Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (1901 results returned)

#8523, aired 2021-12-01EUROPEAN HISTORY $400: After 36 years, this military alliance that was behind the iron curtain was officially dissolved on July 1, 1991 the Warsaw Pact
#8522, aired 2021-11-30"BLACK" ON THE MAP $800: Waterloo, Iowa is the seat of this county named for a military leader of the Sauk people Black Hawk
#8522, aired 2021-11-30SPLITTING HAIRS $1000: The Kid 'n Play cut called the hi-top this is more gradually blended in length than the military high & tight fade
#8521, aired 2021-11-29WHO'S YOUR "C-O"? $800: In the British military, it ranks just below brigadier colonel
#8518, aired 2021-11-24NEWS $400: On Feb. 1, 2021 the Myanmar military took power & a 1-year "state of" this was declared--& not surprisingly, soon extended emergency
#8500, aired 2021-10-29SCARY EVERYDAY HALLOWEEN STORIES $200: I dropped the summons, terrified. I was over 18. I had no undue hardship. Military duty? None! Doomed, I, for this 2-word civic task! jury duty
#8493, aired 2021-10-20"E"-MALE $800: A World War II vet, this slain NAACP field secretary in Mississippi was buried with full military honors at Arlington Medgar Evers
#8487, aired 2021-10-12ON BASE $600: John McCain was born on a U.S. military base near a strategic waterway in this country Panama
#8485, aired 2021-10-08PARDON MY FRENCHMAN $400: President Émile Loubet pardoned this wrongly accused Jewish military officer in September 1899 (Alfred) Dreyfus
#8474, aired 2021-09-23WORLD WAR II NAVAJO CODE TALKERS' DICTIONARY $1000: These opposite military movements, toward & away from battle, were nas-sey & ji-din-nes-chanh advance & retreat
#8471, aired 2021-09-20YOUTHFUL POP STARS $1200: This military-sounding rapper had a 2007 hit at age 17 with "Crank That" Soulja Boy
#8454, aired 2021-07-29OLD MILITARY ABBREV. $400: Union veterans of the Civil War made up the G.A.R., the Grand Army of this, which they'd fought to save the Republic
#8454, aired 2021-07-29OLD MILITARY ABBREV. $800: Capable of firing 650 rounds a minute, the B.A.R., or Browning this, was in service with the U.S. Army from 1918 to 1957 automatic rifle
#8454, aired 2021-07-29OLD MILITARY ABBREV. $1200: During the occupation of Japan, MacArthur was CINCFE: commander-in-chief for this 2-word directional term for the region the Far East
#8454, aired 2021-07-29OLD MILITARY ABBREV. $1600: The B.E.F., which crossed the Channel in both World War I & World War II, was this force British Expeditionary Force
#8454, aired 2021-07-29OLD MILITARY ABBREV. $2000: To sailors in the Brown Water Navy in Vietnam, PBR wasn't beer, but this 2-word vessel proceeding "river", many on the Mekong patrol boat
#8450, aired 2021-07-23MILITARY EMBLEMS OF BELIEF $400: The angel Moroni is an emblem for adherents of this church the Church of Latter-Day Saints
#8450, aired 2021-07-23MILITARY EMBLEMS OF BELIEF $800: Some Protestants choose the rose of this German reformer Luther
#8450, aired 2021-07-23MILITARY EMBLEMS OF BELIEF $1200: Pagans might opt to use Mjölnir, the hammer of this god for their gravestones Thor
#8450, aired 2021-07-23MILITARY EMBLEMS OF BELIEF $1600: The faravahar signifies this Persian religion Zoroastrianism
#8450, aired 2021-07-23NONSENSE WORDS $400: This 4-letter word refers to a military cot, or a nonsense word bunk
#8448, aired 2021-07-21WE GUARANTEE IT $600: In 1964 this Republican candidate promised to end the draft, saying: "The military forces need trained volunteers" Goldwater
#8446, aired 2021-07-19A TIME OF WAR $2000: After capturing Germans during the WWI campaign of Cambrai, several Canadians got this U.K. military honor created in 1856 the Victoria Cross
#8444, aired 2021-07-15LAW SLAW $400: Rule by military authority, it was declared in Chicago following the Great Fire of 1871 martial law
#8442, aired 2021-07-132011: 10 YEARS AGO $400: In May President Obama announced on live TV that this man had been killed in a U.S. military operation Osama bin Laden
#8438, aired 2021-07-07NOT TO BE CONFUSED $1200: Baklava is a pastry; Balaklava was the site of a military engagement in 1854 during this war the Crimean War
#8436, aired 2021-07-05STARTS & ENDS WITH "T" $1200: It's a small castle tower or something that holds a gun on a military tank turret
#8433, aired 2021-06-30COLORFUL VOCABULARY $2000: Once a block of worthless material made to look valuable, it now means to shirk a duty, especially in the military goldbrick
#8430, aired 2021-06-25AROUND THE GARDEN? $1000: On a military uniform, this "cluster" denotes further awards of a decoration already received the oak leaf cluster
#8430, aired 2021-06-25JOLIE OLD FRANCE $400: In the 50s B.C. this man led Roman military campaigns into France, which was then part of Transalpine Gaul Caesar
#8425, aired 2021-06-18A SPENDY LITTLE WAR $1200: In 1975 the New York Times reported that China & the U.S.S.R. had given $7.5 billion in aid to this country, 40% for its military North Vietnam
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ENDS IN "GH" $1600: It's a leave of absence in the military, or mandatory unpaid time off for an employee a furlough
#8419, aired 2021-06-10SHADES OF GREEN $800: This branch of the U.S. military introduced olive drab green & khaki uniforms beginning in 1902 the Army
#8416, aired 2021-06-07LANDMARKS $1,600 (Daily Double): Commissioned to celebrate France's military victories, it stands smack in the middle of Place Charles de Gaulle the Arc de Triomphe
#8409, aired 2021-05-27HISTORY $1200: This agreement that began in 1955 allowed for Soviet military in constituent countries the Warsaw Pact
#8406, aired 2021-05-24NEWER HISTORY BOOKS $400: "The Great Secret" tells how a military doctor found cancer-fighting uses in this type of poison gas mustard gas
#8404, aired 2021-05-20THAT'S MY AIRPORT $7,000 (Daily Double): This Dallas airport is named for a lieutenant killed in a plane crash while practicing for a military aviator test Love Field
#8401, aired 2021-05-17FOWL LANGUAGE $1000: This military gait is called stechschritt in Germany, where it was used from the time of Frederick the Great goose step
#8398, aired 2021-05-12'CAUSE WE SPELL GOOD $400: These 2 letters are between M & F in a word from the French for the use of disguise in the military O & U
#8394, aired 2021-05-06AIR DEMONSTRATION SQUADRONS $400: The Red Arrows of this British military service are known for their diamond nine formation the RAF
#8385, aired 2021-04-23SON $1600: Crispus was the eldest son of this first Christian Roman emperor & led many of his military campaigns Constantine
#8382, aired 2021-04-20IN THE DICTIONARY $200: "Ditch... used for military defense often with the excavated dirt thrown up in front" a trench
#8381, aired 2021-04-19"M.C." $1000: George V established this decoration for acts of gallantry against the enemy Military Cross
#8381, aired 2021-04-19ANCIENT CITIES $1600: Lacedaemon was the ancient name for this city on the Evrotas River ruled by a military oligarchy Sparta
#8376, aired 2021-04-12THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM $7,000 (Daily Double): National military parks include Horseshoe Bend in Alabama & this one in Mississippi that's alphabetically last Vicksburg
#8366, aired 2021-03-29DURING THE JOHN ADAMS PRESIDENCY $600: This military branch had been disbanded at the end of the Revolution; pugnacious little John re-established it in 1798 the Marines
#8363, aired 2021-03-24I LOVE A PARADE $600: This 2-word military-sounding job is the ceremonial head of a parade grand marshal
#8359, aired 2021-03-18CIA WORLD FACTBOOK NO. 1s $800: Oman spends nearly 9% of its GDP on its military, the SAF, or this man's Armed Forces the Sultan
#8359, aired 2021-03-18AUTHORS WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY $400: This creator of Don Quixote fought at the 1571 Battle of Lepanto, receiving a wound that maimed his left hand for life Cervantes
#8359, aired 2021-03-18AUTHORS WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY $800: C.S. Lewis fought in this war, arriving at the front lines in the Somme Valley on his 19th birthday World War I
#8359, aired 2021-03-18AUTHORS WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY $1200: This reclusive author of "Franny and Zooey" hit Utah Beach with the U.S. Army Salinger
#8359, aired 2021-03-18AUTHORS WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY $1600: This 18th century historian served as a captain in the Hampshire militia & wrote "The Decline & Fall of the Roman Empire" Gibbon
#8359, aired 2021-03-18AUTHORS WHO SERVED IN THE MILITARY $2000: Ian Fleming served in British naval intelligence after an undistinguished stint in this U.K. military academy Sandhurst
#8356, aired 2021-03-15A COLLEGE CONFERENCE CALL $3,000 (Daily Double): Southern: This school was established in 1842 & combined with the Arsenal to form the South Carolina Military Academy the Citadel
#8352, aired 2021-03-09_____ OF _____ $400: 3-word name for a military freelancer or a pro-military magazine soldier of fortune
#8350, aired 2021-03-05ARMY SURPLUS $800: Rick Atkinson, author of acclaimed books of military history, describes himself as an "army" this, who grew up on posts a brat
#8349, aired 2021-03-04A BREAK FOR SPRING $1000: The modern tradition of spring break began in the 1930s as part of a swim meet in this Florida city named for a military man Fort Lauderdale
#8349, aired 2021-03-04TERMS FROM HISTORY $1200: For nearly 700 years, the Bakufu was the government of this top military dictator of Japan a shogun
#8344, aired 2021-02-25HISTORY $1600: Military mortality declined after the 1896 introduction of a vaccine for this fever which was spread by unsanitary conditions typhoid
#8340, aired 2021-02-19RHYME TIME $800: An eating utensil for a military unit a spoon platoon
#8332, aired 2021-02-09POTPOURRI $800: It's a post-coup military governing body; one in Bolivia in 1970 lasted just 1 day before it was overthrown in turn a junta
#8326, aired 2021-02-01THE 20th CENTURY $800: In 1949 Belgium was a founding member of this military organization that is headquartered in Brussels today NATO
#8325, aired 2021-01-29AROUND THE CARIBBEAN $1200: The easternmost of Cuba's 15 provinces is this single-named one near where the U.S. maintains a military base Guantanamo
#8322, aired 2021-01-26BAD TO THE BONE $800: Military recruits & runners are prone to this 6-letter fracture, a tiny crack in the bone from overuse stress
#8322, aired 2021-01-26INFO PLEASE $800: In the military 5 clicks means 5 of these measures of distance a kilometer
#8320, aired 2021-01-22COLLECTING $800: Phalerists collect military medals, badges & pins; this one, given for valor & bravery, was first awarded in the Civil War the Medal of Honor
#8319, aired 2021-01-21A STREAM OF TV $800: Netflix beat out the U.S. government to trademark this Steve Carell show's military title in Europe, Australia & Mexico Space Force
#8314, aired 2021-01-14HISTORICALLY BAD $800: In 1794 a Paris factory for this military stuff exploded, devastating what's now the 15th arrondissement gunpowder
#8309, aired 2021-01-07SLOW TRANSPORTATION $400: The band of material that propels bulldozers is called continuous track or this military vehicle "tread" a tank
#8308, aired 2021-01-06YOUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK $2,800 (Daily Double): In 2020 Charles Q. Brown got this 3-word title for the Air Force & is the 1st African-American general to lead a military branch chief of staff
#8307, aired 2021-01-05OF THE LAW $2,800 (Daily Double): 6 weeks after the U.S. entered WWI came the act known by this alliterative phrase requiring men to register to join the military Selective Service
#8298, aired 2020-12-09"USA"! "USA"! $600: Named for a composer of military marches, this instrument is made for marching a sousaphone
#8296, aired 2020-12-07HISTORY: A LOOK BACK $800: As a teen he had senator Seneca & Burrus of the military lead Rome, but over time, wanted to fiddle around more himself Nero
#8290, aired 2020-11-27RANKS & TITLES $1200: Eagle insignia led to the military slang term "full bird" this rank colonel
#8289, aired 2020-11-26BIG ADJECTIVES $1200: This big adjective can also be the military rank below lt. colonel major
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $2000: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) Marine biology with a touch of military history: during World War II, Scripps Institution of Oceanography scientists identified a crustacean whose noises were interfering with the detection of these enemy vessels submarines
#8263, aired 2020-10-21JAPANESE EMPERORS $1200: In 1192 Go-Toba was emperor when Yoritomo got this title as military dictator shogun
#8262, aired 2020-10-20MILITARY MATTERS $200: Some in the military jokingly call this building "The Five-Sided Puzzle Palace" the Pentagon
#8262, aired 2020-10-20MILITARY MATTERS $400: Rear Adm. Isaac Kidd, the 1st U.S. Navy flag officer killed by foreign enemy action, was on the Arizona's bridge during this attack Pearl Harbor
#8262, aired 2020-10-20MILITARY MATTERS $600: In 2015 about 30 people were injured when the feathers flew, causing West Point to ban an annual tradition, this fight by cadets a pillow fight
#8262, aired 2020-10-20PIANISTS, PAINTERS & PLAYWRIGHTS $1600: After returning to Paris in 1880 from military service, this young painter visited an island in the Seine called La Grande Jatte Seurat
#8261, aired 2020-10-19INSIDE "MAN" $2000: To reverse a previous military order countermand
#8261, aired 2020-10-19MILITARY RANK LANGUAGE $200: The pilot of a commercial airliner captain
#8261, aired 2020-10-19MILITARY RANK LANGUAGE $400: Confidential private
#8261, aired 2020-10-19MILITARY RANK LANGUAGE $600: Of full legal age major
#8261, aired 2020-10-19MILITARY RANK LANGUAGE $800: Miscellaneous general
#8261, aired 2020-10-19MILITARY RANK LANGUAGE $1,000 (Daily Double): Of the human body corporal
#8257, aired 2020-10-13AWARDS & HONORS $2000: Grand officer & commander are 2 of the 5 ranks of this French military & civilian order the Legion of Honor
#8245, aired 2020-09-25ALL THINGS BELGIAN $400: Bred near Malines, the Belgian Malinois is one of these that often works with the military a dog
#8240, aired 2020-09-18ADVICE FROM THE SIDELINES $400: "Armchair" this military official is a publication using hindsight to replay famous battles General
#8236, aired 2020-09-14PRESIDENT & ACCOUNTED FOR $1600: He didn't let a little thing like the military forcing him to quit stop him for long; he was back as Argentina's president in 1973 (Juan) Perón
#8233, aired 2020-06-10MILITARY IDIOMS $400: Having these items "on the ground" means soldiers have been deployed to a hostile environment boots
#8233, aired 2020-06-10MILITARY IDIOMS $800: Getting in trouble is called "catching" this, a type of anti-aircraft gun flak
#8233, aired 2020-06-10MILITARY IDIOMS $1200: Referring to a clock position, if a soldier says he's "got your" this number, he's watching your back six
#8233, aired 2020-06-10MILITARY IDIOMS $2000: By tradition, you can fool an enemy ship with a fake flag until battle begins--then you have to "show your" these (true) colors
#8233, aired 2020-06-10MILITARY IDIOMS $2,000 (Daily Double): Meaning a choice to use atomic weapons, it was applied by Trent Lott to a drastic change in Senate rules a nuclear option
#8230, aired 2020-06-05OTHER SPORTS $1000: Shooting, swimming & tossing a grenade-like projectile are included in the military version of this 5-event sport pentathlon
#8217, aired 2020-05-19BILLS, BILLS, BILLS $800: S.922 was "protecting" this international military alliance "Skies Act of 2019" NATO
#8214, aired 2020-04-30COLLEGE & UNIVERSITY ORIGINS $400: In 1860 William T. Sherman was the 1st leader of this then seminary of learning & military academy, 9 years before it moved to Baton Rouge LSU (Louisiana State)
#8212, aired 2020-04-28BARACK OBAMA'S READING LIST $800: Perhaps more than casually interested in biographies about presidents, Obama noted Ron Chernow's 2017 work on this ex-military man General Grant
#8203, aired 2020-04-15THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS $800: For a real Rocky Mountain high, visit this military academy near Colorado Springs the Air Force Academy
#8201, aired 2020-04-13BEFORE & AFTER $2000: 18th century Prussian king & military genius who is a large body of water in northern Utah Frederick the Great Salt Lake
#8199, aired 2020-04-09HOMOPHONES $200: A military rank & a corn seed *colonel & **kernel
#8198, aired 2020-04-08OLD HISTORY $400: In 1187 Pope Gregory VIII called for the third of these military expeditions to the Holy Land a crusade
#8194, aired 2020-04-02IT HAS THREE "I"s $400: It means nonmilitary civilian
#8192, aired 2020-03-31POSSESSIVE PHRASES $800: This manual of parliamentary procedure was written by a U.S. military officer "Robert's Rules of Order"
#8187, aired 2020-03-24GET-TOGETHERS $400: In military life one excuse for a party is this career event; a family member may get to do the pinning of the new insignia a promotion
#8186, aired 2020-03-23CAPTURE THE FLAG $200: The U.S. Trophy Flag Collection at this Maryland military academy has many captured foreign flags, though we gave some back Annapolis
#8177, aired 2020-03-10THE END OF THE EMPEROR $1600: He died at his military headquarters in 180 A.D., 3 years after making Commodus his co-emperor Marcus Aurelius
#8172, aired 2020-03-034,4 $800: During World War II Johnson & Johnson made rolls of this handy adhesive in green to match the military items it was used to patch duct tape
#8171, aired 2020-03-02THE 20th CENTURY $1000: Milton Obote was president of this African country from 1966 to '71 & 1980 to '85; both terms were ended by military coups Uganda
#8165, aired 2020-02-21YOU KILLED ME! $1600: In 1981 religious extremists within his own military assassinated this leader in Cairo Anwar Sadat
#8155, aired 2020-02-07AWARDS & HONORS $400: Instituted in 1782, it was the first U.S. military decoration the Purple Heart
#8155, aired 2020-02-07WOMEN'S MEMOIRS $200: "Fight Like a Girl" & "Unbecoming" recount women's experiences in this "most masculine" branch of the U.S. military Marines
#8154, aired 2020-02-06SURINAME $800: After winning independence in 1975, Suriname endured these internal military takeovers in 1980 & 1990 coups
#8151, aired 2020-02-03THE THIRTY YEARS' WAR $1600: Under the reign of King Gustavus Adolphus, this Nordic nation established itself as a major military power in the war Sweden
#8147, aired 2020-01-28MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS $200: In battle you better follow the R.O.E., rules of this engagement
#8147, aired 2020-01-28MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS $400: CPOs are these officers, but I don't think they are spiteful a chief petty officer
#8147, aired 2020-01-28MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS $600: Abbreviated DZ, it's the area where airborne troops, equipment or supplies are expected to land a drop zone
#8147, aired 2020-01-28MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS $800: You can buy stuff at a PX, post exchange, or BX, this the base exchange
#8147, aired 2020-01-28MILITARY ABBREVIATIONS $1000: To some, G.I. means "government issue"; MacArthur thought it meant this "issue" & couldn't stand the term general
#7, aired 2020-01-14HISTORY $1200: In 1976 a military junta seized power in Argentina not from Eva Peron but from this widow Isabel Perón
#8137, aired 2020-01-14LET'S GET MARRIED! $1000: During this part of a military wedding, swords are drawn & the bride & groom pass through the arch the recessional
#1, aired 2020-01-07DAVID MUIR COVERS THE WORLD $400: (David Muir delivers the clue.) In 2019 I traveled to Afghanistan to speak with the top U.S. commander General Scott Miller, who said that not just military might but a political settlement with this group might be a necessary part of any endgame in America's longest war the Taliban
#8116, aired 2019-12-16GIVE ME A "V" $1000: In VC, a British military decoration Victoria
#8113, aired 2019-12-11IN FULL $1,000 (Daily Double): "'The Military College of South Carolina" is in the full name of this school the Citadel
#8113, aired 2019-12-11VOCABULARY $1600: A short metal-tipped "stick" carried by military officers, or to walk with an arrogant air swagger
#8106, aired 2019-12-02MILITARY JARGON & SLANG $200: The "Band-Aid" is Vietnam-era slang for this important member of a combat unit a medic
#8106, aired 2019-12-02MILITARY JARGON & SLANG $400: "Chest candy" means these medals
#8106, aired 2019-12-02MILITARY JARGON & SLANG $600: Onboard a U.S. Navy ship, "pollywogs" turn into "shellbacks" when they've crossed this geographic line the equator
#8106, aired 2019-12-02MILITARY JARGON & SLANG $800: Common term referring to the means by which a significant other breaks up with a service member by mail a Dear John letter
#8106, aired 2019-12-02MILITARY JARGON & SLANG $1000: Ejecting from an aircraft & using a parachute is called "hitting" this fabric the silk
#8105, aired 2019-11-29RANDOM FACTS $1600: Today home to a U.S. military base, this nation was known as French Somaliland until 1967 Djibouti
#8097, aired 2019-11-19FIREBOATS OF BOSTON $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents while aboard a fireboat.) A fireboat carries a minimum of four crew members, two deckhands, a fire officer, and a pilot, certified by this branch of the military the Coast Guard
#8093, aired 2019-11-13EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE $400: For a good military "retreat", book an executive one at this service academy's Thayer Hotel in the Hudson Valley West Point
#8092, aired 2019-11-12PLACES TO LIVE $800: Virginia Military Institute's "old" these, a type of housing, is a national historic landmark barracks
#8089, aired 2019-11-07BUGLE CALLS $200: This bugle call is played during military funerals & is also heard at the end of the day "Taps"
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1863, George McClellan's military career was over, but this General George was on hand to defeat Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg Meade
#8074, aired 2019-10-174-WORD EXCHANGE $400: In 2010 Congress passed a law ending the ban on openly gay soldiers serving in the military, repealing this 4-word policy Dont ask, don't tell
#8068, aired 2019-10-09A WEE BIT OF KIWI HISTORY $600: This 1915 military campaign in Turkey is regarded as New Zealand's coming of age in international affairs Gallipoli (the Dardanelles campaign)
#8067, aired 2019-10-08HISTORY, THROUGH THE CENTURIES $1000: 18th: In 1723 Russia captures Baku from Persia in this leader's last great military campaign Peter the Great
#8062, aired 2019-10-01CLUES ACROSS AMERICA $1000: (Ryan and Val from ABC 7 stand on by a pier in Chicago) One of Chicago's most popular destinations was originally called Municipal Pier; it was renamed this in 1927 to honor military heroes who served in World War I Navy Pier
#8059, aired 2019-09-26NAMES IN POLITICS $200: Virginia Governor Ralph Northam graduated from VMI, short for this, then spent 8 years on active duty Virginia Military Institute
#8056, aired 2019-09-23COUP COUP $600: On Feb. 4, 1992 he led some Venezuelan military officers in a failed coup; 6 years later, he was elected prez Chávez
#8056, aired 2019-09-23THEIR NAME IS LEGION $600: Any nationality can now join this 8,000-strong military unit, but one does so using a pseudonym called an "anonymat" French (Foreign) Legion
#8052, aired 2019-09-17CENTER FOR THE INTREPID $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) At the center's dedication in 2007, this veteran & senator said, "The [Iraq] War", in which many of the soldiers & attendants were injured, had "divided" the nation, but not in its "admiration for you" (John) McCain
#8052, aired 2019-09-17CENTER FOR THE INTREPID $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas.) An advanced alternative to mechanically controlled prosthetic arms are ones that pick up signals of this type of activity in muscle contractions & in nerves & convert them into movements of the artificial limb electrical impulses
#8052, aired 2019-09-17CENTER FOR THE INTREPID $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Center for the Intrepid in San Antonio, Texas.) "People say, 'He lost a leg.'...I gave a leg" was said by General Peter Pace of these patients at the center--an alliterative phrase for injured soldiers that became common during the USA's 21st century conflicts wounded warriors
#8052, aired 2019-09-17CENTER FOR THE INTREPID $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Center for the Intrepid.) The rehabilitation system CAREN gives therapists vast amounts of data because the readjusting patient is reacting to challenges in this type of environment, a term in virtual reality & gaming meaning it completely involves the senses immersive
#8052, aired 2019-09-17AWARDS & HONORS $1600: It's the French military award seen here the Croix de Guerre
#8048, aired 2019-09-11NUMERIC LIT $5,400 (Daily Double): The cover of the first edition of this 1961 military novel included a dancing figure & a little airplane Catch-22
#8046, aired 2019-09-09PARTS OF SPEECHES $400: Douglas MacArthur, 1951: "I now close my military career and just..." fade away
#8045, aired 2019-07-26ON THIS DAY: JULY 26 $2000: Despite objections from the Pentagon, on July 26, 1948 Harry Truman issued an executive order telling the military to do this desegregate, or integrate
#8022, aired 2019-06-25JUVENILE JUSTICE $400: Also a term for military basic training, this is a 2-word reform facility for juvenile offenders boot camp
#8020, aired 2019-06-21BACKPACKING $1600: You can save space in the pack by using a multi-tool, like this one named for a national military branch a Swiss army knife
#8012, aired 2019-06-11BABY $600: One of the first methods of locomotion for babies is most commonly dubbed the crawl of this branch of the military an army crawl
#8009, aired 2019-06-06SPELL IT OR SAY IT? $1600: This 4-letter college military group can be spelled out or sounded out rhyming with "Yahtzee" ROTC
#8004, aired 2019-05-30ON THE BEACH $400: Gold Beach was at the center of the 5 designated landing areas during this 1944 military operation D-Day (or the invasion of Normandy)
#8004, aired 2019-05-30PLACES THAT BECAME WORDS $2000: This structure takes its name from a military base in Rhode Island, where it was first built during World War II a Quonset hut
#7996, aired 2019-05-20THE MONTHLY MOVIE TITLE $2000: In 1964 Burt Lancaster played a general attempting a military takeover of the government in this film Seven Days in May
#7988, aired 2019-05-08"C" WHO SALUTES $1200: Last name of the American brothers George Rogers & William, both military men & explorers Clark
#7986, aired 2019-05-06CLICHES $1000: This "effort" made in an ultimate attempt to prevent disaster comes from a final military defensive position last-ditch effort
#7981, aired 2019-04-29THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR $400: The war began in 1936 as a military uprising in what was called "Spanish" this African country Morocco
#7979, aired 2019-04-25CHINESE $600: An 11th century Chinese military manual contained the earliest known formula for this explosive gunpowder
#7975, aired 2019-04-19PHRASE ORIGINS $1000: This scornful response to an unlikely story comes from British sailors' contempt for other military men tell it to the Marines
#7969, aired 2019-04-11"EX" $2000: The mission's over or aborted--time for this action of getting a military team out of there extraction
#7959, aired 2019-03-28THE WESTERN U.S. $800: In 2013 the govt. officially said this "numeric" military facility in Nevada existed, but aliens...not yet. Not...yet Area 51
#7946, aired 2019-03-11A COLONEL OF TRUTH $1000: A grad of Libya's military academy in 1965, this colonel was also commander in chief of the nation's armed forces Qaddafi
#7943, aired 2019-03-0619th CENTURY PEOPLE $400: In 1899 this man for whom a military medical center is named finished his work on typhoid & turned to yellow fever Walter Reed
#7939, aired 2019-02-28GET YOUR GAME ON $200: This other term for military exercises is also the title of a 1983 film War Games
#7937, aired 2019-02-26RANKS & TITLES $200: This high-up military rank comes from Arabic for "emir of", as in "emir of the seas" admiral
#7928, aired 2019-02-13WHAT'S THE POINT? $400: It's the name of the seat of Clay County, Mississippi as well as one of a N.Y. military academy site West Point
#7928, aired 2019-02-13WORD & PHRASE ORIGINS $1600: In 1915 the British military deceptively called a prototype a "water carrier", leading to this name tank
#7925, aired 2019-02-08ORGANIZATIONS $1200: "America's largest veterans service organization", it has a magazine exploring travel & health as well as military matters the American Legion
#7912, aired 2019-01-2250 YEARS AGO, IN 1969 $1600: Student occupation of a Harvard building led to the end of this military education program at the school for 40 years ROTC
#7909, aired 2019-01-17OF ALCATRAZ $800: In the late 1890s the population of a military prison on Alcatraz swelled to near 450 due to this war the Spanish-American War
#7892, aired 2018-12-25YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT I GOT! $1200: This U.S. military medal; since 1962, civilians who've sustained a wound are eligible for it too Purple Heart
#7891, aired 2018-12-24THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.) The standard for military training in the United States through the War of 1812 was a manual of regulations written by this Prussian officer whom Washington employed to train and discipline the troops von Steuben
#7882, aired 2018-12-11THE BIG BATTALIONS $2,400 (Daily Double): This country's nearly 2.2 million active military personnel is by far the world's largest standing force China
#7880, aired 2018-12-07WHAT A COUNTR"E" $800: A 1974 military coup deposed the last of this Africa nation's emperors Ethiopia
#7872, aired 2018-11-27HOLD THE HOMOPHONE $200: A title for a type of lawman, or type of "law" that means the military rule the streets marshal/martial
#7868, aired 2018-11-21GOVT. ABBREV. $400: The senior ranking member of the military is the CJCS, chairman of this panel the joint chiefs of staff
#7863, aired 2018-11-14"CHAIN" REACTION $2000: 3-word term for the system in a military or other org. in which instructions are passed from one person to another chain of command
#7860, aired 2018-11-09PICTURE THE PREZ $1000: His military career did much to swell this 7th president's reputation Jackson
#7860, aired 2018-11-09POSSESSIVE BOOK TITLES $800: Kids learn military skills to fight aliens called buggers--it's all this "Game" Ender's Game
#7853, aired 2018-10-31GIVE THEM SOME CANDY $1000: This confection of pecans & brown sugar is named for the French military officer whose cook is credited with inventing it pralines
#7840, aired 2018-10-12SACK TIME $200: In the expressions sack duty & sack rat, heard in the military, sack means this bed
#7835, aired 2018-10-05THE "BEST" WORDS $2000: It's the title of a 1972 David Halberstam book on the U.S. military failure in Vietnam The Best and the Brightest
#7829, aired 2018-09-27MEMORIALS $400: The Arlington memorial to this military service is seen here the Marines
#7824, aired 2018-09-208-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's the U.S. military's equivalent of a prison stockade
#7819, aired 2018-09-13CONTRACTIONS $800: It's the contracted military rank famed in cereal cap'n
#7812, aired 2018-07-242-TERM CABINET OFFICERS $4,000 (Daily Double): Josephus Daniels ran this branch of the military from 1913 to 1921 with FDR as Assistant almost the whole time the Navy
#7811, aired 2018-07-23HISTORY WILL NOTE $1000: 5 years after a successful 1971 military coup, Idi Amin became life president of this nation Uganda
#7806, aired 2018-07-16DOUBLE-LETTER STATE CAPITALS $400: It houses a 338-acre military academy founded there in 1845 Annapolis
#7802, aired 2018-07-10OPERA HEROINES $1000: Joan Sutherland is seen here as the daughter of this military group in a Donizetti work a regiment
#7800, aired 2018-07-06RAIDING $800: With attacks on Makin Island & Guadalcanal, Carlson's raiders were a daring WWII unit in this military branch the Marines
#7791, aired 2018-06-25ADVERBS $400: In military drill the basic command to start advancing from a halt is this, "march" forward
#7791, aired 2018-06-25THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION $2,000 (Daily Double): General Thomas Gage, military governor of this colony, gave the orders that started the war in 1775 Massachusetts
#7785, aired 2018-06-15ABBRE-"V"-IATIONS $400: VMI for short, it has produced citizen-soldiers for over 170 years the Virginia Military Institute
#7781, aired 2018-06-11OBLAST FROM THE PAST $800: During WWII a vodka factory in Moscow oblast made these "cocktails" for military use, with some of its peace-time ingredients Molotov cocktails
#7778, aired 2018-06-06LITERARY OOPS! $2000: At the end of "Jurassic Park", the island is attacked by this country's military, abolished in the 1940s Costa Rica
#7772, aired 2018-05-29A-1 ALPHANUMERICS 4U $800: A U.S. citizen physically unfit for military duty is classified this 4-F
#7770, aired 2018-05-25BALKAN NATIONS $400: Since the breakup of Yugoslavia, Slovenia has integrated with Western Europe & joined this military alliance in 2004 NATO
#7765, aired 2018-05-18PUTTING THE VICE IN VICE PRESIDENT $1000: Schuyler Colfax, No. 2 to this military hero, got implicated in shady contracts to build the Union Pacific Railroad (Ulysses) Grant
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LET'S KNOT $600: Buntline & clove are versions of this type of knot, also a word for a period of military service a hitch
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $500 (Daily Double): Mario Vargas Llosa based "The Time of the Hero" on his harsh treatment in military school in this South American capital Lima
#7743, aired 2018-04-18THIS IS MY COLLEGE FIGHT SONG $400: "We live in fame or go down in flame! Hey! Nothing'll stop" this military academy the U.S. Air Force Academy
#7741, aired 2018-04-16FIRST IN YOUR CLASS $400: It wasn't until 1976 that the first women cadets were admitted to the U.S. military academy here West Point
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $2000: Military engagements authorized by Congress include the 1801 First & 1815 Second of these African wars the Barbary Wars
#7716, aired 2018-03-12"SHOW" & "TELL" $400: Groucho Marx called "military" this "a contradiction in terms" intelligence
#7714, aired 2018-03-081918 $800: The first official U.S. military newspaper with this name published its first issue Feb. 8, 1918 Stars and Stripes
#7713, aired 2018-03-07THEY'RE "GREAT"! $2000: During his 1740-1786 reign, Prussia became a leading military power Frederick the Great
#7710, aired 2018-03-02MILITARY MOVIE MATTERS $200: Colonel Bat Guano & Major King Kong are characters in this 1964 Peter Sellers satire Dr. Strangelove
#7710, aired 2018-03-02MILITARY MOVIE MATTERS $400: In 2014 he shot straight when he played "American Sniper" Chris Kyle Bradley Cooper
#7710, aired 2018-03-02MILITARY MOVIE MATTERS $600: This 1981 Bill Murray movie was made with the full cooperation of the U.S. Army; did they read the script? Stripes
#7710, aired 2018-03-02MILITARY MOVIE MATTERS $800: Tim Considine of "My Three Sons" fame was the slapee in this George C. Scott film Patton
#7710, aired 2018-03-02MILITARY MOVIE MATTERS $1000: As Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell, he was the "Lone survivor" in the 2013 film Mark Wahlberg
#7707, aired 2018-02-27ZERO $800: A good time for a raid, it's 3-word military slang for an unspecified time between midnight & dawn zero dark thirty
#7702, aired 2018-02-20YOUR NUMBER'S UP $800: The honor guard at the Tomb of the Unknowns takes this many paces before turning, the no. of guns in a military salute 21
#7701, aired 2018-02-19MILITARY GAME PLANS $1200: This conqueror loves to blitz--he'll invade N.E. China in 1211 & take down Beijing in the backfield in 4 years Genghis Khan
#7701, aired 2018-02-19MILITARY GAME PLANS $1600: This Persian king's going to try to thread the needle through the Greeks defending a narrow strait at Salamis Xerxes
#7701, aired 2018-02-19MILITARY GAME PLANS $2000: In late 1944 your 3rd U.S. Army will take Metz, then it's ground & pound to cross the Saar River George S. Patton
#7691, aired 2018-02-05JUST ONE CONSONANT $200: The military position of rest is "at" this ease
#7690, aired 2018-02-02BILLY $1200: In 1948 Billy Mitchell's son received a new medal honoring his dad from this chief of staff of this military branch the Air Force
#7680, aired 2018-01-19EASTERN ASIAN HISTORY $1200: In 1192 Japan's emperor gave this title to Yoritomo, the head of the military government shogun
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $800: This big ape sometimes joins the indigenous military to harass the enemy a gorilla
#7675, aired 2018-01-12GET WITH THE PROGRAM! $400: The MCMAP is the martial arts program of this U.S. military branch the Marine Corps
#7674, aired 2018-01-11EARLY AMERICA $2000: After he died in 1656, Josiah Winslow succeeded him as the commander of Plymouth Colony's military forces Myles Standish
#7673, aired 2018-01-10LETHAL WEAPON $200: In 1978 the U.S. military stopped using this, which can produce a 2,000-degree wall of fire a flamethrower
#7673, aired 2018-01-10LETHAL WEAPON $1000: In U.S. military slang, this fruit becomes a hand grenade a pineapple
#7673, aired 2018-01-10PUTTING UP A SMOKE SCREEN $1600: Dating back to the 1600s B.C., this long fortification used smoke mounds to send military communications the Great Wall of China
#7666, aired 2018-01-01LET'S GET ORGANIZED $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a military chart on the monitor.) In the U.S. Army, a major general commands a division; colonels, lieutenant colonels & captains each have assigned units & a lieutenant heads up this group of 16 to 40 soldiers, also the title of a 1986 Oscar-winning movie a platoon
#7664, aired 2017-12-28EUROPEAN HISTORY $2000: In 1967, after a military takeover by Colonel George Papadopoulos, this Greek king fled to Italy King Constantine
#7660, aired 2017-12-22IT'S A LIVING $800: In 1968 a U.S. craft with this name, also George Washington's pre-military occupation, landed on the moon Surveyor
#7653, aired 2017-12-13OF "ORDER" $600: Whether in cadence or not, if you are "given" these military documents, it means "get lost!" marching orders
#7652, aired 2017-12-12EUROPEAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): Following a military coup, in the mid-1970s this nation granted independence to all of its colonies except Macau Portugal
#7650, aired 2017-12-0814-LETTER WORDS $400: It's observing a potential military opponent to assess his position & strengths reconnaissance
#7650, aired 2017-12-08FROM B TO C $1000: This temporary military encampment is often set up without shelter or protection from enemy fire a bivouac
#7650, aired 2017-12-08STATE DEPARTMENT HISTORY $1200: In 1980 Secretary Cyrus Vance resigned over the decision to order an ultimately failed military op in this country Iran
#7648, aired 2017-12-06AUTHORS AT WAR $400: Gore Vidal was born at this military academy & drew on his WWII experiences for his first novel, "Williwaw" West Point
#7648, aired 2017-12-06AUTHORS AT WAR $1200: At the age of 40, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle volunteered as a military doctor during this war in Africa the Boer War
#7648, aired 2017-12-06IT'S HYPHENATED $400: This military command is used to mean a sudden change in direction about-face
#7648, aired 2017-12-06NATIONAL DAYS $800: Aug. 4 honors this military branch whose forebear, the Revenue Cutter Service, was founded on that day in 1790 the Coast Guard
#7641, aired 2017-11-27RANKING THE NEW MILITARY MAN $200: The U.S. went to the polls for one of these on Nov. 8, 2016 a general election
#7641, aired 2017-11-27RANKING THE NEW MILITARY MAN $400: A 96-mph-throwing Cleveland Indian had to work on his control "before he kills somebody" in this 1989 movie Major League
#7641, aired 2017-11-27RANKING THE NEW MILITARY MAN $600: Flogging or spanking gets this "rank" corporal punishment
#7641, aired 2017-11-27RANKING THE NEW MILITARY MAN $800: We'll be brief--this Dav Pilkey title hero just wears a cape & one other very important piece of clothing Captain Underpants
#7641, aired 2017-11-27RANKING THE NEW MILITARY MAN $1000: Bain Capital & Brookfield Asset Management are companies in this "non-public" field of investment private investment (or private equity)
#7639, aired 2017-11-23SHARKS & JETS $600: The first aerial victories for American military jets came during this war the Korean War
#7627, aired 2017-11-07THE DREADED OPERA CATEGORY $4,000 (Daily Double): Don Jose is the jilted military man who kills the title character in this opera Carmen
#7625, aired 2017-11-03IDIOMS, ANNOTATED $800: When the military trained outdoors, the soldiers were "having" this kind of "day", now a time of opportunistic joy field day
#7625, aired 2017-11-03THANK YOU, SENATOR $400: We thank this senator for his brave military service, especially as a P.O.W. from 1967 to 1973 John McCain
#7621, aired 2017-10-30CAP $400: blatantly uses this medal-adorned military man in ad campaigns Captain Obvious
#7616, aired 2017-10-23HISTORY, WITH SOUND EFFECTS $600: The military structure of this pact was dissolved on March 31, 1991; its political alliance, on July 1 Warsaw
#7612, aired 2017-10-17ANCIENT WISDOM $1200: In this classic tome, Sun Tzu claimed that "a military operation involves deception" The Art of War
#7611, aired 2017-10-16CAUGHT $1000: Eli Cohen, who infiltrated the top ranks of Syria's military for this spy agency, was caught & hanged in 1965 Mossad
#7606, aired 2017-10-09THIRD TIME'S A "CHA'"RM $200: The World War II-era military phonetic alphabet went Able, Baker, this first name Charlie
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WHIRLED OF WARCRAFT $400: It goes deep: MAN BRUISE submarine
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WHIRLED OF WARCRAFT $800: In olden days, it could make people hurl: CLAP TAUT a catapult
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WHIRLED OF WARCRAFT $1200: Large & in charge barge: ERRATIC CAR FRIAR an aircraft carrier
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WHIRLED OF WARCRAFT $1600: I M4 this vehicle, named for a 19th century guy: SMARTEN ANKH Sherman tank
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WHIRLED OF WARCRAFT $2000: A WWII British fighter: PIER FIST Spitfire
#7580, aired 2017-07-21FASHION HISTORY $400: In 1746 the English banned the Scots from wearing kilts or these plaid patterns except in the military tartans
#7575, aired 2017-07-14NATION STATE $200: Majority ANC party plagued by infighting; military deployed to keep Zimbabweans from coming over the border South Africa
#7571, aired 2017-07-10FASCISM $800: On July 17, 1936 fascist rebels aka nationalists began the military uprising that started this 3-year conflict Spanish Civil War
#7561, aired 2017-06-261867 $600: The last of these military leaders, Tokugawa Yoshinobu was overthrown & imperial rule restored a shogun
#7553, aired 2017-06-14THE ARMED FORCES $200: The 1st MEB is this military branch's First Expeditionary Brigade the Marines
#7548, aired 2017-06-07OF SURPRISE $1200: This wave of attacks in early 1968 was a military defeat for North Vietnam but turned many Americans against the war the Tet offensive
#7535, aired 2017-05-19SCHOOL'S OUT IN JUNE $2000: In June 2016 the flag was lowered at an Albuquerque military academy named for this Philippine peninsula of WWII carnage the Bataan Peninsula
#7526, aired 2017-05-0820th CENTURY AMERICA $600: In August 1992 the U.S. military began relief efforts in this African nation but soon got involved in interclan fighting Somalia
#7526, aired 2017-05-08NEWSPAPERS $800: Authorized by the Department of Defense, it's the patriotic paper aimed at U.S. military serving abroad Stars and Stripes
#7526, aired 2017-05-08PIRATES' FAVORITE AUTHORS--"R"! $2000: Pirates cheered when this historian & military leader was chosen as Donald Trump's national security advisor Lieutenant General H.R. McMaster
#7525, aired 2017-05-052 OUT OF 3 AIN'T "BAD" $800: BCD is short for this not-so-great way of getting out of the military a bad conduct discharge
#7520, aired 2017-04-28IN COMMUNICADO $800: A member of a specially trained military unit used for surprise hit-&-run raids a commando
#7517, aired 2017-04-25"D" IN GEOGRAPHY $1200: A popular hiking destination, the summit of this crater just beyond Waikiki was used as a military lookout in the 20th century Diamond Head
#7505, aired 2017-04-07LIGHTHOUSES $1200: Boston Harbor's Little Brewster Island has the U.S. government's only manned light, manned by this military service the Coast Guard
#7496, aired 2017-03-27EUROPEAN HISTORY $1000: King Charles XII of this nation was a boy military genius who won battles against Russia, Poland & Denmark in the 1700s Sweden
#7492, aired 2017-03-21A SPOT OF SILENT T $2000: Military supply place a depot
#7478, aired 2017-03-01PLUS "C" $800: A "C" inserted into this factual word gives you this temporary cessation of military action true and truce
#7475, aired 2017-02-24USA! USA! $1000: Graduates of this military college in Charleston, South Carolina fired the first shots at Fort Sumter to begin the Civil War the Citadel
#7459, aired 2017-02-02FUNERALS $1000: "The Old Guard" or 3rd infantry, the oldest active U.S. Army regiment, serves as this type of "guard" at military funerals the Honor Guard
#7458, aired 2017-02-01DE NERO $1600: At 16, Nero was proclaimed emperor by this military group, the household guard of the emperors the Praetorians
#7450, aired 2017-01-20WORLD HISTORY $400: After he was given the title of Liberator, he established the military Order of the Liberators of Venezuela Bolívar
#7449, aired 2017-01-19SILENT "O" $1600: Robert Howard (a military hero) & Tom Parker (not) often had this before their names colonel
#7446, aired 2017-01-16IT'S THE GENEVA CONVENTION $400: Article 1 of the 1864 first convention called for protection of military hospitals & these vehicles ambulances
#7443, aired 2017-01-11THE BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL $1600: (Rena Sofer and John McCook give the clue as Quinn Fuller Forrester and Eric Forrester, Sr. from The Bold and the Beautiful.) "Eric, I can't live if you won't forgive me." "Quinn, don't try to get a hold on me like this female World War I spy who danced naked for royalty & military officers. May I remind you she died in a blaze of firing squad bullets!" Mata Hari
#7440, aired 2017-01-06U.S. MILITARY MEN $200: A statue of this "Green Mountain boy" in the U.S. Capitol represents the state of Vermont Ethan Allen
#7440, aired 2017-01-06U.S. MILITARY MEN $400: In 1997, Vernon Baker became one of only 7 African Americans & the only one living to receive this award for valor in World War II the Congressional Medal of Honor
#7440, aired 2017-01-06U.S. MILITARY MEN $600: This "Mad" Revolutionary War general later represented Ga. in Congress but returned to the Army in 1792 Anthony Wayne
#7440, aired 2017-01-06U.S. MILITARY MEN $800: More than a million people attended his 1885 funeral in NYC & in 1897 a million attended the dedication of his tomb Ulysses S. Grant
#7440, aired 2017-01-06U.S. MILITARY MEN $1000: Portrayed on film by Gary Cooper, this World War I sergeant had applied for conscientious objector status, but was denied Sergeant York
#7428, aired 2016-12-21ON YOUR SLEEVE $600: A military badge of this country recently at odds with Russia shows a trident over its blue & yellow flag Ukraine
#7428, aired 2016-12-21PARDON MY FRENCH $800: This French military group that formed in 1831 had its first headquarters in Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria the French Foreign Legion
#7422, aired 2016-12-13THE MILITARY AT HOME $1200: Pairing veterans with the community at large via physical & social activity, team RWB is short for this, natch Red, White & Blue
#7422, aired 2016-12-13THE MILITARY AT HOME $1600: (Hi. I'm Jill Biden.) As a military mom, I was proud to launch an initiative with First Lady Michelle Obama to help service members, veterans & their families that is fittingly called "Joining" these Forces
#7422, aired 2016-12-13THE MILITARY AT HOME $2000: The uses of the military inside the U.S. are limited by the act called this "comitatus" posse
#7420, aired 2016-12-09DOCUMENTARIES $400: The 1967 doc "The Anderson Platoon" went to war with the title military unit during this conflict the Vietnam War
#7416, aired 2016-12-05MOTTOES $800: The motto of the United States Military Academy is "Duty, honor," this duty, honor, country
#7402, aired 2016-11-15CAREER DAY $800: This type of officer doesn't work for the military but helps people get money for cars & mortgages at the bank a loan officer
#7395, aired 2016-11-04"READY" WHEN YOU ARE $1600: 4-word nickname of President Zachary Taylor, who had served 40 years in the U.S. military "Old Rough an Ready"
#7388, aired 2016-10-26JUNIOR LEAGUE $2000: In 1981 this retired 4-star general became the second military leader to head the State Dept. Alexander Haig
#7388, aired 2016-10-26MILITARY MEMORIES $200: The 451 A.D. Battle of the Catalaunian Plains was the only time this Hun went home a loser Attila
#7388, aired 2016-10-26MILITARY MEMORIES $400: In December 1776 Washington's surprise attack on this now-N.J. capital did not lose a single man & captured 900-plus Trenton
#7388, aired 2016-10-26MILITARY MEMORIES $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a battle map on the monitor.) On July 21, 1861, with Manassas Junction to the south, General McDowell's Union forces sent a decoy force & a flanking force toward Confederates at this waterway, which gave its name to the battle the Battle of Bull Run
#7388, aired 2016-10-26MILITARY MEMORIES $800: Octavian sank the forces of this man 8 ways to Sunday to win the 31 B.C. naval Battle of Actium Marc Antony
#7388, aired 2016-10-26MILITARY MEMORIES $2,000 (Daily Double): The Earl of Northumberland's lack of aid to the Yorkists in the 1485 Battle of this was key to the outcome Bosworth Field
#7378, aired 2016-10-12FROM DAWN TIL DUSK $400: You may feel one in the room, but we're talking about military conscription a draft
#7372, aired 2016-10-04RISING $1200: The Order of the Rising Sun is awarded by this country for exceptional civil or military merit Japan
#7369, aired 2016-09-29HONORS & AWARDS $1,500 (Daily Double): Napoleon created it in 1802 as a general military & civil order of merit the Legion of Honor (la Légion d'Honneur)
#7369, aired 2016-09-29YOU CAN'T FIGHT $800: 2-word military draft registration status that means you can serve, but without fighting conscientious objector
#7365, aired 2016-09-23REMEMBERING WORLD WAR I $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Nat'l WWI Museum & Memorial in Kansas City, MO.) The tunic & cap belonged to this Prussian aristocrat who led Germany's wartime military dictatorship, gave his name to an ill-fated aircraft & appointed Adolf Hitler as Germany's chancellor (Paul von) Hindenburg
#7356, aired 2016-09-12COLLEGE FOOTBALL $600: In 2013 the Military Bowl moved from Washington, D.C. to the home field of this nearby military academy the Naval Academy
#7356, aired 2016-09-12IT'S A PROCESS $2000: U.S. military meals ready to eat are heated by this process, which is basically rusting oxidation
#7353, aired 2016-07-275-LETTER MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $800: This instrument used for military calls has no valves or keys; tones are made by changing the tension of the lips the bugle
#7351, aired 2016-07-25"M"PLACEMENT $200: Under a military dictatorship, Burma changed its name to this Myanmar
#7348, aired 2016-07-20DRAW YOUR "GUN" $600: A line of hereditary military dictators of Japan, they ruled until the 1860s the shoguns
#7345, aired 2016-07-15CRIME & CRIMINALS $1000: 8-letter word for a prison on a military post or a barrier made of stakes stockade
#7344, aired 2016-07-14COLLEGE NEWSPAPERS $400: The Cadet (in Virginia) VMI (Virginia Military Institute)
#7342, aired 2016-07-12MILITARY MEN? $400: Military rank-wise, there's PFC; fast food-wise, there's KFC, first led by this man Colonel Sanders
#7342, aired 2016-07-12MILITARY MEN? $800: "It was 20 years ago today", this man "taught the band to play" Sgt. Pepper
#7342, aired 2016-07-12MILITARY MEN? $1200: This, the G.A.O., is the auditing agency that assists Congress the General Accounting Office
#7342, aired 2016-07-12MILITARY MEN? $2000: We give a salute to this job, the chief steward of a great household majordomo
#7342, aired 2016-07-12MILITARY MEN? $5,000 (Daily Double): Looks like many brave officers are here! This Kipling tale is subtitled "A Story of the Grand Banks" Captains Courageous
#7339, aired 2016-07-07JETS $2000: A July 4, 1956 flight by this new alphanumeric plane put the Soviet Union's military buildup on camera a U-2
#7337, aired 2016-07-05POLITICS $200: Military-sounding term for a local leader who oversees a political party's activities in one precinct a captain
#7331, aired 2016-06-27WAR OF THE WORDS $800: This word for a military fight can be found in front of "axe" or "cry" battle
#7330, aired 2016-06-24EDIBLE EXPRESSIONS $1000: Slang term for an array of medals & badges on a military uniform fruit salad
#7330, aired 2016-06-24THE CONSCIENCE FUND $800: A religious vet sent $500 for stealing from the military, writing, "I am" one of these, "However, I was not always" a Christian
#7323, aired 2016-06-152-WORD RESPONSES $1600: In 1938 Seabiscuit had a match race against this Triple Crown winner with a military name War Admiral
#7314, aired 2016-06-02VIRGINIA IS FOR WRITERS $1200: "Drawing Out the Man" by Henry Wise is a history of this military college in Lexington VMI
#7310, aired 2016-05-27THE SPANISH INQUISITION $1600: 2-word "military" title of Torquemada, the most infamous leader of the Inquisition Inquisitor General
#7297, aired 2016-05-10TEACHER VOCABULARY $800: In the U.S. military D.I. is short for "drill" this; now give me 50, you worthless lumps! instructor
#7289, aired 2016-04-281948 $400: On July 26 president Truman officially desegregated this by executive order the military
#7288, aired 2016-04-2712-LETTER WORDS $1200: Compulsory enrollment in the military conscription
#7288, aired 2016-04-27MILITARY NICKNAMES $200: To his troops this WWII general was "Dugout Doug" because he was rarely seen out of his tunnels in Corregidor (Douglas) MacArthur
#7288, aired 2016-04-27MILITARY NICKNAMES $400: When banished to Elba, he told his people he'd return with the violets & he did, receiving the nickname "Corporal Violet" Napoléon
#7288, aired 2016-04-27MILITARY NICKNAMES $600: German general Heinz Guderian was called the "Father of" this lightning war Blitzkrieg
#7288, aired 2016-04-27MILITARY NICKNAMES $800: This British field marshal was "Monty" & the "Spartan General", for his Spartan habits Montgomery
#7288, aired 2016-04-27MILITARY NICKNAMES $1,200 (Daily Double): He said his people called him the "Victor of Tampico" but Davy Crockett probably had a few other nicknames for him (Antonio López de) Santa Anna
#7284, aired 2016-04-21HYPHENATED TERMS $2000: During the Revolution, Thomas Paine was this type of French-named military assistant to Gen. Nathanael Greene an aide-de-camp
#7283, aired 2016-04-20EURO-MONARCHY $2000: This current monarchy's Bernadotte Dynasty derives from one of Napoleon's top military men Sweden
#7280, aired 2016-04-1517th CENTURY PEOPLE $2000: Made famous in a Longfellow poem, in 1621 this man was named military leader of Plymouth Colony Myles Standish
#7276, aired 2016-04-11"D.H." $800: In "The Best and the Brightest", this historian chronicled the failings of the U.S. military in Vietnam David Halberstam
#7271, aired 2016-04-04POETRY, NON-POETICALLY $200: So, this poet writes of a massive military mess-up, & the poor soldiers--600, to be precise--man, they are just hosed! Tennyson
#7270, aired 2016-04-01TUBA $800: The name of this instrument, which serves as a tenor tuba in military bands, is from the Greek for "good sounding" the euphonium
#7267, aired 2016-03-29CLOTHES $200: It's the military-inspired shoulder detail seen here epaulettes
#7264, aired 2016-03-24LIMITED TIME ONLY $2000: William Walker led a military takeover of this Central American country & was its "President" for 10 months in the 1850s Nicaragua
#7257, aired 2016-03-15JILL & JACK $800: This proud military mom is also an English professor Jill Biden
#7256, aired 2016-03-14R-D-R HAR! $800: A commando or ranger on a military strike (perhaps from Oakland) a raider
#7249, aired 2016-03-03TIME OFF $200: Take some R&R, these 2 things part of a regular vacation period from military duty rest & recreation (rest & relaxation accepted)
#7245, aired 2016-02-26LITERARY MILITARY $200: In 1968 Richard Hooker published this book subtitled "A Novel About Three Army Doctors" MASH
#7245, aired 2016-02-26LITERARY MILITARY $400: The 2014 National Book Award for Fiction went to Iraq vet Phil Klay's book with this title, meaning going back to overseas duty Redeployment
#7245, aired 2016-02-26LITERARY MILITARY $600: Horatio Hornblower came to the big screen with this word, Horatio's job, before his name in the title captain
#7245, aired 2016-02-26LITERARY MILITARY $800: For refusing to box, Private Prewitt faces harsh treatment in this James Jones novel of pre-WWII Hawaii From Here to Eternity
#7245, aired 2016-02-26LITERARY MILITARY $1000: This Hemingway novel about a G.I. injured in Italy during WWI shares its peaceable title with a 16th c. poem A Farewell to Arms
#7244, aired 2016-02-25CRIME TIME $200: It's a 6-letter term for a military revolt against authority on land as well as aboard ship a mutiny
#7243, aired 2016-02-24STRIKE OUT $2000: Strike "out" from a military maneuver & get this long, boneless cut of steak flank (from outflank)
#7240, aired 2016-02-191890s AMERICA $400: Farmers got help with forecasts as the weather bureau was moved from the military to this Cabinet department Agriculture
#7233, aired 2016-02-10LET YOUR GREEK FLAG FLY $2000: Greece's flag went darker blue during the 1967-1974 rule by this Spanish-named type of military group a junta
#7231, aired 2016-02-08AWARDS & HONORS $600: This military medal is given to those wounded or killed in service to the United States a Purple Heart
#7226, aired 2016-02-01IN WHICH MONTH $800: The Bastille Day Military Parade marches on July
#7225, aired 2016-01-29STARTS & ENDS WITH DIFFERENT VOWELS $2,000 (Daily Double): A term for military weapons, ammunition & combat vehicles; insert an "I" & you get a statute ordnance
#7223, aired 2016-01-27"Z" WORDS $400: This 2-word term for the start time of a military operation zero hour
#7221, aired 2016-01-25TREATIES $400: The 1948 Brussels Treaty led to the formation of this 1949 military alliance that has "Treaty" in its full name NATO
#7220, aired 2016-01-22SCHWA DE VIVRE $200: A schwa is an unstressed "uh" sound like the one at the start of this military posture ə 'ten attention
#7215, aired 2016-01-15THE EARLY 20th CENTURY $600: He was born in Wales, but this part-time archaeologist & military strategist gained fame far away Lawrence of Arabia
#7199, aired 2015-12-24COLORFUL HISTORY $1600: Founded in Munich in 1921, this paramilitary group intimidated & assaulted Nazi opponents the Brownshirts
#7193, aired 2015-12-16A LOT OF BUZZ $200: One reason the military gives buzz cuts to its inductees is to prevent the spread of these parasites lice
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ACTING TV MILITARY $400: Surprise! Surprise! Surprise! As Gomer Pyle, Jim Nabors joined & served in this military branch U.S. Marines
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ACTING TV MILITARY $800: This one time People Magazine "Sexiest Man alive" plays former sniper Leroy Gibbs on "NCIS" Mark Harmon
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ACTING TV MILITARY $1200: He played ex-hostage & Sergeant Nicholas Brody on "Homeland" Damian Lewis
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ACTING TV MILITARY $1600: It's what the 4 letters stand for in the TV show that featured Radar & Hot Lips Mobile Army Surgical Hospital
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ACTING TV MILITARY $2000: Rhona Mitra stars as Dr. Rachel Scott on this TNT show about a Navy vessel surviving a deadly epidemic The Last Ship
#7187, aired 2015-12-082-LETTER ABBREVIATIONS $1000: Military duty cleaning up after a mess K.P.
#7184, aired 2015-12-03MEDALS & DECORATIONS $1600: The oldest U.S. military decoration still in use; its reverse says, "For Military Merit" a Purple Heart
#7179, aired 2015-11-26THE AMERICAN MILITARY $400: The Army's school for these at Fort Jackson stresses the service's multi-faith environment chaplains
#7179, aired 2015-11-26THE AMERICAN MILITARY $1600: This slang term for a U.S. Marine comes from a collar that was once part of the uniform leatherneck
#7179, aired 2015-11-26THE AMERICAN MILITARY $2000: Creech Air Force Base in this state is known as the home to the Predator drone Nevada
#7178, aired 2015-11-25U.S. MOUNTAINS $1200: The top of Nevada's Tikaboo Peak provides a vantage point for viewing this military "Area" Area 51
#7177, aired 2015-11-24"OFF" WE GO $600: Insulting, or a military campaign of attack an offensive
#7176, aired 2015-11-23ADD AN "E" $1600: This body of military men becomes one of the fallen when an "E" goes on the end corps
#7173, aired 2015-11-18HISTORIA $200: On April 19, 1937 this military man fused Spain's Fascist Party, the Falange, with the Carlists Franco
#7173, aired 2015-11-18I'D LIKE TO MAKE IT A TRUE "D.D." $400: A very bad way to be expelled from the military dishonorable discharge
#7160, aired 2015-10-30ALSO A MILITARY RANK $200: E-4 in the Army; an adjective referring to physical punishment corporal
#7160, aired 2015-10-30ALSO A MILITARY RANK $600: O-4 in the Air Force; it's aka a course of study major
#7160, aired 2015-10-30ALSO A MILITARY RANK $800: O-9 in the Navy, this word in front of "admiral" that also comes before "squad" vice
#7160, aired 2015-10-30ALSO A MILITARY RANK $1000: O-1 in the Navy; any heraldic badge of authority ensign
#7153, aired 2015-10-21HISTORIC NAMES $1600: After helping to bring Catherine the Great to power, this military leader & statesman became her lover Grigory Potemkin
#7150, aired 2015-10-16"CAT"EGORICAL $800: These launch devices on Navy aircraft carriers share their name with ancient military machines catapults
#7145, aired 2015-10-09AROUND THE VATICAN $1600: In 1506 Pope Julius II founded this Vatican military group the Swiss Guard
#7145, aired 2015-10-09WAR NOVELS $800: "The Short-Timers" by Gustav Hasford follows a member of this military branch, from basic training to war in Vietnam the Marines
#7135, aired 2015-09-25THE "MAR" THE MERRIER $1000: From the name of a French military officer, it's anyone who demands strict adherence to rules martinet
#7134, aired 2015-09-24PERSECUTED PEOPLE $600: The Nazis hounded Jehovah's Witnesses in part for refusing to participate in universal this, introduced in 1935 military service
#7128, aired 2015-09-16REVOLUTIONARY WAR BEFORE & AFTER $2000: British military officer executed as a spy who was half of the music duo OutKast John André 3000
#7127, aired 2015-09-15AKC-DEFINED BREEDS $1,800 (Daily Double): It's "hailed as the world's leading police, guard and military dog... most commonly black and tan" a German shepherd
#7127, aired 2015-09-15GIVE $600: This 150-year-old "military" charity uses $2 billion in annual donations to help people in more than 100 countries the Salvation Army
#7127, aired 2015-09-15THE 1990s $200: Operation Desert Shield was the buildup to the 1991 military offensive against Iraq that was called this operation Desert Storm
#7126, aired 2015-09-14WORLD LEADERS $400: In 1977 this country's military ended Zulfikar Ali Bhutto's rule; in 1979, his life Pakistan
#7125, aired 2015-07-31AT THE MUSEUM $2000: The National Prisoner of War Museum is at the national historic site named for this Confederate military prison Andersonville
#7121, aired 2015-07-27IN COLOR $400: Ignored for almost 150 years, this U.S. military award was reintroduced on February 22, 1932 the Purple Heart
#7119, aired 2015-07-23LINGO $1200: The U.S. military does not do this 7-letter action; instead, it is referred to as a "tactical retrograde" retreat
#7116, aired 2015-07-20YOUR NUMBER IS UP $600: The layout of a clock face led to the military slang "on your" this number, meaning directly behind you your six
#7104, aired 2015-07-02"SALT" & "PEPPER" $1200: A 1978 film featured Peter Frampton as Billy Shears & Billy Preston as this "military" title character Sgt. Pepper
#7102, aired 2015-06-30"USA"! $200: A religious military expedition a crusade
#7098, aired 2015-06-24IT'S HYPHENATED $2000: This alliterative 1941 act allocated $7 billion in military credits to Britain the Lend-Lease Act
#7088, aired 2015-06-10STONES $1600: We know it as a famous military man's nickname, but in Britain it means "to filibuster" stonewall
#7086, aired 2015-06-08METAL $600: Legend says that the metal used to make these highest British military awards came from cannons captured in the Crimean War the Victoria Cross
#7080, aired 2015-05-29"YM", NO C-A $2000: It's a figure of speech like "cruel kindness" or, as some soldiers say, "military intelligence" an oxymoron
#7080, aired 2015-05-29NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES $400: In 1842 President Tyler ordered the end of military actions against this Florida tribe, but no peace treaty was signed the Seminoles
#7079, aired 2015-05-28"G"REA"T" WORDS $1600: To "run" this was to endure an old military punishment as two lines of your comrades pummeled you the gauntlet
#7073, aired 2015-05-20ALWAYS IN FASHION $800: This formal accessory was once a sash worn by British military personnel at dinner in India a cummerbund
#7073, aired 2015-05-20BACK THEN NO ONE KNEW $1000: ...the term "peace" this, the expected savings in military spending due to the end of the Cold War dividend
#7071, aired 2015-05-18TEXAS RISING $1000: Played by Bill Paxton, he went from military hero to political leader as the first president of the new republic (Sam) Houston
#7070, aired 2015-05-15QUINT-O-SENTIAL $2000: In this ancient text, Sun Tzu outlined 5 advantages to use against a military opponent The Art of War
#7059, aired 2015-04-30MILITARY TV $400: This 1990 11-hour Ken Burns documentary made good use of photos & writings of soldiers The Civil War
#7059, aired 2015-04-30MILITARY TV $800: Sort of "Top Gun" meets "Law & Order", this 1995-2005 show mixed legal, military & personal stories J.A.G.
#7059, aired 2015-04-30MILITARY TV $1200: 4 women & 1 man share the common bond of loving someone in the military on this Lifetime series Army Wives
#7059, aired 2015-04-30MILITARY TV $1600: The Vietnam War was seen through the eyes of nurses near the front lines on this Dana Delany show China Beach
#7059, aired 2015-04-30MILITARY TV $2000: Surprise! surprise! surprise! "Opie Joins the Marine Corps" was an episode of this classic sitcom Gomer Pyle
#7059, aired 2015-04-30RANKS $1200: It was the highest military rank held by both Erwin Rommel & Bernard Montgomery field marshal
#7056, aired 2015-04-27THE VIETNAM WAR $1000: The first two names inscribed on the Memorial were not combat soldiers but military these, helping the South Vietnamese advisers
#7055, aired 2015-04-24HISTORY $2000: On Friday the 13th in October 1307, this military order was suppressed & disbanded the Templars
#7055, aired 2015-04-24I'M TELLING YOU 2 TIMES--"SH"! $800: It's the military rifle rating below expert & above marksman sharpshooter
#7053, aired 2015-04-22THE 4 SEASONS-ISH $1200: "Military" subtitle of the 2014 "Captain America" movie The Winter Soldier
#7050, aired 2015-04-17FLASHBACK FRIDAY $200: This man who didn't have "no quarrel with them Viet Cong" refused military induction on Friday, April 28, 1967 Muhammad Ali
#7042, aired 2015-04-072015 DATES ON THE CALENDAR $1000: This observance on Saturday, May 16 replaced earlier, separate celebrations by various branches of the military National Armed Forces Day
#7042, aired 2015-04-07ROYALTY $800: Under his rule from 1740 to 1786, Prussia became one of the great military powers & intellectual centers of Europe Frederick the Great
#7041, aired 2015-04-06FOREIGN WORDS & PHRASES $400: Literally German for "lightning war", it's a sudden & overwhelming military attack Blitzkrieg
#7037, aired 2015-03-31INSTRUMENTAL IN SCIENCE $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew, at Harvard University's Historical Scientific Instruments, holds a metal right angle with a plumb bob.) One instrument, a geometrical & military compass, was used to find areas & volumes, & even determined how best to load & aim a cannon, thanks to this Italian astronomer, who devised it in 1597 Galileo
#7034, aired 2015-03-26WARBIRDS $200: (Alex delivers the clue from Ramstein Air Base in Germany.) The C-130 has long been the workhorse of the United States military, carrying soldiers & supplies to hostile areas all around the world & truly earning its name, that of this mythological hero & multitasker Hercules
#7029, aired 2015-03-19"G"-OLOGY $600: Call the cops! Specifically, these French military ones Gendarme
#7021, aired 2015-03-09THE SCIENCE OF SECURITY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Lawrence Livermore Nat'l Laboratory in Livermore, CA.) A new military uniform material under development protects personnel from chemical and biological weapons using CNTs or these nanotubes which close up like tiny pores during an attack carbon
#7021, aired 2015-03-09WHAT A COUNTRY! $2,200 (Daily Double): This city-state's entire military consists of Swiss soldiers Vatican City
#7012, aired 2015-02-24BRAVO $1000: In 1893 this military physician was named a professor of bacteriology at the Army Medical School Walter Reed
#7009, aired 2015-02-19REVOLUTIONARY WAR FIGURES $400: On April 18, 1775, Massachusetts Governor Gage ordered British troops to destroy military stores in this town near Lexington Concord
#7006, aired 2015-02-16DROPPING AN "ESS" BOMB $800: 2-word term for the place where military folks go to eat a mess hall
#7005, aired 2015-02-13U.S. MILITARY BRANCH BY RANK $400: Specialist the Army
#7005, aired 2015-02-13U.S. MILITARY BRANCH BY RANK $800: The 2 with the rank of corporal the Army & the Marines
#7005, aired 2015-02-13U.S. MILITARY BRANCH BY RANK $1200: Lance corporal the Marines
#7005, aired 2015-02-13U.S. MILITARY BRANCH BY RANK $1600: The 2 that have ensign the Navy & the Coast Guard
#7005, aired 2015-02-13U.S. MILITARY BRANCH BY RANK $2000: Technical sergeant the Air Force
#6995, aired 2015-01-30BOOKS ABOUT PRESIDENTS $600: Bruce Catton's this man "and the American Military Tradition" highlights his years as a soldier & president (Ulysses S.) Grant
#6994, aired 2015-01-29ABOUT TIME $200: In non-military time 2015 is this on the clock 8:15 P.M.
#6993, aired 2015-01-28"EL" CATEGORY $800: Nickname of Rodrigo Diaz de Vivar, a Castilian military leader El Cid
#6992, aired 2015-01-27THE TITAN MISSILE $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents from the Titan Missile Museum in Arizona.) This president, associated with a military buildup, including a missile defense initiative, was the one who decided to end the Titan II program as part of modernizing the U.S. nuclear arsenal Reagan
#6973, aired 2014-12-31MILITARY MISTAKES $400: In 1896 an Ethiopian army defeated a force from this nation that had launched an ill-advised night attack Italy
#6973, aired 2014-12-31MILITARY MISTAKES $800: European hubris at this mountain outpost in 1954 helped a peasant army surround & defeat 16,000 elite troops Dien Bien Phu
#6973, aired 2014-12-31MILITARY MISTAKES $1200: This cheek-haired general's attack on Fredericksburg in 1862 saw 12,000 Union losses with little change in the rebel lines (General Ambrose) Burnside
#6972, aired 2014-12-30TELEVISION FOR SHORT $1600: On CBS "JAG" stood for this military investigation arm Judge Advocate General
#6966, aired 2014-12-22THE OLD WEST $1000: This Chiricahua Apache leader's surrender to Gen. Nelson Miles in 1886 ended major military action with Native Americans Geronimo
#6965, aired 2014-12-19THE WWII WASP $200: The first women to fly U.S. military aircraft made up WASP, the "Women Airforce Service" these Pilots
#6957, aired 2014-12-09FEMALE FIRSTS $1600: In 1999 Nancy Mace became the first female cadet to graduate from this formerly all-male South Carolina military school the Citadel
#6935, aired 2014-11-07A GAMBOL THROUGH THE GAMBIA $400: Gambia's capital, Banjul, was established in 1816 as a military post to suppress this trade the slave trade
#6933, aired 2014-11-05EYEBROW-BEATING YOU $1000: In 1976, he was made Marshall of the U.S.S.R., the only party leader after Stalin to hold the highest military rank Brezhnev
#6924, aired 2014-10-23U.S. MILITARY MEDALS $600: Medals for "Distinguished Service" & "Distinguished Flying" are both in this shape cross
#6924, aired 2014-10-23U.S. MILITARY MEDALS $2,800 (Daily Double): To be eligible for this medal, you must have been held captive after April 5, 1917 the Prisoner of War Medal (P.O.W. Medal)
#6915, aired 2014-10-10SPEAKING IN CODE $1000: Military code name for the plant-killing Vietnam War chemical that was linked to 3 kinds of cancer in 1993 Agent Orange
#6898, aired 2014-09-17MILITARY FIRSTS $400: Franz Honiok, a Polish prisoner killed by the SS, is remembered as the first casualty of this war World War II
#6898, aired 2014-09-17MILITARY FIRSTS $800: A new era dawned in land warfare in September 1916 when these armored vehicles were used in battle for the first time tanks
#6898, aired 2014-09-17MILITARY FIRSTS $1200: The first jet-to-jet aerial victory took place during this war when a USAF Lockheed F-80C shot down a MiG-15 over the Yalu River the Korean War
#6898, aired 2014-09-17MILITARY FIRSTS $1600: The digger hat is synonymous with this nation's army, which first wore it in 1885 Australia
#6898, aired 2014-09-17MILITARY FIRSTS $2000: The 1st man to win this highest British military medal was sailor Charles Lucas in 1854 for actions during the Crimean War the Victoria Cross
#6897, aired 2014-09-16BRAND NAMES $1000: A military parachute duffle inspired this brand of nylon totes with a French-sounding name LeSportsac
#6889, aired 2014-07-24THE MIDDLE AGES $1600: The first of these military expeditions to the Holy Land was launched in 1095 the Crusades
#6881, aired 2014-07-14ALPHANUMERICS $800: Selective Service classification for a person physically unfit for military duty 4-F
#6881, aired 2014-07-14ALPHANUMERICS $1000: This military plane that made unwanted headlines in 1960 is still in use, though a phaseout is coming in 2015 U-2
#6880, aired 2014-07-117-11 $200: July 11, 1798: Semper fi! This military branch is formally established the Marines
#6880, aired 2014-07-11LETTER AFTER P $1000: In the name of the store on a military base X
#6879, aired 2014-07-10GEOGRAPHICAL HISTORY $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In order to gain military advantage, the ancient Romans were the first to build roads like the Via Claudia Augusta across this mountain system between central Europe & Italy the Alps
#6877, aired 2014-07-08SOME "BUT"s ABOUT IT $800: This 2-word item, pressed to summon help, was a real item used in WWII-era military planes a panic button
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NEWBIES $800: Following the sudden "ill health" of Ri Yong Ho, this nation made Hyon Yong Chol its new military head in 2012 North Korea
#6874, aired 2014-07-03COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $2000: A sportswriter used the term "ivy colleges" in 1933 to describe 9 schools--the 8 current Ivies & this school in New York State the U.S. Military Academy at West Point
#6874, aired 2014-07-03COVER ME $1000: In military slang, your "cover" refers to this article of clothing a helmet (or hat)
#6869, aired 2014-06-26THEY OWN IT $600: Cheerios & Wheaties: This "military" corporation General Mills
#6868, aired 2014-06-25SUMMER READING? $400: Alexander Solzhenitsyn's "August 1914" centers on a military defeat suffered by this country Russia
#6861, aired 2014-06-16NOOSE MEN $2000: This commander of the Japanese military attempted suicide after WWII; he was nursed back to health & then hanged (Hideki) Tojo
#6855, aired 2014-06-06THE UNCIVIL WARS $1600: In 1946 troops of this "abbreviated" military corps were found guilty of shooting P.O.W.'s in the Malmedy Massacre the SS
#6852, aired 2014-06-03HOSPITALS $400: The Maryland military medical center named for this man says it's "where the nation heals its heroes" Walter Reed
#6850, aired 2014-05-30A REAL MAC DADDY $400: Arthur, his only child, was born in 1938 in Manila, where daddy was a military adviser (Douglas) MacArthur
#6846, aired 2014-05-26MISTER "E" CATEGORY $2000: Slain in Mississippi in 1963, this civil rights leader was buried with full military honors at Arlington National Cemetery Medgar Evers
#6844, aired 2014-05-22TOURING ALABAMA $800: The USS Alabama, which is moored in this bay, serves as a memorial to all Alabamans who've been in the military Mobile Bay
#6843, aired 2014-05-21"E" FOLLOWS "D" $800: This term refers to a student at a military school such as West Point who is training to become an officer cadet
#6841, aired 2014-05-19MAKING THE GRADE $600: Something too important for you to decide is "above your" this, a level of salary in the military a pay grade
#6837, aired 2014-05-13RECENT NOVELS $800: "Persuader" by Lee Child featured the return of this ex-military cop, 6'5", 250 in the book series & not 6'5", 250 onscreen Jack Reacher
#6832, aired 2014-05-06"FOR"MATION $400: Voice actress June knows it's a sudden raid or military advance a foray
#6832, aired 2014-05-06FEATURING FLAGS $400: Various military flags are depicted in embroidery on this 11th century linen artwork the Bayeux Tapestry
#6829, aired 2014-05-0119th CENTURY FRANCE $1200: In 1894 he was convicted of selling military secrets to the Germans but was exonerated 12 years later Dreyfus
#6827, aired 2014-04-29AMERICANA $1200: Florida's Lake Worth was named for William Worth, a U.S. military leader during these nearby native wars the Seminole Wars
#6827, aired 2014-04-29ARMY BRATS $200: The father of this "Stormin'" commander in the first Gulf War served in the military during WWI & WWII Norman Schwarzkopf
#6823, aired 2014-04-23GEOGRAPHER'S DICTIONARY $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew displays a map on the monitor.) A small British military possession in Cyprus, Akrotiri, is an example of this--an area belonging to one nation inside another, from the French for "to enclose" an enclave
#6821, aired 2014-04-21HIGGS, BOSUN $400: Higgs spent a couple of years in this nonmilitary alliterative body whose flag is seen here the Merchant Marine
#6819, aired 2014-04-17WIND $2,200 (Daily Double): A common scale of wind velocities was devised in 1805 by Sir Francis Beaufort of this military group the British Navy
#6817, aired 2014-04-15MEDALS & DECORATIONS $800: Britain's George Cross can go to civilians; this cross given for valor is only for military personnel Victoria Cross
#6812, aired 2014-04-087-LETTER WORDS $400: A shoulder ornament, often on a military uniform an epaulet
#6812, aired 2014-04-08STATUES $800: The Marine Military Academy in Harlingen, Texas boasts the original plaster statue of the flag-raising here Iwo Jima
#6811, aired 2014-04-07AUTHORS' PLOTS $800: Sadly, there are no trees near this poet's plot in an American military cemetery in Picardie, France Joyce Kilmer
#6811, aired 2014-04-07QUOTABLE QUOTES $800: According to Steve Jobs, "it's more fun to be a pirate than to join" this military force the navy
#6809, aired 2014-04-03small state capitals $200: It's the only state capital that's home to a U.S. military service academy Annapolis
#6806, aired 2014-03-31IT HAPPENED IN THE PAST $1200: An accident on Nov. 5, 1909 put the U.S. military's entire supply of these out of commission airplanes
#6804, aired 2014-03-27NURSERY RHYMES $200: It's the nursery rhyme that says, "the cow jumped over the moon"; in the military it precedes "straight up the middle" "Hey Diddle Diddle"
#6802, aired 2014-03-25IT'S WHERE I WANT TO "B" $1000: This unincorporated area, home to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center Bethesda
#6801, aired 2014-03-24CAMPING $200: The camper knife from this "military" brand can help me open a can... or saw wood... or tweeze Swiss Army
#6800, aired 2014-03-21AFRICAN HISTORY $400: On Sept. 1, 1969 this young military captain deposed Libya's King Idris I (Mu'ammar) Gadhafi
#6799, aired 2014-03-20THE 2nd CENTURY $1,000 (Daily Double): This Roman emperor visited Britain in 122 A.D. & had some ideas for military construction Hadrian
#6791, aired 2014-03-10VIRGINIA IS FOR FIGHTERS $400: Civil War general Winfield Scott called this Virginian "the greatest military genius in America" Lee
#6787, aired 2014-03-04LIKE IT'S 1998 $800: A site at Moton Field in Alabama was established to honor the heroic actions of this African-Amer. military group the Tuskegee Airmen
#6783, aired 2014-02-26BRAVE $200: Our nation's highest military decoration for bravery since 1861, it was originally only awarded to enlisted men the Medal of Honor
#6783, aired 2014-02-26LITERARY DOCTORS $800: This Russian physician is married to Tonya but falls in love with Lara while working in a military hospital Doctor Zhivago
#6783, aired 2014-02-26UP $1,800 (Daily Double): In their military careers, Princes William & Harry were both primarily trained as pilots of these helicopters
#6782, aired 2014-02-25LADIES WHO LUNGE $1000: Mariel Zagunis won Olympic gold in 2004 & 2008 using this fencing sword that goes back to a curved military weapon a saber
#6782, aired 2014-02-25LIFE OF RILEY $800: Fort Riley is named for General Bennett Riley, who led the first military escort along this trail to New Mexico the Santa Fe Trail
#6779, aired 2014-02-20PIER REVIEWS $800: "Enjoy all the fun & beauty of a day on Lake Michigan" at this military-named pier in the Windy City Navy Pier
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park in Pennsylvania.) Honored with a monument, the 500 black soldiers at Valley Forge included the U.S. military's first African-American unit of free men, the regiment known as the First of this Ocean State Rhode Island
#6775, aired 2014-02-14WHERE WERE YOU & WHEN? $1,000 (Daily Double): This German military man, Sept. 17, 1916: high above Cambrai, France the Red Baron
#6763, aired 2014-01-29Z FOOD IS READY $1600: Zuo gong ji is a Chinese name for this military man's chicken dish General Tso
#6762, aired 2014-01-283 CONSECUTIVE LETTERS $800: To delay--induction into the military, for example defer
#6757, aired 2014-01-21HISTORY $400: This Moscow fortress dates back to 1156 but has had more administrative than military use since the 1600s the Kremlin
#6751, aired 2014-01-13VALLEY FORGE $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park in Pennsylvania.) One of the great feats in military history was the training at Valley Forge, turning a ragtag army into a professional fighting force; the architect of the training was this Prussian who didn't even speak English von Steuben
#6742, aired 2013-12-31THE 15th CENTURY $2,200 (Daily Double): Losing the battle of Grunwald in 1410 in Poland led to the end of the military power of these knights the Teutonic Knights
#6740, aired 2013-12-27"-UP" $2000: An order to report for military service a call-up
#6737, aired 2013-12-24OUR HISTORICAL DOCUMENTS $400: The 1803 treaty for this deal stated that France would give up all military posts in New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
#6729, aired 2013-12-12HAPPY DECEMBER, EVERYBODY! $600: This reserve part of the U.S. military celebrates its birthday December 13 the National Guard
#6726, aired 2013-12-09MILITARY GOVERNORS $400: This Allied Supreme Commander became military governor of the U.S. occupied zone in Germany in May 1945 Eisenhower
#6726, aired 2013-12-09MILITARY GOVERNORS $800: In 1821 this future president was appointed military governor of Florida (Andrew) Jackson
#6726, aired 2013-12-09MILITARY GOVERNORS $1200: As military governor of this "Crescent City", Benjamin Franklin Butler allegedly looted its local banks New Orleans
#6726, aired 2013-12-09MILITARY GOVERNORS $1600: In 1904 engineer George Whitefield Davis became the first military governor of this Central American "Zone" the Panama (Canal) Zone
#6726, aired 2013-12-09MILITARY GOVERNORS $2000: This "Pathfinder" served as military governor of California for 6 weeks in 1847 before being replaced (John C.) Fremont
#6724, aired 2013-12-05THEY GAVE ME A MEDAL $200: Boxer Rebellion Navy man John McCloy is one of only 19 to twice earn this medal, the highest U.S. military award Congressional Medal of Honor
#6715, aired 2013-11-22THE SHORT VERSION $400: A military rank: LT lieutenant
#6703, aired 2013-11-06BEASTLY WORDS & PHRASES $800: George Orwell called it, used by certain armies in military parades, "one of the most horrible sights in the world" goose-stepping
#6702, aired 2013-11-05COME TO OUR "ADE" $2000: This word for rhythm or beat also refers to the type of military call heard here "Up in the morning, march all day / (Up the morning, march all day) / "Keep on marching your life away..." cadence
#6700, aired 2013-11-01U.S. FORCES OVERSEAS $400: (Alex Trebek delivers the clue from Italy.) Naval Support Activity Naples has a rather nice view of this world-famous volcano, which hasn't erupted since 1944--so no worries, right? (Mount) Vesuvius
#6700, aired 2013-11-01U.S. FORCES OVERSEAS $800: The largest installation in the Asia-Pacific region, the Kadena Air Force Base operates from this Japanese island Okinawa
#6700, aired 2013-11-01U.S. FORCES OVERSEAS $1200: (Alex Trebek delivers the clue from Germany.) In 1948 & 1949, a lot of brave airmen flew some dangerous missions out of Wiesbaden Air Base in order to resupply this blockaded German city Berlin
#6700, aired 2013-11-01U.S. FORCES OVERSEAS $2000: (Alex Trebek delivers the clue from Germany.) Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is the largest American hospital outside the United States; most of its patients are wounded warriors who are flown in for care to this nearby well-known American airbase in Germany Ramstein
#6700, aired 2013-11-01U.S. FORCES OVERSEAS $2,000 (Daily Double): Camp Patriot & a related Naval base are located on the southeast corner of this small Persian Gulf country Kuwait
#6698, aired 2013-10-30THE LAW $1200: In 2013 a military judge said this was a bad idea, but she couldn't stop the accused Fort Hood shooter from doing it defending himself
#6697, aired 2013-10-29STRANGE RHYMES $1600: A "PX" on a military base a post exchange
#6691, aired 2013-10-21MILITARY NICKNAMES $400: He had numerous nicknames, including "The Nightmare of Europe" & "the Corsican General" Napoleon
#6691, aired 2013-10-21MILITARY NICKNAMES $800: This World War II American general was labeled "Blood and Guts" as well as "Old Iron Pants" Patton
#6691, aired 2013-10-21MILITARY NICKNAMES $1200: At military school this 6'5" future leader of the WWII free French was "The Big Asparagus" de Gaulle
#6691, aired 2013-10-21MILITARY NICKNAMES $1600: Native Americans called him "yellow hair" (George Armstrong) Custer
#6691, aired 2013-10-21MILITARY NICKNAMES $2000: This Confederate general was known as "Old Jube" Jubal Early
#6690, aired 2013-10-18M IN THE MIDDLE $200: To push a product, or to advance a subordinate in military rank to promote
#6686, aired 2013-10-14EX-WORLD LEADERS $200: He entered the Venezuelan military academy (class of 1975) because it had a strong baseball team (Hugo) Chavez
#6684, aired 2013-10-10SOUTHERN BOOKSTORE $1200: Son, want to know what this South Carolina military college was like 50 years ago? Read Pat Conroy's "The Boo" The Citadel
#6674, aired 2013-09-26MILITARY ACADEMIES & COLLEGES $400: Upon graduation from the academy at this location on the Hudson River, students are commissioned as second lieutenants West Point
#6674, aired 2013-09-26MILITARY ACADEMIES & COLLEGES $800: John Paul Jones has rested in the chapel of this service academy since 1906 the Naval Academy (at Annapolis)
#6674, aired 2013-09-26MILITARY ACADEMIES & COLLEGES $1200: Founded in 1839 this Lexington, Virginia school is the USA's oldest state-supported military college VMI
#6674, aired 2013-09-26MILITARY ACADEMIES & COLLEGES $1600: Because of its location, Britain's Royal Military Academy is also known as this Sandhurst
#6674, aired 2013-09-26MILITARY ACADEMIES & COLLEGES $2000: Along with the service academies, there are 6 senior military colleges; one is this Texas U. with a 2,200-strong corps of cadets Texas A&M
#6671, aired 2013-09-23"OY" VEY $400: To send out military troops in readiness for combat deploy
#6668, aired 2013-09-18STATES BY NATIONAL PARK SERVICE AREA $1600: Shiloh National Military Park Tennessee
#6658, aired 2013-07-24BORN ON THE 24th OF JULY $400: On July 24, 1783 this military man was liberated from his mom in Venezuela Simón Bolívar
#6654, aired 2013-07-18MEDICAL HISTORY $800: An outbreak of this disease during a military vets convention in Philadelphia in July 1976 killed dozens Legionnaires' disease
#6652, aired 2013-07-16PLANES, TRAINS $2000: Introduced more than 55 years ago, it's the longest-serving bomber in the U.S. military the B-52
#6644, aired 2013-07-04POLITICALLY INCORRECT $200: "I have previously stated & I repeat now that the United States intends no military intervention in Cuba" Kennedy
#6643, aired 2013-07-03BEFORE & AFTER $800: Site of the U.S. Military Academy from which a shot is fired at very close range West Point blank
#6641, aired 2013-07-01ARMED FORCES RADIO WITH PAT SAJAK $400: In 1940 regularly scheduled military broadcasting began in Central America's PCZ, or this zone the Panama Canal Zone
#6639, aired 2013-06-27WORDS OF WONDER $400: The U.S. used the military doctrine of "shock &" this, an overwhelming feeling of reverence awe
#6633, aired 2013-06-19INTELLIGENCE $400: Cartographic intelligence, primarily derived from these, is crucial for military operations maps
#6633, aired 2013-06-19INTELLIGENCE $1600: One who breaks down & examines an issue; the CIA has job openings for "economic", "military" & "threat" ones an analyst
#6632, aired 2013-06-18CIVIL WAR MILITARY MEN $400: Prior to being shot by a sniper, Union general John Sedgwick said, "They couldn't hit" this pachyderm "at this distance" an elephant
#6632, aired 2013-06-18CIVIL WAR MILITARY MEN $800: "I can anticipate no greater calamity for the country than a dissolution of the Union", wrote this Virginian Robert E. Lee
#6632, aired 2013-06-18CIVIL WAR MILITARY MEN $1200: Known for his "Charge" at Gettysburg, he was relieved of his command days prior to Appomattox Pickett
#6632, aired 2013-06-18CIVIL WAR MILITARY MEN $1600: In the spring of 1862, this naval hero & his fleet captured New Orleans Farragut
#6632, aired 2013-06-18CIVIL WAR MILITARY MEN $2000: Perhaps appropriately, the HQ of this general was called a "combination barroom and brothel" Joe Hooker
#6629, aired 2013-06-13WAR OF WORDS $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) Under Alexander the Great, the first five ranks in this military formation whose name comes from the Greek for "finger" held spears facing forward, while the rear rows likely held them aloft phalanx
#6608, aired 2013-05-15POLITICAL QUOTES $1,000 (Daily Double): De Gaulle warned JFK that America would step "into a bottomless military and political quagmire" in this place Vietnam
#6602, aired 2013-05-074-LETTER CROSSWORD CLUES $1200: Military flute a fife
#6602, aired 2013-05-07MY BROTHER'S IN THE SERVICE $2000: My brother's cool with this big change to the rules about combat troops announced Jan. 24, 2013 the inclusion of women in the military
#6601, aired 2013-05-06THAT'S WHAT CHE SAID $400: Che Guevara described this type of warfare as "irregular., struggle against enemies of superior military power" guerilla warfare
#6600, aired 2013-05-03BRITISH LIT $1200: This military man lost the "Seven Pillars Of Wisdom" manuscript in a train station T.E. Lawrence
#6599, aired 2013-05-02I "NV" YOU $1200: You don't have to be a CBer to know that it's a group of military vehicles traveling together for safety convoy
#6594, aired 2013-04-25THE CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA $2000: After some federal control was established in 1862, Lincoln made Andrew Johnson the military gov. of this state Tennessee
#6590, aired 2013-04-19TAKE ME HOME $400: Fractional term for the place where military types reside & are sometimes "confined to" quarters
#6585, aired 2013-04-12HANOI $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Hanoi, Vietnam.) Hanoi's Ngoc Son Temple honors 13th-century military leader Tran Hung Tao who led the defeat of an invasion force of 300,000 sent by this alliterative Mongol leader Kublai Khan
#6583, aired 2013-04-10GROUP ON $1000: To stem the growth of protestantism in Germany, Maximilian I led the military alliance called this league the Catholic League
#6582, aired 2013-04-09MEXICAN HISTORY $2000: "Don Fidel" Velazquez led the CTM, this type of group that worked with the PRI party to maintain each other's power a trade union
#6578, aired 2013-04-03QUICK PRESIDENTIAL STOPS $2000: In a 6-hour visit in November 2012 President Obama praised this Asian country's move away from tight military rule Burma (or Myanmar)
#6576, aired 2013-04-01THE U.S. CONSTITUTION $200: Article II, section 2 gives the president this military title Commander in Chief
#6568, aired 2013-03-20BASES LOADED $600: One of the joint military bases in this country is found at Kandahar International Airport Afghanistan
#6568, aired 2013-03-20TRAITORS & TURNCOATS $400: Deeply in debt, he & his wife Peggy began providing the British with America's military plans in 1779 Benedict Arnold
#6567, aired 2013-03-191801-1810 $400: On March 16, 1802 congress established a military academy at this New York site; it opened on the 4th of July West Point
#6564, aired 2013-03-14SOUNDS LIKE A TECH BRAND $400: Shortened to 5 letters from a longer word, it's military information Intel
#6562, aired 2013-03-12LET US GO FOURTH $600: The fourth of these military endeavors failed to capture Jerusalem but did sack Constantinople the Crusades
#6561, aired 2013-03-11THE HITTITES $400: The Hittite military redesigned these vehicles so they could carry 3 men instead of 2 chariots
#6554, aired 2013-02-28"WEE"! $800: 2-word term for a reservist who fulfills his or her military obligation on Saturdays & Sundays weekend warrior
#6546, aired 2013-02-18MANAGE $1000: Rejected for military service, Ernest Hemingway managed to get into WWI by driving an ambulance for this group the Red Cross
#6540, aired 2013-02-08COMPLETE THE LYRIC $1600: The White Stripes: "I'm gonna fight 'em off," this military group "couldn't hold me back" a Seven Nation Army
#6529, aired 2013-01-24VOWELICIOUS $800: It now means rules of social behavior; in French it meant a posting of military orders etiquette
#6517, aired 2013-01-08WARDROBE $1200: Unless you're in the military, garments sporting this pattern can actually make you stand out camouflage
#6506, aired 2012-12-24AUTHORS AT WAR $3,000 (Daily Double): Auctioned in 2011, a letter by this author who satirized the military said, "In truth I enjoyed" fighting in WWII Joseph Heller
#6502, aired 2012-12-18THE 12th CENTURY $1200: Berthold V founded this future Swiss capital in 1191 as a military post on the Aare river Bern
#6500, aired 2012-12-14ABBREVIATIONS $800: The northern military veterans' organization after the civil war: GAR Grand Army of the Republic
#6496, aired 2012-12-10LANDMARKS $400: During WWII the gold vault at this military post held the original copy of the U.S. Constitution Fort Knox
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $400: A 3'4" member of the 192nd Ohio was the shortest man in blue in this war the Civil War
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $800: Between 1799 & 1804, he lowered the French army's minimum height from 5'4" to 5'1" Napoléon
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $1200: 5'5" James Jabara was the USA's first ace in this type of plane, flying the F-86 a fighter jet
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $1600: This giant of early American naval history was called "little" by John Hancock & Abigail Adams John Paul Jones
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $2000: 5'5" Frederick Funston won fame for capturing rebel leader Emilio Aguinaldo in these islands in 1901 the Philippines
#6488, aired 2012-11-28A LIFE IN BRIEF $1000: Born in 1892, military man, into Spain management, still dead since 1975 (Francisco) Franco
#6484, aired 2012-11-22THE DA VINCI CODE $1600: The 1505 mural "The Battle of Anghiari" was painted to honor a military victory of the government of this city Florence
#6483, aired 2012-11-21GENERAL PRACTICE $800: Gen. Thomas Gage, military governor of this colony, ordered the redcoats to march on Lexington & Concord Massachusetts
#6478, aired 2012-11-14BEFORE & AFTER $2000: Type of union at the hip between bones with a round end fitting into a cup that advises the president on military matters a ball-and-socket Joint Chiefs of Staff
#6464, aired 2012-10-25NAME THAT CENTURY $1200: Gallipoli becomes an epic disaster for Britain's military the 20th century
#6459, aired 2012-10-18THE NOBEL PEACE PRIZE WARS $400: This military man with a famous plan bested Albert Schweitzer, among others, to win the 1953 Nobel Peace Prize (George C.) Marshall
#6455, aired 2012-10-12GEOG. DICT. ABBREV. $400: A.F.B. stands for one of these military installations Air Force Base
#6447, aired 2012-10-02ALPHABETICALLY FIRST $400: Of branches of the United States military the Air Force
#6445, aired 2012-09-282-WORD RESPONSES $600: This 2-word term originally referred to the branch of the East India Co. run by staff not belonging to the military civil service
#6437, aired 2012-09-18DUTCH COURAGE $1600: The Military Order of William was created in 1815, after a future Dutch king was wounded in this battle Waterloo
#6433, aired 2012-08-01"J" WALKING $1000: The U.S. military calls this 2-word exercise using the arms & legs a "side-straddle hop" a jumping jack
#6425, aired 2012-07-20MILITARY MATTERS $200: A broad area where explosive devices have been concealed; it can be in water as well as on land a minefield
#6425, aired 2012-07-20MILITARY MATTERS $400: In 1980 the Italian air force wanted an "exchange", so he designed the new uniform (Giorgio) Armani
#6425, aired 2012-07-20MILITARY MATTERS $600: The story goes that 19th century Marines wore collar protection from bayonets--hence this nickname leathernecks
#6425, aired 2012-07-20MILITARY MATTERS $800: This German made his first balloon ascent as a military observer for the Union army in the Civil War Ferdinand Zeppelin
#6425, aired 2012-07-20MILITARY MATTERS $1000: (Kelly gives the clue from the USS Iwo Jima) A heavy armor version of the Abrams tank was never penetrated during the first Gulf War because its super hard armor contains the depleted type of this element, isotope 238 uranium
#6412, aired 2012-07-03ON THE TURNTABLE $1000: On a modified Boeing 707 the radar system mounted on a turntable is known by this military acronym AWACS
#6406, aired 2012-06-25SOUTH AMERICA $1600: Named for a military hero, this country has had 17 constitutions since independence in 1825 Bolivia
#6404, aired 2012-06-21HELICOPTERS $2000: 2-word call sign of the presidential helicopter, operated by a different military service than the presidential jet Marine One
#6403, aired 2012-06-20FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA $400: (First Lady Michelle Obama presents the clue.) Campaigning in 2008, I learned about problems of military families from jobs & education to wellness; later, I began the Joining Forces initiative to highlight the issues along with this woman whose son is in the Delaware Army National Guard (Jill) Biden
#6401, aired 2012-06-18AMERICAN ISLANDS $400: Shemya Island in this group was a refueling stop for military aircraft flying the great circle route to the Far East the Aleutian Islands
#6400, aired 2012-06-15THE BRITISH ARE GOING! $1600: In 1976 a Colonel Swynnerton was the last British military presence on this island at the tip of the Malay Peninsula Singapore
#6400, aired 2012-06-15THE BRITISH ARE GOING! $2000: This last British mainland colony in the Americas became independent in 1981, but the British Military stayed until 1994 Belize
#6395, aired 2012-06-08THINGS YOU HAVE TO DO $600: For men of Cyprus, 2 years of this type of service military
#6389, aired 2012-05-31SHEEP $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from the Tobruk Sheep Station in Australia.) A human & dogs gathering a group of sheep together are said to be doing this, also a verb used for gathering military personnel together for duty mustering
#6386, aired 2012-05-28LEWIS & CLARK EXPEDITION $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Ft. Clatsop in Oregon.) Needing shelter for the winter of 1805-1806, Lewis & Clark built Ft. Clatsop, the first military structure west of the Rockies, and named it in honor of the local Clatsop Tribe, a branch of this Native American people whose name reflects a culture based on a type of salmon the Chinook
#6381, aired 2012-05-21S'MOORS $200: In the 9th century the Emir of Cordoba built the military fortress Magerit, which later became this capital Madrid
#6379, aired 2012-05-17SUPER PACKS $200: Military folk carry personal items in this large, cylindrical 6-letter "bag" duffel
#6376, aired 2012-05-14MILITARY OPERATIONS $400: Operation Frequent Wind, the largest helicopter evacuation, removed Americans from this country in 1975 South Vietnam
#6376, aired 2012-05-14MILITARY OPERATIONS $800: An operation to chop down a tree in the Korean DMZ was nicknamed for this mythical lumberjack Paul Bunyan
#6376, aired 2012-05-14MILITARY OPERATIONS $1200: Operation Eagle Claw was a failed 1980 attempt to rescue American hostages in this country Iran
#6376, aired 2012-05-14MILITARY OPERATIONS $1600: Neptune Spear was the code name for the operation that killed this terrorist in 2011 Osama bin Laden
#6376, aired 2012-05-14MILITARY OPERATIONS $2000: One objective of 1989's Operation Just Cause in Panama was to capture this dictator Noriega
#6372, aired 2012-05-088-LETTER WORDS $1600: A popular military motto is "death before" this, loss of respect or reputation dishonor
#6370, aired 2012-05-04NICE "AB"s $600: Military term for a 180 an about face
#6363, aired 2012-04-25ROMAN THE BIBLE $3,000 (Daily Double): Cornelius, one of these Roman military officers, became one of the first converts to Christianity a centurion
#6361, aired 2012-04-23TIME PIECES $800: He was first mentioned in Time in 1923, in a report on a military rehearsal of the Bavarian Fascista Army Hitler
#6358, aired 2012-04-18NEWSPAPERS $2,400 (Daily Double): Published continuously for military personnel since World War II, it now has about 420,000 daily readers Stars and Stripes
#6344, aired 2012-03-29THE MARQUIS DE SADE $200: Pursuing a military career early in his life, de Sade fought in this 1756-1763 conflict against Great Britain The Seven Years' War
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1866 the Supreme Court said this military rule may not be in place when the civil courts are functioning martial law
#6342, aired 2012-03-27MILITARY NICKNAMES & SLANG $400: It can mean "failed at flight school" or "lacking color" wash out
#6342, aired 2012-03-27MILITARY NICKNAMES & SLANG $800: A full colonel is sometimes called a bird colonel because he has these insignias eagles
#6342, aired 2012-03-27MILITARY NICKNAMES & SLANG $1200: This term for an unidentified aircraft or missile is also used on the golf course a bogey
#6342, aired 2012-03-27MILITARY NICKNAMES & SLANG $1600: Seen here is the patch of the infantry division nicknamed this the Big Red One
#6342, aired 2012-03-27MILITARY NICKNAMES & SLANG $2000: "Blue on blue" refers to one of these unfortunate alliterative occurrences friendly fire
#6339, aired 2012-03-22HOBBIES $800: Add 4 letters to "actors" to get these military devotees, like inauthentic farbs & obsessive stitch counters reenactors
#6331, aired 2012-03-12PRESIDENTIAL ARTIFACTS $600: Marshal Zhukov presented Eisenhower with the Order of Victory, a military decoration of this colorful army the Red Army
#6325, aired 2012-03-02I GOT 3 LETTERS! $1600: DSM, which stands for this highest non-valorous U.S. military decoration Distinguished Service Medal
#6321, aired 2012-02-27INFO FROM THE WORLD ALMANAC $600: This policy with a 4-word name that prevented gays from serving openly in the military officially ended Sept. 20, 2011 don't ask, don't tell
#6319, aired 2012-02-23TOOT SWEET $400: A military band & the tooting of a piccolo are part of the instrumentation of this Tchaikovsky overture, opus 49 the 1812 Overture
#6318, aired 2012-02-22THIS IS... A JEOPARDY! CATEGORY $800: It's the U.S. military service whose members learn the creed Johnny is reciting "This is... my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine." United States Marine Corps
#6318, aired 2012-02-22FEBRUARY IS BLACK HISTORY MONTH $400: In February 1977 Clifford Alexander became the first black secretary of this oldest U.S. military branch the Army
#6318, aired 2012-02-22TV SPIN-OFFS $2000: "NCIS", from this other military procedural JAG
#6310, aired 2012-02-10COLLEGE BEFORE & AFTER $400: The U.S. Military Academy has an interface where you indicate an object on a screen, then use your mouse West Point & click
#6296, aired 2012-01-23PICTURE THE "S" $1600: Members of this special military unit are seen here the Swiss Guard
#6288, aired 2012-01-11COME "IN" $600: A military badge of rank or qualification insignia
#6284, aired 2012-01-05ARMY STRONG $1,500 (Daily Double): It has an active-duty military force of about 1.2 million; its neighbor to the south, about 680,000 North Korea
#6282, aired 2012-01-03FROM THE LATIN $1600: This word meaning to compel into military service comes partly from the Latin for "to write" conscript
#6277, aired 2011-12-27MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $200: The first official list of military calls for this trumpet-like valveless instrument was issued in 1798 the bugle
#6277, aired 2011-12-27RED BOOK $1200: This Stendhal novel title was inspired by the colors worn by the Catholic clergy & the French military The Red and the Black
#6275, aired 2011-12-23GERMAN CHANCELLORS SINCE WWII $1000: Chancellor from 1974 to 1982, Helmut Schmidt earned this high German military medal during WWII the Iron Cross
#6274, aired 2011-12-22PARDON MY FRENCH $200: This military force is still used today when France has problems overseas the Foreign Legion
#6272, aired 2011-12-20MAKING A "LIST" $400: C'mon, Johnny, let's go down & do this, sign up for service in the military enlist
#6262, aired 2011-12-06NUMERIC PLACES $1200: Mysterious lights have been seen over the much-rumored military base 90 miles from Vegas known as this Area 51
#6260, aired 2011-12-02MIDDLE INITIAL C. $800: A 5-star general & Defense Secretary, in 1953 he became the first career military man to receive the Nobel Peace Prize Gen. George C. Marshall
#6260, aired 2011-12-02WHAT'S ON "TAP"? $1600: The British word for a slingshot is this, an ancient military engine for hurling stones a catapult
#6244, aired 2011-11-10MILITARY WIVES $200: Her married life began in military housing in San Antonio in 1916; 37 years & 22 moves brought her to the White House Mamie Eisenhower
#6244, aired 2011-11-10MILITARY WIVES $400: Mary Custis had other suitors, like Sam Houston, but she was set on this soldier son of Light-Horse Harry; they wed in 1831 Robert E. Lee
#6244, aired 2011-11-10MILITARY WIVES $600: In 1824 David Farragut married Susan Marchant of this Virginia city & made that port his home Norfolk
#6244, aired 2011-11-10MILITARY WIVES $800: A few weeks before their 1864 wedding, his fiancee Elizabeth called him her "old fellow with the golden curls" (George Armstrong) Custer
#6244, aired 2011-11-10MILITARY WIVES $1000: That's the former Beatrice Ayer, gazing up at this husband of hers General George Patton
#6243, aired 2011-11-09POLITICAL LEADERS $800: Elected president of Chile in 1970, this Marxist died in a military takeover in 1973 Salvador Allende
#6242, aired 2011-11-08ABBREV. $1000: C.P., short for this, is a military unit's headquarters a command post
#6240, aired 2011-11-04CANADIAN HISTORY $400: In 1949 Canada joined the United States & 10 other nations to form this military alliance NATO
#6239, aired 2011-11-03GROUP COUNTDOWN $1000: It can mean "one" or a military entity like the army's Third Armored Division unit
#6229, aired 2011-10-20HISTORIC NAMES $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1514 this Spanish explorer was made military governor of Bimini & Florida Poncé de Leon
#6219, aired 2011-10-06AWARDS & HONORS $400: The only woman to receive this foremost military decoration is Dr. Mary Walker, for her actions at Bull Run the Congressional Medal of Honor
#6217, aired 2011-10-04WILLIAM & KATE $800: Prince William wore the red of the Irish Guards & the "wings" of this other military force the RAF (Royal Air Force)
#6213, aired 2011-09-28HELLO, DOLLY! $400: For the 60th anniversary of Pearl Harbor, Hasbro introduced a special line of this military action figure G.I. Joe
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY $1,000 (Daily Double): You'll find this branch of the military under the DHS umbrella the Coast Guard
#6195, aired 2011-07-15MILITARY RANKS $200: Not public private
#6195, aired 2011-07-15MILITARY RANKS $400: Not specific general
#6195, aired 2011-07-15MILITARY RANKS $600: A student's declared field of study major
#6195, aired 2011-07-15MILITARY RANKS $800: Kangaroo was one on TV captain
#6195, aired 2011-07-15MILITARY RANKS $1000: Painful punishment practice corporal
#6187, aired 2011-07-05HOMOPHONES $800: A whole seed grain of corn, or a military rank kernel/colonel
#6185, aired 2011-07-01THE COLOR PURPLE $200: Only 3 men received this military decoration during the Revolutionary War; 2 of the badges still exist the Purple Heart
#6176, aired 2011-06-20NORTHERN CALIFORNIA HISTORY $400: It was a military prison for over 70 years & a federal prison for less than 30, from 1934 to 1962 Alcatraz
#6174, aired 2011-06-16BE PREPARED $600: Semper paratus, meaning "always prepared", is the motto of this branch of the U.S. military the Coast Guard
#6158, aired 2011-05-25MILITARY NICKNAMES $200: The "Little Corporal" of the 19th century Napoleon
#6158, aired 2011-05-25MILITARY NICKNAMES $400: "Stormin' Norman" of the 1990s Schwarzkopf
#6158, aired 2011-05-25MILITARY NICKNAMES $600: The high-flying "Red Baron" of World War I von Richthofen
#6158, aired 2011-05-25MILITARY NICKNAMES $800: Mr. "Unconditional Surrender" of the Civil War Grant
#6158, aired 2011-05-25MILITARY NICKNAMES $1000: The "Desert Fox" of Afrika Rommel
#6153, aired 2011-05-18PRESIDENTIAL ADDRESSES $2,000 (Daily Double): "We must guard against feverish building of vast armaments to meet glibly predicted moments of... 'maximum peril'" Eisenhower
#6148, aired 2011-05-11LOST PARENT-TEACHER CONFERENCES? $400: At Dr. Clark's school we applaud the young man's almost military discipline, but he can't go slapping other boys Patton
#6144, aired 2011-05-05JURY DUTY $1200: The general type of this military tribunal must have at least 5 members & the defense attorney may be military or civilian court-martial
#6136, aired 2011-04-25PACIFIC OCEAN LIFE $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from the Maui Ocean Center.) To be hard to see from both above and below, many sharks have dark backs and paler bellies; this was named "counter-shading" by Abbot Thayer, an artist who helped the military develop this during World War I camouflage
#6135, aired 2011-04-22IT'S A COUP D'ETAT $2000: In Pakistan Nawaz Sharif tried to dismiss this military leader in 1999 but was overthrown by him instead Musharraf
#6134, aired 2011-04-21IN THE "MORNING" $400: Movie that told the tale of irreverent military DJ Adrian Cronauer Good Morning, Vietnam
#6132, aired 2011-04-19ON THE BRITISH MONARCHY'S WEBSITE $800: If the Queen has an engagement outside London, her journeys often use a helicopter or an aircraft from this military group the Royal Air Force (RAF)
#6122, aired 2011-04-05LEGAL ABBREV. $200: Enacted by Congress, the U.C.M.J is the Uniform Code of this type of Justice Military
#6121, aired 2011-04-04FACE BOOK $600: This military marching command to reverse is the title of Col. David H. Hackworth's "Odyssey of an American Warrior" about-face
#6121, aired 2011-04-04ONLINE $800: Julian Assange runs this site known for posting U.S. military documents, to the Pentagon's displeasure WikiLeaks
#6114, aired 2011-03-24DOUBLE LETTER, DOUBLE MEANING $1000: A small tower, or a revolving gun structure on a military plane turret
#6109, aired 2011-03-17AVIATION $400: This leading maker of commercial jets & military aircraft is also NASA's prime contractor for the Intl. Space Station Boeing
#6092, aired 2011-02-22CROSSWORD CLUES "D" $800: Permanently leaving the military without permission (9) desertion
#6081, aired 2011-02-07SI, PARLO ITALIANO $2,600 (Daily Double): This word for a disastrous failure is the title of Thomas Ricks' book about the American military in Iraq fiasco
#6081, aired 2011-02-07THE 16th CENTURY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Of the 27,000 men who left La Coruna in July 1588, more than half perished in voyage in battles of this 2-word military group the Spanish Armada
#6079, aired 2011-02-03UP ON MOUNT RUSHMORE $200: Picked West Point as the site for the U.S. Military Academy Washington
#6071, aired 2011-01-24CUSTER'S LAST STAND $1200: This supreme Native American leader at the battle was more of a spiritual guru, uniting the tribes, than a military strategist Sitting Bull
#6068, aired 2011-01-19EVERYDAY HEROES $1000: There are many heroes in our military; we picked Staff Sgt. Michael Keller, at Bagram AFB in this country in 2009... thanks Afghanistan
#6058, aired 2011-01-05PRESIDENTIAL RHYME TIME $800: Herbert's strategic military exercises Hoover's maneuvers
#6056, aired 2011-01-03TECHNOLOGY OF THE PAST $600: Originating in Asia around 200 B.C., this saddle attachment increased the military value of horses a stirrup
#6053, aired 2010-12-29U.S. FLAG ETIQUETTE $600: In a military fold, the flag is folded twice lengthwise & then folded until this geometric shape is achieved at the finish a triangle
#6052, aired 2010-12-28MERRY MELODIES $2000: Johann Strauss Sr. wrote a merry one of these military-style pieces in honor of Field Marshal Radetzky a march
#6047, aired 2010-12-214-LETTER WORLD CAPITALS $200: It's home to the Krigsskolen, the Norwegian military academy Oslo
#6047, aired 2010-12-21THE DOGS OF WAR $800: The dog here is training with this branch of the military; in Florida, not Tripoli the Marines
#6043, aired 2010-12-15LET THE GAMES BEGIN $200: Joint military exercises like the ones the U.S. conducts with South Korea also have this more playful name war games
#6028, aired 2010-11-24DWIGHT EISENHOWER $600: It was the highest military rank Eisenhower achieved before resigning so he could run for the presidency 5-star general
#6010, aired 2010-10-29COUNTRY CLUBS $400: Greece joined this military alliance in 1952, Bulgaria in 2004, though they're far from the body of water in its name NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
#6008, aired 2010-10-27BET YOU DIDN'T SEE THAT ONE COMING $1200: In 1950 this general & head of the U.N. military force led a surprise landing behind enemy lines at the Korean port of Inchon MacArthur
#6008, aired 2010-10-27STATES' SECOND-LARGEST CITIES $200: Wyoming: it's named for a military hero, not a "friendly ghost" Casper
#6000, aired 2010-10-156,000 $400: In Julius Caesar's time, this standard Roman military unit comprised about 6,000 men a legion
#5999, aired 2010-10-14OHIOANS $400: In 1941, 50 years affer his death, a military tank was named for this Lancaster, Ohio-born general Sherman
#5998, aired 2010-10-13THE TRIALS OF WOMANHOOD $400: A 1913 W.V. miners' strike brought martial law, so 82-year-old Mother Jones was tried in this type of military tribunal a court-martial
#5995, aired 2010-10-08FRENCH CITIES? $800: Multiple episodes of military service in a war zone, population 137,000 Tours
#5994, aired 2010-10-072012 $800: After 62 years the U.S. is scheduled to relinquish wartime control of this nation's military South Korea
#5994, aired 2010-10-07LENIN $1600: This military group formed under Lenin officially lost its colorful name in 1946 the Red Army
#5992, aired 2010-10-05ASIAN NATIONS $1600: Operation Baus Au, Tagalog for "get it back", was run by the U.S. military in this nation during World War II the Philippines
#5989, aired 2010-09-30ADD A LETTER $1600: Add a letter to a Judean military governor's surname & you get this low-impact exercise Pilates
#5977, aired 2010-09-14IT'S GONNA "BE"... $1600: This 9-letter area is the first objective of a military force landing on an enemy shore a beachhead
#5971, aired 2010-07-26WHAT'S YOUR BEEF? $600: The left or right side of a military formation flank
#5969, aired 2010-07-22THEM'S FIGHTIN' WORDS! $800: From Middle English for "brandish a weapon", it's a brief military clash a skirmish
#5964, aired 2010-07-15ALL-AMERICAN REJECTS $800: Some "general" info--this military man died in London on June 14, 1801, unpopular in 2 countries Benedict Arnold
#5956, aired 2010-07-05GEORGE WASHINGTON $1600: Before he was a military man & a president, George had this job, someone who maps out exact land boundaries a surveyor
#5944, aired 2010-06-17MR. OCTOBER $1000: This controversial military man's brief retirement ended when he was recalled by Israel's army in October 1973 Ariel Sharon
#5940, aired 2010-06-11MILITARY FIRSTS $200: The first recorded battle on English soil occurred when his forces invaded in 55 B.C. Julius Caesar
#5940, aired 2010-06-11MILITARY FIRSTS $400: In May 1783 Elijah Churchill & William Brown became the first recipients of this medal established by George Washington the Purple Heart
#5940, aired 2010-06-11MILITARY FIRSTS $600: On Oct. 16, 1946 Joachim von Ribbentrop became the first of 10 condemned men hanged in this city for war crimes Nuremberg
#5940, aired 2010-06-11MILITARY FIRSTS $1000: The first successful wartime attack by one of these occurred by the Hunley off Charleston in 1864 a submarine
#5940, aired 2010-06-11MILITARY FIRSTS $2,800 (Daily Double): The first battle casualties of this fabled military unit were in 1527 when 147 died defending Pope Clement VII the Swiss Guards
#5933, aired 2010-06-02WOODROW WILSON'S WAR $800: In one of the first major U.S. actions, this military branch's 5th & 6th regiments drove the Germans out of Belleau Wood the Marines
#5923, aired 2010-05-19RIGHT BY THE NUMBERS $400: When this letter follows 4, it means not qualified for military service due to medical reasons F
#5921, aired 2010-05-17MASADA $1600: The Roman attacking force, 15,000 strong, was the tenth one of these Roman military units legion
#5916, aired 2010-05-10"TOC" $400: A military prison a stockade
#5906, aired 2010-04-261990s BESTSELLERS $800: In 1998 his novel "Rainbow Six" became another in his long line of military bestsellers Tom Clancy
#5899, aired 2010-04-15I WANT "A_E" $400: The military strategy used in the early days of the Iraq War was known as shock & this awe
#5893, aired 2010-04-07POLITICAL LINGO $400: Calling someone who favors talk over military action this bird dates from the Cuban Missile Crisis a dove
#5892, aired 2010-04-06ROUNDING THE BASES $1000: Fort Riley, Kansas was named after Major General Bennett Riley, who led the first military escort along this trail the Santa Fe Trail
#5876, aired 2010-03-15FROM THE DUTCH $2000: This term for a leave of absence granted to a member of the military is from a Dutch word for "permission" furlough
#5875, aired 2010-03-121961 $600: In his January 17 farewell address, he warned about the dangers of the "military-industrial complex" Eisenhower
#5873, aired 2010-03-10MILITARY SPECTACLES $200: Seen here, the first President Bush celebrated his 80th birthday with the Golden Knights, a parachute team of this military force the U.S. Army
#5873, aired 2010-03-10MILITARY SPECTACLES $600: Though it's carrying on an older tradition, 2010 marks the 50th birthday of the current this & Drum Corps Fife
#5873, aired 2010-03-10MILITARY SPECTACLES $800: Any group of armed forces personnel who carry or escort the flag during a parade a color guard
#5873, aired 2010-03-10MILITARY SPECTACLES $1000: Courtesy of the U.S. Navy, it's the colorful name of the entertaining flight team seen here the Blue Angels
#5873, aired 2010-03-10MILITARY SPECTACLES $1,000 (Daily Double): The precision of spinning rifles in leather-gloved hands exemplifies this military branch's Silent Drill Platoon the Marines
#5871, aired 2010-03-08LYIN' IN WINTER $1600: In January 1898 the Parisian newspaper L'Aurore printed his letter accusing military & civilian authorities of lies (Émile) Zola
#5869, aired 2010-03-04HOME OF THE BRAVE $1600: The Military Order of William the Netherlands
#5862, aired 2010-02-23EPIC CURIOUS $2,000 (Daily Double): "Gerusalemme liberata" depicts these military conflicts that took place 500 years before the work was written the Crusades
#5859, aired 2010-02-18LIFE'S A (MILITARY) CAMPAIGN $200: The 49 B.C. campaign of Ilerda led to victory by this Roman over Pompey's forces Julius Caesar
#5859, aired 2010-02-18LIFE'S A (MILITARY) CAMPAIGN $400: On Oct. 7, 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom began in this country; by Dec., the U.S. had dropped 12,000 bombs & missiles Afghanistan
#5859, aired 2010-02-18LIFE'S A (MILITARY) CAMPAIGN $600: On June 5, 1967 this country's sudden air assault destroyed Egypt's Air Force on the ground; Syria & Jordan were next Israel
#5856, aired 2010-02-15NONFICTION $200: David McCullough's 2005 book covering the military side of a momentous time is titled this revolutionary year 1776
#5849, aired 2010-02-04MILITARY MATTERS $200: Like Pearl Harbor, Marine Corps Base Hawaii is on this island Oahu
#5849, aired 2010-02-04MILITARY MATTERS $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Museum of Flight in Seattle, WA.) Because synchronization with the propeller hadn't been developed yet, the gun was mounted above the propeller arc on the Caproni Ca.20, which the Museum of Flight considers the first of this basic type of military aircraft fighter plane
#5849, aired 2010-02-04MILITARY MATTERS $800: In the U.S. Marines, if you're one rank below corporal, you're this type of corporal lance
#5849, aired 2010-02-04MILITARY MATTERS $1,000 (Daily Double): All 28 members of this international organization have sent troops to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan NATO
#5849, aired 2010-02-04MILITARY MATTERS $1000: The U.S. Army unit insignia with the 23rd Greek letter signifies these operations psychological
#5848, aired 2010-02-03PRESIDENTIAL ALMA MATERS $400: United States Military Academy (class of 1843) (Ulysses) Grant
#5845, aired 2010-01-29"O" POURRI $2000: It's a military term for armaments ordnance
#5836, aired 2010-01-18TO SIR, WITH LOVE $800: Dear Sir Arthur Harris: I thrill at how you led part of this military branch during WWII; May I call you "Bomber"? Royal Air Force
#5832, aired 2010-01-12ON THE MONEY $600: This man with a strong military background gazes out from the front of the $50 bill (Ulysses) Grant
#5831, aired 2010-01-11CODES $1,000 (Daily Double): On Jan. 20, 2009 a military officer carrying these codes came to the inauguration with Bush & left with Obama the codes to release nuclear warheads
#5819, aired 2009-12-24COLORFUL RHYME TIME $400: Dark military offensive black attack
#5813, aired 2009-12-16VENICE $1600: The name of the city section where ships were built gives us this word for where military supplies are stored arsenal
#5811, aired 2009-12-14ARE YOU "EXP"-ERIENCED? $800: Adjective meaning suitable for sacrifice in the interests of gaining an objective, often a military one expendable
#5809, aired 2009-12-10ORGANIZATIONS $1600: The veterans group for this Cold War alliance's military forces is based in New Brunswick NATO
#5809, aired 2009-12-10STOP! $800: In the 1960s the French military stopped using this fortified line of defense named for a war minister Maginot
#5805, aired 2009-12-04"FACE" BOOK $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew turns around roughly in place.) This marching maneuver used by military formation can also mean a complete change of opinion an about-face
#5797, aired 2009-11-24MILITARY SLANG $200: This 2-word term, also a movie title, is slang for Navy Fighter Weapons School Top Gun
#5797, aired 2009-11-24MILITARY SLANG $400: "Angels" is slang for this measurement of height, in thousands of feet altitude
#5797, aired 2009-11-24MILITARY SLANG $800: A "polliwog" has never crossed this geographic line while aboard ship the equator
#5797, aired 2009-11-24MILITARY SLANG $1000: A "ROAD" scholar is "retired on" this (coasting until actual retirement) active duty
#5797, aired 2009-11-24MILITARY SLANG $1,300 (Daily Double): "SAR" stands for this, the effort to extract a downed aircrew in a combat zone search and rescue
#5783, aired 2009-11-04THE U.S. ARMY $1200: Opened in 1802, the U.S. Army's military academy is at West Point in this state New York
#5780, aired 2009-10-30"TRICK" OR "TREAT" $1200: It can be a place offering privacy & quiet, or a military withdrawal of forces to a more favorable position a retreat
#5780, aired 2009-10-30MILITARY DUDES $200: Barbarossa led the third of these campaigns in the Holy Land, which began in 1189 & lasted until 1192 a Crusade
#5780, aired 2009-10-30MILITARY DUDES $400: Prince Philip was decorated during WWII for his combat service in this branch of the British military the Navy
#5780, aired 2009-10-30MILITARY DUDES $600: In the 3rd century B.C., this man & his army crossed the Alps & invaded Italy from the north Hannibal
#5780, aired 2009-10-30MILITARY DUDES $800: In WWII Hap Arnold commanded this new U.S. fighting force abbreviated USAAF the United States Army Air Force
#5780, aired 2009-10-30MILITARY DUDES $1000: Manuel Belgrano was a prominent military leader in this S. American country's fight for independence from Spain Argentina
#5778, aired 2009-10-28A HILL OF BEANS $800: This bean is so-named for its widespread use in a certain U.S. military branch Navy beans
#5775, aired 2009-10-23INAUGURAL ADDRESSES $200: In 1985 Ronald Reagan said that this nation "has conducted the greatest military buildup in the history of man" the Soviet Union
#5773, aired 2009-10-2121st CENTURY WORLD LEADERS $1000: Despite rumors to the contrary, this Libyan leader never trained at the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst (Mu'ammar) Gadhafi
#5768, aired 2009-10-14IN THE MILITARY? $200: The head of a large business firm may be called this naval rank "of industry" captain
#5768, aired 2009-10-14IN THE MILITARY? $400: It costs $50 for a 1-day pass to this American airlines "club" lounge the Admiral's Club
#5768, aired 2009-10-14IN THE MILITARY? $600: It was Howard Stern's 1993 bestselling autobiography Private Parts
#5768, aired 2009-10-14IN THE MILITARY? $800: Before taking over for Eliot Spitzer in New York, David Paterson had this job lieutenant governor
#5768, aired 2009-10-14IN THE MILITARY? $1000: Hyphenated term for a man in charge of a great household, as that of a sovereign the major-domo
#5766, aired 2009-10-12ORGAN RECITAL $800: One of the world's largest church organs is in Cadet Chapel at this institution in New York State West Point (the U.S. Military Academy)
#5760, aired 2009-10-02A WORLD OF MEMOIRS $800: Marc Cooper's "Chilean Anti-Memoir" is called this coup leader/military dictator "and Me" (Augusto) Pinochet
#5759, aired 2009-10-01AN OCTOBER FIRST FEST $600: 1946: An international military tribunal in this city sentences 12 Nazi leaders to death Nuremberg
#5759, aired 2009-10-01COLIN POWELL $800: In 1962 Colin was one of the 16,000 military advisers dispatched to South Vietnam by this president John F. Kennedy
#5757, aired 2009-09-29CHARITY $800: Since 1947 this branch of the U.S. military has helped collect & distribute "Toys for Tots" the Marine Corps
#5745, aired 2009-07-24DEUS EX MACHINA $1600: Thor, a type of this, was decommissioned by the military in 1963 & later used by NASA a rocket
#5744, aired 2009-07-23"MOTOR" HEAD $1000: A centrally controlled fleet of military vehicles intended for the use of personnel the motor pool
#5731, aired 2009-07-06DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER $400: Sanguinary term for a diamond sold to finance military operations a blood diamond
#5729, aired 2009-07-02OF WAR $400: Military Police System's AA12 is a new fully automatic 12-gauge type of this weapon a shotgun
#5723, aired 2009-06-24JOHNNY CASH $800: In 1950 Johnny joined the Air Force & published poetry in this military newspaper Stars and Stripes
#5718, aired 2009-06-17CELEBRATING POE'S BICENTENNIAL $2000: The Casemate Museum in Fort Monroe, Va. has an exhibit on Poe's military life, including his appt. to this school West Point
#5714, aired 2009-06-11LET ME TAKE YOU DOWN $200: In 1959 this Cuban led the overthrow of the military dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista Fidel Castro
#5712, aired 2009-06-09FUN WITH LETTERS $200: In the name of military aircraft, this letter precedes 2 & 52 B
#5711, aired 2009-06-08THAT'S HISTORIC $400: Following a military victory in 34 B.C., she dressed up as Isis & he dressed up as Dionysus Mark Antony & Cleopatra
#5710, aired 2009-06-05HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $600: The third Saturday in May is this American military observance Armed Forces Day
#5702, aired 2009-05-26HISTORICAL MILITARY THERAPY SESSIONS $200: I brought 37 elephants on my 218 B.C. crossing of the Alps, but only 1 survived; I feel bad about that Hannibal
#5702, aired 2009-05-26HISTORICAL MILITARY THERAPY SESSIONS $400: Do you think I sent my forces to win the 1798 Battle of the Pyramids because of my self-named complex? Napoléon
#5702, aired 2009-05-26HISTORICAL MILITARY THERAPY SESSIONS $600: I called Rommel a "magnificent bastard" on film; that may have hurt his feelings, but I did say I read his book (George) Patton
#5702, aired 2009-05-26HISTORICAL MILITARY THERAPY SESSIONS $800: I was relieved as Supreme Gen. of the Union Army in March 1862; I may be paranoid, but I think Burnside's after my job McClellan
#5702, aired 2009-05-26HISTORICAL MILITARY THERAPY SESSIONS $1000: My victories for Epirus over the Romans left me with a hollow, empty feeling; the price was too high Pyrrhus
#5702, aired 2009-05-26RUSSIAN TO THE BORDER $800: A 1966 treaty entitles this nation bordering China to Russian military help if it's ever invaded Mongolia
#5699, aired 2009-05-21THE WORLD AT WAR $400: St. Louis, Missouri was named for King Louis IX of France, who led the Seventh & Eighth of these military debacles the Crusades
#5685, aired 2009-05-01MILITARY INSTALLATIONS BY STATE $200: Fort Campbell, Fort Knox Kentucky
#5685, aired 2009-05-01MILITARY INSTALLATIONS BY STATE $400: Fort Hood, Naval Air Station Corpus Christi Texas
#5685, aired 2009-05-01MILITARY INSTALLATIONS BY STATE $600: Fort Bragg, Camp Lejeune North Carolina
#5685, aired 2009-05-01MILITARY INSTALLATIONS BY STATE $800: Fort McPherson, Robins Air Force Base Georgia
#5685, aired 2009-05-01MILITARY INSTALLATIONS BY STATE $1000: Fort Monmouth, Fort Dix New Jersey
#5681, aired 2009-04-27ANIMATED WORD PUZZLES $1000: This term was first used in the military for abandoning a formation breaking ranks
#5661, aired 2009-03-30MILITARY ABBREV. $400: A special op should know the S.O.P., this, but may deviate from it standard operating procedure
#5661, aired 2009-03-30MILITARY ABBREV. $800: It's what D.I. stands for when referring to a noncommissioned officer in charge of a unit's basic training a drill instructor
#5661, aired 2009-03-30MILITARY ABBREV. $1200: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from Marine Corps base Quantico.) Marines here at Quantico are training on the MRAP, designed to protect against roadside explosives and short for this "resistant, ambush protected" mine
#5661, aired 2009-03-30MILITARY ABBREV. $1600: It's just what the "B" stands for in ICBM, so don't go this on us ballistic
#5661, aired 2009-03-30MILITARY ABBREV. $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Marine Corps base Quantico.) Of the Marines' six war-fighting functions, this one--C2 for short--is a challenge for confused urban warfare being simulated here at Quantico command & control
#5657, aired 2009-03-24REBELLIONS: SHAYS' & WHISKEY $800: Though put down swiftly, Shays' Rebellion exposed the military weakness of this 1781 document the Articles of Confederation
#5650, aired 2009-03-1313-LETTER WORDS $2000: This military officer is charged with providing shelter, clothing & transportation for troops the quartermaster
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $400: In 1998 DNA testing identified this memorial's Vietnam War remains as those of Lt. Michael J. Blassie (Tomb of) the Unknown Soldier
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $1200: Kristin Baker was the first woman to be named First Captain of this school's corps of cadets West Point
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $1600: Before the war in Vietnam, he became the youngest ever Major General of the U.S. Army (age 42) William Westmoreland
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $2000: France's commander of Allied forces during the closing months of World War I (Maréchal) Foch
#5648, aired 2009-03-1120th CENTURY MILITARY NAMES $4,000 (Daily Double): Before he died in 1981, he was the USA's last surviving 5-star officer (General) Omar Bradley
#5647, aired 2009-03-10BALLS OF FURY $200: An old military projectile, or a dive made with hands grasping knees a cannonball
#5643, aired 2009-03-04OVERLAPS $1600: Military clothing & the chemical makeup of a compound a uniformula
#5635, aired 2009-02-20ENGINEERING $800: Founded in 1802, this military group surveys roads & canals, builds lighthouses & maps navigation channels the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
#5631, aired 2009-02-161909: 100 YEARS AGO $600: A D.C. medical center founded in 1909 is named for this military surgeon Walter Reed
#5625, aired 2009-02-06THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR $1000: During the war he headed a committee to investigate the spread of yellow fever in military camps Walter Reed
#5624, aired 2009-02-05COMMON ABBREVIATIONS $1600: Yes, sir! A PFC is one of these in the military a private first class
#5621, aired 2009-02-02ABOARD AN AIRCRAFT CARRIER $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the USS John C. Stennis in San Diego, CA.) As the deck's too short for normal takeoff, jets are propelled up to 165 miles per hour in 2 seconds by these steam-powered launchers that share their name with an ancient military device catapults
#5619, aired 2009-01-29AMERICAN EDUCATION $800: In August 1995 Shannon Faulkner became the first female cadet at this South Carolina military college The Citadel
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD OF WARCRAFT $400: The M1 Abrams type of this has been called "the backbone of the armored forces of the U.S. military" a tank
#5608, aired 2009-01-14ROWING $400: These ancient ships with 2 or 3 banks of rowers kept up their military use into the 1500s galleys
#5599, aired 2009-01-01OCCUPATIONAL WEAR $400: This Ray-Ban style was designed for military pilots in the 1930s aviators
#5596, aired 2008-12-29AMERICANA $400: The uniform that Harry Truman wore during his military service in this war is in his presidential library World War I
#5585, aired 2008-12-12GREECE IS THE WORD $600: This ancient capital of Laconia, fabled for its military, was at one time the most powerful ancient Greek city-state Sparta
#5570, aired 2008-11-21WHEN THEY WERE TEENS $1000: As a young scamp, he was expelled from the school he attended with his brother Luke & sent to a military academy Owen Wilson
#5567, aired 2008-11-18YOU'RE HISTORY! $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Mount Vernon.) This is where Washington planned for this 1781 battle, one of the most skillful military operations in history Yorktown
#5561, aired 2008-11-10"OO" 7-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's the military item seen here--trust me, it doesn't have a funny comic inside a bazooka
#5561, aired 2008-11-10AMERICA IN THE 1800s $400: A military academy was founded at this site on March 16, 1802 West Point
#5559, aired 2008-11-06THE CIVIL WAR: A FILM BY KEN BURNS $400: (Ken Burns reads.) In 1862 this military man garnered the nickname "Unconditional Surrender" U.S. Grant
#5552, aired 2008-10-28WORLD CAPITAL HISTORY $400: The military & administrative center of the Aztecs became this capital of the colony of New Spain Mexico City
#5535, aired 2008-10-03MILITARY MOVIES $200: 2007: James McAvoy is trying to get evacuated at Dunkirk & return to Keira Knightley Atonement
#5535, aired 2008-10-03MILITARY MOVIES $400: 1930: World War I trench warfare seen from the German perspective All Quiet On The Western Front
#5535, aired 2008-10-03MILITARY MOVIES $600: 1962: A young British officer leads the revolt against the Ottoman Empire Lawrence of Arabia
#5535, aired 2008-10-03MILITARY MOVIES $800: 1970: Rod Steiger plays Rod Steiger playing Napoleon in his most famous & last battle Waterloo
#5535, aired 2008-10-03MILITARY MOVIES $1000: 1981: Misfits take over & complete their own basic training; "That's the fact, Jack!" Stripes
#5529, aired 2008-09-25CHARLIE WILSON'S WAR WORDS $400: Also the name of an Adam Sandler movie, this military term is slang for 1 kilometer a click
#5520, aired 2008-09-12HISTORICAL NICKNAMES $1200: When spotted in his military dress as a youngster, Gaius Caesar got this nickname meaning "little boots" Caligula
#5516, aired 2008-09-08ONGOING MILITARY CONFLICTS $400: This country vs. Chechen rebels Russia
#5516, aired 2008-09-08ONGOING MILITARY CONFLICTS $800: This country vs. rebel groups in Darfur Sudan
#5516, aired 2008-09-08ONGOING MILITARY CONFLICTS $1200: This Asian country vs. Tamil separatists Sri Lanka
#5516, aired 2008-09-08ONGOING MILITARY CONFLICTS $1,700 (Daily Double): This South American country vs. the ELN, AUC & FARC Colombia
#5516, aired 2008-09-08ONGOING MILITARY CONFLICTS $2000: This country vs. Lashkar-e-Taiba & other Kashmiri separatists India
#5508, aired 2008-07-16NEW MEXICO $400: Fort Union is an old military post on this trail that shares its name with the state capital Santa Fe
#5507, aired 2008-07-15BRITISH ROYALS IN THE MILITARY $200: During World War II, she joined the Women's Auxiliary & drove a military truck in London Queen Elizabeth II
#5507, aired 2008-07-15BRITISH ROYALS IN THE MILITARY $400: In February 2008, word leaked out that this young royal was serving with h is army unit in Afghanistan Prince Harry
#5507, aired 2008-07-15BRITISH ROYALS IN THE MILITARY $600: This British prince was made a vice admiral, an air marshal & a lt. general all on his 54th birthday in 2002 Prince Charles
#5507, aired 2008-07-15BRITISH ROYALS IN THE MILITARY $1000: To begin his training as an army officer, Prince William entered this British military academy in 2006 Sandhurst
#5507, aired 2008-07-15BRITISH ROYALS IN THE MILITARY $1,800 (Daily Double): In 1982 Prince Andrew flew helicopters during a war against this country Argentina
#5506, aired 2008-07-14MILITARY MATTERS $400: This service branch's annual marathon starts & ends at a memorial depicting the Iwo Jima flag raising the Marines
#5506, aired 2008-07-14MILITARY MATTERS $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Atsugi NAF in Japan.) The Navy Seahawk has many roles, including anti-submarine warfare using sonar buoys to find the subs & these tubular weapons to destroy them a torpedo
#5506, aired 2008-07-14MILITARY MATTERS $1200: In WWII the Germans mounted redesigned 88mm anti-aircraft guns on the Tiger 1 version of this weapon tanks
#5506, aired 2008-07-14MILITARY MATTERS $1600: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Nellis AFB in Las Vegas, NV.) One of the Thunderbirds' standing engagements is an air show for the commencement of this Colorado Springs location the Air Force Academy
#5506, aired 2008-07-14MILITARY MATTERS $2000: An Army corps that provides legal assistance, "JAG" stands for this Judge Advocate General
#5504, aired 2008-07-10I'M LIBYAN $400: Around 950 B.C., a Libyan military officer seized this neighboring kingdom & ruled it as Pharaoh Sheshonk I Egypt
#5496, aired 2008-06-30ABBREV. $800: In the military: NCO non-commissioned officer
#5490, aired 2008-06-20THE 20th CENTURY $200: The full popular name of this military personnel policy announced in 1993 included "Don't Pursue" Don't Ask, Don't Tell
#5488, aired 2008-06-18ZEPPELIN $400: The first military use of Zeppelins came during this war World War I
#5484, aired 2008-06-12MILITARY MATTERS $400: "M" is for military in the name of this rifle, whose A2 version is a Marine's basic weapon M16
#5484, aired 2008-06-12MILITARY MATTERS $800: Many Marines attend Infantry Training School at Camp Lejeune in this state North Carolina
#5484, aired 2008-06-12MILITARY MATTERS $1600: Study guide from the 4th century B.C. by Sun-Tzu The Art of War
#5484, aired 2008-06-12MILITARY MATTERS $2000: Abbreviated RDF, it's a group prepared to fight at a moment's notce a rapid deployment force
#5484, aired 2008-06-12MILITARY MATTERS $6,000 (Daily Double): Under these 1949 agreements, taking prisoners is okay, taking hostages is not the Geneva Conventions
#5477, aired 2008-06-03HISTORIC WOMEN $600: She plotted against the French Revolution & gave military secrets to her brother Leopold II Marie Antoinette
#5475, aired 2008-05-30SOUSA'S $600: In 1880 John Philip Sousa became the leader of this military band the Marine Band
#5474, aired 2008-05-29FAMILIAR PHRASES $1000: Meaning "a greater return for your investment", it reportedly came from military expenditures in the 1950s more bang for your buck
#5471, aired 2008-05-26"J" WALKING $2000: Military term for the person in charge of paratroopers as they exit an aircraft a jumpmaster
#5470, aired 2008-05-23SPELLBOUND $400: Afrikaaners would spell this 1985 Schwarzenegger ex-military man film with a "K" Commando
#5460, aired 2008-05-09McLOVIN' $2000: This military man married Mary Ellen Marcy, the daughter of his former commanding officer, in 1860 (George) McClellan
#5455, aired 2008-05-02WORD ORIGINS $1600: From the Greek for "generalship", it's a plan of action, like those employed by the military a strategy
#5452, aired 2008-04-29TIME $400: In military time, this time is rendered 1900 hours 7 pm
#5451, aired 2008-04-28NONFICTION $400: In "Duty First", alum Ed Ruggero calls this military academy "America's premier leadership school" West Point
#5447, aired 2008-04-22BACK IN '68 $1200: This military campaign launched by North Vietnam on January 30, 1968 was named for the Vietnamese New Year the Tet Offensive
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $1000: Boeing has named a military aircraft after this bird that's showing off its flight capabilities an osprey
#5431, aired 2008-03-31WEAPONRY $400: In the 1960s Nelson Mandela led the military group "Umkhonto we Sizwe", or this weapon "of the Nation" Spear
#5408, aired 2008-02-27MILITARY STUFF $400: Deployed in 1955, the MiG-19 was this nation's first supersonic jet fighter the Soviet Union
#5408, aired 2008-02-27MILITARY STUFF $800: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from the LBJ Library & Museum in Austin, TX.) LBJ was the first congressman to enter active duty during WWII, & his library proudly displays the Silver Star given to him by this Pacific Theater commander (Douglas) MacArthur
#5408, aired 2008-02-27PENN. NAMES $1000: Before he was "in control" as Secretary of State, he was senior military adviser to Henry Kissinger Alexander Haig
#5407, aired 2008-02-26OLD MAJOR $1600: Princeton's website says "For all intents and purposes" it became (temp.) this kind of college in 1918 military
#5406, aired 2008-02-25"O.L." $600: The U.S. military decoration called this "cluster" denotes multiple bestowals of an award such as the Purple Heart oak leaf
#5405, aired 2008-02-22SOUTH PARK $1000: Eisenhower's home in southern Pennsylvania is next to this national military park, site of an 1863 battle Gettysburg
#5400, aired 2008-02-15AROUND THE WORLD $1600: Wrecked military vehicles remain by the road from Tel Aviv to this city as a memorial of Israel's 1948 War of Independence Jerusalem
#5399, aired 2008-02-14A MILITARY CAREER $400: In the Air Force, it's the person who flies planes to try them out; there's a school for them at Edwards AFB a test pilot
#5399, aired 2008-02-14A MILITARY CAREER $800: On graduating from Annapolis, you become either a Navy ensign or a second lieutenant in this service the Marine Corps
#5399, aired 2008-02-14A MILITARY CAREER $1200: As an Army NCO, you may become one of these, responsible for bringing in about 2 new soldiers a month a recruiter
#5399, aired 2008-02-14A MILITARY CAREER $1600: As a Navy submarine officer, you may operate this, the sub's main method of detecting other undersea objects sonar
#5399, aired 2008-02-14A MILITARY CAREER $2000: As a JAG, you'd better know all about the Uniform Code of Military this, part of U.S. Code Title 10 Justice
#5396, aired 2008-02-11CROSSWORD CLUES "K" $1000: Tannish color for military uniforms (5) khaki
#5395, aired 2008-02-08MILITARY AIRCRAFT $400: The German Stuka was this type of plane named for the way it zoomed toward the ground to deliver its ordnance a dive bomber
#5395, aired 2008-02-08MILITARY AIRCRAFT $800: This country's big bomber of the 1950s was the TU-95 Bear the Soviet Union
#5395, aired 2008-02-08MILITARY AIRCRAFT $1200: McDonnell's F-4 fighter used in the United States in the Vietnam War was known as this... oops... hey, where'd it go? the Phantom
#5395, aired 2008-02-08MILITARY AIRCRAFT $1600: Vertol, later Boeing Vertol, developed these, like the Sea Knight & the Chinook helicopters
#5395, aired 2008-02-08MILITARY AIRCRAFT $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Nellis Air Force Base in Las Vegas, Nevada.) Used regularly in Iraq, this aircraft with an aggressive name is designated MQ-1; the 1 means it's the first of its kind, a long-range, unmanned, recon aircraft the Predator
#5389, aired 2008-01-31MR. X'S OBITUARY $400: He was in this military service, first ashore in the recapture of Guam on July 21, 1944 the Marines
#5386, aired 2008-01-28MISSILES $400: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from NASA White Sands test facility in New Mexico.) During the first Gulf War, these missiles & their launchers were successfully used to intercept Iraqi ballistic missiles Patriot missiles
#5386, aired 2008-01-28MISSILES $800: The Trident missile is an SLBM, the "S" for this type of craft that launches it a submarine
#5386, aired 2008-01-28MISSILES $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads from inside a museum display at NASA White Sands Test Facility in New Mexico.) With a range of about 3 miles, these highly portable missiles & their launchers proved decisive for the Afghans against Russian helicopters in the 1980s Stinger missiles
#5386, aired 2008-01-28MISSILES $1600: Designed to replace the Redstone missile, this missile named for a U.S. WWI general was first tested in 1960 Pershing
#5386, aired 2008-01-28MISSILES $2000: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from a display at White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.) Captured German rockets with this alphanumeric name were taken to White Sands in the 1940s for reverse engineering & analysis V-2
#5384, aired 2008-01-24LEADERS OF WORLD WAR II $1600: Karl Doenitz, who took over as leader of Germany after Hitler's suicide, was a high officer in this military branch Navy
#5383, aired 2008-01-23WHERE IN THE WORLD IS DIEGO GARCIA? $800: Diego Garcia was critically important as a refueling base during this Jan. 1991 military operation Operation Desert Storm
#5378, aired 2008-01-16SUSHI CULTURE $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is greeted by a sushi chef.) The chef's greeting comes from a military tradition that dates back to when sushi was first served to this warrior class the samurai
#5373, aired 2008-01-09ANCIENT TIMES $1600: The Celtic town of Vindobona became a military post for the Romans; it later evolved into this capital on the Danube Vienna
#5372, aired 2008-01-08WHAT A DICTATOR $800: His military dictatorship of Japan from 1941 to 1944 ended after the loss of Saipan Tojo
#5371, aired 2008-01-07ATTRACTION $800: Using adsorption (yes, with a "d"), activated charcoal in these military items attracts harmful chemical vapors gas masks
#5367, aired 2008-01-01U.S. MILITARY BRANCHES $200: Norman Schwarzkopf & Teddy Roosevelt were officers in this branch the Army
#5367, aired 2008-01-01U.S. MILITARY BRANCHES $400: The Blue Angels are a part of it the Navy
#5367, aired 2008-01-01U.S. MILITARY BRANCHES $600: Became its own branch under the National Security Act of 1947 the Air Force
#5367, aired 2008-01-01U.S. MILITARY BRANCHES $800: In 1805 they crossed 600 miles of desert to raise the American flag over a foreign fort the Marines
#5367, aired 2008-01-01U.S. MILITARY BRANCHES $1000: About 1 out of every 5 members is an officer the Air Force (Coast Guard accepted)
#5366, aired 2007-12-31GREAT ALEXANDERS $1600: He took a break in his military career to become Nixon's Chief of Staff (Alexander) Haig
#5361, aired 2007-12-24PRESIDENTIAL CREATIONS $400: Creation of an administration for these under Hoover didn't stop the "Bonus Army" of them from marching on D.C. military veterans
#5360, aired 2007-12-21FOR THE BIRDS $2000: A tilt-rotor aircraft used by the U.S. military bears the name of this fish-eating hawk an osprey
#5360, aired 2007-12-21ON OUR USO TOUR $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew airs her clue from the Atsugi NAF, Japan.) The Atsugi military base on Honshu is officially an NAF, which stands for this a naval air facility
#5357, aired 2007-12-18SOVIET BLOC HEADS $400: Gen. Wojciech Jaruzelski was military dictator of Poland when Lech Walesa headed this organization Solidarity
#5351, aired 2007-12-10WRITE ON, SOLDIER! $400: A student at Sandhurst, he later served in British military intel. before creating his British superspy Ian Fleming
#5351, aired 2007-12-10WRITE ON, SOLDIER! $800: Robert Heinlein, the author of "Starship Troopers", was a graduate of this Maryland Military Academy Annapolis
#5345, aired 2007-11-30PUBLIC DOMAIN JUKEBOX $400: Aye, aye! It's the title of the military anthem heard here "Anchors Aweigh"
#5344, aired 2007-11-29WHERE AM I? $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew stands next to a military helicopter.) I'm at Kadena Air Base on this island, the largest in the Ryukyu Islands Okinawa
#5341, aired 2007-11-26BANNED BOOKS $400: Predictably, in 1967, "Lysistrata" by Aristophanes was banned in this country then controlled by a military junta Greece
#5335, aired 2007-11-16POMPIDOU & CIRCUMSTANCE $1200: During WWII, G.P. fought as a lt. & won this French military honor created in 1915 to reward bravery the Croix de Guerre
#5332, aired 2007-11-13BOOKS OF THE APOCRYPHA $600: There are up to 4 books of this military group associated with Hanukkah the Maccabees
#5330, aired 2007-11-09POLIDICKS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1995 this "military" man became House Majority Leader Dick Armey
#5326, aired 2007-11-05MUST FLEE TV $1600: Framed for robbing the Bank of Hanoi, this group escapes from military prison & hires themselves out The A-Team
#5325, aired 2007-11-02QUOTABLE NOTABLES $400: "The world will note that the first atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima, a military base" Harry Truman
#5320, aired 2007-10-26THE GIANTS $800: Civil War military leader who lent his name to the world's largest tree by volume, a towering Giant Sequoia (General) Sherman
#5308, aired 2007-10-1021st CENTURY HISTORY $1000: In 2004 7 countries that were once Soviet allies were admitted as new members of this military alliance NATO
#5308, aired 2007-10-10SHOW & TELL $1600: Seen here is a member of this branch of the U.S. military in dress uniform The Marines
#5304, aired 2007-10-04DOG TAGS $1000: Born 1885, San Gabriel, Calif.; military pooch: Willie (aka William the Conqueror), a bull terrier (he never slapped him) Gen. George Patton
#5304, aired 2007-10-04I LOVE A PARADE $800: Festivities on this July 14th holiday include fireworks & a huge military parade down Paris' Champs-Elysees Bastille Day
#5301, aired 2007-10-01OCTOBER 1 $1600: 1880: John Philip Sousa becomes leader of this military band The Marine Band
#5300, aired 2007-09-28PRESIDENTIAL ALMA MATERS $200: U.S. Military Academy (class of 1915) (Dwight) Eisenhower
#5299, aired 2007-09-27THE U.S. AIR FORCE $1000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports in front of a helicopter.) Kadena Air Base is home to the Air Force's largest combat one of these, the 18th; not a part of a plane, but a military unit wing
#5294, aired 2007-09-20CIVIL WAR MILITARY LEADERS $400: In late 1864 this Union General said, "I can make Georgia howl" Sherman
#5294, aired 2007-09-20CIVIL WAR MILITARY LEADERS $1,000 (Daily Double): Both General John Hunt Morgan & Captain William Quantrill led groups of men who carried this nickname Raiders
#5294, aired 2007-09-20CIVIL WAR MILITARY LEADERS $1200: Prior to the war, this bewhiskered Union general manufactured firearms in Rhode Island Burnside
#5291, aired 2007-09-17"O" YES! $800: A carefully planned military attack, or a football "line" offensive
#5291, aired 2007-09-17HISTORY $400: In 1785 he graduated 42nd out of 58 at his military school in Paris Napoléon Bonaparte
#5281, aired 2007-07-23OUR FOUNDING FATHERS $200: In early April 1775 William Dawes, Samuel Prescott & this man rode to warn Patriots to move military stores from Concord Paul Revere
#5279, aired 2007-07-19BE A SPORT $800: This 5-sport Olympic event had its origins in the activities of a military dispatch rider in enemy territory pentathlon
#5275, aired 2007-07-13THE NEW YORK TIMES WEEK IN REVIEW $4,000 (Daily Double): On Thurs., Jan. 11, 2007 the Times reported the first public U.S. Military action in this African nation since 1994 Somalia
#5275, aired 2007-07-13CEMETERIES $1000: 368 American servicemen from WWI are buried in this "field", a U.S. Military cemetery near Waregem, Belgium Flanders Field
#5267, aired 2007-07-03YOU CAN QUOTE ME $800: "And like the old soldier of that ballad, I now close my military career and just fade away" (Douglas) MacArthur
#5262, aired 2007-06-26ROCKERS BANNED IN THE USSR $2000: Songs like "Psycho Killer" might be what got this band axed for spreading myths about the Soviet military Talking Heads
#5261, aired 2007-06-25MEN O' WAR $1200: This military man elected president in 1840 wrote a "Discourse on the Aborigines of the Valley of the Ohio" William Henry Harrison
#5260, aired 2007-06-22THEY DIFFER BY ONE LETTER $2000: Military conflict over a bee product a wax war
#5259, aired 2007-06-21YOU NEED HELP $600: A military officer acting as secretary to a general is called this "de-camp" an aide
#5254, aired 2007-06-14THE GREEK ALPHABET & MORE $800: This counter-terrorist military group headquartered at Fort Bragg is involved in hostage rescue Delta Force
#5251, aired 2007-06-11SAN ANTONIO $800: While in the Military, this 34th president of the U.S. was stationed at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio Eisenhower
#5236, aired 2007-05-21MILITARY MATTERS $400: The museum of this largest & oldest military academy in the U.S. houses tanks & other WWI memorabilia West Point
#5236, aired 2007-05-21MILITARY MATTERS $800: Benedict Arnold finished his military career in this nation's army Great Britain
#5236, aired 2007-05-21MILITARY MATTERS $1200: The world's most powerful military alliance takes its name from this ocean region the North Atlantic
#5236, aired 2007-05-21MILITARY MATTERS $1600: During WWII, the U.S. built a military base in this Ecuadorian island group to protect the Panama Canal the Galápagos
#5236, aired 2007-05-21MILITARY MATTERS $2000: This term from the Japanese refers to the 3 military govts. that ruled Japan between 1192 & 1867 the Shogunate (the Shogun accepted)
#5231, aired 2007-05-14TIME'S PERSON OF THE YEAR $5,000 (Daily Double): 1943 & 1947: A military man with a plan (George) Marshall
#5224, aired 2007-05-03POTPOURRI $1000: Disgraced soldiers once left the military with percussion playing--hence this modern idiom to be drummed out
#5223, aired 2007-05-02HISTORICAL TV $2000: Part One of this military miniseries saw David Schwimmer treating his WWII paratroopers harshly Band of Brothers
#5219, aired 2007-04-26PITFALL $3,000 (Daily Double): It's the foolhardy 1854 military action depicted here the Charge of the Light Brigade
#5207, aired 2007-04-10ROMANIA $400: Once a part of the Warsaw Pact, Romania joined this military alliance in 2004 NATO
#5205, aired 2007-04-061976 $2000: March 24: The Argentinean Military coups with delight as it overthrows this widow of Juan Peron Isabel
#5202, aired 2007-04-03MAKE IT SINGULAR $2000: A military term: phalanges phalanx
#5201, aired 2007-04-02THE NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINES $800 (Daily Double): October 7, 1981: This world leader "Assassinated at Army Parade as Men Amid Ranks Fire into Stands" Anwar Sadat
#5200, aired 2007-03-30OF "STAR"s $1600: It's estimated that during WWII, the European edition of this U.S. military newspaper topped a million in circulation Stars & Stripes
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $200: Ready to fight at a moment's notice, the Minutemen were militia soldiers in this war the American Revolution
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $400: U.S. military "Star" given for "meritorious service" in combat a Bronze Star
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $600: In 1911 French general Ferdinand Foch remarked that these "are interesting toys, but of no military value" biplanes
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $800: West Point grads are awarded B.S. degrees & are commissioned as officers of this rank in the U.S. Army second lieutenant
#5192, aired 2007-03-20MILITARY MATTERS $1000: The three elements that make up the Marine Corps seal are a globe, an eagle holding a scroll & this naval symbol an anchor
#5185, aired 2007-03-09IF AT FIRST YOU DON'T SUCCEED... $400: In 1754 at Fort Necessity, his first major military command brought the one surrender of his career--& to the French! George Washington
#5181, aired 2007-03-05STATUE-ESQUE $400: A statue of a WWII flag-raising dedicated to this military service stands near Arlington's entrance the Marine Corps
#5154, aired 2007-01-25A VISIT TO DENMARK $1600: Breaking a long tradition of neutrality, Denmark joined this military alliance in 1949 NATO
#5151, aired 2007-01-22THE HEEBEE "G.B."s $400: U.S. military base on the southeast coast of Cuba Guantanamo Bay
#5149, aired 2007-01-18DEFENDING THE U.S. $1000: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from NORTHCOM's offices.) NORTHCOM doesn't defend just against military threats; in 2005, President Bush was here to watch the monitoring of this hurricane on Katrina's heels Rita
#5146, aired 2007-01-15AFRICAN-AMERICANA $600: This military man won the NAACP's Spingarn Medal for 1991 Colin Powell
#5140, aired 2007-01-05THEY RODE THE ORIENT EXPRESS $600: This boy scout founder posed as a butterfly collector and used the Orient Express to sketch Balkan military sites Lord Baden-Powell
#5137, aired 2007-01-02THE CIVIL WAR $2000: In June 1864 Union Gen. David Hunter burned this school, Stonewall Jackson's former workplace Virginia Military Institute
#5133, aired 2006-12-27NOTABLE WOMEN $800: In 1999 Nancy Mace became the first female graduate of this South Carolina Military Academy The Citadel
#5126, aired 2006-12-18GAITS $800: It's the type of military parade step seen here a goose step
#5120, aired 2006-12-08ANTONYMS $2,600 (Daily Double): This military rank can also mean the opposite of communal private
#5118, aired 2006-12-06MILITARY MEN $400: In December 1944 George Marshall got the rank of General of the Army with this many stars 5
#5118, aired 2006-12-06MILITARY MEN $800: Presley O'Bannon's Marine detachment raised the American flag on the "shores" of this North African state in 1805 Tripoli
#5118, aired 2006-12-06MILITARY MEN $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the Pentagon pool.) A gym and pool were built at the Pentagon after World War II, at the suggestion of this man, then Army Chief of Staff Eisenhower
#5118, aired 2006-12-06MILITARY MEN $1600: The construction battalions organized by Ben Moreell in WWII were known as these the Seabees
#5118, aired 2006-12-06MILITARY MEN $2000: He was in command of George Dewey's flagship, the Olympia, when it sailed into Manila Bay in 1898, & fired when ready Charles Gridley
#5116, aired 2006-12-04"J" WALKING $1000: Spanish term for a group of military officers ruling a country after seizing power a junta
#5115, aired 2006-12-01"AMP" IT UP $600: Describes military forces trained to fight on both land & sea amphibious
#5115, aired 2006-12-01LIGHTHOUSES $800: Boston Light in Boston Harbor is the last named U.S. lighthouse; its keeper is from this military organization the Coast Guard
#5114, aired 2006-11-30DISCOVERY $800: From 1979 to 1983 the assembly of the shuttle Discovery took place at this Palmdale, Calif. military facility Edwards Air Force Base
#5113, aired 2006-11-29DOCTOR! $1,000 (Daily Double): He decided against a general medical practice & chose a military career, entering the Army Medical Corps in 1875 Walter Reed
#5113, aired 2006-11-29MONTHS $600: It's National Military Appreciation Month; we remember fallen soldiers near the end of it May
#5112, aired 2006-11-28WORLD HERSTORY $800: In 1429 she led Charles VII & his military escort through enemy territory so that he could be crowned at Reims Joan of Arc
#5108, aired 2006-11-22FOUR-PLAY $200: U.S. Selective Service system designation meaning unfit for active military duty 4-F
#5096, aired 2006-11-06WAR MOVIES $1600: The U.S. Civil War's first all-black military unit fights prejudice as well as the Confederates in this 1989 film Glory
#5086, aired 2006-10-23HISTORICAL MEN & WOMEN $400: In 1793 this French queen was tried & executed, charged with giving military secrets to her brother Emperor Leopold II Marie Antoinette
#5080, aired 2006-10-13WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA? $2,000 (Daily Double): The Keydets are the sports teams that play for this school that first admitted women in 1997 V.M.I. (the Virginia Military Institute)
#5074, aired 2006-10-05PHYS ED $400: This game with a military name can be pretty funny if the rope breaks tug of war
#5061, aired 2006-09-18PUNCH LINES $200: In 1966 he refused military induction by saying, "I ain't got no trouble with them Viet Cong" Muhammad Ali
#5054, aired 2006-07-27CONNECT UP WITH CONNECTICUT $1000: New London, Connecticut is the home of this U.S. military academy the Coast Guard Academy
#5052, aired 2006-07-25CLASSIC AMERICAN MUSIC $600: Heard here, the tune to this military service's "Hymn" is from Offenbach's comic opera "Genevieve de Brabant" the Marines
#5045, aired 2006-07-14IN THE SANDBOX $2000: Winston Churchill was trained at the Royal Military academy commonly called this Sandhurst
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $6,000 (Daily Double): Daniel Shays in 1787, like John Brown in 1859, tried to capture one of these storage places an arsenal
#5041, aired 2006-07-10THE BRITISH MILITARY $200: Though lower-deck sailors were seldom made officers, Thomas Lyne rose to "rear" one of these admiral
#5041, aired 2006-07-10THE BRITISH MILITARY $400: The youngest of the 3 British services, it had almost a million personnel by the end of WWII the Royal Air Force (the RAF)
#5041, aired 2006-07-10THE BRITISH MILITARY $600: The navy was put in charge of this alphanumeric spy service; that's why James Bond is sometimes called "Commander" MI6
#5041, aired 2006-07-10THE BRITISH MILITARY $800 (Daily Double): The army's 8th & 39th infantry brigades are in this part of the U.K. to help defeat terror & maintain order Northern Ireland
#5041, aired 2006-07-10THE BRITISH MILITARY $1000: The amphibious "Royal" these date back to the 1600s & got a commando force in 1942, in time for D-Day the Royal Marines
#5035, aired 2006-06-30WE'RE IN YOUR "DET" $600: The policy of discouraging an enemy attack by maintaining sufficient military force to retaliate a deterrent
#5034, aired 2006-06-29FICTIONAL MEN OF WAR $1000: On "M*A*S*H" this fictional military doctor's nickname was "Ferret Face" Frank Burns
#5032, aired 2006-06-27JAPAN-U.S. RELATIONS $1200: The U.S. military has 37 sole-use facilities on this island in the Ryukyus Okinawa
#5031, aired 2006-06-26LANDMARKS $400: Napoleon commissioned this 164-foot Paris landmark to celebrate his military victories the Arc de Triomphe
#5028, aired 2006-06-211491 $200: In 1491 this country outlawed golf, soccer & other sports that were taking young men away from military training Scotland
#5027, aired 2006-06-20"D" BRIEFING $800: Until 1971 college students could get these delays of military service & avoid Vietnam deferments
#5022, aired 2006-06-13SEE FOR YOURSELF $200: His Revolutionary War military career included service in the American & British armies, in that order Benedict Arnold
#5020, aired 2006-06-09SHOW SOME PRIDE $1600: (Jon of the Clue Crew holds a short stick.) The name of this stick, originally carried by military officers to counteract putting their hands in their pockets, is also a prideful walk a swagger
#5019, aired 2006-06-08CITY OF THE DAY: SAN FRANCISCO $2000: It was once a military post under the flag of Spain; it's now part of Golden Gate National Recreation Area the Presidio
#5012, aired 2006-05-30TO THE "C" $800: Preliminary training for military recruits basic
#5008, aired 2006-05-24OCCUPATIONAL WORDS $2000: Before "on", this military word means to maintain one's effort through difficulties soldier
#5005, aired 2006-05-191966 $2000: July 28: One of these U.S. military reconnaissance planes crashes in Bolivia a U-2
#4995, aired 2006-05-05NEIN! $400: General Von Choltitz, military commander of this European capital, wouldn't follow Hitler's orders to burn it Paris
#4983, aired 2006-04-19DOGS AT WORK $600: It's the punning alphanumeric term for dogs that do police & military work K-9s
#4976, aired 2006-04-10MILITARY RHYME TIME $400: A verdant one of "The few, the proud..." a green Marine
#4976, aired 2006-04-10MILITARY RHYME TIME $800: A larger firing lever on a gun a bigger trigger
#4976, aired 2006-04-10MILITARY RHYME TIME $1200: A long defensive ditch near the Marne a French trench
#4976, aired 2006-04-10MILITARY RHYME TIME $1600: An over-excited hidden sharpshooter a hyper sniper
#4976, aired 2006-04-10MILITARY RHYME TIME $2000: A general-purpose vehicle on an almost vertical slope a steep Jeep
#4975, aired 2006-04-07ONE OF THESE NIGHTS $1600: Hitler massacred the leadership of the SA, his own paramilitary group, on June 30, 1934, "The Night of the Long" these Knives
#4974, aired 2006-04-06IN THE DICTIONARY $2,500 (Daily Double): This military rank comes from a French phrase for "place holding" lieutenant
#4974, aired 2006-04-06WHO "R" YOU? $400: His clever military tactics during WWII earned him the nickname "The Desert Fox" Rommel
#4973, aired 2006-04-05MODERN WAR GLOSSARY $1600: From the Latin for "parallel", this kind of "damage" is a military euphemism for civilian deaths collateral
#4961, aired 2006-03-20THE MIDDLE AGES $1,200 (Daily Double): Sir Henry Percy, nicknamed this for his military aggressiveness, of course was slain in battle in 1403 "Hotspur"
#4957, aired 2006-03-14AROUND FORT BRAGG $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads atop a military vehicle in Fort Bragg, NC.) Don't bug out when I tell you the rough terrain container handler was made for the Army by this Peoria, Illinois equipment company Caterpillar
#4951, aired 2006-03-06MEDALS & DECORATIONS $600: After Sept. 11, the Defense of Freedom Medal was created, the civilian counterpart to this military medal the Purple Heart
#4951, aired 2006-03-06MEDALS & DECORATIONS $3,989 (Daily Double): The 1st military campaign medal Congress approved, the Manila Bay Medal was known by the name of this adm. Dewey
#4949, aired 2006-03-02THE U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT $200: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from West Point, NY.) The name West Point comes from the Academy's location on the west bank of this river about 50 miles north of New York City the Hudson River
#4949, aired 2006-03-02THE U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT $400: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from a field at West Point, NY.) This West Point grad went on to become a four-star general, & once declared, "It is as natural for me to be a soldier as it is to breathe" Patton
#4949, aired 2006-03-02THE U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads in front of a set of wooden doors at West Point, NY.) The United States Military Academy's coat of arms depicts the helmet of this Greek goddess of wisdom & warfare Athena
#4949, aired 2006-03-02THE U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT $1000: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from in front of a military exercise.) A shortage of blue cloth led to uniforms of a different color & to this 3-word term for the corps of cadets the long grey line
#4949, aired 2006-03-02THE U.S. MILITARY ACADEMY AT WEST POINT $2,000 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew is flanked by two students at West Point, NY.) Freshmen at West Point are shown their place by being known as these, from a Roman term for ordinary, uneducated citizens plebes
#4939, aired 2006-02-16FILTHY 4-LETTER WORDS $1600: Campers & military personnel need this type of kit to eat in the hall with the same name mess
#4937, aired 2006-02-14YOUR FRIENDLY MILITARY RECRUITER $200: Imagine managing propulsion for a Navy sub under this type of power, like the Virginia class nuclear power
#4937, aired 2006-02-14YOUR FRIENDLY MILITARY RECRUITER $400: You'll stay closer to home in this service, the USA's main maritime search & rescue organization the Coast Guard
#4937, aired 2006-02-14YOUR FRIENDLY MILITARY RECRUITER $600: In the Army, gyms, movies & shopping are part of life on one of these, the P in PX post
#4937, aired 2006-02-14YOUR FRIENDLY MILITARY RECRUITER $800: Though this job of controlling the course comes from the Latin for "ship", you can be one for an Air Force plane a navigator
#4937, aired 2006-02-14YOUR FRIENDLY MILITARY RECRUITER $1000: Sorry, ladies--some Army jobs under this 6-letter category, like cannon crewmember, are off limits combat
#4931, aired 2006-02-06"TEEN" SCENE $600: A holder for liquid, or a military base's general store a canteen
#4931, aired 2006-02-06THE CIVIL WAR $400: Tired of eating mule jerky, Vicksburg fell in July 1863 after a 6-week one of these military tactics a siege
#4921, aired 2006-01-23HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew waxes eloquent in front of Lenin's tomb in Moscow, Russia.) Soviet leaders reviewed a parade of military hardware from Lenin's tomb each year on this day, a Socialist holiday since 1889 May Day
#4919, aired 2006-01-19TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER $400: A military major general at age 39 in 1967, he defeated his political predecessor in a landslide in 2001 Sharon
#4917, aired 2006-01-17GOVERNMENT AT YOUR SERVICE $200: This draft agency also runs an alternative service program for pacifists in lieu of military service the Selective Service
#4916, aired 2006-01-16CIVIL RIGHTS HEROES $1000: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from inside the Pentagon.) The service of these aviators honored here was a factor in leading President Truman to desegregate the military the Tuskegee Airmen
#4914, aired 2006-01-12FAMOUS FOLKS $1000: He's the World War I military leader & member of royalty seen here Kaiser Wilhelm II
#4911, aired 2006-01-09TAKING THE FIFTH $800: AKA the "Father of the Military Academy", Col. Sylvanus Thayer was the fifth superintendent at this school West Point
#4907, aired 2006-01-03HACKER CINEMA $800: Matthew Broderick almost starts WWIII when he hacks into a military computer in this film WarGames
#4888, aired 2005-12-07"FREE" PARKING $800: (Hi, I'm Paula Zahn.) Interviewing everyone from diplomats to soldiers' families, I anchored CNN's coverage of this 2003 U.S. military "operation" (Operation) Iraqi Freedom
#4883, aired 2005-11-30CUBAN HISTORY $200: On July 26, 1953 this future president & 150 followers attacked one of Cuba's major military bases Castro
#4871, aired 2005-11-14PRESS ON NAILS $400: This CBS anchor got hammered in 2004 reporting on President Bush's military service Dan Rather
#4868, aired 2005-11-09ROCKET SCIENCE $800: William Hale's 1844 military rocket, using curved vanes, stayed stable by doing this in flight spinning
#4865, aired 2005-11-04WORLD WAR II MOVIES $400: 1953: Military corruption, romance & boxing at a Hawaiian Army camp just prior to Pearl Harbor From Here to Eternity
#4864, aired 2005-11-03MILITARY MATTERS $400: In 87 B.C. Gaius Marius & his pal Cinna captured this city Rome
#4864, aired 2005-11-03MILITARY MATTERS $800: From 1968 to 1971, President George W. Bush served in this military group the Texas Air National Guard
#4864, aired 2005-11-03MILITARY MATTERS $1200: Aiding the English win at Crecy were people collecting these off the battlefield for reuse after each French retreat arrows
#4864, aired 2005-11-03MILITARY MATTERS $1600: Soldiers still practice this "drill" of marching in formation even though it's not used in battle close order drill
#4864, aired 2005-11-03MILITARY MATTERS $2000: Abbreviated SAS, this elite British military unit is similar to the USA's Delta Force the Special Air Service
#4859, aired 2005-10-27MAA (military acronyms & abbreviations) $400: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew gives the clue while walking down a Pentagon corridor.) The 20,000+ people who work here at the Pentagon include the CJCS, short for this senior-ranking armed forces member Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff
#4859, aired 2005-10-27MAA (military acronyms & abbreviations) $800: In a crisis the military might go to DEFCON 2, DEFCON standing for this defense condition
#4859, aired 2005-10-27MAA (military acronyms & abbreviations) $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew gives the clue while standing in the ANZUS corridor of the Pentagon.) I'm in the Pentagon corridor that honors the Pacific security treaty known as ANZUS, an acronym for these three nations Australia, New Zealand, & the United States
#4859, aired 2005-10-27MAA (military acronyms & abbreviations) $1600: TNW is tactical nuclear weapon; SNW is this longer-range counterpart strategic nuclear weapon
#4859, aired 2005-10-27MAA (military acronyms & abbreviations) $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew gives the clue from a Pentagon hallway.) Abbreviated NMCC, it's located in the Pentagon & sends EAMs, emergency action messages, to battlefields & nuclear subs National Military Command Center
#4852, aired 2005-10-18ODD WORDS $1000: From the French for "to go out", it can mean to sally forth, or a combat mission by a single military plane a sortie
#4852, aired 2005-10-18ROMANCE NOVELIST HISTORY BOOK $600: It was WWI. Her new name meant "eye of the dawn" & she felt reborn. Oh, how she loved German military men! Mata Hari
#4851, aired 2005-10-17THE 19th CENTURY $400: In 1830 the French captured this city, Casbah & all, & made it the military HQ for their colonial empire in N. Africa Algiers
#4842, aired 2005-10-04YOUNG ABE LINCOLN $1,000 (Daily Double): During his 80 days of military service in 1832, Abe attempted without success to track down this Sauk & Fox Indian chief Black Hawk
#4839, aired 2005-09-29LET'S BE SECURE $1200: (Tom Ridge reads.) I led the largest reorganization of the government since the 1940s, including bringing the Secret Service, customs, & this whole military service into the DHS the Coast Guard
#4837, aired 2005-09-27PRESIDENTIAL ALMA MATERS $400: U.S. Military Academy (class of 1843) U.S. Grant
#4836, aired 2005-09-26"WAR" $1600: In 1955 the West formed the Baghdad Pact & the Eastern Bloc formed this military alliance the Warsaw Pact
#4834, aired 2005-09-22POW-ER $1600: This dye industry chemical was not used as an explosive until 1904; it later became prized by the military TNT
#4834, aired 2005-09-22THE PENTAGON $400: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew stands in a room with a podium and plaques along the walls in the Pentagon.) The Pentagon's Hall of Heroes is dedicated to over 3,440 recipients of this, our nation's highest military decoration the Congressional Medal of Honor
#4831, aired 2005-09-19HI, FRENCHIE! $200: In 1966 this French president pulled France out of NATO's integrated military structure Charles de Gaulle
#4829, aired 2005-09-15WORLD CAPITALS $5,400 (Daily Double): (Christiane Amanpour of CNN delivers the clue.) In 1992 I reported from the shores of this African capital when the U.S. military launched Operation: Restore Hope Mogadishu
#4826, aired 2005-09-12BATTLE STATIONS $2000: The last military clash on mainland Britain, the 1746 Battle of Culloden, routed the forces of this Jacobite prince Bonnie Prince Charlie
#4823, aired 2005-07-20BIOGRAPHIES $1200: A bio of him sums up, "It was by dying when he did", in 1863 that he achieved his military fame Stonewall Jackson
#4822, aired 2005-07-19THE MAYFLOWER $1600: He served as the first military leader of the Mayflower's colonists Miles Standish
#4813, aired 2005-07-06THE HIGH COST OF DYING $1200: At the height of Greek military power, death felled him in 323 B.C. as he planned the conquest of Arabia Alexander the Great
#4804, aired 2005-06-23DO YOU LIKE KIPLING? $2000: Military matters are included in 1886's "Departmental Ditties" & 1890's "Barrack-Room" these Ballads
#4801, aired 2005-06-20THE POPES $2000: It's the "national" name of the small military unit that escorts & protects the Pope the Swiss Guards
#4798, aired 2005-06-15THE DREADED OPRAH CATEGORY $400: Healthy Oprah lost 33 lbs. in one of these military-sounding programs with Sgt.--er, trainer Bob Greene a boot camp
#4797, aired 2005-06-14"VAN" $1600: Originally a French military term, it describes an artist who opposes accepted ways of doing things avant-garde
#4790, aired 2005-06-03THE SECURITY COUNCIL $600: The military type of these were imposed on North Korea in the '50s; the economic type, on Rhodesia in the '60s sanctions
#4789, aired 2005-06-02ANNUAL EVENTS $400: Type of show that draws hundreds of thousands to the Miramar Military Base in San Diego every October an air show
#4784, aired 2005-05-26ABBREV. $600: A military decoration: DSM Distinguished Service Medal
#4779, aired 2005-05-1918th CENTURY POTPOURRI $1600: It's been reported that this was the term for the "gangs" that forced men into military service press gangs
#4778, aired 2005-05-18IT'S A TOUGH WORLD $800: Nawaz Sharif was the prime minister of this nation until deposed by its current military leader Pakistan
#4771, aired 2005-05-09LET'S FINNISH THIS $600: Of Flensheim, Mannerheim or Suomiheim, the man who was Finland's greatest military leader during WWII Mannerheim
#4752, aired 2005-04-12KING ME $800: A 1952 military coup forced the abdication of Farouk I, the last king of this African country Egypt
#4751, aired 2005-04-11VISUALIZE $800: Viceroy of India was one of the titles of this military man Mountbatten
#4750, aired 2005-04-08"M"-A-NATIONS $400: This country calls an 1846 to 1848 military conflict "The War of American Aggression" Mexico
#4748, aired 2005-04-06NYPD $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from outside an NYPD station.) The NYPD bomb squad robot was made by this military corporation that also developed the Stealth bomber Northrop
#4734, aired 2005-03-17THE '60s $2000: The military men who took over Greece in 1967 were collectively known as these, the rank many of them held the Colonels
#4733, aired 2005-03-16AVIATION $1200: One of the world's largest military aviation museums is located at this Air Force base near Dayton, Ohio Wright-Patterson Air Force Base
#4732, aired 2005-03-1515-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's a refusal to obey orders or submit to authority in the military insubordination
#4723, aired 2005-03-02MILITARY HISTORY $400: The largest horde this Mongol leader who died in 1227 ever assembled was less than 240,000 men Genghis Khan
#4723, aired 2005-03-02MILITARY HISTORY $800: On Nov. 8, 2004 U.S. & Iraqi forces entered this Sunni city of 300,000 beginning a fierce battle Fallujah
#4723, aired 2005-03-02MILITARY HISTORY $1200: In 774 this Frank took the crown of Desiderius, the last king of the Lombards Charlemagne
#4723, aired 2005-03-02MILITARY HISTORY $1600: It declared its independence in January of 1822 at Epidauros but still had to fight for 7 years Greece
#4723, aired 2005-03-02MILITARY HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): A participant in WWI's First Battle of the Marne was the BEF, short for this British Expeditionary Force
#4700, aired 2005-01-28PHRASES THAT SELL $400: "Be all that you can be" in this military branch the Army
#4696, aired 2005-01-24THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER $2000: The poem that became "The Star-Spangled Banner" was first published as "The Defense of " this military compound Fort McHenry
#4694, aired 2005-01-20ABBREVIATIONS $800: A military alliance: NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization
#4694, aired 2005-01-20WHAT IS THIS THING CALLED LAVA? $200: In 1935 & 1942 the U.S. military bombed lava flows that endangered the city of Hilo on this island Hawaii
#4686, aired 2005-01-10A RANK CATEGORY $400: It's the military rank the Constitution gives the U.S. President Commander in Chief
#4676, aired 2004-12-27PORTRAIT OF A MILITARY MAN $400: "Sandy" was probably not a nickname of this British World War I hero Lawrence (of Arabia)
#4676, aired 2004-12-27PORTRAIT OF A MILITARY MAN $800: This German's military fame arises mostly from his successes in North Africa (Erwin) Rommel
#4676, aired 2004-12-27PORTRAIT OF A MILITARY MAN $1200: Long-time opposer of Spanish rule in the Americas seen here (Simón) Bolívar
#4676, aired 2004-12-27PORTRAIT OF A MILITARY MAN $1600: His infamy began on December 7th, 1941 (Isoroku) Yamamoto
#4676, aired 2004-12-27PORTRAIT OF A MILITARY MAN $2000: You might say this German military leader of World War I was full of hot air (Paul von) Hindenburg
#4676, aired 2004-12-27TRANSPORTATION $2,400 (Daily Double): The 3 broad classes of operational aviation are general, military, & this type of civil aviation commercial
#4675, aired 2004-12-24HOT DRINKS $800: Americans at a military base in Limerick help popularize this "national" drink that can be made with Jameson Irish coffee
#4674, aired 2004-12-23SKI YOU LATER $400: This winter sport, likely developed from European military skiing competitions, was introduced to the Olympics in 1960 Biathlon
#4673, aired 2004-12-22I'VE GOT THE POWER $200: By imposing a military dictatorship on France in 1799, he became one of the most powerful men in the world Napoleon
#4672, aired 2004-12-21MUG SHOTS $200: In 1962 he graduated from a military academy in Peru Manuel Noriega
#4671, aired 2004-12-20LET'S GO TO THE PARK $1000: The USA's largest military park is Chickamauga & Chattanooga, which covers over 9,000 acres in these 2 states Tennessee & Georgia
#4664, aired 2004-12-09AVIATION $1000: Used to train military pilots in WWI & later to carry the mail, the Curtiss JN-4 was known by this feminine nickname the Jenny
#4660, aired 2004-12-03AT "EASE" $400: A military agreement to stop fighting for a limited time ceasefire
#4659, aired 2004-12-02COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1600: Women weren't admitted to this school, VMI for short, until 1997 Virginia Military Institute
#4658, aired 2004-12-01DECEMBER 1st $1000: 1941: The C.A.P., this nonmilitary U.S. Air Force auxiliary, is created the Civil Air Patrol
#4658, aired 2004-12-01MILITARY TRAINING BASES $400: California's Fort Irwin, the National Training Center, covers a Rhode Island-sized area in this desert the Mojave
#4658, aired 2004-12-01MILITARY TRAINING BASES $800: The name of this Texas Air Defense training base implies that its soldiers are completely happy Fort Bliss
#4658, aired 2004-12-01MILITARY TRAINING BASES $1600: Service branch with a San Diego recruit depot & a Yuma air station Marines
#4658, aired 2004-12-01MILITARY TRAINING BASES $2,200 (Daily Double): This Missouri fort is named for Teddy Roosevelt's superior officer in Cuba Fort Leonard Wood
#4657, aired 2004-11-30A CATEGORY ABOUT NOTHING $600: The "hour" for a military action to start zero hour
#4657, aired 2004-11-30YADA YADA YADA $800: Before Congress in 1951, he announced, "I now close my military career..." yada yada yada MacArthur
#4656, aired 2004-11-29SHOOT SOME "POOL" $1000: A military installation's centrally managed group of vehicles intended for the use of personnel the motor pool
#4648, aired 2004-11-17LAST YEAR'S NEWS $400: Donald Rumsfeld called these 2 countries “Old Europe” after they opposed military action against Iraq Germany and France
#4645, aired 2004-11-12RESUMÉS OF WORLD LEADERS $1200: B.S. from Egyptian Military Academy; air base commander, 1964; V.P, 1975 to 1981; president, 1981 (Hosni) Mubarak
#4644, aired 2004-11-11THE 20th CENTURY $2000: In 1974 the military overthrew this African leader who claimed to be descended from Solomon & the Queen of Sheba Haile Selassie (of Ethiopia)
#4637, aired 2004-11-038-LETTER WORDS $2000: The military term for weapons & ammunition, it can also describe the tools used to make them ordnance
#4632, aired 2004-10-26U.S. MILITARY MEN $400: From July 1950 to April 1951 he served as U.N. Commander in Korea MacArthur
#4632, aired 2004-10-26U.S. MILITARY MEN $800: Eisenhower wrote an "In case of failure" message for this historic date; luckily, he didn't have to use it D-Day
#4632, aired 2004-10-26U.S. MILITARY MEN $1200: In July 2003 this 4-star general retired from active duty after commanding Allied forces during the Iraq war Tommy Franks
#4632, aired 2004-10-26U.S. MILITARY MEN $1600: 19 years before commanding the AEF in WWI, he charged up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War Pershing
#4632, aired 2004-10-26U.S. MILITARY MEN $4,000 (Daily Double): This future president gained national fame after defeating Santa Anna at Buena Vista, Mexico in 1847 Zachary Taylor
#4626, aired 2004-10-18GET A JOB! $200: "Aim high" & get a job in this branch of the military & you might have to memorize their slogan "Aim High" the Air Force
#4620, aired 2004-10-08SPANIARDS $800: This Castilian military leader & national hero is also known as "El Campeador" El Cid
#4619, aired 2004-10-07"LONG" JUMP $800: Its greatest use as a military weapon was during the Hundred Years' War; just ask the French at Crecy the longbow
#4596, aired 2004-09-06WORLD HISTORY $400: Toledo military academy class of 1910 grad who went on to become a dictator Francisco Franco
#4587, aired 2004-07-13FOLLOW THE LEADER $1,400 (Daily Double): It's the military rank of the head of state of Libya Colonel
#4586, aired 2004-07-12BETTER ASK FOR DIRECTIONS $200: Of north, south, east or west, the direction to travel to get from the U.S. Naval Acad. to the U.S. Military Acad. north
#4583, aired 2004-07-07MILITARY MATTERS $400: During China's Sung Dynasty tea was cultivated & this powder was first used militarily gunpowder
#4583, aired 2004-07-07MILITARY MATTERS $600 (Daily Double): A popular German hit song during WWII was these tanks "Are Rolling In Africa" Panzers
#4583, aired 2004-07-07MILITARY MATTERS $800: Seen here, it's awarded by the U.S. military for meritorious achievement in ground combat a Bronze Star
#4583, aired 2004-07-07MILITARY MATTERS $1600: In the 1920s Marine Corps General Smedley Butler turned this temporary camp in Virginia into a permanent base Quantico
#4583, aired 2004-07-07MILITARY MATTERS $2000: This medieval order of knights was aka "the Poor Fellow-Soldiers of Christ & the Temple of Solomon" the Knights Templar
#4578, aired 2004-06-30MILITARY TV SHOWS BY CHARACTER $400: Major Hochstetter, General Burkhalter, Colonel Klink Hogan's Heroes
#4578, aired 2004-06-30MILITARY TV SHOWS BY CHARACTER $800: Captain Parmenter, Chief Wild Eagle, Corporal Agarn F-Troop
#4578, aired 2004-06-30MILITARY TV SHOWS BY CHARACTER $1200: Lt. Cmdr. Harmon Rabb, Lt. Col. Sarah MacKenzie, Adm. A.J. Chegwidden JAG
#4578, aired 2004-06-30MILITARY TV SHOWS BY CHARACTER $1600: Lt. Colleen McMurphy, Major Lila Garreau, Private Beckett China Beach
#4578, aired 2004-06-30MILITARY TV SHOWS BY CHARACTER $2000: Lt. Anderson, Lt. Pruitt, Major "Pappy" Boyington Baa Baa Black Sheep
#4576, aired 2004-06-28BRITISH INVENTIONS $1600: For the military, zoologist John Kerr developed the "dazzle paint" type of this, something animals also use camouflage
#4575, aired 2004-06-25WOMEN AUTHORS $1200: After her uncle Salvador was overthrown & died in a military coup, she & her family fled Chile Isabel Allende
#4566, aired 2004-06-14WORLD WAR I $400: In 1918 the U.S. military revived this newspaper which originated in the Civil War Stars & Stripes
#4560, aired 2004-06-04AUTHORS $800: In 1882, at age 16, he found work as sub-editor of the Civil and Military Gazette in Lahore, India Kipling
#4559, aired 2004-06-03EDUCATION $1000: In the junior version of this, retired members of the military teach life skills & leadership to high schoolers the ROTC
#4550, aired 2004-05-21"ANT" INFESTATION $400: It's the part of the military that traditionally fights on foot infantry
#4550, aired 2004-05-21NEWSMAKERS $400: He doffed his military togs for his political aspirations (General) Wesley Clark
#4542, aired 2004-05-11THE CAPITAL $400: In 1989 hundreds of pro-democracy demonstrators were killed by the military at Tiananmen Square in this capital Beijing
#4539, aired 2004-05-06"A" IN HISTORY $200: The youngest branch of the U.S. military, it was created soon after World War II the Air Force
#4539, aired 2004-05-06NOTABLE NAMES $1600: This French military leader was a major general in the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War the Marquis de Lafayette
#4533, aired 2004-04-28MILITARY MEN $100 (Daily Double): (Cheryl of the Clue Crew in Martha's Vineyard. MA.) The When And If was built for this general to sail, when & if he came back from Europe, but he died in a 1945 accident George Patton
#4533, aired 2004-04-28MILITARY MEN $400: On Dec. 17, 1941 Admiral Husband Kimmel was relieved of his command at this base (he should've seen that coming) Pearl Harbor
#4533, aired 2004-04-28MILITARY MEN $800: This 4-letter word continues Confederate General Nathan Forrest's maxim, "Get here first with the..." most
#4533, aired 2004-04-28MILITARY MEN $1200: Madame Chiang Kai-shek hired Claire Chennault to direct China's air force against Japan & he formed this famous group the Flying Tigers
#4533, aired 2004-04-28MILITARY MEN $2000: Born near Warsaw in 1747, this count was mortally wounded during the 1779 siege of Savannah Casimir Pulaski
#4517, aired 2004-04-06DOUBLE LETTERS $400: If you live in L.A., you've most likely seen one of these wide-bodied military vehicles driven by the well-to-do Hummer
#4513, aired 2004-03-311961 $600: In early 1961 the number of U.S. military advisors in this Asian country reaches around 2,000 (South) Vietnam
#4496, aired 2004-03-08"DAL" US $800: The U.S. military may award one for distinguished service a medal
#4496, aired 2004-03-08PHOTO OP $800: A famous military figure is seen here making his historic arrival in this country the Philippines
#4493, aired 2004-03-03A FEW GOOD MEN $2000: He was the last of several U.S. presidents who graduated from a military academy Jimmy Carter (from the Naval Academy)
#4493, aired 2004-03-03GHOST $1000: In the first book of Samuel, Samuel's ghost appears to this king of Israel & predicts his military defeat Saul
#4484, aired 2004-02-19ARE YOU GAME? $200: This popular playground hopping game may have begun in the Roman Empire as a military training exercise hopscotch
#4478, aired 2004-02-11MEDIEVAL EUROPE $800: These Christian military expeditions in the Middle Ages were organized to capture Palestine the Crusades
#4470, aired 2004-01-30FAMOUS NIGERIANS $1200: Before president, it was the main job of 1990s presidents Babangida, Abacha & Abubakar military generals
#4469, aired 2004-01-29DAY-OFF ACTIVITIES $400: In this simulation of military combat, teams fire color-filled pellets that splatter on contact paintball
#4468, aired 2004-01-28"N" MASSE $800: The last military engagement of the French & Indian War was fought near St. John's in this Canadian province Newfoundland
#4468, aired 2004-01-28NURSERY RHYME TIME $200: Sheep searcher Little Bo's military vehicles Peep's jeeps
#4466, aired 2004-01-26HI YA, IRIAN JAYA! $1200: The capital, Jayapura, surrendered to the military forces of this country in 1942 Japan
#4461, aired 2004-01-19THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR $1000: In May 1898 Lt. Andrew Rowan delivered his famous message from President McKinley to this Cuban military man General Garcia
#4459, aired 2004-01-15CINEMANIA $2000: The military clones Ripley to produce a bioweapon in this 1997 film, the fourth in the "Alien" series Alien: Resurrection
#4458, aired 2004-01-14"CON" GAME $800: Cortes & Balboa were 2 of the most famous of these Spanish military adventurers conquistadors
#4455, aired 2004-01-09THE PRESIDENT'S ON TV! $800: His farewell address warned of the scientific-technological elite & the military-industrial complex Dwight D. Eisenhower
#4455, aired 2004-01-09THE PRESIDENT'S ON TV! $1,400 (Daily Double): Month & year the following address was delivered "This government, as promised, has maintained the closest surveillance of the Soviet military buildup on the island of Cuba..." October 1962
#4452, aired 2004-01-06AN ABBREVIATED CATEGORY $1200: MRE is short for these military munchies meals, ready-to-eat
#4450, aired 2004-01-02ANIMALS AMONG US $400: The U.S. military used these animals to aid the clearing of underwater mines during the 2003 invasion of Iraq dolphins
#4446, aired 2003-12-29LET ME HAVE YOUR ADDRESS $1600: Writing to anyone in the military, it's rank, full name, comma, then the abbreviation for this branch of service
#4442, aired 2003-12-23ON HER MAJESTY'S SECRET SERVICE $200: The MI in counterespionage service MI5 stands for this military intelligence
#4418, aired 2003-11-19"FAT" CHANCE $200: Informal military uniforms fatigues
#4417, aired 2003-11-18GIVE ME ONE GOOD RAISIN $400: Raisins came to the West in the 11th C. when knights brought them back after these military expeditions the Crusades
#4408, aired 2003-11-05ABBREVIATE IT! $800: MP can either be a Member of Parliament or this job in the Army military police
#4407, aired 2003-11-04LET'S HAVE SOME CHILE $1600: In 1973 he led a military junta that overthrew Salvador Allende, & then governed Chile for the next 16 years Augusto Pinochet
#4406, aired 2003-11-03UNION MEN & WOMEN $800: Anson Stager, General Superintendant of this company, was made head of the U.S. Military Telegraph Corps Western Union
#4403, aired 2003-10-29LEFTOVERS $400: Because of their ability to record and replay speech, these toys were banned in 1999 from military installations Furbies
#4400, aired 2003-10-244-SYLLABLE WORDS $1200: To observe or investigate the enemy's military encampment reconnaissance
#4390, aired 2003-10-10U.S. GEOGRAPHY $400: The West Point Military Reservation includes Constitution Island, which lies in this river the Hudson River
#4388, aired 2003-10-08IN THE BOOKSTORE $400: "Shadow Warriors" from this novelist is a look at our military's special forces Tom Clancy
#4386, aired 2003-10-06DECORATING $800: In military slang, the gold braid decorating an officer's cap is known as this breakfast food scrambled eggs
#4383, aired 2003-10-01MILITARY HISTORY $400: In April 1862 David Farragut was victorious at this city, also a battle site in the War of 1812 New Orleans
#4383, aired 2003-10-01MILITARY HISTORY $800: At Ia Drang in this war, helicopters first brought large numbers of troops into combat Vietnam
#4383, aired 2003-10-01MILITARY HISTORY $1600: In 1917 the British battled this nation's army in the 3 Battles of Gaza Turkey
#4383, aired 2003-10-01MILITARY HISTORY $2000: In September 1812 Napoleon won the battle of this village, allowing him to take Moscow Borodino
#4383, aired 2003-10-01MILITARY HISTORY $2,600 (Daily Double): The shape of the area indicated here gave this battle its name the Battle of the Bulge
#4367, aired 2003-09-09LOVE, HONOR OR OBEY $1000: This type of guard accompanies a casket at a military funeral honor guard
#4365, aired 2003-07-18LITTLE GREEN MEN $400: He's the only man on a current U.S. bill who petitioned for an officer's commission in the British military George Washington
#4361, aired 2003-07-14HOLD IT! $1000: Term for the member of a military unit who carries its flag or emblem standard bearer
#4337, aired 2003-06-10WE NEED "ACTION" $1000: A small-scale military operation undertaken without a declaration of war; Korea, for example police action
#4332, aired 2003-06-03"S.A."s $1000: General Augusto Pinochet led a military coup that overthrew this president in 1973 Salvador Allende
#4328, aired 2003-05-28IN THE BOOKSTORE $1200: This book by journalist Mark Bowden about a 1993 military operation in Mogadishu became a 2001 film Black Hawk Down
#4328, aired 2003-05-28WAR $400: Referring to the Mexican War, Montezuma is mentioned in the official song of this U.S. military branch Marine Corps
#4326, aired 2003-05-26PEN-SYLVANIA $2000: Quehanna is the state's first of these motivational institutions that share their name with a part of military training boot camp
#4324, aired 2003-05-22IS THERE A POINT TO ALL THIS? $600: This military academy's 3-word motto is "Duty, Honor, Country" West Point
#4310, aired 2003-05-02THE "WEST" WING $400: A famous expression at this military academy is "Much of the history we teach was made by people we taught" West Point
#4305, aired 2003-04-25A COLORFUL CATEGORY $400: This U.S. military decoration is awarded to all armed forces personnel wounded or killed in action Purple Heart
#4302, aired 2003-04-22CROSSWORD CLUES "L" $200: Military marquis (9) Lafayette
#4292, aired 2003-04-08HISTORIC NAMES $2000: Russian prince & military hero who was the subject of an Eisenstein movie, with music by Prokofiev Alexander Nevsky
#4284, aired 2003-03-27COUNTRY SINGERS WHO ACT $800: Trisha Yearwood commanded our attention as Lt. Commander Teresa Coulter on this military legal TV series JAG
#4268, aired 2003-03-05"A" PLUS $800: Upon his death in 1981, Joe Louis was buried with full military honors in this cemetery Arlington National Cemetery
#4265, aired 2003-02-28"Q" & A $800: The first of these uniquely styled military huts was constructed in 1941 Quonset hut
#4264, aired 2003-02-27NEWSMAKERS $200: He's the military man seen here giving the skinny on Iran-Contra in 1987 Oliver North
#4259, aired 2003-02-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS $800: We now salute Henry O. Flipper, seen here, the first African-American graduate of this academy West Point (U.S. Military Academy)
#4255, aired 2003-02-14CROSSWORD CLUES "C" $1200: Holy medieval military expeditions (8) Crusades
#4252, aired 2003-02-11OXYMORONS $2000: Not that we agree, but it was George Carlin who first popularized the phrase "military" this as an oxymoron intelligence
#4244, aired 2003-01-30"C" FOR YOURSELF $400: A trial by military personnel court-martial
#4238, aired 2003-01-22ONE WORD OR TWO $1600: A military prison; or, a fruit drink regularly for sale stockade/stock ade
#4238, aired 2003-01-22ZERO $200: Zero is the innocent young farmboy in this military-set comic strip Beetle Bailey
#4236, aired 2003-01-20"S"-ENCE $1200: This auto company whose logo is seen here began as one of Sweden's main builders of military aircraft Saab
#4234, aired 2003-01-16CHIPS $600: SOS is a nickname in the military for this creamed breakfast item chipped beef on toast
#4226, aired 2003-01-06WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG $2000: This current secretary of state got his first taste of the military as a student in ROTC Colin Powell
#4225, aired 2003-01-03NAPOLEON'S RESUME $400: Education: This type of career school at Brienne & at Paris military school
#4220, aired 2002-12-27THE EMPEROR NERO $400 (Daily Double): At age 16, Nero was proclaimed emperor by this military unit & immediately confirmed by the Senate Praetorian Guard
#4209, aired 2002-12-12BASES LOADED $800: During WWII the Declaration of Independence was moved to this Kentucky military base for safety Fort Knox
#4209, aired 2002-12-12BASES LOADED $2000: In 1776 the Spanish founded this military base that overlooks the entrance to San Francisco Bay the Presidio
#4205, aired 2002-12-06BANG THE DRUM $2000: This drum used for military marching shares its name with a device to catch animals snare drum
#4197, aired 2002-11-26ENGAGEMENTS $200: The battle of this city was the last military engagement of the War of 1812 New Orleans
#4197, aired 2002-11-26ENGAGEMENTS $600: In a military engagement at the Pyramids in 1798, his forces defeated an Egyptian Mameluke force Napoleon
#4196, aired 2002-11-25CANADIAN HISTORY $400: This military alliance was formed in 1949 by Canada, the U.S. & 10 European countries NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
#4195, aired 2002-11-22ANNUAL EVENTS $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Paris) A military parade goes down the Champs-Elysees from the Arc de Triomphe on this day, which the French call National Day Bastille Day
#4195, aired 2002-11-22SPECIFIC GENERALS $800: General Stonewall Jackson graduated from this military academy in 1846 West Point
#4189, aired 2002-11-14HARVARD DEGREE HONOREES $200: In 1993 he got an honorary degree from Harvard & retired from the U.S. military; today he's a secretary Colin Powell
#4188, aired 2002-11-13FRATERNITIES & SORORITIES $1000: The first post-Civil War fraternity, Alpha Tau Omega started at this "institute" that trained many Civil War generals VMI (Virginia Military Institute)
#4181, aired 2002-11-04FLORIDA CITIES $800: Established as a military post in 1838, it's now the home of the International Swimming Hall of Fame Fort Lauderdale
#4170, aired 2002-10-18QUESTIONABLE DATES OF BIRTH $200: Born in 1927, late congressman Joe Moakley was among many who lied about their ages to do this enlist in the military
#4157, aired 2002-10-01PUMPING "IRON" $600: One of Germany's highest military decorations, it was instituted in Prussia in 1813 Iron Cross
#4140, aired 2002-09-06THE SHORT FORM $400: In the military: AWOL absent without leave
#4136, aired 2002-09-02EYE ON ASIA $2000: Built in Asia in the 1930s as a military supply route, this "Road" stretches from Kunming to Lashio the Burma Road
#4118, aired 2002-06-26"SH"! $1000: In the military it's a rating below expert & above marksman in rifle marksmanship sharpshooter
#4117, aired 2002-06-25"JUMP" FOR JOY $1000: It's the person in charge of military paratroopers when they exit an aircraft jumpmaster
#4115, aired 2002-06-21MILITARY MATTERS $400: 1815's Congress of Vienna was interrupted by the escape of this famous military leader Napoleon
#4115, aired 2002-06-21MILITARY MATTERS $800: This peninsular Asian nation leads the world in percentage of its population in the military North Korea
#4115, aired 2002-06-21MILITARY MATTERS $1200: This peninsular Asian nation is the only place where the U.S. continues to deploy non-self-destructing land mines South Korea
#4115, aired 2002-06-21MILITARY MATTERS $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew demonstrates.) First used to look at national landmarks, this toy was used in World War II for training in aircraft identification View-Master
#4115, aired 2002-06-21MILITARY MATTERS $2000: All U.S. subs with nuclear weapons are of this class named for a state whose capital is named for a 15th c. sailor Ohio
#4112, aired 2002-06-18MILITARY PROMOTIONS $200: In ascending order, this word follows brigadier, major & lieutenant general
#4112, aired 2002-06-18MILITARY PROMOTIONS $400: As one of these, your grade is E-1 or E-2 (E for enlisted); as a first class one, it's E-3 private
#4112, aired 2002-06-18MILITARY PROMOTIONS $600: If you're this lowest grade of army lieutenant, there's nowhere to go but up second lieutenant
#4112, aired 2002-06-18MILITARY PROMOTIONS $800: Next up the pay scale from sergeant is this sergeant who won't comfort you along with a rod staff
#4112, aired 2002-06-18MILITARY PROMOTIONS $1000: Going down the ranks on the 7 seas, remember your 3 C's: commodore, captain, this commander
#4109, aired 2002-06-13FOLLOW THE LEADER $1000: 5-letter military term for the dangerous position of advance man in an advance guard scout (point)
#4107, aired 2002-06-11"BLACK" OR "WHITE" $200: Name shared by a Sauk chief famous for his war & a U.S. military helicopter Black Hawk
#4105, aired 2002-06-07MAN "D" $200: He gave up a career as a military engineer to write novels like "The Brothers Karamazov" Dostoyevsky
#4104, aired 2002-06-06MILITARY MEN $400: "It Doesn't Take a Hero" is the autobiography of this commander of the Persian Gulf War Schwarzkopf
#4104, aired 2002-06-06MILITARY MEN $800: On June 6, 1944 he said, "The hopes and prayers of liberty-loving people everywhere march with you" Eisenhower
#4104, aired 2002-06-06MILITARY MEN $1200: Upon arriving in France in 1917, this AEF commander laid a wreath on Lafayette's tomb Pershing
#4104, aired 2002-06-06MILITARY MEN $1600: Known as "The G.I.'s General", he's the five-star hero seen here with only three during World War II (Omar) Bradley
#4104, aired 2002-06-06MILITARY MEN $2000: Commander of the Pacific Fleet, this American signed the Japanese surrender in 1945 Nimitz
#4096, aired 2002-05-27DUELS $800: Button Gwinnett was killed in a duel over command of GA.'s military in May 1777, 10 months after signing this Declaration of Independence
#4094, aired 2002-05-23"AU" STRUCK $800: These ornamental shoulder pieces are seen on military uniforms epaulets
#4093, aired 2002-05-22IT'S TOO DARN HOT! $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue) Protect yourself from the heat by wearing a kepi, like the ones worn by this military corps founded in 1831 the French Foreign Legion
#4084, aired 2002-05-09MASTERS $9,000 (Daily Double): Van Gogh & Kandinsky were in this modern art "show" named for the NYC military building where it was held in 1913 the Armory Show
#4082, aired 2002-05-07FRENCH LIT $1000: This onetime military pilot wrote "Le Petit Prince" Saint-Exupery
#4079, aired 2002-05-02WORLD WAR I VETS $400: Future U.S. president seen here on his military ID (Harry) Truman
#4075, aired 2002-04-26MUSIC MAKERS $2000: Heard here with drums, military bands often use this transverse instrument when marching a fife
#4071, aired 2002-04-22BEFORE & AFTER $1200: "Killing Me Softly" singer worn as a protective military vest Roberta Flack jacket
#4070, aired 2002-04-19THE OAK TREE $1200: 3-word term for the U.S. military decoration signifying a second award of a medal the oak leaf cluster
#4065, aired 2002-04-12MILITARY MUSIC $400: Sgt. Barry Sadler wrote this hit ballad while in Vietnam "The Ballad Of The Green Berets"
#4065, aired 2002-04-12MILITARY MUSIC $800: Julia Ward Howe wrote the lyrics to "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"; the music was from this song "John Brown's Body"
#4065, aired 2002-04-12MILITARY MUSIC $1200: The "Battle Of The Wabash" has the same melody as this more patriotic song "The Star-Spangled Banner"
#4065, aired 2002-04-12MILITARY MUSIC $1600: During the Persian Gulf War, this patriotic Lee Greenwood song enjoyed a revival "God Bless The U.S.A."
#4063, aired 2002-04-10"DEF" $800: Postponement, especially of compulsory military service deferral (or deferment)
#4060, aired 2002-04-05"ON" WORKS FOR ME $1600: Military theorist Karl von Clausewitz wrote this famous book On War
#4060, aired 2002-04-05DOWN IN THE VALLEY $1000: The U.S. Military Academy at West Point overlooks this river valley the Hudson River Valley
#4056, aired 2002-04-01IT HAPPENED ON APRIL FOOL'S DAY $600: "Aim high" & tell us this branch of the U.S. military that established its academy in 1954 the Air Force
#4052, aired 2002-03-26D.C. ABBR. $800: Take the I & tell us SDI is this military program Strategic Defense Initiative
#4048, aired 2002-03-20MARINE'S LIFE $800: M is for military in the name of this rifle, whose A2 version is a Marine's basic weapon M-16
#4047, aired 2002-03-19AMERICAN MEMORIALS $400: The Brigade 2506 Memorial in Miami commemorates this military action that took place in 1961 the Bay of Pigs
#4046, aired 2002-03-18KID STUFF $400: Military term for a living room structure with sofa-cushion walls fort
#4043, aired 2002-03-13WEST POINT $200: The U.S. Military Academy at West Point was established by legislation signed by this president in 1802 Thomas Jefferson
#4043, aired 2002-03-13WEST POINT $600: On West Point's grounds is a statue of this 1903 graduate who was military governor of Japan following WWII MacArthur
#4038, aired 2002-03-06TIME $800: In military time, this time is rendered 1900 hours 7 P.M.
#4036, aired 2002-03-04DAY $2000: Doris didn't star in "West Side Story", but did star in this 1950 similarly titled musical set in a military academy West Point Story
#4035, aired 2002-03-01WORDS FROM OTHER LANGUAGES $400: Spanish for "father", it's a military chaplain or a San Diego Major League ballplayer Padre
#4031, aired 2002-02-25PUT ON A TIE $2000: This common tie pattern of wide diagonal stripes is named for a military unit a regimental tie
#4030, aired 2002-02-22TIME THE FIRST ISSUE $1000: Obits included Thomas Shaw, last survivor of this hard-charging British military group, subject of a famous poem Light Brigade
#4027, aired 2002-02-19SILENT G $400: In the military it's a vacation or leave of absence for enlisted personnel furlough
#4023, aired 2002-02-13TV ALPHABET $1600: Catherine Bell, seen here stars on this CBS show whose title is an abbreviation of a military legal term JAG
#4017, aired 2002-02-05AROUND THE U.S.A. $200: The New Mexico Military Institute is in this city (wonder if anyone from outer space is enrolled) Roswell
#4014, aired 2002-01-31THE NOT SO GOOD OLD U.S.S. OF R. $400: This leader liquidated some of his best military men, leaving the USSR ill-prepared for the Nazi invasion Stalin
#4013, aired 2002-01-30JAPANESE GEOGRAPHY $1000: This island where the U.S. maintains military bases is part of Japan's Ryukyu Islands Okinawa
#4013, aired 2002-01-30MILITARY BRATS $200: The father of this Doors singer made admiral in the U.S. Navy Jim Morrison
#4013, aired 2002-01-30MILITARY BRATS $400: Michael J. Fox grew up an army brat--this country's army Canada
#4013, aired 2002-01-30MILITARY BRATS $600: He grew up in an air force family, so it made sense to write "leavin' on a jet plane" John Denver
#4013, aired 2002-01-30MILITARY BRATS $800: This "Deep Impact" actor seen here made the cover of Nomad: The Brat Journal Blair Underwood
#4013, aired 2002-01-30MILITARY BRATS $1000: This actress seen here had to be quite the little "voyager" Jeri Ryan
#4011, aired 2002-01-284-SYLLABLE WORDS $800: This type of professional soldier hires himself out to the military service of a foreign country mercenary
#4011, aired 2002-01-28AMERICANA $600: Arthur MacArthur, father of Douglas, was military governor of these islands form May 1900 to July 1901 Philippines
#4010, aired 2002-01-25WORDS WITHIN WORDS $800: The enemy was able to infiltrate this military base because the guard was an impostor post (in impostor)
#4009, aired 2002-01-24"A" PLUS $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew in military uniform.) It's the name of this military maneuver about face
#4007, aired 2002-01-22SALYUT STATIONS $400: Encarta reports the military Salyuts had small unpiloted capsules to return rolls of this to earth film
#4005, aired 2002-01-18SIN "D" $400: In the military it's leaving one's unit; in civilian life, the abandonment of one's spouse or children desertion
#4001, aired 2002-01-14WHAT "R" YOU DOING? $800: To do this with your saber means to make a threatening military display rattle
#3996, aired 2002-01-07GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $400: Before WWII this future French pres. criticized his country's military strategy & argued for Panzer-like tank divisions de Gaulle
#3988, aired 2001-12-26UNDER THE "C" $800: From a French word meaning "to disguise", this type of military fabric is used to blend in with surroundings camouflage
#3979, aired 2001-12-13BIG SCREEN MILITARY MEN $400: 1998: Matt Damon Private Ryan
#3979, aired 2001-12-13BIG SCREEN MILITARY MEN $800: 1941: Gary Cooper Sergeant York
#3979, aired 2001-12-13BIG SCREEN MILITARY MEN $1200: 1979: Marlon Brando Colonel Kurtz
#3979, aired 2001-12-13BIG SCREEN MILITARY MEN $2000: 1951 & 1953: James Mason Erwin Rommel
#3979, aired 2001-12-13BIG SCREEN MILITARY MEN $2,000 (Daily Double): 1989: Tom Cruise Ron Kovic
#3973, aired 2001-12-05HOW SOON WE FORGET $1200: (Sofia is at the United Nations.) In an historic address here in 1988, this man vowed to reduce Soviet military troops & to improve human rights in his country Mikhail Gorbachev
#3972, aired 2001-12-04WAR $1000: This military campaign launched by North Vietnam on January 30, 1968 was named for the Vietnamese Lunar New Year the Tet Offensive
#3965, aired 2001-11-23MILITARY MATTERS $100: This Lexington school abbreviated VMI began admitting women in August 1997 Virginia Military Institute
#3965, aired 2001-11-23MILITARY MATTERS $200: He was the first man to walk on the moon as an active member of the military Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin
#3965, aired 2001-11-23MILITARY MATTERS $300: "Equine" nickname of the WWII plane seen here; it wasn't built by Ford Mustang
#3965, aired 2001-11-23MILITARY MATTERS $400: The micro version of this Israeli-made submachine gun is seen here Uzi
#3965, aired 2001-11-23MILITARY MATTERS $500: This man was the first Vietnam veteran nominated for president by either the Democrats or Republicans Al Gore
#3962, aired 2001-11-20THIS ONE TIME AT BAND CAMP $500: Nobody could stop whistling the march named for this military man Colonel Bogey
#3954, aired 2001-11-08WORLD CAPITALS $500 (Daily Double): This South American capital is home to the General Bernardo O'Higgins Military School Santiago
#3947, aired 2001-10-30BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $800: A child's tiny green plastic military figure who fights for money inside a Chinese dessert item toy soldier of fortune cookie
#3938, aired 2001-10-17BEANS $200: A certain military branch has served this bean as a staple since the mid-1800s, hence its name navy bean
#3931, aired 2001-10-08IN THE DICTIONARY $600: A simple song, or the bag used by military personnel to carry small items ditty
#3922, aired 2001-09-25PEOPLE IN HISTORY $600: Winning a military victory in 47 B.C., this Roman general said, "I came, I saw, I conquered" (Julius) Caesar
#3918, aired 2001-09-19BISMARCK $800: Bismarck showed off the Prussian military when he provoked this northern country into war over Schleswig-Holstein Denmark
#3915, aired 2001-09-14THAT'S A FACT! $300: The origin of these instruments goes back to 55-gallon oil containers discarded by U.S. military bases steel drums
#3913, aired 2001-09-12DICK & JANE & SPOT HODGEPODGE $100: See Dick. See Dick "Be all he can be" in this branch of the military. Serve, Dick, serve! the Army
#3906, aired 2001-09-03TRUE STORY $200: In "Duty First", alum Ed Ruggero calls this military academy "America's premier leadership school" West Point
#3903, aired 2001-07-18MILITARY TELEVISION $100: Bad guys should stay out of harm's way (that's Cmdr. Harmon Rabb's way) on this military-legal series JAG
#3903, aired 2001-07-18MILITARY TELEVISION $200: (Hi, I'm Dana Delany.) Appropriately, the final episode of this TV series on which I starred featured a visit to the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial China Beach
#3903, aired 2001-07-18MILITARY TELEVISION $300: This future star of "The Love Boat" earned his sea legs playing "Happy" Haines on "McHale's Navy" Gavin MacLeod
#3903, aired 2001-07-18MILITARY TELEVISION $400: On a '50s series, this German Shepherd & his master, Rusty, were adopted by cavalry soldiers at Fort Apache Rin Tin Tin
#3903, aired 2001-07-18MILITARY TELEVISION $500: This oldest of the Wayans Brothers co-starred with Yaphet Kotto on the 1983 drama series "For Love and Honor" Keenen Ivory Wayans
#3900, aired 2001-07-132 "RY"s $400: One's the place of the crucifixtion; one's a horse-mounted military force cavalry & Calvary
#3892, aired 2001-07-034-F $600: This group acts as the president's principal military adviser Joint Chiefs of Staff
#3889, aired 2001-06-28WOMEN'S FIRSTS $300: In 1993 Sheila Widnall was flying high as the first woman secretary of this military branch Air Force
#3884, aired 2001-06-214-LETTER FILMS $1000: Sean Penn made his feature film debut as a military cadet in this 1981 film Taps
#3884, aired 2001-06-21NEW SUPERHEROES $400: With a loud croak & a flick of his tongue, he conducts military operations underwater Frogman
#3875, aired 2001-06-08KEMAL ATATURK $3,300 (Daily Double): During WWI, Ataturk played a crucial military role in repelling the Allied invasion of this Turkish peninsula Gallipoli
#3868, aired 2001-05-30MUST BE "D" PLACE $400: A long siege at this military base in 1954 marked the end of French power in Indochina Dien Bien Phu
#3866, aired 2001-05-2850 YEARS AGO $500: After 6 years of U.S. military government, this nation started to gain autonomy again in 1951 Japan
#3864, aired 2001-05-24SHAKESPEARE PITCHES TO HOLLYWOOD $400: Okay, this military guy marries a younger woman named Desdemona -- now the ending's sad, but that means Oscar! "Othello"
#3859, aired 2001-05-17I SEE TENNESSEE $200: The willingness of Tennessee's citizens to serve in the military earned the state this nickname "The Volunteer State"
#3858, aired 2001-05-16PRESIDENTIAL ALMA MATERS $100: U.S. Military Academy, 1843 Ulysses S. Grant
#3851, aired 2001-05-07DA BOMB $200: This branch of the military was put in charge of the Manhattan Project the Army
#3846, aired 2001-04-30T"EEN" $200: A small cafeteria on a military base, or a water flask carried by a soldier on a hike canteen
#3835, aired 2001-04-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: Jefferson Davis graduated from the U.S. Military Academy here West Point
#3830, aired 2001-04-06THE LAST HALF OF THE 20th CENTURY $400: In 1961 military leaders killed this Caribbean nation's dictator Rafael Trujillo Dominican Republic
#3820, aired 2001-03-23BRITISH NOBILITY $1000: In 1702 military hero John Churchill became this "man" as the first Duke of it Marlborough
#3813, aired 2001-03-14EGGS-CITEMENT! $100: Also a term for a military officer's hat decoration, it's the breakfast serving seen here Scrambled eggs
#3813, aired 2001-03-14MILITARY MATTERS $200: Upon hearing the order to "Fall In!", you should line up & "come to" this Attention
#3813, aired 2001-03-14MILITARY MATTERS $400: First class, master, chief master & major are levels of this rank Sergeant
#3813, aired 2001-03-14MILITARY MATTERS $600: MIA is Missing In Action; WIA is this Wounded In Action
#3813, aired 2001-03-14MILITARY MATTERS $800: The ABC weapons are atomic, biological & this Chemical
#3813, aired 2001-03-14MILITARY MATTERS $1000: From the German biwacht, "Auxiliary Patrol", it's an unsheltered military camp Bivouac
#3812, aired 2001-03-13THE VIETNAM WAR $200: Dale Buis, the first U.S. officer killed, was in Vietnam as one of what were usually called "military" these Advisors
#3808, aired 2001-03-07"DIS"INTEGRATION $400: To be formally released from military service, we hope honorably Discharged
#3801, aired 2001-02-26MUSIC $200: While the military type of this composition is usually fast & upbeat, the funeral type is slow & somber March
#3788, aired 2001-02-07LUCKY "SEVEN" $800: Rod Serling wrote this 1964 drama about a military scheme to overthrow the U.S. government Seven Days in May
#3775, aired 2001-01-19ANCIENT PLACES $200: This Greek city didn't allow deformed children to live & boys began military training at age 7 Sparta
#3774, aired 2001-01-18"Q...T" $400: This corrugated steel hut is now a trademarked name Quonset
#3770, aired 2001-01-12MILITARY MATTERS $600: This stammering Roman emperor launched an invasion against Celtic forces in Britain in 43 A.D. Claudius
#3770, aired 2001-01-12MILITARY MATTERS $800: In peacetime the Coast Guard is part of this cabinet department, not the Defense Department Transportation
#3770, aired 2001-01-12MILITARY MATTERS $1000: Originally a hospital for injured soldiers, it's the Paris "Hotel" where you'll find Napoleon's bones Hotel des Invalides
#3767, aired 2001-01-09NOW HEAR THIS! $100: It's the military instrument heard here a bugle
#3767, aired 2001-01-09NOW HEAR THIS! $400: Many military & commercial boats are now equipped with this device sonar
#3764, aired 2001-01-04THE HISTORY OF JANUARY $600: After leading a military coup on Jan. 25, 1971, he made himself president of Uganda Idi Amin
#3762, aired 2001-01-02THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE ROME $400: Built in celebration of military victories, it's the emperor's arch seen here Arch of Constantine
#3760, aired 2000-12-29SLOGANEERING $700 (Daily Double): A branch of the U.S. military: "Aim High" the Air Force
#3750, aired 2000-12-15HISTORY $400: In 1939 he wrote to FDR to present the military potential of an uncontrolled fission chain reaction Albert Einstein
#3735, aired 2000-11-24INNOVATIONS $500: Sebastien Vauban changed this military operation by using zigzag trenches to reach the defending fortress Siege (lay siege to a fort)
#3730, aired 2000-11-17SOUNDS GOOD TO ME $800: It's the title of the following piece of music (played at military funerals) "Taps"
#3724, aired 2000-11-09A PASSION FOR FASHION $200: Worn today by both men & women, the coat variety seen here is known by this "military" name Bomber jacket
#3723, aired 2000-11-08CIVIL ENGINEERING $1,000 (Daily Double): Beginning in 1824 Congress allowed this military group to take on civilian projects Army Corps of Engineers
#3723, aired 2000-11-08HISTORY $200: She plotted against the French Revolution & gave military secrets to her brother Leopold II of Austria Marie Antoinette
#3720, aired 2000-11-03LITERALLY $400: Seen here in 1997, this author of military thrillers signed a 2-book deal reported at over $50 million dollars Tom Clancy
#3719, aired 2000-11-02WORD ORIGINS $800: From the Greek for "generalship", it's a plan of action, like those employed by the military strategy
#3718, aired 2000-11-01WINSTON CHURCHILL $1000: After graduating from this royal military college, Churchill was commissioned a second lieutenant Sandhurst
#3716, aired 2000-10-3013-LETTER WORDS $200: In the 1930s both Chiang Kai-shek & Francisco Franco assumed this "military" title generalissimo
#3712, aired 2000-10-24FLORA & FAUNA $200: Yes sir! This term for the seeds or grains of wheat sounds like a military rank kernel
#3711, aired 2000-10-23PHRENCH PHRASES $400: A volte-face is the French equivalent of this military maneuver an about-face
#3698, aired 2000-10-04THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION $200: 2 days before his more famous ride of April 18, 1775, he galloped to Concord to warn patriots to move military supplies Paul Revere
#3695, aired 2000-09-29U.S. HISTORY $100: Since 1937 this military post has been the site of the United States' gold bullion depository Fort Knox, Kentucky
#3693, aired 2000-09-27THE HISTORY OF LIBYA $400: In 1986 this president ordered U.S. warplanes to bomb Libyan military installations Ronald Reagan
#3693, aired 2000-09-27THE HISTORY OF LIBYA $800: In 1969 he led a military revolt that overthrew the ruling monarchy Muammar Gaddafi
#3687, aired 2000-09-19CABINET SECRETARIES $800: The current defense secretary, seen here; he never served in the military William Cohen
#3684, aired 2000-09-14QUICKIES $200: From military marching, "On" this means right away The double
#3683, aired 2000-09-13IT'S A BYRD $100: Upon his death on March 11, 1957, Richard Byrd was buried in this cemetery with full military honors Arlington National Cemetery
#3678, aired 2000-09-06R...W $400: To go over it again, it's a formal military inspection Review
#3670, aired 2000-07-14HISTORIC POST-IT NOTES $800: Military man who may have found the note seen here on his desk in April of 1951: "Truman called - sounds steamed!" General Douglas MacArthur
#3657, aired 2000-06-27AROUND THE BLOC $200: In 1991 the 6 members agreed to dissolve this military alliance of the eastern bloc Warsaw Pact
#3653, aired 2000-06-21STUPID ANSWERS $300: It's the name given the nearly 1-week-long military conflict between Israel & several Arab neighbors in 1967 Six-Day War
#3653, aired 2000-06-21THE 20th CENTURY $800: This WWII portable military shelter was first built at the Rhode Island naval air station for which it was named quonset hut
#3644, aired 2000-06-08HISTORY $400: During the third of these military expeditions, the Palestinian ports of Acre & Jaffa were captured, but not Jerusalem Crusades
#3644, aired 2000-06-08VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE $200: VMI is located in this Virginia city named for the Massachusetts town where the Revolutionary War began Lexington
#3644, aired 2000-06-08VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE $400: During this war, VMI cadets made up the only American student unit ever to fight in combat Civil War
#3644, aired 2000-06-08VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE $700 (Daily Double): Among VMI's most famous graduates is this 20th century 5-star general & Nobel Peace Prize winner George Marshall
#3644, aired 2000-06-08VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE $800: He's the TV star & VMI alumnus seen here: (evil boss in "9 to 5") Dabney Coleman
#3644, aired 2000-06-08VIRGINIA MILITARY INSTITUTE $1000: Once a VMI science & artillery professor, this famous Confederate general is buried near the campus Stonewall Jackson
#3641, aired 2000-06-05JOHN HANCOCK $100: Though without military experience, Hancock expected the commander-in-chief job that went to this man George Washington
#3624, aired 2000-05-11SWEET "VIRGINIA" $200: In June 1996 the U.S. Supreme Court ordered this college to admit women & they did Virginia Military Institute (VMI)
#3623, aired 2000-05-10LETTER AFTER K $200: In the abbreviation of the military duty in which you assist the cook P (KP)
#3614, aired 2000-04-27THE MIDDLE AGES $500: Back in 1499 this country had a military force so powerful it forced Germany to sign the Treaty of Basel Switzerland
#3598, aired 2000-04-05NEWSPEAK $600: It's the diesel-powered multipurpose U.S. military vehicle that replaced the Jeep Humvee
#3594, aired 2000-03-30PRESIDENTIAL RHYME TIME $800: Benjamin's military posts Harrison's garrisons
#3590, aired 2000-03-24MILITARY RHYME TIME $100: Food on a ship that's designed to go underwater Sub grub
#3590, aired 2000-03-24MILITARY RHYME TIME $200: A moist F-16 Wet jet
#3590, aired 2000-03-24MILITARY RHYME TIME $300: A genuine member of the Navy's elite commando force a real SEAL
#3590, aired 2000-03-24MILITARY RHYME TIME $400: A football kick on fourth down by a lowly infantryman Grunt punt
#3590, aired 2000-03-24MILITARY RHYME TIME $500: The high-pitched sound an ICBM might make Missile whistle
#3588, aired 2000-03-22BIG SCREEN TIME TRAVEL $500: A military "Experiment" sends sailor Michael Pare over 40 years into the future in this film The Philadelphia Experiment
#3581, aired 2000-03-13BIBLICAL MILITARY MEN $100: This Philistine had a "helmet of brass" & a coat of mail weighing 5,000 shekels Goliath
#3581, aired 2000-03-13BIBLICAL MILITARY MEN $200: The Roman centurion Cornelius, possibly the first Gentile Christian, was converted by this fisherman Peter
#3581, aired 2000-03-13BIBLICAL MILITARY MEN $300: Moses designated him to defend Israel against Amalek; he later brought down the walls of Jericho Joshua
#3581, aired 2000-03-13BIBLICAL MILITARY MEN $400: Benaiah was commander of this wise king's army Solomon
#3581, aired 2000-03-13BIBLICAL MILITARY MEN $500: This Hittite soldier was sent to the front lines of battle so that David could take his wife Bathsheba Uriah
#3569, aired 2000-02-24MEDALS & DECORATIONS $1000: Alvin York & Eddie Rickenbacker were recipients of this French medal for military & bravery, first awarded in 1915 Croix de Guerre
#3569, aired 2000-02-24REAL U.S. LOCALES $200: This Ohio town shares its name with Hosea's Old Testament wife & the first name of a TV military hayseed Gomer
#3565, aired 2000-02-18REALLY OLD NEWS $200: The second of these military campaigns was proclaimed by Pope Eugene III in 1147 Crusades
#3563, aired 2000-02-16THE CIVIL WAR $200: About 180,000 black soldiers served in the Union army; 23 won this highest military award Congressional Medal of Honor
#3559, aired 2000-02-10ASIAN HISTORY $500: In 1192 Japan's emperor gave military leader Yoritomo this title which means "great general" Shogun
#3559, aired 2000-02-10ISMs $800: Manorialism was the economic basis of this system of political & military obligation in the Middle Ages Feudalism
#3552, aired 2000-02-01GENERAL KNOWLEDGE $200: This 4-star general was President Bush's top military adviser from 1989 to 1993 Colin Powell
#3552, aired 2000-02-01GENERAL KNOWLEDGE $400: This "Old Blood & Guts" general once served as military governor of Bavaria George Patton
#3543, aired 2000-01-19MILITARY MATTERS $200: This nickname of the World War II U.S. Air Force fighter numbered the P-51 comes from the Spanish for "stray animal" Mustang
#3543, aired 2000-01-19MILITARY MATTERS $400: One-third of the Americans who made up the Abraham Lincoln Battalion were killed during this country's civil war Spain
#3543, aired 2000-01-19MILITARY MATTERS $600: There are Chinese & Russian versions of this rifle that's also known as Kalashnikov Model 1947 AK-47
#3543, aired 2000-01-19MILITARY MATTERS $800: This kind of "force" is a temporary grouping of units to carry out a specific mission Task force
#3543, aired 2000-01-19MILITARY MATTERS $1000: This German "operation" to invade the Soviet Union took its name from a crusading Holy Roman Emperor Operation Barbarossa
#3526, aired 1999-12-27PRESIDENTIAL FACTS $500: The first of 3 U.S. presidents to graduate from a military academy Ulysses S. Grant (Eisenhower & Carter were the others.)
#3521, aired 1999-12-20THE KNIGHT $800: Serious military training as a knight began when a page became one of these in his teens Squire
#3516, aired 1999-12-13CHURCHES & CATHEDRALS $1000: Located in Red Square, it was begun in the 1550s to commemorate the military conquests of Ivan the Terrible St. Basil's
#3501, aired 1999-11-22A BUNCH OF "GREAT" LEADERS $500: During the Seven Years' War, this king gained great military prestige & land for Prussia Frederick the Great
#3500, aired 1999-11-19ABBREV. $100: In the British military: RAF Royal Air Force
#3489, aired 1999-11-04I WAS A TEENAGE... $300: In his late teens, this "Top Gun" star played a loony military cadet in "Taps" Tom Cruise
#3488, aired 1999-11-03FAMOUS NAMES $400: His repertoire of about 140 military marches earned him the nickname the "March King" John Philip Sousa
#3481, aired 1999-10-25OCTOBER FEST $400: This Middle Eastern president was assassinated while reviewing a military parade October 6, 1981 Anwar Sadat
#3481, aired 1999-10-25OTTOMANIA $500 (Daily Double): Built up by Bayezid II, this branch of the Ottoman military first proved itself in wars against the Venetians Navy
#3481, aired 1999-10-25TV SITCOMS $100: The February 28, 1983 finale of this military sitcom was the most-watched episode in TV history M*A*S*H
#3480, aired 1999-10-22BOY MEETS WORLD $100: At 16 in 1785, this future first consul became head of his family & graduated from the Paris Military Academy Napoleon Bonaparte
#3475, aired 1999-10-15CALIFORNIA DREAMIN' $300: This desert is home to 4 military installations, including Edwards Air Force Base Mojave Desert
#3474, aired 1999-10-14MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $400: A type of flute with 6 finger holes, its main modern use is in drum corps & military bands Fife
#3472, aired 1999-10-12NATO $200: In 1966 this president pulled France's troops out of NATO's military command Charles de Gaulle
#3467, aired 1999-10-05SOLDIERS $1000: Military strategists salute the book "On War" by this 19th century Prussian general Carl von Clausewitz
#3465, aired 1999-10-01HISTORIC LEADERS $400: Born around 1849, this leader of the Oglala Sioux was praised even by his enemies as a military strategist Crazy Horse
#3463, aired 1999-09-29WE'LL GET YOU IN SHAPE $200: This military group abbreviated RCAF developed the 5BX program of calisthenics Royal Canadian Air Force
#3459, aired 1999-09-23MILITARY MOVIES $200: In a 1968 film, he played Col. Michael Kirby, the leader of a group of Green Berets John Wayne
#3459, aired 1999-09-23MILITARY MOVIES $400: Willie Nelson composes a patriotic anthem for the war that Dustin Hoffman fabricates in this 1997 satire Wag the Dog
#3459, aired 1999-09-23MILITARY MOVIES $600: A Chinese girl joins the Imperial Army to fight the Huns in this 1998 Disney film Mulan
#3459, aired 1999-09-23MILITARY MOVIES $700 (Daily Double): (Hi, I'm Robin Roberts.) My dad was one of these "Airmen", the first all-black squadron of fighter pilots in WWII & it was also the subject of an HBO movie the Tuskegee Airmen
#3459, aired 1999-09-23MILITARY MOVIES $800: Harold Ramis co-wrote this 1981 service comedy in which he & Bill Murray join the army Stripes
#3458, aired 1999-09-22CONNERY...SEAN CONNERY $600: Like Bond, Sean spent time in this military branch in his youth Navy
#3443, aired 1999-07-21MILITARY MATTERS $200: It's what the abbreviation POW/MIA stands for Prisoner of War/Missing in Action
#3443, aired 1999-07-21MILITARY MATTERS $400: The Air Force's basic unit, it's subordinate to a group & consists of 2 or more flights Squadron
#3443, aired 1999-07-21MILITARY MATTERS $600: With its advanced detection systems, the Boeing E-3A Sentry seen here is usually known by this acronym AWACS
#3443, aired 1999-07-21MILITARY MATTERS $800: (Hi, I'm David James Elliott of "JAG") Abbreviated UCMJ, this "uniform" standard covers the law in the armed forces Uniform Code of Military Justice
#3443, aired 1999-07-21MILITARY MATTERS $1000: Major Esterhazy was probably the real spy for the Germans in this French "affair" that began in 1894 Dreyfus Affair
#3442, aired 1999-07-20"DIS" IS FOR REAL! $1000: Abbreviated DSM, it's a military decoration for exceptional performance of duty Distinguished Service Medal
#3437, aired 1999-07-13CLOTHES $200: A soldier's clothes for "tiring" nonmilitary duties like digging ditches or raking leaves Fatigues
#3432, aired 1999-07-06MEG RYAN MOVIES $600: A pilot's wife in 1986's "Top Gun", Meg joined the military in this 1996 film Courage Under Fire
#3430, aired 1999-07-02MILITARY TELEVISION $100: Army psychiatrist Dr. Sidney Freedman had his hands full analyzing the 4077th on this classic series M*A*S*H
#3430, aired 1999-07-02MILITARY TELEVISION $200: As the irascible Sergeant Carter, Frank Sutton was often less than neighborly to Jim Nabors on this sitcom Gomer Pyle, U.S.M.C.
#3430, aired 1999-07-02MILITARY TELEVISION $300: This Tom Selleck title character was a Vietnam veteran who had served in Navy intelligence Magnum, P.I.
#3430, aired 1999-07-02MILITARY TELEVISION $400: Dan Quayle appeared on this Gerald McRaney sitcom in a 1990 episode honoring the Marine Corps' 215th anniversary Major Dad
#3430, aired 1999-07-02MILITARY TELEVISION $500: It's what "JAG" stands for in the TV series of the same name Judge Advocate General
#3429, aired 1999-07-01MILITARY MOVIES $100: "A Few Good Men" was set partly in Cuba, & it also featured this actor named Cuba Cuba Gooding, Jr.
#3429, aired 1999-07-01MILITARY MOVIES $200: Eileen Brennan earned an Oscar nomination for playing Captain Lewis in this Goldie Hawn comedy Private Benjamin
#3429, aired 1999-07-01MILITARY MOVIES $300: Harve Presnell appeared as General George C. Marshall in this 1998 Spielberg epic Saving Private Ryan
#3429, aired 1999-07-01MILITARY MOVIES $400: Remember this film, the first one John Wayne directed -- it was set in Texas in 1836 The Alamo
#3429, aired 1999-07-01MILITARY MOVIES $500: Jack Warden played Sgt. Welsh in the 1964 film of this James Jones novel, Sean Penn in the 1998 remake The Thin Red Line
#3428, aired 1999-06-30"C" WHO SALUTES $400: A clergyman attached to a military unit, even without a bowler hat, mustache & cane chaplain
#3428, aired 1999-06-30"C" WHO SALUTES $600: Term for a military force that serves on horseback cavalry
#3427, aired 1999-06-29EUROPEAN MUSEUMS $500: A Prague museum devoted to this composer contains the rooms where he finished "Don Giovanni" Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
#3427, aired 1999-06-29MILITARY WIVES $100: In the spotlight for taping her friend Monica, she described herself as "A suburban mom...a military wife for 20 years" Linda Tripp
#3427, aired 1999-06-29MILITARY WIVES $200: As both a military & a political wife, she was determined not to look "Dowd"y Mamie Eisenhower
#3427, aired 1999-06-29MILITARY WIVES $300: This widow of a slain Israeli general & prime minister now speaks out on the need for Middle East peace Leah Rabin
#3427, aired 1999-06-29MILITARY WIVES $400: In 1998 activist Doris Mozley testified on pensions before the House committee on these "Affairs" Veterans Affairs
#3427, aired 1999-06-29MILITARY WIVES $500: This actress won an Oscar for playing a sexy & unstable military wife in "Blue Sky" Jessica Lange
#3426, aired 1999-06-28"SOLDIER"S & "SAILOR"S $1000: A wealth seeker, or a military adventurer for hire soldier of fortune
#3426, aired 1999-06-284-LETTER WORDS $100: According to the riddle, when is one of these not one of these? When it's ajar door
#3426, aired 1999-06-284-LETTER WORDS $200: Send off a missile or an employee fire
#3426, aired 1999-06-284-LETTER WORDS $300: As a verb, it's the past tense form of the title of a Sandra Bullock-Keanu Reeves film sped (Speed)
#3426, aired 1999-06-284-LETTER WORDS $400: A small, secluded valley that's home to a famous derry-o operator dell
#3426, aired 1999-06-28MILITARY ASTROLOGY $100: Cancerians might feel like marching sideways because Cancer is the sign of this animal crab
#3426, aired 1999-06-28MILITARY ASTROLOGY $200: General Patton had a "stinging" slap, so you can figure out that this was his sign Scorpio
#3426, aired 1999-06-28MILITARY ASTROLOGY $300: Harsh criticism is characteristic of this "chaste" sign (Hmm...maybe your drill sergeant was born under it) Virgo
#3426, aired 1999-06-28MILITARY ASTROLOGY $400: Admiral George Dewey was born under this sign, but we bet no one dared call him an "old goat" Capricorn
#3426, aired 1999-06-28MILITARY ASTROLOGY $500: Purple is a harmonious color for this "centaur" sign, so a purple uniform would look great on you Sagittarius
#3422, aired 1999-06-22MILITARY SCIENCE $200: It's the military rank the Constitution gives the U.S. president Commander-in-Chief
#3422, aired 1999-06-22MILITARY SCIENCE $400: In mission types it precedes -and-attack, -and-destroy & -and-rescue Search
#3422, aired 1999-06-22MILITARY SCIENCE $600: The bugle call that starts the day or the morning ceremony with the flag raising Reveille
#3422, aired 1999-06-22MILITARY SCIENCE $800: "DEFCON" with this number means the military is at maximum readiness 1
#3420, aired 1999-06-18PRESIDENTIAL FACTS $200: 2 of 3 who attended a military academy Grant, Eisenhower, Carter
#3406, aired 1999-05-31COLLEGES $1000: Located in Charleston, it's "The Military College of South Carolina" The Citadel
#3406, aired 1999-05-31THE HUDSON $200: In 1802 a military academy was established at this site West Point
#3387, aired 1999-05-04ROCKET SCIENCE $800: The ICBM, which stands for this, can deliver a payload to a military target thousands of miles away Intercontinental ballistic missile
#3383, aired 1999-04-28U.S. HISTORY $400: In 1851 Stonewall Jackson became an instructor at VMI, this school Virginia Military Institute
#3380, aired 1999-04-23FILE UNDER "M" $600: It's the Army's equivalent of the Navy's Shore Patrol Military Police
#3364, aired 1999-04-01THE BOZO NEWS $300: Paying for this new pill for active duty troops & retirees has put a $50 million strain on the U.S. military budget Viagra
#3360, aired 1999-03-26TOWNS & CITIES $600: Founded in 1565, this Florida city served as one of Spain's North American military headquarters St. Augustine
#3359, aired 1999-03-25MEDIEVAL TIMES $100: This military practice possibly began when knights raised their visors to acknowledge their king Salute
#3353, aired 1999-03-17THE LUCK OF THE "IRISH" $500: Sinn Fein is the political wing of this military group Irish Republican Army
#3349, aired 1999-03-11ABBREV. $500: Members of the military who show heroism during aerial combat may be awarded this, abbreviated DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
#3345, aired 1999-03-05HIGH SCHOOLS $1000: You can join Junior ROTC at Kemper, the oldest school of this type west of the Mississippi a military school
#3323, aired 1999-02-03QUOTATIONS $200: In 1951 Douglas MacArthur told Congress, "I now close my military career and just" do this Fade away
#3313, aired 1999-01-20ON THE GO $300: This military transport is also a ride for the rich Humvee/Hummer
#3303, aired 1999-01-06LSU $400: This civil "War is Hell" general was president of the seminary & military academy that became LSU William Tecumseh Sherman
#3301, aired 1999-01-04FOREIGN HOLIDAY $800: An April 25 holiday in Australia honors this military group ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps)
#3297, aired 1998-12-29THE CAROLINAS $300: In 1995 the first woman was admitted to this Charleston, S.C. military academy The Citadel
#3272, aired 1998-11-24CLASSICAL MUSIC $1000: It's the von Suppe "military" overture heard here The Light Cavalry Overture
#3260, aired 1998-11-06HISTORY 101 $500: In 1862 Jefferson Davis named this Confederate general his chief military advisor Robert E. Lee
#3256, aired 1998-11-02A CONSTANTINE REMINDER $200: French for "blow", a military one overthrew Greece's Constantine II in 1967 & set up a junta Coup
#3255, aired 1998-10-30MILITARY UNITS $100: Oliver Stone won an Oscar for his story about one of these title units in which he served in Vietnam a platoon
#3255, aired 1998-10-30MILITARY UNITS $200: From the medieval Latin for "army", it's a large fleet like the one Admiral Howard faced in 1588 an armada
#3255, aired 1998-10-30MILITARY UNITS $300: 3 brigades under 1 headquarters, or a math function a division
#3255, aired 1998-10-30MILITARY UNITS $400: A group of cavalry, whether A, B, or "F" a troop
#3255, aired 1998-10-30MILITARY UNITS $500: Mod or not, it's usually 10 infantrymen headed by a staff sergeant a squad
#3252, aired 1998-10-27REVOLUTIONARIES $500: Known as "The Hero of Two Worlds", this revolutionary seen here led military campaigns in Brazil & Italy Giuseppe Garibaldi
#3228, aired 1998-09-23MOUNTAINS $1000: The Georgian Military Highway is the only highway crossing this range that divides Asia from Europe the Caucasus
#3217, aired 1998-09-08INTELLIGENCE $600: German military communications of WWII were a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside this coding machine Enigma
#3205, aired 1998-07-03REAL ESTATE $200: In 1947 the U.S. was given a 99-year one on Philippine military bases -- it was later shortened Lease
#3196, aired 1998-06-22THE NATIONAL GUARD $500: They are the 2 military services the National Guard augments the Air Force & the Army
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $100: Its National Museum of American History has General Washington's field tent Smithsonian
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $200: A WWI troop train is at Fort Benning's National Infantry Museum in this state Georgia
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $300: Fort McClellan has a museum devoted to this distaff branch of the Army, disestablished in 1978 WACs (Women's Army Corps)
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $400: Cadets can visit its artillery museum that dates back to 1854, with a collection that began about 1779 West Point
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $500: The U.S. Army Field Artillery Museum in Oklahoma has mementoes of this Apache chief who is buried nearby Geronimo
#3182, aired 1998-06-02BUSINESS FOUNDERS $200: In the 19th C. he fled the German military draft & went on to brew beer in Golden, Colorado Adolph Coors
#3172, aired 1998-05-19MEN IN BLUE $800: This country's Carabinieri evolved from a military group that served the Savoyard states Italy
#3148, aired 1998-04-15HOUSE OF PAIN $200: Shoe term for the basic training period of military recruits boot camp
#3140, aired 1998-04-03ANCIENT TRAVEL GUIDE $1000: Barren accommodations, but plenty of exercise & military drill in this capital of Laconia Sparta
#3131, aired 1998-03-23OXYMORONS $200: They're units in the Armed Services which engage in spying; some call the term an oxymoron military intelligence
#3108, aired 1998-02-18MILITARY POWER $100: Contour flying is when a pilot flies low, following the Earth's contours, to avoid this radar
#3108, aired 1998-02-18MILITARY POWER $200: No armed forces are allowed in this area between North & South Korea the Demilitarized Zone
#3108, aired 1998-02-18MILITARY POWER $300: A period of guard duty; in the Navy one may be 4 or 8 hours long watch
#3108, aired 1998-02-18MILITARY POWER $400: It's an order for aircraft to get off the ground ASAP or an egg order to the mess hall cook scramble
#3108, aired 1998-02-18MILITARY POWER $500: Whether general or ready, they're the troops held close by reserves
#3106, aired 1998-02-16COMMUNISTS $1000: Joe Slovo led South Africa's Communist Party & this anti-apartheid party's military wing ANC (African National Congress)
#3098, aired 1998-02-04SEX CHANGES $200: Not far from Roanoke, this military school broke a 158 year tradition & admitted women in 1997 VMI (Virginia Military Institute)
#3090, aired 1998-01-23BESTSELLING AUTHORS $800: Before playing "Patriot Games", all his military experience was in ROTC at Loyola College in Baltimore Tom Clancy
#3080, aired 1998-01-09IT'S IMPERATIVE! $800: 2-word military command to look straight ahead "Eyes front!"
#3078, aired 1998-01-07MOTTOES $500: "Duty, Honor, Country" is the motto of this New York school U.S. Military Academy/West Point/Army
#3075, aired 1998-01-02"FIELD" $600: Military title shared by Horatio Kitchener, Erwin Rommel & Bernard Montgomery Field marshall
#3066, aired 1997-12-22FILMS OF THE '80s $600: Tom Cruise, Timothy Hutton & Sean Penn played military cadets in this 1981 film Taps
#3056, aired 1997-12-08THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $500: It's a military officer's servant, not a caped crusader Batman
#3051, aired 1997-12-01TRANSPORTATION $800: This military vehicle got its name from a British codeword when "Landship" never caught on Tank
#3045, aired 1997-11-21FIRST LADIES $500: She started wearing those famous bangs while living in the Panama Canal Zone with her military husband Mamie Eisenhower
#3035, aired 1997-11-07WHEN THEY WERE TEENAGERS $300: This beefy Desert Storm general went to Valley Forge Military Academy on a football scholarship General Norman Schwarzkopf
#3015, aired 1997-10-10THE BIG 4-0 $200: At age 40 in 1781 this American traitor moved to London but was denied military service Benedict Arnold
#3002, aired 1997-09-23"SON"NY $400: This 2-wheeled, horse-drawn vehicle is used to carry coffins at military funerals caisson
#2983, aired 1997-07-16WEIGHTS & MEASURES $200: In the military, 1300 hours is equivalent to this time of day 1 P.M.
#2979, aired 1997-07-10AWARDS $200: In 1993 this North American country reinstated the Victoria Cross as its highest military honor Canada
#2975, aired 1997-07-04POETS & POETRY $200: The last work of 15th century poet Christine de Pisan celebrates the military victories of this woman Joan of Arc
#2968, aired 1997-06-25THE PERSIAN GULF WAR $500: Saddam Hussein's elite military force, reportedly the best trained & best equipped of the Iraqi army The Republican Guards
#2965, aired 1997-06-20JURY DUTY $100: The general type of this military tribunal usually has a jury of 5 members Court martial
#2963, aired 1997-06-18WORLD HISTORY $600: A Greek military coup in 1974 briefly deposed Archbishop Makarios, president of this island nation Cyprus
#2956, aired 1997-06-09POLITICAL TERMS $200: When a country is under this type of law, military tribunals replace civil courts Martial Law
#2955, aired 1997-06-06SAN FRANCISCO $500: This old military base that overlooks the entrance to San Francisco was founded by Spain in 1776 the Presidio
#2953, aired 1997-06-04POTPOURRI $800: This president's 1961 farewell address warned of the influence of "The Military-Industrial Complex" Dwight D. Eisenhower
#2942, aired 1997-05-201988 $400: On November 22, 1988 the press received a restricted view of this secret military plane B-2 (Stealth Bomber)
#2937, aired 1997-05-13MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $200: This valveless instrument used for military calls was originally a hunting horn Bugle
#2931, aired 1997-05-05AFRICAN HISTORY $200: In 1969 General Siad Barre led a military coup in this country on the horn of Africa Somalia
#2927, aired 1997-04-29TOUGH HISTORY $600: In 1823 the U.S. lacked the military power to back up this president's "Doctrine" James Monroe
#2924, aired 1997-04-24HISTORIC PEOPLE $200: Earlier in 1775 he rode to warn the patriots to move their military stores from Concord Paul Revere
#2924, aired 1997-04-24HISTORIC PEOPLE $800: This commander of the AEF in WWI taught military science at the University of Nebraska in the 1890s John "Black Jack" Pershing
#2920, aired 1997-04-18JAPAN $800: In April 1996 the U.S. agreed to return all or part of several military bases on this island to Japan in 7 years Okinawa
#2912, aired 1997-04-08U.S. HISTORY $400: In 1900 the Taft Commission supervised the transfer of military to civil govt. in these Pacific islands Philippines
#2908, aired 1997-04-02HISTORIC NAMES $800: This Israeli military leader lost his left eye in 1941 while scouting positions in Syria Moshe Dayan
#2905, aired 1997-03-28WORLD WAR I $500: 368 Americans who died during the war are buried at this military cemetery near Waregem, Belgium Flanders Fields
#2902, aired 1997-03-25GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $600: An act passed in 1986 named the chairman of this panel as the president's principal military adviser Joint Chiefs of Staff
#2901, aired 1997-03-24POT LUCK $400: From the French for "disguise", it's used by the military for concealing people or things from the enemy Camouflage
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $200: Benjamin Franklin "Beast" Butler was dismissed in 1862 as military governor of this Louisiana city New Orleans
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $400: During Leonard Wood's 1899-1902 term as military governor of Cuba, this disease was brought under control Yellow fever
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $600: Term for the military governor of Japan; the last one resigned in 1867 Shogun
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $800: He was military governor of Judea 26-36 A.D. Pontius Pilate
#2900, aired 1997-03-21MILITARY GOVERNORS $1000: Appointed military governor of this Canadian city in 1760, Thomas Gage was made a major general in 1761 Montreal
#2891, aired 1997-03-10THE 1930s $1000: In September 1933 he led a military coup against the government of Cuba Fulgencio Batista
#2889, aired 1997-03-06U.S. CITIES $400: Boeing's military airplane division is in this Kansas city, home to Cessna & Glen Campbell's lineman Wichita
#2886, aired 1997-03-03HISTORY $500: Founded in 1933, this Spanish political party was named for a Greek military formation Falange
#2880, aired 1997-02-21INVENTORS $100: In 1775 David Bushnell built the first of these underwater craft used by the military Submarines
#2867, aired 1997-02-04ANCIENT HISTORY $600: This 2-wheeled military vehicle was introduced to Egypt from Asia in the 2nd millennium B.C. Chariot
#2863, aired 1997-01-29HISTORY $100: The third of these military expeditions was led by Frederick I Barbarossa, Philip II & Richard the Lion-Hearted the Crusades
#2862, aired 1997-01-28COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $200: "Anchors Aweigh" was written for this military academy's class of 1907 U.S. Naval Academy
#2853, aired 1997-01-15WORLD CAPITALS $800: The Islamic University of Imam Muhammad Ibn Saud & the Abdulaziz Military Academy are in this city Riyadh
#2847, aired 1997-01-0720th CENTURY AUTHORS $800: In his 1st book, "The Boo", Pat Conroy wrote about this South Carolina military academy, his alma mater The Citadel
#2843, aired 1997-01-01THE KOREAN WAR $400: 131 of these highest U.S. military awards for battlefield bravery were awarded in the Korean War Congressional Medal of Honor
#2840, aired 1996-12-27MILITARY ACADEMIES $100: Established in 1845 at Fort Severn, this United States military academy's campus is referred to as The Yard the U.S. Naval Academy
#2840, aired 1996-12-27MILITARY ACADEMIES $200: Abbreviated VMI, it held its first co-ed open house in October 1996 Virginia Military Institute
#2840, aired 1996-12-27MILITARY ACADEMIES $500: Britain's Royal Military Academy is also known as this from its location Sandhurst
#2835, aired 1996-12-20PARKS $1000: Horseshoe Bend National Military Park in Alabama is the site where he defeated the Creek Indians in 1814 Andrew Jackson
#2835, aired 1996-12-20THE 1990s $300: He ended a 35-year military career in 1993 by resigning as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Colin Powell
#2831, aired 1996-12-16MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $200: This military flute derives its name from the German word for "pipe" Fife
#2829, aired 1996-12-12PLAYWRIGHTS $200: Discharged from the military in 1946, this "Odd Couple" author worked in the Warner Bros. mailroom Neil Simon
#2824, aired 1996-12-05U.S.A. $1000: Horseshoe Bend National Military Park in Alabama marks the site of this Indian war's last battle the Creek Indian War
#2821, aired 1996-12-02MEN OF NOTE $1000: This flutist, a native of Belfast, played in the Belfast military band as a child James Galway
#2817, aired 1996-11-26LATIN AMERICA $1000: On September 11, 1973, military forces seized power in Chile and this Marxist president perished Salvador Allende
#2816, aired 1996-11-25EUROPEAN HISTORY $200: On April 21, 1967, Col. Georgios Papadopolous engineered a military takeover of this Balkan nation Greece
#2805, aired 1996-11-08ASIAN CITIES $1000: This Russian Pacific port on Peter-the-Great Bay was founded as a military outpost in 1860 Vladivostok
#2802, aired 1996-11-054-LETTER WORDS $100: This bugle call played at a military camp is an order to turn out the lights "Taps"
#2786, aired 1996-10-14ROCK MUSIC $500: In spring 1996 she visited U.S. military bases in Italy, Germany & Bosnia, singing her hit "All I Wanna Do" Sheryl Crow
#2784, aired 1996-10-10WORLD HISTORY $600: In 1983 this general became head of Panama's military; in 1989 U.S. troops overthrew him Manuel Noriega
#2777, aired 1996-10-01NOTABLE WOMEN $400: In 1854 she left England to work in the military hospital at Scutari, Turkey (Florence) Nightingale
#2770, aired 1996-09-20WORLD HISTORY $500: This future president led the 1952 military coup that forced Farouk's abdication Nasser
#2763, aired 1996-09-11OOPS $300: President Carter said the failed military rescue of these people in 1980 was an "incomplete success" the hostages in Tehran
#2757, aired 1996-09-03WORLD HISTORY $100: In 1785 this future French emperor graduated from military school in Paris, 42nd in his class of 58 Napoleon
#2750, aired 1996-07-12JAPAN $300: These military dictators dominated Japan for most of the period between 1192 & 1867 the shoguns
#2700, aired 1996-05-03MARRIAGE CUSTOMS $300: At a military wedding, the departing couple exits under an arch of these weapons swords
#2698, aired 1996-05-01SATIRE $800: He's the anti-hero of Joseph Heller's satire of military bureaucracy, "Catch-22" Yossarian
#2647, aired 1996-02-201995 $400: In a Feb. address, Boris Yeltsin defended the Russian military actions against this breakaway republic Chechnya
#2644, aired 1996-02-15WORLD FACTS $1,000 (Daily Double): Artifacts from the Chaco War are displayed in the Military History Museum in this Paraguayan capital Asuncion
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This island near San Francisco ceased being a military prison & became a federal prison in 1934 Alcatraz
#2603, aired 1995-12-20HISTORIC NICKNAMES $400: Alaric-Cotin, a nickname of this Prussian king, pays homage to his military prowess & love of letters Frederick the Great
#2596, aired 1995-12-11U.S. CITIES $500: During World War II this Kansas city produced 26,000 military aircraft Wichita
#2584, aired 1995-11-23NATIONAL STATUARY HALL $400: This military officer & author of "Ben-Hur" represents Indiana Lew Wallace
#2579, aired 1995-11-16ASSASSINATIONS $400: This Egyptian president was fatally shot while attending a military parade in 1981 Anwar Sadat
#2579, aired 1995-11-16FAMILIAR PHRASES $500: Frenchmen once assumed names in the military, hence this phrase, French for "name of war" Nom de guerre
#2578, aired 1995-11-151995 $1,200 (Daily Double): In July, military leaders in this country freed Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi from house arrest Myanmar (Burma)
#2577, aired 1995-11-14THE UNITED NATIONS $400: Under U.N. guidelines, this military operation began January 16, 1991 Operation Desert Storm/Persian Gulf War
#2574, aired 1995-11-09WORD"Z" $300: It's an all-out military or football attack blitz
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AWARDS $200: England's most coveted military decoration is named for this queen who established it in 1856 Queen Victoria
#2568, aired 1995-11-01GOVERNMENT & POLITICS $3,400 (Daily Double): In the 20th c. only 2 military leaders have been Secretary of State: George Marshall & this 1980 appointee (Alexander) Haig
#2564, aired 1995-10-26THE MIDDLE AGES $400: In 1192 Minamoto Yoritomo took this title as military dictator of Japan Shogun
#2552, aired 1995-10-10SOCIAL STUDIES $400: In this ancient Greek city boys from age 7 to 20 lived in barracks & had physical & military training Sparta
#2547, aired 1995-10-03WORLD HISTORY $300: This Egyptian president graduated from the military academy at Cairo in 1938 Nasser
#2536, aired 1995-09-181994 OBITS $200: This former president's funeral cost the U.S. military $311,039 Nixon
#2532, aired 1995-09-12FASHION $600: These military pants with patches of green & brown became popular for general wear in the 1980s fatigues (camouflage pants)
#2530, aired 1995-09-081995 $1000: The Russian military claimed to have captured Grozny, capital of this breakaway republic Chechnya
#2523, aired 1995-07-19DRESSING $600: It's a "tired" name for military clothing worn while doing chores fatigues
#2519, aired 1995-07-13PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA $200: As Dan Quayle did in Indiana, Harry Truman served in this military group in Missouri the national guard
#2516, aired 1995-07-10HISTORY $100: It was the military code name for the Persian Gulf War Desert Storm
#2514, aired 1995-07-06ENGINEERING $400: This military corps' projects have included the St. Lawrence Seaway & the Manhattan Project the Army Corps of Engineers
#2513, aired 1995-07-05VOCABULARY $200: Members of this military group are called leathernecks Marines
#2513, aired 1995-07-05WORLD HISTORY $2,500 (Daily Double): In July 1977 the military took over this nation & Gen. Zia ul-Haq became chief martial law administrator Pakistan
#2501, aired 1995-06-19EXPLOSIVES $500: C-4 & A-3 are types of this moldable military explosive plastic explosive
#2446, aired 1995-04-03MEDIEVAL HISTORY $1000: The grand master of this military-religious order was killed at the fall of Acre in 1291 Knights Templar
#2445, aired 1995-03-31TELEVISION $400: In the 1991 drama "Son of the Morning Star", Gary Cole played this 19th century military figure Custer
#2432, aired 1995-03-14MEDALS & DECORATIONS $400: The reverse of this oldest U.S. medal says "For Military Merit" the Purple Heart
#2430, aired 1995-03-10WORLD WAR II $400: Hap Arnold was in command of the USAAF, the precursor of this military group the United States Air Force
#2412, aired 1995-02-14THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION $1000: Under Horatio Gates, this Polish military leader planned the entrenchments at Saratoga Kosciuszko
#2374, aired 1994-12-22CIVIL WARS $400: Spain's civil war began with a military uprising in Spanish Morocco led by this general Franco
#2372, aired 1994-12-20EUROPEAN RULERS $600: This country's King Alfonso V was nicknamed "The African" for his military victories in Morocco Portugal
#2357, aired 1994-11-29BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $300: In 1967 Douglas Aircraft merged with this military aircraft supplier McDonnell
#2352, aired 1994-11-22THE 1960s $500: Rafael Trujillo, dictator of this country, was assassinated by military leaders in 1961 the Dominican Republic
#2350, aired 1994-11-18THE CIVIL WAR $800: At its greatest enrollment, the CSMC, which stood for this, had fewer than 600 men & officers Confederate States Marine Corps
#2342, aired 1994-11-08MONEY $200: Since 1984 gold coins minted at this military academy site have been marked with a W West Point
#2340, aired 1994-11-04MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $300: Used in military bands, the large-bored euphonium is a type of this brass instrument a tuba
#2334, aired 1994-10-27COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This Charleston school is known as the Military College of South Carolina Citadel
#2334, aired 1994-10-27COLORFUL GEOGRAPHY $300: A 1951 agreement with Denmark gave the U.S. rights to military bases on this island Greenland
#2307, aired 1994-09-20THE MIDDLE AGES $200: The fourth of the military expeditions never reached Palestine, capturing Constantinople instead the Crusades
#2298, aired 1994-09-07WOMEN'S FIRSTS $500: Wounded during the Pearl Harbor attack, nurse Annie Fox was the 1st woman to receive this military medal Purple Heart
#2291, aired 1994-07-18GAMES $300: Among the suspects in Clue, he's the military man Colonel Mustard
#2238, aired 1994-05-04THE CIVIL WAR $200: In 1862 the Confederate Congress passed a bill exempting anyone owning 20 of these from military service slaves
#2230, aired 1994-04-22MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $200: It's a valveless horn used for military calls bugle
#2205, aired 1994-03-18U.S. PRESIDENTS $400: On April 11, 1898 he asked Congress for authorization to use military force in Cuba McKinley
#2187, aired 1994-02-22YOUTH ORGANIZATIONS $600: This high school program trains students for commission in the U.S. military reserves ROTC
#2184, aired 1994-02-17MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS $200: Because of its limited range, military calls on this instrument usually use only 4 or 5 notes the bugle
#2159, aired 1994-01-13MILITARY SLANG $100: Beverage referred to as battery acid, blackout & paint remover coffee
#2159, aired 1994-01-13MILITARY SLANG $200: These have been called "chest hardware" medals
#2159, aired 1994-01-13MILITARY SLANG $300: A GI Jesus is a chaplain & a jumping Jesus is a chaplain in this unit paratroopers
#2159, aired 1994-01-13MILITARY SLANG $400: These huge naval ships have been referred to as bird boats aircraft carriers
#2159, aired 1994-01-13MILITARY SLANG $500: Army men called theirs Li'l Abners & the WACs called the ones issued them gruesome twosomes shoes
#2111, aired 1993-11-08HISTORY $400: On July 26, 1952 this country's King Farouk was forced to abdicate by the military Egypt
#2102, aired 1993-10-261970 $600: This first president of Indonesia died in a military hospital on June 21 Sukarno
#2088, aired 1993-10-06____ THE ____ $300: Look after a military installation while the troops are out guard the fort (hold the fort)
#2086, aired 1993-10-04ANCIENT HISTORY $800: After a defeat at Leuctra, Spartan power declined & this military league ceased to exist Peloponnesian League
#2063, aired 1993-07-21WINSTON CHURCHILL $1000: At 18 Churchill entered this British military college where he graduated 20th in a class of 130 Sandhurst
#2038, aired 1993-06-16HISTORY $400: In 1867 the last of these Japanese military directors was forced to resign Shogun
#2010, aired 1993-05-07POLITICIANS $1000: As a military test pilot in the 1950s, this Ohio senator made the 1st transcontinental supersonic flight John Glenn
#1984, aired 1993-04-01PAINT IT "BLACK" $400: It's military slang for coffee, or a thick, dark molasses blackstrap
#1954, aired 1993-02-18ORGANIZATIONS $300: This organization was founded in 1941 to provide American military personnel with social clubs the USO
#1950, aired 1993-02-12THE 20th CENTURY $600: When Sun Yat-sen died in 1925, he became leader of the military & later of the Nationalist government Chiang Kai-shek
#1893, aired 1992-11-25PATRIOTIC SONGS $300: This military service's hymn begins, "Eternal Father, strong to save, whose arm hath bound the restless wave" the Navy
#1890, aired 1992-11-20ITALIAN HISTORY $400: In 1949 Italy became a founding member of this Western military alliance NATO
#1890, aired 1992-11-20ITALIAN HISTORY $600: In the early 1850s this military hero worked as a candlemaker on Staten Island Garibaldi
#1889, aired 1992-11-19WORD ORIGINS $200: The name of this military horn comes from the Latin for "young ox" since the first ones were ox horns Bugle
#1888, aired 1992-11-18THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE $200: For safekeeping during World War II, the Declaration was stored at this Kentucky military base Fort Knox
#1855, aired 1992-10-02WORLD HISTORY $800: This military leader was born in 1900, the son of Prince Louis of Battenberg & Princess Victoria Mountbatten
#1707, aired 1992-01-21ODD JOBS $400: The soldier who carries the flag or colors of a military unit color bearer (standard bearer)
#1704, aired 1992-01-16FINAL RESTING PLACES $500: Kim Philby was buried with full military honors in this capital city in 1988 Moscow
#1700, aired 1992-01-10SPIES $600: Christopher John Boyce, who stole military secrets from TRW, was portrayed by Timothy Hutton in this 1985 film The Falcon and the Snowman
#1700, aired 1992-01-10THE FUNNIES $300: Camp Swampy is the setting for this Mort Walker military strip Beetle Bailey
#1699, aired 1992-01-09MILITARY LEADERS $200: Among her titles is Lord High Admiral of the United Kingdom Queen Elizabeth II
#1699, aired 1992-01-09MILITARY LEADERS $400: He helped put down a revolt in Toulon in 1793 & became a brigadier general at age 24 Napoleon Bonapatre
#1699, aired 1992-01-09MILITARY LEADERS $600: Mary Clarke, the first female 2-star general, headed this army branch abolished in 1978 the WACs (the Women's Army Corps)
#1699, aired 1992-01-09MILITARY LEADERS $800: In 1907 Lt. Col. George Washington Goethals was put in charge of building this project the Panama Canal
#1699, aired 1992-01-09MILITARY LEADERS $1000: A captain under Dewey, he directed his squadron's fire when ready at Manila Bay in 1898 Gridley
#1667, aired 1991-11-26U.S. HISTORY $600: During WWI James Montgomery Flagg produced a series of about 45 posters for this purpose recruiting for the military
#1656, aired 1991-11-11DAN QUAYLE $500: Through his father, Quayle is descended from this military leader of the Plymouth Colony Miles Standish
#1654, aired 1991-11-07MILITARY LEADERS $200: Robert E. Lee's truce flag was delivered to this general in 1865; in 1876 he was killed at Little Big Horn George Custer
#1654, aired 1991-11-07MILITARY LEADERS $400: This U.S. tank commander's diary "War As I Knew It" was published posthumously in 1947 George S. Patton
#1654, aired 1991-11-07MILITARY LEADERS $600: Nicknamed "Hap", he's the only man to hold the rank of General of the Army & General of the Air Force Henry H. Arnold
#1654, aired 1991-11-07MILITARY LEADERS $800: In May 1918 this French marshal became Supreme Commander of the Allied Forces in World War I Ferdinand Foch
#1654, aired 1991-11-07MILITARY LEADERS $1000: Hannibal was defeated at Zama in north Africa by this Roman general, who was then called Africanus Scipio
#1640, aired 1991-10-18MEDALS & DECORATIONS $400: From the Civil War until WWI, it was the only U.S. military decoration Medal of Honor
#1639, aired 1991-10-17MIDDLE NAMES $500: H.L. Hunt’s middle initial stood for this name which may remind you of a military Marquis Lafayette
#1623, aired 1991-09-25CANADIAN HISTORY $200: In 1949 Canada joined the U.S. & 10 European countries in forming this military alliance NATO
#1620, aired 1991-09-20RIVERS $200: The military academy at West Point is on this river the Hudson
#1620, aired 1991-09-20THE 1970s $200: In 1974 military leaders ousted this Ethiopian ruler, ending his 58 years in power Haile Selassie
#1558, aired 1991-05-15LAW $200: It's convened for trying & punishing offenses committed by members of the U.S. armed forces Court-Martial/Military Tribunal
#1557, aired 1991-05-14TENNYSON, ANYONE? $600 (Daily Double): The last line of this military poem is "Noble six hundred!" "Charge Of The Light Brigade"
#1530, aired 1991-04-05MILITARY LEADERS $200: This British admiral's only child was born in 1801 & named Horatia Lord Nelson
#1530, aired 1991-04-05MILITARY LEADERS $400: In June 1942 he was promoted to field marshal in the German army for his success in North Africa Rommel
#1530, aired 1991-04-05MILITARY LEADERS $600: Noted for his eye patch, this general served as Israel's defense minister from 1967 to 1974 Moshe Dayan
#1530, aired 1991-04-05MILITARY LEADERS $800: Both this man & his father served in the Philippines & were Medal of Honor winners MacArthur
#1530, aired 1991-04-05MILITARY LEADERS $1000: In about 196 B.C., he became a chief magistrate of Carthage Hannibal
#1525, aired 1991-03-29BLACK AMERICA $200: In 1877 Henry Flipper became the first black graduate of this military academy West Point
#1497, aired 1991-02-19POE-POURRI $400: In 1830 his foster father, John Allan, helped Poe get an appointment to this military academy West Point
#1491, aired 1991-02-11U.S. CITIES $1000: 5 Franciscan missions & 5 military installations are in or near this central Texas city San Antonio
#1480, aired 1991-01-25MAGAZINES $500: Covering combat & military subjects, it's the journal of professional adventurers "Soldier of Fortune"
#1479, aired 1991-01-24IN THE DICTIONARY $200: From the Dutch word "verlof", it's a leave of absence granted to military personnel a furlough
#1455, aired 1990-12-214-LETTER WORDS $200: An upright stake in the ground, or a base to which military personnel are assigned a post
#1454, aired 1990-12-20FAMOUS PAULs $500: Germany's supreme military commander during WWI; he later became its president Paul Hindenburg
#1425, aired 1990-11-0919th CENTURY AMERICA $800: Lincoln, Grant & Jefferson Davis served in the military under this general who became president Zachary Taylor
#1377, aired 1990-09-04MODERN HISTORY $300: Military coups often occurred in this country until Hafez al-Assad came to power in 1970 Syria
#1363, aired 1990-07-04ANCIENT GREECE $800: Found around 900 B.C., it became a military state some 300 years later Sparta
#1363, aired 1990-07-04FAMOUS SPEECHES $400: On April 19, 1951 he told a joint session of Congress, "I now close my military career & just fade away" (Douglas) MacArthur
#1356, aired 1990-06-25COLORFUL PHRASES $100: Originally this military decoration was a piece of cloth in the shape of a heart Purple Heart
#1356, aired 1990-06-25PLAYS $800: Movie Mozart who starred in the 1989 military murder mystery "A Few Good Men" Tom Hulce
#1344, aired 1990-06-07THE MIDDLE AGES $800: Its greatest use as a military weapon was during the Hundred Years' War English longbow
#1337, aired 1990-05-29ABBREV. $200: The military expression that gave us the abbreviation G.I. general issue (government issue)
#1324, aired 1990-05-10HISTORIC TRIVIA $100: This military marquis' full name was Marie-Joseph-Paul-Yves-Roch Gilbert du Motier Marquis de Lafayette
#1311, aired 1990-04-23MUSIC $1000: In 1989 this Scottish military pipe, drum & dance corps celebrated its 250th anniversary the Black Watch
#1300, aired 1990-04-06SWITZERLAND $400: This is compulsory for all men between the ages of 20 & 50 military service
#1290, aired 1990-03-23THE ENVIRONMENT $400: In 1985 French military advisors at Auckland, New Zealand sank this group's vessel, the Rainbow Warrior Greenpeace
#1285, aired 1990-03-16THE FAR EAST $1,200 (Daily Double): A Japanese military center from 1868 to 1945, this city is now home to Peace Memorial Park Hiroshima
#1260, aired 1990-02-09NEWS OF THE '80S $400: In September 1989 Vietnam completed its withdrawal of military forces from this country Cambodia
#1256, aired 1990-02-0519th CENTURY AMERICA $400: Robert E. Lee graduated from here second in his class & later served as its superintendent U.S. Military Academy (West Point)
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A branch of the military that was part of the army before it became independent in 1947 Air Force
#1246, aired 1990-01-22WORLD WAR II $200: Counting military & civilians, this large country suffered the most fatalities in the war, over 20 million Soviet Union/Russia
#1221, aired 1989-12-18FRANCE $200: In 1966 France withdrew from the military wing of this organization NATO
#1197, aired 1989-11-14PACIFIC ISLANDS $1000: Following a 1987 military coup, this island country quit the British Commonwealth Fiji
#1183, aired 1989-10-25TRANSPORTATION $300: A short, nondangerous military mission as easy as a dairy delivery a milk run
#1161, aired 1989-09-25COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: From 1878-1910 this military academy was located on the U.S.S. Chase the United States Coast Guard Academy
#1104, aired 1989-05-25BY THE NUMBERS $600: Term for someone who's unfit for service in the U.S. military 4F
#1091, aired 1989-05-08U.S. HISTORY $400: Less than a year before we entered WWII, he had an all-military inaugural parade Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#1089, aired 1989-05-04CLOTHING $800: It's an ornamental shoulder strap used on military uniforms as well as fashionable jackets & coats epaulet
#1076, aired 1989-04-17WORLD HISTORY $400: King Louis IX of France led the 7th & 8th of these military expeditions the Crusades
#1067, aired 1989-04-04FLAGS $1000: Adopted in 1799 & similar to the U.S. Customs flag, it's the oldest military ensign in use United States Coast Guard
#1065, aired 1989-03-31"SH"! $200: For almost 700 years, they were national military dictators of Japan shogun
#1044, aired 1989-03-02HODGEPODGE $200: Civil War general Daniel Butterfield composed this "final" military bugle call "Taps"
#1030, aired 1989-02-10ANAGRAMS $100: Mary wants to join this branch of the military the Army (from Mary)
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The 1st U.S. use of military aircraft was against this Mexican revolutionary in 1916 Pancho Villa
#1015, aired 1989-01-20AMERICAN REVOLUTION $500: The military post which Benedict Arnold planned to betray to the British West Point
#1011, aired 1989-01-16MILITARY HISTORY $200: They 1st defeated the Persians on land at the Battle of Marathon Greeks
#1011, aired 1989-01-16MILITARY HISTORY $400: In this final military campaign, Julius Caesar defeated 2 sons of this man, his rival Pompey
#1011, aired 1989-01-16MILITARY HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Fort Necessity National Battlefield in Pennsylvania is site of the 1st battle of this war 7 Years War (French & Indian War)
#997, aired 1988-12-27LANDMARKS $300: The oldest military org. in the U.S., the Ancient & Honorable Artillery Co. meets in this Boston landmark Faneuil Hall
#995, aired 1988-12-23GOLFERS $200: Born in Latrobe, Penn., this popular pro did his military service in the Coast Guard Arnold Palmer
#992, aired 1988-12-20HISTORIC NAMES $600: Popular nickname of 11th c. Spanish military hero Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar from Arabic for "lord" El Cid
#985, aired 1988-12-09SICKNESS & HEALTH $200: In the 1970s trauma-care centers sprung up in the U.S. inspired by these military facilities triage (or MASH) units
#973, aired 1988-11-23THE CIVIL WAR $400: Former Virginia Military Institute professor known for his rigid stance Stonewall Jackson
#968, aired 1988-11-16HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $500: Military bases are often open to the public on Armed Forces Day, the third Saturday of this month May
#966, aired 1988-11-1419TH CENTURY WOMEN $200: Catherine Booth designed the bonnet worn by women in this semi-military group founded by her husband the Salvation Army
#961, aired 1988-11-07BOOKS & AUTHORS $800: The military & the clergy are represented by the 2 colors in the title of this book by Stendhal The Red and the Black
#959, aired 1988-11-03RECENT HISTORY $400: After a military coup failed in 1981, he continued as Spain's head of state King Juan Carlos
#956, aired 1988-10-31MILITARY MELODIES $100: "We got to get up, we got to get up, we got to get up" are words to this bugle call "Reveille"
#956, aired 1988-10-31MILITARY MELODIES $200: Lyrics to this tune conclude, "All is well, safely rest, God is nigh" "Taps"
#956, aired 1988-10-31MILITARY MELODIES $300: Traditional lyrics of this song say, "You'll never get rich by digging a ditch" "You're In The Army Now"
#956, aired 1988-10-31MILITARY MELODIES $400: In "Sound Off", the troops sound off from number 1 up to this number 4
#956, aired 1988-10-31MILITARY MELODIES $1,500 (Daily Double): Song that begins, "Off we go into the wild blue yonder", tells us the U.S. Air Force used to be called this the Army Air Corps
#952, aired 1988-10-25GERMANY $100: In 1953 East German labor unrest led to a military response by this power Soviet Union
#902, aired 1988-07-05PRESIDENTS $1000: Sending troops to the Dominican Rep., he ordered 1st U.S. military intervention in Latin America since Coolidge Johnson
#898, aired 1988-06-29U.S. CITIES $200: It began as a military outpost called Camp Worth Fort Worth, Texas
#882, aired 1988-06-07STARTS WITH "CRU" $200: A military expedition of the 11th, 12th or 13th century Crusade
#880, aired 1988-06-03PASHAS $200: Of military, civil, or religious officials, group to which the title of pasha was never applied religious officials
#876, aired 1988-05-30MILITARY HISTORY $200: During WWII the "Spitfire" was probably the most famous fighter of this military service the RAF (Royal Air Force)
#876, aired 1988-05-30MILITARY HISTORY $400: Trench warfare, famous from WWI, was sued in this U.S. war over 50 years earlier the Civil War
#876, aired 1988-05-30MILITARY HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): The 2 methods of warfare which were prohibited by the Geneva Protocol of 1925 chemical warfare & biological warfare
#876, aired 1988-05-30MILITARY HISTORY $600: From Italian for "large tube", England's Edward III introduced these pieces in 1346 at Battle of Crecy cannons
#876, aired 1988-05-30MILITARY HISTORY $1000: At the Battle of Marathon in 490 B.C., the Athenians defeated them the Persians
#870, aired 1988-05-20THE MILITARY $200: Though U.S. says this country spent $360 billion on its military in 1983, they say it was only $23 billion USSR
#870, aired 1988-05-20THE MILITARY $400: Churchill said, "Never...was so much owed by so many to so few" Royal Air Force
#870, aired 1988-05-20THE MILITARY $600: In 1962, this force's headquarters was moved from Sidi Bel Abbes, Algeria to Aubagne, France French Foreign Legion
#870, aired 1988-05-20THE MILITARY $800: Official term for a 1-star general brigadier
#870, aired 1988-05-20THE MILITARY $1000: British equivalent of America's West Point Sandhurst
#866, aired 1988-05-16SPIES & SPYING $400: It's now thought she was innocent, but shot by the French as a military coverup Mata Hari
#848, aired 1988-04-2015-LETTER WORDS $600: What you're charged with if you mouth off to your military superior or won't follow directions insubordination
#846, aired 1988-04-18MEDALS & DECORATIONS $800: In 1813, King Friedrich Wilhelm III created this top award for military valor Iron Cross
#839, aired 1988-04-07COLONIAL AMERICA $1000: Not actually one of the Pilgrims, he went with them to serve as their military leader Miles Standish
#832, aired 1988-03-29MILITARY MEN $200: Gen. MacArthur's father was once military gov. of this country MacArthur returned to in WWII the Philippines
#832, aired 1988-03-29MILITARY MEN $400: Killed while resisting capture, 21-year old Frank Luke Jr. was 2nd only to him as a U.S. WWI ace Eddie Rickenbacker
#832, aired 1988-03-29MILITARY MEN $800: He designed a saddle adopted & used by the cavalry & headed the Union Army early in the Civil War McClellan
#832, aired 1988-03-29MILITARY MEN $1000: An unsuccessful candidate for West Point, he was eventually named Air Force Chief of Staff in 1961 General Curtis LeMay
#832, aired 1988-03-29MILITARY MEN $2,000 (Daily Double): Church which expelled Rev. War General N. Greene for unseemly interest in the military the Qukaer Church (the Society of friends)
#822, aired 1988-03-15COLLEGES $500: West Point, N.Y. is home to the U.S. Military Academy while Kings Point, N.Y. is home to this academy U.S. Merchant Marine Academy
#816, aired 1988-03-07ADJECTIVES $400: Abbreviated "mil.", it means pertaining to soldiers military
#814, aired 1988-03-03THE MILITARY $200: In WWII, ocean-racing yachts were pressed into service to patrol for these enemy vessels submarines
#814, aired 1988-03-03THE MILITARY $400: In August 1987, Col. Gregorio (Gringo) Honasan led a rebel attack against this country's' government the Philippines
#814, aired 1988-03-03THE MILITARY $600: In the U.S. Navy, it's the class of enlisted rank just below a petty officer a seaman
#814, aired 1988-03-03THE MILITARY $800: In 1957, 3 Coast Guard cutters sailed thru the NW Passage & helped establish this "DEW" line distant early warning
#814, aired 1988-03-03THE MILITARY $2,300 (Daily Double): One of only 2 locations at which Marines can go through boot camp (1 of) Parris Island (San Diego)
#802, aired 1988-02-16COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $500: This state-supported school for men is often just called VMI Virginia Military Institute
#790, aired 1988-01-29ROYALTY $800: After trying to overthrow the ruling military junta in 1967, this Greek king fled the country Constantine
#788, aired 1988-01-27PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA $200: The only pres. to hold a pilot's license, this military man got it in 1937, 16 years before becoming pres. Dwight Eisenhower
#778, aired 1988-01-13U.S. STATES $200: Located in this state, Rock Island is the site of the government's largest military arsenal Illinois
#760, aired 1987-12-18WORLD HISTORY $500: In 1952, he returned to power in Cuba with his 2nd military coup d'etat (Fulgencio) Batista
#756, aired 1987-12-14THE CABINET $600: From 1798 until 1947, the secretary of this military branch served in the cabinet the Secretary of the Navy
#755, aired 1987-12-11ICELAND $600: Under a NATO agreement, the only foreign military forces on Iceland belong to this country the United States
#755, aired 1987-12-11THE ROYAL FAMILY $300: Trooping the Colour, an annual military ceremony, celebrates this royal event the Queen's birthday
#733, aired 1987-11-11HIGHER EDUCATION $600: US military service academy located in Connecticut US Coast Guard Academy
#733, aired 1987-11-11RECREATION $500: Soccer was forbidden in 14th century England for taking practice time away from this military skill archery
#731, aired 1987-11-09CLOTHING $300: In the military, it's clothing designed for work and field duty; you know, the stuff that tires you out fatigues
#728, aired 1987-11-04MAGAZINES $400: It pays $400 for funny, true stories about life in the military, on campus or at work Reader's Digest
#723, aired 1987-10-28NEW MEXICANS $1000: Gen. Patton thought his WWII cartoons were a slur on military honor, but he won a Pulitzer Prize for them anyway Bill Mauldin
#719, aired 1987-10-2218th C. AMERICA $200: Famed military marquis whose 1st name was Marie Lafayette (Marie-Joseph Paul Yves Roch Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette)
#717, aired 1987-10-20MILITARY QUOTES $200: Talleyrand is quote as saying it's "much too serious a matter to be entrusted to the military" war
#717, aired 1987-10-20MILITARY QUOTES $400: Joseph Heller wrote of his hero in "Catch 22", "He decided to live forever" or do this "in the attempt" die
#714, aired 1987-10-15POE-POURRI $400: Poe joined this branch of the military under a pseudonym, Edgar A. Perry Army
#703, aired 1987-09-30MILITARY MOVIES $200: Set aboard a sub, this 1982 German film has been called an aquatic "All Quiet on the Western Front" Das Boot
#703, aired 1987-09-30MILITARY MOVIES $400: In the logo of "Platoon", the Os are formed by a pair of these dog tags
#703, aired 1987-09-30MILITARY MOVIES $600: Though Heartbreak Ridge was a real battle in Korea, the '86 film deals with the invasion of this island Grenada
#703, aired 1987-09-30MILITARY MOVIES $800 (Daily Double): 1 of 3 John Wayne movies from 1948-50 that were known as John Ford's U.S. Cavalry trilogy (1 of) She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Fort Apache, or Rio Grande
#703, aired 1987-09-30MILITARY MOVIES $1000: "Corvette K-22" was 1 of few feature films to recognize this huge country's involvement in WWII Canada
#686, aired 1987-09-07U.S. MILITARY $100: Service branch now responsible for all major icebreaking for U.S. armed forces the Coast Guard
#686, aired 1987-09-07U.S. MILITARY $200: It's said at peak strength, U.S. Air Forces made up only about 10% of Allied air power in this war the First World War
#686, aired 1987-09-07U.S. MILITARY $300: Until 1890 when these vessels came into prominence, the Navy had consisted mainly of cruisers battleships
#686, aired 1987-09-07U.S. MILITARY $400: San Francisco headquarters of the 6th Army, it's been a military reservation since 1776 the Presidio
#686, aired 1987-09-07U.S. MILITARY $500: Used since 1806, its "Commandant's House" is oldest continuous official residence in Washington the Marine Corps
#679, aired 1987-07-16THE MILITARY $200: Though women in the Air Force get same pay & benefits as men, they man not be assigned to this combat
#679, aired 1987-07-16THE MILITARY $400: It's the largest arm of the U.S. Army, though most of their fighting is done on foot the inantry
#679, aired 1987-07-16THE MILITARY $600: A sleeveless dress worn over a blouse, or the traditional uniform worn only by enlisted sailors a jumper
#679, aired 1987-07-16THE MILITARY $800: In January '87, Prince Edward announced his decision to resign his commission from this the British Marines
#679, aired 1987-07-16THE MILITARY $1000: In 1950, the tide of Korean War was turned in favor of Allies when U.S. Marines made amphibious landing here Inchon
#662, aired 1987-06-23THE MILITARY $100: It's said the reason the weren't more WWII kamikazes was the shortage of these planes
#662, aired 1987-06-23THE MILITARY $200: 973 dress white garrison caps were tossed in the air at this Hudson River site May 28, 1986 West Point
#662, aired 1987-06-23THE MILITARY $300: British soldiers do this with their palms out, rather than down salute
#662, aired 1987-06-23THE MILITARY $400: It's reported that a U.S. military officer carrying "The football" is always with this man the president
#662, aired 1987-06-23THE MILITARY $500: Country which, by far, suffered the most casualties in WWII the Soviet Union
#655, aired 1987-06-12"JUNGLE" JIVE $500: Homemade alcoholic beverage, especially one concocted by military personnel jungle juice
#655, aired 1987-06-12SPORTS $400: Soccer was forbidden in 14th c. England as taking practice time away from this military skill archery
#655, aired 1987-06-12WORLD LEADERS $1000: After 21 years of military rule, Pres. Jose Sarney is changing this country to democratic rule Brazil
#624, aired 1987-04-30"FORT"s $200: The 1st military flight took place at this post named for a Texan founding father Fort Sam Houston
#623, aired 1987-04-29POLITICAL QUOTES $200: Speaking of this, de Gaulle told JFK, "I predict you will sink...into a bottomless military...quagmire" Vietnam
#617, aired 1987-04-21GOING IN STYLE $500: It's said this part of Peter Stuyvesant's body was buried with full military honors years before his death his (real) leg
#607, aired 1987-04-07GRAY MATTERS $200: Gore Vidal adapted this military-school novel for TV, 1st screenplay he's taken credit for since 1964 Dress Gray
#547, aired 1987-01-13"B.S." $1000: U.S. military decoration, instituted in 1944, awarded for heroism Bronze Star
#505, aired 1986-11-14NUCLEAR PHYSICS $200: FDR was alerted to the military significance of nuclear fission by a letter from this scientist Einstein
#505, aired 1986-11-14WORLD HISTORY $600: In 1934-35, nationalist military pressure forced Mao to lead his "Red Army" on this 6000 mile trek the long march
#465, aired 1986-09-19HOLIDAYS $400: The military defeat of Antiochus IV, King of Syria, resulted in this Jewish holiday Hanukkah
#464, aired 1986-09-18ARMED FORCES $100: Besides the Air Force, the other U.S. military branch whose jets attacked Libya on April 15, 1986 the Navy
#394, aired 1986-03-13MILITARY MEN $100: This service academy's 1st superintendent was Franklin Buchanan, later the Confederate navy's 1st admiral Annapolis (the Naval Academy)
#394, aired 1986-03-13MILITARY MEN $200: WWII pilot famous for shooting planes down has this Chicago airport named for him (Edward) O'Hare
#394, aired 1986-03-13MILITARY MEN $300: In 1947, Milt Caniff created this comic strip about an Air Force officer Steve Canyon
#394, aired 1986-03-13MILITARY MEN $400: British/American flight instructor in WWI, but best known for wife Irene & introducing turkey trot (Vernon) Castle
#394, aired 1986-03-13MILITARY MEN $500: Air Force officer & astronaut who became president of Eastern Airlines in 1975 Frank Borman
#372, aired 1986-02-1120TH CENTURY $400: Year U.S. evacuated Saigon, ending 2 decades of military involvement in Vietnam 1975
#351, aired 1986-01-13WEDDINGS $400: In a military wedding, an enlisted bride may wear a gown or this a dress uniform
#315, aired 1985-11-22PRESIDENTIAL QUOTES $400: In his farewell, he warned against the influence of "military-industrial complex" Eisenhower
#309, aired 1985-11-14AMERICAN REVOLUTION $300: Now site of a military academy, Benedict Arnold plotted to turn over its fort to the British West Point
#309, aired 1985-11-14HIGHER EDUCATION $800: South Carolina military college whose name sound like a fortress The Citadel
#307, aired 1985-11-12GENERALS $200: In 1951 he told Congress, “I now close my military career & just fade away” General MacArthur
#297, aired 1985-10-29ECONOMICS $400: Pres. Reagan's former budget director who called military retirement system "a scandal" David Stockman
#271, aired 1985-09-23WEAPONS $500 (Daily Double): Military weapon which falls between flamenco & flamingo in the Funk & Wagnalls flamethrower
#264, aired 1985-09-12ARMED FORCES $500: U. S. military pilots who fly higher than 50 miles up earn this pilot ranking pilot astronaut
#165, aired 1985-04-26LITTLE BIG MEN $800: Barnum's circus' midget whose stage name combined a military title & a fairy tale name General Tom Thumb
#126, aired 1985-03-04THE MILITARY $200: Members of all nationalities except French can join this fighting force Foreign Legion
#126, aired 1985-03-04THE MILITARY $400: Name of the air arm of the German military Luftwaffe
#67, aired 1984-12-11AWARDS $200: Since '32 the U.S. Badge of Military Merit has had this colorful name the Purple Heart
#61, aired 1984-12-03INDIANS $1000: President whose only military service was in Illinois' Blackhawk War in 1830 Abraham Lincoln

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (63 results returned)

#8505, aired 2021-11-05TOYS: Introduced in 1964, he fell out of favor in changing times & in 1970 was marketed as a "Land Adventurer" G.I. Joe
#8349, aired 2021-03-04U.S. MILITARY EQUIPMENT: The U.S. Army's tradition of naming these began with the Sioux, used in the Korean War helicopters
#8226, aired 2020-06-01EUROPEAN HISTORY: Once Europe's leading military power & later the largest state in Germany, it was abolished by the Allies in 1947 Prussia
#8219, aired 2020-05-21MILITARY SLANG: This word for high-ranking officials comes from a metal used in 19th century military insignia brass
#7989, aired 2019-05-09THE COLD WAR: The Cold War became entrenched in the mid-1950s after the formation of these 2 rival military alliances NATO and the Warsaw Pact
#7971, aired 2019-04-15STAMPS: Living people are rarely seen on a stamp, but in July 1945 the USPS issued one depicting this military event raising the flag on Iwo Jima
#7835, aired 2018-10-05MILITARY HISTORY: Prepared by the Chief of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander, the "COSSAC Plan" outlined the details of this D-Day
#7648, aired 2017-12-06REFERENCE BOOKS: This manual resulted from a military engineer's attendance at an unruly 1860s church meeting Robert's Rules of Order
#7630, aired 2017-11-10AWARDS & HONORS: The Victoria Cross is for military bravery; this cross first given in 1940 & named for Victoria's great-grandson is for civilian bravery the George Cross
#7512, aired 2017-04-18MILITARY INNOVATIONS: The U.S. Navy's photonics mast has replaced this familiar device a periscope
#7495, aired 2017-03-24NATIVE AMERICAN PLACE NAMES: You have to go through military security to reach this town with a Marine base on 3 sides & the Potomac on the other Quantico
#7357, aired 2016-09-1319th CENTURY MILITARY MEN: In 1895 he wrote to his family that with "superhuman strength" he would "discover the truth... on the tragic affair" Alfred Dreyfus
#7162, aired 2015-11-0320th CENTURY BUSINESSMEN: In 1915 he dropped bomb-shaped cardboard leaflets on Seattle to promote military aviation Boeing
#7118, aired 2015-07-22MILITARY HISTORY: This country smaller than England was a colonial rival with which England fought 4 wars, the last from 1780 to 1784 the Netherlands
#7001, aired 2015-02-0919th CENTURY WRITERS: After his death, he was given full military honors in Greece before his body was returned home for burial at his baronial seat Lord Byron
#6914, aired 2014-10-09HISTORICAL FIGURES: A 2012 poll by Britain's national army museum voted this man, born in 1732, as the nation's greatest military enemy George Washington
#6618, aired 2013-05-29AMERICAN MILITARY MEN: In April 1951 he told Congress, "In war there can be no substitute for victory" General MacArthur
#6559, aired 2013-03-07THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: One of the 2 Central American countries never under military rule in the last 50 years Costa Rica or Belize
#6542, aired 2013-02-12MILITARY MEN: On June 6, 1944 he said, "The eyes of the world are upon you" Dwight David Eisenhower
#6525, aired 2013-01-18MILITARY SLOGANS: In 1779 U.S. Marine Corps Captain William Jones advertised for these, later a 1992 movie title A Few Good Men
#6385, aired 2012-05-25MILITARY MATTERS: In 1934 the lease for this place was increased to $4,085 per year; since 1959 the checks haven't been cashed Guantanamo
#6142, aired 2011-05-03AMERICAN POETS: "Bearing the bandages, water & sponge, straight & swift to my wounded I go", he wrote in "The Wound-Dresser" Walt Whitman
#5937, aired 2010-06-08U.S. MILITARY HISTORY: This general commanded the first official American force to fight on the European continent John Pershing
#5932, aired 2010-06-01THE U.S. MILITARY: This corps' motto is "Building strong" the Army Corps of Engineers
#5655, aired 2009-03-20CIVIL WAR SITES: Of the 6 Civil War-related national military parks, the northernmost & southernmost are in these 2 states Pennsylvania & Mississippi
#5629, aired 2009-02-12INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS: The Air Force's C-130 "Hurricane Hunters" are the only U.S. military aircraft allowed to enter this country's airspace Cuba
#5605, aired 2009-01-09ALPHABETS: In the phonetic alphabet used by the U.S. military, it's the only letter that has the same name as a warrior people Zulu
#5446, aired 2008-04-21MILITARY MEN: In a 1944 speech, he said, "Battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge" George Patton
#5288, aired 2007-09-12MILITARY MEN: Books about this American are subtitled "Warrior as Wordsmith" & "The Far Eastern General" Douglas MacArthur
#5162, aired 2007-02-06THE U.S. MILITARY: This branch uses more fuel than the rest of the military combined the Air Force
#5147, aired 2007-01-16THE U.S. GOVERNMENT: It's the only Cabinet department whose official website does not use the ".gov" suffix the Department of Defense
#5064, aired 2006-09-21WORD ORIGINS: Appropriately, this word comes from Greek words meaning "sharp" & "dull" oxymoron
#5009, aired 2006-05-25MILITARY HISTORY: Lasting about a month, it's the battle for which the most marines earned the Medal of Honor Iwo Jima
#4966, aired 2006-03-27MILITARY HISTORY: In 2005 a single sapling was planted at an army barracks in Australia to mark the 90th anniversary of this battle Gallipoli
#4959, aired 2006-03-16FOOD LORE: In food lore, the design of this treat symbolizes arms folded in prayer & the 3 holes stand for the Trinity the pretzel
#4912, aired 2006-01-10THE U.S. MILITARY: Established in 1903, the oldest U.S. military base in continuous use outside of the U.S. is in this country Cuba
#4835, aired 2005-09-23MILITARY TRADITIONS: At a military funeral, the American flag is folded this many times to resemble a Revolutionary War soldier's hat 13
#4806, aired 2005-06-27MILITARY MEN: Last name of the first father & son to be awarded medals of honor, for service in the Civil War & WWII respectively Arthur & Douglas MacArthur
#4764, aired 2005-04-28BRITISH MILITARY HISTORY: He commanded the forces that rescued the survivors of the infamous Black Hole of Calcutta in 1756 Robert Clive
#4681, aired 2005-01-03MILITARY MATTERS: According to the CIA, this foreign country has the highest military expenditures per capita Israel
#4267, aired 2003-03-04MILITARY AVIATION: In 1911 this nation was the 1st to use powered aircraft for military purposes when it spied on Turkish activities in Libya Italy
#4144, aired 2002-09-12U.S. HISTORY: Dating back to the revolution, it's the oldest continuously occupied military post in the United States West Point
#4089, aired 2002-05-16MILITARY UNITS: This 100-member unit still wears uniforms originally designed by Michelangelo in the 16th century Swiss Guard
#4004, aired 2002-01-17MILITARY MATTERS: Completed by the British in 1906, its name means "fear nothing" & it made all others of its kind obsolete Dreadnaught
#3934, aired 2001-10-11U.S. COLLEGES: Its original home was built in 1829 as an arsenal to defend against slave insurrections The Citadel (the Military College of South Carolina)
#3871, aired 2001-06-04U.S. MILITARY MATTERS: In 1933 what was known as the Militia Bureau was officially renamed this the National Guard
#3856, aired 2001-05-14MILITARY HISTORY: This man commanded the last organized military force to invade the lower 48 states Pancho Villa
#3848, aired 2001-05-02COLLEGES: Of 60 battles fought in the U.S. Civil War, 55 were commanded on both sides by graduates of this school United States Military Academy (West Point)
#3810, aired 2001-03-091920s FRENCH MILITARY MEN: First elected to the Chamber of Deputies in 1910, this Minister of War advocated staunch military preparedness Andre Maginot (creator of the Maginot Line)
#3355, aired 1999-03-19SCIENTIFIC INVENTIONS: In 1608 its inventor offered it exclusively to the Dutch government for military use telescope
#3287, aired 1998-12-15CHARITIES: Major Bill Hendricks, a Warner Bros. publicist, founded this holiday charity in 1947 Toys for Tots
#3033, aired 1997-11-05HISTORIC NAMES: In 1935, at the request of President Manuel Quezon, he was appointed military advisor to the Philippines Douglas MacArthur
#3024, aired 1997-10-23MILITARY NEWS: On June 11, 1997 the Army deactivated the 43rd Mobile Army Surgical Hospital, its last, in this country (South) Korea
#2941, aired 1997-05-1918th CENTURY AMERICANS: A military post & a Tennessee city are both named for this first U.S. Secretary of War Henry Knox
#2526, aired 1995-09-04COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: Other than in Germany, the U.S. has more military personnel stationed in this foreign country than in any other Japan
#2524, aired 1995-07-20U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of 2 presidents who had military service in 4 wars (1 of) Andrew Jackson or Zachary Taylor
#1956, aired 1993-02-22MILITARY LEADERS: This U.S. general was born April 5, 1937 to parents who had emigrated from Jamaica Colin Powell
#1781, aired 1992-05-04THE 1970s: These documents revealed the Truman admin. gave military aid to France in its war against the Viet Minh Pentagon Papers
#3, aired 1990-06-30EXPLORERS: When he died in 1957, he was buried with full military honors at Arlington Cemetery Admiral Richard Evelyn Byrd
#943, aired 1988-10-12THE MILITARY: The Marines' Hymn was written during this war the Mexican (American) War
#889, aired 1988-06-16MILITARY MEN: "A better army...probably never faced an enemy," Grant wrote of his service as a lieutenant in this war Mexican War
#351, aired 1986-01-13THE MILITARY: Foreign country in which the most American soldiers are stationed Germany
#21, aired 1984-10-08THE ARMED SERVICES: The last military branch to be established United States Air Force

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Arthur Gandolfi, a commercial real estate executive from Pleasantville, New York 2004 Tournament of Champions 2nd runner-up: $25,000. Season 20 4-time champion:...
John Kelly, a retired military Air Force officer from Austin, Texas 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Round 1 player: $5,000. 1992 Tournament...
Steve Newman, a partner in a small computer company from Rockville, Maryland "He was the first player to win 5 games in the...
Tom Walsh, a writer from Washington, D.C. 2005 Ultimate Tournament of Champions Nifty Nine (players with byes into...
Andrew Kreitz, a senior from Huntington Beach, California 2006 Teen Tournament 1st runner-up: $25,000.
Kevin Welber, a lawyer originally from Ramat Gan, Israel Season 14 player (1998-01-30). Kevin Amir Welber's biographical sketch, taken from...
William Garrett, a 12-year-old from Greenfield, Indiana "Serving his country as an officer in the military is his...
Tim Morton, a military analyst from Stevensville, Maryland Season 17 1-time champion: $3,099.
Wolf Blitzer, a reporter from CNN "An Emmy Award-winning reporter for CNN and host of Inside Politics...
Anderson Cooper, a host from CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° 2004 Power Players Week player (2004-05-11). Charity: American Heart Association.
Mike Maheu, a high school teacher from San Diego, California Season 25 2-time champion: $46,242 + $1,000. Last name pronounced like...
Dan Smith, a student from Chicago, Illinois Season 25 3-time champion: $69,200 + $1,000. Dan Smith - a...
Wolf Blitzer, a journalist from The Situation Room "Since 1990, he's covered every major story for CNN, including the...
Rob Poodiack, a mathematics professor from Williston, Vermont Season 20 player (2004-01-28).
Dave Belote, the base commander from Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas 2010 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Season 26 5-time champion:...
Jove Graham, a biomedical engineer from Lewisburg, Pennsylvania Season 26 1-time champion: $34,401 + $1,000. Jove's second contestant interview...
Nick Yozamp, a junior from Washington University in St. Louis 2010 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. 2010-A College Championship winner:...
Francis Lansangan, a military analyst from Virginia Beach, Virginia Season 28 3-time champion: $78,401 + $2,000. JBoard user name: nagnasnalf
Bryan Barnett, a military charter flight attendant from Potomac Falls, Virginia Season 28 player (2012-01-10).
Dana Perino, a TV host from Fox News Channel's The Five "White House press secretary under George W. Bush, she now appears...
Chris Wallace, a TV host from Fox News Sunday "In March, this Fox News anchor was honored by the National...
Thomas L. Friedman, an author and foreign affairs columnist from The New York Times "He has won three Pulitzer Prizes and authored six best sellers,...
Campbell Warner, a military attorney originally from Rock Hill, South Carolina Season 30 2-time champion: $37,200 + $2,000. Campbell appeared on the...
Don Bouchoux, a military analyst from Great Falls, Virginia Season 8 player (1992-06-08).
Sharon Beattie, a music teacher from Stuttgart, Germany Season 4 player (1988-05-30). She was announced as being from Stuttgart,...
Carissa Pekny, a senior at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point from West Lafayette, Indiana 2016 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Senator Al Franken, a U.S. senator from Minnesota "After a successful career as a comedy writer, author, and radio...
Hannah Whisnant, a junior at the United States Military Academy from Nokomis, Florida 2017 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
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