Season 8 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (155 clues archived)

#1835, aired 1992-07-17PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the last president elected with less than 50% of the popular vote Nixon
#1834, aired 1992-07-16FILMS OF THE '50s: One of the 1st lines in this William Holden film is "The poor dope. He always wanted a pool." Sunset Boulevard
#1833, aired 1992-07-15WORLD WAR II: During WWII this Mediterranean island was called Britain's "only unsinkable aircraft carrier" Malta
#1832, aired 1992-07-14GERMAN AUTHORS: Composer Paul Dukas based "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" on a story by this poet, novelist & scientist Goethe
#1831, aired 1992-07-13OPERA: Operas by Rossini, Bizet & Beethoven are set in or near this city Seville
#1830, aired 1992-07-1020th CENTURY WOMEN: This legendary 71-year-old performer, the widow of a diplomat, died in Panama in 1991 Margot Fonteyn
#1829, aired 1992-07-09LITERATURE: The prologue of "The Canterbury Tales" calls him "the hooly blisful martir" Becket
#1828, aired 1992-07-08NATIONS OF THE WORLD: In one of its official languages, this country is called Repiblik Dayti Haiti
#1827, aired 1992-07-071991: Time's 1991 Man of the Year, he made viewers around the world "instant witnesses to history" Ted Turner
#1826, aired 1992-07-06SHAKESPEARE: The play in which a fool says, "This cold night will turn us all to fools and madmen" King Lear
#1819, aired 1992-06-25MEDICINE: It was the last of the 4 major blood groups to be discovered AB
#1818, aired 1992-06-24U.S. STATES: The 2 states formed from counties of the state of Virginia West Virginia & Kentucky
#1815, aired 1992-06-19IN THE NEWS: In an unannounced December 1991 speech at Columbia Univ., this author said, "Free speech is life itself" Salman Rushdie
#1806, aired 1992-06-08PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He received the most electoral votes of any third party candidate in the 20th century Teddy Roosevelt
#1800, aired 1992-05-29VICE PRESIDENTS: He served FDR as Commerce Secretary, Agriculture Secretary, and Vice President Henry Wallace
#1799, aired 1992-05-28FOOD & DRINK: Before the introduction of Diet Coke, this was the leading diet soft drink in the U.S. Tab
#1796, aired 1992-05-25THE 1991 EMMYS: This show won the Best Comedy Series, Actress & Supporting Actress awards Cheers
#1795, aired 1992-05-22COMPOSERS: An anthem that he composed for George II's 1727 coronation has been used for British crownings ever since George Frederick Handel
#1794, aired 1992-05-21AMERICAN STORIES: Story that begins, "Whoever has made a voyage up the Hudson must remember the Kaatskill Mountains" "Rip Van Winkle"
#1793, aired 1992-05-20TRAVEL & TOURISM: This sparsely populated state has the highest percentage of its workforce in tourism, about a third Nevada
#1792, aired 1992-05-19ARTISTS: 2 of his major works are "Synagogue at Safed" (1931) & "King David" (1951) Chagall
#1791, aired 1992-05-18U.S. PRESIDENTS: A native Kentuckian, he was the first president born outside of the original 13 states Abraham Lincoln
#1790, aired 1992-05-15AMERICAN HISTORY: John Alden was the last surviving signer of this the Mayflower Compact
#1789, aired 1992-05-14RELIGIOUS LEADERS: Gan-den Trup-pa, a monk, scholar & author, was the first man to be given this title the Dalai Lama
#1788, aired 1992-05-13ZOOLOGY: The scientific name of this mammal is abbreviated H. amphibius a hippopotamus
#1787, aired 1992-05-12COLONIAL AMERICA: Charles II's brother, the Duke of this, was put in charge of getting the Dutch out of New Amsterdam York
#1786, aired 1992-05-11SECRETARIES OF STATE: This Secretary of State's original first name was Heinz Henry Kissinger
#1785, aired 1992-05-08VICE PRESIDENTS: He was the most recent Democratic Vice President to become President Lyndon Johnson
#1784, aired 1992-05-07WORLD GEOGRAPHY: At about 1 million square miles, it's the world's largest peninsula Arabian
#1783, aired 1992-05-06WORLD LEADERS: On Feb. 24, 1992, this Nobel Peace Prize winner's first column appeared in the New York Times Gorbachev
#1782, aired 1992-05-05FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Verona, Italy has someone who answers dozens of letters sent each week to this 13-year-old girl Juliet
#1781, aired 1992-05-04THE 1970s: These documents revealed the Truman admin. gave military aid to France in its war against the Viet Minh Pentagon Papers
#1780, aired 1992-05-01OSCAR WINNING FILMS: It ends as the main character, Don Birnam, begins work on a new novel, "The Bottle" The Lost Weekend
#1779, aired 1992-04-30U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the first Navy veteran to become president Kennedy
#1775, aired 1992-04-24VICE PRESIDENTS: 2 of only 6 vice presidents who served 2 full terms in office (2 of) Adams, Nixon, Bush, Tompkins (Monroe's), Marshall (Wilson's) or Garner (FDR's 1st & 2nd terms)
#1774, aired 1992-04-23SHAKESPEAREAN CHARACTERS: The 3 characters who die in the last scene of "Romeo and Juliet" are Romeo, Juliet & this person Paris
#1773, aired 1992-04-22THE ELEMENTS: It has the lowest melting point of any metallic element, -38° F. mercury
#1772, aired 1992-04-21AMERICAN ART: This painting commemorating the 100th anniv. of the American Revolution was inspired by a July 4th parade The Spirit of '76
#1771, aired 1992-04-20MONARCHS: After more than 40 years in exile, King Michael returned to this country in 1990 only to be expelled again Romania
#1770, aired 1992-04-17INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: It was founded in Baghdad, Iraq in September 1960 OPEC
#1768, aired 1992-04-15AUTHORS: His exact birthday is unknown, but it's believed to be Sept. 29, 1547, the feast day of San Miguel Miguel de Cervantes
#1766, aired 1992-04-13AUSTRALIA: The flags of these 2 Australian states have crowns on them Queensland & Victoria
#1765, aired 1992-04-10AWARDS: The Pulitzer Prize Gold Medal features an engraving of this 18th century American Benjamin Franklin
#1756, aired 1992-03-30ANCIENT ROME: Profession of those who said, "Ave, Caesar, morituri te salutant" gladiators
#1755, aired 1992-03-27MYTHS & LEGENDS: One legend says he was the Earl of Huntingdon & lived from 1160 to 1247 Robin Hood
#1754, aired 1992-03-26WORLD BUSINESS: After a heraldic lion was placed over its entrance in 1522, a German brewery took this name Lowenbrau
#1753, aired 1992-03-25U.S. PRESIDENTS: He served 8 years each as a member of the House, secretary of state & president James Madison
#1752, aired 1992-03-24OPERETTAS: Hanna Glawari, whose late husband has left her a fortune, is the heroine of this 1905 operetta "The Merry Widow"
#1748, aired 1992-03-18LANGUAGES: Swedish is an official language of these 2 European countries Sweden & Finland
#1744, aired 1992-03-12FAMOUS NAMES: In 1789, while commander of Paris' National Guard, he saved Marie Antoinette from a mob that invaded Versailles Marquis de Lafayette
#1741, aired 1992-03-09THE U.S.A.: With 8, this state has the most national parks Alaska
#1740, aired 1992-03-0620th CENTURY VICE PRESIDENTS: The only VP to become president not immediately after his vice presidential term Richard Nixon
#1739, aired 1992-03-05LITERATURE: In "The Jungle Book" it's called "the Red Flower" & "every beast lives in fear of it" fire
#1738, aired 1992-03-04U.S. STATES: 2 of only 3 U.S. states which have all straight-line boundaries (2 of) Colorado, Utah, & Wyoming
#1737, aired 1992-03-03COMPOSERS: The Royal Liverpool Harmonic marked its 150th anniversary by premiering his oratorio Paul McCartney
#1736, aired 1992-03-02ANIMALS: It's 1 of only 2 mammals with a beak (1 of) (duck-bill(ed)) platypus or an echidna
#1735, aired 1992-02-28IN THE NEWS: In November 1991, 2 people from this country were indicted for the 1988 Pan Am 103 bombing Libya
#1734, aired 1992-02-27SCIENCE: 1 of 2 chemical elements whose symbol is a pronoun (1 of) iodine or helium
#1733, aired 1992-02-26EXPLORERS: In the 1480s his brother Bartholomew gave England's Henry VII a world map to show him their plan Christopher Columbus
#1732, aired 1992-02-25ASTRONOMY: Areology is the scientific study of this planet Mars
#1731, aired 1992-02-24CHILDREN'S BOOKS: You'll find this Martin Hanford character is Charlie in France & Ubaldo in Italy Waldo
#1724, aired 1992-02-13SCIENTISTS: From 1937-1970 he taught physics & seismology at Caltech Charles Richter
#1723, aired 1992-02-12MOVIE MUSICALS: Among the characters in this 1950 film are Buffalo Bill, Sitting Bull & Kaiser Wilhelm II Annie Get Your Gun
#1719, aired 1992-02-06U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of the 4 presidents who never had a vice president (1 of) Tyler, Fillmore, Andrew Johnson & Arthur
#1718, aired 1992-02-05FAMOUS WOMEN: She was granted free use of the mails in December 1963 Jacqueline Kennedy
#1714, aired 1992-01-30ART: Rodin originally conceived "The Thinker" as a seated portrait of this author for "The Gates of Hell" Dante
#1710, aired 1992-01-24THE BIBLE: The book of Genesis ends with his death "and he was put in a coffin in Egypt" Joseph
#1709, aired 1992-01-23WOMEN AUTHORS: In 1901 she published what has become the best-selling children's book of all time Beatrix Potter
#1707, aired 1992-01-21U.S.A.: This community outside Washington, D.C. is named after a Presbyterian church built there in 1820 Bethesda, Maryland
#1706, aired 1992-01-20THE STATUE OF LIBERTY: At her feet is a broken one of these chain
#1705, aired 1992-01-17WORD ORIGINS: This verb meaning to consider carefully or weigh in the mind comes from Latin for "weight" ponder
#1704, aired 1992-01-16MOVIE MUSICALS: This 1955 movie musical featured Rod Steiger in a dream ballet choreographed by Agnes de Mille Oklahoma!
#1703, aired 1992-01-15HISTORIC NAMES: In exile from the U.S., he lived in St. John, New Brunswick from 1787 to 1791 Benedict Arnold
#1702, aired 1992-01-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The New York Stock Exchange symbol of this Montreal-based company is "VO" Seagram
#1701, aired 1992-01-13WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It has the largest population of any country completely south of the Equator South Africa
#1700, aired 1992-01-10AMERICAN DRAMA: This 1938 play's 3 acts are titled "Daily Life", "Love and Marriage" & "Death" Our Town
#1699, aired 1992-01-09THE SENATE: In 1961 he became the first Republican senator from Texas since Reconstruction John Tower
#1698, aired 1992-01-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: These 2 brothers-in-law merged their soap- & candle-making businesses in 1837 Procter & Gamble
#1697, aired 1992-01-07EDUCATION: Friedrich Froebel wanted children to grow naturally, like plants, so he named his school this kindergarten
#1696, aired 1992-01-06MYTHOLOGY: Jupiter made Chiron, the wisest & most just of all centaurs, this constellation Sagittarius
#1695, aired 1992-01-03EUROPEAN NOVELS: A BBC Radio musical called "The Blooms of Dublin" was based on this novel Ulysses
#1694, aired 1992-01-02LITERATURE: This 1952 novel is based on a Biblical story & set in California's Salinas Valley East of Eden
#1693, aired 1992-01-01INSECTS: This pest escaped from a Mass. lab, where it was brought in the 19th C. as a possible silkworm gypsy moth
#1689, aired 1991-12-26FAMOUS ADDRESSES: His home address is the Admiral's House, 34th Street & Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, DC the Vice President of the U.S. (Dan Quayle)
#1685, aired 1991-12-20THEATRE: The patriarch of this family was born Herbert Blythe in 1847; he took a stage name in 1872 the Barrymores
#1683, aired 1991-12-18AMERICAN NOVELS: The narrative in this 1851 novel contains a dissertation on cetology Moby-Dick
#1680, aired 1991-12-13THEATRE: Peter Shaffer omitted the death of Emperor Joseph II from the NYC production of this play Amadeus
#1679, aired 1991-12-12BRIDGES: In 1941 the Rainbow Bridge replaced the Honeymoon Bridge over this river the Niagara River
#1678, aired 1991-12-11THE SOVIET UNION: The head of the Leningrad Communist Party in the 1920s; an opera & ballet theatre is named for him Sergei Kirov
#1676, aired 1991-12-09OPERA: This 1926 opera was inspired by a Carlo Gozzi play written in 1762 & described as a "Chinese fairy tale" Turandot
#1675, aired 1991-12-06SONG STANDARDS: According to Irving Berlin, "They can play a bugle call like you never heard before" Alexander's Ragtime Band
#1672, aired 1991-12-03THE BRITISH EMPIRE: This country which gained independence in 1981 was Britain's last colony on the mainland of the Americas Belize (British Honduras)
#1671, aired 1991-12-02U.S. STATES: At the time of the first U.S. census, in 1790, this state was the most populous & the largest in area Virginia
#1670, aired 1991-11-29SCIENTISTS: In 1902, at age 23, he was appointed to a position in the patent office in Bern, Switzerland Albert Einstein
#1669, aired 1991-11-28ORGANIZATIONS: The forerunner of this organization was founded in 1887 to coordinate 22 Denver charities United Way
#1668, aired 1991-11-27SHAKESPEARE: In his diary Samuel Pepys described this play as silly, "and not related at all to the name or day" Twelfth Night, or What You Will
#1667, aired 1991-11-26FAMOUS NAMES: In the late 1880s this engineer earned the nickname "Magician of Iron" Alexandre Gustave Eiffel
#1666, aired 1991-11-25THE CENSUS: This state has the highest percentage of Hispanics — 38% New Mexico
#1665, aired 1991-11-22THE ELEMENTS: This element, whose name is from the Greek, would be Lucifer in Latin phosphorus
#1664, aired 1991-11-21U.S. CURRENCY: The Treasury prints more bills in these 2 denominations than any other $1 bills & $20 bills
#1663, aired 1991-11-20INTERNATIONAL CUISINE: Robert Burns called this dish "Great chieftain o' the puddin'-race!"; it's still eaten to honor his birthday haggis
#1662, aired 1991-11-19PLAYS: This 1954 play is actually 2 one-acts, "Table by the Window" & "Table Number Seven" Separate Tables
#1661, aired 1991-11-18LITERARY SETTINGS: This "sequestered glen" lies about 2 miles from the Tappan Zee Sleepy Hollow
#1660, aired 1991-11-15COLONIAL AMERICA: The colonists referred to the first three French & Indian Wars using the names of these three British monarchs George, Anne & William
#1659, aired 1991-11-14U.S. PRESIDENTS: The first two consecutive presidents who were from the same state Thomas Jefferson & James Madison (both from Virginia)
#1658, aired 1991-11-13AFRICAN AMERICANS: In 1978 she became the first black woman honored on a U.S. postage stamp Harriet Tubman
#1657, aired 1991-11-12SOUTH AFRICA: The University of Cape Town is on the grounds of Groote Schuur, the former home of this statesman Cecil Rhodes
#1656, aired 1991-11-11AUTHORS: His father was a general under Napoleon & he took part in Garibaldi's liberation of Sicily in 1860 Alexandre Dumas
#1655, aired 1991-11-08ACTRESSES & THEIR ROLES: This American actress won a 1960 Tony & a 1962 Oscar for playing the same teacher Anne Bancroft
#1654, aired 1991-11-07THE BIBLE: The English title of this book is a translation of the Greek word "arithmoi" Numbers
#1653, aired 1991-11-06TRANSPORTATION: The world's 14th largest airline is based in this 240-square-mile island nation Singapore (Singapore Airlines)
#1652, aired 1991-11-05WORLD LEADERS: He died in 1965 & was buried in St. Martin's churchyard near the palace where he was born in 1874 Winston Churchill
#1651, aired 1991-11-04ANCIENT LITERATURE: More writings of this orator survive than of any other Latin author Cicero
#1648, aired 1991-10-30ACTORS & THEIR ROLES: Ronald Reagan, Errol Flynn, Richard Mulligan & Gary Cole have all played this historical role George Armstrong Custer
#1647, aired 1991-10-29INVENTORS: In 1852 he invented an automatic safety device to prevent the fall of hoisting machinery (Elisha) Otis
#1646, aired 1991-10-28BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This Minneapolis company was incorporated in 1928 when 5 flour-making firms merged General Mills
#1645, aired 1991-10-25LITERARY SEQUELS: "Perchance to Dream" is Robert B. Parker's sequel to this 1939 Raymond Chandler novel The Big Sleep
#1644, aired 1991-10-24THE SENATE: The 2 former major party vice presidential nominees who are now senators Robert Dole & Lloyd Bentsen
#1643, aired 1991-10-23THE MOVIE INDUSTRY: This motion picture process was invented by an alumnus of MIT & named in honor of the school Technicolor
#1642, aired 1991-10-22THE NEW TESTAMENT: At his mother's request, Jesus performed his first miracle in public at this event the wedding at Cana
#1641, aired 1991-10-21U.S. PRESIDENTS: Of our 4 assassinated presidents, these 2 were shot in Washington, D.C. Lincoln & Garfield
#1640, aired 1991-10-18SCIENCE: It's the only chemical element named for a U.S. state Californium
#1639, aired 1991-10-17ORGANIZATIONS: The USA’s oldest nationwide voluntary health agency, it was founded in 1904 to combat tuberculosis the American Lung Association
#1638, aired 1991-10-16MUSICAL THEATRE: The title of this 1932 Pulitzer Prize winner comes from the patriotic song "America" Of Thee I Sing
#1637, aired 1991-10-15U.S. PRESIDENTS: This president kept a personally significant coconut shell on his White House desk John Fitzgerald Kennedy
#1636, aired 1991-10-14WORLD WAR II: H.M.S. Hood, then the world's largest warship, was sunk by this battleship May 24, 1941 the Bismarck
#1635, aired 1991-10-11U.S. CITIES: The paper making Winston Churchill an honorary U.S. citizen is in this city named for an inventor Fulton, Missouri
#1634, aired 1991-10-10BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The oldest U.S. food trademark still in use, a red devil, was granted to this company in 1870 Underwood
#1633, aired 1991-10-09DANCERS: In 1912, she bought a London home which became famous for its ornamental lake with swans Anna Pavlova
#1632, aired 1991-10-08SPACE EXPLORATION: After his Mercury flight, he named his Gemini capsule "Molly Brown" Gus Grissom
#1630, aired 1991-10-04FAMOUS NAMES: This future foreign prime minister attended Milwaukee Teachers Training College in 1916 & '17 Golda Meir
#1629, aired 1991-10-03THE ELEMENTS: The 2 metallic elements whose names end in "D" lead & gold
#1628, aired 1991-10-02STAMPS & COINS: 2 of the 3 countries in whose currencies United Nations stamps are issued (2 of) United States, Switzerland & Austria
#1627, aired 1991-10-01THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE: Last name of the 2 brothers from Virginia who signed the Declaration of Independence Lee
#1626, aired 1991-09-30THE OLD TESTAMENT: The 2 books that list the Ten Commandments Exodus & Deuteronomy
#1625, aired 1991-09-27SOUTHEAST ASIA: It's the only country in Southeast Asia with a Christian majority the Philippines
#1624, aired 1991-09-26U.S. GOVERNMENT: 12 of the 15 persons impeached by the federal gov't held this position (federal) judge(s) (judgeship)
#1623, aired 1991-09-25BUSINESS & FINANCE: The Bank of N.Y., America's oldest continuously operating bank, was founded by him in 1784 Alexander Hamilton
#1622, aired 1991-09-24THE PULITZER PRIZE: In 1991 he won his second Pulitzer for fiction, with a book that was a sequel to his first winner John Updike
#1621, aired 1991-09-23WOMEN IN HISTORY: In 1909 she became the 1st woman pres. of what later became the National Conference of Social Work Jane Addams
#1620, aired 1991-09-20U.S. PRESIDENTS: The first president to serve 8 full years Thomas Jefferson
#1619, aired 1991-09-19ORGANIZATIONS: It was founded in 1938 as the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis March of Dimes
#1618, aired 1991-09-18MEDALS & DECORATIONS: The first Victoria Cross was made from Russian guns captured during this war the Crimean War
#1617, aired 1991-09-17FAMOUS MOVIE PAIRS: The only Tracy & Hepburn film with their characters' names in its title Pat and Mike
#1616, aired 1991-09-16FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: An accomplished author, his masterpiece was a "Practical Handbook of Bee Culture" Sherlock Holmes
#1615, aired 1991-09-13THE 20th CENTURY: He was attacked by R. Mercader, a Spanish Communist agent, on Aug. 20, 1940 & died the following day Leon Trotsky
#1614, aired 1991-09-12INVENTORS: Advised to invent something to be used & thrown away, he did in 1895 & made a fortune King Gillette
#1613, aired 1991-09-11HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: The day Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving, Americans observe this day Columbus Day
#1612, aired 1991-09-10CLASSICAL MUSIC: At the premiere of this Handel work, explosions destroyed part of the outdoor pavilion Music for the Royal Fireworks
#1611, aired 1991-09-09THE OLYMPICS: This country hoped to get the 1996 games as it would have been 100 years since it last had them Greece
#1610, aired 1991-09-06BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: It's the largest company on the Fortune 500 named for a person (Henry) Ford
#1609, aired 1991-09-05ACTRESSES: She was the special guest at the Empire State Building's 60th anniversary celebration on May 1, 1991 Fay Wray
#1608, aired 1991-09-04U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the 1st Democrat elected president after the Civil War (Grover) Cleveland
#1607, aired 1991-09-03NOVELS: Hemingway novel that begins, "Robert Cohn was once middleweight boxing champion of Princeton" The Sun Also Rises
#1606, aired 1991-09-02POETRY: Robert Browning's poem about him contains the line "Rats! They fought the dogs and killed the cats" Pied Piper (of Hamelin)
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