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Mary Hirschfeld game 5.


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Karl Coryat, a managing editor from Oakland, California

Michael Dominguez, an elementary school teacher from Los Angeles, California

Mary Hirschfeld, a professor of economics originally from Pullman, Washington (whose 4-day cash winnings total $56,004)

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Jeopardy! Round

"X", "Y", "Z"
    $100 21
"Body Heat"
    $100 14
Marsh's Library in this country was founded c. 1702 by the Archbishop of Dublin
    $100 26
In 1991 this telephone company launched its Friends & Family promotion
    $100 11
This leader of the Green Mountain Boys did not live to see Vermont become a state
    $100 6
It looks like a sweet potato, but it isn't even a distant relative
    $100 1
You could say this comedy "ends well" -- Helena finally wins the love of her husband Bertram
    $200 22
"To Have and Have Not"
    $200 17
Architect Gordon Bunshaft designed this presidential library in Austin, Texas
    $200 27
As of July 1, 1968 you could dial this 3-digit number in New York City & get the police
    $200 12
This founding prophet of Mormonism was born in Sharon, Vermont in 1805
    $200 7
It's a kind of striped mussel as well as a striped equine
    $200 2
Though this comedy has Verona in its title, it ends in a forest on the frontiers of Mantua
    $300 23
"The Outlaw"
    $300 18
Sterling Memorial Library in New Haven, Connecticut houses the archives of this university
    $300 28
On Oct. 30, 1938 phone traffic peaked in cities all over America as people discussed this broadcast
    $300 13
This plow inventor was a Vermont blacksmith before moving to Grand Detour, Illinois
    $300 8
Despite its bulk, this wild ox found in Tibet is an excellent swimmer
    $300 3
Near the end of "Henry VIII", this princess is described as "a most unspotted lily", who will die a virgin
    $400 24
    DD: $1,500 19
Salinas, California, has a public library named for this novelist
    $400 29
In 1980 Dial-It National Sports became the first service on this new area code
    $400 15
George Franklin Edmunds wrote most of this antitrust act of 1890
    $400 9
Some of these are produced by bremsstrahlung, from the German for "breaking radiation"
    $400 4
Puck's last speech in this play begins, "If we shadows have offended, think but this--and all is mended"
    $500 25
    $500 20
In 1602 this university's library reopened after restoration work by Sir Thomas Bodley
    $500 30
In 1880 he invented the photophone, a device that sent messages through the air on beams of light
    $500 16
At age 15 this future New York Tribune editor was apprenticed to a printer in East Poultney
    $500 10
This Saint Francis was the "Apostle of the Indies"
    $500 5
In the last scene of this comedy, Petruchio wins a bet that he has the most obedient wife

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 15):

Mary Michael Karl
$2,300 $300 $1,500

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mary Michael Karl
$5,500 $1,100 $1,700

Double Jeopardy! Round

THE 1930s
    $200 1
In 1751, with Benjamin Franklin's help, the 1st hospital in the U.S. was founded in this city
    $200 20
Of the 31 pilgrims in this Chaucer work, only 23 tell their stories
    $200 6
Large aboriginal populations live in this country's states of Queensland & New South Wales
    $200 13
The juice of one of these citrus fruits makes a Whiskey Sour sour
    $200 7
In 1936, in defiance of the Treaty of Versailles, this country began remilitarizing the Rhineland
    $200 25
He recorded "Gone At Last" with Phoebe Snow, not Art Garfunkel
    $400 2
In 1867 Thomas Allbutt invented one of these instruments which took 5 minutes to register instead of 20
    $400 21
This Longfellow poem was suggested by a smithy under a chestnut tree in Cambridge, Massachusetts
    $400 12
Administrative units in this country include Giza, Aswan & Suez
    $400 14
This pomegranate syrup turns a Pink Lady pink
    $400 8
This longtime anchor of the CBS Evening News became a UPI correspondent in 1939
    $400 26
She sang "Better Be Good To Me" in 1984, a few years after she broke up with Ike
    $600 3
Dutch physician Willem Kolff developed the 1st of these kidney machines that cleanse the blood
    $600 22
Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote of this ship, "Oh better that her shattered hulk should sink beneath the wave"
    $600 15
This longest river on the Iberian Peninsula is also known as the Tajo
    $600 16
A teaspoon of creme de cassis is added to this to make a Kir
    $600 9
Helen Keller brought the first of these Japanese dogs to the United States in 1937
    $600 27
In "Take Me Home, Country Roads", John Denver sang, "Almost heaven," this state
    $800 4
In 1906 August von Wassermann developed a well-known test for this sexually transmitted disease
    $800 23
His "When the Frost is on the Punkin" was written for a series in the Indianapolis Journal
    DD: $1,500 17
Cabinda, an area of this former Portuguese colony, is separated from the rest of it by Zaire
    $800 19
A basic Gin Rickey is gin, lime & this non-potent potable
    $800 10
He was appointed conductor of the Boston Pops in 1930
    $800 28
Alan, Merrill & Wayne, 3 of these Utah brothers, co-wrote their own 1972 hit "Crazy Horses"
    DD: $2,000 5
In 1982 William DeVries performed the 1st permanent artificial heart transplant on this man
    $1000 24
He was descended from an Abyssinian prince, Peter the Great's godson
    $1000 18
The Indus River provides the western border of this desert also known as the Great Indian Desert
    $1000 30
Using Scotch whisky turns a Manhattan into this drink
    $1000 11
This author of "Anne of Green Gables" was awarded the Order of the British Empire in 1935
    $1000 29
This singer's 1970 hit "I'll Never Fall In Love Again" was from the Broadway musical "Promises, Promises"

Scores at the end of the Double Jeopardy! Round:

Mary Michael Karl
$8,100 $6,600 $9,700

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Final Jeopardy! Round

On May 29, 1765 Patrick Henry's Stamp Act protest was interrupted with this one word

Final scores:

Mary Michael Karl
$2,100 $1 $16,300
2nd place: a Quail Lodge resort vacation + Helbros his-and-her watches 3rd place: a Motorola cellular phone New champion: $16,300

Game dynamics:

Game dynamics graph

Coryat scores:

Mary Michael Karl
$7,000 $5,900 $8,700
21 R
(including 1 DD),
0 W
15 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W
19 R
(including 1 DD),
2 W

Combined Coryat: $21,600

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Game tape date: 1996-02-07
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