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#8492, aired 2021-10-19NEW YORK CITY $800: Keens Steakhouse displays thousands of clay pipes used by patrons like Buffalo Bill, Babe Ruth & this Rough Rider & N.Y. native Teddy Roosevelt
#8484, aired 2021-10-07WE DID START THE FIRE $400: Plains Indians regularly set prairie fires to spur the growth of fresh grass that enticed herds of these animals buffalo
#8483, aired 2021-10-061800s U.S. HISTORY $400: The first of this man's Wild West shows opened in May 1883 in Omaha Buffalo Bill
#8458, aired 2021-08-04HOWDY, SHERIFF $1600: More slender as a sheriff than as a politician, Grover Cleveland was once known as the hangman of this city in New York Buffalo
#8447, aired 2021-07-20WE NEED NEW YOGI BEARS $200: Kids will love this cartoon bison whose name honors the actor who plays the movies' Hulk Mark Buffalo
#8424, aired 2021-06-17NORTH AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY $1000: This capital of Saskatchewan started out as a hunters' camp called Pile O'Bones due to all the buffalo parts lying around Regina
#8422, aired 2021-06-15THE STAGE $2000: In this David Mamet play, a junk shop owner has sold a rare nickel for less than it's worth & plans to steal it back American Buffalo
#8417, aired 2021-06-08FASHIONABLY $1000: This typically red & black checked pattern now popular at Christmas is said to be named for a herd of animals buffalo plaid
#8400, aired 2021-05-14CREATURE FROM $1200: This big black buffalo is named for a bit of land in way southern Africa Cape buffalo
#8365, aired 2021-03-26DINOSAURS $600: When the first specimen of this horned dinosaur was found in Colorado in 1887, it was mistaken for an extinct buffalo a Triceratops
#8364, aired 2021-03-25GOOD "BI" $400: Zoologists don't consider the American buffalo a buffalo; they use this word instead a bison
#8344, aired 2021-02-25FILMS OF THE '80s $1200: Much of this film with Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs was filmed at Buffalo's War Memorial Stadium because of its old-timey feel The Natural
#8337, aired 2021-02-16NATURAL CONSTRUCTION $400: The largest dam made by these rodents is in Wood Buffalo National Park in Alberta & stretches about a half mile a beaver
#8330, aired 2021-02-05CITY PLANNING $600: For Buffalo, N.Y., Frederick Law Olmsted planned these "ways" he described as "broad thoroughfares planted with trees" parkways
#8312, aired 2021-01-12NOTABLE WOMEN $400: A headlining star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in the 19th century, she was a champion sharpshooter at age 15 Annie Oakley
#8294, aired 2020-12-03NEW YORK CITIES' NICKNAMES $1,000 (Daily Double): Second only to New York City in population, this western port is the "Nickel City" Buffalo
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $2000: "Fletch": "Can I borrow your towel for a sec? My car just hit a ___ ___" a water buffalo
#8263, aired 2020-10-21ARCHITECTS & ARCHITECTURE $2000: Kleinhans Music Hall in Buffalo, New York was designed by these father & son Finnish architects, Eliel & Eero Saarinen
#8258, aired 2020-10-14PIC-POURRI $400: Oh, give me a home where the buffalo or bison roam in this national park; it has the largest number of them on public land Yellowstone
#8251, aired 2020-10-05RESTAURANTS $1000: CPK has spicy buffalo this vegetable, as well as a pizza with crust made of it cauliflower
#8244, aired 2020-09-24OCCUPATIONAL SONG TITLES $1600: Bob Marley sang about the "Buffalo" this to "win the war for America" soldier
#8231, aired 2020-06-08A NATIONAL MONUMENT-AL CHALLENGE $600: Including the nickname of African-American troops, an Ohio site is named Charles Young these Soldiers National Monument Buffalo
#8225, aired 2020-05-29"Mc"PEOPLE $400: On Sept. 6, 1901 he was shot at the Pan-American exposition in Buffalo & died 8 days later McKinley
#8217, aired 2020-05-19THE WRITER'S CREATION $600: Buffalo Bill (the serial killer, not the showman) Thomas Harris
#8216, aired 2020-05-18ROCK BANNED $400: 1962: Buffalo, N.Y.'s archdiocese bans Catholic school students from dancing to this Chubby Checker hit "The Twist"
#8184, aired 2020-03-19THE PONY EXPRESS $800: Among the best known of the riders were "Pony Bob" Haslam, "Broncho Charlie" Miller & William Cody, nicknamed this Buffalo Bill Cody
#8158, aired 2020-02-12A MENU OF RESTAURANTS $200: Lake Effect in Buffalo, N.Y. is an old-school one of these, the first "D" in TV's "triple-D", a show it was featured on a diner
#6, aired 2020-01-09THE DAM BILL $800: The Carey Act & the Reclamation Act helped this Wild West showman build Shoshone Dam, later named for him Buffalo Bill
#8130, aired 2020-01-03THE MOTH $400: In this Thomas Harris thriller, the death's-head's hawk moth is used by the villain Buffalo Bill The Silence of the Lambs
#8112, aired 2019-12-10ALL FALL DOWN $800: In the 1860s the poles used in creating this communications link fell down when Buffalo used them as scratching posts the telegraph
#8111, aired 2019-12-09ELECTED TWICE TO THE ROCK HALL OF FAME $2000: He did the 2-fer in one night in 1997: as the middle name in a harmony-singing trio & with Buffalo Springfield Stephen Stills
#8111, aired 2019-12-09NINE TALES $1,500 (Daily Double): In a classic tale General Zaroff explains that Cape buffalo is not "The Most Dangerous Game" to hunt; this is man (us)
#8092, aired 2019-11-12FANTASY FOOTBALL $800: In the dreams of this team's fans, their kicker Scott Norwood pulls it back just a bit to the left in Super Bowl 25 the (Buffalo) Bills
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $2000: Mud baths remove bugs from the Cape buffalo, & if that doesn't get them all, the cattle type of this white wading bird helps the egret
#8049, aired 2019-09-12COUNTRY MUSIC $200: (Ken Burns delivers the clue.) A star on Chicago's WLS Radio, "Oklahoma Cowboy" Gene Autry made the rendition of this song that was said to be a favorite of FDR "Oh, give me a home where the buffalo roam / Where the..." "Home On The Range"
#8043, aired 2019-07-24NEW MUSICAL SUPERGROUPS $1000: Cold War Springfield The Cold War Kids and Buffalo Springfield
#8024, aired 2019-06-27WOMEN SOLDIERS $1200: Cathay Williams, the only woman in the Buffalo Soldiers, is honored with a bust in Leavenworth in this state Kansas
#7963, aired 2019-04-03HABITATS $600: The state animal of Kansas is the American type of this that roamed the Great Plains bison (or buffalo)
#7952, aired 2019-03-19TRIPLE "O" RATED $200: Branch of biology that brings together bees, buffaloes & barracudas zoology
#7944, aired 2019-03-07DAM / STRAIT $1600: In 1910 Wyoming's Buffalo Bill Dam was the world's tallest & the first one made of this to be taller than it is wide concrete
#7890, aired 2018-12-21HITTING THE SAUCE $1000: This brand's "Redhot" cayenne pepper sauce was the one used to make the original Buffalo wings Frank's
#7880, aired 2018-12-07IT'S JUST GRASS, MAN $1200: Stampede is a variety of this grass once grazed upon by bovines on the Great Plains buffalo grass
#7855, aired 2018-11-02IF YOU CAN'T BEAT 'EM... $1000: Over 4 straight Super Bowls, it was the rest of the NFL 139, this team 73 the Buffalo Bills
#7852, aired 2018-10-30PICTURE THE PLAY $1000: David Mamet gives his 5 cents in this play American Buffalo
#7839, aired 2018-10-11EDISON LABS $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents from Edison Labs in Menlo Park, NJ.) In 1894 Edison filmed members of Buffalo Bill's Wild West show, including this trick-shot artist in action Annie Oakley
#7835, aired 2018-10-05THE TRIAL'S VENUE $2000: The trial of Leon Czolgosz--this city, not D.C. Buffalo, New York
#7831, aired 2018-10-01AUTOBIOGRAPHIES $400: A sad moment in his autobiography is the death of his little boy, Kit Carson Cody Buffalo Bill
#7815, aired 2018-07-27DEFUNCT SPORTS FRANCHISES $400: Between 1879 & 1915, this N.Y. city had 3 different pro baseball teams somewhat redundantly called the Bisons Buffalo
#7794, aired 2018-06-28NOWHERE LAND $2000: In 1846 a Buffalo, N.Y. newspaper spoofed life in small, out-of-the-way towns in "Letters from" here Podunk
#7769, aired 2018-05-24PLAY BILL $1200: Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb, as played by Ted Levine, has a dog named Precious in this film; now put the lotion in the basket! Silence of the Lambs
#7757, aired 2018-05-08BRAND LOYALTY $1200: Blazin' Rewards: these wings Buffalo Wild Wings
#7727, aired 2018-03-27ON WITH THE SHOW $400: Touring England in 1887, the Wild West show begun by this man was so exciting, Queen Victoria saw it multiple times (Buffalo) Bill Cody
#7704, aired 2018-02-22AFRICA SINCE 1750 $1200: Long a threat to water buffalo, giraffes & mainly these livestock, the viral disease rinderpest was eradicated in 2011 cattle
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 1971 events at this prison east of Buffalo were one of the bloodiest clashes between Americans in the 20th century Attica
#7694, aired 2018-02-08BEASTLY STATE FLAGS $400: Kansas' state flag features horses, oxen & some of these native bovines bison (buffalo)
#7670, aired 2018-01-05NHL LOGOS $400: In 2010 they brought back crossed swords to their bison logo the Buffalo Sabres
#7670, aired 2018-01-05NIKOLA TESLA $800: Several of Tesla's product designs were used to harness this natural landmark to power Buffalo, New York Niagara Falls
#7667, aired 2018-01-02ALL-AMERICAN FOOD $400: The Anchor Bar says it's the home of the original this deep-fried chicken dish with hot sauce & bleu-cheese dressing buffalo wings
#7649, aired 2017-12-07THE 19th CENTURY $1000: After this project was completed in 1825, freight rates from Buffalo to New York City dropped from $100 to $10 a ton the Erie Canal
#7591, aired 2017-09-18AUTOBIOGRAPHIES $400: Last name of the man who penned the autobiography "The Life of Buffalo Bill" Cody
#7548, aired 2017-06-07PLAY DOUGH $1,000 (Daily Double): The title of this David Mamet play refers to a valuable nickel & the plot to steal it American Buffalo
#7545, aired 2017-06-02ARCHAEOLOGY $800: A 2015 discovery of a Plains Indian site included a kind of mini-Stonehenge of these animals' bones the buffalo
#7535, aired 2017-05-19NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY $400: This hunter and showman did much to popularize the myth of the American West Buffalo Bill Cody
#7525, aired 2017-05-05CREATURES IN MOVIE TITLES $1000: Ted Levine played the serial killer known as Buffalo Bill in this 1991 film Silence of the Lambs
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $400: This city in New York state is sometimes called "Nickel City" Buffalo
#7512, aired 2017-04-18DOUBLE PLAY $400: "American Buffalo" & "Glengarry Glen Ross" (David) Mamet
#7462, aired 2017-02-07IN THE FIRST PLACE $800: He staged his first Wild West show in North Platte, Nebraska on July 4, 1882 Buffalo Bill Cody
#7455, aired 2017-01-27BEFORE HE WAS PRESIDENT $1000: In 1862 he was elected to his first office-- ward supervisor in Buffalo, New York Grover Cleveland
#7430, aired 2016-12-23NFL CHEERLEADING SQUADS $600: The Jills (it's a rhyme thing) the (Buffalo) Bills
#7425, aired 2016-12-16WESTERN MOVIES $800: The Buffalo herd in this 1990 Kevin Costner film numbered 3,500 & it took 8 days to film the hunt & stampede Dances with Wolves
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $200: Buffalo & other bovines gather in these herds
#7413, aired 2016-11-30THE ERIE CANAL $400: When the canal opened in 1825, it was only 4 feet deep & ran 363 miles from Albany to this city on Lake Erie Buffalo
#7402, aired 2016-11-15QUARTER BACKS $400: The backs of 3 state quarters--Montana, North Dakota, and Kansas--feature parts of this critter a buffalo
#7398, aired 2016-11-09NOTABLE TEENS $1600: He was just 18 when he joined brother Frank & the Younger Gang to rob his first bank in 1866 Jesse James
#7394, aired 2016-11-03COMMUNICATION IS KEY $800: This company was founded in 1851 to build a telegraph line from Buffalo to St. Louis Western Union
#7380, aired 2016-10-14U.S. COINS $1,000 (Daily Double): When it appeared in 1913, it was the first animal besides the eagle to appear on a U.S. circulating coin a buffalo
#7362, aired 2016-09-20MAJOR LEAGUE BALLPARK FOOD $1000: The buffalo cauliflower poutine is a vegetarian option at this team's Rogers Centre the (Toronto) Blue Jays
#7359, aired 2016-09-15HISTORIC PLACES $2000: On Aug. 31,1901 Leon Czolgosz arrived in this city, where he would shoot Pres. McKinley Buffalo
#7357, aired 2016-09-13STATE CAPITAL ATTRACTIONS $1,500 (Daily Double): Buffalo Trace Distillery, Daniel Boone Burial Site Frankfort
#7353, aired 2016-07-27MONEY MATTERS $400: In 2015 a California man paid $2.5 million (or 250 million of these) for just one of these made in 1792 a penny
#7348, aired 2016-07-20THAT'S A REAL HORROR STORY $800: This character says, "Billy thinks he wants to change. He's making himself a girl suit out of real girls" Hannibal Lecter
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $1600: A trail or "trace" across the state was first used by these animals it's named for, then Native Americans, then settlers buffalo
#7332, aired 2016-06-28"A" "B" $800: It has wooly hair, big horns & the scientific name Bison bison the American buffalo
#7325, aired 2016-06-17TOUGH AARON SPELLING WOMEN $400: Tiffani-Amber Thiessen's manipulative Valerie moved from Buffalo to L.A. & got busy with Dylan on this show Beverly Hills, 90210
#7317, aired 2016-06-07THE BEAST $400: One of the 2 counties in Nebraska named after animals; they both once roamed free there Buffalo (or Antelope)
#7311, aired 2016-05-30NFL TEAM NAMES $1000: This team that entered the AFL in 1960 gets its name from a frontiersman the Buffalo Bills
#7290, aired 2016-04-29ART HISTORY $400: Lascaux Cave has outstanding prehistoric art, including the Hall of these animals seen here the Bulls
#7277, aired 2016-04-12YES, THE THAI $1600: The name of Singha, Thailand's most popular beer, comes from a word for this animal that once widely roamed Asia the lion
#7274, aired 2016-04-07THE OLD WEST $400: A presentation of "Custer's last stand" in this man's wild west shows used some Lakota who fought in the battle Buffalo Bill
#7207, aired 2016-01-05LODGE PODGE $600: On TV, he & his buddy Barney were members of the Loyal Order of Water Buffalo Lodge No. 26 Fred Flintstone
#7204, aired 2015-12-31____ OF THE ____ $400: Hannibal Lecter is supposed to help the FBI find a serial killer nicknamed Buffalo Bill in this bestseller Silence of the Lambs
#7198, aired 2015-12-23NHL TEAMS' HOME ICE $800: First Niagara Center the Buffalo Sabres
#7183, aired 2015-12-02A FETA COMPLI $400: E.U.-approved feta must be made primarily from the milk of this animal, though goat's milk may be used a sheep
#7177, aired 2015-11-24WHERE IS THAT? $1000: The Buffalo Bill Center of the West: This Wyoming city Cody
#7167, aired 2015-11-10OKLAHOMA! $1000: It's the state animal & its first national preserve was founded in Oklahoma in 1907 the buffalo (or the bison)
#7133, aired 2015-09-23WORLD'S FAIRS & EXPOS $800: It was at the Pan-American exposition in Buffalo in 1901 that he was fatally shot McKinley
#7112, aired 2015-07-14LET IT SNOW $1,800 (Daily Double): In a 3-day period in November 2014, this second-most-populous city in New York got 7 feet of the white stuff Buffalo
#7104, aired 2015-07-02MULTI-BAND MUSICIANS $400: The "S" in CSN, this musician made the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in that band & also in Buffalo Springfield Stephen Stills
#7085, aired 2015-06-05WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM $400: The water buffalo is aka the buffalo of this country, where it's been enjoying the Ganges since at least 1000 B.C. India
#7085, aired 2015-06-05WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM $1200: River buffalo are draft animals in this African land that has a river running 1,000 miles north through it Egypt
#7085, aired 2015-06-05WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM $1600: Anoa, or dwarf buffalo, roam the forests of the Philippines & Sulawesi, an island of this country Indonesia
#7085, aired 2015-06-05WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM $3,000 (Daily Double): (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows an illustration and a map on the monitor.) In the 1800s, the giant bison herds that roamed North America were hunted almost to extinction; fortunately, in 1902, the U.S. Army brought 21 buffalo to this national park where they now number in the thousands Yellowstone National Park
#7056, aired 2015-04-27THRILLING MILLARD FILLMORE $400: Millard was born in this state's Finger Lakes region in 1800; in 1830 he moved to Buffalo New York
#7050, aired 2015-04-17I'M JUST A BILL $600: His "Wild West and Congress of Rough Riders of the World" show was big but he lost his fortune through mismanagement Buffalo Bill
#7043, aired 2015-04-08YOU'VE GOTTEN ME INTO... $1000: a production of this Irving Berlin musical; I'm Buffalo Bill Annie Get Your Gun
#7037, aired 2015-03-31FOOD & DRINK $400: Water buffalo milk (delicious on its own!) is used to make this cheese & Italy exports 40,000 tons a year of the stuff mozzarella
#7033, aired 2015-03-25WEIGHT, WEIGHT $600: One of the heaviest reptiles is the saltwater species of this creature; it can drown water buffalo a crocodile
#7010, aired 2015-02-20AT THE MUSEUM $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads the clue from the Peabody Museum in Cambridge, Mass.) The saddle probably belonged to this great Sioux leader who got $50 each time he rode once around the ring with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show; preferring to die as an Indian rather than live as a white man, he returned to his people & was killed in 1890 Sitting Bull
#6964, aired 2014-12-18COUNTRIES BY WORLD HERITAGE SITES $2000: Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump & L'Anse aux Meadows National Historic Site Canada
#6958, aired 2014-12-10POINT "A" TO POINT "B" $2,500 (Daily Double): One a state capital, these 2 cities on Amtrak's Empire Service fill the bill Albany & Buffalo
#6955, aired 2014-12-05SONG LYRICS $400: "Where the buffalo roam" is also where these 2 animals "play" the deer & the antelope
#6952, aired 2014-12-02BRING IT $600: To a Little League game: A Nokona Alpha Select one of these, made with buffalo leather a glove
#6949, aired 2014-11-27ANAGRAMMED NEW YORK CITIES $600: Great Lakes port: FLUB OAF Buffalo
#6938, aired 2014-11-12BLUNT FORCE DRAMA $800: In this 1975 David Mamet drama, the theft of the title coin goes awry & Teach beats up Bob American Buffalo
#6934, aired 2014-11-06OF SPECIES $200: In just one word, it's the animal known scientifically as Bison bison buffalo
#6916, aired 2014-10-13ON A "ROLL" $2000: The original Buffalo Springfield wasn't a band but a company that made this big piece of equipment a steamroller
#6903, aired 2014-09-24PLAY BILL $1200: This folklore cowboy rode a cyclone that created the Grand Canyon & his fall created Death Valley Pecos Bill
#6856, aired 2014-06-09AMERICAN CITIES $400: The Bisons are a Triple-A minor league baseball team from this New York city Buffalo
#6809, aired 2014-04-03small state capitals $600: Its Buffalo Trace bourbon distillery claims to be the USA's oldest distillery in continuous operation Frankfort
#6801, aired 2014-03-24AMERICAN ART & ARTISTS $1600: James Earle Fraser, whose "End of the Trail" sculpture shows a weary Indian on his horse, also designed this coin the buffalo nickel
#6788, aired 2014-03-05NATURE $1200: The soft underfur of this animal is known as qiviut & is prized as one of the lightest & warmest wools in the world the musk ox
#6784, aired 2014-02-27ALEX' HONKY-TONK SALOON $800: Look who's here! Hey guys, in 1893, 6 million folks went to this guy's Wild West show in Chicago! Drinks are on me! Buffalo Bill
#6746, aired 2014-01-06"U". "S". CITIES $800: "S"eat of Onondaga County, between Albany & Buffalo Syracuse
#6746, aired 2014-01-06"U". "S". CITIES $1000: Seat of Oneida County, between Albany & Buffalo Utica
#6743, aired 2014-01-01GUESS WHAT I'VE GOT? $600: This style of nickel; 1.2 billion were struck between 1913 & 1938 buffalo head
#6734, aired 2013-12-19MAP QUEST $600: Antelope Island, oddly home to a herd of wild buffalo, is the largest island in this U.S. body of water Great Salt Lake
#6729, aired 2013-12-12THE KILLING $800: In Buffalo on Sept. 6, 1901 Leon Czolgosz shot this man twice; the first shot ricocheted off a button; the second was fatal McKinley
#6725, aired 2013-12-0619th CENTURY NOTABLES $400: In 1883 this scout & showman debuted his first Wild West Show in Omaha (Buffalo Bill) Cody
#6705, aired 2013-11-08SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) The hide on a Cape buffalo's neck can reach two inches in thickness, which help males against other aggressive bulls trying to assert this, a type of hierarchy dominance
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $2000: Bamboozle, or intimidate by a display of power or importance buffalo
#6683, aired 2013-10-09WEIRD TOP 40 HITS $1200: In a top 40 classic from 1966 this "king of the road" warned us that "You Can't Roller Skate In A Buffalo Herd" Roger Miller
#6681, aired 2013-10-07NATIONAL MONUMENTS $1600: Established in 2013, the home of Charles Young, the USA's first black colonel, is named for these "Soldiers" Buffalo Soldiers
#6680, aired 2013-10-04CHICKEN DISHES $200: The Anchor Bar in New York State says it created this appetizer, deep-fried chicken wings in a spicy sauce Buffalo wings
#6676, aired 2013-09-30U.S. CITY NAME ORIGINS $7,000 (Daily Double): Once called Buffalo City, this Wild West Kansas town was named for the commander of the nearby fort Dodge City
#6658, aired 2013-07-24COINS OF OUR REALM $1200: From 1913 to 1938 it featured a composite picture, possibly of men named Iron Tail, Two Moons & John Big Tree the buffalo or Indian head nickel
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $1000: An obstinacy is a group of these plains bovines, no matter where they roam buffalo
#6654, aired 2013-07-18THE CHARACTER'S NAME HAS BEEN CHANGED $1200: '"Dr. Phil, why do you say Buffalo Bill's not a sadist?' " Dr. Lecter
#6633, aired 2013-06-19PAINTING & SCULPTURE $1200: In 1901 his sculpture "Bronco Buster" was exhibited at the Pan-American Exposition in Buffalo (Frederic) Remington
#6618, aired 2013-05-29THE '60s (19th CENTURY EDITION) $600: General Sheridan's plan to suppress Native Americans included killing all of these animals that supported their way of life the bison (or the buffalo)
#6617, aired 2013-05-28IF EARLY INVENTORS USED KICKSTARTER $400: I will use the energy of Niagara Falls to carry power to Buffalo by 1896! C'mon, my coil worked! Trust me! (Nikola) Tesla
#6612, aired 2013-05-21THE DAYS OF THE STAGECOACH $400: "The Attack on the Deadwood Stage" was an attraction in the Wild West shows of this man who once drove a coach himself Buffalo Bill
#6609, aired 2013-05-16NONFICTION $200: After killing this outlaw, Pat Garrett co-wrote the first biography of him Billy the Kid
#6558, aired 2013-03-06KNOW YOUR AREA CODES $1200: For Buffalo dial 716; for this city of 2.6 million 100 miles away, dial 416 Toronto
#6557, aired 2013-03-05MUSICALS' OPENING SONGS $2000: "Colonel Buffalo Bill" Annie Get Your Gun
#6556, aired 2013-03-04AMERICAN ARCHITECTS $1200: In 1904 in Buffalo he designed one of the USA's first all air-conditioned office buildings Frank Lloyd Wright
#6530, aired 2013-01-25GEOGRAPHIC BANDS $400: "Stop, hey what's that sound": Buffalo ____ Springfield
#6527, aired 2013-01-22THE "B" TEAM $600: This double-B team has gone 0-4 in Super Bowls the Buffalo Bills
#6489, aired 2012-11-29THE PRESIDENT IS DEAD $800: September 14, 1901 in Buffalo, New York McKinley
#6487, aired 2012-11-27A BUNCH OF "S.B." $800: Years after Little Big Horn, this Sioux chief joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West show Sitting Bull
#6476, aired 2012-11-12HUMP DAY $400: While this bovine of the American plains has a thick beard & a hump, the true buffalo has neither a bison
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $400: Jamestown, North Dakota boasts a 46-foot-long, 26-foot-high statue of this roaming animal a buffalo
#6440, aired 2012-09-21STATE BY COUNTIES $2000: Manitowoc, Buffalo, Fond du Lac Wisconsin
#6402, aired 2012-06-19ITALIAN FOOD $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew helps make cheese at Eataly in New York City.) Here in New York they use cow's milk, but in Campagna traditionally mozzarella is made from the milk of this animal, which many Italian kids believe lays eggs buffalo
#6381, aired 2012-05-21AMERICAN NICKNAMES $400: It was the nickname of frontiersman William Cody Buffalo Bill
#6379, aired 2012-05-17ART & ARTISTS $600: In depicting Native Americans, George Catlin often painted this beast, as in "Assiniboine Indians Pursuing" it "on Snowshoes" a buffalo
#6376, aired 2012-05-14YOGA $400: Of "squatting water buffalo", "one-legged king pigeon" or "happy dancing goat", the one that's a real yoga position pigeon
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EVENTS AROUND THE USA $2000: Called "Cowboy Christmas" by contestants, the Buffalo Bill Cody Stampede Rodeo is a load of bull in this state Wyoming
#6334, aired 2012-03-15REMEMBER WHO WON THE SUPER BOWL? $800: XXV: This team beat Buffalo 20-19 when a kick sailed wide--a 47-yard kick, so give Norwood a break the Giants
#6333, aired 2012-03-14THE SPLENDID LITTLE WAR $800: African-American troops known as this animal type of "soldiers" played an important role in combat in Cuba Buffalo Soldiers
#6314, aired 2012-02-16U.S. COINS $600: A 1937 Indian head nickel that featured this animal on the reverse with only 3 legs is a collector's item a buffalo
#6310, aired 2012-02-10POETIC CHARACTERS $400: e.e. cummings began a poem this Western bison hunter & showman is "defunct" Buffalo Bill
#6284, aired 2012-01-05NICKEL & DIMED $800: The Buffalo head nickel was also called this type; John Big Tree was a model for it an Indian nickel
#6282, aired 2012-01-03CITY SEALS $2000: Approved in 1939, the seal of this city in New York State features a barge being towed through a canal Buffalo
#6281, aired 2012-01-02THE SUPER BOWL'S TOP RUSHER $800: Super Bowl XXV: Thurman Thomas, in a losing cause for this team that lost 3 other Super Bowls the (Buffalo) Bills
#6270, aired 2011-12-16LAKE CITY $400: Buffalo, New York (Lake) Erie
#6259, aired 2011-12-01THE JEOPARDY! TIME MACHINE $1600: Get ready to shout, "Mr. President, look out!" when the setting is for this city Sept. 6, 1901 Buffalo
#6223, aired 2011-10-12WOODS $1200: This "American Buffalo" playwright returned to nature with his 1977 play "The Woods" Mamet
#6157, aired 2011-05-24WINGS & THINGS $400: The Anchor Bar in New York claims to have invented these in 1964 Buffalo wings
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $200: This short-lived enterprise employed Buffalo Bill Cody & ceased at the completion of the U.S. telegraph system the Pony Express
#6111, aired 2011-03-21OFFBEAT MUSEUMS $400: Next time you're roaming through North Dakota, visit the museum of this animal & its herd of about 30 buffalo
#6096, aired 2011-02-28OUT WEST $200: From his time as a hunter of them in the Old West, it was the animal in the nickname of William F. Cody a buffalo
#6088, aired 2011-02-16U.S. GEOGRAPHIC NICKNAMES $800: Appropriately enough, this New York metropolis is "Bison City" Buffalo
#6082, aired 2011-02-08"OPEN" & "SHUT" $1000: Public domain land in the 1800s where the buffalo & cattle roamed before the homesteaders fenced them in open range
#6077, aired 2011-02-01A MAN, A PLAN, A CANAL... ERIE! $600: Part of the plan: To put the canal's western end at this city on Lake Erie Buffalo
#6072, aired 2011-01-25NICE TO MEAT YOU $1000: A western N.Y. city knows cuts of this humped cattle family member are lower in fat & cholesterol than most cuts of beef buffalo
#6066, aired 2011-01-17WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE $1000: We have good hope you can tell us this alternate name for the African buffalo (it lives in Africa, by the way) the Cape buffalo
#6061, aired 2011-01-10SCENE OF THE CRIME $2000: An assassin fired 2 shots into William McKinley at the 1901 Pan-American Exposition in this city Buffalo
#6049, aired 2010-12-23U.S. BAYS $2000: This lake's Buffalo Bay is shared by the U.S. & Canada with the U.S. part lying in Minnesota's Northwest Angle Lake of the Woods
#6033, aired 2010-12-01MY "B*FF" $200: It's the state animal of Kansas & Oklahoma a buffalo
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $400: In parts of Asia, more than half the milk produced comes from the "water" type of this bovid buffalo
#6016, aired 2010-11-08THE OLD COLLEGE "TRI" $400: Texas' Buffalo Spring Lake was host to the 2010 collegiate championships in this multi-sport sport a triathlon
#6006, aired 2010-10-25THE EXECUTOR BRANCH $1000: As sheriff of Erie County, N.Y., Grover Cleveland personally hanged 2 criminals, earning him the nickname "Hangman of" here Buffalo
#6005, aired 2010-10-22DAVID MAMET $1600: Mamet created a naturalistic study of 3 petty criminals in 1977's "American" this Buffalo
#5997, aired 2010-10-12ALIASES $1,000 (Daily Double): Harry Longabaugh, whose nickname came from the Wyoming town in which he was imprisoned The Sundance Kid
#5988, aired 2010-09-29A FREEZER FULL OF FOOD $1000: This company's Any'tizers include buffalo style hot wings & mini chicken bites Tyson
#5954, aired 2010-07-01'90s BEST PICTURE PLOT POINTS $1600: Union officer goes native, seeks/kills buffalo Dances with Wolves
#5954, aired 2010-07-01'90s BEST PICTURE PLOT POINTS $2000: Gal seeks/kills Buffalo Bill The Silence of the Lambs
#5924, aired 2010-05-20U.S. LAKES & RIVERS $1200: Buffalo Bill Reservoir near Cody in this state was formed by the damming of the Shoshone River Wyoming
#5885, aired 2010-03-26LAST OF A DYING BREED $800: The last wild wisent, also called the European variety of this plains animal, was killed in the Caucasus in 1927 a bison
#5882, aired 2010-03-23BAD GUYS $800: Forget Hannibal Lecter; Buffalo Bill is the bad guy who keeps his victims in a pit in this movie The Silence of the Lambs
#5861, aired 2010-02-22U.S. COMMEMORATIVE COINS $400: A 2001 commemorative depicting this animal was based on the design of a nickel that was produced 1913-1938 the buffalo
#5847, aired 2010-02-02RETIRED NUMBERS BY TEAM $2000: This NFL team has just one, 12: Jim Kelly the Buffalo Bills
#5822, aired 2009-12-29THE SMITHS $400: Howdy Doody, seen here as a bobblehead, was created by this man, his TV costar Buffalo Bob Smith
#5800, aired 2009-11-27U.S. GEOGRAPHY $800: The Peace Bridge spanning the Niagara River connects this city in New York with Canada Buffalo
#5786, aired 2009-11-09U.S. CITIES $600: This city on Lake Erie in Upstate New York was the last stop on the Underground Railroad in the 19th century Buffalo
#5752, aired 2009-09-22MOVIE SYNOPSES $1000: 2003: Buffalo, New York TV reporter Jim Carrey plays God Bruce Almighty
#5733, aired 2009-07-08TO THE LIGHTHOUSE $400: Fire Island Light, Buffalo Light New York
#5720, aired 2009-06-19U.S. CITIES $200: New York State's second-largest city, it's the seat of Erie County Buffalo
#5705, aired 2009-05-29BROADWAY DEBUTS $1000: In 2008, at age 20, he had "The Sixth Sense" to make his Broadway debut in the revival of "America Buffalo" Haley Joel Osment
#5701, aired 2009-05-25HEADLINES $1200: A Sept. 13, 1901 Buffalo News headline read, he "Passed Away... from Effects of Cowardly Assassin's Bullet" President McKinley
#5695, aired 2009-05-15GETTING YOUR ACTOR TOGETHER $600: "Buffalo Anchorman" in "Airplane II: The Sequel", he's a bit more well-known as a TV vowel salesman Pat Sajak
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $1200: Here, this largest African bovid considers its next move; killing lions is not unusual a Cape Buffalo
#5649, aired 2009-03-12NATIVE AMERICAN TRIBES $400: To preserve the buffalo, the Oglala branch of these Indians tried to keep folks from using the Bozeman Trail the Sioux
#5649, aired 2009-03-12STATE FLAGS $400: This bovine is found on the flags of both Kansas & Wyoming a buffalo
#5635, aired 2009-02-20HUD $400 (Daily Double): This onetime HUD secretary was also a Buffalo Bills QB, a N.Y. Congressman &--oh yeah--a 1996 VP candidate Jack Kemp
#5633, aired 2009-02-18"B" PREPARED $1200: This subfamily of mammals also includes buffaloes, bison & kudus bovine
#5633, aired 2009-02-18OPENING ACTS $800: As one of Buffalo Bill's opening acts, she shot a cigarette out of the hand of Kaiser Wilhelm II Annie Oakley
#5598, aired 2008-12-31ALL ABOUT PRESIDENTS $1000: I might worry about hanging around with him--he was nicknamed the "Hangman of Buffalo" Grover Cleveland
#5587, aired 2008-12-16JUST SAY "RO" $200: Will Rogers admired Vincente Oropeza, who introduced tricks using this in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show rope
#5574, aired 2008-11-27THE PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME $800: (Jon sits in a section of red stadium seats.) These chairs are from this team's Ralph Wilson Stadium--you can almost see Jim Kelly throw & Thurman Thomas run the Buffalo Bills
#5563, aired 2008-11-12I'M SO HOT $800: There's a yearly festival for this piquant chicken dish in the western New York city that gave the dish its name Buffalo wings
#5550, aired 2008-10-24GO, KELLY! $800: He was a losing Super Bowl quarterback 4 times Jim Kelly
#5549, aired 2008-10-23LET'S EAT $1600: This type of mozzarella is named for Asian animals brought to Europe by the Goths buffalo
#5548, aired 2008-10-22COMPLETES THE PLAY TITLE $1600: David Mamet: "American ____" Buffalo
#5522, aired 2008-09-16MY, HOW YOU'VE GROWN! $1000: The curved horns of the water type of this animal may have a total length of 12 feet a buffalo
#5519, aired 2008-09-11IN THE GRASS $400: This type of grass is named for the plains it covers (what do I hear?--the hoofbeats of a gaucho?) pampas grass
#5514, aired 2008-07-24SPORTS MASCOTS $2000: Billy, the mascot of this city's NFL team, gets his likeness from the city's name Buffalo
#5473, aired 2008-05-28FOOTBALL COACHES $1000: This team's Marv Levy is the only coach to lead his team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances the Buffalo Bills
#5454, aired 2008-05-01ALL ABOUT PRESIDENTS $1000: After serving as U.S. president, Millard Fillmore became president of the historical society in this upstate N.Y. city Buffalo
#5449, aired 2008-04-24LAST NAME'S THE SAME $2000: Mormon religion founder Joseph, or "Howdy Doody Show" founder Buffalo Bob Smith
#5440, aired 2008-04-11PRO SPORTS TEAMS IN OTHER WORDS $200: Football by the Erie Canal: President Clinton, software guy Gates the Buffalo Bills
#5424, aired 2008-03-20THINGS TO DO IN DENVER $400: See the grave & museum of this Old West showman & frontier scout Buffalo Bill Cody
#5423, aired 2008-03-19H2O MUSIC $400: On the charts in the '60s, this followed Buffalo & Dusty Springfield
#5415, aired 2008-03-07MAN & SUPERMAN $400: He was drafted by the Buffalo Bills in 1988 but never played; in 1993 he began playing Superman on "Lois & Clark" Dean Cain
#5385, aired 2008-01-25PRESIDENTIAL FACTS $2,000 (Daily Double): This Buffalo lawyer was a bachelor during only the first of his 3 runs for the presidency Grover Cleveland
#5383, aired 2008-01-23BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNERS BY CHARACTERS $400: Clarice Starling, "Buffalo Bill" Silence of the Lambs
#5382, aired 2008-01-221940s TELEVISION $1200: This "Howdy Doody" host had a variety show during the 1948-49 season called "the Gulf Road Show" "Buffalo Bob" Smith
#5345, aired 2007-11-30PUBLIC DOMAIN JUKEBOX $1000: They're the dancing title females in the song heard here "Buffalo Gals"
#5342, aired 2007-11-27FIRST NAMES $200: Wild Bill Hickok's real first name was James; this was Buffalo Bill Cody's William
#5330, aired 2007-11-09WE'RE NUMBER 2! $800: This AFC team was No. 2 in the Super Bowl from 1991 to 1994 the Buffalo Bills
#5319, aired 2007-10-25CRITTERS $1600: The Cape species of this bovine of Southern Africa is extremely dangerous to man & has never been domesticated a buffalo
#5295, aired 2007-09-21FOR WHAT IT'S "WORTH" $800: The Buffalo Soldiers Monument is on the grounds of this Kansas fort that's near a penitentiary Fort Leavenworth
#5285, aired 2007-07-27AROUND NEW YORK STATE $600: The Maid of the Mist is a fixture at this natural wonder located about 20 miles north of Buffalo Niagara Falls
#5259, aired 2007-06-21ANIMAL FARM $1200: The wisent is considered the European version of this animal once essential to the lives of the Plains Indians buffalo
#5251, aired 2007-06-11SAN ANTONIO $1600: In the 19th C. San Antonio was a training site for the African-American Cavalry Soldiers given this animal name the Buffalo Soldiers
#5186, aired 2007-03-12IT'LL BE A COLD DAY IN HELENA $800: Royal "city" nickname of Helena... & Buffalo... & Seattle... & Cincinnati... the Queen City
#5154, aired 2007-01-25OFFICIAL STATE SEALS $200: There are no deer or antelope playing on Kansas' state seal, but there is a herd of these buffalo
#5151, aired 2007-01-22A FEW GOOD MEN $200: In May 1883 this showman put on his first "Wild West Show" Buffalo Bill Cody
#5143, aired 2007-01-10GRAND TETON NATIONAL PARK $1600: In the park you'll find one of the USA's largest herds of this animal, known to the Shawnee as wapiti elk
#5134, aired 2006-12-28FARGO $1200: Also known as a plains buffalo, it's the logo & nickname of North Dakota State's athletic teams bison
#5127, aired 2006-12-19LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW, LET IT SNOW $600: Buffalo, New York is familiar with the snowstorm-causing effect named for this type of body of water a lake effect
#5112, aired 2006-11-28THE POLITICS OF BEFORE & AFTER $800: Any Western New York NFL player who's actually the first 10 amendments to the Constitution a Buffalo Bill of Rights
#5111, aired 2006-11-27____ING $200: A buffalo roams on this state's flag Wyoming
#5101, aired 2006-11-13NEIL! PATRICK! HARRIS! $1600: After Buffalo Springfield broke up, this guy rejoined Stephen Stills & 2 others in 1969 Neil Young
#5093, aired 2006-11-01OUT WEST $400: She joined Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West show after meeting him at the Cotton Expo in New Orleans Annie Oakley
#5070, aired 2006-09-29THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM $600: The Wilcox House in Buffalo, N.Y., where he was sworn in as president, is designated a natl. historic site Teddy Roosevelt
#5067, aired 2006-09-26NHL TEAMS IN OTHER WORDS $1000: The Cavalry Swords the (Buffalo) Sabres
#5062, aired 2006-09-19THE U.S. PRESIDENT WHO... $1000: as the sheriff of the Erie County Jail in Buffalo, sprang the trap to hang 2 criminals Grover Cleveland
#5048, aired 2006-07-19GEOGRAPHIC PHRASES $2,500 (Daily Double): It's the cape referred to in the name of the Cape buffalo the Cape of Good Hope
#5023, aired 2006-06-14ANNUAL EVENTS $200: A highlight of Nebraskaland Days in North Platte is the pro rodeo named for this Wild West showman Buffalo Bill
#5013, aired 2006-05-31HOT "BUN"s $1000: Born Edward Z.C. Judson, he was the originator of the 19th century dime novels, many featuring Buffalo Bill Cody Ned Buntline
#5011, aired 2006-05-29ANIMALS $400: Animal that was the main staple of the Plains Indians economy buffalo
#5008, aired 2006-05-24CONGRESSIONAL BEFORE & AFTER $400: He's been a Pony Express rider, scout & showman & is now the Senate Majority Leader Buffalo Bill Frist
#4987, aired 2006-04-25NFL COACHES $200: In the 1990s Marv Levy led this team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances the Buffalo Bills
#4979, aired 2006-04-13YOU DO KNOW JACK $800: A former presidential cabinet secretary, in the '60s he was a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills Jack Kemp
#4947, aired 2006-02-28COMMON BONDS $600: Baseball cap features, Buffalo athletes, credit-card mailings bills
#4943, aired 2006-02-22OUT WEST $200: This state has state parks named for Curt Gowdy near Buford & Buffalo Bill near Cody Wyoming
#4938, aired 2006-02-15STATE QUARTERS $1000: The quarter for this state has a sunflower & a buffalo Kansas
#4926, aired 2006-01-30WHERE THE PRESIDENT PASSED $1200: Buffalo, New York McKinley
#4916, aired 2006-01-16GROVER CLEVELAND ROCKS $1200: Grover was known as "The Hangman" of this city--not the most warm & cuddly nickname Buffalo
#4915, aired 2006-01-13IN A MUSICAL MOOD $1200: The deer & antelope are playing, but these creatures are roaming buffalo
#4915, aired 2006-01-13NEW YORK STATE $400: This New York metropolis is nicknamed "The Bison City" Buffalo
#4896, aired 2005-12-19BEATLE WANNABES? $600: Bill McCartney's harmony with Jesus led him to quit as football coach of this University's Buffaloes Colorado
#4888, aired 2005-12-07WATER WORKS $600: In 1961 Ferde Grofé conducted the Buffalo Phil. in the premiere performance of his suite about this waterfall Niagara Falls
#4887, aired 2005-12-06THE UNIVERSITY OF... $800: The teams of this school founded in 1876 are known as the Buffaloes the University of Colorado
#4868, aired 2005-11-09WOLF (BLITZER) PACK $400: Wolf Blitzer was born in this New York city that's home to some Bills, Sabres & Wings Buffalo
#4845, aired 2005-10-07AROUND THE U.S.A. $2,000 (Daily Double): Wilcox House, where Teddy Roosevelt took his presidential oath of office in 1901, is in this city Buffalo, New York
#4838, aired 2005-09-28ROADSIDE AMERICA $200: In Jamestown, North Dakota, you can see what is claimed to be the world's largest statue of this animal a buffalo
#4793, aired 2005-06-08HELL ON EARTH $800: Indians used to herd buffalo for slaughter into Hell's Half Acre near Casper in this state Wyoming
#4779, aired 2005-05-19FRISKY PRESIDENTS $1000: In the 1870s, while he was the sheriff of Buffalo, he fathered a child with a Mrs. Maria Halpin (Grover) Cleveland
#4777, aired 2005-05-17NICKNAMES OF NEW YORK CITIES $2,000 (Daily Double): "The Nickel City" Buffalo
#4726, aired 2005-03-07WHO'S HAD MORE NO. 1 HITS? $600: Rick Springfield, Bruce Springsteen, Buffalo Springfield Rick Springfield
#4695, aired 2005-01-21KILL BILL: VOL. 1 $600: Anarchy reigned when this President was shot while in a receiving line at the 1901 Buffalo Pan-American Expo William McKinley
#4694, aired 2005-01-20LET'S PLAY COWBOY $400: Though the Cattalo occurs in nature, Charles Jones claimed to be the first to cross a cow with this to make one buffalo
#4688, aired 2005-01-12THE BILLS $400: During his return from Europe in May 1888, this Wild West entertainer had to bury his horse at sea Buffalo Bill Cody
#4646, aired 2004-11-15HORNED ANIMALS $800: This North American animal's population had dropped from almost 50 million to under 1000 by 1889 the buffalo (or the bison)
#4638, aired 2004-11-04GUNSMOKE $600: The pistol used to kill this man is displayed by the Buffalo & Erie County Historical Society William McKinley
#4634, aired 2004-10-28STATE-LY HOMES $400: In 1934 Buffalo Bill's Iowa boyhood home was moved to Cody in this state Wyoming
#4634, aired 2004-10-28WHATCHA GOT COOKING? $1,200 (Daily Double): Finger food invented in 1964 at the Anchor Bar in New York State Buffalo wings
#4615, aired 2004-10-01GEOGRAPHY $400: Buffalo & Cleveland are major ports on this Great Lake Erie
#4599, aired 2004-09-0919th CENTURY WOMEN $1200: Known as "The Peerless Lady Wingshot", She was with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show for 17 years Annie Oakley
#4599, aired 2004-09-09THE COIN BOX $2,100 (Daily Double): For luck on his 1961 space flight, Gus Grissom took along some of these dimes last produced in 1945. Mercury dimes (or winged liberty dimes)
#4584, aired 2004-07-08NEIL DOWN $400: He's been inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame as a solo performer & as a member of Buffalo Springfield Neil Young
#4566, aired 2004-06-14PRESIDENTS $1200: A special luncheon at the 1901 expo in Buffalo for this President's wife went on without her William McKinley
#4547, aired 2004-05-18"WATER" WATER EVERYWHERE $800: Asian beast of burden seen here a water buffalo
#4544, aired 2004-05-13OH, THE THINGS I KNOW! $1600: In 1876 this "Wild" West man was killed in the Dakota Territory holding aces & 8s, later known as a dead man's hand Wild Bill Hickok
#4520, aired 2004-04-09TREKS $1200: An 800-mile trek by water buffalo from Bihar, India to Mandalay, Burma would take you through this country Bangladesh
#4483, aired 2004-02-18NONPOTENT POTABLES $400: You can get this beverage from llamas, reindeer, water buffalos & coconuts milk
#4475, aired 2004-02-06NATIVE AMERICAN PLACE NAMES $400: "Buffalo Fish & Tyler Too" doesn't sound quite as poetic as this Indian name for the river Tippecanoe
#4473, aired 2004-02-04ANIMAL LORE $1000: In Indian legend, the Aquinnah Cliffs' red is the blood of these mammals which a giant caught in the sea and ate the whale
#4472, aired 2004-02-03LOSING, LOSING, & MORE LOSING $800: This football team from New York state lost 4 straight Super Bowls the Buffalo Bills
#4464, aired 2004-01-22THE HIMALAYAS $800: This pack animal is also called the grunting ox because of its grunts of protest when it is overloaded yak
#4457, aired 2004-01-13STATE STUFF $400: This "Home on the Range" animal "roams" across Indiana's state seal buffalo
#4406, aired 2003-11-03PLACE THAT TUNE $700 (Daily Double): "Colonel Buffalo Bill" Annie Get Your Gun
#4397, aired 2003-10-21WEAPONS OF THE OLD WEST $2,300 (Daily Double): The Sharps "Big Fifty" was this type of gun named for an unfortunate animal buffalo gun
#4379, aired 2003-09-25STATE CAPITALS $600: New York's Erie Canal extends from Buffalo to near this state capital Albany
#4356, aired 2003-07-07'BOUT 100 YEARS AGO $400: This man brought his Wild West show, created in 1883, to Madison Square Garden Buffalo Bill Cody
#4344, aired 2003-06-191901 $400: After taking the Presidential oath in 1901 he shuffled out of Buffalo Teddy Roosevelt
#4338, aired 2003-06-11THERE ARE PLACES $400: People in this city in New York can shuffle off to its suburb of Tonawanda Buffalo
#4323, aired 2003-05-21HOMOPHONES $2,200 (Daily Double): Someone residing in a foreign land; or, Drew Bledsoe, now with the Buffalo Bills expatriate/ex-Patriot
#4307, aired 2003-04-29JUST MARRIED $400: 2 of the traditional "Big 5" animals you'd hope to see on a safari honeymoon (2 of) lion, elephant, leopard, rhinoceros & Cape buffalo
#4300, aired 2003-04-18REGIONAL THEATRE $400: Mamet's "American Buffalo" didn't premiere in Buffalo, but at the Goodman Theatre in this Midwest city Chicago
#4293, aired 2003-04-09PRESIDENTIAL NICKNAMES $1600: "The Hangman of Buffalo" Grover Cleveland
#4282, aired 2003-03-25THE OLD WEST $800: He called his buffalo gun Lucrezia Borgia Buffalo Bill Cody
#4273, aired 2003-03-12BEFORE THEY WERE PRESIDENT $800: In 1881 he was elected mayor of Buffalo, New York Grover Cleveland
#4248, aired 2003-02-05WE LOVE THE THEATRE $1,000 (Daily Double): The New York Times called the hero of this Disney musical "a cross between Quasimodo and a buffalo" Beauty and the Beast
#4247, aired 2003-02-04TELL 'EM WHAT THEY'VE WON, JOHNNY $1000: The Boy Scouts of America's highest award for service is "The Silver" one of these Plains animals Buffalo
#4245, aired 2003-01-31RANCHES $800: Around 1905 these animals, not native to Arizona, were brought to a ranch in the state, where they now roam buffalo
#4232, aired 2003-01-14AMERICAN DRAMATISTS $800: Many of his plays are set in his native Chicago, including "American Buffalo" & "Glengarry Glen Ross" David Mamet
#4219, aired 2002-12-26C'EST CHEESE $400: The buffalo type of this cheese is made with water buffalo milk mozzarella
#4204, aired 2002-12-05BITS & PIECES $2000: 2 of the men used as models for this 1913 U.S. coin were named John Big Tail & Crow Tails Indian Head (Buffalo) Nickel
#4186, aired 2002-11-11THE OLD WEST $400: Seen here, this "beastly" one-time Army scout & Pony Express rider later ran his own Wild West Show Buffalo Bill Cody
#4168, aired 2002-10-16MR. BILL $400: Appropriately, you'll find an Old West museum bearing his name in Cody, Wyoming Buffalo Bill Cody
#4149, aired 2002-09-19ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1000: These on the water buffalo may be 5 feet long & are the longest on any cattle breed horns
#4149, aired 2002-09-19LOOSE CHANGE $1000: The bison that appeared on this coin from 1913 to 1938 was modeled on one living in NYC's Zoological Gardens (buffalo) nickel
#4143, aired 2002-09-11FOOD IN HISTORY $200: This animal, the chief sustenance of the Plains Indians, was nearly extinct by 1880 Buffalo/bison
#4134, aired 2002-07-18SPORTS IN THE '90s $1600: In an NFL playoff game, Frank Reich, replacing Jim Kelly, led this team from a 35-3 deficit to victory the Buffalo Bills
#4120, aired 2002-06-28PRESIDENTIAL APBs $800: Some say this man also known as the "Beast of Buffalo" jaywalked on two non-consecutive occasions Grover Cleveland
#4117, aired 2002-06-25LITERARY TRILOGIES $1,200 (Daily Double): Tom Dudzick's "Over the Tavern" plays are set in this city in N.Y. State: "Part III" takes place during the blizzard of '77 Buffalo
#4117, aired 2002-06-25STAGECOACH $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew on a stagecoach) One of the acts in this world famous wild west show was the attack on the Deadwood stage Buffalo Bill (Cody)
#4007, aired 2002-01-22AFRICAN MAMMALS $800: There are 2 kinds of this wild ox in Africa: Cape & Congo a buffalo
#3991, aired 2001-12-31HOW NOVEL $400: FBI trainee Clarice Starling gets help from a killer to solve Buffalo Bill's grisly crimes in this novel The Silence of the Lambs
#3986, aired 2001-12-24MYTHS & LEGENDS $2000: In an Incan version of the flood story this wooly beast of burden tells a farmer to go to higher ground llama
#3948, aired 2001-10-31HISTORICAL TRICK OR TREAT $200: (Ding dong! But the trick's on Rootin' Tootin' Sofia of the Clue Crew.) I'm dressed up as this performer in Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, but, uh, Mom wouldn't buy me a rifle! Annie Oakley
#3947, aired 2001-10-30VICE PRESIDENTS $400: He only served 6 months as VP before he took the presidential oath of office in Buffalo Theodore Roosevelt
#3942, aired 2001-10-23U.S. CITIES $500: It's the easternmost port on Lake Erie Buffalo
#3927, aired 2001-10-02HAVEN'T WE "MET" BEFORE? $600: If you don't like this "American Buffalo" playwright, well, &*$% you, pal! David Mamet
#3926, aired 2001-10-01LADIES & GENTLEMEN, MILLARD FILLMORE! $500: Fillmore died in 1874 & was buried in this city in New York state, later the site of McKinley's assassination Buffalo
#3924, aired 2001-09-27IT HAPPENED IN SEPTEMBER $800: Seen here, this cowboy hero of the Old West made his TV debut Sept. 15, 1949 the Lone Ranger
#3920, aired 2001-09-21SCIENCE & NATURE $600: The European type of this bovine, called a wisent, is taller but lighter than the American type a buffalo
#3912, aired 2001-09-11U.S. CITY SONGS $300: In a 1932 standard, it's the city you "shuffle off to" Buffalo
#3911, aired 2001-09-10PRESIDENTIAL FINAL MOMENTS $400: His passing came in Buffalo, New York from gunshot wounds McKinley
#3899, aired 2001-07-12MOVIE REVIEWS $100: The Buffalo News called this Tom Hanks drama "the celebrity Survivor" & "a one man Gilligan's Island" Cast Away
#3884, aired 2001-06-21GOOD DOG! $400: In May 1805 Scannon, a black Newfoundland, saved several men from a charging buffalo on this pair's expedition Lewis & Clark
#3880, aired 2001-06-15THE OLD WEST $400: In 1885 this Sioux leader was allowed to leave the reservation to tour with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Sitting Bull
#3861, aired 2001-05-21SCHOOL DAYS $300: Superstar artists Robert Longo & Cindy Sherman both did time at this university's Buffalo campus SUNY (State University of New York)
#3838, aired 2001-04-18THE NEW YORK TIMES HEADLINES $200: He's the subject of the September 7, 1901 headline seen here: [President Shot At Buffalo Fair] William McKinley
#3832, aired 2001-04-10STATE PARKS $400: Custer State Park in South Dakota has one of the world's largest free-roaming herds of these Buffalo/bison
#3822, aired 2001-03-27THE CABINET $200: Now protected, this huge animal of the plains graces the seal of the Department of the Interior Buffalo/bison
#3816, aired 2001-03-19CELEBRITY ODD JOBS $4,000 (Daily Double): [Hi, I'm Wendie Malick from "Just Shoot Me"] I once worked for this former Bills quarterback when he represented a Buffalo-area district in Congress Jack Kemp
#3787, aired 2001-02-06AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): William Cody's 2-word nickname, or perhaps what he sent out to his clients at the end of each month "Buffalo Bill"
#3755, aired 2000-12-22CROSBY, STILLS, NASH & YOUNG $200: Stills & Young came from Buffalo Springfield, Nash from The Hollies & Crosby flew off from this group The Byrds
#3749, aired 2000-12-14THE CHERRY BOWL $400: Stepdaughter of jazz musician Don, she stood high on the charts in 1989 with "Buffalo Stance" Neneh Cherry
#3746, aired 2000-12-11ON THE LONE PRAIRIE $200: A lot fewer of this Kansas state animal "roam" the prairies today than in the 19th century Buffalo/bison
#3740, aired 2000-12-01SPORT-O-RAMA $1000: (Hi, I'm Darryl Green of the Washington Redskins.) I intecepted one of this QB's passes in 1992 when the Redskins beat the Buffalo Bills in Super Bowl XXVI Jim Kelly
#3723, aired 2000-11-08WILD THINGS $400: While true buffaloes have 13 pairs of ribs, this American counterpart has 14 Bison
#3700, aired 2000-10-06YOU'RE HISTORY! $200: From the type of animal that he hunted, wild west legend William Cody was better known by this nickname "Buffalo Bill" Cody
#3668, aired 2000-07-12CITIES OF NEW YORK $200: It's "The Bison City" Buffalo
#3657, aired 2000-06-27U.S. CITIES $1,000 (Daily Double): A stone obelisk dedicated to President William McKinley stands in this New York city's Niagara Square Buffalo
#3642, aired 2000-06-06"CAPE"s $600: This African ox can kill lions with its heavy hoofs & horns Cape buffalo
#3641, aired 2000-06-05ALL-AMERICAN FOOD $200: This spicy poultry appetizer is popularly served with blue-cheese dressing & celery sticks Buffalo wings
#3631, aired 2000-05-22NHL LOGOS $500: An earlier version of the logo seen here included a pair of these rattling weapons: (Buffalo) Sabres
#3584, aired 2000-03-16"E"OGRAPHY $200: This 363-mile canal runs from Buffalo to Albany Erie Canal
#3568, aired 2000-02-23STATE PARKS $100: Utah's Antelope Island State Park in this lake is home to a buffalo herd the Great Salt Lake
#3552, aired 2000-02-01U.S. CITIES $200: The Walk-In-The-Water, the first steamship on the Great Lakes, ran between Buffalo & this motor city Detroit
#3550, aired 2000-01-28THE NFL'S STAR QUARTERBACKS $400: Doug Flutie Buffalo Bills
#3540, aired 2000-01-14COLORADO $500: The mint in Denver made its last of these that were 90 percent silver in 1934 Silver dollars
#3529, aired 1999-12-30ANIMAL A.K.A. $200: American buffalo Bison
#3527, aired 1999-12-28HIP "O"s $200: This sharpshooter performed with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show & inspired a 1946 musical Annie Oakley
#3520, aired 1999-12-17BEASTLY GEOGRAPHY $200: By population, it's the second-largest city in New York Buffalo
#3508, aired 1999-12-01COLLEGE FOOTBALL $300: In 1994 Rashaan Salaam became the first member of this school's Buffaloes to win the Heisman Trophy Colorado
#3497, aired 1999-11-16AROUND NEW YORK STATE $1,000 (Daily Double): The Bisons of baseball's International League play their home games in this city Buffalo
#3481, aired 1999-10-25CREATURES OF THE WILD $1000: The lion is the only natural enemy of this "cape" bovine, the most dangerous of Africa's big game animals Cape buffalo
#3476, aired 1999-10-18THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE NEBRASKA $200: This man organized his famous "Wild West Show" in 1883 at his ranch near North Platte Buffalo Bill Cody
#3451, aired 1999-09-13PRO FOOTBALL $400: This team's Marv Levy is the only coach to lead his team to 4 straight Super Bowl appearances Buffalo Bills
#3443, aired 1999-07-21COUNTRIES BY REGION $100: The Mackenzie Mountains, Wood Buffalo National Park, the Queen Elizabeth Islands Canada
#3441, aired 1999-07-19THE WILD WEST $500: This legendary marshal joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1873, but only stayed a short time Wild Bill Hickok
#3423, aired 1999-06-23PRESIDENTIAL NICKNAMES $500: "The Buffalo Hangman" Grover Cleveland
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1901 Buffalo Bill founded this town in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming Cody
#3406, aired 1999-05-31CALAMITY JANE $400: A woman surfaced in 1941 claiming to be the daughter of Jane & this man who played one poker hand too many Wild Bill Hickok
#3406, aired 1999-05-31CALAMITY JANE $500: Jane's gig at the 1901 Pan-American Expo in this city was overshadowed by ths McKinley assassination there Buffalo
#3405, aired 1999-05-28ECOLOGY $200: In 1998 the Makah Indians of Washington resumed hunting these after a 70-year respite gray whales
#3385, aired 1999-04-30CANADIAN HODGEPODGE $1000: If you can bear it, the grizzly house in Banff in this province will serve you buffalo fondue Alberta
#3378, aired 1999-04-211820s AMERICA $100: On Oct. 26, 1825 the Seneca Chief left Buffalo on this waterway & became the first boat to travel its entire length Erie Canal
#3370, aired 1999-04-09TOUGH FOOTBALL $400: Running back Thurman Thomas of this team is the only player to score in 4 consecutive Super Bowls Buffalo Bills
#3357, aired 1999-03-23INTERNATIONAL CUISINE $400: In India ghee, a semi-fluid butter, is often made from the milk of this animal Water buffalo
#3332, aired 1999-02-16FAMOUS HOMES $400: Scout's Rest Ranch in North Platte, Nebraska was the home of this great western showman Buffalo Bill Cody
#3331, aired 1999-02-15OLYMPIC POTPOURRI $300: Of fire-eating, live pigeon-shooting or water buffalo polo, the one that was a 1900 Olympic event Live pigeon-shooting
#3301, aired 1999-01-04EVEN-TOED UNGULATES $400: Between 1850 & 1889, their number on the American plains decreased from 20,000,000 to 541 buffalo (or bison)
#3292, aired 1998-12-22CITY FOOD $100: Buffalo wings don't come from a bison, but from this bird (& from the city in New York) chicken
#3292, aired 1998-12-22JACKS OF ALL TRADES $600: Jack McCall is best remembered for shooting this frontiersman while he was playing poker Wild Bill Hickok
#3292, aired 1998-12-22JACKS OF ALL TRADES $800: This 1996 vice-presidential candidate was once a quarterback for the Buffalo Bills Jack Kemp
#3291, aired 1998-12-21WY WYOMING? $500 (Daily Double): This large prairie animal is featured in white silhouette on the state flag Buffalo
#3270, aired 1998-11-20BEFORE COLUMBUS $200: Around 9000 B.C., herds of these large wild cattle dramatically increased & became a major food source buffalo (or bison)
#3264, aired 1998-11-12THE MEDIA ON TV $1000: On "Buffalo Bill", he was a talk show host; on "Madman of the People", an outspoken columnist Dabney Coleman
#3257, aired 1998-11-03ROCK & POP $200: Of a steamroller, airplane or 2 U.S. cities, it was what the group Buffalo Springfield was named after A steamroller
#3229, aired 1998-09-24TO SERVE $200: According to their Buffalo, NY inventors, Buffalo wings should be served with celery & this dressing Blue cheese
#3214, aired 1998-07-16SPORTS $500: National Hockey League team whose logo is seen here: (knife through a "B") Buffalo Sabres
#3206, aired 1998-07-06SINGERS $400: The 2 groups for which Stephen Stills was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame on May 6, 1997 Buffalo Springfield & Crosby, Stills & Nash
#3193, aired 1998-06-17FIRST LADIES $600 (Daily Double): Ida went with this man, her husband, to Buffalo, but wasn't present at the exposition where he was shot William McKinley
#3188, aired 1998-06-10U.S. MUSEUMS $400: The Buffalo Bill Museum in this small Wyoming city also displays some of Annie Oakley's possessions Cody
#3146, aired 1998-04-13MEAT ME $200: With 1/4 of the fat of regular beef, this hump-shouldered animal of the plains is making a comeback Bison/buffalo
#3137, aired 1998-03-31ANIMALS ON THE MAP $100: It's New York State's "City of Good Neighbors", not its "City of Good Bison" Buffalo
#3132, aired 1998-03-24NICKNAMES $200: Buck Taylor, a star of Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, earned this "Royal" nickname before Roy Rogers King of the Cowboys
#3126, aired 1998-03-16PLAY TIME $800: In this David Mamet play, Don Dubrow plans to steal a rare & valuable nickel American Buffalo
#3125, aired 1998-03-13ENDANGERED SPECIES $400: These "whoopers" breed in marshy areas of Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada whooping cranes
#3090, aired 1998-01-23"C"OMMON BONDS $600: Buffalo, micro, potato chips
#3088, aired 1998-01-21PLAYS $200: The "American Buffalo" in David Mamet's play is one of these that would interest a numismatist Nickel
#3078, aired 1998-01-07WET & WILD $300: Bubalus babalis is the scientific name of this animal also known as the water ox Water buffalo
#3071, aired 1997-12-29HISTORICAL MARKER AHEAD $600: In 1901 he was sworn in as president at the Wilcox Mansion in Buffalo, New York Theodore Roosevelt
#3049, aired 1997-11-27U.S. CITIES $400: Large hydroelectric facilities were built at this city in New York state in the 1890s Niagara Falls
#3046, aired 1997-11-24THE OLD WEST $300: Cibola, as in the 7 Cities of Cibola, is the Spanish word for this large animal of the plains Buffalo
#3044, aired 1997-11-20MANIMALS $100: In 1883 he opened his Wild West Show in Omaha, Nebraska Buffalo Bill Cody
#3028, aired 1997-10-29FIRST LADIES $1000: She was born in 1864, the daughter of a Buffalo, New York attorney Frances Folsom Cleveland
#3025, aired 1997-10-24ANIMAL GROUPS $200: As Roger Miller pointed out, "You can't roller skate" in this group of buffalo Herd
#2996, aired 1997-09-15U.S. COINS $400: On the back of some of the Denver Mint's 1937 nickels, this animal is missing a leg Buffalo
#2980, aired 1997-07-11NATIONAL PARKS OF THE WORLD $400: Canada's Wood Buffalo National Park was created as a refuge for bison & other animals, like this rare crane Whooping crane
#2974, aired 1997-07-03ANNUAL EVENTS $100: In mid-July Golden, Colorado celebrates the spirit of the old west with a festival named for this showman "Buffalo Bill" Cody
#2971, aired 1997-06-30CELEBRITY BIRTHDAYS $500: People with animal names born November 27 include Eddie Rabbitt, Robin Givens & this pal of Howdy Doody "Buffalo Bob" Smith
#2963, aired 1997-06-18U.S. CITIES $1,200 (Daily Double): The name of this N.Y. city may be derived from a mispronounciation of "Beau Fleuve", or "Beautiful River" Buffalo
#2959, aired 1997-06-12CHEESES OF THE WORLD $1000: Originally, this country's Scamorze cheese was made only from water buffalo milk Italy
#2956, aired 1997-06-09BASEBALL MOVIES $1000: Much of this Robert Redford film was shot at War Memorial Stadium in Buffalo, New York "The Natural"
#2951, aired 1997-06-02THE SUPER BOWL $100: This Buffalo team is the only team to lose the Super Bowl 4 straight years Buffalo Bills
#2950, aired 1997-05-30OLD WEST DOGS $400: In May 1805 Scannon, a Newfoundland, saved this expedition from a charging buffalo Lewis & Clark Expedition
#2949, aired 1997-05-29SEE THE U.S.A. $400: North Platte in this state was once the home of Buffalo Bill & an annual rodeo there is named for him Nebraska
#2922, aired 1997-04-22STATE FLAGS $500: This state's flag features its official seal on a white buffalo Wyoming
#2920, aired 1997-04-1819th CENTURY PERSONALITIES $200: The kings of Belgium, Denmark & Greece once rode in the stagecoach in his wild west show, "Indian Attack" "Buffalo Bill" Cody
#2904, aired 1997-03-27LITERATURE $400: "Buffalo Girls" & "The Evening Star" are among this "Lonesome Dove" author's recent novels Larry McMurtry
#2903, aired 1997-03-26AWARDS $200: This wild west showman's 1872 Congressional Medal of Honor was revoked in 1917 but restored in 1989 "Buffalo Bill" Cody
#2898, aired 1997-03-19SPORTS $300: NHL teams that have moved to new, luxury box-filled arenas include the Boston Bruins & this city's Sabres Buffalo
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This president's political enemies referred to him as the "Beast of Buffalo" Grover Cleveland
#2860, aired 1997-01-24POT CLUCK $100: The dish of chicken wings in a hot sauce & blue cheese dressing was named for this city, not for an animal Buffalo, NY
#2853, aired 1997-01-15SILLY SONGS $300: According to the title of a Roger Miller song, it's what you can't do "In a buffalo herd" Roller skate
#2843, aired 1997-01-01COMMON BONDS $500: Spoon, dollar, Buffalo bills
#2829, aired 1996-12-12SPORTS $600: Technically, this NFL team is located in Orchard Park, New York Buffalo Bills
#2817, aired 1996-11-26POLITICS $200: On August 10, 1996 Bob Dole chose this former Buffalo Bills quarterback as his running mate Jack Kemp (of Occidental College)
#2802, aired 1996-11-05TIME SPANS $100: He claimed he killed over 4,000 bison in 18 months while supplying meat to railroad workers Buffalo Bill Cody
#2787, aired 1996-10-15LIGHTHOUSES $1000: An 1833 lighthouse is a point of interest in this western New York city on Lake Erie Buffalo
#2745, aired 1996-07-05HISTORIC NAMES $200: This "Wild West Show" owner once served in the Nebraska state legislature Buffalo Bill (Cody)
#2714, aired 1996-05-23TELEVISION HISTORY $400: This creator of "Howdy Doody" began in broadcasting as a musician on radio station WBEN "Buffalo Bob" Smith
#2712, aired 1996-05-21U.S. CITIES $800: The street design of this port, New York's second-largest city, is based on Washington, D.C. Buffalo
#2685, aired 1996-04-12OLD BASEBALL TEAMS $400: In 1890 this city had a team called the Bisons; a little redundant, don't you think? Buffalo
#2685, aired 1996-04-12TELEVISION $200: In the 1995 miniseries "Buffalo Girls", Anjelica Huston played this notorious frontierswoman Calamity Jane
#2670, aired 1996-03-22THE CONGRESSIONAL MEDAL OF HONOR $600: In 1989 this wild west scout & showman's medal, revoked in 1917, was restored William "Buffalo Bill" Cody
#2632, aired 1996-01-30NATIVE AMERICANS $200: Plains Indians usually stretched these animal skins over frames to make bullboats & tepees Buffalo
#2629, aired 1996-01-25THEATRE $1000: Ed Begley Jr. starred in this "American Buffalo" author's 1995 play "The Cryptogram" David Mamet
#2627, aired 1996-01-23SINGERS & THEIR ROLES $300: Reba McEntire hit her marks as this markswoman in the 1995 TV miniseries "Buffalo Girls" Annie Oakley
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After this waterway opened in 1825, freight rates between Buffalo & NYC were cut by more than 90% Erie Canal
#2610, aired 1995-12-29SONGS $200: In 1873 its words were first published under the title "Oh, Give Me A Home Where The Buffalo Roam" "Home On The Range"
#2575, aired 1995-11-10TRANSPORTATION $1,100 (Daily Double): Originally, this waterway between Buffalo & Albany was 4 feet deep & had 83 locks the Erie Canal
#2574, aired 1995-11-09BROADWAY $200: Once the star of her own TV variety show, she returned to Broadway in 1995 in "Moon over Buffalo" Carol Burnett
#2532, aired 1995-09-12NATURE $500: Now almost extinct, the wisent is a European species of this oxlike North American mammal buffalo (bison)
#2527, aired 1995-09-05THE OLD WEST $500: It was an Indian-English term for the black soldiers in the Apache wars the Buffalo Soldiers
#2524, aired 1995-07-20AMERICANA $200: Look for Buffalo Bill's grave atop Lookout Mountain near Golden in this state Colorado
#2500, aired 1995-06-16COWBOY TALK $400: The milling around of frightened bison may have given us this word that means "confused" buffaloed
#2415, aired 1995-02-17THE 1880s $400: In 1885 this female sharpshooter joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Annie Oakley
#2341, aired 1994-11-07POTENT POTABLES $500: Zubrowka is a Polish form of this spirit with a bit of buffalo grass steeped in it vodka
#2298, aired 1994-09-071946 $400: This invention of Fred Schmidt debuted at an American Bowling Congress tournament in Buffalo automatic pin setter
#2289, aired 1994-07-14ANIMALS $100: The beefalo, a hybrid domestic animal, is five-eighths beef cow & three-eighths this buffalo (bison)
#2230, aired 1994-04-22POT LUCK $400: Chief Two Bears, who died in 1958 was the last Choctaw Indian scout for this showman Buffalo Bill
#2188, aired 1994-02-23FAMOUS FALLS $200: In 1895 a large power plant opened on these falls northwest of Buffalo Niagara Falls
#2185, aired 1994-02-18EURO DISNEY $500: A rip-roaring recreation of his wild west show features cowboys, Indians & stampeding buffalo Buffalo Bill
#2173, aired 1994-02-02THE OLD WEST $200: Chief of scouts for the 5th Cavalry, he later had his own wild west show "Buffalo Bill" (Cody)
#2159, aired 1994-01-13GROVER CLEVELAND $400: After serving as sheriff of Erie County, N.Y., Cleveland became mayor of this city in Erie County Buffalo
#2150, aired 1993-12-31AWARDS $600: In 1929 this US Antarctic explorer was the recipient of the Boy Scouts' Silver Buffalo award (Richard) Byrd
#2126, aired 1993-11-29DRAMA $400: "American Buffalo", the title of a David Mamet play, refers to the buffalo on one of these coins Nickel
#2102, aired 1993-10-26PARKS $200: South Dakota's Custer State Park has one of the largest herds of these animals in the U.S. buffalo (or bison)
#2066, aired 1993-09-06HAIL TO THE CHIEF $2,000 (Daily Double): Within a 3 1/2 year period, he became Mayor of Buffalo, Governor of N.Y. & President of the U.S. Grover Cleveland
#2055, aired 1993-07-09SPORTS $500: While playing for this team, O.J. Simpson led the NFL in rushing yardage 4 times the Buffalo Bills
#2010, aired 1993-05-07POLITICIANS $400: This former H.U.D. secretary quarterbacked the Buffalo Bills to the AFL title in 1964 & 1965 Jack Kemp
#1960, aired 1993-02-26NEBRASKA $100: In 1883 he formed his wild west show at his ranch near North Platte "Buffalo Bill" (Cody)
#1957, aired 1993-02-23TELEVISION $300: This series featured Stephen Baldwin as Buffalo Bill & Josh Brolin as Wild Bill Hickok The Young Riders
#1944, aired 1993-02-04SPORTS $300: In 1992 coach Joe Gibbs led this team to its third Super Bowl win by defeating Buffalo, 37-24 Washington Redskins
#1904, aired 1992-12-10INDIANS $300: This leader of the Hunkpapa Sioux nation Joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885 Sitting Bull
#1874, aired 1992-10-29AMERICAN INDIANS $200: Until the 1880s, this animal was the principal source of food for the Plains Indians the buffalo
#1831, aired 1992-07-13ZOOLOGY $800: According to Guinness, the longest horns of any animal belong to this "aquatic" ox of Asia the water buffalo
#1818, aired 1992-06-24BUFFALO $100: = =
#1818, aired 1992-06-24BUFFALO $200: = =
#1818, aired 1992-06-24BUFFALO $300: Memorial Auditorium is the home arena of the Buffalo Sabres, a pro team in this sport hockey
#1818, aired 1992-06-24BUFFALO $300 (Daily Double): The city lies at the head of the Niagara River at the eastern end of this Great Lake Lake Erie
#1818, aired 1992-06-24BUFFALO $400: A stone obelisk in downtown Buffalo honors this president who was slain in the city in 1901 McKinley
#1770, aired 1992-04-17WILD BILL HICKOK $100: Like Annie Oakley, he performed this type of act in Buffalo Bill's Wild West show sharpshooter
#1734, aired 1992-02-27INDIANS $100: After the Sioux began using these animals, they gave up permanent villages to follow the buffalo horses
#1710, aired 1992-01-24FAMOUS WOMEN $200: This markswoman joined Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show in 1885 & was its star attraction for 17 years Annie Oakley
#1705, aired 1992-01-17ROCK 'N' ROLL FACTS $500: Before joining forces with Crosby & Nash, Neil Young & Stephen Stills were members of this group Buffalo Springfield
#1701, aired 1992-01-13RELIGION $800: In this religion, Durga, a consort of Shiva, slew a ferocious buffalo demon Hinduism
#1699, aired 1992-01-09SCULPTURE $400: A 33-foot statue of Buffalo Bill is featured at the Nat'l Cowboy Hall of Fame in this state Oklahoma
#1696, aired 1992-01-06U.S. CITIES $800: A year after becoming mayor of this N.Y. city, Grover Cleveland became governor of the state Buffalo
#1652, aired 1991-11-05SPORTS $200: It's the only NFL team that currently plays its home games in New York state Buffalo (Bills)
#1651, aired 1991-11-04ZOOLOGY $200: The cape buffalo uses its horns to defend itself, & a warthog uses these Tusks
#1648, aired 1991-10-30WYOMING $400: The Buffalo Bill Historical Center is in this city Cody
#1623, aired 1991-09-25U.S. COINS $400: Animal featured on the reverse of the Indian Head nickel from 1913 to 1938 a buffalo (or bison)
#1622, aired 1991-09-24PARKS $400: Exhibits of his life & wild west show can be found in a historical park near North Platte, Nebraska Buffalo Bill Cody
#1604, aired 1991-07-1819th CENTURY AMERICA $200: The 1825 opening of this drastically reduced the freight rates between Buffalo & New York City the Erie Canal
#1600, aired 1991-07-12THE OLD WEST $600: An attack on the Deadwood stagecoach was 1 of the exciting acts in his Wild West show Buffalo Bill (William Cody)
#1561, aired 1991-05-20U.S. CITIES $200: Some say its name is from the French "beau pleuve", beautiful river, not from bison Buffalo
#1559, aired 1991-05-16HAIL TO THE CHIEF $600: He took his first oath of office Sept. 14, 1901 in Buffalo, New York Theodore Roosevelt
#1474, aired 1991-01-17THE WHITE HOUSE $500: Teddy Roosevelt had these American animal heads carved into the mantle in the state dining room Buffalo
#1472, aired 1991-01-15MASCOTS $400: Ralphie the Buffalo attends the home football games of this Big 8 university Colorado
#1430, aired 1990-11-16NEW YORK CITIES $200: In a song from "42nd Street" people "shuffled off to" this New York city Buffalo
#1356, aired 1990-06-251940s TELEVISION $100: In 1948-9, when he hosted the variety series "The Gulf Road Show", he didn't call himself "Buffalo" Bob Smith
#1355, aired 1990-06-22GEOGRAPHY $200: Port cities on this lake include Toledo, Cleveland & Buffalo Erie
#1346, aired 1990-06-11INDIANS $100: After Little Big Horn he escaped to Canada, later to return & tour w/ Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show Sitting Bull
#1338, aired 1990-05-30SASKATCHEWAN $100: Indians & Métis, people of mixed descent, revolted in the 1800s when the RR diminished these herds buffalo
#1332, aired 1990-05-22U.S. HISTORY $500: This last president from the Whig Party rode Lincoln's funeral train from Batavia, N.Y. to Buffalo Millard Fillmore
#1299, aired 1990-04-05FICTIONAL INDIANS $300: Buffalo Bob often said "Howdy" to this Indian princess Princess Summerfallwinterspring
#1299, aired 1990-04-05WYOMING $800: Wyoming city where you'd find the Buffalo Bill Museum Cody
#1266, aired 1990-02-19ANIMALS $200: Although these huge animals are generally docile, when the bulls go into musth they can turn violent elephants
#1245, aired 1990-01-19FOOD $400: Bufala Mozzarella is made from the milk of this type of buffalo, not bison Water Buffalo
#1236, aired 1990-01-08POTENT POTABLES $800: Zubrowka is this type of potent potable flavored with buffalo grass vodka
#1208, aired 1989-11-29DRIVING $100: To get to Wallace, Idaho from Boston, get on I-90 West, & the 1st one of these you "hit", you're there a traffic light
#1161, aired 1989-09-25MUSEUMS $1000: 1 of 3 states with museums devoted to Buffalo Bill Cody 1 of (Wyoming, Nebraska, or Colorado)
#1098, aired 1989-05-17MAMMALS $1000: Once abundant, now protected, it the heaviest land mammal native to North America the buffalo (bison)
#1068, aired 1989-04-05ANIMAL TRIVIA $500: There's a national refuge specifically for herds of these animals near Jackson, Wyoming elk
#1060, aired 1989-03-24SONG LYRICS $300: "Buffalo gals, won't you come out tonight, and dance by" this the light of the moon
#1043, aired 1989-03-01FAMOUS AMERICANS $400: This Illinois native went west for a "wild" time touring with Buffalo Bill & scouting for Custer Wild Bill Hickok
#1041, aired 1989-02-27PLAYS $400: In Arthur Kopit's play "Indians", Charles Durning was Ned Buntline & Stacy Keach was this hero of Buntline's books Buffalo Bill Cody
#1038, aired 1989-02-22MILLARD FILLMORE $400: Fillmore shuffled off the proverbial mortal coil in this city Buffalo
#1025, aired 1989-02-03ASSASSINATIONS $800: Of the 2 presidents who died in Buffalo, N.Y., the one who was assassinated McKinley
#1015, aired 1989-01-20FOOTBALL $300: NFL team which plays its home games in suburban Orchard Park, New York Buffalo Bills
#1003, aired 1989-01-04CANADA $600: An American performer in the Buffalo Bill Show founded this famous Alberta rodeo in 1912 Calgary Stampede
#994, aired 1988-12-22THE OLD WEST $400: The grave of this wild west scout & showman is on top of Lookout Mountain near Golden, Colo. William Cody (Buffalo Bill)
#993, aired 1988-12-21ANIMALS $200: The wisent is the European relative of this large American plains animal buffalo (bison)
#982, aired 1988-12-06U.S. CITIES $800: Great Lakes port in New York state that's the world's leading flour milling center Buffalo
#968, aired 1988-11-16JOLLY "ROGER"S $400 (Daily Double): Singer of the following, a Jolly Roger if we ever heard one: "You can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd, can't rollerskate in a buffalo herd..." Roger Miller
#899, aired 1988-06-30SPORTS $400: 1 of 2 AFL teams for which Congressman Jack Kemp played pro ball (1 of) Buffalo (Bills) or (Los Angeles Chargers)
#899, aired 1988-06-30THE PLAYWRIGHT IN QUESTION $1000: "American Buffalo", "Glengarry Glen Ross", "Sexusal Perversity in Chicago" David Mamet
#867, aired 1988-05-17FAMOUS NAMES $100: Once mayor of Buffalo, he started a shipping company with partner Henry Wells (Will) Fargo
#867, aired 1988-05-17FLAGS $400: U.S. cabinet department whose flag features a buffalo in the center Department of the Interior
#848, aired 1988-04-20PRESIDENTIAL TRIVIA $600: That Bull Moose Theodore Roosevelt took his 1st presidential oath in this city in New York Buffalo
#847, aired 1988-04-19FRUITS & VEGETABLES $400: In India, a form of this called "ghee" is made by churning water buffalo milk butter
#838, aired 1988-04-06"WATER" $200: Farmers in southeast Asia use them to work in rice paddies; it's lucky they like to wallow in mud water buffalo
#834, aired 1988-03-31THE BGGEST $800: Bigger than Belgium, the world's largest park is this country's Wood Buffalo National Park Canada
#822, aired 1988-03-15THE 20TH CENTURY $1000: On May 21, 1980 President Carter declared a state of emergency at this NY state site Love Canal (Niagara)
#813, aired 1988-03-02IOWANS $800: In 1872, this scout, later a showman, won the Medal of Honor, but it was revoked in 1916 Buffalo Bill Cody
#794, aired 1988-02-04'87 ANNIVERSARIES $400: We won't "Dilly Dally", get "Bluster"ed or "Buffalo" 'ya, but it was this puppet's 40th anniversary Howdy Doody
#775, aired 1988-01-08WYOMING $300: In this town you can visit Buffalo Bill Dam, Buffalo Bill Village, & Buffalo Bill Historical Center Cody
#749, aired 1987-12-03ROCK SUBTITLES $800: Buffalo Springfield classic subtitled "Stop, Hey What's That Sound" "For What It's Worth"
#715, aired 1987-10-16HISTORICAL HORSES $500: This man claimed that astride Brigham, "the best buffalo horse", he killed 69 bison in 1 afternoon Buffalo Bill Cody
#669, aired 1987-07-02HOWDY DOODY $200: For this country's version of Howdy Doody, Robert Goulet didn't play Buffalo Bob but Timber Tom Canada
#664, aired 1987-06-25WILD WEST $500: Discharged from the Army as a drunk, this dime novelist sobered up enough to nickname Buffalo Bill Ned Buntline
#633, aired 1987-05-13GEOGRAPHICAL SONGS $100: "I'll go home & get my panties, you go home & get your scanties" & we'll "shuffle off to" here Buffalo
#607, aired 1987-04-07ANIMALS $1000: Ironically, in 1907 the Bronx Zoo donated 15 of these to the people of Oklahoma buffalo (or bison)
#573, aired 1987-02-18POP SINGERS $500: Of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, the 2 who are pairing up for reunion of Buffalo Springfield Stephen Stills & Neil Young
#544, aired 1987-01-08ODDS & ENDS $100: Paul McCartney, chicken restaurant in Buffalo, & "all God's chillun got" these wings
#537, aired 1986-12-30OLD WEST $200: Last names of "Wild Bill" 8: "Buffalo Bill" Hickok and Cody
#510, aired 1986-11-21'50s TV $600: When ill or on vacation, this man was replaced by "Bison Bill" Buffalo Bob
#502, aired 1986-11-11ENGINEERING $400 (Daily Double): The Buffalo Bayou was widened & deepened to open this inland Texas town to shipping Houston
#495, aired 1986-10-31WARS $800: Buffalo, N.Y. was destroyed in this war War of 1812
#484, aired 1986-10-16WILD WEST $100: After playing for Queen Victoria, his Wild West Show's billing read "From prairie to palace" Buffalo Bill (Cody)
#483, aired 1986-10-15ANIMALS $400: A full-blooded beefalo is 1/4 Hereford, 3/8 Charolais, & 3/8 this buffalo (bison)
#478, aired 1986-10-08OLD WEST $500: First "trail mix", it was made with dried buffalo meat, hot fat & cherries, & pressed into small pouches pemmican
#438, aired 1986-05-14THE FLINTSTONES $500: Fred & Barney were lodge members of this "Loyal Order" Water Buffaloes
#371, aired 1986-02-10GOVERNMENT $300: In 1982, James Watt proposed changing this dept's seal from a buffalo facing left to one facing right the Department of the Interior
#315, aired 1985-11-22THE 1950's $300: Howdy Doody host Bob Smith's real hometown Buffalo, New York
#297, aired 1985-10-29FAMOUS NAMES $100: It was Ned Buntline's dime novels that made this Indian scout & wild west showman legendary Buffalo Bill (Cody)
#277, aired 1985-10-01AMERICAN INDIANS $200: Until their near extinction in the 1880s, they were the plains Indians main source of food buffalo (bison)
#165, aired 1985-04-26U.S. CITIES $200: There's no evidence that bison ever grazed in vicinity of this second largest NY city Buffalo
#70, aired 1984-12-14U.S. CITIES $300: The city of Niagara Falls is its largest suburb Buffalo
#61, aired 1984-12-03INDIANS $200: Buffalo-skin covered homes of Plains Indians a teepee
#1, aired 1983-09-18WILD WEST $75: Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickok both worked for this mail service the Pony Express

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (12 results returned)

#8096, aired 2019-11-18U.S. CITIES: Celebrating electricity & technology, an exposition in this U.S. "City of Light" in 1901 was overshadowed by another major event Buffalo
#7922, aired 2019-02-05THE 19th CENTURY: In his autobiography, Buffalo Bill Cody remembered this venture as "a relay race against time" the Pony Express
#7915, aired 2019-01-25LAW ENFORCEMENT HISTORY: This U.S. group was formed to protect settlers in an area that had recently gained independence from Spain the Texas Rangers
#6887, aired 2014-07-22WORLD LANDMARKS: Built for a World's Fair in 1889, its visitors that year included the Prince of Wales & Buffalo Bill; it still gets 7M a year the Eiffel Tower
#6809, aired 2014-04-0319th CENTURY POLITICS: In 1884 George Pillsbury became mayor of this city Minneapolis
#5140, aired 2007-01-05PRO FOOTBALL: In 1947 this team chose not to be called the "Nickels" but instead paid homage to a Western hero the Buffalo Bills
#4553, aired 2004-05-26NFL TEAM NAMES: 2 of the 4 teams in the NFL with completely alliterative names (2 of) the Seattle Seahawks, the Jacksonville Jaguars, the Buffalo Bills, & the Tennessee Titans
#3648, aired 2000-06-14AIRPORT CODES: The 3-letter code for this airport came from what was on the site before it -- Orchard Place O'Hare Airport, Chicago - ORD
#3130, aired 1998-03-20FINANCE HISTORY: In the 19th c., selling stock you didn't yet own, hoping it would fall, was called selling this animal's skin a bear
#2484, aired 1995-05-25MAMMALS: A colony of 400 million of these animals in Texas once covered 25,000 square miles prairie dogs
#1723, aired 1992-02-12MOVIE MUSICALS: Among the characters in this 1950 film are Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull & Kaiser Wilhelm II Annie Get Your Gun
#1058, aired 1989-03-22ANIMALS: The elephant is the largest land animal by weight; this animal is 2nd the Rhino

Players (44 results returned)

Peter Warn, a copy editor from Buffalo, New York Season 15 player (1998-11-27).
Jerry Frankel, a musician and a composer originally from Buffalo, New York 1985 Tournament of Champions winner (semifinalist by wildcard): $100,000. Season 1...
Budd Bailey, a sports reporter from Buffalo, New York Season 15 player (1998-12-10).
Kristen Senall, a first grade teacher from Buffalo, New York Season 18 1-time champion: $15,000. Last name pronounced like "sen-NALL."
Gail Polzin, a public relations director from Buffalo Grove, Illinois Season 18 player (2002-07-12). Last name pronounced like "POLE-zeen."
Carol Schlau, a newspaper copy editor from Buffalo, New York Season 18 1-time champion: $9,599. Last name pronounced to rhyme with "cow".
Kathleen Victor Wyatt, a translator from Buffalo, New York Season 16 player (1999-12-14).
Jackie Kaufman, an attorney from Buffalo Grove, Illinois Season 17 1-time champion: $2,999.
Kevin Holbert, a linguistics student from Buffalo, New York Season 24 2-time champion: $39,823 + $2,000. Last name pronounced like "HOLE-burt".
Stewart Myrent, a pre-need funeral counselor from Chicago, Illinois Season 24 player (2007-12-24).
Babatope Ogunmola, a sample specialist originally from Buffalo, New York Season 24 1-time champion: $8,400 + $1,000. First name pronounced like...
Christina Held-Hulsing, a stay-at-home mom from Buffalo, New York Season 15 player (1999-04-20).
Mark Wales, a substitute teacher from Amherst, New York 2009 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 24 5-time champion: $141,804...
Tim Russert, a moderator from Meet the Press "He's the Washington Bureau Chief of NBC News and the longtime...
Donna Vogel, a scientist from Bethesda, Maryland 2009 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Season 24 4-time champion:...
Mark Wales, a substitute teacher from Amherst, New York 2009 Tournament of Champions semifinalist: $10,000. Season 24 5-time champion: $141,804...
Kevin Rainforth, a substance abuse counselor from Orchard Park, New York Season 25 1-time champion: $16,000 + $1,000.
Wolf Blitzer, a journalist from The Situation Room "Since 1990, he's covered every major story for CNN, including the...
Kevin Wilson, a communications specialist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada Season 26 3-time champion: $76,998 + $1,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user...
Jarret Izzo, a musician from East Amherst, New York Season 26 1-time champion: $20,401 + $2,000.
Molly Zeigler, a mom and graduate student from Buffalo, New York Season 27 player (2010-09-29).
Carl Bradshaw, a financial manager from St. Louis, Missouri Season 27 2-time champion: $17,899 + $2,000. Jeopardy! Message Board user name: Titmouse
Jeanie Kenkel, a registered nurse originally from Lincoln, Nebraska Season 28 player (2012-03-28). Blog at JBoard user name: thejeopardyfan...
Sophia Schwarz, a homemaker and missionary originally from Buffalo, New York Season 13 player (1997-02-19).
Claude Welch, a professor from Buffalo, New York Season 3 1-time champion: $6,800.
Paul Raymond, a professor of political science originally from Buffalo, New York Season 3 player (1986-09-29).
Justin Culkowski, a college administrator originally from Buffalo, New York Season 3 1-time champion: $3,100.
Selena Groh, a junior from Arlington Heights, Illinois 2014 Teen Tournament semifinalist: $10,000. 16 at the time of the...
Jeff Stone, a lawyer from Buffalo, New York Season 5 player (1989-01-25).
Tyler Johnson, a blogger from Buffalo, New York Season 31 player (2014-10-31). Not to be confused with Season 33...
Ed Cardoni, a director of a contemporary arts center from Buffalo, New York Season 31 player (2015-06-25).
Jerry Frankel, a musician originally from Buffalo, New York Season 1 5-time champion: $32,650.
Audrey Watkins-Fox, a mortgage coordinator originally from Lockport, New York Season 32 2-time champion: $33,000 + $1,000. Audrey won $50,000 on...
Brigid Hannahoe, a pathologist from Buffalo, New York Season 32 player (2016-02-29). JBoard user name: Peachl
Sharon Stern Gerstman, an attorney from Buffalo, New York Season 33 player (2016-11-03).
Nancy Burke, a secretary from Buffalo, New York Season 5 1-time champion: $10,200.
Lance King, a teacher originally from Buffalo, New York Season 3 player (1987-04-30).
John Krahulec, a computer consultant originally from Buffalo, New York Season 3 player (1988-10-11): an Emerson video camcorder + Easy-Rest recliner...
Jack Dumpert, a bond manager from Buffalo, New York Season 4 player (1988-05-23).
Esther Shkolnik, a personnel specialist originally from Buffalo, New York Season 9 player (1992-11-30): a Yorx stereo system.
Sheldon Lewis II, a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology from Buffalo, New York 2018 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Mitch Gerber, an editor originally from Buffalo, New York Season 7 1-time champion: $8,000.
David Green, a law student from Buffalo Grove, Illinois Season 2 player (1986-01-10).
Melissa Givens, a voice professor and singer originally from Buffalo, New York Season 37 player (2020-11-10).
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