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#8478, aired 2021-09-29I NOMINATE YOU FOR A NOBEL PRIZE! $800: Pearl Buck, W.H. Auden & C.S. Lewis all nominated this "North of Boston" poet for Literature, but he never won (Robert) Frost
#8478, aired 2021-09-29SOUTHERN LITERATURE $400: Inspired by the author's hometown of Monroeville, Maycomb, Alabama is the setting for this 1960 classic To Kill a Mockingbird
#8478, aired 2021-09-29SOUTHERN LITERATURE $800: 14-year-old Lily finds her way to Tiburon, S.C. & the Boatwright sisters in Sue Monk Kidd's "The Secret Life of" these Bees
#8478, aired 2021-09-29SOUTHERN LITERATURE $1200: Colson Whitehead's novel about these "Boys" is based on abuse & worse at a real reform school in the Jim Crow Era Nickel
#8478, aired 2021-09-29SOUTHERN LITERATURE $2000: Originally in a Savannah cemetery, a mysterious statue called "Bird Girl" appears on the cover of this John Berendt bestseller Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
#8478, aired 2021-09-29SOUTHERN LITERATURE $6,000 (Daily Double): Set in rural Georgia, this novel told in the form of letters won the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction The Color Purple
#8466, aired 2021-09-13QUOTH THE MAVEN $2000: In an essay, this Brit seen here wrote, "Literature is doomed if liberty of thought perishes" (George) Orwell
#8461, aired 2021-08-09LITERATURE $200: It begins, "Somewhere in La Mancha, in a place whose name I do not care to remember" Don Quixote
#8461, aired 2021-08-09LITERATURE $400: Seen here is an engraving for the 12th & final segment of the Edmund Spenser work known as "The Shepheardes" this Calendar
#8461, aired 2021-08-09LITERATURE $600: In an S.E. Hinton novel, Motorcycle Boy tries to free the aquarium dwellers he calls these, the book's title Rumble Fish
#8461, aired 2021-08-09LITERATURE $800: The title domicile of this Hawthorne novel is halfway down Pyncheon Street The House of the Seven Gables
#8461, aired 2021-08-09LITERATURE $1000: Hilary Mantel's trilogy about Tudor royals is named for this residence Wolf Hall
#8451, aired 2021-07-26NAMES IN LITERATURE $800: This author created the characters Jonathan Harker & Dr. Van Helsing (Bram) Stoker
#8451, aired 2021-07-26NAMES IN LITERATURE $1200: In "Gulliver's Travels", some of these greedy & violent humanoids have been tamed by the Houyhnhnms Yahoo(s)
#8451, aired 2021-07-26NAMES IN LITERATURE $1600: He's the scrawny schoolteacher who gets frightened by the headless horseman Ichabod Crane
#8451, aired 2021-07-26NAMES IN LITERATURE $2000: Tom & Laura Wingfield are brother & sister in this play The Glass Menagerie
#8441, aired 2021-07-12FRENCH LITERATURE $400: One of the most popular novels among soldiers on both sides in the U.S. Civil War was this 1862 Victor Hugo novel Les Misérables
#8441, aired 2021-07-12FRENCH LITERATURE $800: Charles Perrault is remembered for his fairy tales like "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge", this title in English Little Red Riding Hood
#8441, aired 2021-07-12FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: Frederic Chopin's lover wrote romantic feminist works like "Lelia" using this pseudonym George Sand
#8441, aired 2021-07-12FRENCH LITERATURE $1600: Colette created this teenager shown here with her grandma who's raising her to be a courtesan Gigi
#8441, aired 2021-07-12FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: France's premier literary prize, this "Prix" awards a whopping 10 euros to the winner the Prix Goncourt
#8436, aired 2021-07-05LITERATURE $400: In 1905 you didn't want to eat a pork chop while reading the paper "appeal to reason", as it serialized this stockyard novel The Jungle
#8436, aired 2021-07-05LITERATURE $800: At a dinner party in Shakespeare, Banquo's ghost shows up to torment this title character Macbeth
#8436, aired 2021-07-05LITERATURE $1200: The chapter titles in this Henry Fielding novel include "A Little Chapter, in Which is Contained a Little Incident" Tom Jones
#8436, aired 2021-07-05LITERATURE $1600: In his 50s Tom Wolfe wrote his first novel, this one about the downfall of a Manhattan bond trader The Bonfire of the Vanities
#8436, aired 2021-07-05LITERATURE $2000: In this A.S. Byatt novel, a scholar (Aaron Eckhart in the movie) finds letters in a book owned by a long-dead poet Possession
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $400: Antoine de Saint-Exupery is best remembered for the 1943 children's tale "The Little" this Prince
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $1200: Russian characters can be confusing & Gogol didn't help with a story about a quarrel by 2 men who both had this common first name Ivan
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): Written by the 11th century poet, Ferdowsi, "Shahnameh" is considered the national epic of this country Iran
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Novels in the horror genre by Bram Stoker include "The Lair of" this colorful snakelike creature the White Worm
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $2000: The author of works like "Cevdet Bey & His Sons", Orhan Pamuk was the first Nobel literature prize winner from this country Turkey
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ASIAN LITERATURE & DRAMA $400: The traditional Korean form of drama known as talchum involves singing, dancing & the donning of these masks
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ASIAN LITERATURE & DRAMA $800: 1913 Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore wrote the words & music to this country's national anthem India
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ASIAN LITERATURE & DRAMA $1600: A collection of verses first translated into English in the 19th century, "The Rubaiyat" is by this Persian poet Omar Khayyam
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ASIAN LITERATURE & DRAMA $2000: Also called "Lunyu", this work is a collection of the sayings & teachings of the philosopher Confucius the Analects
#8421, aired 2021-06-14ASIAN LITERATURE & DRAMA $2,000 (Daily Double): This acclaimed 1950 multi-perspective film is based on 2 Japanese short stories Rashomon
#8420, aired 2021-06-111930s LITERATURE $400: In a classic story for children, this title bull ignores the matador & enjoys smelling flowers Ferdinand
#8420, aired 2021-06-111930s LITERATURE $800: In this Pearl Buck novel, Wang betrays his wife O-Lan for another woman The Good Earth
#8420, aired 2021-06-111930s LITERATURE $1200: A soldier is horribly wounded in the WWI novel he "Got His Gun", published 2 days after World War II began Johnny
#8420, aired 2021-06-111930s LITERATURE $2000: Her novella "Anthem" is set in a future where people live without freedom in collectives Ayn Rand (Alisa Rosenbaum)
#8420, aired 2021-06-111930s LITERATURE $5,000 (Daily Double): After a plane crash in the Himalayas, 4 people end up in Shangri-La in this 1933 novel Lost Horizon
#8417, aired 2021-06-08A LITERATURE SAMPLER $400: In 2020 he had a No. 1 kids' picture book bestseller with "I Promise"... oh yeah, he also won an NBA title with the Lakers LeBron James
#8417, aired 2021-06-08A LITERATURE SAMPLER $800: In a classic tale about this title guy, "John, Lord Greystoke... vanished from the eyes and from the knowledge of men" Tarzan
#8417, aired 2021-06-08A LITERATURE SAMPLER $1200: TB, or not TB, there is no question tuberculosis killed this "Eve of St. Agnes" romantic poet at age 25 (John) Keats
#8417, aired 2021-06-08A LITERATURE SAMPLER $1600: In a legendary tale, the "Galloping Hessian of the Hollow" is better known as this, which is certainly more terrifying the Headless Horseman
#8417, aired 2021-06-08A LITERATURE SAMPLER $2000: This book about surviving the great recession of 2008 is the basis for a 2020 film starring Frances McDormand Nomadland
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $200: The name of this quirky alliterative character was inspired by a boomerang toy Roald Dahl had as a boy Willy Wonka
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $600: "Last Sacrifice" was the finale of Richelle Mead's series about special young people attending this school the Vampire Academy
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $800: In a story by Mary Mapes Dodge, the sister of this title boy wins the silver skates Hans Brinker
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Chapters in this work include "The Mock Turtle's Story" & "The Lobster Quadrille" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#8408, aired 2021-05-26YOUNG PEOPLE'S LITERATURE $1000: Melinda Sordino is the heroine of this novel by Laurie Halse Anderson; the last name Sordino can mean "mute" Speak
#8340, aired 2021-02-19REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE $400: "The Proposal" at the beginning of Jasmine Guillory's novel happens on the JumboTron of this Los Angeles baseball stadium Dodger Stadium
#8340, aired 2021-02-19REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE $800: "From Scratch" is Tembi Locke's memoir of marrying a chef & eating great food on this Italian island Sicily
#8340, aired 2021-02-19REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE $1200: Reese picked "The Giver of Stars" by this woman who got the name Jojo from the Beatles' song "Get Back" Jojo Moyes
#8340, aired 2021-02-19REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE $1600: Not only did Reese put this Celeste Ng novel about drama in the suburbs on her list, she produced & starred in the Hulu adaptation Little Fires Everywhere
#8340, aired 2021-02-19REESE'S PIECES OF LITERATURE $2000: The nonfiction "Braving the Wilderness" is by this alliterative woman whose "Call to Courage" special is on Netflix Brené Brown
#8339, aired 2021-02-18TYPES OF NARRATIVE LITERATURE $200: You can bet "The Lottery" is a good example of this genre of brief narratives, usually under 10,000 words a short story
#8339, aired 2021-02-18TYPES OF NARRATIVE LITERATURE $400: The story of the Good Samaritan in the Bible's book of Luke is one of these simple narratives with a moral or religious purpose a parable
#8339, aired 2021-02-18TYPES OF NARRATIVE LITERATURE $600: Alliterative 2-word name for fanciful stories about folks like Paul Bunyan with unbelievable elements presented as true & factual a tall tale
#8339, aired 2021-02-18TYPES OF NARRATIVE LITERATURE $800: E.L. James gained fame with this type of writing that puts the writer's favorite characters from books, TV, etc. in new adventures fan fiction
#8339, aired 2021-02-18TYPES OF NARRATIVE LITERATURE $1000: Meaning not proceeding from event A to event B to event C, this "non" word applies to "Tristram Shandy" & "House of Leaves" nonlinear
#8337, aired 2021-02-16LITERATURE $400: "The Young Giant" & "Little Red-Cap" were 2 of the more than 200 stories collected by these German brothers in a 19th c. anthology the Brothers Grimm
#8337, aired 2021-02-16LITERATURE $800: Scholars think John Hunter, an 18th c. London surgeon known as "The Knife Man", inspired this R.L. Stevenson guy Dr. Jekyll
#8337, aired 2021-02-16LITERATURE $1200: The only surviving complete poem from 2,600 years ago by Sappho is an "Ode to" this Greek goddess of love Aphrodite
#8337, aired 2021-02-16LITERATURE $1600: Dylan Thomas' best-known poem urges his father, "Do not" do this. "Rage, rage against the dying of the light" go gentle into that good night
#8337, aired 2021-02-16LITERATURE $2000: This French-titled book about the round table knights begins, "It befell in the days of Uther Pendragon..." Le Morte d'Arthur
#8324, aired 2021-01-28LITERATURE $200: Former NFL tight end Roberta Muldoon is a character in this John Irving novel The World According to Garp
#8324, aired 2021-01-28LITERATURE $400: Griffin, the main character in this Wells novel, describes himself as "almost an albino", if he could have been seen The Invisible Man
#8324, aired 2021-01-28LITERATURE $600: Perhaps the devil made him do it, but Part II of this dramatic Goethe work wasn't published until 1832, 24 years after Part I Faust
#8324, aired 2021-01-28LITERATURE $1000: The title of this 14th century work may have been modeled on Hexameron The Decameron
#8324, aired 2021-01-28LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): An unfinished sequel to "The 3 Musketeers", Dumas' "The Red Sphinx" continues the story of this real-life cardinal Richelieu
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: The recipe for this title Judy Blume "Juice" includes grape juice, vinegar & mustard Freckle (Freckle Juice)
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: The Washington Post editorialized that "If You Give a Mouse" this was a criticism of the welfare state a Cookie
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1200: Books about this title simian include his visit to an aquarium & him making pancakes Curious George
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1600: The "World's Greatest Detective", this kid, rhymingly "the Great", solves all sorts of crimes, often in a deerstalker cap Nate (Nate the Great)
#8312, aired 2021-01-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $2000: A children's literature prize first given in 2003 is named for this Swedish creator of Pippi Longstocking (Astrid) Lindgren
#8311, aired 2021-01-11NEW YORK SOCIETY $1000: Crusading against "obscene" literature from the 1870s to the 1950s, the NYSSV was the New York Society for the Suppression of this vice
#8305, aired 2020-12-18LITERATURE $400: The lead character of this 2008 novel owes her last name to the heroine Bathsheba Everdene in "Far From the Madding Crowd" The Hunger Games
#8305, aired 2020-12-18LITERATURE $800: In a Jane Austen novel, Northanger is this title type of structure that Catherine wants to be exciting, but turns out to be dull an abbey
#8305, aired 2020-12-18LITERATURE $1200: This author's last finished work wasn't an adventure story, but the "Grand Dictionnaire de Cuisine" published after his 1870 death Alexandre Dumas
#8305, aired 2020-12-18LITERATURE $1600: Henry Fielding said Colley Cibber, who held this official literary post, was guilty of "high crimes... against the English language" Poet Laureate
#8305, aired 2020-12-18LITERATURE $2000: This playwright's "The Children's Hour" was inspired by a real case suggested by Dashiell Hammett (Lillian) Hellman
#8301, aired 2020-12-14THE FIRST NOBEL $1600: The first Literature Prize went to poet Sully Prudhomme, who'd been elected to this prestigious French literary body 20 years earlier the French Academy (Académie Française)
#8299, aired 2020-12-10LITERATURE TITLES BY LAST WORD $400: A 2005 bestseller: "Tattoo" The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
#8299, aired 2020-12-10LITERATURE TITLES BY LAST WORD $800: An 1820 story: "Hollow" "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
#8299, aired 2020-12-10LITERATURE TITLES BY LAST WORD $1200: A 1969 memoir: "Sings" I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings
#8299, aired 2020-12-10LITERATURE TITLES BY LAST WORD $1600: A 1989 immigrant story: "Club" The Joy Luck Club
#8299, aired 2020-12-10LITERATURE TITLES BY LAST WORD $2000: A 1939 Hollywood tale: "Locust" The Day of the Locust
#8295, aired 2020-12-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: 'Twas 2 days before Christmas in 1823 that the poem "A Visit from" him was published anonymously in a New York newspaper St. Nicholas
#8295, aired 2020-12-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: This Stevenson classic is divided into 6 parts including "The Old Buccaneer" & "Captain Silver" Treasure Island
#8295, aired 2020-12-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $1200: In 1863 he published a novel about "The Cossacks", who also get plenty of mention in his next, more epic, work (Leo) Tolstoy
#8295, aired 2020-12-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): His adventure novel "Une Ville Flottante", "A Floating City", takes place on a steamship, not under the sea Jules Verne
#8295, aired 2020-12-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $2000: His first book of poems, "The Black Riders" was published in 1895, the same year as his "Red Badge of Courage" (Stephen) Crane
#8274, aired 2020-11-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: In a book by Beverly Cleary, Socks is this pet, suddenly having to share the house with a new baby a cat
#8274, aired 2020-11-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: A tiny one of these dinosaurs has a big problem: an impossible hug, because of his short arms! a Tyrannosaurus
#8274, aired 2020-11-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: This bedtime classic is set in "the great green room" Goodnight Moon
#8274, aired 2020-11-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: "One Sunday morning the warm sun came up and--pop!--out of the egg came" this title larva the very hungry caterpillar
#8274, aired 2020-11-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1,800 (Daily Double): She wrote about & illustrated a frog named Mr. Jeremy Fisher & a hedgehog named Mrs. Tiggy-Winkle Beatrix Potter
#8268, aired 2020-10-28LITERATURE ON THE MAP $400: In "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings", Maya Angelou lives in the small town of Stamps near Texarkana in the SW corner of this state Arkansas
#8268, aired 2020-10-28LITERATURE ON THE MAP $800: Owen Wister's "The Virginian" is set in cattle country in this "Cowboy State" Wyoming
#8268, aired 2020-10-28LITERATURE ON THE MAP $1200: This author based the novel "The Magic Mountain" on a trip to Davos, Switzerland to treat his wife's bronchitis Thomas Mann
#8268, aired 2020-10-28LITERATURE ON THE MAP $1600: Centennial, a suburb of Denver, is named for the title town in this man's 1974 novel "Centennial" (James) Michener
#8268, aired 2020-10-28LITERATURE ON THE MAP $2000: Many think Frances Hodgson Burnett based the overgrown wild of this 1911 novel on Great Maytham Hall in Kent The Secret Garden
#8257, aired 2020-10-13WOMEN IN LITERATURE $200: In "Pride & Prejudice", Mr. Bennet & this daughter discuss her possible engagement to Mr. Darcy Elizabeth
#8257, aired 2020-10-13WOMEN IN LITERATURE $400: Charlotte Bronte wrote "Shirley" as well as this more famous novel with the heroine's name as the title Jane Eyre
#8257, aired 2020-10-13WOMEN IN LITERATURE $600: Mrs. Whatsit, Mrs. Who & Mrs. Which help Meg Murry & her brother in this 1962 novel by Madeleine L'Engle A Wrinkle in Time
#8257, aired 2020-10-13WOMEN IN LITERATURE $800: This William Makepeace Thackeray novel deals with the interwoven fortunes of 2 women: the passive Amelia & the scheming Becky Vanity Fair
#8257, aired 2020-10-13WOMEN IN LITERATURE $1000: Rosalind from this comedy has the most lines of any of Shakespeare's women As You Like It
#8234, aired 2020-06-11"THAN" WORDS $1000: Euphuism, an artificially elegant prose style, came into fashion in this royal period of English literature Elizabethan
#8234, aired 2020-06-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Washington Irving's tale of this farmer who takes a big snooze was based on a German folktale Rip Van Winkle
#8234, aired 2020-06-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Willa Cather's novel about this title girl is set around the town of Black Hawk, Nebraska My Antonia
#8234, aired 2020-06-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: The title of this first Philip Marlowe novel is a euphemism for death The Big Sleep
#8234, aired 2020-06-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: 4 Chinese women meet regularly to play Mah-jongg & to talk about life & their children in this 1989 Amy Tan novel The Joy Luck Club
#8234, aired 2020-06-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: In 1997 this famously reclusive author published a fictionalized tale of surveyors "Mason & Dixon" (Thomas) Pynchon
#8226, aired 2020-06-0119th CENTURY ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: Lewis Carroll mirrored the success of his "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" with this 1872 sequel Through the Looking-Glass
#8226, aired 2020-06-0119th CENTURY ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: The painting seen here, depicts a scene from this Charles Dickens novel The Old Curiosity Shop
#8226, aired 2020-06-0119th CENTURY ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: "Agnes Grey" is a novel by this lesser-known sister Anne Bronte
#8226, aired 2020-06-0119th CENTURY ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: He wrote a critique of prison life, "The Ballad of Reading Gaol", after spending time in the prison; it was his last published work Oscar Wilde
#8226, aired 2020-06-0119th CENTURY ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: The title gem in this Wilkie Collins novel was originally stolen from an Indian shrine The Moonstone
#8225, aired 2020-05-29RUSSIAN TO THE BOOKSHELF $1200: This 19th century poet, playwright and unsuccessful duelist is considered a founder of modern Russian literature Alexander Pushkin
#8225, aired 2020-05-29RUSSIAN TO THE BOOKSHELF $2000: This 1970 Literature Nobel Prize winner spent time in the gulag & was deported from the Soviet Union in 1974 Solzhenitsyn
#8209, aired 2020-04-23LITERATURE $400: All published in the 1950s, 7 books make up this series by C.S. Lewis The Chronicles of Narnia
#8209, aired 2020-04-23LITERATURE $800: Patricia Highsmith gained fame with her first novel, about 2 men who meet as "Strangers" here on a train
#8209, aired 2020-04-23LITERATURE $1200: Published in 1893, "Catriona", also known as "David Balfour", was Robert Louis Stevenson's sequel to this novel Kidnapped
#8209, aired 2020-04-23LITERATURE $1600: Roughly 1,100 years after it was written, this Old English poem was first published in 1815--in Denmark Beowulf
#8209, aired 2020-04-23LITERATURE $2000: In 1930 this "Main Street" author became the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Sinclair Lewis
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $200: Anna Oblonsky is the maiden name of this title character Anna Karenina
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $400: When Romeo marries Juliet, these 2 families are joined in matrimony & later, tragedy the Montagues and the Capulets
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $600: Creepy! In order to get closer to Lolita, this man with a double-talk name marries her mother Charlotte Haze Humbert Humbert
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $800: The title of this Daphne du Maurier novel refers to the first Mrs. de Winter; the second Mrs. de Winter is obsessed with her Rebecca
#8208, aired 2020-04-22A MARRIAGE MADE IN LITERATURE $1000: This 1966 novel is about the first marriage of the character Mr. Rochester from "Jane Eyre" Wide Sargasso Sea
#8195, aired 2020-04-03NOBEL LITERARY NOMINEES $800: In 1963 this then-president of France received nominations for literature, not peace Charles de Gaulle
#8195, aired 2020-04-03NOBEL LITERARY NOMINEES $2,000 (Daily Double): These 2 pioneers in psychology were nominated for literature, one in 1936 & one in 1954 Freud and Jung
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $400: Mollie the mare is a minor character in this George Orwell novel Animal Farm
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $800: The first words of this faded southern belle are "They told me to take a streetcar named Desire" Blanche DuBois
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $1200: This 1944 Charles Jackson novel about a chronic alcoholic won 4 Oscars when it came to the big screen a year later The Lost Weekend
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $1600: Her 1948 novel "Peony" told the story of a Jewish family living in China in the 1800s Pearl Buck
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $2000: Some of this American poet's "Pisan Cantos" was penned in 1945 while he was in prison for fascist radio broadcasts (Ezra) Pound
#8157, aired 2020-02-11MAGIC IN LITERATURE $400: In Glen Cook's "Black Company" series, Soulcatcher flies around on one of these, just like in the "Thousand and One Nights" a magic carpet
#8157, aired 2020-02-11MAGIC IN LITERATURE $1200: To access power, mages in the "Malazan" series use & travel in these, just like the burrows where rabbits live warrens
#8157, aired 2020-02-11MAGIC IN LITERATURE $1600: Allomancers in the "Mistborn" series can burn metals like iron & even these, like pewter & duralumin alloys
#8157, aired 2020-02-11MAGIC IN LITERATURE $2000: Everyone has a special magic talent in this author's "Xanth" series that began with "A Spell for Chameleon" Piers Anthony
#8141, aired 2020-01-20LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE $200: "Or, the Boy Who Would Not Grow Up" Peter Pan
#8141, aired 2020-01-20LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE $400: A 1970s special Pulitzer winner: "The Saga of an American Family" Roots
#8141, aired 2020-01-20LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE $800: By Monsieur Flaubert, "A Story of Provincial Life" Madame Bovary
#8141, aired 2020-01-20LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE $1000: Robert Pirsig's 2-wheeled traveling tale: "An Inquiry into Values" Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance
#8141, aired 2020-01-20LITERATURE: THE SUBTITLE $1,200 (Daily Double): "Or, the Parish Boy's Progress", which included picking a pocket or 2 Oliver Twist
#8139, aired 2020-01-16MYTH IN MODERN LITERATURE $400: Geryon, a character in one of this hero's labors, falls in love with him in Anne Carson's "The Autobiography of Red" Hercules
#8139, aired 2020-01-16MYTH IN MODERN LITERATURE $800: W.H. Auden wrote a famous poem about a painting of him, described as "a boy falling out of the sky" Icarus
#8139, aired 2020-01-16MYTH IN MODERN LITERATURE $1200: In a Shelley work this fire bringer is not happy to be nailed to a "wall of eagle-baffling mountain" Prometheus
#8139, aired 2020-01-16MYTH IN MODERN LITERATURE $1600: The title character of Margaret Atwood's "The Penelopiad" tells the story of running this kingdom while waiting for Odysseus to get back Ithaca
#8139, aired 2020-01-16MYTH IN MODERN LITERATURE $2000: Dionysus is a big factor in "The Secret History", this author's first novel (Donna) Tartt
#8126, aired 2019-12-30BEHIND THE LITERATURE $200: Edward Lansdale, a U.S. officer in Asia, was a model for the novel "The Ugly" this & possibly for "The Quiet" this also American
#8126, aired 2019-12-30BEHIND THE LITERATURE $400: William Brodie, craftsman by day & criminal by night, was the inspiration for this Robert Louis Stevenson tale The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
#8126, aired 2019-12-30BEHIND THE LITERATURE $800: Many think Daniel Webster's summation at a murder trial inspired this man to write "The Tell-Tale Heart" Edgar Allan Poe
#8126, aired 2019-12-30BEHIND THE LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Kevin Kwan said he based this 2013 bestseller on the Kwan, Oh & Hu families Crazy Rich Asians
#8126, aired 2019-12-30BEHIND THE LITERATURE $1000: Mr. Ramsay in her 1927 novel "To the Lighthouse" is a portrait of her father Leslie Stephen Virginia Woolf
#8121, aired 2019-12-23LITERATURE $200: In this Steinbeck work, George kills his friend Lennie to spare him from a lynch mob Of Mice and Men
#8121, aired 2019-12-23LITERATURE $400: In this novel, after learning there are no grownups, Jack says, "We'll have to look after ourselves" the Lord of the Flies
#8121, aired 2019-12-23LITERATURE $600: This beloved novel whose first word is "Christmas" has been adapted for a Christmas 2019 movie, with Meryl Streep as Aunt March Little Women
#8121, aired 2019-12-23LITERATURE $800: Lila & Elena are pals in this first book of Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Quartet My Brilliant Friend
#8121, aired 2019-12-23LITERATURE $1000: In 2019 his "Raise High the Roof Beam, Carpenters & Seymour: An Introduction" first came out as an e-book J.D. Salinger
#8118, aired 2019-12-18LITERATURE $400: After taking a strange drink, Rip Van Winkle falls asleep for this many years before waking up 20
#8118, aired 2019-12-18LITERATURE $800: In this Pierre Boulle novel, chimps & gorillas rule & men live like beasts Planet of the Apes
#8118, aired 2019-12-18LITERATURE $1200: It's the name of the half-sheepdog, half-St. Bernard in "The Call of the Wild" Buck
#8118, aired 2019-12-18LITERATURE $1600: A 2014 biographical novel about this author opens with his "Passage to India" aboard the SS City of Birmingham E.M. Forster
#8118, aired 2019-12-18LITERATURE $2000: The Apostles Peter & Paul & the Roman emperor all show up in this Henryk Sienkiewicz novel whose title is a question Quo Vadis
#8067, aired 2019-10-081890s LITERATURE $800: Edmond Rostand set this 1897 play about the pursuit of the lovely Roxane in 17th century Paris Cyrano de Bergerac
#8067, aired 2019-10-081890s LITERATURE $1200: A collection of this controversial German philosopher's thoughts & essays was titled "The Anti-Christ" Nietzsche
#8067, aired 2019-10-081890s LITERATURE $1600: In "Trilby", a young singer falls under the trance of this man whose name became a synonym for a hypnotic controller Svengali
#8067, aired 2019-10-081890s LITERATURE $2000: Dubbed "The Jewish Mark Twain" for his poignant tales, this author published "Tevye the Dairyman" in 1894 Sholem Aleichem
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $400: The novel titled this "Patient" is set in Italy & was written by Sri Lankan-Canadian Michael Ondaatje The English
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $800: Born off Queensland, Kath Walker, aka Oodgeroo Noonuccal, wrote "We Are Going", the 1st book of poems by a person of this ethnicity Aboriginal
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $1200: Gabriel Sundukian wrote this language's greatest dramas in what's now the country of Georgia Armenian
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $1600: This poet told the Nobel Banquet, "Our Irish theatre could (never) have come into existence but for" Henrik Ibsen (William Butler) Yeats
#8050, aired 2019-09-13INTERNATIONAL LITERATURE $2000: Son of a Polish patriot, he was born in what's now Berdychiv, Ukraine & wrote works like "Typhoon" in English (Joseph) Conrad
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $200: Better known for this "Tales", in the 1390s he wrote a "Treatise on the Astrolabe" Chaucer
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $400: Benjamin Bunny convinces this other Beatrix Potter bunny to go back to Mr. McGregor's garden Peter Rabbit
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $600: Homophonic last names of Samuel & Ben, whom Samuel wrote about in "Lives of the Poets" Johnson/Jonson
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $800: This "Vanity Fair" author quarreled with Dickens but was able to "Makepeace" with him (William Makepeace) Thackeray
#8042, aired 2019-07-23BRITISH LITERATURE $1000: Set in the 12th c. Middle East, "The Wondrous Tale of Alroy" is a novel about a Jewish conqueror by this author/politician Disraeli
#8034, aired 2019-07-11RUSSIAN LITERATURE $400: As this Chekhov play ends, trees on the Ranevskaya estate are being cut down to build a housing development The Cherry Orchard
#8034, aired 2019-07-11RUSSIAN LITERATURE $800: He had some revolutionary ideas in his 1902 tract, "What Is To Be Done?" Lenin
#8034, aired 2019-07-11RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1200: His imprisonment & subsequent exile to Siberia led to the writing of "The House of the Dead" Dostoevsky
#8034, aired 2019-07-11RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1600: Just 10 days before he became a dead soul, this author burned sequels he had written for his "Dead Souls" Nikolai Gogol
#8033, aired 2019-07-10LITERATURE $200: In 1850 he pitched his publisher a romance based on legends from southern sperm whale fisheries (Herman) Melville
#8033, aired 2019-07-10LITERATURE $400: George Orwell based Room 101 in "1984" on a real boardroom at this broadcast network where he spent many a long meeting the BBC
#8033, aired 2019-07-10LITERATURE $600: The name of this Moliere character was based on a word for "truffle" Tartuffe
#8033, aired 2019-07-10LITERATURE $800: Stephen Crane's "War Memories" were not about the Civil War but this later war, including the taking of Guantanamo Bay the Spanish-American War
#8033, aired 2019-07-10LITERATURE $1000: Mentor Ezra Pound convinced this poet to cut half of "The Waste Land" (T.S.) Eliot
#8029, aired 2019-07-04BRITISH LITERATURE $400: "All for Love" by John Dryden looks at the tragic lives of this ancient couple Shakespeare also wrote about Antony and Cleopatra
#8029, aired 2019-07-04BRITISH LITERATURE $800: Dickens' first novel concerned a guy with this last name & the papers of his club Pickwick
#8029, aired 2019-07-04BRITISH LITERATURE $1200: In 1894 he published a collection of stories featuring the characters Baloo & Bagheera Kipling
#8029, aired 2019-07-04BRITISH LITERATURE $1600: In this controversial 1928 novel, passionate Constance is married to paralyzed Sir Clifford Lady Chatterley's Lover
#8029, aired 2019-07-04BRITISH LITERATURE $7,000 (Daily Double): In this long 16th century poem, Queen Elizabeth I appears as Belphoebe & is represented by the title monarch The Faerie Queene
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $400: 2018's "The Silence of the Girls" tells this classic story from the perspective of Briseis, Achilles' concubine the Iliad
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $800: In this man's "Wife", Una marries the title whaling captain Ahab
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $1200: The servants who work downstairs for this "Pride & Prejudice" family are the focus of "Longbourn" Bennet
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $2000: "Foe" by J.M. Coetzee depicts the final days of these 2 men as seen by a woman shipwrecked with the pair (Robinson) Crusoe and Friday
#8027, aired 2019-07-02LITERATURE FROM A DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE $3,000 (Daily Double): Unseen in the Shakespeare play, Rosaline gets her story told in the book titled this character's "Ex" Romeo
#8014, aired 2019-06-135 NOBEL TRUTHS $4,000 (Daily Double): Only 2 awardees have ever turned down a Nobel Prize: Peace winner Le Duc Tho & this French philosopher, for literature Jean-Paul Sartre
#8013, aired 2019-06-12WAR IN LITERATURE $200: In "Cold Mountain" by Charles Frazier, a soldier makes a perilous journey home in the end stages of this U.S. war the Civil War
#8013, aired 2019-06-12WAR IN LITERATURE $400: Alfred, Lord Tennyson's poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade" recounted events from this 19th century war the Crimean War
#8013, aired 2019-06-12WAR IN LITERATURE $600: Family members fight on opposite sides of WWI in this Vicente Blasco Ibáñez novel that shares its title with a Biblical quartet The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
#8013, aired 2019-06-12WAR IN LITERATURE $800: This oft-filmed second of the "Leatherstocking Tales" sees Natty Bumppo battle the Huron in the French & Indian War Last of the Mohicans
#8013, aired 2019-06-12WAR IN LITERATURE $1000: This Boris Pasternak novel takes place against the backdrop of the Russian Revolution Doctor Zhivago
#8006, aired 2019-06-03LITERATURE $200: Melville's "Bartleby the Scrivener" is subtitled "A Story of" this street of finance Wall Street
#8006, aired 2019-06-03LITERATURE $400: In a 1923 book by Kahlil Gibran, Almustafa is this mystical title character The Prophet
#8006, aired 2019-06-03LITERATURE $600: In "Charlotte's Web", Templeton is this creature a rat
#8006, aired 2019-06-03LITERATURE $800: In a novel Simone de Beauvoir depicted herself as Anne & this author of "The Stranger" as Henri (Albert) Camus
#8006, aired 2019-06-03LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): The title peak of this Thomas Mann novel is home to a Swiss sanatorium Magic Mountain
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $400: It took only about 350 years for this musical "Man" to ride forth from Cervantes' "Don Quixote" Man of La Mancha
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $800: In 2018 "Fiddler on the Roof" was staged in NYC in this language of Sholem Alechiem's original stories Yiddish
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $1200: Characters from "War and Peace" populate "Natasha", him "and the Great Comet of 1812" Pierre
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $1600: Show your luck & name this musical based on Damon Runyon stories including "The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown" Guys and Dolls
#7999, aired 2019-05-23MUSICALS BASED ON LITERATURE $2000: The musical "Big River" was inspired by this novel first published in the U.S. in 1885 Huckleberry Finn
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $200: "'M.D.' means that" this character "was a proper doctor and knew a whole lot"--including animal language Dr. Doolittle
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $400: Preacher Elmer Gantry earns his B.D., or bachelor of this, a quality he lacks divinity
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $600: The title of the novel "The Paper Chase", made into a movie & TV series, refers to a diploma from this Harvard institution Harvard Law School
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $800: Mary McCarthy graduated from this women's school in New York state in 1933 & wrote "The Group" about women who did too Vassar
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $1000: In this author's "Brideshead Revisited", a father says of his son's univ. degree, "No use to me. Not much use to you either" Evelyn Waugh
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $200: "The horror! The horror!" are Mr. Kurtz' dying words in this novella Heart of Darkness
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $400: From this French novel: "'But you're one against four!' cried Jussac. 'Stop fighting! I order you to stop fighting!'" The Three Musketeers
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $600: He wrote such classics as "The Bostonians", "The Portrait of a Lady" & "The Wings of the Dove" Henry James
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $800: This tale by Robert Louis Stevenson says, "I learned to recognize the thorough and primitive duality of man" Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Part one of "Les Miserables" is "Fantine"; part two is named for this daughter of hers Cosette
#7970, aired 2019-04-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This Washington Irving character "fell asleep on the mountain...and every thing's changed--and I'm changed" Rip Van Winkle
#7970, aired 2019-04-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: George & Nick are professors in the college town of New Carthage in this play by Edward Albee Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
#7970, aired 2019-04-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: Her alter ego Jo March gets $100 for a story she has written (Louisa May) Alcott
#7970, aired 2019-04-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: "More obscene than anything is inertia" is a line from this Henry Miller book some consider obscene Tropic of Cancer
#7970, aired 2019-04-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: This O. Henry story about a poor husband & wife trying to buy each other Christmas presents has a twist ending "Gift of the Magi"
#7955, aired 2019-03-22THE BELLS ARE RINGING $200: Created around 1831, he's literature's most famous bell-ringer Quasimodo
#7947, aired 2019-03-12EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Nobel Museum in Stockholm, Sweden): At the Nobel Museum shop, you can pick up our own chocolate medal with Alfred Nobel on the front or admire a replica of the literature one on which a young writer listens to one of these mythic inspirations singing. a muse
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DRUNK ON LITERATURE $400: A med. journal said this Ian Fleming man's "alcohol intake puts him at high risk of multiple alcohol related diseases" James Bond
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DRUNK ON LITERATURE $800: Kerouac, in this book: "We spent the same Five Points listening to jazz, drinking booze in crazy...saloons" On the Road
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DRUNK ON LITERATURE $1200: Providing some "Fear & Loathing", he was "drinking Singapore slings with mescal on the side & beer chasers" Hunter Thompson
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DRUNK ON LITERATURE $1,800 (Daily Double): Alcoholic Ben Sanderson decides to drink himself to death in Sin City in this John O'Brien novel Leaving Las Vegas
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DRUNK ON LITERATURE $2000: Jake Barnes notes, "I was a little drunk... just enough to be careless" in this 1926 Hemingway book The Sun Also Rises
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $400: "Love is blind", sighs Jessica, a nice Jewish girl in this Shakespeare play The Merchant of Venice
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $800: Thomas Gray's "Elegy Written in" this 2-word place is thought to be that of St. Giles', where the poet is now buried a country churchyard
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $1200: A ruined statue in Egypt inspired this sonnet by Percy Shelley "Ozymandias"
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $1600: In this novel by E.M. Forster, Lucy Honeychurch & her cousin visit Florence, Italy A Room with a View
#7934, aired 2019-02-21BRITISH LITERATURE $2000: Dr. Primrose is the title priest living in the title parish with his wife & kids in this novel by Oliver Goldsmith The Vicar of Wakefield
#7932, aired 2019-02-19AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: E.L. Doctorow's novel "The March" uses this general's 1864 trek through Georgia as its backdrop General Sherman
#7932, aired 2019-02-19AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In one version the last speech of a play by him says, "Nothing's more determined than a cat on a tin roof" Tennessee Williams
#7932, aired 2019-02-19AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: In a 1912 Edgar Rice Burroughs tale, Civil War vet John Carter is magically transported here Mars
#7932, aired 2019-02-19AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,800 (Daily Double): In Oz she's the good witch who helps Dorothy get back to Kansas Glinda
#7932, aired 2019-02-19AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: John Steinbeck's "East of Eden" plays out its Cain & Abel parable in this California valley the Salinas Valley
#7921, aired 2019-02-04EUGENE $600: He's seen here around the time he became only the 2nd American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Eugene O'Neill
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $400: Dante's "Divine Comedy" is divided into 3 parts: this one is followed by "Purgatorio" & "Paradiso" Inferno
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $800: A poem by Richmond Lattimore titled this holiday says, "Our April is the lamb who died / to paint the year in tones of pride" "Easter"
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $1200: This wife of Abraham is the first subject in Orson Scott Card's "Women of Genesis" series Sarah
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $1600: In addition to his books featuring talking lions, this author also wrote "Out of the Silent Planet", a book of religious sci-fi C.S. Lewis
#7920, aired 2019-02-01RELIGIOUS LITERATURE $2000: In Chaim Potok's "My Name is Asher Lev" an artist tries to balance life in this pious Jewish movement with his imagination Hasidic Judaism
#7917, aired 2019-01-29RUSSIAN LITERATURE $400: Olga, Masha & Irina are this title Chekhov trio the Three Sisters
#7917, aired 2019-01-29RUSSIAN LITERATURE $800: Pierre Bezukhov suffers as a P.O.W. in this Tolstoy work War and Peace
#7917, aired 2019-01-29RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1200: Dr. Zhivago falls in love with this woman, but oops! They're both married Lara
#7917, aired 2019-01-29RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1600: This 1973 work is an account of prisons & labor camps scattered across Russia like islands in a sea The Gulag Archipelago
#7913, aired 2019-01-23POPULAR LITERATURE $200: A list of the best works of this type of fiction includes "Outlander", "Pope Joan" & "Fever 1793" historical fiction
#7913, aired 2019-01-23POPULAR LITERATURE $400: Robert Langdon, who solves "The Da Vinci Code", teaches religious symbology at this university Harvard
#7913, aired 2019-01-23POPULAR LITERATURE $600: In "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi", Nag & Nagaina are 2 of these plotting against a human family & the title mongoose cobras
#7913, aired 2019-01-23POPULAR LITERATURE $800: Dame Daphne du Maurier's works made into Hitchcock films include "Rebecca" & this high-flying novelette The Birds
#7913, aired 2019-01-23POPULAR LITERATURE $1000: This book with a lamb-free title marked the first appearance of Dr. Hannibal Lecter Red Dragon
#7909, aired 2019-01-17THE WORLD THROUGH LITERATURE $400: In Arundhati Roy's "The God of Small Things", Rahel & Estha forge a childhood in Kerala in this country India
#7909, aired 2019-01-17THE WORLD THROUGH LITERATURE $800: Nadine Gordimer's final novel, 2012's "No Time Like the Present", is the story of an interracial couple in this country South Africa
#7909, aired 2019-01-17THE WORLD THROUGH LITERATURE $1200: This classic work recounts 100 stories told by 3 men & 7 women fleeing the plague in 14th century Italy the Decameron
#7909, aired 2019-01-17THE WORLD THROUGH LITERATURE $1600: A bold English adventurer helps a Japanese warlord become the title of this James Clavell saga of feudal Japan Shogun
#7909, aired 2019-01-17THE WORLD THROUGH LITERATURE $2000: In "In the Time of Butterflies", rebels in this country pay the ultimate price for standing up to Trujillo the Dominican Republic
#7903, aired 2019-01-09PLACES $1600: It's been called Australia's "Second City" & was the second city named a UNESCO City of Literature Melbourne
#7894, aired 2018-12-27AMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS $400: His "Green Hills of Africa" is an account of big game hunting in Tanganyika in the 1930s Hemingway
#7894, aired 2018-12-27AMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS $800: "The Times They Are A-Changin"', from his 1964 album of the same name, became an instant anthem Bob Dylan
#7894, aired 2018-12-27AMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS $1200: She penned "Fighting Angel," a biography of her father, Absalom Sydenstricker, a missionary in China Pearl Buck
#7894, aired 2018-12-27AMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS $2000: The 2nd & 3rd books in Faulkner's trilogy about this family were published almost 2 decades after the first the Snopes family
#7894, aired 2018-12-27AMERICAN LITERATURE NOBELISTS $2,000 (Daily Double): This "colorful" Toni Morrison work follows a black girl's struggle to achieve white ideals of beauty The Bluest Eye
#7890, aired 2018-12-21DREAMY LITERATURE $400: "A vision in a dream" by Coleridge begins, "In Xanadu did" this khan "a stately pleasure-dome decree" Kubla
#7890, aired 2018-12-21DREAMY LITERATURE $800: This 17th century John Bunyan allegory ends with the line "so I awoke, and behold it was a dream" Pilgrim's Progress
#7890, aired 2018-12-21DREAMY LITERATURE $1200: This Freud work quotes Plato: "The virtuous man contents himself with dreaming of that which the wicked man does" The Interpretation of Dreams
#7890, aired 2018-12-21DREAMY LITERATURE $1600: This Romantic poet gave us the strange dream vision of pale warriors in "La Belle Dame Sans Merci" John Keats
#7890, aired 2018-12-21DREAMY LITERATURE $2000: The first line of this Daphne du Maurier novel is "Last night I dreamt I went to Manderley again" Rebecca
#7872, aired 2018-11-27TROPHY HUNTER $400: A young man sits under a tree & writes down the song of a muse on the Nobel Medal for this field Literature
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Scout is a curious little girl still trying to figure out life in the American South in this classic novel To Kill a Mockingbird
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Part 3 of this novel by Ray Bradbury is called "Burning Bright" Fahrenheit 451
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: The narrator & protagonist of "The Catcher in the Rye" also appeared in other stories by J.D. Salinger Holden Caulfield
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Kidnapped & sold into slavery, Solomon Northup told of his experiences in this memoir that became a movie 12 Years a Slave
#7867, aired 2018-11-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: Originally published anonymously, his essay on "Nature" helped launch Transcendentalism Emerson
#7861, aired 2018-11-12CLASSIC LITERATURE $400: "Hester at Her Needle" is a chapter in this Hawthorne novel The Scarlet Letter
#7861, aired 2018-11-12CLASSIC LITERATURE $1200: In this novel Miss Havisham lives in a decaying mansion called Satis House Great Expectations
#7861, aired 2018-11-12CLASSIC LITERATURE $1600: This Holocaust survivor based "Night" on his own experiences in Nazi death camps (Elie) Wiesel
#7861, aired 2018-11-12CLASSIC LITERATURE $2000: This 1958 Chinua Achebe novel depicts the struggles of the Igbo people in Nigeria before independence Things Fall Apart
#7861, aired 2018-11-12CLASSIC LITERATURE $2,200 (Daily Double): When these 2 boys & their pal Joe Harper are presumed dead, they hide in the church & hear their own funerals Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $400: "The Girl Who Takes an Eye for an Eye" is the latest story regarding this Scandinavian heroine (Lisbeth) Salander
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $800: Britannica says this John Bunyan allegory was at one time second only to the Bible in popularity Pilgrim's Progress
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $1200: One of his most famous works is called "Du Côte de Chez Swann" in the original French (Marcel) Proust
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $1600: He dedicated his novel "Texasville" to Cybill Shepherd, who starred in "The Last Picture Show" (Larry) McMurtry
#7848, aired 2018-10-24LITERATURE $2000: John Kennedy Toole won a posthumous Pulitzer for this New Orleans-set comic novel A Confederacy of Dunces
#7842, aired 2018-10-16BIBLICALLY INSPIRED LITERATURE $400: In Mark Twain's "Diaries of" this couple, she says he's really bad at naming creatures & wanted to call the dodo a wildcat Adam and Eve
#7842, aired 2018-10-16BIBLICALLY INSPIRED LITERATURE $1200: She took time off from vampires to write "Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt" about Jesus' youth (Anne) Rice
#7842, aired 2018-10-16BIBLICALLY INSPIRED LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): In "Moby Dick" a man named Elijah warns this character not to sail on Ahab's boat Ishmael
#7836, aired 2018-10-082018 HAPPENINGS $1600: Caught up in a sex scandal, the Swedish Academy announced it would not give this Nobel Prize in 2018 Literature
#7821, aired 2018-09-17A BIT O' BRIT LIT $800: In 1907 this Bombay-born Englishman who celebrated the empire won the Nobel Prize for Literature Kipling
#7816, aired 2018-09-10LITERATURE $400: In this H.G. Wells classic, the narrator is "drawn on by the...Earth's fate" & sees it in "strides of a thousand years" The Time Machine
#7816, aired 2018-09-10LITERATURE $800: Oddly, the protagonist of "The Tin Drum" stops doing this at age 3 growing
#7816, aired 2018-09-10LITERATURE $1200: Nicholas Rubashov is a revolutionary caught up in this leader's purges in Arthur Koestler's "Darkness at Noon" Stalin
#7816, aired 2018-09-10LITERATURE $1600: Booth Tarkington's novel about this "Magnificent" family documents their decline the Ambersons
#7816, aired 2018-09-10LITERATURE $2000: In a Saul Bellow novel, Eugene Henderson gets this sacred title from the African Wariri tribe the Rain King
#7798, aired 2018-07-04GREAT BRITS $2,000 (Daily Double): This British philosopher & mathematician was the logical choice to win the 1950 Nobel Prize for Literature Bertrand Russell
#7797, aired 2018-07-03NOBEL PRIZE KNOWLEDGE $800: The youngest winner ever in this youngest Nobel category was 51-year-old Kenneth Arrow Economics
#7787, aired 2018-06-19MARRIED LITERATURE $400: At the end of chapter 3, Emma Rouault marries & becomes the title Madame of this 1857 novel Madame Bovary
#7787, aired 2018-06-19MARRIED LITERATURE $800: Trying to get into their purses & skirts, Falstaff writes love letters to 2 married women in this play; the plan backfires The Merry Wives of Windsor
#7787, aired 2018-06-19MARRIED LITERATURE $1200: A kids' classic pairs this title Mrs. "and the Rats of NIMH" Mrs. Frisby
#7787, aired 2018-06-19MARRIED LITERATURE $1600: "The Paris Wife" is a fictional account of Hadley Richardson, first wife of this novelist Hemingway
#7787, aired 2018-06-19MARRIED LITERATURE $2000: This novel by Virginia Woolf is one day in the life of a woman married to a member of Parliament Mrs. Dalloway
#7775, aired 2018-06-01THE THIRD MAN $200: "As a tribute to his...versatile poetry" in 1903, Bjornstjerne Bjornson became man No. 3 to win this prize the Nobel Prize for Literature
#7774, aired 2018-05-31COMIC BOOKS WITHOUT CAPES $1200: Just as in literature, you can get this type of collection, from Latin for "all", for comic books omnibus
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $400: Guillermo Cabrera Infante's "Infante's Inferno" captures this country before the 1959 Communist revolution Cuba
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $500 (Daily Double): Mario Vargas Llosa based "The Time of the Hero" on his harsh treatment in military school in this South American capital Lima
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $800: Not the tower but this place of Babel in a Borges story contains every possible book with every arrangement of letters library
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $1200: 1949's "The Kingdom of This World", an early work in this style blending naturalism & fantasy, includes a manifesto of it magical realism
#7758, aired 2018-05-09LITERATURE IN SPANISH $1600: Circa 1554 "Lazarillo de Tormes" originated this genre about a lowborn scamp & his travels & adventures picaresque
#7749, aired 2018-04-26ITALIAN LITERATURE $400: Carlo Lorenzini used the pen name Collodi to write this beloved tale about a puppet Pinocchio
#7749, aired 2018-04-26ITALIAN LITERATURE $800: Lesser known now than another work, this man's "La Vita Nuova" described in poetry his new life after meeting Beatrice Dante
#7749, aired 2018-04-26ITALIAN LITERATURE $1200: "My Brilliant Friend" begins Elena Ferrante's series about 2 women growing up in this seaport in southern Italy Naples
#7749, aired 2018-04-26ITALIAN LITERATURE $2000: The author of "The Leopard" was Giuseppe, prince of this, also the name of an island now a haven for hopeful migrants Lampedusa
#7749, aired 2018-04-26ITALIAN LITERATURE $4,000 (Daily Double): The 1st known one was written c. 1235 by Giacomo da Lentini; Petrarch wrote several to the unattainable Laura a sonnet
#7747, aired 2018-04-24LITERATURE ON THE MAP $400: In St. Petersburg it's not far from Raskolnikov's murder spree in this book to the bridge where he considers suicide Crime and Punishment
#7747, aired 2018-04-24LITERATURE ON THE MAP $800: Jack Kerouac & Henry Miller both penned books with this "Big" stretch of Pacific coast in their titles Big Sur
#7747, aired 2018-04-24LITERATURE ON THE MAP $1600: Rooster Cogburn is a deputy marshal in Fort Smith, Arkansas in this Charles Portis novel True Grit
#7747, aired 2018-04-24LITERATURE ON THE MAP $1,800 (Daily Double): "Kite Runner" Amir lives in the Wazir Akbar Khan district & takes part in the kite competition, all in this city Kabul
#7747, aired 2018-04-24LITERATURE ON THE MAP $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map of Chicago on the monitor.) In Chicago, there's a big economic difference between the mansion where Bigger Thomas worked & his family's apartment just a few blocks away in this novel Native Son
#7741, aired 2018-04-16LETTER MEN $2000: This author of Indian descent released "Half a Life" in 2001, the year he won the Nobel Prize for Literature V.S. Naipaul
#7723, aired 2018-03-21FULL SENTENCE LITERARY TITLES $2000: "Never Let Me Go" is by this Japanese-born British writer, the winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Literature Kazuo Ishiguro
#7720, aired 2018-03-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In 1972 this author created the Kinte foundation Alex Haley
#7720, aired 2018-03-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: "Snow-white Moslem head-dress around a dead black face" is from Margaret Walker's poem "For" this slain leader Malcolm X
#7720, aired 2018-03-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Until they achieve a satisfying relationship with a man, 4 women are doing this Terry McMillan book title Waiting to Exhale
#7720, aired 2018-03-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This author of "Kindred" & "Xenogenesis" combined African-American culture with science fiction themes Octavia Butler
#7706, aired 2018-02-26HAVE A GREAT ONE! $1200: Written by a woman in the early 1000s, "The Tale of Genji" is considered this country's greatest work of literature Japan
#7696, aired 2018-02-12WORLD WAR I LITERATURE $400: R.C. Sherriff's "Journey's End" is set in a dugout connected to one of these, which have come to symbolize the war a trench
#7696, aired 2018-02-12WORLD WAR I LITERATURE $800: "The Road Back" was Erich Maria Remarque's sequel to this novel All Quiet on the Western Front
#7696, aired 2018-02-12WORLD WAR I LITERATURE $1600: This Michael Morpurgo novel showed the triumphs & the horrors of the war through equine eyes War Horse
#7696, aired 2018-02-12WORLD WAR I LITERATURE $4,000 (Daily Double): Roald Dahl wrote, "Constant twitching & jerking & snorting" were all signs of this alliterative disorder shell shock
#7694, aired 2018-02-08LITERARY AWARDS $400: Not surprisingly, Selma Lagerlof of this country was the first woman to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Sweden
#7680, aired 2018-01-19TWO-WAY ADJECTIVES $1600: This word refers to works of William in psychology or brother Henry in literature Jamesian
#7666, aired 2018-01-01MUSIC & LITERATURE BEFORE & AFTER $400: She sang "Summer Nights" with Travolta before becoming an author of legal thrillers & "Calico Joe" Olivia Newton-John Grisham
#7666, aired 2018-01-01MUSIC & LITERATURE BEFORE & AFTER $800: A "warlike" Pat Benatar hit meshes with an L. Ron Hubbard novel "Love Is A Battlefield Earth"
#7666, aired 2018-01-01MUSIC & LITERATURE BEFORE & AFTER $1200: A Black Eyed Peas man meets up with a Shakespearean style of writing will.i.ambic pentameter
#7666, aired 2018-01-01MUSIC & LITERATURE BEFORE & AFTER $1600: A song by Coolio from "Dangerous Minds" goes back in time to become a 1667 John Milton classic "Gangsta's Paradise Lost"
#7666, aired 2018-01-01MUSIC & LITERATURE BEFORE & AFTER $2000: A John le Carre espionage novel hits the "Speed Of Sound" with a British band The Spy Who Came in From the Coldplay
#7650, aired 2017-12-08ASIAN CULTURE $2000: The first non-European to win a Nobel Literature Prize, Rabindranath Tagore wrote mostly in this Asian language Bengali
#7647, aired 2017-12-05UNESCO CITIES OF LITERATURE $400: Named by UNESCO in 2004, this city is the literary & literal capital of Scotland Edinburgh
#7647, aired 2017-12-05UNESCO CITIES OF LITERATURE $800: This major city is recognized for its excellence in publishing both Spanish & Catalan literature Barcelona
#7647, aired 2017-12-05UNESCO CITIES OF LITERATURE $1200: Thanks to its pioneering writers' program, the only American city honored is in this Midwest state Iowa
#7647, aired 2017-12-05UNESCO CITIES OF LITERATURE $1600: Literature about this Pampas cowboy helped get Montevideo recognized the gaucho
#7647, aired 2017-12-05UNESCO CITIES OF LITERATURE $2000: Thomas Bracken & Janet Frame are 2 authors from Dunedin in this country who bring that city to the forefront New Zealand
#7646, aired 2017-12-04LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $200: (Hi, I'm Rob Fowler of News 2.) This literary character from Charleston tells Scarlett he may go back to his hometown because he misses "the calm dignity life can have when it's lived by gentle folks" Rhett Butler
#7646, aired 2017-12-04LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $400: (Hi, this is Ryan Kristafer from News 8.) Harriet Beecher Stowe lived next door to this other great American author at the time he wrote "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court" (Mark) Twain
#7646, aired 2017-12-04LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $600: (Hi, I'm Mike Davis from 10TV.) I'm at the Columbus, Ohio house of James Thurber, who went on to write "The Secret Life of" this daydreamer Walter Mitty
#7646, aired 2017-12-04LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $800: (Hi, I'm Mark Allan from WDTN.) In his poem "Sympathy", Paul Laurence Dunbar wrote "I know why the caged bird sings"... giving this other African-American poet the title of her 1969 memoir (Maya) Angelou
#7646, aired 2017-12-04LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $1000: (Hi, I'm Ellen Leyva with ABC7 Eyewitness News.) This southern California author has been especially successful with his Los Angeles-based quartet that includes "L.A. Confidential" & "The Black Dahlia" James Ellroy
#7642, aired 2017-11-28LITERATURE $400: Drop "the" from an H.G. Wells title to get the name of this 1952 novel narrated by a nameless young black man Invisible Man
#7642, aired 2017-11-28LITERATURE $800: Published posthumously in 1870, Dickens' only true mystery novel was "The Mystery of" him Edwin Drood
#7642, aired 2017-11-28LITERATURE $1600: This Allen Ginsberg poem begins, "I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness" "Howl"
#7642, aired 2017-11-28LITERATURE $2000: Elizabeth Strout won a 2009 Pulitzer Prize for her book of stories, set in coastal Maine, about this title woman Olive Kitteridge
#7642, aired 2017-11-28LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): James Dickey is best remembered for this novel about a harrowing canoe trip Deliverance
#7639, aired 2017-11-23AFRICAN LITERATURE $400: Alan Paton's novel "Cry, the Beloved Country" focused on the fight for freedom & justice in this country South Africa
#7639, aired 2017-11-23AFRICAN LITERATURE $800: Joseph Mbele's "Matengo Folktales" includes a story about one of these long-eared beasts outwitting a lion a hare
#7639, aired 2017-11-23AFRICAN LITERATURE $1200: Naguib Mahfouz' novel "Midaq Alley" brings to life the bustling atmosphere of this largest north African city Cairo
#7636, aired 2017-11-20LITERATURE, SCIENCE & THE ARTS $200: Edvard Munch's diary entry where "the sky suddenly turned to blood" may have inspired this, his best-known painting The Scream
#7636, aired 2017-11-20LITERATURE, SCIENCE & THE ARTS $400: This liquid straw-colored part of blood consists of about 90% water plasma
#7636, aired 2017-11-20LITERATURE, SCIENCE & THE ARTS $600: Reviews at the time said this novel wasn't "a treatise on cetology" but "the plot is meagre beyond comparison" Moby Dick
#7636, aired 2017-11-20LITERATURE, SCIENCE & THE ARTS $800: Known for his portraits of full-figured ladies, this 17th c. Flemish artist painted 20+ large pictures of Marie de Medicis Rubens
#7636, aired 2017-11-20LITERATURE, SCIENCE & THE ARTS $1000: In 1704 Newton published a groundbreaking treatise on this science of light optics
#7629, aired 2017-11-09"N" TITLED TO LITERATURE $200: With this book Jane Austen satirized the fashion for novels like those of Ann Radcliffe Northanger Abbey
#7629, aired 2017-11-09"N" TITLED TO LITERATURE $400: The father of the title character of this Dickens novel dies & leaves the family penniless Nicholas Nickleby
#7629, aired 2017-11-09"N" TITLED TO LITERATURE $600: This one-act drama by Sartre sounds like a barrel of laughs: an existential portrayal of hell No Exit
#7629, aired 2017-11-09"N" TITLED TO LITERATURE $1000: Tennessee Williams set this play in a seedy Mexican hotel Night of the Iguana
#7629, aired 2017-11-09"N" TITLED TO LITERATURE $3,400 (Daily Double): Wonderboy is the name of a bat, not a superhero, in this 1952 novel The Natural
#7624, aired 2017-11-02LITERATURE FOR THE YOUNG $200: Young Mia Thermopolis suddenly finds herself the Royal Highness of Genovia in this book The Princess Diaries
#7624, aired 2017-11-02LITERATURE FOR THE YOUNG $400: These 2 siblings have solved such cases as "The Twisted Claw" & "The Hidden Harbor Mystery" the Hardy Boys
#7624, aired 2017-11-02LITERATURE FOR THE YOUNG $600: That's "some pig", this character in "Charlotte's Web" Wilbur
#7624, aired 2017-11-02LITERATURE FOR THE YOUNG $800: A boy asks Santa for a reindeer's silver bell in this classic by Chris Van Allsburg The Polar Express
#7624, aired 2017-11-02LITERATURE FOR THE YOUNG $1000: She's the speedy filly young Ken McLaughlin calls "My Friend" Flicka
#7592, aired 2017-09-19RIGHT ON Q $1000: It may ring a bell that this Italian with a "Q" name won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1959 Salvatore Quasimodo
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $400: "Twilight" Washington state
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $1200: "Inherent Vice" California
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $1600: "A Confederacy of Dunces" Louisiana
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $2000: "A River Runs Through It" Montana
#7590, aired 2017-09-15THE STATE OF LITERATURE $4,000 (Daily Double): "Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil" Georgia
#7561, aired 2017-06-26FRENCH LITERATURE $400: The epilogue to this novel tells us that one took holy orders, one married a rich woman & one moved to a country home The Three Musketeers
#7561, aired 2017-06-26FRENCH LITERATURE $800: In the 1879 story "The Begum's Fortune", he predicted chemical warfare using projectiles Jules Verne
#7561, aired 2017-06-26FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: In this 1862 work, Victor Hugo wrote, "No one ever keeps a secret so well as a child" Les Miserables
#7561, aired 2017-06-26FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: Jean-Paul Sartre wrote this major philosophical work in 1943 while fighting for the French Resistance Being and Nothingness
#7561, aired 2017-06-26FRENCH LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): This title character hails from Asteroid B-612, which has 3 volcanoes & a rose the Little Prince
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $400: Holocaust survivor Aharon Appelfeld wrote of the impending horror in "Badenheim" this year 1939
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $800: The title of a 1958 Leon Uris novel about Israel's birth isn't "Genesis", but this Exodus
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $1200: In Amos Oz' novel "The Hill of Evil Counsel", 2 boys grow up in Jerusalem under this country's post-WWI mandate the United Kingdom
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $1600: This "Tales of the South Pacific" author's novel "The Source" is a tale of Israel from ancient times up to the 20th century (James) Michener
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $2000: Aharon Megged's "Foiglman" looks at the conflicts between fathers & sons, Israel & the Diaspora & these 2 languages Hebrew and Yiddish
#7536, aired 2017-05-22RUSSIAN CULTURE $2000: The "Father of Russian Literature", this poet & dramatist was mortally wounded in a duel in 1837 Pushkin
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $400: The White Rabbit is running late, leading to all kinds of trouble at the start of this 1865 book Alice in Wonderland
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $800: He took 17 years to write his last novel, "Finnegans Wake" James Joyce
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $1200: A 2015 BBC poll of literary critics said the greatest British novel is this George Eliot work named for a town Middlemarch
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $1600: This poet & typographic innovator wrote lines capturing childhood like "when the world is puddle-wonderful" e e cummings
#7533, aired 2017-05-17I LOVE LITERATURE $2000: In the '60s this controversial novelist wrote journalistic works like "Miami and the Siege of Chicago" Norman Mailer
#7525, aired 2017-05-05LITERATURE $200: George & Lennie have dreams of living off the fat of the land in this Steinbeck tale Of Mice and Men
#7525, aired 2017-05-05LITERATURE $400: In "Les Miserables" he's imprisoned for 19 years after stealing a loaf of bread (Jean) Valjean
#7525, aired 2017-05-05LITERATURE $600: Dostoyevsky drew on his own experience in prison to write this 1866 masterpiece Crime and Punishment
#7525, aired 2017-05-05LITERATURE $800: This character says, "I keep picturing all these little kids playing some game in this big field of rye" (Holden) Caulfield
#7525, aired 2017-05-05LITERATURE $1000: This novel is about Ignatius J. Reilly, the Don Quixote of the French Quarter A Confederacy of Dunces
#7515, aired 2017-04-21LITERATURE $200: Upton Sinclair refers to the Chicago stockyards as "Packingtown" in this 1906 novel The Jungle
#7515, aired 2017-04-21LITERATURE $400: She won a Pulitzer Prize not for "My Antonia" but for another Nebraska novel, "One of Ours" Willa Cather
#7515, aired 2017-04-21LITERATURE $600: His "Sevastopol Sketches" were based on the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War, in which he served Tolstoy
#7515, aired 2017-04-21LITERATURE $800: The movie "Simon Birch" was adapted from John Irving's novel "A Prayer for" him Owen Meany
#7515, aired 2017-04-21LITERATURE $1000: At age 25 in 1774, young Goethe had a bestseller with "The Sorrows of" this young man Werther
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AVIAN LITERATURE $400: A fun-loving rebel inspires a mental ward's patients to challenge a nurse's cruel rule in this novel One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AVIAN LITERATURE $800: In "The Maltese Falcon", this detective is hired by the fragrant Miss Wonderly Sam Spade
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AVIAN LITERATURE $1200: Rebecca West's "Black Lamb & Grey Falcon" is a study of this troubled Balkan country that broke apart in the 1990s Yugoslavia
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AVIAN LITERATURE $2000: This literary pair "went to sea in a beautiful pea-green boat" the Owl and the Pussycat
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AVIAN LITERATURE $5,000 (Daily Double): When this Anton Chekhov play debuted in St. Petersburg in 1896, it was a dismal failure The Seagull
#7490, aired 2017-03-17'TIS IRISH LITERATURE $200: In "Lady Windermere's Fan", he wrote, "I can resist everything except temptation" (Oscar) Wilde
#7490, aired 2017-03-17'TIS IRISH LITERATURE $600: In "Arms and the Man", by him, a fugitive soldier exposes some villagers' romantic ideas about war George Bernard Shaw
#7490, aired 2017-03-17'TIS IRISH LITERATURE $800: In the satiric 1729 "A Modest Proposal", this author suggested dining on poor Irish children to control poverty Jonathan Swift
#7490, aired 2017-03-17'TIS IRISH LITERATURE $1000: 'Tis this 3-named Irish poet and Nobel laureate seen here William Butler Yeats
#7490, aired 2017-03-17'TIS IRISH LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Spoiler alert: the title character of this absurd 1950s play sends word that he will arrive, but never does Waiting for Godot
#7486, aired 2017-03-13LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $400: (I'm M.J. Acosta from NBC 7 San Diego.) This man resided at the Hotel Del Coronado for months at a time & wrote parts of several books here including "Dorothy and the Wizard in Oz" Frank Baum
#7486, aired 2017-03-13LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $800: (I'm Juliana Mazza with 22News.) Leaping from the pages of the Dr. Seuss memorial sculpture are Thing 1 & Thing 2, agents of mayhem from this 1957 classic The Cat in the Hat
#7486, aired 2017-03-13LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $1200: (Hi. I'm Mark Allan from WDTN.) I'm at the Dayton home of poet Paul Laurence Dunbar, the son of former slaves; he wrote in Black dialect, including this 2-word question used by the New Orleans Saints, among others "Who dat?"
#7486, aired 2017-03-13LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $1600: (Hi. I'm Ryan Kristafer from News 8.) This author of "Uncle Tom's Cabin" lived in this Hartford home from 1873 until her death in 1896 (Harriet Beecher) Stowe
#7486, aired 2017-03-13LITERATURE ACROSS AMERICA $2000: (I'm Julie Nelson from Kare 11.) The Minnesota State Fair is the setting of the 1928 story "A Night at the Fair" by this author born in St. Paul Fitzgerald
#7484, aired 2017-03-09AUDITIONS FOR A NEW MUSTACHE $1000: An Asian villain of literature & film lends his name to this mustache Fu Manchu
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE 2016 NOBEL PRIZES $800: The Literature Prize went to this American singer & songwriter Bob Dylan
#7465, aired 2017-02-10LITERATURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE $200: "Some pig" is one of the lifesaving slogans woven by a spider in this work Charlotte's Web
#7465, aired 2017-02-10LITERATURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE $400: At Hogwarts Harry Potter is "sorted" into this house Gryffindor
#7465, aired 2017-02-10LITERATURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE $600: Before the euro, this royal children's book character appeared on the French 50-franc note the Little Prince
#7465, aired 2017-02-10LITERATURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE $800: This lonely old woodcarver carves himself a whittle boy named Pinocchio Geppetto
#7465, aired 2017-02-10LITERATURE FOR YOUNG PEOPLE $1000: In a Katherine Paterson classic, an elder twin is taunted with this title, "but Esau have I hated" Jacob Have I Loved
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MUNICIPAL LITERATURE $400: "London!--that great place!--Nobody--not even Mr. Bumble--could ever find him there!" thinks this poor Dickens lad Oliver Twist
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MUNICIPAL LITERATURE $800: The canals are frozen over as Det. Lotte Meerman tries to solve a really cold case in "A Cold Death in" this European city Amsterdam
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MUNICIPAL LITERATURE $1200: Willa Cather's 1931 novel "Shadows on the Rock" details the lives of French colonists in the "rock" that is this Canadian city Quebec City
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MUNICIPAL LITERATURE $1600: Herbert Asbury's "The Barbary Coast" is an informal history of the underworld of this West Coast city San Francisco
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MUNICIPAL LITERATURE $2000: This writer from Lowell portrayed small-town Mass. & big New York City in his first novel, 1950's "The Town and the City" Jack Kerouac
#7461, aired 2017-02-06"MIS"QUOTES $600: Chekhov wrote that he had "two professions.... Medicine is my lawful wife and literature is my" this mistress
#7457, aired 2017-01-3114-LETTER WORDS $2000: Mais oui, it was the philosophy of the man who turned down the 1964 Nobel Prize for Literature existentialism
#7455, aired 2017-01-27LITERATURE $200: Kobayashi Issa mastered this form; Robert Hass translated one as "Don't worry, spiders / I keep house / casually" haiku
#7455, aired 2017-01-27LITERATURE $400: "Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause", the title of a 1961 novel Catch-22
#7455, aired 2017-01-27LITERATURE $600: This 1922 Hermann Hesse novel about a young Brahmin in India parallels the life of Buddha Siddhartha
#7455, aired 2017-01-27LITERATURE $800: In this Huxley novel, a major character is said to have "been the first to reveal the appalling dangers of family life" Brave New World
#7455, aired 2017-01-27LITERATURE $1000: In 1904 James Joyce wrote "The Sisters" for the Irish homestead newspaper; the story later became part of this work the Dubliners
#7454, aired 2017-01-26CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: A character known as Sam-I-Am is the persistent purveyor of this title paired offering green eggs and ham
#7454, aired 2017-01-26CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: This classic by Maurice Sendak was turned into a 1980 opera Where the Wild Things Are
#7454, aired 2017-01-26CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: Here's an illustration of this title girl and her pet monkey, Mr. Nilsson Pippi Longstocking
#7454, aired 2017-01-26CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: A book by Virginia Lee Burton is titled "Mike Mulligan and" this large construction tool a steam shovel
#7454, aired 2017-01-26CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: During WWII the Pevensie children are evacuated from London to an old professor's country estate in this 1950 book The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: The Pequod was the whalers' doomed ship in this classic Moby-Dick
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: With "Fear and Loathing: On the Campaign Trail '72", he went gonzo over the presidential election Hunter Thompson
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In this 1997 play it's shampoo, set & socialize for a group of women passing time in a Louisiana beauty salon Steel Magnolias
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: He's the giant of American lit seen here near the end of his life Robert Frost
#7439, aired 2017-01-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: "In Cold Blood" recounts the murder of the Clutter family in a small town in this state Kansas
#7437, aired 2017-01-03LITERATURE IN ACTION $200: The action-packed Book 7 of this ancient poem features the duel of Hector & Ajax the Iliad
#7437, aired 2017-01-03LITERATURE IN ACTION $400: This Vietnam vet & action hero sprang form the pages of "First Blood" by David Morrell Rambo
#7437, aired 2017-01-03LITERATURE IN ACTION $600: Like Michael Crichton, Arthur Conan Doyle wrote a thriller with this title about a land inhabited by dinosaurs The Lost World
#7437, aired 2017-01-03LITERATURE IN ACTION $800: "The Last of the Mohicans" takes place against the backdrop of this 18th century war the French and Indian War
#7437, aired 2017-01-03LITERATURE IN ACTION $1000: Brian Garfield's wife had her purse stolen, so Brian wrote this novel about a vigilante whose wife has been murdered Death Wish
#7433, aired 2016-12-28ANTE "BELL" UM $1600: Hyphenated French term for study of fine literature belles-lettres
#7431, aired 2016-12-26LITERARY TERMS $1,000 (Daily Double): It can mean a decorative border of vines, or, in literature, a short anecdote a vignette
#7420, aired 2016-12-09CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $400: This "directional" trilogy by John Jakes looks at the Civil War from the viewpoints of 2 families on opposite sides North and South
#7420, aired 2016-12-09CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $800: "Manhunt" by James Swanson is an account of the multi-day chase to find this killer John Wilkes Booth
#7420, aired 2016-12-09CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1200: It's the "snaky" title of Bernard Cornwell's novel about a Confederate officer jailed as a Yankee spy Copperhead
#7420, aired 2016-12-09CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1600: Begun in 1863 & published in 1994, John Ransom's diary is his eloquent account of survival in this notorious prison Andersonville
#7420, aired 2016-12-09CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $2000: A Union officer is killed but not in warfare in "Murder at" this Virginia town, name of the war's first major battle Manassas
#7417, aired 2016-12-06CLUES ACROSS AMERICA $1000: (Hi, I'm Juliana Mazza with 22 News.) Many beloved characters from children's literature are features in a Springfield sculpture garden dedicated to Dr. Seuss, the pen name of this man (Theodor) Geisel
#7408, aired 2016-11-23CONTINENTS OF NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: For Literature, Pablo Neruda South America
#7390, aired 2016-10-28INITIALITERATURE $200: "L.C.L." by D.H. Lawrence Lady Chatterley's Lover
#7390, aired 2016-10-28INITIALITERATURE $400: "T.P.A.T.P." by Mark Twain The Prince and the Pauper
#7390, aired 2016-10-28INITIALITERATURE $600: "B.D." by Stephenie Meyer Breaking Dawn
#7390, aired 2016-10-28INITIALITERATURE $800: "T.S.A.R." by Ernest Hemingway The Sun Also Rises
#7390, aired 2016-10-28INITIALITERATURE $1000: "T.P.P." by Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers
#7386, aired 2016-10-24CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: This classic is subtitled "The Tale of a Puppet" Pinocchio
#7386, aired 2016-10-24CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: His "Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day" begins when he wakes up with gum in his hair Alexander
#7386, aired 2016-10-24CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: The man in this identifying piece of headwear brings Curious George over from Africa the yellow hat
#7386, aired 2016-10-24CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: The title of this Frances Hodgson Burnett book refers to Sara Crewe, who goes from privileged to pauper A Little Princess (The Little Princess accepted)
#7386, aired 2016-10-24CHARACTERS IN CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: She is "exquisitely gowned in a skeleton leaf... through which her figure could be seen to the best advantage" Tinker Bell
#7375, aired 2016-10-07LITERARY FACTS $2,000 (Daily Double): The first Bombay-born winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature, in 1907, he wasn't Hindi (Rudyard) Kipling
#7365, aired 2016-09-23REMEMBERING WORLD WAR I $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Nat'l WWI Museum & Memorial in Kansas City, MO.) Even before the U.S. entry into the war, Americans were volunteering to drive Red Cross ambulances; one such adventurer was this 18-year-old, who was badly wounded in a mortar attack in Italy, nearly costing the U.S. a future Nobel Prize in Literature (Ernest) Hemingway
#7358, aired 2016-09-14AWARDS FOR WRITING $400: Won in 2015 by Svetlana Alexievich, it's handed out annually by the Swedish Academy the Nobel Prize in Literature
#7354, aired 2016-07-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: August Wilson chronicled the Black experience in his cycle of plays set in the Hill District of this Pennsylvania city Pittsburgh
#7354, aired 2016-07-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Here's this poet & author; note the color she's wearing (Alice) Walker
#7354, aired 2016-07-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: Langston Hughes wrote, "What happens to a dream deferred? Does it dry up like" this, later the title of a play A Raisin in the Sun
#7354, aired 2016-07-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: "My Bondage and My Freedom" from 1855 is his second autobiography Frederick Douglass
#7354, aired 2016-07-28AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This novel by Zora Neale Hurston tells the story of Janie Crawford & her 3 marriages Their Eyes Were Watching God
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TEEN LITERATURE $400: 1919 saw "Ten Days that Shook the World", John Reed's firsthand account of this historic upheaval the Russian Revolution
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TEEN LITERATURE $800: Sax Rohmer released this Asian villain & his mustache on the U.S. in 1913 with "The Insidious Dr." him Fu Manchu
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TEEN LITERATURE $1600: Gregor Samsa is the human transformed into a giant pest in this 1915 novella Metamorphosis
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TEEN LITERATURE $2000: This German author published "Demian", a novel of a troubled young man seeking enlightenment Herman Hesse
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TEEN LITERATURE $5,200 (Daily Double): A famous collection of Freud's theories was 1917's "Introductory Lectures on" this process psychoanalysis
#7313, aired 2016-06-01THE 2015 IG NOBEL PRIZES $800: Literature: for finding this 3-letter palindrome of bafflement "seems to exist in every human language" huh
#7293, aired 2016-05-04BESTSELLERS $800: Azar Nafisi's bestselling memoir of life & literature in revolutionary Iran is called "Reading" this "in Tehran" Lolita
#7291, aired 2016-05-02DETENTION IN LITERATURE $400: Cold Mountain Penitentiary houses many killers in this Stephen King book, & most have a date with "Old Sparky" The Green Mile
#7291, aired 2016-05-02DETENTION IN LITERATURE $800: Due to a tattoo, Devil's Island prisoner Henri Charriere was called this, also the title of a book he wrote Papillon
#7291, aired 2016-05-02DETENTION IN LITERATURE $1200: While researching "Seabiscuit", Laura Hillenbrand kept finding stories about P.O.W. Louis Zamperini, so she wrote this book Unbroken
#7291, aired 2016-05-02DETENTION IN LITERATURE $2000: Alexander Solzhenitsyn called the Soviet prison camps this "Archipelago" Gulag
#7291, aired 2016-05-02DETENTION IN LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Detention here is pretty tough--prisoners are guarded by "Dementors" who feed on your positive emotions Azkaban
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: Akela the wolf & Baloo the brown bear are 2 of the animals featured in this collection of stories The Jungle Book
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: Early in this Jules Verne tale, professor Otto Lidenbrock, his nephew & a guide descend into a volcano Journey to the Center of the Earth
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: Wordsworth began a poem, "I wandered lonely as" this "that floats on high o'er vales and hills" a cloud
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: 2 expatriates come to Boston to visit relatives in his 1878 novel "The Europeans" Henry James
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Essays making up this 1854 work include "Reading", "Solitude" & "The Pond in Winter" Walden; or, Life in the Woods
#7270, aired 2016-04-01LITERARY LATIN AMERICA $1200: Gauchesco is literature about the South American equivalent of this American job cowboy
#7253, aired 2016-03-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: In this novel Holden Caulfield has an older brother named D.B. & a little sister named Phoebe The Catcher in the Rye
#7253, aired 2016-03-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: "Her delicate beauty must avoid a strong light" is a description of her in "A Streetcar Named Desire" (Blanche) DuBois
#7253, aired 2016-03-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: "The Luck of" this noisy-sounding "Camp" is a not-so-cheery story by Bret Harte Roaring
#7253, aired 2016-03-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: The narrator of this Poe story says, "The disease had sharpened my senses... Above all was the sense of hearing acute" "The Tell-Tale Heart"
#7253, aired 2016-03-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): This book begins, "Early in the spring of 1750, in the village of Juffure... a man-child was born to Omoro and Binta Kinte" Roots
#7251, aired 2016-03-07LITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS $400: This book that won a Pulitzer in 1961 depicts racial injustice in a small Southern town To Kill a Mockingbird
#7251, aired 2016-03-07LITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS $800: In this author's "Lonesome Dove", a motley assortment of heroes, outlaws & more live & die in the title Texas town (Larry) McMurtry
#7251, aired 2016-03-07LITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS $1600: A young woman's passion for a priest drives much of this epic saga of 3 generations of Australian sheep farmers The Thorn Birds
#7251, aired 2016-03-07LITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS $2000: The title bird is actually an anarchist in Tom Robbins' "Still Life with" this Woodpecker
#7251, aired 2016-03-07LITERATURE IS FOR THE BIRDS $4,000 (Daily Double): In this novel, a Tulane law student discovers facts that people will kill for, & if she doesn't get help, she might be next The Pelican Brief
#7247, aired 2016-03-01CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: This bear is named for a train station & arrives in England as a stowaway from South America Paddington
#7247, aired 2016-03-01CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: In a work by Crockett Johnson, he draws his own world with his purple crayon Harold
#7247, aired 2016-03-01CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: "If You Give a" child this 1985 Laura Numeroff book, he's liable to ask for another If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
#7247, aired 2016-03-01CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: In 1888, before his imprisonment, this playwright published "The Happy Prince and Other Tales" for children Oscar Wilde
#7247, aired 2016-03-01CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: Matchboxes make good dressers for the tiny Clock family in this 1952 story by Mary Norton The Borrowers
#7246, aired 2016-02-29URBAN LITERATURE $400: Portrayed by Sinatra on film, he runs the craps tables in the "Guys and Dolls" stories Nathan Detroit
#7246, aired 2016-02-29URBAN LITERATURE $800: "Fear and Loathing" in Las Vegas" chronicles a rollicking weekend for this gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson
#7246, aired 2016-02-29URBAN LITERATURE $1200: A mysterious sack in a bank vault stirs greed in the Mark Twain tale "The Man that Corrupted" this town Hadleyburg
#7246, aired 2016-02-29URBAN LITERATURE $2000: In this Thomas Mann novella, a writer on a holiday in a cholera-stricken city grows infatuated with a boy Death in Venice
#7246, aired 2016-02-29URBAN LITERATURE $4,000 (Daily Double): He sought his fortune in Yukon gold prospecting, but made it big as the USA's highest-paid writer Jack London
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $400: This 1854 poem contains the lines "Theirs not to make reply, theirs not to reason why, theirs but to do and die" "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $800: He's the very dramatic Russian seen here around 1900 Chekhov
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $1200: He's the only human in the "Winnie-the-Pooh" stories Christopher Robin
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $1600: This sci-fi author's "C" novels include "Childhood's End" & "Cradle", about contact with an alien civilization Arthur C. Clarke
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $2000: "Chirp the first" is the first chapter of this Dickens short novel The Cricket on the Hearth
#7234, aired 2016-02-11COLLEGE-SET LITERATURE $400: "Cambridge was a desert", begins Chapter 1 of Andre Aciman's this "Square" Harvard
#7234, aired 2016-02-11COLLEGE-SET LITERATURE $800: This author of "Lolita" also wrote "Pnin", about a Russian prof at a U.S. college, like himself (Vladimir) Nabokov
#7234, aired 2016-02-11COLLEGE-SET LITERATURE $1200: An errant throw by a Westish College baseball star plays a major role in Chad Harbach's "The Art of" this Fielding
#7234, aired 2016-02-11COLLEGE-SET LITERATURE $1600: This author known for his white suits set the novel "I Am Charlotte Simmons" at DuPont (don't call it Duke!) University Tom Wolfe
#7234, aired 2016-02-11COLLEGE-SET LITERATURE $2000: Murder breaks the peace of Hampden College in this novel by Donna Tartt The Secret History
#7232, aired 2016-02-09THE 2015 NOBEL PRIZES $800: "Understanding Consumption" author Angus Deaton won this prize the Nobel Prize for Economics
#7232, aired 2016-02-09THE 2015 NOBEL PRIZES $2000: Works by 2015 Literature winner Svetlana Alexievich include "Voices from" this now-radioactive location Chernobyl
#7230, aired 2016-02-05STATELY LITERATURE $200: "Gone with the Wind" Georgia
#7230, aired 2016-02-05STATELY LITERATURE $400: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" Missouri
#7230, aired 2016-02-05STATELY LITERATURE $800: "East of Eden" California
#7230, aired 2016-02-05STATELY LITERATURE $1000: "The Jungle" Illinois
#7230, aired 2016-02-05STATELY LITERATURE $1,800 (Daily Double): "The Sound and the Fury" Mississippi
#7224, aired 2016-01-28"O" IN LITERATURE $200: Keats wrote one "on a Grecian Urn" an ode
#7224, aired 2016-01-28"O" IN LITERATURE $400: A cycle of plays by Sophocles includes the dramas him "Rex" & him "at Colonus" Oedipus
#7224, aired 2016-01-28"O" IN LITERATURE $600: In this memoir Isak Dinesen wrote that her farm was "at the foot of the Ngong Hills" Out of Africa
#7224, aired 2016-01-28"O" IN LITERATURE $1000: Herman Melville wrote this "Narrative of Adventures in the South Seas" Omoo
#7224, aired 2016-01-28"O" IN LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): This tale includes the line "Fish, you are going to have to die anyway. Do you have to kill me too?" The Old Man and the Sea
#7217, aired 2016-01-19LITERATURE $200: In "Oliver Twist" Fagin teaches his young followers this type of theft pickpocketing
#7217, aired 2016-01-19LITERATURE $400: In Michel Faber's sci-fi novel "Under the Skin", these are captured & then fatted up for consumption people (or humans)
#7217, aired 2016-01-19LITERATURE $600: Her poem "I heard a Fly buzz--when I died" was suggested by a chapter in a Hawthorne novel Emily Dickinson
#7217, aired 2016-01-19LITERATURE $800: Born in Bombay in 1865, in 1907 he became the first British writer to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Rudyard Kipling
#7217, aired 2016-01-19LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): On the "fifth day", as recounted in this 14th century collection by Boccaccio, the storytellers must tell tales of love The Decameron
#7212, aired 2016-01-12FIRST ISSUES $2000: With James Russell Lowell as editor, in 1857 this monthly called itself "a magazine of literature, art, and politics" Atlantic Monthly
#7204, aired 2015-12-311940s FICTION $1600: A classic of African-American literature, his 1940 novel "Native Son" was adapted into a play the following year Richard Wright
#7202, aired 2015-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $400: In 1703 this "Robinson Crusoe" author offended each side in a religious dispute & was sentenced to Newgate Prison Daniel Defoe
#7202, aired 2015-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $1200: "The Girl in the Spider's Web" continues the late Stieg Larsson's "Millennium series" about this hacker Lisbeth Salander
#7202, aired 2015-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Tolstoy titled a story after these horsemen of the steppes, based on his travels as a soldier the Cossacks
#7202, aired 2015-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Although best known for their fairy tales, these brothers were pioneers in creating a German dictionary the Brothers Grimm
#7202, aired 2015-12-29WORLD LITERATURE $2000: Richard Llewellyn wrote 3 sequels to this 1939 classic; in the third one, Huw Morgan returns to Wales How Green Was My Valley
#7198, aired 2015-12-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: The quiet joys of fishing are described in Izaak Walton's 1653 work "The Compleat" this Angler
#7198, aired 2015-12-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: On Dec. 9, 1854, just 45 days after the event, The Examiner published this Tennyson poem "The Charge of the Light Brigade"
#7198, aired 2015-12-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: This 1895 H.G. Wells book was subtitled "An Invention" The Time Machine
#7198, aired 2015-12-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: The subject of 52 G.K. Chesterton stories, this cleric had a simple face "as round and dull as a Norfolk dumpling" Father Brown
#7198, aired 2015-12-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $5,000 (Daily Double): Dickens' artist Luke Fildes said Dickens told him the solution to this was that John Jasper strangled his nephew The Mystery of Edwin Drood
#7192, aired 2015-12-15THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM $1000: 800-899: Columbia has a department of English & comparative this literature
#7186, aired 2015-12-07LITERATURE $200: Published in 1826, the second of the "Leatherstocking Tales" is "The Last of" these people the Mohicans
#7186, aired 2015-12-07LITERATURE $400: In 1964 this French author & existential philosopher turned down the Nobel Prize for Literature Sartre
#7186, aired 2015-12-07LITERATURE $600: "Of all who give gifts these two were the wisest", says "The Gift of the Magi" by this author O. Henry
#7186, aired 2015-12-07LITERATURE $1000: Works like the novel "Dead Souls" made him one of the founders of Russian realism Gogol
#7186, aired 2015-12-07LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Rudyard's father J. Lockwood Kipling illustrated this 1901 novel with a very short title Kim
#7171, aired 2015-11-16LA LITTERATURE FRANCAISE $1200: This term for light, sophisticated literature is French for "beautiful letters" belles-lettres
#7168, aired 2015-11-11MEDIEVAL LITERATURE $400: In Sir Thomas Malory's "Morte d'Arthur", she retires to a nunnery after an affair Guinevere
#7168, aired 2015-11-11MEDIEVAL LITERATURE $800: Our primary source for ancient Norse pagan beliefs is the Poetic Edda of this island nation Iceland
#7168, aired 2015-11-11MEDIEVAL LITERATURE $1200: "The Dream of the Rood" tells the story of Jesus' crucifixion from the perspective of the rood, this the cross
#7168, aired 2015-11-11MEDIEVAL LITERATURE $2000: Blow that horn--this French knight and subject of "The Song of" him Roland
#7168, aired 2015-11-11MEDIEVAL LITERATURE $5,100 (Daily Double): His 14th century collection "Canzoniere" established & perfected the Italian sonnet form Petrarch
#7164, aired 2015-11-05GOTHIC LITERATURE $400: Starting the genre was Horace Walpole's 1765 novel titles this classic Gothic structure "of Otranto" castle
#7164, aired 2015-11-05GOTHIC LITERATURE $1200: "The Supper at Elsinore" is one of "Seven Gothic Tales" by this author also known for her tales of Africa (Isak) Dinesen (Karen Blixen)
#7164, aired 2015-11-05GOTHIC LITERATURE $1600: Edgar Allan Poe fed a 19th century Gothic revival with stories like this supernatural tale about Roderick & his doomed family The Fall of the House of Usher
#7164, aired 2015-11-05GOTHIC LITERATURE $2000: This Gothic classic was penned as part of a ghost story writing competition held in a mansion on Lake Geneva in 1816 Frankenstein
#7164, aired 2015-11-05GOTHIC LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): Lady Caroline Lamb featured a version of this ex-lover in her Gothic novel "Glenarvon", calling him Ruthven Lord Byron
#7161, aired 2015-11-02SPORTS IN LITERATURE $400: Athlete-lawyer Ken Dryden wrote "The Game", this one he played with Serge Savard, Bob Gainey et al. hockey
#7161, aired 2015-11-02SPORTS IN LITERATURE $600: "Hot Money" by Dick Francis centers on Ian Pembroke, who does this sporting job a jockey
#7161, aired 2015-11-02SPORTS IN LITERATURE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Boathouse Row in Philadelphia, PA.) Organized competitive rowing dates back thousands of years, with the first known literary mention in this work by Virgil, who wrote, "the whole sea gapes, torn by the oars" the Aeneid
#7161, aired 2015-11-02SPORTS IN LITERATURE $1000: "Ball Four" by this pitcher begins, "I signed my contract today to play for the Seattle pilots at a salary of $22,000" Jim Bouten
#7154, aired 2015-10-22FRENCH LITERATURE $400: "Twenty Years After" & "The Vicomte de Bragelonne" were both sequels to this Alexandre Dumas work Three Musketeers
#7154, aired 2015-10-22FRENCH LITERATURE $800: In Chapter I of this Gaston Leroux novel, we learn of a private box in the theatre always reserved for the title figure Phantom of the Opera
#7154, aired 2015-10-22FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: Antoine de Saint-Exupery, who perished in a WWII plane crash, is today best known for this children's tale The Little Prince
#7154, aired 2015-10-22FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: A collection of about 90 tales, "The Human Comedy" by this author paints a vivid portrait of 19th c. France (Honoré de) Balzac
#7154, aired 2015-10-22FRENCH LITERATURE $5,000 (Daily Double): One of the chief aims of this 1831 novel was to "inspire the nation with a love of its national architecture" The Hunchback of Notre Dame
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $400: Lucan dropped Jupiter & Juno in the "Pharsalia", the rare ancient epic without these beings gods
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $800: "De Oratore" by this greatest Roman orator gives his views on using language effectively Cicero
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $1200: Better known name of Titus Livius, author of a history of Rome from its founding to 9 B.C. Livy
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $1600: Dating from the 2nd century, this Roman emperor's "Meditations" is a classic of stoic philosophy Marcus Aurelius
#7149, aired 2015-10-15ANCIENT ROMAN LITERATURE $2000: Julius Caesar described his victories in the 50s B.C. in what's now France in his "Commentaries on" these "Wars" the Gallic Wars
#7133, aired 2015-09-23LITERATURE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC $800: He wrote of snowy climes in books like "White Fang", then traveled to balmy Tahiti & later penned "South Sea Tales" (Jack) London
#7133, aired 2015-09-23LITERATURE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Pitcairn Island.) In "The Long Voyage", this author mentions Pitcairn Island & Thursday October Christian, Fletcher's son Charles Dickens
#7133, aired 2015-09-23LITERATURE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC $1600: This author of "Tales of the South Pacific" called Bora Bora the Bali Ha'i of the spirit (James) Michener
#7133, aired 2015-09-23LITERATURE OF THE SOUTH PACIFIC $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew walks the beach in Tahiti.) In "The Signature of All Things" by this "Eat, Pray, Love" author, Alma Whittaker sails to Tahiti to discover the mysterious fate of her husband (Elizabeth) Gilbert
#7132, aired 2015-09-22REMEMBER SEPTEMBER $800: The setting for literature's "Cannery Row", this California city also has a hep September jazz festival Monterey
#7124, aired 2015-07-30WORLD OF BOOKS $400: Called the father of Roman literature, Livius Andronicus translated this Homeric travel tale into Latin the Odyssey
#7124, aired 2015-07-30WORLD OF BOOKS $800: 4 Nobel Prize literature winners were born on the Emerald Isle: Yeats, Beckett, Heaney & this playwright (George Bernard) Shaw
#7118, aired 2015-07-22FEMALE NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: South African literature laureate Nadine Gordimer was part of the struggle against this policy of segregation apartheid
#7115, aired 2015-07-17PUNNY CLASSIC LITERATURE TITLES $400: Jack London's tale of the place where feral creatures stop at the food court before hitting Old Navy The Mall of the Wild
#7115, aired 2015-07-17PUNNY CLASSIC LITERATURE TITLES $800: Thackeray's novel about a woman inordinately proud of her flowing tresses Vanity Hair
#7115, aired 2015-07-17PUNNY CLASSIC LITERATURE TITLES $1200: It's the story of a weaving apparatus equipped with a pleasant panorama A Loom with a View
#7115, aired 2015-07-17PUNNY CLASSIC LITERATURE TITLES $1600: Huxley's yarn concerning cemetery crypts in the Americas A Grave New World
#7115, aired 2015-07-17PUNNY CLASSIC LITERATURE TITLES $2000: Mississippi-set novel about a place where stray dogs are kept that becomes the object of intense anger The Pound and the Fury
#7106, aired 2015-07-06TASTY LITERATURE $200: This author's Ishmael spends a whole chapter pondering chowder (Herman) Melville
#7106, aired 2015-07-06TASTY LITERATURE $400: In this 19th c. work, young Amy likes snacking on "pickled limes" & borrows money from her sister to buy some Little Women
#7106, aired 2015-07-06TASTY LITERATURE $600: In a Fannie Flag novel, this cafe serves fried green tomatoes & other Southern favorites The Whistle Stop Cafe
#7106, aired 2015-07-06TASTY LITERATURE $800: Nostalgia overcomes "Invisible Man" after he eats this 3-letter tuber in Harlem a yam
#7106, aired 2015-07-06TASTY LITERATURE $1000: Madame Bovary gets all tingly at her first taste of this tropical fruit: "Elle n'avait jamais... mangé d'ananas" a pineapple
#7104, aired 2015-07-02LITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s $400: Friedrich Schiller's drama about William Tell includes the scene where he shoots one of these off his son's head an apple
#7104, aired 2015-07-02LITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s $800: The first volume of a work by these brothers contained 86 stories, including "The Frog King" & "Sleeping Beauty" the Brothers Grimm
#7104, aired 2015-07-02LITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s $1200: Sir Walter Scott's Waverley novels include "A Legend of Montrose" & one about this alliterative Scottish outlaw Rob Roy
#7104, aired 2015-07-02LITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s $2000: This romantic poet who penned "To a Skylark" also waxed political with essays like "The Necessity of Atheism" Shelley
#7104, aired 2015-07-02LITERATURE OF THE EARLY 1800s $4,000 (Daily Double): A father, a mother & 4 sons are shipwrecked on a desert isle in this Johann David Wyss adventure tale The Swiss Family Robinson
#7069, aired 2015-05-14LITERATURE $200: This Brit's own poor childhood inspired him to write books like "David Copperfield" Charles Dickens
#7069, aired 2015-05-14LITERATURE $400: Her books like "Sense and Sensibility" have a lot to do with love & marriage, but she never married Jane Austen
#7069, aired 2015-05-14LITERATURE $600: The first book in Stieg Larsson's trilogy about computer hacker Lisbeth Salander is "The Girl with" this the Dragon Tattoo
#7069, aired 2015-05-14LITERATURE $800: James Fenimore Cooper depicted the changing frontier in "The Last of" them the Mohicans
#7069, aired 2015-05-14LITERATURE $1000: This Jazz Age author epitomized his time with works like "Tender is the Night" F. Scott Fitzgerald
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $400: A sea-witch tells this 19th c. title gal that her transformation will make each step feel like "treading upon sharp knives" the Little Mermaid
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $800: Britannica describes this type of literature as "pseudomedieval", with "a prevailing atmosphere of mystery & terror" Gothic
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $1200: This 1997 short story tells of ranch hands Jack Twist & Ennis del Mar, who tend sheep in Wyoming Brokeback Mountain
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $1600: William Styron wrote the historical novel "The Confessions of" this leader of a slave rebellion Nat Turner
#7055, aired 2015-04-24LITERATURE $2000: In the Rossetti family, Christina was the poet, though her artist brother went by this poetic name Dante (Gabriel Rossetti)
#7042, aired 2015-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: "Holly Golightly had been a tenant in the old brownstone; she'd occupied the apartment below mine" in this work Breakfast at Tiffany's
#7042, aired 2015-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This 1852 novel says, "It is a sin to hold a slave under laws like ours" Uncle Tom's Cabin
#7042, aired 2015-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: This novel ends, "Yes, thought Montag, that's the one I'll save for noon. For noon... when we reach the city" Fahrenheit 451
#7042, aired 2015-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: This 1906 novel was meant to be a companion piece to "The Call of the Wild" White Fang
#7042, aired 2015-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In a short story by this man, Percy says his father has "a diamond bigger than the Ritz-Carlton Hotel" F. Scott Fitzgerald
#7034, aired 2015-03-26BROUGHT TO YOU IN H_D $2000: A female servant; one told a "tale" in literature a handmaid
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $400: In this H. G. Wells novel, a character is hurtled into the year 802,701 The Time Machine
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $800: His 1786 "Account of Corsica" gained him fame; "The Life of Samuel Johnson" cemented it Boswell
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $1200: There are 7 books in the Harry Potter series, including this latest one The Deathly Hallows
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $1600: 3-letter name of the narrator of Dickens' "Great Expectations" Pip
#7032, aired 2015-03-24BRITISH LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): "Dogg's Hamlet, Cahoot's Macbeth" are paired 1979 plays by this Bard-loving Brit Tom Stoppard
#7032, aired 2015-03-24EVERYBODY'S TALKIN' 'BOUT THEM $800: William Dean Howells called him "sole, incomparable, the Lincoln of our literature" Mark Twain
#7023, aired 2015-03-11THE EMERALD AISLE $1200: The emerald is an appropriate birthstone for this author who created an emerald city of literature Frank Baum
#7012, aired 2015-02-241950s BESTSELLERS $2000: "Across the River & Into the Trees" was a 1950 bestseller by this giant of American literature Ernest Hemingway
#7011, aired 2015-02-23A "LITTLE" LITERATURE $400: In this 1871 sequel Jo March & her husband run a school for boys in their home Little Men
#7011, aired 2015-02-23A "LITTLE" LITERATURE $800: In 2014 Sara Shepard released "Toxic", the 15th book in this bestselling series about 4 Pennsylvania teens Pretty Little Liars
#7011, aired 2015-02-23A "LITTLE" LITERATURE $1200: In this 1886 story 7-year old Cedric Errol cuts a striking figure in black velvet, lace collar & yellow curls Little Lord Fauntleroy
#7011, aired 2015-02-23A "LITTLE" LITERATURE $1600: This Dickens title character sews to earn money to help her father, who's been imprisoned for debt Little Dorrit
#7011, aired 2015-02-23A "LITTLE" LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): In this 1933 Erskine Caldwell novel, a character sets aside a small piece of land, the income of which is to go to the church God's Little Acre
#7002, aired 2015-02-10FEMALE AUTHORS $800: Author of more than 200 works, Nora Roberts was the first inductee of the Hall of Fame for writers in this genre romance
#6961, aired 2014-12-15WEBSITES $2,000 (Daily Double): This literature-based website was named for a title scrivener Bartleby
#6958, aired 2014-12-10A RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TIMELINE $400: "The Defence and Illustration of" this language that gave us the word "renaissance" appeared in 1549 French
#6958, aired 2014-12-10A RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TIMELINE $800: Printing in England was still a novelty in the 1470s when William Caxton printed this work about 30 pilgrims The Canterbury Tales
#6958, aired 2014-12-10A RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TIMELINE $1200: In 1516 Sir Thomas More broke away from his dry histories of kings like Richard III to produce this "what-if" work Utopia
#6958, aired 2014-12-10A RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TIMELINE $1600: In 1341 this Italian sonneteer was crowned poet laureate, with real laurel Petrarch
#6958, aired 2014-12-10A RENAISSANCE LITERATURE TIMELINE $2000: Lady Penelope Rich was the "star" of Sir Philip Sidney's sonnet cycle "Astrophel and" her, published in 1591 Stella
#6952, aired 2014-12-02WORLD LITERATURE $400: "David Copperfield" is one of this British author's classic novels Charles Dickens
#6952, aired 2014-12-02WORLD LITERATURE $800: In a Victor Hugo novel, Quasimodo is the hunchback bell ringer at this Paris cathedral Notre Dame
#6952, aired 2014-12-02WORLD LITERATURE $1200: Concerning the lives of Alyosha, Dmitry & Ivan, "The Brothers Karamazov" takes place in this country Russia
#6952, aired 2014-12-02WORLD LITERATURE $1600: "Z" marks the spot for this crime-fighting swordsman of colonial Spanish America Zorro
#6952, aired 2014-12-02WORLD LITERATURE $2000: The 7 voyages of this sailor bring him many perils, like being carried by a giant bird, the ROC Sinbad
#6941, aired 2014-11-17IN MEMORIAM 2014 $1000: Called "South Africa's grande dame of literature", she passed away at 90 Nadine Gordimer
#6937, aired 2014-11-11LITERARY AWARDS $400: This French writer was just 44 when he got the Nobel Prize for Literature for works like "The Myth of Sisyphus" (Albert) Camus
#6937, aired 2014-11-11LITERARY AWARDS $600: A Swedish award for adolescent & children's literature is named for this "Pippi Longstocking" author Astrid Lindgren
#6925, aired 2014-10-24WORLD LITERATURE $400: Consisting of 24 books, this ancient poem tells of a homecoming after the fall of Troy The Odyssey
#6925, aired 2014-10-24WORLD LITERATURE $800: In the 1990s a group of women inspired the bestseller "Reading Lolita In" this city Tehran
#6925, aired 2014-10-24WORLD LITERATURE $1200: After publishing this book in 1988, Salman Rushdie was forced into hiding The Satanic Verses
#6925, aired 2014-10-24WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Last name of the life-loving Alexis, "the Greek" in a novel by Nikos Kazantzakis Zorba
#6925, aired 2014-10-24WORLD LITERATURE $2000: His "The Unbearable Lightness Of Being" was banned in his native Czechoslovakia until 1989 Milan Kundera
#6920, aired 2014-10-17O CAPTAIN! MY LITERATURE CAPTAIN! $800: Captain First Rank Marko Ramius ordered a sub to go (defect) in this Tom Clancy novel The Hunt for Red October
#6920, aired 2014-10-17O CAPTAIN! MY LITERATURE CAPTAIN! $1600: This 1870 sci-fi captain claimed the South Pole with an appropriate flag Captain Nemo
#6920, aired 2014-10-17O CAPTAIN! MY LITERATURE CAPTAIN! $2000: Captain Jack Aubrey & surgeon Stephen Maturin first set sail in 1969 in this Patrick O'Brian novel Master and Commander
#6920, aired 2014-10-17O CAPTAIN! MY LITERATURE CAPTAIN! $4,000 (Daily Double): He "went content to the crocodile"; instead of "Bad form", his last words should have been "Here's seconds!" Captain Hook
#6905, aired 2014-09-26CLASSICAL LITERATURE $400: This poetic work by Homer ends, "Such was the burial of Hector, breaker of horses" the Illiad
#6905, aired 2014-09-26CLASSICAL LITERATURE $800: Aristophanes' "The Clouds" satirizes this philosopher as the representative of Atheism Socrates
#6905, aired 2014-09-26CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1200: Book 1 of this epic narrative by Ovid begins with a story of the creation of the world Metamorphoses
#6905, aired 2014-09-26CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1600: This Roman satirist whose name sounds like a word meaning "childish" asked, "But who is to guard the guards?" Juvenal
#6905, aired 2014-09-26CLASSICAL LITERATURE $2000: When war broke out between Athens & Sparta in 431 B.C., he began writing an 8-book history of the war Thucydides
#6903, aired 2014-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: A poem of his says grass is "the beautiful uncut hair of graves" (Walt) Whitman
#6903, aired 2014-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This Poe story tells of a prisoner's torture during the Spanish Inquisition "The Pit and the Pendulum"
#6903, aired 2014-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: The "winner" of the title event of this Shirley Jackson story is stoned to death "The Lottery"
#6903, aired 2014-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This 1882 story by Frank Stockton leaves its title question unanswered "The Lady, or the Tiger?"
#6903, aired 2014-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): In 1830 he had 5 tales & sketches published in the Salem Gazette (Nathaniel) Hawthorne
#6885, aired 2014-07-18STATELY LITERATURE $200: "A ____ Yankee In King Arthur's Court" Connecticut
#6885, aired 2014-07-18STATELY LITERATURE $400: "The Hotel ____ ____" New Hampshire
#6885, aired 2014-07-18STATELY LITERATURE $600: The play "Abe Lincoln in ____" Illinois
#6885, aired 2014-07-18STATELY LITERATURE $800: "____ville" Texasville
#6885, aired 2014-07-18STATELY LITERATURE $1000: "Winesburg, ____" Ohio
#6869, aired 2014-06-26THE IRON AGE $400: Iron Age literature includes this epic poem that begins, "Sing, O goddess, the anger of Achilles" the Iliad
#6860, aired 2014-06-13LITERATURE $200: This Tolstoy tome centers on the 1812 invasion of Russia & the ensuing Russian resistance War & Peace
#6860, aired 2014-06-13LITERATURE $400: This novel by Ken Kesey is set at a mental hospital One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
#6860, aired 2014-06-13LITERATURE $600: Sal Paradise & Dean Moriarty decide to "beat" it across America in this modern classic On The Road
#6860, aired 2014-06-13LITERATURE $800: In a Thomas Mann tale, Gustav Von Aschenbach has a date with "death in" this city Venice
#6860, aired 2014-06-13LITERATURE $1000: 12th century England is the setting of Ken Follett's historical novel these "of the Earth" Pillars
#6857, aired 2014-06-10POETIC WOMEN $2000: Born Lucila Godoy Alcayaga in Vicuna, Chile, she was the first Latin American woman to win a Nobel Prize in literature Gabriela Mistral
#6847, aired 2014-05-27MOVIES INSPIRED BY LITERATURE $200: "A Knight's Tale", starring Heath Ledger, was inspired by this Chaucer classic The Canterbury Tales
#6847, aired 2014-05-27MOVIES INSPIRED BY LITERATURE $600: You Goethe go back to this 2-part 19th century work to see the origins of "Damn Yankees" Faust
#6847, aired 2014-05-27MOVIES INSPIRED BY LITERATURE $800: Be "Clueless" in remembering that 1995 comedy had its roots in this Austen tale Emma
#6847, aired 2014-05-27MOVIES INSPIRED BY LITERATURE $1000: The 1675 play "The Country Wife" inspired this 1975 movie with Warren Beatty as a lusty hairdresser Shampoo
#6847, aired 2014-05-27MOVIES INSPIRED BY LITERATURE $3,200 (Daily Double): 2010's "Easy A" re-imagined this decidedly unfunny 1850 novel as a comedy The Scarlet Letter
#6838, aired 2014-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $400: This poem about "man's first disobedience" appeared in 1667 Paradise Lost
#6838, aired 2014-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $800: Inspiring the film "Rescue Dawn" was Dieter Dengler's "Escape from" this Indochinese nation Laos
#6838, aired 2014-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $1600: The 2 great Sanskrit epic poems are the Mahabharata & this tale of an avatar of Vishnu the Ramayana
#6838, aired 2014-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $2000: In 1907 the performance of this John Millington Synge play set off riots in Dublin Playboy of the Western World
#6838, aired 2014-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $2,800 (Daily Double): In Ariosto's chivalric romance "Orlando Furioso", Orlando is this great king's nephew Charlemagne
#6830, aired 2014-05-02ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: This 1897 novel was influenced by "Carmilla", an 1872 novella about a female vampire Dracula
#6830, aired 2014-05-02ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: Thomas De Quincey's 1821 "Confessions of an English" eater or user of this drug is a classic of addiction lit opium
#6830, aired 2014-05-02ENGLISH LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): In Maugham's "The Moon and Sixpence", Charles leaves his wife & eventually goes to this Pacific island to paint Tahiti
#6830, aired 2014-05-02ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: This British author's 1922 novel "Jacob's Room" is said to be a fictional biography of her brother Thoby Virginia Woolf
#6830, aired 2014-05-02ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: This D.H. Lawrence novel continued the stories of sisters Ursula & Gudrun Brangwen, who 1st appeared in "The Rainbow" Women in Love
#6813, aired 2014-04-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: John Donne wrote, "Death, be not" this, "though some have called thee mighty & dreadful, for though art not so" proud
#6813, aired 2014-04-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: Last name of Dorothy Sayers' detective Lord Peter Wimsey
#6813, aired 2014-04-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: Criticism of this gloomy novel & its loser title hero put Thomas Hardy off writing novels forever Jude the Obscure
#6813, aired 2014-04-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: This "Volpone" author admired his contemporary Shakespeare but did find the Bard sometimes "full of wind" (Ben) Jonson
#6813, aired 2014-04-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $1000: Of Irish descent but raised in India, this Kipling title youngster joins the English Secret Service Kim
#6777, aired 2014-02-18BRITISH LITERATURE $400: In 1816 this Lord left England for good; in 1818 he praised Italy in his poem "Beppo" Lord Byron
#6777, aired 2014-02-18BRITISH LITERATURE $800: The mysterious Kurtz is the object of Marlow's quest in this Joseph Conrad tale Heart of Darkness
#6777, aired 2014-02-18BRITISH LITERATURE $1200: Busy guy; this poet wrote love poems to a "Jean", a "Bonnie Lesley" & a "Highland Mary" (Rabbie) Burns
#6777, aired 2014-02-18BRITISH LITERATURE $1600: "They all agreed that it was a huge creature, luminous, ghastly, and spectral" is from this Arthur Conan Doyle work The Hound of the Baskervilles
#6777, aired 2014-02-18BRITISH LITERATURE $2000: Early in "1984" this character writes, "Down with Big Brother" over & over again in his diary Winston (Smith)
#6766, aired 2014-02-03WORLD LITERATURE $400: The Mahabharata is an epic poem originally written in this ancient language Sanskrit
#6766, aired 2014-02-03WORLD LITERATURE $800: Kafka wrote "The Metamorphosis"; this ancient Roman wrote "Metamorphoses" Ovid
#6766, aired 2014-02-03WORLD LITERATURE $1200: Tolstoy's "Death of" this title character initially deals with others' reactions to his passing Ivan Ilych
#6766, aired 2014-02-03WORLD LITERATURE $1600: In 1956 he published "La Chute", or "The Fall"; the next year he won the Nobel Prize for Literature (Albert) Camus
#6766, aired 2014-02-03WORLD LITERATURE $2000: Igbo proverbs are found throughout this 1958 Chinua Achebe novel that sounds like a bad game of Jenga Things Fall Apart
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE $200 (Daily Double): Kitty doesn't like the knitting so much in the Debbie Macomber book called "A Good" this, but loves the threads Yarn
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE $200: There are 4 servings of seafood in this Dr. Seuss title, & kitty doesn't mind at all One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE $400: This Agatha Christie play that features Detective Sergeant Trotter is something most cats would love to have Mousetrap
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE $600: Kitty's ears perk up when she hears the title of this Daphne du Maurier tale of fierce finches & robins "The Birds"
#6758, aired 2014-01-22LITERATURE CATS WOULD LOVE $1000: "Tell me more", said puss about the Paul Torday love story with the odd title this "in the Yemen" Salmon Fishing
#6737, aired 2013-12-24CHANGE ONE LETTER $2000: An individual's style of speaking morphs into a class of literature that includes novels diction & fiction
#6735, aired 2013-12-20LITERATURE $200: Estate Gamekeeper Oliver Mellors is the title paramour in this D.H. Lawrence novel Lady Chatterley's Lover
#6735, aired 2013-12-20LITERATURE $400: Inspector Porfiry Petrovich is on the case in this 1866 novel Crime & Punishment
#6735, aired 2013-12-20LITERATURE $600: The line "no country for old men" comes from this Irishman's poem "Sailing To Byzantium" (William Butler) Yeats
#6735, aired 2013-12-20LITERATURE $800: Richard Wright wrote "Native Son"; this African-American writer put out "Notes Of A Native Son" James Baldwin
#6735, aired 2013-12-20LITERATURE $1000: He wrote that "naked lunch" means "a frozen moment when everyone sees what is on... every fork" (William S.) Burroughs
#6726, aired 2013-12-09THE ____ OF ____ $400: Fabled weapon precariously suspended over a leader in Greek literature the Sword of Damocles
#6726, aired 2013-12-09YOU'RE SO VAGUE $600: Title word describing literature's "Jude" obscure
#6720, aired 2013-11-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: The plot of Dubose Heyward's "Porgy" is Porgy meets her, Porgy gets her, Porgy loses her Bess
#6720, aired 2013-11-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In Stephen Vincent Benet's story "The Devil and" him, Mr. Scratch has come to collect a debt Daniel Webster
#6720, aired 2013-11-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In Chapter 2 of "Moby Dick", he tucked his carpetbag under his arm & "started for Cape Horn and the Pacific" Ishmael
#6720, aired 2013-11-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: His 1942 story "The Bear" relates the story of Ike McCaslin & his companions as they hunt a bear named Old Ben Faulkner
#6720, aired 2013-11-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: Her first publications were accounts of the travels of her & husband Almanzo in the De Smet News in South Dakota Laura Ingalls Wilder
#6714, aired 2013-11-21RANDOM HOUSE DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS $800: Under "I": in Greek literature, "pertaining to satirical poetry written in" a certain meter iambic
#6693, aired 2013-10-23CLASSICAL LITERATURE $200 (Daily Double): The "lives" of Aristides & Cato the Elder were among those this biographer covered Plutarch
#6693, aired 2013-10-23CLASSICAL LITERATURE $400: In the "Aeneid" Virgil wrote, "Whatever it is, I fear" them "even when they bring gifts" the Greeks
#6693, aired 2013-10-23CLASSICAL LITERATURE $800: Philippic, meaning a bitter rant, comes from the speeches Demosthenes made against this kingdom's Philip II Macedon
#6693, aired 2013-10-23CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1200: This poetess of Lesbos was known as the "tenth muse" Sappho
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $400: This youngest sister in "Little Women" was based on the author's sister May--note the anagram Amy
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $800: Tolstoy thought the masterpiece of this fellow countryman was the 1860s work "The House of the Dead" Fyodor Dostoevsky
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $1200: The 2012 book "Portrait of a Novel" is about "Henry James & the Making of" this "American masterpiece" Portrait of a Lady
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $1600: The daydreams of this James Thurber character include being a surgeon & the world's greatest pistol shot Walter Mitty
#6686, aired 2013-10-14LITERATURE $2000: In a Goethe novel "The Sorrows of" this man include the fact that Lotte is engaged Werther
#6684, aired 2013-10-10MY NEXT MUSTACHE $800: A sinister villain of literature inspired this style Fu Manchu
#6683, aired 2013-10-09IRISH LITERATURE $400: The narrator of this satire says, "I found my arms and legs were strongly fastened on each side to the ground" Gulliver's Travels
#6683, aired 2013-10-09IRISH LITERATURE $800: This "Waiting for Godot" playwright wrote a novel trilogy that included "Molloy", "Malone Dies" & "The Unnamable" (Samuel) Beckett
#6683, aired 2013-10-09IRISH LITERATURE $1200: This Irish-born writer's most famous novel is partly narrated by Jonathan Harker in the form of a journal (Bram) Stoker
#6683, aired 2013-10-09IRISH LITERATURE $1600: Prolific short story writer Frank O'Connor once served in the I.R.A. & on the board of directors of this playhouse the Abbey Playhouse
#6683, aired 2013-10-09IRISH LITERATURE $2,800 (Daily Double): "The Boarding House" & "The Sisters" are 2 of the 15 stories appearing in this 1914 James Joyce collection Dubliners
#6645, aired 2013-07-05LA LITERATURE FRANÇAISE $200: The title character of this novel is the former Emma Rouault Madame Bovary
#6645, aired 2013-07-05LA LITERATURE FRANÇAISE $400: Harpagon & his money are reunited in Moliere's "L'Avare", English title this tightfisted person The Miser
#6645, aired 2013-07-05LA LITERATURE FRANÇAISE $600: In the original French, the first line of this Camus novel is "Aujourd'hui, maman est morte" L'Ètranger
#6645, aired 2013-07-05LA LITERATURE FRANÇAISE $800: Don't forget that "Swann's Way" is the first part of this epic by Proust In Search Of Lost Time
#6638, aired 2013-06-26WORLD LITERATURE $400: In this 1866 Russian novel, a poor student named Raskolnikov kills an old woman pawnbroker Crime and Punishment
#6638, aired 2013-06-26WORLD LITERATURE $800: In 1835 he published a pamphlet containing 4 of his fairy tales, including "The Tinder Box" Hans Christian Andersen
#6638, aired 2013-06-26WORLD LITERATURE $1600: This Chilean novelist's "Portrait in Sepia" continues the story begun in her "Daughter of Fortune" Isabel Allende
#6638, aired 2013-06-26WORLD LITERATURE $2000: In this Henry James tale, a governess is in charge of 2 children who are controlled by evil ghosts The Turn of the Screw
#6638, aired 2013-06-26WORLD LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): The last chapter of this 16th century work is "An Exhortation to Liberate Italy from the Barbarians" The Prince
#6629, aired 2013-06-13SCOTLAND $1200: This work of literature is known as "the Scottish play" Macbeth
#6626, aired 2013-06-10EUROPEAN POETS & POETRY $400: In 1901 French poet Sully Prudhomme became the first to win this literature prize the Nobel Prize
#6621, aired 2013-06-03ROMANCE IN LITERATURE $400: "Well, my dear, take heart. Some day, I will kiss you and you will like it. But not now", he said in "Gone with the Wind" Rhett Butler
#6621, aired 2013-06-03ROMANCE IN LITERATURE $800: A photographer finds brief but unforgettable love in Iowa in this '90s novel The Bridges of Madison County
#6621, aired 2013-06-03ROMANCE IN LITERATURE $1200: The mad, impetuous woman played by Keira Knightley opposite Aaron Taylor-Johnson as Vronsky in a 2012 film Anna Karenina
#6621, aired 2013-06-03ROMANCE IN LITERATURE $1600: The love between Marius & Cosette cannot be stilled in this Hugo novel Les Miserables
#6621, aired 2013-06-03ROMANCE IN LITERATURE $2000: In a Madrid taxi, Jake & Lady Brett dream of what might have been at the end of this Hemingway tale The Sun Also Rises
#6617, aired 2013-05-28MUSIC & LITERATURE $400: Many forgotten composers set Schiller's "Ode To Joy" to music before this man showed how in his 9th symphony Beethoven
#6617, aired 2013-05-28MUSIC & LITERATURE $1200: This former 10,000 Maniacs frontwoman sings e.e. cummings & other poets on the album "Leave Your Sleep" (Natalie) Merchant
#6617, aired 2013-05-28MUSIC & LITERATURE $2000: Heard here is Ralph Vaughan Williams' fitting music to accompany this Aristophanes play Wasps
#6617, aired 2013-05-28MUSIC & LITERATURE $4,800 (Daily Double): The novel on which this movie musical was based was by Phil Stong, whose grandfather ran the swine division at the Iowa one State Fair
#6600, aired 2013-05-03BRITISH LIT $400: In part for his "virility of ideas", this "Jungle Book" author was the first Brit to win the Nobel Prize for literature Kipling
#6584, aired 2013-04-11DOGS & CATS IN LITERATURE $400: In 1990 this first lady collaborated with her Springer spaniel on "Millie's book: as dictated to" her Barbara Bush
#6584, aired 2013-04-11DOGS & CATS IN LITERATURE $800: This "old" dog in a story by Fred Gipson teaches kids about loyalty Old Yeller
#6584, aired 2013-04-11DOGS & CATS IN LITERATURE $1200: A feline about town, Bustopher Jones is a character in "Old Possum's Book of" these title critters Practical Cats
#6548, aired 2013-02-20LITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE $200: Moby Dick "had gained his distinctive appellation of" this colorful creature the White Whale
#6548, aired 2013-02-20LITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE $400: "Come, Watson, come! The game is" this 5-letter word afoot
#6548, aired 2013-02-20LITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE $600: "'Who were you then?' said Scrooge... 'In life I was your partner,"' him Jacob Marley
#6548, aired 2013-02-20LITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE $1000: "Peyton Farquhar was dead... beneath the timbers of" this bridge the Owl Creek bridge
#6548, aired 2013-02-20LITERATURE: THE END OF THE LINE $1,200 (Daily Double): "He bequeathed... property, both here and in England, to little Pearl, the daughter of" her Hester Prynne
#6539, aired 2013-02-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: In chapter 16 of this novel, Friday's father is rescued from cannibals Robinson Crusoe
#6539, aired 2013-02-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: She took part of her pen name from her friend, journalist George Henry Lewes George Eliot
#6539, aired 2013-02-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: Ralph Allen, a rich philanthropist, was the inspiration for Squire Alworthy in this author's "Tom Jones" (Henry) Fielding
#6539, aired 2013-02-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: In "Kidnapped", this young boy discovers that his uncle Ebenezer has cheated him out of his inheritance David Balfour
#6539, aired 2013-02-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $2,400 (Daily Double): In this futuristic but not Orwellian novel, Mustapha Mond was called "the Resident Controller for Western Europe" Brave New World
#6538, aired 2013-02-06SLICES OF ORANGE $1600: Created because of perceived sexism in the Booker Prize, the Orange Prize is awarded to women in this endeavor literature
#6521, aired 2013-01-14ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: In this story Mr. Marley "died seven years ago, this very night" A Christmas Carol
#6521, aired 2013-01-14ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: Chapter 13 of this story is "Do you believe in fairies?" Peter Pan
#6521, aired 2013-01-14ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: The Marchmain family in "Brideshead Revisited" shares the Catholic faith of this author of the book (Evelyn) Waugh
#6521, aired 2013-01-14ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: Richard Hughes' "A High Wind in" this place was published in the U.S. as "The Innocent Voyage" A High Wind in Jamaica
#6521, aired 2013-01-14ENGLISH LITERATURE $2,400 (Daily Double): Edward Bulwer-Lytton's 1834 novel set in 79 A.D. is titled "The Last Days of" this place Pompeii
#6510, aired 2012-12-28I LOVE "L.A." $400: Literature, history & philosophy are included in this type of modern college curriculum the Liberal Arts
#6501, aired 2012-12-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Sally & her brother were looking out the window on a rainy day when they saw him standing on a doormat the Cat in the Hat
#6501, aired 2012-12-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: "Mowgli's Brothers" is the first story in this 1894 collection The Jungle Book
#6501, aired 2012-12-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: Bugs Meany is often the villain in the stories about this young detective who was introduced in 1963 Encyclopedia Brown
#6501, aired 2012-12-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: This Hans Christian Andersen maiden was born in a tulip; a polished walnut shell served as her cradle Thumbelina
#6501, aired 2012-12-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: This mouse created by Lucy Cousins for preschoolers has such friends as Cyril the Squirrel & Eddie the Elephant Maisy the Mouse
#6500, aired 2012-12-14CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $400: Michael Shaara's 1975 Pulitzer Prize winner "The Killer Angels" tells the story of this 3-day battle Gettysburg
#6500, aired 2012-12-14CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $800: This 1895 classic follows the story of a young man from naive patriotism to fear to bravery The Red Badge Of Courage
#6500, aired 2012-12-14CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Geraldine Brooks' "March" imagines the war exploits of Mr. March, the father of the 4 girls in this work Little Women
#6500, aired 2012-12-14CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1600: E.L. Doctorow's "The March" depicts this general's campaign through the South Sherman
#6500, aired 2012-12-14CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $2000: A 1952 novel by Shelby Foote recounts an 1862 battle at this title Tennessee place with a Biblical name Shiloh
#6488, aired 2012-11-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Langston Hughes called this Harriet Beecher Stowe novel "the most cussed & discussed book of its time" Uncle Tom's Cabin
#6488, aired 2012-11-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This Mark Twain book contains such chapters as "The Ogre's Castle" & "Merlin's Tower" A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
#6488, aired 2012-11-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: Mess officer Milo Minderbinder profits by working both sides during World War II in this 1961 novel Catch-22
#6488, aired 2012-11-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: His 1949 collection of stories "Knight's Gambit" features Gavin Stevens, a county attorney from Yoknapatawpha Faulkner
#6488, aired 2012-11-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In this Ray Bradbury tale, the title character has tattoos that move & change, each telling a story The Illustrated Man
#6487, aired 2012-11-27A BUNCH OF "S.B." $1000: This author of "Herzog" received the 1976 Nobel Prize for Literature Saul Bellow
#6480, aired 2012-11-1617th CENTURY WORDS $400: The first printed reference to this North American marsupial was in promotional literature for the Jamestown Colony an opossum
#6477, aired 2012-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: Joyce Carol Oates' "Blonde" is a reimagining of this starlet's life Marilyn Monroe
#6477, aired 2012-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: This novel that parallels mythology takes place in Dublin, all on June 16, 1904 Ulysses
#6477, aired 2012-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE $600: Michael Cunningham's "The Hours" drew from the life & work of this author Virginia Woolf
#6477, aired 2012-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: His "The Long Goodbye" won an Edgar Award for best novel Raymond Chandler
#6477, aired 2012-11-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: It begins, "As Gregor Samsa awoke one morning... he found himself transformed... into a gigantic insect" Metamorphosis
#6471, aired 2012-11-05AFRICA $800: Most of the literature of this Horn of Africa country is written in either classical Ge'ez or modern Amharic Ethiopia
#6470, aired 2012-11-02EUROPEAN LITERATURE $800: Between 1933 & 1943 Germany's Thomas Mann wrote a series of 4 novels about this Old Testament figure "and his brothers" Joseph
#6470, aired 2012-11-02EUROPEAN LITERATURE $1200: This author's "Vanity Fair" has been subtitled "Pen and Pencil Sketches of English Society" Thackeray
#6470, aired 2012-11-02EUROPEAN LITERATURE $1600: After years of mourning the loss of this Guy De Maupassant title object, Mathilde Loisel discovers it was a fake a necklace
#6470, aired 2012-11-02EUROPEAN LITERATURE $2000: The continuation of "Orlando Innamorato" is this Ariosto work in which Orlando goes mad The Orlando Furioso
#6464, aired 2012-10-25EURO COINS $400: This man, the father of Spanish literature, is on Spain's 50-cent coins Cervantes
#6459, aired 2012-10-18ESCAPIST LITERATURE $200: Clark Howard's novel "Six Against the Rock" examines an ingenious plan for escape from this prison Alcatraz
#6459, aired 2012-10-18ESCAPIST LITERATURE $400: A magician himself, Sid Fleischman penned "Escape!: The Story of" this legend Houdini
#6459, aired 2012-10-18ESCAPIST LITERATURE $600: Married at 15 to a man with 5 wives, Susan Ray Schmidt later wrote "Favorite Wife: Escape from" this 8-letter practice polygamy
#6459, aired 2012-10-18ESCAPIST LITERATURE $800: "The Road to En-Dor" (during WWI) & "Midnight Express" (later) are accounts of escaping a prison in this country Turkey
#6459, aired 2012-10-18ESCAPIST LITERATURE $1000: This 1950 Paul Brickhill book that inspired a film tells of a mass breakout from Stalag Luft III The Great Escape
#6450, aired 2012-10-05LITERATURE QUOTES: ONE WORD OFF $200: "'Bah!' said Scrooge. 'Xbox!'" "Humbug!"
#6450, aired 2012-10-05LITERATURE QUOTES: ONE WORD OFF $400: "My appendix burns at both ends; it will not last the night" "candle"
#6450, aired 2012-10-05LITERATURE QUOTES: ONE WORD OFF $600: "And the answer came, in a shrill treble: 'Good-bye, Mr. Spock'" "Chips"
#6450, aired 2012-10-05LITERATURE QUOTES: ONE WORD OFF $800: "The deep and dank tarn at my feet closed sullenly and silently over the fragments of the 'House of Pancakes'" "Usher"
#6450, aired 2012-10-05LITERATURE QUOTES: ONE WORD OFF $1000: "It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking Grandma" "thirteen"
#6447, aired 2012-10-02CLASSICAL LITERATURE $400: Herodotus described this "fabled" teller of tales as a slave from Thrace Aesop
#6447, aired 2012-10-02CLASSICAL LITERATURE $800: He may have been an illiterate bard who sang the "Iliad" & the "Odyssey" to others who wrote them down Homer
#6447, aired 2012-10-02CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1200: This general's "Commentaries" were reports to the Romans about his campaigns in Gaul & the Civil War Julius Caesar
#6447, aired 2012-10-02CLASSICAL LITERATURE $1600: Both Euripedes & Sophocles wrote tragedies about this woman known for her devotion to her father Agamemnon Electra
#6447, aired 2012-10-02CLASSICAL LITERATURE $2000: The word "satyr" begins the title of this work that satirizes Rome of the 1st century the Satyricon
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"A" IN LITERATURE $200: In Milton's "Paradise Lost", Gabriel sends 2 of these beings to watch over Paradise, & Satan flees angels
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"A" IN LITERATURE $400: When Moby Dick is harpooned, this man becomes fouled in the line & is taken under the sea to his death Ahab
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"A" IN LITERATURE $600: Chapter 1 of this Tolstoy novel tells us, "Everything was in confusion in the Oblonskys' house" Anna Karenina
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"A" IN LITERATURE $800: The oldest of the 3 Musketeers, he was once married to the evil Milady de Winter Athos
#6436, aired 2012-09-17"A" IN LITERATURE $1000: Theodore Dreiser based this novel on the case of Chester Gillette, who murdered Grace Brown on Big Moose Lake An American Tragedy
#6427, aired 2012-07-24OLD WEST LITERATURE $400: Larry McMurtry's second novel was "Leaving" this Wyoming city Cheyenne
#6427, aired 2012-07-24OLD WEST LITERATURE $800: When the legend becomes fact, reprint Dorothy M. Johnson's "The Man who Shot" this bad guy Liberty Valance
#6405, aired 2012-06-22LESSER-KNOWN NOBEL PRIZE LIT WINNERS $400: The Nobel folks said the tales of Patrick White "introduced" this continent "into literature" Australia
#6394, aired 2012-06-07AUTHORS' TRILOGIES $400: The "Night" trilogy of holocaust literature (Elie) Wiesel
#6382, aired 2012-05-22GIVE ME A PRIZE! $1000: This prestigious British prize for literature was started in 1968 as a counterpart to France's Prix Goncourt the Booker Prize
#6366, aired 2012-04-30SCARY LITERATURE $400: Decades before Bram Stoker, J. Sheridan le Fanu wrote "Carmilla", a tale about a female one of these creatures a vampire
#6366, aired 2012-04-30SCARY LITERATURE $800: In a Neil Gaiman novel, this title girl meets the alternate reality "other mother" who has buttons for eyes Coraline
#6366, aired 2012-04-30SCARY LITERATURE $1200: "The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy & Other Stories" is by this "Alice in Wonderland" movie director Tim Burton
#6366, aired 2012-04-30SCARY LITERATURE $1600: Thomas Harris first gave readers a taste of this creepy cannibal in the novel "Red Dragon" Hannibal Lecter
#6366, aired 2012-04-30SCARY LITERATURE $2000: This 19th century American writer's scary short stories include "The Sphinx" & "The Oblong Box" Edgar Allan Poe
#6365, aired 2012-04-27HOW SOON WE FORGET! $800: The native country of the poet who won the 2011 Nobel Prize for Literature Sweden
#6351, aired 2012-04-09AROUND THE LITERARY WORLD $1600: One of the first epics in Spanish literature was "The Poem of" this hero, from around 1140 El Cid
#6322, aired 2012-02-28THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM $400: The 800s are literature, with 810 being lit in English from this nation the United States (or Canada)
#6306, aired 2012-02-06ASIAN LITERATURE $400: Written in Farsi, the "Shah-Nameh", or "book of kings", is a medieval epic of this nation Iran
#6306, aired 2012-02-06ASIAN LITERATURE $800: The Pali canon is a collection of the oldest & most sacred texts of the Theravada branch of this religion Buddhism
#6306, aired 2012-02-06ASIAN LITERATURE $1200: Derenik Demirjyan & Hrant Matevosyan are 20th century writers from this former Soviet republic Armenia
#6306, aired 2012-02-06ASIAN LITERATURE $1600: The ancient "I Ching" of China is also known as the "Book of" these Changes
#6306, aired 2012-02-06ASIAN LITERATURE $2000: Books by this popular Japanese novelist include "The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle" & " 1Q84" Haruki Murakami
#6252, aired 2011-11-22OLD TESTAMENT WOMEN $1000: The victory song of Aaron & this sister of Moses at the Red Sea is one of the earliest pieces of Hebrew literature Miriam
#6215, aired 2011-09-30LITERATURE $400: A line from this 1894 Kipling book says, "Rikki-Tikki had a right to be proud of himself; but he did not grow too proud" The Jungle Book
#6215, aired 2011-09-30LITERATURE $1200: One reviewer called this recent Sara Gruen bestseller "so much more than a tale about a circus" Water for Elephants
#6215, aired 2011-09-30LITERATURE $1600: He wrote "Bech: A Book", "Bech Is Back" & "Bech At Bay" in addition to his "Rabbit" novels (John) Updike
#6215, aired 2011-09-30LITERATURE $2000: This 1930 William Faulkner novel deals with the death & burial of Addie Bundren As I Lay Dying
#6215, aired 2011-09-30LITERATURE $3,800 (Daily Double): Chapters in this James Bond novel include "Gem Quality" & "Hot Ice" Diamonds Are Forever
#6209, aired 2011-09-22"DA" $2000: Life hung by a thread for this guy of Greek literature who sat beneath a sword Damocles
#6208, aired 2011-09-21ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: In this epic poem about leaving heaven, John Milton created Pandemonium, the capital of Hell Paradise Lost
#6208, aired 2011-09-21ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: A book by him begins, "'The signora had no business to do it... she promised us south rooms with a view"' (E.M.) Forster
#6208, aired 2011-09-21ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: His wife Charlotte was the inspiration for "Amelia" & for Sophia in "Tom Jones" Fielding
#6208, aired 2011-09-21ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: In a George Eliot novel, the Tullivers owned a mill on this river the River Floss
#6208, aired 2011-09-21ENGLISH LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): A line in this 1954 novel reads, "Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness of man's heart" Lord of the Flies
#6206, aired 2011-09-19NOBEL PRIZE CATEGORIES BY WINNER $1000: Dario Fo, 1997 Literature
#6204, aired 2011-07-28THE "N" CROWD $1,500 (Daily Double): He not only won the 1971 Nobel Prize for Literature, he also served in the Chilean senate (Pablo) Neruda
#6197, aired 2011-07-19ADVENTURES IN LITERATURE $200: One adventure of these 2 Twain boys: attempting to cure warts with a dead cat out in the cemetery at midnight Huck Finn & Tom Sawyer
#6197, aired 2011-07-19ADVENTURES IN LITERATURE $400: The epilogue of this novel says, "I have now told the singular, but veracious story of the opera ghost" Phantom of the Opera
#6197, aired 2011-07-19ADVENTURES IN LITERATURE $600: Actually the third book in the series, this kids' classic recounts the Ingalls family's move to Kansas Little House on the Prairie
#6197, aired 2011-07-19ADVENTURES IN LITERATURE $800: This thriller by Richard P. Hendrick is about a mutiny aboard the USS Alabama, a nuclear submarine Crimson Tide
#6197, aired 2011-07-19ADVENTURES IN LITERATURE $1000: Almost 60, John Steinbeck set out in search of America with his dog & chronicled the adventure in this book Travels with Charley
#6196, aired 2011-07-18CALL ME SHIRLEY $2000: Her "The Haunting of Hill House" is considered a treasure of Gothic horror literature Shirley Jackson
#6190, aired 2011-07-08QUOTATIONS IN LITERATURE $200: It begins, "All children, except one, grow up" Peter Pan
#6190, aired 2011-07-08QUOTATIONS IN LITERATURE $400: Hans Christian Andersen story in which you'll read, "Heaven knows what was in that bed... I am black and blue!" "The Princess and the Pea"
#6190, aired 2011-07-08QUOTATIONS IN LITERATURE $600: In this 1883 children's classic, a parrot named Captain Flint squawks, "Pieces of eight! Pieces of eight!" Treasure Island
#6190, aired 2011-07-08QUOTATIONS IN LITERATURE $1000: In "Little Women" she tells sisters Jo, Amy & Beth, "It's so dreadful to be poor" Meg
#6190, aired 2011-07-08QUOTATIONS IN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): In a 1900 book, one character tells her, "I'm really a very good man; but I'm a very bad wizard" Dorothy
#6183, aired 2011-06-29LITERATURE $400: Henry Fielding called a 1749 novel "The History of" him, "a Foundling" Tom Jones
#6183, aired 2011-06-29LITERATURE $800: An 1894 Anthony Hope romance was titled this "of Zenda" the Prisoner
#6183, aired 2011-06-29LITERATURE $1200: 1868 Wilkie Collins novel about a mysterious rock The Moonstone
#6183, aired 2011-06-29LITERATURE $1600: Rowena has Saxon the brain in this 1819 work by Sir Walter Scott Ivanhoe
#6183, aired 2011-06-29LITERATURE $2000: Sophocles wrote a tragedy about this self-sacrificing daughter of Oedipus Antigone
#6180, aired 2011-06-24"Y" IS THE ONLY VOWEL $600: A naiad, in myth, or Lolita, in literature a nymph
#6171, aired 2011-06-13ITALIAN LITERATURE $400: His use of Tuscan dialect in the "Divine Comedy" helped make it the standard form of modern Italian Dante
#6171, aired 2011-06-13ITALIAN LITERATURE $800: Giacomo da Lentini is credited with inventing this poetic form ("Let's see, 12 lines--not enough, 16--too many, hmm") the sonnet
#6171, aired 2011-06-13ITALIAN LITERATURE $1200: While Machiavelli was writing this, he was working on another book on how to preserve republics The Prince
#6171, aired 2011-06-13ITALIAN LITERATURE $1600: Ignazio Silone revised his peasant novel "Pane e Vino" as "Vino e Pane"; either way, the title refers to these 2 things bread & wine
#6171, aired 2011-06-13ITALIAN LITERATURE $2000: Dario Fo's plays include "Accidental Death of" this person of anti-government views an Anarchist
#6162, aired 2011-05-31SUMMER SCHOOL AT YALE $1000: "Modern American Literature, 1900-1950" looked at Cather, Eliot & this "Rose is a rose is a rose" writer, among others (Gertrude) Stein
#6126, aired 2011-04-11BLUE LITERATURE $400: In this detective's 1892 "Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle", the carbuncle was a blue garnet hidden in a goose Sherlock Holmes
#6126, aired 2011-04-11BLUE LITERATURE $800: Created by Charles Perrault, this fairy tale villain who killed 6 wives may be based on real murderer Gilles de Rais Bluebeard
#6126, aired 2011-04-11BLUE LITERATURE $1200: 4 years after "The Red Badge of Courage", he wrote "The Blue Hotel", considered one of his finest short stories Stephen Crane
#6126, aired 2011-04-11BLUE LITERATURE $2000: Elizabeth Kata wrote the novel this "of Blue" on which a 1965 Sidney Poitier movie was based A Patch
#6126, aired 2011-04-11BLUE LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): In this 1908 romance by Henry de Vere Stacpoole, a pair of 8-year old cousins are marooned on a tropical island The Blue Lagoon
#6096, aired 2011-02-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: "The Deerslayer" was the last written, but first chronologically, of his "Leatherstocking Tales" James Fenimore Cooper
#6096, aired 2011-02-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In this J.D. Salinger novel, the main character asks a cab driver where the Central Park ducks go in the winter The Catcher in the Rye
#6096, aired 2011-02-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: In this Hemingway story, a fisherman named Santiago was once an arm wrestler known as "El Campeon" The Old Man and the Sea
#6096, aired 2011-02-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: His 1988 book "A Different Kind of Christmas" was based on a story outline for the TV film "Roots: The Gift" Alex Haley
#6096, aired 2011-02-28AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: The manuscript for "Billy Budd" was found among his papers & published in 1924, 33 years after his death Herman Melville
#6090, aired 2011-02-18THEY COME IN THREES $800: In literature Athos, Porthos & Aramis were this title trio the Three Musketeers
#6078, aired 2011-02-02OSCAR WINNER BEFORE & AFTER $1200: A 1953 musical based on a Shakespeare play becomes an actress who won as a literature-loving Nazi Kiss Me Kate Winslet
#6073, aired 2011-01-26THE WRITER $600: Peru's version of "Super Mario", he won the 2010 Nobel Prize for Literature Mario Vargas Llosa
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WORLD LITERATURE $400: Richard Llewellyn set his novel about a mining family, "How Green Was My Valley", in this country of his birth Wales
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WORLD LITERATURE $800: Nikos Kazantzakis wrote "The Greek Passion" & the tale of him, "The Greek" Zorba
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WORLD LITERATURE $1200: Nikolay Gogol's novel "Myortvye Dushi" was published in English as "Dead" these Souls
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WORLD LITERATURE $1600: This series of tales by Ovid was written in hexameters in 15 books Metamorphoses
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WORLD LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): This South American's "The General in His Labyrinth" is a fictional biography of Simon Bolivar Gabriel García Márquez
#6066, aired 2011-01-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: A publisher bet him that he couldn't write a book using 50 or fewer words; the result was "Green Eggs and Ham" Dr. Seuss
#6066, aired 2011-01-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Sketches written for Punch became his first novel, "Lovers in London"; Winnie-the-Pooh came 21 years later (A.A.) Milne
#6066, aired 2011-01-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: An out-of-control dog meets his match in John Grogan's him "and the Kittens" Marley
#6066, aired 2011-01-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: David McKee's stories of this patchwork elephant subtly convey the message that it's OK to be different Elmer
#6066, aired 2011-01-17CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: As well as kids' books, this 19th century author wrote "Examples in Arithmetic" & other math textbooks Lewis Carroll
#6041, aired 2010-12-131901-1910 $800: Literature of 1902 included this Owen Wister novel of life in Wyoming The Virginian
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $400: He jazzed up one of his stories, "The Wife of Bath's Tale", with "The Desperate Housewife of Bath's Revenge!" Chaucer
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $800: Aronnax rethinks his decision to leave the ship in "Finding Nemo!", our sequel to this 1870 Jules Verne novel Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $1200: Florentino Ariza's nephew falls for a young woman in this Marquez novel's sequel, "Love in the Time of the Sniffles" Love in the Time of Cholera
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $1600: This playwright's title guy takes on a new troll king in "Trollbusters! The Return of Peer Gynt" Ibsen
#6041, aired 2010-12-13LITERATURE SEQUELS? $2000: "Findlay, Ohio", "Sandusky, Ohio" & "Zanesville, Ohio" didn't go as well for Sherwood Anderson as this 1919 book Winesburg, Ohio
#6038, aired 2010-12-08LITERATURE ALIASES $200: In the Sindarin tongue he was known as Mithrandir, the "Grey Wanderer" Gandalf
#6038, aired 2010-12-08LITERATURE ALIASES $400: If you're looking for Mr. (Robin) Goodfellow, ask for this Shakespearean character Puck
#6038, aired 2010-12-08LITERATURE ALIASES $600: In an 1844 novel, Edmond Dantes disguises himself as Abbe Busoni & this title noble the Count of Monte Cristo
#6038, aired 2010-12-08LITERATURE ALIASES $800 (Daily Double): AKA Barbecue, this character was also "The Sea Cook", another title for the novel in which he appeared Long John Silver
#6038, aired 2010-12-08LITERATURE ALIASES $1000: Randall Flagg, a character created by this man, is aka Nyarlathotep, Walter Padick & Walter O'Dim Stephen King
#5986, aired 2010-09-27THE NP FOR L $400: In 1923: W.B.Y., for his "always inspired poetry" (William Butler) Yeats
#5986, aired 2010-09-27THE NP FOR L $800: In 1929: T.M., "principally for his great novel 'Buddenbrooks"' Thomas Mann
#5986, aired 2010-09-27THE NP FOR L $1600: 1946: H.H. from Switzerland, for his "inspired writings" (Hermann) Hesse
#5986, aired 2010-09-27THE NP FOR L $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1907: R.K. from the U.K. Rudyard Kipling
#5986, aired 2010-09-27THE NP FOR L $2000: In 1913: R.T., born in India; that first name's a doozie Rabindranath Tagore
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ORIGINAL TITLES IN LITERATURE? $200: 1937: "Ferris Bilbo's Day Off" The Hobbit
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ORIGINAL TITLES IN LITERATURE? $400: 1949: "Big Brother & The Holding Co.: A Winston Smith Novel" 1984
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ORIGINAL TITLES IN LITERATURE? $600: Homer's 24-book sequel: "Tell Penny I'll Be Right Back" the Odyssey
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ORIGINAL TITLES IN LITERATURE? $800: Late 14th century: "A Miller, a Reeve & a Nun Walk into a Bar" The Canterbury Tales
#5971, aired 2010-07-26ORIGINAL TITLES IN LITERATURE? $1000: 1726: "Where in the World Is Lemuel?" Gulliver's Travels
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MINOR IN LITERATURE $200: In a classic story this little girl is sent to bring food & drink to her grandmother, but a wolf has gotten there first Little Red Riding Hood
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MINOR IN LITERATURE $400: Richard Rowe's 1869 adventure tale "The Boy in the Bush" follows the exploits of a 14-year-old settler in this country Australia
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MINOR IN LITERATURE $600: This "Little Lord" in an 1886 book had long curls just like the author's son Vivian Little Lord Fauntleroy
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MINOR IN LITERATURE $800: This Swedish girl's "hair, the color of a carrot, was braided in two tight braids that stuck straight out" Pippi Longstocking
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MINOR IN LITERATURE $1000: In a 17th century children's tale, the captain of the Unicorn sells this boy's cat to the king of Barbary Dick Whittington
#5946, aired 2010-06-21LATIN AUTHORS $2000: The Golden Age of Roman literature runs from Cicero to this "Art of Love" author Ovid
#5935, aired 2010-06-04RUSSIAN LITERATURE $400: In this 1866 Dostoevsky novel, a student named Raskolnikov murders an old woman pawnbroker & her sister Crime and Punishment
#5935, aired 2010-06-04RUSSIAN LITERATURE $800: By 1890 this author & playwright had written hundreds of short stories, including "The Steppe" Chekhov
#5935, aired 2010-06-04RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1200: Wounded in World War I, Yuri Zhivago is nursed back to health by this woman who was to become his mistress Lara
#5935, aired 2010-06-04RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1600: Lev Rubin in this Soviet dissident's "The First Circle" was based on 1960s Russian civil rights figure Lev Kopelev Solzhenitsyn
#5935, aired 2010-06-04RUSSIAN LITERATURE $2000: This "Taras Bulba" author wrote his masterpiece "Dead Souls" while living in Rome (Nikolay) Gogol
#5934, aired 2010-06-03ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: Edmund Spenser & Sir Philip Sidney were part of the flowering of English literature during her reign Elizabeth I
#5934, aired 2010-06-03ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: This 1937 Agatha Christie novel is set on the steamer Karnak as it cruises down an African river Death on the Nile
#5934, aired 2010-06-03ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: A series of novels covering a long period; Anthony Trollope wrote a set "of Barsetshire" chronicles
#5934, aired 2010-06-03ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: This Samuel Butler novel about an undiscovered country was based on an article, "Darwin among the Machines" Erewhon
#5934, aired 2010-06-03ENGLISH LITERATURE $8,400 (Daily Double): This children's novel begins, "These two very old people are the father and mother of Mr. Bucket" Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
#5925, aired 2010-05-21GERMAN LITERATURE $400: Karl May has been called the German Louis L'Amour for works like "Old Surehand" in this genre Western
#5925, aired 2010-05-21GERMAN LITERATURE $800: His 1922 novella "Siddhartha" tells the story of an Indian boy on a spiritual journey during the time of Buddha (Hermann) Hesse
#5925, aired 2010-05-21GERMAN LITERATURE $1200: This German-language writer's novels were all published after his 1924 death, including "The Trial" Kafka
#5925, aired 2010-05-21GERMAN LITERATURE $1600: In "Heroes Like Us" the hero's father works for this East German secret police the Stasi
#5925, aired 2010-05-21GERMAN LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): During World War I he fought on the Western Front & was wounded several times; he later wrote a 1929 novel about it Erich Maria Remarque
#5924, aired 2010-05-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: He wrote the acclaimed "Roots", a 7-generation family chronicle (Alex) Haley
#5924, aired 2010-05-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: He created the reluctant private eye Ezekiel Rawlins, nicknamed "Easy" Walter Mosley
#5924, aired 2010-05-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: His 1940 novel "Native Son" was adopted by the Book of the Month Club (Richard) Wright
#5924, aired 2010-05-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: This 1953 novel by James Baldwin is based on his own experiences as a teenaged preacher Go Tell It on the Mountain
#5924, aired 2010-05-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: His "Souls of Black Folk" expressly attacked Booker T. Washington, the most powerful black American of that time (W.E.B.) Du Bois
#5910, aired 2010-04-30NOVELS, BOOKS & LITERATURE $200: In book titles, this character has dealt with a stone, a prisoner, an order & a goblet Harry Potter
#5910, aired 2010-04-30NOVELS, BOOKS & LITERATURE $400: Launched into TV & book success by Oprah, this Ph.D. is the author of "The Relationship Rescue Workbook" Dr. Phil
#5910, aired 2010-04-30NOVELS, BOOKS & LITERATURE $800: Title vessel the Vera sails from Veracruz in this Katherine Anne Porter novel Ship of Fools
#5910, aired 2010-04-30NOVELS, BOOKS & LITERATURE $1000: Helen Graham is "The Tenant of Wildfell Hall" in a novel by this youngest Bronte sister Anne Brontë
#5910, aired 2010-04-30NOVELS, BOOKS & LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): This slaphappy general's memoir "War As I Knew It" appeared in 1947, 2 years after his death Patton
#5902, aired 2010-04-20LITERARY AWARDS $400: In 1901, French poet Sully Prudhomme became the first recipient of this the Nobel Prize for Literature
#5882, aired 2010-03-23PLACES IN LITERATURE $200: Jean Valjean's flight through Paris' sewers is one of the most famous scenes in this novel Les Miserables
#5882, aired 2010-03-23PLACES IN LITERATURE $400: Chicago's Packingtown is the scene of this muckraking novel The Jungle
#5882, aired 2010-03-23PLACES IN LITERATURE $600: This house on the moors in Yorkshire had "Earnshaw" carved over the door Wuthering Heights
#5882, aired 2010-03-23PLACES IN LITERATURE $1000: With the help of his wife O-Lan, Wang Lung goes from peasant to rich landowner in China in this novel The Good Earth
#5882, aired 2010-03-23PLACES IN LITERATURE $1,200 (Daily Double): This saucy Defoe title character was born in Newgate Prison Moll Flanders
#5864, aired 2010-02-25ELEPHANTS IN LITERATURE $200: Tantor the elephant is a childhood companion of this Edgar Rice Burroughs character Tarzan (of the apes)
#5864, aired 2010-02-25ELEPHANTS IN LITERATURE $400: In "The Elephant's Child", Rudyard Kipling explained that a crocodile attack caused the elephant to get this body part its trunk
#5864, aired 2010-02-25ELEPHANTS IN LITERATURE $600: Throughout a 1954 book, this elephant repeats, "A person's a person, no matter how small" Horton
#5864, aired 2010-02-25ELEPHANTS IN LITERATURE $800: Created by Jean de Brunhoff, this pachyderm, who wears a green suit & a bowler hat, leaves the jungle & moves to Paris Babar
#5864, aired 2010-02-25ELEPHANTS IN LITERATURE $1000: Pooh is always worried that woozles & these elephantine creatures will steal his honey heffalumps
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This 1961 Joseph Heller novel was set on the island of Pianosa during WWII Catch-22
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Old Stony Phiz in "The Great Stone Face" by this author of "Twice-Told Tales" is said to be based on Daniel Webster Hawthorne
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: A 1936 operetta, "The Headless Horseman", was based on this 1820 short story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In a 1947 novelette by John Steinbeck, a diver named Kino finds the valuable title object to pay his child's doctor bill pearl
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: This 1929 Thomas Wolfe novel is subtitled "A Story of the Buried Life" Look Homeward, Angel
#5845, aired 2010-01-29GERMAN LITERATURE $400: Many of the fairy tales compiled by them came from Dorthea Viehmann, a widow who came to town to sell produce the Brothers Grimm
#5819, aired 2009-12-24NOBEL LAUREATES IN LITERATURE $200: 1938: "For her rich and truly epic descriptions of peasant life in China" Pearl S. Buck
#5819, aired 2009-12-24NOBEL LAUREATES IN LITERATURE $600: 1970: "For the ethical force with which he has pursued the indispensable traditions" of Russian literature Solzhenitsyn
#5819, aired 2009-12-24NOBEL LAUREATES IN LITERATURE $800: 2005: "Who in his plays uncovers the precipice under everyday prattle" Harold Pinter
#5819, aired 2009-12-24NOBEL LAUREATES IN LITERATURE $1000: 1932: "For his distinguished art of narration which takes its highest form in 'The Forsyte Saga'" John Galsworthy
#5819, aired 2009-12-24NOBEL LAUREATES IN LITERATURE $2,200 (Daily Double): 1958: "For his important achievement... in the field of the great Russian epic tradition" Pasternak
#5785, aired 2009-11-06AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: His 1841-42 South Pacific voyage aboard the whaler Acushnet provided the basis for his most famous novel (Herman) Melville
#5785, aired 2009-11-06AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: Shortly after "The House of the Seven Gables", he wrote a book of classical myths, "A Wonder Book for Girls and Boys" Hawthorne
#5785, aired 2009-11-06AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" is set in the early 20th century in this typical American town located in New Hampshire Grover's Corners
#5785, aired 2009-11-06AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: A hard journey through Mississippi with a smelly corpse is the subject of his "As I Lay Dying" Faulkner
#5785, aired 2009-11-06AMERICAN LITERATURE $2,500 (Daily Double): C. Auguste Dupin is the hero of Edgar Allan Poe's first detective story, "The Murders" here in the Rue Morgue
#5772, aired 2009-10-20NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: 1988 Literature winner Naguib Mahfouz is best known for tales of this African capital Cairo
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ERNEST HEMINGWAY $400: Hemingway won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1954 & this American literary prize in 1953 the Pulitzer
#5745, aired 2009-07-24"GUN" SMOKE $2000: Nobel literature laureate Grass Günter
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $200: Stephen Crane subtitled this novel "An Episode of the American Civil War" The Red Badge of Courage
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $400: The first chapter of this Carlo Collodi classic appeared in an Italian children's magazine in 1881 Pinocchio
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Rosenborg Castle Gardens in Copenhagen, Denmark.) In one translation of an 1868 work, this author calls Denmark's Rosenborg "the Castle of the Roses, as beautiful as the flower that gave it its name" Hans Christian Andersen
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $800: In 1859 Edward Fitzgerald translated this Persian's 12th c. work into rhymed quatrains Omar Khayyam
#5729, aired 2009-07-02LITERATURE IN THE 1800s $1000: This 1898 Henry James novella is considered one of the greatest ghost stories ever written The Turn of the Screw
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WORLD OF LITERATURE $400: As a medical student in this city, Chekhov wrote short stories to help support his family Moscow
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WORLD OF LITERATURE $800: His "L'Ile mysterieuse" , published in 1874, foresaw the submarine, the aqualung, TV & space travel (Jules) Verne
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WORLD OF LITERATURE $1600: "Demian" is a Bildungsroman by this German novelist & poet Hermann Hesse
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WORLD OF LITERATURE $2000: Iraklion-born Nikos Kazantzakis is best known for this 1946 novel Zorba the Greek
#5708, aired 2009-06-03WORLD OF LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): First & last name of the writer whose uncle became the president of Chile in 1970 Isabel Allende
#5702, aired 2009-05-26LITERARY MOVEMENTS $800 (Daily Double): Alejo Carpentier used this term for Latin American literature that has elements of the fantastic & the mundane Magical Realism
#5689, aired 2009-05-07LITERATURE $400: In 1917 L. Frank Baum wrote about "The Lost Princess of" this place Oz
#5689, aired 2009-05-07LITERATURE $800: When he first saw Becky Thatcher, "a certain Amy Lawrence vanished out of his heart and left not even a memory" Tom Sawyer
#5689, aired 2009-05-07LITERATURE $1200: "I never liked long walks", says the heroine of this Charlotte Bronte novel Jane Eyre
#5689, aired 2009-05-07LITERATURE $1600: Wordsworth's poem about her begins, "Hail, Virgin Queen! O'er many an envious bar triumphant" Elizabeth (I)
#5689, aired 2009-05-07LITERATURE $2000: Her 1942 novel "Dragon Seed" was yet another tale of Chinese peasant farmers (Pearl) Buck
#5688, aired 2009-05-06COMPARATIVE LIT $1600: Of Nobel Prize literature laureates, this documenter of the Gulag has the longest one-word surname Solzhenitsyn
#5655, aired 2009-03-20LITERATURE $400: His novel "Sister Carrie" sold fewer than 500 copies in its first edition (Theodore) Dreiser
#5655, aired 2009-03-20LITERATURE $800: This experimental novelist named William published a 1953 account of drug addiction under the name William Lee (William) Burroughs
#5655, aired 2009-03-20LITERATURE $1200: This novel by Richard Wright tells of Bigger Thomas, the product of a Chicago slum Native Son
#5655, aired 2009-03-20LITERATURE $1600: This series of tales by Ovid with a plural title begins with the creation of the world Metamorphoses
#5655, aired 2009-03-20LITERATURE $2000: Isabel Archer is the title woman of this Henry James masterpiece Portrait of a Lady
#5653, aired 2009-03-1818th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: In "Advice to a Young Tradesman", this Pennsylvanian wrote, "Remember that time is money" Franklin
#5653, aired 2009-03-1818th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: This Defoe title gal is... busy, yes, that's the word... what with her pickpocketing, seduction & 5 marriages & all Moll Flanders
#5653, aired 2009-03-1818th CENTURY LITERATURE $600: A chief source of transcendentalist ideas was Immanuel Kant's 1781 "Critique of" this Pure Reason
#5653, aired 2009-03-1818th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: The satirical 1724-25 pamphlet "Drapier's Letters" increased this English author's fame; a "modest" essay followed (Jonathan) Swift
#5653, aired 2009-03-1818th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: Samuel Richardson's "Pamela" is this type of novel, written in the form of letters epistolary
#5645, aired 2009-03-06GRAY MATTER $400: In literature Basil Hallward is the artist who paints the picture of him Dorian Gray
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: "Curtain: Poirot's last case" was supposed to be published after her death but was released during her lifetime Agatha Christie
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: In part II of this allegory, Christian's wife, Christiana, sets out on a pilgrimage Pilgrim's Progress
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: In "Ivanhoe" the crusading knight is disinherited by his father because of his love for her Rowena
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: This fireside novella by Dickens is subdivided not into 3 chapters but into 3 chirps The Cricket on the Hearth
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): Long Jack is one of the crew on a cod boat that rescues Harvey Cheyne in the Grand Banks in this Kipling novel Captains Courageous
#5630, aired 2009-02-13TURKISH LITERATURE $400: The poem called the "Garibnameh" contains 11,000 masnavi, which we know as these rhymed 2-line units of verse couplets
#5630, aired 2009-02-13TURKISH LITERATURE $800: A religious kaside poem praised God, this man or his son-in-law, Ali Ibn Abi Talib, the fourth caliph Muhammad
#5630, aired 2009-02-13TURKISH LITERATURE $1200: Sultan Abdulhamid II's censorship hindered Ottoman writers until this "youthful" group's 1908 revolution the Young Turks
#5630, aired 2009-02-13TURKISH LITERATURE $1600: Peter Ustinov directed & starred in the film version of the Yasar Kemal novel "Memed, My" this predatory bird Hawk
#5630, aired 2009-02-13TURKISH LITERATURE $2000: Seyid Imadeddin Nesimi wrote 2 of these poetry collections, also a word from Turkish for a couch divan
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD LITERATURE $400: Dostoyevsky didn't call his novel about Prince Myshkin "The Dope" or "The Ninny" but this The Idiot
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD LITERATURE $800: The last of Andre Chenier's moving poems "Iambes" date from just before his death by this in July 1794 guillotine
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD LITERATURE $1200: Born in 1547, this Spanish author always craved the fame of his contemporary Lope de Vega Cervantes
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Naguib Mahfouz, the first Arabic-language Nobel literature laureate, is from this country Egypt
#5614, aired 2009-01-22WORLD LITERATURE $2000: His last play was 1909's autobiographical "Stora Landsvagen", Swedish for "The Great Highway" Strindberg
#5613, aired 2009-01-21BOOK REVIEWS BY TARZAN $800: This 1856 Flaubert novel introduce new element of realism in western literature; Tarzan shocked by title woman immorality Madame Bovary
#5612, aired 2009-01-20AMERICAN, LIT $400: 5 of the 7 American winners of this literary honor have been diagnosed as alcoholics the Nobel Prize (for Literature)
#5604, aired 2009-01-08GEORGES THE BELGIAN WAFFLER $1600: For Georges, when it comes to Belgian detectives of literature, it's this Agatha Christie guy or... that's kinda it (Hercule) Poirot
#5594, aired 2008-12-25FRENCH LITERATURE $400: He began a novel called "Les Miseres" as early as 1840; it was finished in 1861 with a different title Victor Hugo
#5594, aired 2008-12-25FRENCH LITERATURE $800: In Jules Verne's "The Mysterious Island", this captain is buried at sea in his submarine Captain Nemo
#5594, aired 2008-12-25FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: Marcel Proust began writing this 7-part, 3,000-page novel in 1909 & continued working on it until his death in 1922 Remembrance of Things Past
#5594, aired 2008-12-25FRENCH LITERATURE $1600: This central character of "The Three Musketeers" was a real person; much of the material is drawn from his memoirs D'Artagnan
#5594, aired 2008-12-25FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: Except for a brief section, book V of his "Gargantua and Pantagruel" was most likely written by someone else Francois Rabelais
#5578, aired 2008-12-03LITERATURE IN OTHER WORDS $400: A Joyce epic: "Odysseus" Ulysses
#5578, aired 2008-12-03LITERATURE IN OTHER WORDS $800: A puritanical tale: "A Note From Miss Johansson" The Scarlet Letter
#5578, aired 2008-12-03LITERATURE IN OTHER WORDS $1200: It has Dickensian structure: "Desolate Abode" Bleak House
#5578, aired 2008-12-03LITERATURE IN OTHER WORDS $2000: An 1888 Kipling work: "Prince Charles" "The Man Who Would Be King"
#5578, aired 2008-12-03LITERATURE IN OTHER WORDS $10,800 (Daily Double): A Miller's tale: "23 Degrees, 27 Minutes North of the Equator" Tropic of Cancer
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $400: 1953: This British politician (Winston) Churchill
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $800: 1995: This non-heat-packing seamus from Ireland Seamus Heaney
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $1200: 1957: This Frenchman who wrote "The First Man" & "The Plague" Albert Camus
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $1600: 1969: This playwright: did they keep him waiting? Beckett
#5577, aired 2008-12-02NOBEL LITERATURE PRIZE WINNERS $2000: 1978: This Yiddish tale-teller Isaac Bashevis Singer
#5569, aired 2008-11-20HEY "U"! $600: Famous ones in literature include Tom, Remus & Vanya Uncles
#5568, aired 2008-11-19AMERICAN NOVELISTS $1000: In 1930 this "Main Street" author became the first American to win the Nobel Prize for literature Sinclair Lewis
#5566, aired 2008-11-17WORLD LITERATURE $200: In 1831 he published a book of poems called "Les Feuilles d'automnes", as well as that hunchback novel (Victor) Hugo
#5566, aired 2008-11-17WORLD LITERATURE $400: Johanna Spyri sent her heroine Heidi to live in the Alps of this country, her own homeland Switzerland
#5566, aired 2008-11-17WORLD LITERATURE $600: "Bleak House" opens in this city, where, "at the very heart of the fog, sits the Lord High Chancellor" London
#5566, aired 2008-11-17WORLD LITERATURE $800: Isabel Allende writes novels like "Ines of My Soul" in this language Spanish
#5566, aired 2008-11-17WORLD LITERATURE $1000: This Norwegian was in his early 20s when he wrote his first play, "Catalina", in 1850 Ibsen
#5554, aired 2008-10-30THE IG NOBEL PRIZE $800: An Aussie woman's study of this 3-letter word & the alphabetical order problems it creates won a literature award "the"
#5533, aired 2008-10-01UPDATED LITERATURE? $200: Quasimodo gets plastic surgery & really rings Esmeralda's bell The Hunchback of Notre Dame
#5533, aired 2008-10-01UPDATED LITERATURE? $400: Scarlett wins "Project Runway" with her fierce design of a dress made from green velvet curtains Gone With the Wind
#5533, aired 2008-10-01UPDATED LITERATURE? $600: Sal Paradise decides to see America; Dean Moriarty tells him gas is 5 bucks a gallon; Sal calls off his trip On the Road
#5533, aired 2008-10-01UPDATED LITERATURE? $800: Jake Barnes gets a prescription for Viagra & settles down with Lady Brett Ashley The Sun Also Rises
#5533, aired 2008-10-01UPDATED LITERATURE? $1000: Gregor Samsa awakes one day transformed into a gigantic insect; family sprays him with industrial-sized can of Raid Metamorphosis
#5496, aired 2008-06-30LITERATURE $200: Our copy of this 1865-69 Tolstoy work is 1,444 pages long War and Peace
#5496, aired 2008-06-30LITERATURE $400: Many say that Tu Fu was this country's greatest poet China
#5496, aired 2008-06-30LITERATURE $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from New York's Central Park.) Central Park's Literary Walk features Robert Burns & this great novelist & countryman, both sculpted by John Steell of Aberdeen Sir Walter Scott
#5496, aired 2008-06-30LITERATURE $800: In Chaucer's "The Canterbury Tales" , this bawdy wife tells of her 5 husbands & her desire for a sixth the Wife of Bath
#5496, aired 2008-06-30LITERATURE $1000: Flaubert led this movement in French literature also called naturalism realism
#5494, aired 2008-06-26WOMEN WRITERS $2,000 (Daily Double): A graduate of Howard University, she won the Nobel Prize for literature in 1993 Toni Morrison
#5488, aired 2008-06-18LITERATURE $400: The full title of this Spanish novel includes "de la Mancha, El Ingenioso Hidalgo" Don Quixote
#5488, aired 2008-06-18LITERATURE $800: Bernard Binlin Dadie's novel "Climbie" depicts this "Ivorian" country, his homeland, during colonial times Côte d'Ivoire (or the Ivory Coast)
#5488, aired 2008-06-18LITERATURE $1200: New Zealand-born Dame Ngaio Marsh became famous for her work in this field of fiction mystery writing
#5488, aired 2008-06-18LITERATURE $1600: His essay "Civil Disobedience" was delivered as a lecture & printed as "Resistance to Civil Government" (Henry David) Thoreau
#5488, aired 2008-06-18LITERATURE $2000: Some have described his "Eugene Onegin" as the first great Russian novel, although it was written in verse Pushkin
#5482, aired 2008-06-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: After slaying Grendel, the title character of this epic poem becomes King of the Geats & rules for 50 years Beowulf
#5482, aired 2008-06-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: It's the last name of father & son novelists Kingsley & Martin Amis
#5482, aired 2008-06-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: Part of this E.M. Forster novel takes place at the Pensione Bertolini in Italy A Room with a View
#5482, aired 2008-06-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: If you want to check out this man's "private life", see the 17 Gerald Road home he lived in from the '30s to the '50s Noel Coward
#5482, aired 2008-06-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $3,400 (Daily Double): H.G. Wells subtitled this 1895 classic "An Invention" The Time Machine
#5458, aired 2008-05-07LITERATURE $200: In a Defoe novel, this companion is described as "a comely handsome fellow" Friday
#5458, aired 2008-05-07LITERATURE $400: "Jo's Boys" was the second sequel to this 19th century novel Little Women
#5458, aired 2008-05-07LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): Chapter 48 of this English novel deals with "The Flight of Sikes"--Bill Sikes Oliver Twist
#5458, aired 2008-05-07LITERATURE $800: Richard Middlemas gets crushed by an elephant in "The Surgeon's Daughter", an 1827 tale by this Edinburgher Sir Walter Scott
#5458, aired 2008-05-07LITERATURE $1000: The NYC murder of Mary Rogers inspired Poe, who changed the setting to Paris & created "The Mystery of" her Marie Roget
#5458, aired 2008-05-07THE FRENCHMAN CLASS $2000: Get an "F" in literature & name this author who penned "Madame Bovary" (Gustave) Flaubert
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: At the end of this Henry Fielding novel, the title character marries Squire Western's daughter Sophia Tom Jones
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: This non-James Bond book by Ian Fleming was subtitled "The Magical Car" Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: Book I of this Edmund Spenser work relates the adventures of the Redcrosse Knight of Holiness The Faerie Queene
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: Squire Trelawney outfits the schooner Hispaniola & hires its crew in this 1883 tale Treasure Island
#5456, aired 2008-05-05ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: Chapter 1 of this 1932 novel begins at the Central London Hatching & Conditioning Centre Brave New World
#5449, aired 2008-04-24WORLD LITERATURE $400: The heroine of her 1849 novel "Shirley" was inspired by her sister Emily Charlotte Brontë
#5449, aired 2008-04-24WORLD LITERATURE $800: In English, the title of this Hermann Hesse novel means "The Prairie Wolf" Steppenwolf
#5449, aired 2008-04-24WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Fanchette is "the most intelligent cat in the world" in the "Claudine" books by this "Gigi" novelist Colette
#5449, aired 2008-04-24WORLD LITERATURE $2000: "The Wapshot Scandal" was this New Englander's sequel to "The Wapshot Chronicle" John Cheever
#5449, aired 2008-04-24WORLD LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): The novel "Trilby" introduced this hypnotist whose name is synonymous with evil manipulation Svengali
#5448, aired 2008-04-23I AM SAM, SAM I AM $1200: In 1969 this Irishman won the Nobel Prize for literature Beckett
#5435, aired 2008-04-04NOBEL $600: Nobel's will established his namesake prizes for chemistry, physics, medicine & physiology, literature & this peace
#5434, aired 2008-04-03LITERATURE PUZZLES ME $400: He was first written about in 14th-century ballads Robin Hood
#5434, aired 2008-04-03LITERATURE PUZZLES ME $800: You don't know "Jack" if you don't know this beat novel On the Road
#5434, aired 2008-04-03LITERATURE PUZZLES ME $1200: Longfellow gave us these instructions "One if by land, two if by sea"
#5434, aired 2008-04-03LITERATURE PUZZLES ME $1600: This 1951 novel has been celebrated & vilified The Catcher in the Rye
#5434, aired 2008-04-03LITERATURE PUZZLES ME $2000: This brought E.M. Forster his first major success; thanks, President Taft! Howards End
#5423, aired 2008-03-19LITERATURE $400: At the end of this novel, Reverend Dimmesdale reveals publicly that he is the father of Hester Prynne's daughter The Scarlet Letter
#5423, aired 2008-03-19LITERATURE $800: This character's first literary appearance was in the tragic drama "The Seducer of Seville" Don Juan
#5423, aired 2008-03-19LITERATURE $1200: He wrote the "2001", "2010", "2061" & "3001" Odyssey books Arthur C. Clarke
#5423, aired 2008-03-19LITERATURE $1600: This Nevil Shute novel depicts the coming annihilation of the human race after a nuclear war On the Beach
#5423, aired 2008-03-19LITERATURE $2000: The 2-word title of this 1985 Bobbie Ann Mason novel refers to the time a soldier spent in Vietnam In Country
#5408, aired 2008-02-2719th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: You'll find whaleboats not only in his masterpiece but also in his story "Benito Cereno" & his novel "Mardi" Herman Melville
#5408, aired 2008-02-2719th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: In "Uncle Tom's Cabin", St. Clare, Tom's master, is killed; Tom is then sold to this brutal, drunken planter Simon Legree
#5408, aired 2008-02-2719th CENTURY LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): For 14 years, the Abbe Faria was his fellow prisoner in the Chateau d'If Edmond Dantès, the Count of Monte Cristo
#5408, aired 2008-02-2719th CENTURY LITERATURE $1200: In Pedro Antonio de Alarcon's "The Three-Cornered" this, a miller thinks his wife is having an affair with the mayor hat
#5408, aired 2008-02-2719th CENTURY LITERATURE $1600: The last name of the title character of this Thomas Hardy novel is actually Durbeyfield Tess of the d'Urbervilles
#5407, aired 2008-02-26OLD MAJOR $800: One of the 2 courses of study that Harvard offered in 1906 as its first "concentrations" history or literature
#5404, aired 2008-02-21THEM LITERATURE TYPE FACTS $200: In 1928 A.A. Milne published "House at" this title character's "Corner" Pooh
#5404, aired 2008-02-21THEM LITERATURE TYPE FACTS $400: You'll find "Time is now to be dreaded - since once he put that mark upon your throat" in this 1897 novel Dracula
#5404, aired 2008-02-21THEM LITERATURE TYPE FACTS $600: The Knight's Tale, the Friar's Tale, & the Nun's Priest's Tale are part of this larger group The Canterbury Tales
#5404, aired 2008-02-21THEM LITERATURE TYPE FACTS $1,000 (Daily Double): In the 1830s he wrote, "'But he has nothing on at all,' said a little child at last" Hans Christian Andersen
#5404, aired 2008-02-21THEM LITERATURE TYPE FACTS $1000: It's no mystery that she was born in 1890 in Devon, England, wrote 67 novels under this name & 6 as Mary Westmacott Agatha Christie
#5401, aired 2008-02-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Chapter 14 of this classic American novel is entitled "Hester and the Physician" The Scarlet Letter
#5401, aired 2008-02-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In this novel by Alice Walker, Celie moves to Memphis, where she designs & sells unisex pants The Color Purple
#5401, aired 2008-02-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: Henry Fleming, the hero of "The Red Badge of Courage", reappeared in his short story "Lynx-Hunting" Stephen Crane
#5401, aired 2008-02-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: This poet published her novel "The Bell Jar" using the pseudonym Victoria Lucas (Sylvia) Plath
#5401, aired 2008-02-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): This William Faulkner novel opens with a tale told by Benjy, an idiot The Sound and the Fury
#5400, aired 2008-02-15AWARDS $1,000 (Daily Double): In 2007 Doris Lessing became only the 11th woman to win this--Pearl Buck won in 1938 the Nobel Prize in Literature
#5388, aired 2008-01-30FAMOUS PAIRS $2000: In literature & on British TV: Jeeves & ____ Wooster
#5370, aired 2008-01-04PULP FICTION $800: Frederick Schiller Faust wasn't a big name in this genre, but his pen name of Max Brand was Westerns
#5369, aired 2008-01-03LITERATURE $400: As this 1931 novel begins, Wang Lung travels to the house of Hwang to fetch his bride The Good Earth
#5369, aired 2008-01-03LITERATURE $800: Washington Irving based this character on his friend Jesse Merwin, a schoolteacher Ichabod Crane
#5369, aired 2008-01-03LITERATURE $1,200 (Daily Double): Upton Sinclair's 1927 novel "Oil!" was based on this presidential scandal of a few years earlier Teapot Dome
#5369, aired 2008-01-03LITERATURE $1600: In this title "incident", vigilantes hang 3 men falsely accused of cattle rustling Oxbow
#5369, aired 2008-01-03LITERATURE $2000: The title of this Steinbeck novel refers to a district above Monterey inhabited by Paisanos Tortilla Flat
#5358, aired 2007-12-19LITERATURE $400: Published in Spain in 1605, this classic of world literature was an instant hit Don Quixote
#5358, aired 2007-12-19LITERATURE $800: Of 50, 200 or 500, the one closest to the number of characters in "War and Peace" 500
#5358, aired 2007-12-19LITERATURE $1200: This title Sir Walter Scott character is torn between Rebecca & the Saxon Rowena Ivanhoe
#5358, aired 2007-12-19LITERATURE $1600: Bank official Joseph K. is on the defensive as the accused in this Kafka work The Trial
#5358, aired 2007-12-19LITERATURE $2000: In a Thomas Hardy novel, Michael Henchard is this title mayor the Mayor of Casterbridge
#5357, aired 2007-12-18LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: "Song to" this liberator was a famous patriotic poem written by Ecuador's Jose Joaquin Olmedo in 1825 Bolivar
#5357, aired 2007-12-18LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In the 19th century, literature about these Argentine cowboys was popular, with Jose Hernandez' "Martin Fierro" a classic gauchos
#5356, aired 2007-12-17HOT "ROD"s $600: A humorous or satirical imitation of a serious piece of literature a parody
#5340, aired 2007-11-23LITERATURE A LA SEUSS $200: Hester looked at the frock / she looked in dismay / "Do you have it in something/ other than 'A'?" The Scarlet Letter
#5340, aired 2007-11-23LITERATURE A LA SEUSS $400: George said, "No, Lennie, No! / I won't get you a guppy! / You think I've forgotten / what you did to that puppy?" Of Mice And Men
#5340, aired 2007-11-23LITERATURE A LA SEUSS $600: I sat there with Winston / We sat there, we 2 / But when busted for thoughtcrime / I knew I was through 1984
#5340, aired 2007-11-23LITERATURE A LA SEUSS $800: No Brontes, just Dantes / Got sent off to D'if / But with Danglars, that Danglars! / He had a big beef The Count Of Monte Cristo
#5340, aired 2007-11-23LITERATURE A LA SEUSS $1000: So on again, o again, from Laputa to Glubbdubdrib / I'm giving up, something something a Flubbdubgrib Gulliver's Travels
#5320, aired 2007-10-26THE INDIANS $800: The winner of the 1913 Nobel Prize for Literature, Rabindranath Tagore was born in this former capital in 1861 Calcutta
#5311, aired 2007-10-151907 $800: For works like "Gunga Din", he became the first Brit awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature Kipling
#5307, aired 2007-10-09LITERATURE FOR KIDS $400: "We looked! Then we saw him step in on the mat! We looked! And we saw him!" This famous cat the Cat in the Hat
#5307, aired 2007-10-09LITERATURE FOR KIDS $800: In a fairy tale by this Danish author, the Snow Queen takes little Kay away in her sleigh to her icy palace Hans Christian Andersen
#5307, aired 2007-10-09LITERATURE FOR KIDS $1200: In "Little Women", Margaret March is better known by this nickname "Meg"
#5307, aired 2007-10-09LITERATURE FOR KIDS $1600: This loving relative who takes care of Tom Sawyer was inspired by Mark Twain's own mother Aunt Polly
#5307, aired 2007-10-09LITERATURE FOR KIDS $2000: This author who wrote about "The Princess Who Could Not Laugh" made us smile with "Winnie-the-Pooh" A.A. Milne
#5295, aired 2007-09-21NIGERIA $800: Known for his satire, Wole Soyinka became the first Black African winner of this prize for literature in 1986 the Nobel Prize
#5293, aired 2007-09-19CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE $400: This treacherous pirate in "Treasure Island" has a pet parrot named Captain Flint Long John Silver
#5293, aired 2007-09-19CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE $800: A gray spider named Charlotte brings about a series of miracles to keep this pig from the butcher's knife Wilbur
#5293, aired 2007-09-19CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE $1600: Tom Sawyer saw him murder Dr. Robinson in the cemetery & testified against him in court Injun Joe
#5293, aired 2007-09-19CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE $2000: This E.L. Doctorow title character joins Dutch Schultz's gang as a 15-year-old in 1930s New York City Billy Bathgate
#5293, aired 2007-09-19CHARACTERS IN LITERATURE $4,000 (Daily Double): This ex-CIA agent who's in search of his identity has appeared in 3 novels by Robert Ludlum & 2 by Eric Van Lustbader (Jason) Bourne
#5282, aired 2007-07-24LITERATURE $400: In chapter 52 of this novel, a boisterous crowd is gathering for Fagin's execution Oliver Twist
#5282, aired 2007-07-24LITERATURE $800: 19th c. author known for writing about a "venerable mansion" with "seven acutely peaked gables" (Nathaniel) Hawthorne
#5282, aired 2007-07-24LITERATURE $1200: People from the past appear to a brother & sister in "Rewards and Fairies" by this author of "The Jungle Book" Kipling
#5282, aired 2007-07-24LITERATURE $1600: Modern novels with biblical titles include Jane Hamilton's "The Book of Ruth" & Toni Morrison's "Song of" him Solomon
#5282, aired 2007-07-24LITERATURE $2000: Even Grendel would love Seamus Heaney's new translation of the Anglo-Saxon epic about this title Geat Beowulf
#5267, aired 2007-07-03I'LL BE YOUR WAITER $800: In literature, Penelope waits on this man for 20 years, as does his dog, Argos, who keels over as he gets back Odysseus
#5241, aired 2007-05-28ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $200: This knight errant's steed in Rocinante, a draft horse originally belonging to his neighbor Don Quixote
#5241, aired 2007-05-28ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $400: He lost his shoes & new jacket when Mr. McGregor chased him out of the vegetable garden Peter Rabbit
#5241, aired 2007-05-28ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $600: Representing Leon Trotsky, Snowball, a pig in this novel, is exiled by the ruthless Napoleon Animal Farm
#5241, aired 2007-05-28ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $800: In C.S. Lewis' "The Last Battle", this lion destroyed evil-ridden Narnia & guided the faithful to the next world Aslan
#5241, aired 2007-05-28ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $1000: This ursine character was discovered by Mr. & Mrs. Brown in London Paddington Bear
#5233, aired 2007-05-16LINES FROM LITERATURE $400: In this novella, "Holly Golightly had been a tenant in the old brownstone" Breakfast at Tiffany's
#5233, aired 2007-05-16LINES FROM LITERATURE $800: In this novel, one of the inhabitants of Brobdingnag is described as being "as tall as an ordinary spire-steeple" Gulliver's Travels
#5233, aired 2007-05-16LINES FROM LITERATURE $1600: Chapter 1 of it begins, "'Camelot--Camelot,' said I to myself. 'I don't seem to remember hearing of it before'" A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
#5233, aired 2007-05-16LINES FROM LITERATURE $1,600 (Daily Double): Sandburg wrote that it "sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on" The Fog
#5233, aired 2007-05-16LINES FROM LITERATURE $2000: In his "Ode on" this, Keats writes, "Heard melodies are sweet, but those unheard are sweeter" a Grecian Urn
#5205, aired 2007-04-06ISLANDS IN LITERATURE $200: In this Shakespeare play, Ariel tells Prospero that the Bermoothes Islands are "still vexed" The Tempest
#5205, aired 2007-04-06ISLANDS IN LITERATURE $400: Joseph Heller used the Mediterranean island of Pianosa as the setting for this 1961 WWII novel Catch-22
#5205, aired 2007-04-06ISLANDS IN LITERATURE $600: Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island" was named for this U.S. president who was assassinated Abraham Lincoln
#5205, aired 2007-04-06ISLANDS IN LITERATURE $600 (Daily Double): The city of Mildendo on this island is encompassed by a wall 2 1/2 feet high Lilliput
#5205, aired 2007-04-06ISLANDS IN LITERATURE $1000: In this Norman Mailer novel, 6 U.S. soldiers scale Mt. Anaka on Anopopei Island to observe enemy troop positions The Naked and the Dead
#5192, aired 2007-03-20POET-POURRI $2000: In 1990 this "peaceful" poet became the first Mexican to win the Nobel Prize for literature (Octavio) Paz
#5182, aired 2007-03-06IT'S ALL ACADEMIC $2000: In 1954 Cambridge appointed this children's author as a professor of Medieval & Renaissance literature C.S. Lewis
#5182, aired 2007-03-06LITERATURE OF THE 19-OUGHTS $400: Throughout the decade, he cranked out sequels like "Ozma of Oz" (Frank) Baum
#5182, aired 2007-03-06LITERATURE OF THE 19-OUGHTS $800: Also in the title, it's the last word of the Joseph Conrad tale about the mysterious Mr. Kurtz darkness
#5182, aired 2007-03-06LITERATURE OF THE 19-OUGHTS $1200: Date in 1900 on which Thomas Hardy wrote, "The land's sharp features seemed to be / The century's corpse" December 31st
#5182, aired 2007-03-06LITERATURE OF THE 19-OUGHTS $2,000 (Daily Double): 1903 Irish literary works included Synge's "In the Shadow of the Glen" & this poet's "In the Seven Woods" (William Butler) Yeats
#5182, aired 2007-03-06LITERATURE OF THE 19-OUGHTS $2000: Frank Norris titled his 1901 novel about a railroad that's strangling farmers after this marine mollusk the octopus
#5177, aired 2007-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Alex Haley described this 1976 blockbuster as "faction", a combination of fact & fiction Roots
#5177, aired 2007-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This poet & author called the first volume of her autobiography "I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings" Maya Angelou
#5177, aired 2007-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: His autobiography "Black Boy" was originally the first section of a longer work called "American Hunger" Richard Wright
#5177, aired 2007-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Introduced in "Devil in a Blue Dress", Easy Rawlins is the hero of several mysteries by this author Walter Mosley
#5177, aired 2007-02-27AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: While serving time in prison, he wrote "Soul on Ice", a series of essays on prejudice & racism Eldridge Cleaver
#5170, aired 2007-02-16LITERATURE $400: E.B. White spun this tale about a spider & a pig Charlotte's Web
#5170, aired 2007-02-16LITERATURE $800: In this Edgar Allan Poe poem, the title bird's favorite word is "nevermore" "The Raven"
#5170, aired 2007-02-16LITERATURE $1600: If you're in the "hobbit" of reading his books, try his non-hobbit tale "Farmer Giles Of Ham" Tolkien
#5170, aired 2007-02-16LITERATURE $2000: In "Little Women", this youngest of the 4 sisters is "a most important person, in her own opinion at least" Amy
#5170, aired 2007-02-16LITERATURE $6,000 (Daily Double): Dickens divided this book into staves instead of chapters; Stave IV is called "The Last of the Spirits" A Christmas Carol
#5154, aired 2007-01-25SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: It shouldn't take "100 Years" to figure out this Colombian wrote "News of a Kidnapping" Gabriel García Márquez
#5154, aired 2007-01-25SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Her 2003 memoir was titled "My Invented Country: A Nostalgic Journey Through Chile" Isabel Allende
#5154, aired 2007-01-25SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: Born Neftali Reyes, this Nobel-winning Chilean poet penned "Elementary Odes" in 1954 Pablo Neruda
#5154, aired 2007-01-25SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Shaw was "GBS"; this Argentine writer of "Ficciones" & "Labyrinths" could've gone by "JLB" Jorge Luis Borges
#5154, aired 2007-01-25SOUTH AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: The first novel by "Kiss of the Spider Woman" author Manuel Puig was "Betrayed By" this screen siren Rita Hayworth
#5146, aired 2007-01-15ROYAL BRITANNIA $400: Seen here, she had an age of literature named after her Elizabeth I
#5136, aired 2007-01-01UNIQUELY AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: A brutal 1959 mass murder was the basis of this Truman Capote nonfiction novel In Cold Blood
#5136, aired 2007-01-01UNIQUELY AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: A battle to keep a girl from the clutches of Satan takes place in this William Peter Blatty novel that turned heads in '71 The Exorcist
#5136, aired 2007-01-01UNIQUELY AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In this Tom Robbins novel, Sissy Hankshaw is born with enormous thumbs & hitchhikes across America Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
#5136, aired 2007-01-01UNIQUELY AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: One of the 2 Erskine Caldwell novels of the 1930s that were censored for their portrayals of poor whites Tobacco Road (or God's Little Acre)
#5136, aired 2007-01-01UNIQUELY AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This American's stories like "Will You Please Be Quiet, Please?" are in a style some have called K-Mart Realism Raymond Carver
#5106, aired 2006-11-20LITERATURE $200: Of Pastism, Presentism or Futurism, the literary movement that began around 1909 Futurism
#5106, aired 2006-11-20LITERATURE $400: (Jon of the Clue Crew stands next to a statue in the harbor of Copenhagen, Denmark.) This author once said that "The Little Mermaid" was the only one of his stories he felt moved by when he wrote it Hans Christian Andersen
#5106, aired 2006-11-20LITERATURE $600: "The Miller's Tale" is one of the naughtiest of these famous Chaucer stories The Canterbury Tales
#5106, aired 2006-11-20LITERATURE $800: The prep school classic "A Separate Peace" takes place during this war the Second World War
#5106, aired 2006-11-20LITERATURE $1000: This scary Edgar Allan Poe story takes place at a spooky masked ball given by a prince The Masque of the Red Death
#5081, aired 2006-10-16LITERATURE $400: Not Natty Dresser but Natty this dies in the novel "The Prairie" Bumppo
#5081, aired 2006-10-16LITERATURE $800: This Melville character's artificial leg is carved from the jawbone of a sperm whale Ahab
#5081, aired 2006-10-16LITERATURE $1200: Jim Hawkins narrates this 1883 novel Treasure Island
#5081, aired 2006-10-16LITERATURE $1600: At the start of this Dickens novel, Pip meets an escaped convict who threatens to eat him Great Expectations
#5081, aired 2006-10-16LITERATURE $2000: This governor of a Southern state asks his aide to dig up dirt on Judge Irwin, a man of integrity Willie Stark
#5076, aired 2006-10-09FASHION HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1886 mothers began forcing their sons to wear silly velvet suits inspired by this titled tot of literature Little Lord Fauntleroy
#5052, aired 2006-07-25TURN ME LEWIS $600: He was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature Sinclair Lewis
#5039, aired 2006-07-06IT'S ALL A LEGEND $1000: These legendary histories of Norse literature include a famous one about Njall & his adventures sagas
#5033, aired 2006-06-28BRITISH POETS & POETRY $400: Encyclopedia Britannica calls his "The Hunting of the Snark" "nonsense literature of the highest order" Lewis Carroll
#5029, aired 2006-06-22HEROES OF LITERATURE $400: Spanish thinker Ortega y Gasset said that heroism is within all of us in "Meditations on" this literary character Don Quixote
#5029, aired 2006-06-22HEROES OF LITERATURE $800: "A man dies still if he has done nothing, as one who has done much" is attributed to this Homeric hero Achilles
#5029, aired 2006-06-22HEROES OF LITERATURE $1200: This bread-stealing criminal & fugitive from justice is the hero of Victor Hugo's "Les Miserables" Jean Valjean
#5029, aired 2006-06-22HEROES OF LITERATURE $1600: This "haloed" hero is the perpetual thorn in Inspector Teal's side in works by Leslie Charteris The Saint (Simon Templar)
#5029, aired 2006-06-22HEROES OF LITERATURE $2000: Ernest J. Gaines wrote a fictional autobiography of this heroic 110-year-old ex-slave Miss Jane Pittman
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ROYAL LITERATURE $400: 1956: By J.R.R. Tolkien The Return of the King
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ROYAL LITERATURE $800: 1889: By Mark Twain A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ROYAL LITERATURE $1200: 1988: By Anne Rice Queen of the Damned
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ROYAL LITERATURE $1600: 1920: By Eugene O'Neill The Emperor Jones
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ROYAL LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): 1888: By Rudyard Kipling The Man Who Would Be King
#4986, aired 2006-04-24AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Perhaps he was just being modest when he said that his "Invisible Man" was "not an important novel" (Ralph) Ellison
#4986, aired 2006-04-24AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from outside of the 16th Street Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL.) A vision of little scraps of Sunday dresses in this author's "Song of Solomon" refers to the 1963 bombing of the 16th Street Baptist Church Toni Morrison
#4986, aired 2006-04-24AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Her bestseller "Waiting to Exhale" focused on 4 black women living in Phoenix & hoping to find Mr. Right Terry McMillan
#4986, aired 2006-04-24AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In the title of the late August Wilson's Tony-nominated play, this man's "Come and Gone" Joe Turner
#4986, aired 2006-04-24AFRICAN-AMERICAN LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): This 1983 Pulitzer Prize winner is written in the form of letters, mostly from Celie to her sister & to God The Color Purple
#4976, aired 2006-04-10LET'S GO TO HARVARD $800: English 115b takes us to the 1390s in a study of this "most famous work of English literature before Shakespeare" The Canterbury Tales
#4975, aired 2006-04-07CLASSIC LITERATURE $200: "The Honor and Glory of Whaling" is a chapter in this American masterpiece Moby-Dick
#4975, aired 2006-04-07CLASSIC LITERATURE $400: He's the teenage narrator of "The Catcher in the Rye" Holden Caulfield
#4975, aired 2006-04-07CLASSIC LITERATURE $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Kremlin in Moscow, Russia.) Novel in which Moscow was without its inhabitants & the soldiers were sucked into her, radiating from the Kremlin War and Peace
#4975, aired 2006-04-07CLASSIC LITERATURE $800: 1815's "Emma" was the last of her novels published in her lifetime (Jane) Austen
#4975, aired 2006-04-07CLASSIC LITERATURE $1000: Some early reviewers objected to the realistic depiction of Archdeacon Frollo's death in this classic The Hunchback of Notre Dame
#4968, aired 2006-03-29LITERATURE $200: Chapter 13 of this classic novel is called "Another View of Hester" The Scarlet Letter
#4968, aired 2006-03-29LITERATURE $400: He published the first 4 of his fairy tales in an 1835 pamphlet; "The Tinder Box" was among them Hans Christian Andersen
#4968, aired 2006-03-29LITERATURE $600: Nicodemus Frapp is a narrow-minded evangelist in "Tono-Bungay", a 1909 novel by this author of "The Time Machine" H.G. Wells
#4968, aired 2006-03-29LITERATURE $800: This author of "The Good Earth" based the heroine of her 1938 novel "This Proud Heart" on herself Pearl Buck
#4968, aired 2006-03-29LITERATURE $1000: In Wonderland, Alice comes across a large one of these with a snooty caterpillar atop it a mushroom
#4965, aired 2006-03-24LITERATURE $400: In the 1600s Basho wrote a famous hard-to-translate haiku about this creature jumping into a pond a frog
#4965, aired 2006-03-24LITERATURE $800: The infamous Lowood School in this novel was based on a real school that Charlotte Bronte attended at age 8 Jane Eyre
#4965, aired 2006-03-24LITERATURE $1200: This Jane Austen novel begins, "The family of Dashwood had been long settled in Sussex" Sense and Sensibility
#4965, aired 2006-03-24LITERATURE $2000: Tolstoy wrote this character's "life had been most simple and most ordinary and therefore most terrible" Ivan Ilyich
#4965, aired 2006-03-24LITERATURE $6,000 (Daily Double): After Christian's death in an 1897 drama, this title character still acts as a platonic friend to the widow Cyrano de Bergerac
#4955, aired 2006-03-10LITERATURE $400: Britannica states that the name "Agora" was first found in the work of this ancient Greek poet Homer
#4955, aired 2006-03-10LITERATURE $800: This 1953 book title tells us the temperature at which books burn Fahrenheit 451
#4955, aired 2006-03-10LITERATURE $1200: In 1900 he wrote the line, "The road to the City of Emeralds is paved with yellow brick" L. Frank Baum
#4955, aired 2006-03-10LITERATURE $1600: This 1952 Pulitzer-winning book grew out of Herman Wouk's experiences on a WWII destroyer-minesweeper The Caine Mutiny
#4955, aired 2006-03-10LITERATURE $2000: Elizabeth Barrett Browning gave this volume of 44 sonnets to Robert in 1847, a year after they eloped Sonnets from the Portuguese
#4953, aired 2006-03-082005 IG NOBEL PRIZES $1000: For Literature, the African entrepreneurs of this country were honored for their attempts to con via e-mail Nigeria
#4938, aired 2006-02-15I'M DOWN WITH HOMEWORK $1600: Literature: In this book, Emma's sick of her husband; next thing, she's macking with Leon, Rodolphe & a crucifix Madame Bovary
#4920, aired 2006-01-20FAMOUS WOMEN $400: Born in Lorain, Ohio in 1931, this African-American woman won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1993 Toni Morrison
#4907, aired 2006-01-03HAPPY "NEW" YEAR $2000: First awarded in 1922, this medal is given out for excellence in U.S. children's literature the Newbery
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Chapter 2 in a 1932 work of his begins, "The bullfight is not a sport in the Anglo-Saxon sense of the word" Ernest Hemingway
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In 1894 Mark Twain took this character "Abroad"; 2 years later, he became a "Detective" Tom Sawyer
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: This Sinclair Lewis physician begins his practice in his wife's hometown, Wheatsylvania, North Dakota (Martin) Arrowsmith
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: Pyncheon Street, previously called Maule's Lane, was the location of this title home The House of the Seven Gables
#4894, aired 2005-12-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In this 1940 novel, deaf-mute John Singer commits suicide when he learns his friend Spiros has died The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
#4860, aired 2005-10-2820th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: This 1949 novel features a society dominated by such slogans as "War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength" 1984
#4860, aired 2005-10-2820th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: When this title slat bridge with vine handrails broke, 5 victims were hurled to their death The Bridge of San Luis Rey
#4860, aired 2005-10-2820th CENTURY LITERATURE $1600: This 1946 Nikos Kazantzakis novel was narrated by a Crete mine owner who's drawn out of his shell by an elderly employee Zorba the Greek
#4860, aired 2005-10-2820th CENTURY LITERATURE $2000: This most popular of Zane Grey's books featured a gunslinger named Lassiter & Jane Withersteen, a Mormon heiress Riders of the Purple Sage
#4860, aired 2005-10-2820th CENTURY LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): While traveling from Oklahoma to California during the Depression, she says, "All we got is the family unbroke" Ma Joad
#4840, aired 2005-09-30WORLD LITERATURE $200: Tolstoy's first full-length novel, it includes a cast of more than 500 characters War and Peace
#4840, aired 2005-09-30WORLD LITERATURE $400: Chapter 8 of this 17th century work begins, "They came in sight of thirty, forty windmills" Don Quixote
#4840, aired 2005-09-30WORLD LITERATURE $800: This Albert Camus novel begins with the discovery of a dead rat outside Dr. Bernard Rieux' door; more dead rats follow The Plague
#4840, aired 2005-09-30WORLD LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Buried treasure found on an islet in the Tuscan Archipelago makes this character wealthy the Count of Monte Cristo
#4840, aired 2005-09-30WORLD LITERATURE $1000: In 1902 Kipling published a volume of these "Stories", including "The Cat that Walked by Himself" the Just So Stories
#4823, aired 2005-07-20COLOMBIA $1000: In 1982 this Colombian who led Latin America's literary boom of the '60s won the Nobel Prize for Literature García Márquez
#4812, aired 2005-07-05BELIEFS $800: Also a caste, it's a Hindu priest or scholar of Vedic literature a Brahman
#4810, aired 2005-07-01AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: "Sartoris" published in 1929 was his first novel to deal with Yoknapatawpha County Faulkner
#4810, aired 2005-07-01AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In England his 1950 science fiction novel "The Martian Chronicles" was titled "The Silver Locusts" Bradbury
#4810, aired 2005-07-01AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: 1926's top 2 fiction sellers were John Erskine's "The Private Life of Helen of Troy" & this Anita Loos book Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
#4810, aired 2005-07-01AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: This 1925 novel contains the line "They were careless people, Tom and Daisy" The Great Gatsby
#4810, aired 2005-07-01AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This 140-pound character in "The Call of the Wild" is a cross between a St. Bernard & a Scotch Shepard Buck
#4808, aired 2005-06-29LITERATURE $400: "Tai-Pan" was a "Novel of Hong Kong" by James Clavell, & this was his 1975 "Novel of Japan" Shogun
#4808, aired 2005-06-29LITERATURE $800: In Pierre Boulle's "Planet of the Apes", Zira & Cornelius are this species of ape chimpanzees
#4808, aired 2005-06-29LITERATURE $1200: Milan Kundera's "Immortality" read in this, its original language, may be unbearably light reading Czech
#4808, aired 2005-06-29LITERATURE $1600: Goethe called him Faust; Marlowe dubbed him this Dr. Faustus
#4808, aired 2005-06-29LITERATURE $2000: Completes the title of Eldridge Cleaver's 1968 memoir "Soul on..." Ice
#4802, aired 2005-06-21WORLD LITERATURE $400: In the early 1900s Argentine writers Benito Lynch & Ricardo Guiraldes wrote novels about the lives of these cowboys the gauchos
#4802, aired 2005-06-21WORLD LITERATURE $800: "L'art d'etre grand-pere" is a not so miserables poetry collection by this author Victor Hugo
#4802, aired 2005-06-21WORLD LITERATURE $1200: This Aussie's books include "Outback" as well as "Schindler's List" Thomas Keneally
#4802, aired 2005-06-21WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Jacobean who wrote the ghoulish & violent plays "The White Devil" & "The Duchess of Malfi" John Webster
#4802, aired 2005-06-21WORLD LITERATURE $2000: Czar Boris Godunov inspired an 1825 drama by this writer, Russia's equivalent of Shakespeare Pushkin
#4779, aired 2005-05-19"W"HO CAN IT BE NOW? $1000: Sean O'Casey described this author of "The Inimitable Jeeves" as "English Literature's Performing Flea" P.G. Wodehouse
#4758, aired 2005-04-20BEND IT LIKE BECKETT $800: Beckett won this big prize in 1969, but declined the trip to Sweden to avoid the public speeches at the ceremony the Nobel Prize in Literature
#4687, aired 2005-01-11PARENTING $2,500 (Daily Double): This 1938 Nobel Literature Prize winner's parents were Presbyterian missionaries Pearl Buck
#4668, aired 2004-12-15GERMAN LITERATURE $400: This musical instrument is the prized possession of Gunter Grass' dwarfish hero Oskar the tin drum
#4668, aired 2004-12-15GERMAN LITERATURE $800: Sadly, this final act of Goethe's infatuated hero young Werther was widely imitated by young romantic readers committing suicide
#4668, aired 2004-12-15GERMAN LITERATURE $1200: The title vessel of a 1494 poem by Sebastian Brant & of the painting of the same period by Hieronymus Bosch the ship of fools
#4668, aired 2004-12-15GERMAN LITERATURE $2000: The original title of this author's "Magister Ludi" means "The Glass Bead Game" (Hermann) Hesse
#4668, aired 2004-12-15GERMAN LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): The Peter Weiss play known by this 2-word title is "performed by the inmates of the asylum of Charenton" Marat/Sade
#4652, aired 2004-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: In a 1719 sequel, he & his manservant revisit the island where he was shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe
#4652, aired 2004-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: This Mary Shelley tale is told through the letters of an Arctic explorer named Walton Frankenstein
#4652, aired 2004-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: This D.H. Lawrence work was not published in full in England until Penguin books did it in 1960 Lady Chatterley's Lover
#4652, aired 2004-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: The activities of a certain London club form the basis of this Dickens novel, his first The Pickwick Papers
#4652, aired 2004-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $1000: This tale published in 1932 is set in the year 632 AF (After Ford) Brave New World
#4645, aired 2004-11-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This classic by Stephen Crane is subtitled "An Episode of the American Civil War" The Red Badge of Courage
#4645, aired 2004-11-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Books by this Nobel Prize winner include "Love", "Beloved" & "Tar Baby" Toni Morrison
#4645, aired 2004-11-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: This Willa Cather novel is divided into 5 books, the first being "The Shimerdas" My Antonia
#4645, aired 2004-11-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,400 (Daily Double): Hemingway's epigraph to this novel includes a Biblical passage that begins, "One generation passeth away..." The Sun Also Rises
#4645, aired 2004-11-12AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: This first novel by Bernard Malamud is considered one of the best baseball books of all time The Natural
#4633, aired 2004-10-27CHILDREN IN LITERATURE $400: Lewis Carroll created this heroine to amuse the daughter of his dean at Christ Church Alice
#4633, aired 2004-10-27CHILDREN IN LITERATURE $800: This "parish boy" hero is born in a workhouse & becomes one of Fagin's thieves Oliver Twist
#4633, aired 2004-10-27CHILDREN IN LITERATURE $1200: He wrote about fictional children Willie Mufferson, Joe Harper, & Sid Sawyer Mark Twain
#4633, aired 2004-10-27CHILDREN IN LITERATURE $1600: This author wrote for The New Yorker while penning books about Fern Arable & Stuart Little (E.B.) White
#4633, aired 2004-10-27CHILDREN IN LITERATURE $5,000 (Daily Double): "What is essential is invisible to the eye" is the secret the fox shares with this title character the Little Prince
#4627, aired 2004-10-19LITERATURE $200: "Child of the Morning" is the story of Hatshepsut, a woman who ruled this country as a pharaoh Egypt
#4627, aired 2004-10-19LITERATURE $400: This Danish fairy tale author wrote an autobiography called "The Fairy Tale of My Life" Hans Christian Andersen
#4627, aired 2004-10-19LITERATURE $600: His first "Jungle Book" was so popular that he published his "Second Jungle Book" in 1895 Rudyard Kipling
#4627, aired 2004-10-19LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Chapter 25 of this book is called "The First Wedding" & it described Meg's marriage to John Brooke Little Women
#4627, aired 2004-10-19LITERATURE $1000: This author said that he was acting in a play with his kids when he came up with the idea for "A Tale of Two Cities" Charles Dickens
#4613, aired 2004-09-29LITERATURE $400: Her career as a novelist dawned with "Dawn O'Hara"; "Show Boat" showed up later Edna Ferber
#4613, aired 2004-09-29LITERATURE $800: Gom Gut & Plick et Plock were pseudonyms of this Inspector Maigret creator Georges Simenon
#4613, aired 2004-09-29LITERATURE $1200: Hmm... he dedicated his 1820 poem "The Witch of Atlas" to his wife Mary (Percy Bysshe) Shelley
#4613, aired 2004-09-29LITERATURE $1600: Lloyd Brown, once an inmate of this city's Alleghany County jail, based his novel "Iron City" on life there Pittsburgh
#4613, aired 2004-09-29LITERATURE $2000: "I shouldn't mind being a bride... if I could be one without having a husband", says Bathsheba in this Hardy novel Far From the Madding Crowd
#4611, aired 2004-09-27TOUGH LIT $2000: In 1929 the Nobel Prize for Literature was bestowed on this "Magic Mountain" author Thomas Mann
#4603, aired 2004-09-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This bestselling Western author wrote about the Sackett family in more than a dozen novels Louis L'Amour
#4603, aired 2004-09-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This "Age of Innocence" author made her debut in society in 1879 (Edith) Wharton
#4603, aired 2004-09-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): "Sons", the second book in a trilogy begun with this work, traces the destinies of the 3 sons of Wang Lung The Good Earth (by Pearl Buck)
#4603, aired 2004-09-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: This Sinclair Lewis doctor attempts to halt an epidemic on a West Indian island with his anti-bacterial serum Martin Arrowsmith
#4603, aired 2004-09-15AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In the prologue of a 1952 novel, this author wrote, "I am an invisible man" (Ralph) Ellison
#4588, aired 2004-07-14LITERATURE IN THE JAZZ AGE $400: This Sinclair Lewis character is a brazen ex-football player who enters the ministry Elmer Gantry
#4588, aired 2004-07-14LITERATURE IN THE JAZZ AGE $800: Erich Maria Remarque was working as a sportswriter in Germany when he wrote this novel about WWI All Quiet on the Western Front
#4588, aired 2004-07-14LITERATURE IN THE JAZZ AGE $1200: This bestselling Western author's 1920s novels included "The Call of the Canyon" & "The Mysterious Rider" Zane Grey
#4588, aired 2004-07-14LITERATURE IN THE JAZZ AGE $1600: This "huge" 1924 Edna Ferber novel is about a widowed truck farmer & her struggles So Big
#4588, aired 2004-07-14LITERATURE IN THE JAZZ AGE $2000: This 1927 Thornton Wilder novel begins, "On Friday noon, July the twentieth, 1714, the finest bridge in all Peru broke" The Bridge of San Luis Rey
#4570, aired 2004-06-18INSECTS $1600: Acheta domesticus, the house species of this, is the one "on the hearth" in literature the cricket
#4561, aired 2004-06-07RUSSIAN WRITERS $800: After winning the Nobel Prize for Literature for "Doctor Zhivago", he was expelled from the Soviet Writers Union Pasternak
#4549, aired 2004-05-20FRENCH LITERATURE $400: When Victor Hugo began writing this novel, its working title was "Miseres" Les Misérables
#4549, aired 2004-05-20FRENCH LITERATURE $800: This 19th century sci-fi writer foretold the artificial satellite in his story "The Begum's Fortune" Jules Verne
#4549, aired 2004-05-20FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: This "Second Sex" author taught philosophy for 12 years before writing her first novel Simone de Beauvoir
#4549, aired 2004-05-20FRENCH LITERATURE $1600: In this 1759 Voltaire novel, the title character moves briefly to an ideal country in South America called El Dorado Candide
#4549, aired 2004-05-20FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: Known as a master of the short story--he wrote over 300 of them--he did write 6 novels including "Bel-Ami" in 1885 Guy de Maupassant
#4546, aired 2004-05-17J.R.R. TOLKIEN $800: It's the university where Tolkien studied & later taught languages & literature Oxford
#4540, aired 2004-05-07STUFF TO DO AT RECESS $1000: Dash off a major piece of literature like this 1852 Harriet Beecher Stowe novel Uncle Tom's Cabin
#4524, aired 2004-04-15ALBERT CAMUS $200: On Dec. 10, 1957 Albert Camus received this prize in Stockholm, Sweden Nobel Prize for Literature
#4512, aired 2004-03-30I PITY THE FOOL $1200: This title character of Spanish literature is called "A muddled fool, full of lucid intervals" Don Quixote
#4510, aired 2004-03-2620th CENTURY PEOPLE $1000: This Frenchman turned down the Nobel Literature Prize in 1964 because it might compromise his freedom (Jean-Paul) Sartre
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $200: The cheery first "Masterpiece Theatre" season included "Jude the Obscure" & this Russian's "The Possessed" Dostoevsky
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $400: "Wide Sargasso Sea" by Jean Rhys is the story of the mad wife of this "Jane Eyre" character Rochester
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $800: A fling with the valet is one of the escapades of this Strindberg title "Miss" Miss Julie
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $1000: "I Married a Communist", "The Human Stain" & "American Pastoral" make up a recent trilogy by this novelist Philip Roth
#4501, aired 2004-03-15LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1856 Revue de Paris readers followed this tale of the miserable wife of a boring doctor Madame Bovary
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: The Joad family in "The Grapes of Wrath" leaves this Dust Bowl state & heads to California Oklahoma
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): In "Following the Equator", this humorist wrote, "Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it" Mark Twain
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In one scene in this 1925 F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, Daisy Buchanan hits Myrtle Wilson with her car The Great Gatsby
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In the midst of writing his 5 Natty Bumppo tales, he paused to write a "History of the Navy of the United States" (James Fenimore) Cooper
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: In 1964 he won a National Book Award for his novel "The Centaur" John Updike
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: His unladylike horror story "The Cask of Amontillado" was first published in Godey's Lady's Book, in 1846 (Edgar Allan) Poe
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: The Mock Turtle sings a song about the Lobster Quadrille in this classic children's book Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $1200: A scientist tests poison on his own daughter in this American author's 1840s story "Rappaccini's Daughter" (Nathaniel) Hawthorne
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $1600: "The Wept of Wish-Ton-Wish" is this author's 1829 novel about King Philip's War James Fenimore Cooper
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $2000: The title gem in this Wilkie Collins novel was once in the handle of a dagger owned by Tippoo, the sultan of Seringapatam The Moonstone
#4493, aired 2004-03-032003 NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: Of both Boer & English descent, J.M. Coetzee of this country won the Nobel for Literature South Africa
#4485, aired 2004-02-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS $200: In December 1993 Toni Morrison became the first African-American woman awarded this international literature prize the Nobel Prize
#4479, aired 2004-02-12LITERATURE $400: In the Brothers Grimm version of this fairy tale, the 7 small miners don't have names "Snow White (and the Seven Dwarfs)"
#4479, aired 2004-02-12LITERATURE $1200: This author took us "Around the World in Eighty Days" & on a "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Jules Verne
#4479, aired 2004-02-12LITERATURE $1600: In "The Jungle Books" Rikki-Tikki-Tavi is one of these critters who heroically fights evil cobras a mongoose
#4479, aired 2004-02-12LITERATURE $2000: Books about this Belgian adolescent seen here have sold millions of copies worldwide Tintin
#4479, aired 2004-02-12LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): A pastor, his wife & 4 sons have an adventure when they are shipwrecked on an island in this family tale "The Swiss Family Robinson"
#4476, aired 2004-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Like many of his works, Steinbeck's story "Flight" takes place along the coast of this state's Monterey County California
#4476, aired 2004-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: A year before "Little Women" was published, she became editor of a juvenile magazine called Merry's Museum (Louisa May) Alcott
#4476, aired 2004-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: Herman Melville's 18-month voyage aboard the whaler Acushnet provided a factual basis for this 1851 novel Moby Dick
#4476, aired 2004-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: "A sense of insufferable gloom pervaded my spirit" on glimpsing the title home in this Poe tale The Fall of the House of Usher
#4476, aired 2004-02-09AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: About this book Emerson wrote to Whitman, "I am very happy in reading it, as great power makes us happy" Leaves of Grass
#4470, aired 2004-01-30FAMOUS NIGERIANS $1600: In 1986 Wole Soyinka made headlines as the first black recipient of this the Nobel Prize for Literature
#4448, aired 2003-12-31THE LAWYER WHO... $600: ...wrote "The Power of Literature and its Connection with Religion" & some little national anthem Francis Scott Key
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $200: What can you say about a 33-year-old novel by Erich Segal? Perhaps just this, the book's title Love Story
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $400: (Video of Cheryl in Providence, RI.) This is the original 1920 manuscript of a horror story by this author, whose initials stood for Howard Phillips H.P. Lovecraft
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $600: Modern lit just wouldn't be the same without such seminal works as this 1969 Jacqueline Susann novel The Love Machine
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): Despite war & outbreaks of disease, the love of Florentino for Fermina endures in this Gabriel Garcia Marquez novel Love in the Time of Cholera
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $1000: It's the only Evelyn Waugh novel we know that became a film starring Jonathan Winters & Liberace The Loved One
#4408, aired 2003-11-05AWARD-WINNING AUTHORS $400: 1 of the 2 Irishmen to win a Nobel Prize for Literature in the 1920s (1 of) William Butler Yeats or George Bernard Shaw
#4397, aired 2003-10-21CALL OUT THE BOB SQUAD $400: In literature, he was Tiny Tim's dad & Scrooge's employee Bob Cratchit
#4380, aired 2003-09-26CLASSIC LITERATURE $200: The horseman that terrorized Sleepy Hollow was this, not legless or armless headless
#4380, aired 2003-09-26CLASSIC LITERATURE $400: This character concocted the potion that created Mr. Hyde Dr. Jekyll
#4380, aired 2003-09-26CLASSIC LITERATURE $600: Another name for a mirror; Alice went "through" one looking-glass
#4380, aired 2003-09-26CLASSIC LITERATURE $800: After picking up his book "Moby Dick", you might be relieved to know he wrote short stories too Herman Melville
#4380, aired 2003-09-26CLASSIC LITERATURE $1000: This character's squire was Sancho Panza Don Quixote
#4377, aired 2003-09-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: His scary 1842 story "The Masque of the Red Death" begins, "The 'Red Death' had long devastated the country" Edgar Allan Poe
#4377, aired 2003-09-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Jim Smiley kept this "celebrated" animal of a Mark Twain story in "a little lattice box" the jumping frog of Calaveras county
#4376, aired 2003-09-22THREE'S A CROWD $4,000 (Daily Double): Literature's Athos, Porthos & Aramis were this swashbuckling trio the Three Musketeers
#4366, aired 2003-09-0819th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: It may ring a bell that he had "a huge head sprouting red hair; between the two shoulders an enormous hump" the Hunchback (of Notre Dame)
#4366, aired 2003-09-0819th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: The title wrongdoing in this novel is the murder of a pawnbroker & her sister by Raskolnikov Crime and Punishment
#4366, aired 2003-09-0819th CENTURY LITERATURE $600: The year before her death, 29-year-old Emily Bronte published this, her only novel Wuthering Heights
#4366, aired 2003-09-0819th CENTURY LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): "Knitting", "Still Knitting" & "The Knitting Done" are chapters in this 1859 novel A Tale of Two Cities
#4366, aired 2003-09-0819th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: Published in 1849, "Redburn: His FIrst Voyage" was based on this author's first voyage as a cabin boy Herman Melville
#4356, aired 2003-07-07ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $200: Squealer, this type of "Animal Farm" animal, gets so fat he can barely see pig
#4356, aired 2003-07-07ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $400: Karait is a little one of these killed by Rikki-Tikki-Tavi snake
#4356, aired 2003-07-07ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $600: Dinah, the name of a real cat that belonged to the Liddell children, is the cat of this fictional girl Alice (of "Alice in Wonderland")
#4356, aired 2003-07-07ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $800: An underpaid teacher, this Washington Irving character rides the half-blind, broken-down horse Gunpowder Ichabod Crane
#4356, aired 2003-07-07ANIMALS IN LITERATURE $1000: Blake asks, "And was" this holy animal "of God on England's pleasant pastures seen?" lamb
#4353, aired 2003-07-02WELL, I'LL BE A '30s WORD $1600: This name for vitamin B2 appeared in the scientific literature in the 1930s riboflavin
#4347, aired 2003-06-24FRENCH LITERATURE $400: Auguste Maquet helped him write "The Three Musketeers"; how much he contributed is in dispute Alexandre Dumas
#4347, aired 2003-06-24FRENCH LITERATURE $800: In 1945 this existentialist founded "Les Temps Modernes", a monthly literary review that he also edited Jean-Paul Sartre
#4347, aired 2003-06-24FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: Charles Perrault's 1697 work "Contes de Ma Mere l'Oye" was a collection of these Mother Goose stories
#4347, aired 2003-06-24FRENCH LITERATURE $1600: Bored by her doctor husband, this title character has affairs with Leon Dupuis & Rodolphe Boulanger Madame Bovary
#4347, aired 2003-06-24FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: In 1943 this aviator created "The Little Prince"; a year later, his plane disappeared during a mission Antoine de Saint Exupery
#4346, aired 2003-06-23HISTORIC WOMEN $2,500 (Daily Double): In 1909 Sweden's Selma Lagerlof became the first woman to win a Nobel Prize in this category Literature
#4341, aired 2003-06-16LADIES OF LITERATURE $400: In the original tale, Elizabeth, the bride of this man, is strangled by the monster Frankenstein
#4341, aired 2003-06-16LADIES OF LITERATURE $800: S'posin a fella was to meet the lady that birthed Tom Joad; he could jus' call her this Ma
#4341, aired 2003-06-16LADIES OF LITERATURE $1200: Robert Jordan could sing, "I've just met a girl named Maria / she was brutalized by Fascists" in this Hemingway novel "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
#4341, aired 2003-06-16LADIES OF LITERATURE $1600: Ladies, don't be like this Rostand heroine; make sure your suitor's great letters are really his own Roxanne
#4341, aired 2003-06-16LADIES OF LITERATURE $2000: Albertine, created by a man named Marcel, dallies with a man named Marcel in this work "Remembrance of Things Past"
#4335, aired 2003-06-06PLAYWRIGHTS $2000: Born in 1799, this poet, novelist & playwright is to Russian literature what Shakespeare is to English literature Alexander Pushkin
#4326, aired 2003-05-26GBS $1200: Shaw said he took the prize money from this award in 1925 to translate Swedish plays into English Nobel Prize for Literature
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $400: This title character's ship, the Antelope, went down off the coast of Lilliput Gulliver
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $800: In a 1927 Hermann Hesse novel, newspaper writer Harry Haller, a loner, calls himself this Steppenwolf
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $1200: Hamlet's most famous one of these speeches includes the following lines Whether tis' nobler in the mind to suffer the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune, or to take arms against a sea of troubles & by opposing... soliloquy
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $1600: John Kennedy Toole immortalized the Lucky Dog vending carts in this Pulitzer Prize-winning novel "A Confederacy of Dunces"
#4290, aired 2003-04-04LITERATURE $2000: Nelson Algren won a 1950 Nat'l Book Award for this novel about card dealer & morphine addict Frankie Machine "The Man with the Golden Arm"
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: An adaptation of this Grimm tale includes the line "Who is gnawing at my house?" "Hansel and Gretel"
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew in Amsterdam) Mary Mapes Dodge had never been to Holland when she wrote this 1865 tale set on Dutch canals "Hans Brinker" or "The Silver Skates"
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): "If You Give a Mouse a Muffin" is a follow-up to this 1985 book by Felicia Bond & Laura Joffe Numeroff "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1200: In 1962 this author & illustrator published "The Nutshell Library", which includes the book "Chicken Soup with Rice" Maurice Sendak
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1600: A classic book by George Selden tells of this noisy insect "in Times Square" The Cricket
#4273, aired 2003-03-12FUN WITH THE DEWEY DECIMAL SYSTEM $600: Covering the 800s, it's the only main Dewey classification that's also a Nobel Prize category literature
#4266, aired 2003-03-03WE THINK $2,000 (Daily Double): This British philosopher became an earl in 1931 & won the Nobel Prize for Literature 19 years later Bertrand Russell
#4264, aired 2003-02-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Hans Christian Andersen's "The Nightingale" sang its sweet melodies for the emperor of this country China
#4264, aired 2003-02-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: In "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe", 4 siblings rule this land from the throne at Cair Paravel Narnia
#4264, aired 2003-02-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1600: Long John Silver was the mutinous cook aboard this "Treasure Island" ship that shares its name with a Caribbean island Hispaniola
#4264, aired 2003-02-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $2000: On his third voyage, Gulliver encountered this floating island populated by philosophers Laputa
#4264, aired 2003-02-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $6,000 (Daily Double): In an 1883 fantasy by Carlo Collodi, Mr. Cherry, a carpenter, gives a piece of talking wood to this old man Geppetto
#4246, aired 2003-02-03THE 1400s $800: A key part of the Italian Renaissance was the discovery of literature in these 2 languages Greek & Latin
#4242, aired 2003-01-28NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: In 2000 Gao Xingjian became the first writer from this country to win the Nobel Prize for Literature China
#4239, aired 2003-01-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This novel's widowed lawyer Atticus Finch had served in the state legislature "To Kill a Mockingbird"
#4239, aired 2003-01-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: It's the pale dry sherry in the title of an 1846 Edgar Allan Poe tale Amontillado
#4239, aired 2003-01-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This 1925 Anita Loos book was subtitled "The Illuminating Diary of a Professional Lady" Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
#4239, aired 2003-01-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): This 19th century female character "raised a great scandal in godly master Dimmesdale's church" Hester Prynne
#4239, aired 2003-01-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: This 15-year-old E.L. Doctorow high school dropout joins gangster Dutch Schultz' mob Billy Bathgate
#4190, aired 2002-11-15LITERATURE IN SPANISH $400: It took him 10 years to come out with "Don Quixote Part II" Cervantes
#4190, aired 2002-11-15LITERATURE IN SPANISH $800: "Barrabas came to us by sea" is how this female author began "The House of the Spirits" Isabel Allende
#4190, aired 2002-11-15LITERATURE IN SPANISH $1200: Pablo Neruda's website is on the server of the university of this country of his birth Chile
#4190, aired 2002-11-15LITERATURE IN SPANISH $1600: This "Blood Wedding" poet & playwright was executed in Spain in 1936 Federico Garcia Lorca
#4190, aired 2002-11-15LITERATURE IN SPANISH $2000: In 1990 he became the first Mexican poet to win the Nobel Prize for Literature, not the eighth for Peace Octavio Paz
#4181, aired 2002-11-04WORLD LITERATURE $400: Fernando Pessoa of Lisbon & Machado de Assis of Rio de Janeiro were great writers in this language Portuguese
#4181, aired 2002-11-04WORLD LITERATURE $800: In the 18th C. Radischev protested the abuse of peasants in "Journey from St. Petersburg to" this big city Moscow
#4181, aired 2002-11-04WORLD LITERATURE $1200: This language that "Beowulf" was written in is more like modern German than the language we speak Old English
#4181, aired 2002-11-04WORLD LITERATURE $2000: Sherlock Holmes finds "as much sense in Hafiz", a 14th C. Persian poet, "as in" this Roman with an "H" name Horace
#4181, aired 2002-11-04WORLD LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): A 1623 Walloon drama was literally one of these preachy "plays" -- that was the title morality play
#4177, aired 2002-10-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This Mark Twain character's father "Pap" briefly held him prisoner in a cabin on the Illinois side of the Mississippi Huckleberry Finn
#4177, aired 2002-10-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In this Hemingway WWI novel, ambulance driver Frederic Henry falls in love with British nurse Catherine Barkley "A Farewell to Arms"
#4177, aired 2002-10-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): In this Steinbeck novel, a few buddies get drunk & make a shambles of the Western Biological Lab in Monterey "Cannery Row"
#4177, aired 2002-10-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $1600: It's the nickname of William Lonigan, the 15-year-old hero of a 1930s trilogy written by James T. Farrell "Studs"
#4177, aired 2002-10-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $2000: This captain of the Ghost rescues literary critic Humphrey Van Weyden & poet Maude Brewster from a shipwreck Wolf Larsen
#4170, aired 2002-10-1819th CENTURY LIT $400: Chapters in this novel include "Hester at Her Needle" & "Hester and Pearl" "The Scarlet Letter"
#4170, aired 2002-10-1819th CENTURY LIT $800: "Twenty Years After" was a sequel to this French novel that was published only the year before "The Three Musketeers"
#4170, aired 2002-10-1819th CENTURY LIT $1200: His 1842 novel "Dead Souls" is considered one of the greatest novels in the Russian language Nikolai Gogol
#4170, aired 2002-10-1819th CENTURY LIT $1600: This author established his reputation with the 1868 story "The Luck of Roaring Camp" Bret Harte
#4170, aired 2002-10-1819th CENTURY LIT $3,000 (Daily Double): The title of this Dickens novel refers to John Harmon, an associate of both the Boffins & the Wilfers "Our Mutual Friend"
#4157, aired 2002-10-01LAST ACTION HERO $200: The first major work of English literature is about this brave hero who took on Grendel & his mom "Beowulf"
#4156, aired 2002-09-30WILLIAM, TELL $400: William Wordsworth told us this form of literature "is the breath and finer spirit of all knowledge" poetry
#4150, aired 2002-09-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This character once asked Becky Thatcher, "Do you love rats?" Tom Sawyer
#4150, aired 2002-09-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In this Louisa May Alcott novel, Jo March writes a play, "The Witch's Curse" "Little Women"
#4150, aired 2002-09-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: The whaling ship in this classic novel had 3 harpooners: Tashtego, Daggoo & Queequeg "Moby Dick"
#4150, aired 2002-09-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In this 1952 Hemingway story, Santiago goes 84 days without catching a fish, then hooks a gigantic marlin "The Old Man and the Sea"
#4150, aired 2002-09-20AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: The title of this 1939 John Steinbeck novel was taken from a Julia Ward Howe song "The Grapes of Wrath"
#4133, aired 2002-07-17ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: J.R.R. Tolkien came up with the sequel, "The Lord of the RIngs", 17 years after this book was published The Hobbit
#4133, aired 2002-07-17ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: Part of this E.M. Forster novel takes place at the Pensione Bertolini in Italy A Room with a View
#4133, aired 2002-07-17ENGLISH LITERATURE $1200: His wife Charlotte was the model for Sophia in "Tom Jones" & for the heroine of "Amelia" (Henry) Fielding
#4133, aired 2002-07-17ENGLISH LITERATURE $1600: When this Thackeray novel was serialized in 1847, the author sketched the accompanying illustrations Vanity Fair
#4133, aired 2002-07-17ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: In this classic, Christian travels from the City of Destruction to the Celestial City Pilgrim's Progress
#4130, aired 2002-07-12HIT THE ROAD $1200: In literature, it leads to The Emerald City The Yellow Brick Road
#4128, aired 2002-07-10COLON $800: In this form of literature, a colon is a certain sequence of feet poetry
#4113, aired 2002-06-19RUSSIAN LITERATURE $200: The last words spoken in this novel are "Hurrah for Karamazov!" The Brothers Karamazov
#4113, aired 2002-06-19RUSSIAN LITERATURE $400: In this last Chekov play, the character Trofimov says, "All Russia is our orchard" The Cherry Orchard
#4113, aired 2002-06-19RUSSIAN LITERATURE $600: This 1957 Pasternak novel was finally published in the USSR in 1987 Doctor Zhivago
#4113, aired 2002-06-19RUSSIAN LITERATURE $800: His 1863 novel "The Cossacks" grew out of his service in the Russian Army in the Caucasus Tolstoy
#4113, aired 2002-06-19RUSSIAN LITERATURE $1000: He was expelled from the Soviet Writer's Union in 1969; in 1970 he won the Nobel Prize for Literature Solzhenitsyn
#4102, aired 2002-06-04REAL ROMANTICS $400: Wordsworth defined this form of literature as "the spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings" poetry
#4087, aired 2002-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $400: Proletarian writer Ding Ling was once friendly with this leader, but was jailed in his Cultural Revolution Mao Tse-tung
#4087, aired 2002-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $800: Muhammad Yamin was one of the great poets of this largely Islamic island republic Indonesia
#4087, aired 2002-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $1200: A 1985 movie covered the life of this Japanese writer who dramatically committed suicide in 1970 Mishima
#4087, aired 2002-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $1600: The initials of this British author of "Crash" & "Memories of the Space Age" stand for James Graham J.G. Ballard
#4087, aired 2002-05-14WORLD LITERATURE $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from San Francisco, CA.) If you really need a book by this poet, come here to City Lights Books, the store he founded in 1953 Lawrence Ferlinghetti
#4079, aired 2002-05-02LITERARY MOVEMENTS $800: Flaubert led this movement in French literature, also called naturalism realism
#4058, aired 2002-04-03KANGAROOS IN LITERATURE $400: "Elmer & the Kangaroo" tells of Elmer the Elephant's efforts to convince a kangaroo it can do this jump
#4058, aired 2002-04-03KANGAROOS IN LITERATURE $800: He created the literary mother & son marsupials Kanga & Roo Milne
#4058, aired 2002-04-03KANGAROOS IN LITERATURE $1200: Looking at photos of this in a book, a kangaroo thinks she's upside-down in Crockett Johnson's "Who's Upside Down?" the Earth
#4058, aired 2002-04-03KANGAROOS IN LITERATURE $1600: A young kangaroo who has this name, like other young kangaroos, runs away from home in a 1985 Jack Kent work a joey
#4058, aired 2002-04-03KANGAROOS IN LITERATURE $2000: In "I Love You, Blue Kangaroo", the title roo fears he'll be replaced when a girl is given new ones of these stuffed animals
#4044, aired 2002-03-14FRENCH LITERATURE $1200: In the early 1970s this existentialist wrote a 3-volume biography of Gustave Flaubert Sartre
#4044, aired 2002-03-14FRENCH LITERATURE $1600: Under this title Balzac linked about 90 of his works that explored society's influence on the individual The Human Comedy (La Comédie humaine
#4044, aired 2002-03-14FRENCH LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): During his 15-year exile on the island of Guernsey, Victor Hugo completed this, the longest of his novels Les Misérables
#4044, aired 2002-03-14FRENCH LITERATURE $2000: His prolific production included almost 300 short stories, including "The Necklace" & "Ball-of-Fat" Guy de Maupassant
#4038, aired 2002-03-06WOMEN WRITERS $1,000 (Daily Double): A graduate of Howard University, she won the Nobel prize for Literature in 1993 Toni Morrison
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $200: Before "Titanic", Kate Winslet was Marianne in the film of this "sense"-itive Austen novel Sense and Sensibility
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $400: Title characters are seen here in a '90s version of this work Little Women
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $600: Clara Blandick played Auntie Em in "The Wizard of Oz" & Aunt Polly in a film based on this novel Tom Sawyer
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $800: The film seen here is an adaptation of this classic American novel The Last of the Mohicans
#4037, aired 2002-03-05FILMED LITERATURE $1000: Burgess Meredith was nominated for an Oscar for the Hollywood version of this Nathanael West Hollywood novel Day of the Locust
#4027, aired 2002-02-19AMERICAN AUTHORS $400: His novel "The Pioneers" has been called the "finest detailed portrait of frontier life in American literature" James Fenimore Cooper
#4024, aired 2002-02-14I GOT AN "F" $600: In literature, these include Titania & Tinker Bell fairies
#4024, aired 2002-02-14TEENS IN LITERATURE $400: In "The Playmaker", set in 597, young actor Richard Malory gets to work with this "Bard of Avon" Shakespeare
#4024, aired 2002-02-14TEENS IN LITERATURE $800: A teen outcast mysteriously disappears in "The Body of Christopher Creed", set in this "Garden State" New Jersey
#4024, aired 2002-02-14TEENS IN LITERATURE $1200: In this Tolstoy novel, Princess Drubetskoy's teenage son Boris expects to marry Natasha War and Peace
#4024, aired 2002-02-14TEENS IN LITERATURE $1600: "Stuck in Neutral" is a journey into the world of a teen with CP, this disorder cerebral palsy
#4024, aired 2002-02-14TEENS IN LITERATURE $2000: Gene Forrester recalls his prep school friend Phineas in this 1960 John Knowles book A Separate Peace
#4021, aired 2002-02-11CLIFFS NOTES $400: Mysterious count visits London; people start acting funny Dracula
#4021, aired 2002-02-11CLIFFS NOTES $800: Man makes visits to the small, the tall, the immortal & to a land of talking horses Gulliver's Travels
#4021, aired 2002-02-11CLIFFS NOTES $1200: Young French soldier is the main character, but a trio of his buddies gets the title billing The Three Musketeers
#4021, aired 2002-02-11CLIFFS NOTES $2000: Ship's captain really, really doesn't want to hang a nice sailorboy; he does it anyway Billy Budd
#4021, aired 2002-02-11CLIFFS NOTES $3,000 (Daily Double): Guy from the boonies reads too much, freaks out; says he's a medieval knight; others strangely go along with it Don Quixote
#3985, aired 2001-12-21THE FIRST MILLENNIUM A.D. $1000: In the 9th c. this "Great" king of Wessex invited foreign scholars to England to teach & translate great literature Alfred the Great
#3979, aired 2001-12-13AMERICAN DRAMATISTS $800: In the '30s this "Our Town" dramatist was a lecturer on literature at the University of Chicago Thornton Wilder
#3977, aired 2001-12-11ALLITERATURE $400: In "Gone with the Wind" she wrote of "the usual masculine disillusionment in discovering that a woman has a brain" Margaret Mitchell
#3977, aired 2001-12-11ALLITERATURE $800: Drama whose original alternate title was "The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up" Peter Pan
#3977, aired 2001-12-11ALLITERATURE $1200: Right after "Oliver Twist", Dickens wrote a novel about this hero with a sense of "N"-titlement Nicholas Nickleby
#3973, aired 2001-12-05LEGENDS $1000: The "Literature Lover's Book of Lists" says this engineer "blew his train whistle in a special way" Casey Jones
#3970, aired 2001-11-30OLD POETIC FORMS $800: The Cielito, "darling", is associated with this cowboy literature of Argentina & Uruguay gaucho
#3965, aired 2001-11-23ALL LIT UP $200: "In the Eye of the Storm" chronicles the life of this American general who led Operation Desert Storm Norman Schwarzkopf
#3965, aired 2001-11-23ALL LIT UP $400: This "Little" children's classic begins "Chug, chug, chug. Puff, puff, puff. Ding-dong, ding-dong" "The Little Engine That Could"
#3965, aired 2001-11-23ALL LIT UP $600: The novel that inspired "Blade Runner" was titled "Do Androids Dream of" these Electric Sheep
#3965, aired 2001-11-23ALL LIT UP $1000: (Hi, I'm Leif Garrett.) In 1983 I appeared with Matt Dillon & C. Thomas Howell in this film adaptation of a bestselling S.E. Hinton novel The Outsiders
#3965, aired 2001-11-23ALL LIT UP $1,000 (Daily Double): Name shared by a Shakespearean play-within-a-play & a long-running Agatha Christie play that premiered in 1952 The Mousetrap
#3956, aired 2001-11-12LITERATURE $200: Completes the title of Edward Gibbon's masterpiece "The History of the Decline and Fall of..." the Roman Empire
#3956, aired 2001-11-12LITERATURE $400: The heroine of his novel "Roxana" leads almost as saucy a life as his more famous Moll Flanders (Daniel) Defoe
#3956, aired 2001-11-12LITERATURE $600 (Daily Double): An African safari is the setting for his famous story "The Short Happy Life of Francis Macomber" Hemingway
#3956, aired 2001-11-12LITERATURE $600: E.M. Forster & Virginia Woolf were part of a floral-sounding literary "Group" named for this London district Bloomsbury
#3956, aired 2001-11-12LITERATURE $800: One of his most famous works, "A child's Christmas in Wales", wasn't published until 2 years after his death Dylan Thomas
#3941, aired 2001-10-22LITERATURE $200: At the end of "Uncle Tom's Cabin", this sadistic slave owner dies insane Simon Legree
#3941, aired 2001-10-22LITERATURE $400: In "Pudd'nhead Wilson", Twain wrote, "Put all your eggs in the one basket and" then do this to "that basket" watch
#3941, aired 2001-10-22LITERATURE $600: F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1922 collection of stories was titled "Tales of" this "Age" the Jazz Age
#3941, aired 2001-10-22LITERATURE $800: A review said this 1979 William Styron novel "belongs on that small shelf reserved for American masterpieces" Sophie's Choice
#3941, aired 2001-10-22LITERATURE $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is in New Orleans.) This author of the classic American novel "Winesburg, Ohio" once lived here in the Pontalba Apartments on Jackson Square Sherwood Anderson
#3930, aired 2001-10-05ERAS & AGES $1000: An age of Roman literature is named for this emperor, formerly Octavian Augustus
#3929, aired 2001-10-04LITERATURE $200: The Bermoothes, where Prospero's brother was shipwrecked in this play, might have been named for Bermuda The Tempest
#3929, aired 2001-10-04LITERATURE $400: This dilapidated Hawthorne mansion is home to Pyncheon relatives Hepzibah, Phoebe & Clifford & a lodger House of the Seven Gables
#3929, aired 2001-10-04LITERATURE $600: A dog named Jip chews up the cookbook belonging to this Dickens title character's wife Dora David Copperfield
#3929, aired 2001-10-04LITERATURE $800: The wife of this Sinclair Lewis research scientist dies during an epidemic in the West Indies Arrowsmith
#3929, aired 2001-10-04LITERATURE $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from a water theme park.) Hey, we can be this title duo from a Lewis Carroll poem the Walrus and the Carpenter
#3916, aired 2001-09-17GLOBETROTTING $200: This man brought the Roman alphabet & Latin literature to Ireland in the 400s A.D. St. Patrick
#3906, aired 2001-09-03TRU STORY $400: This book about the murder of a farm family blurred the genres of literature & crime reportage In Cold Blood
#3904, aired 2001-07-1920th CENTURY POETS $1000: In 1995 this Seamus from Ireland detected the Nobel Prize for Literature coming his way Seamus Heaney
#3901, aired 2001-07-16WORLD LITERATURE $200: This British physician and novelist based his Holmes character on one of his university professors Arthur Conan Doyle
#3901, aired 2001-07-16WORLD LITERATURE $400: "The Temple Of The Golden Pavilion" & "The Marioka Sisters" are classics from this Asian country Japan
#3901, aired 2001-07-16WORLD LITERATURE $600: Credited to Luo Guanzhong, "All Men Are Brothers" is a famous tale about an outlaw gang of this country China
#3901, aired 2001-07-16WORLD LITERATURE $800: In its original Italian, this Umberto Eco work is "Il pendolo di Foucault" Foucault's Pendulum
#3901, aired 2001-07-16WORLD LITERATURE $1000: Tant pis, the crucial expansion of existential thought by this French author was cut all too short (Albert) Camus
#3884, aired 2001-06-21HORSEMEN $400: Argentine literature has a whole category of tales of these horsemen of the Pampas Gauchos
#3882, aired 2001-06-19LITERATURE $200: James Fenimore Cooper's 1823 novel "The Pioneers" was the first in a series of these 5 "Tales" "Leatherstocking Tales"
#3882, aired 2001-06-19LITERATURE $400: In 1919 Booth Tarkington won a Pulitzer Prize for this "Magnificent" novel; in 1922 he won again for "Alice Adams" "The Magnificent Ambersons"
#3882, aired 2001-06-19LITERATURE $600: In this 1952 short story, Hemingway wrote, "A man can be destroyed but not defeated" "The Old Man and the Sea"
#3882, aired 2001-06-19LITERATURE $800: In "A Scandal in" this, Sherlock Holmes calls Dr. Watson his "Boswell" "Bohemia"
#3882, aired 2001-06-19LITERATURE $1000: Graham Greene's "A Gun For Sale" was published in the U.S. under this title "This Gun For Hire"
#3876, aired 2001-06-11LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE $100: On "You Made Me A Bloodsucking Monster!", vampires Lestat & Louis confront their creator, this author Anne Rice
#3876, aired 2001-06-11LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE $200: This title character from John Irving's 4th novel appears on "You Think The World Revolves Around You!" Garp
#3876, aired 2001-06-11LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE $300: Adam & Eve confront the big man himself & discuss this 1667 Milton poem on "I Can't Believe You Evicted Me!" Paradise Lost
#3876, aired 2001-06-11LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE $400: George & Martha, characters in this Albee play, really let loose on "My Spouse Is Driving Me Crazy!" Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
#3876, aired 2001-06-11LITERATURE, JERRY SPRINGER-STYLE $500: Don't "count" on missing "You Stole My Life, I'm Paying You Back!" featuring this 1844-45 Dumas classic The Count of Monte Cristo
#3871, aired 2001-06-04WORLD LITERATURE $200: It consists of a story-telling contest to pass the time on a trip to the shrine of St. Thomas A Becket The Canterbury Tales
#3871, aired 2001-06-04WORLD LITERATURE $400: Don Quixote gave this name to Aldonza Lorenzo, a peasant girl who was his ideal lady Dulcinea
#3871, aired 2001-06-04WORLD LITERATURE $800: In "1984" Winston Smith works for the Ministry of this Truth
#3871, aired 2001-06-04WORLD LITERATURE $1000: 14 of the books in the "Odyssey" are set on this rocky homeland of Odysseus Ithaca
#3871, aired 2001-06-04WORLD LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): This 1532 work is dedicated to Lorenzo the Magnificent, son of Piero de Medici The Prince
#3863, aired 2001-05-23BEASTLY LITERATURE $100: Wolf, this Washington Irving character's dog, fails to recognize his master after a 20-year absence Rip Van Winkle
#3863, aired 2001-05-23BEASTLY LITERATURE $200: Santiago, the old man in a Hemingway story, struggles mightily with this type of game fish Marlin
#3863, aired 2001-05-23BEASTLY LITERATURE $300: She illustrated the piggies seen here Beatrix Potter
#3863, aired 2001-05-23BEASTLY LITERATURE $400: Moses, a raven, tells the other creatures about a better life to come on Sugar-Candy Mountain in this 1945 novel "Animal Farm"
#3863, aired 2001-05-23BEASTLY LITERATURE $500: Jean de Brunhoff wrote & illustrated the first stories about this urbane king of the elephants Babar
#3854, aired 2001-05-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $200: Sonya is a kittenish 15-year-old introduced in book 1 of this long Tolstoy novel "War and Peace"
#3854, aired 2001-05-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $400: In "Out of the Dust", Billie Jo relates the story of life in this state's Panhandle during the Dust Bowl years Oklahoma
#3854, aired 2001-05-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $600: The 5-letter title of this 1999 novel refers to what Melinda, the traumatized heroine, is unable to do speak
#3854, aired 2001-05-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $800: A shy teenager named Charlie is the hero of "The Perks of Being" this kind of "flower" a Wallflower
#3854, aired 2001-05-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $1,200 (Daily Double): This novel tells us that 16-year-old Esmeralda can dance with rotating swords balanced on her forehead "The Hunchback of Notre Dame"
#3849, aired 2001-05-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: He complained to Tom Sawyer that the widow Douglas "makes me wash" Huck Finn
#3849, aired 2001-05-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Ishmael called him the incarnation of "all the subtle demonisms of life and thought" Moby Dick
#3849, aired 2001-05-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: This J.D. Salinger novel tells the story of 2 days in the life of a 16-year-old boy "The Catcher in the Rye"
#3849, aired 2001-05-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Brom Bones tells the story of the Headless Horseman in "The Legend of" this place Sleepy Hollow
#3849, aired 2001-05-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): This Jack London title canine is tormented by one of his owners to make him savage enough to win dogfights White Fang
#3839, aired 2001-04-19THE SKIPPER $200: 1851: The Pequod Captain Ahab
#3839, aired 2001-04-19THE SKIPPER $400: 1932: The Bounty (before the mutiny) Captain Bligh
#3839, aired 2001-04-19THE SKIPPER $600: 1870: The Nautilus Captain Nemo
#3839, aired 2001-04-19THE SKIPPER $1000: 1904: The Ghost Captain Wolf Larsen
#3839, aired 2001-04-19THE SKIPPER $1,000 (Daily Double): 1951: The Caine (before the mutiny) Captain Queeg
#3838, aired 2001-04-18TEENS IN LITERATURE $100: Flirtatious 15-year-old Lydia Bennet elopes with Mr. Wickham in this Jane Austen classic Pride and Prejudice
#3838, aired 2001-04-18TEENS IN LITERATURE $200: As a teen, this brooding Bronte hero displays "An almost idiotic excess of unsociable moroseness" Heathcliff
#3838, aired 2001-04-18TEENS IN LITERATURE $300: Joel Knox is the teenage hero of this "In Cold Blood" author's novel "Other Voices, Other Rooms" Truman Capote
#3838, aired 2001-04-18TEENS IN LITERATURE $500: Mick Kelly is a gangly teenager who befriends the mysterious Mr. Singer in this Carson McCullers novel The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter
#3838, aired 2001-04-18TEENS IN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Thinking home is no "paradise", Cathy fakes her own death & runs away in this classic Steinbeck novel East of Eden
#3833, aired 2001-04-11BODY OF LITERATURE $200: Joseph Conrad's "____ of Darkness" Heart
#3833, aired 2001-04-11BODY OF LITERATURE $400: Oliver Sacks' "A ___ to Stand On" Leg
#3833, aired 2001-04-11BODY OF LITERATURE $600: Daniel J. Boorstin's "Cleopatra's ____" Nose
#3833, aired 2001-04-11BODY OF LITERATURE $800: Toni Morrison's "The Bluest ____" Eye
#3833, aired 2001-04-11BODY OF LITERATURE $1000: Alan Brown's "Audrey Hepburn's ____" Neck
#3820, aired 2001-03-23LITERATURE $100: Walt Whitman's 52-section "Song Of Myself" is the longest work in this collection first published in 1855 "Leaves of Grass"
#3820, aired 2001-03-23LITERATURE $200: In this Steinbeck novel, Lennie has nightmarish visions of his dead aunt Clara & of a gigantic rabbit "Of Mice and Men"
#3820, aired 2001-03-23LITERATURE $300: In this novel, Javert says, "There is a brigand, there is a convict called Jean Valjean, and I have got him!" "Les Miserables"
#3820, aired 2001-03-23LITERATURE $400: This James M. Cain novel, which has been filmed "twice", was written under the title "Bar-B-Q" "The Postman Always Rings Twice"
#3820, aired 2001-03-23LITERATURE $500: This Muriel Spark novel is set at the Marcia Blaine School For Girls in Edinburgh "The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie"
#3800, aired 2001-02-23LITERATURE $200: This quintessential New Englander published his first book of poems, "A Boy's Will", while living in England in 1913 Robert Frost
#3800, aired 2001-02-23LITERATURE $400: Set in part in Philadelphia, "Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker" is a novel about this war The Revolutionary War
#3800, aired 2001-02-23LITERATURE $600: Taji & Jarl are deserters from a whaling ship in his 1849 novel "Mardi" Herman Melville
#3800, aired 2001-02-23LITERATURE $800: "The Pentameron" is a volume of imaginary conversations between Petrarch & this author of "The Decameron" Giovanni Boccaccio
#3800, aired 2001-02-23LITERATURE $1000: Great Chilean poet known for his "Twenty Love Poems and a Song of Despair" Pablo Neruda
#3791, aired 2001-02-12LITERATURE $200: Polish-born Jerzy Kosinski wrote all of his novels, including "Being There" in this, his adopted language English
#3791, aired 2001-02-12LITERATURE $400: She based the characters of Anne & Robert in her novel "The Mandarins" on herself & Jean-Paul Sartre Simone de Beauvoir
#3791, aired 2001-02-12LITERATURE $600: It's the native country of Flora Nwapa, who wrote "This is Lagos, and Other Stories" Nigeria
#3791, aired 2001-02-12LITERATURE $800: The original Italian title of this Umberto Eco novel is "Il Nome Della Rosa" "The Name of the Rose"
#3791, aired 2001-02-12LITERATURE $1000: In 2000 Turkish author Andrew Mango published a new biography of this founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Ataturk
#3789, aired 2001-02-08LITERATURE $200: Chapter 83 of this Herman Melville novel is entitled "Jonah Historically Regarded" Moby Dick
#3786, aired 2001-02-05LITERATURE $200: As well as the "Iliad" & "Odyssey", a number of hymns are attributed to him Homer
#3786, aired 2001-02-05LITERATURE $400: This American novelist created the old fisherman Santiago & the young bullfighter Pedro Romero Hemingway
#3786, aired 2001-02-05LITERATURE $600: Before "Les Miserables", he attacked the French penal system in the novel "Claude Gueux" Victor Hugo
#3786, aired 2001-02-05LITERATURE $800: This Thoreau work includes a chapter on "The Pond in Winter" "Walden"
#3786, aired 2001-02-05LITERATURE $1000: The 2 leading French Absurdists were Ionesco, from Romania, & this Irish author of "Waiting for Godot" Beckett
#3761, aired 2001-01-01LITERATURE $200: This Nobel Prize winner dedicated "The Waste Land" to fellow poet Ezra Pound T.S. Eliot
#3761, aired 2001-01-01LITERATURE $400: His "Dr. Zhivago" aroused so much opposition in the Soviet Union that he said "Nyet" to the Nobel Prize in 1958 Boris Pasternak
#3761, aired 2001-01-01LITERATURE $600: In 1953 this British politician won the Nobel Prize for his biographical & historical works & for his oratory Winston Churchill
#3761, aired 2001-01-01LITERATURE $1000: A poem by this 1923 Nobel Prize winner is heard here: ("I will arise and go now, and go to Innisfree, And a small cabin build there, of clay and wattles made") William Butler Yeats
#3761, aired 2001-01-01LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): He was no "Stranger" to the Nobel Prize for Literature, winning in 1957 Albert Camus
#3758, aired 2000-12-27HODGEPODGE $500: This publisher who died in 1911 set up a prize fund for awards in journalism, literature, music & drama Joseph Pulitzer
#3739, aired 2000-11-30CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $200: MacKinley Kantor's 1956 novel takes place in this notorious prison Andersonville
#3739, aired 2000-11-30CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $400: The last line of this novel is "After all, tomorrow is another day." "Gone With The Wind"
#3739, aired 2000-11-30CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $600: According to the title of an Allan Gurganus novel, Lucy Marsden, the "Oldest Living" one of these, "Tells All" Confederate widow
#3739, aired 2000-11-30CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $800: In Thomas Dyja's 1997 novel "Play for A Kingdom", soldiers from both sides take a break to play this sport Baseball
#3739, aired 2000-11-30CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1000: This verse narrative of the Civil War won Stephen Vincent Benet a Pulitzer Prize "John Brown's Body"
#3731, aired 2000-11-20POETS & POETRY $400: In 1945 this South American country's Gabriela Mistral won the Nobel Prize for Literature Chile
#3725, aired 2000-11-10ANSWERS TO YOUR FINALS $600: 20th Century Literature: First name of Jack London's sea captain Larson of the Ghost Wolf
#3719, aired 2000-11-02POETS & POETRY $1,000 (Daily Double): Tennyson's "The Lotos-Eaters" is based on an episode from this work of classical literature The Odyssey
#3715, aired 2000-10-27AUDIO LITERATURE $100: He's the Monty Python member heard here reading from Dante's "Inferno" John Cleese
#3715, aired 2000-10-27AUDIO LITERATURE $200: He's the singer reading here from "The Eye of the Prophet" by Kahlil Gibran Johnny Cash
#3715, aired 2000-10-27AUDIO LITERATURE $300: It's the last name shared by the musician who wrote the book heard here & of his son who's reading it "I can see men of all colors bouncing along in the boxcar..." Guthrie
#3715, aired 2000-10-27AUDIO LITERATURE $400: Jack Kerouac's "The Dharma Bums" is read here by this literary giant who knew him Allen Ginsberg
#3715, aired 2000-10-27AUDIO LITERATURE $500: Made into a movie starring Leo DiCaprio, the "Diaries" heard here are read by this man who wrote them "Today was my first City League game and my first day in any organized basketball league..." Jim Carroll (The Basketball Diaries)
#3703, aired 2000-10-11LITTLE-HEARD LAST NAMES $200: Literature's Dante Alighieri
#3699, aired 2000-10-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This title character in an 1876 novel asks, "Does a boy get a chance to whitewash a fence every day?" Tom Sawyer
#3699, aired 2000-10-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In this novel, Capt. Ahab says his men have been hired to "chase that white whale on both sides of land" "Moby Dick"
#3699, aired 2000-10-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: He's the author whose work is presented here, with a little help from our friend Wishbone Washington Irving
#3699, aired 2000-10-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: The one word uttered by Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven" "Nevermore"
#3699, aired 2000-10-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Sadly, in a James Fenimore Cooper novel Chingachgook was called "The Last of" this group the Mohicans
#3684, aired 2000-09-14BRITISH LITERATURE $100: Concerning his "Alice in Wonderland" books, he said, "I meant nothing but nonsense" Lewis Carroll
#3684, aired 2000-09-14BRITISH LITERATURE $300: In this 1933 novel survivors of a plane wreck seek refuge in a utopia run by a 250-year-old high lama Lost Horizon
#3684, aired 2000-09-14BRITISH LITERATURE $400: In a free-for-all between 2 groups of knights, this title character is rescued from a tight spot by the Black Sluggard Ivanhoe
#3684, aired 2000-09-14BRITISH LITERATURE $500: He wrote his stories about Bertie Wooster & his manservant Jeeves over a period of about 50 years P.G. Wodehouse
#3684, aired 2000-09-14BRITISH LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): In a Christmas classic, his ghost says, "I wear the chain I forged in life" Jacob Marley
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: A third, more sexually explicit version of this 1928 D.H. Lawrence novel was finally published in the U.S. in 1959 "Lady Chatterley's Lover"
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: "The Parson's Tale", which deals at length with the 7 deadly sins, concludes this 14th century work "The Canterbury Tales"
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: Ian Fleming introduced James Bond in this 1953 novel, which became a 1967 film starring David Niven "Casino Royale"
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: This James Joyce work is a dream sequence in the minds of the Earwicker family "Finnegans Wake"
#3682, aired 2000-09-12ENGLISH LITERATURE $1000: The title of this E.M. Forster novel refers to the house that belonged to Henry Wilcox' first wife Howards End
#3677, aired 2000-09-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: "I Think I Can" is a lesson & a quote from this 1945 story "The Little Engine That Could"
#3677, aired 2000-09-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Thing One & Thing Two are characters in this 1957 Seuss classic "The Cat in the Hat"
#3677, aired 2000-09-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: A young rabbit gets ready for bed in this classic by Margaret Wise Brown "Goodnight Moon"
#3677, aired 2000-09-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: He's the puppy seen here Spot
#3677, aired 2000-09-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: In this Natalie Babbitt book, the Tuck family tries to convince Winnie that living forever is a curse "Tuck Everlasting"
#3663, aired 2000-07-05LITERATURE $200: "Les chatiments" is a group of satirical poems attacking Napoleon III by this creator of Quasimodo Victor Hugo
#3663, aired 2000-07-05LITERATURE $400: The Jindyworobak Movement of the 1930s celebrated this country's Aboriginal culture Australia
#3663, aired 2000-07-05LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): The heroine of her 1849 novel "Shirley" was inspired by her late sister Emily Charlotte Bronte
#3663, aired 2000-07-05LITERATURE $800: The title of this poet-playwright's 1893 book "The Celtic Twilight" became a synonym for the Irish literary revival William Butler Yeats
#3663, aired 2000-07-05LITERATURE $1000: This South African called her 1965 story collection "Not For Publication" Nadine Gordimer
#3631, aired 2000-05-22ANTHOLOGIES $600: This company's "Anthology Of English Literature" has had 7 editions since 1962 Norton
#3624, aired 2000-05-11WORLD LITERATURE $200: The Panchatantra, a collection of Indian animal fables, was originally written in this classic language Sanskrit
#3624, aired 2000-05-11WORLD LITERATURE $400: This Frenchman spent 5 years writing "Madame Bovary" which was finally published in 1857 Gustave Flaubert
#3624, aired 2000-05-11WORLD LITERATURE $600: The defense of Douglas Castle in 1306 is the subject of this Edinburgh native's 1832 novel "Castle Dangerous" Sir Walter Scott
#3624, aired 2000-05-11WORLD LITERATURE $800: "Green, Green My Valley Now" was a third sequel to this world-famous Welsh novel How Green Was My Valley
#3624, aired 2000-05-11WORLD LITERATURE $1,600 (Daily Double): This Czech playwright who invented the word "robot" also wrote the novel "Krakatit", "An atomic phantasy" Karel Capek
#3616, aired 2000-05-01LITERATURE $100: This title French schoolgirl created by Ludwig Bemelmans is often found at the end of the line Madeline
#3616, aired 2000-05-01LITERATURE $200: In the title of a 14th century work, Sir Gawain is paired with this "knight" the Green Knight
#3616, aired 2000-05-01LITERATURE $300: A rundown Mexican hotel is the setting for "The Night of the Iguana", a play by this writer Tennessee Williams
#3616, aired 2000-05-01LITERATURE $400: This 1942 French novel begins, "Mother died today. Or, maybe, yesterday; I can't be sure." The Stranger (L'Etranger)
#3616, aired 2000-05-01LITERATURE $500: Despite its title, this 1848 Charles Dickens novel is ultimately about a father & his daughter, not his son Dombey and Son
#3612, aired 2000-04-25A "HOUSE" OF LITERATURE $200: Part of this nursery rhyme reads, "This is the dog, that worried the cat, that killed the rat..." "The House that Jack Built"
#3612, aired 2000-04-25A "HOUSE" OF LITERATURE $400: The legend of a family curse permeates this Hawthorne work published in 1851 The House of the Seven Gables
#3612, aired 2000-04-25A "HOUSE" OF LITERATURE $600: Tigger makes his first appearance in this sequel to "Winnie-the-Pooh" The House at Pooh Corner
#3612, aired 2000-04-25A "HOUSE" OF LITERATURE $800: Considered by some to be Dickens' best, this novel tells the story of a family waiting in vain to inherit a fortune Bleak House
#3612, aired 2000-04-25A "HOUSE" OF LITERATURE $1000: First produced in 1920, this Shaw comedy takes place in the unconventional home of elderly Capt. Shotover Heartbreak House
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $100: William Faulkner's novel "Mosquitoes" satirizes the literary life in this Louisiana city New Orleans
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $200: Ford Madox Ford's 4-novel series "Parade's End" is set during & after this war in which Ford himself was shell-shocked World War I
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $300: "For men may come and men may go, but I go on forever", this "Lord" of poetry babbled in "The Brook" Alfred Lord Tennyson
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $500: The title of this Willa Cather novel refers to a certain Ms. Shimerda "My Antonia"
#3601, aired 2000-04-10LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): This 1871 sequel is subtitled "Life at Plumfield with Jo's Boys" "Little Men"
#3587, aired 2000-03-21"OF" LITERATURE $200: It's the title of Tom Wolfe's "fiery" 1987 bestseller "Bonfire of the Vanities"
#3587, aired 2000-03-21"OF" LITERATURE $400: Hemingway reportedly considered this short story about a dying novelist on African safari to be his best "The Snows of Kilimanjaro"
#3587, aired 2000-03-21"OF" LITERATURE $600: "A la recherche du temps perdu" is the French title of this Proust masterpiece "Remembrance of Things Past"
#3587, aired 2000-03-21"OF" LITERATURE $800: Former jeweler Clym Yeobright is the title returnee in this Thomas Hardy novel "Return of the Native"
#3587, aired 2000-03-21"OF" LITERATURE $1000: A gentleman impersonates a king to save the title "prisoner" in this Anthony Hope work "The Prisoner of Zenda"
#3585, aired 2000-03-17COLORFUL LITERATURE $100: Many are ready to demonstrate their bravery at the start of this 1895 Stephen Crane novel The Red Badge of Courage
#3585, aired 2000-03-17COLORFUL LITERATURE $200: "The Autobiography of a Horse" is the subtitle to this first major animal novel in literature Black Beauty
#3585, aired 2000-03-17COLORFUL LITERATURE $300: This 1906 tale tells the story of a wolf-dog gradually domesticated by his kindly new owner White Fang
#3585, aired 2000-03-17COLORFUL LITERATURE $400: This dystopian Anthony Burgess novel was brought to the big screen by Kubrick in 1971 A Clockwork Orange
#3585, aired 2000-03-17COLORFUL LITERATURE $500: This exotic "green" novel by W.H. Hudson is set in the jungles of South America Green Mansions
#3569, aired 2000-02-24GERMAN LITERATURE $200: Friedrich Von Schiller, of "Ode To Joy" fame, is famous for an 1804 tale about this archer William Tell
#3569, aired 2000-02-24GERMAN LITERATURE $400: A trip to India inspired his 1922 novel "Siddhartha" Hermann Hesse
#3569, aired 2000-02-24GERMAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): The German dictionary this pair of brothers began in 1854 was finished by others in 1954 the Brothers Grimm
#3567, aired 2000-02-22POSSESSIVE LIT $200: It was the biggest-selling American novel of the 1850s "Uncle Tom's Cabin"
#3567, aired 2000-02-22POSSESSIVE LIT $400: This 4-part satirical novel was published in 1726 as "Travels Into Several Remote Nations of the World" "Gulliver's Travels"
#3567, aired 2000-02-22POSSESSIVE LIT $600: Roman Polanski brought this Ira Levin novel to the big screen in 1968 "Rosemary's Baby"
#3567, aired 2000-02-22POSSESSIVE LIT $1000: Thomas Hughes published this chronicle of life at an English boys' school in 1857 "Tom Brown's Schooldays"
#3567, aired 2000-02-22POSSESSIVE LIT $1,500 (Daily Double): In the 1930s early excerpts of this experimental James Joyce work were published as "Work in Progress" "Finnegan's Wake"
#3551, aired 2000-01-31NOBEL PRIZE MEDALS $400: The medal for this shows a singing muse & some lines from Virgil Literature
#3521, aired 1999-12-20LITERATURE $200: This 1897 novel contains the line "At sunrise the Count could appear in his own form" "Dracula"
#3521, aired 1999-12-20LITERATURE $400: This 14th century work is divided into 3 sections: "Inferno", "Purgatorio" & "Paradiso" "The Divine Comedy"
#3521, aired 1999-12-20LITERATURE $600: Dickens said this title character was "born at Blunderstone, in Suffolk" as a "posthumous child" "David Copperfield"
#3521, aired 1999-12-20LITERATURE $1000: At the beginning of Orwell's "Animal Farm", Major Snowball & Napoleon are pigs who live on this farm Manor Farm
#3521, aired 1999-12-20LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): This 1861 George Eliot novel is subtitled "The Weaver of Raveloe" "Silas Marner"
#3520, aired 1999-12-1720th CENTURY AUTHORS $800: Let the trumpets sound! Bang "The Tin Drum"! He won the 1999 Nobel Prize for Literature Gunter Grass
#3516, aired 1999-12-13LITERATURE $100: Edgar Rice Burroughs wrote that he "lived on in his wild, jungle existence with little change for several years" Tarzan
#3516, aired 1999-12-13LITERATURE $200: His 1926 novel "The Sun Also Rises" has been published in England as "Fiesta" Ernest Hemingway
#3516, aired 1999-12-13LITERATURE $300: "The Tale of the Flopsy Bunnies" was a follow-up to her stories of Peter Rabbit & Benjamin Bunny Beatrix Potter
#3516, aired 1999-12-13LITERATURE $400: She made Tom Sawyer whitewash her fence Aunt Polly
#3516, aired 1999-12-13LITERATURE $500: This title home of a Hawthorne tale has "an elm-tree of wide circumference, rooted before the door" "The House of the Seven Gables"
#3510, aired 1999-12-03ROYAL LITERATURE $200: Sophocles' first play about this Theban king marked the summit of formal Greek drama Oedipus
#3510, aired 1999-12-03ROYAL LITERATURE $400: This O'Neill play about former Pullman porter Brutus Jones was based on a real event in Haitian history "The Emperor Jones"
#3510, aired 1999-12-03ROYAL LITERATURE $600: One of the first African adventure stories, this 1885 novel chronicled the search for legendary diamond mines "King Solomon's Mines"
#3510, aired 1999-12-03ROYAL LITERATURE $800: A pair of comic adventurers become the godlike leaders of an Afghan tribe in this Kipling story "The Man Who Would Be King"
#3510, aired 1999-12-03ROYAL LITERATURE $1000: Spenser reworked Elizabethan court chivalry along allegorical lines in this epic poem The Faerie Queene
#3505, aired 1999-11-26"F" TROOP $200: 1880s moms dressed their sons in velvet suits & curls in imitation of this "Little Lord" of literature Fauntleroy
#3493, aired 1999-11-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $200: This 16-year-old is miffed when Ashley Wilkes decides to marry Melanie instead of her Scarlett O'Hara
#3493, aired 1999-11-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $400: Stradlater is the cocky prep school roommate of this J.D. Salinger teenager Holden Caulfield
#3493, aired 1999-11-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $800: By age 13 Philip Carey is a student at the King's School in Tercanbury in this Somerset Maugham novel "Of Human Bondage"
#3493, aired 1999-11-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): When "Little Women" begins, this eldest of the March sisters is 16 Meg
#3493, aired 1999-11-10TEENS IN LITERATURE $1000: 18-year-old Carrie Meeber moves to Chicago & gets a job in a shoe factory in this Theodore Dreiser novel "Sister Carrie"
#3489, aired 1999-11-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: Novel in which Ishmael, feeling "a damp, drizzly November" in his soul, goes to work on a whaler "Moby Dick"
#3489, aired 1999-11-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: In this Mark Twain story, a mechanic is knocked unconscious in a fight & awakens in Camelot in 528 A.D. "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"
#3489, aired 1999-11-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $600: His 5 "Leatherstocking Tales" portray Natty Bumppo from his youth to his death over 60 years later James Fenimore Cooper
#3489, aired 1999-11-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: Hawthorne wrote that these "Tales" had the "pale tint of flowers that blossomed in too retired a shade" "Twice-Told Tales"
#3489, aired 1999-11-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: This Poe tale ends with the line "The Inquisition was in the hands of its enemies" "The Pit and the Pendulum"
#3480, aired 1999-10-2219th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: William Wells Brown's "Clotel; or, The President's Daughter" is about the kids this man allegedly had with a slave Thomas Jefferson
#3480, aired 1999-10-2219th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: He wrote "The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky", "The Blue Hotel" & "The Red Badge of Courage" Stephen Crane
#3480, aired 1999-10-2219th CENTURY LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): Edward Bellamy's 1888 book "Looking Backward" sends a man to this year & doesn't mention computer bugs 2000
#3480, aired 1999-10-2219th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: Ydgrun is a goddess worshipped by residents of this Samuel Butler country Erewhon
#3480, aired 1999-10-2219th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: Oscar Wilde wrote "The Picture of Dorian Gray" & he wrote "The Portrait of A Lady" Henry James
#3477, aired 1999-10-19WORLD LITERATURE $200: Last name of Flaubert character Charles, whose wife Emma has an affair with Leon Dupuis Bovary
#3477, aired 1999-10-19WORLD LITERATURE $400: A Paris crowd selects this character as King of Fools for the Epiphany celebrations of 1482 The Hunchback of Notre Dame (Quasimodo)
#3477, aired 1999-10-19WORLD LITERATURE $600: The title character of this epic poem is the nephew of King Hygelac of the Geats Beowulf
#3477, aired 1999-10-19WORLD LITERATURE $800: Ellen Douglas is the title character of this Scottish author's "The Lady of the Lake" Sir Walter Scott
#3475, aired 1999-10-15LITERATURE $200: When this group came to power in China, they demanded all literature depict heroes of the working class Communists
#3475, aired 1999-10-15LITERATURE $400: The first sequel to this classic French novel was titled "Twenty Years After" The Three Musketeers
#3475, aired 1999-10-15LITERATURE $600: He penned the classic line "There was an old man with a beard, who said 'It is just as I feared'" Edward Lear
#3475, aired 1999-10-15LITERATURE $800: New Zealander Jane Campion directed the 1996 film version of this Henry James novel The Portrait of a Lady
#3475, aired 1999-10-15LITERATURE $1000: In 1981 American playwright Beth Henley won a Pulitzer Prize for this "criminal" play Crimes of the Heart
#3465, aired 1999-10-01LITERATURE $100: In "A Study in Scarlet", he told Holmes, "I have all the facts in my journal, and the public shall know them" Watson
#3465, aired 1999-10-01LITERATURE $200: In 1823 James Fenimore Cooper wrote "The Pioneers", the first in the series of these "tales" Leatherstocking Tales
#3465, aired 1999-10-01LITERATURE $300: "I must go, Cathy", said Heathcliff, seeking to extricate himself from his companion's arms in this novel "Wuthering Heights"
#3465, aired 1999-10-01LITERATURE $400: George Du Maurier introduced this evil hypnotist in his 1894 novel "Trilby" Svengali
#3465, aired 1999-10-01LITERATURE $500: Wilkins is the first name of this "David Copperfield" character who's always waiting "in case anything turned up" Mr. Micawber
#3460, aired 1999-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Some of his stories of the Yukon were published in the 1910 collection "Lost Face" Jack London
#3460, aired 1999-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: A rum smuggler is the central character in his 1937 novel "To Have and Have Not" Ernest Hemingway
#3460, aired 1999-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: "Horseman, Pass By", the first novel by this Texan, was made into the movie "Hud" in 1963 Larry McMurtry
#3460, aired 1999-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This 1936 novel by Faulkner tells the story of Thomas Sutpen & bears the name of an Old Testament figure "Absalom, Absalom!"
#3460, aired 1999-09-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Her essays in "Against Interpretation" & "On Photography" call for an emotive response to creative works Susan Sontag
#3415, aired 1999-06-11POETS & POETRY $400: Odysseus Elytis, a poet from this country, won the 1979 Nobel Prize for Literature Greece
#3409, aired 1999-06-03CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $200: Henry Fleming shares a tent with a loud soldier & a tall soldier in this Stephen Crane novel "The Red Badge of Courage"
#3409, aired 1999-06-03CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $400: Joanna Higgins' 1998 novel "A Soldier's Book" tells the story of Ira Stevens, a Union P.O.W. in this notorious prison Andersonville
#3409, aired 1999-06-03CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): He drew on his wartime nursing experience for the poem "The Wound-Dresser" Walt Whitman
#3409, aired 1999-06-03CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $800: His works about the war include the essay "What I Saw of Shiloh" & the story "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Ambrose Bierce
#3409, aired 1999-06-03CIVIL WAR LITERATURE $1000: Jeff Shaara has written a prequel & a sequel to this 1974 novel about Gettysburg by his father Michael "The Killer Angels"
#3404, aired 1999-05-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: In a folktale, this yummy "man" runs away after he is baked & is later eaten by a sly fox Gingerbread Man
#3404, aired 1999-05-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: In this Hans Christian Andersen story, a child observes, "He has got nothing on at all!" "The Emperor's New Clothes"
#3404, aired 1999-05-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: He's the character described in the audiobook heard here (He liked to sit just quietly & smell the flowers) Ferdinand the Bull
#3404, aired 1999-05-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Ichabod Crane & Brom Bones are rivals for the affections of Katrina Van Tassel in this story "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow"
#3404, aired 1999-05-27CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: In a 1970 Judy Blume book, this title character asked, "Are you there God?" Margaret
#3403, aired 1999-05-26TOM JONES $1000: This "Kubla Khan" poet thought "Tom Jones" had 1 of the 3 best plots in all literature Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#3401, aired 1999-05-24CHINESE LITERATURE $200: The "Book of Songs" is part of the "5 Classics" that became the basis of this philosophy Confucianism
#3401, aired 1999-05-24CHINESE LITERATURE $400: "Injustice to Tou O" is one of the most famous Chinese works in this literary form; a Western example is "Three Sisters" play
#3401, aired 1999-05-24CHINESE LITERATURE $600: "Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy" was a model work of this "revolution" launched by Mao in 1966 the Cultural Revolution
#3401, aired 1999-05-24CHINESE LITERATURE $800: The Taoist masterpiece "The Classic of the Way & the Virtue" was probably written by this man Lao-Tzu
#3401, aired 1999-05-24CHINESE LITERATURE $1000: Writing in traditional forms, this imaginative 8th century poet wrote about his dreams & his love of wine Li Po
#3401, aired 1999-05-24MODERN AFRICAN WOMEN $400: This former first lady of Egypt earned her doctorate in English literature from Cairo University in 1986 Jehan Sadat
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CLIFFS NOTES $100: Poor family makes big move from Oklahoma to California; it doesn't work out "The Grapes of Wrath"
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CLIFFS NOTES $200: Massachusetts man spends 2 years living alone in a cabin in the woods; writes book "Walden"
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CLIFFS NOTES $400: English schoolboys crash-land on a deserted island; real bad things happen "Lord of the Flies"
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CLIFFS NOTES $500: German soldier goes to fight in World War I; gets killed; end of story "All Quiet on the Western Front"
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CLIFFS NOTES $500 (Daily Double): London physician creates new designer drug; has way too much fun; pays dearly "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde"
#3380, aired 1999-04-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $100: Urged to make his peace with God, this "Walden" author replied, "I did not know we had ever quarreled" Henry David Thoreau
#3380, aired 1999-04-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Clement C. Moore's poem "A Visit from St. Nicholas" is more popularly known by this title "Twas' the Night Before Christmas"
#3380, aired 1999-04-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $300: "Under the spreading chestnut tree the village smithy stands" begins his poem "The Village Blacksmith" Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
#3380, aired 1999-04-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In Fred Gipson's novel, this "colorful" dog with one ear missing adopts a Texas frontier family in the 1860s Old Yeller
#3380, aired 1999-04-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $500: One of his best known works was "The Man Without a Country", but he himself was a man from Boston Edward Everett Hale
#3377, aired 1999-04-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS $400: This "Beloved" author was the first African-American to win a Nobel Prize for Literature Toni Morrison
#3364, aired 1999-04-01LITERATURE $200: A 1927 book of short stories by Ernest Hemingway was titled "Men Without" these Women
#3364, aired 1999-04-01LITERATURE $400: Poet who wrote, "Before I built a wall I'd ask to know what I was walling in or walling out" Robert Frost
#3364, aired 1999-04-01LITERATURE $600: In James Fenimore Cooper's "The Pioneers" Oliver Edwards is this frontiersman's companion Natty Bumppo
#3364, aired 1999-04-01LITERATURE $800: The father of this "Good-Bye, Mr. Chips" author was a schoolteacher, not a hotelier James Hilton
#3364, aired 1999-04-01LITERATURE $1000: Balzac wrote "La Comedie Humaine" in the 1840s & this American wrote "The Human Comedy" in the 1940s William Saroyan
#3346, aired 1999-03-08LITTLE HOUSE $100: Noted residents of this type of little house include a young Abraham Lincoln & Tom, a slave in literature Log cabin
#3340, aired 1999-02-26ROBERT LOUIS STEVENSON $1,900 (Daily Double): Written in a matter of weeks in 1881, this pirate tale changed the face of children's literature Treasure Island
#3339, aired 1999-02-25TEENS IN LITERATURE $100: When Antonia Shimerda is introduced in this novel, she's "a girl of fourteen" with curly, wild-looking hair "My Antonia"
#3339, aired 1999-02-25TEENS IN LITERATURE $200: The first chapter of "Little Women" says this girl is 15 years old, "very tall, thin and brown" with "a comical nose" Jo
#3339, aired 1999-02-25TEENS IN LITERATURE $300: This Bronte novel says of Cathy, "At fifteen she was the queen of the country-side; she had no peer" "Wuthering Heights"
#3339, aired 1999-02-25TEENS IN LITERATURE $400: When this Jane Austen novel begins, Elinor Dashwood, the eldest daughter, is "only nineteen" "Sense and Sensibility"
#3339, aired 1999-02-25TEENS IN LITERATURE $500: Chapter 2, part 4 of this Pasternak novel tells us "Lara was only a little over sixteen but she was well developed" "Doctor Zhivago"
#3337, aired 1999-02-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Stephen Crane published this classic book about the Civil War when he was 23 "The Red Badge of Courage"
#3337, aired 1999-02-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Reading is out as books go up in smoke in this Ray Bradbury classic "Fahrenheit 451"
#3337, aired 1999-02-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: This Upton Sinclair expose of the meatpacking industry led to the passage of a Pure Food & Drug Act "The Jungle"
#3337, aired 1999-02-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Daisy Buchanan's cousin, he narrates "The Great Gatsby" Nick Carraway
#3337, aired 1999-02-23AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Sethe, a former slave, is haunted by the ghost of her daughter, whom she killed, in this Toni Morrison novel "Beloved"
#3331, aired 1999-02-15WORDS WITHIN WORDS $500: Type of literature often produced by oversensitive youths Verse (oVERSEnsitive)
#3324, aired 1999-02-04LITERATURE $200: Chapter one of this book informs us that "There was unquestionably a Chuzzlewit in the Gunpowder Plot" Martin Chuzzlewit
#3324, aired 1999-02-04LITERATURE $400: Originally, the term Picaresque referred to fiction from this country about rogues called Picaros Spain
#3324, aired 1999-02-04LITERATURE $600: The last chapter of this Charlotte Bronte novel begins with the words "Reader, I married him" Jane Eyre
#3324, aired 1999-02-04LITERATURE $800: In a poem dedicated to this lord, Longfellow wrote, "Poet! I come to touch thy lance with mine" Alfred Lord Tennyson
#3324, aired 1999-02-04LITERATURE $1000: A category called Famous Andres would have to include this Frenchman who wrote "Man's Fate" & "Man's Hope" Andre Malraux
#3322, aired 1999-02-02CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: This 5-year-old orphan from the Swiss Alps is also called Adelheid Heidi
#3322, aired 1999-02-02CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Dorothy's pal in "The Wizard of Oz" who wiped his eyes with his tail so often that "it became quite wet" the Cowardly Lion
#3322, aired 1999-02-02CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: The first character Alice meets in Wonderland, he wears a waistcoat & a pocket watch the White Rabbit
#3322, aired 1999-02-02CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Jim Hawkins, the Hispaniola's cabin boy, narrates this Robert Louis Stevenson tale Treasure Island
#3322, aired 1999-02-02CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: This Kenneth Grahame novel began as a series of bedtime tales told to his son starting in 1904 The Wind in the Willows
#3317, aired 1999-01-26LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: He's best known for his "Cien Anos de Soledad", or "100 Years Of Solitude" Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#3317, aired 1999-01-26LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Chilean poet to whom Massimo Troisi delivered mail as "The Postman" Pablo Neruda
#3317, aired 1999-01-26LATIN AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: "Aphrodite: A Memoir Of The Senses" is a 1998 novel from this "House Of The Spirits" author Isabel Allende
#3317, aired 1999-01-26NOBEL WINNERS BY CATEGORY $200: Nadine Gordimer Literature
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BRITISH LITERATURE $100: This great dramatist's works include "Tamburlaine the Great" & "The Tragical History of Dr. Faustus" Christopher Marlowe
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BRITISH LITERATURE $200: "The Fellowship of the Ring" is volume 1 of this Tolkien trilogy The Lord of the Rings
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BRITISH LITERATURE $300: This author of "The Man With Two Left Feet" & "My Man Jeeves" was a prisoner of the Germans during WWII P.G. Wodehouse
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BRITISH LITERATURE $400: A character in "The Rivals", this woman utters hilarities like "He is the very pineapple of politeness" Mrs. Malaprop
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BRITISH LITERATURE $500: This pre-Raphaelite poet & painter dug up some of his poems years after their burial with his wife Dante Gabriel Rossetti
#3292, aired 1998-12-22FRENCH LIT $200: After he toiled on his first work, "Cromwell", friends told this "Comedie Humane" man to give up literature Honore de Balzac
#3287, aired 1998-12-15LITERATURE $200: In this Dante work, the poet is given a tour through hell, purgatory & paradise The Divine Comedy
#3287, aired 1998-12-15LITERATURE $400: This author of "No Exit" said no to a Nobel Prize in 1964 Jean-Paul Sartre
#3287, aired 1998-12-15LITERATURE $600: This Flaubert title character commits suicide because of mounting debt & lies told to her husband Charles Madame Bovary
#3287, aired 1998-12-15LITERATURE $800: In the epic poem "Beowulf", Beowulf destroys this monster by tearing off his arm Grendel
#3287, aired 1998-12-15LITERATURE $1000: This 1872 Samuel Butler satire has the alternate title "Over The Range" Erewhon
#3284, aired 1998-12-10LITERATURE $200: This character writes, "Tom and me found the money that the robbers hid....we got six thousand dollars apiece" Huckleberry Finn
#3284, aired 1998-12-10LITERATURE $400: Ernest Hemingway's only Pulitzer Prize came in 1953 for this short novel about a Cuban named Santiago The Old Man And The Sea
#3284, aired 1998-12-10LITERATURE $600: In this allegory, Christian uses a key called Promise to escape from the Doubting Castle Pilgrims Progress
#3284, aired 1998-12-10LITERATURE $800: In a Dickens novel, this title character's mother Clara unfortunately marries Mr. Murdstone David Copperfield
#3284, aired 1998-12-10LITERATURE $1000: The character Jesse B. Semple figures prominently in many of this "Harlem" poet's short stories Langston Hughes
#3254, aired 1998-10-29FEELING POSSESSIVE $1000: In literature, gamekeeper Oliver Mellors Lady Chatterley's Lover
#3242, aired 1998-10-13MUSIC & LITERATURE $100: "Rip-Rip" is a comic opera about this sleepy head who killed time in the Catskills Rip Van Winkle
#3242, aired 1998-10-13MUSIC & LITERATURE $200: This "Messiah" composer set Dryden's poem "Ode For St. Cecilia's Day" to music George F. Handel
#3242, aired 1998-10-13MUSIC & LITERATURE $400: Bernard Naylor adapted her "Sonnets from the Portuguese" for voice & string quartet Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#3242, aired 1998-10-13MUSIC & LITERATURE $500: This John Bunyan work inspired the one-act opera "The Shepherds Of The Delectable Mountains" "Pilgrim's Progress"
#3242, aired 1998-10-13MUSIC & LITERATURE $700 (Daily Double): Franz Liszt's symphony based on this work includes the movements "Inferno" & "Purgatorio" "The Divine Comedy"
#3233, aired 1998-09-30UR IN URUGUAY $300: Long romanticized in literature, these cowboys tend ranches called estancias Gauchos
#3232, aired 1998-09-29AUTHORS' ODD JOBS $400: This poet was Chile's ambassador to France when he won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1971 Pablo Neruda
#3224, aired 1998-09-17LITERATURE $200: The only thing this "Wizard of Oz" character was afraid of was "a lighted match" the Scarecrow
#3224, aired 1998-09-17LITERATURE $400: This children's story describes Toad Hall as "a dignified old house of mellowed red brick" The Wind in the Willows
#3224, aired 1998-09-17LITERATURE $600: In 1941 his story "The Devil And Daniel Webster" was adapted as a film starring Edward Arnold Stephen Vincent Benet
#3224, aired 1998-09-17LITERATURE $800: This novel begins, "My father's family name being Pirrip, and my Christian name Philip..." Great Expectations
#3224, aired 1998-09-17LITERATURE $1000: Though not in travel brochures, Erskine Caldwell's "Tobacco Road" is located in this state Georgia
#3223, aired 1998-09-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Queequeg, a tattooed cannibal, is Starbuck's harpooner aboard the Pequod in this 1851 novel "Moby Dick"
#3223, aired 1998-09-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This novel begins: "Samuel Spade's jaw was long and bony..." "The Maltese Falcon"
#3223, aired 1998-09-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: The line "A dozen Hurons fell by a discharge from Chingachgook and his band" is from this novel "The Last of the Mohicans"
#3223, aired 1998-09-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Upton Sinclair novel that ends: "Chicago will be ours! Chicago will be ours!" "The Jungle"
#3223, aired 1998-09-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Novel in which Willa Cather wrote, "The Shimerdas were the first Bohemian family" in the area "My Antonia"
#3196, aired 1998-06-22WHAT'S "NEW"? $1000: Medal given for "the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children" Newbery Medal
#3194, aired 1998-06-18THE COSSACKS ARE COMING! $200: For his books on the Cossacks of the Don River Mikhail Sholokhov won this top prize in 1965 Nobel Prize for Literature
#3164, aired 1998-05-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $100: This shipwrecked surgeon helps the Lilliputians defeat Blefescu, a neighboring empire Gulliver
#3164, aired 1998-05-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: The first chapter of this novel is titled "The Old Sea-Dog at the 'Admiral Benbow'" Treasure Island
#3164, aired 1998-05-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $300: She rewrote "Elinor and Marianne" off & on for more than a decade before it became "Sense and Sensibility" Jane Austen
#3164, aired 1998-05-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: This Kipling beggar boy becomes a chela, or disciple, of a Tibetan lama Kim
#3164, aired 1998-05-07ENGLISH LITERATURE $500: In this novel of the future, Mustapha Mond "had been the first to reveal the... dangers of family life" Brave New World
#3161, aired 1998-05-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This story of 2 devoted sisters earned Alice Walker the 1983 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction "The Color Purple"
#3161, aired 1998-05-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: "You Can't Go Home Again" until you name this author who wrote it Thomas Wolfe
#3161, aired 1998-05-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: In 1991 Robert Pirsig published "Lila", a follow-up to his classic "Zen and the Art of" this Motorcycle Maintenance
#3161, aired 1998-05-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In titles of novels by John Updike, it precedes "Run", "is Rich" & "at Rest" Rabbit
#3161, aired 1998-05-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Published posthumously in 1977, "American Hunger" is a follow-up to his "Black Boy" Richard Wright
#3160, aired 1998-05-01LITERATURE $100: Chapter 7 of this Louisa May Alcott novel is entitled "Amy's Valley of Humiliation" "Little Women"
#3160, aired 1998-05-01LITERATURE $200: His "Jungle Book" prose begins, "It was seven o'clock of a very warm evening in the Seeonee Hills..." Rudyard Kipling
#3160, aired 1998-05-01LITERATURE $300: "I believe you think me a fiend!" says Heathcliff "with his dismal laugh" in this novel "Wuthering Heights"
#3160, aired 1998-05-01LITERATURE $400: In this novel, Sancho Panza is described as a poor, honest man "without much salt in his brain-pan" "Don Quixote"
#3160, aired 1998-05-01LITERATURE $500: This Tolstoy epic of Russian society between 1805 & 1815 contains more than 500 characters "War and Peace"
#3154, aired 1998-04-23HISTORIES $400: He won the 1953 Nobel Prize for Literature partly for his 6-volume history of World War II Winston Churchill
#3137, aired 1998-03-31AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: To research "Airport", he spent hours in airports absorbing the atmosphere Arthur Hailey
#3137, aired 1998-03-31AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Hemingway took the title of this novel about journalist Jake Barnes from a passage in Ecclesiastes The Sun Also Rises
#3137, aired 1998-03-31AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: In this 1946 novel, "There wasn't any Democratic Party. There was just Willie" Stark All the King's Men
#3137, aired 1998-03-31AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: "Nature", an essay by this transcendentalist, was published anonymously in 1836 Emerson
#3137, aired 1998-03-31AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: In "Tom Sawyer" this newcomer to St. Petersburg is described as "a blue-eyed creature with yellow hair" Becky Thatcher
#3133, aired 1998-03-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: J.N. Reynolds' "Mocha Dick", about a white whale, was published 12 years before this man's "Moby Dick" Herman Melville
#3133, aired 1998-03-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: World leader who was the subject of David Halberstam's 1971 book "Ho" Ho Chi Minh
#3133, aired 1998-03-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: Thomas Pynchon followed "V" with this novel about the V-2 rocket Gravity's Rainbow
#3133, aired 1998-03-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: If you read her new book "Sex & The Single Girl" at 21 you're 57 now (& no longer a girl) Helen Gurley Brown
#3133, aired 1998-03-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Olive Chancellor was into woman's lib in his 1886 novel "The Bostonians" Henry James
#3127, aired 1998-03-17IRISH HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): The first 2 Irishmen to win Nobel Prizes for literature, in 1923 & 1925, they share the middle initial "B" William Butler Yeats & George Bernard Shaw
#3118, aired 1998-03-04LITERATURE $200: Dan'l Webster was the name of the title amphibian in "The Celebrated Jumping Frog Of" this "County" Calaveras County
#3118, aired 1998-03-04LITERATURE $400: Sancho Panza rides a donkey named Dapple in this Cervantes novel Don Quixote
#3118, aired 1998-03-04LITERATURE $600: The final chapter of "The Scarlet Letter" says that her tombstone bore the letter "A" Hester Prynne
#3118, aired 1998-03-04LITERATURE $800: Archdeacon Claude Frollo was this hunchback's master Quasimodo
#3118, aired 1998-03-04LITERATURE $3,000 (Daily Double): This Poe tale contains the line, "The French army had entered Toledo" The Pit & The Pendulum
#3115, aired 1998-02-27AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This Stephen Crane classic is subtitled "An Episode of the American Civil War" The Red Badge of Courage
#3115, aired 1998-02-27AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This John Steinbeck novel centers on Adam Trask & his twin sons Aron & Caleb East of Eden
#3115, aired 1998-02-27AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: The title character of this Bernard Malamud novel is Roy Hobbs of the New York Knights The Natural
#3115, aired 1998-02-27AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In this 1985 novel, E.L. Doctorow recalled life & the Expo in NYC during the 1930s World's Fair
#3115, aired 1998-02-27AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: After he becomes wealthy, this Horatio Alger title character uses the name Richard Hunter, Esq. Ragged Dick
#3106, aired 1998-02-16GERTRUDE STEIN SAYS... $300: To this macho novelist, she remarked "Remarks are not literature" Ernest Hemingway
#3105, aired 1998-02-13LOOK WHO'S TALKING $100: Jim Hawkins Treasure Island
#3105, aired 1998-02-13LOOK WHO'S TALKING $200: Jake Barnes The Sun Also Rises
#3105, aired 1998-02-13LOOK WHO'S TALKING $300: Jing-Mei Woo, Rose Hsu Jordan, Waverly Jong, Lena St. Clair & their mothers The Joy Luck Club
#3105, aired 1998-02-13LOOK WHO'S TALKING $400: Humbert Humbert Lolita
#3105, aired 1998-02-13LOOK WHO'S TALKING $500: Sal Paradise On the Road
#3068, aired 1997-12-24LITERARY AWARDS $800: Following this Russian's name on the Nobel Prize for Literature list is "declined the prize" & "1958" Boris Pasternak (Doctor Zhivago)
#3057, aired 1997-12-09IN THE WILDERNESS $100: Most of the trails in this national park lead to the High Sierra, a region of jagged peaks & sparkling lakes Yosemite
#3057, aired 1997-12-09IN THE WILDERNESS $200: Once the sanctuary of the Seminoles, this Florida wilderness is now inhabited by the Miccosukee tribe Everglades
#3057, aired 1997-12-09IN THE WILDERNESS $300: East of the Rocky Moutains are groups of these lower elevations, like the Sand, Red & Black ones Hills
#3057, aired 1997-12-09IN THE WILDERNESS $400: Don't get a toothache in this Canadian territory; there are fewer than 20 dentists in its 186,661 sq. mi. Yukon
#3055, aired 1997-12-05LITERATURE $100: In the Andersen tale, at age 15 she swims to the ocean's surface & views the world above for the first time The Little Mermaid
#3055, aired 1997-12-05LITERATURE $200: In this H.G. Wells novel, the first Martian spaceship lands near the town of Woking "War of the Worlds"
#3055, aired 1997-12-05LITERATURE $300: Tom Canty, born in a slum called Offal Court, & Edward Tudor are the title characters in this Twain novel "The Prince and the Pauper"
#3055, aired 1997-12-05LITERATURE $500: Leora, the wife of this Sinclair Lewis doctor, dies of bubonic plague on the island of St. Hubert Arrowsmith
#3055, aired 1997-12-05LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): In this novel, Mr. Charrington, who runs an antique shop, is actually a member of the Thought Police "1984"
#3054, aired 1997-12-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Mark Twain used the tall tale form in his book about "Life on" this river Mississippi River
#3054, aired 1997-12-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: He wrote "A Wonder-Book for Girls and Boys" to capitalize on the success of "The Scarlet Letter" Nathaniel Hawthorne
#3054, aired 1997-12-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: He described the setting of "Cannery Row" as "A poem, a stink...a habit, a nostalgia, a dream" John Steinbeck
#3054, aired 1997-12-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: The books of his "U.S.A." trilogy contain "newsreels" made up of headlines & catchphrases John Dos Passos
#3054, aired 1997-12-04AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: He wrote the short story "Nightfall", a science fiction classic, in 1941 when he was 21 years old Isaac Asimov
#3047, aired 1997-11-25AWARDS $600: The Hugo Award for this type of literature honors Hugo Gernsback, who coined the term Science fiction
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $200: In this novel, Mr. Rochester "has a fine bass voice, and an excellent taste for music" Jane Eyre
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $400: Dorlcote Mill in her book "The Mill on the Floss" resembles Arbury Mill, where she played as a child George Eliot
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $600: He wrote his semi-autobiographical novel "Sons and Lovers" in part as a tribute to his mother D.H. Lawrence
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $800: The young man who wishes, "If the picture could change, and I could be always what I am now!" Dorian Gray
#3029, aired 1997-10-30BRIT LIT $1,000 (Daily Double): In an Evelyn Waugh novel, one of Lord Marchman's children is known as Bridey, which is short for this Brideshead
#3023, aired 1997-10-22THE NOBEL PRIZE $200: He's the only British prime minister to win a Nobel Prize for Literature Winston Churchill
#3016, aired 1997-10-13LITTLE WORDS $600: Zelco Industries makes this handy "book light" that can illuminate great literature "Itty Bitty" book light
#3012, aired 1997-10-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Novel in which Hawthorne wrote, "On the breast of her gown, in fine red cloth,...appeared the letter A" The Scarlet Letter
#3012, aired 1997-10-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This vice president is the title character of a 1973 novel by Gore Vidal Aaron Burr
#3012, aired 1997-10-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: He won a 1951 Pulitzer for his "Complete Poems" & one in 1940 for "Abraham Lincoln: The War Years" (Carl) Sandburg
#3012, aired 1997-10-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: When featured on "Oprah", her 1977 novel "Song of Solomon" returned to the bestseller list in 1996 Toni Morrison
#3012, aired 1997-10-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Francis Phelan an ex-baseball player, is the main character in this author's "Ironweed" William Kennedy
#2992, aired 1997-09-09CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: Audrey Wood & David Shannon's new book about this great big logger introduces his wife & kids Paul Bunyan
#2992, aired 1997-09-09CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Stan & Jan Berenstain have written a series of books about a family of these title animals "The Berenstain Bears"
#2992, aired 1997-09-09CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: Cavatica is the last name of the title character of this 1952 E.B. White novel "Charlotte's Web"
#2992, aired 1997-09-09CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: This character in a book by Saint-Exupery leaves his tiny planet because of a prideful flower The Little Prince
#2992, aired 1997-09-09CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: The cut-paper illustrations of "Golem" earned David Wisniewski this medal in 1997 the Caldecott Medal
#2990, aired 1997-09-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $100: "The Autobiography of Malcolm X" was "told to" this deeply rooted author Alex Haley
#2990, aired 1997-09-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This legendary fruit tree planter was the subject of a work by Vachel Lindsay Johnny Appleseed
#2990, aired 1997-09-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $300: Title of Tom Wolfe's 1979 book about men he described as "single-combat warriors" The Right Stuff
#2990, aired 1997-09-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: As the first, it jump-started John Updike's series of novels about Harry Angstrom Rabbit, Run
#2990, aired 1997-09-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $500: This famous tale of Christmas presents isn't one in a million, but one in O Henry's book "The Four Million" "The Gift of the Magi"
#2982, aired 1997-07-15LITERATURE $200: In 1922 he published "The Red House Mystery"; in 1928 "The House At Pooh Corner" A.A. Milne
#2982, aired 1997-07-15LITERATURE $400: Mr. Kurtz is an agent of a Belgian Congo trading station in this Joseph Conrad novella "Heart Of Darkness"
#2982, aired 1997-07-15LITERATURE $600: This western author stopped using pen names soon after the publication of "Hondo " in 1953 Louis L'Amour
#2982, aired 1997-07-15LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): "The Big Knockover", a collection of his stories & short novels, was edited by Lillian Hellman Dashiell Hammett
#2982, aired 1997-07-15LITERATURE $1000: His novel "Cancer Ward" originally was banned in the Soviet Union Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#2980, aired 1997-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: It begins, "'Tom!' No answer. 'Tom!' No answer. 'What's gone with that boy, I wonder? You, Tom!'" The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
#2980, aired 1997-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: He published "Marjorie Morningstar" 16 years before "The Winds of War" Herman Wouk
#2980, aired 1997-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: He set "The Last Picture Show" & "Texasville" in the fictional town of Thalia Larry McMurtry
#2980, aired 1997-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This novel of high society made Edith Wharton the first female winner of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction The Age of Innocence
#2980, aired 1997-07-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): The title of this Ralph Ellison novel refers to its nameless narrator & protagonist Invisible Man
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AWARDS $400: His innovative poems like "The Waste Land" earned him the 1948 Nobel Prize for Literature Thomas Stearns Eliot
#2977, aired 1997-07-08LITERATURE $200: Readers in 1860-61 picked up copies of "All the Year Round" to read installments of his "Great Expectations" Charles Dickens
#2977, aired 1997-07-08LITERATURE $400: Time in this futuristic Aldous Huxley novel is measured from the invention of the Model T Ford Brave New World
#2977, aired 1997-07-08LITERATURE $600: This 1975 E.L. Doctorow novel relates the story of Coalhouse Walker Jr., who's harassed by local firemen Ragtime
#2977, aired 1997-07-08LITERATURE $800: Saul Bellow's title character whose "gift" to Charlie Citrine was a sense of hope Humboldt
#2977, aired 1997-07-08LITERATURE $1000: Willa Cather's "My Antonia", "O Pioneers!" & "A Lost Lady" are set on the frontier in this Midwestern state Nebraska
#2976, aired 1997-07-07CHILDRENS LITERATURE $100: The villagers come when the boy cries "Wolf!" because they think these animals are in danger Sheep
#2976, aired 1997-07-07CHILDRENS LITERATURE $200: The children in this 1981 Chris Von Allsburg book play a jungle board game that turns real "Jumanji"
#2976, aired 1997-07-07CHILDRENS LITERATURE $300: The illustrator of 1902's "The Tale of Peter Rabbit" Beatrix Potter
#2976, aired 1997-07-07CHILDRENS LITERATURE $400: While living on a Maine farm, he wrote "Charlotte's Web", which is set on a farm E.B. White
#2976, aired 1997-07-07CHILDRENS LITERATURE $500: Alice couldn't tell if this ovoid "Looking Glass" character was wearing a cravat or a belt Humpty Dumpty
#2958, aired 1997-06-11LITERATURE $200: This Dickens title orphan was given his name by Mr. Bumble Oliver Twist
#2958, aired 1997-06-11LITERATURE $400: This author's "The Man Who Would Be King" has been called the perfect short story Rudyard Kipling
#2958, aired 1997-06-11LITERATURE $600: This John Bunyan work written as a dream was published in 2 parts: Part I in 1678 & Part II in 1684 The Pilgrim's Progress
#2958, aired 1997-06-11LITERATURE $800: Title novella of the Philip Roth collection that won the 1960 National Book Award Goodbye, Columbus
#2958, aired 1997-06-11LITERATURE $1000: "The 42nd Parallel" is the first novel in this John Dos Passos trilogy USA
#2946, aired 1997-05-26LITERATURE $200: In this novel, Jo March becomes a writer & marries Friedrich Bhaer, a middle-aged professor Little Women
#2946, aired 1997-05-26LITERATURE $400: This 1848 Thackeray work is subtitled “A Novel Without A Hero” Vanity Fair
#2946, aired 1997-05-26LITERATURE $800: In this Hemingway novel, Robert Jordan falls in love with Maria For Whom The Bell Tolls
#2946, aired 1997-05-26LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Her husband, a physician, assumed the name Roger Chillingworth Hester Prynne
#2946, aired 1997-05-26LITERATURE $1000: This Thomas Hardy novel about Bathsheba Everdene was first published anonymously in 1874 Far From The Madding Crowd
#2940, aired 1997-05-16AWARDS $800: This country's Bharat Ratna is awarded for exceptional work in art, literature, science or public service India
#2940, aired 1997-05-16LITERATURE $100: This English lord dedicated an 1880 volume of poetry to his grandson, who was also named Alfred Alfred Lord Tennyson
#2940, aired 1997-05-16LITERATURE $200: His famous story "The Tell-Tale Heart" tells us, "It was not the old man who vexed me, but his evil eye" Edgar Allan Poe
#2940, aired 1997-05-16LITERATURE $300: 18-year-old Carrie Meeber leaves her Wisconsin home & moves to Chicago in this Theodore Dreiser novel Sister Carrie
#2940, aired 1997-05-16LITERATURE $400: In this Orwell novel, the Ministry of Peace, also known as Minipax, concerns itself with war 1984
#2940, aired 1997-05-16LITERATURE $500: In the last years of his life, he devoted many of his working hours to "Finnegans Wake" James Joyce
#2927, aired 1997-04-29LITERATURE $200: Roderick & Madeline are the doomed twins in his scary 1839 story "The Fall of the House of Usher" Edgar Allan Poe
#2927, aired 1997-04-29LITERATURE $400: "The Miller's Tale" is one of the bawdiest stories in this collection of Chaucer "Tales" "The Canterbury Tales"
#2927, aired 1997-04-29LITERATURE $800: "The Red Rover" is a sea novel by this author of "The Last of the Mohicans" James Fenimore Cooper
#2927, aired 1997-04-29LITERATURE $1000: He said it took him "Five years to write 'In Cold Blood', and a year to recover" Truman Capote
#2927, aired 1997-04-29LITERATURE $2,500 (Daily Double): He published "Flappers and Philosophers", his first book of short stories, in 1920, the year he married Zelda F. Scott Fitzgerald
#2924, aired 1997-04-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: Harpooneers in this novel include Tashtego, Daggoo & Queequeg, a cannibal Moby Dick
#2924, aired 1997-04-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: This 1950 Ray Bradbury book collected 26 stories about Earth's colonization of Mars The Martian Chronicles
#2924, aired 1997-04-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: This 1854 Thoreau work is subtitled "Or Life in the Woods" Walden
#2924, aired 1997-04-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", this character kills Dr. Robinson, a murder witnessed by Tom Injun Joe
#2924, aired 1997-04-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: "Sons", the second novel in her "House of Earth" trilogy, traces the lives of Wang Lung's 3 sons Pearl S. Buck
#2918, aired 1997-04-16LITERATURE $100: 2 old Quakers, Captain Peleg & Captain Bildad, are part-owners of the Pequod in this 1851 novel Moby-Dick
#2918, aired 1997-04-16LITERATURE $200: In this novel, d'Artagnan, a native of Gascony, is described as "Don Quixote at 18" The Three Musketeers
#2918, aired 1997-04-16LITERATURE $300: In "Good Wives", the second part of this novel, Aunt March dies & leaves her home, Plumfield, to Jo Little Women
#2918, aired 1997-04-16LITERATURE $500: In a Thomas Hardy novel, grain merchant Michael Henchard serves in this title political office The Mayor of Casterbridge
#2918, aired 1997-04-16LITERATURE $700 (Daily Double): William Makepeace Thackeray wrote that "Some of the love passages" of this Charlotte Bronte work "made me cry" Jane Eyre
#2915, aired 1997-04-11LITERATURE $100: This Dickens novel about a foundling is subtitled "The Parish Boy's Progress" Oliver Twist
#2915, aired 1997-04-11LITERATURE $200: His "Anna Karenina" was originally published in installments between 1875 & 1877 Leo Tolstoy
#2915, aired 1997-04-11LITERATURE $300: It's the English title of Isabel Allende's novel "La Casa de los Espiritus" The House of the Spirits
#2915, aired 1997-04-11LITERATURE $400: William Dean Howells wrote of Silas Lapham & she wrote of "Silas Marner" George Eliot
#2915, aired 1997-04-11LITERATURE $500: In this 1979 book Norman Mailer told the story of convicted killer Gary Gilmore The Executioner's Song
#2914, aired 1997-04-10BLUE LITERATURE $200: This detective solved 1892's "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle", but didn't have the guilty party arrested Sherlock Holmes
#2914, aired 1997-04-10BLUE LITERATURE $400: "Any Woman's Blues" was a 1990 novel by this "Fear Of Flying" author Erica Jong
#2914, aired 1997-04-10BLUE LITERATURE $600: 1873's "A Pair Of Blue Eyes" was the first novel he put his name on; "Far From The Madding Crowd" was second Thomas Hardy
#2914, aired 1997-04-10BLUE LITERATURE $800: "To The Far Blue Mountains" was one of this western author's Sackett sagas Louis L'Amour
#2914, aired 1997-04-10BLUE LITERATURE $1000: "The Weary Blues" is a collection of verse by this Harlem Renaissance poet Langston Hughes
#2911, aired 1997-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: In a Longfellow poem, Minnehaha marries this Indian hero Hiawatha
#2911, aired 1997-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: His story "MS. Found in a Bottle" was the prize-winning entry in an 1833 newspaper contest Edgar Allan Poe
#2911, aired 1997-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: In "White Fang", Jack London reversed the theme of this earlier novel Call of the Wild
#2911, aired 1997-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: In 1990 his "Stranger in a Strange Land" was reissued with 60,000 words that had been cut from the original Robert Heinlein
#2911, aired 1997-04-07AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: John Steinbeck first came to prominence with this 1935 novel about a group of Mexican-Americans Tortilla Flat
#2905, aired 1997-03-28WINDMILLS $1000: Famous in literature for its windmills, this dry region is in Spain's Ciudad Real province La Mancha
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $100: Alex Haley's first major work was "The Autobiography Of" this black militant leader Malcolm X
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $200: Many of the Dublin locales he personally frequented are featured in his book "Ulysses" James Joyce
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $300: In its original language, this Jules Verne novel is known as "Vingt mille lieues sous les mers" Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Sea
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $400: "Buffalo Girls" & "The Evening Star" are among this "Lonesome Dove" author's recent novels Larry McMurtry
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $500: In 1914, 146 of this late American's poems were published by her niece under the title "The Single Hound" Emily Dickinson
#2901, aired 1997-03-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: His "Red Badge Of Courage" first appeared in shortened form in the Philadelphia press Stephen Crane
#2901, aired 1997-03-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: He had one of his western novels in the Top 10 list every year from 1917 to 1924 Zane Grey
#2901, aired 1997-03-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: Characters in this Hemingway novel include Jake Barnes, Lady Brett Ashley & Pedro Romero, a bullfighter The Sun Also Rises
#2901, aired 1997-03-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: Some of the names in this 1915 Edgar Lee Masters work were taken from tombstones in a Lewiston, Illinois cemetery Spoon River Anthology
#2901, aired 1997-03-24AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: This novel about love, marriage & regret earned Anne Tyler a 1989 Pulitzer Prize Breathing Lessons
#2899, aired 1997-03-20MUSIC & LITERATURE $200: Edgar Stillman Kelley's symphony "Gulliver" was inspired by a novel by this satirist Jonathan Swift
#2899, aired 1997-03-20MUSIC & LITERATURE $400: Charles Ives named the fourth movement of his "Concord Sonata" for this man who pondered a pond Henry David Thoreau
#2899, aired 1997-03-20MUSIC & LITERATURE $600: Donizetti wrote an opera based on this British lord's poem "Parisina" Lord Byron
#2899, aired 1997-03-20MUSIC & LITERATURE $800: This "Pomp & Circumstance" composer named an overture for the 14 C. author Froissart, whom he admired Edward Elgar
#2899, aired 1997-03-20MUSIC & LITERATURE $1000: Each movement in this 1888 suite by Rimsky-Korsakov is based on a tale spun to enthrall a sultan Scheherazade
#2897, aired 1997-03-18LITERATURE $200: Charles Dickens ended this story with the line "God bless us, every one!" A Christmas Carol
#2897, aired 1997-03-18LITERATURE $400: "The Last Temptation Of Christ" has this many chapters, the traditional number of years of Jesus' life 33
#2897, aired 1997-03-18LITERATURE $600: In "The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow", Abraham Van Brunt, a rival of Ichabod Crane, is better known by this name Brom Bones
#2897, aired 1997-03-18LITERATURE $800: To research this novel, Irving Stone stayed in Van Gogh's asylum cell Lust For Life
#2897, aired 1997-03-18LITERATURE $1000: Paul Riesling, this Sinclair Lewis realtor's one true friend, shoots his wife & is sent to prison George Babbitt
#2893, aired 1997-03-12LITERATURE $200: "A Tale of Two Cities" opens as Dr. Alexander Manette is released after 18 years in this prison The Bastille
#2893, aired 1997-03-12LITERATURE $400: At one point in this 1862 novel, Jean Valjean owns a factory Les Miserables
#2893, aired 1997-03-12LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): The title of this 1965 Frank Herbert novel refers to the desert planet of Arrakis Dune
#2893, aired 1997-03-12LITERATURE $600: In "Through The Looking Glass", Humpty Dumpty explains to Alice the meaning of this nonsense poem Jabberwocky
#2893, aired 1997-03-12LITERATURE $800: In the final scene of "Rebecca", this stately mansion of Maxim De Winter burns Manderley
#2879, aired 1997-02-20AUTHORS ON AUTHORS $1000: Sean O' Casey sniped that this author of "Jeeves" was "English literature's performing flea" P.G. Wodehouse
#2877, aired 1997-02-18LITERATURE $200: On his third voyage this title character of a 1719 Defoe book is shipwrecked Robinson Crusoe
#2877, aired 1997-02-18LITERATURE $400: Princess Elizabeth Tverskoy acts as a go-between for Count Vronsky & this title heroine Anna Karenina
#2877, aired 1997-02-18LITERATURE $600: This character sends Alice to his house for a fresh pair of gloves & a new fan White Rabbit
#2877, aired 1997-02-18LITERATURE $800: A police archivist's memoirs were the source for this 1844 Dumas work about a falsely imprisoned man The Count of Monte Cristo
#2877, aired 1997-02-18LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): The last name of this Jane Austen title character is Woodhouse Emma
#2872, aired 1997-02-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: He took the title of his "For Whom The Bell Tolls" from a work by John Donne Ernest Hemingway
#2872, aired 1997-02-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Union soldier Henry Fleming is the hero of this 1895 Civil War novel "The Red Badge of Courage"
#2872, aired 1997-02-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: This Amy Tan novel tells the stories of 4 Chinese-born women & their American daughters "The Joy Luck Club"
#2872, aired 1997-02-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings" is a 1970 autobiography by this African-American poet Maya Angelou
#2872, aired 1997-02-11AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: "Rappaccini's Daughter" is one of the short stories featured in his "Mosses From An Old Manse" Nathaniel Hawthorne
#2868, aired 1997-02-05FOREIGN LITERATURE $200: Reading the Iliad & Odyssey in their original language is this language to us Greek
#2868, aired 1997-02-05FOREIGN LITERATURE $400: Pope John Paul II's poem "Easter Vigil 1966" was first published in this, his native language Polish
#2868, aired 1997-02-05FOREIGN LITERATURE $600: This author of "Crime and Punishment" wrote "The Idiot" while on the run from creditors Fyodor Dostoyevsky
#2868, aired 1997-02-05FOREIGN LITERATURE $800: His "Eventyr, fortalte for Born", or "Fairy Tales, Told for Children" was published in 1835 Hans Christian Andersen
#2868, aired 1997-02-05FOREIGN LITERATURE $1000: In due process you can tell us his "Der Prozess" was metamorphosed into English as "The Trial" Franz Kafka
#2866, aired 1997-02-03LITERATURE $100: 17-year-old Holden Caulfield is the narrator of this acclaimed 1951 novel The Catcher in the Rye
#2866, aired 1997-02-03LITERATURE $200: "Kholstomer" by this "War And Peace" author is a satire on human beings from a horse's point of view Leo Tolstoy
#2866, aired 1997-02-03LITERATURE $300: "Mercedes of Castile" is a lesser-known novel by this author of "The Leather-Stocking Tales" James Fenimore Cooper
#2866, aired 1997-02-03LITERATURE $400: His third published novel, "Sartoris", was the first he set in Yoknapatawpha County William Faulkner
#2866, aired 1997-02-03LITERATURE $500: The Man of Law's Tale in this Chaucer work tells the story of Constance, an emperor's daughter The Canterbury Tales
#2864, aired 1997-01-30LITERATURE $100: Some say Cervantes wrote a portion of this 1605 novel in jail Don Quixote
#2864, aired 1997-01-30LITERATURE $200: This commander of the Nautilus was actually an Indian prince named Dakkar Captain Nemo
#2864, aired 1997-01-30LITERATURE $300: In an Edward Lear poem, the owl & the pussycat go to sea in a boat of this color pea green
#2864, aired 1997-01-30LITERATURE $400: Aunt Chloe is his wife & Arthur Shelby is his master in Kentucky Uncle Tom
#2864, aired 1997-01-30LITERATURE $500: Harry Haller is the title character of this Herman Hesse novel Steppenwolf
#2863, aired 1997-01-2917TH C. LIT $200: In 1604 this king appointed 54 scholars, including Sir Henry Savile, to retranslate the Bible James I
#2863, aired 1997-01-2917TH C. LIT $400: In 1667 Jonathan Swift was born & this poet published "Paradise Lost" John Milton
#2863, aired 1997-01-2917TH C. LIT $600: His "Compleat Angler" went through 5 editions during the 17th century Izaak Walton
#2863, aired 1997-01-2917TH C. LIT $800: In 1680 this "Pilgrims Progress" author published "The Life And Death of Mr. Badman" John Bunyan
#2863, aired 1997-01-2917TH C. LIT $1000: The first classical work translated in Colonial America was this Ovid work by George Sandys in 1626 "Metamorphoses"
#2857, aired 1997-01-21LITERATURE $200: Chapter 6 of this Hawthorne classic is titled "Pearl" The Scarlet Letter
#2857, aired 1997-01-21LITERATURE $400: Budd Schulberg's novel "The Harder They Fall" deals with corrupt practices in this sport boxing
#2857, aired 1997-01-21LITERATURE $600: 1938's "Out Of The Silent Planet" was the first sci-fi novel by this Narnia creator C.S. Lewis
#2857, aired 1997-01-21LITERATURE $800: Published in 1923, "The Prophet" is a book of 28 poetic essays by this Lebanese-American Kahlil Gibran
#2857, aired 1997-01-21LITERATURE $1000: Amory Blaine, a student at Princeton, is the hero of this first novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald This Side of Paradise
#2856, aired 1997-01-20EDUCATORS $200: Author & scholar Ruth R. Wisse is the 1st person to teach Yiddish literature at the Cambridge, Mass. university Harvard
#2850, aired 1997-01-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: He rescues Friday from cannibals & later rescues Friday's father as well Robinson Crusoe
#2850, aired 1997-01-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: Dickens novel containing the line "It is a far, far better thing that I do, that I have ever done" "A Tale of Two Cities"
#2850, aired 1997-01-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: The Houyhnhnms in this 1726 satire have the forms of horses "Gulliver's Travels"
#2850, aired 1997-01-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: This Edward Bulwer-Lytton novel is set in 79 A.D. "The Last Days of Pompeii"
#2850, aired 1997-01-10ENGLISH LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): The title of this 1910 E.M. Forster novel refers to the home of Henry & Margaret Wilcox "Howards End"
#2845, aired 1997-01-03LITERATURE $200: The final chapter of this classic book is entitled "Quasimodo's Marriage" The Hunchback of Notre-Dame
#2845, aired 1997-01-03LITERATURE $400: He wrote about Polish life in "Poland" & the history of South Africa in "The Covenant" James Michener
#2845, aired 1997-01-03LITERATURE $600: Published in 1613, his "Exemplary Tales" are believed to be the first short stories written in Castilian Cervantes
#2845, aired 1997-01-03LITERATURE $1000: In this Kipling short story, Daniel Dravot becomes the godlike monarch of an Afghani tribe "The Man Who Would Be King"
#2845, aired 1997-01-03LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): A curse placed on one of Nathaniel Hawthorne's ancestors inspired this 1851 novel The House of the Seven Gables
#2843, aired 1997-01-01PLAYS & PLAYWRIGHTS $1000: He described his "Miss Julie" as the first naturalistic play in Scandinavian literature August Strindberg
#2841, aired 1996-12-30LITERATURE $200: In 1923 Vladimir Nabokov translated "Alice In Wonderland" into this language Russian
#2841, aired 1996-12-30LITERATURE $400: Ernest Hemingway's novel "For Whom The Bell Tolls" takes place during this country's Civil War Spain
#2841, aired 1996-12-30LITERATURE $600: First published in 1835, "Berence" has been called "his most horrifying tale" Edgar Allan Poe
#2841, aired 1996-12-30LITERATURE $800: He may have put his rabbit to rest, but in 1996 he published a new family saga, "In The Beauty Of The Lilies" John Updike
#2841, aired 1996-12-30LITERATURE $1000: "Buddenbrooks" was the first important novel by this 20th century German author Thomas Mann
#2840, aired 1996-12-27SINCLAIR LEWIS $400: Lewis was the 1st American to win this award; he received it 4 years after turning down a Pulitzer the Nobel Prize for Literature
#2836, aired 1996-12-23LITERATURE $200: In 1938 actor Orson presented this novelist's "The War of the Worlds" on radio H.G. Wells
#2836, aired 1996-12-23LITERATURE $400: On his fifth voyage, he encounters the Old Man of the Sea Sinbad
#2836, aired 1996-12-23LITERATURE $600: In this F. Scott Fitzgerald novel, Myrtle Wilson is accidentally run over & killed by Daisy Buchanan "The Great Gatsby"
#2836, aired 1996-12-23LITERATURE $800: This E.M. Forster novel is set in the fictional city of Chandrapore "A Passage To India"
#2836, aired 1996-12-23LITERATURE $1000: In his 1938 work "The Unvanquished", the Sartoris family copes with the Civil War William Faulkner
#2827, aired 1996-12-10LITERATURE $200: This Stephen Crane novel is set during the Battle of Chancellorsville "The Red Badge of Courage"
#2827, aired 1996-12-10LITERATURE $400: In an Anthony Hope novel, King Rudolf is "The Prisoner Of" this castle in Ruritania Zenda
#2827, aired 1996-12-10LITERATURE $600: Novel in which an old seaman sings, "Fifteen men on the dead man's chest--yo-ho-ho, and a bottle of rum" Treasure Island
#2827, aired 1996-12-10LITERATURE $800: This Raymond Chandler private eye was introduced in the 1939 novel "The Big Sleep" Philip Marlowe
#2827, aired 1996-12-10LITERATURE $1000: Poe's "The Mystery of Marie Roget" was a sequel to this story featuring detective C. Auguste Dupin "The Murders in the Rue Morgue"
#2817, aired 1996-11-26ALPHABET SOUP $300: BLT is a sandwich & B. LIT. is this degree Bachelor of Literature
#2807, aired 1996-11-1218th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: Beaumarchais' plays included "The Barber of Seville" & "The Marriage of" this man Figaro
#2807, aired 1996-11-1218th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: In 1713 Anne Finch, Lady Winchilsea, wrote a poem to this bird, 106 years before John Keats' ode nightingale
#2807, aired 1996-11-1218th CENTURY LITERATURE $600: "It's Not Unusual" to just "Help Yourself" to this 1749 Henry Fielding classic "Tom Jones"
#2807, aired 1996-11-1218th CENTURY LITERATURE $800: 1720's "The Adventures of Captain Singleton" was his next novel after "Robinson Crusoe" Daniel Defoe
#2807, aired 1996-11-1218th CENTURY LITERATURE $1000: He'd only been in America for 2 years when he published his "Common Sense" pamphlet in 1776 Thomas Paine
#2804, aired 1996-11-07LITERATURE $200: The giant in "Jack and the Beanstalk" cries, "Fe, fi, fo, fum! I smell" this the blood of an Englishman
#2804, aired 1996-11-07LITERATURE $400: Some consider "The Tale of Genji" by Murasaki Shikibu this country's greatest work of fiction Japan
#2804, aired 1996-11-07LITERATURE $600: J.R.R. Tolkien's 1937 novel "The Hobbit" served as a prologue to this trilogy Lord of the Rings
#2804, aired 1996-11-07LITERATURE $800: This 1934 Dashiel Hammett novel introduced former detective Nick Charles & his wife Nora The Thin Man
#2804, aired 1996-11-07LITERATURE $1000: In this 1960 novel, Jean Louise Finch, daughter of attorney Atticus Finch, is nicknamed Scout To Kill a Mockingbird
#2801, aired 1996-11-04LITERATURE $200: In disguise, the wicked queen sold this fair maiden a poisoned comb Snow White
#2801, aired 1996-11-04LITERATURE $400: Leopold Bloom, an advertising salesman, is the Homeric title character of this James Joyce novel Ulysses
#2801, aired 1996-11-04LITERATURE $600: Charles Dickens' "Great Expectations" is narrated by this orphan Pip
#2801, aired 1996-11-04LITERATURE $800: "Rip Van Winkle" & other stories appeared in his "Sketch Book" published under the pseudonym Geoffrey Crayon Washington Irving
#2801, aired 1996-11-04LITERATURE $1000: When this affable Rabelais prince is 524 years old, he sires Pantagruel Gargantua
#2797, aired 1996-10-29INTERNATIONAL AUTHORS $1,000 (Daily Double): "Quo Vadis?" author Henryk Sienkiewicz was the 1st man from this country to win a Nobel Prize for Literature Poland
#2784, aired 1996-10-10CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: Geppetto named him after a family he knew that turned out well Pinocchio
#2784, aired 1996-10-10CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: In a Kipling "Just So" story, the animal that "said 'Humph!' just 'Humph!' and no more" camel
#2784, aired 1996-10-10CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: The one that belonged to Colin Craven's mother is the "Secret" one in the title garden
#2784, aired 1996-10-10CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: J.R.R. Tolkien finished "The Lord of the Rings" with this Narnia author's encouragement C.S. Lewis
#2784, aired 1996-10-10CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: In "Charlotte's Web", Templeton is this kind of animal rat
#2779, aired 1996-10-03FASHION HISTORY $100: A blouse with lace collar & cuffs is part of the costume named for this little Lord of literature Little Lord Fauntleroy
#2777, aired 1996-10-01LITERATURE $200: In this Poe tale Captain Kidd's treasure is found with the aid of a secret code & a scarab beetle The Gold Bug
#2777, aired 1996-10-01LITERATURE $400: Published in 1961, "The Winter of" this was John Steinbeck's last novel The Winter of Our Discontent
#2777, aired 1996-10-01LITERATURE $600: Carolyn Meeber is the title character of this Theodore Dreiser novel Sister Carrie
#2777, aired 1996-10-01LITERATURE $800: In this Truman Capote novella, the story of Holly Golightly is narrated by Fred, a struggling writer Breakfast at Tiffany's
#2777, aired 1996-10-01LITERATURE $1000: This Kipling orphan's father was a sergeant in an Irish regiment in the Punjab Kim
#2776, aired 1996-09-30CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: Tolkien called these creatures "A little people, about half our height, and smaller than the bearded dwarves" Hobbits
#2776, aired 1996-09-30CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Laurent de Brunhoff continued his father's tales about this elephant king Babar
#2776, aired 1996-09-30CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: Pal, a male collie, played the lead in the 1943 movie version of this Eric Knight novel Lassie Come Home
#2776, aired 1996-09-30CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: In a Grimm tale, a group of aging animals set out for this town to become musicians Bremen
#2776, aired 1996-09-30CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: While recovering from an illness, P.L. Travers wrote her first stories about this magical British nursemaid Mary Poppins
#2776, aired 1996-09-30POTPOURRI $1000: In literature, restoration refers to the period after the return of this king to England's throne in 1660 Charles II
#2770, aired 1996-09-20LITERATURE $200: It begins, "Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank" Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
#2770, aired 1996-09-20LITERATURE $400: One day before Ashley Wilkes marries Melanie Hamilton, she marries Melanie's brother Charles Scarlett O'Hara
#2770, aired 1996-09-20LITERATURE $500 (Daily Double): In this 1863 story, Philip Nolan is court-martialed for aiding Aaron Burr's treasonous plot "The Man Without a Country"
#2770, aired 1996-09-20LITERATURE $600: Henry Miller's "Tropic of Cancer" tells the story of an American writer in this European capital Paris
#2770, aired 1996-09-20LITERATURE $1000: This companion of Gertrude Stein published her memoir "What is Remembered" in 1963 Alice (B.) Toklas
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: He drew his own illustrations for his "Just So Stories" Rudyard Kipling
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: "The Frog Prince" & "Hans in Luck" were 2 of the tales they gathered in "Kinder- und Hausmarchen" the Brothers Grimm
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: When she's 8 years old, this Johanna Spyri heroine is taken from the mountains by Dete Heidi
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Margery Two-Shoes is another name of the title character of this John Newbery story Goody Two-Shoes
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: In a 1958 book by Michael Bond, the Brown family discovers this bear's fondness for marmalade Paddington
#2755, aired 1996-07-19CHINESE HISTORY $400: Chinese literature goes back to the 5 classics associated with this man Confucius
#2753, aired 1996-07-17LITERATURE $200: The first four chapters of this Bram Stoker work are from Jonathan Harker's journal "Dracula"
#2753, aired 1996-07-17LITERATURE $400: City that was the starting & ending point of Phileas Fogg's 80-day trip around the world London
#2753, aired 1996-07-17LITERATURE $600: In 1726, he received 200 pounds for his tale of Lemuel Gulliver, the only time he was paid for his writing Jonathan Swift
#2753, aired 1996-07-17LITERATURE $800: Husband of poet Elizabeth, he wrote "O' to be in England, now that April's there" Robert Browning
#2753, aired 1996-07-17LITERATURE $1000: This German was in his 80's when he finished writing "Faust" a few months before his death in 1832 Goethe
#2751, aired 1996-07-15WORLD LITERATURE $200: Sancho Panza calls him "The Knight of the Sad Countenance" Don Quixote
#2751, aired 1996-07-15WORLD LITERATURE $400: This classic story collection includes "The Tales of Sinbad", "Aladdin" & "Ali Baba" "Arabian Nights"
#2751, aired 1996-07-15WORLD LITERATURE $600: In this 1862 novel, ex-convict Jean Valjean steals the Bishop of Digne's silverware Les Misérables
#2751, aired 1996-07-15WORLD LITERATURE $800: His "The Brothers Karamazov" was translated into English in 1912, 32 years after it was 1st published Fyodor Dostoevsky
#2751, aired 1996-07-15WORLD LITERATURE $1000: Shakespeare's "Cymbelline" is based in part on a story from this 14th c. work by Bocaccio "The Decameron"
#2747, aired 1996-07-09NOBEL PRIZE WINNERS $400: He became the first American to win the Literature Prize the year after his "Dodsworth" appeared Sinclair Lewis
#2745, aired 1996-07-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE CRIME $100: She commits murder when she pushes the witch into the oven to save her brother Gretel
#2745, aired 1996-07-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE CRIME $200: Perrault's story about her ends with the vwolf eating her after she admires his big teeth Little Red Riding Hood
#2745, aired 1996-07-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE CRIME $300: This wandering gander threw an old man down stairs for not saying his prayers Goosey Goosey
#2745, aired 1996-07-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE CRIME $400: She's poisoned twice: once by a tainted comb, once by a tainted apple Snow White
#2745, aired 1996-07-05CHILDREN'S LITERATURE CRIME $500: She does a little breaking & entering at the bears' house Goldilocks
#2742, aired 1996-07-02FAMOUS LAWYERS $200: This "Star-Spangled Banner" scribe also wrote "The Power of Literature and its Connection with Religion" Francis Scott Key
#2742, aired 1996-07-02LITERATURE $200: One book calls it "The Classic Novel about a Scientific Experiment to Create a Man-Made Human" Frankenstein
#2742, aired 1996-07-02LITERATURE $400: Familial tome that was Dostoyevsky's last novel The Brothers Karamazov
#2742, aired 1996-07-02LITERATURE $600: Margaret Craven followed this 1973 novel in 1984 with "Again Calls the Owl" I Heard the Owl Call My Name
#2742, aired 1996-07-02LITERATURE $800: This "Salome" author's mother wrote poetry under the pen name Speranza Oscar Wilde
#2742, aired 1996-07-02LITERATURE $1000: In 1820 this sonnet writer's father privately published a book of her poems, "The Battle of Marathon" Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#2732, aired 1996-06-18AUTHORS $800: His play "Look Back in Anger" made him the first of the "Angry Young Men" of English literature John Osborne
#2729, aired 1996-06-13LITERATURE $200: In this 1868 novel, Meg March is the oldest of 4 daughters, Amy, the youngest Little Women
#2729, aired 1996-06-13LITERATURE $400: In the "Thousand and One Nights", Scheherazade tells the story of this poor Chinese boy & his magic lamp Aladdin
#2729, aired 1996-06-13LITERATURE $600: Narrator Jim Hawkins becomes a cabin boy aboard the Hispaniola in this novel Treasure Island
#2729, aired 1996-06-13LITERATURE $800: This Henry James title lady is a "strikingly admirably pretty girl from Schenectady" Daisy Miller
#2729, aired 1996-06-13LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): Abbe Faria is a fellow prisoner of this man on the Chateau d'if, a fortress off the coast of Marseilles The Count of Monte Cristo (Edmond Dantes)
#2717, aired 1996-05-28LITERATURE $200: It begins, "'Christmas won't be Christmas without any presents', grumbled Jo..." Little Women
#2717, aired 1996-05-28LITERATURE $400: At the end of "The Scarlet Letter", she plans to take her daughter Pearl to Europe Hester Prynne
#2717, aired 1996-05-28LITERATURE $600: In this Dickens novel, escaped convict Abel Magwitch tries to give Pip a better chance in life than he had Great Expectations
#2717, aired 1996-05-28LITERATURE $800: In 1929 Frederic Dannay & Manfred Lee published "The Roman Hat Mystery", this detective's first appearance Ellery Queen
#2717, aired 1996-05-28LITERATURE $1000: This 1932 collection of Damon Runyon stories featured the adventures of NYC gamblers & gangsters Guys and Dolls
#2709, aired 1996-05-16AMERICA LITERATURE $200: While walking, this Washington Irving character comes upon a party of odd-looking men playing ninepins Rip Van Winkle
#2709, aired 1996-05-16AMERICA LITERATURE $400: In "Moby Dick" this captain dies when a harpoon line loops around his neck & pulls him overboard Ahab
#2709, aired 1996-05-16AMERICA LITERATURE $600: In this Steinbeck work, dimwitted Lennie Small has a vision of his Aunt Clara Of Mice and Men
#2709, aired 1996-05-16AMERICA LITERATURE $800: After Judge Pyncheon's death, this Hawthorne title home is left to Hepzibah & her brother Clifford the House of Seven Gables
#2709, aired 1996-05-16AMERICA LITERATURE $1000: Tom Sawyer is ordered to whitewash a fence because this brother tells Aunt Polly Tom played hooky Sid
#2707, aired 1996-05-14CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: In this Hans Christian Andersen tale, a little child remarks "He doesn't have anything on!" The Emperor's New Clothes
#2707, aired 1996-05-14CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: He spins straw into gold for the miller's daughter Rumpelstiltskin
#2707, aired 1996-05-14CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $600: Before becoming a sea captain, Lemuel Gulliver practices this profession medicine
#2707, aired 1996-05-14CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $800: This legendary outlaw of Nottinghamshire began appearing in children's books in the 19th century Robin Hood
#2707, aired 1996-05-14CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1000: This book's first edition said it was "translated from the original equine, by Anna Sewell" Black Beauty
#2706, aired 1996-05-13ACTORS & ACTRESSES $200: This star of "Nell" & "The Silence of the Lambs" has a degree in literature from Yale Jodie Foster
#2705, aired 1996-05-10LITERATURE $200: "Little Women" Meg, Jo & Beth call this sister "Little Raphael" because of her drawing talent Amy
#2705, aired 1996-05-10LITERATURE $600: In Spenser's 1595 poem "Colin Clouts Come Home Againe", a shepherdess represents this queen Queen Elizabeth I
#2705, aired 1996-05-10LITERATURE $800: This Mississippi author's 1954 novel "A Fable" is an allegory of the story of Jesus Faulkner
#2705, aired 1996-05-10LITERATURE $1000: "Sanditon" is an unfinished novel this "Pride and Prejudice" author began writing in 1817, the year she died Jane Austen
#2705, aired 1996-05-10LITERATURE $1,200 (Daily Double): An African-American woman named Sula Peace is the heroine of this "Beloved" author's novel "Sula" Toni Morrison
#2695, aired 1996-04-26FRENCH LITERATURE $200: His 2 great epic novels, "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" & "Les Miserables", were wrriten 30 years apart Hugo
#2695, aired 1996-04-26FRENCH LITERATURE $400: This 19th c. author imagined space flights, air conditioning, guided missles & motion pictures Jules Verne
#2695, aired 1996-04-26FRENCH LITERATURE $600: Guy de Maupassant made his name in this literary form; he wrote over 200 of them short stories
#2695, aired 1996-04-26FRENCH LITERATURE $800: His "Salammbo" is considered more romantic than his "Madame Bovary" (Gustave) Flaubert
#2695, aired 1996-04-26FRENCH LITERATURE $1000: In "Candide" he writes about being in the "best of all possible worlds" Voltaire
#2689, aired 1996-04-18LITERATURE $200: In this story a beast with blazing eyes is said to have caused the death of Hugo Baskerville The Hound of the Baskervilles
#2689, aired 1996-04-18LITERATURE $400: Part I of "Gulliver's Travels" is titled "A Voyage to" this land of 6-inch people Lilliput
#2689, aired 1996-04-18LITERATURE $600: Jack Kerouac's 1962 novel "Big Sur" continued the story started in this 1957 book On the Road
#2689, aired 1996-04-18LITERATURE $800: His 1927 collection of short stories "Men Without Woman" included "The Killer" & "The Undefeated" Ernest Hemingway
#2689, aired 1996-04-18LITERATURE $1000: Sinclair Lewis' novel "Main Street" is set in the town of Gopher Prairie in this state Minnesota
#2687, aired 1996-04-16LITERATURE $600: Like his "Tropic" books, his trilogy "The Rosy Crucifixion" was banned from the U.S. for many years (Henry) Miller
#2687, aired 1996-04-16LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): "The Little Prince" was originally published in 1943 in this language French
#2687, aired 1996-04-16LITERATURE $1000: The "prize" in this Shirley Jackson short story is death by stoning The Lottery
#2678, aired 1996-04-03LITERATURE $200: As he had done, his Frederic Henry in "A Farewell to Arms" worked in the ambulance service in WWI (Ernest) Hemingway
#2678, aired 1996-04-03LITERATURE $400: This "Tai-Pan" author wrote the script for the film To Sir with Love" Clavell
#2678, aired 1996-04-03LITERATURE $600: After "Sister Carrie" was suppressed by its publisher, he gave up writing fiction for 10 years (Theodore) Dreiser
#2678, aired 1996-04-03LITERATURE $1000: Lucy Maud Montgomery wrote 6 sequels to this 1908 novel Anne of Green Gables
#2678, aired 1996-04-03LITERATURE $2,000 (Daily Double): This German philosopher followed his "Critique of Pure Reason" with one on practical reason Kant
#2677, aired 1996-04-02LITERATURE $200: In addition to Buck & White Fang, this author wrote about Jerry, an Irish terrier pup Jack London
#2677, aired 1996-04-02LITERATURE $400: Early collections of his stories include "Flappers And Philosophers" & "Tales Of The Jazz Age" F. Scott Fitzgerald
#2677, aired 1996-04-02LITERATURE $600: In "David Copperfield", Wilkins is the first name of this kindhearted optimist Mr. Micawber
#2677, aired 1996-04-02LITERATURE $800: This B. Traven novel about 3 Americans looking for gold in Mexico was first published in Germany "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre"
#2677, aired 1996-04-02LITERATURE $1000: "To Let" was the last novel in this John Galsworthy series "The Forsyte Saga"
#2677, aired 1996-04-02NATURALISTS $500 (Daily Double): While in Holland in 1735, this Swede published his "Systema Naturae", a taxonomy system Carolus Linnaeus
#2674, aired 1996-03-28LITERATURE $200: In this 17th C. novel, Sancho Panza is promised, & eventually gets, the governorship of his own island "Don Quixote"
#2674, aired 1996-03-28LITERATURE $400: This 1895 story set in the future was H.G. Wells' first novel "The Time Machine"
#2674, aired 1996-03-28LITERATURE $600: The full title of this 1872 tale ends with "And what Alice found there" "Through the Looking-Glass"
#2674, aired 1996-03-28LITERATURE $800: James Jones' 1962 novel "The Thin Red Line" was a sequel to this 1951 work "From Here to Eternity"
#2674, aired 1996-03-28LITERATURE $2,500 (Daily Double): Characters in this Dickens novel include Mealy Potatoes, Mr. Creakle & Edward Murdstone "David Copperfield"
#2673, aired 1996-03-27QUOTATIONS $400: Hemingway wrote, "All modern American literature comes from one book by Mark Twain called" this "Huckleberry Finn"
#2672, aired 1996-03-26LITERATURE $200: Lotus Blossom is the concubine of Wang Lung in this Pearl Buck novel "The Good Earth"
#2672, aired 1996-03-26LITERATURE $400: "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" is set in the town of St. Petersburg in this state Missouri
#2672, aired 1996-03-26LITERATURE $600: At the end of "Moby Dick", this narrator is rescued by another whaling ship, the Rachel Ishmael
#2672, aired 1996-03-26LITERATURE $800: This R.D. Blackmore novel begins in Exmoor, in the county of Somerset, in the year 1673 "Lorna Doone"
#2672, aired 1996-03-26LITERATURE $1000: This Edith Wharton title character has a hypochondriac wife named Zenobia Ethan Frome
#2671, aired 1996-03-25CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: His "Kidnapped" was first published as a serial in Young Folks magazine Robert Louis Stevenson
#2671, aired 1996-03-25CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: This story was first chronicled by Perrault as "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" "Little Red Riding Hood"
#2671, aired 1996-03-25CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: He dedicated "Now We Are Six" to Christopher Robin's best friend, Anne Darlington A.A. Milne
#2671, aired 1996-03-25CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: This Mary Mapes Dodge novel contains the story of a boy who thrust his finger into a hole in a dike Hans Brinker
#2671, aired 1996-03-25CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: "Green Grass of Wyoming" was the 2nd sequel to this novel about Ken McLaughlin & his half-wild filly My Friend Flicka
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $200: This "Robinson Crusoe" author's novel "Roxana" is about the daughter of Huguenot refugees (Daniel) Defoe
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $400: "Wide Sargasso Sea", a 1966 prequel to this Bronte novel, tells the story of the first Mrs. Rochester Jane Eyre
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $600: Nick Carraway is Daisy Buchanan's distant cousin in this F. Scott Fitzgerald novel The Great Gatsby
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $800: Wackford Squeers is the horrible headmaster of Dotheboys Hall in his novel "Nicholas Nickleby" Dickens
#2647, aired 1996-02-20LITERATURE $3,042 (Daily Double): Flem Snopes' stepdaughter Linda is the heroine of "The Mansion", the 3rd novel in his Snopes trilogy William Faulkner
#2645, aired 1996-02-16CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: For this story James M. Barrie took the name Never Land from a district in Australia Peter Pan
#2645, aired 1996-02-16CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Lewis Carroll's nonsense poem "Jabberwocky" appears in this sequel to "Alice's Adventures in Wonderland" Through the Looking-Glass
#2645, aired 1996-02-16CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: An inventor, Commander Caractacus Pott, owns this magical car created by Ian Fleming Chitty-Chitty-Bang-Bang
#2645, aired 1996-02-16CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: Mary Mapes Dodge wrote a novel about this title character without ever visiting Holland Hans Brinker
#2645, aired 1996-02-16CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: This story, called "Le Petit Chaperon Rouge" in French, was first published in English in 1729 Little Red Riding Hood
#2644, aired 1996-02-15MUSIC & LITERATURE $200: This "whale" of a Herman Melville novel inspired Peter mennin's "concertato" for orchestra Moby-Dick
#2644, aired 1996-02-15MUSIC & LITERATURE $400: Liszt's symphonic poem "Ce qu'on entend sur la montagne" is based on a poem by this "Les Miz" author Victor Hugo
#2644, aired 1996-02-15MUSIC & LITERATURE $600: The libretto for Verdi's opera "Il Corsaro" is based on this English lord's poem "The Corsair" (Lord) Byron
#2644, aired 1996-02-15MUSIC & LITERATURE $800: The title of this composer's "Pomp And Circumstance" is a quotation from "Othello" Elgar
#2644, aired 1996-02-15MUSIC & LITERATURE $1000: The 2nd movement of Charles Ives' "Concord Sonata" is named for this author who lived in an "Old Manse" in Concord (Nathaniel) Hawthorne
#2635, aired 1996-02-02LITERATURE $100: Mowgli's song "Against People" appears in this author's "Second Jungle Book" Rudyard Kipling
#2635, aired 1996-02-02LITERATURE $200: In chapter 2 of this Tolstoy novel, Princess Bolkonsky says, "Tell me what this war is about" "War And Peace"
#2635, aired 1996-02-02LITERATURE $300: This Edgar Allan Poe story concerns "a masked ball of the most unusual magnificence" "Masque of the Red Death"
#2635, aired 1996-02-02LITERATURE $400: This "Babbitt" author published his 1st novel, "Hike And The Aeroplane", under the pseudonym Tom Graham Sinclair Lewis
#2635, aired 1996-02-02LITERATURE $500: This "Brave New World" author's 1921 novel "Crome Yellow" abounds with eccentric characters Aldous Huxley
#2631, aired 1996-01-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: He first wrote about a woman doomed to wear the letter in his 1838 story "Endicott and the Red Cross" (Nathaniel) Hawthorne
#2631, aired 1996-01-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: Henry March in his novel "The Deerslayer" is nicknamed Hurry Harry because he's always on the move James Fenimore Cooper
#2631, aired 1996-01-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: The storytelling characters in his book "Tales of a Wayside Inn" are based on real people (Henry Wadsworth) Longfellow
#2631, aired 1996-01-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This "Sophie's Choice" author set his 1st novel, "Lie Down in Darkness", in his native Virginia William Styron
#2631, aired 1996-01-29AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,500 (Daily Double): Book one of this Willa Cather novel is entitled "The Shimerdas" "My Antonia"
#2627, aired 1996-01-23LITERATURE $200: The hero of this Mark Twain novel calls himself "A Yankee of the Yankees....and nearly barren of sentiment" "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court"
#2627, aired 1996-01-23LITERATURE $400: In his 1913 novel "Sons And Lovers", Miriam is based on his close friend Jessie Chambers D.H. Lawrence
#2627, aired 1996-01-23LITERATURE $600: John Updike called this author's "The Metamorphosis" "An indubitable masterpiece" Franz Kafka
#2627, aired 1996-01-23LITERATURE $800: Written in 1900, "In the Ravine" is one of this Russian playwright's finest stories Anton Chekhov
#2627, aired 1996-01-23LITERATURE $1000: Wamba is a brave jester who risks his life to save his master Cedric in this Sir Walter Scott novel "Ivanhoe"
#2625, aired 1996-01-19LITERATURE $200: He based the Red Queen on Miss Prickett, the governess of Alice Liddell Lewis Carroll (Charles L. Dodgson)
#2625, aired 1996-01-19LITERATURE $400: "Atlas Shrugged" is the fullest fictional presentation of this author's philosophy, objectivism Ayn Rand
#2625, aired 1996-01-19LITERATURE $600: This James Joyce book was first published in France in 1922 "Ulysses"
#2625, aired 1996-01-19LITERATURE $800: The epistolary novel, in the form of these, was popularized by Samuel Richardson's "Pamela" in 1740 Letters
#2625, aired 1996-01-19LITERATURE $1000: Proust paid to publish "Swann's Way", the first part of this epic work, after publishers rejected it "Remembrance of Things Past"
#2623, aired 1996-01-17LITERATURE $200: It's what made Quasimodo deaf Ringing of the bells
#2623, aired 1996-01-17LITERATURE $400: James Fenimore Cooper wrote "The Pioneers" & she wrote "O Pioneers!" Willa Cather
#2623, aired 1996-01-17LITERATURE $600: Robert Jordan's big mission in "For Whom the Bell Tolls" is to blow up one of these structures a bridge
#2623, aired 1996-01-17LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): This E.M. Forster novel is divided into 3 sections: "Mosque", "Caves" & "Temple" A Passage to India
#2623, aired 1996-01-17LITERATURE $800: Thomas Mann story published as "Der Tod in Venedig" in 1912; it didn't appear in English until 1925 Death in Venice
#2622, aired 1996-01-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: It's the crime for which Hester Prynne is condemned to wear "The Scarlet Letter" Adultery
#2622, aired 1996-01-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $400: In a James Fenimore Cooper novel, Uncas, a young chieftain, is identified as this title character "The Last of the Mohicans"
#2622, aired 1996-01-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $600: In a John Steinbeck work, this title object found by Kino the fisherman is as big as a seagull's egg "The Pearl"
#2622, aired 1996-01-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This 1941 Budd Schulberg novel chronicles the rise of Sammy Glick from office boy to film tycoon "What Makes Sammy Run?"
#2622, aired 1996-01-16AMERICAN LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): Sinclair Lewis spent several months researching Midwestern Protestantism for this 1927 novel "Elmer Gantry"
#2621, aired 1996-01-15CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $100: In "The Brass Bottle", Horace Ventimore buys an antique brass bottle that contains one of these beings a genie
#2621, aired 1996-01-15CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $200: Not only could this nursery rhyme character "eat no fat", he had a cat with only one hair Jack Sprat
#2621, aired 1996-01-15CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $300: Dr. Seuss' Bartholomew Cubbins finds that every time he removes one of these, another appears hats
#2621, aired 1996-01-15CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $400: A series of dreams he had about lions helped inspire his Narnia books C.S. Lewis
#2621, aired 1996-01-15CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $500: She was an invalid during the years it took her to write "Black Beauty" Anna Sewell
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $200: While teaching Russian literature at Cornell, he wrote his famous novel "Lolita" Vladimir Nabokov
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $400: "Much Obliged, Jeeves", this author's last collection of Bertie-&-Jeeves stories, was published in 1971 P.G. Wodehouse
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $800: In novels by Baroness Orczy, this colorful hero is really Sir Percy Blakeney the Scarlet Pimpernel
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $1,000 (Daily Double): It begins, "In the ancient city of London... a boy was born to a poor family of the name of Canty..." The Prince and the Pauper
#2620, aired 1996-01-12LITERATURE $1000: This 1922 novel by Hermann Hesse is based on the early life of Buddha Siddhartha
#2614, aired 1996-01-0420th CENTURY AUTHORS $800: In 1962, the year he published "Travels with Charley", he won the Nobel Prize for Literature John Steinbeck
#2584, aired 1995-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $200: This Sir Arthur Conan Doyle tale about a ghostly canine was based on local legend The Hound of the Baskervilles
#2584, aired 1995-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $400: Some consider this author's "The History of Henry Esmond" his greatest work, not "Vanity Fair" William Makepeace Thackeray
#2584, aired 1995-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $600: The title of his novel "Far From the Madding Crowd" is found in "Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard" Thomas Hardy
#2584, aired 1995-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $800 (Daily Double): Philip Carey is the central character in this Somerset Maugham novel Of Human Bondage
#2584, aired 1995-11-23ENGLISH LITERATURE $1000: This monumental work by Edward Gibbon covers 13 centuries until the capture of Constantinople The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire
#2581, aired 1995-11-20THE 1980s $500: This Colombian author of "One Hundred Years of Solitude" won the 1982 Nobel Prize in Literature Gabriel Garcia Marquez
#2580, aired 1995-11-17BLACK AMERICANS $800: This author of "Jazz" & "Tar Baby" was the first black American to win the Nobel Prize in Literature Toni Morrison
#2577, aired 1995-11-14LITERATURE $200: This Spaniard rides a bony old nag named Rocinante on his quests Don Quixote
#2577, aired 1995-11-14LITERATURE $400: Longfellow based his tales of this inn on the Red Horse Inn in Sudbury, Massachusetts Wayside Inn
#2577, aired 1995-11-14LITERATURE $600: This 1902 Joseph Conrad novella is set in the Belgian Congo "Heart of Darkness"
#2577, aired 1995-11-14LITERATURE $800: In "Great Expectations", Pip falls in love with Estella, a ward of this spinster Miss Havisham
#2577, aired 1995-11-14LITERATURE $1000: In 1904 this short story author's first book, "Cabbages and Kings", was published O. Henry
#2567, aired 1995-10-31LITERATURE $100: This historic figure is the subject of Joel Barlow's epic 1807 poem "The Columbiad" Christopher Columbus
#2567, aired 1995-10-31LITERATURE $200: This "Our Town" playwright's novel "The Woman of Andros" was inspired by an ancient Roman comedy (Thornton) Wilder
#2567, aired 1995-10-31LITERATURE $300: Boxer is a noble cart horse in this George Orwell novel Animal Farm
#2567, aired 1995-10-31LITERATURE $400: His first volume of verse, "Prufrock and Other Observations", was published in 1917 (T.S.) Eliot
#2567, aired 1995-10-31LITERATURE $500: In 1941 he published "The Ill-Made Knight", the 3rd part of his literary work "The Once and Future King" (T.H.) White
#2563, aired 1995-10-25LITERATURE