Show #3970 - Friday, November 30, 2001

(Sofia: Hi, this is Sofia of the Clue Crew. Today, we give you a little taste of New York City.)


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Charan Brahma, an attorney from Los Angeles, California

Lara Kierlin, a pre-med student from Hermosa Beach, California

Frank Stasio, a data analyst from Los Angeles, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $30,000)

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Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: That's what Sofia was talking about.)
    $200 8
Skaldic, a bit different than Eddaic poetry, originated in Norway, but was developed mainly on this island
    $200 9
The city of Burlington lies on the shores of this, Vermont's largest lake
    $200 6
Hope & ____
    $200 14
(Sofia is on Park Avenue, enjoying a pretzel, when....) Oops! I forgot to get a side of this traditional yellow condiment
    $200 19
Arsenic compounds are used as coloring agents in these sky displays
    $200 1
Until 1973 it was known as British Honduras
    $400 25
The Greeks used encomia to praise people; today at a funeral you deliver one of these
    $400 10
In 1974 he became Vermont's first Democrat elected to the U.S. Senate; he's still there
    $400 7
Martin & ____
    $400 15
(Sofia is tasting a Mediterranean delicacy.) This pita contains little balls of this, a deep-fried Mideast treat made from chickpeas or fava beans
    $400 20
Caligula is said to have ordered his alchemists to turn the yellow orpiment, a sulfide of arsenic, into this
    $400 2
It's a road around a town, or an operation to reroute blood
    $600 29
Tongdong, a Korean Pyolgok-form poem, is an ode on the 4 of these
    $600 11
At 4,393 feet, Mount Mansfield in this range is the state's highest point
    $600 22
____ & Ray
    $600 16
(Sofia is enjoying a foreign potato product.) From the Ukranian for "dumpling", it's the name of the potato product I'm eating
    DD: $600 21
Around 3500 B.C. people were mixing copper & arsenic to make this: they soon found copper & tin worked better
    $600 3
It's the historic linen seen here
    $800 30
The Cielito, "darling", is associated with this cowboy literature of Argentina & Uruguay
    $800 12
This city's annual Battle Day Parade commemorates a Revolutionary War battle that took place on August 16, 1777
    $800 23
Stiller & ____
    $800 17
(Sofia holds up a slice of thin-crust pizza.) You can get pizza New York-style or in this thicker style named for an Italian island
    $800 26
Gallium arsenide is used in the semiconductor type of this device found in CD players
    $800 4
An athletic competition combining skiing & shooting
    $1000 28
Popular in the 14th century, the Englyn & the Cywydd were poetic forms in this language
    $1000 13
The town of Barre is a world center in the production of this stone used for monuments
    $1000 24
Nichols & ____
    $1000 18
(Sofia wraps up our taste of the Big Apple--with a stomache--and a bottle of a well-known product for curing such.) Fortunately, also available in New York is this Procter & Gamble tummy-soothing liquid
    $1000 27
"Arsenic and Old Lace" recommends a teaspoon of arsenic per gallon of this wine
    $1000 5
(A Renaissance artist, or the intellectual game Cheryl & Jimmy are playing)
Cheryl: P.
Jimmy: Is it the founder of a colony?
Cheryl: No, it's not William Penn.

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Frank Lara Charan
$200 $1,400 $2,000

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Frank Lara Charan
-$800 $5,200 $3,400

Double Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: Those two letters in that order will come up in each correct response.)
    $400 4
Hillel phrased this "precious" rule negatively, saying don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you
    $400 17
This beloved Broadway show was based on a comic strip by Harold Gray
    $400 16
In 1891 a Japanese inventor powered a model plane with one of these office supplies & it flew a reported 33 feet
    $400 7
In 1894 George Kinney began his chain of stores selling these
    $400 1
Representative Thaddeus Stevens led the attempt to impeach this president
    $400 18
Fabulous fabulist
    $800 8
A Florida city is named for this medieval author of "The City of God"
    $800 25
Alberto Santos-Dumont's first flight of his No.1 airship in 1898 ended with it being caught in one of these
    $800 12
By 1845, with John Young & J.L. Ellis, this NYC jeweler switched from selling paste jewels to real
    $800 2
"Big Red" could also have been the nickname of this "man of the people", seen here
    $800 19
Paint propellant
    $1200 9
Parmenides, Mr. One Unchanging Reality, was a major thinker pre-this man born around 470 B.C.
    $1200 26
In 1899 Wilbur Wright asked this museum complex for any info on flying; they sent him some pamphlets
    $1200 13
Attention, shoppers -- Borders Books once belonged to this major discount retailer
    $1200 3
This president seen here won the Nobel Peace Prize during his term
    $1200 20
The first "A" in NASA
    DD: $2,000 10
Expelled from Germany in 1849, he lived his last 30 years in the British kapital
    $1600 27
In 1897 3 Swedes (partly funded by Alfred Nobel) tried to reach this point on Earth by balloon -- they died
    DD: $3,000 14
In 1893 George Brown & this man formed a partnership in Winston-Salem, North Carolina
    $1600 5
This "cat", seen here, served as president for only 6 months
    $1600 24
"Cryin'" & "Crazy" rock group
    $2000 11
Jacques Lacan revised this philosopher's idea as "Where I think, 'I think, therefore I am', that is where I am not"
    $2000 23
Ingmar Bergman's movie "Smiles of a Summer Night" inspired this Stephen Sondheim musical
    $2000 22
This count was granted a patent in 1895 for his new method of rigid-airship construction
    $2000 15
In 1959 a company in this state got the rights to L'Ecran Magique, the Magic Writer, & renamed it the Etch-A-Sketch
    $2000 6
This president was described as a "non-entity with sidewhiskers" & "first in ability on the list of second-rate men"
    $2000 21
MTV cartoon "____ Flux"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Frank Lara Charan
$12,000 $7,600 $12,000

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Final Jeopardy! Round

One of the world's bestselling novelists, he created TV's "I Dream of Jeannie"

Final scores:

Frank Lara Charan
$12,000 $3,199 $500
2-day champion: $42,000 2nd place: Trip to Wyndham Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica 3rd place: Trip to Nickerson Inn, Pentwater, Michigan

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Frank Lara Charan
$11,600 $8,200 $10,600
19 R
(including 1 DD),
5 W
12 R,
2 W
(including 1 DD)
14 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $30,400

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Game tape date: 2001-08-29
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