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#8560, aired 2022-01-21THE PRODUCERS $1600: Ryan Murphy has told us 10 "American Horror Story"s & 3 of these FX limited series American Crime Story
#8553, aired 2022-01-12AUTHORS' NONFICTION $800: In 1981, when he'd only written a handful of novels, he published "Danse Macabre", an overview of the horror genre Stephen King
#8547, aired 2022-01-04RECENT POP CULTURE $800: This scary "road" is a 2021 trilogy of horror films on Netflix adapted from R.L. Stine's books Fear Street
#8514, aired 2021-11-18A FAIR PIECE OF ENTERTAINMENT $400: This fourth season of "American Horror Story" is set at Elsa's Cabinet of Curiosities in Jupiter, Florida Freak Show
#8485, aired 2021-10-08TALES OF HORROR $200: The kids of Kettle Springs are menaced not by "Scarecrow in a Cornfield" but worse, this smiley creature "In a Cornfield" clown
#8485, aired 2021-10-08TALES OF HORROR $400: "Horror" is in the title of this book in which the Lutz family learned that, sometimes, buying a murder home isn't worth it The Amityville Horror
#8485, aired 2021-10-08TALES OF HORROR $600: It's the title vocation of Herbert West in a 1922 H.P. Lovecraft tale, & he needs fresh corpses to do it to reanimator
#8485, aired 2021-10-08TALES OF HORROR $800: Luke is the future heir of this Shirley Jackson title place; sadly for Luke, that title includes "The Haunting of..." Hill House
#8485, aired 2021-10-08TALES OF HORROR $1000: Malorie takes her kids on a terrifying, blindfolded river trip in this Josh Malerman novel Bird Box
#8482, aired 2021-10-05CULT MOVIES $400: The wild musical fun of this cult classic features Meat Loaf, Susan Sarandon & Tim Curry as Dr. Frank-N-Furter Rocky Horror Picture Show
#8479, aired 2021-09-30FROM BOOK TO RETITLED FILM $1200: Centered on an evil puzzle box, "The Hellbound Heart" by Clive Barker scared up this 1987 horror movie, you pinhead Hellraiser
#8453, aired 2021-07-28THE LAST WORD SAID IN CLASSIC FILMS $2000: "Apocalypse Now" Horror
#8444, aired 2021-07-15BROADWAY MUSICALS BY SETTING $2000: Mushnik's skid row florists Little Shop of Horrors
#8430, aired 2021-06-25WORLD LITERATURE $1600: Novels in the horror genre by Bram Stoker include "The Lair of" this colorful snakelike creature the White Worm
#8422, aired 2021-06-15POP CULTURE TIDBITS $2000: Tony Todd was paid $1,000 each time he was stung by a bee playing the title villain in this 1992 horror movie Candyman
#8408, aired 2021-05-26FICTIONAL GAME SHOWS $1200: A sequel to this mind-bending 1975 movie musical, "Shock Treatment" finds Brad & Janet as contestants on "Marriage Maze" The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#8393, aired 2021-05-05MOVIE RULES $2000: In "Scream", one of Randy's rules of surviving a horror film is to never say these 4 words--you won't return I'll be right back
#8377, aired 2021-04-13MOVIE MUSICALS $400: At a midnight screening of this film, people often do the "Time Warp" in the aisles The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#8367, aired 2021-03-30ABBREV. TV $800: A creepy anthology series: "AHS" American Horror Story
#8355, aired 2021-03-12CAPTAIN $200: To his horror & shame, on May 7, 1915 the captain of this liner was saved & did not go down with the ship after a U-boat sank it the Lusitania
#8343, aired 2021-02-24PAINTINGS $2,500 (Daily Double): He depicted the horrors of war & the execution of his fellow Spaniards by Napoleon's troops in "The 3rd of May 1808" Goya
#8327, aired 2021-02-02FILMS WITH SMALL CASTS $400: The 2007 horror film titled this "Activity" had just 5 credited parts, 4 uncredited ones & some creepy atmospherics Paranormal Activity
#8315, aired 2021-01-15IT'S A LONG STORY $600: You get more than 200 chapters of Gothic horror with the alliteratively titled "Varney" this creature a vampire
#8312, aired 2021-01-12INSANE CLOWN POSSE $800: With his artificial smile, Twisty the clown was just one of the terrors in the "Freak Show" season of this FX series American Horror Story
#8290, aired 2020-11-27PAPERBACK WRITER $200: In 1979 this horror master said, "Most of the market for my stuff is in paperbacks", but he's done okay in hardcover, too (Stephen) King
#8263, aired 2020-10-21BROADWAY DEBUTS $2000: Better known for the film role, he made his Broadway debut as Frank 'n' Furter in "The Rocky Horror Show", panned by critics Tim Curry
#8229, aired 2020-06-04FORGETFUL SEQUELS $400: This 2018 horror movie is a sequel to the 1978 original & skips over the 2002 sequel where Jamie Lee Curtis' character is killed Halloween
#8200, aired 2020-04-10WORDS TO FEAR $400: The Hollywood Reporter's obituary for director Wes Craven called him the "Master of" this film genre Horror
#8194, aired 2020-04-02MOVIE MONSTERS $1600: Renée Zellweger was in a 1994 film of this horror series that features a cannibalistic psychopath named Leatherface Texas Chainsaw Massacre
#8143, aired 2020-01-22WAYS TO SAY GO AWAY! $2,500 (Daily Double): In this 2017 horror film, Lakeith Stanfield delivers the 2-word title line Get Out
#8138, aired 2020-01-15NETFLIX & CHILL $2000: This Netflix show is a chilling reworking of Shirley Jackson's gothic horror tale The Haunting of Hill House
#7, aired 2020-01-14BLANK-"ISH" $200: Gory horror movies are not for these people who are easily nauseated squeamish
#8136, aired 2020-01-13HORROR FILMS $200: In 1910, less than a century after this novel was published, it had its first film adaptation with Augustus Phillips at the title scientist Frankenstein
#8136, aired 2020-01-13HORROR FILMS $400: Taking place on the eve of this invasion, 2018's "Overlord" features less-than-human Nazis D-Day
#8136, aired 2020-01-13HORROR FILMS $600: "Dream Warriors" is the subtitle to the third movie in this series Nightmare on Elm Street
#8136, aired 2020-01-13HORROR FILMS $800: It's the last word in 6 of George Romero's zombie movie titles Dead
#8136, aired 2020-01-13HORROR FILMS $1000: "The Burning", the debut film for Holly Hunter & Jason Alexander, was part of the flourishing horror-at-this-summer-setting genre summer camp
#8123, aired 2019-12-25ON THE MOVIE'S SOUNDTRACK $800: "Dammit Janet" & "The Time Warp" The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#8120, aired 2019-12-20THAT'S OXYMORONIC $400: A 1968 horror movie was titled "Night of" these zombies the Living Dead
#8118, aired 2019-12-18MUSICIANS WHO ACT $800: This diva was way beyond "The Edge of Glory" in 2016 when she said she'd return to act on "American Horror Story" Lady Gaga
#8114, aired 2019-12-12"EL" OR "LA" $800: A 2019 horror movie was called "The Curse of" her, Spanish for "the weeping woman" La Llorona
#8082, aired 2019-10-29GARGOYLES $800: Paisley Abbey in Scotland added a new gargoyle likely inspired by this 1979 horror film Alien
#8065, aired 2019-10-04HORROR MOVIES $200: 2017 saw the 8th film in the "Saw" franchise, & 3 additional letters were needed for this, its title Jigsaw
#8065, aired 2019-10-04HORROR MOVIES $400: This 1931 film had the tagline "A monster science created but could not destroy!" Frankenstein
#8065, aired 2019-10-04HORROR MOVIES $600: Doris tries to play on this board alone (totally against the rules) & learns the "Origin of Evil" in a 2016 movie a Ouija board
#8065, aired 2019-10-04HORROR MOVIES $800: In 1990 Christine Elise battled this homicidal doll; in 2019 it was Aubrey Plaza Chucky
#8065, aired 2019-10-04HORROR MOVIES $1000: This Australian actress starred in the 2018 horror "Hereditary" about a family with dark secrets (Toni) Collette
#8039, aired 2019-07-18THE EDGARS $200: Part of "The Bazaar of Bad Dreams", "Obits" won the 2016 Short Story Edgar Award for my Maine man, this horror master Stephen King
#8018, aired 2019-06-19MUSIC I'M NOT FAMILIAR WITH $1600: "My Midnight Things" was a 2018 hit for this metal band big on horror stagecraft, but you won't get 40 whacks at its name Lizzy Borden
#8006, aired 2019-06-03SOMEWHAT HISTORICAL TV $1200: Horror aside, "The Terror" tells of the HMS Terror, a real ship searching for this seafaring route the Northwest Passage
#8000, aired 2019-05-24ACTORS WE MISS $2000: This horror movie actor has been listed as a record holder for most screen credits, including the "Lord of the Rings" films Christopher Lee
#7996, aired 2019-05-20MURPHY, BROWN $800: He's a creator of "Glee" & "American Horror Story" Ryan Murphy
#7985, aired 2019-05-03CLASSIC LITERATURE $200: "The horror! The horror!" are Mr. Kurtz' dying words in this novella Heart of Darkness
#7983, aired 2019-05-01VAMPIRE-POURRI $200: Lady Gaga gave a fine performance as a bloodsucking countess on the "Hotel" edition of this FX series American Horror Story
#7981, aired 2019-04-29THE SPANISH CIVIL WAR $800: Pablo Picasso forbade this work depicting the war's horrors from being shown in Spain until the fascists were gone Guernica
#7980, aired 2019-04-26IT'S A GAS $600: Orin, the sadistic dentist in this musical, really enjoys his nitrous oxide Little Shop of Horrors
#7977, aired 2019-04-23TALKING DEAD $1600: "I am Providence", says the Rhode Island headstone of this horror master & Cthulhu creator (H.P.) Lovecraft
#7975, aired 2019-04-19PLAYING VIDEO GAMES $2000: Milla Jovovich has been Alice in all 6 films in this franchise based on a horror game Resident Evil
#7937, aired 2019-02-26CLASSIC MOVIES $600: This Dario Argento horror classic about a dance studio that's really a coven was remade in 2018 Suspiria
#7928, aired 2019-02-13A REAL HORROR STORY $200: "There are things which so afflict him that he has no power, as the garlic" in this classic novel Dracula
#7928, aired 2019-02-13A REAL HORROR STORY $400: This author, pretty much nailing the title early in the book: "'Now, do you still want the interview?' the vampire asked" (Anne) Rice
#7928, aired 2019-02-13A REAL HORROR STORY $600: A N.Y. Times review said this Stephen King title character "runs psychically amok" & things go south for her & everyone Carrie (White)
#7928, aired 2019-02-13A REAL HORROR STORY $800: In "The Strange Case of" these 2, "I was slowly losing hold of my original and better self" Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
#7928, aired 2019-02-13A REAL HORROR STORY $1000: What not to expect when you're expecting: This title of a 1967 Ira Levin novel Rosemary's Baby
#7886, aired 2018-12-1775 YEARS AT THE NEW YORK CITY CENTER $1000: In "Little Shop of Horrors", Taran Killam is the dentist, & Jake Gyllenhaal is "suddenly" this lead character Seymour
#7885, aired 2018-12-14MYTHICAL TAXONOMY $800: The Xenomorphs in this space horror film series have been called Internecivus raptus Alien
#7882, aired 2018-12-11POSTHUMOUS BOOKS $3,000 (Daily Double): After death, this horror author still talked about the Necronomicon in his novel "The Case of Charles Dexter Ward" H.P. Lovecraft
#7847, aired 2018-10-23I'M BESIDE MYSELF! $800: Sarah Paulson harmonizes with herself as singing conjoined twins on this series: "Freak Show" American Horror Story
#7840, aired 2018-10-12"TIME" FOR A TUNE $1200: It's the "Rocky Horror" tune about "a jump to the left" & "a step to the right" "The Time Warp"
#7839, aired 2018-10-11UNUSUAL CHARACTERS $1200: In this film the man-eating plant Audrey II was voiced by Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops Little Shop of Horrors
#7833, aired 2018-10-03ENTERTAINMENT RITUALS $1600: Those who frequent this cult film on weekends know to bring rice to throw for Brad & Janet's wedding The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#7826, aired 2018-09-24"IN", THE MIDDLE $1200: To draw back suddenly in fear or horror flinch or cringe
#7823, aired 2018-09-19AWARDS & HONORS $800: Each year the Horror Writers Association presents awards named in honor of this "Dracula" author (Bram) Stoker
#7801, aired 2018-07-09POP CULTURE STUPID ANSWERS $400: Carrie Fisher auditioned for "Star Wars" & this horror film at the same time--the 2 directors were in the same room Carrie
#7791, aired 2018-06-25DON'T TELL ME $1000: Sergeant Howie, you've got an appointment with the title pagan fella in this 1973 horror classic The Wicker Man
#7770, aired 2018-05-25A "LITTLE" ENTERTAINMENT $1600: Songs featured in this Broadway musical include "Grow For Me" & "Suddenly Seymour" Little Shop of Horrors
#7762, aired 2018-05-15IT'S ONLY AN ALLUSION $600: Women who submit to their husbands as perfect, servile spouses, like those in a 1975 horror movie Stepford wives
#7757, aired 2018-05-08GENIUS: PICASSO $1200: Many of Picasso's motivations are dramatized, like how the horrors of the Spanish Civil War inspired this masterpiece Guernica
#7723, aired 2018-03-21I'VE SEEN THE LIGHTS GO OUT ON BROADWAY $600: "The Rocky Horror Show" did not last a month in 1975, but this actor was back in the "Picture" as Frank-N-Furter Tim Curry
#7717, aired 2018-03-13ENTERTAINMENT 2017 $1200: Billy Eichner left the street for this show's "Cult" & played a game of what Billy liked to call "sawing off my boss' head" American Horror Story
#7701, aired 2018-02-191970s MOVIES $800: This not-at-all Christmasy film about demonic possession opened on December 26, 1973 The Exorcist
#7696, aired 2018-02-12WORLD WAR I LITERATURE $1600: This Michael Morpurgo novel showed the triumphs & the horrors of the war through equine eyes War Horse
#7691, aired 2018-02-05MEMOIRS ON AUDIBLE $600: He delves into some of the thrills and horrors of writing fiction: Second and slightly more important was the fact that I didn't much like the lead character. Carrie White seemed thick and passive, a ready-made victim Stephen King
#7689, aired 2018-02-01TV SHOWS IN OTHER WORDS $1200: "Yankee terror tale" American Horror Story
#7637, aired 2017-11-2120/20 AT 40 $800: (Elizabeth Vargas of 20/20 presents the clue.) In 2015 I traveled to Iraq to cover the plight of Christian refugees trying to flee the horrors of this terrorist group ISIL (or ISIS)
#7621, aired 2017-10-30"Z" GRADE ENTERTAINMENT $1600: This "Hellbilly Deluxe" rocker has expanded his repertoire to directing horror films Rob Zombie
#7610, aired 2017-10-13"THE" MOVIE $1600: This 1973 horror classic had Linda Blair take an extended look around The Exorcist
#7606, aired 2017-10-09CLASSICS ON AUDIBLE $600: Kenneth Branagh captures the horror of this story "There were rumors that a very important station was in jeopardy, and its chief, Mr. Kurtz, was ill" Heart of Darkness
#7603, aired 2017-10-04TIMELY TALK $1000: Before singing about "The Time Warp", Riff Raff intones, "Time is" this, meaning it passes quickly fleeting
#7585, aired 2017-07-28& OTHER ODD FILMS $2000: A favorite of Kubrick's was this 1977 black-&-white David Lynch horror film about a man with an unusual child Eraserhead
#7579, aired 2017-07-20A PSYCHOTIC EPISODE $400: "The clown was put on Earth... to introduce me to the sweet language of murder"--Dandy, on this: "Freak Show" American Horror Story
#7560, aired 2017-06-23SCARY READING $400: This beastly 1902 novel is a Sherlock Holmes foray into horror The Hound of the Baskervilles
#7560, aired 2017-06-23SCARY READING $1000: An early 20th c. New England recluse, he wrote scary tales like "The Thing on the Doorstep" & "The Dunwich Horror" H.P. Lovecraft
#7542, aired 2017-05-30THE 1910s $1000: A month into WWI, the first battle of this French river introduced the horrors of trench warfare the Marne
#7539, aired 2017-05-25THE LITERATURE OF ISRAEL $400: Holocaust survivor Aharon Appelfeld wrote of the impending horror in "Badenheim" this year 1939
#7526, aired 2017-05-08SINGERS WHO ACT $1200: She slayed 'em as the Countess on "American Horror Story: Hotel" Lady Gaga
#7509, aired 2017-04-13LITERARY QUOTES $800: In this Poe story, "I had scarcely stepped from my... bed of horror... when the motion of the hellish machine ceased" The Pit and the Pendulum
#7495, aired 2017-03-24OH, THE HORROR! $200: In the original film it's the night in 1963 when 6-year-old Michael Myers stabbed his sister to death Halloween
#7495, aired 2017-03-24OH, THE HORROR! $400: "Roanoke", about a haunted farm house in North Carolina, is the sixth season of this FX anthology American Horror Story
#7495, aired 2017-03-24OH, THE HORROR! $600: Both a 1999 film & its 2016 sequel feature found footage exploring this title figure in the Maryland woods The Blair Witch Project
#7495, aired 2017-03-24OH, THE HORROR! $800: "What's Wrong With Norman" was an episode of this drama on A&E Bates Motel
#7495, aired 2017-03-24OH, THE HORROR! $1000: Ghostface, the white-masked killer in this 1996 film, asks, "What's your favorite scary movie? Scream
#7492, aired 2017-03-21THE JEAN POOL $1600: Al Jean wrote 2 of "The Simpsons" Halloween episodes called this the "Treehouse of Horror"s
#7444, aired 2017-01-12YOU'RE THE MAN! $1200: For his many roles, silent horror film actor Lon Chaney was "The Man of" these a Thousand Faces
#7413, aired 2016-11-30CURRENT POP CULTURE $400: She credited her "American Horror Story" producer Ryan Murphy for her Best Actress in a Play win at the Tonys in 2016 Jessica Lange
#7385, aired 2016-10-21HORROR TV $400: The Art Deco Oviatt Building was used for exterior shots of this anthology series' "Hotel", the Cortez American Horror Story
#7385, aired 2016-10-21HORROR TV $800: Taking place in the same zombie-killing universe, this TV show adds a word to the title of its predecessor Fear the Walking Dead
#7385, aired 2016-10-21HORROR TV $1200: A corpse character was the master of "scaremonies" for this HBO horror anthology Tales from the Crypt
#7385, aired 2016-10-21HORROR TV $1600: On "The Twilight Zone" episode "To Serve Man", the aliens' intentions are revealed, as "it's" this kind of book! a cookbook
#7385, aired 2016-10-21HORROR TV $2000: This Showtime series features Eva Green as a Victorian-era medium with a troubled past Penny Dreadful
#7375, aired 2016-10-07MUSIC FOR THE DENTIST'S CHAIR $1600: Gulp! I just heard the lyric "I thrill when I drill a bicuspid" from "Dentist!", a song in this movie musical Little Shop of Horrors
#7352, aired 2016-07-262016 PEOPLE'S CHOICE TV WINNERS $1000: This "royal" Fox series sounds like a horror show but took home the prize for New TV Comedy Scream Queens
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $400: "Yet you, my creator, detest and spurn me, thy creature" is said in this novel Frankenstein
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $800: This character says, "Billy thinks he wants to change. He's making himself a girl suit out of real girls" Hannibal Lecter
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $1200: A vampire asks how much tape a reporter has in the second paragraph of a novel by this author Anne Rice
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $1600: You get horror right in the title of this book & the prologue tells of 1974 mass murders at a home on Long Island The Amityville Horror
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $2000: It's a rough go for humanity as a supercomputer turns evil in Harlan Ellison's "I Have No Mouth and I Must" do this Scream
#7344, aired 2016-07-14MORE FUNNY THAN SCARY $1200: A human who's infiltrated the enemy commits the faux pas of asking for ketchup in this 1978 horror spoof Attack of the Killer Tomatoes
#7316, aired 2016-06-06ALL KINDS OF DRAMA $1200: Emphasizing violence & horror, Grand Guignol plays of the 19th century took their name from a theater in this city Paris
#7310, aired 2016-05-27FEAR $1200: Leatherface is the killer in this "stately" 1974 horror film loosely based on the life of Ed Gein The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
#7273, aired 2016-04-06FICTIONAL HUNCHBACKS $1200: Riff Raff was this doctor's hunchbacked aide in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Frank-N-Furter
#7263, aired 2016-03-23FELINE LIBRARY $1600: Winston Churchill is an unfortunate cat run over & buried in an ancient burial ground in this 1983 horror novel Pet Sematary
#7255, aired 2016-03-11LITERARY CHARACTERS' LAST WORDS $800: In a 1902 novella: "The horror! The horror!" Kurtz
#7233, aired 2016-02-10ON NETFLIX $600: Available seasons of this series include "Coven" & "Freak Show" American Horror Story
#7219, aired 2016-01-21IN MEMORIAM 2015 $400: Sadly for moviegoers, the "Nightmares" are over with the passing of this horrormeister at age 76 Wes Craven
#7219, aired 2016-01-21IN THE ORIGINAL $600: With this horror movie, director George Romero started a franchise but never used the word "zombie" Night of the Living Dead
#7218, aired 2016-01-20SCREAMS, SHOUTS $2000: Donald Sutherland was a total scream dealing with pod people in this 1978 horror remake Invasion of the Body Snatchers
#7212, aired 2016-01-12OSCAR WINNERS ON TV $400: Her trophy case is getting full: Oscars for "Blue Sky" & "Tootsie" plus 2 Emmys for "American Horror Story" Jessica Lange
#7187, aired 2015-12-08HORROR FILMS $200: The dark past of Lakewood comes out in the 2015 MTV series based on this movie series that starred David Arquette Scream
#7187, aired 2015-12-08HORROR FILMS $400: In this 1984 Wes Craven classic, a girl warns her boyfriend, played by Johnny Depp, "Whatever you do, don't fall asleep" Nightmare on Elm Street
#7187, aired 2015-12-08HORROR FILMS $600: Jamie Lee Curtis was paid $8,000 & provided her own wardrobe for this 1978 John Carpenter film, her first feature Halloween
#7187, aired 2015-12-08HORROR FILMS $800: It's the classic 1931 film in which actor Colin Clive yells, "It's alive! It's alive!" Frankenstein
#7187, aired 2015-12-08HORROR FILMS $1000: The 2012 movie in this franchise features Katie Featherston as the demon-possessed Katie for the 4th time Paranormal Activity
#7168, aired 2015-11-11F-STOP $600: A role in "Rocky Horror", or low-class folks Riff Raff
#7161, aired 2015-11-02DOUBLE LETTER 6-LETTER WORDS $800: It's from the Latin for "to bristle with fear"; the this... the this horror
#7156, aired 2015-10-26THE WAY WE "WAR" $1200: This "Rocky Horror" dance is also a sci-fi term the Time Warp
#7145, aired 2015-10-09WAR NOVELS $5,000 (Daily Double): Paul Baumer is an idealistic enlistee until he sees the horrors of war firsthand in this 1929 novel All Quiet on the Western Front
#7140, aired 2015-10-02MEMOIRS $1600: In "Night", this Nobel Peace Prize winner described the horrors he witnessed as a young boy in a Nazi death camp Wiesel
#7089, aired 2015-06-11THE SIMPSONS SUPPORTING CAST $1000: Kang is the drooling alien from this Halloween series of scary episodes "Treehouse of Horror"
#7034, aired 2015-03-26FICTIONAL MOVIE BUSINESSES $2000: A virus created by the Umbrella Corporation is out of control in this horror series Resident Evil
#7028, aired 2015-03-18WHEN VILLAINS SING $400: In "Little Shop of Horrors", Steve Martin croons about his skills in this field dentistry
#7025, aired 2015-03-13LAST NAMES OF FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $400: Krueger & Voorhies are the last names of these 2 horror villains who faced off in a 2003 flick Freddy & Jason
#6989, aired 2015-01-22THE BIG PICTURE $800: This Picasso work is 11 1/2 X 25 1/2', big enough to make viewers feel the horrors of war Guernica
#6980, aired 2015-01-09MOVIE TITLE ADD A LETTER $800: 1979: Captain Willard searches for Col. Kurtz, but the horror! There's a blizzard in Vietnam Apocalypse Snow
#6972, aired 2014-12-30TELEVISION FOR SHORT $400: "Asylum" & "Freak Show" are seasons of this show, "AHS" for short American Horror Story
#6970, aired 2014-12-26THERE'S A J IN THERE SOMEWHERE $2000: Utterly hopeless or contemptible, it often precedes "poverty" or "horror" abject
#6942, aired 2014-11-18THE 2014 EMMYS $800: Jessica Lange & Kathy Bates took home awards for this third season of "American Horror Story" Coven
#6939, aired 2014-11-13WOMEN'S LIT $2000: Daniel Radcliffe starred in a big screen version of this Susan Hill horror novel about a ghost haunting a town The Woman in Black
#6931, aired 2014-11-03ALSO AN ASTEROID $800: This voluptuous horror movie hostess who was more bare than scare Elvira
#6926, aired 2014-10-27HALLOWEEN IS COMING $600: "Halloween" is coming--the 1978 horror film with this actress who strode in as babysitter Laurie Strode Jamie Lee Curtis
#6918, aired 2014-10-15WHICH SANDWICH? $600: James Beard said the inventor of this "horror should be forced to eat 3-deckers 3 times a day the rest of his life" a club sandwich
#6913, aired 2014-10-08THAT BOOK GAVE ME A NIGHTMARE $1600: In "The Hungry Moon", horror stalks a town in England that practices the faith of these pre-Christian priests the druids
#6876, aired 2014-07-07THE MOVIES $1200: This 2009 horror film that cost $15,000 to make grossed over $100 million & has spawned 4 sequels Paranormal Activity
#6859, aired 2014-06-12NOEL, COWARD $600: Noel wouldn't open his tool box after seeing one of the movies in this horror series featuring Tobin Bell Saw
#6858, aired 2014-06-11YOUR HORROR-SCOPE $200: A friend will get your goat if he buys your farm at a foreclosure; baah-d day for this December 22-January 19 sign Capricorn
#6858, aired 2014-06-11YOUR HORROR-SCOPE $400: Something's fishy about this Feb. 19-March 20 sign, & it's your future; mercury poisoning awaits! Pisces
#6858, aired 2014-06-11YOUR HORROR-SCOPE $600: "This is the dawning of the age of" this sign but not for you--you'll fall ill after swimming in polluted water Aquarius
#6858, aired 2014-06-11YOUR HORROR-SCOPE $800: You'll get stung by a pal born under this sign; like one in a folktale, he will simply say, "it's my nature" Scorpio
#6858, aired 2014-06-11YOUR HORROR-SCOPE $1000: Oh no! That can't be right! The item that's the symbol of this sign indicates you gained 15 pounds Libra
#6854, aired 2014-06-05THE STATE OF FILM TODAY $400: Renee Zellweger & Matt McConaughey were in a 1994 sequel to this 1974 Tobe Hooper horror classic The Texas Chain Saw Massacre
#6831, aired 2014-05-05AN ODD CAST OF CHARACTERS $1200: The 1975 film: Magenta, Columbia, Janet Weiss Rocky Horror Picture Show
#6772, aired 2014-02-11RECENT TV $1000: "American Horror Story" turned its attention to witches in its 2013 season, titled this American Horror Story: Coven
#6771, aired 2014-02-10POP CULTURE $400: Chloe Grace Moretz was the title telekinetic teen in a 2013 remake of this horror movie Carrie
#6723, aired 2013-12-04AFFLICTIONS OF YORE $2000: "The horrors" was a term for the hallucinations experienced during this "shaking" state of alcohol withdrawal the DTs
#6699, aired 2013-10-31BUTLER $1600: The name of this butler to Frank-N-Furter in "Rocky Horror" sounds like he's one of the lowest class of people Riff-Raff
#6679, aired 2013-10-03THAT '70s FILM $400: Devotees bring toilet paper, rice, rubber gloves & other props to midnight showings of this 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#6673, aired 2013-09-25AUTHORS ON AUTHORS $1200: This horror master didn't sugarcoat it: "(J.K.) Rowling is a terrific writer and Stephenie Meyer can't write worth a darn" (Stephen) King
#6658, aired 2013-07-24"AMERICAN" ENTERTAINMENT $800: This scary FX show stars Jessica Lange as Sister Jude American Horror Story: Asylum
#6584, aired 2013-04-11BELA $400: This horror movie actor's last film, "Plan 9 from Outer Space", was released in 1959, 3 years after his death Bela Lugosi
#6496, aired 2012-12-10RECENTLY DIRECTED $1600: This horror master was back for more with "Scream 4" Wes Craven
#6495, aired 2012-12-07THAT'S A LAUGH! $600: Then in his 70s, he unleashed his horror-fying laugh on the song "Thriller" Vincent Price
#6472, aired 2012-11-06LITERARY AWARDS $2000: He won a Bram Stoker award for horror for "Lisey's Story" & also has a lifetime achievement award Stephen King
#6462, aired 2012-10-23BEARD AWARD-WINNING CHEFS $600: Chicago's Grant Achatz used his kitchen discipline to beat back cancer of this, a horror for a chef the tongue
#6453, aired 2012-10-10THAT BOOK WAS A HORROR! $400: Anne Rice, 1976: "Interview with" him the Vampire
#6453, aired 2012-10-10THAT BOOK WAS A HORROR! $800: Ira Levin, 1967: her "Baby" Rosemary
#6453, aired 2012-10-10THAT BOOK WAS A HORROR! $1200: Stephen King, 2009: "Under" this the Dome
#6453, aired 2012-10-10THAT BOOK WAS A HORROR! $1600: Shirley Jackson, 1959: "The Haunting of" this "House" Hill
#6453, aired 2012-10-10THAT BOOK WAS A HORROR! $2000: John Wyndham, 1951: "The Day of" these invading plants the Triffids
#6443, aired 2012-09-26MUSEUMS $400: A prison has been taken over by unhinged inmates in this notorious chamber of Madame Tussaud's London wax museum Horrors
#6436, aired 2012-09-17OSCAR WINNERS ON TV $800: In 2012 this 2-time Oscar winner won a Golden Globe for her role on "American Horror Story" Jessica Lange
#6385, aired 2012-05-25THERE'S SOMETHING ON THE AIR $1200: Jessica Lange makes her debut as an episodic TV regular on this creepy "Story" American Horror Story
#6382, aired 2012-05-22BEFORE & AFTER GOES TO THE MOVIES $2,000 (Daily Double): Mia Farrow taking a pregnant pause in a horror pic segues into Tina Fey's ticking biological clock in a 2008 comedy Rosemary's Baby Mama
#6382, aired 2012-05-22BEFORE & AFTER GOES TO THE MOVIES $2000: The horror, the horror at seeing a Coppola war film turn into a 1942 film where Bette Davis overcomes her domineering ma Apocalypse Now, Voyager
#6372, aired 2012-05-08WHO WROTE THE LINE? $2000: "He cried out twice, a cry that was no more than a breath--'The horror! The horror!"' Joseph Conrad
#6371, aired 2012-05-07THEATER $1,000 (Daily Double): This long-running musical is based on a 1911 horror novel by Gaston Leroux Phantom of the Opera
#6360, aired 2012-04-20MARINE BIOLOGY $200: "The Night Of" this 10-armed creature wasn't a horror film but a Jacques Cousteau TV special the squid
#6337, aired 2012-03-20BESTSELLERS $2,000 (Daily Double): Seth Grahame-Smith revealed an unknown aspect of the Civil War in the horror-history hybrid called Him: "Vampire Hunter" Abraham Lincoln
#6250, aired 2011-11-18ANYTHING BUT OPERA $800: Richard O'Brien not only created this musical, he also played the role of Riff Raff Rocky Horror Picture Show
#6199, aired 2011-07-21NOVEL QUOTES $400: 1937: "A sudden understanding, a pity mixed with horror, welled up in Bilbo's heart" The Hobbit
#6196, aired 2011-07-18CALL ME SHIRLEY $2000: Her "The Haunting of Hill House" is considered a treasure of Gothic horror literature Shirley Jackson
#6193, aired 2011-07-13ROCK OF STAGES $200: This stage musical around since 1973 has Brad & Janet but no "Picture" in the title The Rocky Horror Show
#6159, aired 2011-05-26AUTHORS $200: While attending Lisbon Falls High School in Maine, this horror author published a newspaper, The Village Vomit Stephen King
#6149, aired 2011-05-12FILM GRAMMAR $800: Horror films often show the victim from the perspective of the killer, a shot known by this 3-letter abbrev. POV (point of view)
#6129, aired 2011-04-14THANKS FOR THE MEMOIRS $200: In "On Writing" this horror author wrote about his early life in Maine & gave advice to aspiring novelists Stephen King
#6107, aired 2011-03-15TAKE A STAB $600: In a 1976 horror film, this telekinetic teen uses her powers to "throw" cutlery at her uber-religious mom Carrie
#6097, aired 2011-03-01TEENS IN HISTORY $2000: Mary Shelley was just 19 when she wrote this horror classic Frankenstein
#6089, aired 2011-02-17WHAT KIDS ARE READING THESE DAYS $800: This horror master's "Full Dark, No Stars" is a collection of creepy campfire tales (Stephen) King
#6045, aired 2010-12-17"A" + 4 $400: To regard with horror or loathing abhor
#6031, aired 2010-11-29SHAKESPEAREAN PORTMANTEAU $400: Shakespeare writes the 11th sequel to the Freddy Krueger horror films Twelfth Nightmare on Elm Street
#5997, aired 2010-10-12BEFORE & AFTER AT THE MOVIES $800: A mouse-like boy runs afoul of a carnivorous plant Stuart Little Shop of Horrors
#5988, aired 2010-09-29SCARY STARTS $1000: After appearing in "Return to Horror High" & "Return of the Killer Tomatoes!", he luckily got a trip to the "ER" George Clooney
#5914, aired 2010-05-06DESCRIBING THE NO. 1 SONG $2000: J. Geils, 1982: Horrors! The singer must deal with his "angel" being cute enough to be featured in a men's magazine "Centerfold"
#5906, aired 2010-04-261990s BESTSELLERS $200: In 1990 "Four Past Midnight" hit the bestseller lists for this horrormeister Stephen King
#5904, aired 2010-04-22JOHN TRAVOLTA FILMS $800: Before "Welcome Back, Kotter" aired, Travolta played one of this title girl's tormentors in a 1976 horror film Carrie
#5887, aired 2010-03-30FRANKENSTEIN $800: Mick Jagger wanted to play Dr. Frank-N-Furter in this 1975 film; Tim Curry got the role instead Rocky Horror Picture Show
#5876, aired 2010-03-15MOVIES' ALTERNATE ENDINGS $400: A blood-craving Audrey II "branches" out & takes over NYC in Frank Oz' ending that never was to this film Little Shop of Horrors
#5871, aired 2010-03-08WEST SIDE STORY $800: Nicholas Meyer's "The West End Horror" takes this Victorian detective into the theatrical world Sherlock Holmes
#5845, aired 2010-01-29HOLLYWOOD REMAKES $2000: This 1960 Jack Nicholson-Jonathan Haze movie was remade as a musical in 1986 Little Shop of Horrors
#5841, aired 2010-01-25WORD-BY-WORD BOOK SUMMARIES $800: 1902: Congo. Upriver. Jungle. Godlike. Horror. Horror Heart of Darkness
#5820, aired 2009-12-25SHIRLEY MacLAINE $800: When William Peter Blatty was writing this horror novel in the early '70s, he based the mother on Shirley, a close friend The Exorcist
#5797, aired 2009-11-24LYRICS FROM MUSICALS $2000: "Suddenly Seymour is standing beside me, he don't give me orders, he don't condescend" Little Shop of Horrors
#5766, aired 2009-10-12WAR FILMS $400: One of the last lines of this Vietnam war-set film is "The horror... the horror" Apocalypse Now
#5729, aired 2009-07-02CRY $1200: Roberto Benigni shields his son from the horrors of a concentration camp in this Italian Oscar winner Life Is Beautiful
#5701, aired 2009-05-25CLASSIC MOVIE SPECIAL EFFECTS $1200: 1998: Bullet trails in the water showcase the horror of the Normandy invasion Saving Private Ryan
#5696, aired 2009-05-18COLONIALISM IN AFRICA $1000: In this 1902 novel Joseph Conrad exposed many of the horrors of colonialism in Africa Heart of Darkness
#5695, aired 2009-05-15SCINTILLATING SYLLABUS $600: A class at Bowdoin College studies directors like Romero & Craven in a review of this genre of movies horror films
#5681, aired 2009-04-27DANCE REVOLUTION $2000: From "Rocky Horror", it's "just a jump to the left and then a step to the right with your hands on your hips..." the Time Warp
#5678, aired 2009-04-22RELIGIONS $200: This religion was created by a man who wrote Westerns, horror & science fiction stories Scientology
#5660, aired 2009-03-27MOVIE TITLE TRANSLATIONS $2000: In Latin America this 2008 horror remake was titled "Bloody Graduation Night" Prom Night
#5642, aired 2009-03-03PROJECT RUNAWAY $4,000 (Daily Double): It was more romance than horror when, in 1814, she ran away with a married poet & became a novelist Mary Shelley
#5598, aired 2008-12-31MOVIE CALENDAR $400: Michael Myers kills his sister on the title occasion of this 1978 horror film Halloween
#5580, aired 2008-12-05SYMPHONIES ON FILM $1600: This 1922 film seen here was subtitled "A Symphony of Horror" Nosferatu
#5578, aired 2008-12-03SHATNER HAPPENS $800: Psycho killer Mike Myers wears Bill's face--a Captain Kirk mask, painted white--in this 1978 horror classic Halloween
#5574, aired 2008-11-27SHOW BIZ AWARD WINNERS $800: The Saturn Awards honor Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror & in 2003 they recognized this hobbit portrayer Elijah Wood
#5529, aired 2008-09-25SPOOF FILMS $1000: This 2000 horror film had the tagline "No mercy. No shame. No sequel"; the sequel's tagline was "We lied" Scary Movie
#5491, aired 2008-06-23MOVIE SONGS $400: "Let's Do" this "Again"--& again, as we watch "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" over & over the Time Warp
#5467, aired 2008-05-20ON THE STAGE $400: On Skid Row, love blooms for Seymour while Audrey II has a feeding frenzy in this play Little Shop of Horrors
#5449, aired 2008-04-24"B"EOPLE $2000: This British horror novelist was executive producer of the 1998 film "Gods and Monsters" Clive Barker
#5423, aired 2008-03-19HORROR MOVIE SERIES BY CHARACTER $200: Michael Myers Halloween
#5423, aired 2008-03-19HORROR MOVIE SERIES BY CHARACTER $400: Freddy Krueger Nightmare on Elm Street
#5423, aired 2008-03-19HORROR MOVIE SERIES BY CHARACTER $600: Jason Voorhees Friday the 13th
#5423, aired 2008-03-19HORROR MOVIE SERIES BY CHARACTER $800: Leatherface The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
#5423, aired 2008-03-19HORROR MOVIE SERIES BY CHARACTER $1000: Pinhead Hellraiser
#5420, aired 2008-03-14NAME THE NOVEL $800: 1902: "The horror! The horror!" Heart of Darkness
#5356, aired 2007-12-17GIRLY MOVIES $2,000 (Daily Double): A tagline for this 1983 horror film is "She'll possess you. Then destroy you. She's death on wheels. She's..." Christine
#5341, aired 2007-11-26NOW PLAYING AT THE OEDIPUS COMPLEX $200: Mother "isn't quite herself today" in this 1960 horror classic Psycho
#5338, aired 2007-11-21BEFORE & AFTER AT THE MOVIES $800: Dr. Frank N. Furter is dragged aboard a paddle steamer to sing "Ol' Man River" with Paul Robeson in this musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show Boat
#5323, aired 2007-10-31FEARNET $600: FEARnet sends you "Behind the Scenes" of this HBO series that saw the making of a horror film called "Cleaver" The Sopranos
#5254, aired 2007-06-14FEARnet $200: A multi-platform horror network, FEARnet includes a V.O.D. service, short for this video on demand
#5254, aired 2007-06-14FEARnet $400: As voted on by members, the most popular horror shockers include "The Shining" & this '73 Linda Blair film The Exorcist
#5254, aired 2007-06-14FEARnet $600: Join FEARnet & you can rank movies, discuss horror topics, or just post one of these death notices for yourself obituary
#5254, aired 2007-06-14FEARnet $1000: At FEARnet's "News & Reviews" section catch up on events like this horror mag's convention in Chicago Fangoria
#5223, aired 2007-05-02THE MOVIES $600: Shia LaBeouf discovers that "every killer lives next door to someone" in this 2007 horror film Disturbia
#5222, aired 2007-05-01FACE BOOK $1600: Pride & terror mix on Mr. Kurtz' face before he makes this final exclamation The horror!
#5187, aired 2007-03-13I JUST SAW A GHOST! $800: The "horror" that took place in the Lutz home in this N.Y. city included flying ghostly pigs & walls that oozed blood Amityville
#5144, aired 2007-01-11"BLACK" & "WHITE" MOVIES $1600: This classic 1954 horror film about a humanoid amphibian monster practically saved Universal from bankruptcy Creature from the Black Lagoon
#5130, aired 2006-12-22NOVEL BALLETS $400: S.C.'s Columbia City Ballet subtitled its adaptation of this 19th C. horror classic "Ballet With A Bite" Dracula
#5123, aired 2006-12-13MOVIES WITHIN MOVIES $600: In the third installment of this horror franchise, Sidney Prescott visits the set of "Stab 3" Scream
#5083, aired 2006-10-18THEY HATE L.A. $1000: An Oscar-nominated screenwriter in the 1930s, this witty woman called L.A. "a horror to me" Dorothy Parker
#5058, aired 2006-09-13IT'S A MAN, BABY! $600: Tim Curry was dressed for success as Dr. Frank-N-Furter in this 1975 cult movie The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#5022, aired 2006-06-13SEE FOR YOURSELF $400: Oh, the horror of this 1966 Lisbon Falls, Maine high school graduate seen here Stephen King
#5017, aired 2006-06-06POP CULTURE $1000: In the movie "Shock Treatment", the 1981 sequel to this cult classic, Brad & Janet appear on a TV game show The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#5016, aired 2006-06-05FEARFUL QUOTES $1000: "The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear", opined this master of horror novels like "The Lurking Fear" H.P. Lovecraft
#5007, aired 2006-05-23FAMILY FEUD $400: To Martha's horror, husband George "kills" their son in this Albee play (well, not really) Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
#5005, aired 2006-05-19NOVEL PICTURE PUZZLES $400: This is a horror classic Frankenstein (frank in stein)
#5001, aired 2006-05-15A CATEGORY OF CATEGORIES $400: BEFORE & AFTER: Popular "holy" expression about work week's end joins Jason in a 1980 horror movie Thank God it's Friday the 13th
#4980, aired 2006-04-14AWARDS & HONORS $1600: This play, the 1982-83 New York Drama Critics Circle Best Musical winner, was based on a Roger Corman film Little Shop of Horrors
#4972, aired 2006-04-04GEOGRAPHIC CINEMA $200: 1979: "The ___ Horror" Amityville
#4964, aired 2006-03-23SOUND CHECK $200: It's heard here & found in a famous horror movie title a chainsaw
#4905, aired 2005-12-30MICHAEL J. FOX $2000: In 1991, Michael directed "The Trap", an episode in this spooky HBO horror anthology series Tales from the Crypt
#4905, aired 2005-12-30SCARY MOVIES $400: Annie hitches a ride to Camp Crystal Lake at the beginning of this 1980 horror classic Friday the 13th
#4898, aired 2005-12-21THERE IS A SANTA CLAUSE $1200: Not a horror movie slasher, the Weihnachtsmann visits this country bordered to the north by Denmark Germany
#4871, aired 2005-11-14SCARY MOVIES $1000: A cross of horror & western, "The Devil's Rejects" was written & directed by this shock rocker Rob Zombie
#4862, aired 2005-11-01PUPPETRY ON BROADWAY $800: Several puppets of different sizes "plant" themselves onstage as Audrey II in this musical Little Shop of Horrors
#4849, aired 2005-10-13THE BOOK NOOK $400: From the Latin for "to form", it's the noun for made-up stories, from "Moby Dick" to the "Heritage of Horror" novels fiction
#4826, aired 2005-09-12POETIC LINES $400: Poe was referring to these when he wrote, "How they clang, and crash, and roar! What a horror they outpour" the bells
#4820, aired 2005-07-15QUOTES! $2,500 (Daily Double): He penned the immortal 1902 line "The horror! The horror!" Joseph Conrad
#4758, aired 2005-04-20LIKE SHOW BUSINESS $600: Opening at No. 1 at the box office in 2004, a prequel to this 1973 horror flick really "turned some heads" The Exorcist
#4741, aired 2005-03-28THIRD WORLD $600: The third "Amityville Horror" & the third "Jaws" films were both filmed in this special process 3-D
#4737, aired 2005-03-22DO IT LIKE THE EUROPEANS $600: This 15th-century European staked his claim to fame by inspiring a classic horror movie character Vlad the Impaler
#4722, aired 2005-03-01I "AM" $400: Horrors! It's a 5-letter term for friendliness amity
#4702, aired 2005-02-01POP SINGERS ON BROADWAY $800: You could say this singer was "N Sync" when he starred in "Little Shop of Horrors" in 2004 Joey Fatone
#4667, aired 2004-12-14THE FABULOUS '50s $1200: A 1954 code trying to stop juvenile delinquency said "horror" or "terror" could not be used in titles of these comics
#4639, aired 2004-11-05OF YOUR "LOVE" $1000: His literary output includes "The Thing on the Doorstep" & "The Dunwich Horror" H.P. Lovecraft
#4625, aired 2004-10-15LITERARY ANALYSIS $1600: Homicidal; believes he's God; lunacy perhaps caused by the African heat; must find out what he means by "The Horror" (Col.) Kurtz (Mr. Kurtz accepted)
#4590, aired 2004-07-16"DEATH" $2000: Azrael is the Muslim name for this heavenly horror the Angel of Death
#4571, aired 2004-06-21MUSICAL SETTINGS $200: In an ever-popular musical, Mr. Mushnik's flower shop becomes this title place Little Shop of Horrors
#4570, aired 2004-06-18ALL AROUND LONDON $200: Chamber Live, an interactive addition to this scary part of Madame Tussaud's, is unsuitable for the very nervous Chamber of Horrors
#4524, aired 2004-04-15THE PLAGUE $1000: In his famous diary, he recounted the horrors of the Great Plague of 1660s London Samuel Pepys
#4494, aired 2004-03-0419th CENTURY LITERATURE $400: His unladylike horror story "The Cask of Amontillado" was first published in Godey's Lady's Book, in 1846 (Edgar Allan) Poe
#4489, aired 2004-02-26CLASSIC SCI-FI & HORROR FILMS $400: Before he was Spock, he had a small role in the mutant ant infestation classic "Them!" in 1954 (Leonard) Nimoy
#4489, aired 2004-02-26CLASSIC SCI-FI & HORROR FILMS $800: Yes, dahling, this Hungarian actress played Talleah in the 1958 cult favorite "Queen of Outer Space" Zsa Zsa Gabor
#4489, aired 2004-02-26CLASSIC SCI-FI & HORROR FILMS $1200: Holy Moses! He played a doctor fighting off zombies spawned by germ warfare in "The Omega Man" (Charlton) Heston
#4489, aired 2004-02-26CLASSIC SCI-FI & HORROR FILMS $1600: More famous for his 14 films as Sherlock Holmes, he was the "Son of Frankenstein" in 1939 (Basil) Rathbone
#4489, aired 2004-02-26CLASSIC SCI-FI & HORROR FILMS $2000: Intent on demolishing Tokyo, Gamera was a giant monster one of these reptiles that breathed fire & could fly turtle
#4472, aired 2004-02-03QUOTABLE MOVIES $600: 1960: "No dulls the senses" Little Shop of Horrors
#4461, aired 2004-01-19BEFORE & AFTER $2000: Classic Chaucer work adapted for a 1990s TV sci-fi/horror anthology series Canterbury Tales from the Crypt
#4444, aired 2003-12-25CINEMACABRE $400: The first big screen version of this Mary Shelley horror classic was filmed by Thomas Edison in 1810 Frankenstein
#4444, aired 2003-12-25CINEMACABRE $1600: A remake of this classic 1974 horror film massacred the box office in 2003 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
#4444, aired 2003-12-25CINEMACABRE $2000: A demonic puzzle cube is the centerpiece of this horror film series based on a Clive Barker novel Hellraiser
#4422, aired 2003-11-25WE "LOVE" LITERATURE $400: (Video of Cheryl in Providence, RI.) This is the original 1920 manuscript of a horror story by this author, whose initials stood for Howard Phillips H.P. Lovecraft
#4418, aired 2003-11-19THE SETH GREEN SCENE $2000: In this 1999 comedy horror film, Seth is killed by his pal's possessed right mitt Idle Hands
#4324, aired 2003-05-22POL POT-POURRI $1,400 (Daily Double): This 1984 Oscar-winning film brought the genocidal horrors of Pol Pot & his regime to the eyes of the world The Killing Fields
#4316, aired 2003-05-12SPORTS SHORTS $1000: Horror film nickname of the coach seen here [Jon Gruden of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers] "Chucky"
#4278, aired 2003-03-19LITERARY BEFORE & AFTER $2000: The horror! The horror! Marlow travels up the Congo to find Kurtz & Rubashov in a totalitarian prison state Heart of Darkness at Noon
#4201, aired 2002-12-02SCARY BOOKS $1,000 (Daily Double): Appropriately, Richard Laymon's "The Traveling Vampire Show" won the horror award named for this 19th c. novelist Bram Stoker
#4188, aired 2002-11-13ENGLISH LIT $1200: Kurtz' dying words in this Joseph Conrad tale are "The horror! The horror!" "Heart of Darkness"
#4177, aired 2002-10-29PETER, PAUL & MARY $600: Bestsellers from this master of horror include "Koko" & "Ghost Story" Peter Straub
#4135, aired 2002-07-19FAIRY TALES $800: A house made of food turns into a house of horror when 2 kids bake a witch in this "Grimm" tale Hansel & Gretel
#4119, aired 2002-06-27LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS $400: His last horror story, "Hop-Frog", was written in 1849 & then, nevermore... Edgar Allan Poe
#4119, aired 2002-06-27LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS $800: In this 1967 Ira Levin novel, Satan fathers a child with a young Manhattan woman Rosemary's Baby
#4119, aired 2002-06-27LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS $1600: This H.G. Wells horror work was brought to the big screen in 1933 as "The Island of Lost Souls" The Island of Doctor Moreau
#4119, aired 2002-06-27LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS $2000: William Wymark Jacobs' most famous horror story was about this cursed title animal appendage The Monkey's Paw
#4119, aired 2002-06-27LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS $3,000 (Daily Double): The action in this Jay Anson horror novel takes place at 112 Ocean Avenue, a house on Long Island The Amityville Horror
#4091, aired 2002-05-20DEAD TV $400: This '90s horror anthology series was hosted by a talking skeleton Tales From the Crypt
#4064, aired 2002-04-11ROCK & ROLL CINEMA $800: As the cross-dressing Dr. Frank N. Furter in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show", he led the frivolities Tim Curry
#4019, aired 2002-02-07AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT $400: "We make up horrors to help us cope with the real ones", observed this author of "Carrie" & "The Shining" Stephen King
#4003, aired 2002-01-16NOVELISTS $400: In an essay titled "Why I Was Bachman", this horror writer explained why he used a pseudonym for some works Stephen King
#3985, aired 2001-12-21A FAREWELL $2000: Col. Kurtz' last words in "Apocalypse Now" are these 2 words, repeated the horror
#3968, aired 2001-11-28BEFORE & AFTER $1600: It's "Just the facts, ma'am", that this "Dragnet" cop is an "unlucky" 1980 horror film Joe Friday the 13th
#3964, aired 2001-11-22THE INTERNATIONAL CINEPLEX $500: In Taiwan "You're Still Next" was this horror film's sequel; Pop Rocks killing Life cereal's Mikey is an example of one Urban Legend
#3962, aired 2001-11-20ONE-WORD FILM TITLES $300: John Hurt got something off his chest in this '79 horror flick also starring Sigourney Weaver Alien
#3955, aired 2001-11-09TAKE ME TO THE THEATRE! $800: "Let's Do The Time Warp" at this musical that does not--repeat, does not--have the word "Picture" in its title The Rocky Horror Show
#3942, aired 2001-10-23FIVE WEDDINGS & A FUNERAL $800: During "Rocky Horror", audiences throw rice when this TV mayor attends a wedding with Susan Sarandon Barry Bostwick
#3941, aired 2001-10-22PAINTING & SCULPTURE $200: This Picasso masterpiece expressing the horrors of war was done entirely in gray, black & white "Guernica"
#3940, aired 2001-10-19"CAB" $600: Stephen King's 1980 overview of the horror genre was called "Danse" this Macabre
#3916, aired 2001-09-17"B" MOVIES $100: A marriage-minded monster awaits this title creation in a 1935 horror classic starring Elsa Lanchester The Bride of Frankenstein
#3913, aired 2001-09-12MOVIE SONGS $500 (Daily Double): "Mean Green Mother From Outer Space" (1986) The Little Shop of Horrors
#3901, aired 2001-07-16MOVIE MANIA $100: The fourth installment of this horror movie series was subtitled "The Return of Michael Myers" Halloween
#3887, aired 2001-06-26KNOCK, KNOCK $800: Newsweek said this Gregory Peck horror film with young Damien was "the latest serving of deviled ham" The Omen
#3883, aired 2001-06-20BEFORE & AFTER AT THE MOVIES $800: In this black & white horror classic, zombies also "Seize the Day" with Robin Williams Night of the Living Dead Poets Society
#3878, aired 2001-06-13BOOK REVIEWS $500 (Daily Double): One review said that this 1977 horror novel "can burn its images -- such as room 217 -- into your brain" "The Shining"
#3870, aired 2001-06-01CHARACTER REFERENCE $200: Peter Quint is a ghost in "The Turn of the Screw" & Quint is an Amity Island fisherman in this 1974 novel Jaws
#3867, aired 2001-05-29NO OIL PAINTING $100: J.P. Morgan suffered from rhinophyma, which turned this part of his anatomy into a swollen horror Nose
#3821, aired 2001-03-26AT THE MOVIES $200: Let's all do the Time Warp again while watching this 1975 film starring Tim Curry The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#3804, aired 2001-03-01"C.B." $200: "Hellraiser" horror novelist & director Clive Barker
#3749, aired 2000-12-14"LOVE" IS THE ANSWER $800: This author's horror & fantasy novels like "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" only became popular after his death H.P. Lovecraft
#3746, aired 2000-12-11BARRY ME $200: He played Brad Majors in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Barry Bostwick
#3734, aired 2000-11-23PLAYS BY CHARACTERS $300: Chiffon, Mushnik, Audrey Two "Little Shop of Horrors"
#3706, aired 2000-10-16A FILM ON YOUR TEETH $800: Steve Martin played Orin Scrivello, D.D.S. in this 1986 remake Little Shop of Horrors
#3706, aired 2000-10-16A FILM ON YOUR TEETH $1000: This "L.A. Law" actor was back at the old drill in the 1998 horror sequel "The Dentist 2: Brace Yourself" Corbin Bernsen
#3697, aired 2000-10-03TRAVEL & TOURISM $1000: This British wax museum famed for its chamber of horrors now has a time-traveling ride in it, too Madame Tussauds
#3692, aired 2000-09-26POP GOES THE BALLET $400: "Sex" & "Horror" are compositions this member of the Marsalis family wrote for the ballet "Them Twos" Wynton Marsalis
#3666, aired 2000-07-10FILMS OF THE '90s $600: Give a "holler" if you know that this 1996 horror flick won an MTV Award for best movie Scream
#3641, aired 2000-06-05BOOKS & AUTHORS $400: Books by this master of horror include "The Door to December" & "Demon Seed" Dean Koontz
#3621, aired 2000-05-08CELEBRITY ANCESTORS $1,000 (Daily Double): Anna, of "Anna And The King Of Siam", was the great aunt of this legendary horror star, on his "mummy's" side Boris Karloff
#3607, aired 2000-04-18ROCK ALL OVER $200: This campy rock movie musical starred Little Nell, Richard O'Brien & Barry Bostwick, among others Rocky Horror Picture Show
#3605, aired 2000-04-14FOOD PEOPLE $600: A hot & spicy "Rocky Horror Picture Show" actor, or a hot & spicy Indian dish (Tim) Curry
#3589, aired 2000-03-23SMALL-TOWN CINEMA $600: Aliens inhabit the bodies of the staff of a small-town high school in this 1998 horror flick The Faculty
#3577, aired 2000-03-07GHOST STORIES $200: The most important lesson of this 1982 film: Don't build your house on an Indian burial ground Poltergeist
#3576, aired 2000-03-06HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS $100: "A Nightmare on Elm Street" Freddy Krueger
#3576, aired 2000-03-06HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS $200: "Psycho" Norman Bates
#3576, aired 2000-03-06HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS $300: "Friday the 13th" parts 2 through 9 Jason
#3576, aired 2000-03-06HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS $400: "Halloween" Michael Myers
#3576, aired 2000-03-06HORROR MOVIE VILLAINS $500: "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" Leatherface
#3573, aired 2000-03-01FOOD ON FILM $500: This rotund singer was on the menu at Dr. Frank N. Furter's castle in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Meat Loaf
#3564, aired 2000-02-17COME ON, LIT HAPPY $1000: A job as an astrology columnist helped pay the bills for this author of "The Dunwich Horror" H.P. Lovecraft
#3561, aired 2000-02-14SCARY MOVIE SEQUELS $1000: "The Evil Escapes" in the fourth installment of this normally housebound "Horror" The Amityville Horror
#3523, aired 1999-12-22BESTSELLERS $100: In 1998 this master of horror rattled our nerves with "Bag of Bones" Stephen King
#3471, aired 1999-10-11MOVIE REVIEWS $300: The New Yorker felt it had "a democratic right to expect bandages" in this 1999 horror flick The Mummy
#3470, aired 1999-10-08BOTANY $200: To the horror of homeowners, this lawn weed, Taraxacum officinale, can grow 1 1/2' high Dandelion
#3407, aired 1999-06-01"WHIP"s & "CHAIN"s $400: Tool preferred by Leatherface in a 1974 horror classic Chain saw
#3394, aired 1999-05-13KILLER MUSICALS $800: Fyvush Finkel played Mr. Mushnik the florist in this off-Broadway show about a bloodthirsty plant Little Shop of Horrors
#3387, aired 1999-05-04CINEMATIC CHICAGO $1000: Say the name of this Chicago-set 1992 horror movie 5 times into a mirror & a "sweet" killer will appear Candyman
#3372, aired 1999-04-13THE BELA LUGOSI FILE $200: Lugosi was chosen for the big screen role of Dracula after the death of this great horror actor Lon Chaney
#3360, aired 1999-03-26JEFF GOLDBLUM FILMS $300: Jeff tests himself in a matter transporter machine with not-so-good results in this 1986 horror film The Fly
#3353, aired 1999-03-17FILM CHARACTERS $500: "Rocky Horror Picture Show" doctor who's just "A sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania" Dr. Frank N. Furter
#3350, aired 1999-03-12IF THEY MARRIED... $500: If "Sister Act" star Goldberg wed British actor Peter, known for '60s horror films, she'd be... Whoopi Cushing
#3347, aired 1999-03-09IN A STORM MOVIE $400: During an electrical storm in this 1931 horror film, a monster comes "alive" Frankenstein
#3321, aired 1999-02-01SCARY AUTHORS $500: "The Dunwich Horror", "At The Mountain Of Madness", "The Lurking Fear" H.P. Lovecraft
#3313, aired 1999-01-20BIG SCREEN BLOODSUCKERS $800: "Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are In My Neck" was the subtitle of this Roman Polanski horror spoof The Fearless Vampire Killers
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HORRORS! $100: It's the horrific "monster" seen here a Gila monster
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HORRORS! $200: Seen here is the not-so-horrific star of this "tasty" horror-comedy show Buffy the Vampire Slayer
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HORRORS! $400: They're the happy horror homemakers seen here the Munsters (Fred Gwynne & Yvonne de Carlo)
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HORRORS! $500: This 1931 film seen here could have been called "The Two Faces of Frederic March" Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
#3245, aired 1998-10-16HORRORS! $900 (Daily Double): (Hi, I'm Stephen King, Master of Horror.) In this 1979 film, Marlon Brando's character declares "The horror!... The horror!" Apocalypse Now
#3235, aired 1998-10-02STEPHEN KING $400: King's 1981 overview of the horror genre shares its name with this Saint-Saens "Dance" Macabre
#3235, aired 1998-10-02STEPHEN KING $500 (Daily Double): (Hi, I'm Stephen King, master of horror.) In the 1980s I stated, "I've seen the future of horror, and its name is" this author" Clive Barker
#3203, aired 1998-07-01WAX MUSEUMS $200: The scariest part of Madame Tussaud's in London is "The Chamber of" these horrors
#3158, aired 1998-04-29SO FUNNY IT'S SCARY $400: The carnivorous plant in this black comedy screams "Feed me!" Little Shop of Horrors
#3158, aired 1998-04-29SO FUNNY IT'S SCARY $600: This horror movie veteran played the inventor who put together Edward Scissorhands Vincent Price
#3147, aired 1998-04-14THE MOVIES $200: In "Part VIII" of this horror series, "Jason Takes Manhattan" Friday the 13th
#3137, aired 1998-03-31THE SCREAM ACTORS GUILD $2,100 (Daily Double): This 1922 F.W. Murnau drama, seen here, was one of the world's first horror movies: Nosferatu
#3098, aired 1998-02-04AUTHORS ON AUTHORS $800: D.H. Lawrence said this writer of "The Bells" "sounded the horror and the warning of his own doom" Edgar Allan Poe
#3094, aired 1998-01-29LITTLE MOVIES $200: Jack Nicholson played a dental patient in this film that inspired a musical about a bloodthirsty flower Little Shop of Horrors
#3081, aired 1998-01-121981 MOVIES $400: This film developed a cult following with theater patrons carrying wire hangers to the screenings Mommie Dearest
#3077, aired 1998-01-06NOVEL CHARACTERS $200: This Anne Rice character laments, "If I'm starved for blood I look like a perfect horror" Lestat the vampire
#3058, aired 1997-12-10LET'S PLAY CLUE $200: In the 1985 film based on Clue, this "Rocky Horror" actor played Wadsworth the butler Tim Curry
#3051, aired 1997-12-01HORRORS! $100: Despite its title, this 1980 film had enough box office luck to produce 7 sequels by 1989 Friday the 13th
#3051, aired 1997-12-01HORRORS! $200: John Larroquette narrated this 1974 film in which lumbering tools are put to new use The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
#3051, aired 1997-12-01HORRORS! $300: This 1960 Hitchcock classic was partly based on real-life murderer Ed Gein, who skinned his victims Psycho
#3051, aired 1997-12-01HORRORS! $400: He's the monstrous doll in the 3 "Child's Play" movies Chucky
#3051, aired 1997-12-01HORRORS! $500: You won't find this hook-handed slasher of a 1992 film taking a sunrise & sprinkling it with dew The Candyman
#3020, aired 1997-10-17OXYMORONS $400: George Romero made his 1968 horror classic "Night Of" these creatures in Pittsburgh The Living Dead
#3017, aired 1997-10-14MUSICAL THEATRE $400: Much of this musical about a man-eating plant is set at Mr. Mushnik's flower shop Little Shop Of Horrors
#3009, aired 1997-10-02TV STARS ON FILM $300: This creator of "Jeopardy!" appeared in the 1954 3-D horror film "Phantom Of The Rue Morgue" Merv Griffin
#3006, aired 1997-09-29THE "ROCKY"s $300: This 1975 cult film featured such songs as "Dammit, Janet" & "Over At The Frankenstein Place" The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#2972, aired 1997-07-01ONE-MAN SHOWS $600: This star of horror films like "House Of Wax" waxed poetic as Oscar Wilde in "Diversions And Delights" Vincent Price
#2970, aired 1997-06-27EDDIE MURPHY MOVIES $300: "A Nightmare on Elm Street"'s Wes Craven directed Eddie in this 1995 comedy-horror film Vampire in Brooklyn
#2943, aired 1997-05-21IT'S THE PITT'S $200: Brad sank his teeth into the role of Louis de Pointe du Lac in this horror film Interview with the Vampire
#2933, aired 1997-05-07FILM DIRECTORS $800: This director's "Scream" pokes fun at horror films of the '80s, including his own Freddy Krueger movies Wes Craven
#2921, aired 1997-04-21AUTHORS $200: In the early '70s, this master of horror taught English at Maine's Hampden Academy Stephen King
#2918, aired 1997-04-16MOVIE DEBUTS $800: Amy Irving & Betty Buckley debuted in this 1976 Brian De Palma film about horror at a high school prom Carrie
#2915, aired 1997-04-11TV ACTORS & ACTRESSES $1000: Film fans know him as Brad in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"; now he's the mayor of NYC on "Spin City" Barry Bostwick
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AUTHORS & THEIR WORKS $200: His 1904 horror novel "The Jewel of Seven Stars" is much less famous than his "Dracula" Bram Stoker
#2913, aired 1997-04-09MOVIE MUSIC $800: Director John Carpenter wrote music for this Jamie Lee Curtis horror film & its 4 sequels Halloween
#2912, aired 1997-04-08MUSICAL THEATRE $100: In Paris this American musical is known as "La Petite Boutique Des Horreurs" Little Shop of Horrors
#2880, aired 1997-02-21BOOKS OF THE '90S $200: In 1996 this master of horror turned to serial fiction with a 6-part thriller called "The Green Mile" Stephen King
#2863, aired 1997-01-29THE PLAY'S THE THING $800: Hot Dog! He's the villain of "The Rocky Horror Show" Frank N. Furter
#2853, aired 1997-01-15FICTIONAL CHARACTERS $400: Fortunato is the unfortunate victim in this author's famous horror story "The Cask Of Amontillado" Edgar Allan Poe
#2845, aired 1997-01-03'30S FILM FACTS $600: Randolph Scott, Buster Crabbe & this "Shane" star played ape men in the 1933 horror film "Island of Lost Souls" Alan Ladd
#2825, aired 1996-12-06TELEVISION $200: "Freddy's Nightmares", a horror anthology that debuted in 1988, was based on this movie series Nightmare on Elm Street
#2823, aired 1996-12-04SUSAN SARANDON CINEMA $300: This midnight cult film featured Tim Curry as transvestite scientist Frank N. Furter "The Rocky Horror Picture Show"
#2802, aired 1996-11-05THE MOVIES $500: Sequels to this horror film have included "Season of the Witch" & "The Curse of Michael Myers" Halloween
#2798, aired 1996-10-30SHAKESPEAREAN ACTORS $800: Horror film stars Peter Cushing & Christopher Lee appeared in this British actor's 1948 film "Hamlet" Sir Laurence Olivier
#2757, aired 1996-09-03MOVIE DEBUTS $800: The 1981 horror film "The Burning" marked the screen debut of this "Broadcast News" actress (Holly) Hunter
#2749, aired 1996-07-11BOOKS & AUTHORS $1000: Using his initials in reverse, this horror novelist wrote "Chase" under the name K.R. Dwyer Dean R. Koontz
#2680, aired 1996-04-05"NIGHT" MOVIES $400: George Romero shot this 1968 horror classic for under $150,000 Night of the Living Dead
#2557, aired 1995-10-17MUSICAL FILMS $500: Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops was the voice of Audrey II, the bloodthirsty plant in this musical Little Shop of Horrors
#2446, aired 1995-04-03'40s FILM FACTS $400: Kittenish actress Simone Simon showed her claws in this classic horror film about feline folk Cat People
#2412, aired 1995-02-14HORROR & SCI-FI TV $100: A Saturday night series on Nickelodeon asks, "Are You Afraid of" this the Dark
#2412, aired 1995-02-14HORROR & SCI-FI TV $300: David Duchovny & Gillian Anderson are FBI special agents Mulder & Scully on this series The X-Files
#2412, aired 1995-02-14HORROR & SCI-FI TV $400: In a 1994 TV movie FOX continued this 1989-90 series about the Newcomers Alien Nation
#2412, aired 1995-02-14HORROR & SCI-FI TV $500 (Daily Double): Series hosted by the character seen here: Tales from the Crypt
#2412, aired 1995-02-14HORROR & SCI-FI TV $500: The new "Star Trek" starship captained by Kate Mulgrew as Kathryn Janeway Voyager
#2355, aired 1994-11-25INITIALED AUTHORS $1000: "The Shadow Over Innsmouth" was the only book by this American horror writer published during his life H.P. Lovecraft
#2344, aired 1994-11-10ACTORS & ACTRESSES $400: Louise of "Thelma and Louise", she also appeared in the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" (Susan) Sarandon
#2166, aired 1994-01-24'70s BESTSELLERS $1,500 (Daily Double): The book so possessed its readers that it was the bestselling horror novel of the decade The Exorcist
#2059, aired 1993-07-15WRITERS $200: This horror writer's title char. "Dolores Claiborne" admits that she murdered her husband Stephen King
#2055, aired 1993-07-09BOOKS & AUTHORS $400: Peter Straub & this master of horror were good friends long before they collaborated on "The Talisman" Stephen King
#2048, aired 1993-06-30PEOPLE IN HISTORY $800: The name of this Grand Inquisitor became synonymous with the horror of the Spanish Inquisition Torquemada
#1960, aired 1993-02-26HORROR FILMS $100: "Christine" was a car, "Carrie" a girl & "Cujo" one of these dog
#1960, aired 1993-02-26HORROR FILMS $200: Chucky, a killer doll, made his debut in this 1988 film Child's Play
#1960, aired 1993-02-26HORROR FILMS $300: In 1992 Gary Oldman sank his teeth into this title role, playing him both young & old Dracula
#1960, aired 1993-02-26HORROR FILMS $400: This star of "A Nightmare on Elm Street" made his directorial debut with "976-EVIL" Robert Englund
#1960, aired 1993-02-26HORROR FILMS $500: Face it, this nickname really sticks on Clive Barker's main demon from the "Hellraiser" films Pinhead
#1950, aired 1993-02-12THEATRES $800: This "Grand" Paris theatre closed in 1962, but its name is still synonymous with gruesome horror Grand Guignol
#1656, aired 1991-11-11MUSICALS $100: This musical made its Paris debut in 1986 as "La Petite Boutique des Horreurs" Little Shop of Horrors
#1565, aired 1991-05-24LITERATURE $100: He turned from horror to fantasy for his 1987 novel "The Eyes of the Dragon" Stephen King
#1551, aired 1991-05-06B MOVIES $800: From her ability to yell out in terror in horror films, Brinke Stevens has this nearly rhyming title scream queen
#1424, aired 1990-11-08MUSICAL THEATER $400: In this musical based on a Roger Corman film, no one heeds the musical warning, "Don't feed the plants!" Little Shop of Horrors
#1370, aired 1990-07-13MOVIE TRIVIA $300: Robert Cremer's biography of this horror star was subtitled "The Man Behind the Cape" Bela Lugosi
#1362, aired 1990-07-03AMERICAN LITERATURE $1000: Her horror story "The Lottery", first published in the New Yorker, is now widely anthologized Shirley Jackson
#1322, aired 1990-05-08HISTORY $300: 4 treaties to mitigate the horrors of war were signed in this city in August 1949 Geneva
#1312, aired 1990-04-24LITERATURE ON FILM $400: In a 1941 film based on R.L. Stevenson's horror classic, Spencer Tracy played these 2 title characters Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
#1305, aired 1990-04-13MOVIE DIRECTORS $800: "Casualties of War" was an exploration of Vietnam's horror by this maker of horror films like "Carrie" Brian De Palma
#1300, aired 1990-04-06CINEMA $400: This '84 film about the horrors of the Khmer Rouge was finally shown in a Cambodian theater in 1989 The Killing Fields
#1166, aired 1989-10-02FINAL RESTING PLACES $200: At his own request, this Hungarian-born horror film star went to his grave in his famous cape Bela Lugosi
#1103, aired 1989-05-24MOVIE TRIVIA $400: In the '30s Dwight Frye played Fritz the Dwarf in "Frankenstein" & Renfield in this horror classic Dracula
#1015, aired 1989-01-20IN THE DICTIONARY $400: An intense feeling of repugnance & fear, or the genre of film that makes you experience it horror
#969, aired 1988-11-17THEATER $1,000 (Daily Double): In this play, Audrey II is described as "a cross between a Venus fly trap and an avocado" Little Shop of Horrors
#943, aired 1988-10-12ACTORS & ROLES $1000: Bruce Dern played Bette Davis' murdered lover in this 1965 Southern Gothic horror film Hush...Hush, Sweet Charlotte
#805, aired 1988-02-19'87 CINEMA $200: The 3rd installment in this horror series was subtitled "Dream Warriors" A Nightmare on Elm Street
#725, aired 1987-10-30MUSICAL "BELL"S $1,400 (Daily Double): Title of the following, which was used as a theme in a memorable 1973 horror film: "Tubular Bells"
#670, aired 1987-07-03"GOOD", "BETTER" & "BEST" MOVIES $1000: Apt title warning of a 1980 horror film, 'cause the Santa Claus who's coming to town is deadly You Better Watch Out
#663, aired 1987-06-24EUROPE $300: This London museum's famed Chamber of Horrors gives you the creeps--by showing you the creeps Madame Tussauds
#660, aired 1987-06-19II $800: In hit 1986 film, Levi Stubbs of the Four Tops provided the voice of this female plant character Audrey II
#630, aired 1987-05-08MOVIES $400: Due to poor reactions at previews, Frank Oz "planted" a happy ending on this 1986 film Little Shop of Horrors
#581, aired 1987-03-02PHONE NUMBERS $400: When this Jeff Goldblum/Ed Begley Jr. horror spoof rang into theaters, nobody answered Transylvania 6-5000
#575, aired 1987-02-20COMIC BOOKS $500: TV horror film hostess who is now Mistress of the Dark Mansion in "House of Mystery" comic Elvira
#499, aired 1986-11-06SPICY NAMES $600: Actor who made his movie debut as Frank N. Furter in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Tim Curry
#336, aired 1985-12-23"ROCKY"S $500 (Daily Double): Musical featuring "Dammit Janet" & the following: "It's astounding / Time is fleeting..." Rocky Horror (Picture) Show
#4, aired 1984-09-13MOVIES $1000: Went from bit part in film "Little Shop of Horrors" to Oscars for Best Actor & Best Support Jack Nicholson
#1, aired 1983-09-18BEST-SELLERS $50: Hot horror author whose latest book is about haunted '58 Plymouth Stephen King

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (6 results returned)

#8257, aired 2020-10-13LITERARY PRONOUNS: Thanks to a horror film, this novel returned to the bestseller lists in 2017, some 30 years after reaching No. 1 It
#8036, aired 2019-07-15WOMEN AUTHORS: An award for works of horror, dark fantasy & psychological suspense honors this author who came to fame with a 1948 short story Shirley Jackson
#6859, aired 2014-06-12CURRENT TELEVISION: George Romero declined to direct a few episodes of this series, calling it "basically... just a soap opera" The Walking Dead
#6154, aired 2011-05-19LONG-RUNNING FILMS: Playing in theaters since 1975, this film has had the longest continuous theatrical run in movie history The Rocky Horror Picture Show
#5475, aired 2008-05-30WWII: FDR liked to rest near water, but because of fears after Pearl Harbor, this inland place was created for him Camp David
#3485, aired 1999-10-2919th CENTURY FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: This title horror character was created by its author at 6 Royal Crescent in the resort of Whitby in Yorkshire Dracula (created by Bram Stoker)

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