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#8456, aired 2021-08-02THRONE OUT $1200: King Louis-Philippe was ousted in 1848--France never liked him walking around like a British businessman, in a suit & carrying this an umbrella
#8436, aired 2021-07-05THIS & THAT $400: The name of this type of umbrella is from words meaning "protecting against" & "sun" a parasol
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WEATHER SONGS $400: There's clearly inclement weather in Rihanna's song about this title object, which she offers shelter under an umbrella
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $600: "Last Sacrifice" was the finale of Richelle Mead's series about special young people attending this school the Vampire Academy
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $2,000 (Daily Double): It's an umbrella-shaped mushroom a toadstool
#8348, aired 2021-03-03HOW NOW, DOW JONES COMPANY? $1000: When it comes to personal insurance, boat & yacht & even umbrella insurance are all under its symbolic umbrella Travelers
#8317, aired 2021-01-19SOUNDS LIKE THE MOVIE'S SEQUEL $1000: Sounds fitting, but "Singin' in the Rain" was not the first in a series with these "of Cherbourg" Umbrellas
#8308, aired 2021-01-06GADGET $800: The Blunt XL one of these is able to withstand rain & winds of up to 60 mph thanks to its high-density fabric & tensioning system an umbrella
#8275, aired 2020-11-06ONE-WORD SONG TITLES $200: This No. 1 hit by Rihanna includes the apt lyric "let it rain" "Umbrella"
#8242, aired 2020-09-22MUSIC FESTIVALS $800: This rainy city's music festival is fittingly named Bumbershoot, a slang word for an umbrella Seattle
#8213, aired 2020-04-29I'M JUST WILD ABOUT HARRY $400: One of FDR's closest advisors, Harry Hopkins helped shape this "novel" umbrella program of economic relief & stimulus the New Deal
#8135, aired 2020-01-10NUMERICAL CHARACTERS $800: Number 5 is the teleporting, time-traveling alumnus of this Netflix "Academy", possibly helpful on a rainy day the Umbrella Academy
#8095, aired 2019-11-15MOVIE FOREIGN CITIES $800: 1964: "The Umbrellas of ____" Cherbourg
#8085, aired 2019-11-01A SHROOM WITH A VIEW $400: "P" is for this type of mushroom that, fittingly, shares its name with a type of umbrella parasol
#8061, aired 2019-09-30A "BUM" STEER $1600: Silly slang word for an umbrella a bumbershoot
#7998, aired 2019-05-22MARY POPPINS $400: At you can purchase one of these accessories of Mary's complete with a parrot head an umbrella
#7993, aired 2019-05-15CLASSIC FOREIGN FILMS $2000: Catherine Deneuve starred in "The Umbrellas of" this place Cherbourg
#7861, aired 2018-11-12JUST MY LUCK! $800: The unpredictable nature of early spring-loaded these could be why it is unlucky to open them indoors umbrellas
#7822, aired 2018-09-18NOT YOUR EVERYDAY WORDS $400: A bumbershoot is one of these; Mary Poppins made a memorable entrance using one an umbrella
#7692, aired 2018-02-06BRIT SPEAK $400: Put on your mackintosh (raincoat) & grab your brolly, Brit speak for this an umbrella
#7619, aired 2017-10-26SONGS ON LIP SYNC BATTLE $400: Tom Holland used a bit of "Singin' In The Rain" before channeling Rihanna & this hit of hers "Umbrella"
#7332, aired 2016-06-28METAPHORS BE WITH "U" $400: Metaphorically, this rainy day item is something encompassing, like a large organization an umbrella
#7196, aired 2015-12-21A FABRIC-ATED CATEGORY $2000: Sails & beach umbrella are 2 items traditionally made of this hempen or flaxen cloth canvas
#7112, aired 2015-07-14RAINY SONGS $400: She sang, "Now that it's raining more than ever... you can stand under my umbrella... ella, ella, eh eh eh" Rihanna
#7059, aired 2015-04-30ADVERTISING ICONS $3,000 (Daily Double): Appropriately, a brainstorming session produced the little girl under an umbrella for this brand Morton's salt
#7034, aired 2015-03-26FICTIONAL MOVIE BUSINESSES $2000: A virus created by the Umbrella Corporation is out of control in this horror series Resident Evil
#6954, aired 2014-12-04IT'S RAINING $1,000 (Daily Double): Open your umbrella when you see this Latin word in the name of a cloud; it means it's a rain cloud nimbus
#6946, aired 2014-11-24SCULPTORS $1200: In 1991 this sculptor and his wife installed 1,340 giant blue umbrellas over the Sato River Valley in Japan Christo
#6778, aired 2014-02-19DORM ROOM CHECKLIST $800: Don't forget raingear--umbrella, boots & this blanketlike cloak with a hole in the middle a poncho
#6773, aired 2014-02-12GETTING YOUR "M-B-A" $2000: Type of "organization" that encompasses a number of smaller groups umbrella
#6707, aired 2013-11-12GOING EMILY POST‑AL $400: When a man & a woman are sharing one of these, the one who holds it is the one who's taller an umbrella
#6648, aired 2013-07-10PARTS OF THE WHOLE $1000: Prince of Wales handle, runner, rib an umbrella
#6645, aired 2013-07-05BRAZILIAN GEOGRAPHY $400: The selva is this vast, ecologically important area where it sounds like you'll need your umbrella the rainforest
#6551, aired 2013-02-25UMBRELLA POTPOURRI $200: This umbrella-wielding Batman foe made his comic book debut in 1941 in Detective Comics No. 58 the Penguin
#6551, aired 2013-02-25UMBRELLA POTPOURRI $400: The sun is out, so the light umbrellas carried here are known by this word parasol
#6551, aired 2013-02-25UMBRELLA POTPOURRI $600: In 2007 her "Umbrella" was named MTV's monster single of the year Rihanna
#6551, aired 2013-02-25UMBRELLA POTPOURRI $800: In 2011, his last full year as French president, he got a Kevlar-coated umbrella as part of his protection Nicolas Sarkozy
#6551, aired 2013-02-25UMBRELLA POTPOURRI $1000: This insurance company lost its umbrella logo when it merged with Citicorp in 1998 but later purchased it back Travellers
#6542, aired 2013-02-12THE WEATHER & GEOGRAPHY REPORT $1000: Better bring an umbrella to Lloro, near this South American country's Pacific Coast, said to average 40 feet of rain a year Colombia
#6493, aired 2012-12-05HITS & MISSES $1000: 2007: "Umbrella" Rihanna
#6341, aired 2012-03-26A "NON" CATEGORY $800: It's Latin for "it does not follow", so I'd better get out my umbrella non sequitur
#6328, aired 2012-03-07LYRICS OF THE ARTIST $800: "Under my umbrella ella ella, eh eh eh" Rihanna
#6259, aired 2011-12-01BRIT SPEAK $200: A brolly is one of these--don't leave home without it on a rainy day an umbrella
#6230, aired 2011-10-21WEATHER GEAR $800: Its parts include ribs, stretchers & a crook handle an umbrella
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY $1,000 (Daily Double): You'll find this branch of the military under the DHS umbrella the Coast Guard
#6142, aired 2011-05-03LITERARY ALLUSIONS $400: The British call this rainy day accessory a gamp, after a character in Dickens' "Martin Chuzzlewit" an umbrella
#6048, aired 2010-12-22OH BOY! PRESENTS! $600: For folks living in inclement climes, Senz makes these built to withstand 70 mph winds without turning inside out umbrellas
#6018, aired 2010-11-10COLLEGE BEFORE & AFTER $400: The second oldest U.S. college breaks out the flying umbrella & disciplines the Banks kids William & Mary Poppins
#5918, aired 2010-05-12PALME D'OR WINNERS $400: In 1964 Jacques Demy won with "Les parapluies" or these "de Cherbourg" umbrellas
#5914, aired 2010-05-06DANGER IN WONDERLAND $800: These 2 brothers may look like dimwits but they're vicious; beware the sword & umbrella, their weapons of choice Tweedledum & Tweedledee
#5840, aired 2010-01-22OVERLAPPING WORDS $800: Balloon-filling element No. 2 rain protector a heliumbrella
#5815, aired 2009-12-18COMIC BOOK VILLAINS $200: This monocled arch-enemy of Batman used his umbrella as a weapon; it often contained knockout gas the Penguin
#5684, aired 2009-04-30AD WEAR $1,300 (Daily Double): The girl on this brand's label wears a yellow dress & stands under an umbrella Morton's Salt
#5645, aired 2009-03-06CAR SHOW $2000: How very proper--the Vantage Roadster by this British company has an option to add an umbrella & holder Aston Martin
#5643, aired 2009-03-04THE SOUTHERN DANDY EXPOUNDS $800: Ashley honey, have you seen this 7-letter lightweight umbrella of mine lyin' 'round? it's pow'ful hot parasol
#5597, aired 2008-12-30FRENCH WORDS $2000: French for "umbrella", its name comes in part from the French word for "rain" parapluie
#5447, aired 2008-04-22CLASSIC FOREIGN FILMS $800: This film also known as "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" is the perfect rental for a rainy day The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
#5398, aired 2008-02-13VERY SUPERSTITIOUS $1600: Using this object, symbolic of a solar wheel & originally a sun shade, when there was no sun was sacrilegious an umbrella
#5325, aired 2007-11-0218th CENTURY AMERICA $800: Born in 1752, she was trained as an upholsterer & could make & repair curtains, bedcovers, rugs & even umbrellas Betsy Ross
#5307, aired 2007-10-09WHERE WORDS COME FROM $800: Latin: This device you open when it's precipitating an umbrella
#5241, aired 2007-05-28DC COMICS $200: An umbrella that turned into a flamethrower was one weapon employed by this nemesis of Batman The Penguin
#5229, aired 2007-05-10GIVE ME SOME ROOM $1200: Once upon a time, classrooms had these rooms for storing outer garments, umbrellas, lunches... cloak (coat) room
#5224, aired 2007-05-03AN UMBRELLA CATEGORY $200: This half-giant & "Keeper of the Keys" at Hogwarts has a pink umbrella that disguises his broken wand Hagrid
#5224, aired 2007-05-03AN UMBRELLA CATEGORY $400: In 1899 she began her temperance work in Kansas wielding an umbrella; hatchets came later Carrie Nation
#5224, aired 2007-05-03AN UMBRELLA CATEGORY $600: This fictional character arrives via an umbrella flight to become the Banks children's nanny Mary Poppins
#5224, aired 2007-05-03AN UMBRELLA CATEGORY $800: The name of this small, light umbrella is from the Latin for "prepare for the sun" a parasol
#5224, aired 2007-05-03AN UMBRELLA CATEGORY $1000: This fictional castaway "spent a great deal of time and pains to make an umbrella" covered with skins Robinson Crusoe
#5127, aired 2006-12-19SPORTS ABBREV. $1200: An umbrella organization: IOC International Olympic Committee
#5067, aired 2006-09-26TRANSPORTATION IN SONG $1200: The Hollies' first Top 10 hit, it told of the romance that developed under a shared umbrella "Bus Stop"
#5016, aired 2006-06-05LOST ART $200: In 2005 the New York Times profiled one of the last repairers of these, from cane handle to canopy umbrellas
#4924, aired 2006-01-26STUPID ANSWERS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands underneath a fountain in St. Petersburg, Russia.) Be careful of the umbrella fountain here in Peterov--if you step under it, this will happen you'll get wet (it will rain accepted)
#4910, aired 2006-01-06IT'S STRICTLY BUSINESS $1000: This insurance company used an umbrella in its ads as early as 1870 & for more than 125 years after Traveler's
#4906, aired 2006-01-02HELLO, "OLLY" $600: An umbrella in London brolly
#4891, aired 2005-12-12"U" KNOW YOU KNOW $400: To avoid bad luck, don't open one of these indoors an umbrella
#4851, aired 2005-10-17A WALK IN THE CLOUDS $200: In cloud names, "nimbus" means this, so get out your umbrella rain
#4795, aired 2005-06-10SALT $400: In 1914 the little girl with the umbrella began appearing on this company's salt packages Morton's
#4752, aired 2005-04-12SINGLE-LETTER STOCKS $2000: "C", this financial services company, brought Smith Barney under its umbrella Citigroup
#4744, aired 2005-03-31EVERYDAY ITEMS $800: Businessmen in London's "The City" carry rolled-up black ones of these, also called bumbershoots umbrellas
#4680, aired 2004-12-31AIRLINE TRAVEL $2000: In the seat pocket you'll find the catalog called "Sky" this, with must-haves like a solar-powered patio umbrella Mall
#4642, aired 2004-11-09HERE I AM AT... $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands at the edge of an inviting, palm-enclosed lagoon lined with grass-capped umbrellas.) On the east coast of this Mexican peninsula, I'm actually due south of Florida the Yucatan
#4636, aired 2004-11-01HEY, IT'S RAINING! $200: Reportedly, the Romans were the first to use this device as a rain protector; it was originally used as a sunshade an umbrella
#4611, aired 2004-09-27THE INTERNATIONAL SPY MUSEUM $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew narrates from the Int'l Spy Museum in Washington, D.C.) An umbrella with a ricin tip was used to poison this defector near Waterloo Station in 1978 Georgi Markov
#4482, aired 2004-02-17FAMILIAR PHRASES $200: Get out the umbrella, because "When it rains, it" does this pours
#4419, aired 2003-11-2021st CENTURY ROCK $800: Sheryl Crow sang, "I got no one who will bring me a big umbrella, so I'm watching" this cable TV network the Weather Channel
#4348, aired 2003-06-25GOING TOPLESS $400: Left unopened, this term for wheat, rice or rye becomes something you'll need to open an umbrella for grain (to rain)
#4250, aired 2003-02-07MIND MISS MANNERS $1200: When 2 people are walking down the street sharing an umbrella, this person should have the sense to hold the umbrella the taller person
#4221, aired 2002-12-30VICTIMS $200: In 1978 defector Georgi Markov was fatally stabbed in London with a poison-tipped one of these umbrella
#4201, aired 2002-12-02CRAFTS $400: The umbrellas seen here were crafted from this type of thin paper. rice paper
#4070, aired 2002-04-19ENDS IN "ELLA" $400: Ms. Poppins' "parachute" an umbrella
#4034, aired 2002-02-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN $400: Deborah Roberts of "20/20" always knows when to carry an umbrella; she's married to this NBC weatherman Al Roker
#3975, aired 2001-12-07HAPPY TO BE A "BUM" $1000: Slang for an umbrella bumbershoot
#3887, aired 2001-06-26THE FRENCH CONNECTION $400: It's un parapluie; literally, "against the rain" Umbrella
#3806, aired 2001-03-05MADAME $600: This French actress' films include "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" & "Indochine" Catherine Deneuve
#3748, aired 2000-12-13ELSEWHERE IN 1776 $500: Louis XVI began construction of a fortified breakwater off this city, offering better protection than umbrellas Cherbourg
#3718, aired 2000-11-01THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $200: When it's wet out, don't forget to take your brolly, one of these Umbrella
#3689, aired 2000-09-2120th CENTURY MUSIC $200: A 1920s hit by Sammy Fain & Irving Kahal wanted you to "let" this "be your umbrella" Smile
#3593, aired 2000-03-29VOCABULARY $200: This word can be joined with stand, tree, plant or pine; by itself, it's very handy in London during June Umbrella
#3575, aired 2000-03-03AROUND THE HOUSE $400: Mary Ellen says when cleaning a chandelier, it's not unlucky to open one of these & use it to catch drips Umbrella
#3544, aired 2000-01-20ALONG CAME MARY $100: The Banks family nanny, this fictional woman could fly through the air by opening her umbrella Mary Poppins
#3486, aired 1999-11-01DISNEY MOVIES $400: This magical nanny liked to travel light, with only an umbrella & a carpetbag Mary Poppins
#3356, aired 1999-03-22TRUCK STOP $400: A folding weapon gave us this term for a rig's dangerous "bending" when it stops abruptly jackknife
#3288, aired 1998-12-16ANOTHER NAME FOR $400: From old Italian for "to shield" & "sun", it's another name for a sun umbrella parasol
#3238, aired 1998-10-07BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $800: This insurance company has been using umbrellas in its ads since 1870 Travelers
#3234, aired 1998-10-01"U" BETCHA! $200: It's also called a bumbershoot, & some say it's bad luck to open one indoors Umbrella
#3230, aired 1998-09-25EMILY POST SAYS... $500: This object, from the Latin for shade, should be carried point down & close to the body when closed Umbrella
#3150, aired 1998-04-17CLASSIC FOREIGN FILMS $400: This film also known as "Les Parapluies de Cherbourg" is the perfect rental for a rainy day The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
#3061, aired 1997-12-15SALT $200: It's what the Morton Salt Girl is holding in her right hand Umbrella
#3056, aired 1997-12-08THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $300: If you got a new brolly as a gift on Boxing Day, you received one of these Umbrella
#2960, aired 1997-06-13WORLD TRAVEL $1000: The village of Bor Sang, near Chiang Mai in this country, is famous for its umbrella festival Thailand
#2954, aired 1997-06-05PHOBIAS $100: Ombrophobia is the fear of this; better get a big umbrella Rain
#2847, aired 1997-01-07ETIQUETTE $100: On rainy days, be careful not to poke other people with the point of this device Umbrella
#2843, aired 1997-01-01FOREST PRODUCTS $400: This wood used for baseball bats & umbrella handles shares its name with the residue left from burning it ash
#2838, aired 1996-12-25BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $400: This salt company's "Umbrella Girl" is one of the most famous brand icons in the United States Morton
#2616, aired 1996-01-08FURNITURE $300: This piece of hall furniture is specifically for holding bumbershoots an umbrella stand
#2556, aired 1995-10-16FASHION HISTORY $100: These "sun umbrellas" that often have folding handles were extremely fashionable in the 1800s parasols
#2550, aired 1995-10-06STARTS WITH "UM" $100: The Morton Salt Girl is holding one umbrella
#2155, aired 1994-01-07IT HAD TO BE "U" $100: When used as a sun shade, it's usually called a parasol umbrella
#1832, aired 1992-07-14MARINE BIOLOGY $400: Scientists call these boneless, umbrella-shaped sea animals medusas jellyfish
#1787, aired 1992-05-12FASHION $300: It's a lightweight ornamental umbrella carried by women as a sunshade a parasol
#1638, aired 1991-10-16UMBRELLAS $100: Its logo has a little girl holding a big umbrella & an open package of salt Morton Salt
#1638, aired 1991-10-16UMBRELLAS $200: Umbrellas originated in the ancient world, where they 1st provided protection from this the sun
#1638, aired 1991-10-16UMBRELLAS $300: Her weapon was an umbrella when she attacked her first saloon in Medicine Lodge, Kansas Carrie Nation
#1638, aired 1991-10-16UMBRELLAS $400: Set of insurance & financial companies that are found under a trademark umbrella The Travelers
#1638, aired 1991-10-16UMBRELLAS $1,000 (Daily Double): 1960's film that included the following: [Singing in French] The Umbrellas of Cherbourg
#1528, aired 1991-04-03COMMON BONDS $300: Umbrella, circus, pup tents
#1340, aired 1990-06-01LANGUAGES $600: Our words balcony, umbrella & volcano come from this modern language Italian
#1320, aired 1990-05-04PLANTS & TREES $600: It can mean any umbrella-shaped fungus or inedible mushroom Toadstool
#1265, aired 1990-02-16WEATHER GEAR $200: Protective device the French call un parapluie & the British call a brolly an umbrella
#1227, aired 1989-12-26SUPERSTITIONS $800: It defies the natural order of things to open it indoors, & it acts as a screen against good fortune Umbrella
#1007, aired 1989-01-10AUTOMOBILES $100: A holder for one of these was available on the 1942 Pontiac, obviously for a rainy day umbrella
#1005, aired 1989-01-06ALICE THROUGH THE LOOKING GLASS $600: For their battle, one had a sword, & the other an umbrella Tweedledum & Tweedledee
#872, aired 1988-05-241987 $500: The Navy will now allow sailors to carry umbrellas, but only in the left hand to permit this saluting
#800, aired 1988-02-12FERGIE $500: The London papers protested when Fergie & Di used these to poke people at Ascot umbrellas
#793, aired 1988-02-03THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $600: If someone accidently poked you with his brolly at a bus stop, you've been hit by one of these umbrella
#525, aired 1986-12-12FILM GEOGRAPHY $300: Northern French city known in film for its "Umbrellas" Cherbourg
#338, aired 1985-12-251978 $1000: Defecting Bulgarian author of "The Assassins" was assassinated with a poison-tipped one umbrella

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (2 results returned)

#6679, aired 2013-10-03CHILDREN'S BOOK SERIES: The impetus for these books came from a vision the author had "of a faun carrying an umbrella & parcels in a snowy wood" (The Chronicles of) Narnia
#3951, aired 2001-11-05ROYALTY: The king of this Asian country is known as the "Possessor of the 24 Golden Umbrellas" Thailand

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