "Sale Of The Century" host
    $500 6
    DD: $1,000 26
(Hi, I'm Reggie Jackson.) Only 3 men have been named MVP of the World Series twice: me, Sandy Koufax & this Cardinals pitcher in 1964 & 1967
    $500 30
Good news! About 60 million U.S. Christians are this type, from Greek for "good news"
    $500 11
The most common first name in the world is the name of this religious figure
    $500 17
Perhaps from the Latin for "throat", it's a noise made by brooks & babies
    $500 20
This Speaker of the House resigned in 1989 under charges of wrongdoing

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

James Dan Melizza
-$400 $1,900 $100

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

James Dan Melizza
-$200 $5,800 $900

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: That's always fun!)
    $200 3
Its capital was East Berlin
    $200 10
Can we talk about this funny lady's books? -- they include "Enter Talking" & "From Mother To Daughter"
    $200 8
Preceding Bengali, it's alphabetically first of the dozen most spoken languages in the world
    $200 1
A dream angel tells this New Testament man to "Take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt"
    $200 11
We're not going out on one to say daredevils risk "life and" this
    $200 26
Static positions combine with rapid movements in this event where you grasp 2 hanging parallel hoops
    $400 4
In 1902 Panama was still part of this country
    $400 21
In "In the Arena", he takes readers behind the scenes of such movies as "Ben-Hur"
    $400 17
The Mexican pop group Kabah took the name of this language created in 1887 as the title of its 1998 CD
    $400 2
He said "little people" in his dreams inspired stories like "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
    $400 12
Push this button on the TV remote & your sou
    $400 27
This gymnastics event is performed by both men & women on a mat without any other equipment
    $600 5
Bangladesh was known as this until a 1971 civil war
    $600 9
"Holiday in Your Heart", about a young country singer, was co-written by this teen country sensation
    $600 18
Language being listened to by the man seen here with Clinton
    $600 23
Chemist Friedrich Kekule described the benzene molecule after dreaming of this creature swallowing its tail
    $600 13
Type of chart seen here
    $600 28
She's the legendary gymnast famous for using "The Young and the Restless" theme song in 1976
    $800 6
When part of the Soviet Union, this country was abbreviated the B.S.S.R.
    $800 16
Good heavens! This star of TV's "7th Heaven" wrote the erotic thriller "Eye Contact"
    DD: $1,000 19
To read the Domesday Book in its original form, you have to know this language
    $800 24
This director of "M*A*S*H" & "Nashville" based his 1977 film "Three Women" on one of his dreams
    $800 14
From the Dutch for "slippery", if you're this, you're a smooth talker
    $800 29
In this men's event, it's "routine" to work your way around a long leather-covered apparatus
    DD: $1,000 7
In 1954 French Indochina was divided into these 4 countries
    $1000 22
This zany duo reveals the "magical" secrets of "How To Play With Your Food" & "How To Play In Traffic"
    $1000 20
The earliest written record we have of any Indo-European language is from this empire of Asia Minor
    $1000 25
According to Plutarch, in the 300s B.C., Persian king Darius dreamed this conqueror would wait on him
    $1000 15
Merriam-Webster says glob may be a blend of globe & this word
    $1000 30
A relative newcomer to the Olympics, this type of gymnastics uses ropes, clubs, balls, hoops & ribbons

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

James Dan Melizza
$3,400 $12,800 $2,300
(lock game)

Final Jeopardy! Round

He was the son of an Irish immigrant who was the viceroy of Peru

Final scores:

James Dan Melizza
$0 $15,000 $0
2nd place: $2,500 if eliminated Automatic semifinalist 3rd place: $2,500 if eliminated

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

James Dan Melizza
$3,400 $12,300 $4,300
14 R,
5 W
31 R
(including 1 DD),
1 W
10 R,
3 W
(including 2 DDs)

Combined Coryat: $20,000

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Game tape date: 1999-01-05
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