Season 9 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (132 clues archived)

#2065, aired 1993-07-23HISTORIC NAMES: Following his appointment as engineer in 1482, he planned & constructed canals in Milan, Italy Leonardo da Vinci
#2064, aired 1993-07-22QUOTES OF THE 1960s: He once told Newsweek, "I have no country. For me a country is just a place to dance" Nureyev
#2063, aired 1993-07-21ARCHITECTURE: This complex was built between 1631 & 1654 at a cost of about 40,000,000 rupees the Taj Mahal
#2062, aired 1993-07-20ATTORNEYS GENERAL: Last name of the father & son attorneys general under Truman & Lyndon Johnson (Ramsey) Clark
#2061, aired 1993-07-19ISLANDS: This is the largest island in Europe Great Britain
#2060, aired 1993-07-16TELEVISION HISTORY: The Texaco Star Theater debuted on June 8, 1948, this day of the week Tuesday
#2059, aired 1993-07-15THEATRES: Martha Graham & The Wallendas were among the acts featured on the opening night of this 6200-seat theatre 12/27/32 Radio City Music Hall
#2058, aired 1993-07-14BROADWAY MUSICALS: Based on a ballet, this 1944 musical begins at 6 A.M. in the Brooklyn Navy Yard "On the Town"
#2057, aired 1993-07-13FAMOUS AUTHORS: He used his fishing boat, the Pilar, for counter-intelligence work during World War II Ernest Hemingway
#2056, aired 1993-07-12PHILANTHROPY: At the time of his death in 1937, he had given over $500 million to charity John D. Rockefeller
#2055, aired 1993-07-09ACTRESSES & THEIR ROLES: In 1992 Angela Bassett played the Jacksons' mother on TV & Betty Shabazz in this film Malcolm X
#2053, aired 1993-07-07WOMEN: Gloria Steinem, Susan Strasberg & Norman Mailer have all written books about her Marilyn Monroe
#2052, aired 1993-07-06PRESIDENTIAL INAUGURATIONS: He used more words in his one inaugural address than FDR used in all four of his William Henry Harrison
#2051, aired 1993-07-05FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Chile's Juan Fernandez islands include a pair named for Alexander Selkirk & this fictional character Robinson Crusoe
#2050, aired 1993-07-02LANGUAGES: Dublin's famous Book of Kells is written in this language Latin
#2049, aired 1993-07-01BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The Brooklyn Flint Glass Works changed its name to this after moving to a N.Y. town of the same name Corning
#2048, aired 1993-06-30AMERICAN MUSICALS: A 1920s French production of this musical about 19th c. entertainers was titled "Mississippi" Show Boat
#2047, aired 1993-06-29U.S. RIVERS: The name of this river, famous in song, may be a corruption of the Spanish for "little Saint John" the Swanee
#2046, aired 1993-06-28GODS & GODDESSES: Augustus Caesar encouraged the worship of this god who was considered the avenger of Julius Caesar Mars
#2042, aired 1993-06-22THE 50 STATES: Texas has the most farms with 185,000; this state has the fewest with about 500 Alaska
#2040, aired 1993-06-18SOUTH AMERICA: The name of this capital city is a corruption of Rimac, the river on which it lies Lima, Peru
#2039, aired 1993-06-17PORT CITIES: In population, it was by far the largest city in the Confederacy at the start of the Civil War New Orleans
#2038, aired 1993-06-16THE 1950s: June 2, 1953 event telecast worldwide & filmed in Technicolor Queen Elizabeth II's coronation
#2031, aired 1993-06-0719th CENTURY ELECTIONS: In 1836 Van Buren ran against Harrison for U.S. president & these 2 ran for president of Texas Sam Houston & Stephen F. Austin
#2024, aired 1993-05-27MEN OF SCIENCE: In addition to a pendulum, Jean Foucault made a simple one of these to prove the Earth rotated gyroscope
#2020, aired 1993-05-21POETRY: The woman with the most quotes in the new edition of Bartlett's Familiar Quotations is this American Emily Dickinson
#2019, aired 1993-05-20HISTORIC NAMES: In 1529 this Spaniard was made Marques del Valle de Oaxaca Hernán Cortés
#2015, aired 1993-05-14ANCIENT ROME: General Publius Scipio won the surname "Africanus" for beating this man at the 202 B.C. Battle of Zama Hannibal
#2014, aired 1993-05-13WORLD CAPITALS: Roxas Boulevard in this capital city was formerly named Dewey Boulevard Manila
#2013, aired 1993-05-12NAMES IN THE NEWS: For his unconventional but effective use of the media, Advertising Age named him its 1992 Adman of the Year Ross Perot
#2012, aired 1993-05-11CANADA: It's the only Canadian province separated entirely from the North American mainland Prince Edward Island
#2011, aired 1993-05-10PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS: His 1856 campaign slogan emphasized "Free press, free soil, free men" John C. Frémont
#2010, aired 1993-05-07BOOKS & AUTHORS: First published in 1732, its author said it sold "annually, near ten thousand" Poor Richard's Almanack
#2009, aired 1993-05-06U.S. GOVERNMENT: It's the oldest executive department of the U.S. government Department of State
#2008, aired 1993-05-05IN THE NEWS: In January 1993 he was elected president of a country 2/3 the size of the one he led 7 months earlier Vaclav Havel
#2007, aired 1993-05-04NATURE: About 1250 miles long, it's the largest structure ever formed by creatures other than man the Great Barrier Reef
#2006, aired 1993-05-03DISNEY FILMS: "Beauty and the Beast" is set in this country France
#2003, aired 1993-04-28MODERN NOVELS: Chapter VII of this James Michener novel is titled "Mazurka" Poland
#1989, aired 1993-04-08STATE CAPITALS: This city in the northwest is the "City of Trees"; its name comes from the French for "wooded" Boise
#1985, aired 1993-04-02THE TONY AWARDS: He won his first of 9 Tonys for the first Broadway musical he choreographed, "The Pajama Game" Bob Fosse
#1984, aired 1993-04-01EXPLORERS: This contemporary of Columbus established the concept of a New World in his 1504 letter "Mundus Novus" Amerigo Vespucci
#1983, aired 1993-03-31MONARCHS: In 1942 she become the first reigning queen to address the U.S. Congress Wilhelmina
#1981, aired 1993-03-29U.S. GEOGRAPHY: The Klickitat Indians referred to this peak as Tah-One-Lat-Clah, meaning "fire mountain" Mount St. Helens
#1978, aired 1993-03-24GOVERNORS: The first President after Franklin Roosevelt who had also been a state governor Jimmy Carter
#1974, aired 1993-03-18FAMOUS WOMEN: The Greek equivalent of Eve, the first woman on Earth; she got in trouble too Pandora
#1972, aired 1993-03-16WORLD CITIES: The original full name of this Mexican port translates to "Rich Town of the True Cross" Veracruz
#1963, aired 1993-03-03THE NOBEL PRIZE: The category in which the U.S. has won the fewest medals--10 Literature
#1960, aired 1993-02-26NOTABLE NAMES: Eugene Cernan is the last person to stand here the Moon
#1959, aired 1993-02-2519th CENTURY AMERICA: The execution of this man & his followers in 1859 is believed to be the only one for treason against a state John Brown
#1958, aired 1993-02-24GEMS: The Star of Africa is a diamond & the Star of India is one of these a sapphire
#1957, aired 1993-02-23AMERICAN HISTORY: Of the 9 tried for this 1770 event, 7 were acquitted & 2 charged with manslaughter, branded & let go the Boston Massacre
#1956, aired 1993-02-22MILITARY LEADERS: This U.S. general was born April 5, 1937 to parents who had emigrated from Jamaica Colin Powell
#1955, aired 1993-02-19NEW ENGLAND: In Washington, D.C.'s Statuary Hall, the state of Vermont is represented by this patriot Ethan Allen
#1954, aired 1993-02-18TELEVISION HISTORY: When this service hit the air August 1, 1981, the first act it presented was The Buggles MTV
#1953, aired 1993-02-17IN THE NEWS: Tennessee governor Ned McWherter chose Harlan Mathews to fill this man's Senate seat until 1994 Al Gore
#1952, aired 1993-02-16EUROPE: 2 of the 5 mainland European nations that touch only 1 other country (2 of) Portugal, Denmark, San Marino, Vatican City & Monaco
#1951, aired 1993-02-15FLAGS: A flag bearing a white anchor & caduceus on a blue field represents this U.S. government official Surgeon General of the United States
#1950, aired 1993-02-12FASHION HISTORY: Listing the great men of the 19th century, Lord Byron ranked himself 3rd, Napoleon 2nd & this man 1st Beau Brummel
#1949, aired 1993-02-11SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: His father, Eugene, an immigrant from Sicily, taught romance languages at Brooklyn College Antonin Scalia
#1948, aired 1993-02-10NEWSPAPERS: It was once advertised as "The Daily Diary of the American Dream" The Wall Street Journal
#1945, aired 1993-02-05OPERA: This 20th century opera was inspired by Hieronymus Bosch's painting "The Adoration of the Magi" Amahl and the Night Visitors
#1944, aired 1993-02-04OSCAR-WINNING FILMS: A series of articles about corruption in the longshoremen's union inspired this 1954 film On the Waterfront
#1940, aired 1993-01-29BRITISH MONARCHS: 1 of 4 British monarchs whose reigns were longer than Elizabeth I's 45 years (1 of) Victoria, Henry III, Edward III, & George III
#1932, aired 1993-01-19POLITICAL LEADERS: His books "No Easy Walk to Freedom" & "The Struggle Is My Life" were published during his imprisonment Nelson Mandela
#1908, aired 1992-12-16U.S. LAKES: Wizard Island sits in this lake in what was once Mount Mazama Crater Lake
#1907, aired 1992-12-15ANATOMY: You have this bone, snakes don't, & in bats, it's keeled a breastbone (or sternum)
#1906, aired 1992-12-14ROMAN EMPERORS: In 54 A.D., as the result of his mother's scheming, he became the first teenage emperor of Rome at age 16 Nero
#1905, aired 1992-12-11TRANSPORTATION: Last names of the motor car maker & motor car dealer who merged in Manchester, England in 1906 Rolls & Royce
#1904, aired 1992-12-10VICE PRESIDENTS: He wrote 2 books inspired by his career: "The Canfield Decision" & "Go Quietly... or Else" (Spiro) Agnew
#1903, aired 1992-12-09BALLET: The elaborate prologue of this 1890 ballet features a christening & a curse Sleeping Beauty
#1902, aired 1992-12-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The gasoline brand named for its founder & a famous highway Phillips 66
#1901, aired 1992-12-07COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: This island nation has the world's largest Muslim population Indonesia
#1898, aired 1992-12-02ANCIENT POETS: Plato called her "The Tenth Muse" Sappho
#1897, aired 1992-12-01FAMOUS NAMES: The last of his 56 children, Mabel Sanborn, died in 1950 at age 87 Brigham Young
#1896, aired 1992-11-30MUSICIANS: On his 1986 death he was called "arguably the only white jazz player to be the best on his instrument" Benny Goodman
#1895, aired 1992-11-27ISLANDS: This is the largest island in the Indian Ocean Madagascar
#1894, aired 1992-11-26THE CABINET: This cabinet department is in charge of printing all postage stamps Treasury
#1893, aired 1992-11-25STATE CAPITALS: John Tyler, James Monroe & Jefferson Davis are buried in this capital's Hollywood Cemetery Richmond, Virginia
#1892, aired 1992-11-24HISTORIC PAIRS: They were the maternal grandparents of England's Queen Mary I Ferdinand & Isabella
#1891, aired 1992-11-23FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: He retired after the only woman he ever loved, opera singer Irene Adler, passed away Sherlock Holmes
#1890, aired 1992-11-20PRESIDENTS' HOMES: The exterior of the governor's mansion in Florida is modeled after the home of this president Andrew Jackson
#1889, aired 1992-11-19POETRY: William Blake called them "The Two Contrary States of the Human Soul" and wrote songs of them innocence & experience
#1888, aired 1992-11-18WORLD DRAMA: Sophocles, Euripides & Eugene O'Neill all wrote plays with this woman's name in their titles Electra
#1887, aired 1992-11-17NEWSPAPERS: It was first published between 1861 and 1865; it was revived in 1918; stopped in 1919, and revived again in 1942 Stars and Stripes
#1886, aired 1992-11-16COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: Henry Moore's sculpture, "Nuclear Energy", can be seen on the campus of this university the University of Chicago
#1885, aired 1992-11-13THE AUTO INDUSTRY: This automaker's trademark symbolizes the 3 places where its engines were used: land, air & water Mercedes-Benz
#1884, aired 1992-11-12POLAND: Laid to rest temporarily at Arlington in 1941, his remains were returned to Poland in 1992 Jan Paderewski
#1883, aired 1992-11-11VICE PRESIDENTS: He served as vice president for the shortest length of time: one month John Tyler
#1882, aired 1992-11-10MYTHS & LEGENDS: What the ancient Greek writer Theseus called a "monokeros", we call this a unicorn
#1881, aired 1992-11-09GEOGRAPHY: Since the breakup of the Soviet Union, this is the largest country in area in the world Russia
#1880, aired 1992-11-06OPERETTAS: Sigmund Romberg wrote the music for this 1926 operetta inspired by an Arab revolt in French Morocco The Desert Song
#1877, aired 1992-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY: His left arm is buried at Ellwood Farm near Fredericksburg, Virginia Stonewall Jackson
#1876, aired 1992-11-02TELEVISION: This program grew out of evening updates on the Iran hostage crisis hosted by Frank Reynolds Nightline
#1875, aired 1992-10-30THE SUPREME COURT: The 1973 case Doe v. Bolton was decided with this more famous case Roe v. Wade
#1874, aired 1992-10-29U.S. PRESIDENTS: The first two presidents not born in Virginia were born in what is now this state Massachusetts
#1873, aired 1992-10-28U.S. STATES: This state with several hundred ghost towns was admitted to the Union on Halloween in 1864 Nevada
#1872, aired 1992-10-27WORD & PHRASE ORIGINS: This phrase meaning the aristocracy is derived from the part of a loaf served to honored guests the upper crust
#1871, aired 1992-10-26HISTORIC NAMES: For his licentious behavior, monk Grigori Yefimovich Novykh earned this nickname meaning "debauched one" Rasputin
#1870, aired 1992-10-23BUSINESS BIGGIES: This, the world's largest food company, is based in Vevey, Switzerland Nestle
#1869, aired 1992-10-22FAMOUS SHIPS: This research vessel named for a character in the "Odyssey" is a former WWII minesweeper the Calypso
#1868, aired 1992-10-21CHRONOLOGY: Dionysius Exiguus, a monk in Rome, is credited with inspiring the use of these 2 abbreviations B.C. & A.D.
#1867, aired 1992-10-20MEN OF SCIENCE: In 1927, a year after his death, his autobiography "Harvest of the Years" was published Luther Burbank
#1866, aired 1992-10-19WORD ORIGINS: The name of this swift current between 2 of the Lofoten Islands off Norway has come to refer any whirlpool a maelstrom
#1865, aired 1992-10-16U.S. GEOGRAPHY: This Southern lake ranks 2nd in size to Lake Michigan among freshwater lakes entirely within the U.S. Lake Okeechobee
#1864, aired 1992-10-15ANIMALS: Legend says this dog is descended from ones shipwrecked on the coast of Maryland in 1807 the Chesapeake (Bay Retriever)
#1863, aired 1992-10-14RELIGIOUS GROUPS: "The War Cry" & "The Young Soldier" are publications of this religious movement Salvation Army
#1862, aired 1992-10-13PRESIDENTS: Before Eisenhower, he was the last president to preside over the admission of a new state (William Howard) Taft
#1861, aired 1992-10-12ISLANDS: This U.S. possession was named for its location on the sea route from California to Japan the Midway Islands
#1860, aired 1992-10-09NAMES IN THE NEWS: Famous nickname of the woman who was born Mary Elizabeth Aitcheson Tipper Gore
#1859, aired 1992-10-08THE SUPREME COURT: He is the only bachelor serving on the Supreme Court David Souter
#1858, aired 1992-10-07AMERICANA: The Ryan NYP hanging from a ceiling in Washington, D.C. is better known by this name the Spirit of St. Louis
#1857, aired 1992-10-06THE OSCARS: In 1992 John Singleton replaced this 1941 nominee as the youngest director nominated Orson Welles
#1856, aired 1992-10-05LANGUAGES: The 2 languages on the Rosetta Stone Egyptian & Greek
#1855, aired 1992-10-02HISTORICAL OPERAS: This queen is a leading character in Donizetti's opera "Roberto Devereux, Conte d'Essex" Elizabeth I
#1854, aired 1992-10-01THE CALENDAR: It was the last year that was just two letters long in Roman numerals 1500 (MD)
#1853, aired 1992-09-30ORGANIZATIONS: Founded in Michigan in 1936, It's the largest philanthropic organization in the world the Ford Foundation
#1852, aired 1992-09-29FAMILIAR PHRASES: In England, it was a place set aside at balls where servants would attend to people's wigs the powder room
#1851, aired 1992-09-28ENTERTAINERS OF THE PAST: This Missouri-born expatriate starred in the 1935 French film "Princess Tam-Tam" Josephine Baker
#1850, aired 1992-09-25HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This holy day may be named for an Anglo-Saxon spring goddess Easter
#1849, aired 1992-09-24THE 20th CENTURY: Containing Army surplus food, the first of these arrived in France in 1946 & cost $15 a box to send care packages
#1848, aired 1992-09-23SPORTING EVENTS: In 1911, it took 6 hours, 42 minutes to win this event; in 1991, 2 hours, 50 minutes the Indianapolis 500
#1847, aired 1992-09-22THE SOVIET UNION: After this hero's death in 1968, the town of Gzhatsk was renamed in his honor Yuri Gagarin
#1846, aired 1992-09-21U.S. GEOGRAPHY: The name of this mountain chain means "bark eaters", a derogatory name the Iroquois gave their neighbors the Adirondack chain
#1844, aired 1992-09-17U.S. ELECTIONS: He's been on the Republican national ticket more than anyone else, 5 times Richard Nixon
#1843, aired 1992-09-16WORLD LEADERS: This dictator's original surname was Al-Tikriti Saddam Hussein
#1842, aired 1992-09-15PSYCHOLOGY: In Freud's "Interpretation of Dreams", he mentions this king of Thebes Oedipus
#1841, aired 1992-09-14POETRY: About her Tennyson wrote, "She took the tax away and built herself an everlasting name" Lady Godiva
#1840, aired 1992-09-11COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: The name of this country is New Latin for "place of freedom" Liberia
#1839, aired 1992-09-10SHIPS: This British navy ship left Devenport Dec. 27, 1831 & went around the world on a 5-year survey mission the HMS Beagle
#1838, aired 1992-09-09FAMOUS WOMEN: On her death, Will Rogers said her "consideration of others will live as a mark for any woman to shoot at" Annie Oakley
#1837, aired 1992-09-08FAMOUS SCIENTISTS: In 1969 the N.Y. Times retracted a 1920 editorial ridiculing his claim that rockets could fly to the Moon Robert Goddard
#1836, aired 1992-09-07BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This chain of 748 shoe stores was named for a Scottish professional golfer Thom McAn
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