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#8505, aired 2021-11-05COMPUTER HISTORY $1600: In 1965 this American engineer first enunciated his famed "Law", predicting computing power would double every year (Gordon) Moore
#8496, aired 2021-10-25TELEVISION HISTORY $1600: For years, Americans had two events each Sunday--church & the show hosted by this man who brought many new artists into their homes Ed Sullivan
#8482, aired 2021-10-05"H" IS FOR HISTORY $1000: As many as 30,000 of these German mercenaries fought during the American Revolution & some were with Cornwallis when he surrendered Hessians
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) Nichelle Nichols, who shared one of TV's first interracial kisses with William Shatner, & who would later help NASA recruit more women & minorities for the space program, wore this uniform as Lieutenant Uhura on this series Star Trek
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) Featuring an all-Black cast, songs like "Ease On Down The Road" & the costumes seen here, this 1975 Broadway musical had a rough beginning before becoming a smash hit & winning 7 Tonys The Wiz
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) You can't miss the 1973 Cadillac convertible, owned by this rock pioneer, who influenced so many early performers, including The Beatles, & he drove the car in "Hail! Hail! Rock 'n' Roll", a documentary that celebrated his 60th birthday Chuck Berry
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) This costume was worn by Diana Ross in her Oscar-nominated role as jazz great Billie Holiday in this film based on Holiday's autobiography of the same name Lady Sings the Blues
#8477, aired 2021-09-28ENTERTAINMENT & THE NMAAHC $1000: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) The 1943 film, "Stormy Weather", featured some of the greatest Black entertainers of the day, including Bill Robinson, Dooley Wilson, & of course, this beloved actress & singer, then in her 20s, who wore this green velvet dress & sang the title song (Lena) Horne
#8455, aired 2021-07-30AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This historic American document was addressed to King George III of Great Britain the Declaration of Independence
#8455, aired 2021-07-30AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Dits & dahs were the keys to this system devised in the 1830s that revolutionized communication Morse Code
#8455, aired 2021-07-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: FDR's first inaugural address introduced this policy of treating Latin American nations with respect the Good Neighbor Policy
#8455, aired 2021-07-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: John Winthrop led many followers to this colony in 1630 & gave us the image of the "city upon a hill" Massachusetts Bay Colony
#8455, aired 2021-07-30AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Established to help 4 million African Americans transition out of slavery, this bureau lasted from 1865 to 1872 the Freedmen's Bureau
#8436, aired 2021-07-05THIS & THAT $800: The 1893 John Philip Sousa march heard here bears the name of this noisemaker of American history the Liberty Bell
#8422, aired 2021-06-15DECADES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: "Our American Cousin" infamously plays at Ford's Theatre the 1860s
#8422, aired 2021-06-15DECADES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The telephone is invented by Bell the 1870s
#8422, aired 2021-06-15DECADES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Lindbergh flies solo across the Atlantic the 1920s
#8422, aired 2021-06-15DECADES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Civilian Conservation Corps gets started the 1930s
#8422, aired 2021-06-15DECADES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The Battle of Santiago goes all the way up San Juan Hill the 1890s
#8419, aired 2021-06-10FAMOUS AMERICANS $800: This man divided his library into history, philosophy & fine arts; the Library of Congress kept the system when it took it over Thomas Jefferson
#8401, aired 2021-05-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Rope maker Samuel Gray & sailor James Caldwell were among the victims of this 1770 event the Boston Massacre
#8401, aired 2021-05-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: His assassin was an anarchist named Leon Czolgosz, who said, "I am not sorry for my crime" McKinley
#8401, aired 2021-05-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: It was the first Confederate state to secede from the Union South Carolina
#8401, aired 2021-05-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The Great Sioux War of 1876 is also called this war, after the sacred region the Sioux were fighting for Black Hills War
#8401, aired 2021-05-17AMERICAN HISTORY $3,800 (Daily Double): The 1859 discovery of this near Titusville set off a boom in Pennsylvania oil
#8398, aired 2021-05-12AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1908 the first of these Ford models rolled out of a plant in Detroit a Model T
#8398, aired 2021-05-12AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Thomas Jefferson used this game board as a model for city planning with every other block left open a chessboard
#8398, aired 2021-05-12AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Nevada has a monument to this 1860s mail service, near the site where horses & riders fueled up before heading further west the Pony Express
#8398, aired 2021-05-12AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1853 this 14th president was not sworn in--he was affirmed on a Bible Franklin Pierce
#8398, aired 2021-05-12AMERICAN HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): In the 1850s Chief Oshkosh stopped a U.S. attempt to move the Menominee people westward from this state Wisconsin
#8391, aired 2021-05-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN WOMEN $2000: Before she made history in Congress, Barbara Jordan was the first Black woman elected to this state's Senate Texas
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The first one of these was made in 1973 from a Motorola executive to his competitor at AT&T a cellular phone call
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 19th c. New York politics, a repeater was a man hired to do this several times in a day, shaving to change his identity vote
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Although his Supreme Court case changed the way police talked to suspects, this Arizona man was retried & sent to prison in 1967 (Ernesto) Miranda
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: A 1621 treaty says English settlers & these native people led by Massasoit will "leave their bows & arrows" when visiting the other Wampanoag
#8383, aired 2021-04-21AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): The Platt Amendment of 1901 became a treaty between the U.S. & this new country & even became part of its constitution Cuba
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1680 Spaniards chased off by a revolt left these animals the Indians called "sacred dogs", changing native life forever horses
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1585 John White drew the Algonquian village of Secotan with indications of "newly sprung", "green" & "ripe" this crop corn
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1750 what's now this state had 300,000 Native Americans speaking 80 languages, with the Chumash the largest tribe California
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This Chiricahua Apache leader led a group that began fighting back against a forced move to Arizona in the 1870s Geronimo
#8368, aired 2021-03-31NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $2,400 (Daily Double): At Sitka in 1804 the Tlingit lost a crucial battle to these invaders they called the Anooshee the Russians
#8367, aired 2021-03-30HISTORY $400: In April 1830 this country passed a law aiming to curb illegal immigration of Americans over its border Mexico
#8360, aired 2021-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Due to concerns with how this tally for 1920 was run, Congress was not reapportioned for the decade the census
#8360, aired 2021-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Now a state capital, it beat out Golden to become the first city in the territory to connect to the Union Pacific railroad Denver, Colorado
#8360, aired 2021-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1791 this man beat Philip Schuyler, Alexander Hamilton's father-in-law, for a New York Senate seat Aaron Burr
#8360, aired 2021-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In November 1774, a year after the one in Boston, Charleston had one of these in its harbor tea party
#8360, aired 2021-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): In 1840 this former president went to St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans to honor an event that occurred 25 years earlier Andrew Jackson
#8359, aired 2021-03-18PEOPLE IN HISTORY $600: He founded Tuskegee University in 1881 & in 1940 was the first African American on a U.S. postage stamp Booker T. Washington
#8346, aired 2021-03-01AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Seen here, the Lucas Gusher in Beaumont started gushing in 1901 & forever changed the economy of this state Texas
#8346, aired 2021-03-01AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1800 she became the first first lady to live in the White House Abigail Adams
#8346, aired 2021-03-01AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Here are John Young & Robert Crippen, the crew of the first of these missions in 1981 Space Shuttle
#8346, aired 2021-03-01AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Black Elk, a holy man of the Oglala branch of these people, was at the battle of Little Bighorn & lived until 1950 the Sioux
#8346, aired 2021-03-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1,400 (Daily Double): From 1953 to 1961 Allen Dulles was the director of this U.S. government agency CIA
#8337, aired 2021-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: One of the proposed names for what became this state capital was Missouriopolis Jefferson City
#8337, aired 2021-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1776 this school gave George Washington an honorary degree as thanks for pushing the British out of Boston Harvard
#8337, aired 2021-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1839 Samuel Morse met with this French innovator & set up his own photographic studio in America Daguerre
#8337, aired 2021-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1849 California wanted to enter the Union as a free state, leading to this complicated deal the next year The Compromise of 1850
#8337, aired 2021-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $5,400 (Daily Double): Fighting the Bolsheviks, the American North Russian Expeditionary Force was better known by this ursine name the Polar Bears
#8313, aired 2021-01-13POSSESSIVE HISTORY $1200: What's called this monument stands on Breed's Hill, the actual site of the first major battle of the American Revolution the Bunker Hill Monument
#8306, aired 2021-01-043-NAMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After the Revolution, this American naval hero became an admiral in the Russian navy John Paul Jones
#8306, aired 2021-01-043-NAMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This son of a president was the USA's ace diplomat in the 18-teens before becoming president himself John Quincy Adams
#8306, aired 2021-01-043-NAMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: The New-York Weekly Journal's criticism of a Colonial governor led to the 1735 trial of JPZ, this printer Zenger
#8306, aired 2021-01-043-NAMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1878, she got an equal rights amendment introduced, and appeared before senators who chatted & smoked as she spoke (Elizabeth Cady) Stanton
#8306, aired 2021-01-043-NAMERS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $6,400 (Daily Double): In 1871 this inventor began teaching instructors of the deaf in the Boston area Alexander Graham Bell
#8302, aired 2020-12-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Betsy Ross House in Philadelphia, PA.) According to affidavits from Betsy Ross's relatives, this famous man came into her shop in 1776 to ask Betsy to make a new flag for our nation George Washington
#8302, aired 2020-12-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On June 17, 1972 a break-in at this office complex set off one of the biggest scandals in U.S. history Watergate
#8302, aired 2020-12-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The first state to ratify the 18th Amendment, Mississippi didn't repeal this statewide until 1966 Prohibition
#8302, aired 2020-12-15AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: With diplomas signed by President Grant, this school for the deaf & hard-of-hearing graduated its first 3 students in 1869 Gallaudet
#8302, aired 2020-12-15AMERICAN HISTORY $3,500 (Daily Double): In 1832, hoping to reclaim land in Illinois, this Sauk leader led Native Americans against U.S. forces in a months-long war Black Hawk
#8296, aired 2020-12-07AMERICAN ACCESSIONS $400: The Encyclopedia Britannica calls it "the greatest land bargain in U.S. history" the Louisiana Purchase
#8293, aired 2020-12-02EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Dec. 16, 1773 during a wild night of partying, 342 chests of this were dumped into Boston Harbor tea
#8293, aired 2020-12-02EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The first book printed in what's now the United States was a 1640 translation from the Hebrew of the book of these songs Psalms
#8293, aired 2020-12-02EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $600: 2 English astronomers completed this line in 1767 the Mason-Dixon Line
#8293, aired 2020-12-02EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Leonard Calvert & friends landed in what's now this state in 1634 & held the first mass in the colonies Maryland
#8293, aired 2020-12-02EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Congress adopted these November 15, 1777, though they weren't ratified for another 4 years the Articles of Confederation
#8290, aired 2020-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE $400: U.S. schoolkids began reciting this as part of Columbus Day observances in 1892 The Pledge of Allegiance
#8290, aired 2020-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE $800: Term for the limited allocation of goods on the WWII home front; for gasoline & coffee, it began in fall 1942 rationing
#8290, aired 2020-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE $1200: In the 1859 "Pig War", the U.S. & this country nearly came to blows over ownership of the San Juan Islands Great Britain
#8290, aired 2020-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE $1600: In 1892 John Muir co-founded this organization dedicated to protecting the great outdoors the Sierra Club
#8290, aired 2020-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY TIMELINE $2000: Known as the "Pathfinder", this soldier-explorer mapped most of the Oregon Trail in the 1840s with Kit Carson John C. Frémont
#8284, aired 2020-11-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: One of the oldest repositories of African-American history, the Dusable Museum is a fixture of this Midwest city's south side Chicago
#8284, aired 2020-11-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Arturo Schomburg's collection in a branch of the N.Y. Public Library in this Manhattan area contributed to a renaissance there Harlem
#8284, aired 2020-11-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: E.E. Ward Moving & Storage is the oldest Black-owned co. in the U.S., dating to the 1840s when a Ward was a conductor on this the Underground Railroad
#8284, aired 2020-11-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1870 Hiram Revels was almost blocked as the first African-American in this job because he hadn't been a citizen for 9 years a senator
#8284, aired 2020-11-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1919, as part of his back to Africa plan, Marcus Garvey founded this, contrasting with the name of a British ship line the Black Star Line
#8280, aired 2020-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 2005 80% of New Orleans was flooded by this cataclysm Hurricane Katrina
#8280, aired 2020-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: First lady Helen Taft arranged the planting of hundreds of these trees along the Potomac River in Washington (Japanese) cherry trees
#8280, aired 2020-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In the 1930s the AFL expelled members of this group from its ranks; in 1955 the 2 organizations reunited the CIO
#8280, aired 2020-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1951 Matthew Ridgway replaced this general as Allied Commander in the Far East MacArthur
#8280, aired 2020-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: During the winter of 1777-78 at Valley Forge, a tired and disorganized Continental Army was drilled into shape by this German Baron (von) Steuben
#8273, aired 2020-11-04CLUES ACROSS THE SMITHSONIAN $400: (Michelle Marsh presents from outside the National Museum of African American History & Culture.) Hi, I'm Michelle Marsh from ABC7: this Georgia congressman and veteran of the Civil Rights Movement began pushing for an African-American History Museum in the 1980s, and at the 2016 dedication said he felt like singing Mahalia Jackson's "How We Got Over" John Lewis
#8260, aired 2020-10-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: At the First Continental Congress, all the original colonies were represented except for this southernmost one Georgia
#8260, aired 2020-10-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 2000 California declared the March 31 birthday of this Latino labor leader a state holiday César Chávez
#8260, aired 2020-10-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Lyndon Johnson's 1965 State of the Union address renewed the War on Poverty by promoting a "Great" this Society
#8260, aired 2020-10-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In the 1850s this state was "Bleeding" as pro- & anti-slavery forces met up in a preview of the Civil War Kansas
#8260, aired 2020-10-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): The oldest continuously settled city in America, it was named for the Bishop of Hippo St. Augustine
#8241, aired 2020-09-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Oct. 22, 1962 JFK announced a naval blockade of this country due to Soviet missiles being discovered there Cuba
#8241, aired 2020-09-21AMERICAN HISTORY $800: After a historic 1983 mission, this astronaut turned down flowers as her male counterparts weren't given any Sally Ride
#8241, aired 2020-09-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Victoria Woodhull was the first woman to run for pres. in 1872, but couldn't have taken office because she wasn't yet this age 35
#8241, aired 2020-09-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This 1620 document mentions "our dread sovereign Lord King James", "a voyage to plant the first colony" & "Cape Cod" the Mayflower Compact
#8241, aired 2020-09-21AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): This president was said to regret his decision "not to hang John C. Calhoun" as a traitor Andrew Jackson
#8240, aired 2020-09-18ALTRUISTIC ATHLETES $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the Smithsonian Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture.) The Game Changers Hall bears the name of this Chicago legend who donated $5 million to the museum; as of 2017, he was still ranked by "Forbes" as the highest-earning athlete of all time (Michael) Jordan
#8225, aired 2020-05-29AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presents the clue.) One of my heroes is Wild Bill Hickok, who before moving west & becoming a legendary lawman & gunfighter helped escaping slaves at his family's Illinois farm, which served as a stop on this the Underground Railroad
#8225, aired 2020-05-29AMERICAN HISTORY $800: New York statesman DeWitt Clinton promoted the idea of this waterway & was the commissioner who oversaw its construction the Erie Canal
#8225, aired 2020-05-29AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The only clue to this colony's disappearance was the word "Croatoan" on a post; hasn't helped much Roanoke
#8225, aired 2020-05-29AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This 2-word concept was used to justify the acquisitions of Oregon territory, California & Mexican land in the southwest Manifest Destiny
#8225, aired 2020-05-29AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This education reformer took John Quincy Adams' seat in the House of Representatives, where he vigorously opposed slavery Horace Mann
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The National Museum of African American History & Culture opened in 2016 as part of this museum complex the Smithsonian
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: These 2 Atlanta colleges were both founded soon after the Civil War & "Spelhouse" marriages between alums are not rare Morehouse & Spelman
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1960 at a segregated lunch counter in N.C., 4 African-American students staged one of these immobile protests a sit-in
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Now 115 years old, the Chicago Defender isn't a Bears safety but one of the oldest of these for African Americans a newspaper
#8216, aired 2020-05-18AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: M is for Methodist in this U.S. church that in 1820 launched a mission into West Africa the A.M.E. Church (African Methodist Episcopal)
#8214, aired 2020-04-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The 2012 film "Red Tails" tells the story of the WWII African-American flyers known as these airmen the Tuskegee Airmen
#8214, aired 2020-04-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: William Penn created Pennsylvania as a refuge for religious minorities, like this faith of his Quakers
#8214, aired 2020-04-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This Wild West frontiersman got his name on a state capital in 1864 Kit Carson
#8214, aired 2020-04-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: The public was intrigued when this man's November 1963 8mm film footage was shown on TV in 1975 Zapruder
#8214, aired 2020-04-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: "Message from Mrs. Madison. She sends her love to Mrs. Wethered" was Dolley's follow-up to this inventor's 1844 message Morse
#8206, aired 2020-04-20A HISTORY OF CHARITY $800: In 1944 Tuskegee president Frederick Douglass Patterson started this scholarship organization the United Negro College Fund
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $400: (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) 1972 was one of the biggest landslides in Electoral College history as Republican incumbent Richard Nixon piled up 49 states, and this antiwar Democratic senator captured only Massachusetts and the District of Columbia, failing to carry even his home state of South Dakota McGovern
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $1200: (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) Upset over the inclusion of a civil rights plank in the 1948 Democratic platform, Strom Thurmond split the party, capturing four Southern states with his Dixiecrat Party and nearly helping this Republican defeat Harry Truman Dewey
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $1600: (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) New York didn't choose its electors in time and Rhode Island and North Carolina hadn't yet ratified the Constitution, but the vote was otherwise unanimous when every elector cast a vote for George Washington in this year 1789
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $1,600 (Daily Double): (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) A third party candidate hasn't won a state in a presidential election since 1968 when this American Independent Party nominee carried Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Georgia, and his native Alabama George Wallace
#8206, aired 2020-04-20THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE $2000: (MSNBC's Steve Kornacki presents by a display monitor.) The 1860 electoral map revealed the deep divisions of a country hurtling towards civil war. Abraham Lincoln won the North, the West, and the presidency; border states went for compromise candidate John Bell. Stephen Douglas carried Missouri, and this incumbent vice president and defender of slavery carried the South Breckinridge
#8204, aired 2020-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution set up this body to choose the president & vice president the Electoral College
#8204, aired 2020-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents by a display monitor.) Following the United States' annexation of Texas in 1845, Mexico said Texas' border ended here at the Nueces River; the U.S. said it was this river further south, and war soon followed the Rio Grande
#8204, aired 2020-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1832 S.C. passed "an ordinance to" do this, void certain federal laws; Pres. Jackson said it's your ordinance that's void! nullify or nullification
#8204, aired 2020-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): A new Quartering Act was the fourth of these punitive 1774 measures also known as the Coercive Acts the Intolerable Acts
#8204, aired 2020-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Thomas Jackson earned the nickname "Stonewall" at First Bull Run, called this by the Rebs Manassas
#8203, aired 2020-04-15NON-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1953 Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay were on top of the world after reaching the summit of this mountain Mount Everest
#8203, aired 2020-04-15NON-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Well, that takes the cake! In 1793 this queen was put in solitary confinement at the Conciergerie Marie Antoinette
#8203, aired 2020-04-15NON-AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1644 the Manchus ended this dynasty known for vases Ming
#8203, aired 2020-04-15NON-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The 1970s Pres. of Equatorial this, Macías Nguema forced priests to recite, "There is no God other than Macías" Guinea
#8203, aired 2020-04-15NON-AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Joseph Stalin was an editor of this Bolshevik newspaper whose Russian name means "truth" Pravda
#8186, aired 2020-03-23BRUSHING UP ON YOUR SPANISH HISTORY $1600: After taking the loss in the Spanish-American War, Spain ceded this easternmost island in the Greater Antilles Puerto Rico
#8180, aired 2020-03-13SMITHSONIAN AIR & SPACE MUSEUM $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew presents from the Smithsonian National Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C.) In the 1960s, the rocket-powered North American X-15 went higher and faster than any other aircraft in history with eight pilots who flew it to the fringes of space earning designation as these astronauts
#8169, aired 2020-02-27"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In the Depression flour companies sold their product in bright print sacks as so many women were reduced to using them as these dresses
#8169, aired 2020-02-27"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: SCOTUS upheld the independence of corporations, ruling in 1819 that N.H. had wrongly replaced the trustees of this school Dartmouth
#8169, aired 2020-02-27"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: To help them fight Hitler, in 1940 the U.S. traded the British 50 of this type of warship for leases on British bases destroyers
#8169, aired 2020-02-27"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: About 380,000 Civil War soldiers, or 10% of those who served, ended up as these, choosing to fight another day (or never) deserters
#8169, aired 2020-02-27"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Kansas Territory had this man as governor in 1858 and what's now a state capital is named for him (James) Denver
#8159, aired 2020-02-13FEBRUARY $400: According to annual presidential proclamations, February is this month--not "Black" anymore African-American History Month
#8156, aired 2020-02-10BEFORE & AFTER AT THE MOVIES $1200: Edward Norton tries to convince his brother Edward Furlong not to hate or join up with mutants like Wolverine American History X Men
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) The Game Changers Exhibit honors such athletes as this track & field star whose four gold medals at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin upset Hitler's dreams to demonstrate Aryan superiority Jesse Owens
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Dominating women's tennis, Althea Gibson broke the color barrier & became the first African-American to win the French & U.S. Open Singles as well as, in 1957 & 1958, this oldest Grand Slam event Wimbledon
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) One of the most memorable moments in Olympic history was when track stars Tommie Smith & John Carlos raised their fists in a Black Power salute in Mexico City in this year of escalated racial tensions six months after the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. 1968
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Argubably "The Greatest" inside the ring & out, Muhammed Ali first won the heavyweight title by beating Sonny Liston in 1964; in the next few days, publicly adopting Islam, he changed from this & became an example of Black pride & defiance of the establishment Cassius Clay
#8151, aired 2020-02-03AFRICAN-AMERICAN ATHLETES $1000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew is at the National Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Say hey! This was used in the 1965 All Star Game by this Giant center fielder; in a 2016 85th birthday message, President Obama called him the greatest living ballplayer Willie Mays
#8135, aired 2020-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He was recovering from typhoid fever when he was inaugurated Vice President on March 4, 1865 Johnson
#8135, aired 2020-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This 3-named leader of the Free Silver Movement served as Secretary of State under Woodrow Wilson William Jennings Bryan
#8135, aired 2020-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This Great Compromiser introduced the Compromise Tariff of 1833 (Henry) Clay
#8135, aired 2020-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): On Oct. 8, 1871 a fire started on DeKoven Street, destroying more than 17,000 of this city's buildings Chicago
#8135, aired 2020-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This powerful union of the 1880s, KOL for short, began as a secret society modeled on the Masons the Knights of Labor
#8132, aired 2020-01-07AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1940, for her role in this film, Hattie McDaniel became the first black performer to win an Oscar Gone with the Wind
#8132, aired 2020-01-07AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The 1st African-American woman to win Olympic gold, Alice Coachman cleared 5'6 1/8" in this track & field event in 1948 the high jump
#8132, aired 2020-01-07AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: A 1957 study of the middle class, with the alliterative title "The Black" this group, traced it to 1865 & the Freedmen's Bank the Bourgeoisie
#8132, aired 2020-01-07AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This 1960s alliterative slogan has roots in an 1858 speech that mentioned "rich color" & "full broad features" "Black is beautiful"
#8132, aired 2020-01-07AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): When Medgar Evers was gunned down in 1963, he was the Mississippi field secretary of this national organization the NAACP
#8126, aired 2019-12-3017th CENTURY HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): This Virginia Native American died in 1618, but wars that bore his name were fought on & off between 1622 & 1646 Powhatan
#8121, aired 2019-12-23FBI HEADQUARTERS $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents from the FBI headquarters in Washington, D.C.) This phone and wiretapping device help set off one of the most notorious episodes in American history in the early morning hours of June 17, 1972 when five burglars were arrested in this Washington, D.C. hotel and office complex the Watergate
#8117, aired 2019-12-17NEW MILLENNIUM TV $200: In 2018, for voting purposes, it became the first reality-competition series in TV history to air shows live, coast-to-coast American Idol
#8113, aired 2019-12-11NAVAL HISTORY $800: Congress presented him a gold medal in 1787 for his naval leadership during the American Revolution John Paul Jones
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The 1917 Jones-Shafroth Act made residents of this Caribbean island American citizens Puerto Rico
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: More Frenchmen than Americans participated in the 1781 siege of this town, the last major battle of the American Revolution Yorktown
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This man's 1825 inaugural address had to compete with a traveling circus performing in D.C. (John) Quincy Adams
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Saying "I will make them twins", in 1889 President Harrison blindly signed these 2 states into the Union so no one knows which was first North & South Dakota
#8112, aired 2019-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Real name Mary, this "maternal" organizer of mine workers in the early 20th century was called the "Most Dangerous Woman in America" Mother Jones
#8081, aired 2019-10-28HISTORY ON FILM $800: In "American Made" it's the 1980s & Tom Cruise is flying guns to these Nicaraguans battling the Sandinistas the Contras
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: "Insure domestic tranquility" & "secure the blessings of liberty" are lines from this historic document the Constitution
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In the 1760s these 2 surveyors marked the boundary between Maryland & Pennsylvania Mason and Dixon
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1868 the House of Representatives voted 126 to 47 to impeach this man (Andrew) Johnson
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1863, George McClellan's military career was over, but this General George was on hand to defeat Robert E. Lee at Gettysburg Meade
#8076, aired 2019-10-21AMERICAN HISTORY $5,000 (Daily Double): Woeful economic conditions helped reduce immigration from 4.2 million the decade before to less than 700,000 in this decade the 1930s
#8061, aired 2019-09-30AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Before the Naval Academy opened in this city in 1845, midshipmen were trained at sea Annapolis
#8061, aired 2019-09-30AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Most of the battle on June 17, 1775 took place on Breed's Hill, but it's this hill that gets the press Bunker Hill
#8061, aired 2019-09-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: When this beloved first lady died in Washington in 1849, the "ladies of Virginia" were urged to wear a black bow or ribbon in tribute Dolley Madison
#8061, aired 2019-09-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1947 Congress passed this act named for 2 politicians that banned using union dues in national election campaigns Taft-Hartley
#8061, aired 2019-09-30AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Suffering from tuberculosis, William Rufus DeVane King died in April 1853 before ever performing his duties in this post vice president
#8025, aired 2019-06-28ART SUPPLIES... $1000: ...history lessons, as in Benjamin West's depiction of a 1755 battle in this North American war the French and Indian War
#8023, aired 2019-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY (Tiebreaker clue): Types of it you could find in Boston Harbor on December 16, 1773 included Souchong & Bohea tea
#8022, aired 2019-06-25PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1908 he rolled out the first car affordable for most Americans, the Model T (Henry) Ford
#8022, aired 2019-06-25PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This future presidential assassin made his acting debut in an 1855 Baltimore staging of "Richard III" John Wilkes Booth
#8022, aired 2019-06-25PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1927 he made aviation history aboard a plane called the Spirit of St. Louis Lindbergh
#8022, aired 2019-06-25PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: FBI headquarters is housed in a building named for this man who was director from 1924 to 1972 J. Edgar Hoover
#8022, aired 2019-06-25PEOPLE IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): After his first wife Miriam died in 1832, this religious leader wed as many as 56 more times Brigham Young
#8010, aired 2019-06-07AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In August 1963 Martin Luther King gave his "I Have A Dream" speech at this Washington, D.C. landmark the Lincoln Memorial
#8010, aired 2019-06-07AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Around 1849 stagecoach mail delivery began on this trail between Missouri & New Mexico the Santa Fe Trail
#8010, aired 2019-06-07AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: 1996's Personal Responsibility & Work Opportunity Reconciliation Act was part of the reform of this social program welfare
#8010, aired 2019-06-07AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Accused Salem witch Giles Corey was executed with big stones in the method that's called this in "The Crucible" pressing
#8010, aired 2019-06-07AMERICAN HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): Ratified in 1913, the 17th amendment gave the selection of these to voters U.S. senators
#8007, aired 2019-06-04THE PARKER HOUSE: A HOTEL IN HISTORY $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Omni Parker House hotel.) Founded in 1855 and meeting on the last Saturday of the month at the Parker House, the Saturday Club included local literary giants like Whittier, Thoreau, Hawthorne, and this American scholar transcendentalist Emerson
#7999, aired 2019-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This fort that successfully defended Baltimore in 1814 was built in the shape of a 5-pointed star McHenry
#7999, aired 2019-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A carpenter named James Marshall found this in a streambed on January 24, 1848; he tried to keep it a secret, but... gold
#7999, aired 2019-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This project to develop an atomic bomb got started in 1940 with $6,000 for research the Manhattan Project
#7999, aired 2019-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In addition to the cotton gin, he developed the idea of mass production of interchangeable parts Eli Whitney
#7999, aired 2019-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1861 this Secretary of State suggested the U.S. provoke a foreign war to distract from civil discord at home (William) Seward
#7975, aired 2019-04-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In July 1812 U.S. general William Hull launched an invasion of this country & was ignominiously repulsed Canada
#7975, aired 2019-04-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He wrote a 1796 "Treatise on the Improvement of Canal Navigation" before coming up with his steamboat Fulton
#7975, aired 2019-04-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: A 1975 N.Y. Daily News headline after this man opposed a federal bailout: him "To City: Drop Dead" (Gerald) Ford
#7975, aired 2019-04-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: A 1921 federal law put the first limits on the number of these, followed by 1924's National Origins Act immigrants
#7975, aired 2019-04-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On June 1, 1660 Mary Dyer, one of this religious sect's "Boston martyrs", was hanged on Boston Common the Quakers
#7967, aired 2019-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: It's believed that Scandinavians built the first log cabins in America on the Delaware River at Nya Sverige, or New this country Sweden
#7967, aired 2019-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Proof the U.S. had secretly bombed Cambodia was in these "Papers" that were first leaked on June 13, 1971 the Pentagon Papers
#7967, aired 2019-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1976, more than 175 years after his death, this man was promoted by Congress to general of the armies of the United States George Washington
#7967, aired 2019-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: As a young man Frederick Douglass heard if he learned to do this "it would forever unfit him to be a slave"--so he did read and write
#7967, aired 2019-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $14,600 (Daily Double): In 1904 Oklahoma City policeman Joe Burnett killed Ed O'Kelley, who had killed Robert Ford, who had killed this outlaw Jesse James
#7940, aired 2019-03-01HISTORY WITH LESSER-KNOWN PAINTERS $800: Robert Colescott expanded African Americans' role in history with works like this peanut scientist "Crossing the Delaware" George Washington Carver
#7899, aired 2019-01-03AMERICAN HISTORY $200: John Parker was assigned to guard this man on April 14, 1865, but stepped out at intermission to go to a bar Abraham Lincoln
#7899, aired 2019-01-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Mariana, the first name Charles I picked for this colony, was nixed as Juan de Mariana was an anti-royalist writer Maryland
#7899, aired 2019-01-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: JFK declined to change the name, chosen by his predecessor, of this retreat in the Blue Ridge Mountains Camp David
#7899, aired 2019-01-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This Michigan businessman once fired all his accounting staff, leaving others to figure income by weighing invoices (Henry) Ford
#7899, aired 2019-01-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Alexander Hamilton Jr. got justice for his dad with Eliza Jumel hired him to handle her divorce from this man Aaron Burr
#7893, aired 2018-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: From 1821 until 1848 this country controlled what is today California Mexico
#7893, aired 2018-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In November 1620 this document was signed onboard a ship off Cape Cod Mayflower Compact
#7893, aired 2018-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1925 John T. Scopes was put on trial, convicted & fined for teaching evolution in this Southern state Tennessee
#7893, aired 2018-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1792 Congress tried to increase judges' workload, leading to the 1st federal court decision voiding a law on this basis they declared it unconstitutional
#7893, aired 2018-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1933 this new head of the Department of Labor became the first female cabinet member Frances Perkins
#7867, aired 2018-11-20THE OLYMPICS $600: This American is the most decorated athlete in Olympic history, winning 28 medals, including a record 23 golds Michael Phelps
#7856, aired 2018-11-05BRITISH HISTORY $400: Containing concessions by the king, this 13th c. document is one of the foundations of English & American law the Magna Carta
#7851, aired 2018-10-29CONTRA $1200: These in American history include Whiskey & Shays' a rebellion
#7845, aired 2018-10-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Heman Sweatt integrated the University of Texas Law after the Supreme Court ruled the Negro Law School was separate but not this equal
#7845, aired 2018-10-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Ron Brown in 1989 for the Democrats & Michael Steele in 2009 for the G.O.P. were the first black holders of this post chairman of the party
#7845, aired 2018-10-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1968 at this school, SFSU for short, Nathan Hare created the USA's first black studies program San Francisco State University
#7845, aired 2018-10-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): Despite the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, she made many trips back to Maryland to aid liberations Harriet Tubman
#7845, aired 2018-10-19AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In a series, artist Jacob Lawrence depicted this "Great" movement of rural Southern blacks to the North in the 20th century the Great Migration
#7817, aired 2018-09-11U.S. HISTORY $200: Published in 1783, his "American Spelling Book" preceded his famous dictionary by 45 years Webster
#7816, aired 2018-09-10HISTORY $800: The first capital of California following American occupation in 1846 was this city, today the "capital" of Silicon Valley San Jose
#7810, aired 2018-07-20HISTORY IN EUROPE $800: Winston Churchill said this, AKA the Battle of the Ardennes, was the greatest American battle of World War II the Battle of the Bulge
#7796, aired 2018-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On April 19, 1995 2 homegrown terrorists bombed the U.S. Federal Building in this city Oklahoma City
#7796, aired 2018-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On March 12, 1933 FDR warmed America with the first of these informal radio addresses a fireside chat
#7796, aired 2018-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1859 future Civil War general Daniel Sickles shot & killed Philip Barton Key, the son of this songwriter Francis Scott Key
#7796, aired 2018-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1797 most of Congress counted themselves part of this party, but by 1827 it was dead the Federalist Party
#7796, aired 2018-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $5,000 (Daily Double): The photo from a 1967 march on the Pentagon demonstrates this rhyming slogan of the time flower power
#7770, aired 2018-05-25"ZZ" MIDDLE $600: Spring buds were blooming, but "The Great" one of these of March 1888 was one of the worst ever in American history a blizzard
#7760, aired 2018-05-11SHE DID IT! $800: In 2015 she made history as the first African-American female principal dancer with the American Ballet Theater Misty Copeland
#7754, aired 2018-05-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Leaked to the press in 1971, the Pentagon Papers detailed America's involvement in this conflict the Vietnam War
#7754, aired 2018-05-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In October of this year, a month after reaching an all-time high of 381, the stock market came crashing down 1929
#7754, aired 2018-05-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: (Jimmy of Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) Not to be confused with the gap of the same name, America's first national highway--and for many years, the main route west--was this road that extended from Maryland to Vandalia, Illinois Cumberland
#7754, aired 2018-05-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1590 English explorer John White returned with supplies to this colony only to find it gone Roanoke
#7754, aired 2018-05-03AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): Pres. Lincoln said, "I never, in my life, felt more certain that I was doing right than I do in signing this paper" the Emancipation Proclamation
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $400: William Henry Harrison gave the longest inaugural speech in history; this man in 1793 at his second gave the shortest Washington
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $800: This keystone state's name is spelled incorrectly in the U.S. Constitution Pennsylvania
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $1600: This man's political rise began when he was just 30 & the people of Nebraska elected him to Congress William Jennings Bryan
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $2000: Military engagements authorized by Congress include the 1801 First & 1815 Second of these African wars the Barbary Wars
#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $6,200 (Daily Double): In 1999 the Senate voted 50-50 on the charge that Bill Clinton obstructed justice, this many votes shy of conviction 17
#7708, aired 2018-02-28NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The 1851 treaty of this Wyoming fort was an early attempt to resolve conflicts between Native Americans & settlers Fort Laramie
#7708, aired 2018-02-28NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: On a December day in 1890, about 200 Native Americans were slain by U.S. Army troops at this South Dakota location Wounded Knee
#7708, aired 2018-02-28NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Brother to "The Prophet", this Shawnee leader organized 18th c. Native American resistance in Ohio & Indiana Tecumseh
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1817 ground was broken for this, derisively called "Clinton's Big Ditch" the Erie Canal
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 1971 events at this prison east of Buffalo were one of the bloodiest clashes between Americans in the 20th century Attica
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Established in 1619, this representative body in Virginia originally had 22 members the House of Burgesses
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Interior Secretary Albert Bacon Fall was convicted of bribery in leasing out oil reserves in Elk Hills, Buena Vista & this site the Teapot Dome
#7700, aired 2018-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: To protest taxes, Shays' Rebellion included a 1787 attack on the federal arsenal in this city in western Massachusetts Springfield
#7693, aired 2018-02-071968 IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The 747 jumbo jet was introduced by this company on September 30 Boeing
#7693, aired 2018-02-071968 IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On September 24 this primetime show debuted on CBS; it's still ticking 60 Minutes
#7693, aired 2018-02-071968 IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In June this Chief Justice tendered his resignation Earl Warren
#7693, aired 2018-02-071968 IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In late January 70,000 troops directed by North Vietnam began simultaneous attacks in this operation Tet Offensive
#7693, aired 2018-02-071968 IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Ralph Abernathy took over as president of this organization and led the Poor People's March to Washington Southern Christian Leadership Conference
#7691, aired 2018-02-05HISTORY NEAR & FAR $1600: By act of Congress on June 2, 1924, all members of this group were declared U.S. citizens Native Americans
#7689, aired 2018-02-01BLACK HISTORY NOTABLES $1200: In 1957, she became the first African-American to win a singles title at Wimbledon Althea Gibson
#7686, aired 2018-01-29HISTORY ACROSS AMERICA $400: (I'm Danielle Niles from WBZ.) 16 months before he famously rode off into American history, this man joined the other patriots in the Boston tea party protest Paul Revere
#7686, aired 2018-01-29HISTORY ACROSS AMERICA $1000: (I'm Patrice Sanders from Fox 45 News.) The American Revolution ended when, here in the Maryland State House, Congress ratified this peace treaty signed in Europe the Treaty of Paris
#7664, aired 2017-12-28EUROPEAN HISTORY $800: In 1830 at age 72 this hero of the American Revolution played a key role in France's July Rev. that changed kings Lafayette
#7657, aired 2017-12-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. got involved in Vietnam by helping this nation try to regain control of its former colony France
#7657, aired 2017-12-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This period in the South can be divided into presidential (1865-1867) & Congressional or Radical (1867-1877) Reconstruction
#7657, aired 2017-12-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: First performed in 1897, this musical work was designated the official march of the United States in 1987 "Stars And Stripes Forever"
#7657, aired 2017-12-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In old New England a regular use of the village green was training this body of men mentioned in the Second Amendment the militia
#7657, aired 2017-12-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1915 the 1st transcontinental telephone call was made when A.G. Bell called this former assistant in San Francisco (Thomas) Watson
#7650, aired 2017-12-08FOSSIL FUELS $400: The U.S. has produced the most oil in history, but this South American nation has the world's largest store Venezuela
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The bus boycott protesting segregation in this Alabama city lasted for more than a year Montgomery
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Alex presents the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture.) The powder horn belonged to one of 10,000 African-Americans who fought at battles like Monmouth in this war; to them, liberty was not just an abstract concept, but something they personally craved and hoped would be granted by the winning side, and in some cases, it was the American Revolution
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Abbreviated the CBC, it was formed by 13 African Americans elected to the U.S. House in 1970 the Congressional Black Caucus
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This NYC venue where Ella Fitzgerald was discovered opened in 1914 as Hurtig & Seamon's New Burlesque Theater the Apollo
#7600, aired 2017-09-29AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1985 this state elected Lt. Gov. L. Douglas Wilder as its first African-American statewide officeholder Virginia
#7594, aired 2017-09-21"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: You name it, they have it in these retail palaces like Wanamaker's, shown here, that saw big growth after the Civil War a department store
#7594, aired 2017-09-21"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Soil Conservation Service was created to counter this disaster that struck the Great Plains in the 1930s the Dust Bowl
#7594, aired 2017-09-21"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: To combat fuel shortages, Congress enacted this for almost 10 months in 1974, from January to October Daylight Saving Time
#7594, aired 2017-09-21"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1873 borax was discovered at this California site, & in the 1880s the famous 20-mule teams began hauling it out Death Valley
#7594, aired 2017-09-21"D" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Officially known as the States' Rights Democrat Party, it carried 4 Southern states in 1948, winning 39 electoral votes the Dixiecrats
#7569, aired 2017-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1900 the U.S. went on this standard, setting its price at $20.67 an ounce the gold standard
#7569, aired 2017-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $800 (Daily Double): In 1933 a stretch of river rapids in Alabama called Muscle Shoals became an integral part of this multi-state project Tennessee Valley Authority
#7569, aired 2017-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1915, this author of Family Limitation was arrested for obscenity Margaret Sanger
#7569, aired 2017-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1832 this South Carolinian resigned as vice president; in 2017 his name came off one of Yale's colleges Calhoun
#7569, aired 2017-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On Dec. 24, 1814 in Belgium, the U.S. & Britain signed this treaty in which the British gave up their northwest territory claims the Treaty of Ghent
#7559, aired 2017-06-22RECENT HISTORY & BIOGRAPHY $600: This story of the African-American women who helped launch the U.S. space program became a 2016 film Hidden Figures
#7547, aired 2017-06-06AWARDS & HONORS $400: (Alex presents the clue from the National Museum of African American History & Culture.) In World War I, because of racial tensions within the Army, a black combat unit nicknamed the Harlem Hellfighters was assigned to fight with the French, and because of their valor, the regiment was awarded this cross of war, one of France's highest honors the Croix de guerre
#7546, aired 2017-06-05JUST WHAT I NEED $200: This object, carved by Native Americans, will teach me about their history and lore a totem pole
#7543, aired 2017-05-31GOING DOWN IN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1858 British & American ships laid the first of these, as much as 2 miles down transatlantic cables
#7518, aired 2017-04-26AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1867 William Seward negotiated its purchase for about 2 cents an acre, totaling a cool $7.2 million Alaska
#7518, aired 2017-04-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1805 Lewis & Clark named a Mussellshell River tributary "Bird Woman's River" in her honor Sacagawea
#7518, aired 2017-04-26AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In a speech on June 5, 1947, this Secretary of State proposed his plan for European economic aid (George) Marshall
#7518, aired 2017-04-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Supreme Court reached a low with its 1857 decision on this slave's case: African Americans were not & could not be U.S. citizens Dred Scott
#7518, aired 2017-04-26AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1845 John O'Sullivan wrote of our this "to overspread the continent allotted by Providence" Manifest Destiny
#7516, aired 2017-04-24IT'S A TRAP! $2,000 (Daily Double): The Smithsonian's Natl. Museum of American History says more patents have been given to this device than any other a mousetrap
#7504, aired 2017-04-06PUERTO RICAN HISTORY $400: Puerto Rico became part of the U.S. as part of the terms ending this 19th century conflict the Spanish-American War
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Seen here on a break is Billy Johnson, a celebrated rider for this service of the early 1860s the Pony Express
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On April 9, 1865 Lee surrendered to Grant in this Virginia village whose name sounds like a judiciary building Appomattox Courthouse
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: On April 9, 1979, 12 days after it began, the Nuclear Regulatory Comm. declared the crisis at this facility over Three Mile Island
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: The son of Increase & grandson of Richard, this minister had 15 children but only 2 survived him Cotton Mather
#7503, aired 2017-04-05AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: At a women's convention in Ohio in 1851 this former slave delivered her "Ain't I A Woman" speech Sojourner Truth
#7498, aired 2017-03-29"A" CAST $1200: 1998: Edward Furlong, Edward Norton American History X
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In late 1620 an Atlantic storm altered the course of history because this ship ended up in Cape Cod & not in Virginia as intended the Mayflower
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1579 during his trip around the world, he stopped near present-day San Francisco & named the area Nova Albion Drake
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The first Atlantic-crossing ship built in what's now the U.S. took French settlers home from this S.C. island now used by the Marines Parris Island
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1735 James Oglethorpe invited this founder of Methodism to evangelize in Georgia John Wesley
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Years before Coronado, a Moor named Estevanico searched for 7 wealthy cities he called this Cíbola
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE $200: (Alex gives the clue from the Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Dismantled at its original location on Edisto Island, South Carolina, & now restored & a centerpiece of the museum, this cabin dates back to the early days of slavery but was used well into the 20th century, with residents picking as much as 100 pounds a day of this crop cotton
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE $400: (Alex gives the clue from the Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Guests at the opening ceremony for the museum included these men who trained in Alabama as part of this World War II group of aviators who escorted over 200 bombing missions with the loss of just a handful of bombers the Tuskegee Airmen
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE $600: (Alex gives the clue from the Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) He was known to always carry a Bible, & the small one displayed here likely belonged to this preacher & slave rebellion leader, who may have been carrying it when he was captured in 1831 Nat Turner
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE $800: (Alex gives the clue from the Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) Among the museum's largest artifacts is a railroad car whose colored section had no luggage racks & smaller bathrooms--just a reminder of these laws of segregation that persisted until the 1960s Jim Crow laws
#7476, aired 2017-02-27THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY & CULTURE $2,000 (Daily Double): (Alex gives the clue from the Nat'l Museum of African American History & Culture in Washington, D.C.) On Easter in 1939, after she was denied permission to sing at Constitution Hall, this contralto put on her Sunday best clothes & sang "My Country, 'Tis Of Thee" to a crowd of over 75,000 at the Lincoln Memorial Marian Anderson
#7468, aired 2017-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The only Constitutional amendment to be repealed, the 18th Amendment originally put this into effect Prohibition
#7468, aired 2017-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that this man acted alone in killing President Kennedy Lee Harvey Oswald
#7468, aired 2017-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Under the Jones Act of 1917, residents of this Caribbean island gained U.S. citizenship Puerto Rico
#7468, aired 2017-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Introduced by Europeans, this disease that wiped out entire tribes had its last known U.S. case in 1949 smallpox
#7468, aired 2017-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: According to his N.Y. Times obituary, this Tammany Hall boss died in jail in the absence of nearly all family members (William) "Boss" Tweed
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1519 Spaniards found 200,000 people made up the city & suburbs of Tenochtitlan, the capital of this empire the Aztec empire
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Uh, this gen.? You slightly under-counted the no. of Indian warriors on June 25, 1876-- forgot to carry the 1, maybe? Custer
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1693 people jailed for this in Salem were finally free; families later got reparations witchcraft
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: He received a presidential pardon in 1815, but soon returned to his pirating ways in the Gulf of Mexico (Jean) Lafitte
#7462, aired 2017-02-07NORTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1,800 (Daily Double): (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) In the 1700s, stretching from Labrador through Montreal and all the down into what's now Louisiana, was the territory known as New this country New France
#7461, aired 2017-02-06NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE $400: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.) At the gift shop, you can pick up a kinara, a candleholder that represents African roots; it'll hold candles in the symbolic colors of black for the people, red for their struggle & green for hope, all to help you celebrate this late December holiday Kwanzaa
#7461, aired 2017-02-06NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE $800: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.) Thomas Jefferson wrote that "all men are created equal", yet, as seen from the names on the bricks, he was a major slaveholder owning hundreds at this home and plantation in Virginia Monticello
#7461, aired 2017-02-06NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE $1200: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.) Among Harriet Tubman's most treasured possessions was a lace shawl she received in recognition of her heroic efforts from this woman, who was celebrating her diamond jubilee Queen Victoria
#7461, aired 2017-02-06NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE $1600: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.) "Our feet are tired, but our souls are rested", said Martin Luther King, and then soaked his feet in the bucket on display here after leading thousands on a 5-day, 54 mile freedom march from Selma to the steps of the Capitol in this city Montgomery
#7461, aired 2017-02-06NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY AND CULTURE $2000: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of African American History and Culture in Washington, D.C.) The tape recorder was used by this man, whose ideas for black activism couldn't be contained by the Nation of Islam, leading to the sad correctness of his prediction in his autobiography that, "I, too, will die by violence" Malcolm X
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. put down $11.25 million for this 1803 land deal, though the treaty didn't clearly describe the boundaries the Louisiana Purchase
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This disaster began on October 8, 1871 in a barn on DeKoven Street & left nearly 100,000 people homeless the Chicago fire
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The unexplained sinking of the USS Maine led the U.S. to declare war on this country on April 25, 1898 Spain
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: A tax on spirits caused this U.S. rebellion in 1794 the Whiskey Rebellion
#7460, aired 2017-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): This 4-word motto saying watch your step was on many early American flags don't tread on me
#7451, aired 2017-01-23BOOKS BY PROFESSORS $1600: Illinois professor & librarian Dee Brown changed the field of Native American history with "Bury My Heart" here Wounded Knee
#7448, aired 2017-01-18IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF HISTORY $800: Hike in the footsteps of settlers & Native Americans on the Natchez Trace, starting in Natchez in this state Mississippi
#7433, aired 2016-12-28U.S. HISTORY $400: In 2003 in Ohio, an overgrown tree touched a power line, causing this event that affected 50 million North Americans a blackout
#7426, aired 2016-12-19NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: George Bancroft, Secretary of the Navy, founded the U.S. Naval Academy in this city Annapolis
#7426, aired 2016-12-19NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600 (Daily Double): Charles Cotesworth Pinckney said no when French agents asked for a bribe in this 1797 "Affair" the XYZ Affair
#7426, aired 2016-12-19NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Gerald Ford succeeded him as vice president of the United States Agnew
#7426, aired 2016-12-19NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: He was inaugurated the president of the Republic of Texas on October 22, 1836 Houston
#7426, aired 2016-12-19NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This great orator gave a 3 1/2-hour speech in favor of the Compromise of 1850; his fellow New Englanders didn't like that Daniel Webster
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1540 Garcia Lopez de Cardenas found this natural wonder; his men tried to climb down to the Colorado River but failed the Grand Canyon
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1974, over Ford's veto, Congress passed amendments to this act granting public access to government files the Freedom of Information Act
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This Nebraska Democrat lost an 1894 bid for the U.S. Senate but was nominated for president 2 years later William Jennings Bryan
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: A 1621 treaty with the Wampanoags gave the Pilgrims protection against this tribe from what's now Rhode Island the Narragansett
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On April 4, 1891 this brother of John Wilkes Booth ended his 40+-year acting career appearing in "Hamlet" in NYC Edwin Booth
#7377, aired 2016-10-11IT HAPPENED ON MEET THE PRESS $400: (Chuck Todd of Meet the Press gives the clue.) President Carter used his January 20, 1980 appearance to announce the USA's boycott of these the Olympics
#7377, aired 2016-10-11IT HAPPENED ON MEET THE PRESS $800: (Chuck Todd of Meet the Press gives the clue.) This controversial Wisconsin senator is seen here in a 1953 appearance; during another show, he rested a handgun unseen in his lap the whole program McCarthy
#7377, aired 2016-10-11IT HAPPENED ON MEET THE PRESS $1200: (Chuck Todd of Meet the Press gives the clue.) In April 2015 this mayor, Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign manager, praised Hillary but didn't quite endorse her yet (Bill) de Blasio
#7377, aired 2016-10-11IT HAPPENED ON MEET THE PRESS $1600: (Chuck Todd of Meet the Press gives the clue.) This labor leader's appearance on July 9, 1961 had to be fitted in between a string of indictments Hoffa
#7377, aired 2016-10-11IT HAPPENED ON MEET THE PRESS $2000: (Chuck Todd of Meet the Press gives the clue.) She was so impressed with how she looked when on "MTP" that she requested & was given a supply of the show's makeup (Indira) Gandhi
#7355, aired 2016-07-29"C-U" $200: It's a person in charge of a museum collection; Margaret Mead was one at the American Museum of Natural History a curator
#7345, aired 2016-07-15HOOSIER HISTORY $1600: A trail or "trace" across the state was first used by these animals it's named for, then Native Americans, then settlers buffalo
#7324, aired 2016-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In March 1762 the first recorded parade of this type was held in New York City, by Irish soldiers serving in the British army St. Patrick's Day
#7324, aired 2016-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The last state to end prohibition was this "Magnolia State", which adopted a local-option law in 1966 Mississippi
#7324, aired 2016-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This song is from the movie "Chasing Rainbows" that unfortunately premiered just after the 1929 market crash "Happy Days Are Here Again"
#7324, aired 2016-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This terrifying economic event often involving runs on the bank precedes "of 1873" & "of 1907" a panic
#7324, aired 2016-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $3,500 (Daily Double): This city once known as Beverwyck was made a state capital in 1797 Albany
#7318, aired 2016-06-08HISTORY IN ART $1000: Benjamin West's "The Death of General Wolfe" depicts the 1759 battle of Quebec during this North American conflict the French and Indian War
#7306, aired 2016-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This Native American princess married an English colonist & visited England in 1616, meeting King James I Pocahontas
#7306, aired 2016-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1920 when an Equal Rights Amendment was 1st proposed, it was opposed by this group, the LWV the League of Women Voters
#7306, aired 2016-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This billionaire amassed his wealth through acquisitions like TWA & RKO Howard Hughes
#7306, aired 2016-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This Washington, D.C. guest house of U.S. Presidents was named for an advisor to Andrew Jackson & built in 1824 Blair House
#7306, aired 2016-05-23AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Things went south, not West, for this presidential candidate in 1872; he lost to Ulysses Grant & died three weeks after the election Horace Greeley
#7303, aired 2016-05-18D.C. HISTORY $1200: Recently, D.C.'s Latino population has grown with a very large number from this smallest Central American nation by area El Salvador
#7294, aired 2016-05-05A VISIT TO NEW YORK STATE $800: (I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson.) I got my first taste of stargazing as a 9-year-old kid in New York City when I took a trip to this facility at the American Museum of Natural History; later I took classes there & today I'm its director the Hayden Planetarium
#7293, aired 2016-05-04IN THE D.C. AREA $1,600 (Daily Double): The Bill of Rights & the Constitution are on display there the National Archives
#7283, aired 2016-04-20ALABAMA HISTORY $1000: In 1812 this Shawnee leader came to Alabama to convince the Creek tribes to join the British against the Americans Tecumseh
#7251, aired 2016-03-07AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1700 Massachusetts passed a law requiring all priests of this faith to hit the road Catholicism
#7251, aired 2016-03-07AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Without the knowledge of Congress, James Madison took possession of West Florida from this country Spain
#7251, aired 2016-03-07AMERICAN HISTORY $600: It was signed in 1620 to get the Pilgrims to pull together the Mayflower Compact
#7251, aired 2016-03-07AMERICAN HISTORY $800: At the end of WWI the 2 major unions in this industry were the ACWA & the ILGWU garment workers
#7251, aired 2016-03-07AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1848 the campaign slogan for this political party included the words "free speech, free labor, free men" Free Soil
#7250, aired 2016-03-04YOU'RE HISTORY! $400: After the Revolutionary War, this "Father of the American Navy" served as a rear admiral in Russia's fleet John Paul Jones
#7232, aired 2016-02-09A HISTORY LESSON $1600: In 1934 Augusto Cesar Sandino was assassinated by this Central American country's National Guard Nicaragua
#7226, aired 2016-02-01AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Segregation was ruled unconstitutional in the case Brown v. the Board of Education of this city in Kansas Topeka
#7226, aired 2016-02-01AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): This institute founder was the first African American featured on a U.S. postage stamp Booker T. Washington
#7226, aired 2016-02-01AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Joseph Cinque led a successful slave rebellion aboard this ship in 1839 the Amistad
#7226, aired 2016-02-01AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: A prominent member of the Harlem Renaissance, she wrote the 1937 novel "Their Eyes Were Watching God" (Zora Neale) Hurston
#7226, aired 2016-02-01AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Marian Anderson made history in 1954 by signing a contract with this New York performing arts organization the Metropolitan Opera
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This phrase of protest coined by Alicia Garza has become a hashtag & a movement Black Lives Matter
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (I'm Misty Copeland.) In 2014 I made history as the first African-American ballerina to dance the role of Clara in American Ballet Theatre's production of this ballet, a holiday favorite The Nutcracker
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Beginning in 1867 school was in session for what is now Morehouse College & this university in Washington, D.C. Howard University
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Porter on the train cars named for him was a good middle-class job, though you got called "George" whatever your name was (George) Pullman
#7198, aired 2015-12-23AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: 2013 saw the first Congress with 2 African-American senators when Mo Cowan of Mass. served with Tim Scott of this state South Carolina
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 2001 this U.S. energy company's stock fell from over $90 per share to below $1 Enron
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: It was drawn in the 1760s to settle border disputes between Maryland & Pennsylvania the Mason-Dixon Line
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1947 this TV news show's first guest was former Democratic chairman & FDR campaign manager James A. Farley Meet the Press
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 2015, scientists displayed remains of four leaders of this Virginia colony, buried under America's first Protestant church Jamestown
#7194, aired 2015-12-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1778 Ohio Shawnee held this frontiersman captive for 5 months Daniel Boone
#7189, aired 2015-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a map on the monitor.) On April 18, 1775, this man left Charlestown around 11:00 P.M. but was captured by the British after hitting Lexington, but before he got to Concord (Paul) Revere
#7189, aired 2015-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Head Start & Job Corps were programs in LBJ's "War on" this poverty
#7189, aired 2015-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: FDR touted this quartet in his 1941 State of the Union address the Four Freedoms
#7189, aired 2015-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Signed in Belgium, this 1814 treaty ended the War of 1812 the Treaty of Ghent
#7189, aired 2015-12-10AMERICAN HISTORY $3,400 (Daily Double): This tycoon's Northern Securities company was dissolved in 1904 for violating the Sherman Antitrust Act (J.P.) Morgan
#7168, aired 2015-11-11VETERANS $200: (Eric Stonestreet gives the clue.) More than half of America's presidents have been veterans, 7 of them served in the Army during this, the deadliest conflict in U.S. history the American Civil War
#7160, aired 2015-10-30QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Light Horse Harry Lee, eulogizing him: "First in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" (George) Washington
#7160, aired 2015-10-30QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Her, in 1869 in a women's suffrage newspaper: "Join the union, girls, and together say equal pay for equal work" Susan B. Anthony
#7160, aired 2015-10-30QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): The Gettysburg Address: "Government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not" do this perish from the Earth
#7160, aired 2015-10-30QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Thomas Paine: "These are the times that" do these 3 words try men's souls
#7160, aired 2015-10-30QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: MLK: "I have a dream that one day... sons of former slaves & the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at" this the table of brotherhood
#7154, aired 2015-10-22AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This abolitionist's raid on Harpers Ferry made him a martyr to the antislavery cause John Brown
#7154, aired 2015-10-22AMERICAN HISTORY $400: His "Icebox" & his "Folly" were nicknames for the purchase of Alaska (William) Seward
#7154, aired 2015-10-22AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The U.S. & the Soviet Union teetered on the brink of nuclear war during this in October 1962 the Cuban Missile Crisis
#7154, aired 2015-10-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Selling more than a half million copies, this 50-page pamphlet paved the way for the Declaration of Independence "Common Sense"
#7154, aired 2015-10-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): In 1921 Harding nominated him to be Chief Justice, an historic appointment William Howard Taft
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901 gave the U.S. sole right to construct & control this engineering project the Panama Canal
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This act that put a tax on playing cards in 1765 prompted the formation of the Sons of Liberty the Stamp Act
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: It was also known as the Elk Hills scandal, for an oil reserve in California the Teapot Dome scandal
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This Nez Perce chief surrendered to U.S. forces in 1877, saying, "I am tired; my heart is sick and sad... I will fight no more forever" Chief Joseph
#7126, aired 2015-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: 146 workers died in a 1911 fire at this NYC sweatshop that made shirtwaists, which were high-necked blouses the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory
#7122, aired 2015-07-28HISTORY SINCE 1950 $400: This first African-American Attorney General said he was quitting in 2014 but was still on the job in 2015 Eric Holder
#7114, aired 2015-07-16HISTORY, OLD & NEW $1000: Despite the name, this period of American history, around 1817-1824, was marked by complacency & isolationism the Era of Good Feelings
#7100, aired 2015-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This Democratic senator faced off against Abe Lincoln in a series of 7 debates during the 1858 campaign (Stephen) Douglas
#7100, aired 2015-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a battle map on the monitor.) A June 25, 1876, battle map shows Sitting Bull's camp next to Major Reno's skirmish line, with the Indian encampment separated from Last Stand Hill to the north by this river Little Big Horn
#7100, aired 2015-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1916 John J. Pershing fruitlessly searched for this Mexican bandit who had raided U.S. border areas Pancho Villa
#7100, aired 2015-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Andrew Hamilton defended this New York printer in his 1735 libel trial, scoring a victory for freedom of the press (John Peter) Zenger
#7100, aired 2015-06-26AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): The Great White Fleet, 16 battleships that toured the world in 1907, were a show of TR's foreign policy called this the Big Stick
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $200: From 1933 to 1939 this was FDR's program to use government to help Americans through the Depression the New Deal
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In September 1620 this merchant ship left England for America; instead of cargo, this time it brought 102 passengers the Mayflower
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $600: After making a mess during this December 16, 1773 event, protestors swept the ships' decks clean the Boston Tea Party
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 8 American soldiers lost their lives in a failed attempt to rescue hostages held at the U.S. embassy in this city in April 1980 Tehran
#7066, aired 2015-05-11YOUR BASIC AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: April 2015 marked the 150th anniversary of these two Civil War foes shaking hands at Appomattox Grant & Lee
#7039, aired 2015-04-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: A 1913 amendment began direct election of this house; in 1914 all the incumbents running won despite the change the Senate
#7039, aired 2015-04-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: "Operation Inherent Resolve" was the 2014 name choice for the fight against this Mideast group ISIS (or the Islamic State)
#7039, aired 2015-04-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On July 5, 1775 Congress adopted a petition named for this "branch", asking King George to reconcile; he refused to read it olive
#7039, aired 2015-04-02AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1986 Reagan declared what became known as a "war on" these, saying, "Nancy had already made it her major role" drugs
#7039, aired 2015-04-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In the mid-1800s the Order of United Americans was big in this -ism, the promotion of the U.S.-born over immigrants nativism
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Americans were protesting a tax & a monopoly with this Dec. 16, 1773 event the (Boston) tea party
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Depleted fields, drought & wind created the climate that led to this name for an area of the Great Plains in the 1930s the Dust Bowl
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1951 this married couple was tried under the Espionage Act of 1917 & found guilty the Rosenbergs
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: After shooting President Garfield, he surrendered to police & said, "I am a Stalwart. Arthur is now president of the United States" Charles Guiteau
#7012, aired 2015-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): This 1820 agreement said there would be no slavery in the bulk of the Louisiana Territory north of latitude 36°30' the Missouri Compromise
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: African-American History Month is celebrated in this month February
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Freed slave Richard Allen was the founder & first bishop of the church known by these 3 initials for short AME
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This composer learned the basics of music as a boy in 19th century Texarkana (Scott) Joplin
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Around 1790 Benjamin Banneker helped survey the land that became this city Washington, D.C.
#7003, aired 2015-02-11AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Hiram Revels, the first black U.S. senator, represented this state, but was too late to be Jeff Davis' colleague Mississippi
#6959, aired 2014-12-11OH, THE HUMANITIES! $600: For decades this alliterative anthropologist was a curator of ethnology at the American Museum of Natural History Margaret Mead
#6953, aired 2014-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Ratified in December 1865, the 13th Amendment finally & formally abolished this slavery
#6953, aired 2014-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 2002, he became the third American president to win the Nobel Peace Prize Jimmy Carter
#6953, aired 2014-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This colony, established by Pilgrims in 1620, celebrated the first Thanksgiving in 1621 Plymouth
#6953, aired 2014-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: After a 13-day siege & a 90-minute battle on March 6, 1836, this San Antonio mission fell to Mexican forces the Alamo
#6953, aired 2014-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Before he was killed in the War of 1812, Zebulon Pike discovered a famous mountain peak in this state Colorado
#6952, aired 2014-12-02AT THE SMITHSONIAN $600: (Alex delivers the clue from the Museum of American History.) The museum has one of the original stuffed animals named for this president & avid hunter, after a story spread about him letting a bear go; although, in reality, all he did was refuse to shoot the bear when it was wounded Theodore Roosevelt
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1520 this Portuguese navigator became the first European to reach what is now Chile Magellan
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The 1881 addition of this region stretching south from Argentina's Colorado River expanded the nation's territory Patagonia
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Zapatista rebels seized towns in this Mexican state in 1994, protesting possible economic damage from NAFTA Chiapas
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: When Hugo Chavez died in 2013, this V.P. became president of Venezuela Nicolás Maduro
#6940, aired 2014-11-14LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1949 this Central American nation abandoned its army & established a Civil Guard in its place Costa Rica
#6930, aired 2014-10-31A DOLL'S HOUSE $1600: This series of dolls has helped lots of girls learn about history the American Girl dolls
#6929, aired 2014-10-30THE SMITHSONIAN FROM A TO Z $400: P: A chunk of this piece of American history, chipped off by a descendant of William Bradford Plymouth Rock
#6921, aired 2014-10-20A "B" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: 2 British soldiers were found guilty in this 1770 Massachusetts riot; their thumbs were branded "M" for murder the Boston Massacre
#6921, aired 2014-10-20A "B" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1976 John Warner married Elizabeth Taylor & served as administrator of this celebration the Bicentennial
#6921, aired 2014-10-20A "B" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: America's first passenger line, this railroad began steaming along in 1830 the B&O (Baltimore and Ohio)
#6921, aired 2014-10-20A "B" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: A 1944 conference in this New Hampshire resort resulted in the creation of the IMF & the World Bank Bretton Woods
#6921, aired 2014-10-20A "B" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $4,600 (Daily Double): A governor's failure to stop Indian raids prompted this 1676 rebellion led by a Virginia planter Bacon's Rebellion
#6902, aired 2014-09-23THE STAR-SPANGLED BANNER $400 (Daily Double): After a decade-long preservation process, the flag is back on display in a new exhibition space at this Smithsonian Museum the Smithsonian Museum of American History
#6896, aired 2014-09-15THE ROOSEVELTS: AN INTIMATE HISTORY $600: On accepting the 1932 nomination for president, FDR said, "I pledge you, I pledge myself to a" this "for the American people" a New Deal
#6886, aired 2014-07-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Its November 11, 1889 statehood filled in a corner of the Lower 48 Washington
#6886, aired 2014-07-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1856 William Dayton became the first vice presidential candidate of this new party Republican
#6886, aired 2014-07-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In Dec. 1941 the Declaration of Independence was packed up & sent to this gold depository for safekeeping Fort Knox
#6886, aired 2014-07-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: He founded the city of Savannah in 1733 & soon began serving as Georgia governor Oglethorpe
#6886, aired 2014-07-21AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1916, German saboteurs blew up a New Jersey munitions depot, sending shrapnel into this nearby landmark's gown Statue of Liberty
#6860, aired 2014-06-13HISTORIC TV $1000: "I Spy" made the TV history books in 1965 when it cast this African American in one of the lead roles Bill Cosby
#6844, aired 2014-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1676 Nathaniel Bacon burned to the ground this first permanent English settlement in America Jamestown
#6844, aired 2014-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1851 The New York Times was founded to represent the views of this party that didn't last much longer the Whigs
#6844, aired 2014-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: On Oct. 3, 1993 rebels shot down 2 Blackhawk helicopters in this country; 18 U.S. soldiers were killed Somalia
#6844, aired 2014-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This 1972 pick for running mate told McGovern he had been treated for depression & withdrew from the race Thomas Eagleton
#6844, aired 2014-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On July 10, 1962 this satellite was placed in orbit & soon began relaying TV pictures between the U.S. & Europe Telstar
#6842, aired 2014-05-20FAMOUS AMERICANS $800: Born in 1918, he's reportedly preached to more people live than anyone else in history, nearly 215 million people Billy Graham
#6840, aired 2014-05-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: "The lure of the Arctic is tugging at my heart", says the headstone of this African-American explorer (Matthew) Henson
#6840, aired 2014-05-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Migrate north to this city to visit the largest museum of African-American history; it's named for Charles H. Wright Detroit
#6840, aired 2014-05-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The second African-American patent holder, Henry Blair got 2: for devices to plant corn & to plant this crop cotton
#6840, aired 2014-05-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1993 Joycelyn Elders became the first African American to hold this Government post Surgeon General
#6840, aired 2014-05-16AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Penned by James Weldon Johnson, the song do this "And Sing" became an African-American "National Anthem" "Lift Every Voice"
#6825, aired 2014-04-25RECENT HISTORY $1000: In August 2009 Bill Clinton traveled to this country & helped win the release of 2 American journalists North Korea
#6817, aired 2014-04-15TRUE "NORTH" $3,000 (Daily Double): This landmark took its place in American history on April 18, 1775 the Old North Church
#6816, aired 2014-04-14FOR YOUR REFERENCE $1600: This dictionary, still around, was spun off from a magazine of U.S. history that stopped printing in 2012 American Heritage
#6812, aired 2014-04-08AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In January 1996 Bill Clinton challenged congress to "Never, ever" do this again; cut to October 2013 shut down (the government)
#6812, aired 2014-04-08AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Trying to cut the surplus in 1883, the government took the excise tax off everything but these 2 items tobacco and liquor
#6812, aired 2014-04-08AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The 1876 Centennial Exhibition in this city helped heal the wounds after the Civil War Philadelphia
#6812, aired 2014-04-08AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: He founded Rhode Island, the first colony in America to allow complete religious freedom Roger Williams
#6812, aired 2014-04-08AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): In July 1960 the U.S. stopped imports of sugar from this country that was cozying up to the USSR Cuba
#6811, aired 2014-04-07THE USS OLYMPIA $200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from aboard the Olympia in the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia.) On May 1, 1898, during the Spanish-American War, the Olympia made history as Admiral Dewey's flagship, leading the U.S. fleet to victory in the decisive naval battle of this bay Manila Bay
#6809, aired 2014-04-03EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Feb. 29, 1704 in this queen's war, the French & Indians burned Deerfield, Massachusetts Queen Anne
#6809, aired 2014-04-03EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1638 Wilmington became the first permanent settlement in this colony then called new Sweden Delaware
#6809, aired 2014-04-03EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This settlement was founded in 1625 by Willem Verhulst & soon became the capital of New Netherland New Amsterdam
#6809, aired 2014-04-03EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Benjamin Harris of Boston published the Colonies' first newspaper as well as this book that taught millions to read The New England Primer
#6809, aired 2014-04-03EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Not Independence Hall but this Philadelphia hall was the site of the first meetings of the Continental Congress in 1774 Carpenter's Hall
#6807, aired 2014-04-01AMERICAN NOVELISTS $1000: This "tasty" author bakes her novels a while: 1992's "The Secret History" was her 1st, & "The Goldfinch" from 2013 is her 3rd Donna Tartt
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $400: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) The four presidents chosen for Mount Rushmore symbolize the first 150 years of American history--Washington is the founding, Lincoln is preservation, Roosevelt is development, & Jefferson is expansion for his role in this 1803 land deal the Louisiana Purchase
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) It was this sculptor, the son of Danish immigrants, who decided that Mount Rushmore should be a national monument commemorating America's founders & builders Gutzon Borglum
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $1200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) The accuracy of the likenesses on Mount Rushmore is amazing, especially considering that 90% of it was carved using this; its blasts removed 450,000 tons of rock from the mountain TNT (or dynamite)
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $1600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) To remove granite from the skin of the monuments' faces, the carvers drilled very shallow & closely spaced holes, a technique called this, like a beehive structure, then broke away the rock between the holes honeycombing
#6803, aired 2014-03-26MOUNT RUSHMORE $2000: (Kelly of the Clue Crew reports from Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.) Amazingly, there were no fatalities & only a few minor injuries during the 14 years it took to carve Mount Rushmore, though workers were lowered from the face of the mountain in swing seats, known as these chairs boatswain chairs
#6781, aired 2014-02-24THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY $200: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.) Thomas Jefferson designed this small portable desk; he used it for decades & then attached a note to it saying it might someday be of value because this important national document had been composed on it the Declaration of Independence
#6781, aired 2014-02-24THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY $400: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.) The first transcontinental car trip was made by Horatio Nelson Jackson in this 1903 Winton at a time when America had few roads and little support for cars; so, whenever he had a breakdown & needed repairs, he would often have to rely on these workers that the automobile would soon put out of business blacksmiths
#6781, aired 2014-02-24THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY $600: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.) A sit-in by four young African-Americans in 1960 in Greensboro, North Carolina, sparked nationwide interest & activity in the civil-rights movement & also led this five-and-dime store to desegregate its lunch counters just about six months later Woolworth's
#6781, aired 2014-02-24THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.) I'm with one of the earliest locomotives of the U.S. railroad system--it looks like it could still run, doesn't it?--& it actually did in 1981 as it celebrated its 150th birthday; it was built in England, & it is named for this symbolic Englishman John Bull
#6781, aired 2014-02-24THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: (Alex delivers the clue from the National Museum of American History in Washington, D.C.) Old 091 here took part in Operation Cedar Falls in January 1967, the largest offensive of the Vietnam War up to that point; she's a Bell UH-1, the workhorse helicopter of the war, known affectionately by this nickname a Huey
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In August 2013 bells rang out across the nation to mark the 50th anniversary of his "I Have a Dream" speech Martin Luther King, Jr.
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from Valley Forge Nat'l Historical Park in Pennsylvania.) Honored with a monument, the 500 black soldiers at Valley Forge included the U.S. military's first African-American unit of free men, the regiment known as the First of this Ocean State Rhode Island
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: It's Showtime at this Harlem theater that began hosting its amateur night in 1934 the Apollo
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1976 Clarence Norris, the last member of these "Boys", was pardoned in Alabama for a 1931 rape conviction the Scottsboro Boys
#6776, aired 2014-02-17AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1773 she put out the first book of poetry by an African American Phillis Wheatley
#6758, aired 2014-01-22SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Jan. 1, 1817, with a small force recruited in Haiti, he returned to Venezuela to drive out the Spanish (Simón) Bolívar
#6758, aired 2014-01-22SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Following the 1973 coup that included an air strike on the presidential palace, this general seized control of Chile Pinochet
#6758, aired 2014-01-22SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This city named for Bolivia's first president was founded in 1538 on what had been a Quechua settlement Sucre
#6758, aired 2014-01-22SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In April 1992 this Peruvian president of Japanese descent suspended the constitution & dissolved the legislature Alberto Fujimori
#6758, aired 2014-01-22SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1888 this country abolished slavery & freed about 750,000 slaves, many of whom worked on rubber plantations Brazil
#6744, aired 2014-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue.) With Missouri as its starting point, the Great Plains, the Rockies & the present state capitals of Salt Lake City, Carson City & Sacramento were on the route of this 19th century service the Pony Express
#6744, aired 2014-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: With the consent of Massachusetts, this state was admitted to the union as part of the Missouri compromise in 1820 Maine
#6744, aired 2014-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1911 Wisconsin's Victor Berger became the first congressman of this party of Eugene Debs Socialist
#6744, aired 2014-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $5,600 (Daily Double): In May 1857, 2 months after his famous Supreme Court decision, he was freed by Taylor Blow of St. Louis Dred Scott
#6734, aired 2013-12-19LITERARY LANDMARKS $2000: In 1923 Henry Ford bought this Sudbury, Mass. inn popularized by Longfellow to make it a museum of American history Wayside Inn
#6713, aired 2013-11-20WORLD HISTORY $400: In 1907 Col. George Goethals was appointed chief engineer to build this Central American waterway the Panama Canal
#6699, aired 2013-10-31INDEPENDENCE SEAPORT MUSEUM $200: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA.) Launched in 1892, the Olympia soon sailed to the Pacific, where she fought at Manila Bay, the first battle of this war, of which Olympia is the last surviving ship the Spanish-American War
#6699, aired 2013-10-31INDEPENDENCE SEAPORT MUSEUM $600: (Kelly of the Clue Crew delivers the clue from the Independence Seaport Museum in Philadelphia, PA.) Here, in a painting attributed to Richard Paton, is the famous naval duel between Britain's Serapis & the Bonhomme Richard, captained to victory by this father of the American Navy John Paul Jones
#6695, aired 2013-10-25"C" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Chilly period of international relations from the mid-1940s to 1991 the Cold War
#6695, aired 2013-10-25"C" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: When it was founded as King's College in 1754, classes were held in a little schoolhouse in Lower Manhattan Columbia University
#6695, aired 2013-10-25"C" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1614 John Smith came to New England & got rich taking thousands of these fish to sell in Old England cod
#6695, aired 2013-10-25"C" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: A scout for John C. Fremont's expeditions west, he later became a federal Indian agent in New Mexico (Kit) Carson
#6695, aired 2013-10-25"C" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1856 a storm felled this Connecticut tree in which the colony's document of rights was held 169 years earlier the Charter Oak
#6678, aired 2013-10-02JUSTICE SANDRA DAY O'CONNOR $2000: (Justice Sandra Day O'Connor presents the clue.) From Robert Jackson in Youngstown v. Sawyer to, some say, myself in the church & state case McCreary County v. the American Civil Liberties Union, some important opinions have been this type in which a justice agrees with the majority but for his or her own reasons concurring opinions
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On April 19, 1775 8 Minutemen lost their lives in Lexington; 2 more were lost at North Bridge near this town to the west Concord
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Dec. 7, 1787 in a 30-0 vote, this state ratified the Constitution, the first state to do so Delaware
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): This Quaker leader spent only 4 years in the colony & future state with his name on it, leaving for good in 1701 William Penn
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In the 1750s & 1760s the colonies were torn by this war known in Europe as the Seven Years' War the French and Indian War
#6662, aired 2013-07-30EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In print for about 25 years, this annual publication by Benjamin Franklin sold about 10,000 copies a year Poor Richard's Almanack
#6651, aired 2013-07-151983--30 YEARS AGO $200: Sally Ride rode into history aboard this as the first American woman in space the Challenger
#6637, aired 2013-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Nixon's press secretary Ron Ziegler called the break-in at this complex a "third-rate burglary" Watergate
#6637, aired 2013-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $800: By the 1763 Treaty of Paris, which ended the French & Indian War, Britain got the land east of this river the Mississippi
#6637, aired 2013-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In his second inaugural, Pres. Obama name-checked this New York village, home to an 1848 women's rights convention Seneca Falls
#6637, aired 2013-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Feeling he had been called by God to lead his people out of bondage, he led an 1831 slave rebellion Nat Turner
#6637, aired 2013-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $8,000 (Daily Double): In 1977, on the 50th anniversary of their execution, a proclamation was issued saying this pair had been treated unjustly Sacco & Vanzetti
#6630, aired 2013-06-14WEIRD HISTORY $400: Civil War opponents Ulysses S. Grant & Robert E. Lee fought on the same side in this war Mexican-American War
#6616, aired 2013-05-27QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In a 1784 letter Ben Franklin called this national symbol "a bird of bad moral character" the bald eagle
#6616, aired 2013-05-27QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Wyatt Earp reportedly called him "a loyal friend... a dentist whom necessity had made a gambler" Doc Holliday
#6616, aired 2013-05-27QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Stepping down as Speaker in 1998, this Republican said, "I'm not willing to preside over people who are cannibals" Gingrich
#6616, aired 2013-05-27QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: No. 35 of these 1780s essays says, "the most productive system of finance will always be the least burdensome" The Federalist Papers
#6616, aired 2013-05-27QUOTATIONS IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: During the Battle of Manila Bay, this commodore told his captain, "you may fire when you are ready, Gridley" (George) Dewey
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Built in the early 18th century as the mission of San Antonio de Valero in Texas, it made headlines in 1836 the Alamo
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This Boston market & meeting hall known for its grasshopper weather vane opened on September 24, 1742 Faneuil Hall
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Permanent cultivation of this food in the Colonies began in the largely Irish area of Derry, New Hampshire in 1719 potatoes
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In July 1759, when the British took from the French a crucial New York fort, the headline could have read, this "falls" Niagara
#6590, aired 2013-04-19EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2,400 (Daily Double): In 1677 he drafted the first charter guaranteeing separation of church & state in the Quaker Colony of West New Jersey William Penn
#6587, aired 2013-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1620 pilgrims established this colony, the first permanent English settlement in New England Plymouth
#6587, aired 2013-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: At least 50 of the 85 letters making up the "Federalist Papers" were written by this future treasury secretary Hamilton
#6587, aired 2013-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $600: For fiscal 2000, the U.S. had a $236 billion one of these, our largest ever a surplus
#6587, aired 2013-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: "His name is" this & in 1869 this Doctor who had set John Wilkes Booth's leg was pardoned & freed from prison (Samuel) Mudd
#6587, aired 2013-04-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): Selling out early, this prospector who gave his name to a mother lode of silver ended up broke & took his own life (Henry) Comstock
#6572, aired 2013-03-26MUSICAL THEATRE $400: (Alex gives us the clue from the stage of the Ford's Theater in Washington, D.C.) I'm on the set of a Sherman Edwards musical set in this very significant year in American history 1776
#6563, aired 2013-03-13LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1542 Francisco de Orellana began traveling down this river from Ecuador, reaching its mouth on the Atlantic the Amazon
#6563, aired 2013-03-13LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1953 the last inmates left this French penal colony that held some 70,000 prisoners over its 100-year existence Devil's Island
#6563, aired 2013-03-13LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: It's the Spanish acronym for the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, battling the government since 1964 FARC
#6563, aired 2013-03-13LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): Between 1833 & 1855, this general led Mexico 11 different times & was responsible for losing much land to the U.S. (Antonio López de) Santa Anna
#6563, aired 2013-03-13LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 2004 Martin Torrijos, son of former dictator Omar Torrijos, was elected president of this Central American country Panama
#6545, aired 2013-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On October 7, 2001 Operation Enduring Freedom began with a U.S. air assault on terrorist strongholds in this country Afghanistan
#6545, aired 2013-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1951, this man entered government service as an attorney in the Department of Justice Robert Kennedy
#6545, aired 2013-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: On September 16, 1893 the Cherokee Outlet in this U.S. territory was opened to white settlement Oklahoma
#6545, aired 2013-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On August 14, 1941 FDR & Churchill issued this charter of cooperation the Atlantic Charter
#6545, aired 2013-02-15AMERICAN HISTORY $5,400 (Daily Double): In a 1779 battle in the North Sea, he captured the Serapis, a British Man-of-War John Paul Jones
#6506, aired 2012-12-24A PLETHORA OF PICTURE PLOTS $2000: 1998: Norton's neo-Nazi ne'er-do-well needs new notions American History X
#6491, aired 2012-12-03MILITARY MITE $1600: This giant of early American naval history was called "little" by John Hancock & Abigail Adams John Paul Jones
#6480, aired 2012-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Jones Act of 1917 granted U.S. citizenship to residents of this Caribbean island Puerto Rico
#6480, aired 2012-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Financial vultures beware! In 2012 "Jeopardy!" champ Richard Cordray became 1st Head of the CFPB, helping these "C"s consumers
#6480, aired 2012-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: A recent drought recalls the 1930s, when part of the Great Plains turned into this, seen in Ken Burns's new film of that name The Dustbowl
#6480, aired 2012-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1638 he organized the first Baptist Church in America in Providence, Rhode Island Roger Williams
#6480, aired 2012-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In February 1933 gunman Giuseppe Zangara tried to assassinate FDR but instead killed this city's mayor Anton Cermak Chicago
#6479, aired 2012-11-15QUICK HISTORY $1000: Party formed to oppose "King Andrew" Jackson the Whig Party
#6456, aired 2012-10-15THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN $200: (Alex walks the stage of Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.) President Lincoln arrived late at Ford's Theatre; the show was already under way, but when he was spotted walking down the stairs toward the presidential box, everything here stopped; then the orchestra struck up "Hail To The Chief", the audience gave him a thunderous round of applause, the president waved & bowed, & then the performance of this play continued Our American Cousin
#6456, aired 2012-10-15THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN $400: (Alex stands on the stage of Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.) Police work in those days could be a little bit shoddy: hours after the murder, a man named William Kent came back to the presidential box looking for his keys; what he found was the murder weapon, the small .44-caliber single-shot pistol bearing the name of this Philadelphia gunsmith who invented it Henry Deringer
#6456, aired 2012-10-15THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN $800 (Daily Double): (Alex walks the stage of Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C.) Illustrating the difference in memories, some people said that Booth shouted this Latin phrase right from here, center stage; others said, "No, it was from the box"; Booth himself wrote that he spoke the words before shooting Lincoln; perhaps he said these words more than once Sic semper tyrannis
#6456, aired 2012-10-15THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN $800: (Alex reports from the Petersen House in Washington, D.C.) While Mrs. Lincoln and her friends sat vigil here in the front parlor, in the back parlor, this energetic Secretary of War took charge of the investigation and worked tirelessly through the night, coordinating the manhunt for John Wilkes Booth & his accomplices Edwin Stanton
#6456, aired 2012-10-15THE ASSASSINATION OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN $1000: (Alex reports from the Petersen House in Washington, D.C.) At 7:22 on the morning of April 15, 1865, President Lincoln died in this small bedroom; a prayer was said, & then, according to tradition, Edwin Stanton uttered these six famous words "Now he belongs to the ages"
#6450, aired 2012-10-05AFRICAN-AMERICAN INVENTORS $400: (Kareem Abdul-Jabar delivers the clue.) The son of slaves who taught himself to be a draftsman, Lewis Latimer drew the blueprints for this man's telephone patent, which won a patent race (Alexander Graham) Bell
#6450, aired 2012-10-05AFRICAN-AMERICAN INVENTORS $400 (Daily Double): (Kareem Abdul-Jabar delivers the clue.) Dr. Charles Drew saved the lives of soldiers & civilians in WWII when he improved blood banks by finding a long-term storage method for this blood liquid plasma
#6450, aired 2012-10-05AFRICAN-AMERICAN INVENTORS $800: (Kareem Abdul-Jabar delivers the clue.) Granville T. Woods enabled moving trains to communicate with each other & with railray stations, reducing collisions & saving lives via the electric induction telegraph, which used existing telegraph lines & a coil in the train to produce this field around the train electromagnetic
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $200: On October 2, 1656 Connecticut enacted legislation to ban members of this religious group the Quakers
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $400: In February 1864 this prison opened & into its mere 26 acres, 32,000 prisoners were jammed Andersonville
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $600: In the 1970s this future vice president served as a publisher of the Huntington Herald-Press in Indiana Dan Quayle
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $800: This British major who worked with Benedict Arnold was hanged as a spy on October 2, 1780 Major Andre
#6446, aired 2012-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY "Q" & "A" $1000: In 1961 JFK initiated this U.S.-Latin America development program, but it failed in just over a decade the Alliance for Progress
#6441, aired 2012-09-24THE METROPOLITAN OPERA $1,400 (Daily Double): (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue from the Metropolitan Opera in New York.) In 1955, the Met made history with the debuts of its first African-American singers; the first man was Bobby McFerrin's father Robert, and the first woman was this great contralto of the day Marian Anderson
#6432, aired 2012-07-31AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In March 1964 this largest Alaska city was struck by a 9.2 magnitude earthquake Anchorage
#6432, aired 2012-07-31AMERICAN HISTORY $800: After leaving Congress, this Tennessean left for Texas, where he was killed at the Alamo Davy Crockett
#6432, aired 2012-07-31AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Miles Standish was one of 41 male passengers who signed this document in 1620 the Mayflower Compact
#6432, aired 2012-07-31AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In July 1787 Congress created this new territory in the area north of the Ohio River the Northwest Territory
#6432, aired 2012-07-31AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): This pioneer route stretched more than 2,000 miles from Missouri northwest to near the Pacific Ocean the Oregon Trail
#6408, aired 2012-06-27THE RIVER OF HISTORY $1200: (Sarah of the Clue Crew reports from the National World War II Memorial in Washington, D.C.) Depicted here is the historic moment when American & Russian forces met on April 25th, 1945, at Torgau, Germany, on this river the Elbe
#6392, aired 2012-06-05MEDICAL HISTORY $400: (Sarah of the Clue Crew holds a medical device at the Int'l Museum of Surgical Science in Chicago.) French surgeon Alexis Carrel invented the perfusion pump, an early type of artificial heart, with the help of this American aviator, who was a mechanic from earliest boyhood (Charles) Lindbergh
#6390, aired 2012-06-01THE WRIGHT STUFF $1600: This author's "12 Million Black Voices" is a pictorial history of African Americans Richard Wright
#6377, aired 2012-05-15GREAT AMERICAN WOMEN $800: In 1983 she made history as the first American woman in space Sally Ride
#6375, aired 2012-05-11HODGEPODGE $800: This place in New York Harbor is home to the American Family Immigration History Center Ellis Island
#6363, aired 2012-04-25QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1957 this Teamsters president said, "I do to others what they do to me, only worse" Jimmy Hoffa
#6363, aired 2012-04-25QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In March 1917 former president Teddy Roosevelt said this country "is already at war with us" Germany
#6363, aired 2012-04-25QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: The signers of this 1620 document pledged to "combine our selves togeather into a civill body politick" the Mayflower Compact
#6363, aired 2012-04-25QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In a 1776 letter to Robert Morris, he wrote, "Without a respectable navy--alas! America!" John Paul Jones
#6363, aired 2012-04-25QUOTES IN AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): For working on the family homestead, Lincoln called it "that most useful instrument" an axe
#6347, aired 2012-04-03NEW YORK MUSEUMS $2000: This planetarium at the American Museum of Natural History has a 10,000-volume library on astronomy the Hayden Planetarium
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The earliest American play about this wife of John Rolfe was "The Indian Princess", performed in 1808 Pocahontas
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On April 17, 1824 this country signed a treaty agreeing that 54 degrees, 40 minutes N. latitude was the southern limit of its claim Russia
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1888 this type of ballot based on a type from overseas was first used in a U.S. local election in Louisville, Ky. the Australian or secret ballot
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1816 this naval officer & victor against the Barbary pirates gave the toast "Our country, right or wrong" Stephen Decatur
#6342, aired 2012-03-2719th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1866 the Supreme Court said this military rule may not be in place when the civil courts are functioning martial law
#6338, aired 2012-03-21SIR WALTER SCOTT $600: In 1813 Sir Walter wrote a letter complimenting this American on his "History of New York" Washington Irving
#6309, aired 2012-02-09NONFICTION $1000: Dee Brown's classic "Indian History of the American West" is called "Bury my Heart at" this place Wounded Knee
#6294, aired 2012-01-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In December 1974 this former New York governor was sworn in as Vice President Rockefeller
#6294, aired 2012-01-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1951 he told a joint session of Congress that he "tried to do his duty as god gave him the light to see that duty" (Douglas) MacArthur
#6294, aired 2012-01-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: His foes said that in 1877 he agreed to withdraw remaining federal troops from the south in return for electoral support (Rutherford B.) Hayes
#6294, aired 2012-01-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1,800 (Daily Double): This political party founded around 1789 stood for a strong central government the Federalists
#6294, aired 2012-01-19AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1917 the U.S. purchased the islands of St. Croix, St. John & St. Thomas from this country for $25 million Denmark
#6221, aired 2011-10-10THIS YEAR IN HISTORY $200: 1969: American Indians begin a 2-year occupation of this island in San Francisco Bay Alcatraz
#6209, aired 2011-09-22THE WORLD TRADE CENTER & GROUND ZERO $400: The tallest of the new buildings, first dubbed the Freedom Tower, will soar this many feet to signify a big year in American history 1,776
#6198, aired 2011-07-20WE GOTTA GO $4,000 (Daily Double): Catching up on Mayan history is a treat in this most populous Central American nation; about half of the people are Mayan Guatemala
#6146, aired 2011-05-09THE BOOKS OF DAVID McCULLOUGH $400: History is riveting in "The Great Bridge", about the building of this American span opened in 1883 the Brooklyn Bridge
#6143, aired 2011-05-04BILLIONS & BILLIONS $600: A PBS "American Experience" film about his family describes him as "history's first billionaire" (John D.) Rockefeller
#6119, aired 2011-03-31OUR 1st ANNUAL HISTORY AWARDS $400: Worst Place to Catch "Our American Cousin": This venue, for its April 14, 1865 performance Ford's Theatre
#6113, aired 2011-03-23AMERICAN RED CROSS HISTORY $400: After learning about the Intl. Red Cross while visiting Europe, she founded the American Red Cross in 1881 Clara Barton
#6113, aired 2011-03-23AMERICAN RED CROSS HISTORY $800: (Sarah of the Clue Crew describes a gray suit on a mannequin.) The suit here is typical of those worn by Red Cross nurses in the 1950s, who assisted in the conflict here, where Red Cross staff have been continuously since 1953 Korea
#6113, aired 2011-03-23AMERICAN RED CROSS HISTORY $1200: In 1889, in one of its earliest relief efforts, the Red Cross aided victims of the killer flood in this Pennsylvania city Johnstown
#6113, aired 2011-03-23AMERICAN RED CROSS HISTORY $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew stands with a grey uniform on a mannequin at the American Red Cross) Named for their dresses, gray lady volunteers provided hospitality services, especially to sick and wounded soldiers beginning in 1918 at this Washington, D.C. hospital Walter Reed
#6113, aired 2011-03-23AMERICAN RED CROSS HISTORY $2000: () Sarah of the Clue Crew walks through the American Red Cross headquarters.) Depicting the theme of ministry to the sick & wounded through sacrifice, the windows at the Red Cross headquarters were commissioned in 1917 & created by this man's studio Tiffany
#6097, aired 2011-03-01AFRICAN AMERICANS $200: In 2010 this Lakers guard became the youngest player in NBA history to reach 25,000 points Kobe Bryant
#6069, aired 2011-01-20GET OFF YOUR HIGH HORSE $400: The American Museum of Natural History in New York honors this president Theodore Roosevelt
#6036, aired 2010-12-06THE ANHEUSER- BUSCH BREWERY $600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew holds the reins to a Clydesdale horse.) A symbol for over 75 years, the Budweiser Clydesdales were formally introduced on April 7, 1933 to honor the end of this 13-year period in American history Prohibition
#6008, aired 2010-10-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: By 1942 FDR had appointed 7 new men to this body: it took a while, but he got the packing he had wanted the Supreme Court
#6008, aired 2010-10-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Congress adopted this document in 1777, but it was not fully ratified by the states for another 4 years the Articles of Confederation
#6008, aired 2010-10-27AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Slaves, molasses & rum were exchanged in the 3 arms of the colonial practice known as this "trade" the triangle trade
#6008, aired 2010-10-27AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew presents the clue on a map.) The Oregon Trail started at Independence, Missouri and crossed the Great Plains by following this river the North Platte River
#6008, aired 2010-10-27AMERICAN HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): "Our flag still waves proudly from the walls", William B. Travis said of it, "I shall never surrender or retreat" the Alamo
#6001, aired 2010-10-18AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Nov. 9, 1906 Teddy Roosevelt left the U.S. to personally see the progress on this engineering project the Panama Canal
#6001, aired 2010-10-18AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The British party of this name aimed to limit the king's powers; the U.S. party hoped to limit "King Andrew" Jackson the Whigs
#6001, aired 2010-10-18AMERICAN HISTORY $600: (Sarah of the Clue Crew shows a map of New England on the monitor.) In May 1643, to discourage attacks by the Dutch & others, the United Colonies of New England was formed by 4 Puritan colonies: Massachusetts Bay, Connecticut, New Haven & this one Plymouth
#6001, aired 2010-10-18AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On May 15, 1972 while campaigning in Laurel, Md., this Alabama governor was shot & paralyzed by Arthur Bremer George Wallace
#6001, aired 2010-10-18AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1948 Whittaker Chambers implicated this State Department official as an espionage agent for the Soviets (Alger) Hiss
#5965, aired 2010-07-16A MAJOR IN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): William Dunlap, "the Father of American Drama", wrote a hit 1798 play about this British major who was hanged Major John André
#5907, aired 2010-04-27JULIA CHILD $200: Memorabilia from "Julie & Julia" were recently added to Julia's kitchen exhibit at this Washington, D.C. complex the Smithsonian
#5828, aired 2010-01-06THE NATIONAL ARCHIVES $400: (Alex reports from the National Archives.) American history might have been very different if this future country had agreed to the offer of statehood contained in Article 11 of the Articles of Confederation Canada
#5793, aired 2009-11-18ART HISTORY $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a painting on the monitor.) Edward Hicks' "Peaceable Kingdom" depicts a verse by Isaiah that begins, "The wolf shall dwell with the lamb"; the meaning is amplified by the inclusion of this Quaker colony founder making a treaty with Native Americans (William) Penn
#5769, aired 2009-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: You're in the Army now--in 1940 FDR instituted the first peacetime one of these in U.S. history the draft
#5769, aired 2009-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This term for a mechanical device can also be an organization running city politics, like NYC's Tammany Hall a machine
#5769, aired 2009-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Edward Brooke was the first African American to hold this post for a state; Eric Holder is the first federal one Attorney General
#5769, aired 2009-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Buzz Aldrin & Jim Lovell do look like twins as they prepare for a mission in this 1960s program Gemini
#5769, aired 2009-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This man's 1807 steamboat run up the Hudson led to an 1824 Supreme Court decision on interstate commerce (Robert) Fulton
#5737, aired 2009-07-14EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1799 this man was eulogized by Henry Lee as "first in war, first in peace, and first in the hearts of his countrymen" Washington
#5737, aired 2009-07-14EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1732 this printer founded Philadelphische Zeitung, the first German-language newspaper in the English colonies Benjamin Franklin
#5737, aired 2009-07-14EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1612 this English captain published "A Map of Virginia" John Smith
#5737, aired 2009-07-14EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $600 (Daily Double): On May 29, 1765 this patriot made a speech attacking the Stamp Act in Virginia's House of Burgesses Patrick Henry
#5737, aired 2009-07-14EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: After this war (1754-1763), Britain received all French land east of the Mississippi except New Orleans the French and Indian War
#5733, aired 2009-07-08THIS AMERICAN LIFE $1200: Written into history June 14, 1811, cries uncle with "Cabin" tale, is history July 1, 1896 Harriet Beecher Stowe
#5699, aired 2009-05-21THE WORLD AT WAR $1000: Unprepared for this man leading an army force over the Andes in 1817, the Spanish Empire lost Chile & Argentina José de San Martín
#5694, aired 2009-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1818 U.S. troops sacked Pensacola as they marched into this Spanish territory; soon it was ours Florida
#5694, aired 2009-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY $800: African Americans, 13% of the U.S., were nearly twice that percentage of U.S. troops in this 1990-91 war the First Gulf War
#5694, aired 2009-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): In 1899 Secretary of State John Hay proclaimed this "welcoming" policy to preserve U.S. trading rights in China open-door policy
#5694, aired 2009-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1960 the last of these locomotives was retired from general use in the U.S. & Diesel ones took over steam engines
#5694, aired 2009-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In the 1600s most of New York State was occupied by this Native American confederacy the Iroquois
#5638, aired 2009-02-25THE AFRICAN AMERICAN EXPERIENCE $200: (Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr. gives the clue.) In a recent essay, I cited the election of Barack Obama as one of the 4 "transformative moments" in African-American history; this 1863 event was the first the Emancipation Proclamation
#5630, aired 2009-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Between 1856 & 1860, 2,962 of this faith set out from Iowa & Nebraska to Utah in the Handcart Migration Mormonism
#5630, aired 2009-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On April 2, 1917 President Wilson told Congress, "The world must be made safe for" this democracy
#5630, aired 2009-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On April 20, 1971 the U.S. Supreme Court upheld this transportation method as a way to achieve school integration busing
#5630, aired 2009-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: John O'Sullivan, who later became a diplomat, coined this term for the USA's right to cover the continent Manifest Destiny
#5630, aired 2009-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1798 Congress passed this collection of bills to control domestic dissent & conspiracy against the federal govt. the Alien & Sedition Acts
#5618, aired 2009-01-28"ECO" FRIENDLY $1200: This period in American history lasted from 1865 to 1877 Reconstruction
#5560, aired 2008-11-07LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1821 Panama broke away from Spain & became a province of this country Colombia
#5560, aired 2008-11-07LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In October 1520 this Portuguese explorer became the first European to reach Chile & Tierra del Fuego Ferdinand Magellan
#5560, aired 2008-11-07LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This Indian civilization, probably the first in the Americas, lived in eastern Mexico from about 1200 to 400 B.C. the Olmec(s)
#5560, aired 2008-11-07LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1990 she defeated Daniel Ortega to become president of Nicaragua Violeta Chamorro
#5560, aired 2008-11-07LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): Shipwrecked English sailors founded a settlement in 1638 in what is now this Central American nation Belize
#5552, aired 2008-10-28CRAYOLA: A COLORFUL HISTORY $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew stands with a packaging machine at the Crayola Museum & Factory in Easton, PA.) In the early 1900s, this "American Gothic" artist entered a Crayola coloring contest & won; he later said that's what gave him the encouragement he needed to pursue a career in art Grant Wood
#5515, aired 2008-07-25DINOSAURS $1000: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) The famous 50-foot in the American Museum of Natural History is a dinosaur whose name comes from the Greek for "weight", as in an atmospheric meter a Barosaurus
#5474, aired 2008-05-29LITERARY LOCALES $400: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) This J.D. Salinger hero reminisces about seeing the Haida canoe on childhood field trips to the American Museum of Natural History Holden Caulfield
#5472, aired 2008-05-27"ARM"s $2000: (Cheryl reports from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) A new pavilion features a 3500 lb. sculpture of one of these spheres used by early astronomers to represent the circles of the heavens armillary
#5472, aired 2008-05-27WORLD HISTORY $800: Cities like Copan thrived in this Mesoamerican civilization's Classic Period, until about 900 the Maya
#5471, aired 2008-05-26AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This state's been "on my mind" since it entered the Union 3 times, in 1788, 1868 & 1870 Georgia
#5471, aired 2008-05-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed allowing Congress to collect taxes on this income
#5471, aired 2008-05-26AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Fleeing the capital on August 24, 1814, she took a Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington with her Dolley Madison
#5471, aired 2008-05-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Guerrilla leader Francis Marion earned this nickname for his daring raids from the South Carolina marshes the Swamp Fox
#5471, aired 2008-05-26AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): Name that completed an 1856 Republican slogan, "Free soil, free speech, free men and..." Fremont
#5470, aired 2008-05-23FAMOUS FACES IN HISTORY $600: This American symbol is said to come from a N.Y. butcher who stamped his army supplies "U.S." in the War of 1812 Uncle Sam
#5466, aired 2008-05-19INTERNATIONAL PARKS $1200: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew presents from the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) This diorama at the American Museum of Natural History depicts Virunga National Park in this African Democratic Republic the Congo
#5406, aired 2008-02-25"O.L." $800: (Jon of the Clue Crew reports next to a giant cetacean at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) Featuring the world's biggest blue whale model, one of New York's most iconic spaces is the American Museum of Natural History's Milstein Hall of this Ocean Life
#5399, aired 2008-02-14TEENS IN HISTORY $4,000 (Daily Double): In 1771 this teenage Marquis became a musketeer--good training for the American Revolution the Marquis de Lafayette
#5398, aired 2008-02-13AMERICANA $800: Virginia City, Nevada & this nearby state capital are known as "Sisters in History" Carson City
#5370, aired 2008-01-04ANCIENT HISTORY: 2006 $800: This famous American passed away the day after Christmas at the age of 93 Gerald Ford
#5368, aired 2008-01-02AN "A" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On March 6, 1836 Jim Bowie, weak as a kitten from illness, was killed by Mexican troops while lying in his cot there the Alamo
#5368, aired 2008-01-02AN "A" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This 3-word Virginia village, site of a surrender, was made a National Historic Park in 1954 Appomattox Court House
#5368, aired 2008-01-02AN "A" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On New Year's Day 1801, she opened the executive mansion to visitors for the first time Abigail Adams
#5368, aired 2008-01-02AN "A" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1942 Japanese forces captured Attu in this Alaskan island group & relocated its inhabitants the Aleutians
#5368, aired 2008-01-02AN "A" IN AMERICAN HISTORY $3,200 (Daily Double): Secretary of State under Truman, he negotiated the treaty that led to the formation of NATO in 1949 (Dean) Acheson
#5350, aired 2007-12-07U.S. HISTORY $800: Franklin Pierce's hope for glory in this war ended when he was thrown from his horse & injured the Mexican-American War
#5337, aired 2007-11-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: When the British approached, the Concord Militia didn't know about the skirmish at this place earlier that day Lexington
#5337, aired 2007-11-20AMERICAN HISTORY $800: WWI sales of "Liberty" these, whose posters showed the statue, raised more than $15 billion bonds
#5337, aired 2007-11-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: You didn't want to make the mistake of following the South instead of the North Platte on this pioneer trail the Oregon Trail
#5337, aired 2007-11-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): The U.S. supplied materiel to its allies during WWII through this 1941 Congressional act the Lend-Lease Act
#5337, aired 2007-11-20AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Now sounding oxymoronic, these alliterative Republicans were the party's anti-slavery wing in its early years the Radical Republicans
#5336, aired 2007-11-19LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1565 Portuguese knight Estacio de Sa founded this Brazilian city on Guanabara Bay Rio (de Janeiro)
#5336, aired 2007-11-19LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1541 Pedro de Valdivia, a soldier of this Inca conqueror, founded the city of Santiago in Chile Pizarro
#5336, aired 2007-11-19LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1957 this physician & patron of voodoo was elected president of Haiti, which he ruled with an iron fist for 14 years "Papa Doc" (Duvalier)
#5336, aired 2007-11-19LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In December 1980 a junta appointed Jose Napoleon Duarte president of this small Central American country El Salvador
#5336, aired 2007-11-19LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2,400 (Daily Double): By the 7th century this civilzation's city of Tikal in the Yucatan had a population of tens of thousands the Mayans
#5329, aired 2007-11-08THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY $400: (Jon of the Clue Crew reads from the marble-columned rotunda of the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) The rotunda is named after this U.S. president who collected specimens for the museum Teddy Roosevelt
#5329, aired 2007-11-08THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY $800: (Jon of the Clue Crew reads underneath an ornamented hanging boat at the American Museum of Natural History in New York.) This seaworthy 63-foot canoe was carved from a single tree trunk by the Haida, a native people from islands off this Canadian province British Columbia
#5329, aired 2007-11-08THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY $1200: (Hi, I'm Neil deGrasse Tyson.) I'm the director of this world-famous planetarium here at the museum, opened in 1935 & named for a philanthropist the Hayden Planetarium
#5329, aired 2007-11-08THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY $1600: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from the Hall of Ocean Life at the American Museum of Natural History.) One of the iconic exhibits in the Hall of Ocean Life is the coral reef diorama near a 30-times enlarged model of one of these creatures that make up reefs polyps
#5329, aired 2007-11-08THE AMERICAN MUSEUM OF NATURAL HISTORY $2000: The museum's 563-carat sapphire called the Star of India was actually found on this island Sri Lanka
#5320, aired 2007-10-26THEATRE HISTORY $2000: "Radio Golf" is the last play in this "Fences" author's 10-play cycle about the African-American experience August Wilson
#5309, aired 2007-10-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After General Cornwallis Surrendered at Yorktown, this American traitor accompanied him back to England Benedict Arnold
#5309, aired 2007-10-11AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This January 1, 1863 document liberated all slaves in regions still under Confederate control the Emancipation Proclamation
#5309, aired 2007-10-11AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1609 this captain was injured in a gunpowder explosion & lost his leadership role in Jamestown John Smith
#5309, aired 2007-10-11AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The "New Deal" refers to the economic recovery & social reforms implemented by this U.S. president Franklin Roosevelt
#5309, aired 2007-10-11AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1898 Americans were urged to "remember" this battleship that sank in Havana harbor, leading to war with Spain the Maine
#5273, aired 2007-07-11AUSTIN $800: Austin's African-American history is chronicled in a museum named for this agricultural scientist George Washington Carver
#5251, aired 2007-06-11RADCLIFFE GRADS $400: Graduating cum laude with a degree in American history, she'd later become First Lady--on "The West Wing" Stockard Channing
#5222, aired 2007-05-01THEATRE HISTORY $2000: The play "Our Leading Lady" focuses on Laura Keene, who was starring in this play the night Lincoln was shot Our American Cousin
#5206, aired 2007-04-09THE HISTORY OF APRIL 9th $1000: 1942: American & Philippine troops are overwhelmed by Japanese forces on this peninsula Bataan
#5167, aired 2007-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Witchcraft trials held in this town in 1692 led to the hangings of 19 people Salem
#5167, aired 2007-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Stonewall Jackson earned his nickname during the Battle of Manassas, also called the Battle of this creek Bull Run
#5167, aired 2007-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: These "Articles" served as the basis of our national government from 1781 to 1789 the Articles of Confederation
#5167, aired 2007-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: When the Mexican War began in 1846, the Army of the West used this trail to invade New Mexico the Santa Fe Trail
#5167, aired 2007-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Cleanup of this Pennsylvania nuclear power plant following the 1979 meltdown didn't end until 1993 Three Mile Island
#5161, aired 2007-02-05YOU GET AN "A" $400: American History, if you know that this man was the only U.S. president named Chester Arthur
#5098, aired 2006-11-08AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Dec. 16, 1773 American patriots dumped 342 chests of tea into this city's harbor Boston
#5098, aired 2006-11-08AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Abraham Lincoln died across the street from this theatre on April 15, 1865 Ford's Theatre (the Ford Theatre accepted)
#5098, aired 2006-11-08AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In May 1844 he sent a telegraph message using the code he'd also invented Morse
#5098, aired 2006-11-08AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: John Rolfe came to the new world to grow this cash crop; picking up Pocahontas was a bonus tobacco
#5098, aired 2006-11-08AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This president said fear itself is "nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts" FDR
#5083, aired 2006-10-18WEBSITES $400: gives a glimpse of some of the 3 million objects in storage at the National Museum of this American History
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This famous transaction in 1803 doubled the territory of the U.S. the Louisiana Purchase
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $800 (Daily Double): In the 1760s these 2 surveyors used milestones to mark the boundary line between Maryland & Pennsylvania Mason & Dixon
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: The Watergate scandal led to the resignation of this U.S. president in 1974 Nixon
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: This 14-letter term refers to the period of readjustment & rebuilding after the Civil War Reconstruction
#5075, aired 2006-10-06AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Tragically, in the 1830s, some 4,000 members of this Indian tribe died during a forced march known as the Trail of Tears the Cherokee
#5063, aired 2006-09-20COLONIAL AMERICA $2000: In 1702 this Puritan theologian wrote "Magnalia Christi Americana", a history of religion in the Colonies, 1620-1698 Cotton Mather
#5060, aired 2006-09-15SILENT K $800: President Polk's middle name Knox
#5051, aired 2006-07-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1899 President McKinley took a turn in the Locomobile, a car made by Stanley & propelled by this steam
#5051, aired 2006-07-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Andrew Jackson was one of the landowners who founded this Tennessee town overlooking the Mississippi in 1819 Memphis
#5051, aired 2006-07-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Victor Marie du Pont served as a captain of this state's volunteers in the War of 1812 Delaware
#5051, aired 2006-07-24AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Americans began to occupy this even before we could send Russia the $7.2 million we paid for it Alaska
#5051, aired 2006-07-24AMERICAN HISTORY $3,000 (Daily Double): When this convened in May 1787, Adams was in London, Jefferson was in Paris & Patrick Henry refused to attend the Constitutional Convention
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1663 John Eliot's translation of this, both the old & new parts, appeared in Algonquin The Bible
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The school in Ct. Eleazor Wheelock opened in 1754 to educate natives moved to N.H. in 1770, becoming this college Dartmouth
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Thomas Morton angered the Puritans when he put up a giant one of these for a spring celebration with merrymaking a maypole
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1811 De Witt Clinton went to Washington to try to get funds for this "ditch" the Erie Canal
#5042, aired 2006-07-11OLD AMERICAN HISTORY $6,000 (Daily Double): Daniel Shays in 1787, like John Brown in 1859, tried to capture one of these storage places an arsenal
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On August 5, 1498 he landed on Venezuela's Paria Peninsula, becoming the first European to reach South America Columbus
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $800: During WWII this colonel amassed power in Argentina; in 1946 he was elected president Juan Peron
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1998 this commander-in-chief of Chile's army & former president was appointed to the Chilean senate Pinochet
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Just before this country gained its independence in 1975, thousands of its people emigrated to Holland Suriname
#4881, aired 2005-11-28SOUTH AMERICAN HISTORY $5,000 (Daily Double): In 1995 Javier Perez de Cuellar ran for president of Peru but was defeated by this man Alberto Fujimori
#4847, aired 2005-10-11NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1492 this man landed on the island of San Salvador & came in contact with Native Americans called Arawaks Columbus
#4847, aired 2005-10-11NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Pawtuxet Indian known as Squanto is famous for teaching the Pilgrims how to plant this crop aka maize corn
#4847, aired 2005-10-11NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $600: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew brings a Native American artifact for show and tell.) Warring tribes often used this ceremonial item to try to settle their differences a peace pipe
#4835, aired 2005-09-23WHERE AM I? $2000: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew carries the Bunny Rabbit puppet from Captain Kangaroo through some archives.) I'm with a few of the 3 million objects in this museum of the Smithsonian, once the Museum of History and Technology the Museum of American History (the American History Museum accepted)
#4782, aired 2005-05-24AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This pact among the U.S., Mexico & Canada took effect in 1994 & aims to eliminate tariffs by 2008 NAFTA
#4782, aired 2005-05-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In the 1880s the Knights of this gave way to the American Federation of this representing workers Labor
#4782, aired 2005-05-24AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1849, Thomas Ewing, "The Logician of the West", became the USA's first Secy. of this Cabinet Dept. the Interior
#4782, aired 2005-05-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This committee that once claimed 800,000 members was dissolved Dec. 11, 1941 the America First Committee
#4782, aired 2005-05-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Gen. Charles Lee was relieved of command after ordering a retreat at this 1778 New Jersey battle Monmouth
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1833 this 35-inch-tall millionaire wed the 32-inch-tall Lavinia Warren (P.T. had his hand in it...) Tom Thumb
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Way before Ford, an assembly line was set up in Cincinnati in the 1800s to disassemble these animals pigs
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1801 this American boat designer tried to sell his submarine to Napoleon Fulton
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Dexter Pratt, a neighbor of Longfellow, had this job (& presumably, sinewy hands) blacksmith
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Declaring bankruptcy to get out of jail in 1819, he now had time to smell the roses & draw the birds Audubon
#4650, aired 2004-11-19AMERICANA $800: A 2003 stamp honored the bicentennial of this, often called the greatest real estate deal in history Louisiana Purchase
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Escaped slaves in the 1850s & draft dodgers in the 1960s mainly headed to this country Canada
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Feb. 15, 1901 Carry Nation wrecked one of these establishments with a hatchet a bar (or a saloon)
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $600: A fire in 1851 destroyed some 35,000 volumes in its collection the Library of Congress
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Seen here at a Senate hearing, he was the first U.S. Attorney General to be convicted of a felony John Mitchell
#4636, aired 2004-11-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): In the first census conducted in 1790, this state, with nearly 692,000 people, was the most populous Virginia
#4633, aired 2004-10-27RED ALERT! $800: The 1999 Smithsonian symposium "Red, White, & American" was on the U.S. history of this beverage wine
#4629, aired 2004-10-21HISTORY $3,200 (Daily Double): In the 1460s this South American people took the Chimu empire; within 100 years they were subdued by the Spanish the Incas
#4628, aired 2004-10-20CIVIL WAR PEOPLE $700 (Daily Double): This famous nurse was nearly killed when a bullet ripped through her dress at the battle of Antietam Clara Barton
#4531, aired 2004-04-26AMERICANA $800: Mary Edna Fraser, whose work is seen here, had the first one-woman show at this Smithsonian museum The Air & Space Museum
#4496, aired 2004-03-08AMERICAN LITERATURE $1200: In the midst of writing his 5 Natty Bumppo tales, he paused to write a "History of the Navy of the United States" (James Fenimore) Cooper
#4491, aired 2004-03-01EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1682 the Spanish founded the village of Ysleta on the Rio Grande in what later became this state Texas
#4491, aired 2004-03-01EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Hernando De Soto died of a fever on May 21, 1542 & his body was sunk in this river to keep his death a secret from the Indians the Mississippi
#4491, aired 2004-03-01EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: He was known as "The One-Legged Governor of New Netherland" Peter Stuyvesant
#4491, aired 2004-03-01EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Members of the lower class, they were contracted to work without wages to pay for their passage to the New World indentured servants
#4491, aired 2004-03-01EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In October 1729 Benjamin Franklin purchased this one-year-old newspaper that had a subscription list of 90 the Pennsylvania Gazette
#4479, aired 2004-02-12TEENS IN HISTORY $1600: As a teen in the 1790's, this South American "liberator" was sent to Spain to complete his schooling Simón Bolívar
#4459, aired 2004-01-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Nov. 11, 1918, Pvt. Henry Gunther became the last American casualty in this war World War I
#4459, aired 2004-01-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Remarkably, there were more than 60 survivors when this Zeppelin crashed in New Jersey in 1937 the Hindenburg
#4459, aired 2004-01-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Elected the 19th U.S. president in 1876, Rutherford B. Hayes was a member of this political party Republican
#4459, aired 2004-01-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Sofia of the Clue Crew at the Ronald Reagan Library) This man awarded the Medal of Freedom to Ronald Reagan on January 13, 1993 George H.W. Bush
#4459, aired 2004-01-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This Indian "king" for whom a war against American colonists was named was tracked down & killed in 1676 Philip
#4441, aired 2003-12-22AMERICAN WOMEN $600 (Daily Double): Born in 1821, she's the only woman in modern history to have founded a major religion Mary Baker Eddy
#4434, aired 2003-12-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In the 1830s Isaac Dripps added the cowcatcher to this train (locomotive)
#4434, aired 2003-12-11AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In June 1804 he wrote Alexander Hamilton for an explanation on some alleged slurs made on his character Aaron Burr
#4434, aired 2003-12-11AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The U.S., though not a member, still sent delegates to this organization's disarmament conference in 1932 the League of Nations
#4434, aired 2003-12-11AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: John Scopes was fined $100 for his teachings in 1925; Susan B. Anthony was fined $100 for doing this in 1872 voting
#4434, aired 2003-12-11AMERICAN HISTORY $4,400 (Daily Double): Rather than pay a tax to support a war with this country, Henry David Thoreau went to jail Mexico
#4417, aired 2003-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $200: A 1928 campaign slogan promised this "in every pot and a car in every garage" a chicken
#4417, aired 2003-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Years of political rivalry led to the July 11, 1804 duel between these 2 men Alexander Hamilton & Aaron Burr
#4417, aired 2003-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1776 this silversmith set up a mill to make gunpowder after the colonists ran out of it at Bunker Hill Paul Revere
#4417, aired 2003-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Confederate States of America were established in 1861 in this city, the first Confederate capital Montgomery, Alabama
#4417, aired 2003-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This leader of the Green Mountain Boys was a champion for the creation of the Green Mountain State Ethan Allen
#4411, aired 2003-11-10AFRICAN-AMERICANA $400: In the history of jazz, Dizzy Gillespie & Louis Armstrong were 2 of the greatest players of this instrument the trumpet
#4404, aired 2003-10-30CONGRESSIONAL HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): When this group, the CBC, was founded in 1971, it aimed for 10% of the House to be African-American -- not there yet the Congressional Black Caucus
#4403, aired 2003-10-29AN "F" IN HISTORY $600: In 1803 this American piloted a steam-driven paddlewheel boat on the Seine River at about 3 mph Robert Fulton
#4398, aired 2003-10-22BASEBALL HISTORY $1600: 2 of the 5 cities that had both National League & American League teams in 1903 (2 of 5) Boston, Chicago, New York, Philadelphia, St. Louis
#4393, aired 2003-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On February 15, 1898 the U.S. battleship Maine blew up in this Cuban capital's harbor Havana
#4393, aired 2003-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This "King of the Wild Frontier" once claimed to have killed 105 bears during a few months in 1825 Davy Crockett
#4393, aired 2003-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The "War on" this, approved by Congress in August of 1964, included VISTA, Volunteers in Service to America poverty
#4393, aired 2003-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: What's known as the second of these programs began with FDR's January 4, 1935 message to Congress the New Deal
#4393, aired 2003-10-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: John Smith was among the early members on the Council of Seven that governed this Virginia colony Jamestown
#4377, aired 2003-09-23RESEARCH $2000: "American Memory" is the History section of the website, LOC standing for this Library of Congress
#4355, aired 2003-07-04SEX IN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Some New Yorkers c. 1910 wanted the Bunny Hug & Slow Rag, types of these, banned as dangerous to morals dances
#4355, aired 2003-07-04SEX IN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A 1934 set of standards for these said, "Excessive and lustful kissing...are not to be shown" movies
#4350, aired 2003-06-27CRACK OPEN A U.S. HISTORY BOOK $800: In August 1900 in Chicago, this group, the GAR, held its 34th annual encampment Grand Army of the Republic
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: WAC, the Women's Army Corps, was created during this war World War II
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: What was once the proposed state of Franklin became part of this new state in 1796 Tennessee
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: After serving as postmaster general in 1921 & 1922 he became "czar" of the motion picture industry Will Hays
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: In 1807 Congress passed this act that forbade American ships from trading abroad; it lasted just over a year Embargo Act
#4347, aired 2003-06-24AMERICAN HISTORY $5,000 (Daily Double): In 1986 he became the first Italian-American to sit on the Supreme Court Antonin Scalia
#4259, aired 2003-02-20AFRICAN-AMERICAN FIRSTS $400: In 2002 she made movie history as the first African-American to win the Oscar for Best Actress Halle Berry
#4254, aired 2003-02-13FAMOUS AMERICANS $1,000 (Daily Double): Her appointment to the Supreme Court in 1981 to replace Potter Stewart was history-making Sandra Day O'Connor
#4248, aired 2003-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1876 battle in Montana is also known as Custer's Last Stand Little Big Horn
#4248, aired 2003-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In the late 1600s this Asian grain became the main crop of the Carolina coastal lowlands rice
#4248, aired 2003-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1972 George McGovern called this president's administration the "most corrupt" in U.S. history Richard Nixon
#4248, aired 2003-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1813 this hero of Tippecanoe defeated Tecumseh at the Thames River in Canada William Henry Harrison
#4248, aired 2003-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1664 the Duke of York granted land west of the Hudson River to his supporters; it was named this New Jersey
#4247, aired 2003-02-04U.S. HISTORY $1600: This 1862 act gave American citizens 160 acres of land if they'd live on it for at least 5 years & improve it The Homestead Act
#4190, aired 2002-11-15EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The last of the 13 colonies to be founded, its "Mother City", Savannah, was settled in 1733 Georgia
#4190, aired 2002-11-15EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In the 1690s pirate captain Kidd was a big macher in this NYC church named for Father, Son & Holy Spirit Trinity Church
#4190, aired 2002-11-15EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Margaret Brent, America's first woman barrister, was executor of the will of this colony's governor Leonard Calvert Maryland
#4190, aired 2002-11-15EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1612 John Rolfe introduced a new type of Trinidad tobacco to this settlement Jamestown
#4190, aired 2002-11-15EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: Although it was a separate colony, New Hampshire shared a governor with this colony from 1669 to 1741 Massachusetts
#4156, aired 2002-09-30LA TRIVIA-TA $800: On May 5, 1904 he pitched the first perfect game in American League history; give that man an award! Cy Young
#4149, aired 2002-09-19HERSTORY $1000: In 1935 she piloted a plane across the Pacific Ocean from Hawaii to the American mainland Amelia Earhart
#4147, aired 2002-09-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Contrary to myth, Washington didn't throw one of these across the Potomac; there weren't any when he was young silver dollar
#4147, aired 2002-09-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1774 New Jerseyites dressed as Indians burned this in Greenwich; a similar "Party" occurred earlier in Boston tea
#4147, aired 2002-09-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: In 1901 the Senate ratified the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty, allowing the U.S. to build this in Central America the Panama Canal
#4147, aired 2002-09-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: On May 1, 1898 Commodore Dewey defeated the Spanish Pacific fleet at the battle of this Philippine bay Manila Bay
#4147, aired 2002-09-17AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: On May 10, 1692 this colony founded by Cecil Calvert made the Anglican Church its official church Maryland
#4133, aired 2002-07-17WILSON'S 14 POINTS $400: 8. Captured territories must be returned to this country, s'il vous plait France
#4133, aired 2002-07-17WILSON'S 14 POINTS $800: 12. Turkey had to get its independence from this empire the Ottoman Empire
#4133, aired 2002-07-17WILSON'S 14 POINTS $1200: 6. Any foreign interference in this country's affairs would be un-bear-able Russia
#4133, aired 2002-07-17WILSON'S 14 POINTS $2000: 14. (Last, but not least) an international organization must be created & this one was the League of Nations
#4133, aired 2002-07-17WILSON'S 14 POINTS $5,000 (Daily Double): 11. Political & economic independence for this peninsula's nations the Balkan nations
#4120, aired 2002-06-28THE MEADIA $800: In 1926 she became curator of ethnology at the American Museum of Natural History Margaret Mead
#4078, aired 2002-05-01LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1502, on his fourth voyage, he landed at what is now Trujillo, Honduras Columbus
#4078, aired 2002-05-01LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1889 this country became a republic when Pedro II gave up his throne Brazil
#4078, aired 2002-05-01LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1970 he became the first democratically elected Marxist to head a nation in the Western Hemisphere Salvador Allende
#4078, aired 2002-05-01LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: General Alfredo Stroessner ruled this South American country with an iron hand for 35 years, 1954-1989 Paraguay
#4078, aired 2002-05-01LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1519, when Cortes entered the capital then called this, many believed he was a god Tenochtitlán
#4058, aired 2002-04-03MEL GIBSON MOVIES $800: Don't teach your kids history from this 2000 movie in which Mel fights the American Revolution The Patriot
#4045, aired 2002-03-15A DATE WITH HISTORY $1200: Bobby Fischer became the first American world chess champion defeating this man on Sept. 1, 1972 Boris Spassky
#4045, aired 2002-03-15A DATE WITH HISTORY $1600: At Auburn, Massachusetts on March 16, 1926 this man launched his first successful liquid-fuel rocket Robert Goddard
#4039, aired 2002-03-07TRAVEL U.S.A. $1000: Visiting the Hayden planetarium in New York City? Don't miss the American museum of this--it's right next door Natural History
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1805 this territory was created from the Indiana one, with all or parts of the lower & upper peninsulas Michigan
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In May 1980 at least 26 people were killed when this volcano in Washington erupted Mt. St. Helens
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In September 1664 this governor of New Amsterdam surrendered to the British, ending Dutch power in the New World (Peter) Stuyvesant
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $800: (Cheryl of the Clue Crew reports from Gettysburg Cemetery.) In 1863, Lincoln dedicated this cemetery by saying that "we cannot consecrate--we cannot" do this to "this ground" hallow
#4031, aired 2002-02-25AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: A 1963 treaty with Mexico settled a boundary dispute between Ciudad Juarez & this Texas city El Paso
#4007, aired 2002-01-22EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A trusty member of this pair's "Corps of Discovery" was York, the slave of one of them Lewis and Clark
#4007, aired 2002-01-22EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This Treasury Secretary urged force be used on those who protested the tax on whiskey he had imposed in 1791 Hamilton
#4007, aired 2002-01-22EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Year in which the writers of the Mayflower Compact set pen to paper 1620
#4007, aired 2002-01-22EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: Patrick Henry's "If This Be Treason" speech was provoked by this 1765 act the Stamp Act
#4007, aired 2002-01-22EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: The religious movement that began to sweep through the colonies in the 1730s was called the "great" this Awakening
#3992, aired 2002-01-01AMERICAN MUSEUMS $200: The history of evangelism is on display at a Wheaton, Illinois museum named for this evangelist Billy Graham
#3990, aired 2001-12-28WOMEN IN HISTORY $200: This nickname of a Native American woman, Chief Powhatan's daughter, means "playful one" Pocahontas
#3971, aired 2001-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: From 1757 to 1762 this man was ambassador extraordinaire of the American colonies to Great Britain Benjamin Franklin
#3971, aired 2001-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Jan. 19, 1977 President Ford pardoned this woman who'd been convicted of treason in World War II Tokyo Rose
#3971, aired 2001-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: Lanterns hung in this "Old" church warned patriots of an impending attack in April 1775 the Old North Church
#3971, aired 2001-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): (Cheryl is at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York.) On November 28, 1946 the Allied Council adjourned their peace talks here at the Waldorf for a dinner of this turkey for Thanksgiving
#3971, aired 2001-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $2000: This N.Y. woman's 1970 campaign slogan was "This woman's place is in the House -- the House of Representatives!" Bella Abzug
#3959, aired 2001-11-15THE HISTORY CHANNEL $100: It's the classic entertainment venue described here [Dick Clark:] "Only costs a couple of bucks. There's popcorn, hot dogs, and privacy. And..." the drive-in movie theater
#3959, aired 2001-11-15THE HISTORY CHANNEL $200: Jay Leno says of this mode of transport that in a complex world, "you get on it, you kick it & it goes" a motorcycle
#3959, aired 2001-11-15THE HISTORY CHANNEL $300: Here the series describes how Gerry Thomas developed this culinary marvel [Dick Clark:] "He added compartments so the different foods wouldn't run together. Now, the next step was what to call it." the TV dinner
#3959, aired 2001-11-15THE HISTORY CHANNEL $400: With this oats brand, "For the 1st time... a package served not just to protect its products but to sell them" Quaker (Oats)
#3959, aired 2001-11-15THE HISTORY CHANNEL $500: When the lady seen here first arrived in America, this was her official name Liberty Enlightening the World
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Now a state, its independence came after the 20-minute-long 1836 battle of San Jacinto Texas
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Helen Hunt Jackson's 1881 "A Century of Dishonor" was on the government's mistreatment of this group Native Americans
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $300: There was an abundance of these "zones" in the U.S. until the railroads decided to standardize them in 1883 to 4 time zones
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This state paid to build the Erie Canal New York
#3923, aired 2001-09-26AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In April 1682 La Salle claimed the area from the Gulf of Mexico to the Great Lakes, dubbing it this for his king Louisiana
#3922, aired 2001-09-25PEOPLE IN HISTORY $1000: This 17th century English sea captain gave his name to a large North American bay, a river & a strait (Henry) Hudson
#3921, aired 2001-09-24WHAT I DID ON SUMMER VACATION $500: Loved the Gown Gallery--an exhibit about the First Ladies--in this Smithsonian museum the Museum of American History
#3913, aired 2001-09-12AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1989 Bertram Lee & Peter Bynoe became the first black owners of a major sports franchise, this city's NBA Nuggets Denver
#3913, aired 2001-09-12AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $200: (Hi. I'm Martin Luther King III.) In 1955, my father led a bus boycott in Montgomery after this woman was arrested for refusing to give up her seat Rosa Parks
#3913, aired 2001-09-12AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1957 it became the USA's first major city with a black majority Washington, D.C.
#3913, aired 2001-09-12AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In the 1940s CORE pioneered sit-ins & also used these protests whose name in show biz means "substitutes" stand-in
#3897, aired 2001-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY $100: After his 1859 hanging, Civil War troops sang of this abolitionist's body "mouldering in the grave" John Brown
#3897, aired 2001-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1913 the 16th Amendment was passed allowing Congress to collect taxes on this Income
#3897, aired 2001-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Plessy vs. Ferguson, which upheld segregation, was overturned by this 1954 case Brown v. Board of Education
#3897, aired 2001-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: During WWII America won its 1st major victory over Japan in this naval battle, about 1,200 miles from Hawaii Midway
#3897, aired 2001-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Bushrod, the favorite nephew of this president, became a Supreme Court justice in 1798 George Washington
#3884, aired 2001-06-21SHAKESPEAREANA $600: The American Film Institute says the oldest complete U.S. feature is a 1912 version of this hunchback history "Richard III"
#3880, aired 2001-06-15FACES IN HISTORY $200: "Little Lady" depicted here who wrote the bestselling American novel of the 1850s Harriet Beecher Stowe ("Uncle Tom's Cabin")
#3825, aired 2001-03-30ENDS IN "EE" $600: First published in 1970, Dee Brown's classic "Indian History of the American West" is titled "Bury My Heart" here at Wounded Knee
#3819, aired 2001-03-22FOOTNOTES IN HISTORY $100: In 1866 Henry Bergh founded the American Society for the Prevention of this (1) (1) He also founded a similar society to protect children Cruelty to Animals
#3787, aired 2001-02-06AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Custer's Last Stand is also known by the oxymoronic name "Little Big" this Horn
#3787, aired 2001-02-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In the 1950s, if your button said, "I Like Ike", he was your man Eisenhower
#3787, aired 2001-02-06AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Born in Tennessee, Davy Crockett died in what's now this state Texas
#3787, aired 2001-02-06AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): William Cody's 2-word nickname, or perhaps what he sent out to his clients at the end of each month "Buffalo Bill"
#3774, aired 2001-01-18AMERICAN BEER HISTORY $100: In 1864 this man joined his father-in-law Eberhard Anheuser in the brewing business Adolphus Busch
#3774, aired 2001-01-18AMERICAN BEER HISTORY $200: In 1789 this president announced that he would henceforth only drink porter beer made in America George Washington
#3774, aired 2001-01-18AMERICAN BEER HISTORY $300: In 1612 Adrian Block & Hans Christiansen established the New World's first known brewery on this island Manhattan
#3774, aired 2001-01-18AMERICAN BEER HISTORY $400: Formed one year earlier, this "Service" began taxing beer at a dollar a barrel in 1862 to finance the Civil War Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
#3774, aired 2001-01-18AMERICAN BEER HISTORY $500: Beverage World reports that in 1996 the U.S. exceeded this country in number of breweries for the first time Germany
#3757, aired 2000-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Famous 1863 speech by President Lincoln that began, "Four score and seven years ago..." the Gettysburg Address
#3757, aired 2000-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400 (Daily Double): During Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 this 1st permanent English settlement in America was burned to the ground Jamestown
#3757, aired 2000-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: It's the year America celebrated its bicentennial 1976
#3757, aired 2000-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Davy Crockett was among nearly 200 men who died defending this mission-fortress in San Antonio, Texas the Alamo
#3757, aired 2000-12-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: After journeying 4,000 miles, this pair's expedition finally reached the Pacific Ocean in November 1805 Lewis & Clark
#3744, aired 2000-12-07A.A. $200: This tennis player published 1988's "A Hard Road to Glory", a 3-volume history of African-American athletes Arthur Ashe
#3743, aired 2000-12-06LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1921 the United States paid this country $25 million for its loss of Panama 18 years earlier Colombia
#3743, aired 2000-12-06LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Tikal & Piedras Negras were major cities of this civilization of northern Guatemala Mayans
#3734, aired 2000-11-23THE HISTORY CHANNEL $800: Revolutionary inspiration whose work is read here "These are times that try men's souls..." Thomas Paine ("The American Crisis")
#3727, aired 2000-11-14AMERICAN HISTORY $100: I've had it "on my mind" that this state has joined the Union 3 times, in 1788, 1868 & 1870 Georgia
#3727, aired 2000-11-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: A federal law from 1950 prohibited the labeling of colored oleo as this Butter
#3727, aired 2000-11-14AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The Dept. of Agriculture began a new version of this program in 1964; by 1975 it was helping over 17 million people Food stamps
#3727, aired 2000-11-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This commodore became a friend to Japan in 1854, showing them the telegraph & a daguerreotype camera Matthew Perry
#3727, aired 2000-11-14AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Name that completed an 1856 Republican slogan, "Free soil, free speech, free men and ..." (John C.) Fremont
#3684, aired 2000-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In September 1964 the Warren Commission concluded that he acted alone in JFK's assassination Lee Harvey Oswald
#3684, aired 2000-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On December 20, 1860, as a result of Lincoln's election, this state seceded from the Union South Carolina
#3684, aired 2000-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Fleeing the capital on August 24, 1814, she took a Gilbert Stuart portrait of Washington with her Dolley Madison
#3684, aired 2000-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1916 President Wilson sent this brigadier general into Mexico in pursuit of Pancho Villa John "Black Jack" Pershing
#3684, aired 2000-09-14AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1932 this Republican was elected governor of Kansas; he won reelection in 1934 Alf Landon
#3670, aired 2000-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY "X" $200: In 1938 Chester Carlson didn't copy off the guy sitting next to him when he invented this process Xerography/Xeroxy
#3670, aired 2000-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY "X" $400: In 1954 he was appointed chief minister of the Nation of Islam's main temple in Harlem Malcolm X
#3670, aired 2000-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY "X" $600: Founded in 1831, it's the oldest Catholic institution of higher learning in what was the NW Territory Xavier University
#3670, aired 2000-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY "X" $800: This "affair" caused a quasi-war between France & America in 1798 "X Y Z" Affair
#3670, aired 2000-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY "X" $1000: On Aug. 22, 1963 Joe Walker took this rocket plane to a new record altitude of 66 1/2 miles X-15
#3655, aired 2000-06-23THAT'S HISTORY $200: This rebel group in Nicaragua was named for an anti-American rebel of the 1920s Sandinistas
#3646, aired 2000-06-12THE AMERICAN FILM INSTITUTE $5,000 (Daily Double): Alphabetically, this Woody Allen film is last among the 500 films nominated as America's Funniest Zelig
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 2 forts were founded in Idaho in 1834: Fort Hall & this one that bore the name of the future capital Fort Boise
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Decade that saw the Freedom Summer & the Freedom Riders 1960s
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The only state Reagan didn't carry in 1984 was this one, Mondale's home state Minnesota
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $800: It's the war that was opposed by some Copperheads Civil War
#3645, aired 2000-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): The land purchase he negotiated with Mexico was in part intended for a cross-country railroad he wanted to build James Gadsden
#3631, aired 2000-05-22ASIAN-AMERICAN ACHIEVERS $100: Gary Locke of this "Evergreen State" is the first Chinese-American governor in U.S. history Washington
#3593, aired 2000-03-29AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1692 the Spanish regained control of this future New Mexico capital from the Pueblo Indians Santa Fe
#3593, aired 2000-03-29AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1639 the Court of Massachusetts ordered that "The bee built at Cambridg" be called this Harvard
#3593, aired 2000-03-29AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The political slogan "As" this state "goes, so goes the nation" dates back to the 1880s Maine
#3593, aired 2000-03-29AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1857 antislavery forces were set back when the Supreme Court decided the case of this man vs. Sandford Dred Scott
#3593, aired 2000-03-29AMERICAN HISTORY $500: On July 31, 1972 this Missouri senator withdrew as McGovern's running mate because of earlier psychiatric care Thomas Eagleton
#3571, aired 2000-02-28NOTED NATIVE AMERICANS $600: Of Meadowlark, Geese or Curly, the Crow who served as a scout for Custer at Little Big Horn Curly
#3566, aired 2000-02-21AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On April 18, 1775 he was captured by the British but released; he had to walk back to Lexington Paul Revere
#3566, aired 2000-02-21AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On September 8, 1974, he was granted "A full, free and absolute pardon" Richard Nixon
#3566, aired 2000-02-21AMERICAN HISTORY $300: FDR's statement "The United States of America was...deliberately attacked by...Japan" was made on this date December 8, 1941
#3566, aired 2000-02-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1824 Andrew Jackson received more popular & electoral votes, but the House declared this man president John Quincy Adams
#3566, aired 2000-02-21AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Hostilities in the Spanish-American War ended when Manila surrendered to General Merritt & this admiral George Dewey
#3558, aired 2000-02-09BLACK AMERICAN HISTORY $200: An 1879 mass movement of Southern blacks to the West was known by this Biblical name The Exodus
#3558, aired 2000-02-09BLACK AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Common name of the historic 1963 event seen here: March on Washington, D.C.
#3558, aired 2000-02-09BLACK AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Believed to be part black & part Native American, he was a leader & fatality in the 1770 Boston Massacre Crispus Attucks
#3558, aired 2000-02-09BLACK AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This important black church was formally organized in 1816 with Richard Allen as its first bishop African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME)
#3558, aired 2000-02-09BLACK AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): This organization was founded in 1944 after Tuskegee's president suggested pooling schools' money United Negro College Fund
#3554, aired 2000-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In May 1692 this village's jails were filled with witchcraft suspects, eventually totaling 150 Salem, Massachusetts
#3554, aired 2000-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1900 Sanford B. Dole became the first governor of this U.S. territory Hawaii
#3554, aired 2000-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $300: During the naval battle for this Alabama bay, David Farragut uttered, "Damn the torpedoes! Full speed ahead!" Mobile Bay
#3554, aired 2000-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1888 he won the presidency using the campaign song "Grandfather's Hat Fits Ben" Benjamin Harrison
#3554, aired 2000-02-03AMERICAN HISTORY $500: During the War of 1812, he had command of 3 brigs, 5 schooners & a sloop on Lake Erie Oliver Hazard Perry
#3516, aired 1999-12-13U.S. HISTORY $400: In the mid-1940s about 10,000 Americans owned these electronic devices; by 1957 about 40 million were in use Televisions
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: The Continental Congress approved this "game" to raise money for the army; it never hit $250 million (dollars) Lottery
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After 3 previous acquittals, this reputed crime family boss was finally convicted in New York City on April 2, 1992 John Gotti
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He shook up society in the 1960s & later published "Revolution for the Hell of It" & "Steal This Book" Abbie Hoffman
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): Due to expansive pork processing facilities, this city on the Ohio River was once known as "Porkopolis" Cincinnati
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This Spanish explorer, not Ponce de Leon, claimed Florida for Spain in June of 1539 Hernando de Soto
#3512, aired 1999-12-07PEOPLE IN HISTORY $200: Thomas Conway was involved in a 1777 plot to replace this American commander-in-chief with Horatio Gates George Washington
#3494, aired 1999-11-11AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1787-88 the Anti-Federalists opposed the ratification of this document the Constitution
#3494, aired 1999-11-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After a defeat in 1835 for reelection to Congress from Tennessee, this frontiersman moved to Texas Davy Crockett
#3494, aired 1999-11-11AMERICAN HISTORY $300: A Ute legend says the Great Spirit created all life on this peak discovered in 1806 Pikes Peak
#3494, aired 1999-11-11AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Nickname given in the 1930s to the area seen here in a famous Arthur Rothstein photo "Dust Bowl"
#3494, aired 1999-11-11AMERICAN HISTORY $500: When he began his Progressive Party, Teddy Roosevelt said he felt as fit as one of these animals Bull moose
#3491, aired 1999-11-08PEOPLE IN HISTORY $500: In 1960 Fidel Castro won a fishing tournament in Cuba that was named for this American author Ernest Hemingway
#3476, aired 1999-10-18CENTRAL AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1823, 5 present Central American countries broke away from this nearby one Mexico
#3476, aired 1999-10-18CENTRAL AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1954 this organization headed by Allen Dulles helped overthrow the government of Guatemala CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
#3476, aired 1999-10-18CENTRAL AMERICAN HISTORY $600 (Daily Double): A 1969 war between Honduras & El Salvador followed a qualifying match for this sporting event World Cup (of soccer)
#3476, aired 1999-10-18CENTRAL AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Former Nicaraguan chief of state & newspaper publisher seen here Violeta Chamorro
#3476, aired 1999-10-18CENTRAL AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1991 Guatemala ended its claims of sovereignty over this country, independent of Britain since 1981 Belize (British Honduras)
#3473, aired 1999-10-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1814 & 1815 New England leaders took part in the Hartford Convention to discuss opposition to this war War of 1812
#3473, aired 1999-10-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1962 the U.S agreed to give Cuba $53 million in aid for the release of 1,113 prisoners taken in this invasion Bay of Pigs
#3473, aired 1999-10-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1804 Justice Samuel Chase was impeached for comments critical of this president's administration Thomas Jefferson
#3473, aired 1999-10-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On August 5, 1864 David Farragut barreled full speed ahead into this Alabama bay, defeating the Confederate navy Mobile Bay
#3473, aired 1999-10-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1621 this Wampanoag chief & about 90 of his people shared Thanksgiving with the Pilgrims Massasoit
#3461, aired 1999-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1791 this Treasury Secretary issued his "Report On Manufactures", a critique of American industry Alexander Hamilton
#3461, aired 1999-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: When West Virginia became a state in 1863, Wheeling was its capital; this city became the permanent capital in 1885 Charleston
#3461, aired 1999-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1698, after an absence of 15 years, he returned to the colony named for his father William Penn
#3461, aired 1999-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Aug. 2, 1826 at Boston's Faneuil Hall, this great orator delivered a eulogy on Jefferson & Adams Daniel Webster
#3461, aired 1999-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Completed in 1856, California's first railroad ran 22 miles between Sacramento & this prison city Folsom
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Was Pope Catholic? No, he led a 1690 revolt against colonizers from this European country Spain
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Once defined as most of the U.S. west of the Mississippi, it shrank to most of present-day Oklahoma Indian Territory
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1791 Little Turtle won a great victory over white forces on the banks of this Indiana river Wabash
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $400: What may be the USA's oldest continuously inhabited town, Old Oraibi, was settled c. 1150 by these Arizona Indians Hopi
#3445, aired 1999-07-23NATIVE AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1649 the Iroquois, armed with Dutch guns, decimated this tribe that shares its name with a Great Lake Huron
#3442, aired 1999-07-20LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In World War II only Mexico & this largest Latin American country provided troops to the Allied cause Brazil
#3442, aired 1999-07-20LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1903 the U.S. signed a treaty with Cuba for the rights to establish a naval base at this site Guantanamo Bay
#3442, aired 1999-07-20LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1869 Ebenezer Bassett, the USA's first black diplomat, became minister to this French-speaking nation Haiti
#3442, aired 1999-07-20LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1862 Great Britain formally took control of this country, then called British Honduras Belize
#3442, aired 1999-07-20LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In November 1533 this Spanish conquistador triumphantly entered Cuzco Francisco Pizarro
#3440, aired 1999-07-16SPORTS HISTORY $400: Abbreviated NASL, it peaked in the 1970s with stars like Franz Beckenbauer & Pele North American Soccer League
#3435, aired 1999-07-09PEOPLE IN HISTORY $600: This suffragist from Adams, Mass. was an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society from 1856 to 1861 Susan B. Anthony
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Because of the potato famine, more than a million emigrated from this country to the U.S. in the mid-1800s Ireland
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1803 land acquisition included area in what is now 13 of the 50 states the Louisiana Purchase
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $300: After winning the disputed 1876 election, he was inaugurated to cries of "Rutherfraud" Rutherford B. Hayes
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Famous for his debates with Lincoln, he served as a U.S. senator from Illinois from 1847 to 1861 Stephen Douglas
#3430, aired 1999-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600 (Daily Double): In 1730 he assumed full ownership of the Pennsylvania Gazette Benjamin Franklin
#3418, aired 1999-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In January 1935 she became the first woman to fly solo from Hawaii to the U.S. mainland Amelia Earhart
#3418, aired 1999-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: His final regret was "I only regret that I have but one life to lose for my country" Nathan Hale
#3418, aired 1999-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $300: On April 22, 1889 "Sooners" staked claims hours ahead of schedule in Guthrie City in this territory's land grab Oklahoma
#3418, aired 1999-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This 1,500-mile-long mountain system divided the Civil War into the eastern & western theaters Appalachians
#3418, aired 1999-06-16AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1910 Victor Berger of Wisconsin became the first of this party of Eugene Debs elected to Congress Socialist
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1833 this area asked to separate from Coahuila to become its own Mexican state Texas
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1901 Buffalo Bill founded this town in the Big Horn Basin of Wyoming Cody
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Frances Willard, a president of the WCTU, was the first woman honored in this Capitol building hall Statuary Hall
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In a March 1775 speech he also said, is "peace so sweet as to be purchased at the price of chains and slavery?" Patrick Henry
#3413, aired 1999-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500: The change in the American flag on July 4, 1960 was its first change since July 4 of this year 1959
#3379, aired 1999-04-22HISTORY $100: 1903's Treaty of Petropolis "erased" a South American dispute over an area rich in this plant resource Rubber
#3370, aired 1999-04-09U.S. HISTORY $300: Of the AFL, NFL or NHL, the one Samuel Gompers helped found AFL (American Federation of Labor)
#3335, aired 1999-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1850 it became the first state on the Pacific coast admitted to the Union California
#3335, aired 1999-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. Marine Corps was first established to fight in this war The Revolutionary War
#3335, aired 1999-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $300: On Oct. 2, 1967 he was sworn in as the first African-American Supreme Court justice Thurgood Marshall
#3335, aired 1999-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Jonathan Edwards was among the leaders of this "great" religious movement of the 1700s Great Awakening
#3335, aired 1999-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1893 3 men serving prison sentences for this riot were pardoned by the governor of Illinois Haymarket Riot
#3275, aired 1998-11-27U.S. HISTORY $400: Battle sites in this war include Buena Vista, Los Angeles & Monterrey the Mexican-American War
#3269, aired 1998-11-19HISTORIC AMERICANS $200: In 1998 "Profiles In History" offered for sale this Wild West doc's dental kit, seen here Doc Holliday
#3250, aired 1998-10-23HISTORY ON THE SCREEN $200: Jean Stapleton played this towering American on the big screen in "Eleanor, First Lady of the World" Eleanor Roosevelt
#3213, aired 1998-07-15AMERICAN HISTORY $100: During his first term as president, the Bill of Rights became law George Washington
#3213, aired 1998-07-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1813 the U.S. defeated the British in the Battle of the Thames River in what is now this country Canada
#3213, aired 1998-07-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In November 1689 Joseph Wadsworth hid this colony's charter from the British by placing it in an oak tree Connecticut
#3213, aired 1998-07-15AMERICAN HISTORY $500: He earned his captain's commission by burning the Philadelphia at Tripoli in 1804 Stephen Decatur
#3213, aired 1998-07-15AMERICAN HISTORY $900 (Daily Double): In 1832 this president declared, "The bank, Mr. Van Buren, is trying to kill me; but I will kill it" Andrew Jackson
#3203, aired 1998-07-01U.S. HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): During the War of 1812 the British took over his American Fur Company post in the Oregon Country (John Jacob) Astor
#3192, aired 1998-06-16U.S. MILITARY MUSEUMS $100: Its National Museum of American History has General Washington's field tent Smithsonian
#3191, aired 1998-06-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: British commander Sir Edward Pakenham was killed in this battle fought 2 weeks after the War of 1812 Battle of New Orleans
#3191, aired 1998-06-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: To reach eastern markets in the 1800s, Texas drovers brought their cattle to Kansas via this trail the Chisholm Trail
#3191, aired 1998-06-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On November 14, 1889, the New York World called her trip, "The Longest Journey Known to Mankind" Nellie Bly
#3191, aired 1998-06-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Mar. 27, 1964 this largest Alaska city was hit by an 8.4 earthquake Anchorage
#3191, aired 1998-06-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1787 Arthur St. Clair became the first governor of this vast territory north of the Ohio River Northwest Territory
#3188, aired 1998-06-10U.S. HISTORY $1000: In September 1847 this general led the American troops that captured Mexico City Winfield Scott
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 2 years after exploring the Northwest with William Clark, he was named gov. of the Louisiana territory Meriwether Lewis
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This group of volunteers, created on Mar. 1, 1961, works to improve living conditions in other nations Peace Corps
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On April 24, 1980 an attempt to rescue 53 hostages in this capital city was called off Tehran
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 'Ullo, Gouverneur! This signer of the Constitution gave the document its final wording Gouverneur Morris
#3170, aired 1998-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On Dec. 9, 1992, the first group of U.S. Marines arrived in this African nation to restore order Somalia
#3167, aired 1998-05-12THAT'S ANCIENT HISTORY, MAN $800: The city of Palenque flourished from 600 to 900 during this North American civilization's classic era Mayans
#3162, aired 1998-05-05JEWISH HISTORY $600: In 1994 a bomb killed 96 at a Jewish community center in this S. American city where Eichmann once lived Buenos Aires
#3125, aired 1998-03-13EUROPEAN HISTORY $400: This American gathered his forces to liberate Europe in WWII; his "plan" then supplied it with $13 billion George Marshall
#3075, aired 1998-01-02ANCIENT HISTORY $600: About 20,000 years ago, hunters crossed what's now this strait to become North American Indians Bering Strait
#3068, aired 1997-12-24HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Polk offered Spain $100 million for this island 90 miles from Florida; Pierce offered $120 million Cuba
#3068, aired 1997-12-24HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After this bandit's attack on Columbus, N.M., General Pershing was sent in pursuit Pancho Villa
#3068, aired 1997-12-24HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1997 this former housing secretary was hired as president of the Univision TV network Henry Cisneros
#3068, aired 1997-12-24HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Reagan administration backed the Contras' attempt to oust this country's Sandinista govt. Nicaragua
#3068, aired 1997-12-24HISPANIC AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The U.S. recognized this country in 1903, 3 days after it declared its independence from Colombia Panama
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Shrapnel from a 1916 munitions storage plant explosion in Jersey City, NJ damaged this famous statue Statue of Liberty
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Frances Perkins was trying to improve working conditions in these in the 1910s, Kathie Lee in the '90s Sweatshops
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The U.S. made this great buy from France in 1803 & would have been happy with just New Orleans Louisiana Purchase
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $400: If this act hadn't passed July 14, 1798, we would have had just the Alien Acts Sedition Acts
#3042, aired 1997-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1844 John C. Fremont crossed the Sierra Nevada & this John C. became Secretary of State John C. Calhoun
#3021, aired 1997-10-20AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Francisco Lopez found this precious metal in California in 1842, before the rush gold
#3021, aired 1997-10-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1843 Congress allocated $30,000 to string one between Baltimore & Washington; it was completed in 1844 a telegraph wire
#3021, aired 1997-10-20AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1873 President Grant proclaimed this city the site of the Centennial Exposition of 1876 Philadelphia
#3021, aired 1997-10-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Before cotton became king, this plant that yields a violet dye was a popular southern crop indigo
#3018, aired 1997-10-15CAPES $800: Cape Morris Jesup on this Danish island was named for a pres. of the American Museum of Natural History Greenland
#3007, aired 1997-09-30"C" IN HISTORY $600: A civil war known as The War of a Thousand Days broke out in this South American country in 1899 Colombia
#2991, aired 1997-09-08AMERICAN HISTORY $100: When Thomas Jefferson took office in March, 1801, this river formed the western U.S. boundary Mississippi
#2991, aired 1997-09-08AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1890 this GOP senator from Ohio sponsored an antitrust act & the Silver Purchase Act John Sherman
#2991, aired 1997-09-08AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1997 this U.N. secy.-general became the first international guest of President Clinton's second term Kofi Annan
#2991, aired 1997-09-08AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Sept. 30, 1953, Pres. Eisenhower named this California governor as Chief Justice of the U.S. Earl Warren
#2991, aired 1997-09-08AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Signed February 2, 1848, this treaty ended the Mexican War the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
#2984, aired 1997-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The Federalists called it "Mr. Madison's War" War of 1812
#2984, aired 1997-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: His 1934 trip to Cartagena, Colombia was the first by a sitting U.S. president to South America Franklin D. Roosevelt
#2984, aired 1997-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1856 William Dayton became the first vice presidential candidate of this new party Republican
#2984, aired 1997-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1962 this Hawaiian became the first Japanese-American elected to the U.S. Senate Daniel Inouye
#2984, aired 1997-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Nixon's running mate in 1960, he was named chief negotiator at the Paris Peace Talks in 1969 Henry Cabot Lodge
#2981, aired 1997-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1961 he became the first brother of a president appointed to a cabinet position Robert F. Kennedy (Attorney General)
#2981, aired 1997-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On January 21, 1977 this president pardoned several thousand Vietnam War draft evaders Jimmy Carter
#2981, aired 1997-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1915 this Hull House founder helped establish the Women's International League for Peace & Freedom Jane Addams
#2981, aired 1997-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On June 21, 1982 he was found not guilty by reason of insanity in the shooting of President Reagan John Hinckley
#2981, aired 1997-07-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In searching for the 7 Cities of Cibola, he & his men traveled as far north as present-day Lyons, Kansas Francisco Vazquez de Coronado
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY $100: While in the VA. legislature, this 3rd president introduced his religious freedom statute Thomas Jefferson
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Founded in 1607, the Popham colony on the Kennebec River was this state's first English settlement Maine
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1952 composer Stuart Hamblen was the presidential candidate of this anti-liquor party Prohibition
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): On Dec. 23, 1921 President Harding pardoned this Socialist so that he could have Christmas dinner with his wife Eugene Victor Debs
#2977, aired 1997-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This soldier & frontiersman won important victories over the British in the Northwest Territory George Rogers Clark
#2970, aired 1997-06-27AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This amendment was 3 states short of ratification when its deadline elapsed June 30, 1982 the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment)
#2970, aired 1997-06-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In October 1867 Gen. Rousseau took formal possession of this territory that the U.S. had bought in March Alaska
#2970, aired 1997-06-27AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1907 Charles N. Haskell of Muskogee became this new state's first governor Oklahoma
#2970, aired 1997-06-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Because of his deist beliefs, this "Age of Reason" author died a social outcast in New York City in 1809 Thomas Paine
#2970, aired 1997-06-27AMERICAN HISTORY $500: He was promoted to captain for burning the captured U.S. frigate Philadelphia in Tripoli Harbor Stephen Decatur
#2950, aired 1997-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1912 this "Bull Moose" spoke for about 50 minutes with a would-be-assassin's bullet lodged in his chest Theodore Roosevelt
#2950, aired 1997-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The siege of the Alamo gave this Texas general time to prepare for the Battle of San Jacinto Sam Houston
#2950, aired 1997-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $300: This Public Enemy No. 1 robbed Midwestern banks until 1934 when he was done in by the Woman in Red John Dillinger
#2950, aired 1997-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Lawrence, Kansas was founded by people opposed to this practice Slavery
#2950, aired 1997-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1960 black sit-ins at segregated lunch counters started in Greensboro in this state North Carolina
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $100: The people who settled land in Oklahoma before it was open to them gave the state this nickname Sooners
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Boulder City, Nevada near Lake Mead was founded for workers building this, once known as Boulder Dam Hoover Dam
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In the 1870s the National Grange pressed for laws to regulate this mode of transportation railroad
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A Gilbert Stuart portrait of George Washington was saved from destruction by this First Lady Dolley Madison
#2939, aired 1997-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1872 Susan B. Anthony refused to pay the $100 fine imposed upon her for doing this in Rochester, N.Y. voting
#2935, aired 1997-05-09MUSEUMS $300: The National Museum of American History is just one part of this Washington, D.C. institution Smithsonian
#2931, aired 1997-05-05AFRICAN HISTORY $100: In the 1500s the Portuguese transported Angolans as slaves to this South American colony Brazil
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On July 9, 1776 this state's legislature met in White Plains & ratified the Declaration of Independence New York
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On April 4, 1949, the U.S., Canada, Great Britain, France & 8 other nations signed this mutual defense pact NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation)
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $300: 8 Americans were killed April 24, 1980 in a failed attempt to rescue American hostages held in this city Tehran
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After answering a NASA newspaper notice in the '70s, she became America's first woman in space Sally Ride
#2913, aired 1997-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1919 this future pres. mobilized the Mass. Militia to restore order in the Boston police strike Calvin Coolidge
#2912, aired 1997-04-08U.S. HISTORY $100: Edmund Randolph's Virginia Plan was used as the basis for this important American document of 1787 The Constitution
#2910, aired 1997-04-04AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Though this president chose the general site for the executive mansion, he never lived there George Washington
#2910, aired 1997-04-04AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1836 this republic asked to be annexed to the U.S. Texas
#2910, aired 1997-04-04AMERICAN HISTORY $300: When asked in 1779 "Have you lowered your flag?" he reportedly said, "I have not yet begun to fight" John Paul Jones
#2910, aired 1997-04-04AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A compromise allowed Maine's admission to the union in 1820 as a free state & this as a slave state in 1821 Missouri
#2910, aired 1997-04-04AMERICAN HISTORY $500: The Kentucky & Virginia Resolutions were passed in opposition to these 1798 acts Alien & Sedition Acts
#2909, aired 1997-04-03U.S. HISTORY $800: His "Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron to the China Seas & Japan" was published in 1856 Commodore Matthew Perry
#2906, aired 1997-03-31GEN. NELSON MILES $200: Miles drew criticism after the Civil War for imprisoning this former Confederate president in leg irons Jefferson Davis
#2906, aired 1997-03-31GEN. NELSON MILES $400: In 1897 Miles represented the U.S. at the diamond jubilee celebration of this English queen Queen Victoria
#2906, aired 1997-03-31GEN. NELSON MILES $600: In 1894 Miles went to Chicago to stop the riots caused by this railroad workers strike Pullman Strike
#2906, aired 1997-03-31GEN. NELSON MILES $800: Miles' suppression of the Ghost Dance Movement led to this South Dakota massacre Wounded Knee
#2906, aired 1997-03-31GEN. NELSON MILES $1000: After his 1877 surrender to Miles, he said, "From where the sun now stands I will fight no more forever" Chief Joseph (of the Nez Perce)
#2898, aired 1997-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In November 1620 John Carver was elected the first governor of this colony Plymouth Colony
#2898, aired 1997-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1933 this Republican began serving the first of his 2 terms as governor of Kansas Alf Landon
#2898, aired 1997-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: While serving in this cabinet post, Edward R. Stettinius, Jr. signed the U.N. charter for the U.S. June 26, 1945 Secretary of State
#2898, aired 1997-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In June 1967 LBJ met with this Soviet premier in Glassboro, N.J. to discuss world problems Alexei Kosygin
#2898, aired 1997-03-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On September 14, 1847, this general led the American army into Mexico City Winfield Scott
#2896, aired 1997-03-17IRISH HISTORY $400: Despite American pressure, Ireland maintained this stance during World War II neutrality
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Captain John Smith became president of this Virginia colony's council in September 1608 Jamestown
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He served as the first chief justice of New York before he became first chief justice of the U.S. John Jay
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $600: It was necessary for George Washington to surrender Fort Necessity July 3, 1754, during this war French & Indian War
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This president's political enemies referred to him as the "Beast of Buffalo" Grover Cleveland
#2884, aired 1997-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Aaron Burr & Molly Pitcher distinguished themselves at the June 28, 1778 battle of this Monmouth
#2881, aired 1997-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Aug. 5, 1884 the cornerstone of this landmark's pedestal was laid on Bedloe's Island Statue of Liberty
#2881, aired 1997-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: 41 male passengers signed this document in Provincetown Harbor, November 11, 1620 The Mayflower Compact
#2881, aired 1997-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On May 9, 1995 the Senate, by a vote of 98-0, confirmed John Deutch as director of this agency CIA
#2881, aired 1997-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1769 he founded San Diego de Alcala, the first Franciscan mission in California Fr. Junipero Serra
#2881, aired 1997-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1975 200 U.S. Marines recaptured this merchant ship that had been seized by Cambodia Mayaguez
#2878, aired 1997-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This colony founded by the Pilgrims was governed as a branch of the Separatist Church Plymouth Colony
#2878, aired 1997-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: It was the name of FDR's domestic program to end The Great Depression New Deal
#2878, aired 1997-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Before leading his famous expedition, Meriwether Lewis was this President's private secretary Thomas Jefferson
#2878, aired 1997-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In August 1995 this labor leader stepped down as president of the AFL-CIO Lane Kirkland
#2878, aired 1997-02-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): On Dec. 16, 1773 60 members of this patriotic group dressed as Mohawk Indians & dumped tea into Boston Harbor Sons of Liberty
#2874, aired 1997-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: From 1804 to 1806 this pair explored the area between the Mississippi River & the mouth of the Columbia River Lewis & Clark
#2874, aired 1997-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On March 10, 1977, this Cesar Chavez labor group signed an agreement with the Teamsters union United Farm Workers
#2874, aired 1997-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1920 this president signed legislation returning the railroads to private ownership Woodrow Wilson
#2874, aired 1997-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 repealed this "compromise" of 1820 The Missouri Compromise
#2874, aired 1997-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The government leasing oil reserves to Mammoth Oil in 1922 caused this scandal the next year Teapot Dome
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $100: For their part in this 1770 Massachusetts riot, 2 soldiers were branded on the thumb Boston Massacre
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This monument with a 19-foot seated statue was dedicated by President Harding May 30, 1922 Lincoln Memorial
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The Supreme Court's 7-2 decision in this slavery case helped bring on the Civil War Dred Scott
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Though elected to the Senate in 1930, this Louisiana governor didn't take his seat until 1932 Huey Long
#2850, aired 1997-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In September, 1971, 43 people were killed during a 4-day riot at this New York prison Attica
#2846, aired 1997-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On the night of April 14, 1986, U.S. warplanes bombed Tripoli & Benghazi in this African country Libya
#2846, aired 1997-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Traffic on this trail between San Antonio & Abilene peaked in 1871 with 600,000 cattle the Chisholm Trail
#2846, aired 1997-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Until the late 1840s, this largest North Carolina city was the USA's chief source of gold Charlotte
#2846, aired 1997-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $800: At the same time that John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, his brother Allen headed this agency CIA (Central Intelligence Agency)
#2846, aired 1997-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): 19 members of this Irish-American terrorist society active in 1870s Pennsylvania were hanged The Molly Maguires
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 15 indentured servants were aboard this ship when it sailed for the new world, Sept. 16, 1620 The Mayflower
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He was hanged in Charlestown, Virginia about 6 weeks after he led the attack on Harper's Ferry John Brown
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1834 Stephen Austin was held in prison for 8 months in this country Mexico
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1818 this general ordered 2 traders arrested & executed for inciting the Seminole Indians Andrew Jackson
#2841, aired 1996-12-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This Oglala Sioux chief was fatally stabbed Sept. 5, 1877 at Fort Robinson, Nebraska Crazy Horse
#2832, aired 1996-12-17MUSEUMS $200: One of the largest natural history museums in the world, this NYC facility has over 40 exhibition halls American Museum of Natural History
#2822, aired 1996-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $200: For a brief time in 1777, this "Green Mountain State" was known as New Connecticut Vermont
#2822, aired 1996-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This boundary line was originally laid out to settle a dispute between the Calvert & Penn families Mason-Dixon line
#2822, aired 1996-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This "Crisis" officially ended October 28, 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis
#2822, aired 1996-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $800: After Eugene Debs' death in 1926, Norman Thomas became the leader of this political party Socialist party
#2822, aired 1996-12-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Oliver Perry sent the message "We have met the enemy and they are ours" after winning this 1813 battle Battle of Lake Erie
#2811, aired 1996-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Nickname given the WWII backyard vegetable patches "Victory Gardens"
#2811, aired 1996-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In May of 1780, Gen. Benjamin Lincoln was forced to surrender this South Carolina port to the British Charleston
#2811, aired 1996-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $300: More than 200 U.S. Marines were killed in 1983 by a truck bomb at their barracks in this Mideast capital Beirut
#2811, aired 1996-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He related the story of Pocahontas in his "General History of Virginia" in 1624 John Smith
#2811, aired 1996-11-18AMERICAN HISTORY $500: The Battle of Palo Alto, fought May 8, 1846, was the first battle of this war Mexican-American War
#2809, aired 1996-11-14U.S. HISTORY $4,400 (Daily Double): In 1898, as a result of this war, the U.S. paid $20 million for the Philippines the Spanish-American War
#2797, aired 1996-10-29RECENT HISTORY $200: Paintings from an 11,000-year-old culture were found in this South American rain forest in 1996 the Amazon
#2788, aired 1996-10-16HISTORY $200: c. 1438 Pachacuti's defeat of the Chanca confederacy established this South American empire Inca
#2784, aired 1996-10-10WORLD HISTORY $1000: Victor Paz Estenssoro was president of this landlocked South American country 1952-56, 1960-64 & 1985-89 Bolivia
#2782, aired 1996-10-08TELEVISION HISTORY $1000: The PBS series "An American Family" focused on this family: Bill, Pat, Lance, Kevin, Grant, Delilah & Michele the Loud family
#2781, aired 1996-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1953, this island's first year as a U.S. commonwealth, 75,000 residents moved to the mainland Puerto Rico
#2781, aired 1996-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This president collapsed September 25, 1919 & one week later suffered a stroke Woodrow Wilson
#2781, aired 1996-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1609 Champlain reached the lake now named for him on the border of New York & this state Vermont
#2781, aired 1996-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1903 this "Badger State" became the first to adopt direct primary elections Wisconsin
#2781, aired 1996-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY $500: On December 2, 1863, ground was broken in Omaha for the construction of this railroad the Union-Pacific Railroad
#2764, aired 1996-09-12AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1916 this president won reelection using the slogan "He kept us out of war" Woodrow Wilson
#2764, aired 1996-09-12AMERICAN HISTORY $400: U.S. Marines were sent into this country in 1915 & into the neighboring Dominican Republic in 1916 Haiti
#2764, aired 1996-09-12AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Sept. 23, 1626 the Dutch West India Company made him director general of New Netherland Peter Minuit
#2764, aired 1996-09-12AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): An 1842 treaty finalized this state's acquisition of Isle Royale & the Keweenaw Peninsula Michigan
#2764, aired 1996-09-12AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1832 Henry Schoolcraft named this lake, the source of the Mississippi, for the Latin for "truth" & "head" Lake Itasca
#2764, aired 1996-09-12PARKS $100: The American Museum of Natural History was founded in 1859 & 1st housed in the arsenal in this NYC park Central Park
#2752, aired 1996-07-16EUROPEAN HISTORY $300: The treaties ending the Seven Years', Crimean & Spanish-American Wars were signed in this city Paris
#2747, aired 1996-07-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: More than 4 dozen people were killed during its 1980 eruptions Mount Saint Helens
#2747, aired 1996-07-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In September 1919 this president collapsed while out promoting the Treaty of Versailles Woodrow Wilson
#2747, aired 1996-07-09AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1804 Alexander Hamilton's derogatory remarks about this VP were published in a newspaper Aaron Burr
#2747, aired 1996-07-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On May 10, 1869 the Liberty Bell rang to honor the Central & Union Pacific railroads' meeting at this Utah point Promentory Point
#2747, aired 1996-07-09AMERICAN HISTORY $700 (Daily Double): 1853's Gadsden Purchase contained the southern portion of what became these 2 states Arizona & New Mexico
#2743, aired 1996-07-03AMERICAN FOOD HISTORY $100: Originally costing 5¢ each, White Castle wanted you to "buy 'em by the sack" a burger
#2743, aired 1996-07-03AMERICAN FOOD HISTORY $200: In lunch counter lingo of days gone by, this all-American dessert was "Eve with a lid on" apple pie
#2743, aired 1996-07-03AMERICAN FOOD HISTORY $300: The name of this mix of vegetables & meat over rice comes from Chinese for "odds & ends" chop suey
#2743, aired 1996-07-03AMERICAN FOOD HISTORY $400: His company had more than 57 varieties of food when he chose that number for his slogan Heinz
#2743, aired 1996-07-03AMERICAN FOOD HISTORY $500: The name of this Hormel product introduced in 1937 was chosen in a contest; the winner received $100 Spam
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Concerning this 1803 land acquisition, Thomas Jefferson said he had gone "beyond the Constitution" the Louisiana Purchase
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In June 1959 its voters approved statehood by almost 17 to 1; it became the 50th state on August 21 Hawaii
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1959 a Dutch ship became the first oceangoing vessel to reach Chicago via this waterway St. Lawrence Seaway
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: A May 3, 1886 clash at the McCormick Reaper Works in Chicago led to this riot the next day Haymarket Riot
#2742, aired 1996-07-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1,600 (Daily Double): On July 14, 1965, this U.N. ambassador & former presidential candidate died in London at age 65 Adlai Stevenson
#2713, aired 1996-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1853 this future Confederate president became secretary of war in Franklin Pierce's cabinet Jefferson Davis
#2713, aired 1996-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Nov. 19, 1863 Abraham Lincoln gave this short speech after Edward Everett spoke for 2 hours the Gettysburg Address
#2713, aired 1996-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $300: On Lady Bird Johnson's urging, Congress voted funds in 1965 to beautify these highways
#2713, aired 1996-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On March 23, 1965 a 2-man craft in this program became the first piloted spacecraft to change its orbit Gemini
#2713, aired 1996-05-22AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1943 the U.S. built a nuclear energy center, the Hanford Works, in this state Washington
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The U.S. negotiated this 1803 acquisition with French Finance Minister Francois de Barbe-Marbois the Louisiana Purchase
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: During this war the British under General Robert Ross set fire to the White House the War of 1812
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On Jan, 20, 1937, this president said, "I see one-third of a nation ill-housed, ill-clad, ill-nourished" FDR
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1877 this period following the Civil War ended with the removal of federal troops from the South Reconstruction
#2705, aired 1996-05-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This Puritan preacher & his father denounced the use of spectre evidence at the Salem witch trials Cotton Mather
#2650, aired 1996-02-23WORLD HISTORY $1000: On April 7, 1831 5-year-old Pedro II became emperor of this South American country Brazil
#2643, aired 1996-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1934 this president published a book, "On Our Way", reviewing the progress made by his New Deal Franklin Roosevelt
#2643, aired 1996-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After defeating the Indians at Fallen Timbers, this "Mad" general built a fort on the Maumee River (General) Wayne
#2643, aired 1996-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1803, before getting its famous nickname, it was the flagship of Commodore Edward Preble "Old Ironsides"
#2643, aired 1996-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Feb. 17, 1815 the Senate approved this treaty ending the War of 1812 Ghent
#2643, aired 1996-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Under the terms of the Hay-Pauncefote Treaty of 1901, England gave up its rights to build & manage this Panama Canal
#2636, aired 1996-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $100: As early as 1879 a telephone system was installed in Butte in this state Montana
#2636, aired 1996-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1878 the first salmon canneries were built in this new American possession Alaska
#2636, aired 1996-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The gold rush in this Rocky Mountain state began in 1858 when gold was discovered at Cherry Creek Colorado
#2636, aired 1996-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This former Texas president was 1 of only 2 southern senators to vote against the Kansas-Nebraska Act Sam Houston
#2636, aired 1996-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In Pinckney's Treaty of 1795, Spain granted the U.S. the right to navigate this river the Mississippi
#2629, aired 1996-01-25PEOPLE IN HISTORY $200: In 1959 Georges Vanier became the 1st Roman Catholic Governor General of this North American country Canada
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Unaware of the Treaty of Ghent signed earlier, the British attacked this Louisiana city on Jan. 8, 1815 New Orleans
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The British gained Charlestown Peninsula, now in Boston, by winning this June 17, 1775 battle Bunker Hill
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On Nov. 7, 1811 this territorial governor of Indiana lost 62 of his men at Tippecanoe William Henry Harrison
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1794 this chief justice negotiated a treaty calling for British evacuation of the Northwest John Jay
#2628, aired 1996-01-24AMERICAN HISTORY $2,500 (Daily Double): In 1912 Alaska became an organized U.S. territory & these 2 states joined the Union Arizona & New Mexico
#2626, aired 1996-01-22THE SMITHSONIAN $200: The lap desk on which he drafted the Declaration of Independence is at the National Museum of American history Thomas Jefferson
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On August 29, 1877, this leader of the Mormon Church died Brigham Young
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After aiding the U.S. in the Battle of New Orleans, this pirate was pardoned Jean Lafitte
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In December 1952, this president-elect visited the front lines during the Korean War Dwight Eisenhower
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: After this waterway opened in 1825, freight rates between Buffalo & NYC were cut by more than 90% Erie Canal
#2623, aired 1996-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This man who bought Manhattan from the Indians later served as governor of New Sweden Peter Minuit
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This island near San Francisco ceased being a military prison & became a federal prison in 1934 Alcatraz
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The steeple of this Boston church, where lanterns were hung April 18, 1775, blew down in 1804 the Old North Church
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1921 she founded the American Birth Control League, which later became Planned Parenthood Margaret Sanger
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Maine entered the Union in 1820 as a part of this compromise the Missouri Compromise
#2614, aired 1996-01-04AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1968 vast oil deposits were discovered at this bay, an arm of the Beaufort Sea Prudhoe Bay
#2612, aired 1996-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In September 1890 this church discontinued the sanctioning of polygamy the Mormon Church
#2612, aired 1996-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He didn't command the famous charge on the third day at Gettysburg that's now named for him George Pickett
#2612, aired 1996-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Saying he "smelled a rat", Patrick Henry didn't attend this May 1787 convention the Constitutional Convention
#2612, aired 1996-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In the 1900s both this progressive & his son Philip were elected governor of Wisconsin Robert La Follette
#2612, aired 1996-01-02AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In the 1930s in Berkeley, Herbert McLean Evans isolated this vitamin from wheat germ oil vitamin E
#2611, aired 1996-01-01AMERICANA $400: A museum in Des Plaines, Illinois traces the history of this fast food chain McDonald's
#2610, aired 1995-12-29WOMEN'S LANDMARKS $400: The American Museum of Natural History's Hall of Pacific Peoples is named for this anthropologist Margaret Mead
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On October 20, 1803, the senate ratified the treaty for this land acquisition Louisiana Purchase
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Benedict Arnold & this man's Green Mountain Boys captured Ticonderoga, May 10, 1775 Ethan Allen
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1866 he became general of the U.S. Army; the first officer so designated Ulysses S. Grant
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The name of this anti-Jackson party was introduced to the senate by Henry Clay, April 14, 1834 Whigs
#2584, aired 1995-11-23AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1843 Daniel Webster resigned as this president's Secretary of State John Tyler
#2574, aired 1995-11-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The original of Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation was destroyed in this city's Oct. 8, 1871 fire Chicago
#2574, aired 1995-11-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: While landing at Lakehurst, New Jersey on May 6, 1937, this dirigible exploded the Hindenburg
#2574, aired 1995-11-09AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1829 this future Texas president resigned as Tennessee's governor when his wife left him Sam Houston
#2574, aired 1995-11-09AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On Nov. 11 1620 this document was signed in Provincetown Harbor the Mayflower Compact
#2574, aired 1995-11-09AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): The April 21, 1790 funeral of this Pennsylvanian drew a crowd of 20,000 mourners Benjamin Franklin
#2573, aired 1995-11-08WORLD HISTORY $1000: From 1937 to 1979 a Somoza was president of this Central American country for all but 9 years Nicaragua
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1900 the U.S. formally placed its money on this standard the gold standard
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1733 Savannah became the first settlement established in this new colony Georgia
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AMERICAN HISTORY $300: This state prison in Ossining, N.Y. was built with convict labor in 1825 Sing Sing
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Feb, 5. 1974 Patty Hearst was kidnapped by this radical group the SLA (the Symbionese Liberation Army)
#2569, aired 1995-11-02AMERICAN HISTORY $500: During this 1786-87 rebellion by debt-ridden Massachusetts farmers, about 40 men were killed Shays' Rebellion
#2568, aired 1995-11-01HISTORY $200: In 1976 this South American country nationalized 21 of its oil companies Venezuela
#2561, aired 1995-10-23AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1960 the CIA devised a plan to overthrow this nearby world leader–didn't work (Fidel) Castro
#2561, aired 1995-10-23AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Prospectors trampled his crops & stole his cattle after gold was discovered on his land in January 1848 Sutter
#2561, aired 1995-10-23AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Sen. Edmund Ross never won office again after casting the deciding vote to acquit this president Andrew Johnson
#2561, aired 1995-10-23AMERICAN HISTORY $800: He named a large region of Antarctica for his wife Marie (Richard) Byrd
#2561, aired 1995-10-23AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): With President Monroe's help, the American Colonization Society founded what's now this African country Liberia
#2557, aired 1995-10-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Before his impeachment trial in 1868, 2 previous attempts at impeachment had been rejected Andrew Johnson
#2557, aired 1995-10-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Fort Pierre, named for a fur trader, was the first white settlement in this future state South Dakota
#2557, aired 1995-10-17AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On May 11, 1950 this president traveled to Washington State to dedicate the Grand Coulee Dam Harry Truman
#2557, aired 1995-10-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: John L. Lewis headed this union from 1920 to 1960 the United Mine Workers
#2557, aired 1995-10-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): In 1912 an amendment to this act barred unfounded health claims for patent medicines the Pure Food and Drug Act
#2549, aired 1995-10-05AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In May 1790 this smallest state became the last of the 13 colonies to ratify the Constitution Rhode Island
#2549, aired 1995-10-05AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1867 Congress declared Nebraska the 37th state, overriding this president's veto Andrew Johnson
#2549, aired 1995-10-05AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In this pamphlet Thomas Paine wrote, "Everything that is right or natural pleads for separation" "Common Sense"
#2549, aired 1995-10-05AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In April 1959 ill health forced him to resign as Secretary of State; he died a month later (John Foster) Dulles
#2549, aired 1995-10-05AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On Feb. 17, 1909 this Apache leader died at Fort Sill, Oklahoma Geronimo
#2526, aired 1995-09-04AMERICAN HISTORY $100: He organized the corps of men who photographed the Civil War; poor eyesight limited his work Mathew Brady
#2526, aired 1995-09-04AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Elizabeth Gurley Flynn, a founder of the ACLU, was expelled in 1940 for being a member of this party Communist Party
#2526, aired 1995-09-04AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Over half the value of U.S. exports from 1815-1860 came from this crop cotton
#2526, aired 1995-09-04AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1930 Charles Evans Hughes left the World Court to take this position in the U.S. Chief Justice of the U.S. Supreme Court
#2526, aired 1995-09-04AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): The Bay of Pigs invasion plans were first drawn up under this president Eisenhower
#2517, aired 1995-07-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Incorporated as a city in 1881, it later became the territorial capital, then state capital of Arizona Phoenix
#2517, aired 1995-07-11AMERICAN HISTORY $400: From 1818 to 1846 the area of Oregon was occupied jointly by the U.S. & this country Great Britain
#2517, aired 1995-07-11AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1624 this trading company sponsored a Dutch colony along the Hudson River the Dutch West India Company
#2517, aired 1995-07-11AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1985 James A. Baker 3rd succeeded this man as Ronald Reagan's Secretary of the Treasury Donald Regan
#2517, aired 1995-07-11AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The 1835 Toledo War was a border skirmish between Ohio & this present state Michigan
#2512, aired 1995-07-04HISTORY $400: It was seized by Iranian militants on November 4, 1979 & held for over 400 days the American embassy
#2501, aired 1995-06-19AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In March 1837 Congress expanded the Supreme Court from 7 to this many judges 9
#2501, aired 1995-06-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Gen. Lewis Hershey presided over this U.S. draft agency 1941-1946 & 1948-1970 Selective Service
#2501, aired 1995-06-19AMERICAN HISTORY $300: McKinley campaigned for president promising "a full" one of these dinner pail
#2501, aired 1995-06-19AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1630 the village of Shawmut, Massachusetts changed its name to this Boston
#2501, aired 1995-06-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600 (Daily Double): On a 1923 trip to Alaska, this president was presented with a moose-hide collar for his dog Laddie Boy Harding
#2487, aired 1995-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He served under Andrew Jackson in the campaign against the Creek Indians before he became president of Texas Sam Houston
#2487, aired 1995-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The date on Delaware's flag, December 7, 1787, is when Delaware became the 1st state to do this ratify the Constitution
#2487, aired 1995-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $600: John Carver, elected the first governor of this colony in November 1620, died the following April Plymouth Colony
#2487, aired 1995-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1809 this noted hostess became the first U.S. first lady to throw an inaugural ball Dolly Madison
#2487, aired 1995-05-30AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This 4-time N.Y. governor was the first Roman Catholic to run for president on a major party ticket (Al) Smith
#2484, aired 1995-05-25AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1886 the pineapple industry began in this future state with plants imported from Jamaica Hawaii
#2484, aired 1995-05-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Oct. 21, 1797 this frigate was launched at Boston the Constitution
#2484, aired 1995-05-25AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1827 Army Colonel Henry Leavenworth established the first U.S. outpost in this future state Kansas
#2484, aired 1995-05-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In a 1953 radio-TV broadcast, he said the Truman administration had been "crawling with communists" Senator McCarthy
#2484, aired 1995-05-25AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Elihu Root, this president's Secretary of State 1905-09, was once one of Boss Tweed's lawyers Teddy Roosevelt
#2432, aired 1995-03-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1831 this state's first railroad, the Mohawk & Hudson, began operating between Albany & Schenectady New York
#2432, aired 1995-03-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1824 the Army built 2 forts in this present state to prepare for immigration of the Five Civilized Tribes Oklahoma
#2432, aired 1995-03-14AMERICAN HISTORY $600: From 1968 to 1970, this future running mate of George McGovern was Ambassador to France Sargent Shriver
#2432, aired 1995-03-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1890 2 bituminous labor organizations merged to form this union the United Mine Workers union
#2432, aired 1995-03-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1,900 (Daily Double): When President Kennedy selected him to be Sec'y of Defense, he was President of the Ford Motor Company (Robert) McNamara
#2412, aired 1995-02-14TEENS IN HISTORY $200: As a teen he performed the first American bird banding experiment, on some baby phoebes in 1804 Audubon
#2411, aired 1995-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Pioneer James W. Marshall discovered gold at this California mill in 1848 Sutter's Mill
#2411, aired 1995-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On Nov. 20, 1789 New Jersey became the first state to ratify this group of constitutional amendments the Bill of Rights
#2411, aired 1995-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): In 1736 John & Charles Wesley visited this colony at the invitation of James Oglethorpe Georgia
#2411, aired 1995-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1934 Pres. Roosevelt nationalized this metal & set the purchase price at 50 cents per ounce silver
#2411, aired 1995-02-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: U.S. Army General Leslie Groves was chief administrator of this program to build the atom bomb the Manhattan Project
#2395, aired 1995-01-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The 1776 New York campaign gave him his first experience as a commander in a major battle George Washington
#2395, aired 1995-01-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: When this war ended in December 1814, the federal government faced a debt of over $120 million the War of 1812
#2395, aired 1995-01-20AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1968 his power led Congress to rule that FBI directors must be Senate-approved & have 10-year terms J. Edgar Hoover
#2395, aired 1995-01-20AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On May 16, 1910 the Bureau of Mines became a part of this cabinet department the Interior Department
#2395, aired 1995-01-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1,100 (Daily Double): On Feb. 18, 1965 this Secretary of Defense called for a nationwide network of bomb shelters Robert McNamara
#2378, aired 1994-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On May 22, 1906 they received a patent for an improved model of their airplane the Wright brothers
#2378, aired 1994-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Samuel Adams referred to this April 19, 1775 battle when he said, "What a glorious morning for America!" Lexington, Concord
#2378, aired 1994-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Prior to his election to the Tennessee legislature in 1821, this frontiersman was a Justice of the Peace Davy Crockett
#2378, aired 1994-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY $400: 1 of 4 freedoms FDR termed essential in a January 6, 1941 address to Congress 1 of (want, speech, religion, or fear)
#2378, aired 1994-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Of the 3 writers of the Federalist papers, 2 were New Yorkers & he was a Virginian (James) Madison
#2374, aired 1994-12-22AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Jan. 1, 1902 Michigan defeated Stanford in this, the first post-season football game Rose Bowl
#2374, aired 1994-12-22AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1961 JFK proposed "The Alliance for" this to give economic assistance to Latin America Progress
#2374, aired 1994-12-22AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The 1806 edition of this parson's life of George Washington was the 1st with the cherry tree tale Parson Weems
#2374, aired 1994-12-22AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1949 this future gen. of the army became the 1st permanent Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Omar Bradley
#2374, aired 1994-12-22AMERICAN HISTORY $2,400 (Daily Double): Pallbearers at this General & President's July 13, 1850 funeral included Henry Clay & Daniel Webster Zachary Taylor
#2373, aired 1994-12-21AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1890 Castle Garden closed as a New York immigration depot & 2 years later this one opened Ellis Island
#2373, aired 1994-12-21AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On May 31, 1913 the 17th Amendment took effect, providing for the direct election of these officials senators
#2373, aired 1994-12-21AMERICAN HISTORY $800: After he denied passing documents to Whittaker Chambers, he was convicted of perjury in 1950 Alger Hiss
#2373, aired 1994-12-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Molly Pitcher participated in this Revolutionary War battle, the last major clash in the north Monmouth
#2373, aired 1994-12-21AMERICAN HISTORY $1,200 (Daily Double): On Aug. 4, 1977 this new cabinet department was created & James Schlesinger became its first secretary Energy
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This traitor took a cut in rank from major general in the U.S. Army to brigadier general in the British Army Benedict Arnold
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1765 Dr. James Baker opened his first factory in Massachusetts to make this - how sweet! Chocolate
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Mormons say divine intervention sent these birds to stop a cricket infestation in 1848 Seagulls
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1949 the Senate ratified this treaty that joined the U.S. with 11 others in a mutual defense pact NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): After losing his Senate seat to John F. Kennedy, he was made U.S. representative at the United Nations Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr.
#2344, aired 1994-11-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: At the 1814 Battle of Lundy's Lane, American & British forces clashed near Niagara Falls, in this country Canada
#2344, aired 1994-11-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This heiress was convicted March 20, 1976 for a 1974 San Francisco bank robbery Patty Hearst
#2344, aired 1994-11-10AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This war was waged in 1898 for the purpose of liberating Cuba the Spanish-American War
#2344, aired 1994-11-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This group released it report on the Kennedy assassination September 27, 1964 the Warren Commission
#2344, aired 1994-11-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On July 12, 1920 this Democratic president officially dedicated the Panama Canal Woodrow Wilson
#2294, aired 1994-07-21SENIORS IN HISTORY $400: This 76-year-old Red Cross "angel" distributed supplies in Cuba during the Spanish-American War Clara Barton
#2288, aired 1994-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1835 Osceola, a leader of this tribe, began attacks protesting forced removal from Florida the Seminole tribe
#2288, aired 1994-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: From 1781 to 1789, this document was the law of the land the Articles of Confederation
#2288, aired 1994-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In the 1860 presidential election, this Illinois Democrat won just 12 electoral votes (Stephen) Douglas
#2288, aired 1994-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: James K. Polk won the 1844 presidential election over this "Great Compromiser", the Whig candidate Henry Clay
#2288, aired 1994-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): In 1889 this Ohio congressman & future U.S president was selected to chair the Ways & Means Committee President McKinley
#2160, aired 1994-01-14AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On June 15, 1775 he was chosen to command the Continental Army Washington
#2160, aired 1994-01-14AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On June 15, 1924 congress passed a law making these native-born people U.S. citizens the Native Americans (or the Indians)
#2160, aired 1994-01-14AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In '80 Pres. Carter announced a grain & high-tech embargo against the USSR for invading this country Afghanistan
#2160, aired 1994-01-14AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In the early 1800s, this lexicographer served in the Massachusetts legislature (Noah) Webster
#2160, aired 1994-01-14AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This English firm owned the tea destroyed at the Boston Tea Party British East India Company
#2157, aired 1994-01-11THE SMITHSONIAN $400: The flag that inspired him to write "The Star-Spangled Banner" is in the National Museum of American History (Francis Scott) Key
#2126, aired 1993-11-29HISTORY $500: Juan Vincente Gomez was dictator of this South American country in 1918 when it first exploited its oil Venezuela
#2115, aired 1993-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1777 Vermont became the first state to abolish this completely slavery
#2115, aired 1993-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY $200: It's the date on which America celebrated its bicentennial July 4, 1976
#2115, aired 1993-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY $300: This American general who turned traitor during the revolution got over £6,000 for his efforts Benedict Arnold
#2115, aired 1993-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY $500: At a 1954 hearing, this senator accused the Army of "coddling Communists" Joseph McCarthy
#2115, aired 1993-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): From 1680 to 1755, the colony of Pennsylvania was governed by members of this religious group the Quakers
#2102, aired 1993-10-26LEFTOVERS $500: This president shot an elephant now on display at the American Museum of Natural History Teddy Roosevelt
#2085, aired 1993-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY $100: An 1874 invasion by swarms of these leaping insects destroyed most of Nebraska's crops locusts (grasshoppers)
#2085, aired 1993-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1769 Father Junipero Serra founded San Diego de Alcala, the 1st Franciscan mission in what's now this state California
#2085, aired 1993-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1807 this Chief Justice presided over the treason trial of Aaron Burr (John) Marshall
#2085, aired 1993-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Paul Revere was an official courier for this Massachusetts "Committee" Committees of Correspondence
#2085, aired 1993-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Relieving him as Commander-in-Chief of the Army of the Potomac, Lincoln said, "He has got the slows" McClellan
#2064, aired 1993-07-22HISTORY $400: In 1616 this Native American created a sensation in London, where she was known as Lady Rebecca Pocahontas
#2062, aired 1993-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1774 patriots in York, Maine destroyed a supply of this, as Bostonians had in 1773 tea
#2062, aired 1993-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1970 U.S. forces in Vietnam invaded the Parrot's Beak region of this neighboring country Cambodia
#2062, aired 1993-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This nuclear plant finished venting radioactive gas from its crippled reactor number 2 in July 1980 Three Mile Island
#2062, aired 1993-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: 5 brothers of this Waterloo, Iowa family died when the cruiser Juneau was sunk in 1942 the Sullivan brothers (the Sullivans)
#2062, aired 1993-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Charles Julius Guiteau was hanged June 30, 1882 for the assassination of this man President Garfield
#2059, aired 1993-07-15CIVIL WAR NICKNAMES $1000: This guerrilla leader who sacked Lawrence, Kansas has been called "The bloodiest man in American history" Quantrill
#2053, aired 1993-07-07AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Under the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Mexico relinquished all claims to this state above the Rio Grande Texas
#2053, aired 1993-07-07AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This company was founded in 1852 to provide banking & mail delivery to the gold camps of California Wells Fargo
#2053, aired 1993-07-07AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 repealed this compromise of 1820 the Missouri Compromise
#2053, aired 1993-07-07AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1859 this vein of silver was discovered on the eastern slope of Mount Davidson in Nevada the Comstock Lode
#2053, aired 1993-07-07AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This 1777 document said, "The stile of this confederacy shall be 'The United States of America'" Articles of Confederation
#2048, aired 1993-06-30PEOPLE IN HISTORY $1000: Encyclopedia Americana says this Medici bore King Henry IV "six children and much ill will" Marie de' Medici
#2046, aired 1993-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1848 event made the California trail the most traveled pioneer road by 1850 gold strike
#2046, aired 1993-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Before becoming chief justice in 1789, he was Sec'y of Foreign Affairs in the Continental Congress John Jay
#2046, aired 1993-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1928 this Republican campaigned for president promising "a chicken in every pot" Hoover
#2046, aired 1993-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Judge John T. Raulston presided over this Dayton, Tennessee trial in July 1925 the Scopes trial
#2046, aired 1993-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The first gusher in the U.S. occurred in this oil field near Beaumont, Texas in 1901 Spindletop
#2038, aired 1993-06-16HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1975, 38 Americans died trying to rescue this U.S. merchant ship seized by Cambodian forces the Mayaguez
#2012, aired 1993-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This Pilgrim document is dated November 11, 1620 & begins, "In the name of God, amen" Mayflower Compact
#2012, aired 1993-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On April 17, 1961 a force of about 1,500 exiled Cubans trained by the CIA landed at this site Bay of Pigs
#2012, aired 1993-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Between 1804 & 1807, while Chief Justice, he published a 5-volume "Life of George Washington" (John) Marshall
#2012, aired 1993-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1838 a border conflict erupted between New Brunswick & this state over the Aroostook Valley Maine
#2012, aired 1993-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Most of these 85 essays written to New York newspapers were published in book form in 1788 Federalist Papers
#1984, aired 1993-04-01WORLD HISTORY $800: Americans fought in the Abraham Lincoln Battalion in this 1936-39 conflict the Spanish Civil War
#1972, aired 1993-03-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1784 Grigori Shelikhov founded the first Russian settlement in what is now this state Alaska
#1972, aired 1993-03-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In this fort, William Travis said, "I shall never surrender or retreat...victory or death" the Alamo
#1972, aired 1993-03-16AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1609 a serious gunpowder burn forced this explorer to leave Jamestown for England John Smith
#1972, aired 1993-03-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This act signed December 12, 1985 was designed to eliminate the federal deficit by 1991 --- it didn't work Gramm-Rudman
#1972, aired 1993-03-16AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): This woman was betrothed to John McNamar, not to Abe Lincoln, when she died in 1835 Ann Rutledge
#1949, aired 1993-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This organization that sends volunteers to developing countries was made part of ACTION in 1971 the Peace Corps
#1949, aired 1993-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Only 6 mourners attended the 1809 funeral of this author of "Common Sense" Thomas Paine
#1949, aired 1993-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The nullification controversy of 1828-33 focused on whether these could nullify federal laws the states
#1949, aired 1993-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Molly Maguires were a 19th century secret organization of these workers Irish coal workers
#1949, aired 1993-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): In 1954 this "Father of the Atomic Bomb" had his security clearance revoked J. Robert Oppenheimer
#1903, aired 1992-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: On November 7, 1805 Lewis & Clark first sighted this ocean the Pacific
#1903, aired 1992-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He received 77 electoral votes in the 1792 election & became, for the second time, vice president John Adams
#1903, aired 1992-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1962 Amb. Adlai Stevenson displayed aerial photos of missile bases in this country to the U.N. Cuba
#1903, aired 1992-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: 1 American died as a result of the 1968 North Korean capture of this Navy intelligence ship the Pueblo
#1903, aired 1992-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $1,300 (Daily Double): This political cartoonist died in Ecuador in 1902 while serving as consul general Thomas Nast
#1888, aired 1992-11-18AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: He wrote "A History of the Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus" & "A History of New York" Washington Irving
#1888, aired 1992-11-18THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE $2,500 (Daily Double): Jefferson's draft was influenced by "Two Treatises of Government", a 1690 book by this English philosopher John Locke
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On October 24, 1952 Eisenhower vowed to go to this country & 5 weeks later, he did Korea
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1732, Vincennes, in this future state, was founded by the French on the Wabash River Indiana
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This 1941 act enabled the U.S. to become the "Arsenal of Democracy" The Lend-Lease Act
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On May 13, 1846, President James K. Polk signed a declaration of war against this country Mexico
#1885, aired 1992-11-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On Dec. 26, 1799 this general eulogized George Washington in Congress "Light-Horse Harry" Lee
#1875, aired 1992-10-30AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This statue got a new torch in 1986; the old one was 100 years old the Statue of Liberty
#1875, aired 1992-10-30AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Term for the women of the 1920s who wore bobbed hair, short dresses & long strings of beads flappers
#1875, aired 1992-10-30AMERICAN HISTORY $300: This Sunshine State once had east & west portions; the western part now belongs to Ala., Miss. & La. Florida
#1826, aired 1992-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $100: During the Civil War, 29 of these were shot from under General Nathan Bedford Forrest horse
#1826, aired 1992-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Samuel Maverick may not have branded his cattle, but he did sign this state's declaration of independence Texas
#1826, aired 1992-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In a 1765 speech he said, "If this be treason, make the most of it" Patrick Henry
#1826, aired 1992-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Her only son, Thomas Rolfe, was educated in England Pocahontas
#1826, aired 1992-07-06AMERICAN HISTORY $500: During WWI this Illinois social worker was president of the International Congress of Women Jane Addams
#1819, aired 1992-06-25AMERICAN LITERATURE $800: This William Shirer book is subtitled "A History of Nazi Germany" The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich
#1785, aired 1992-05-08BLACK HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1847 American-born Joseph Roberts was elected the first president of this African country Liberia
#1771, aired 1992-04-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The NYSE was established in 1792 after traders began meeting under a tree on this street Wall Street
#1771, aired 1992-04-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1861 Georgia politician Alexander Stephens was elected vice president of this the Confederacy
#1771, aired 1992-04-20AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Following the 1797 XYZ Affair, Congress repealed all treaties with this country France
#1771, aired 1992-04-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1935 FDR signed the first of these acts designed to keep the U.S. out of war the Neutrality Acts
#1771, aired 1992-04-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): The framework for this was worked out in 1944 at the Dumbarton Oaks Conference in Washington, D.C. the United Nations
#1755, aired 1992-03-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: These service academies played their first football game on Nov. 29, 1890 Army & Navy
#1755, aired 1992-03-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In '78 Pres. Carter signed a bill raising the minimum mandatory retirement age from 65 to this 70
#1755, aired 1992-03-27AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1960 the sub Seadragon made the first underwater transit of this passage Northwest Passage
#1755, aired 1992-03-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In the early 1840s their settlement at Nauvoo was the largest in Illinois Mormons
#1755, aired 1992-03-27AMERICAN HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Lafayette laid the cornerstone for this monument June 17, 1825, the battle's 50th anniversary Bunker Hill
#1748, aired 1992-03-18U.S. HISTORY $1000: In response to Sputnik, the U.S. launched this first American satellite the following year Explorer I
#1731, aired 1992-02-24U.S. HISTORY $800: In 1904 this bit of Central American territory was legally transferred to the U.S. the Panama Canal Zone
#1696, aired 1992-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Molly Pitcher is famous for carrying water & firing one of these at the Battle of Monmouth a cannon
#1696, aired 1992-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After he led 2 Indian uprisings in this colony, Opechancanough was killed in Jamestown in 1644 Virginia
#1696, aired 1992-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Several girls in this town began to behave strangely in 1692, setting off witchcraft hysteria Salem
#1696, aired 1992-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Casting the deciding vote at his impeachment trial ruined Kansas Sen. Edmund Ross' career Andrew Johnson
#1696, aired 1992-01-06AMERICAN HISTORY $500: From 1856-1861 this suffragette was an agent for the American Anti-Slavery Society Susan B. Anthony
#1667, aired 1991-11-26U.S. HISTORY $1000: Name given to the FDR administration's efforts to improve U.S.-Latin American relations Good Neighbor Policy
#1652, aired 1991-11-05AMERICAN HISTORY $200: "Bleeding Kansas" was so named because of violence over this issue in the 1850s slavery
#1652, aired 1991-11-05AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He obtained a charter to establish Georgia in 1732 & founded Savannah a year later (James) Oglethorpe
#1652, aired 1991-11-05AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): On Dec. 4, 1783 George Washington bade his officers farewell at this New York City tavern Fraunces Tavern
#1652, aired 1991-11-05AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This 1848 treaty ending the Mexican-American War added over 500,000 square miles to U.S. territory the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo
#1652, aired 1991-11-05AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This Shawnee chief & his brother, the Prophet, were both defeated in battles by William Henry Harrison Tecumseh
#1528, aired 1991-04-03LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Sailing through the strait that bears his name, this European was the first to reach Chile Magellan
#1528, aired 1991-04-03LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $300: After Evita died, she became Juan Peron's wife & later, the first woman president in the Americas Isabel Peron
#1528, aired 1991-04-03LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400 (Daily Double): In 1494 the pope drew a line dividing Latin America between these 2 European countries Spain & Portugal
#1528, aired 1991-04-03LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This general, who took the Alamo, was made president of Mexico 11 times between 1833 & 1855 Santa Anna
#1528, aired 1991-04-03LATIN AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Columbus discovered gold on this island now shared by Haiti & the Dominican Republic Hispaniola
#1524, aired 1991-03-28AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Legend says her late husband's uncle was 1 of the men who asked her to sew the first U.S. flag Betsy Ross
#1524, aired 1991-03-28AMERICAN HISTORY $400: She was 80 when she retired as president of the National American Woman Suffrage Association in 1900 Susan B. Anthony
#1524, aired 1991-03-28AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Pierre Laclede, the founder of St. Louis, was a merchant from this city downriver New Orleans
#1524, aired 1991-03-28AMERICAN HISTORY $800: She was born in 1587 to an English settler named Ananias & a governor's daughter named Ellinor Virginia Dare
#1524, aired 1991-03-28AMERICAN HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): He was the only president born in Delaware--Delaware, Ohio, that is--& he won by just 1 electoral vote Rutherford B. Hayes
#1498, aired 1991-02-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: 14 years before coming to America, this Quaker was imprisoned in the Tower of London for his beliefs William Penn
#1498, aired 1991-02-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1949 the U.S. joined this Western defense pact, our first ever peacetime alliance NATO
#1498, aired 1991-02-20AMERICAN HISTORY $600: It's now thought that an internal explosion, not a mine, caused this ship to sink in Havana Harbor in 1898 the U.S. Maine
#1498, aired 1991-02-20AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This settlement's economy grew after John Rolfe found that tobacco could be successfully grown there Jamestown
#1498, aired 1991-02-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: 19th century term for the belief that U.S. expansion across North America was destined by God Manifest Destiny
#1486, aired 1991-02-04NONFICTION $100: Dee Brown's Indian history of the American west is called "Bury My Heart at" this place Wounded Knee
#1478, aired 1991-01-23AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY $500: In 1954 Nash-Kelvinator & Hudson combined to form this company American Motors
#1396, aired 1990-10-01U.S. HISTORY $400: In 1878 Simeon Baldwin founded this, now the largest association of U.S. lawyers the American Bar Association
#1374, aired 1990-07-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The first of these battles in America probably took place in Plymouth but not between Burr & Hamilton a duel
#1374, aired 1990-07-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: George Mason's "Objections to the Federal Constitution" were the basis of this document the Bill of Rights
#1374, aired 1990-07-19AMERICAN HISTORY $600: This Prussian hired to drill troops at Valley Forge was soon made Inspector Gen. of the Army von Steuben
#1374, aired 1990-07-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: When exploring North America on behalf of Holland, Henry Hudson used this ship the Half Moon
#1374, aired 1990-07-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Founded in 1920 to defend const. freedoms, this group provided Sacco & Vanzetti's defense counsel the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
#1372, aired 1990-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Victims of the 1881 forest fires in Michigan were the first Americans to benefit from this organization the Red Cross
#1372, aired 1990-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: This library has managed to acquire copies of all but 3 of the books the British burned in 1814 the Library of Congress
#1372, aired 1990-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1673 the Dutch recaptured this colony & held it for more than a year New York
#1372, aired 1990-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: By 1924 the phrase "The flag of the United States of America" replaced "my flag" in this the Pledge of Allegiance
#1372, aired 1990-07-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Charles Lindbergh endorsed this isolationist group, founded in 1940 to keep the U.S. out of WWII the America First
#1359, aired 1990-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This city was incorporated May 3, 1802, its mayor to be appointed by the president Washington, D.C.
#1359, aired 1990-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He was our vice president just before George Bush held that post Mondale
#1359, aired 1990-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Though his ship was sunk, John Paul Jones captured Britain's Serapis & took it to this country China
#1359, aired 1990-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $500: On April 7, 1922 the Mammoth Oil Company was granted a lease on these naval oil reserves Teapot Dome
#1359, aired 1990-06-28AMERICAN HISTORY $700 (Daily Double): It's to whom Patrick Henry gave his "Liberty or Death" speech Virginia House of Burgesses (Virginia legislature)
#1358, aired 1990-06-27SPANISH HISTORY $800: During the Spanish-American War it was King Alfonso XIII against this U.S. President McKinley
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In an attempt to help itself through the Depression, Nevada legalized this activity in 1931 gambling
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He fought the British in the Revolutionary War but later tried to return Vermont to British rule Ethan Allen
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $300: On April 2, 1513 Ponce de Leon landed just north of the site of this Florida city St. Augustine
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1655 Dutch colonists conquered New Sweden, an area now part of this state Delaware
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This group, the SNCC, was noted for sit-ins in the '60s at whites-only lunch counters The Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
#2, aired 1990-06-23FRENCH HISTORY $2500: His 1831-32 visit to the U.S. also produced a book about the American penitentiary system de Tocqueville
#1345, aired 1990-06-08AMERICAN HISTORY $200: When a power station was built near these falls in the 1890s, it was considered an engineering marvel Niagara Falls
#1345, aired 1990-06-08AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Mass. Senator Charles Sumner gave this area its name, based on the Aleut word meaning "the great land" Alaska
#1345, aired 1990-06-08AMERICAN HISTORY $600: A short-lived post-WWII anti-Truman party took this same name as the Bull Moose Party Progressive Party
#1345, aired 1990-06-08AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The 1901 Hay-Paunceforte Treaty with Britain permitted the U.S. to build this Panama Canal
#1345, aired 1990-06-08AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: William, the son of this railroad magnate, denied saying "The public be damned" Cornelius Vanderbilt
#1340, aired 1990-06-01U.S. HISTORY $200: Most early American pioneers wore clothing made of this material that was part linen & part wool linsey-woolsey
#1332, aired 1990-05-22U.S. HISTORY $400: The Marquis de Lafayette served in the American Revolution, the Lafayette Escadrille in this war World War I
#1320, aired 1990-05-04AMERICAN HISTORY $100: 3 months after Congress authorized the Department of Foreign Affairs, it changed its name to this Department of State
#1320, aired 1990-05-04AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He died in 1804 the day after his duel with Aaron Burr Alexander Hamilton
#1320, aired 1990-05-04AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1945-46 the number of these government employees dropped from 12 million to less than 3 million Armed Forces/Servicemen & women
#1320, aired 1990-05-04AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1932 Hattie Caraway of Arkansas became the first woman elected to this body U.S. Senate
#1320, aired 1990-05-04AMERICAN HISTORY $500: After the original 13 colonies, this was the first state to enter the Union Vermont
#1302, aired 1990-04-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: It became a U.S. territory in 1900 & a state 59 years later Hawaii
#1302, aired 1990-04-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Susan B. Anthony was arrested in 1872 for doing this Voting
#1302, aired 1990-04-10AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1949 Henry H. Arnold became the first general of this branch of the armed forces Air Force
#1302, aired 1990-04-10AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In April 1984 this U.S. government agency admitted its role in the mining of Nicaraguan harbors CIA
#1302, aired 1990-04-10AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: John Hancock held this political position from 1780-85 & from 1787-93 Governor of Massachusetts
#1276, aired 1990-03-05AMERICAN LITERATURE $200: This clergyman who wrote "The Short History of New-England" in 1694 was the son of Increase Mather Cotton Mather
#1272, aired 1990-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1943 Georgia became the 1st state to lower the voting age to this 18
#1272, aired 1990-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Black Friday, September 24, 1869, resulted from Gould & Fisk's attempt to corner the U.S. supply of this gold
#1272, aired 1990-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $300: He was the last Dutch governor of New York, which was New Netherland at the time Peter Stuyvesant
#1272, aired 1990-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: At the Battle of San Jacinto, Sam Houston took this Mexican leader prisoner Santa Anna
#1272, aired 1990-02-27AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Swedish-born John Ericsson designed this 1st of the ironclads with a revolving turret the Monitor
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $200: He was called "Black Dan" due to his swarthy complexion & "Godlike Daniel" from his imposing style Daniel Webster
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $400: A branch of the military that was part of the army before it became independent in 1947 Air Force
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $600: He resigned as Secretary of State April 15, 1959 & died a few weeks later John Foster Dulles
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $800: He, not FDR, was the only Democrat Vermont supported for president since the Civil War Lyndon Johnson (LBJ)
#1251, aired 1990-01-29AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: These unpopular laws that dealt with citizenship & free speech contributed to John Adams' defeat in 1800 Alien & Sedition Laws
#1238, aired 1990-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $100: In 1787 Delaware became the 1st state in the Union; in 1860 this became the 1st state to secede South Carolina
#1238, aired 1990-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1952 this territory adopted its own constitution & became a commonwealth Puerto Rico
#1238, aired 1990-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In 1926 Lindbergh had to parachute out of planes 4 times while employed to do this flying the mail
#1238, aired 1990-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Wilson, Harding, Coolidge & Hoover refused to recognize this country's government, but FDR did Soviet Union
#1238, aired 1990-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY $500: This New Deal agency was symbolized by a blue eagle & used the motto, "We do our part" NRA (National Recovery Administration)
#1206, aired 1989-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The Philadelphia Centennial Exposition celebrated the 100th anniversary of this document Declaration of Independence
#1206, aired 1989-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: On March 27, 1964, North America's most intense recorded earthquake, an 8.4, hit this state Alaska
#1206, aired 1989-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY $600: 1 of 3 men who, under the name "Publius", wrote "The Federalist" essays urging ratification of the Constitution Madison, Hamilton, & Jay
#1206, aired 1989-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Just before WWII this British king & his queen Elizabeth became the 1st British monarchs to visit the U.S. George VI
#1206, aired 1989-11-27AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In 1982 Central High School was made a national landmark in memory of 1957 events there Little Rock, AR
#1192, aired 1989-11-07MUSEUMS $400: The American Museum of Natural History has an annual film festival named for this anthropologist Margaret Mead
#1189, aired 1989-11-02WORLD TRAVEL $100: A re-creation of the White House in TR's time is found in the Museum of American History of this institution the Smithsonian
#1166, aired 1989-10-02WORLD HISTORY $1000: France's Count of Rochambeau helped plan this climatic American battle of 1781 the Battle of Yorktown
#1163, aired 1989-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Though the constitution became effective in 1789, this was not ratified until 1791 the Bill of Rights
#1163, aired 1989-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $400: He was the 1st American in space & later commanded the Apollo 14 flight Alan Shepard
#1163, aired 1989-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On Sept. 7, 1664, this governor surrendered New Netherland to an English naval force that never fired a shot Peter Stuyvesant
#1163, aired 1989-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The Missouri Compromise enabled Missouri to enter the union with this status a slave state
#1163, aired 1989-09-27AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: He escaped his own 1829 inaugural festivities when guests destroyed furniture & smashed crystal Andrew Jackson
#1158, aired 1989-09-20AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This orator became governor of Virginia in 1776 Patrick Henry
#1158, aired 1989-09-20AMERICAN HISTORY $400: 19 convicted "witches" were executed this way in Salem, Massachusetts Hanging
#1158, aired 1989-09-20AMERICAN HISTORY $600: A Packard touring car was disguised as a police car for this famous "Holiday Holocaust" in 1929 The St. Valentine's Day Massacre
#1158, aired 1989-09-20AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1616 she went to England with her husband, John, & her infant son Pocahontas
#1158, aired 1989-09-20AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The legal name of this black evangelist-abolitionist was Isabella Van Wagener Sojourner Truth
#1121, aired 1989-06-19WORLD HISTORY $200: Following his service in the American Revolution, T. Kosciusko led a revolution in this country Poland
#1116, aired 1989-06-12AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1915 he chartered a "peace ship" & built his millionth car; he was busy Henry Ford
#1116, aired 1989-06-12AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1894 while the gov't was trying to break the Pullman strike, Congress made this a national holiday Labor Day
#1116, aired 1989-06-12AMERICAN HISTORY $600: On July 26, 1775 Congress established this service & put Ben Franklin in charge Postal Service
#1116, aired 1989-06-12AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 2 of the 3 things Nixon "froze" August 15, 1971 (2 of) wages & prices (or rents)
#1116, aired 1989-06-12AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: John Adams & Jefferson both died on the July 4th that marked this anniversary of our independence 50th
#1100, aired 1989-05-19AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This Treasury Dept. agency was founded in 1865 to catch counterfeiters, not to protect the president the Secret Service
#1100, aired 1989-05-19AMERICAN HISTORY $400: At one time, 6 white beads of this Indian currency were worth 1 English penny wampum
#1100, aired 1989-05-19AMERICAN HISTORY $800: When Washington crossed the Delaware, he went from Pennsylvania to this state New Jersey
#1100, aired 1989-05-19AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Hannibal Hamlin was his 1st vice president Lincoln
#1100, aired 1989-05-19AMERICAN HISTORY $2,800 (Daily Double): Evangelist Billy Sunday said, "Goodbye, John Barleycorn" when this was passed in 1919 prohibition
#1084, aired 1989-04-27THEATER $400: The American Theatre Wing publishes a history of these awards, which it gives out every year Tonys
#1065, aired 1989-03-31WORLD HISTORY $800: Europeans corrupted the name of the Mongol leader Timur the Lame, changing it to this Tamerlane
#1044, aired 1989-03-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Medicare was passed into law in 1965 as an amendment to this 1935 act Social Security
#1044, aired 1989-03-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Whittaker Chambers said this man passed him official documents Alger Hiss
#1044, aired 1989-03-02AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1777 this pamphleteer wrote, "We fight not to enslave but to set a country free" Thomas Paine
#1044, aired 1989-03-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: James Monroe's 2 terms, 1817-25, were called, though some say wrongly, the "Era of" this Good Feelings
#1044, aired 1989-03-02AMERICAN HISTORY $2,000 (Daily Double): Andrew Jackson acquired his nickname, "Old Hickory", during this war War of 1812
#1038, aired 1989-02-22U.S. HISTORY $100: On December 20, 1967, 2% of the American population was stationed in this country Vietnam
#1035, aired 1989-02-17AMERICAN HISTORY $100: This president's 5-year-old son died in 1864 after falling from a porch in Richmond Jefferson Davis
#1035, aired 1989-02-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This wild frontiersman's first & middle names were James Butler; where Bill came from isn't known (Wild Bill) Hickok
#1035, aired 1989-02-17AMERICAN HISTORY $300: In early New England, wearing the letter "A" was 1 punishment for this adultery
#1035, aired 1989-02-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Samuel Sewall was the only judge at these colonial trials who later repented publicly the Salem witch trials
#1035, aired 1989-02-17AMERICAN HISTORY $500: In 1848 Lucretia Mott & Elizabeth Cady Stanton held the 1st U.S. convention to promote this women's rights
#1023, aired 1989-02-01AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The 1st soldier buried in this national cemetery was a Confederate prisoner who died in 1864 Arlington
#1023, aired 1989-02-01AMERICAN HISTORY $400: "Tippecanoe's" VP, he was 1st to succeed to the presidency after death of the incumbent John Tyler
#1023, aired 1989-02-01AMERICAN HISTORY $800: This S. Carolina senator was governor of the state when he ran against Truman & Dewey in 1948 Strom Thurmond
#1023, aired 1989-02-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Western state which entered the Union as a result of the Compromise of 1850 California
#1023, aired 1989-02-01AMERICAN HISTORY $2,800 (Daily Double): 2 of 3 of the original 13 colonies founded by colonists from Massachusetts New Hampshire, Rhode Island & Connecticut
#1019, aired 1989-01-26U.S. HISTORY $600: Against orders, he led British troops into Virginia in 1781 & ended up surrendering to American forces Lord Cornwallis
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Also known as "Lemonade Lucy", Mrs. Rutherford Hayes was the 1st wife of a president to be called this first lady
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: After the 1906 earthquake, prisoners from S.F. city jails were sent to an army guardhouse on this island Alcatraz
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $300: The 1st U.S. use of military aircraft was against this Mexican revolutionary in 1916 Pancho Villa
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: John F. Dulles was Secretary of State & his brother Allen CIA director during this administration Eisenhower
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AMERICAN HISTORY $500: During the Civil War, Lincoln suspended this, which prevents a person from being detained illegally habeas corpus
#1012, aired 1989-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $200: According to its 1662 charter, Connecticut was to extend westward from Narragansett Bay to this ocean Pacific
#1012, aired 1989-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The 7th Fleet was sent to protect Americans in this country when Diem was overthrown in November 1963 Vietnam
#1012, aired 1989-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $600: It began on the Niagara grid at 5:17 p.m. on November 9, 1965 & spread out from Canada to Pennsylvania Great Blackout, New York City Blackout
#1012, aired 1989-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In 1775 he led a group of men cutting the Wilderness Trail through the Cumberland Gap Daniel Boone
#1012, aired 1989-01-17AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: The golden spike at Promontory Pt., driven by this Calif. gov., is now owned by the u. named for his son (Leland) Stanford
#1006, aired 1989-01-09HISTORY $400: Exploration & settlement of this Russian area has been compared to the American taming of the old west Siberia
#982, aired 1988-12-06HISTORY $800: He said "The torch has been passed to a new generation of Americans -- born in the 20th century" John F. Kennedy
#979, aired 1988-12-01RELIGIOUS HISTORY $400: In 1875 Archbishop John McClosky of New York became the 1st American to achieve this rank cardinal
#972, aired 1988-11-22MUSEUMS $400: This museum publishes a monthly magazine appropriately called "Natural History" American Museum of Natural History
#972, aired 1988-11-22U.S. HISTORY $1,500 (Daily Double): The day known as "Black Easter" in American history was the day after he died Abraham Lincoln
#953, aired 1988-10-26EUROPEAN HISTORY $200: At the end of this war, Spain lost Puerto Rico & the Philippines Spanish-American War
#897, aired 1988-06-28RECENT HISTORY $200: In 1967, this Latin American country admitted aiding Venezuelan guerrillas in Venezuela Cuba
#897, aired 1988-06-28RECENT HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): Names of the Soviet & American spacecraft that docked in space on July 17, 1975 Soyuz & Apollo
#851, aired 1988-04-25AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Fighting in this war continued for a year after General Cornwallis surrendered American Revolution
#851, aired 1988-04-25AMERICAN HISTORY $400: DeWitt Clinton was, at the same time, lt. gov., a state senator & mayor of this state's largest city New York
#851, aired 1988-04-25AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Monetary term for Pres. Taft's policy of encouraging U.S. capital investment in Latin America Dollar Diplomacy
#851, aired 1988-04-25AMERICAN HISTORY $800: In the 1839 Aroostook War, this New England state called out the militia to fight England Maine
#851, aired 1988-04-25AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: On his deathbed in 1850, this senator reportedly said, "The South! God knows what will become of her." John Calhoun
#832, aired 1988-03-29WOMEN IN HISTORY $500: The 1st president of the American Red Cross Clara Barton
#825, aired 1988-03-18AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Thomas McKean of Delaware signed it sometime between 1776 & 1781, but no one knows when Declaration of Independence
#825, aired 1988-03-18AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1928, '32, '36, '40, '44 & '48, Norman Thomas ran for president of this party's ticket Socialist Party
#825, aired 1988-03-18AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1843, the gov't moved this from Jan. 1 to July 1, & in 1976 to Oct. 1 the beginning of the (government) fiscal year
#797, aired 1988-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY $100: Some say she never lived in the Philadelphia house bearing her name or made the flag she's known for Betsy Ross
#797, aired 1988-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Former airmail pilot who made all the papers when he left New York May 20, 1927 Charles Lindbergh
#797, aired 1988-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY $300: On July 27, 1777 this French nobleman arrived in Philadelphia & volunteered to join the U.S. Army Lafayette
#797, aired 1988-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The battling boats in "The Battle of the Ironclads" Merrimack & Monitor
#797, aired 1988-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500: Pulitzer & Hearst's "Jingo Journalism" fanned the fires of our 19th C. war against this country Spain
#789, aired 1988-01-28AMERICAN HISTORY $200: The first permanent English settlement in the American colonies Jamestown
#789, aired 1988-01-28AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In 1773, Ben Franklin tested this form of execution & knocked off chickens, a 10-lb. turkey & a lamb electrocution
#789, aired 1988-01-28AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1843, Mexico said annexation of this as a U.S. state would be equal to a declaration of war Texas
#789, aired 1988-01-28AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Napoleon's grand-nephew, Attorney General Charles Bonaparte, established this U.S. agency in 1908 the Federal Bureau of Investigation
#789, aired 1988-01-28AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: His 16-minute flight on July 21, 1961 made him the 2nd American in space (Virgil "Gus") Grissom
#775, aired 1988-01-08MUSEUMS $100: Guinness says the world's largest single museum is this city's American Museum of Natural History New York City
#747, aired 1987-12-01AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Not yet Secretary of State, he visited China on the sly in 1971 to make plans for Pres. Nixon's historic trip Henry Kissinger
#747, aired 1987-12-01AMERICAN HISTORY $600: While John Foster Dulles was Secretary of State, this brother of his was CIA director Alan Dulles
#747, aired 1987-12-01AMERICAN HISTORY $800 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE) Event depicted in this painting, which Newsweek captioned "Pay attention, this might come up on 'Jeopardy!;" framing of the Constitution (signing of the Constitution of the United States)
#747, aired 1987-12-01AMERICAN HISTORY $800: Henry Clay & Daniel Webster were leaders of this political party Whigs
#747, aired 1987-12-01AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: When the 1786-87 rebellion led by & named for him broke out in Mass., Congress made no effort to put it down Shays' Rebellion
#740, aired 1987-11-20AMERICANA $500: John Scott Harrison, an Indiana farmer, was the only man in U.S. history who was this a son and a father of a U.S. President
#738, aired 1987-11-18U.S. HISTORY $200: In 1924 Congress finally passed a law making all these first Americans US citizens Indians
#725, aired 1987-10-30WORLD HISTORY $200: In January 1962, this organization voted to exclude Cuba OAS (Organization of American States)
#723, aired 1987-10-28U.S. HISTORY $100: Labor leader in the AFL, John Lewis resigned in 1935 & helped form this rival organization the CIO (Congress of Industrial Organizations)
#723, aired 1987-10-28U.S. HISTORY $200: American frontiersman who worked as advance man for the Transylvania Co. Daniel Boone
#723, aired 1987-10-28U.S. HISTORY $500: Named Supreme Commander of NATO in 1950, in 1953 he became Commander in Chief of American Armed Forces Dwight David Eisenhower
#693, aired 1987-09-16AMERICAN HISTORY $200: In 1664, the province of New Netherland & the city of New Amsterdam were both renamed this New York
#693, aired 1987-09-16AMERICAN HISTORY $400: No, he didn't just fade away, but died at age 84 in Walter Reed Hospital April 5, 1964 Douglas MacArthur
#693, aired 1987-09-16AMERICAN HISTORY $600: The East & West telegraph wires linked up in this state, over 7 yrs. before the railroads joined there Utah
#693, aired 1987-09-16AMERICAN HISTORY $800: On Sept. 24, 1969, the trial of this group began, with Judge Julius Hoffman presiding the Chicago 8 later changed to 7
#693, aired 1987-09-16AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Heading to Baltimore on Sept. 18, 1830, this famous little locomotive raced a horse & lost the Tom Thumb
#692, aired 1987-09-15AMERICAN INDIANS $800: Chief Joseph has been called the outstanding personality in the history of this tribe the Nez Perce
#662, aired 1987-06-23AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Nixon's Att'y-Gen. E. Richardson resigned & Watergate prosecutor A. Cox was fired on this night of the week Saturday
#662, aired 1987-06-23AMERICAN HISTORY $400: John Jay, not John Marshall, was the first one Chief Justice of the Supreme Court
#662, aired 1987-06-23AMERICAN HISTORY $600: After the original 13, this was the 1st state admitted to the Union Vermont
#662, aired 1987-06-23AMERICAN HISTORY $800: These 2 self-governing outlying areas of the U.S. were acquired from Spain in 1898 Puerto Rico and Guam
#662, aired 1987-06-23AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: In his 1835 book "Democracy in America", this Frenchman predicted the present age's 2 superpowers Alexis de Tocqueville
#637, aired 1987-05-19JUNE $400: On June 18, 1983, history was made when the 1st American woman ever visited here space
#633, aired 1987-05-13HISTORY $750 (Daily Double): 2 North American wars in which a "Battle of Wilderness" was fought, 1 in 1755 & 1 in 1864 Civil War & French & Indian War
#579, aired 1987-02-26AMERICAN HISTORY $200: On Feb. 23, 1985, the Senate approved Edwin Meese for this cabinet post Attorney General
#579, aired 1987-02-26AMERICAN HISTORY $400: In April 1961, John F. Kennedy authorized the Bay of Pigs invasion of this country Cuba
#579, aired 1987-02-26AMERICAN HISTORY $600: After her husband's death in 1865, this First Lady lived in Europe & in an Illinois sanitarium Mary Todd Lincoln
#579, aired 1987-02-26AMERICAN HISTORY $800: The year Jamestown was settled 1607
#579, aired 1987-02-26AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Spanish-born major general who commanded the Union forces at Gettysburg General Meade
#566, aired 1987-02-09WOMEN IN HISTORY $200: Though a U.S. citizen & thus the 1st American saint, Mother Cabrini was born in this country Italy
#541, aired 1987-01-05WOMEN IN HISTORY $800: African-born Phillis Wheatley's 1st poems were published in 1770, though she was this an American slave
#523, aired 1986-12-10MOUNTAINS $200: Mountain which had biggest volcanic eruption in American history Mt. Saint Helens
#505, aired 1986-11-14WORLD HISTORY $1000: His 1808 ousting of the king of Spain gave Latin American states the pretext to declare independence Napoleon
#463, aired 1986-09-17HISTORY $300: Ency. Americana says Persian law decreed this punishment for accidentally sitting on the king's throne death
#447, aired 1986-05-27U.S. HISTORY $800: In Dec. 1963, a Gallup poll found him to be the living man whom Americans most admired Lyndon Johnson
#394, aired 1986-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Our flag bore this number of stars only in 1959 49
#394, aired 1986-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY $400: The Indians called this "Long Knife" "Long Hair" George Custer
#394, aired 1986-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Plattsburg, Mo. statue honoring 19th c. senator David Atchison indicates he held this office for 1 day president (of the United States)
#394, aired 1986-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 1st Blacks were brought to America not as slaves, but these indentured servants
#394, aired 1986-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Though this group disappeared from the scene in 1870s, a new version surfaced some 40 years later the Ku Klux Klan (KKK)
#381, aired 1986-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $200: Year in which Ku Klux Klan was founded & Abraham Lincoln was assassinated 1865
#381, aired 1986-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $400: First lady longer than anyone before or since, she held 1st press conference by a president's wife Eleanor Roosevelt
#381, aired 1986-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $600: Ironically, people of this W. Indian island gave $6 mil. to the American Revolutionary War effort Cuba
#381, aired 1986-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $800: A former slave who protested segregation on 1840's trains by sitting in cars reserved for whites Frederick Douglass
#381, aired 1986-02-24AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: This 20th century president is the only president buried in Washington, D.C. proper Woodrow Wilson
#374, aired 1986-02-13WEATHER $1000: Most devastating hurricane in American history killed 6000 people in this southern city in 1900 Galveston, Texas
#351, aired 1986-01-13CARDS $400 (Daily Double): About 30 years ago, this South American game created the biggest fad in card history canasta
#340, aired 1985-12-27HISTORY $1000: After Spanish-American War, Congress created the rank of Admiral of the Navy for him Admiral (George) Dewey
#328, aired 1985-12-11MODERN HISTORY $400: Fleeing Egypt after abdicating in 1952, he had to leave a stack of American comic books behind King Farouk
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $200: This 1803 acquisition doubled the size of the U.S. Louisiana Purchase
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Though he said he found dueling abhorent, he participated in one in 1804 Alexander Hamilton
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $600: In 1912, it became 48th & last contiguous state to join The Union Arizona
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $800: 1st to hold a nominating convention, this 3rd party ironically chose Mason Wm. Wirt to run for Pres. Anti-Masonic party
#278, aired 1985-10-02AMERICAN HISTORY $1000: Upon leading 1894 march of unemployed on Washington, Jacob Coxey was arrested for this trivial of offenses stepping on the grass
#264, aired 1985-09-12U.S. HISTORY $1000: What Gertrude Stein termed the rootless young Americans who flocked to Eur. after WWI the Lost Generation
#141, aired 1985-03-25MOVIE TRIVIA $400: Character from American history played on screen more than any other Abe Lincoln
#61, aired 1984-12-03U.S. HISTORY $400: The Spanish-American War led to this Caribbean country's independence Cuba
#61, aired 1984-12-03U.S. HISTORY $500: He was the first American in space Alan Shepard
#58, aired 1984-11-28SCIENCE $1000: In 1808, this metalsmith made copper plates for a Fulton steamboat boiler Paul Revere

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (85 results returned)

#8506, aired 2021-11-08NAMES IN AFRICAN-AMERICAN HISTORY: He was Virginia's 1st African-American congressman, whose grandnephew, a famous poet, used his last name as a first name (John Mercer) Langston
#8480, aired 2021-10-01AMERICAN HISTORY: The April 26, 1906 edition of The Call, a newspaper in this city, reported on the heroic death of hoseman James O'Neil San Francisco
#8372, aired 2021-04-0620th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY: A biography of him: "In a sweltering, dimly lit cabin, its window shades closed... his first presidential decisions were made" Lyndon Johnson
#8367, aired 2021-03-30AMERICAN HISTORY: While performing in Philadelphia, the future father of this man sent a letter threatening to slit Andrew Jackson's throat (John Wilkes) Booth
#8345, aired 2021-02-26EARLY U.S. HISTORY: Elbridge Gerry, Charles Pinckney & John Marshall were the diplomats in this 1797 incident that led to a quasi-war with France the XYZ Affair
#8197, aired 2020-04-07AMERICAN HISTORY: A 1711 bill cleared the names of 22 people who were tried in this town, including Rebecca Nurse, Giles Corey & John Proctor Salem, Massachusetts
#8157, aired 2020-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY: After statesman & banker Robert Morris turned down a job offer from George Washington, this man took the job Alexander Hamilton
#8153, aired 2020-02-05AMERICAN HISTORY: At Harpers Ferry, John Brown & his rebels were defeated by troops commanded by this man who 2 years later led a rebel army himself Robert E. Lee
#8099, aired 2019-11-21AMERICAN HISTORY: One a Civil War hero & one a U.S. Senator, brothers with this last name were both considered for the 1884 Republican presidential nomination Sherman
#7998, aired 2019-05-2219th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1832, by a narrow margin, this state's legislature rejected considering abolition; a split was completed in 1863 Virginia
#7992, aired 2019-05-14AMERICAN WOMEN: In 2006 Arizona State University renamed its college of law in honor of this history-making woman & longtime Arizona resident Sandra Day O'Connor
#7977, aired 2019-04-23AMERICAN HISTORY: On May 1, 1869 these 2 men met at the White House, 4 years & 3 weeks after a more historic meeting between them Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee
#7878, aired 2018-12-05NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1999 the U.S. government was ordered to pay his family $16 million for less than 30 seconds of film Abraham Zapruder
#7815, aired 2018-07-27AMERICAN HISTORY: The last survivor of this battle that started a war died in 1854 & more men marched at his funeral than fought with him the Battle of Lexington
#7787, aired 2018-06-1920th CENTURY AMERICAN HISTORY: On Nov. 3, 1948 he sent a congratulatory telegram, then told reporters, "I was just as surprised as you" Thomas Dewey
#7732, aired 2018-04-03AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1899, a reunion of this alliterative squad took place, with the governor of New York fittingly on horseback the Rough Riders
#7456, aired 2017-01-30NAMES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: He headed a British committee on prison reform, which gave him the idea for founding a colony in America in 1732 James Oglethorpe
#7288, aired 2016-04-27AMERICAN HISTORY: "A stimulus to the courageous", the $25,000 Orteig Prize offer of 1919 resulted in his success 8 years later Lindbergh
#7249, aired 2016-03-03AMERICAN HISTORY: In the 1690s its legislature referred to this place as "his Majesty's ancient colony and dominion" Virginia
#6471, aired 2012-11-05BROADWAY MUSICALS: Based on a 1926 play & real-life events, it's now the longest-running American musical in Broadway history Chicago
#6375, aired 2012-05-11AMERICAN HISTORY: When the future state of Iowa became part of the United States, this man was President Thomas Jefferson
#6361, aired 2012-04-23AMERICAN HISTORY: This state is known as the "Cockpit of the Revolution" for all the battles there, including a pivotal one in December 1776 New Jersey
#6357, aired 2012-04-17MUSEUMS: For 2010 & 2011, it's gotten more visitors than any other single museum in the U.S. the National Air & Space Museum
#6296, aired 2012-01-23AMERICAN HISTORY: This volunteer group was born in May 1898 near the bar in San Antonio's Menger Hotel; it existed for just 133 days the Rough Riders
#6153, aired 2011-05-18CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS: The longest period in American history with no changes to the Constitution was from 1804 to this year 1865
#6135, aired 2011-04-22BIOGRAPHERS: As many mourned, this minister wrote in a letter, "Washington is gone! Millions are gasping to read... about him" Parson Weems
#6048, aired 2010-12-22U.S. HISTORY: The day after the 15th Amendment took effect, Thomas Peterson became the 1st Afr. American to do this under its provisions vote
#5937, aired 2010-06-08U.S. MILITARY HISTORY: This general commanded the first official American force to fight on the European continent John Pershing
#5902, aired 2010-04-20THE NATIONAL MUSEUM OF AMERICAN HISTORY: Joining such pop culture icons as Dorothy's ruby slippers, this was donated to the museum by Jerry Seinfeld in 2004 the puffy shirt
#5821, aired 2009-12-28AMERICAN HISTORY: On April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln authorized this govt. agency; its main job then was to protect against counterfeiting the Secret Service
#5763, aired 2009-10-07AMERICAN HISTORY: He was the only member of the Warren Commission who would later face would-be assassins himself Gerald Ford
#5736, aired 2009-07-13AMERICAN HISTORY: The area that's now the State of Indiana was acquired in this war the Revolutionary War
#5727, aired 2009-06-30AMERICAN HISTORY: History was made on December 1, 1955 when bus driver James Blake called the police & had this person arrested Rosa Parks
#5644, aired 2009-03-05FRANCO-AMERICAN HISTORY: After a large French army was wiped out by yellow fever on this island in 1802, Napoleon decided to sell Louisiana Hispaniola (or Haiti)
#5463, aired 2008-05-14AMERICAN HISTORY: In the last week of the John Tyler administration, this republic was offered statehood Texas
#5405, aired 2008-02-22U.S. GOVERNMENT HISTORY: This man cast the first tie-breaking vote in U.S. Senate history John Adams
#5315, aired 2007-10-19AMERICAN HISTORY: It was the main cause of the 1803 jump in the national debt to $86.4 million the Louisiana Purchase
#5271, aired 2007-07-09U.S. HISTORY: A 1924 law gave citizenship to all these members of what were called "domestic dependent nations" Native Americans
#5144, aired 2007-01-11AMERICAN THEATRE HISTORY: This 1943 musical is based on a 1931 play that featured Tex Ritter as a cowboy & Lee Strasberg as a peddler Oklahoma!
#5093, aired 2006-11-01PHRASES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: This phrase linking 2 entities was in Jefferson's 1802 letter to the Danbury Baptists, elaborating on the 1st Amendment separation of church and state
#4956, aired 2006-03-13AMERICAN HISTORY: Henry Laurens, Thomas Mifflin & Richard Henry Lee were presidents of this body that only lasted for about 15 years the Continental Congress
#4955, aired 2006-03-10HISTORIC DOCUMENTS: Clause 39 of this reads "No freeman shall be taken, or imprisoned... except by the legal judgment of his peers" the Magna Carta
#4951, aired 2006-03-06AMERICAN HISTORY: This legislative body first met on March 4, 1789 in New York City, but only 8 of its 22 members were present the U.S. Senate
#4783, aired 2005-05-2520th CENTURY AMERICANS: These names of 2 original Mercury astronauts, who orbited Earth in May 1962 & May 1963, are also occupations Scott Carpenter & Gordon Cooper
#4719, aired 2005-02-24THE U.S. CENSUS OF 1790: It was the only state in the 1790 census to claim a slave population of zero Massachusetts
#4688, aired 2005-01-12DATES IN AMERICAN HISTORY: On this date Philadelphia partied with fireworks & music from a Hessian band captured 6 months earlier July 4, 1777
#4634, aired 2004-10-28HISTORIC AREAS: In 1893, as it was disappearing, F.J. Turner wrote a famous essay on "The Significance of" it "in American History" the Frontier
#4467, aired 2004-01-27THE BUSINESS BOOKSHELF: F. Paul Pacult's "American Still Life" is the history of this over 200-year-old Kentucky company Jim Beam
#4274, aired 2003-03-13EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY: On Sept. 8, 1565 the first Catholic parish in what is now the U.S. was founded at this settlement St. Augustine (in Florida)
#4210, aired 2002-12-13U.S. HISTORY: In 1992 Nathan E. Cook, the last veteran of this war, died the Spanish-American War
#4187, aired 2002-11-12AMERICAN LEGAL HISTORY: 5 of the women condemned in Salem in 1692 were finally exonerated by a bill signed on this day in 2001 Halloween (October 31)
#4126, aired 2002-07-08AMERICAN HISTORY: When Washington took office on April 30, 1789, it was the largest state in area, covering what is now 3 states Virginia
#4087, aired 2002-05-14VICE PRESIDENTS: He was the only vice president to be elected to, & serve, 2 full terms as president Thomas Jefferson
#4048, aired 2002-03-20FAMOUS AMERICANS: The most requested photo in the history of the National Archives is of the 1970 meeting of these 2 men Richard Nixon & Elvis Presley
#4024, aired 2002-02-14AMERICAN HISTORY: German officer Johann Rall led this group when they were defeated in battle in December 1776 the Hessians
#3906, aired 2001-09-03AUTOMOTIVE HISTORY: This Ford with a name from Native American myth was the first model to be Motor Trend Car of the Year the Thunderbird
#3758, aired 2000-12-27THE CIVIL WAR: For his service in the Civil War Congress made him General in Chief of the Armies Ulysses S. Grant
#3743, aired 2000-12-06AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1939 this state finally finished paying off a $12.4-million debt to the state from which it had separated West Virginia (paid debt to Virginia)
#3664, aired 2000-07-06ACADEMY AWARD HISTORY: The first African-American Best Actress nominee, her life was the subject of a 1999 HBO film Dorothy Dandridge
#3629, aired 2000-05-18CHIEF JUSTICES OF THE U.S.: He administered the presidential oath of office more times than any other chief justice -- 9 times John Marshall
#3360, aired 1999-03-26AMERICAN HISTORY: As minister to Mexico, he was authorized by President Pierce to buy border land for the railroads James Gadsden
#3327, aired 1999-02-09AMERICAN HISTORY: At the outbreak of hostilities of the Civil War, he was president of the Senate Hannibal Hamlin
#2957, aired 1997-06-10FASHION HISTORY: In 1849 Americans traveling to the California gold fields via boat popularized this hat the Panama hat
#2826, aired 1996-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY: Some attribute these 1692 proceedings to the psychotic effects of ergot poisoning The Salem Witch Trials
#2807, aired 1996-11-12AMERICAN HISTORY: Lincoln said it was "the central act of my administration & the greatest event of the 19th century" the Emancipation Proclamation
#2735, aired 1996-06-21AMERICAN HISTORY: On May 29, 1765 Patrick Henry's Stamp Act protest was interrupted with this one word Treason
#2414, aired 1995-02-16AMERICAN HISTORY: This South Dakota community was the site of 2 clashes between the U.S. gov't & Indians, in 1890 & 1973 Wounded Knee
#2174, aired 1994-02-03U.S. HISTORY: Laura Keene, who first came to the U.S. in the 1850s, was best known for her starring role in this play Our American Cousin
#2066, aired 1993-09-06AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1919 he became the first General of the Armies of the U.S. John Pershing
#1957, aired 1993-02-23AMERICAN HISTORY: Of the 9 tried for this 1770 event, 7 were acquitted & 2 charged with manslaughter, branded & let go the Boston Massacre
#1877, aired 1992-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY: His left arm is buried at Ellwood Farm near Fredericksburg, Virginia Stonewall Jackson
#1790, aired 1992-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY: John Alden was the last surviving signer of this the Mayflower Compact
#1552, aired 1991-05-07AMERICAN HISTORY: The only 1 to sign the Declaration of Independence, 1778 alliance w/France, peace treaty w/G.B. & Constitution Benjamin Franklin
#1525, aired 1991-03-29WOMEN IN HISTORY: Her 1st husband, Alexandre de Beauharnais, fought in both the American & French Revolutions Empress Josephine
#1491, aired 1991-02-11AMERICAN HISTORY: Edward Everett gave the principal speech here November 19, 1863 Gettysburg
#1454, aired 1990-12-20AMERICAN HISTORY: 2 of the 4 Americans who negotiated the Treaty of Paris with the British in 1782 (2 of) Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, John Jay, or Henry Laurens
#1375, aired 1990-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1839 & '40 France & Great Britain signed commercial treaties with this new republic Texas
#1301, aired 1990-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY: Virginia's motto since 1776; it was shouted in another context on April 14, 1865 "Sic Semper Tyrannis"
#1247, aired 1990-01-23AMERICAN HISTORY: He was born in Connecticut in 1800 & hanged for treason in Virginia in 1859 John Brown
#1145, aired 1989-07-21AMERICAN POETS: He wrote a biography that won Pulitzer Prize for history in 1940 & won for his poetry in 1951 Carl Sandburg
#1136, aired 1989-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY: Alexander Hamilton Stephens of Georgia was the only person to hold this office Vice President of the Confederacy
#977, aired 1988-11-29AMERICAN HISTORY: Historically significant event of June 17, 1972 the Watergate break-in
#945, aired 1988-10-14WORLD HISTORY: An allied army of Americans, Britons, Germans, Frenchmen, Russians & Japanese ended this in 1900 Boxer Rebellion
#884, aired 1988-06-09AMERICAN HISTORY: With only 115 days of hostilities, it was the shortest declared war in U.S. history the Spanish-American War
#350, aired 1986-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY: McLean House in Virginia was site of this event the Confederate surrender

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