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#8523, aired 2021-12-01PRONOUNCE IT THE WAY WE WANT $200: The third person singular of to do becomes this group of animals does
#8522, aired 2021-11-30ROMAN MYTHOLOGY $800: Strange for a sea god, but Neptune is credited in Roman mythology with creating these land animals used for transport horses
#8521, aired 2021-11-29THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $400: This tropical reef dweller needs no chrysalis, but does have striking markings that make sure to confuse predators a butterfly fish
#8521, aired 2021-11-29THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $800: Meerkats aren't felines, they're in the family named for these cobra fighters mongooses (mongeese)
#8521, aired 2021-11-29THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $1200: A rare pink species of this land reptile lives around a volcano on Isabela Island in the Galápagos an iguana
#8521, aired 2021-11-29THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $1600: With ridged horns, the kob of Africa is a species of these swift ruminants antelopes
#8521, aired 2021-11-29THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $2000: One of the strongest kinds of beetles, this type seen here bears the name of a large herbivore a rhinoceros beetle
#8520, aired 2021-11-26FESTIVALS $200: The San Fermin Festival held in Pamplona each July is best known for this daily event involving animals the running of the bulls
#8511, aired 2021-11-15WORDS WITH A SINGLE VOWEL $800: As Dorothy walked through Oz, "now and then there came a deep" this sound "from some wild animal" a growl
#8510, aired 2021-11-12"A" IN SCIENCE $800: The name of this class of animals means "double life" amphibian
#8510, aired 2021-11-12SYNONYMS $4,000 (Daily Double): This animal is a synonym for evasive or sneaky as it was thought to suck out the contents of an egg while leaving the shell intact weasel
#8508, aired 2021-11-10SCIENCE & NATURE $1600: Among other things, these chemical substances secreted by certain animals are used to mark territory & to attract mates pheromones
#8507, aired 2021-11-09SOME CREATURES GREAT & SMALL $400: Silk from the orb-weaver type of this animal can be packed so densely that it has been used to make violin strings a spider
#8506, aired 2021-11-08ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS $200: Temporarily hoarse? You've got this amphibian condition a frog in your throat
#8506, aired 2021-11-08ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS $400: This phrase about a hidden enemy comes from Virgil, "Latet anguis in herba" a snake in the grass
#8506, aired 2021-11-08ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS $600: Also the title of a Marx Brothers movie, this dish means something very easy to do duck soup
#8506, aired 2021-11-08ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS $800: Beginning in the 1920s, it was high praise to be the cat's pajamas or this rhyming insect phrase the bee's knees
#8506, aired 2021-11-08ANIMAL EXPRESSIONS $1000: The lifespans of creatures like Bubbles, said to be 60, may have given rise to this phrase, meaning "it's been a long time" a donkey's age (donkey's year)
#8505, aired 2021-11-05I HELPED IN THE 17th CENTURY $1600: Microscopist Antonie van Leeuwenhoek scoped out this type of organism whose name means "first animal" protozoa
#8504, aired 2021-11-04OLD LITERATURE $800: The Panchatantra animal fables were written in this ancient language of India & used to teach princes Sanskrit
#8502, aired 2021-11-02FAIRY TALES: A CLOSER LOOK $600: A wild animal who's pretty good at deception attempts 2 homicides, that of a girl & her grandmother, but ends up dead "Little Red Riding Hood"
#8497, aired 2021-10-26THE U.K. SINCE 1945 $1000: A few years after the worst of mad cow, a 2001 epidemic of this disease led to the culling of millions of animals hoof-and-mouth disease (foot-and-mouth disease)
#8495, aired 2021-10-22CELLO $800: An excellent piece for the cello is "The Swan", from this work by Camille Saint-Saens The Carnival of the Animals
#8494, aired 2021-10-21FAMILIAR SOUNDING TRIOS $600: For example: ferret, fennel or fluorite animal, vegetable or mineral
#8492, aired 2021-10-195 BURROS $800: In the book of Numbers, both an angel & the animal itself ask this man why he's beating up on his donkey Balaam
#8491, aired 2021-10-18BIRD BRAINS $200: Some birds wield twigs & sticks to accomplish tasks, making them among the handful of animals known to use these tools
#8484, aired 2021-10-07SCENE HERE $2000: In "Animal House" this college official has unfortunate midterm grade news: "Mr. Blutarsky... zero point zero" Dean Wormer
#8484, aired 2021-10-07WE DID START THE FIRE $400: Plains Indians regularly set prairie fires to spur the growth of fresh grass that enticed herds of these animals buffalo
#8480, aired 2021-10-01FOR YOUR REFERENCE $800: He divided the contents of his first thesaurus into 6 classes, just as his hero Linnaeus had done with animals Roget
#8480, aired 2021-10-01SCIENCE $2000: It's the common term for animals of the order Lagomorpha rabbits
#8479, aired 2021-09-30THAT ANIMAL HAD A NAME $200: Launched into space in 1961, Ham was one of these primates a chimp
#8479, aired 2021-09-30THAT ANIMAL HAD A NAME $400: Hotfoot Teddy, a cub that survived a fire, was renamed this for a character who promoted fire safety & became his living symbol Smokey Bear
#8479, aired 2021-09-30THAT ANIMAL HAD A NAME $600: Orangey seen here signing a contract in 1951, later played this simply name role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" Cat
#8479, aired 2021-09-30THAT ANIMAL HAD A NAME $800: Dr. Penny Patterson taught Koko the gorilla this method of communication sign language
#8479, aired 2021-09-30THAT ANIMAL HAD A NAME $1000: Bucephalus carried this man on many of his 4th century B.C. conquests Alexander the Great
#8477, aired 2021-09-28LIFE & WORK IN ANCIENT ROME $1600: An auspex read omens from watching the movements of these animals from which the word auspex partly derives birds
#8477, aired 2021-09-28MISSING POISONS UNIT $1000: Also called woolsorters' disease, ____ is caused by bacteria in farm animals & in humans exposed to them anthrax
#8475, aired 2021-09-24FURRY ROAD $400: With claws retracted, the paw of this furry animal, Panthera leo, doesn't look so scary a lion
#8475, aired 2021-09-24FURRY ROAD $800: Ya dirty polecat! This animal can accurately target its noxious spray 6 feet away a skunk
#8475, aired 2021-09-24NOVELS BY QUOTE $800: "No one believes more firmly than comrade Napoleon that all animals are equal" Animal Farm
#8475, aired 2021-09-24NOVELS BY QUOTE $2000: "I was no longer a master, but an animal among the animals, under the Martian heel" War of the Worlds
#8471, aired 2021-09-20BOOKS & AUTHORS $600: In "Gub Gub's Book", by the creator of Dr. Dolittle, this type of animal tells of truffles & more pig
#8466, aired 2021-09-13FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS $400: The right or bowhead this gets tangled in fishing nets, which can stunt growth, causing the species to be shorter than its typical 52 feet a whale
#8466, aired 2021-09-13FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS $800: The 2-toed one of these can live up to 20 years, most of it upside down in the canopy of the rainforest a sloth
#8466, aired 2021-09-13FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS $1600: The kestrel is also known as this type of hawk, after the nice little bird it's looking around for here (the) sparrow (hawk)
#8466, aired 2021-09-13FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS $2000: Sweden's only wild feline is this short-tailed cat that's able to bring down much larger animals, like reindeer & roe deer lynx
#8466, aired 2021-09-13FACTS ABOUT ANIMALS $4,000 (Daily Double): When faced with danger, certain ducks, snakes & mammals do this, also called thanatosis play dead
#8460, aired 2021-08-06SOUVENIR $800: You never saw this ox-like animal of Asia with a cold, did you? So try the nice warm Mongolian socks made from its wool a yak
#8459, aired 2021-08-05EXTINCT ANIMALS $400: The last known tarpan, Equus ferus ferus, a wild Russian type of this, died in 1909 a horse
#8459, aired 2021-08-05EXTINCT ANIMALS $800: Poaching due to its horn led to the extinction of the West African black this by 2011 the black rhino
#8459, aired 2021-08-05EXTINCT ANIMALS $1200: With feathers once favored in women's hats, the Carolina variety of this bird was widespread in the eastern U.S. until around 1920 the Carolina parakeet
#8459, aired 2021-08-05EXTINCT ANIMALS $1600: The Tecopa pupfish native to this California desert became extinct due to human development in the area the Mojave
#8459, aired 2021-08-05EXTINCT ANIMALS $2000: Seen here is a fossil of one of these prehistoric fish lizards Ichthyosaurus
#8459, aired 2021-08-05I'M YOUR HUCKLEBERRY $1200: If picking huckleberries in Montana, be safe--it's estimated that in summer they make up half the diet of these animals grizzly bears
#8458, aired 2021-08-043-LETTER WORDS $400: This verb means to handle something roughly, like an animal would paw
#8452, aired 2021-07-27AT THE BEACH $400: Much of the white sand on Hawaii's beaches comes from parrotfish, which excrete these indigestible reef animals as sand coral
#8451, aired 2021-07-26ARABIA $1600: Animals in the region include camels, a main mode of transport, & these 2 farm animals known there as khiraf & ma'iz sheep & goats
#8451, aired 2021-07-26PARTY IN THE BACK $200: This "numerical" party game traditionally begins with learning the objective is "animal, vegetable or mineral" Twenty Questions
#8450, aired 2021-07-23ANIMALS IN ART $400: Originally used as an advertisement, "Chat Noir' in the iconic poster translates to this "Black Cat"
#8450, aired 2021-07-23ANIMALS IN ART $800: On a subway car in 2020, Banksy depicted images of these "r"odents with masks & hand sanitizer rats
#8450, aired 2021-07-23ANIMALS IN ART $1200: A painting by Leonardo da Vinci shows a favorite mistress of Ludovico Sforza with this short-tailed weasel ermine
#8450, aired 2021-07-23ANIMALS IN ART $2000: In this French artist's primitive painting of "The Sleeping Gypsy", a lion lurks nearby Rousseau
#8450, aired 2021-07-23ANIMALS IN ART $4,000 (Daily Double): A highlight at the Musee d'Orsay is "Ours Blanc", a sculpture of this predator of the north polar bear
#8445, aired 2021-07-16SCIENCE & NATURE $1,900 (Daily Double): This 7-letter adjective describes animals like elephants & gorillas that are mostly active during the day diurnal
#8442, aired 2021-07-13TUNE A FISH $1000: "Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea", says a No. 1 hit by this group with a different animal in its name Three Dog Night
#8440, aired 2021-07-09LITERARY GIRL, INTERRUPTED $400: Heidi, at home in the mountains: "I want to go about like the light-footed..." these animals goats
#8436, aired 2021-07-05ANIMALS $200: Generally batting leadoff alphabetically, this "earth pig" has a foot-long tongue an aardvark
#8436, aired 2021-07-05ANIMALS $400: Wisconsin's state mammal, this weasel family member stores up body fat in summer & fall for long winter sleeps a badger
#8436, aired 2021-07-05ANIMALS $600: The Indian gray is a type of this mammal that has no problem going after cobras a mongoose
#8436, aired 2021-07-05ANIMALS $800: Sure, this Aussie mammal lays eggs like a bird, has a bill like a bird & dives under-water for 40 seconds, but flying? Nope! a platypus
#8436, aired 2021-07-05ANIMALS $1000: The adorable pygmy this monkey lives up to its name; it can be less than a foot long & weight just 10 ounces marmoset
#8435, aired 2021-07-02THE SHAPE OF THINGS $800: It's the art of growing & trimming trees & shrubs into different shapes, often animals topiary
#8435, aired 2021-07-02WHAT A FUNGI $800: A fungus is the culprit in white nose syndrome, killing more than 6 million of these animals in North American caves bats
#8427, aired 2021-06-22PLAYING IN TRAFFIC $800: In the U.K. a Pegasus crossing has a sign showing this animal & allows it to cross with pedestrians a horse
#8426, aired 2021-06-21QUITE A PARADOX $1200: One of Zeno's paradoxes involves Achilles racing this animal (which had a head start) a tortoise
#8425, aired 2021-06-18SCAVENGERS ASSEMBLE! $600: Animals that eat from the sea floor, like lobsters, are known as this hyphenated term, also an amoral opportunist a bottom-feeder
#8422, aired 2021-06-15HOME, SWEET ANIMAL HOME $400: These high nests for birds of prey, like the osprey, may take their name from the Latin for a "vacant place" aerie
#8422, aired 2021-06-15HOME, SWEET ANIMAL HOME $800: Poultry reside in a coop or pen & walk around in this 3-letter enclosure a chicken run
#8422, aired 2021-06-15HOME, SWEET ANIMAL HOME $1200: Just below the overstory, this area of a tropical forest is home to the spider monkey & the sloth a canopy
#8422, aired 2021-06-15HOME, SWEET ANIMAL HOME $1600: These crustaceans with a "solitary" name seek new shells to live in after outgrowing their old ones hermit crabs
#8422, aired 2021-06-15HOME, SWEET ANIMAL HOME $2000: This type of spider creates a deep burrow with a hinged entrance from which it jumps out & snatches prey the trapdoor spider
#8419, aired 2021-06-10MATCH $1000: A tiger was one of the creatures on the tag that helped kids mix & match items of apparel from this clothing brand that started in 1972 Garanimals
#8417, aired 2021-06-08ANIMAL-NAMED ANIMALS $400: Like certain marsupials, these desert-dwelling rodents hop on 2 legs kangaroo rats
#8417, aired 2021-06-08ANIMAL-NAMED ANIMALS $800: This fearsome predator gets the first part of its name from the stripes on its sides a tiger shark
#8417, aired 2021-06-08ANIMAL-NAMED ANIMALS $1,000 (Daily Double): This largest pinniped gets its name from its size & its trunk-like snout an elephant seal
#8417, aired 2021-06-08ANIMAL-NAMED ANIMALS $1600: Large ears like those on a donkey hybrid give this its name a mule deer
#8417, aired 2021-06-08ANIMAL-NAMED ANIMALS $2000: There's a big cat in the name of these colorful Pacific reef dwellers with venomous spines lionfish
#8417, aired 2021-06-08FASHIONABLY $1000: This typically red & black checked pattern now popular at Christmas is said to be named for a herd of animals buffalo plaid
#8416, aired 2021-06-07SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY $2000: In 2018 scientists discovered Przewalski's this animal is not truly wild but was once domesticated over 5,000 years ago a horse
#8414, aired 2021-06-03"E" SPORTS $200: Headquartered in Nepal, the WEPA is the World this animal Polo Association elephant
#8414, aired 2021-06-03BARNS $800: In some barns, the ground floor is for animals & the top floor is named for this action where grain is separated from husks threshing
#8412, aired 2021-06-01ANIMAL EXPRESSION FILL-IN $200: "The best laid schemes of ____ & men" mice
#8412, aired 2021-06-01ANIMAL EXPRESSION FILL-IN $400: "A ____ in a poke" pig
#8412, aired 2021-06-01ANIMAL EXPRESSION FILL-IN $600: "A sacred ____" cow
#8412, aired 2021-06-01ANIMAL EXPRESSION FILL-IN $800: "As fine as ____'s hair" frog
#8412, aired 2021-06-01ANIMAL EXPRESSION FILL-IN $1000: "One ____ does not make a summer" swallow
#8412, aired 2021-06-01IMPORTED FROM ITALY $1200: Any Pecorino cheese, like Pecorino Romano, comes from the milk of this animal sheep
#8409, aired 2021-05-27MUSICAL MENAGERIE $1000: The rapper Desiigner thought a white BMW with tinted windows looked like a certain animal, hence this title of his No. 1 hit "Panda"
#8403, aired 2021-05-19MANE'S THE SAME $400: Hidalgo & Mine That Bird horses
#8403, aired 2021-05-19MANE'S THE SAME $800: Eeyore & Puzzle donkeys
#8403, aired 2021-05-19MANE'S THE SAME $1200: Ranger & Francis (who talked) mules
#8403, aired 2021-05-19MANE'S THE SAME $1600: Marty & the San Diego Zoo's Robert zebras
#8403, aired 2021-05-19MANE'S THE SAME $2000: Lippy & Kovu two lions
#8397, aired 2021-05-11TV TITLE ANIMALS $200: Barry Gordon provided the voice of Donatello in nearly 200 episodes of this "reptilian" cartoon, dude Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
#8397, aired 2021-05-11TV TITLE ANIMALS $400: Harry Shearer was in the 1957 pilot of this sitcom as an Eddie Haskell-like boy along with Casey Adams in the role of Ward Cleaver Leave It to Beaver
#8397, aired 2021-05-11TV TITLE ANIMALS $600: Nev & Kamie help people figure out if their online loves are real on this MTV show Catfish
#8397, aired 2021-05-11TV TITLE ANIMALS $800: From 2000 until 2003 John Ritter was the voice of this colorful canine on PBS Clifford the Big Red Dog
#8397, aired 2021-05-11TV TITLE ANIMALS $1000: Episodes of this Adult Swim stop-motion show include "Junk in the Trunk", "Lust for Puppets" & "Toy Meets Girl" Robot Chicken
#8395, aired 2021-05-07CLICHÉS $800: A soft bed & a warm fire are "creature" these, appealing to our animal nature as opposed to more spiritual needs comforts
#8394, aired 2021-05-061920s GOOD READS $1200: Illustrated by the author, the voyages of this physician with animal pals, won a Newbery Medal as Most Distinguished Children's Book Dr. Dolittle
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HYBRID ANIMAL PARENTS $200: Among birds, the swoose a swan & goose
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HYBRID ANIMAL PARENTS $400: Yattle, Asian beasts of burden yak & cattle
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HYBRID ANIMAL PARENTS $600: The humpless cama a camel & a llama
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HYBRID ANIMAL PARENTS $800: The ferocious pizzly a polar bear & a grizzly
#8394, aired 2021-05-06HYBRID ANIMAL PARENTS $1000: A marine mammal called the narluga the narwhal & the beluga
#8393, aired 2021-05-05CORPORATE MASCOTS $200: Chester, the pitchman for Cheetos snacks, is this kind of animal a cheetah
#8392, aired 2021-05-04POP CULTURE $800: An industrious raccoon named Tom Nook runs the in-game business in this Nintendo game: "New Horizons" Animal Crossing
#8390, aired 2021-04-307-LETTER ANIMALS $200: The name of this small rodent of the tundra also means a person who joins a mass movement without thinking a lemming
#8390, aired 2021-04-307-LETTER ANIMALS $400: You can find this wild cat, also called a puma, from Canada to Argentina panther
#8390, aired 2021-04-307-LETTER ANIMALS $600: In 2020, a Florida zoo saw the birth of an endangererd slender-horned this; we hope the little guy is as graceful as his mom, Clover a gazelle
#8390, aired 2021-04-307-LETTER ANIMALS $800: In Europe it's a weasel-like mammal; in North America, it's another name for a skunk a polecat
#8390, aired 2021-04-307-LETTER ANIMALS $1000: This kangaroo cousin only grows to about 2 1/2 feet high a wallaby
#8388, aired 2021-04-28MODERN HEBREW $200: Meaning "one thing at a time", para para literally is this animal twice, implying you can't milk 2 at the same time a cow
#8386, aired 2021-04-26AT THE MOVIES $600: This 1978 college comedy asked the immortal question, "Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?!" Animal House
#8381, aired 2021-04-19FICTION $1600: Mega-bestselling author David Baldacci first got the reading bug from books about Freddy, a talking this animal a pig
#8381, aired 2021-04-19ORGANIZATIONS $400: On its website, the ASPCA invites you to take a pledge & stand against this, as in its initials cruelty to animals
#8381, aired 2021-04-19THE HUMAN BODY $2,000 (Daily Double): Hair & fingernails are largely made up of this tough protein that also composes an animal's horns & hoofs keratin
#8380, aired 2021-04-16CHAPTERS IN NONFICTION BOOKS $1600: "Elsa Meets Other Wild Animals" Born Free
#8380, aired 2021-04-16THE "B"s $400: The pastry seen here gets its name from its resemblance to an animal's foot a bear claw
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $400: If you seem smug, you look like "the cat that ate" this bird a canary
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $800: To make a big deal out of something minor is to make a mountain out of this a molehill
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1600: Exhibiting fake sorrow is this reptilian phrase crocodile tears
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $2,000 (Daily Double): It's an umbrella-shaped mushroom a toadstool
#8377, aired 2021-04-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $2000: This object that the Israelites worshipped at Mount Sinai now signifies crass materialism the Golden Calf
#8373, aired 2021-04-07LITERARY ANIMALS $200: Benjamin Bunny marries Flopsy, the sister of this title rabbit from a Beatrix Potter tale Peter Rabbit
#8373, aired 2021-04-07LITERARY ANIMALS $400: In "Charlotte's Web" he's the pig whose life is spared thanks to Charlotte Wilbur
#8373, aired 2021-04-07LITERARY ANIMALS $600: In books by Kathryn Lasky, the guardians of Ga'Hoole are a band of these birds that do noble deeds owls
#8373, aired 2021-04-07LITERARY ANIMALS $800: This "Fantastic" character from a 1970 tale is the bane of poultry farmers Boggis & Bunce Fantastic Mr. Fox
#8373, aired 2021-04-07LITERARY ANIMALS $1000: In a 1939 T.S. Eliot poem, this cat "has lived many lives in succession" Old Deuteronomy
#8371, aired 2021-04-05POP CULTURE-POURRI $1000: A Nintendo video game creator used an animal word that symbolizes stubbornness in naming this gorilla villain Donkey Kong
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ANIMALS $200: Coat patterns like the one seen here from this animal can be as unique as fingerprints a giraffe
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ANIMALS $400: Not quite as ferocious as in legend, this South American river dweller has a name from Tupi for "tooth fish" a piranha
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ANIMALS $600: Fish fear the paws of these big brown bears grizzly bears
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ANIMALS $800: Honeybees use their mandibles to make their honeycomb cells, each of which ends up in this shape a hexagon
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ANIMALS $1000: From Greek words for "joint" & "foot", this phylum including insects & spiders contains the vast majority of animals arthropods
#8368, aired 2021-03-31DEALING WITH THE PAINT $400: Franz Marc saw divine simplicity in animals and gave his paintings simple titles like "Blue Horse", "White Bull", & this one Yellow Cow
#8368, aired 2021-03-31ENGLISH DRAMA THAT AIN'T SHAKESPEARE $800: Every character in Ben Jonson's "Volpone" is based on an animal; Corvino on a crow & Volpone on this canine a fox
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1680 Spaniards chased off by a revolt left these animals the Indians called "sacred dogs", changing native life forever horses
#8367, aired 2021-03-3012-LETTER WORDS $600: Playful & lively, kittens are often described by this 12-letter adjective that begins with the name of another animal rambunctious
#8367, aired 2021-03-30A "HA"! $1200: It's the loin & leg of a 4-footed animal used for food haunch
#8363, aired 2021-03-24BODIES OF WATER FILED UNDER B $2000: This "large animal" lake is a center of skiing, fishing & more in California's San Bernardino National Forest Big Bear Lake
#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $200: A protein called draculin in the saliva of these animals prevents blood from clotting as they feed vampire bats
#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $400: The sea wasp, a box type of this sea creature, can have tentacles 10 feet long jellyfish
#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $600: An example of this imitative process is when nontoxic butterflies evade predators by resembling toxic varieties mimicry
#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $800: If you see a cotton-ball-colored flash moving at 40 miles per hour, you may have scared this deer named for an appendage white tail
#8361, aired 2021-03-22ANIMALS $1000: A digging carnivore, the ratel is also known by this sweet name a honey badger
#8361, aired 2021-03-22BAY WATCH $400: Marine iguanas are among the weird animals you can see at Academy Bay in these islands off South America the Galapagos
#8360, aired 2021-03-19DOES THAT RING A BELL? $400: A fable gives us the phrase "bell" this animal, meaning a very dangerous task (especially for the rats) the cat
#8354, aired 2021-03-11NECK & NECKING $200: The longest nerve on any land creature runs inside the neck of this animal a giraffe
#8353, aired 2021-03-10WOMEN IN MYTHOLOGY $800: Arachne was changed into this type of animal, the origin of the name of its zoological class a spider
#8352, aired 2021-03-09CONSTELLATION DERIVATIONS $400: Piscis Austrinus is "the southern" this animal fish
#8348, aired 2021-03-03STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $200: It's a beard trimmed to a point on the chin a goatee
#8348, aired 2021-03-03STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $400: To bind all 4 of an animal's legs together hogtie
#8348, aired 2021-03-03STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $600: To crouch in fear to cower
#8348, aired 2021-03-03STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $800: Bilirubin & carotene are these coloring agents pigments
#8348, aired 2021-03-03STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $1000: It's the proud & historic region seen here Catalan (Catalonia)
#8346, aired 2021-03-01____ & ____ $600: This highly unlikely kind of story pairs 2 animals, one feathered & one horned cock & bull
#8344, aired 2021-02-25POETS & POETRY $400: William Blake said this "little" animal was "wooly bright" lamb
#8342, aired 2021-02-23AFRICAN COUNTRIES $400: The Nairobi Animal Orphanage is in this country Kenya
#8341, aired 2021-02-22ANIMALS WITHIN WORDS $400: A house mouse weighs about an ounce; comparatively, a black one of these weighs about 10 ounces a rat (within comparatively)
#8341, aired 2021-02-22ANIMALS WITHIN WORDS $800: Everyone from Manitoba to Milwaukee knows the "great" this bird is now extinct the auk (in Milwaukee)
#8341, aired 2021-02-22ANIMALS WITHIN WORDS $1600: About a half-million years ago, this predator ranged across North America as well as Africa lion (in million)
#8341, aired 2021-02-22ANIMALS WITHIN WORDS $2000: A set of bejeweled ceramic sheep may include these 2 animals, a female & a male a ewe & a ram (in bejeweled & ceramic)
#8341, aired 2021-02-22ANIMALS WITHIN WORDS $10,000 (Daily Double): After sighting one of these horned animals in Africa, we busted out a magnum of champagne gnu (in magnum)
#8338, aired 2021-02-17MAMMALS $200: Muskrats & hamsters are both members of this order of animals rodents
#8334, aired 2021-02-11ANIMALS IN GERMAN $200: This animal is ein schaf; an expression about an innocent exterior is "wolf im schafspelz" a sheep
#8334, aired 2021-02-11ANIMALS IN GERMAN $400: This 3-letter critter is das schwein a pig
#8334, aired 2021-02-11ANIMALS IN GERMAN $600: This large amphibious mammal is nilpferd a hippo
#8334, aired 2021-02-11ANIMALS IN GERMAN $800: Kavallerie is a German word for a group of these horses
#8334, aired 2021-02-11ANIMALS IN GERMAN $1000: It's ein löwe; it has eine mähne a lion
#8334, aired 2021-02-11JUST "US" MYTHICAL FOLKS $3,800 (Daily Double): Epimetheus gave the animals gifts like speed, strength & razor-sharp claws, leaving this brother with not much to give humans Prometheus
#8333, aired 2021-02-10WHAT DOES NOT KILL US... $200: Leonardo DiCaprio has a bad encounter with one of these animals in "The Revenant" but does make it to the end of the movie a (grizzly) bear
#8331, aired 2021-02-08CLASSICAL MUSIC TITLES $2000: Wanting to be taken seriously, Camille Saint-Saens wouldn't let all of this "zoological fantasy" be published in his lifetime Carnival of the Animals
#8331, aired 2021-02-08FACTS & FIGURES $400: A byword for fast reproduction, this animal can have a litter of 7, 5 times a year a rabbit
#8331, aired 2021-02-08LITERARY ALLUSIONS $3,000 (Daily Double): The contradictory thought that some are more equal than others comes from a slogan in a satire by this man George Orwell
#8330, aired 2021-02-05"HAND"Y PHRASES $1200: This phrase meaning you've got complete control of someone also describes the activity of some petting zoo animals eating out your hand
#8326, aired 2021-02-01VIDEO GAMES $1000: In 2020 it was time to find some "New Horizons" & build your own island paradise with this Nintendo Switch game Animal Crossing
#8322, aired 2021-01-26FINANCIAL SLANG $200: You aren't stubborn--you just think the market is going to rise if you are this animal-ish bull
#8312, aired 2021-01-12A CATEGORY FOR FREE $200: This 2-word term is used to describe animals like poultry that have been raised in natural conditions free-range
#8311, aired 2021-01-11EARTH AT NIGHT IN COLOR $1000: Prey animals usually avoid predators, but at night these big African antelopes actually follow cheetahs to keep them in sight wildebeests
#8311, aired 2021-01-11PICK UP THE HOMOPHONE $800: Small donkey, or an underground animal habitat burro/burrow
#8306, aired 2021-01-04FARMING U.S.A. $600: A farrow-to-finish farmer raises these animals all the way from birth to their market weight of about 285 pounds a pig
#8304, aired 2020-12-17AUTHORS & THEIR PETS $800: Muriel the goat in this novel was probably inspired by George Orwell's own pet goat Muriel Animal Farm
#8303, aired 2020-12-16ENDING $1600: The end of this novel hints at cannibalism aboard a lifeboat whose occupants were people, not a boy & zoo animals the Life of Pi
#8299, aired 2020-12-10AWWW INSPIRING $2000: The World Wildlife Fund called this Australian wallaby the world's happiest animal; we call it a tough-to-solve "Wheel of Fortune" Final quokka
#8297, aired 2020-12-08YOU'VE GOT ANIMAL MALE $200: Party on with this name for an adult male deer a stag
#8297, aired 2020-12-08YOU'VE GOT ANIMAL MALE $400: A male guinea pig is called this, like a male pig a boar
#8297, aired 2020-12-08YOU'VE GOT ANIMAL MALE $600: Male house cats & male turkeys both have this name a tom
#8297, aired 2020-12-08YOU'VE GOT ANIMAL MALE $800: A sea stallion is the male of this unique fish a seahorse
#8297, aired 2020-12-08YOU'VE GOT ANIMAL MALE $1000: The drake of this common North American duck is also called a greenhead a mallard
#8295, aired 2020-12-04THE GREAT LAKES $200: Animals of the Great Lakes region include moose, beaver, lynx & this semiaquatic mammal the otter
#8294, aired 2020-12-03FOREST CLUMP $800: On Yemen's Socotra Island, there's a forest of this mythical animal's blood trees named for the deep red color of their sap dragon
#8293, aired 2020-12-02NON-PROPHETS $400: Matthew 7:15 says beware of false prophets who "come to you" in this animal's clothing; "inwardly they are ravening wolves" sheep
#8293, aired 2020-12-02NONPROFITS $200: This group founded by Ingrid Newkirk & Alex Pacheco helped get the auto industry to stop using animals in crash tests PETA
#8291, aired 2020-11-30IT CAME FROM CROWDFUNDING! $800: A Kickstarter success was the card game called "Exploding" these cute little animals; laser pointers can defuse them kittens
#8285, aired 2020-11-2020th CENTURY POP CULTURE $1200: Claude the crab & Peace the Bear are 2 of these collectible stuffed animals from the 1990s Beanie Babies
#8283, aired 2020-11-18ANIMAL ETYMOLOGY $400: No surprise, this animal's name is from Greek for "8-footed" the octopus
#8283, aired 2020-11-18ANIMAL ETYMOLOGY $800: From Malay for "man of the forest", this primate lives in the tropical rain forests of Sumatra the orangutan
#8283, aired 2020-11-18ANIMAL ETYMOLOGY $1200: The reindeer also goes by this Native American name meaning "shoveler of snow", from its habit of shoving snow aside to feed the caribou
#8283, aired 2020-11-18ANIMAL ETYMOLOGY $1600: Though it's really a mammal, its name is from Latin for "pig fish" porpoise
#8283, aired 2020-11-18ANIMAL ETYMOLOGY $2000: Though wide awake now, this critter is thought to get the first part of its name from a word for "sleep" a dormouse
#8277, aired 2020-11-10HYMNS $600: A hymn that begins, "All creatures of our God and King" was based on a work by this patron saint of animals & ecology St. Francis of Assisi
#8276, aired 2020-11-09KEN JENNINGS--MARINE BIOLOGIST $400: (Ken Jennings presents the clue.) The giant larvacean, which looks like a tadpole surrounded by a balloon of mucus, helps battle climate change; disproportionate to its small size, the gelatinous animals, with their protein & cellulose snot palaces, have helped the ocean remove this planet-warming gas from the atmosphere carbon dioxide
#8276, aired 2020-11-09SYMBOLS $1200: This baby animal represents Jesus, the sacrifice offered for man's sins lamb (the Lamb of God)
#8276, aired 2020-11-09SYMBOLS $1600: An ancient symbol, the ouroboros is this animal with its tail in its mouth; it is continually devouring itself & reborn from itself a snake
#8272, aired 2020-11-03BOOKS' SUBTITLES $400: Naturally, this animal is mentioned in the subtitle of "Moby-Dick" a whale
#8270, aired 2020-10-302-WORD SCIENCE TERMS $600: Coal & natural gas are types of this alliterative stuff formed in the earth from plant or animal remains, & used as a source of energy fossil fuels
#8266, aired 2020-10-26BONES $400: In humans, this bone is the thigh; in other animals, it's the hind leg the femur
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $400: "Babe": "That'll do, ___. That'll do" pig
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $800: "West Side Story": "The ___ are gonna have their way." "The Jets are gonna have their day" the Sharks
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $1200: "Raiders of the Lost Ark": "___. Why did it have to be ___?" snakes
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $1600: "Splash": "All my life I've been waiting for someone and when I find her... she's a ___" a fish
#8266, aired 2020-10-26FILL IN THE ANIMAL MOVIE QUOTES $2000: "Fletch": "Can I borrow your towel for a sec? My car just hit a ___ ___" a water buffalo
#8265, aired 2020-10-23ANAGRAMS, HOW NOVEL! $200: Four legs good & bad: "FAR MAILMAN" Animal Farm
#8264, aired 2020-10-22ANIMAL QUOTES $400: Charles Schulz fondly wrote, "Happiness is a warm" one puppy
#8264, aired 2020-10-22ANIMAL QUOTES $800: Samuel Johnson said oats was a grain given to these in England, "but in Scotland supports the people" horses
#8264, aired 2020-10-22ANIMAL QUOTES $1200: John Donne wrote that it was "nature's great masterpiece... the only harmless great thing; the giant of beasts" an elephant
#8264, aired 2020-10-22ANIMAL QUOTES $1600: "Oh" it "has pretty teeth, dear, and he shows them, pearly white" a shark
#8264, aired 2020-10-22ANIMAL QUOTES $2000: Robert Frost rhymed, "The way" this bird / "Shook down on me / The dust of snow / From a hemlock tree" a crow
#8260, aired 2020-10-162-LETTER WORDS $400: According to the Chinese calendar, 2021 will be the year of this animal the ox
#8259, aired 2020-10-15ANIMALS $200: Those look like snake heads, but they are really the wing tips of the atlas this four-letter insect moth
#8259, aired 2020-10-15ANIMALS $400: In Canada & elsewhere, this fowl is often called a "honker" a goose
#8259, aired 2020-10-15ANIMALS $600: This animal of the weasel family, Neovison vison, has rich, dark fur once popular for coats mink
#8259, aired 2020-10-15ANIMALS $800: This South American river predator is fearsome, thanks to its sharp teeth, seen here a piranha
#8259, aired 2020-10-15ANIMALS $1000: If hornets' nests seem paper-like, it's because they are made of saliva & fibers of this wood
#8258, aired 2020-10-14OK, BOOMERANG $200: Nonreturning boomerangs have been used by these first people of Australia for centuries to hunt, dig & skin animals the Aborigines
#8256, aired 2020-10-12BEHIND THE VOICES $200: Before he was on "This is Us", actor Chris Sullivan said, "Guess what day it is?" as this animal on GEICO commercials the camel
#8251, aired 2020-10-05TV ANIMALS $200: In 2015 this guardian of the galaxy got very animated on TV Rocket Raccoon
#8251, aired 2020-10-05TV ANIMALS $400: Aka Po, this martial arts master from animated film came to TV with the subtitle "Legends of Awesomeness" the Kung Fu Panda
#8251, aired 2020-10-05TV ANIMALS $600: This Insult Comic Dog, to guys waiting in line for a "Star Wars" pic: "How do you explain this to your imaginary girlfriend?" Triumph
#8251, aired 2020-10-05TV ANIMALS $800: Cute & cuddly, boys! "The Penguins of" this place waddled on to Nickelodeon Madagascar
#8251, aired 2020-10-05TV ANIMALS $1000: On "The Cleveland Show", Tim realized "I'm a" this. "I can kill you, maul you ...& I won't even go to jail... 'cause I'm a" this a bear
#8250, aired 2020-10-02BEASTLY REVIEWS $400: Including the weevil & the ladybug, there are 400,000 species of this insect type, more than any other animal on earth; 5 out of 5 stars beetles
#8248, aired 2020-09-30ALL MY TROUBLES $400: Maybe taking on this burrowing animal & mascot of the University of Wisconsin as a house pet was not my finest idea the badger
#8241, aired 2020-09-21NEW TECHNOLOGY $1200: Using hydrogels, scientists achieved their goal of creating rudimentary versions of the charged organs in these marine animals (electric) eels
#8240, aired 2020-09-18BEASTLY BOOKS $200: "Babar the King" by Jean de Brunhoff an elephant
#8240, aired 2020-09-18BEASTLY BOOKS $400: "Because of Winn-Dixie" by Kate DiCamillo a dog
#8240, aired 2020-09-18BEASTLY BOOKS $600: "Flowers for Algernon" by Daniel Keyes a mouse
#8240, aired 2020-09-18BEASTLY BOOKS $800: "Misty of Chincoteague" by Marguerite Henry a horse
#8240, aired 2020-09-18BEASTLY BOOKS $1000: "The Yearling" by Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings a deer
#8238, aired 2020-09-166-LETTER WORDS $1200: It's a candy-filled party animal a piñata
#8238, aired 2020-09-16WHAT TO WEAR $200: Try an animal print, like this cat, whether snow or clouded leopard
#8237, aired 2020-09-15IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $200: These 4-letter soft feathers are used to stuff pillows down
#8237, aired 2020-09-15IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $400: Used in lotions, lanolin generally comes from the body grease of these shearable creatures sheep
#8237, aired 2020-09-15IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $600: Seth Boyden never got a patent for the process to manufacture the "patent" type of this leather
#8237, aired 2020-09-15IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $800: This alliterative type of bristle used in brushes comes from a wild pig relative boar bristle
#8237, aired 2020-09-15IT COMES FROM ANIMALS $1000: The red pigment carmine comes from cochineal, this type of animal insects
#8234, aired 2020-06-11ANIMALS $400: The pronghorn, also called the American or pronghorned one of these, can cover about one mile per minute an antelope
#8234, aired 2020-06-11ANIMALS $800: In the 1950s Idaho relocated these amphibious rodents by dropping them (with parachutes) out of airplanes beavers
#8234, aired 2020-06-11ANIMALS $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Those aren't racing stripes; a mutation in the king type of this African cat blends the spots around its spine to look like stripes a cheetah
#8234, aired 2020-06-11ANIMALS $1600: When these camel relatives give birth, it's been colloquially called "unpacking" alpacas
#8234, aired 2020-06-11ANIMALS $2000: This late gorilla once broke a sink & used sign language to blame someone else Koko
#8229, aired 2020-06-04THE NATURAL WORLD $200: Though it resembles an anteater, this African animal, the only member of order Tubulidentata, is actually related to the elephant an aardvark
#8229, aired 2020-06-04THE NATURAL WORLD $600: From the Latin for "pouch", it's any member of a group of various non-placental animals marsupials
#8227, aired 2020-06-02BIRDS OF PREY $1000: Reaching speeds of 200 miles per hour, this bird of prey is not only the world's fastest bird, it's also the world's fastest animal the peregrine falcon
#8222, aired 2020-05-26STUDY GROUPS $400: Hippologists--these animals horses
#8221, aired 2020-05-25ALL AROUND NEW YORK $800: It opened in 1899 with 843 animals; today, it has over 6,000 the Bronx Zoo
#8219, aired 2020-05-21BOSS HOG $1600: In "Animal Farm", this large & in charge pig was based on Stalin Napoleon
#8219, aired 2020-05-21BOSS HOG $2000: Zhu Bajie or "Pigsy" is an animal guide helping Tripitaka in the 16th century Chinese epic known as "Journey to" here the West
#8218, aired 2020-05-20GERMAN ANIMAL NAMES $200: Tintenfisch, or "ink fish", is this creature the squid (octopus)
#8218, aired 2020-05-20GERMAN ANIMAL NAMES $400: Words for "shield" & "toad" combine to make the German name for this reptile a turtle
#8218, aired 2020-05-20GERMAN ANIMAL NAMES $800: Nacktschnecke, the German word for this gastropod, translates as "naked snail" a slug
#8218, aired 2020-05-20GERMAN ANIMAL NAMES $800 (Daily Double): This bug's German name, stechmucke, translates to "stabbing gnat" a mosquito
#8218, aired 2020-05-20GERMAN ANIMAL NAMES $1000: From the way they stand up, these African mongoose relatives are called "little earth men" in German a meerkat
#8213, aired 2020-04-29WELL-SEASONED VOCABULARY $600: The brown coloring of the coat of the animal seen here gives it this spicy name a cinnamon bear
#8212, aired 2020-04-28SNOPES SAYS NOPE $400: A U.S. tourist in Saudi Arabia was not arrested for refusing to sell his wife for 45 of these animals camels
#8210, aired 2020-04-24"STUPID" $1000: In "National Lampoon's Animal House", Dean Wormer tells Flounder, this 4-word state "is no way to go through life, son" Fat, drunk, and stupid
#8210, aired 2020-04-2420th CENTURY AUTHORS $400: Sick of this character who talks to animals, Hugh Lofting tried to end the series with him "in the Moon"; didn't work Doctor Dolittle
#8208, aired 2020-04-22"DEE" DEE, DEE-DEE-DEE $400: The Sami of northern Scandinavia have trained these animals to pull sleighs, just in time for Christmas reindeer
#8206, aired 2020-04-20DIFFERS BY A LETTER $400: The animals of a given region, & a Finnish-style steam bath sauna & fauna
#8203, aired 2020-04-15EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES $200: Volunteer at a local animal rescue and help guys like this breed that can weight as little as 1 pound find a forever home a chihuahua
#8203, aired 2020-04-15THE ROCKY MOUNTAINS $400: A wide variety of animals live in the Rocky Mountains, including this type of wild sheep a bighorn sheep
#8202, aired 2020-04-14FROM THE LATIN $1200: Some animals are described as this, from the Latin for "of the night" nocturnal
#8202, aired 2020-04-14POTPOURRI $800: The female of this animal named for an Australian island gives birth to 20-40 joeys but only 4 survive a Tasmanian devil
#8198, aired 2020-04-08BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $200: John Grogan's "Marley & Me" is subtitled "Life and Love with the World's Worst" this Dog
#8198, aired 2020-04-08BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $400: Aslan represents one of the 3 title items in this first Chronicle of Narnia "The Lion , the Witch and the Wardrobe"
#8198, aired 2020-04-08BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $600: Sue Monk Kidd examined their "Secret Life" Bees
#8198, aired 2020-04-08BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $800: Book 4 of "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" series is titled "So Long, and Thanks for All" these Fish
#8198, aired 2020-04-08BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $1000: Political tension surrounds 2 Turkish children in Ece Temelkuran's "The Time of Mute" these birds Swans
#8196, aired 2020-04-06ALPHANUMERICS $800: This club within the Dept. of Agriculture helps kids learn not only about animal sciences but rocketry & robotics, too the 4H Club
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $400: Similar to 23andMe, Embark for dogs is one of these that provides owners with breed I.D., health reports & relatives a DNA testing service
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $800: You'll need some Kleenex when you read Garth Stein's touching bestseller narrated by Enzo the dog & called "The Art of" this Racing in the Rain
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $1200: You'll find animal-themed slippers at this retailer founded in Maine in 1912 L.L. Bean
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $1600: For grieving pet owners, there are plaques with poems about this place "just this side of heaven" where our beloved pets go the Rainbow Bridge
#8193, aired 2020-04-01GIFTS FOR ANIMAL LOVERS $2000: A majestic stag is a recent offering from this crystal company's Collector's Society Swarovski
#8192, aired 2020-03-31ANIMAL FACTS $200: Sea otters often carry their favorite type of this, stored in a pocket of skin, & use it to crack open shellfish a rock
#8192, aired 2020-03-31ANIMAL FACTS $400: The chicks of this tall wading bird are downy white & acquire pink plumage as they age a flamingo
#8192, aired 2020-03-31ANIMAL FACTS $600: Hippos that escaped this drug lord's zoo have given Colombia the largest hippo population outside of Africa (Pablo) Escobar
#8192, aired 2020-03-31ANIMAL FACTS $800: It is very unlikely that this American marsupial will contract rabies--its body temp. is too low for the virus to survive an opossum
#8192, aired 2020-03-31ANIMAL FACTS $1000: Insect blood does not have this protein that transports oxygen in our bodies & makes our blood red hemoglobin
#8190, aired 2020-03-27STARRING THE SAN DIEGO ZOO $1200: In 2019 this channel with an elephant as its mascot aired the reality series "The Zoo: San Diego" Animal Planet
#8188, aired 2020-03-25NOTABLE ITALIANS $800: He's the patron saint of animals & of Italy Saint Francis
#8185, aired 2020-03-20PAY UP $200: If you've got pets, the extra-efficient "Ball Animal 2" one of these from Dyson might be worth it at close to $400 a vacuum
#8184, aired 2020-03-19ADJECTIVES FOR ANIMALS $400: This word can describe a sheep with a thick fleecy coat, or an extinct mammoth also noted for its coat wooly
#8184, aired 2020-03-19ADJECTIVES FOR ANIMALS $800: If your dog sits, stays or heels on command, he's considered this 8-letter highly desirable adjective obedient
#8184, aired 2020-03-19ADJECTIVES FOR ANIMALS $1200: From the Latin word for "tree", this term is used for certain monkeys who spend most of their time in trees arboreal
#8184, aired 2020-03-19ADJECTIVES FOR ANIMALS $1600: This word describes birds that travel great distances during certain seasons of the year migratory
#8184, aired 2020-03-19ADJECTIVES FOR ANIMALS $2000: Aggressive cats may also be this, extra protective of their home turf or personal space territorial
#8183, aired 2020-03-18TV STARS $1000: This movie star gets wild on TNT's "Animal Kingdom" as the matriarch of a criminal clan (Ellen) Barkin
#8182, aired 2020-03-17ANIMAL PHRASES $400: Pistol tells Falstaff in "The Merry Wives of Windsor", "The world's mine" this, "which I with sword will open" an oyster
#8182, aired 2020-03-17ANIMAL PHRASES $800: It's how one responds to the phrase "See you later, alligator" "In a while, crocodile"
#8182, aired 2020-03-17ANIMAL PHRASES $1600: A group of wicked people congregating together is called "a nest of" these snakes vipers
#8182, aired 2020-03-17ANIMAL PHRASES $2000: It means to stop acting like you're better than the rest of us; take your feet out of the stirrups first Get off your high horse
#8181, aired 2020-03-16RECENT EVENTS $200: In 2018 the skies got tougher for emotional support animals, like Dexter, this kind of bird rejected by United Airlines a peacock
#8180, aired 2020-03-131940s LITERATURE $400: Mollie the mare is a minor character in this George Orwell novel Animal Farm
#8178, aired 2020-03-11HOME DECOR BASICS $600: A recess in a wall often used to display sculpture, the term can also be used for the role an animal plays in nature a niche
#8178, aired 2020-03-11ISLAND NATIONS $1200: Animals unique to Madagascar include lemurs, tenrecs, and certain species of these reptiles chameleons
#8174, aired 2020-03-05NEAT ANIMAL STUFF $400: During a sandstorm, the Bactrian kind of this animal can squeeze its nostrils shut a camel
#8174, aired 2020-03-05NEAT ANIMAL STUFF $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Researchers think vertical these in certain predators' eyes help sharpen depth perception when ambushing while horizontal ones in the eyes of prey help give a wider field of vision to detect threats pupils
#8174, aired 2020-03-05NEAT ANIMAL STUFF $1200: The German type of these, which many predict will survive Armageddon, are becoming nearly impossible to kill with chemicals cockroaches
#8174, aired 2020-03-05NEAT ANIMAL STUFF $1600: Scientists tracked on of these mammals, named for its chilly habitat, as it trekked 2000 miles from Norway to Canada in 76 days an arctic fox
#8174, aired 2020-03-05NEAT ANIMAL STUFF $2000: These ball-rolling beetles find their way around by using the Sun, the Moon, & sometimes the Milky Way dung beetles
#8171, aired 2020-03-02RUBRIC CUES $400: If this type of symbolic animal claws the stock market to a 20% loss, wisdom says buy! a bear
#8169, aired 2020-02-27NATURE $400: Protecting some species of animals during hot, dry periods, estivation is the summer equivalent of this "winter sleep" hibernation
#8166, aired 2020-02-24FAIRY TALE POLICE REPORT $600: "Breaking & entering, porridge theft; charge of cruelty to animals probably won't stick" Goldilocks
#8164, aired 2020-02-20GEOGRAPHICALLY SPEAKING $1000: Dr. Dolittle learns how to talk to the animals from a parrot with this name, like a region of Pacific islands Polynesia
#8163, aired 2020-02-19AROUND THE WORLD $200: In 2019 India's Supreme Court ruled that a barrier for these huge animals be demolished, as they had the "first right" in forests elephants
#8161, aired 2020-02-17JACKAL $1000: Jackals in Africa can transmit this disease AKA lyssa to dogs & other animals rabies
#8160, aired 2020-02-1420-20 $200: "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" is the classic starter for this parlor game Twenty Questions
#8160, aired 2020-02-14ANIMAL VERBS $200: To remove a stain using an absorbent item, or to live at the expense of others sponge
#8160, aired 2020-02-14ANIMAL VERBS $400: To flutter your eyelashes to bat
#8160, aired 2020-02-14ANIMAL VERBS $600: Aggressively peddle goods in public by calling out to hawk (your wares)
#8160, aired 2020-02-14ANIMAL VERBS $800: Defeat an opponent overwhelmingly, especially by shutting them out skunk
#8160, aired 2020-02-14ANIMAL VERBS $1000: A weasel-like animal gives us this verb meaning to uncover or bring to light by searching ferret
#8159, aired 2020-02-13THE HORN OF AFRICA $400: Animals of the Horn include the hamadrayas, among the smallest of these big monkeys a baboon
#8150, aired 2020-01-31SYMBOLS $400: One symbolic representation of Christ is as the paschal type of this animal a lamb
#8148, aired 2020-01-29COLORFUL POP CULTURE ANIMALS $400: Michael Sheen voiced this bunny in Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland" the White Rabbit
#8148, aired 2020-01-29COLORFUL POP CULTURE ANIMALS $800: At Acme Labs, this cartoon rodent pairs with "the Brain" to attempt world domination Pinky
#8148, aired 2020-01-29COLORFUL POP CULTURE ANIMALS $1200: Grey Wind was the name of one of these that belonged to Robb Stark on "Game of Thrones" a wolf
#8148, aired 2020-01-29COLORFUL POP CULTURE ANIMALS $1600: Chris Pratt's "beta" raptor from "Jurassic World" was named this, like the coloration on its skin Blue
#8148, aired 2020-01-29COLORFUL POP CULTURE ANIMALS $2000: In a 1994 film, Alan Cumming voiced this title horse Black Beauty
#8147, aired 2020-01-28NEWER NECCO CANDY HEARTS $400: The animal attraction series had "Purr" followed by these 4 letters "fect"
#8145, aired 2020-01-24THIS & THAT $600: O. vulgaris, a species of this mollusk, has been called the most intelligent of all invertebrate animals an octopus
#8144, aired 2020-01-23NATIONAL COATS OF ARMS $400: It makes sense that this animal is at the center of the coat of arms for the Ivory Coast an elephant
#8144, aired 2020-01-23NATIONAL COATS OF ARMS $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Australia's coat of arms has the kangaroo and this bird. Both symbolize the country's forward motion, as it's believed the animals don't like to move backwards an emu
#8143, aired 2020-01-22EARTH HISTORY $400: Leading to the first animals, this element began to build up in the atmosphere 2 BYA as a product of photosynthesis oxygen
#8142, aired 2020-01-21CHECK OUT THE CRITTER $800: Despite its name, the sunda flying this, an animal native to Madagascar, is not one, nor does it fly a lemur
#8142, aired 2020-01-21GRAVESITE OFFERINGS $800: Fans visiting Graceland sometimes leave these stuffed animals from a 1957 hit song on Elvis' grave teddy bear
#8140, aired 2020-01-17DEUTERONOMY'S CLEAN & UNCLEAN ANIMALS $400: Fins & scales are required for these to be considered okay to eat fish
#8140, aired 2020-01-17DEUTERONOMY'S CLEAN & UNCLEAN ANIMALS $800: Camels & hares are unclean because this body part of theirs is not cloven a hoof
#8140, aired 2020-01-17DEUTERONOMY'S CLEAN & UNCLEAN ANIMALS $1200: The Ugly Duckling dodged a bullet--these birds of the genus Cygnus are deemed unclean to eat swans
#8140, aired 2020-01-17DEUTERONOMY'S CLEAN & UNCLEAN ANIMALS $1600: When the King James Bible refers to the "hart" as clean, it means these forest dwellers a deer
#8140, aired 2020-01-17DEUTERONOMY'S CLEAN & UNCLEAN ANIMALS $2000: The pig is forbidden because it doesn't do this like cows & goats do chew its cud
#8136, aired 2020-01-13BEAUTY BRANDS $800: CoverGirl cosmetics is Leaping Bunny certified, meaning the company doesn't do this test on animals
#6, aired 2020-01-09"I" WROTE $400: The security at this author's "Hotel New Hampshire" is Susie, a woman in an animal costume John Irving
#8133, aired 2020-01-08UDDERLY MILK--OR NOT $400: Rice milk is right for those who are lactose intolerant or who follow this 5-letter diet that avoids animal products vegan
#8128, aired 2020-01-01ANIMAL NAMES WITH LEWIS & CLARK $400: Lewis & Clark gave this non-canine rodent its name and even brought one back to give to Thomas Jefferson a prairie dog
#8128, aired 2020-01-01ANIMAL NAMES WITH LEWIS & CLARK $800: Though we think of it as grayish-brown, the boys called it a "white bear" & killed quite a few the grizzly bear
#8128, aired 2020-01-01ANIMAL NAMES WITH LEWIS & CLARK $1200: Don't complain. Just name the sage type of this bird that Lewis & Clark called the heath cock a (greater) grouse
#8128, aired 2020-01-01ANIMAL NAMES WITH LEWIS & CLARK $1600: Say, Meriwether, that sheep sure has large paired features on its head--you're right, William, so let's call it this a bighorn sheep
#8128, aired 2020-01-01ANIMAL NAMES WITH LEWIS & CLARK $2000: Lewis noted of the Lewis' type of this bird that the pointy tail helps it stay vertical against the tree trunk it's beaking a woodpecker
#8127, aired 2019-12-31THE ALGONQUIAN WORD TABLE $400: This word for a little animal that may go through your trash comes from a word for "he scratches with hands" a raccoon
#8124, aired 2019-12-26SUBTRACT A LETTER $1000: Pluck a letter from these lovely flowers and they become small, stalky, maned animals peony & pony
#8122, aired 2019-12-24HAVE A COW $800: This term for an idea that cannot be criticized refers to a Hindu belief about an animal a sacred cow
#8122, aired 2019-12-24METAPHORS $400: A white one of these animals is a metaphor for something too expensive for its owner to take care of an elephant
#8114, aired 2019-12-12BIOLOGY $2000: It's not Tchaikovsky changing his mind, it's the term for an organism that breaks down dead plants & animals into simpler forms a decomposer
#8114, aired 2019-12-12BIOLOGY $2,000 (Daily Double): The rhinoceros, the tapir & the horse all belong to the "odd-toed" group of these hoofed animals ungulates
#8112, aired 2019-12-10OCCUPATIONALLY NAMED AUTHORS $4,000 (Daily Double): Mrs, Tittlemouse, Tom Kitten & many other animal characters were created by this "artisan" (Beatrix) Potter
#8112, aired 2019-12-10PINK-POURRI $1000: In an albino animal, a lack of the pigment melanin causes this usually colored part of the eye to appear pink the iris
#8111, aired 2019-12-09POKÉMON $600: The process of a Pokémon turning into another is known as this, like plants & animals adapting & changing over long periods evolution
#8107, aired 2019-12-03ANIMAL MALADIES $400: It's rare, but some snakes exhibit ouroboros-like symptoms where they are compelled to eat their own this a tail
#8107, aired 2019-12-03ANIMAL MALADIES $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew at the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.) Although healthy now, these guys get regular ultrasounds and daily baby aspirins as gorillas in captivity, especially the males, are prone to this disease--"CVD" for short cardiovascular disease
#8107, aired 2019-12-03ANIMAL MALADIES $1200: Psittacosis, AKA this bird "fever", can also spread to people from ducks & pigeons parrot
#8107, aired 2019-12-03ANIMAL MALADIES $1600: A major contributor to laminitis, which affects this part of a horse, is overfeeding a hoof
#8107, aired 2019-12-03ANIMAL MALADIES $2000: The skin condition mange is caused by these tiny arthropods mites
#8105, aired 2019-11-29RANDOM FACTS $2000: The Egyptian god Anubis bears the head of this animal a jackal
#8103, aired 2019-11-27HERE, KITTY $200: The Canadian lynx relies heavily on the snowshoe type of this animal for its sustenance a rabbit (hare)
#8103, aired 2019-11-27HERE, KITTY $600: Distinctive black "tear tracks" along the snout of this fastest land animal may be an antiglare mechanism the cheetah
#8097, aired 2019-11-19MISLEADING NAMES $1600: It sounds like a bakery treat rather than the thymus or pancreas of a young animal eaten as a delicacy sweetbreads
#8096, aired 2019-11-18WE SAY JUMP $600: Taxonomic class of the jumping animal seen here that can leap 50 times its own body length arachnid
#8095, aired 2019-11-15SNAILS $600: Snails make up part of the more than 45,000 species in this class of animals that has a name meaning "stomach foot" gastropods
#8092, aired 2019-11-12"X"s & "O"s $400: From Latin for "all devouring", it's the term for an animal that eats both animals & plants omnivore
#8086, aired 2019-11-04THE HARVARD LAMPOON $400: The style and irreverence of "Harvard Lampoon" had a huge impact in the '70s when alums Doug Kenney and Henry Beard found "National Lampoon" and Doug co-wrote this very popular college comedy film Animal House
#8085, aired 2019-11-01FEEL THE BERN! $800: Finn, Bjork & Ursina are a family of brown these big animals, fishing & climbing in a park in the heart of Bern since 2009 bears
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ADVERTISING $200: In the 1960s Geoffrey the Giraffe became the mascot & spokesanimal for this store Toys "R" Us
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ANIMALS & THEIR FOOD $400: 2 species of this blood-drinking bat, the white-winged & hairy-legged, feed primarily on birds a vampire bat
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ANIMALS & THEIR FOOD $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew at the Como Park Zoo.) Flamingos, which can live 20 to 30 years in the wild and even longer in captivity, get their pinkish color from the food they eat, like shrimp or plankton, and at the zoo, nutritionally complete pellets that all contain a red-orange pigment similar to this one found in squash and sweet potatoes beta-carotene
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ANIMALS & THEIR FOOD $1200: Birds called kites include one that doesn't fly very fast; it doesn't need to as it eats only one species of this gastropod a snail
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ANIMALS & THEIR FOOD $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Drone technology has allowed for amazing footage from Monterey Bay, showing a blue whale gulping a bountiful feast of this, its favorite food krill
#8083, aired 2019-10-30ANIMALS & THEIR FOOD $2000: This Australian sea cow similar to the manatee has ivory tusks to dig up the sea grasses that make up its diet the dugong
#8083, aired 2019-10-30GEOGRAPHIC TERMS $800: It can be a line of mountain ridges or a grazing land for animals a range
#8082, aired 2019-10-29GARGOYLES $600: Some of the earliest known gargoyles are these animals on the Temple of Zeus; maybe they're the Nemean type lions
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $400: To make this home for the birth of their young, foxes enlarge burrows of other animals a den
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $800: Shoaling fish move in the same direction but each does its own thing; fish doing this similar word use coordinated moves schooling fish
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $1200: The dotted humming frog is in no danger from this spider seen here. They have reached an arrangement a tarantula
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $2000: Mud baths remove bugs from the Cape buffalo, & if that doesn't get them all, the cattle type of this white wading bird helps the egret
#8080, aired 2019-10-25ANIMAL COMMUNITY $5,000 (Daily Double): Konrad Lorenz found that newly hatched ducklings followed him due to this "I" process, as if he were their parent imprinting
#8078, aired 2019-10-23DOWN IN AFRICA $400: Species that need protection include this animal--Africa has fewer of them than their shorter pal the elephant the giraffe
#8075, aired 2019-10-18BIOLOGY $1600: In most mollusks a trochophore is the animal at this juvenile stage that looks very different from the adult the larva stage
#8075, aired 2019-10-18ENABLING COOKIES $600: This Nabisco brand went cage-free on its box covers in 2018 Animal Crackers
#8073, aired 2019-10-16TV PETS $2000: Arnold, one of these animals on "Green Acres", could change the TV channel & play the piano a pig
#8071, aired 2019-10-145 DAYS IN OCTOBER $800: October 16 is National Feral this animal day--remember to spay & neuter! cats
#8071, aired 2019-10-14BAYOU TRAP-ISTRY $1000: "Rodents of Unusual Size" is a documentary about these animals, once valued for pelts but now destroying southern wetlands nutria
#8063, aired 2019-10-02PART-TIME WRITERS $2000: James Lipton wrote "An Exaltation of Larks", about animal group names, before he hosted this Bravo acting show Inside the Actors Studio
#8059, aired 2019-09-26ANIMAL ANATOMY $400: These adorable tree-climbing marsupials have fingerprints very similar to those of humans koalas
#8059, aired 2019-09-26ANIMAL ANATOMY $800: A leader in food storage, this popular rodent pet has internal cheek pouches that can stretch from its mouth to its hips hamster
#8059, aired 2019-09-26ANIMAL ANATOMY $1600: The musk variety of this herbivore is saber-toothed, not for prey but used by the males to fight during mating season deer
#8059, aired 2019-09-26ANIMAL ANATOMY $2000: Term for the fibrous substance that makes up most of the exoskeleton or outer body protection of insects & spiders chitin
#8059, aired 2019-09-26ANIMAL ANATOMY $2,000 (Daily Double): The omasum & the abomasum are 2 of the 4 stomach chambers of this suborder that includes cattle & giraffes ruminants
#8059, aired 2019-09-26NEWER TO THE LANGUAGE $600: This acronym meaning the best ever spells out the name of an animal; LL Cool J uses it as an album title GOAT
#8058, aired 2019-09-25NON-GENEVA CONVENTIONS $1200: Banning trade in many plants & animals, CITES is the Convention on International Trade in these Endangered Species
#8055, aired 2019-09-20WOMEN SCIENTISTS $800: Dian Fossey's work with these animals in Rwanda led to their further protection from poaching gorillas
#8053, aired 2019-09-18CLASSIC METAL BANDS $800: "And I want! And I need! And I lust!" are primal lyrics from this band's "Animal" Def Leppard
#8044, aired 2019-07-25USELESS BODY PARTS $400: In animals, arrector pili muscles raise hairs, making them look larger; in humans, they only cause this "fowl" effect goosebumps
#8044, aired 2019-07-25USELESS BODY PARTS $1000: We can't use it to detect pheromones like other animals, but we have a vestigial version of Jacobson's organ in this body part the nose
#8042, aired 2019-07-23THE "B" THAT POWERS $400: 7-letter word for a renewable energy source made from algae, plants or animal waste biofuel
#8038, aired 2019-07-17FAKE GNUS $400: A gnu is also known as a wilde- this, so harte- ones are fake gnus a wildebeest
#8038, aired 2019-07-17FAKE GNUS $800: Kudus are no gnus; they're taller & have longer these, in a distinctive corkscrew shape horns
#8038, aired 2019-07-17FAKE GNUS $1200: Sharing its Afrikaans name with a big shoe company, this antelope seen here is definitely not a gnu a reebok
#8038, aired 2019-07-17FAKE GNUS $1600: Chevy didn't name one of its cars after a gnu but after this swift creature, one of the most common ruminants in Africa an impala
#8038, aired 2019-07-17FAKE GNUS $2000: "X" marks the end of the name of this non-gnu an oryx
#8032, aired 2019-07-09FAMOUS AMERICAN WOMEN $600: In 2016, this animal expert & autism spokesperson was inducted into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences Temple Grandin
#8032, aired 2019-07-09FROM THE BIG-BOX STORE $2000: Don't let the logo for this 5-letter store fool you--it sells products for other animals as well Petco
#8032, aired 2019-07-09SONGS IN ANIMATED MOVIES $600: Shakira's "Try Everything" was a great choice for this film about an ideal animal world Zootopia
#8028, aired 2019-07-03ITALIAN MUSIC TERMS $1200: A coda is a passage at the end of a work; in Italian it means this part of an animal the tail
#8028, aired 2019-07-03MY LAWN $600: My lawn is a bit smaller than the 15-acre green space in New York's Central Park, known as this grazing animal's meadow Sheep Meadow
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $400: The giant species of this South American insectivore has no teeth & an up to 2-foot-long tongue an anteater
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $800: Some of these mammals give birth hanging upside down, with the mothers catching the baby in their wings as it drops a bat
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $1200: Animals react to winter weather in different ways; monarch butterflies set off on this type of journey a migration
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $1600: Lobsters & tarantulas both have these hard outer bodies that must be periodically molted exoskeletons
#8018, aired 2019-06-19ANIMALS $2000: One of the largest structures made by rodents or any animal, a 2,800' long one is found in a Canadian national park a (beaver) dam
#8015, aired 2019-06-142-LETTER WORDS $600: "Clumsy" in language, castrated in fact, it's a type of draft animal ox
#8014, aired 2019-06-13ELEMENT NAMES $2,000 (Daily Double): This alternate name for Tungsten is made up of 2 animals, one known to prey on the other wolfram
#8013, aired 2019-06-12OUR PLANET $400: The innovative use of drones helped the crew capture one of these, the largest animals on Earth, alongside her curious young a blue whale
#8011, aired 2019-06-10ANIMAL TALK $400: This group term refers to the 95% of animal species that lack a backbone invertebrates
#8011, aired 2019-06-10ANIMAL TALK $800: What flying squirrels do isn't flying, it's called volplaning, another word for this gliding
#8011, aired 2019-06-10ANIMAL TALK $1200: The axolotl is a member of this "double-life" class of animals that has more than 6,000 species amphibians
#8011, aired 2019-06-10ANIMAL TALK $1600: The Amateur Entomologists' Soc. glossary entry "stridulation", making noise with body parts, mentions these creatures crickets
#8011, aired 2019-06-10ANIMAL TALK $2,000 (Daily Double): The norm in mammals & birds is a nictitating membrane, also called the third this--humans are weird in lacking it an eyelid
#8009, aired 2019-06-06GOES "MOO" $400: In Europe this animal is called an elk moose
#8008, aired 2019-06-05CONVERSE $200: As a noun, it's an animal of Tibet; as a verb, it means to converse idly yak
#8005, aired 2019-05-31POTPOURRI $1200: This animal, a proverbial symbol of grace, also has pure speed: it can run about 50 miles per hour (Grant's) gazelle
#8005, aired 2019-05-31YOU ARE A BAD SAILOR $1000: You don't need to howl during the naval watches 4-6 & 6-8, named for this animal--it's just a figure of speech a dog
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $200: Part of this creature is seen here; its group names include a muster of them & an ostentation peacocks
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $400: Look quickly--it's called a coalition of these fastest felines cheetahs
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $600: A group of gorillas can be a troop or one of these; who's on bass? a band
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $800: It's a murder of crows & an unkindness of these related birds ravens
#8002, aired 2019-05-28GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $1000: A group of owls is a wisdom or one of these legislatures a parliament
#7996, aired 2019-05-20A DEGREE IN LITERATURE $200: "'M.D.' means that" this character "was a proper doctor and knew a whole lot"--including animal language Dr. Doolittle
#7989, aired 2019-05-09EVERY ANIMAL HAS ITS DAY $200: The world day for this long-necked animal is June 21, the longest day of the year a giraffe
#7989, aired 2019-05-09EVERY ANIMAL HAS ITS DAY $400: These pups are beautiful every day, but that fact is officially celebrated April 21 a bulldog
#7989, aired 2019-05-09EVERY ANIMAL HAS ITS DAY $600: This -hog can come out of the shadow of the groundhog; February 2 honors both animals a hedgehog
#7989, aired 2019-05-09EVERY ANIMAL HAS ITS DAY $800: April 6 is the perfect day to celebrate this breed seen here Siamese
#7989, aired 2019-05-09EVERY ANIMAL HAS ITS DAY $1000: The world day for these birds, whether emperor or gentoo, is April 25 a penguin
#7988, aired 2019-05-08RECENT BESTSELLERS $1000: Marlon Bundo is a type of this animal in books from Mike Pence's daughter & from John Oliver's "Last Week Tonight" a rabbit
#7988, aired 2019-05-08RUN IT UP THE FLAGPOLE $400: The flags of the city of Berlin & the canton of Bern both feature this animal a bear
#7985, aired 2019-05-03THINGS THAT HAPPENED $400: In the mid-19th century, the U.S. Army imported these creatures from Africa as pack animals--it didn't camels
#7983, aired 2019-05-01ORDER $400: There are more than 2,000 species in this order of animals including the capybara & the porcupine rodents
#7983, aired 2019-05-01ORDER $600: An anteater is in the order Pilosa; this similar-looking animal is in the order Tubulidentata an aardvark
#7983, aired 2019-05-01ORDER $1000: Lesser-known members of this animal order are the narwhal & the dwarf sperm whale cetacean
#7980, aired 2019-04-26GREEK CUISINE $800: According to Greek law, feta cheese must be at least 70% derived from the milk of this animal sheep
#7979, aired 2019-04-25CHINESE $200: Not to "boar" you but according to the Chinese zodiac, most of 2019 is the year of this animal a pig
#7976, aired 2019-04-22SCIENCE & NATURE $2000: An experiment in which animals are reared in isolation to see what features are innate is named for this foundling of 19th c. Germany Kaspar Hauser
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ANIMAL ROCKS $400: A rock in Mongolia is named for its resemblance to one of these reptiles--oh yeah, I see the shell a turtle
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ANIMAL ROCKS $800: A helipad provides the easiest access to Wolf Rock Lighthouse off Land's End in Cornwall, in this country England
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ANIMAL ROCKS $1200: Lion Rock looms over this special administrative region of China Hong Kong
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ANIMAL ROCKS $1600: The Eagle Rock in this California city gave its name to an area where you'll find Occidental College Los Angeles
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ANIMAL ROCKS $2000: In English, Sardinia's Roccia dell'Orso is known as this animal rock bear
#7975, aired 2019-04-19IN THE CABINET DEPARTMENT $600: Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service Agriculture
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ROCK ANIMALS $200: In 1975 Joe Walsh was the "New Kid In Town" in this band Eagles
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ROCK ANIMALS $400: In 1982 "A Flock of" these flew into the Top 10 with "I Ran (So Far Away)" Seagulls
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ROCK ANIMALS $600: Marc Bolan led the '70s glam rockers who used this short name of a dinosaur T. Rex
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ROCK ANIMALS $800: These alliterative alt-rock rodents had a 2004 hit with "Float On" Modest Mouse
#7975, aired 2019-04-19ROCK ANIMALS $1000: The name of this "Look Good On The Dancefloor" band combines a cold environment & tropical animals the Arctic Monkeys
#7974, aired 2019-04-18FEATURE FILM DEBUTS $400: Kevin Bacon made his feature film debut as a fraternity pledge in this 1978 John Belushi film Animal House
#7970, aired 2019-04-12GOOGLE'S TOP SEARCHES, 1999-2018 $200: Every year, this best pal has been the most searched-for type of animal dog
#7968, aired 2019-04-10"M.G." $1600: A song from "The Pirates of Penzance" says, "In matters vegetable, animal, & mineral, I am the very model of a modern" major-general
#7963, aired 2019-04-03____ OF ____ $200: Because they hunt & feed on other animals, hawks & eagles are classified as these birds of prey
#7963, aired 2019-04-03HABITATS $600: The state animal of Kansas is the American type of this that roamed the Great Plains bison (or buffalo)
#7962, aired 2019-04-02THE MIDDLE AGES $400: In his "Travels", this Italian man described a unicorn-like animal & other wonders Marco Polo
#7961, aired 2019-04-01IN PRISON $600: This term for a cut of meat from the leg of an animal is also something helpful in settling disputes with a bunkmate a shank
#7959, aired 2019-03-28FOR THE BIRDS $400: Birds are unique in having these, the obvious characteristic that distinguished them from all other modern animals feathers
#7958, aired 2019-03-27HAIRSTYLES $200: Animal name describing hair in braids on each side, occasionally accented with ribbons pigtails
#7952, aired 2019-03-19PARK-ITECTURE $2,000 (Daily Double): Vegetation in Richmond Park in England, home to red & fallow types of these, has a 5' high "browse line" they nibble below deer
#7948, aired 2019-03-13CHILDREN'S LIT $1000: According to the title of a book by Giles Andreae, these animals "can't dance" giraffes
#7947, aired 2019-03-12EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Eric Carle Museum in Amherst, MA): The Eric Carle Museum has temporary tattoos of some of the animals in Carle's first book, the ones who ask this creature, "What do you see?" Brown Bear
#7946, aired 2019-03-11"LL" ANIMALS $200: When a crocodile shuts its mouth, you can see lower jaw teeth, but when this relative does it, they're hidden alligator
#7946, aired 2019-03-11"LL" ANIMALS $400: A "saddle" of graying hairs gives this primate the moniker "silverback" gorilla
#7946, aired 2019-03-11"LL" ANIMALS $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue): Unlike the streamlined heads of most sharks, the hammerhead shark's head protrudes laterally; the front of the type of hammerhead seen here resembles a type or mollusk shell, so it gets this adjective scallop
#7946, aired 2019-03-11"LL" ANIMALS $800: Prior to the lyrical direction to "Tie me kangaroo down", you're asked to watch this breed feed, mate a wallaby
#7946, aired 2019-03-11"LL" ANIMALS $1000: The Saudi & Queen of Sheba types of this antelope proved not so swift, as they're now extinct gazelle
#7943, aired 2019-03-06EX-CREATURES $800: Ursus spelaeus is the name for this extinct animal, made famous in a Jean Auel title the cave bear
#7940, aired 2019-03-0120th CENTURY BESTSELLERS $200: The concept of a "whisperer" who calms animals was popularized by this Nicholas Evans novel The Horse Whisperer
#7939, aired 2019-02-28TAXONOMY $800: Aristotle divided animals into 3 main groups according to how they moved: those that walk, those that swim & those that do this fly
#7939, aired 2019-02-28TAXONOMY $2000: The largest animal grouping is this phylum of "jointed feet" creatures arthropods
#7939, aired 2019-02-28UNPHARAOHS $1200: Legend says Psamtik III sacrificed his kingdom rather than fight when his foes brought these sacred animals, maus, into battle cats
#7937, aired 2019-02-26ANIMAL TALK $200: Be careful, that person could be one of these "in sheep's clothing" a wolf
#7937, aired 2019-02-26ANIMAL TALK $400: This plumbing tool is a type of auger a snake
#7937, aired 2019-02-26ANIMAL TALK $600: It's slang for an indoor antenna that typically sat on top of the TV rabbit ears
#7937, aired 2019-02-26ANIMAL TALK $800: Maybe you're a canvasback if you start a new activity & "take to it like" this duck to water
#7937, aired 2019-02-26ANIMAL TALK $1000: Weighing several tons, it's obvious to everyone present, but no one has the courage to talk about it the elephant in the room
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $200: After this island was ravaged by Hurricane Maria, Lucky Dog Animal Rescue & Southwest Air flew some pets to the USA Puerto Rico
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $400: For the littlest ones, Best Friends Animal Society provides this type of care, defined as "for newborns" neonatal care
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $600: Be Kind to Animals Week, celebrated in early May, was initiated in 1915 by the American this Organization (not the Society) the Humane Organization
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $800: This TV housewife rules in her devotion to animal welfare through her foundation & rescue center (Lisa) Vanderpump
#7931, aired 2019-02-18SAVING THE ANIMALS $1000: In August 2018 more than 85,000 pets were adopted during the national Clear these places campaign shelters
#7928, aired 2019-02-13ODD-NAMED ANIMALS $400: The rhinoceros beetle is AKA the Hercules or this titan famous for shouldering burdens Atlas
#7928, aired 2019-02-13ODD-NAMED ANIMALS $800: Axolotls & mud puppies are types of this 10-letter amphibian salamanders
#7928, aired 2019-02-13ODD-NAMED ANIMALS $1200: The massive pincers on the guy seen here are used to open a certain tree-dropped item, giving the crab this name the coconut crab
#7928, aired 2019-02-13ODD-NAMED ANIMALS $1600: For their habit of walking on water, basilisk lizards are also named after him Jesus
#7928, aired 2019-02-13ODD-NAMED ANIMALS $2000: True to the name, the screaming hairy species of this plated mammal squeals when threatened an armadillo
#7927, aired 2019-02-12ANIMAL FAKERS $200: AKA mosquito hawk or darning needle, this insect does not breathe magical fire dragonfly
#7927, aired 2019-02-12ANIMAL FAKERS $400: Often mistakenly called a bear, this Aussie marsupial stays in the pouch for 7 months, then spends the next 6 on Mom's back a koala
#7927, aired 2019-02-12ANIMAL FAKERS $600: Despite its name, this bird of prey is not follicly challenged; its head is covered by white feathers, as is its tail a bald eagle
#7927, aired 2019-02-12ANIMAL FAKERS $800: The electric this elongated fish is actually a type of knifefish an eel
#7927, aired 2019-02-12ANIMAL FAKERS $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows the crabeater seal on the monitor.) The crabeater seal doesn't even eat crabs; its teeth are designed to make it a filter feeder, dining mostly on these tiny crustaceans just like blue whales do krill
#7926, aired 2019-02-11VEGANS & VEGETARIANS $2000: This late leader of farm workers changed his diet after his dog, Boycott, taught him about animals' feelings (Cesar) Chavez
#7922, aired 2019-02-05EXPRESS YOURSELF $400: It can mean to tangle up or to growl viciously, especially with the teeth bared like an animal snarl
#7921, aired 2019-02-04NUMERIC WORDS & PHRASES $800: This very final 3-word phrase may come from a law requiring that bodies be buried deep so animals can't get to them six feet under
#7921, aired 2019-02-04THE ANCIENT ROMAN ARMY $1200: Often the finest soldier in a unit, the aquilifer was the bearer of an image of this animal, a symbol of Rome an eagle
#7919, aired 2019-01-31MISCELLANEOUS $200: The South American members of the camel family are the alpaca, guanaco, vicuna & this pack animal a llama
#7917, aired 2019-01-29MAKE IT LOOK GOOD $1200: In 2008 candidate Obama compared McCain's policies to Bush's by using this phrase about an animal & cosmetics putting lipstick on a pig
#7909, aired 2019-01-17GENERATION "Y" $1200: A 12-month-old animal, or a Pulitzer-winning 1938 novel a yearling
#7907, aired 2019-01-15THE HUNTER $800: In Utah you need a basic hunting license, but for certain animals like bears, you need this 6-letter document a permit
#7906, aired 2019-01-14EXOTIC WILDLIFE $200: One happy girl on a Costa Rica expedition remarked that this animal "was a lot faster than I thought" a sloth
#7906, aired 2019-01-14EXOTIC WILDLIFE $1000: The calf of the Svalbard subspecies of this animal can be quite playful a caribou (or reindeer)
#7904, aired 2019-01-10"RU" READY? $1000: From the Latin for "chewing", it' an animal with a multi-chambered stomach a ruminant
#7904, aired 2019-01-10MENAGERIE $800: Colossal & giant squids have the largest of these in the animal kingdom, with a diameter of over 10 inches each an eyeball
#7900, aired 2019-01-0419th CENTURY OCCUPATIONS $600: Due to the smell, this person who cured animal hides into leather usually had his business on the outskirts of town a tanner
#7897, aired 2019-01-01COOL CRITTERS $1600: "Tea with Mussolini" was a fave film of Koko, this animal; at a sad part, Koko signed "frown" & "trouble" a gorilla
#7890, aired 2018-12-21ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $200: Vulpine, like the bat-eared or the crab-eating the fox
#7890, aired 2018-12-21ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $400: Ostracean, like the Olympia or the pearl an oyster
#7890, aired 2018-12-21ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $600: Lupine, like the Ethiopian or the timber the wolf
#7890, aired 2018-12-21ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $800: Columbine, like the rock or the mourning a dove
#7890, aired 2018-12-21ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $1000: Anserine, like the snow or the nene a goose
#7887, aired 2018-12-18ROALD DAHL $600: Wes Anderson made a stop-motion film based on this tale of a cunning animal who steals poultry from 3 mean farmers Fantastic Mr. Fox
#7887, aired 2018-12-18TREES $2000: (Alex presents from the Galapagos Islands.) These trees that provide shelter for many coast-dwelling animals have adapted with an open-air root system with lots of pores to capture the oxygen they don't get from the muddy water they grow in mangroves
#7881, aired 2018-12-10UNUSUAL-LOOKING ANIMALS $800: This 6-letter name of the shrimp seen here also follows "praying" in the name of an insect mantis
#7881, aired 2018-12-10UNUSUAL-LOOKING ANIMALS $1200: The griffon species of this bird has a featherless head, perhaps to keep blood from matting while eating a carcass a vulture
#7881, aired 2018-12-10UNUSUAL-LOOKING ANIMALS $1600: This ugly eel with a very long snout has 2 sets of jaws & teeth moray
#7881, aired 2018-12-10UNUSUAL-LOOKING ANIMALS $4,000 (Daily Double): Yes, yes, this nocturnal lemur seen here uses an elongated finger to pry insects from trees the aye-aye
#7878, aired 2018-12-05VIXEN $600: In preparation for giving birth, a vixen will enlarge an abandoned burrow of another animal to make one of these a den
#7875, aired 2018-11-30BOOKS WITH ANIMAL POVs $400: The politically active critters of "Animal Farm" include the pigs Snowball & this one named for an emperor Napoleon
#7875, aired 2018-11-30BOOKS WITH ANIMAL POVs $800: "Watership Down" is told from the point of view of a group of these animals seeking a new safe place to live rabbits
#7875, aired 2018-11-30BOOKS WITH ANIMAL POVs $1200: The title character in "Tailchaser's Song" is this kind of animal a cat
#7875, aired 2018-11-30BOOKS WITH ANIMAL POVs $1600: Enzo in "The Art of Racing in the Rain" is this type of pet longing to communicate with his master the dog
#7875, aired 2018-11-30BOOKS WITH ANIMAL POVs $2000: "Traveller" examines the events of the Civil War through the eyes of this man's closest companion--his horse Robert E. Lee
#7874, aired 2018-11-29THE MOVIES $200: Donald Sutherland said he flashed his tush in this Belushi frat film after the director said it was just for the movie's dailies Animal House
#7870, aired 2018-11-23ON TOP OF THE WORLD $800: Unlike other species, the ribbon type of this animal crosses the ice by putting one flipper forward, then the other a seal
#7868, aired 2018-11-21GIVING TUESDAY $600: You & your BFF might consider donating to this pet welfare organization, whose logo is seen here, & help save them all the Best Friends Animal Society
#7866, aired 2018-11-19"F"IVE-LETTER WORDS $800: These 2 5-letter words are used to refer to the plant & animal life of a particular region flora and fauna
#7865, aired 2018-11-16CHECK ONE TWO $600: This animal of fable is also called a monoceros a unicorn
#7865, aired 2018-11-16STATE FACTS $800: Here's a fact to gnaw on: In 1969 it became Oregon's official state animal the beaver
#7863, aired 2018-11-14ME WANT COOKIE! $800: This showman's name is on a brand of animal crackers that date back to 1902 (P.T.) Barnum
#7862, aired 2018-11-13PASTURE BEDTIME $400: The Merinos, these animals, help others go to sleep, then crash after jumping that little fence over & over sheep
#7862, aired 2018-11-13PASTURE BEDTIME $800: As for these animals, le's say the Guernseys should be asleep by 8 & the Ayrshires, by 8;30 cows
#7862, aired 2018-11-13PASTURE BEDTIME $2000: In chapter 6 of "Animal Farm", these animals start sleeping in beds, no exact time given pigs
#7861, aired 2018-11-12ECOLOGY $800: In Sweden hunting the brown kind of this animal with her cubs is illegal, so she adapted & now cares for her cubs longer a bear
#7860, aired 2018-11-09AN "AX" $2000: This infectious animal disease can be transmitted to humans by contaminated wool anthrax
#7850, aired 2018-10-26ANIMAL ODDITIES $200: A tropical tree frog that has a transparent belly & chest is named for this transparent material glass
#7850, aired 2018-10-26ANIMAL ODDITIES $600: These Asian tree-dwelling great apes have been known to use large leaves as rain ponchos orangutans
#7850, aired 2018-10-26ANIMAL ODDITIES $800: A 2010 study found that embryos of the spotted salamander employ this energy process typically seen in plants photosynthesis
#7850, aired 2018-10-26ANIMAL ODDITIES $1000: A giant isopod, part of this subphylum that includes crabs, went 5 years without eating crustaceans
#7847, aired 2018-10-23EN FRANÇAIS $1000: From the animal kingdom: cheval horse
#7842, aired 2018-10-16ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL $200: Red sorrel vegetable
#7842, aired 2018-10-16ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL $400: Oryx an animal
#7842, aired 2018-10-16ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL $600: Smelt animal
#7842, aired 2018-10-16ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL $800: Spinel a mineral
#7842, aired 2018-10-16ANIMAL, VEGETABLE OR MINERAL $1000: Chert mineral
#7836, aired 2018-10-08TRAVEL BOOKS $200: Bill Bryson's "In a Sunburned Country" takes us to this continent with its unique animals & friendly people too Australia
#7835, aired 2018-10-05ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $400: A burden can be this simian "on your back" a monkey
#7835, aired 2018-10-05ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $800: Here's a plate of these for your next party pigs in a blanket
#7835, aired 2018-10-05ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1200: A type of bird is in this phrase for an exaggerated expression made for a selfie a duck face
#7835, aired 2018-10-05ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1600: (Sarah shows two yoga poses on the monitor.) To do the yoga pose upward-facing dog, the entire body is lifted up the floor & the arms are straight; the thighs stay on the floor & the arms are bent in this similar pose, named for a snake cobra
#7835, aired 2018-10-05ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $2000: Naturally, this '60s dance featured prancing leg movements the pony
#7832, aired 2018-10-02AT THE ZOO $200: The zoo in Wellington, New Zealand works to preserve this national bird & other endangered native animals a kiwi
#7832, aired 2018-10-02AT THE ZOO $1000: 200 rubles gains you admission to Russia's Novosibirsk Zoo & its many exotic animals, such as this feline hybrid a liger
#7832, aired 2018-10-02AT THE ZOO $1,000 (Daily Double): This capital's zoo was created from the personal animal collection of King William IV of Prussia the Berlin Zoo
#7832, aired 2018-10-02OCTOBER OBSERVANCES $600: Bring Fido & Felix to the Blessing of the Animals on October 4, the feast day of this saint St. Francis
#7832, aired 2018-10-02PORTUGUESE PRIMER $400: No animals are killed in the tourada, the Portuguese version of this event a bullfight
#7828, aired 2018-09-26NAME THE NOVEL $800: "'He must be a very nice animal,' observed the Mole, as he got into the boat and took the sculls" The Wind in the Willows
#7827, aired 2018-09-25FUN WITH TEAM NAMES $1000: This city's NBA & NFL teams run the full gamut of stock market animals Chicago
#7826, aired 2018-09-24GALAPAGOS: PLANTS & ANIMALS $200: (Alex presents from the Galapagos Islands.) A 2013 study on diving mammals, like these Galapagos sea lions, found that they contain a positively charged myoglobin; it's a protein that allows them to store this gas, which permits them to stay underwater longer as they hunt for their fish prey oxygen
#7826, aired 2018-09-24GALAPAGOS: PLANTS & ANIMALS $400: (Alex presents from the Galapagos Islands.) With eyes that are adapted for its hunting time when small fish rise to the surface to feed on plankton, the swallowtail gull is the only gull that can be described by this 9-letter adjective nocturnal
#7826, aired 2018-09-24GALAPAGOS: PLANTS & ANIMALS $600: (Alex presents from the Galapagos islands.) Over 60,000 acres of the Galapagos Islands have been set aside for beneficial crops, like this grass of the genus Saccharum; this primitive but very effective press is helping to extract the juices--go Jimmy, go Jimmy sugar cane
#7826, aired 2018-09-24GALAPAGOS: PLANTS & ANIMALS $1000: (Alex presents from the Galapagos Islands.) Portulaca, which is this type of plant named for its water-storing tissues, will turn a bright yellow in the rainy season, & the land iguanas that feast on this plant will eagerly approach visitors, if they happen to be wearing yellow succulents
#7826, aired 2018-09-24GALAPAGOS: PLANTS & ANIMALS $1,200 (Daily Double): (Alex presents from the Galapagos Islands.) "Darwin's finches writ large" is how Carl Safina describes this soaring bird; the waved type here in the Galapagos is the only truly tropical type, & it has evolved distinct markings that help provide its name the albatross
#7822, aired 2018-09-18THE LETTERS OF THE LAW $2,000 (Daily Double): 1973 pro-animal legislation: ESA the Endangered Species Act
#7821, aired 2018-09-17MAMMALS $800: This largest South American member of the camel family makes a good guard animal for sheep & other livestock a llama
#7820, aired 2018-09-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $400: An Old English one is seen here a sheepdog
#7820, aired 2018-09-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $800: Belzoni, Mississippi has a museum & a festival devoted to this whiskered water dweller a catfish
#7820, aired 2018-09-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $1200: Usually harmless to humans, this predator can't change its spots or bars a leopard shark
#7820, aired 2018-09-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $1600: The mole rat belongs to this order of gnawing mammals a rodent
#7820, aired 2018-09-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $2000: At their largest, the Japanese giant type of this crustacean can measure over 12 feet across, including the legs a spider crab
#7818, aired 2018-09-12URBAN PLANNING $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shoes a road on the monitor.) When roads, fences, or other human activity keeps animals from feeding or migrating, urban planners create these wildlife lanes, from the Latin "to run" a corridor
#7813, aired 2018-07-25ANIMAL PLANET $400: National Geographic was among those to report on a new creature found in 2015 & compare it to this Muppet Kermit (the Frog)
#7813, aired 2018-07-25ANIMAL PLANET $800: A kangaroo caught nibbling on toilet paper in an Aussie restroom led to the rhyming UPI headline "'Roo in the" this the loo
#7813, aired 2018-07-25ANIMAL PLANET $1200: This British blues guitar legend is a fishing aficionado & caught a 28-pound salmon on a 2016 trip to Iceland (Eric) Clapton
#7813, aired 2018-07-25ANIMAL PLANET $1600: In 2015 a Chinese man found the "pups" he got 2 years earlier were Asian black these, a class II protected species bears
#7813, aired 2018-07-25ANIMAL PLANET $2000: Here's Dalí with Babou, his pet one of these New World wildcats--he used to tell people it was a painted house cat an ocelot
#7811, aired 2018-07-23ALGAE WHIZ $1000: Some algae have been classified in this kingdom neither fully plant nor animal Protista or protists
#7811, aired 2018-07-23THE SECRET OF HOMONYM $200: The pelt or coat of a large animal, or to conceal from sight hide
#7810, aired 2018-07-20RIVERS $1200: Flowing through 5 of Brazil's states, the Tocantins River of South America is named after one of these animals a toucan
#7809, aired 2018-07-19MIDDLE "AGE" $400: A varied collection, especially of animals a menagerie
#7808, aired 2018-07-18PUN-ISHING CLUES $400: "Things that can be seen from the Eiffel Tower", or animals that live & feed on other animals Paris sites/parasites
#7808, aired 2018-07-18WHO "DIS"? $1600: Adjusted for inflation, this director's "Animal House" made more than $400 million John Landis
#7807, aired 2018-07-17THE OCTOPUS $1000: Octopi are called the smartest these, animals w/o backbones; in 2009 one disassembled a valve & flooded a Calif. aquarium an invertebrate
#7805, aired 2018-07-13MY AUTOBIOGRAPHY THAT I WROTE $1200: "It's Too Late Now" looked back at how his son's stuffed animals were the genesis of this Brit writer's beloved characters A.A. Milne
#7803, aired 2018-07-11"LITTLE" NURSERY RHYME CHARACTERS $200: This animal laughed when it saw the cow jump over the moon the little dog
#7802, aired 2018-07-10ENDANGERED ANIMALS $400: Ocean dwellers with colorful names on the endangered list include the green turtle & this most massive animal the blue whale
#7802, aired 2018-07-10ENDANGERED ANIMALS $1200: This longest river in China is home to the finless porpoise, now critically endangered the Yangtze
#7802, aired 2018-07-10ENDANGERED ANIMALS $1600: The Badlands in South Dakota are home to the black-footed type of this weasel, back from the brink of extinction ferrets
#7802, aired 2018-07-10ENDANGERED ANIMALS $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from Como Park Zoo in St. Paul, Minnesota.) Como Zoo offers programs to help raise awareness about orangutans, because largely to deforestation, the numbers are dwindling in their last two native habitats, leaving about 50,000 orangutans on Borneo & only 14,000 on this Indonesian island to the west Sumatra
#7802, aired 2018-07-10ENDANGERED ANIMALS $2,000 (Daily Double): Found only in Vietnam & Laos the saola has parallel horns, yet it's also called "the Asian" this mythical creature a unicorn
#7801, aired 2018-07-09A CONTROVERSIAL CATEGORY $600: "Resolved: humans are fundamentally different from other animals" was a 2017 big question from the National Speech & this Assn. debate
#7798, aired 2018-07-04AGRICULTURE $1000: Careful! If a farm disease is "zoonotic", by definition it can be spread this dangerous way from animals to humans
#7796, aired 2018-07-02SHAKESPEAREAN MENAGERIE $400: A ghost in "Hamlet" speaks of "hair to stand on end, like quills" of this animal a porcupine
#7796, aired 2018-07-02SHAKESPEAREAN MENAGERIE $1200: In some editions of "King John" the son of the king of France is called this, also the name of a large aquatic animal the Dauphin
#7794, aired 2018-06-28KITCHEN CONFUSION $400: Broth is mainly made from the meat of the animal, while stock comes from these other parts bones
#7789, aired 2018-06-21FOUR LEGS GOOD $500 (Daily Double): This deer is the biggest animal followed by "hound" in the name of an AKC dog breed an elk
#7785, aired 2018-06-15WORDS ABOUT WORDS $800: Alliteratively, this animal goes with "word" to mean language used to avoid taking a stand weasel
#7782, aired 2018-06-12MEDICAL WORDS & PHRASES $600: Lyssa, a goddess of madness, is another word for this disease that makes animals irrationally vicious rabies
#7782, aired 2018-06-12TITLE PEOPLE: HOW NOVEL! $800: A cargo ship out of India loaded with zoo animals doesn't make its final port in this Yann Martel novel The Life of Pi
#7781, aired 2018-06-11BEST SONG OSCARS $1600: "Talk To The Animals", from this 1967 film, was a winner Doctor Dolittle
#7779, aired 2018-06-07AMERICAN DOGS $1000: George Washington seems to also be the father of the American this breed, with two animals in its name a foxhound
#7777, aired 2018-06-05I DON'T WANNA CRAMP $400: This 2-word "animal" term for a painful leg cramp traces back to 19th century baseball slang a Charley horse
#7773, aired 2018-05-30DAILY BEAST $400: The Tibetan sand type of this animal can live at altitudes above 13,000 feet a fox
#7772, aired 2018-05-29AWARD-WINNING BOOKS $400: Named one of the best illustrated children's books of 2017: the story of this artist "and Her Animalitos" Frida Kahlo
#7769, aired 2018-05-24TV ANIMAL ROUNDUP $200: Itchy & Scratchy on "The Simpsons" a mouse and a cat
#7769, aired 2018-05-24TV ANIMAL ROUNDUP $400: Patrick on "SpongeBob SquarePants" a starfish
#7769, aired 2018-05-24TV ANIMAL ROUNDUP $600: Chestnut on "2 Broke Girls" a horse
#7769, aired 2018-05-24TV ANIMAL ROUNDUP $800: Stella on "Modern Family" a French bulldog
#7769, aired 2018-05-24TV ANIMAL ROUNDUP $1000: Marcel on "Friends" a monkey
#7765, aired 2018-05-18IT'S ME, MARGARET $1600: In "Animal Crackers", this actor tells Margaret Dumont, "Ever since I met you, I've swept you off my feet" Groucho Marx
#7762, aired 2018-05-15FROM "B" TO "Y" $1000: A medieval book of animals a bestiary
#7761, aired 2018-05-14LIFE SCIENCE MILESTONES $1600: Animal classification got broken down in the 10th edition of this Swede's "Systema Naturae" in 1758 Linnaeus
#7758, aired 2018-05-09DISNEY FACTS $1000: The title animal in this, Disney's first live-action comedy, is a Bratislavian sheepdog The Shaggy Dog
#7758, aired 2018-05-09PLANET EARTH $2000: An annual 1-million-strong migration of these animals crosses the Mara River through a gauntlet of crocs the wildebeest
#7756, aired 2018-05-07ACA"D"MIA $800: It can be done to an idea, a plant or an animal & means cutting it apart to analyze it dissect
#7754, aired 2018-05-03THE DAWN OF THE RAILROADS $400: Seguin locomotives in Germany had so much trouble maintaining steam in the 1830s, a team of these animals accompanied them horses
#7748, aired 2018-04-25PLANET EARTH $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents a timeline on the monitor.) Chronologically, the major eras of Earth's history are the Paleozoic, the Mesozoic & this new animal era, in which we & the Earth live today Cenozoic
#7748, aired 2018-04-25WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? $200: A creme de menthe, tequila & lime juice cocktail is called tequila this, playing on the title of Harper Lee's first novel mockingbird
#7748, aired 2018-04-25WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? $400: Replace tomato juice with beef broth in a Bloody Mary & you've got this bovine shot a bull shot
#7748, aired 2018-04-25WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? $600: A jumping insect is the name (but not an ingredient) of this cocktail of cream, green creme de menthe & white creme de cacao grasshopper
#7748, aired 2018-04-25WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? $800: It's the canine name for this refreshing cocktail: vodka & grapefruit juice a greyhound
#7748, aired 2018-04-25WHAT'S YOUR SPIRIT ANIMAL? $1000: This alliterative cocktail that gets it "kick" from vodka was said to have been created as part of a 1940s Smirnoff campaign a Moscow mule
#7747, aired 2018-04-24MUST COME TO AN "N" $400: To gradually get a young animal off mother's milk wean
#7746, aired 2018-04-23FURNITURE $600: The inward curve of the short, heavy table leg gave it this name of an animal's proboscis an elephant's trunk
#7739, aired 2018-04-12PAPER TERMS $1600: It's a soft & gauzy type of paper, or a cell structure in the body of an animal or plant tissue
#7738, aired 2018-04-11BLUE BOOKS $1600: In this book Karana's Island looks like the title animal "lying on its side, with its tail pointing toward sunrise" The Island of the Blue Dolphins
#7737, aired 2018-04-10PRE-REC $600: The animals shown here can both be described as these a raptor
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $400: As well as a duck bill, this Aussie monotreme has a cloaca, an organ common in birds a platypus
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $800: Naked mole rats thrive in low-oxygen areas by switching the fueling of cells from glucose to this fruit sugar fructose
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $1200: The Sphynx cat was selectively bred so that it would have minimal this fur
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $1600: The unusual blue blood of the horseshoe type of this is used to detect bacterial toxins & test drugs for purity crab
#7735, aired 2018-04-06UNUSUAL ANIMALS $2000: Although it's easy to find on Youtube, in real life, the slow type of this primate is endangered a loris
#7733, aired 2018-04-04THE FICTION SECTION $400: Children, dead animals & Native American lore; what more could you want than this 1983 Stephen King novel Pet Sematary
#7729, aired 2018-03-29"BLACK" $1000: An essay that promoted kindness to animals inspired Anna Sewell to write this novel Black Beauty
#7721, aired 2018-03-19WORLD OF SOUP $600: Believed to be an aphrodisiac, mannish water soup from Jamaica is made from the head & guts of this barnyard animal a goat
#7717, aired 2018-03-13EASTER $1000: This animal is the traditional main course of the pope's Easter dinner lamb
#7714, aired 2018-03-08AUNTIE, COAGULANT $2000: For big jobs, Auntie uses HemCon, made with chitosan, from the shells of this "pink" marine animal shrimp
#7712, aired 2018-03-06SLOVENIA & SLOVAKIA $2,000 (Daily Double): A farm in the Slovenian town of Lipica is known for these animals it has bred for 400 years horses
#7709, aired 2018-03-01GO "BRA" $400: This butterfly is named for a much larger animal a zebra butterfly
#7705, aired 2018-02-23MAMMALS $200: From the Spanish for "stray animal", it's a wild horse, or a sports car a mustang
#7705, aired 2018-02-23MAMMALS $600: The Chinese call this native animal da xiong mao, meaning "great bear cat" a panda
#7704, aired 2018-02-22RANDOM WORDS $800: As a verb it means to wander off from a course; as a noun, it's a homeless animal a stray
#7704, aired 2018-02-22SOCK IT TO ME $200: Original Rockford red heel socks come with instructions on making these animals, around since the 1900s sock monkeys
#7701, aired 2018-02-19THE COMPANY'S ANIMAL MASCOT $200: Introduced in 1961, Charlie was this type of fish who bizarrely wanted to end up as product for StarKist a tuna
#7701, aired 2018-02-19THE COMPANY'S ANIMAL MASCOT $400: Wearing flip-flops & sunglasses, this drum-pounding mascot began going & going & going in 1989 the Energizer Bunny
#7701, aired 2018-02-19THE COMPANY'S ANIMAL MASCOT $600: A 1997 N.Y. TImes headline about a mascot change read, "Joe" this, "A Giant In Tobacco Marketing, Is Dead At 23" Joe Camel
#7701, aired 2018-02-19THE COMPANY'S ANIMAL MASCOT $800: Last name of the tennis player seen here; the crocodile logo on his coat would become a fashion icon (René) Lacoste
#7701, aired 2018-02-19THE COMPANY'S ANIMAL MASCOT $1000: In this drink co.'s logo, 2 bovines run directly at each other, perhaps energized by the product they represent Red Bull
#7696, aired 2018-02-12A SHEEPISH CATEGORY $1200: During the big competition in this 1995 movie, the title animal gets some sheep to move 2 by 2 in an orderly fashion Babe
#7694, aired 2018-02-08LITERARY AWARDS $800: In 1938 "Animals of the Bible" by Dorothy P. Lathrop became the first picture book to win this medal the Caldecott
#7686, aired 2018-01-29DOG BREEDS $600: The name of this breed includes a reference to its coat & another animal a wire-haired fox terrier
#7686, aired 2018-01-29MYTHOL-"O"-GY $1,000 (Daily Double): This son of Apollo & Calliope could enchant gods, people, animals & even trees with the sound of his lyre Orpheus
#7686, aired 2018-01-29THEY COME IN PAIRS $1200: It's the only sign of the Zodiac that's symbolized by a pair of non-human animals Pisces
#7685, aired 2018-01-26CAUTIONARY TRAILS $200: The Canadian sign here warns of caribou, the same species as this animal reindeer
#7684, aired 2018-01-25HEAVENS $800: A Pennsylvania rescue farm with this alliterative name rescues hoofed animals, porcine or not Hog Heaven
#7682, aired 2018-01-23ANIMALS $400: Trichophilus welckeri algae grow in the fur of this slow arboreal mammal, giving it a green tint a sloth
#7682, aired 2018-01-23ANIMALS $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows the giant shipworm on the monitor.) The giant shipworm comes out of its shell, & the bacteria inside allow it to digest the sulfur compound in the mud around it; it's not actually a worm, but from this shelled phylum mollusk
#7682, aired 2018-01-23ANIMALS $1600: There were more than 200 million live views online during the 16-month pregnancy of April, one of these a giraffe
#7682, aired 2018-01-23ANIMALS $2000: In 2017 the oldest this type of aquatic mammal in captivity died at age 69 in a Florida county of the same name a manatee
#7682, aired 2018-01-23ANIMALS $3,400 (Daily Double): In 1846 Joseph Leidy found & identified in this farm animal Trichina spiralis, a parasite that can be transmitted to humans a pig
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $400: This big marine mammal has been known to emit a plaintive cry when times are tough whale
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $800: This big ape sometimes joins the indigenous military to harass the enemy a gorilla
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $1200: When this leaping insect can't pay rent, he just gets the heck out of Dodge a flea
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $1600: When this cool cat is out of dough, he becomes different parts of a chain a lynx
#7679, aired 2018-01-18HOMOPHONIC ANIMALS $2000: When this swinelike mammal needs extra money, he turns into a slender candle a tapir
#7679, aired 2018-01-18PEAK TV $2000: The Caucasus & this other mountain range were in titles of episodes of Animal Planet's "Wild Russia" the Urals
#7677, aired 2018-01-16THE BRITISH INVASION $400: This 1964 Animals song set in New Orleans was both a U.K. & U.S. No. 1 hit "House Of The Rising Sun"
#7676, aired 2018-01-154-LETTER WORDS $200: To clip an animal's ears, or to trim a photo crop
#7676, aired 2018-01-15A WOOLLY CATEGORY $600: Wool from this llama relative comes in 22 natural colors, the most of any wool-producing animal an alpaca
#7671, aired 2018-01-08BRITISH AUTHORS $400: Hugh Lofting's letters to his kids from the WWI front evolved into the tales of this physician who talks to animals Dr. Dolittle
#7671, aired 2018-01-08NATIONAL COATS OF ARMS $2,000 (Daily Double): This animal adorns the coat of arms of the Ivory Coast elephant
#7668, aired 2018-01-03"SALT" $800: Seen here, it's used to make sure animals get their vitamins & minerals a salt lick
#7668, aired 2018-01-03THE ZONE $600: An animal may mark it, & a government may, too, like 1787's Northwest one territories
#7667, aired 2018-01-02DOUBLE "O" 7-LETTER WORDS $400: According to the Chinese zodiac, 2017 is the year of this barnyard animal a rooster
#7666, aired 2018-01-01ANNUAL EVENTS $400: At the Duke University Chapel, the blessing of the animals is timed to be near the feast day of this saint St. Francis
#7666, aired 2018-01-01YOU SHALL FIND $1600: Swampy is this type of animal looking for the water for his shower in the app "Where's My Water?" an alligator
#7665, aired 2017-12-296-LETTER WORDS $800: The vicuña is closely related to this South American animal, prized for its fleece an alpaca
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ANIMAL GROUPINGS $400: Several generations of lionesses, their cubs & a few males make up this group a pride
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ANIMAL GROUPINGS $800: It's not a G'day when you get mauled by a mob of these largest marsupials, & yes, as a group, they are a mob kangaroos
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ANIMAL GROUPINGS $1200: Sea otters separate by sex & float together in large groups called this--no inflation necessary rafts
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ANIMAL GROUPINGS $1600: Those are orcas, so you're looking at this 3-letter group a pod
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ANIMAL GROUPINGS $2000: When not destroying their way through the forest, these ants fittingly form temporary camps called bivouacs army ants
#7665, aired 2017-12-29ENTERTAINING ORGANIZATIONS $2000: American Humane certifies movies & TV shows with this 4-word trademark in the end credits "No Animals Were Harmed"
#7661, aired 2017-12-25BROTHERS $400: In a 1996 movie Chris Farley was this title colorful animal, screwing up his brother's gubernatorial race black sheep
#7660, aired 2017-12-22IT'S A LIVING $1000: 2-word term for one who studies the plant & animal life of the oceans marine biologist
#7657, aired 2017-12-19"SOCIAL" $1000: According to this 2-word -ism, civilization is subject to the same laws of natural selection as animals Social Darwinism
#7657, aired 2017-12-19MORE THAN ONE MEANING $400: A hunted animal, or a place from which stone is extracted a quarry
#7654, aired 2017-12-14NEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS $400: A beetle with middle femurs that look like bulging biceps was named for this Austrian-born actor Schwarzenegger
#7654, aired 2017-12-14NEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS $1200: In 2014 scientists discovered a new species of dinosaur & named it Zuul after a demon in this 1984 movie Ghostbusters
#7654, aired 2017-12-14NEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS $1600: A fossilized one of these reptiles was named for Terry Pratchett--his "Discworld" rides on the back of one a turtle
#7654, aired 2017-12-14NEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS $2000: A recently discovered dog-like carnivore from prehistoric Egypt was named for this canine-headed god Anubis
#7654, aired 2017-12-14NEW EPONYMOUS ANIMALS $4,600 (Daily Double): John Cleese is "absurdly fond" of these Madagascar animals, works to conserve them & got one named for him lemurs
#7653, aired 2017-12-13OF "ORDER" $1,000 (Daily Double): Originally observed in hens, it's the social hierarchy in animal groups pecking order
#7653, aired 2017-12-13THAT'S AMAZING! $1200: The deep-dwelling colossal this has the largest eye of any animal, 11 inches in diameter a squid
#7652, aired 2017-12-12GOOD CAUSES $200: The group "Helping" these animals works to save them from poaching for their horns, an illegal commodity in Asia rhinos
#7652, aired 2017-12-12MAMMAL PLANET $1200: The heart rate of this animal AKA a woodchuck decreases from 75 beats a minute to 4 during hibernation a groundhog
#7649, aired 2017-12-07ANIMALS IN COMPETITION $200: Bawck! At the 2016 Natl. Bird Show, this made up Division 12! Bawck! At the 2016 Natl. Bird Show, this made up Division 12! a parrot
#7649, aired 2017-12-07ANIMALS IN COMPETITION $400: In 2017 Smooshie & Doobert of Team Ruff took on Slippers & Buttons of team Fluff in the XIIIth "playing" of this event the Puppy Bowl
#7649, aired 2017-12-07ANIMALS IN COMPETITION $600: $28 million in purses is available during the 13 thoroughbred races that make up this championship "Cup" the Breeders' Cup
#7649, aired 2017-12-07ANIMALS IN COMPETITION $800: In 2017 Rumor had it--Rumor being a canine, & "it" being named Best in Show at this competition in New York Westminster
#7649, aired 2017-12-07ANIMALS IN COMPETITION $1000: Every May brings the frog jumping competition at the fair of this county southeast of Sacramento Calaveras County
#7649, aired 2017-12-07DESERTS $2000: You'll find the Nazca lines, geoglyphs depicting animals & symbols, on the desert floor of this country Peru
#7647, aired 2017-12-05HALLS OF FAME $1200: Electronic music and animal rights are among the passions of Richard Melville Hall, better known as this Moby
#7645, aired 2017-12-01BEASTLY GLOSSARY $400: This 5-letter adjective refers to a wild animal, especially a domestic animal gone wild feral
#7645, aired 2017-12-01BEASTLY GLOSSARY $800: "Caudal" refers to this part of an animal the tail
#7645, aired 2017-12-01DOWN HOME TALK $800: The word vermin got altered to this word for a troublesome wild animal varmint
#7643, aired 2017-11-29SCIENCE & NATURE $2000: Of DNA's 8 bases, this one was first discovered in animal dung, hence its name guanine
#7640, aired 2017-11-24NOTABLE WOMEN $1000: Her fight against gorilla poachers intensified in 1978 after the killing of Digit, one of her favorite animals Dian Fossey
#7640, aired 2017-11-24THEY PLAYED JFK $2000: Tim Matheson was hubby to "Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis" in 2000; you otter know Tim was Eric Stratton in this 1978 film Animal House
#7630, aired 2017-11-10CLASSICAL MUSIC $8,000 (Daily Double): "Royal March Of The Lions", "The Elephant", "Aquarium" & "The Swan" are all part of this French work Carnival of the Animals
#7628, aired 2017-11-08WHAT DO YOU COLLECT? $600: An arctophile: these cuddly toys teddy bears
#7625, aired 2017-11-03IDIOMS, ANNOTATED $400: "Let the buyer beware" is the message behind why you shouldn't buy this animal in a poke, a type of bag a pig
#7621, aired 2017-10-30WOLVERINE $600: If your cabin has been invaded by a wolverine, take a whiff & you'll know why it's also known as a this animal-bear a skunk bear
#7618, aired 2017-10-25PROVERBIALLY SPEAKING $600: "The lion shall lie down with" this animal the lamb
#7616, aired 2017-10-23PHILOSOPHY IN A NUTSHELL $800: Some oppose speciesism, which denies the rights of these animals
#7612, aired 2017-10-17ANCIENT WISDOM $1600: In the 4th century B.C., Aristotle said that "man is by nature" this type of "animal" a political animal
#7609, aired 2017-10-12THE INUIT $600: Vital in the dark winter, the qulliq is traditionally fueled by the oil of this animal whose skin and bones were also key resources seal (the whale)
#7609, aired 2017-10-12THE INUIT $1,400 (Daily Double): Inuit sculpture is in high demand; a favorite subject is this beloved five hundred-plus-pound creature of their homelands a musk ox
#7606, aired 2017-10-09CLASSICS ON AUDIBLE $400: The wit & irony of this satiric novel are captured by David Hyde Pierce "As the common size of the natives is somewhat under six inches, so there is an exact proportion in all other animals" Gulliver's Travels
#7605, aired 2017-10-06AUSSIE SLANG $4,000 (Daily Double): Jumbuck is an Aussie term for this animal, of which there are a lot Down Under sheep
#7602, aired 2017-10-03SILENT-LETTER VOCABULARY $200: The Latin "Agnus Dei" means this baby animal "of God" lamb
#7598, aired 2017-09-27I AM BIG! $2000: What's gnu? I dunno, I'd say the blue this animal living in southern Africa & weighing 600 lbs.; what's gnu with you? a wildebeest
#7598, aired 2017-09-27READY FOR MY CLOSE-UP $400: Look quickly; this animal's close-up might need to be taken at 70 miles per hour a cheetah
#7595, aired 2017-09-22ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES $200: Some species of this creature with a mythic beast in its name can reach speeds of 30 miles per hour a dragonfly
#7595, aired 2017-09-22ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES $400: These rodents of the American West don't just bark; their sounds can tell the colony, "Tall human in blue shirt approaching" a prairie dog
#7595, aired 2017-09-22ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES $600: This tree-dwelling carnivore of Asia combines ursine and feline creatures in its name a cat-bear (or bear-cat)
#7595, aired 2017-09-22ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES $800: The horned toad of the Americas isn't a toad at all, nor even a frog, but one of these reptiles a lizard
#7595, aired 2017-09-22ANIMALS WITH BEASTLY NAMES $1000: Not actually swine but rodents, they may be pets, lab research subjects or food, depending where you are guinea pigs
#7590, aired 2017-09-15ANIMATED FELINES $800: Lake Bell voiced fat cat Chloe in this 2016 movie about what your animals do when you're not around The Secret Life of Pets
#7585, aired 2017-07-28& OTHER ODD FILMS $1200: In a recent movie Colin Farrell is given 45 days to find love or he's going to be turned into this title animal a lobster
#7581, aired 2017-07-24ANIMAL FARM $400: These animals in the novel are said to represent the masses at large; four legs good, two legs ba-a-a-a-d sheep
#7581, aired 2017-07-24ANIMAL FARM $800: Among the animals' 7 commandments are bans on sleeping in a bed & drinking this alcohol
#7581, aired 2017-07-24ANIMAL FARM $1600: At a meeting of the animals, this prized "Old" boar claims, "Man is the only real enemy we have" Old Major
#7581, aired 2017-07-24ANIMAL FARM $2000: After finding the windmill in ruins, Napoleon blames it on this adversary & sentences him to death Snowball
#7581, aired 2017-07-24ANIMAL FARM $2,000 (Daily Double): Each Sunday the animals hoist their hoof & horn flag, which Orwell used to represent this Communist symbol the hammer and sickle
#7581, aired 2017-07-24SHOE NAMES $1000: Sterile animal hybrids mules
#7576, aired 2017-07-17SCHOOLS ON SCREENS $400: Dean Wormer says, "Fat, drunk & stupid is no way to go through life, son" before kicking Kent out of Faber College in this film Animal House
#7575, aired 2017-07-14ICYMI $200: In 2017 the Westminster Dog Show included this animal for the first time in its 140 years; what could go wrong? a cat
#7573, aired 2017-07-12GEOG. DICT. ABBREV. $1600: G.R.: this place where wild animals are kept safe a game reserve
#7572, aired 2017-07-11FILE UNDER "OZ" $2,000 (Daily Double): From the Greek for "ancient" & "animal", this era of geologic time began about 540 million years ago Paleozoic
#7572, aired 2017-07-11ZOOLOGIST'S DICTIONARY $200: Ovoviviparous describes animals such as rattlesnakes that develop these inside the body eggs
#7568, aired 2017-07-05GOOD LUCK $1000: In Japan maneki neko is this animal in porcelain, waving its paws to bring a business luck a cat
#7562, aired 2017-06-27SEUSS SYNOPSIZES HIMSELF $600: It's the title animal / in a story about socks & Knox & bricks & blocks & ticks & tocks & chicks & clocks the fox
#7555, aired 2017-06-16A LONG TIME AGO IN AMERICA $1600: By about 9,000 B.C., many large animals in North America were extinct, including this "breast tooth" species a mastodon
#7550, aired 2017-06-09AMPHIBIANS $1200: Special these in a toad's warts secrete poison that can cause paralysis or death in small animals glands
#7549, aired 2017-06-08TRICKY ANIMALS $400: "White" in Russian, this type of whale can mimic different sounds & has been known to rescue humans the beluga
#7549, aired 2017-06-08TRICKY ANIMALS $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a video and an animation on the monitor.) When confronted with prey, the electric eel can double the charge of its shock when it's positive this at the head & negative one at the tail come into proximity the poles
#7549, aired 2017-06-08TRICKY ANIMALS $800: Paul, one of these in a German aquarium, got a lot of ink after going 6-for-6 in World Cup picks in 2010 an octopus
#7549, aired 2017-06-08TRICKY ANIMALS $1000: Prey are attracted to the end of the appendage on this tricky creature, whose name contains a term for a fisherman an anglerfish
#7545, aired 2017-06-02ARCHAEOLOGY $800: A 2015 discovery of a Plains Indian site included a kind of mini-Stonehenge of these animals' bones the buffalo
#7544, aired 2017-06-01BEASTLY VERBS $600: To bother someone repeatedly, like Wisconsin's state animal badger
#7541, aired 2017-05-29LOGO ANIMALS $400: The National Broadcasting Company peacock
#7541, aired 2017-05-29LOGO ANIMALS $800: Merrill Lynch a bull
#7541, aired 2017-05-29LOGO ANIMALS $1200: Sriracha Hot Sauces a rooster
#7541, aired 2017-05-29LOGO ANIMALS $1600: an owl
#7541, aired 2017-05-29LOGO ANIMALS $2000: Peugeot a lion
#7530, aired 2017-05-12TITLE ANIMALS $200: Title type of animal in a 2005 "Chronicles of Narnia" movie a lion
#7530, aired 2017-05-12TITLE ANIMALS $400: 2008 animated film about a portly black & white hero who becomes the Dragon Warrior Kung Fu Panda
#7530, aired 2017-05-12TITLE ANIMALS $600: (Hi, I'm Neil Flynn.) On "The Middle", my character Mike Heck loves this Quentin Tarantino movie about Mr. White, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink & a diamond heist gone bad Reservoir Dogs
#7530, aired 2017-05-12TITLE ANIMALS $800: With 5 Oscars including Christopher Walken's, this 1978 Michael Cimino film shot to the top Deer Hunter
#7530, aired 2017-05-12TITLE ANIMALS $1000: As Rufus T. Firefly in 1933, Groucho doled out this avian potage duck soup
#7527, aired 2017-05-09"FIELD" TRIP $1600: Decent but dull Jon Q. Arbuckle owns this comic strip animal Garfield
#7518, aired 2017-04-26DOUBLE T IN THE MIDDLE $1200: If you're hungry, you look at the animal shown here and see a plate of this mutton
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $400: This city in New York state is sometimes called "Nickel City" Buffalo
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $800: About 3% of this country lies at the eastern edge of southern Europe in Thrace Turkey
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $1200: This river rises in New Mexico & flows into the Colorado River near Yuma, Arizona the Gila River
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $1600: This island known for its great wineries is just a short hop by plane from Adelaide, Australia Kangaroo Island
#7515, aired 2017-04-21ANIMALS ON THE MAP $2000: Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede in this Tennessee town is billed as "the most fun place to eat in the Smokies" Pigeon Forge
#7509, aired 2017-04-13NOTABLES & THE CHINESE ZODIAC PLACEMAT $1200: Nibbling a wonton, Grace Slick says it makes sense she was born in the year of this animal, as she sang about a white one a rabbit
#7508, aired 2017-04-12BIOLOGY $1200: In taxonomy, animals are classified by domain, then kingdom, then this subdivision phylum
#7506, aired 2017-04-10ANIMAL LIT FILL-IN $200: Michael Bond: "A ____ Called Paddington" a bear
#7506, aired 2017-04-10ANIMAL LIT FILL-IN $400: E.B. White: "The Trumpet of the ____" swan
#7506, aired 2017-04-10ANIMAL LIT FILL-IN $600: Dahl: "Fantastic Mr. ____" the fox
#7506, aired 2017-04-10ANIMAL LIT FILL-IN $800: Tennessee Williams: "The Night of the ____" an iguana
#7506, aired 2017-04-10ANIMAL LIT FILL-IN $1000: Vonnegut: "Welcome to the ____ House" monkey
#7506, aired 2017-04-10SIGN $400: The animal that stands for this zodiac sign is usually associated with the Nemean one slain by Hercules Leo
#7505, aired 2017-04-07WHAT'S NOT TO LICHEN? $800: The Siberian herd of these animals seen here feeds on lichens during the winter caribou (or reindeer)
#7504, aired 2017-04-06AN ECO-CATEGORY $200: "Flora" refers to the plants of an ecosystem; this word often paired with it refers to the animals fauna
#7501, aired 2017-04-03CONSTELLATIONS $9,600 (Daily Double): Zeus placed Callisto in the night sky as one of these animals; her son Arcturus was her "keeper" in the stars a bear
#7501, aired 2017-04-03KILLER CARS $800: The end of this 1978 comedy saw a car named the "Deathmobile" emerge from a giant cake that said "Eat me" National Lampoon's Animal House
#7501, aired 2017-04-03PHOTOGRAPHY $400: Eadweard Muybridge's 1878 photos proved that when this animal runs, all 4 feet are off the ground at 1 point a horse
#7497, aired 2017-03-28ENDS WITH K $1000: Small, enclosed exercise field for animals a paddock
#7496, aired 2017-03-27ANIMALS PLAYING DEAD $400: We couldn't do the category without showing the death face of this critter, the big faker an opossum
#7496, aired 2017-03-27ANIMALS PLAYING DEAD $800: A male nursery web spider offers a female an insect wrapped in this; if snubbed, he deads up & gets dragged off with the gift silk
#7496, aired 2017-03-27ANIMALS PLAYING DEAD $1200: When confronted, the hognose snake can play dead or spread its skin around its head & neck like a king this snake a cobra
#7496, aired 2017-03-27ANIMALS PLAYING DEAD $1600: Found in the Southwest, the 9-banded type of this plays dead if captured, but if that fails, kicks like crazy armadillo
#7496, aired 2017-03-27ANIMALS PLAYING DEAD $2000: Fire-bellied toads say "don't eat me" by showing their red bellies, a warning of this poison
#7496, aired 2017-03-27OH MY GODS! $800: Ganesha, the Hindu god of beginnings & good fortune, has a human body & the head of this animal an elephant
#7495, aired 2017-03-24STATE $200: Wisconsin named this type of cow such as Holstein its state domestic animal & milks it for all it's worth a dairy cow
#7492, aired 2017-03-21"C" ALL THE ANIMALS $200: The National Institutes of Health has sent most of its 360 of these lab apes to a swinging retirement home chimpanzees
#7492, aired 2017-03-21"C" ALL THE ANIMALS $400: This wild dog of North America is also known as a prairie wolf or brush wolf a coyote
#7492, aired 2017-03-21"C" ALL THE ANIMALS $600: Orinoco is one species of this river-dwelling reptile a crocodile
#7492, aired 2017-03-21"C" ALL THE ANIMALS $800: Unlike most parrots, this parrot of Australia & New Guinea can raise & lower its crest of feathers a cockatoo
#7492, aired 2017-03-21"C" ALL THE ANIMALS $1000: This rodent of Panama & South America can weigh as much as 100 pounds & grow to 4 feet in length a capybara
#7491, aired 2017-03-20BARNACLE FIGHTING $1600: Two-word name of this animal that likes to eat barnacles; come on, Johnny, let's invest in one a sea otter
#7490, aired 2017-03-17UNIVERSAL PICTURES $2000: You can't refuse our offer to come up with this animal nickname for a nebula in the constellation Orion the Horsehead Nebula
#7490, aired 2017-03-17YOUR IDIOM IS FOREIGN TO ME $200: A German idiom for "a pig in a poke" is "buying" this animal "in a sack"; time to let it "out of the bag" a cat
#7490, aired 2017-03-17YOUR IDIOM IS FOREIGN TO ME $1000: For us, this animal's "years" means a long time; in France, "to jump from the cock to" it is a non-logical conversation a donkey
#7487, aired 2017-03-14WRITERS' VOCABULARY $1600: "Animal Farm" uses anthropomorphism while "the walls have ears" is an example of this similar literary device personification
#7483, aired 2017-03-08THE SAVAGE BEAST $200: Puppy Bowl, seen on this appropriate channel during the Super Bowl, has young canids fighting fang & paw Animal Planet
#7483, aired 2017-03-08THE SAVAGE BEAST $600: This James Patterson tale of animals going on the attack became a series on CBS Zoo
#7482, aired 2017-03-07PACK LUNCH $400: These dam builders, the second-largest rodents beavers
#7482, aired 2017-03-07PACK LUNCH $800: Oreamnos americanus, this symbol of surefootedness a mountain goat
#7482, aired 2017-03-07PACK LUNCH $2000: The Dall type of this ruminant bighorn sheep
#7481, aired 2017-03-06STRINGING YOU ALONG $400: This material used to make tennis racket strings comes from the dried intestines of animals but not pets gut (or catgut)
#7480, aired 2017-03-03MOVIE BEFORE, TV AFTER $400: John Belushi & the other Deltas help make Frank Underwood the president Animal House of Cards
#7479, aired 2017-03-02ZOO-TOPIA $600: Straight from Disney's animal kingdom, six of these recently took up residence at the Cincinnati Zoo meerkats
#7478, aired 2017-03-01LITERARY TITLE CHARACTERS $1600: The main character in a Hermann Hesse novel is seen as this animal "of the Steppes", hence the title Steppenwolf (or wolf)
#7469, aired 2017-02-16FANTASTIC BEASTS $1000: Hercules had to deal with the quickness of the Ceryneian hind, a type of this animal a deer
#7464, aired 2017-02-09MAN VS. BEAST $1000: New South Wales' webpage on the control of these animals includes fences, as in the title of a 2002 movie rabbits
#7460, aired 2017-02-03THE TITLE OF THE MOVIE ESCAPES ME $1200: The 2008 sequel to this 2005 animated feature about Central Park Zoo animals is subtitled "Escape 2 Africa" Madagascar
#7459, aired 2017-02-02RAINFORESTS $1600: Seen here is this rainforest primate that has another animal in its name a spider monkey
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANIMALS IN FRENCH $200: Raining or not, the French names of these 2 animals are chat et chien cat and dog
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANIMALS IN FRENCH $400: Le loup is this carnivore the wolf
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANIMALS IN FRENCH $600: Le canard is this; someone pass the orange sauce duck
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANIMALS IN FRENCH $800: Down on a French farm, this is le mouton a sheep
#7458, aired 2017-02-01ANIMALS IN FRENCH $1000: This subject of songs, seen here, is le merle a blackbird
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME $200: Equus caballus a horse
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME $400: Cygnus atratus a swan
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME $600: Vulpes chama a fox
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME $800: Apis mellifera a bee
#7454, aired 2017-01-26THAT'S MY SCIENTIFIC NAME $2,000 (Daily Double): Balaenoptera musculus a blue whale
#7451, aired 2017-01-23DOUBLE O, 7 $1600: There's an animal in this slang word starting with "V" that means "get outta here" vamoose
#7446, aired 2017-01-16THE EMMYS 1967 $1600: An award for daytime shows went to this beastly series sponsored by Mutual of Omaha Insurance Wild Kingdom
#7444, aired 2017-01-12BEASTLY WORDS & PHRASES $400: When it comes to paying, you this animal "up"; when it comes to hair, it's quite a "tail" pony
#7444, aired 2017-01-12BEASTLY WORDS & PHRASES $800: The Beastie Boys could tell you "brass" this animal refers to weather that's really cold brass monkey
#7434, aired 2016-12-294 YOUR CONSIDERATION $400: Of the 4 seasons, the one when you'll most likely find an animal in his hibernaculum winter
#7431, aired 2016-12-264-LETTER WORDS $1600: From the Middle English for "stray animal", it has come to mean a forsaken or orphaned child a waif
#7430, aired 2016-12-23BEASTLY STATE SYMBOLS $600: Texas calls its state reptile a horned lizard; Wyoming uses this amphibian name for a related animal the horned toad
#7429, aired 2016-12-22DOUBLE L $400: "Animal Farm" is an example of this literary device in which abstract ideas appear as characters in a story an allegory
#7427, aired 2016-12-20SERVING THE STATE DINNER $1600: In 2015 Japan's prime minister was served toro tartare made from the belly of this animal tuna
#7422, aired 2016-12-13ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C.) In China, giant pandas, with their black-&-white fur, were thought to be a physical manifestation of these two principles that come together to create peace & harmony yin & yang
#7422, aired 2016-12-13ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $400: Including the giant & sea species, they're the most aquatic members of the weasel family otters
#7422, aired 2016-12-13ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $600: A cackle is a group of these African mammals, one of which is heard here hyenas
#7422, aired 2016-12-13ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C.) Extinct in the wild until recently, Przewalski's horse, the only truly wild horse, has been reintroduced back into China & this landlocked neighbor to the north, where it is a symbol of national heritage Mongolia
#7422, aired 2016-12-13ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1,000 (Daily Double): While it feeds mainly on termites & the insect in its name, this toothless mammal also enjoys avocados an anteater
#7420, aired 2016-12-09THE BIBLE $1000: Zechariah predicted the new king would arrive in Jerusalem on one of these animals, & Jesus later does an ass (a donkey accepted)
#7415, aired 2016-12-02"Y"s UP $1000: Add 1 letter to a device used to pair draft animals to get this term for a country bumpkin a yokel
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $200: Buffalo & other bovines gather in these herds
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $400: Just as you can have a this "of roses", you can also have one of oysters a bed
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $600: A stench, sometimes used for a group of these mammals, may be appropriate but seems a bit unfair skunks
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $1000: Termites & penguins both get collective with this collective name colony
#7415, aired 2016-12-02ANIMAL COLLECTIVE NOUNS $1,600 (Daily Double): It's a cloud of grasshoppers & a plague of these relatives locusts
#7413, aired 2016-11-30BEAR WITH US $400: These Arctic animals may weigh less than 3 pounds at birth but later, around a ton polar bears
#7403, aired 2016-11-16ENDANGERED ANIMALS AT THE SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C..) They're symbols of peace & friendship, & sadly, in their native China, only about 1,800 giant pandas remain in the wild, primarily due to destruction of the forests that provide this tall, woody grass that these guys can each eat over 50 pounds of daily bamboo
#7403, aired 2016-11-16ENDANGERED ANIMALS AT THE SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew presents from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C.) Without native mammals present, kiwis thrived for over 35 million years, but today they're endangered & facing extinction, largely because they're flightless and can't escape from introduced predators in this, their native country New Zealand
#7403, aired 2016-11-16ENDANGERED ANIMALS AT THE SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C..) Known since ancient times & extinct in the wild until recent reintroductions, the scimitar-horned oryx is noted for its long, curved horns; if one breaks off, it doesn't grow back, which may have inspired the myth of this legendary creature the unicorn
#7403, aired 2016-11-16ENDANGERED ANIMALS AT THE SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C..) With fewer than 50,000 left in the wild, Asian elephants, like their larger African cousins, are facing extinction due to habitat loss, human-elephant conflict, & this crime, the illegal killing, capturing, or stealing or wildlife poaching
#7403, aired 2016-11-16ENDANGERED ANIMALS AT THE SMITHSONIAN'S NATIONAL ZOO $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from Smithsonian's National Zoo in Washington, D.C..) The Sumatran tiger is the smallest subspecies & has the narrowest stripes; largely due to habitat loss & the illegal wildlife trade, there are as few as 400 left on their native island in this country Indonesia
#7401, aired 2016-11-14REALITY TV SHOWS $1600: Reality shows on this cable channel have included "Bad Dog!" & "Snake Man of Appalachia" Animal Planet
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $200: Vinicius, the mascot of the 2016 Summer Olympics hosted by this city, is a mixture of all the Brazilian animals Rio de Janeiro
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $400: Buzz the Bee is the mascot of this General Mills cereal (Honey Nut) Cheerios
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $600: In a 2010 movie Justin Timberlake voiced this sidekick to Yogi Bear Boo-Boo
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $800: Brian is a dog that can speak on this TV show Family Guy
#7400, aired 2016-11-11ENTERTAINING ANIMALS $1000: On film a Maine harbormaster & his family have their hands full with "Andre", one of these aquatic mammals a seal
#7391, aired 2016-10-31LIKE A ROCK $1,000 (Daily Double): The object of a pursuit, such as a hunted animal quarry
#7391, aired 2016-10-31PLANTS WITH ANIMAL NAMES $400: Disappointing but true, these flowers don't breathe fire snapdragons
#7391, aired 2016-10-31PLANTS WITH ANIMAL NAMES $1200: You are barking up this tree, whose small flowers are seen here a dogwood
#7391, aired 2016-10-31PLANTS WITH ANIMAL NAMES $1600: Equisetum is the genus of the flowerless perennial called giant this for its brushy look brushy horsetail
#7391, aired 2016-10-31PLANTS WITH ANIMAL NAMES $2,000 (Daily Double): This flower shares its name with a character in "Peter Pan" tiger lily
#7391, aired 2016-10-31PLANTS WITH ANIMAL NAMES $2000: This tree is so named for the challenge its prickly leaves would pose to certain simian climbers a monkey puzzle tree
#7388, aired 2016-10-26-OLOGIES $1600: Zoologists say this small Andean rodent prized for its pelt has the softest fur of any land animal a chinchilla
#7388, aired 2016-10-26-OLOGIES $2000: In anthropology, from the Latin for "shepherd", it's the way of life based on keeping herds of animals pastoral
#7388, aired 2016-10-26ADVERTISING ICONS $400: Yipes, who is one of these animals, is the appropriate mascot for Fruit Stripe gum a zebra
#7380, aired 2016-10-146-SYLLABLE WORDS $1600: From the Greek for "human being", it's the attribution of human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects anthropomorphism
#7380, aired 2016-10-14U.S. COINS $1,000 (Daily Double): When it appeared in 1913, it was the first animal besides the eagle to appear on a U.S. circulating coin a buffalo
#7379, aired 2016-10-13"N"TERTAINMENT $1600: This band with songs like "Animal" takes its name from illuminated palms on an In-N-Out Burger sign Neon Trees
#7379, aired 2016-10-13TV THEMES $800: This Netflix series' theme song begins, "The animals, the animals, trap trap trap till the cage is full" Orange Is the New Black
#7378, aired 2016-10-12@_FloridaMan $400: Fla. man "Ordered to Stay Away From Animals After Throwing Live" this state reptile "Through Wendy's Drive-Thru Window" an alligator
#7375, aired 2016-10-07BESSEMER MUCHO $1200: The Bessemer process tries to refine the iron that is named for this barnyard animal pig iron
#7374, aired 2016-10-06MAKE AMERICA GRATE AGAIN $400: You might surmise that the gratable cheese known as capricious is made from this animal's milk the goat
#7371, aired 2016-10-03WHO ORDERED THE MAMMAL? $1600: The monotremes are one of the oldest orders of mammals & include only the echidna & this unusual animal a duck-billed platypus
#7366, aired 2016-09-26THE SINGING "B" $2000: He sang lead for the Animals on "It's My Life" & "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" Eric Burdon
#7365, aired 2016-09-23ANIMALS $200: A spotted pattern on the whale shark seems to act as this, but how do you hide when you're 40 feet long? camouflage
#7365, aired 2016-09-23ANIMALS $400: If the 2-toed type of this mammal falls off its tree, thick skin protects it, but it will be mostly helpless until returned a sloth
#7365, aired 2016-09-23ANIMALS $600: Pinnipeds, meaning "flipper-footed", include sea lions, seals & these, of the family Odobenus walruses
#7365, aired 2016-09-23ANIMALS $800: This was the first dog breed to collect admissible evidence for American courts of law a bloodhound
#7365, aired 2016-09-23ANIMALS $1000: This term for animals like cows & sheep means they chew their cud a ruminant
#7364, aired 2016-09-22MYTHOLOGY $800: One of the 12 labors of Hercules was working in animal control, stealing this 3-headed dog Cerberus
#7364, aired 2016-09-22STARS & CAUSES $600: This 94-year-old star of "Hot in Cleveland" is a president emeritus of the Morris Animal Foundation Betty White
#7359, aired 2016-09-15TAKE ME TO COURT $1200: Actually, don't take me to this animal-named improper or even farcical court a kangaroo court
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $200: This animal got its name because it was originally thought to be a hybrid of a lion & a panther a leopard
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $400: Sylvilagus palustris hefneri is, of course, a type of this animal a rabbit
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $600: Floating in the waters off Majorca, you might find the fried egg this--we don't suggest it for breakfast a jellyfish
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $800: Called "canary of the sea" due to its musical stylings, this kind of whale shares its name with a type of sturgeon beluga
#7357, aired 2016-09-13ANIMAL NAMES $1000: This hoofed animal of the far north is named for the odor produced by glands beneath its eyes muskox
#7355, aired 2016-07-29SCARY-SOUNDING ANIMALS $400: Also known as sand crab, this type of crab gets its name for how it blends into beaches & dunes--I'm calling that one Casper a ghost crab
#7355, aired 2016-07-29SCARY-SOUNDING ANIMALS $800: A literary character gave his name to this fish discovered in 2009--we want you to notice its fangs Dracula
#7355, aired 2016-07-29SCARY-SOUNDING ANIMALS $1200: Hey, you old bag of bones--this type of shrimp, also known as the praying mantis of the sea, hangs out with us in SoCal skeleton shrimp
#7355, aired 2016-07-29SCARY-SOUNDING ANIMALS $1600: You may recognize the death's-head hawk this from its star turn in the "Silence of the Lambs" a moth
#7353, aired 2016-07-27BEASTLY APPENDAGES $1200: On animals like lizards, autotomy is an evasive defense mechanism that lets them do this get rid of their tail
#7351, aired 2016-07-25ADD "S" TO THE START OF THE WORD $800: A word following "ready, willing &" becomes this weasel-like animal a sable
#7350, aired 2016-07-22YOU "DY" $800: The DC41 Animal is a model from this manufacturer of high-tech bagless vacuum cleaners Dyson
#7347, aired 2016-07-19SYNONYMS 1 & 2 $200: Synonyms for huge include elephantine & this extinct elephant-like animal a mammoth
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $1600: A trail or "trace" across the state was first used by these animals it's named for, then Native Americans, then settlers buffalo
#7343, aired 2016-07-13PETER THE NOT GREAT $400: You know, Peter, I like the X-Men, too, but keeping this animal as a house pet? It goes after bears, man a wolverine
#7340, aired 2016-07-08SNL CRACKS US UP $200: Andy Samberg played this "Ted" actor as he "Talks to Animals" on "SNL"; say hi to your mother for me, okay? Mark Wahlberg
#7336, aired 2016-07-04ANIMAL YOUNG $200: A panda baby & a hyena baby are each called this a cub
#7336, aired 2016-07-04ANIMAL YOUNG $400: A shoat is a young one of these & as such might cry "wee wee wee" all the way home a pig
#7336, aired 2016-07-04ANIMAL YOUNG $600: It's the largest animal whose baby is called a calf a blue whale
#7336, aired 2016-07-04ANIMAL YOUNG $800: An armadillo baby is called this palindromic name a pup
#7336, aired 2016-07-04ANIMAL YOUNG $4,600 (Daily Double): It's the only animal native to the U.S. that has a baby called a joey a possum
#7329, aired 2016-06-23GET TOGETHER $800: It's a crosspiece with 2 bow-shaped pieces, each enclosing the head of a working animal, & now it's on you a yoke
#7320, aired 2016-06-10ITALIAN FOOD $400: Caprino, usually made from the milk of this animal, is a soft cheese that will highlight your spinach omelet a goat
#7318, aired 2016-06-08HOW JUVENILE! $200: Go for the whole caboodle with this word--a young, small, furbearing animal such as a fox a kit
#7317, aired 2016-06-07THE BEAST $400: One of the 2 counties in Nebraska named after animals; they both once roamed free there Buffalo (or Antelope)
#7317, aired 2016-06-07THE BEAST $600: As on the coat of arms of Scotland, when an animal like a lion in heraldry is "rampant", it means it's doing this standing or rearing
#7314, aired 2016-06-02OF COURSE $1000: Add an "R" to the end of "course" & you get a word Shakespeare used to mean this animal a horse
#7313, aired 2016-06-01TELE-NOVELAS $800: This prolific author's novel "Zoo", about animals attacking humans, was turned into a TV series in 2015 James Patterson
#7308, aired 2016-05-25AT HOME WITH ADAM & EVE $2000: At God's urging, Adam performs this task in Genesis 2, then takes a long nap the naming of the animals
#7307, aired 2016-05-24PETER AND THE WOLF $1000: "Peter and the Wolf" composer Prokofiev loved the clarinet & also this animal that enters stealthily to its sound the cat
#7306, aired 2016-05-23ARE YOU FEELING LUCKY? $200: It's been observed that "there's something slightly creepy" about carrying this animal's foot for luck a rabbit
#7305, aired 2016-05-20IT HAPPENED IN THE BIBLE $200: His mission is to save "two of every sort" of animal, "male and female" Noah
#7302, aired 2016-05-17JUST THE FACTS $1000: The only one of the 7 deadly sins that's also the name of an animal sloth
#7301, aired 2016-05-16THE CORRECTIONS $2000: A correction is a drop in the value of a stock & can signal this type of animal-named market bear
#7294, aired 2016-05-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $400: This tallest land animal was once known as a camelopard a giraffe
#7294, aired 2016-05-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $800: These quadrupeds can open their jaws 150 degrees & are strong enough to bite a crocodile in half a hippopotamus
#7294, aired 2016-05-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1200: It's not George W.'s offspring, but this tree-dwelling primate of Africa a bush baby
#7294, aired 2016-05-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1600: With 4 toes on each foot, pigs are classified as even-toed members of this hoofed animal group ungulates
#7294, aired 2016-05-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $2,000 (Daily Double): During their trip around S. America, Magellan's crew saw new creatures including this bird they called a black goose a penguin
#7290, aired 2016-04-2919th CENTURY LITERATURE $200: Akela the wolf & Baloo the brown bear are 2 of the animals featured in this collection of stories The Jungle Book
#7290, aired 2016-04-29ART HISTORY $400: Lascaux Cave has outstanding prehistoric art, including the Hall of these animals seen here the Bulls
#7288, aired 2016-04-27DOUBLE DOUBLE LETTERS $400: No mask, but the kinkajou seen here is a member of this animal family raccoon
#7288, aired 2016-04-27VETERINARY MEDICINE $1600: Animal diseases that can be transmitted to humans are called zoonoses & include psittacosis, also called this fever parrot fever
#7287, aired 2016-04-26'TIS "OF THE" MOVIE $600: The still seen here is from a memorable scene in this 1977 film Close Encounters of the Third Kind
#7286, aired 2016-04-25ASIAN FOOD $1600: In the Philippines, a lechon is an entire one of these animals slowly spit-roasted over coals a pig
#7285, aired 2016-04-22BEASTS IN THE BIBLE $2,000 (Daily Double): In Mark 16 Jesus tells his followers that they will be able to handle these deadly animals without fear snakes
#7284, aired 2016-04-21YOU NEED FOOD TO GROW ON $600: Order the sheepshead; like most of these animals, it's a good source of omega-3 fatty acids the fish
#7283, aired 2016-04-20WHAT'S YOUR SIGN? $400: Add an "N" to the end of this sign & you get a type of animal Scorpio
#7282, aired 2016-04-19EXTINCT CREATURES $400: In 2015 researchers inserted this animals' genes related to its cold lifestyle into an Asian elephant, a close relative a mammoth
#7282, aired 2016-04-19EXTINCT CREATURES $2,000 (Daily Double): It was best not to visit the clan of this 2-word animal of the Pleistocene; check out its reared-up skeleton the cave bear
#7280, aired 2016-04-15DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $400: Simian ape
#7280, aired 2016-04-15DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $800: Taurine a bull
#7280, aired 2016-04-15DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $1600: Cervine a deer
#7280, aired 2016-04-15DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $2000: Pavonine a peacock
#7280, aired 2016-04-15DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $3,600 (Daily Double): Vespine a wasp
#7280, aired 2016-04-15TV SHOWS BASED ON MOVIES $1200: The short-lived "Delta House" was based on this movie set at Faber College Animal House
#7278, aired 2016-04-13"E-T-C" $400: The process of making a wild animal tame domestication
#7278, aired 2016-04-138-LETTER WORDS $800: Based on its diet, an aardvark is sometimes called this other animal an anteater
#7278, aired 2016-04-138-LETTER WORDS $2000: God compared the power of Job to this huge animal, kind of the land version of Leviathan a behemoth
#7277, aired 2016-04-12NATIVE AMERICANS $600: Baggataway is what Native Americans called this sport they played with balls of leather stuffed with animal hair lacrosse
#7277, aired 2016-04-12YES, THE THAI $1600: The name of Singha, Thailand's most popular beer, comes from a word for this animal that once widely roamed Asia the lion
#7272, aired 2016-04-05OFFICIAL STATE ANIMALS $200: The West Indian species of this sea cow is Alabama's official state marine mammal a manatee
#7272, aired 2016-04-05OFFICIAL STATE ANIMALS $400: In 1995 Missouri designated this stubborn equine its state animal a mule
#7272, aired 2016-04-05OFFICIAL STATE ANIMALS $600: School kids in Montana chose this fierce brown bear to be the state's official animal a grizzly
#7272, aired 2016-04-05OFFICIAL STATE ANIMALS $800: Kentucky & Maryland, which both host legs of the Triple Crown, both have this as the state horse a thoroughbred
#7272, aired 2016-04-05OFFICIAL STATE ANIMALS $1000: The peregrine this is Idaho's state raptor a falcon
#7267, aired 2016-03-29"B" & "B" $200: Animal pair involved in indoctrination about reproduction the birds and the bees
#7266, aired 2016-03-28IT'S BROWN $600: Named for its cigar-like color, the Havana Brown is a breed of this animal a cat
#7258, aired 2016-03-1619th CENTURY NOVELS BY QUOTE $1,800 (Daily Double): "'That's a fine death!' said Napoleon as he gazed at Bolkonsky" War and Peace
#7253, aired 2016-03-09CITY NICKNAMES $400: Agadir, Morocco is "the City of Blue Men", for the uniform of the drivers of these animals camels
#7253, aired 2016-03-09MAMMALS $1200: Oh, dear--this South American animal has been known to eat monkeys an ocelot
#7247, aired 2016-03-01ANIMALS IN DANGER $400: It's black & white & loved all over, not just in its native China, where it's considered a national treasure the panda
#7247, aired 2016-03-01ANIMALS IN DANGER $800: With fewer than 1,000 living wild in the Gobi Desert, the Bactrian type of this is critically endangered the camel
#7247, aired 2016-03-01ANIMALS IN DANGER $1200: One of the most endangered mammals is the northern hairy-nosed one of these marsupials a wombat
#7247, aired 2016-03-01ANIMALS IN DANGER $1600: Though this Indian tiger is the most numerous tiger subspecies, there are as few as 2,500 left in the wild a Bengal
#7247, aired 2016-03-01ANIMALS IN DANGER $2000: Along with the forests it inhabits, the golden lion species of this small monkey is in danger of disappearing a marmoset
#7247, aired 2016-03-01YOUR IDIOMS CONFUSE ME $800: A spike-haired TV kid warned not to get upset & "have a" this animal, man, as, obviously the boy did not like farming a cow
#7247, aired 2016-03-01YOUR IDIOMS CONFUSE ME $1600: You think I'm useless? What am I? This 2-word phrase describing a cut-up animal body part? That is actually delicious? chopped liver
#7243, aired 2016-02-24SCIENCE $200: Newts & toads are members of this class of animals amphibians
#7236, aired 2016-02-15GOOD CAUSES $400: The USA's first humane society & today's leading voice for animal welfare, it's celebrating its 150th anniv. in 2016 the ASPCA (the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals)
#7233, aired 2016-02-10SUBCULTURES $2000: Those who take midwinter dips in the ocean make up clubs named for this animal; one dates back to 1903 the polar bear
#7232, aired 2016-02-09WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $200: Fruit & vampire a bat
#7232, aired 2016-02-09WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $400: Spider & rhesus a monkey
#7232, aired 2016-02-09WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $600: Spectacled & American black bears
#7232, aired 2016-02-09WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $800: Anole & frilled lizards
#7232, aired 2016-02-09WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1000: Eider & Muscovy ducks
#7231, aired 2016-02-08ANTHROPOLOGY $800: These Arab nomads are classified in castes according to the animals they keep, with camels being the most prestigious the Bedouins
#7224, aired 2016-01-28LONG TIME $400: Lin Wang, an Asian one of these animals who carried supplies in World War II, lived until 2003 when he was 86 an elephant
#7223, aired 2016-01-27ZOOLOGY $2000: This toothed whale has the largest brain of any animal & can dive to a depth of almost 2 miles the sperm whale
#7219, aired 2016-01-21SCULPTURE $1600: His 1901 sculpture "The Cheyenne" was inspired by the photo book "Animals in Motion" Frederic Remington
#7217, aired 2016-01-19THE ANNALS OF FASHION $2000: 19th century crinolines were made of cotton & this animal's hair, which is what "crine" means in Italian horse
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $400: A canine trained to retrieve fallen avian creatures, or a person who steals another person's date a bird dog
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $800: The 3 French hens were a fine gift, as were the 2 of these reddish-brown ground feeders of the pigeon family turtledoves
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $1600: It's a type of panda, or the nickname of the university of Cincinnati sports teams bearcats
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $2000: This sea creature feeds on penguins & is named for its black-spotted gray coat the leopard seal
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $3,000 (Daily Double): Emerging from eggs the size of footballs, newly hatched young of this largest living fish are 2 feet long the whale shark
#7212, aired 2016-01-12HORSE HEALTH $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from the Center for Equine Health at UC Davis.) At UC Davis, they not only save the lives of animals, they also create new life through their equine reproduction services; for mares, when it doesn't happen the old-fashioned way, it does happen by this 2-word process artificial insemination
#7212, aired 2016-01-12WISCONSIN $200: On the state seal a miner & a sailor support a shield on top of which is this animal badger
#7211, aired 2016-01-114 LEGS, 1 CLUE $400: This animal can travel 20 miles a day while carrying 130 pounds a llama
#7210, aired 2016-01-08UNUSUAL ANIMALS $200: The deepest-living of all octopuses, the Dumbo octopus gets its name from fins that look like these elephant ears
#7210, aired 2016-01-08UNUSUAL ANIMALS $400: The egg-laying mammal called the echidna is sometimes referred to as the spiny this anteater
#7210, aired 2016-01-08UNUSUAL ANIMALS $600: The Mexican walking fish's name suggests it's one of these, comfortable in 2 environments amphibian
#7210, aired 2016-01-08UNUSUAL ANIMALS $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a video on the monitor.) The flying snake can glide short distances by undulating to maintain balance as they come down & flattening the tiny plates called these on its skin scales
#7210, aired 2016-01-08UNUSUAL ANIMALS $1000: This 5-letter animal looks like it has some zebra blood, but it's actually related to the giraffe the okapi
#7210, aired 2016-01-08WHAT AN "AGE" $1200: 3-word phrase meaning to make someone angry, as if he were a zoo animal rattle his cage
#7207, aired 2016-01-05LODGE PODGE $400: In "The Song of Hiawatha", you'll find Pau-Puk-Keewis, "chief and king of all" these animals who live in lodges beavers
#7203, aired 2015-12-30FAILED CHILDREN'S BOOK ANIMALS $400: Champion Slobbering Runaway has misadventures at this dog show's 50th edition in 1926 the Westminster Dog Show
#7203, aired 2015-12-30FAILED CHILDREN'S BOOK ANIMALS $800: Little Gusano is one of these living in a bottle of mezcal, until the day he's set free a worm
#7203, aired 2015-12-30FAILED CHILDREN'S BOOK ANIMALS $2000: Terry Termite learns to read when he follows the line made by a pen whose ink mimics these chemicals pheromones
#7197, aired 2015-12-22WE 3 "ING"S $1000: It becomes between catching & releasing in a zoologist's process to track a wild animal tagging
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ANIMAL GROUPS $200: A group of these black birds is known as an unkindness; you can "quoth" me on that ravens
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ANIMAL GROUPS $400: A group of cobras, or a holder for a group of arrows a quiver
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ANIMAL GROUPS $600: You might find a skulk of these crafty canines skulking about your henhouse foxes
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ANIMAL GROUPS $800: Shiver when you see a shiver of these, whether they be nurse, bull or mako types sharks
#7191, aired 2015-12-14ANIMAL GROUPS $1000: Salamanders don't know that this word means a violent whirlpool, but they do know enough to gather in one a maelstrom
#7190, aired 2015-12-11COBBLERS $600: Lance Clark created the shoes known by this name that sounds just like certain Australian animals Wallabees
#7190, aired 2015-12-11WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARASITES $1600: Trypanosomes, animal parasites causing African sleeping sickness, are carried by this African fly with a repeating name a tsetse
#7188, aired 2015-12-09WORDS & PHRASES $1200: A vessel holding water or feed for animals, it now also means a source of illicit income, like for politicians a trough
#7184, aired 2015-12-03MEDALS & DECORATIONS $800: The Victoria Cross features this animal, a symbol of the Royal Family lion
#7183, aired 2015-12-02A FETA COMPLI $400: E.U.-approved feta must be made primarily from the milk of this animal, though goat's milk may be used a sheep
#7183, aired 2015-12-02STATE ANIMAL FIGHT! $400: Oklahoma's state flying mammal, the Mexican free-tailed bat, bites this Oregon State & Oregon State University animal the beaver
#7183, aired 2015-12-02STATE ANIMAL FIGHT! $800: S.D.'s coyote takes on the white-tailed this 11 times, as 11 states claim it as a state animal or mammal of one kind or another white-tailed deer
#7183, aired 2015-12-02STATE ANIMAL FIGHT! $1200: It's sea vs. land as Hawaii's state mammal, a monk seal, takes on this state dog named for the capital of Massachusetts a Boston terrier
#7183, aired 2015-12-02STATE ANIMAL FIGHT! $1600: Texas' state small mammal, it's just roadkill to California's grizzly bear an armadillo
#7183, aired 2015-12-02STATE ANIMAL FIGHT! $2000: Utah's Rocky Mountain elk can't figure out the unique gait of this "Volunteer State" equine the Tennessee walking horse
#7183, aired 2015-12-02VERBS $800: This animal verb means to defeat someone overwhelmingly, especially if they are kept from scoring skunk
#7182, aired 2015-12-01THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON THE BILLBOARD CHART $400: Culture Club's "Karma ____" Chameleon
#7182, aired 2015-12-01THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON THE BILLBOARD CHART $800: Elton's John's "____ Rock" Crocodile
#7182, aired 2015-12-01THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON THE BILLBOARD CHART $1200: From Ylvis, "The ____ (What Does The ____ Say?)" Fox
#7182, aired 2015-12-01THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON THE BILLBOARD CHART $1600: "Shake Me Down" by Cage the ____ Elephant
#7182, aired 2015-12-01THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON THE BILLBOARD CHART $2000: "Time Of Our Lives" by him & Ne-Yo Pitbull
#7180, aired 2015-11-27AS THE CROW FLIES $1600: A word for dead animal flesh is in the alliterative name of this crow carrion
#7179, aired 2015-11-26NATURE'S WONDERS $2000: Humans' nearest genetic cousins are these animals, who are about 99% genetically similar to us chimps
#7178, aired 2015-11-25ANIMAL SUPERLATIVES $200: Not surprisingly this largest animal on Earth also gives birth to the largest baby, up to 26 feet long a blue whale
#7178, aired 2015-11-25ANIMAL SUPERLATIVES $400: The wandering albatross holds the record for this, up to 11 1/2 feet wingspan
#7178, aired 2015-11-25ANIMAL SUPERLATIVES $600: With a face only its humans could love, the competitor seen here won the 2015 title of the World's this Ugliest Dog
#7178, aired 2015-11-25ANIMAL SUPERLATIVES $800: This wild ox of Asia is the highest-living large mammal in the world; talk among yourselves a yak
#7178, aired 2015-11-25ANIMAL SUPERLATIVES $1000: Less than 2 inches in length, the bumblebee species of this is the world's smallest mammal a bat
#7177, aired 2015-11-24ANCIENT NAMES $800: Hamilcar Barca put the hand of this 9-year-old son on a sacrificed animal & made him swear hatred of Rome Hannibal
#7171, aired 2015-11-16WHAT A BEAST! $400: Here's a close-up of one of the 30,000 quills on this animal; they slide in easy, but back-facing barbs make removal difficult a porcupine
#7167, aired 2015-11-10CRYPTIC CROSSWORD CLUES $400: Stuffed animal attacked by bats at a party (6) a piñata
#7167, aired 2015-11-10OKLAHOMA! $1000: It's the state animal & its first national preserve was founded in Oklahoma in 1907 the buffalo (or the bison)
#7163, aired 2015-11-04MERRIAM-WEBSTER NEW WORDS $1200: Colony collapse disorder refers to the death of these animals (honey)bees
#7161, aired 2015-11-02AESOP ASAP $1600: In one fable this hungry animal concludes that some grapes must be sour when he can't reach them a fox
#7161, aired 2015-11-02IT'S "PARA"DISE $800: This type of plant or animal takes its name from the Greek for "one who eats at another's table" a parasite
#7161, aired 2015-11-02ORDERS OF MAMMALS $400: Animals like anteaters in the order Pilosa are called edentates, meaning they lack these or have few of them teeth
#7155, aired 2015-10-23BIBLICAL MENAGERIE $600: Proverbs compares a "fair woman which is without discretion" to a jewel in this animal's snout a pig
#7153, aired 2015-10-21VETERINARY MEDICINE $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Veterinary Hospital at UC Davis, CA.) One of the most important procedures students learn in the U.C. Davis Veterinary Hospital is how to perform these two birth control surgeries, depending on if the animal is male or female spaying & neutering
#7153, aired 2015-10-21VETERINARY MEDICINE $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from the Veterinary Hospital at UC Davis, CA.) As seen in the "before" & "after" photos, dogs benefit from eye surgery to restore vision loss caused by this clouding of the lenses cataracts
#7153, aired 2015-10-21VETERINARY MEDICINE $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Veterinary Hospital at UC Davis, CA.) The state-of-the-art linear accelerator with real-time imaging is designed to treat cancer more quickly by delivering precise doses of this to destroy abnormal cells radiation
#7153, aired 2015-10-21VETERINARY MEDICINE $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Veterinary Hospital at UC Davis, CA.) With a fistulated cow, students literally have a window into the beginnings of the digestive process & what happens to food & nutrients in this first chamber of the stomach the rumen
#7153, aired 2015-10-21VETERINARY MEDICINE $2,000 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Veterinary Hospital at UC Davis, CA.) The hospital has its own blood bank & a program for local dogs to give blood; dogs with type DEA 1.1 negative are considered this, their blood type suitable for any recipient a universal donor
#7151, aired 2015-10-19MARK YOUR CALENDARS $600: If you're curious, George, Feb. 8, 2016 is Chinese New Year & the year of this animal the monkey
#7149, aired 2015-10-15SCIENCE & NATURE $400: I'm gonna say hi to this animal. Its Angora type comes from Turkey & gives mohair. Say hi to your mother for me a goat
#7148, aired 2015-10-142-LETTER WORDS THAT BEGIN WITH "A" $1000: Slow-moving Brazilian animal ai
#7142, aired 2015-10-06SWORDS $2000: The national flag of Sri Lanka depicts one of these animals holding a sword a lion
#7140, aired 2015-10-02ANIMALS IN KIDS' BOOKS $200: Charlotte, who lives in the rafters above Wilbur's pen, is one of these a spider
#7140, aired 2015-10-02ANIMALS IN KIDS' BOOKS $400: Ferdinand, who only wants to smell flowers under his favorite cork tree a bull
#7140, aired 2015-10-02ANIMALS IN KIDS' BOOKS $600: Shere Khan, Mowgli's nemesis a tiger
#7140, aired 2015-10-02ANIMALS IN KIDS' BOOKS $800: Olivia, who "Saves the Circus" & "Forms a Band" a pig
#7140, aired 2015-10-02ANIMALS IN KIDS' BOOKS $1000: Zephir, Babar's friend a monkey
#7137, aired 2015-09-29GENERAL KNOWLEDGE $600: Formed in 1980, it's the largest animal rights organization in the world PETA
#7137, aired 2015-09-29IN THE DICTIONARY $600: This word for the animals of a particular region is from the Latin fauna
#7137, aired 2015-09-29YOSEMITE NATIONAL PARK 125th ANNIVERSARY $400: Larger animal life includes mule deer, black bears, mountain lions & this stocky species of sheep bighorn
#7135, aired 2015-09-25X ON $400: X on an animal such as a gorilla gives you a high point ape & apex
#7129, aired 2015-09-17BIOLOGY $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a cell diagram on the monitor.) Inside an animal cell, besides the nucleus, there are different organelles, including these powerhouses of the cell that convert food to usable energy mitochondria
#7127, aired 2015-09-15THE 1990s $800: Dolly, the first clone of an adult mammal, was a Finn Dorset one of these animals a sheep
#7125, aired 2015-07-31CRITTERATURE $800: 5 kids can turn into any animal they touch in this K.A. Applegate series Animorphs
#7125, aired 2015-07-31CRITTERATURE $1200: The name Volpone, the devious title character of a 17th century Ben Jonson play, is from the Italian for this animal the fox
#7123, aired 2015-07-29IT'S ALL ABOUT "U" $600: A stuffed animal is also called this "luxurious" kind of toy plush
#7123, aired 2015-07-29STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $400: No relation to the sea bird, it describes a person who is easily deceived or duped gullible
#7123, aired 2015-07-29STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $800: Canine term for a small dugout where a soldier might seek refuge from enemy gunfire a foxhole
#7123, aired 2015-07-29STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $1200: It's the 12-letter word for the official approval of an amendment, or of the Constitution itself ratification
#7123, aired 2015-07-29STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $1600: It doesn't get more classic than these shoes seen here Oxfords (or Oxford shoes)
#7123, aired 2015-07-29STARTS WITH AN ANIMAL $2000: It's a book or manual of basic Christian doctrine in the form of questions & answers catechism
#7121, aired 2015-07-27COMPOUND WORDS $1600: Eisenhower said, "The search for" this animal of blame "is the easiest of all hunting expeditions" a scapegoat
#7121, aired 2015-07-27IN COLOR $1200: This animal was once thought to bear the Devil's mark in its wool, which is perhaps why it came to symbolize disgrace the black sheep
#7117, aired 2015-07-21LIGHTHOUSES $200: For centuries, wood was the main fuel used in lighthouses; in the 1700s, this animal product became the primary source whale oil
#7116, aired 2015-07-20HELP ME, DR. SPOCK! $800: About pregnancy, don't tell Junior about this animal; "Better not to... have him later decide" you lied the stork
#7112, aired 2015-07-14ANIMAL PARTS $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows an anatomical diagram on the monitor.) Cows don't really have 4 of these organs; it's just 1 divided into 4 sections--the reticulum, omasum, abomasum & rumen; 3 of the 4 are usually sold as food we call tripe stomach
#7112, aired 2015-07-14ANIMAL PARTS $800: Unlike some other whales, baleen whales lack this body part, so they can't gesture that they could've had a V8! forehead
#7112, aired 2015-07-14ANIMAL PARTS $1200: Biologists say snakes do have a distinct one of these, going back from an outlet called the cloaca a tail
#7112, aired 2015-07-14ANIMAL PARTS $1600: The gorget is the colorful feathers of this part of the hummingbird the breast
#7112, aired 2015-07-14ANIMAL PARTS $2000: These fish whiskers sound like gym equipment barbels
#7107, aired 2015-07-07PHILOSOPHIC PHIL IN $2,000 (Daily Double): Aristotle: "Man is by nature a ____ animal" political
#7104, aired 2015-07-02ANIMALS, VEGETABLES, MINERALS $200: This mammal is nicknamed the "ship of the desert" a camel
#7104, aired 2015-07-02ANIMALS, VEGETABLES, MINERALS $400: The "lead" in pencils is actually clay mixed with this mineral, a form of carbon graphite
#7104, aired 2015-07-02ANIMALS, VEGETABLES, MINERALS $600: Having short spikelike antlers & weighing about 20 pounds, the pudu is the smallest member of this animal family the deer
#7104, aired 2015-07-02ANIMALS, VEGETABLES, MINERALS $800: They've been described as looking like anemic carrots parsnips
#7104, aired 2015-07-02ANIMALS, VEGETABLES, MINERALS $1000: The name of this mineral is from the Greek for "fire"; as well as fooling gold-seekers, it produced the spark in wheel-lock guns (iron) pyrite
#7104, aired 2015-07-02MULTI-BAND MUSICIANS $800: Damon Albarn fronted Blur & this animated "animal" band that sang, "I ain't happy, I'm feeling glad, I got sunshine in a bag" Gorillaz
#7103, aired 2015-07-01IN THE DICTIONARY $400: As a verb, it means to throw repeatedly; as a noun, it's the skin of an animal, including the fur pelt
#7103, aired 2015-07-01LADY "B" GOOD $800: In the '80s this French sex symbol started an animal welfare foundation Brigitte Bardot
#7099, aired 2015-06-25"V"OCABULARY $200: This 20th c. word describes someone who avoids animal products in clothes & household items, not just food vegan
#7095, aired 2015-06-19ANIMAL GROUP PHRASES $400: There were no rabbits on this official group that looked into President Kennedy's assassination the Warren Commission
#7095, aired 2015-06-19ANIMAL GROUP PHRASES $800: This 4-word phrase means you can select any puppy from a recently born group pick of the litter
#7095, aired 2015-06-19ANIMAL GROUP PHRASES $1200: Back in the '80s I ran to see Mike Score's distinctive hair in this British band Flock of Seagulls
#7095, aired 2015-06-19ANIMAL GROUP PHRASES $1600: This bovine group "instinct" causes stock market bubbles & panics the herd mentality
#7095, aired 2015-06-19ANIMAL GROUP PHRASES $2000: Term for a group of people with villainous intent, or a bunch of poisonous snakes den of vipers
#7095, aired 2015-06-19I SAW IT ON THE INTERNET $1000: Articles at this site: "14 Animals that Have Swagger for Days" & "Which Harry Potter Character Is Your Drunk Alter Ego?" BuzzFeed
#7094, aired 2015-06-18LET'S TALK ABOUT NECKS $200: This animal's 6-foot neck can weigh 600 pounds a giraffe
#7092, aired 2015-06-16WORLD LIT $800: A collection of animal stories from India, the "Panchatantra" was originally written in this ancient language Sanskrit
#7091, aired 2015-06-153-LETTER WORDS $1000: It's a baglike structure in an animal or plant, sometimes filled with fluid a sac
#7088, aired 2015-06-10"WORK" IT! $400: When called CC Sabathia one of these, it meant he'd pitched a lot of innings, not that he was a draft animal a workhorse
#7087, aired 2015-06-09RHYME TIME $1200: A restraining strap made of tanned animal skin leather tether
#7085, aired 2015-06-05"SHO" TIME $1600: A large group of aquatic animals, or an area of shallow water shoal
#7085, aired 2015-06-05WHERE THE BUFFALO ROAM $1200: River buffalo are draft animals in this African land that has a river running 1,000 miles north through it Egypt
#7082, aired 2015-06-02MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH $400: This adjective is used to describe animals allowed to graze outside & unconfined free-range
#7082, aired 2015-06-02MEANWHILE BACK AT THE RANCH $800: It sounds like snaring a groom, but it's the care & raising of domesticated animals husbandry
#7079, aired 2015-05-28"G"REA"T" WORDS $800: This cord made from animal intestines is used as strings for musical instruments gut
#7079, aired 2015-05-28ARACHNIDS $1200: Like lobsters & millipedes, arachnids belong to this "joint-legged" phylum of the animal kingdom arthropods
#7079, aired 2015-05-28PSYCHOLOGY $400: Emmy-nominated animal psychologist Cesar Millan is better known as this to TV viewers the "Dog Whisperer"
#7076, aired 2015-05-25WE'LL ALWAYS HAVE PARROTS $1000: Natl. Geographic calls the African this color parrot "the most accomplished user of human speech in the animal world" grey
#7075, aired 2015-05-22ANAGRAMS OF EACH OTHER $2000: A farm animal & an item of ancient apparel goat & toga
#7075, aired 2015-05-22SOUVENIRS OF SOUTH DAKOTA $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Wall Drug in South Dakota.) A few of South Dakota's most recognizable animals!--you could have your own one of these prairie dog colonies, that early explorers called by this name of human settlements towns
#7065, aired 2015-05-08LET'S HAVE LEFTOVERS $1600: Using negotiations & protests, this organization got McDonald's to improve conditions for its farmed animals PETA
#7063, aired 2015-05-06ADD AN "S" $800: A word meaning to defeat gets that "S" & morphs into a savage animal beat & beast
#7063, aired 2015-05-06YOU $2,000 (Daily Double): ...were one of these, from Greek for "newborn animal", for the first 7 weeks after you were conceived an embryo
#7059, aired 2015-04-3018th CENTURY AMERICA $1200: It's Philadelphia in the 1750s & what has Ben Franklin foisted on us now? Street lamps powered by this animal product whale oil
#7055, aired 2015-04-24I'M TELLING YOU 2 TIMES--"SH"! $1000: This "animal" adjective meaning bashful due to doing something wrong is often found before "grin" sheepish
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $200: This synonym for "giant" is an extinct woolly critter of the Pleistocene epoch mammoth
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $400: To fold over the corner of a page of a book to dog-ear
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $600: We don't condone testing on animals but a lab rat or this small tailless rodent might be the subject of an experiment guinea pig
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $1000: The bird seen here, or a chatterbox a magpie
#7052, aired 2015-04-21THERE'S AN ANIMAL IN MY DICTIONARY $1,400 (Daily Double): This bird whose name also means "of prime importance" can precede "virtue" cardinal
#7045, aired 2015-04-10DICTIONARY OF SCIENCE $8,600 (Daily Double): "E" is for this hard outer body of an animal, like a mollusk's shell exoskeleton
#7043, aired 2015-04-08PARABLES OF JESUS $400: Jesus asks if you have a hundred of these animals & one is lost, wouldn't you leave the 99 to find the lost one sheep
#7043, aired 2015-04-08STARTS WITH DOUBLE LETTERS $400: Right after aardvark in the dictionary, you'll find this animal the aardwolf
#7043, aired 2015-04-08STARTS WITH DOUBLE LETTERS $800: When angry, this South American animal spits bad-smelling saliva in its foe's face a llama
#7043, aired 2015-04-08TV SHOWS PAST & PRESENT $400: A porous marine animal works as a fry cook; an echinoderm is his best pal; are ya ready, kids? SpongeBob SquarePants
#7042, aired 2015-04-07TIME TO "GO" $400: Animal nickname for a Minnesota native a gopher
#7032, aired 2015-03-24TURNING OVER A NEW REEF $2000: Animals that need reefs for habitat include the hawksbill type of this reptile, which has a beaky mouth & 2-clawed flippers the turtle
#7031, aired 2015-03-23CAN I HAVE A WORD? $400: Low is another term for this animal sound moo
#7029, aired 2015-03-19"G"-OLOGY $400: It's the instrument being used to move the animals along goad
#7029, aired 2015-03-19ANIMAL TITLES $200: "So Long and Thanks for All the ____" Fish
#7029, aired 2015-03-19ANIMAL TITLES $400: "The Island of the Blue ____" Dolphins
#7029, aired 2015-03-19ANIMAL TITLES $600: "Mrs. Frisby and the ____ of Nimh" Rats
#7029, aired 2015-03-19ANIMAL TITLES $800: "Do Androids Dream of Electric _______?" Sheep
#7029, aired 2015-03-19ANIMAL TITLES $1000: "Lad: A ___" Dog
#7027, aired 2015-03-17THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS $5,800 (Daily Double): 5-year-old Dorcas Goode confessed to being a witch & keeping one of these spirits in animal form, in her case a black snake a familiar
#7022, aired 2015-03-10ARCHAEOLOGY $1200: Art found in the Altamira cave in this country depicts wild animals from more than 20,000 years ago Spain
#7020, aired 2015-03-06MOVIE TAGLINES $400: 1978: "It was the Deltas against the rules... the rules lost!" Animal House
#7015, aired 2015-02-27HOW INNOVATIVE! $800: Scientists around the world are working on this type of animal-friendly meat, from the Latin for "glass" in vitro meat
#7012, aired 2015-02-24ANIMAL PLANET $200: The screwhorn antelope: this desert the Sahara
#7012, aired 2015-02-24ANIMAL PLANET $400: The Javan rhinoceros: this country Indonesia
#7012, aired 2015-02-24ANIMAL PLANET $600: The Avalon Hairstreak butterfly: this island, part of Los Angeles County Catalina Island
#7012, aired 2015-02-24ANIMAL PLANET $800: The Banff Springs snail: this country Canada
#7012, aired 2015-02-24ANIMAL PLANET $1000: The Haast tokoeka kiwi: this country New Zealand
#7011, aired 2015-02-233 M $600: The shrewlike Morganucodon was one of the first of this animal class a mammal
#7009, aired 2015-02-19JUST KIDDING $600: A. Whitney Brown: "I'm a" this "not because I love animals, but because I hate plants" a vegetarian
#7007, aired 2015-02-17TYPE "B", NEGATIVE $800: This Wisconsin animal isn't negative, but using it to nag or pester sure is a badger
#7006, aired 2015-02-16OH, TOO SOON?! $600: Gen. John Sedgwick said on May 9, 1864, "They couldn't hit" this animal "at this distance"--but they sure could hit Gen. John Sedgwick an elephant
#6999, aired 2015-02-05SAINTS GO MARCHING IN $1200: In 1979 John Paul II made this animal-loving saint the patron saint of ecology St. Francis (of Assisi)
#6997, aired 2015-02-03HIGH PLACES $1200: You'll find this animal part in the names of several Alps horn
#6997, aired 2015-02-03QUOTABLE PLAYS $3,000 (Daily Double): "Alan's always been such a gentle boy. He loves animals! Especially horses" Equus
#6995, aired 2015-01-30HODGEPODGE $200: Animal Planet is on its 11th version of this annual feature with a different feel from the big football game the Puppy Bowl
#6992, aired 2015-01-27DISCOVERIES IN THE SCIENCES $400: A companion animal inside the study of reptiles & amphibians pet (in herpetology)
#6990, aired 2015-01-233 "E"s $800: Considered a delicacy, it's the more pleasant-sounding name for the thymus or pancreas of an animal a sweetbread
#6987, aired 2015-01-20FISHY SCIENCE $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Georgia Aquarium.) If an aquarium vet suspects an abscess or an unseen injury, a thermography camera looks for a difference in this just below the skin's surface temperature
#6987, aired 2015-01-20FISHY SCIENCE $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Georgia Aquarium.) This machine can tell us that a stingray is pregnant & image the vertebral columns of the unborn young sonogram (or ultrasound)
#6987, aired 2015-01-20FISHY SCIENCE $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Georgia Aquarium.) Tricaine methanesulfonate is anesthesia given in water for fish pre-surgery; it's closely related to this drug from a South American plant, but in more ways than one, the fish won't get hooked cocaine
#6987, aired 2015-01-20FISHY SCIENCE $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Georgia Aquarium.) Maintaining water quality is key when a fish first enters quarantine to match temperature, salinity & this measurement; a fish fresh from the ocean would be used to a level between 8.0 & 8.4 pH
#6987, aired 2015-01-20FISHY SCIENCE $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the Georgia Aquarium.) Used to remove small tumors, the radio surgical instrument not only cuts through tissue, but simultaneously prevents blood loss by doing this to vessels cauterizing them
#6982, aired 2015-01-13IT'S A FACT $600: The bowhead type of this animal has been known to live over 200 years a whale
#6982, aired 2015-01-13KNOW YOUR KNOT $400: When children are taught to tie a shoelace knot, they are often told to make this furry animal's ears to tie it a rabbit (or bunny)
#6982, aired 2015-01-13KNOW YOUR KNOT $2,000 (Daily Double): The name of this knot used to shorten a rope without cutting it calls to mind a certain animal's leg a sheepshank
#6976, aired 2015-01-05MEDIEVAL FASHION $1200: The fur of the grey type of this small animal was grise; of the red type, roskyn squirrel
#6973, aired 2014-12-31BIBLICAL ZOO $200: The book of Amos says this animal "hath roared, who will not fear?" the lion
#6965, aired 2014-12-197 DEADLY SIN‑ONYMS $800: Egotism (it's also an animal collective noun) pride
#6965, aired 2014-12-19CREATURE COMFORTS $400: Chickadees line these with the fur of dogs & other animals their nests
#6963, aired 2014-12-17SPANISH WORDS WITHIN WORDS $2000: The traitorous soldier refused to surrender when identified & even charged like this animal toro (in traitorous)
#6959, aired 2014-12-114 LEGS FOR YOU $600: A transparent inner eyelid helps this animal see underwater & protects it from wood chips when it cuts trees a beaver
#6959, aired 2014-12-11STOCK SYMBOLS $600: Kids & adults like to create their own stuffed animals at this retailer, symbol BBW Build-a-Bear
#6956, aired 2014-12-08POST OFFICE $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the U.S. Post Office in Chicago, IL.) The United States postal service's processing of almost 160 billion pieces of mail annually begins with giant sorting machines; mail is first separated by shape & size, a process called this, like winnowing animals from a herd culling
#6955, aired 2014-12-05ANIMAL CLOSE-UPS $200: These animals' markings are like fingerprints, allowing for easy identification zebras' stripes
#6955, aired 2014-12-05ANIMAL CLOSE-UPS $400: Surprise one of these rodents, and you might find yourself dealing with 30,000 prickly problems a porcupine
#6955, aired 2014-12-05ANIMAL CLOSE-UPS $600: Young males of this species stay in bachelor groups & engage in necking bouts a giraffe
#6955, aired 2014-12-05ANIMAL CLOSE-UPS $800: This varmint gets his name from an Algonquian word meaning "he scratches with his hands" the raccoon
#6955, aired 2014-12-05ANIMAL CLOSE-UPS $1000: Seen here is the distinctive "V" shape running down the back of this mammal a skunk
#6955, aired 2014-12-05SONG LYRICS $400: "Where the buffalo roam" is also where these 2 animals "play" the deer & the antelope
#6954, aired 2014-12-047-LETTER WORDS $1000: The first 3 letters in this study of animals is a place you'd find a lot of 'em zoology
#6954, aired 2014-12-04CATS & DOGS $400: It follows Shetland & Old English in the names of dog breeds used to guide other animals sheepdog
#6954, aired 2014-12-04CATS & DOGS $800: Even the smallest dog breeds around today are all descended from the gray species of this animal wolf
#6953, aired 2014-12-03MAKING YOU WATCH TELEVISION $1600: Brothers Chris & Martin Kratt cleverly snuck their name into this show about their animal adventures Wild Kratts
#6952, aired 2014-12-02AT THE SMITHSONIAN $600: (Alex delivers the clue from the Museum of American History.) The museum has one of the original stuffed animals named for this president & avid hunter, after a story spread about him letting a bear go; although, in reality, all he did was refuse to shoot the bear when it was wounded Theodore Roosevelt
#6952, aired 2014-12-02SEE TV $400: "Hillbilly Handfishin'" & "Dogs 101" are shows on this channel Animal Planet
#6949, aired 2014-11-27SOUNDS LIKE MAD LIBS, BUT REAL $1600: Before "Inside the Actors Studio", he wrote a book about animal group names & says he was a pimp in France James Lipton
#6948, aired 2014-11-26THE LATE 19th CENTURY $1600: When P.T. Barnum purchased this animal from the London Zoo in 1882, the queen demanded the sale be stopped Jumbo
#6946, aired 2014-11-24REALITY SHOW TITLES $200: Former Animal Planet favorite following the Whiskers family: "____ Manor" Meerkat
#6945, aired 2014-11-21YOU DO KNOW HIM FROM ADAM $200: In Genesis 2 Adam gives names to the animals; in Genesis 6, this man rounds 'em up Noah
#6944, aired 2014-11-20BOOKS & ARTHURS $600: In kids' books by Marc Brown, Arthur is one of these animals aardvark
#6936, aired 2014-11-10"A" MONSTER $600: The '80s show "Little Muppet Monsters" featured this feral drummer for Dr. Teeth & the Electric Mayhem Animal
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $100 (Daily Double): Grete Waitz served as one of these pacesetters in her first New York City Marathon: she won the race & set a world record a rabbit
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $400: It's another name for the shuttlecock in badminton a birdie
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $800: Douglas Engelbart's 1970 patent for this device calls it a "position indicator control" a computer mouse
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1200: It's the type of shoe seen here a mule
#6936, aired 2014-11-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $2000: You get closure with this type of clasp, seen here a lobster claw
#6935, aired 2014-11-07THANKS FOR THE KIND WORDS $1000: Before "society", it denotes sympathy for animals & their treatment humane
#6934, aired 2014-11-06OF SPECIES $200: In just one word, it's the animal known scientifically as Bison bison buffalo
#6934, aired 2014-11-06OF SPECIES $400: What's that at the door? It's this animal, Canis lupus wolf
#6929, aired 2014-10-30FISHY WORDS $600: It's the fish seen here; elsewhere in the animal world, it's the sound made by a hog grunt
#6928, aired 2014-10-29INITIALLY YOURS $1200: Beatrix Potter's stories of dressed, talking animals influenced some "chronicles" by this author, 32 years younger C.S. Lewis
#6926, aired 2014-10-27STRAIGHT OUTTA COMPTON'S ENCYCLOPEDIA $200: This animal has "great engineering skill and... belongs to the order of rodents, or gnawing animals" a beaver
#6922, aired 2014-10-21LIBROS EN ESPAÑOL $200: A classic animal tale: "Belleza Negra" Black Beauty
#6922, aired 2014-10-21ROLE REVERSAL $1200: She entranced us as a proper little witch but then cast a spell as a Valley Girl party animal in "The Bling Ring" Emma Watson
#6920, aired 2014-10-17ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON $400: This 3-toed arboreal mammal has extra neck vertebrae that allow it to turn its head 270 degrees a sloth
#6920, aired 2014-10-17ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON $800: This colorful bird's large bill, which may reach 8 inches in length, helps regulate its body temperature a toucan
#6920, aired 2014-10-17ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON $1200: The females of this giant water boa are longer than the males by an average of around 10 feet an anaconda
#6920, aired 2014-10-17ANIMALS OF THE AMAZON $2000: This pig-like mammal has a prehensile snout that it uses to pluck fruit or leaves from branches a tapir
#6911, aired 2014-10-06ARCTIC ANIMALS $400: A faked segment in a Disney documentary helped perpetuate the myth that these rodents commit suicide lemmings
#6911, aired 2014-10-06ARCTIC ANIMALS $800: The Arctic type of this canine is the only native land mammal in Iceland a fox
#6911, aired 2014-10-06ARCTIC ANIMALS $1200: This "white whale" is known as the "canary of the sea" for the chirps & other sounds it makes beluga
#6911, aired 2014-10-06ARCTIC ANIMALS $2000: The Eskimos of Alaska's North Slope call this beast an oomingmak, or "animal with skin like a beard" the musk ox
#6911, aired 2014-10-06ARCTIC ANIMALS $10,000 (Daily Double): The fur of this largest weasel family land animal is used to trim parkas because it doesn't mat or freeze in the cold a wolverine
#6910, aired 2014-10-03CINEMA ZOO $400: 2008, starring the voice of Jack Black Kung Fu Panda
#6910, aired 2014-10-03CINEMA ZOO $800: 1995, starring Bruce Willis Twelve Monkeys
#6910, aired 2014-10-03CINEMA ZOO $1200: 2007, with Tim Allen & John Travolta Wild Hogs
#6910, aired 2014-10-03CINEMA ZOO $1600: 2009, starring George Clooney (1 of 2) Fantastic Mr. Fox or Men Who Stare At Goats
#6910, aired 2014-10-03CINEMA ZOO $2000: 1988, starring Sigourney Weaver Gorillas in the Mist
#6908, aired 2014-10-01LITERARY QUOTES $3,500 (Daily Double): In this 1946 novel, Old Major says that "Man is the only creature that consumes without producing" Animal Farm
#6907, aired 2014-09-30WHAT A FOSSIL! $200: A trace fossil is of activity, not of the animal itself; for example, these measuring 5' across left by sauropod dinos a footprint
#6906, aired 2014-09-29SONGS ON THE MOVIE'S SOUNDTRACK $400: "Faber College Theme" & "Shout" Animal House
#6905, aired 2014-09-264-LETTER OPPOSITES $1200: Adulterated: some animals are this-bred pure
#6896, aired 2014-09-15CLOWNS $400: Cam becomes Fizbo, "the (butt)-kicking clown that'll twist you like a balloon animal", on this ABC sitcom Modern Family
#6896, aired 2014-09-15CLOWNS $1000: In 1988 John Vernon, the dean in "Animal House", found more than 0.0 "Killer Klowns from" here Outer Space
#6890, aired 2014-07-25BUGS $1,400 (Daily Double): Ladybugs & boll weevils are types of this insect, the largest order in the animal kingdom beetles
#6889, aired 2014-07-24COOL BUILDINGS $400: Ask mom if you can buy two of each stuffed animal at the Colorado store called "Estes" this Ark
#6889, aired 2014-07-24PRO SPORTS TEAMS $200: Of the 4 major Miami pro sports teams, it's the one team name that's not an animal Heat
#6888, aired 2014-07-23JOBS IN ART $800: Giorgione did an "Adoration of the Magi" & an "Adoration of" these animal management workers Shepherds
#6888, aired 2014-07-23SWEET PRINTS $200: We've spotted tracks of this animal, perhaps headed back to its pride a lion
#6887, aired 2014-07-22ON YOUTUBE $2000: Feb. 9, 2013 was the day this animal started to end the cat's viral reign as it sang on "I Knew You Were Trouble" goat
#6884, aired 2014-07-17SIGNS & SYMBOLS $2000: From north Africa, St. Augustine made this animal a symbol of the humble Christian bearing burdens without complaint camel
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ANIMALS ALL AROUND $200: Don't ever forget that a herd of these African & Asian mammals is sometimes called a memory elephant
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ANIMALS ALL AROUND $400: The western lowland type of this can sometimes be found in the mist gorilla
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ANIMALS ALL AROUND $600: California's flag has one a bear
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ANIMALS ALL AROUND $800: This water mammal has long been thought friendly--in mythology Arion rode to safety on its back a dolphin
#6879, aired 2014-07-10ANIMALS ALL AROUND $1000: This creature is used to drive rabbits out of their burrows, which is why its name also means "to search out" ferret
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NATIONAL ANIMALS $200: The name of this creature is a nickname for a citizen of New Zealand a kiwi
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NATIONAL ANIMALS $400: This national animal of Spain doesn't get much love at the corrida a bull
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NATIONAL ANIMALS $600: Canada's national animals are a horse & this one whose pelt played an important part in its history a beaver
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NATIONAL ANIMALS $800: Bolivia uses this animal for wool, to carry loads &, going back to 1827, on coins a llama
#6875, aired 2014-07-04NATIONAL ANIMALS $3,600 (Daily Double): There are no photographs, only illustrations of this symbol of Mauritius a dodo (bird)
#6875, aired 2014-07-04WEIRD SPORTS $800: (Mike & Mike of ESPN deliver the clue.) The strangest sport in the world has got to be the wife carrying championships, held every year in Scandinavia... but not as weird as the championships held in Nepal where they play polo matches using these largest land animals elephants
#6874, aired 2014-07-03SCIENTIFIC NON-AMERICAN $800: In a 1758 work this Swedish botanist applied his binomial system to animal classification Linnaeus
#6872, aired 2014-07-01BEASTLY VOCABULARY $800: "Lupine" means similar to this animal a wolf
#6870, aired 2014-06-27IT'S AN EXPERIMENT $1,000 (Daily Double): In the 1940s John Draize did eye irritancy tests of these cute animals; we don't like scientists to do that anymore rabbits
#6868, aired 2014-06-25SCIENCE $2000: The early Earth had this, NH3, in its atmosphere; today what there is comes from decomposing animal waste ammonia
#6857, aired 2014-06-10NEVADA $600: In 1973 this variety of sheep was designated Nevada's state animal a bighorn sheep
#6857, aired 2014-06-10TV & MOVIE SCHOOLS $1200: We'll put you on double secret probation if you don't know Faber College was the setting for this comedy film Animal House
#6855, aired 2014-06-06SCIENCE STUFF $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows off some animal footage on the monitor.) The Greek for "imitator" gave us this term for the camouflage ability the octopus is exhibiting here mimicry
#6853, aired 2014-06-04WHAT KIND OF ANIMATED ANIMAL ARE YOU? $200: Rocky of Rocky & Bullwinkle fame a squirrel
#6853, aired 2014-06-04WHAT KIND OF ANIMATED ANIMAL ARE YOU? $400: Alvin, Simon & Theodore the chipmunks
#6853, aired 2014-06-04WHAT KIND OF ANIMATED ANIMAL ARE YOU? $600: Babar an elephant
#6853, aired 2014-06-04WHAT KIND OF ANIMATED ANIMAL ARE YOU? $800: Timon in "The Lion King" a meerkat
#6853, aired 2014-06-04WHAT KIND OF ANIMATED ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1000: Diego, voiced by Denis Leary a saber-toothed tiger
#6851, aired 2014-06-02YOU'RE A 3-LETTER ANIMAL $400: Available in more than 1,100 species, it's the only mammal to have evolved true flight a bat
#6851, aired 2014-06-02YOU'RE A 3-LETTER ANIMAL $800: Want to bet this animal can provide rich milk? You're on! a yak
#6851, aired 2014-06-02YOU'RE A 3-LETTER ANIMAL $1200: What's this African antelope with curved horns, thin legs & a horselike tail? Not much... What's this with you? a gnu
#6851, aired 2014-06-02YOU'RE A 3-LETTER ANIMAL $1600: This flightless Australian bird can be more than 5 feet tall an emu
#6851, aired 2014-06-02YOU'RE A 3-LETTER ANIMAL $2000: Also known as an alcid, this sea bird looks & behaves like a penguin but can fly an auk
#6850, aired 2014-05-30THE ANIMAL IN THE LOGO $200: Twitter a bird
#6850, aired 2014-05-30THE ANIMAL IN THE LOGO $400: The WWF (the World Wildlife Fund) a panda
#6850, aired 2014-05-30THE ANIMAL IN THE LOGO $600: MSN (the Microsoft Network) a butterfly
#6850, aired 2014-05-30THE ANIMAL IN THE LOGO $800: Pocket Books, a division of Simon & Schuster a kangaroo
#6850, aired 2014-05-30THE ANIMAL IN THE LOGO $1000: Swarovski, maker of crystals a swan
#6848, aired 2014-05-28PIN THE TALE ON THE DONKEY $200: Clover, a horse in this Orwell book, asks Benjamin the donkey to read her their sixth commandment Animal Farm
#6844, aired 2014-05-22BRITISH ART & ARTISTS $400: "The Bloody-Shouldered Arabian" was one of many of these animals depicted by 18th c. artist John Wootton horse
#6842, aired 2014-05-20MOVIE ENDINGS $600: "Safe", "Road", "Animal" House
#6841, aired 2014-05-19_____ OF _____ $600: "I'll never be your" ox or mule, this type of animal beast of burden
#6840, aired 2014-05-16ORGANIZATION $600: In 1980 it organized the USA's first World Day for Laboratory Animals protest PETA
#6837, aired 2014-05-13LIBRARIES $400: Kenya has a library service in which books for nomads are transported across the desert via these animals camels
#6834, aired 2014-05-08INITIALS TO ROMAN NUMERALS TO NUMBERS $800: For the naturalist who discussed his theory of evolution in "The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals" 400 (= CD)
#6833, aired 2014-05-07FARMING $800: The Chester White breed of this farm animal traces its origin to one imported from England 200 years ago a hog
#6833, aired 2014-05-07FOLKLORE $200: Blind men examining different parts of this big animal thought it was a pillar, fan, broom, spear... an elephant
#6833, aired 2014-05-07FOLKLORE $1000: In Irish lore & in "Harvey", it's a spirit in the shape of an animal a púca
#6822, aired 2014-04-22SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows us the landscape and wildlife at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) The wildebeest grazing maintains the grassland & helps keep woods from growing, making the animal a keystone species in this environment around us the savanna
#6822, aired 2014-04-22SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us a group of animals running through the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) Though it looks less elegant than other antelopes, one of the fastest & most tireless runners is the red type of this ruminant whose name includes an Afrikaans & English word for deer the hartebeest
#6822, aired 2014-04-22SOUTH AFRICAN WILDLIFE $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew holds up a chameleon in the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) Gaudy male chameleons pass on their genes more effectively than dull-looking ones--that's an example of what Darwin called the sexual type of this, favoring animals that are better at finding mates natural selection
#6819, aired 2014-04-17A BEASTLY CATEGORY $800: These predators of the tropics can mass in huge numbers and turn much larger animals into their prey army ants
#6819, aired 2014-04-17REJECTED SUPERVILLAIN NAMES $200: Lurking under your TV stand, it's a 2-word animal term for a ball of lint & particle debris dust bunny
#6816, aired 2014-04-14& FUZZY $200: In a kids' rhyme, Fuzzy Wuzzy was a hairless one of these animals a bear
#6816, aired 2014-04-14BIG 5 $1600: In taxonomy the traditional 5 of these divisions are plants, animals, fungi, protists & bacteria kingdoms
#6807, aired 2014-04-01CABLE NETWORKS $600: "Too Cute" & "River Monsters" Animal Planet
#6806, aired 2014-03-31ANIMALS IN MYTHOLOGY $400: The Minotaur's mother was Pasiphae, the Queen of Crete, & his father was this animal with whom she fell in love a bull
#6806, aired 2014-03-31ANIMALS IN MYTHOLOGY $800: About once every 500 years, it builds a funeral pyre & allows itself to be consumed by the flames the phoenix
#6806, aired 2014-03-31ANIMALS IN MYTHOLOGY $1200: In Norse mythology, ratatoskr is this type of rodent that scurries up & down Yggdrasil, the World Tree a squirrel
#6806, aired 2014-03-31ANIMALS IN MYTHOLOGY $1,200 (Daily Double): This creature killed by Hercules during his second labor was the offspring of the 100-headed Typhon the hydra
#6806, aired 2014-03-31ANIMALS IN MYTHOLOGY $2000: Represented as this canine, Anubis was gatekeeper of the underworld; statues of him often guarded tombs a jackal
#6802, aired 2014-03-25GIVE ME A SIGN $800: Yes, Pumbaa, the South African sign is warning of the presence of this animal a warthog
#6801, aired 2014-03-24CITY SEALS $7,000 (Daily Double): The capital of Switzerland has had this animal on its seal since the 1200s a bear
#6794, aired 2014-03-13BIBLICAL ART $400: An 1846 painting by Edward Hicks shows animals entering this, 2 by 2 Noah's Ark
#6792, aired 2014-03-11WHAT GREAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! $800: The 8-inch teeth of this animal extinct for 10,000 years were shaped like curved swords a saber-tooth tiger
#6788, aired 2014-03-05NATURE $1200: The soft underfur of this animal is known as qiviut & is prized as one of the lightest & warmest wools in the world the musk ox
#6787, aired 2014-03-04PARTY $400: This type of shindig with all-white garb was made popular by the film "Animal House" a toga party
#6785, aired 2014-02-28ACTUAL 911 CALLS $200: Rocky the flying one, still at large: in 2012 a Canadian man reported this animal on his porch was acting in a suspicious manner a squirrel
#6783, aired 2014-02-26A BUG'S LIFE $200: Whether dung, goliath or other, one of every 4 animal species on the planet is one of these insects a beetle
#6783, aired 2014-02-26A BUG'S LIFE $800: This "religious" insect can rotate its head (almost) 180 degrees & is the only animal with only one ear a praying mantis
#6783, aired 2014-02-26BRAVE $600: This little friend of Winnie-the-Pooh wisely opined that "it is hard to be brave when you're only a very small animal" Piglet
#6783, aired 2014-02-26LITERARY DOCTORS $8,200 (Daily Double): Shipwrecked in the South Seas, Edward Prendick stumbles on the island of this doctor who's creating human-animal hybrids Dr. Moreau
#6781, aired 2014-02-24GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $200: When these birds get together, they're in a company or pandemonium; Polly wanna party! parrots
#6781, aired 2014-02-24GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from South Africa) A herd of zebras is called this six-letter word, perhaps because of the blinding effect of all those stripes on your eyes a dazzle
#6781, aired 2014-02-24GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $600: 3-letter organized crime term for a bunch of kangaroos a mob
#6781, aired 2014-02-24GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $800: Nevermore will you be unaware that a group of these birds is known as an unkindness a raven
#6781, aired 2014-02-24GROUP NAMES OF ANIMALS $1000: A group of these tot-totin' avians get together as a mustering storks
#6780, aired 2014-02-21"H"OMONYMS $400: Obscure from view, or an animal skin hide
#6779, aired 2014-02-20JUST ONE VOWEL $800: The loose skin at the back of an animal's neck scruff
#6773, aired 2014-02-12KENYA WEST $800: 120 years ago what's now Nairobi was this, an oasis for thirsty animals (&, informally, thirsty people) a watering hole
#6771, aired 2014-02-10NAMES IN NATURE $600 (Daily Double): They have only one cell each but can take pride in their name. from the Greek for "first animals" protozoa
#6770, aired 2014-02-07NO LONGER AROUND $400: In 2011 this U.N. organization, FAO for short, declared the first eradication of an animal disease, rinderpest Food and Agricultural Organization
#6769, aired 2014-02-062-LETTER SPELLING $1600: This animal is vowel-perfect A-I
#6769, aired 2014-02-06RARE BREEDS $400: Fewer than 1,000 remain in the wild of the Ugandan or Rothschild's type of this animal that looks down on us giraffe
#6769, aired 2014-02-06RARE BREEDS $1600: Zimbabwe's terrible economy spurred the poaching of the black type of this animal for its horns rhinoceros
#6768, aired 2014-02-05"F"IVE-LETTER WORDS $1000: It's an antonym of tame for animals feral
#6768, aired 2014-02-05SAINTS PRESERVE US! $200: In art Saint Agnes is often depicted with this animal, "agnus" in Latin a lamb
#6763, aired 2014-01-29OFFICIAL STATE THINGS $2000: The paddlefish, Missouri's state aquatic animal, is also called this name associated with a weird mammal the duckbill
#6759, aired 2014-01-23ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $400: A wee bit of drink intended to cure a hangover is called this hair of the dog
#6759, aired 2014-01-23ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $800: If you get this predator's "share" of food, you're getting the biggest portion lion's share
#6759, aired 2014-01-23ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1200: If you mess with this formal papal document, you get the horns bull
#6759, aired 2014-01-23ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1600: In this type of "march", your arms are pinioned behind your back frog march
#6759, aired 2014-01-23ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $2000: It makes a difference "whose" this animal "is being gored' ox
#6758, aired 2014-01-22TIME OF THE CAVEMAN $1600: The Lascaux cave paintings show aurochs, a beast 6' at the shoulder from which these modern farm animals descend cows
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $200: Leonine a lion
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $400: Piscine a fish
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $600: Vulpine a fox
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $800: Cancroid a crab
#6756, aired 2014-01-20DESCRIBING THE ANIMAL $1000: Caballine a horse
#6754, aired 2014-01-16CEREAL CHARACTERS $600: The silly spokes-creature for Trix cereal is this type of animal a rabbit
#6754, aired 2014-01-16CEREAL CHARACTERS $800: Cornelius is one of these animals selling Kellogg's corn flakes a rooster
#6752, aired 2014-01-14INSIDE ART $1200: The 2 dominant elements in "Guernica" are the horse & this other animal that's central to Spanish culture a bull
#6752, aired 2014-01-14YOU LIVE IN A ZOO $1000: Nicknamed the bushman's clock, this Aussie critter is helpful in rousing the other animals in the morning a kookaburra
#6745, aired 2014-01-03IN OLD NEW MEXICO $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Santa Fe, New Mexico.) The arrival of the Spanish in the 16th century changed the whole way of life in this area; 1 example was the introduction of this Spanish-named work animal of Las Golondrinas Ranch a burro
#6744, aired 2014-01-02TUNNELS $1200: The dangerous job of tunnel digger is also called "sand" this animal hog
#6741, aired 2013-12-30GRIMM, GRIM $1600: 2 of these animals were harmed big-time in "Little Red-Cap"; one by a rough diet of stones, the other by drowning wolves
#6741, aired 2013-12-30HIGH-SCORING SCRABBLE WORDS $1000: 8-letter adjective describing the science of animals (20 points) zoologic
#6738, aired 2013-12-25BEASTLY TITLE CHARACTERS $200: "Marley & Me" a dog
#6738, aired 2013-12-25BEASTLY TITLE CHARACTERS $400: "Babe" a pig
#6738, aired 2013-12-25BEASTLY TITLE CHARACTERS $600: "The Tale of Despereaux" a mouse
#6738, aired 2013-12-25BEASTLY TITLE CHARACTERS $800: "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" a mongoose
#6738, aired 2013-12-25BEASTLY TITLE CHARACTERS $1000: "The Complete Calvin and Hobbes" a tiger
#6738, aired 2013-12-25IT'S BEEN A YEAR $400: In February news British diners consumed less beef because results showed it contained some of this animal's DNA a horse
#6729, aired 2013-12-12YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $400: This national symbol of the U.S. has a wingspan of more than 6 feet bald eagle
#6729, aired 2013-12-12YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $800: While a little awkward on land, these rodents are actually good swimmers; their quills help them float porcupine
#6729, aired 2013-12-12YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $1600: Pray tell, it's the monkey seen here capuchin
#6729, aired 2013-12-12YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $2000: Growing to more than a foot long, this giant is the largest of all frogs the goliath frog
#6729, aired 2013-12-12YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $2,800 (Daily Double): In 1925 Australia sent the San Diego Zoo Snugglepot & Cuddlepie, its first pair of these koalas
#6726, aired 2013-12-09PLEASE, NOT CHAPTER 11 $400: Chapter 6: "'You have heard then, comrades,' he said, 'that we pigs now sleep in the beds of the farmhouse?'" Animal Farm
#6722, aired 2013-12-03STINKER $400: Recent research suggests malaria parasites alter this animal's behavior to make it seek out smelly, sweaty people a mosquito
#6721, aired 2013-12-02ANIMAL IMPOSTORS $100 (Daily Double): Crayfish aren't fish but these, like their relative the lobster crustaceans
#6721, aired 2013-12-02ANIMAL IMPOSTORS $800: The common European glowworm isn't an annelid but this an insect
#6721, aired 2013-12-02ANIMAL IMPOSTORS $1200: Don't feed cheese to a titmouse, silly! a titmouse is one of these a bird
#6721, aired 2013-12-02ANIMAL IMPOSTORS $1600: The horned toad isn't a frog or toad & is sometimes more correctly called the "horned" this a lizard
#6715, aired 2013-11-22USER NAME $1000: Man was no longer the one tool-using animal when in 1960 a chimp named David was observed using twigs to fish for these to snack on termites
#6710, aired 2013-11-15DISEASES $1200: The disease that kills all these animals in Egypt in Exodus 9:6 is believed to have been anthrax livestock (or cattle)
#6701, aired 2013-11-04FLORA! FLORA! FLORA! $400: The rushlike plants of the genus Equisetum are aka this animal "tail" horse
#6699, aired 2013-10-31THE WORLD OF DR. SEUSS $600: Mack, who dethrones King Yertle with a burp, is this kind of animal turtle
#6698, aired 2013-10-30SUE GRAFTON TEACHES THE ALPHABET $400: "'Q' Is for" this, a hunted animal Quarry
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $400: As a noun, it's a chickenlike game bird; as a verb, it means to complain or grumble grouse
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $800: Mimic or imitate ape
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $1200: A gastropod, or a verb meaning to strike heavily, as with a fist slug
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $1600: To tease the hair in order to give it volume rat
#6693, aired 2013-10-23ANIMAL VERBS $2000: Bamboozle, or intimidate by a display of power or importance buffalo
#6692, aired 2013-10-22A CLASH OF SYMBOLS $600: In an 1874 cartoon Thomas Nast drew this creature scaring other animals, including an elephant a donkey
#6692, aired 2013-10-22ART $1600: Art historians think the lady in the da Vinci work was pregnant because she holds this animal, a pregnancy emblem an ermine
#6688, aired 2013-10-16FIELD OF DREAMS $200: Dream states have been observed in all mammals studied, from tiny shrews to these largest land animals elephants
#6687, aired 2013-10-15TRAVEL BOOKS $800: Referring to advice on facing animals, "Whatever You do, Don't Run" tells of Peter Allison's time as a guide on this type of trip safari
#6686, aired 2013-10-143-SYLLABLE WORDS $200: If an animal eats both plants & animals, it's classified as one of these an omnivore
#6681, aired 2013-10-07NATIONAL MONUMENTS $400: Idaho's Hagerman Fossil Beds feature equus simplicidens, the first true one of these animals horse
#6679, aired 2013-10-03A CHEESY CATEGORY $800: Montrachet is traditionally made from this animal's milk goat
#6678, aired 2013-10-02PICK UP THE PACE $1600: Listed as a synonym & a rhyme for "hurry", this word brings animals to mind scurry
#6667, aired 2013-09-17DIRECT FROM THE DICTIONARY $1000: "An animal having four feet... usu. used of mammals" quadruped
#6664, aired 2013-08-01SCIENCE ROUNDUP $1200: There are more than 400 different types of salamanders, & all belong to this class of animals, not reptiles amphibians
#6662, aired 2013-07-30ANIMALS IN POETRY $400: Kipling said the camel's this "is an ugly lump" a hump
#6662, aired 2013-07-30ANIMALS IN POETRY $800: Elizabeth Anna Hart wrote about "Mother Tabbyskins", this type of animal a cat
#6662, aired 2013-07-30ANIMALS IN POETRY $1,000 (Daily Double): Ted Walker cleverly likened this colorful pet fish to the "spillings of rich coins on a miser's table" a goldfish
#6662, aired 2013-07-30ANIMALS IN POETRY $1600: Emily Dickinson's poem about this kind of animal begins , "A narrow fellow in the grass" & ends, "zero at the bone" a snake
#6662, aired 2013-07-30ANIMALS IN POETRY $2000: Coleridge, not Poe, wrote a poem with the question "Where then did" this bird "go?" a raven
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $200: Kangaroos & gorillas gather in these groups (as do Boy Scouts) troops
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $400: A stand of these pink wading birds can also be called a flamboyance flamingoes
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $400: In 2008 this band of women offered up an album called "Doll Domination" The Pussycat Dolls
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $600: A prickle is a group of these large rodents--which makes sense, as "prickle" means sharp point or spine porcupines
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $800: A group of these reptiles is a lounge, & you might also find the "lounge" type in a nightclub a lizard
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $800: Joe Walsh said these birds' goal after trashing hotel rooms was to cross the state line before a maid opened the door The Eagles
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $1000: An obstinacy is a group of these plains bovines, no matter where they roam buffalo
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $1200: In the '80s this "I ran (So Far Away)" band was known for the singer's majestic coiffure Flock of Seagulls
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $1600: Brian Setzer of this retro trio played Eddie Cochran in "La Bamba" The Stray Cats
#6656, aired 2013-07-22ANIMAL GROUPS $2000: "Don't Fear the Reaper", & don't fear recalling this band & its rockin' cowbell Blue Oyster Cult
#6653, aired 2013-07-17-OLOGIES $2000: Zoology is the study of animals in general; this is the study of animals like whales & dolphins cetology
#6652, aired 2013-07-16¡HOLA TEQUILA! $1000: The vodka-based Moscow Mule has a tequila-based counterpart fittingly named for this animal a burro
#6652, aired 2013-07-16ANIMAL IDENTITY $400: Prairie dogs aren't dogs; they're actually this type of animal a rodent
#6652, aired 2013-07-16ANIMAL IDENTITY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us a photo of a Cardinal bird with unusual markings.) The Cardinal seen here with its colors split down the middle is a genetic anomaly known as a gynandromorph, meaning it exhibits the qualities of both these male and female (both genders)
#6652, aired 2013-07-16ANIMAL IDENTITY $1200: The largest of bats, genus Pteropus. are called "flying" these foxes
#6652, aired 2013-07-16ANIMAL IDENTITY $1600: Seen here, it's one of the few animals whose common and binomial names are the same the Boa constrictor
#6652, aired 2013-07-16ANIMAL IDENTITY $2000: Lobodon carcinophagus, the "crabeater" type of this aquatic mammal, actually eats mainly krill a seal
#6652, aired 2013-07-16PUSH & PULL $1000: In "The Story of Doctor Dolittle", it's described as the rarest animal of all, with "no tail, but a head at each end" a pushmi-pullyu
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $200: Petsmart recommends these creatures, frozen, as the best diet for your snake mice
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew gives the clue from the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa.) Rhino horns are sometimes humanely removed by activists to deter poachers who wish to create these potions named for a Greek love goddess aphrodisiacs
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $800: Preserving the forest is the best way to care for this Asian arboreal ape that only gives birth every 8 years orangutan
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $1000: Test a prospective pup's temperament with a rollover test--this type of pet, from Latin for "send under", will happily comply submissive
#6650, aired 2013-07-12ANIMAL CARE $2,800 (Daily Double): Vets discourage this procedure unless absolutely necessary: it severs tendons & can make kitty a biter de-clawing
#6645, aired 2013-07-057-LETTER WORDS $800: This word for a group of people traveling with pack animals, perhaps across a desert, is derived from Persian caravan
#6643, aired 2013-07-03BOTTOM FEEDERS $3,000 (Daily Double): This animal has no head, arms or internal organs & belongs to the phylum Porifera, meaning "pore-bearer" sponge
#6643, aired 2013-07-03TV LOGOS $600: Trumpeting its quality since 1996 Animal Planet
#6642, aired 2013-07-02ANIMALS ON THE MAP $400: This country's neighbors to the east include Iran, Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan Turkey
#6642, aired 2013-07-02ANIMALS ON THE MAP $800: Gillette stadium at 1 Patriot Place in this town is home to the New England Patriots Foxborough
#6642, aired 2013-07-02ANIMALS ON THE MAP $1200: Slide mountain is the highest point in these mountains in southeastern New York known for their resorts the Catskills
#6642, aired 2013-07-02ANIMALS ON THE MAP $2000: The 1912 eruption of Mount Novarupta covered this largest Alaskan island with 3 feet of ash Kodiak Island
#6642, aired 2013-07-02ANIMALS ON THE MAP $6,100 (Daily Double): In 1982 this archipelago off Africa's northwest coast became an autonomous region of Spain the Canary Islands
#6638, aired 2013-06-26RED ALERT $600: This animal gives birth to 10 or more pups at a time but never yells, "I'm coming, Elizabeth! This is the big one!" a red fox
#6635, aired 2013-06-21THAT ANIMAL IS SOMETHING ELSE $400: A small spot on the skin, or a spy a mole
#6635, aired 2013-06-21THAT ANIMAL IS SOMETHING ELSE $800: "Sheepish" word meaning to force something into or through ram
#6635, aired 2013-06-21THAT ANIMAL IS SOMETHING ELSE $1200: An embossed emblem a seal
#6635, aired 2013-06-21THAT ANIMAL IS SOMETHING ELSE $1600: Nickname for someone from Oshkosh, or to harass or urge persistently badger
#6635, aired 2013-06-21THAT ANIMAL IS SOMETHING ELSE $2000: This bird becomes a verb when used to mean to gloat; you don't want to "eat it," though crow
#6632, aired 2013-06-18GONE $2000: In the old days if someone held the job of a hostler, he was employed to tend these animals at an inn horses
#6625, aired 2013-06-07CARNY ART $1200: "The Carnival Of Animals" by this hyphenated French composer was not performed publicly during his lifetime (Camille) Saint-Saens
#6623, aired 2013-06-05LIGHT VERSE $800: "Hand in hand, on the edge of the sand," these 2 title animals of an Edward Lear poem "danced by the light of the moon" the Owl and the Pussycat
#6620, aired 2013-05-31CODA $400: Appropriately, "coda", the concluding part of a musical work, is Italian for this terminal part of an animal's body the tail
#6618, aired 2013-05-29THE '60s (19th CENTURY EDITION) $600: General Sheridan's plan to suppress Native Americans included killing all of these animals that supported their way of life the bison (or the buffalo)
#6617, aired 2013-05-28CHILDREN'S BOOKS $1000: In this Margery Williams classic, a boy's love helps a stuffed animal become real The Velveteen Rabbit
#6610, aired 2013-05-17OLD JOBS $200: A tanner was someone who turned animal skins into this material leather
#6610, aired 2013-05-17YOU GOT AN "F" PLUS! $200: An animal story to teach a moral lesson a fable
#6608, aired 2013-05-15"YO" LO $200: It's a harness for multiple draft animals so they can pull together a yoke
#6606, aired 2013-05-132 ANIMALS IN ONE $400: Saddle up and name this livestock pest seen here a horsefly
#6606, aired 2013-05-132 ANIMALS IN ONE $800: This bottom dweller is named for the barbels around its mouth that resemble feline whiskers a catfish
#6606, aired 2013-05-132 ANIMALS IN ONE $1200: This largest pinniped is named for its size & for the trunklike, inflatable snout of the male an elephant seal
#6606, aired 2013-05-132 ANIMALS IN ONE $2,000 (Daily Double): This little rodent hops on its hind legs, just like its namesake marsupial a kangaroo rat
#6606, aired 2013-05-132 ANIMALS IN ONE $2000: This predator of the deep includes the name of an Asian predator a tiger shark
#6606, aired 2013-05-13TALES OF HIGH ADVENTURE $600: "Kavik" is the story of an animal in the wilds of Alaska that is half dog, half this wolf
#6601, aired 2013-05-06I JUST "ATE" $2000: To remove the entrails from an animal eviscerate
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $200: Wrench & shines monkey
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $400: Bumps & berry goose
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $600: Feathers & latitudes horse
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $800: Rock & tears crocodile
#6600, aired 2013-05-03NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $1000: Mom & balm tiger
#6594, aired 2013-04-25LET'S GOLF! $400: You can see why this animal term is used to describe the type of hole seen here dogleg
#6594, aired 2013-04-25THE FAST & THE FURRIEST $400: G'day! the red species of this Aussie animal can hopalong, Cassidy, at about 30 miles per hour kangaroo
#6590, aired 2013-04-19CELEBRITIES' FAVORITE BOOKS $400: (I'm Dr. Jane Goodall.) As a child, I dreamed of living among wild animals, influenced by my favorite book characters, Dr. Dolittle & this "Lord of the Jungle" (I knew I'd be a better jungle companion for him than that other wimpy Jane) Tarzan
#6590, aired 2013-04-19TAKE ME HOME $1000: A plant or animal's natural environment; it's from a Latin word meaning "to dwell" habitat
#6589, aired 2013-04-18PORTMAN TOES $1200: Term for the menu at Natalie's wedding & for a collection of animal-free shoes she launched vegan
#6588, aired 2013-04-17DR. SEUSS ON THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS $600: A home invasion by this title animal traumatizes 2 kids & a fish, left alone by a mom who may be facing neglect charges herself the Cat in the Hat
#6586, aired 2013-04-15LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GONNA MAKE IT $1000: Looks like you trimmed and trained your living trees and shrubs into an animal, making this art of the tree barber topiary
#6581, aired 2013-04-08MISNAMED ANIMALS $400: "Bear" sometimes follows the name of this Aussie mammal that's actually 100% marsupial a koala
#6581, aired 2013-04-08MISNAMED ANIMALS $800: This South American rodent is not from the African place in its name, nor will you hear it go "oink" a Guinea pig
#6581, aired 2013-04-08MISNAMED ANIMALS $1200: This two-word "canine" seen here is actually a burrowing rodent that belongs to the squirrel family a prairie dog
#6581, aired 2013-04-08MISNAMED ANIMALS $1600: This word comes before "lemur", but the animal really only glides a couple of hundred feet--& isn't a lemur flying
#6581, aired 2013-04-08MISNAMED ANIMALS $2000: Not a rodent as it might seem, the tufted this is a bird that feeds mainly on insects a titmouse
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $400: When Tarzan called Tantor, one of these animals would come trumpeting & tearing a big path an elephant
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $800: This little girl who lives at the Plaza has a turtle named "Skipperdee" who eats raisins & wears sneakers Eloise
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $1200: In a trilogy Katniss Everdeen wears a gold pin of this genetically altered bird a mockingjay
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $1600: Gunpowder is the "broken-down plough-horse" this man rides in "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" Ichabod Crane
#6580, aired 2013-04-05LITERARY ANIMALS $2000: In this Richard Adams classic, Blackberry is the smartest of the rabbits, but Hazel is the leader Watership Down
#6579, aired 2013-04-04OPERA $400: Wild animals lie down at Tamino's feet when he plays the title instrument in Act I of this Mozart opera The Magic Flute
#6573, aired 2013-03-27MOVIE & TV DOGS $1200: Uggie, rescued from an animal shelter, won the "Palm Dog" at Cannes for his work in this mostly silent 2011 film The Artist
#6571, aired 2013-03-25THE END OF THE STORY $3,000 (Daily Double): "The creatures outside looked from pig to man... but already it was impossible to say which was which" Animal Farm
#6567, aired 2013-03-19STARTS & ENDS WITH "A" $400: This Peruvian grazing animal thrives at heights from 12,000 to 16,000 feet an alpaca
#6564, aired 2013-03-14BEGINS WITH A VOWEL & ENDS IN "I" $1600: This animal is part of the giraffe family, but it has kind of a zebra thing going on with its legs okapi
#6563, aired 2013-03-13ANIMAL SIMILES $200: That umpire was "as blind as" this mammal (not the equipment used in the game) a bat
#6563, aired 2013-03-13ANIMAL SIMILES $400: Hot dam! You're "as busy as" this flat-tailed rodent a beaver
#6563, aired 2013-03-13ANIMAL SIMILES $600: Plastered, blotto, "drunk as" this mammal, Mephitis mephitis a skunk
#6563, aired 2013-03-13ANIMAL SIMILES $800: Alice knows you're "mad as a March" this a hare
#6563, aired 2013-03-13ANIMAL SIMILES $1000: I'm "as strong as" this adult castrated male of the genus Bos (but feeling much better it, apparently) an ox
#6560, aired 2013-03-08TOUGH TV $400: The 1979 ABC sitcom "Delta House" was a TV clone of this successful comedy film Animal House
#6557, aired 2013-03-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $400: Hedgehogs are often confused with these quilled rodents porcupines
#6557, aired 2013-03-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows us some parrots in the jungle in Costa Rica.) Parrots aren't really great talkers; they don't even have vocal chords; their mimicry is actually whistling produced by an organ at the base of this, the windpipe the trachea
#6557, aired 2013-03-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1,000 (Daily Double): Also called a suricate, this member of the mongoose family stands upright when watching for predators a meerkat
#6557, aired 2013-03-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $1600: The name of this Eurasian bird of the crow family also means to cheat or swindle a rook
#6557, aired 2013-03-05ALL ABOUT ANIMALS $2000: The 3 green species of this poisonous African snake in the cobra family are small & timid, but the black one is big & mean a mamba
#6553, aired 2013-02-27ANIMAL TALK $200: To have one of these "in one's bonnet" means to be obsessed with an idea bee
#6553, aired 2013-02-27ANIMAL TALK $400: If your feet are turned inward toward each other, you've got this avian condition pigeon-toed
#6553, aired 2013-02-27ANIMAL TALK $600: To move ahead of someone or something; it refers to a certain amphibian's ability to jump leapfrog
#6553, aired 2013-02-27ANIMAL TALK $800: This 7-letter word that's often used of motels means cheap & run-down fleabag
#6553, aired 2013-02-27ANIMAL TALK $1000: Caprine term for an innocent person who bears the blame & suffers for others scapegoat
#6551, aired 2013-02-25HUGO AWARDS FOR SCIENCE FICTION $400: This Orwell novel that says, "Four legs good, two legs bad" Animal Farm
#6550, aired 2013-02-22ANCIENT ANGKOR $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from Angkor Wat in Cambodia.) This enormous structure leads us into the inner enclosure; gates at either side are nicknamed for these creatures--the processional animals they were probably designed to accommodate elephants
#6546, aired 2013-02-18LET'S GO TO THE CIRCUS $2000: You'll enjoy the show less but learn more if you visit this organization's "How do circuses train animals?" FAQ PETA
#6543, aired 2013-02-13GINGHAM STYLE $800: Chet Atkins provided music & Amy Grant, narration, on an audio version of "The Gingham Dog &" this animal the Calico Cat
#6538, aired 2013-02-06I SAW THAT ON TV $800: "Outback Wrangler" & "Swamp Men" are shows on this channel's "Wild" Nat Geo
#6535, aired 2013-02-01TV SHOW SUM-UP $400: Animal Planet counters the Super Bowl with mega-cuteness; it's MVP "outhustled every other Fido on the field" The Puppy Bowl
#6534, aired 2013-01-31MEET THE MONOTREMES! $800: Monotreme means 3 internal canals lead to 1 common opening, same as in this scaly class of land animals reptiles
#6534, aired 2013-01-31MEET THE MONOTREMES! $1200: For the flat feature projecting from the animal's face, this word sometimes comes before platypus duck-billed
#6531, aired 2013-01-28THE ANIMA"LL" KINGDOM $200: The alpaca & this relative are domestic animals not known to exist in a wild state a llama
#6528, aired 2013-01-23"K" ON THE MAP $800: Animal Planet's "Meerkat Manor" is set in this desert the Kalahari
#6528, aired 2013-01-23BANNED! $200: In the 1930s his "Alice" work was banned in China on the grounds that animals should not use human language Lewis Carroll
#6521, aired 2013-01-14BUDDY, GUY $800: It can mean a human friend as well as an animalistic spirit who aids a witch a familiar
#6514, aired 2013-01-03THE RESIDENTS $800: Title residence of Otter, Flounder, Pinto & Bluto in a 1978 comedy Animal House
#6509, aired 2012-12-27YOUR CHOICE OF 3 $400: The jointed shell of the southern 3-banded this animal lets it curl up into a hard, tight ball for safety armadillo
#6503, aired 2012-12-19MEDICAL ETYMOLOGY $1,000 (Daily Double): From the Greek for "coal", it's transmitted by farm animals, contaminated wool & biological weapons anthrax
#6503, aired 2012-12-19MYTHING IN ACTION $800: In Norse mythology's great final battle, Fenrir, a giant one of these animals, is destined to swallow Odin a wolf
#6501, aired 2012-12-17GEORGE, UHHH... $400: I've gone blank...he was born Eric Blair & wrote that book about barnyard animals that overthrow their human masters George Orwell
#6483, aired 2012-11-21GENERAL PRACTICE $800: This contagious skin disease rhymes with a disease you get from animal bites scabies
#6482, aired 2012-11-20THE NATIONAL FILM REGISTRY $800: Disney animators studied real animals & photos of the forests of Maine to portray nature in this 1942 film Bambi
#6478, aired 2012-11-14FUN WITH SCIENCE $1200: If challenged to "guess my phylum", you're best off with this one of lobsters & ticks; 85% of animal species are in it arthropods
#6476, aired 2012-11-12HUMP DAY $1600: Named for its odor, it lives farther north than any other hoofed animal the musk ox
#6475, aired 2012-11-09REMEMBER BOOKSTORES? $800: A common sight at small bookstores is an in-house one of these animals, like the late Silas at A Novel Idea in Lincoln, Nebraska cats
#6475, aired 2012-11-09STARTS WITH A FARM ANIMAL $400: To shrink with fear to cower
#6475, aired 2012-11-09STARTS WITH A FARM ANIMAL $800: Ship accommodation for the poorest of passengers steerage
#6475, aired 2012-11-09STARTS WITH A FARM ANIMAL $1200: Reddish-brown dye used in temporary tattoos henna
#6475, aired 2012-11-09STARTS WITH A FARM ANIMAL $1600: Impervious to a full metal jacket bulletproof
#6475, aired 2012-11-09STARTS WITH A FARM ANIMAL $2000: To reprimand or beat baaadly lambaste
#6472, aired 2012-11-06"G", I LOVE SCIENCE $1200: A lab animal manipulated to exhibit a human disease is an example of a GMO, short for this type of organism genetically modified
#6464, aired 2012-10-25THE 5 SENSES $1000: On animals these, also known as vibrissae, act as tactile organs whiskers
#6459, aired 2012-10-18WHAT KIND OF MOVIE ANIMAL ARE YOU? $400: Mumble in "Happy Feet" a penguin
#6459, aired 2012-10-18WHAT KIND OF MOVIE ANIMAL ARE YOU? $800: Winter, who gets a new tail in a 2011 movie a dolphin
#6459, aired 2012-10-18WHAT KIND OF MOVIE ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1200: Bonzo, one of Ronald Reagan's co-stars a chimpanzee
#6459, aired 2012-10-18WHAT KIND OF MOVIE ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1600: Ben & Socrates in "Willard" rats
#6459, aired 2012-10-18WHAT KIND OF MOVIE ANIMAL ARE YOU? $2000: Polynesia in 1967's "Doctor Dolittle" a parrot
#6452, aired 2012-10-09THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON YOUR CAR $200: This Ford sports car: a horse in mid-gallop a Mustang
#6452, aired 2012-10-09THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON YOUR CAR $400: This make: a ram's head with 2 curled horns a Dodge
#6452, aired 2012-10-09THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON YOUR CAR $600: A medallion with a reared-up horse below it Ferrari
#6452, aired 2012-10-09THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON YOUR CAR $800: On this caar, a griffin (though you only see the eagle head, wearing a crown) Saab
#6452, aired 2012-10-09THERE'S AN ANIMAL ON YOUR CAR $1000: The combative cat seen here is on this car Peugeot
#6449, aired 2012-10-04LIFE ON THE MEKONG $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reads with two cart-yoked ungulates from Vietnam.) As in many parts of the world, male bovines are used as draft animals and called by this general term; they may not look very fast, but a race run between these animals is an annual Mekong Delta event oxen
#6447, aired 2012-10-02WHATCHAMACALLIT $800: Traditionally in India, a riding seat called a howdah is howdah person rides on the back of this animal an elephant
#6446, aired 2012-10-01CARNAC-IAN BONDS $1200: A smelly black & white animal, a not-so-smelly holy man & Johnny Rotten skunk, monk, punk
#6445, aired 2012-09-28NORTH DAKOTA $400: Jamestown, North Dakota boasts a 46-foot-long, 26-foot-high statue of this roaming animal a buffalo
#6442, aired 2012-09-25PHOENIX $1200: A popular activity in Phoenix is hiking this mountain that's said to resemble a certain animal kneeling, hence its name Camelback Mountain
#6440, aired 2012-09-21NOW A FEW WORDS $1000: It means raising livestock or crops, though it sounds like the art of making your wife happy husbandry
#6438, aired 2012-09-19SINGAPORE $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands next to a dragon boat in Singapore.) In dragon boat racing, a major Singapore spectacle, a priest or dignitary ceremonially dots a boat's eyes to reawaken the animal's this, a Chinese word meaning "energy of life" qi
#6438, aired 2012-09-19NOT EXACTLY HUMAN $600: You could think a Roman satyr is human if he's wearing pants to hide the part that's this animal a goat
#6436, aired 2012-09-17LATIN PHRASES $600: Agnus dei is this 4-legged animal "of God" a lamb
#6435, aired 2012-08-03BIRTHDAY PARTY LOCATIONS $200: You & your friends can gape at the animals at the Central Park this, where "Madagascar" is set the zoo
#6433, aired 2012-08-01BEATRIX POTTER TITLE ANIMALS $200: "The Tale of Peter ___" Rabbit
#6433, aired 2012-08-01BEATRIX POTTER TITLE ANIMALS $400: "The Tale of ____ Nutkin" Squirrel
#6433, aired 2012-08-01BEATRIX POTTER TITLE ANIMALS $600: "The Tale of Benjamin ___" Bunny
#6433, aired 2012-08-01BEATRIX POTTER TITLE ANIMALS $800: "The Tale of Jemima Puddle-___" Duck
#6433, aired 2012-08-01BEATRIX POTTER TITLE ANIMALS $1000: "The Tale of Johnny Town-___" Mouse
#6431, aired 2012-07-30IT'S MOVIE TIME $200: Rex Harrison & Eddie Murphy have both played this Doctor who talked to the animals Doctor Dolittle
#6430, aired 2012-07-27PATRON SAINTS $800: Patron Saint of Animals & Italy, in 1979 he was proclaimed the Patron Saint of Ecology as well St. Francis
#6429, aired 2012-07-26STUPID ANSWERS: MOVIES $400: In "Jurassic Park", Richard Attenborough has created a dinosaur-filled animal preserve called this Jurassic Park
#6428, aired 2012-07-25"GAS" UP $800: Whelks are these animals whose name is from the Greek for "stomach foot" gastropods
#6423, aired 2012-07-18CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMALS $600: My 2020 vision tells me that 2020 is the year of this, be it sewer or kangaroo rat
#6423, aired 2012-07-18CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMALS $800: Babies born in 2022 will have the "eye of" this & will pounce on their work as they do their enemies the tiger
#6423, aired 2012-07-18CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMALS $1000: Folks born in 2009, the year of this 2-letter creature, are hardworking & detail-oriented the ox
#6422, aired 2012-07-17THINK FAST! $600: The world's fastest animal is this species of falcon whose diving speed can reach over 200 miles per hour peregrine falcon
#6421, aired 2012-07-16THE QUOTABLE NIETZSCHE $1600: "Man is a rope stretched between the animal and" this advanced conception of humanity superman
#6414, aired 2012-07-05THE OCCULT $400: Popular with astronomers & astrologers, this word comes from a Greek phrase meaning "circle of little animals" a zodiac
#6414, aired 2012-07-05THE OCCULT $1000: Like the Romans, if you're interpreting the behavior of sacred animals, you're practicing this divination augury
#6407, aired 2012-06-26JOHN STEINBECK $2,000 (Daily Double): "Jody put out his bruised hand again, and..." this title animal "let his nose be rubbed" The Red Pony
#6406, aired 2012-06-25"D" SCIENCE $1200: In dogs & some other animals, this vestigial digit does not reach the ground when walking the dewclaw
#6403, aired 2012-06-201-WORD FILM QUOTES $1200: 1978: "Toga!" Animal House
#6403, aired 2012-06-20COMPLETE THE ANIMAL PHRASE $400: "The best laid plans of ____ and men" mice
#6403, aired 2012-06-20COMPLETE THE ANIMAL PHRASE $800: "The old ____ ____, she ain't what she used to be" gray mare
#6403, aired 2012-06-20COMPLETE THE ANIMAL PHRASE $1200: "Nervous as a long-tailed ____ in a room full of rocking chairs" a cat
#6403, aired 2012-06-20COMPLETE THE ANIMAL PHRASE $1600: "One ____ does not make a summer" swallow
#6403, aired 2012-06-20COMPLETE THE ANIMAL PHRASE $2000: "Strain at a gnat and swallow a ____" camel
#6403, aired 2012-06-20ONE NIGHT WHEN I COULDN'T SLEEP... $200: 11:30: Saw one of his Top 10 "Ways to Make 'Jeopardy!' More Exciting": "contestants... paid in black-market zoo animals" David Letterman
#6402, aired 2012-06-19ITALIAN FOOD $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew helps make cheese at Eataly in New York City.) Here in New York they use cow's milk, but in Campagna traditionally mozzarella is made from the milk of this animal, which many Italian kids believe lays eggs buffalo
#6400, aired 2012-06-15THE BRITISH ARE COMING! $800: It took The Animals less than 30 minutes to record this 1964 hit about a certain place in New Orleans "The House Of The Rising Sun"
#6399, aired 2012-06-14ALMOST HEAVEN: WEST VIRGINIA $400: West Virginia's state animal is ursus americanus, the black species of this a bear
#6399, aired 2012-06-14BRIT SPEAK $800: Pedestrian crossings like one on Abbey Road are named for this animal a zebra
#6398, aired 2012-06-13ANIMAL LOGOS $200: This silhouetted, bow tie-wearing magazine logo was designed by Art Paul in 1953 the Playboy bunny
#6398, aired 2012-06-13ANIMAL LOGOS $400: This car-care product's logo depicts a certain green reptile & the slogan "Hard Shell Finish" Turtle Wax
#6398, aired 2012-06-13ANIMAL LOGOS $600: This brand of rum uses a bat as one of its trademarked symbols Bacardi
#6398, aired 2012-06-13ANIMAL LOGOS $800: A canine with a flaming tail has the earth in its paws in the logo of this web browser Firefox
#6398, aired 2012-06-13ANIMAL LOGOS $1000: The logo of this online photo service by HP is seen here Snapfish
#6397, aired 2012-06-12"SIDE" DISHES $6,000 (Daily Double): This comic strip's genesis was in a series of animal cartoons called "Nature's Way" first published in 1979 The Far Side
#6397, aired 2012-06-12MIXED GREENS $800: The most expensive of these animals ever sold at a public auction was the Green Monkey, bringing $16 mil. in 2006 horse
#6392, aired 2012-06-05WHAT'S APENNINE $600: A museum is dedicated to the Apennine type of this animal, said to have suckled the founders of Rome a wolf
#6391, aired 2012-06-04TERRIERS $1200: Another type of animal is in the name of this sly terrier seen here a fox terrier
#6389, aired 2012-05-31"MIS"QUOTES $600: The Animals sang, "I'm just a soul whose intentions are good, oh, Lord, please don't let me be" this misunderstood
#6389, aired 2012-05-31SHEEP $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reads from the Tobruk Sheep Station in Australia.) A mythic figure in Australia is the person with this job of driving animals across vast distances; he was expected to move sheep 6 miles a day, which may not seem like much, until you try it drover
#6384, aired 2012-05-24ANIMAL VERBS $400: Pester, or equip a room with electronic listening devices bug
#6384, aired 2012-05-24ANIMAL VERBS $800: Stubbornly oppose a trend, or leap upward arching the back like a bronco buck
#6384, aired 2012-05-24ANIMAL VERBS $1200: Pursue relentlessly, as a certain type of dog does hound
#6384, aired 2012-05-24ANIMAL VERBS $1600: To drain the essence of, or to bleed via a certain bloodsucking worm leech
#6384, aired 2012-05-24ANIMAL VERBS $2000: Refuse to talk, like a beach creature clam
#6377, aired 2012-05-15TRANSLATE, PLEASE $1600: From the French, a marine animal: la baleine a whale
#6375, aired 2012-05-11HODGEPODGE $400: Able to run more than 40 miles per hour, this bird is the fastest animal on 2 legs an ostrich
#6374, aired 2012-05-10IN THE DICTIONARY $800: A group of newborn animals, or to toss trash on the ground litter
#6371, aired 2012-05-07THEATER $1600: The title of this Tennessee Williams drama refers to Laura Wingfield's collection of animal figurines The Glass Menagerie
#6370, aired 2012-05-04ACTION & INACTION MOVIES $400: Fozzie's casino-ing in Reno & Animal's Animal-ing in Santa Barbara in this 2011 movie The Muppets
#6370, aired 2012-05-04BIBLICAL PEOPLE $1200: His brothers dipped his coat in goat's blood to make his father Jacob believe animals had devoured him Joseph
#6369, aired 2012-05-03BEASTLY BUSINESS $200: The western spotted variety of this animal does a handstand before it sprays its enemies a skunk
#6369, aired 2012-05-03INDONESIA $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew gives the clue.) The zoological boundary known as Wallace's Line runs through the Indonesian islands; animal life on the left is classed Asian, & on the right, including bowerbirds & marsupials, is the class named for this continent Australia
#6364, aired 2012-04-26OLD MONEY $2,200 (Daily Double): Corinth minted its own coins called pegasi that featured this type of animal in flight a horse
#6359, aired 2012-04-19IN THE BOOKSTORE $2000: "The Bean Trees" was the first novel by this woman who also wrote "Animal Dreams" Barbara Kingsolver
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $400: The Goliath this, from the family Scarabaeidae, is one of the heaviest insects, weighing nearly a quarter of a pound a beetle
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $800: This slowest mammal has a ground speed of about 6-8 feet per minute; it's a little faster in the trees a sloth
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Norway's Svalbard Islands.) Traveling distances as great as 25,000 miles gives the Arctic type of this the record for the longest migration of any bird a tern
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $1600: The giant Mekong type of this barbeled fish is one of the largest freshwater fish; one specimen was 9' long & 646 lbs. a catfish
#6356, aired 2012-04-16EXTREME ANIMALS $2000: One of the world's deadliest animals is the sea wasp, a type of this with up to 60 tentacles; its venom can kill up to 60 people a jellyfish
#6355, aired 2012-04-13"E"ASY SCIENCE? $200: It's the term for an unborn animal from the time of fertilization until the differentiation of the major organs an embryo
#6355, aired 2012-04-13"E"ASY SCIENCE? $800: A waterproof layer called the cuticle sometimes covers this outermost cellular layer of animals & plants epidermis
#6355, aired 2012-04-13HEY, U2! $600: We hope the band didn't behave like animals on this technically ambitious 1992 tour "Zoo TV"
#6354, aired 2012-04-12CASHMERE $200: Cashmere comes from the downy undercoat of the Kashmir type of this animal goat
#6354, aired 2012-04-12GEOLOGY $800: It's an area where bitumen seeps to the surface, sometimes trapping animals; there's one about 5 miles from us a tar pit
#6347, aired 2012-04-03GOOD NEWS $1000: The Inuit were exempted from a 1986 worldwide ban on commercial hunting of these animals whales
#6346, aired 2012-04-02A BEASTLY CATEGORY $200: 1856 saw the first import of these desert animals for use by the U.S. Army in the American Southwest camels
#6343, aired 2012-03-28ALL ABOUT D $2000: In this novel Boxer could trace letters in the dust with his hoof, but he could not get "beyond the letter D" Animal Farm
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $200: Socks, who is owned by the Brickers in a book by Beverly Cleary a cat
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $400: Olivia, who "Saves the Circus" & "Goes to Venice" a pig
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $600: Elmer: a patchwork, not a gray, one of these elephant
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $800: Corduroy: a brown one, wearing green overalls a bear
#6342, aired 2012-03-27ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $1000: The title pooch of "Good Dog, Carl" is this breed named for a German place Rottweiler
#6341, aired 2012-03-26IT'S 1985 $800: In November this comic strip about the adventures of a young boy & his stuffed animal debuted Calvin & Hobbes
#6336, aired 2012-03-19JANE GOODALL $800: I made an exciting discovery: chimpanzees fashioning probes to fish termites from their nests; chimpanzees were making & using these, which anthropologists had seen earlier as behavior that separates man from all other animals tools
#6334, aired 2012-03-15WRITERS' WORDS $1000: It can be someone who embodies a certain quality or idea, or a term for attributing human qualities to animals or things personification
#6333, aired 2012-03-14THE SPLENDID LITTLE WAR $800: African-American troops known as this animal type of "soldiers" played an important role in combat in Cuba Buffalo Soldiers
#6330, aired 2012-03-09LITERARY CHARACTER RAP SHEET $400: You could charge this Seuss feline with breaking & entering, willful destruction of property & animal (fish) cruelty The Cat In The Hat
#6327, aired 2012-03-06SIGMOID & THE SEA MONSTERS $2000: Like many animals, fish have these slithery creatures as parasites; the cod type is S-shaped as an adult worms
#6324, aired 2012-03-01DINOSAURS $800: Brachiosaurus had a long neck & longer front than hind legs, so it's most often compared to this African animal the giraffe
#6321, aired 2012-02-27SMALL TALK $800: An old term for a tree stump, these days it refers to the smallest animal in a litter a runt
#6316, aired 2012-02-20INVERTEBRATES $2000: The largest kind of this bell-shaped marine animal is the lion's mane, whose tentacles can extend more than 130 feet a jellyfish
#6314, aired 2012-02-16CENTRAL AMERICAN WILDLIFE $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew gives the clue from Barro Colorado Reserve in Panama.) The loudest New World animal, the howler monkey, gets its volume from a special hollow bone that acts as one of these, like the body of a guitar an amplifier
#6314, aired 2012-02-16U.S. COINS $600: A 1937 Indian head nickel that featured this animal on the reverse with only 3 legs is a collector's item a buffalo
#6311, aired 2012-02-13FACTS & FIGURES $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a furry-tailed animal on the monitor.) Not classified in its own family, the red panda has flummoxed scientists, who previously placed it in the bear family and in the family named for this animal with a very similar tail the raccoon
#6311, aired 2012-02-13NICE "INK" $400: This animal in the weasel family has lovely fur a mink
#6310, aired 2012-02-10PRE-COLUMBIAN AMERICANS $200: A flint spear point from an ancient Mexican civilization was found lodged between 2 ribs of one of these "woolly" animals mammoths
#6309, aired 2012-02-09THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $200: L.A. pet owners know that these creatures have moved into urban areas, like our canyons coyotes
#6309, aired 2012-02-09THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $400: Shawnee Indians referred to this large member of the deer family as the wapiti an elk
#6309, aired 2012-02-09THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $600: Found in Southeast Asia, the siamang is the largest of these smallest apes gibbons
#6309, aired 2012-02-09THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $800: Found in tropical regions, a skink, not to be confused with a skunk, is a type of this a lizard
#6309, aired 2012-02-09THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $1000: It's the American salamander seen here; we wonder if its bark is worse than its bite a water dog (or a mud puppy) salamander
#6308, aired 2012-02-08BUZZ BANDS $800: Get out the tranquilizer gun! Time to round up the rampaging circus animal that's this band "Oh, there ain't no rest for the wicked / Money don't grow on trees..." Cage the Elephant
#6299, aired 2012-01-26ANIMALS IN THE NEWS $400: In Chicago there was a 2010 summit regarding these bloodsucking insects that once took over U.N. headquarters bedbugs
#6299, aired 2012-01-26ANIMALS IN THE NEWS $800: In 2011 New Yorkers followed the saga of a cobra missing from this zoo (& found right there 6 days later) the Bronx Zoo
#6299, aired 2012-01-26ANIMALS IN THE NEWS $1200: Paul the "psychic" this sea creature intrigued World Cup fans in 2010 with his spot-on picks an octopus
#6299, aired 2012-01-26ANIMALS IN THE NEWS $1600: Tumors infecting these marsupials of an Australian island-state were found to be a contagious cancer Tasmanian devils
#6299, aired 2012-01-26ANIMALS IN THE NEWS $2000: In Sept. 2010 the FDA held hearings over approving genetically altered these fish for human consumption salmon
#6294, aired 2012-01-19THE LIVING PLANET $400: Able to lift 850 times its own weight, the strongest animal is the rhinoceros type of this insect beetle
#6294, aired 2012-01-19THE LIVING PLANET $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a bunch of jar-preserved specimens.) Butterflies, centipedes, scorpions, spiders, crabs, lobsters--these & millions of other creepy crawlers belong to this phylum that makes up more than 80% of all animal species, from the Greek for "joint foot" arthropod
#6294, aired 2012-01-19THE LIVING PLANET $2000: The April 2009 issue of Science magazine reported that cows were the first livestock animal to have this "mapped" their genome
#6291, aired 2012-01-16PUNCH $800: A blow to the back of the neck is the punch named for this animal a rabbit punch
#6289, aired 2012-01-12LITERARY CHARACTER PERSONAL TRAINER $1000: You're a big pig! (a Berkshire boar) & you may be pres. of the Republic of Animal Farm, but it's time to work, pork chop! Napoleon
#6289, aired 2012-01-12PIC THE CRITTER $1200: Ferdinand Marcos would have known the animal seen here is known as this country's tarsier; here's looking at you the Philippines
#6286, aired 2012-01-09LABOR DAY FOR HERCULES $200: Hercules is often depicted wearing this animal's skin; killing the Nemean one was quite a labor a lion
#6285, aired 2012-01-06NEW MEXICO $400: The animal seen here was rescued in New Mexico's capitan mountains & became the living symbol of this mascot Smokey the Bear
#6285, aired 2012-01-06SNAKES... WHY'D IT HAVE TO BE SNAKES? $1000: The prominent horn on the nose shows why Bitis nasicornis is also known as this viper, after another African animal a rhinoceros
#6279, aired 2011-12-29OFFICIAL BRITISH ROYAL POSTS $800: Not the Master of the House, but the Master of the this is responsible for the sovereign's carriages & certain animals Horse
#6277, aired 2011-12-27A LURE $400: Cock-a-doodle-doo! In the 1950s Howard Worden developed a classic fishing lure called this animal's tail a rooster (tail)
#6277, aired 2011-12-27TIPS ON NETWORKING $200: Snarl along with "Big Cat Diary" & "Pit Bulls and Parolees" Animal Planet
#6276, aired 2011-12-26THE LAST $800: This animal was last observed in 1681 on Mauritius the dodo
#6275, aired 2011-12-23ANIMAL TYPES $200: Belted Galloway & Polled Hereford a cow (cattle)
#6275, aired 2011-12-23ANIMAL TYPES $400: Sumatran & greater one-horned a rhinoceros
#6275, aired 2011-12-23ANIMAL TYPES $600: Hoffmann's two-toed & brown-throated three-toed a sloth
#6275, aired 2011-12-23ANIMAL TYPES $800: Mourning & Seychelles turtle doves
#6275, aired 2011-12-23ANIMAL TYPES $1000: Parnassian & Gossamer-winged butterflies
#6273, aired 2011-12-21OF SEPARATION $400: From the Latin for "skin", it's the term for the skin of a fur-bearing animal when separated from the flesh pelt
#6267, aired 2011-12-13TITLE ANIMALS OF KIDS' BOOKS $200: E.B. White: "The Trumpet of the ____" Swan
#6267, aired 2011-12-13TITLE ANIMALS OF KIDS' BOOKS $400: A classic from 1940: "Pat the ____" Bunny
#6267, aired 2011-12-13TITLE ANIMALS OF KIDS' BOOKS $600: A lesson on sharing: "The Rainbow ____" Fish
#6267, aired 2011-12-13TITLE ANIMALS OF KIDS' BOOKS $800: Dr. Seuss tweaks the alphabet book tradition: "On Beyond ____" Zebra
#6267, aired 2011-12-13TITLE ANIMALS OF KIDS' BOOKS $1000: Arnold Lobel: "Days with ____ and ____" (2 different amphibians) Frog & Toad
#6265, aired 2011-12-09CAIN & ABEL $800: In sacrifice to God Cain offered the "fruit of the ground"; Abel offered these animals sheep
#6264, aired 2011-12-08BEFORE & AFTER AT THE MOVIES $2000: John Belushi & the boys set up their fraternity in the museum where crazy Vincent Price turns people into figurines Animal House of Wax
#6263, aired 2011-12-07DON'T GO IN THE WATER $400: On New Guinea, the pacu, seen here, which is in the same family as this South American fish, may have given up vegetarianism to be a river monster a piranha
#6262, aired 2011-12-065-LETTER WORDS $400: Honey is an animal product & can be excluded from a strict this type of diet vegan
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $400: This marsh-dwellling rodent is named for its odor a muskrat
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $800: Quoth the Bible, Noah released 2 birds from the Ark to test for dry land, a dove & one of these a raven
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $1200: The tail of this lizard is easily broken off during an attack, hence its fragile name a glass lizard
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $1600: Of the 6 living members of the camel family, it's the only one spelled with a tilde a vicuña
#6260, aired 2011-12-02YOU'RE AN ANIMAL! $2000: Don't complain about this forest-dwelling bird seen here a grouse
#6256, aired 2011-11-28GO BLUE! $200: The moans of these 150-ton animals allow them to communicate with each other 1,000 miles away the blue whale
#6253, aired 2011-11-23OBSESSIONS $600: In 1674 Anton van Leeuwenhoek's obsession with lenses paid off; he discovered these, from the Latin for "first animal" protozoa
#6251, aired 2011-11-21AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) Koalas have adapted their diet with an extra long gut to break down poisons in these leaves & sleep 20 hours a day due to a lack of nutrition in the leaves eucalyptus
#6251, aired 2011-11-21AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) The eastern gray kangaroo can cover 25 feet in a single leap, & they're widespread in this, the country's smallest state Tasmania
#6251, aired 2011-11-21AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) It's the world's largest burrowing animal & can make a destructive tunnel complex 650 feet long, so farmers don't find it as cute as zoo-goers might a wombat
#6251, aired 2011-11-21AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) The arrival of foxes in Western Australia in the 1920s was bad news for the quokka, a type of this kangaroo relative a wallaby
#6251, aired 2011-11-21AUSTRALIAN ANIMALS $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) This egg-laying mammal has no teeth with which to eat; its taxonomic name is Tachyglossidae, or "fast tongue" the echidna
#6251, aired 2011-11-21THE U.S. AIR FORCE $2000: The A-10 Thunderbolt II is less glamorously nicknamed for this hideous animal the warthog
#6249, aired 2011-11-17EXTRAVAGANZA ELEGANZA $1000: He had more than 300 field animals in his private zoo at his San Simeon estate (William Randolph) Hearst
#6247, aired 2011-11-15GOOD MIGRATIONS $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows us a map of southeast Africa, with Tanzania and the Indian Ocean labeled.) In Africa, the only place where vast animal migrations occur is in this large Tanzanian national park, where herds move in a circular route to find water and grazeable land Serengeti
#6246, aired 2011-11-14SOUNDS ALL AROUND $2000: Small pieces of ice that can damage a ship are called these, as trapped air escaping during melting makes them sound like animals growlers
#6245, aired 2011-11-11TERMS OF ART $400: This golden-brown tint from a marine animal is applied to black & white images to give them an antique look sepia
#6241, aired 2011-11-07CHARACTERS FROM MOVIES $1200: 1978: Dean Vernon Wormer, Doug Neidermeyer National Lampoon's Animal House
#6234, aired 2011-10-27FILL IN THE ANIMAL $200: A game from Rovio: Angry ____ Birds
#6234, aired 2011-10-27FILL IN THE ANIMAL $400: A magazine for teens: ____ Beat Tiger
#6234, aired 2011-10-27FILL IN THE ANIMAL $600: A Mac operating system: Snow ____ Leopard
#6234, aired 2011-10-27FILL IN THE ANIMAL $800: The fruit of the baobab: ____ bread monkey
#6234, aired 2011-10-27FILL IN THE ANIMAL $1000: A selfish person: ____ in the manger dog
#6234, aired 2011-10-27THE TONY AWARD FOR BEST PLAY $1200: 1979: Despite this title, he was not an animal The Elephant Man
#6233, aired 2011-10-26WHAT'S NEW IN ARCHAEOLOGY $400: Hippos & baboons were part of the first known one of these, though no "please don't feed the animals" hieroglyphics a zoo
#6230, aired 2011-10-21OLD JOBS $800: Farriers & ostlers had occupations tending to these animals horses
#6228, aired 2011-10-19BIOLO"G" $400: Organs found behind the head in certain aquatic animals & specialized for oxygen exchange gills
#6228, aired 2011-10-19TURNING 50 IN 2011 $1000: The logo of this conservation group founded in 1961 was based on a real animal named Chi-Chi the WWF (the World Wildlife Fund)
#6226, aired 2011-10-17FATS $200: In the 1860s Hippolyte Mege-Mouries invented this butter substitute made from animal & vegetable fats margarine
#6218, aired 2011-10-05THE JEWISH HIGH HOLIDAYS $1000: In ancient times on Yom Kippur, a priest laid the sins of the people upon an animal, leading to this term scapegoat
#6216, aired 2011-10-0320th CENTURY LIT $400: A line from this Orwell tale says, "As for the pigs, they could already read and write perfectly" Animal Farm
#6216, aired 2011-10-03NO CATTLE $1600: "Lamoid" (with one "L") is the collective term for this South American herd animal & its relatives llamas
#6214, aired 2011-09-29SURFING THE OED $1600: An acnestis is "the part of the back between the shoulder blades... which an animal cannot reach to" do this to it scratch
#6214, aired 2011-09-29UNDER THIS CABINET DEPARTMENT $400: Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service Agriculture
#6210, aired 2011-09-23ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $400: Ursine bearlike
#6210, aired 2011-09-23ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $800: Taurine bull-like
#6210, aired 2011-09-23ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $1200: Columbine a dove
#6210, aired 2011-09-23ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $1600: Cervine deer
#6210, aired 2011-09-23ANIMAL ADJECTIVES $2000: Murine a mouse
#6210, aired 2011-09-23I'M ABSOLUTELY SURE $200: Alphabetically, it's the first animal in the American Heritage Dictionary an aardvark
#6209, aired 2011-09-22CHEMISTS $1200: Ernst Chain found that this animal substance does its deadly work by destroying a respiratory coenzyme snake venom
#6207, aired 2011-09-20EARLY MAN $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew holds a small statue at the Smithsonian Hall of Human Origins.) This 35-thousand-year-old figurine known as the Lion Man, the oldest known human statue, is made from the ivory of this animal that went from endangered to extinct thousands of years ago the Woolly Mammoth
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE OLD TESTAMENT--BEFORE THE DELUGE $400: The first specific animal mentioned in the King James Bible is this great sea mammal a whale
#6204, aired 2011-07-28ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $200: Avoid the sting as you tell us that un'ape is this insect the bee
#6204, aired 2011-07-28ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $400: If you're called un asino, you're either a fool, or this animal a donkey
#6204, aired 2011-07-28ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $600: That's the scariest ragno, one of these, I've ever seen! Don't tell Signorina Muffet a spider
#6204, aired 2011-07-28ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $800: Un cane is this; ready for walkies? a dog
#6204, aired 2011-07-28ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $1000: It really gets me that una capra is one of these farm animals a goat
#6197, aired 2011-07-19JOEY $800: Mr. & Mrs. eastern gray this animal welcome joey, 1 inch long & weighing less than a gram a kangaroo
#6197, aired 2011-07-19SAMI $1200: Many of the Sami make their living herding these animals of the family Cervidae reindeer
#6194, aired 2011-07-14REPTILES $800: Although called a "toad", this North American animal is actually a lizard that feeds mainly on ants a horned toad (horny toad accepted)
#6193, aired 2011-07-13TINKER $2000: Sometimes called "Irish Cobs" or "Gypsy Cobs", Irish Tinkers are a type of this animal horse
#6192, aired 2011-07-12MY FAVORITE THINGS $200: "Rain drops on roses and whiskers on" these young animals kittens
#6192, aired 2011-07-12ANIMAL PADS $400: An aerie is for these, perhaps the harpy or bald type eagle
#6192, aired 2011-07-12ANIMAL PADS $800: Coney-garths & pillow mounds hold these rabbits
#6192, aired 2011-07-12ANIMAL PADS $1200: In a vespiary you'll find these insects a wasp
#6192, aired 2011-07-12ANIMAL PADS $1600: A drey is home to these long-tailed rodents squirrels
#6192, aired 2011-07-12ANIMAL PADS $2000: These animals come home to a byre cows
#6192, aired 2011-07-12THE TRAVELS OF MARCO POLO $1600: On Sumatra Polo saw this animal he described as a unicorn having feet like an elephant & nearly as large rhinoceros
#6190, aired 2011-07-08CUTE & CUDDLY $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew leaves a koala be at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney, Australia.) No matter how cuddly they look, visitors to Taronga Zoo are not allowed to hold koalas, which are often mistakenly called this type of animal bear
#6190, aired 2011-07-08CUTE & CUDDLY $1600: A San Diego mom invented these folding plush animals that you can also lay your head on to sleep a Pillow Pet
#6190, aired 2011-07-08WEBSITES $800: has fact sheets about at-risk animals, like the mountain gorilla, classed as this 2-word term endangered species
#6188, aired 2011-07-06SUMMER GAMES $1000: In one of these "hunts" named for the behavior of certain animals, you & your friends compete to gather items on a list a scavenger hunt
#6187, aired 2011-07-05"H" IS FOR HOBBY $1200: If you're getting ready for some dressage at an equestrian event, you're probably into these animals horses
#6186, aired 2011-07-04IT'S A SMALL WORLD $1200: This smallest recognized dog breed may derive from another tiny animal, the fennec fox a chihuahua
#6186, aired 2011-07-04WHATCHA WATCHIN'? $2000: "Cats 101" followed by "Whale Wars" on this Discovery cable channel Animal Planet
#6185, aired 2011-07-01BIRTHSTONES $400: This gem for June is the only birthstone that comes from an animal a pearl
#6181, aired 2011-06-27DAS KAPITALISTS $1200: In 1922 Haribo founder Hans Riegel made his first candies in the shape of these animals bears
#6173, aired 2011-06-15LITTLE-USED WORDS $800: A congenital mark on the skin may be called a nevus as well as this animal term a mole
#6170, aired 2011-06-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL MASCOT? $200: GEICO a gecko
#6170, aired 2011-06-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL MASCOT? $400: Aflac a duck
#6170, aired 2011-06-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL MASCOT? $600: NBC (since the 1950s) a peacock
#6170, aired 2011-06-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL MASCOT? $800: Klondike bar a polar bear
#6170, aired 2011-06-10WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL MASCOT? $1000: Elmer's glue a bull
#6169, aired 2011-06-09ANIMAL NAMES $400: Ay, this tiny dog is named for Mexico's largest state in area Chihuahua
#6169, aired 2011-06-09ANIMAL NAMES $800: With its stripes resembling another animal, the butterfly seen here is known as this type of longwing a zebra longwing
#6169, aired 2011-06-09ANIMAL NAMES $1200: Like a woman who assists in childbirth, a type of toad whose male carries the eggs on its hind legs is called this a midwife
#6169, aired 2011-06-09ANIMAL NAMES $1600: This scarab relative, often seen at night, is named for the time of year when it's most prevalent a junebug
#6169, aired 2011-06-09ANIMAL NAMES $2000: This South American monkey seen here is named for its soft, thick fur a wooly monkey
#6166, aired 2011-06-06WE "URN" IT $400: This adjective means an animal is awake & active mostly at night nocturnal
#6165, aired 2011-06-03EXTRAORDINARY DENTITION $200: The longest teeth in the animal world are these on one of the largest animals the tusks
#6163, aired 2011-06-01HAY IS $2000: ...Animal fodder made from cereal grasses like this one, also the first name of the current treasury secretary Timothy
#6163, aired 2011-06-01NEW GROUP TERMS FOR ANIMALS? $200: An "explosion of" these insects that feed on cellulose & lignin, key ingredients in all wood & wood products termites
#6163, aired 2011-06-01NEW GROUP TERMS FOR ANIMALS? $400: A "squeeze of" these snakes; the reticulated ones of southeast Asia can grow 30 feet long pythons
#6163, aired 2011-06-01NEW GROUP TERMS FOR ANIMALS? $600: A "stench of" these, be they spotted, hog-nosed or striped skunks
#6163, aired 2011-06-01NEW GROUP TERMS FOR ANIMALS? $800: A "panic of" these Scandinavian rodents, infamous for cliff-diving (or falling) lemmings
#6163, aired 2011-06-01NEW GROUP TERMS FOR ANIMALS? $1000: An "army of" these African mammals, aka earth pigs. that catch ants with their 12-inch tongues aardvarks
#6162, aired 2011-05-31ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $200: Seeing this baby animal is like a balm to me lamb
#6162, aired 2011-05-31ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $400: One of these mammals barged into my front yard badger
#6162, aired 2011-05-31ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $600: Unlike the raptor, this pet bird isn't predatory a parrot
#6162, aired 2011-05-31ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $800: These spotted cats are the coolest! ocelots
#6162, aired 2011-05-31ANIMAL ANAGRAMS $1000: Some unusual sounds emanate from this sea mammal the manatee
#6159, aired 2011-05-26ARE YOU PERHAPS FRENCH? $400: Philippe of this family is Chief Ocean Correspondent for Animal Planet Cousteau
#6156, aired 2011-05-23THE NEW YORK PUBLIC LIBRARY $800: They changed a bit in illustrations & movies, but the library has this author's son's original animals, including a bear A.A. Milne
#6151, aired 2011-05-16AMAZING ANIMALS $200: The biggest hunting parties in the animal kingdom are by these ants that can be over 200,000 strong army ants
#6151, aired 2011-05-16AMAZING ANIMALS $400: The heaviest tree dwellers on earth are these animals of Sumatra & Borneo that can weigh up to 300 pounds orangutans
#6151, aired 2011-05-16AMAZING ANIMALS $600: This shark, named for its size, has thousands of teeth, but each is just 3 millimeters long, hence its not quite fearsome jaws a whale shark
#6151, aired 2011-05-16AMAZING ANIMALS $800: More than 140 species of these reef makers all spawn at the same time in the world's largest event of its kind coral
#6151, aired 2011-05-16AMAZING ANIMALS $1000: Found throughout North America, the whistling type of this has the most feathers of any bird, over 25,000 swans
#6148, aired 2011-05-11TAILS FROM SHAKESPEARE $800: "Henry VI, Part II" describes an animal that "clapp'd his tail between" these his legs
#6145, aired 2011-05-06FROM D TO E $800: Adjective used to describe an easily managed or readily trained animal, perhaps a horse docile
#6144, aired 2011-05-05SCIENTISTS $2,000 (Daily Double): This Russian's work on gastrointestinal secretions in animals earned him a Nobel prize Pavlov
#6143, aired 2011-05-04"Y"s UP $600: Yes, deer, it's an animal between 365 & 730 days old a yearling
#6142, aired 2011-05-03"TEA" PARTY $400: A set of draft animals a team
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LITERARY TITLE ANIMALS $200: William Kotzwinkle's "The ____ Went Over the Mountain" Bear
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LITERARY TITLE ANIMALS $400: Bob Hartman & Tim Raglin turned things around & gave us "The ____ Who Cried Boy" Wolf
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LITERARY TITLE ANIMALS $600: Dr. Seuss prescribed "____ in Socks" Fox
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LITERARY TITLE ANIMALS $800: Julie Mammano "horned" in on the kids' market with "____ Who Surf" Rhinos
#6139, aired 2011-04-28LITERARY TITLE ANIMALS $1000: Aravind Adiga won the 2008 Man Booker Prize with "The White ____" Tiger
#6138, aired 2011-04-27THE DOG WHISPERER $200: (Cesar Millan walks several large dogs) Notice that I walk ahead of the dogs; I am communicating that I'm the pack leader, the equivalent of this leader of a wild pack the alpha
#6138, aired 2011-04-27THE DOG WHISPERER $400: (Cesar Millan holds a dog.) One of the most powerful tools in working with dogs is giving rewards, what psychologists call this type of reinforcement positive
#6138, aired 2011-04-27THE DOG WHISPERER $600: (Cesar Millan stands next to a seated dog.) Dogs look to us for reassurance & notice fear immediately; in an entire city, a dog could find 1 gram of butyric acid, a component of this human secretion sweat (or perspiration)
#6138, aired 2011-04-27THE DOG WHISPERER $800: (Cesar Millan stands by a small group of dogs.) With a little bit of help from me, the pack rehabilitates unstable dogs by showing them by example how to be calm & this, the opposite of dominant or assertive in behavioral science submissive
#6138, aired 2011-04-27THE DOG WHISPERER $1000: (Cesar Millan snaps his fingers and makes a short vocal sound to a dog before giving the clue.) Operant conditioning is a fancy way of saying learning from consequences, like the simple act of correction; it is part of this school of psychology that deals with actions, not inner states, so it works well with dogs behavioralist/behaviorism
#6137, aired 2011-04-26BEAR WITH THESE BOOKS $1000: Brer Bear is one of the animals in his "Uncle Remus" stories Joel Chandler Harris
#6135, aired 2011-04-22THE ENVIRONMENT $200: The Florida wild black type of this carnivore is down to about 3,000 animals & needs its habitat protected a bear
#6134, aired 2011-04-21MOVIE NICKNAMES $200: Pinto, Otter & D-Day are nicknames of students in this 1978 classic comedy Animal House
#6131, aired 2011-04-18HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES $400: Britannica says this animal observed on Feb. 2 is "basically a giant North American ground squirrel" a groundhog
#6130, aired 2011-04-15ANIMAL HOMOPHONES $200: A leaf cutter insect, or Mom's sis an ant/aunt
#6130, aired 2011-04-15ANIMAL HOMOPHONES $400: An adult male pig, or to drill a hole a boar/bore
#6130, aired 2011-04-15ANIMAL HOMOPHONES $600: A mammal that's sometimes spectacled, or naked a bear/bare
#6130, aired 2011-04-15ANIMAL HOMOPHONES $800: A South American ruminant, or a Tibetan monk a llama/lama
#6130, aired 2011-04-15ANIMAL HOMOPHONES $1000: An "Arctic" avian, or to rotate a tern/turn
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $200: This short-lived enterprise employed Buffalo Bill Cody & ceased at the completion of the U.S. telegraph system the Pony Express
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $400: Fittingly, these patriotic "outfitters" have a line of clothing called "Aerie" American Eagle
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $600: Want a bar of this "avian" product? Specify whether you'd like chocolate or soap, please Dove
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $800: This energy drink company now offers a cola & "Energy Shots" Red Bull
#6129, aired 2011-04-14ANIMAL COMPANIES $1000: This sporting shoe company's logo features a feline jumping over the letters Puma
#6126, aired 2011-04-11ENDS IN "SS" $600: It describes any invertebrate animal, or a person lacking courage spineless
#6119, aired 2011-03-31OF THE SQUIRRELS $2000: Squirrels don't just eat nuts--the diet of some species includes lagomorphs, these animals rabbits
#6112, aired 2011-03-2219th CENTURY SCIENCE $600: In 1881 he immunized farm animals from anthrax in Pouilly-le-Fort, on the outskirts of Paris Pasteur
#6111, aired 2011-03-21OFFBEAT MUSEUMS $400: Next time you're roaming through North Dakota, visit the museum of this animal & its herd of about 30 buffalo
#6109, aired 2011-03-17"F"IVE-LETTER WORDS $1600: The plants & animals of a given region are known by these 2 5-letter words flora & fauna
#6106, aired 2011-03-14HABLA ESPANOL? $400: It's the Spanish word for a donkey, especially one used as a pack animal a burro
#6104, aired 2011-03-10LEARN SOME GERMAN $2000: An animal: Die Fledermaus the bat
#6104, aired 2011-03-10MOVIE BY SONG LYRICS $600: "I gave my love a chicken, that had no bones, I gave my love a story, that had no end, I gave..." (Bluto smashes guitar) Animal House
#6103, aired 2011-03-09OF ORDER $400: Animals, from slowest to fastest: cheetah, donkey, peregrine falcon donkey, cheetah, peregrine falcon
#6099, aired 2011-03-03WHAT'S IN YOUR WALLET? $400: Some postage stamps from the animal rescue series that say adopt a pet from one of these a shelter
#6098, aired 2011-03-02DISCOVERIES $1600: A 35,000-year-old flute discovered in a cave is made from the ivory of this animal, extinct for thousands of years a woolly mammoth
#6097, aired 2011-03-01FOOD & DRINK $200: Schweinknochel, a German favorite, are this animal's knuckles a pig
#6096, aired 2011-02-28OUT WEST $200: From his time as a hunter of them in the Old West, it was the animal in the nickname of William F. Cody a buffalo
#6095, aired 2011-02-25THE RHINOCEROS $800: Weighing up to 8,000 pounds, rhinos are the second-largest land animals, second only to these elephants
#6095, aired 2011-02-25THE RHINOCEROS $1600: With their numbers dropping sharply in recent years, the rhino is on this "list" that tracks animals near extinction the Endangered Species List
#6094, aired 2011-02-24IT'S ALL A MYTH $800: Pan, the god of woods & fields, flocks & shepherds, was part man, part this animal goat
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $200: The Antarctic fur variety of this animal has the longest whiskers of any animal, up to about 20 inches long a seal
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $400: Able to speak & learn human language, the most talkative bird is the African gray this the parrot
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $600: Humans each have one of these, also called the backbone; hedgehogs are covered with them a spine
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $800: One of the slowest & sleepiest animals is the 3-toed species of this mammal that can sleep 16 hours a day the sloth
#6091, aired 2011-02-21EXTREME ANIMALS $1000: In the greatest mass egg laying, 500,000 of these sea creatures come ashore in Northeast India to nest sea turtles
#6090, aired 2011-02-182010 MOVIES $600: John Malkovich trains the Triple Crown-winning title star in this animal biopic Secretariat
#6083, aired 2011-02-09ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $400: Pongo & Missis: This breed that lives with Mr. & Mrs. Dearly Dalmatians
#6083, aired 2011-02-09ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $800: Aslan: This majestic creature in Narnia a lion
#6083, aired 2011-02-09ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $1200: Stellaluna: The fruit type of this mammal a bat
#6083, aired 2011-02-09ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $1600: Rikki-Tikki-Tavi: This creature that saves his family a mongoose
#6083, aired 2011-02-09ANIMALS IN CHILDREN'S BOOKS $2000: Mr. Jeremy Fisher: This critter, living at the edge of a pond in a Beatrix Potter tale a frog
#6081, aired 2011-02-074-LETTER "S" WORDS $600: A man "goes" this animal term when attending a social event unaccompanied by a woman stag
#6081, aired 2011-02-07GETTING INTO CHARACTER $1000: To play Hawkeye in this movie, Daniel Day-Lewis learned to track animals, build canoes & fire muskets The Last of the Mohicans
#6076, aired 2011-01-31GOOD GNUS $200: This alternate name for a gnu is from the Afrikaans for "wild animal" wildebeest
#6075, aired 2011-01-28WE ALL SPEAK HINDI $800: Though this animal is now mostly found in Africa, its name comes from Hindi a cheetah
#6072, aired 2011-01-25ANIMAL TERMS $400: This expression meaning to crease a page in a book for later reference dates back to 1659 dog-ear
#6072, aired 2011-01-25ANIMAL TERMS $800: If you've been beaten 72-0 in football, you've gotten this, from the name of a smelly critter, Mephitis mephitis skunked
#6072, aired 2011-01-25ANIMAL TERMS $1200: To "go whole" this animal means to indulge completely hog
#6072, aired 2011-01-25ANIMAL TERMS $1600: This "scaly" alliterative term originally referred to men who flirted in tea rooms lounge lizards
#6072, aired 2011-01-25ANIMAL TERMS $2000: Teens who frequent shopping centers are called these, the title of a Kevin Smith film mall rats
#6072, aired 2011-01-25NICE TO MEAT YOU $800: Be vewy quiet; the most common small game animal is this, which is mostly white meat & can be grilled, fried or roasted rabbit
#6067, aired 2011-01-18"Y" ASK $200: In parts of Asia these pack animals are known as hairy cattle yaks
#6064, aired 2011-01-13TRANSPORTATION $200: Locomotives built for the Panama Canal were called these; they took jobs from hybrid animals that towed barges elsewhere mules
#6061, aired 2011-01-10THOSE ANIMALS FRIGHTEN ME! $400: Taurophobia bulls
#6061, aired 2011-01-10THOSE ANIMALS FRIGHTEN ME! $800: Herpetophobia reptiles (or snakes)
#6061, aired 2011-01-10THOSE ANIMALS FRIGHTEN ME! $1600: Vermiphobia worms
#6061, aired 2011-01-10THOSE ANIMALS FRIGHTEN ME! $2000: Ailurophobia cats
#6061, aired 2011-01-10THOSE ANIMALS FRIGHTEN ME! $2,000 (Daily Double): Hippophobia (don't say hippos) horses
#6058, aired 2011-01-05ADVENTUROUS WOMEN $800: 19th c. Congo traveler Mary Kingsley said this large ape is "the most horrible wild animal I have seen" a gorilla
#6058, aired 2011-01-05PRESIDENTIAL RHYME TIME $200: Barack's Andean pack animals Obama's llamas
#6057, aired 2011-01-04SAINTS BE PRAISED $800: In art, Saint Agnes is often depicted as holding this young animal, a symbol of innocence & purity a lamb
#6056, aired 2011-01-03NOVEL IDEAS $200: One of the "7 commandments" in this Orwell novel reads: "Whatever goes upon 4 legs or has wings, is a friend" Animal Farm
#6054, aired 2010-12-30I READ IT ON A BUMPER STICKER $800: "Never play leap frog with" this mythical animal, if you get my point the unicorn
#6051, aired 2010-12-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF THE AMERICAN INDIAN $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands by a sculpture.) In a Native American origin story of this fish, two animals steal a baby of the Sockeye people. The Sockeye find the baby in a river, which becomes their home salmon
#6051, aired 2010-12-27THE RAT PACK $1600: With eyes hidden beneath its fur, the burrowing Zokor of Asia is known as this rat, after another "blind" animal a mole
#6050, aired 2010-12-24LET'S GET READY TO ROOMBA! $200: The Roomba is on the hunt for this 2-word "animal", a loose, tangled ball of hair or debris found under the couch a dust bunny
#6050, aired 2010-12-24THE HOUSE OF THE 7 GERBILS $400: Gerbils are members of this animal order with impressive incisors rodents
#6050, aired 2010-12-24THE HOUSE OF THE 7 GERBILS $2000: The term "gerbil" is a corruption of the name of this similar but unrelated hopping animal of the desert the jerboa
#6046, aired 2010-12-20A VISIT TO AUSTRALIA $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew feeds a kangaroo at the Taronga Zoo in Sydney.) Found in the bush & also the zoo, the eastern gray kangaroo is Australia's most commonly seen animal in this group of mammals marsupials
#6045, aired 2010-12-17MUSICAL LODGINGS $400: The Animals said this place was "the ruin of many a poor boy" the House of the Rising Sun
#6044, aired 2010-12-16CURSE WORDS $1200: This variant of "curse" can also mean a troublesome animal cuss
#6043, aired 2010-12-15ART $600: Her dominant motifs, the animal bones & landscape of the Southwest, are seen here Georgia O'Keeffe
#6042, aired 2010-12-14I'M DRIVING $800: It can mean a person who drives 2 or more draft animals, or a union truck driver a teamster
#6039, aired 2010-12-09CREATURES OF THE NIGHT $800: As you might expect from its name, the 2-toed variety of this nocturnal animal is a real slow mover a sloth
#6036, aired 2010-12-06RACCOONS $1000: Raccoons' fur may be silver-tipped, like the fur that gives this North American animal its name the grizzly bear
#6036, aired 2010-12-06WELL, I NEVER! $800: It may be the Univ. of Michigan's mascot, but I never had this animal as a pet; it attacks reindeer, caribou & almost anything the wolverine
#6033, aired 2010-12-01ME TARZAN $400: Tarzan, lord of the jungle, encounters Numa, this royal animal of the jungle a lion
#6033, aired 2010-12-01MY "B*FF" $200: It's the state animal of Kansas & Oklahoma a buffalo
#6029, aired 2010-11-25LITERARY LETTER DROP $800: A Faulkner tale about the Compson family loses a letter to focus on animal pelts The Sound and the Fur
#6027, aired 2010-11-23"GAME", "SET", "MATCH" $1200: A wildlife minder on an animal preserve a gamekeeper
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $200: It's the only seal with tusks a walrus
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $400: In parts of Asia, more than half the milk produced comes from the "water" type of this bovid buffalo
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $600: North America's 2 venomous lizards are the Mexican beaded lizard & this scary denizen of the Southwest a Gila monster
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $800: This agile monkey of the Americas dines on, among other things, the arachnid in its name a spider monkey
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $1000: Around 9 pounds at birth, the pygmy species of this African mammal may eventually reach some 600 pounds a hippopotamus
#6021, aired 2010-11-15NOW THAT'S COMEDY $400: "Animal House": "Women--can't live with them, can't" do this live without them
#6021, aired 2010-11-15NOW THAT'S COMEDY $1200: Woody Allen: "I don't think my parents liked me. They put a live" one of these toy animals "in my crib" a teddy bear
#6020, aired 2010-11-12AVATAR $1000: One avatar of the ancient war god Vrthraghna was this tusked wild animal a boar
#6019, aired 2010-11-11LANDMARKS $800: Fittingly, a sculpture of this animal stands 67 feet tall at the Dallas Zoo a giraffe
#6018, aired 2010-11-10LADY ANTEBELLUM $600: Women knew how to salt; this animal was the main source of meat, with slaves getting about 3 pounds a week the pig (pork accepted)
#6017, aired 2010-11-09THAT'S A RAP $400: "I'm stayin' up all night hopin', hittin' my head against the wall", this "Animal" gal raps on "Your Love Is My Drug" Ke$ha
#6015, aired 2010-11-05NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL GREAT MIGRATIONS $2000: A female covers herself with secretions to prep for the migration of the bats called flying these animals the flying fox
#6011, aired 2010-11-01MAKES SENSE $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew stands by a board displaying numbers and letters.) In a simple substitution code, each number stands for its corresponding letter; for example, 3 15 23 spells COW, while 26 5 2 18 1 spells the name of this animal a zebra
#6000, aired 2010-10-15CABLE CHANNELS $1000: You can "Escape to Chimp Eden" on this channel Animal Planet
#5990, aired 2010-10-01WELL, DUH! $200: The English word for this animal comes from the Greek "kamelos" camel
#5988, aired 2010-09-29COLORFUL CREATURES $200: During the 20th century, this largest animal on earth was nearly hunted to extinction the blue whale
#5988, aired 2010-09-29COLORFUL CREATURES $800: It's easy to see how this animal got its name the white-tailed deer
#5986, aired 2010-09-27DAFFYNITIONS $800: Animals that feed on others, or what you'll see from the top of the Eiffel Tower a parasite/Paris sight
#5986, aired 2010-09-27WHAT'S IN STORE? $800: Erma Bombeck said in a book title that all she knew about animal behavior, she learned in these rooms at Loehmann's dressing rooms
#5983, aired 2010-09-22FOUND IN MONGOLIA $200: Mongolia's annual Naadam festival includes archery, wrestling & the racing of these animals horses
#5973, aired 2010-07-28ANTARCTIC WILDLIFE $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew floats near a floe in Antarctica.) This seal here--the only type that eats warm-blooded animals--is named after a big cat due to the dark spots on its coat the leopard seal
#5969, aired 2010-07-22OF ARK $1600: According to popular legend & a hit song by the Irish Rovers, these animals frolicked & didn't make it onto Noah's Ark unicorns
#5964, aired 2010-07-15FLYBOYS $1200: Animal-named planes developed by this British aviation pioneer include the Pup, the Dolphin & the Camel Sopwith
#5959, aired 2010-07-0810-12 YEARS $400: Rat & monkey are just 2 of the animals in this most populous country's 12-year zodiac cycle China
#5959, aired 2010-07-08ANIMAL RECORDS $200: At 18 feet in height, this tallest mammal could easily peek in a second-story window a giraffe
#5959, aired 2010-07-08ANIMAL RECORDS $400: Makes me itch just thinking about it, but the longest & highest jump compared to body size is made by this pet pest a flea
#5959, aired 2010-07-08ANIMAL RECORDS $600: The largest primate is the male eastern lowland this a gorilla
#5959, aired 2010-07-08ANIMAL RECORDS $800: The longest tail of any feline, over 3 1/2 feet, belongs to the snow species of this a leopard
#5959, aired 2010-07-08ANIMAL RECORDS $1000: Growing more than 10 feet long & weighing more than 350 pounds, this Asiatic monster is the world's largest lizard a komodo dragon
#5958, aired 2010-07-07AM I BLUE? $800: A Russian blue is this type of animal a cat
#5958, aired 2010-07-07AM I BLUE? $1000: One of the loudest animals on earth is the blue type of this creature; it can be heard over 500 miles away a whale
#5958, aired 2010-07-07FANTASTIC MR. FOX $1200: Foxes are members of Canidae, this domestic animal's family a dog
#5956, aired 2010-07-05ANIMATED FILMS $600: 2005: 4 animals from the New York City zoo end up on an African island Madagascar
#5951, aired 2010-06-28IS THERE A DOCTOR IN THE BOOK? $600: "The Island of" this doctor by H.G. Wells concerns a man trying to turn animals into men Dr. Moreau
#5951, aired 2010-06-28VERBS $400: 3-letter animal verb meaning "take more than your share of" hog
#5949, aired 2010-06-24ANCIENT TIMES $800: 8,500 years ago, the Zebu or Brahman type of this animal was domesticated in Asia cattle
#5949, aired 2010-06-24DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? $800: It's the state animal of Vermont the Morgan horse
#5942, aired 2010-06-15HERE'S A "QUARTER" $600: The AQHA helps locate trainers for these animals, the "QH" in its name a quarterhorse
#5942, aired 2010-06-15YOU GOTTA REPRESENT $400: Among constellations, Lupus represents this animal captured by Centaurus wolf
#5941, aired 2010-06-141T, 2T $1200: A unit of liquid measurement, & a number of recently born animal young liter & litter
#5930, aired 2010-05-28PITCHING HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE WOO $800: Tonight we sup on this animal's jowls, used to flavor stews as a southern delicacy; it's a motorcycle term, too, my love a hog
#5927, aired 2010-05-25BANDS IN MOVIES $400: "Shout" if you know Otis Day & The Knights performed in this 1978 film Animal House
#5926, aired 2010-05-24ALPHABETICALLY LAST $400: ...of animals on exhibit at the L.A. Zoo a zebra
#5925, aired 2010-05-21FASHIONABLE WORDS $200: It's the animal name for a high-heeled shoe or a slipper with no back a mule
#5922, aired 2010-05-18DOUBLE "E" $200: It's the genealogical record of an animal's breeding pedigree
#5921, aired 2010-05-17POLITICAL ANIMALS $400: In July 2009 Sarah Palin said she didn't want to accept this status of late-term ineffectiveness, so bye-bye lame duck
#5921, aired 2010-05-17POLITICAL ANIMALS $800: A "dog" this is something only canines can hear; politically, it's a subtle signal to one's base a whistle
#5921, aired 2010-05-17POLITICAL ANIMALS $1200: They're supposedly untouchable programs; in 2009 Washington Gov. Gregoire said it's time to put them out to pasture sacred cows
#5921, aired 2010-05-17POLITICAL ANIMALS $1600: Someone too liberal for his party may be dubbed a RINO, short for this "in name only" Republican
#5921, aired 2010-05-17POLITICAL ANIMALS $2000: A candidate put forward to ease the way for another candidate is called a "stalking" this horse
#5920, aired 2010-05-14GODS AMONG US $400: A goddess of flowers, or all of a region's flowers & other vegetation Flora
#5915, aired 2010-05-07HOW LOW CAN YOU GO? $1200: An 1895 textbook calls this one-celled creature the lowest form of animal life an amoeba
#5913, aired 2010-05-05AT THE ZOO $400: You can see how this tallest animal is most vulnerable when drinking, as it has to splay its legs & lower its head the giraffe
#5913, aired 2010-05-05WHAT ARE YOU, YELLOW? $1200: In identifying the butterfly seen here, the name of this fierce animal comes before "swallowtail" tiger
#5911, aired 2010-05-03WHEN "GH" SOUNDS LIKE F $600: This long, narrow receptacle holds food for animals a trough
#5910, aired 2010-04-30SCENE & HERD $400: All the animals join the "Circle Of Life" to see the baby cub Simba in this animated film from 1994 The Lion King
#5909, aired 2010-04-29WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS $400: An 1870 photo tells the sad story of how this plains animal was hunted to near extinction the bison
#5904, aired 2010-04-22LITERARY CHARACTERS $400: This title M.D. is taught to communicate with animals by his pet parrot, Polynesia Dr. Dolittle
#5903, aired $800: says the most commonly cited collective term for these animals is a clowder cats
#5903, aired 2010-04-21BUSY AS A BEAVER $400: One of the 2 U.S. states with the beaver as the state animal: one's on the west coast & one's on the east Oregon (or New York)
#5894, aired 2010-04-08CLASSICAL COMPOSERS $1600: This French composer's "The Carnival of the Animals" was written to make fun of some friends Saint-Saëns
#5893, aired 2010-04-07BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS $400: If you have the biggest or best part of something, you have this animal's "share" the lion's share
#5891, aired 2010-04-05ON THE WARPATH $1600: For help against a machine gun nest in 1943, Chips, a mutt, became the only animal ever awarded this medal, the DSC the Distinguished Service Cross
#5891, aired 2010-04-05OTHER 4-LETTER WORDS $400: In 2010 American Humane celebrates "Be" this "to Animals Week" from May 2 to 8 Kind
#5890, aired 2010-04-02WEIRD CRITTERS $800: Found in Argentina, the pink fairy species of this armored animal reaches only a length of about 5 inches an armadillo
#5888, aired 2010-03-31SWEET WORD OF YOUTH $1000: Fledgling can mean a young or inexperienced person or, in the animal world, one of these a bird
#5885, aired 2010-03-26& ALL WHO SAIL WITH YOU $2000: During World War II, newspapers gave Admiral William Halsey this animal nickname Bull
#5885, aired 2010-03-26LAST OF A DYING BREED $800: The last wild wisent, also called the European variety of this plains animal, was killed in the Caucasus in 1927 a bison
#5885, aired 2010-03-26MUSICAL WORDS $200: It's a bony growth on certain animals & an instrument that really blows a horn
#5883, aired 2010-03-24DONKEY $2,400 (Daily Double): In this 1945 novel, Benjamin the Donkey says, "Donkeys live a long time. None of you has ever seen a dead donkey" Animal Farm
#5877, aired 2010-03-16PICTURE BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $400: "The Very Hungry ____" Caterpillar
#5877, aired 2010-03-16PICTURE BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $800: "If You Give a ____ a Cookie" Mouse
#5877, aired 2010-03-16PICTURE BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $1200: "Make Way for ____" Ducklings
#5877, aired 2010-03-16PICTURE BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $1600: "Harry the Dirty ____" Dog
#5877, aired 2010-03-16PICTURE BOOK TITLE ANIMALS $2000: "Is Your Momma a ____?" Llama
#5875, aired 2010-03-12CALIFORNIA $1600: The California poppy is the state's official flower & this tough critter is the official state animal the grizzly bear
#5874, aired 2010-03-11OF "OZ" $1000: The name of these single-celled organisms is from the Greek for "first animals" protozoa
#5869, aired 2010-03-04THE BELOVED OSTRICH $200: A great aid in identifying predators, these ostrich body parts are the largest of any land animal's their eyes
#5868, aired 2010-03-03"E" IN SCIENCE $1600: Marine invertebrates like starfish & sand dollars are this type of animal, from the Latin for "urchin skin" echinoderms
#5865, aired 2010-02-26NOT YOUR EVERYDAY WORDS $2000: Vaccine also means "pertaining to or derived from" these animals cows
#5865, aired 2010-02-26THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $400: Passerines are perching types of these animals birds
#5865, aired 2010-02-26THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $800: The "colossal" type of this creature is the largest invertebrate & has the largest eyes of any animal a squid
#5865, aired 2010-02-26THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $1200: A leech is a segmented type of this creature an annelid (or worm)
#5865, aired 2010-02-26THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $2000: The sable type of this fast African animal has a black coat & long, curved horns an antelope
#5865, aired 2010-02-26THE ANIMAL KINGDOM $2,200 (Daily Double): Also known as St. Hubert's hound, this dog's more familiar name comes from its purebred ancestry a bloodhound
#5861, aired 2010-02-22U.S. COMMEMORATIVE COINS $400: A 2001 commemorative depicting this animal was based on the design of a nickel that was produced 1913-1938 the buffalo
#5859, aired 2010-02-18HOLY ____! $1600: It was the "animalistic" signature call of both Phil Rizzuto & Harry Caray Holy cow!
#5849, aired 2010-02-04INTERNET FAVORITES $1200: Fatso from Spokane is the lovable "Keyboard" this animal Cat
#5845, aired 2010-01-29ANIMAL YOUTH $200: Baby blue whales are about 7 months old & 50 feet long when this process that ends suckling takes place weaning
#5845, aired 2010-01-29ANIMAL YOUTH $400: Starting at about 5 months, chimps are carried by their mothers this way that contains the name of another animal piggyback
#5845, aired 2010-01-29ANIMAL YOUTH $600: Baby pelicans don't stick their heads into the fridge for something to eat but into here their mother's beak
#5845, aired 2010-01-29ANIMAL YOUTH $800: National Geographic profiled a leopard teaching her cub, called Legadema, the skills & stealth to do this hunt
#5845, aired 2010-01-29ANIMAL YOUTH $1000: "Don't be cruel" to these postlarval young eels elvers
#5840, aired 2010-01-22OVERLAPPING WORDS $400: A large animal, as any of those "one for all and all for one" guys a hippopotamusketeer
#5840, aired 2010-01-22SIGNS & SYMBOLS $400: The shofar is this animal's horn & is a reminder of the one that Abraham sacrificed instead of Isaac a ram
#5840, aired 2010-01-22THE SCIENCE BUG $400: Karl von Frisch won a Nobel Prize for work on animal behavior patterns, largely using the "dance' of this insect bees
#5839, aired 2010-01-21PEOPLE STYLE WATCH $1000: Feeling fierce? Try an animal print dress by Dolce & this designer partner Gabbana
#5839, aired 2010-01-21I'M A "STAR" $1200: This multiple-armed marine animal is harmful to oyster beds but tough to eradicate, since it can regenerate body parts a starfish
#5837, aired 2010-01-19YES, DEER $200: Deers are the only animals with bones called these; in most species, only the males have them antlers
#5834, aired 2010-01-14FOOD CONFUSION $800: A prawn looks like this saltwater animal, but the 2 have slightly different shells, & prawns don't brood eggs shrimp
#5834, aired 2010-01-14FOOD CONFUSION $2000: Found in the ocean, this is actually an animal, though its name implies it's the fruit from a gourd family plant a sea cucumber
#5834, aired 2010-01-14THE 7 DEADLY SINS $1000: Laziness, or a slow-moving arboreal animal sloth
#5831, aired 2010-01-11"YN" $1600: The bobcat is also known as the bay this animal a lynx
#5830, aired 2010-01-08ANGELS & DEMONS $2000: "Well-known" term for a demon who aids a witch & assumes an animal form, like a cat a familiar
#5828, aired 2010-01-06A PRAYER TO BE NAMED LATER $1,000 (Daily Double): A prayer of this saint included the line "Who am I, worm of the Earth..."; always with the animals St. Francis of Assisi
#5828, aired 2010-01-06ANIMALS IN MOVIES? $400: This 2002 movie starred Eminem as Rabbit 8 Mile
#5828, aired 2010-01-06ANIMALS IN MOVIES? $800: He played Gator McKlusky in "White Lightning" as well as in "Gator" Burt Reynolds
#5828, aired 2010-01-06ANIMALS IN MOVIES? $1200: In this film Denzel Washington is a '40s detective whose muscle is named Mouse Devil in a Blue Dress
#5828, aired 2010-01-06ANIMALS IN MOVIES? $1600: Jon Cryer's aquatic name in "Pretty in Pink" Duckie
#5828, aired 2010-01-06ANIMALS IN MOVIES? $2000: Tim Matheson's aquatic name in "Animal House" Otter
#5826, aired 2010-01-04ABLE ANIMALS $400: When a snake sticks out its tongue, it's not tasting but using this sense smell
#5826, aired 2010-01-04ABLE ANIMALS $800: Cats have tapetum lucidum membranes in this body part, so they have 2 chances to catch photons their eyes
#5826, aired 2010-01-04ABLE ANIMALS $1200: Rats have poor vision but can enhance their perception by using these, also called vibrissae whiskers
#5826, aired 2010-01-04ABLE ANIMALS $1600: Some moths are able to detect chemical love signals called these up to 7 miles away pheromones
#5826, aired 2010-01-04ABLE ANIMALS $2000: This fish seen here has a rod and bait on top of its head to lure and catch prey an anglerfish
#5817, aired 2009-12-22SET THE COMPOUND FRACTURE $1200: The heart of downtown Chicago & an animal's burrow a loophole
#5816, aired 2009-12-21FARM AID $400: It's not a gal's intent on; this 9-letter word refers to the science of raising animals husbandry
#5816, aired 2009-12-21FARM AID $2000: Also found on a racetrack, this enclosure is a place to exercise animals a paddock
#5809, aired 2009-12-10ORGANIZATIONS $800: "We are their voice" is the motto of this 5-letter group, the first animal protection organization in the United States the ASPCA
#5808, aired 2009-12-09GALAPAGOS WILDLIFE $800: (Alex reports from the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador.) The largest animal in the island lives in a harem--1 bull, about 30 cows & their babies; now, often mistaken for seals, they have external ears, which means they are these creatures sea lions
#5808, aired 2009-12-09ANIMAL SONGS $200: Elvis Presley: "You ain't never caught a rabbit" "Hound Dog"
#5808, aired 2009-12-09ANIMAL SONGS $400: The Beatles: "Goo goo g'joob" "I Am The Walrus"
#5808, aired 2009-12-09ANIMAL SONGS $600: Elton John: "Me and Suzie had so much fun, holding hands and skimming stones" "Crocodile Rock"
#5808, aired 2009-12-09ANIMAL SONGS $800: Harry Chapin: "Little Boy Blue and the Man in the Moon. When ya comin' home, dad?" "Cat's In The Cradle"
#5808, aired 2009-12-09ANIMAL SONGS $1000: The Tokens: "Wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, wimoweh, in the jungle, the mighty jungle" "The Lion Sleeps Tonight"
#5803, aired 2009-12-02REMEMBER THESE LADIES $600: ...And God created this French actress & animal rights activist in Paris Sept. 28, 1934 Bardot
#5802, aired 2009-12-01"TU" MUCH $1600: Mentioned over & over in a popular Christmas song, these animals take their name from their call, not from a reptile turtledoves
#5799, aired 2009-11-26ANIMAL FARM $200: The L.A. Times says the Norwegian variety of this animal came to Los Angeles via rail, the black variety via ship a rat
#5799, aired 2009-11-26ANIMAL FARM $400: This large fowl was originally domesticated in Mexico & taken to Spain around 1519 a turkey
#5799, aired 2009-11-26ANIMAL FARM $600: The crested this is the biggest African rodent, & has a really good defense system, too the crested porcupine
#5799, aired 2009-11-26ANIMAL FARM $800: The spadefoot variety of this amphibian can lay up to 3,000 eggs in pools created by a summer rainfall a frog (a toad accepted)
#5799, aired 2009-11-26ANIMAL FARM $1000: The dried dung of this animal, Bos grunniens, is often the only obtainable fuel in the treeless Tibetan plateaus a yak
#5797, aired 2009-11-24"PH"UN WORDS $800: In the scientific classification of animals, it's Chordata for a domesticated dog phylum
#5796, aired 2009-11-23TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE WORD THAT RHYMES WITH STAR $1000: This animal's scientific name is Panthera onca jaguar
#5795, aired 2009-11-20INTERNATIONAL NAMES $400: As a boy Bolivia's president Evo Morales herded these pack animals llamas
#5794, aired 2009-11-19ANIMAL TALK $200: Groucho quipped, "One morning I shot" this "in my pajamas; how he got into my pajamas I'll never know" an elephant
#5794, aired 2009-11-19ANIMAL TALK $400: According to a proverb, "Every dog has his" this day
#5794, aired 2009-11-19ANIMAL TALK $600: Completes the Clement Clarke Moore line, "Not a creature was stirring--" not even a mouse
#5794, aired 2009-11-19ANIMAL TALK $800: In "Winnie-the-Pooh" he wrote, "Isn't it funny how a bear likes honey? Buzz! Buzz! Buzz! I wonder why he does" A.A. Milne
#5794, aired 2009-11-19ANIMAL TALK $1000: Lord Dufferin wrote, "It is upon" this animal "that the Laplander is dependent for (almost) every comfort in life" a reindeer
#5789, aired 2009-11-12TWILIGHT: THE NOVEL $400: From Jacob Black, Bella learns that according to legend, the Quileute Indians are descended from these animals wolves
#5788, aired 2009-11-11-OLOGIES $800: Traditionally, biology is divided into 2 major fields: botany & this study of animals zoology
#5787, aired 2009-11-10WHATEVER $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew repeatedly drops onto the table a springed apparatus that lands on four feet, like a cat.) Cats are able to land on their feet because their flexible spines allow them to rotate in midair without violating the principle of conservation of this angular quantity momentum
#5786, aired 2009-11-09WHAT'S THAT SOUND? $1000: This nocturnal dog-like animal of Africa is heard here a hyena
#5785, aired 2009-11-06LAND MARKS $1000: A hunted animal, or a pit that yields stone a quarry
#5781, aired 2009-11-02BOOK ENDS $400: In this Orwell book, looking from pig to man & man to pig, it's impossible to say which is which Animal Farm
#5777, aired 2009-10-27ONE IN A MILLION $400: A cut of meat from the back of an animal, between the ribs & the rump the loin
#5777, aired 2009-10-27THAT'S RARE $600: Seen here, the rare tuatara of New Zealand is the only living member of an entire order of this animal class reptiles
#5776, aired 2009-10-26I THINK I LOVE HUGH $1200: If you could talk to the animals, maybe you would have created Dr. Dolittle, but he beat you to it in 1920 Hugh Lofting
#5773, aired 2009-10-21NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM $3,400 (Daily Double): In Rousseau's "Sleeping Gypsy", a full moon hangs in the night sky while this animal catches the scent of the title figure a lion
#5773, aired 2009-10-21WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! $200: This "eager" animal's 20 teeth, include 4 strong, curved front ones that never wear out, as they grow through its life a beaver
#5773, aired 2009-10-21WHAT BIG TEETH YOU HAVE! $400: "I am" this animal that uses its 39" tusks both to defend itself against polar bears & as hooks to climb on ice the walrus
#5771, aired 2009-10-19A GIFT FROM THE MONARCH $800: Lincoln accepted 2 tusks from the King of Siam, but turned down these animals, saying trains move goods just fine elephants
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $400: Subtract a letter from this crustacean & you get a vehicle for public hire a crab
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $800: Subtract a letter from this amphibian & you get a hazy condition a frog
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $1200: Remove a letter from this furry animal & you get a Jewish clergyman a rabbit
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $2,000 (Daily Double): Subract a letter from this noisy bird & you get a list of players on a team a rooster
#5771, aired 2009-10-19ANIMAL SUBTRACTION $2000: Subtract a letter from this South American ruminant & you get a Buddhist monk a llama
#5771, aired 2009-10-19POTPOURRI $800: A century-old painting of these animals playing poker was one of a pair that fetched $590,400 at a 2005 auction dogs
#5770, aired 2009-10-16OFFICIAL STATE THINGS $800: It's the state animal of Maine & the state land mammal of Alaska moose
#5770, aired 2009-10-16THE OCEAN $600: 20,000 feet under the sea you'll still find animals of this phylum, different from their brethren octopi & clams mollusks
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ANIMAL TALK $200: "To stir up" this type of wasp's nest means to set in motion a bustle of hostile activity a hornet's nest
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ANIMAL TALK $400: 2-word term for an audition that's open to everyone a cattle call
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ANIMAL TALK $600: It's a painful cramp in an arm or leg muscle a charley horse
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ANIMAL TALK $800: Don't borrow money from one of these, who'll let you have it at an excessively high rate of interest a loan shark
#5767, aired 2009-10-13ANIMAL TALK $1,200 (Daily Double): In physics, it's a hypothetical interconnection between widely separated regions of space-time a wormhole
#5764, aired 2009-10-08LIST $400: Animals on the endangered species list may be listed as "E", endangered, or "T", this threatened
#5763, aired 2009-10-07SCIENCE TERMS $600: Rhyming term for the response by animals when they encounter a threat fight or flight
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ANIMAL HUSBANDRY $200: 1984 NYC-set movie in which a priest says, "Because you share a love so big, I now pronounce you frog & pig" The Muppets Take Manhattan
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ANIMAL HUSBANDRY $400: This cartoon elephant king of Celesteville is married to his, eek, cousin Celeste Babar
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ANIMAL HUSBANDRY $600: Orson Welles voiced Nag & June Foray voiced his wife Nagaina, 2 cobras who were dealt with by this 1975 title hero Rikki Tikki Tavi
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ANIMAL HUSBANDRY $800: In the 1936 movie sequel "After" this guy, Asta the Terrier is seen chasing away a "suitor" of Mrs. Asta the Thin Man
#5760, aired 2009-10-02ANIMAL HUSBANDRY $1000: This animated family comprises Mama & Papa Bear & their kids, Sister & Brother Bear the Berenstain Bears
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ALTERNATE LITERARY TOMBSTONES $1200: 1903-1950: I bought the farm, animals not included (George) Orwell
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $200: La cebra the zebra
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $400: La vaca a cow
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $600: El puerco a pig
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $800: El escarabajo a scarab beetle
#5757, aired 2009-09-29ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1000: El zorro fox
#5754, aired 2009-09-24YE OLDE JOBBE FAIRE $2,500 (Daily Double): A warrener in days of yore was responsible for the keeping of these animals for meat rabbits
#5752, aired 2009-09-22BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS $800: This exclamation that means "nonsense" is a 1932 Marx Brothers title horse feathers
#5752, aired 2009-09-22THE NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS $1,000 (Daily Double): Animal-titled winners include "Dog Soldiers" & this equine Cormac McCarthy novel All the Pretty Horses
#5750, aired 2009-09-18FATHER TIME $2,000 (Daily Double): White hair was not a sign of age for Debby, who died in a Winnipeg zoo in 2008 as the oldest living one of these animals a polar bear
#5749, aired 2009-09-172-LETTER WORDS $400: To spell this animal, just use a hug & a kiss from the bottom of a letter ox
#5745, aired 2009-07-24PREHISTORIC TIMES $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from the University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Museum.) The University of Wisconsin-Madison Geology Museum has a skeleton of this animal that humans may have driven extinct; the distinctive teeth that provided its name were once thought to belong to a carnivore a mastodon
#5744, aired 2009-07-23KILLED BY DEATH $600: In 163 B.C. Eleazer Maccabeus was crushed to death in battle by one of these enormous war animals an elephant
#5740, aired 2009-07-17FUN WITH DINOSAURS $1600: This 3-horned plant-eater's 10-foot-long head is said to be the largest ever possessed by a land animal a Triceratops
#5740, aired 2009-07-17PET PROJECTS $600: Yes, that's Hayden Panettiere befriending one of these animals (who thinks he's a racehorse) in "Racing Stripes" a zebra
#5740, aired 2009-07-17STORY TIME $400: "'I say!' murmured" this Seuss animal, "'I've never heard tell of a small speck of dust that is able to yell"' Horton (the Elephant)
#5739, aired 2009-07-16SPIDERS, MAN! $400: "Charlotte's Web" is about a spider who becomes friends with Wilbur, one of these farm animals a pig
#5738, aired 2009-07-15NARNIA $800: Reepicheep, a talking, sword-wielding one of these little animals, appears in 3 Narnia tales a mouse
#5737, aired 2009-07-14THE NEW PUPPY $1200: On Super Bowl Sunday, puppy might enjoy watching his peers in the Puppy Bowl on this beastly network Animal Planet
#5736, aired 2009-07-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $200: Someone who pretends to be your friend is this "in the grass" a snake
#5736, aired 2009-07-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $400: Bart Simpson would try to calm people by telling them, "don't have" one of these animals a cow
#5736, aired 2009-07-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $600: Going back to the Bible, a minor problem that ruins something bigger is this insect "in the ointment" a fly
#5736, aired 2009-07-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $800: A little-known political candidate or Oscar nominee is called a "dark" this horse
#5736, aired 2009-07-13ANIMAL WORDS & PHRASES $1000: If you meet the "loan" variety of this fish, watch your wallet a shark
#5734, aired 2009-07-09IT'S GETTING LATE IN HISTORY $2000: Wow, 1008 already & Prince Anandpal has lost at Peshawar after this animal of his got scared & fled an elephant
#5733, aired 2009-07-08GET OUTTA MY DREAMS $600: My desire to buy a near-vowelless animal would come true with no A, E, I, O or U in this wildcat; down, kitty! a lynx
#5732, aired 2009-07-07USE A GOOD "STOCK" $2000: Collective term for farm animals held as an asset livestock
#5725, aired 2009-06-26ANIMAL WORDS $200: An adult male deer, or a type of "party" before a wedding stag
#5725, aired 2009-06-26ANIMAL WORDS $400: If you're plagued by one of these on your back, you've got problems, man, big problems a monkey
#5725, aired 2009-06-26ANIMAL WORDS $600: Stepping up to the plate? Try one of these mammals of the order Chiroptera a bat
#5725, aired 2009-06-26ANIMAL WORDS $800: To complain peevishly, or a fish carp
#5725, aired 2009-06-26ANIMAL WORDS $1000: A quarrelsome woman; one might even say she's vulpine a vixen
#5718, aired 2009-06-17ANCIENT ROMAN DINING $200: It was the only animal raised purely for consumption; the snout was a particular delicacy pig
#5715, aired 2009-06-12BEFORE & AFTER $1200: A poetic numerical lantern request by Paul Revere morphs into a shelled animal like the loggerhead one if by land, two if by sea turtle
#5715, aired 2009-06-12WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $400: Black, blue, baleen a whale
#5715, aired 2009-06-12WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $800: Friesian, Appaloosa, Pinto a horse
#5715, aired 2009-06-12WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $1200: Harp, hooded, elephant a seal
#5715, aired 2009-06-12WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $2000: Anole, whiptail, basilisk a lizard
#5715, aired 2009-06-12WHAT KIND OF ANIMAL ARE YOU? $5,000 (Daily Double): Oryx, grysbok, dik-dik an antelope
#5712, aired 2009-06-09SCIENCE GLOSSARY $3,000 (Daily Double): The quality of richness of variety of life forms, both plant & animal, in a given environment biodiversity
#5707, aired 2009-06-02IF THEY MATED $1200: Napoleon Dynamite's favorite animal, this cross between a male lion & a female tiger is the world's largest cat a liger
#5707, aired 2009-06-02IF THEY MATED $1600: The cama is a cross of these parent animals, done artificially--the size difference is a bit much for nature camel & llama
#5706, aired 2009-06-01FAO SCHWARZ $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew stands with a shelf of plush dogs at FAO Schwarz in New York.) These puppies are an FAO exclusive, a collaboration of the American Kennel Club and this German stuffed animal maker Steiff
#5701, aired 2009-05-25TIME'S TOP 10 EVERYTHING OF 2008 $200: No. 7 in "Food Trends": Meat from this animal (kid is the tenderest) goat
#5701, aired 2009-05-25THE HUMAN ANIMAL $200: In the "Sopranos" first season finale, Jimmy Altieri gets whacked for being one of these rodents a rat
#5701, aired 2009-05-25THE HUMAN ANIMAL $400: Comanche chief Parra-o-coom was described as "a great" this animal "of a man"; it's also what his name means bear
#5701, aired 2009-05-25THE HUMAN ANIMAL $600: Slang for a woman on the prowl for younger men a cougar
#5701, aired 2009-05-25THE HUMAN ANIMAL $800: On behalf of Western intelligence, Col. Oleg Penkovsky was one of these inside the USSR a mole
#5701, aired 2009-05-25THE HUMAN ANIMAL $1000: Denis Leary says of firefighters, "You have to be like" this sea creature. "You have to keep moving forward" a shark
#5700, aired 2009-05-22SOMEDAY THE SAINTS $1600: On Christmas Eve in 1223, this Italian saint set up a nativity scene in Greccio, complete with live animals St. Francis (of Assisi)
#5699, aired 2009-05-21RIDING THE "RAIL"S $1000: Ancient priests checked these animal innards for signs & portents entrails
#5690, aired 2009-05-08ANIMAL COLLECTIVE $200: Synonym for dignity that's the term for a group of lions a pride
#5690, aired 2009-05-08ANIMAL COLLECTIVE $400: Like peas, whales & seals are in groups called these pods
#5690, aired 2009-05-08ANIMAL COLLECTIVE $600: A crash is a group of these large horned mammals rhinoceroses
#5690, aired 2009-05-08ANIMAL COLLECTIVE $800: It can be a pack of dogs, or a place to board them a kennel
#5690, aired 2009-05-08ANIMAL COLLECTIVE $1000: A flock of these black birds is called a murder crows
#5675, aired 2009-04-17JUST A "SEC"! $600: To cut apart a dead animal's body to examine the structure & relation of parts dissection
#5674, aired 2009-04-16THE NATURE OF THE BEAST $400: From its main diet of rodents & birds, you might guess a serval is a type of this animal a (wild) cat
#5674, aired 2009-04-16THE NATURE OF THE BEAST $600: This "hopping" desert rodent is one of the few animals that never drink water directly a kangaroo rat
#5673, aired 2009-04-15"M"ENAGERIE $200: French traders & natives dubbed these large antlered animals "orignal", a name still used by French Canadians a moose
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $400: Unlike rabbits, the Crawshay's this digs no burrow & lies in a depression--in the ground, not in its mood a hare
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $800: The 5-inch African Goliath one of these is classified as a scarab a beetle
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $1200: Here, this largest African bovid considers its next move; killing lions is not unusual a Cape Buffalo
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $2000: Certain birds of Africa are called these for the way they intertwine materials to make nests like the one seen here weaverbirds
#5671, aired 2009-04-13AFRICAN ANIMALS $5,000 (Daily Double): These animals, including the vervet type, spend a lot of their day looking through each other's fur a monkey
#5663, aired 2009-04-01THE ZULU $800: Zulu warriors carried the isihlangu shield, often white with black or brown marks, made of this animal's hide cow (cattle)
#5658, aired 2009-03-25BEFORE & AFTER $1000: Jack London story about the dog Buck who joins a Nick cartoon about Eliza, who can talk to animals The Call of the Wild Thornberrys
#5655, aired 2009-03-20GET OUT YOUR BIBLES $200: Jesus asked, if you have 100 of these animals & 1 is lost, don't you leave the 99 to go find the 1? the sheep
#5651, aired 2009-03-16"MEN" OF THE WORLD $1200: In a children's tale, this city of Germany is known for its band of animal musicians Bremen
#5650, aired 2009-03-13_____IN' '80s MOVIES $1600: Nastassja Kinski unleashes the animal within: "C____ P____" Cat People
#5639, aired 2009-02-26DOUBLE TALK $2000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a picture on the monitor.) Mentioned by Jane Austen, a sunken fence designed to keep out animals but not ruin the view is called this, from the chuckle of surprise on noticing it a ha-ha
#5633, aired 2009-02-18NATURE CALLS $1600: The bay, pink, brown & white are the most popular commercial varieties of this animal shrimp
#5633, aired 2009-02-18NATURE CALLS $2000: Typically used for mating combat, the horns of the desert species of this animal can weigh 30 pounds the bighorn sheep
#5632, aired 2009-02-17MNOW YOUR MNEMONICS $400: "India's big, but Africa's bigger, the same as their" these animals, "easy to figure" elephants
#5632, aired 2009-02-17NIGHTLY NEWS WORDS $200: I found this "animal" market is characterized by falling prices for securities (now I need to learn what that means) a bear
#5630, aired 2009-02-13CHINESE CALENDAR ANIMALS $400: This first sign is a nocturnal animal; those born under it work best in quiet hours; oo, you dirty... rat
#5630, aired 2009-02-13CHINESE CALENDAR ANIMALS $800: This wascally sign whose years include 1951 & 1999 shows bravery against high odds & is rarely be-Fudd-led a rabbit
#5630, aired 2009-02-13CHINESE CALENDAR ANIMALS $1200: This sign for 2006 shows devotion to family; aren't you a good sign? Yes you are! Good sign! the dog
#5630, aired 2009-02-13CHINESE CALENDAR ANIMALS $1600: 1967 folks "flock" to this sign that represents the essence of the Yin, the feminine passive principle the sheep
#5630, aired 2009-02-13CHINESE CALENDAR ANIMALS $2,500 (Daily Double): The only 2-letter sign, it represents solid dependability, method & routine the ox
#5628, aired 2009-02-11NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $200: To make this star appear to talk, a nylon thread was put under his lip, & he would move his mouth to get it out Mister Ed
#5628, aired 2009-02-11NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $400: The original dog came from a shelter; this star, a descendant, is also a mixture of schnauzer, cocker spaniel & poodle Benji
#5628, aired 2009-02-11NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $600: Given his name because of his quickness, this horse was also intelligent enough to perform 60 maneuvers Trigger
#5628, aired 2009-02-11NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $800: The voice of this character was actually the call of a kookaburra on fast forward Flipper
#5628, aired 2009-02-11NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED $1000: You can see why this star, a white pig, received thousands more fan letters than co-star Eva Gabor Arnold
#5626, aired 2009-02-09TALL IN THE FAMILY $800: The okapi is a member of this tall animal's family (the only other member, in fact) a giraffe
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $400: Buggy's partner: caballo horse
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $800: A popular pet: gato cat
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1200: Langosta (with butter, yum!) lobster
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1600: An arctic dweller: oso blanco a polar bear
#5625, aired 2009-02-06ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $2000: A provider of meat: venado deer
#5618, aired 2009-01-28AMERICAN SIGN LANGUAGE $400: The Beatles' Rocky knows the sign for this animal a raccoon
#5617, aired 2009-01-27A SALT $400: A block of salt given to cattle, or encrustations of salt animals feed on naturally a salt lick
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $200: In song, you get 2 of these on the second day of Christmas turtledoves
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $400: You can find "blind" these in the waters of caves in Kentucky & an "electric" kind in the Nile catfish
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $600: Whoa! These large biting insects are the leading cause of equine infectious anemia horseflies
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $800: The shaggy D.A. & the Colonel from "101 Dalmatians" were both this type of animal sheepdogs
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $1000: To know this other name for a binturong, try asking around the University of Cincinnati a bearcat
#5612, aired 2009-01-20SHALL WE REPRODUCE? $200: In animal reproduction, males contribute a gamete called a sperm & females, a gamete called this an egg
#5612, aired 2009-01-20SHALL WE REPRODUCE? $600: Only one letter apart, they're the 2 main ways to reproduce in the animal & plant kingdoms sexual & asexual
#5611, aired 2009-01-19THE DARK SIDE OF COMMERCIAL MASCOTS $800: The little Coppertone girl has a right to be upset when this animal causes her wardrobe malfunction the puppy
#5609, aired 2009-01-15BOOKS & AUTHORS $200: Disillusioned by the Spanish Civil War, this British author wrote against totalitarianism in "Animal Farm" (George) Orwell
#5608, aired 2009-01-14THAT'S NOT HOW THAT BOOK ENDS! $600: Jones thought, wait, Napoleon's a pig & I'm human! He's become way too powerful! Tonight, I'm having pork! Animal Farm
#5606, aired 2009-01-12JAY LENO'S HEADLINES $1000: "Sheep were killed by unarmed" this 2-word animal, AKA a cougar a mountain lion
#5601, aired 2009-01-05THE HOLY "C" $600: Both Matthew & Mark tell us that John the Baptist wore a garment made of the hair of this animal a camel
#5597, aired 2008-12-30"GREAT" GEOGRAPHY $1600: Uranium mined from this Canadian Arctic lake with an animal name was used to make the WWII atomic bombs Great Bear Lake
#5595, aired 2008-12-261890s CINEMA $1600: 1899's "Frank Melville's Trick" one of these circus animals shows the title creature stepping over 2 ponies an elephant
#5594, aired 2008-12-25HOME FOR THE HOLIDAYS $600: I can always count on Aunt Nancy sending me cashmere, which comes from the hair of this animal a goat
#5587, aired 2008-12-16I NEED A HERO $2000: Raised by animals, Enkidu was a companion of this Sumerian hero Gilgamesh
#5582, aired 2008-12-09I'M AN ANIMAL $400: I'm this bird, whose "baby bringing" legends may arise from how lovingly it takes care of its young a stork
#5582, aired 2008-12-09I'M AN ANIMAL $800: I'm this three-toed guy hanging around here; even if it wasn't a picture, I still wouldn't be moving so fast a sloth
#5582, aired 2008-12-09I'M AN ANIMAL $1200: I'm this type of horse, famous for some TV ads; I originated in Scotland & can literally weigh a ton a Clydesdale
#5582, aired 2008-12-09I'M AN ANIMAL $1600: I'm this type of rhinoceros seen here, the largest of the three Asian species an Indian rhinoceros
#5582, aired 2008-12-09I'M AN ANIMAL $2000: Woolly but not so mammoth, I'm a cria, the young of this South American animal, Lama pacos an alpaca
#5579, aired 2008-12-04STREETCAR $400: Rio de Janeiro's streetcars were once pulled by these animals, called asnos or burros donkeys
#5579, aired 2008-12-04TENNESSEE WILLIAMS $400: In "The Glass Menagerie", Jim accidentally breaks the horn off this animal, the prize of Laura's collection a unicorn
#5568, aired 2008-11-19PIONEER LIFE $400: Frontiersmen wore trousers of this animal's skin, the leather in the "Leatherstocking Tales" deerskin
#5567, aired 2008-11-18I CAN'T HEAR MYSELF THINK $400: It seems like somebody turned the lowing of these animals on high cows
#5566, aired 2008-11-17FROM THE LATIN $400: From the Latin for "4-footed", it's an animal with 4 feet a quadruped
#5565, aired 2008-11-14AQUATIC MAMMALS $1200: Seen here, the sea type of this has the thickest fur of any animal, with more than one million hairs per square inch the sea otter
#5564, aired 2008-11-13ABBREV. $400: The ASPCA is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to these Animals
#5562, aired 2008-11-11A TESTAMENT TO YOUTH $1200: His offering of an animal was accepted by God, while his sibling's offering of fruit wasn't Abel
#5561, aired 2008-11-10YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $200: The red-bellied type is the sharpest-toothed of this fish whose jaws Amazon Indians have used as scissors a piranha
#5561, aired 2008-11-10YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $400: This domesticated pack animal is the largest member of the camel family in South America the llama
#5561, aired 2008-11-10YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $600: This fastest land mammal can reach 45 mph in 2 seconds flat; go cat, go! a cheetah
#5561, aired 2008-11-10YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $1000: Pictured here, this husky-like sled dog is named for the Inuit tribe who developed the breed Malamute
#5561, aired 2008-11-10YOU'RE SUCH AN ANIMAL! $1,200 (Daily Double): In Europe, the moose goes by this 3-letter name an elk
#5556, aired 2008-11-03J.W.s $800: After presiding over the original "People's Court", he took the bench on "Animal Court" Judge (Joe) Wapner
#5553, aired 2008-10-29GEOLOGIC TIME $800: The Triassic saw the first of this lactating type of animal, evolving from creatures called synapsids mammals
#5552, aired 2008-10-28BRAND NAME SYMBOLS $400: This product's distinct circus wagon boxes have held 37 different caricatures since its 1902 founding Animal Crackers
#5549, aired 2008-10-23LET'S EAT $1600: This type of mozzarella is named for Asian animals brought to Europe by the Goths buffalo
#5549, aired 2008-10-23MOVIE TAGLINES $800: 1978: "It was the Deltas against the rules... the rules lost!" Animal House
#5548, aired 2008-10-22ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $200: Angora, Flemish giant, cottontail rabbits
#5548, aired 2008-10-22ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $400: Spider, squirrel, howler monkeys
#5548, aired 2008-10-22ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $600: Spider, sand, horseshoe crab
#5548, aired 2008-10-22ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $800: Brown, fruit, vampire bats
#5548, aired 2008-10-22ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $1000: Black, brown, spectacled bears
#5545, aired 2008-10-17SKULL $400: The eye sockets on the top of this animal's skull are there so that its eyes will be above the water line when the body is afloat the hippopotamus
#5540, aired 2008-10-10DON'T THINK TOO FAST $2000: The Canary Islands' name comes from the Latin word canaria, referring to these large animals there dogs
#5540, aired 2008-10-10JUST DESSERTS $600: Appropriately, a big top is on the package of these animal cookies from Mother's Circus Animal Cookies
#5538, aired 2008-10-08"M"-BRACE ME $600: From the French, it's a group of wild animals on exhibit a menagerie
#5531, aired 2008-09-29BEHIND THE SCENES AT THE 2008 OLYMPICS $1200: A popular side trip was to the Beijing Zoo to see these animals, Ailuropoda melanoleuca pandas
#5529, aired 2008-09-25OFFICIAL STATE STUFF $400: Wow! Illinois' state animal, the white-tailed this, can jump 9-foot fences a deer
#5528, aired 2008-09-24VERY PUNNY $800: A vulture boarding a plane holding 2 dead animals was told sorry, only 1 of these per passenger carrion
#5526, aired 2008-09-22ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $200: Don't be afraid--this animal is a pollo a chicken
#5526, aired 2008-09-22ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $400: This animal, gatto, got your lingua? a cat
#5526, aired 2008-09-22ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $600: Who scared the puzzola, this animal? Now we'll never get rid of the smell a skunk
#5526, aired 2008-09-22ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $800: If you want to win on "Jeopardy!", don't be as quiet as a topo, one of these a mouse
#5526, aired 2008-09-22ANIMALS IN ITALIAN $1000: After all the gelato, I feel as big as a balena, one of these a whale
#5525, aired 2008-09-19WHEN YOU WERE YOUNG $800: In 1996 British scientists successfully cloned this type of animal & named her Dolly a sheep
#5522, aired 2008-09-16MY, HOW YOU'VE GROWN! $1000: The curved horns of the water type of this animal may have a total length of 12 feet a buffalo
#5522, aired 2008-09-16THERE'S A WORD FOR THAT $1200: Lupine means "like a wolf"; porcine means like this animal a pig
#5520, aired 2008-09-12THE GATHERING OF NATIONS $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Gathering of Nations in Albuquerque, NM.) The origins of the Kiowa gourd dance come from the tale of a man who saw a red one of these singing & dancing; the howl is a tribute to the sacred animal a wolf
#5519, aired 2008-09-11"FOR" WORDS $1200: Food for domestic animals, it also means to search for food or provisions forage
#5518, aired 2008-09-10WHALES $800: The largest toothed animal in the world, it was named for the milky-white substance found in its head a sperm whale
#5511, aired 2008-07-21"EN"CHANTED $400: Animals on this list include the desert bandicoot & the gray bat the endangered species list
#5508, aired 2008-07-16WORLD O' FACTS $2000: Found at 30° N. & S., these regions are thought to be so named because becalmed ships had to lose animal weight the horse latitudes
#5508, aired 2008-07-16WORLD O' FACTS $3,000 (Daily Double): In 2006, Warner Bros. pledged to help these Australian animals stricken by a cancer epidemic the Tasmanian devil
#5503, aired 2008-07-09OLYMPIC MASCOTS $400: The mascots for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing include Yingying, an antelope, & Jingjing, this animal a panda
#5494, aired 2008-06-26BABOONS, BATS, & BANDICOOTS $200: These bats feed exclusively on blood from small wounds they make on animals with a single bite vampire bats
#5492, aired 2008-06-24ANAGRAMMED ANIMALS $200: It likes to neck: fig fear giraffe
#5492, aired 2008-06-24ANAGRAMMED ANIMALS $400: Look for it on the web: prides spider
#5492, aired 2008-06-24ANAGRAMMED ANIMALS $600: It has its own bowl: hold figs goldfish
#5492, aired 2008-06-24ANAGRAMMED ANIMALS $800: A furry little pet: the rams a hamster
#5492, aired 2008-06-24ANAGRAMMED ANIMALS $1000: A sea creature: scoot up octopus
#5491, aired 2008-06-23MINDBENDING MISCELLANY $2000: Involving a color & an animal, it's the second most common pub name found in the U.K. & is found on the U.K. coat of arms red lion
#5491, aired 2008-06-23SPORTS STUFF $400: Christina Aguilera, to this "animal" of a golfer: "Sorry, I don't know much about you. I don't follow tennis" Tiger Woods
#5490, aired 2008-06-20SOUNDS LIKE A GAME SHOW HOST $600: This mother seen here died in a four-hour battle with the FBI in 1935 Ma Barker
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $400: The only birds taller than this 8-foot African bird were the now-extinct moas ostriches
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $800: Most of these flightless birds live near Antarctica, but the jackass species is found off South Africa penguins
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $1200: Even though they're striped, thousands of these can be spotted migrating with their gnu friends zebras
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $1600: The Cape fur type of this breeds at colonies on the coast of South Africa a seal
#5489, aired 2008-06-19AFRICAN ANIMALS $2000: This giraffe relative is also called a forest giraffe the okapi
#5484, aired 2008-06-12TRAVEL FUN $1000: Observe wild animals from this hotel where Princess Elizabeth became Queen of England Treetops
#5483, aired 2008-06-11ANIMALS $400: Facial feature mentioned in the longer version of the platypus' name duck bill
#5483, aired 2008-06-11ANIMALS $800: A female bullfrog may lay 10,000 eggs that hatch into these, which may take 2 years to grow into bullfrogs tadpoles
#5483, aired 2008-06-11ANIMALS $1200: This "monster" is the largest lizard native to the U.S. a Gila monster
#5483, aired 2008-06-11ANIMALS $1600: Newborn raccoons lack the familiar tail rings & this famous facial feature the mask
#5483, aired 2008-06-11ANIMALS $2000: One variety of the white-tailed species of this lives in the Florida Keys & weighs only 50 to 75 pounds a deer
#5480, aired 2008-06-062 TYPES OF CHINA $400: It's the animal of the Chinese year beginning in 2008 the rat
#5479, aired 2008-06-05"BIG" LOVE $1600: The state animal of Colorado is a breed of this a bighorn sheep
#5478, aired 2008-06-04SCIENTISTS $2000: In 1846 Joseph Leidy discovered that the worm trichina is found in this animal pigs
#5476, aired 2008-06-02THOSE AMAZING ANIMALS $200: Newly born calves of this "colorful" mammal can measure 28 feet in length & weigh up to 3 tons the blue whale
#5476, aired 2008-06-02THOSE AMAZING ANIMALS $400: No longer used in Thailand to haul teak from the jungle, these animals are being trained to paint an elephant
#5476, aired 2008-06-02THOSE AMAZING ANIMALS $600: High in Omega-3 fatty acids, oils from these creatures have been shown to reduce high levels of triglycerides fish
#5476, aired 2008-06-02THOSE AMAZING ANIMALS $800: Because hippo teeth are made of this, they won't yellow & were once a popular source for false teeth ivory
#5476, aired 2008-06-02THOSE AMAZING ANIMALS $1000: This clam named for a sharp instrument can burrow almost as fast as you can shovel a razor clam
#5475, aired 2008-05-30HOW TOUCHING! $200: It's the usual name for the kind of zoo where you can stroke--& sometimes even feed--young animals a petting zoo
#5474, aired 2008-05-29BROADWAY BEFORE & AFTER $2000: Pointillist Seurat sings, dances & writes "Animal Farm" Sunday in the Park with George Orwell
#5473, aired 2008-05-28ZOOLOGY $200: Strains of the Norway species of this animal are the ones used in labs rats
#5471, aired 2008-05-26EXPLORERS & VOYAGERS $400: Zheng He returned to China with this tall African animal, which was mistaken for a unicorn despite its 2 horns a giraffe
#5470, aired 2008-05-23ROPE $3,000 (Daily Double): (Kelly of the Clue Crue ties a knot.) An animal term precedes the word "shank" in the name of this knot used to shorten rope a sheepshank
#5469, aired 2008-05-22CHEMISTRY $1600: It's the most abundant protein in the human body; the animal kind is boiled to make gelatin collagen
#5467, aired 2008-05-20MAMMALS $1600: The giant species of this "armor-plated" animal has more teeth than any other land mammal armadillo
#5467, aired 2008-05-20MAMMALS $2000: The African & Sumatran species of this animal have 2 horns; the Indian & Javan species have one rhinoceros
#5459, aired 2008-05-08THE BRAT FEST $1600: This blonde "American Pie" actress was number one...on In Touch magazine's top party animals list (Tara) Reid
#5458, aired 2008-05-07ANIMAL HOUSE $200: These semi-aquatic rodents plaster their lodges with mud beavers
#5458, aired 2008-05-07ANIMAL HOUSE $400: The army species of this insect has no permanent home; workers link legs to protect their queen ants
#5458, aired 2008-05-07ANIMAL HOUSE $600: The swiftlets of Asia are in trouble because these structures are snatched to make soup nests
#5458, aired 2008-05-07ANIMAL HOUSE $800: This "solitary" crustacean sometimes defends its shell home via sea anemones that hitch a ride a hermit crab
#5458, aired 2008-05-07ANIMAL HOUSE $1000: Insert a hyphen in this 4-letter poultry dwelling & you get a human dwelling a coop (or co-op)
#5458, aired 2008-05-07GOT "LK" $400: A benevolent & protective order was named in 1868 for this animal the elk
#5454, aired 2008-05-01WALKING WITH DINOSAURS $4,000 (Daily Double): (Cheryl of the Clue Crew delivers the clue.) Named for its cattle-like horns, this 9-tonner whose name means "bull lizard" had the largest head of any known land animal Torosaurus (Torosaur accepted)
#5453, aired 2008-04-30ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $200: Schipperke, Borzoi, Bichon frise dogs
#5453, aired 2008-04-30ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $400: Jersey, Red poll, Angus cows (or cattle)
#5453, aired 2008-04-30ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $600: Bushmaster, Coral, Hognose snakes
#5453, aired 2008-04-30ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $800: Bufflehead, Eider, Teal ducks
#5453, aired 2008-04-30ANIMAL COMMON BONDS $1000: Green tree, Leopard, Bull frogs
#5448, aired 2008-04-23GIVE "P"s A CHANCE $600: To beat or strike repeatedly, or the skin of a fur-bearing animal pelt
#5447, aired 2008-04-22FROM THE GREEK $2000: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from White Sands National Monument in New Mexico.) Contaminated water can be made safe to drink by boiling, filtering or using chemical tablets; make sure tablets kill these microorganisms whose name means "first animals" protozoans
#5446, aired 2008-04-21MARINE LIFE $1200: Newly hatched octopi live among this group of microscopic plants & animals that float on the ocean's surface plankton
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $200: Before each shuttle landing at the KSC, workers have to remove these reptiles that like to sun on the runway alligators
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $400: This insect's sound as he rubs his wings together is a courtship song a cricket
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $600: The most abundant species of bear, these "colorful" ones can live for more than 30 years in the wild black bears
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $800: A baboon's diet can include rodents, birds & even fawns of this "g"raceful small antelope a gazelle
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $1000: Boeing has named a military aircraft after this bird that's showing off its flight capabilities an osprey
#5441, aired 2008-04-14NOVEL CHARACTERS $1000: He says, "The animal within me licking the chops of memory; the spiritual side... promising... penitence" Dr. Jekyll
#5439, aired 2008-04-10READ YOUR BIBLE $400: According to 1 Kings, after her death, Queen Jezebel's body would be eaten in the street by these animals dogs
#5435, aired 2008-04-04ANIMAL NAMES $400: You'll get 3 As for effort for knowing the name of this mammal comes from Afrikaans for "earth pig" aardvark
#5435, aired 2008-04-04ANIMAL NAMES $800: Its name comes from Greek words meaning "nose-horned" a rhinoceros
#5435, aired 2008-04-04ANIMAL NAMES $1600: The name of this red-haired denizen of Borneo's rain forests is Malay for "forest man" orangutan
#5435, aired 2008-04-04ANIMAL NAMES $2000: This just in... noted for its strength, this breed of horse seen here was named for a schoolteacher Morgan
#5435, aired 2008-04-04ANIMAL NAMES $2,000 (Daily Double): This large partly white sea bird derives its name in part from the Latin word for "white" the albatross
#5433, aired 2008-04-02WHAT A GEM! $800: AKA chrysoberyl, this gem produces a streak of light resembling the pupil of a certain animal when cut a certain way cat's eye
#5430, aired 2008-03-28THE CALENDAR $400: The Chinese assign each year an element as well as an animal; 1972 got rat & water & 1976, dragon & this fire
#5429, aired 2008-03-27NURSERY RHYMES ON THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS $400: Animal Control today swarmed over "the house that" he "built", finding a tossed dog, a worried cat & a dead rat Jack
#5429, aired 2008-03-27NURSERY RHYMES ON THE 11 O'CLOCK NEWS $1000: In a daring holdup this animal's "three bags full" of wool, intended for 3 locals, were taken at gunpoint today baa, baa, black sheep
#5427, aired 2008-03-256-LETTER WORDS $1600: If that "spring lamb" you bought was really a 3-year-old animal, it should have been labeled this mutton
#5426, aired 2008-03-24BEASTLY EXPRESSIONS $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew monkeys around at Helping Hands: Monkey Helpers for the Disabled in Boston.) The animals learn to help by imitating; this idiom, "MSMD", describes their training monkey see, monkey do
#5425, aired 2008-03-21SOUNDS LIKE BEFORE & AFTER $1600: This guy's vessel that's filled with animals 2 by 2 is quite the fixture on the Champs Elysees Noah's Arc de Triomphe
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ANIMALS ALOFT $200: Animals first went aloft in 1783, when the Montgolfier Bros. sent a sheep, a duck & a rooster up in one of these a balloon
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ANIMALS ALOFT $400: Before airborne wireless equipment, these animals were hurled from planes with messages attached pigeons
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ANIMALS ALOFT $600: In the 1940s this singing cowboy took his animal co-star Champion on airplane flights Gene Autry
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ANIMALS ALOFT $800: This German WWI flying ace flew with his Great Dane puppy until it became too big the Red Baron
#5414, aired 2008-03-06ANIMALS ALOFT $1000: As part of a 1940s Arctic search & rescue unit, these team animals were parachuted in to help rescue downed pilots huskies (or malamutes)
#5411, aired 2008-03-03YOU ANIMAL $400: Unlike most others in this animal family, female caribou grow antlers, which they shed each year deer
#5411, aired 2008-03-03YOU ANIMAL $800: Deep-sea shrimp have organs called photophores, which emit this to help identify a mate light
#5411, aired 2008-03-03YOU ANIMAL $1200: Before 1935, turkeys were bred mainly for this feature, not meat feathers
#5411, aired 2008-03-03YOU ANIMAL $1600: The yellowfin & other types of this fish are unusual in having body temperature higher than the water they live in tuna
#5411, aired 2008-03-03YOU ANIMAL $2,500 (Daily Double): Named for a fabric made in Baghdad, it's a cat with a striped or brindled coat a tabby
#5410, aired 2008-02-29SOUTH AMERICAN ANIMALS $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Huachipa Zoo in Lima, Peru.) The endangered pacarana is in this mammal order; its ancestors were the largest that ever lived, reaching the size of a small rhinoceros rodents
#5410, aired 2008-02-29SOUTH AMERICAN ANIMALS $400: Also called tigre americano, it's unique among big cats in using its canine teeth to pierce the skull of prey the jaguar
#5410, aired 2008-02-29SOUTH AMERICAN ANIMALS $600: The unique whitish rings around the eyes are why South America's only bear has this name the spectacled bear
#5410, aired 2008-02-29SOUTH AMERICAN ANIMALS $800: This creature with a snout extending over its lip has been mistaken for a small type of hippo the tapir
#5410, aired 2008-02-29SOUTH AMERICAN ANIMALS $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the Huachipa Zoo in Lima, Peru.) The soft, lustrous fleece of this animal was once reserved for nobility; coats made of it later had a vogue as a status symbol in North America the vicuna
#5410, aired 2008-02-29TRADING PLACES $400: Frankfurt's Rossmarkt was a site for this type of animal "trading", also a term for hard bargaining horse trading
#5409, aired 2008-02-28SWEET $200: Blackstrap is a variety of this brownish sugar residue that's used in animal feed molasses
#5408, aired 2008-02-27ARCTIC ANIMALS $400: This large bee of the genus Bombus can range from Tierra del Fuego in South America to far beyond the Arctic Circle the bumblebee
#5408, aired 2008-02-27ARCTIC ANIMALS $800: This carnivore's scientific name is Ursus maritimus the polar bear
#5408, aired 2008-02-27ARCTIC ANIMALS $1200: The snowy species of this nocturnal bird of prey makes its nest on the ground, lining it with moss & feathers a snowy owl
#5408, aired 2008-02-27ARCTIC ANIMALS $1600: Alaska pipelines were constructed so as to allow this arctic deer unimpeded passage to feeding grounds caribou
#5408, aired 2008-02-27ARCTIC ANIMALS $2000: Greenland right whales have the longest of these thin plates of any whale; they may reach 13 feet baleen
#5407, aired 2008-02-26ANIMAL FARM $400: With more than 4,300 species, lizards make up the largest living group of this animal class reptile
#5407, aired 2008-02-26ANIMAL FARM $800: Some monkeys use this as a fifth limb; it's prehensile, after all a tail
#5407, aired 2008-02-26ANIMAL FARM $1200: The scaly armor that surrounds the armadillo is composed of plates made of this; it's formed by ossification bone
#5407, aired 2008-02-26ANIMAL FARM $1600: No "laughing" matter, in Africa a dozen of these can reduce a 500-pound zebra to bones in 30 minutes hyena
#5407, aired 2008-02-26ANIMAL FARM $2000: Thought to be bad luck by natives, the aye-aye is a lemur, so it's no surprise it's only found here Madagascar
#5403, aired 2008-02-20NO, I'M GOING TO THE ZOO $1200: Seen here is the desert variety of this, a word referring only to land-dwelling animals a tortoise
#5401, aired 2008-02-18FUN WITH BALLET $400: "Circus Polka" was originally choreographed for these huge circus animals; it's now danced by humans elephants
#5398, aired 2008-02-139-LETTER WORDS $1200: Cattle, sheep & other useful animals raised on a farm livestock
#5398, aired 2008-02-13AMERICANA $200: Its state animal is the grizzly bear, & the state tree is a type of redwood California
#5398, aired 2008-02-13IT HAPPENS IN FEBRUARY $1000: Each February, the Audubon Society sponsors the GBBC, the "Great Backyard" count of these animals birds
#5398, aired 2008-02-13VERY SUPERSTITIOUS $800: It was believed that this animal's foot could keep away all forms of rheumatism a rabbit
#5397, aired 2008-02-12FOOD FACTS $800: This word was once used for the meat of any hunted animal; now it refers to deer meat venison
#5390, aired 2008-02-01GROUNDHOG DAY $1200: In South Africa this alphabetically first animal is sometimes called a groundhog an aardvark
#5389, aired 2008-01-31NOVELS' FIRST LINES $200: Orwell: "Mr. Jones, of the Manor Farm, had locked the hen-houses for the night..." Animal Farm
#5383, aired 2008-01-23ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $400: Found in water: cocodrilo a crocodile
#5383, aired 2008-01-23ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $800: 8-legged: araña a spider
#5383, aired 2008-01-23ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1200: Toro ('nuff said) a bull
#5383, aired 2008-01-23ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $1600: A reptile: tortuga a tortoise
#5383, aired 2008-01-23ANIMALS EN ESPAÑOL $2000: A bird: paloma a dove
#5379, aired 2008-01-17OFFICIAL STATE CRITTERS $200: The mask doesn't fool me; I recognize this as Tennessee's state wild animal the raccoon
#5379, aired 2008-01-17OFFICIAL STATE CRITTERS $400: Grrr! This bear is Montana's state animal a grizzly
#5379, aired 2008-01-17OFFICIAL STATE CRITTERS $800: I howled when I heard that this canine critter was the state animal of South Dakota the coyote
#5377, aired 2008-01-15LOOSE CHANGE $600: The bison depicted on this coin, 1913 to 1938, was Black Diamond, an animal on exhibit at the N.Y. Zoological Gardens the nickel
#5377, aired 2008-01-15PREHISTORIC TIMES $400: Scientists believe that eohippus, about the size of a small dog, was the earliest ancestor of this animal horse
#5372, aired 2008-01-08MEXICAN FOOD FROM THE LITTLE DINER $600: (Kelly is back in the kitchen.) As well as a fried pastry rolled in sugar and cinnamon, churro means a type of this animal, and the pastry's name may have come from the nomads who herded it sheep
#5372, aired 2008-01-08YOU'RE AN ANIMAL $200: "Get along little" this, the word for a motherless calf dogie
#5372, aired 2008-01-08YOU'RE AN ANIMAL $400: A condor is a type of this bird; it's related to the turkey type & also enjoys eating carrion a vulture
#5372, aired 2008-01-08YOU'RE AN ANIMAL $800 (Daily Double): Scientists are scrambling to find out the cause of colony collapse disorder, which is occurring with this insect bees
#5372, aired 2008-01-08YOU'RE AN ANIMAL $800: The plains variety of this animal has gray markings that are known as shadow stripes a zebra
#5372, aired 2008-01-08YOU'RE AN ANIMAL $1000: Named for features on its skull, it's the swiftest mammal in the New World the pronghorn antelope
#5366, aired 2007-12-31ANIMALS $200: One in every 6 known bird species makes its home in this rainforest the Amazon
#5366, aired 2007-12-31ANIMALS $400: Sputniks 5, 6, 9 & 10 also carried these animals into space, & most were recovered alive dogs
#5366, aired 2007-12-31ANIMALS $600: Got one of these odorous animals also known as a polecat as a pet? Call your humane society to make sure it's legal a skunk
#5366, aired 2007-12-31ANIMALS $800: Critters of the Pleistocene epoch include the mammoth & this "breast tooth" relative mastodon
#5366, aired 2007-12-31ANIMALS $1000: "Dachs", as in "Dachshund", is German for this burrowing animal the badger
#5364, aired 2007-12-27"LOVE" IS A BATTLEFIELD $200: In a Paul Anka song, they called it this "animal" term for temporary youthful infatuation puppy love
#5364, aired 2007-12-27WE STAND $200: The Western Lowland type of this animal is seen here in the Congo trying to look like a tough guy a gorilla
#5364, aired 2007-12-27WE STAND $400: Seen here trying to get a leg up on the competition, the gazelle-like gerenuk is this type of animal an antelope
#5364, aired 2007-12-27WE STAND $800: Timon would help you with the name of this animal meerkat
#5364, aired 2007-12-27WE STAND $1000: Seen here is a Verreaux's sifaka, this type of animal, prancing in its native Madagascar a lemur
#5358, aired 2007-12-19ANIMALS $400: The laughing type of this doglike carnivore is a predator of big game but also scavanges for food a hyena
#5358, aired 2007-12-19ANIMALS $800: In classification, this type of bird seen here often overlaps with doves a pigeon
#5358, aired 2007-12-19ANIMALS $1200: This five-letter eel known for its sharp teeth lurks in the holes of a coral reef & will attack divers if disturbed a moray
#5358, aired 2007-12-19ANIMALS $1600: What else is gnu, but that the gnu is also called this, from Dutch words wildebeest
#5358, aired 2007-12-19ANIMALS $2,000 (Daily Double): Its German name is Nilpferd, "Nile horse" a hippopotamus
#5354, aired 2007-12-13ANIMALS $200: Muskrats & woodrats belong to this order of mammals rodents
#5354, aired 2007-12-13ANIMALS $400: The Venus's flower basket is one of the most attractive of these porous aquatic creatures a sponge
#5354, aired 2007-12-13ANIMALS $600: This feisty Thai fish blows sticky bubbles to make a nest, then puts the eggs in its mouth & blows them in the nest fighting fish
#5354, aired 2007-12-13ANIMALS $800: Australians call this animal a jumbuck or a monkey sheep
#5354, aired 2007-12-13ANIMALS $1000: Fruit & lizards (yum!) are favorite foods of the coati, also known by this longer name coatimundi
#5354, aired 2007-12-13LOGOS