Season 6 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (201 clues archived)

#1375, aired 1990-07-20AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1839 & '40 France & Great Britain signed commercial treaties with this new republic Texas
#1374, aired 1990-07-19WORLD CITIES: Built between 1666 & 1667, the Castle of Good Hope is the oldest monument in this capital city Cape Town
#1373, aired 1990-07-18FIRST LADIES: The two 20th century first ladies whose first name was Elizabeth Ford & Truman
#1372, aired 1990-07-17VOCABULARY: From Greek for "little world", it's the body seen as a mini-universe animated by its own soul microcosm
#1371, aired 1990-07-16THE BIBLE: "The dead which he slew at his death were more than they which he slew in his life" Samson
#1370, aired 1990-07-13WEAPONS: In the Civil War contact mines, like the ones that didn't slow Farragut in Mobile Bay, were called this torpedos
#1369, aired 1990-07-12EXPLORATION: This country's flag was the first to be planted at the South Pole Norway
#1368, aired 1990-07-11HISTORICAL DRAMA: John Dryden's "All for Love: or, the World Well Lost" is based on this play by Shakespeare Antony & Cleopatra
#1367, aired 1990-07-10U.S. PRESIDENTS: President with the most recent birth date Jimmy Carter
#1366, aired 1990-07-09SPORTS: This sport requires the largest field of any ball game--12.4 acres polo
#1364, aired 1990-07-05FAMOUS AMERICANS: He was in charge of the band training center at Great Lakes Naval Base during WWI John Philip Sousa
#1363, aired 1990-07-04VICE PRESIDENTS: 11 of our 44 Vice Presidents were residents of this state New York
#1362, aired 1990-07-03WOMEN: In 1906 she became the first woman to teach at the Sorbonne Marie Curie
#1359, aired 1990-06-28PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: In 1988 Nevada was the only state to offer this choice on the ballot, & 6,934 people took it none of the above (no preference)
#1358, aired 1990-06-27FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Harry Bailly, host of the Tabard Inn, serves as the M.C. in this collection of stories The Canterbury Tales
#1356, aired 1990-06-25AMERICAN AUTHORS: He wrote: "They spell it Vinci & pronounce it Vinchy; foreigners always spell better than they pronounce" Mark Twain
#1355, aired 1990-06-22AMERICAN WRITERS: The only American woman awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature, she won hers in 1938 Pearl Buck
#1354, aired 1990-06-21COINS: On its reverse the Susan B. Anthony dollar commemorated this historic event of the 1960s Moon landing
#1353, aired 1990-06-20LANDMARKS: Its name is Italian for "theater at the stairway" La Scala
#1352, aired 1990-06-19FAMOUS NAMES: She wrote several books: the first, titled "20 Hrs. 40 Min.", was published in 1928 Amelia Earhart
#1350, aired 1990-06-15WORLD WAR I: 2 of World War I's "Big Four" leaders who met in Paris in 1919 to draft the Treaty of Versailles (2 of) Wilson, Clemenceau, Orlando or David Lloyd George
#1347, aired 1990-06-12REPUBLICANS: This California Senator was the first Republican nominee for president, but he lost (John Charles) Fremont
#1346, aired 1990-06-11MINERALS: These 2 nations lead the world in the production of gold South Africa & USSR
#1345, aired 1990-06-08THE CALENDAR: The 3 days named after a mythological father & 2 of his sons Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
#1344, aired 1990-06-0719th CENTURY AMERICANS: 1st & last name of the man who brought insanity proceedings against his famous mother in 1875 Robert Lincoln
#1343, aired 1990-06-06LANDMARKS: First identified in 1741, it split while being dragged to Liberty Pole Square in 1774 Plymouth Rock
#1341, aired 1990-06-04HISTORIC NAMES: When the city of Podgorica became capital of Montenegro after WWII, it was renamed in his honor Tito
#1340, aired 1990-06-01FAMOUS WOMEN: While a regular on Major Bowes' radio show, she said, "I'm 7 years old & I can sing 23 arias." Beverly "Bubbles" Sills
#1339, aired 1990-05-31GEOGRAPHY: It's the southernmost independent country in the world Chile (which goes down around Tierra Del Fuego & sweeps a little south of Argentina)
#1338, aired 1990-05-30ENGLAND: Legend says if the ravens ever leave this historic site on the Thames, England will fall Tower of London
#1337, aired 1990-05-29WORD ORIGINS: Name for a festival from the Italian meaning farewell to meat Carnival
#1336, aired 1990-05-28COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: London's College of Heralds granted this American college a coat of arms in 1694 William & Mary
#1335, aired 1990-05-25THE BIBLE: The third man mentioned in the Bible; his name means "breath" in Hebrew Abel
#1333, aired 1990-05-23BRITISH HISTORY: The 14th Earl of this was prime minister in 1852; the 12th Earl of this had a race named for him Earl of Derby
#1332, aired 1990-05-22AMERICAN LITERATURE: Merlin the Magician cast a spell putting this title character to sleep for 1,300 years A Connecticut Yankee (In King Arthur's Court)
#1331, aired 1990-05-21SCIENTISTS: When Einstein won the 1921 Nobel Prize in physics, he was a naturalized citizen of this country Switzerland (He came to the U.S. later on)
#1330, aired 1990-05-18THE SUPREME COURT: Son of a famous poet, this oldest justice ever didn't retire until he was 90 Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.
#1329, aired 1990-05-17AMERICAN AUTHORS: In 1839, at age 19, he joined the crew of the freighter St. Lawrence that ran between NYC & Liverpool Herman Melville
#1328, aired 1990-05-16GEOGRAPHY: It's the only country whose name begins with "A", but doesn't end with "A" Afghanistan
#1327, aired 1990-05-15THE NOBEL PRIZE: This winner of the 1970 Nobel Literature Prize was born in 1918 into a family of Cossack intellectuals Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn
#1326, aired 1990-05-14THE BIBLE: Of the men mentioned in the King James Version, he's first alphabetically Aaron (Moses' brother)
#1325, aired 1990-05-11MEDICINE: His vaccine was announced safe in April '55, the 10th anniversary of FDR's death Dr. Jonas Salk
#1324, aired 1990-05-10U.S. CITIES: Massachusetts city named for an industrialist whose family included several poets & an astronomer Lowell
#1323, aired 1990-05-09NATIONAL ANTHEMS: This country's national anthem was written on the night of April 24, 1792 France ("La Marseillaise")
#1322, aired 1990-05-08ISLANDS: The largest island in the Tuscan Archipelago, its most famous resident left in 1815 Elba (former home of Napoleon)
#1321, aired 1990-05-07COMPOSERS: His most famous work includes "La primavera", "L'estate", "L'autunno" & "L'inverno" Vivaldi
#1320, aired 1990-05-04THE SENATE: The 2 astronauts who went on to become U.S. senators John Glenn (Ohio) & Harrison Schmitt (New Mexico)
#1319, aired 1990-05-03ACTORS & THEIR ROLES: Robert Shaw, Richard Burton & Charles Laughton all played this ruler on film Henry VIII
#1318, aired 1990-05-02ARCHITECTURE: Once a professor of astronomy, he designed the Royal Observatory at Greenwich Sir Christopher Wren
#1317, aired 1990-05-01U.S. STATES: The only U.S. state that borders 4 Great Lakes Michigan (borders Huron, Michigan, Erie & Superior)
#1316, aired 1990-04-30PRESIDENTS: The first U.S. president who had served as a governor of a state Thomas Jefferson
#1315, aired 1990-04-27EUROPE: In this country domestic mail is free & int'l mail can be sent from French or Spanish post offices Andorra
#1314, aired 1990-04-26U.S. HISTORY: Some say he was shot by Sergeant Boston Corbett, & other believe he killed himself John Wilkes Booth
#1312, aired 1990-04-24PLAYWRIGHTS: His most famous play was first produced in 1895, the year he was sent to jail, & he never wrote another Oscar Wilde (The Importance of Being Earnest)
#1311, aired 1990-04-23STATE CAPITALS: This city was named for a first century Roman citizen & missionary St. Paul, Minnesota
#1310, aired 1990-04-20ACTRESSES: She suffered a serious injury while starring in "La Tosca", a play written for her Sarah Bernhardt
#1309, aired 1990-04-19BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This company was incorporated in 1946 as Tokyo Telecommunications Engineering Corporation Sony
#1308, aired 1990-04-1813-LETTER WORDS: Word meaning "immeasurably small"; its first 8 letters are a word meaning "immeasurably great" infinitesimal
#1307, aired 1990-04-17MAGAZINES: The 2 major literary monthlies founded in the 1850s that survive today The Atlantic Monthly & Harpers
#1306, aired 1990-04-16BASEBALL: This major league manager was born July 30, 1890 in Kansas City, Missouri Casey Stengel
#1305, aired 1990-04-13THE BIBLE: Though he fought against the Philistines, his wife was one, & so was his paramour Samson
#1304, aired 1990-04-12U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Alaska has the longest seacoast & this state is second Florida
#1303, aired 1990-04-11THE ROARING '20s: Term given to the flowering of Black American arts & letters the Harlem Renaissance
#1302, aired 1990-04-10CABLE TELEVISION: The name of this channel can be traced back to a movie theater that opened in 1905 in McKeesport, Pa. Nickelodeon
#1301, aired 1990-04-09AMERICAN HISTORY: Virginia's motto since 1776; it was shouted in another context on April 14, 1865 "Sic Semper Tyrannis"
#1300, aired 1990-04-06MONEY: Country whose basic monetary unit is the Balboa Panama
#1299, aired 1990-04-05CANADA: Early documents & maps referred to this future Canadian province as "Terra Nova" Newfoundland
#1296, aired 1990-04-02ACTORS & THEIR ROLES: This actor won a 1952 Tony & a 1956 Oscar for playing the same ruler Yul Brynner (The King and I)
#1295, aired 1990-03-30WORLD HISTORY: He became a nat'l hero when he led the Spanish Foreign Legion against Moroccan rebels in the 1920s Gen. Francisco Franco
#1294, aired 1990-03-29COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: The only state that's home to 2 Ivy League schools New York (Columbia, in NYC & Cornell, in Ithaca)
#1291, aired 1990-03-26COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: The world's most populous democracy India
#1290, aired 1990-03-23AUTHORS: After his death in 1745, he was buried in St. Patrick's cathedral in Dublin Jonathan Swift
#1289, aired 1990-03-22U.S. PRESIDENTS: This president was the last surviving signer of the U.S. Constitution James Madison
#1287, aired 1990-03-20WORD ORIGINS: Word derived from the act of breaking up a failed Italian moneylender's market bench bankruptcy
#1286, aired 1990-03-19THE CALENDAR: Civilization that produced the first known calendar with 365 days Ancient Egypt
#1285, aired 1990-03-16LITERARY CHARACTERS: He first appeared as the title character in the 1630 drama "The Seducer of Seville" Don Juan
#1284, aired 1990-03-15EUROPE: The 2 European countries whose 7-letter names differ by just 1 letter Iceland & Ireland
#1283, aired 1990-03-14AMERICAN POETRY: The poem that includes the line: "Leave no black plume as a token of that lie thy soul hath spoken!" "The Raven" (by Edgar Allan Poe)
#1282, aired 1990-03-13THE CALENDAR: In 8 B.C., when this month was renamed, a day from Feb. was added so it equaled the month before it August
#1281, aired 1990-03-12THE NOBEL PRIZE: The only peace prize awarded posthumously went to this man in 1961 Dag Hammarskjold (the secretary-general of the UN who was killed in the plane crash in Africa)
#1280, aired 1990-03-09STATE CAPITALS: 2 of the 4 state capitals named for a place in England (2 of) Richmond, Dover, Hartford or Boston
#1279, aired 1990-03-08FAMOUS NAMES: He published a history of Virginia & New England in 1624, after escaping from Turks, Indians & pirates Captain John Smith
#1278, aired 1990-03-07PLAYS: It closes with "Then let's play poker--and watch your cigarettes, will you? This is my house, not a pig sty." The Odd Couple
#1277, aired 1990-03-06PRESIDENTS: Black Jack was the riderless horse at the funerals of these 3 presidents JFK, LBJ & Eisenhower
#1276, aired 1990-03-05SHAKESPEAREAN TITLE CHARACTERS: He is introduced as "the triple pillar of the world transformed into a strumpet's fool" Marc Antony
#1275, aired 1990-03-02NOTORIOUS: Probably born in France, a U.S. hero in 1815, he burned down his own colony in 1821 & disappeared Jean Lafitte
#1274, aired 1990-03-01WORLD HISTORY: City that was the seat of government of the viceroyalty of New Spain Mexico City
#1273, aired 1990-02-28WORLD TRADE: 3 of the 5 founding members of OPEC (3 of) Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia & Venezuela
#1272, aired 1990-02-27BRITISH ROYALTY: Before Prince Andrew, he was the last Duke of York King George VI
#1271, aired 1990-02-26U.S. STATES: After Rhode Island & Delaware, it's the next smallest state in area Connecticut
#1270, aired 1990-02-23NAMES IN THE NEWS: Simultaneously on the covers of Time, Newsweek & S.I. in 1973, he was buried in 1989 in a 6' X 6' casket Secretariat
#1269, aired 1990-02-22MUSIC: The melody for "Hail, Hail, The Gang's All Here" comes from this comic operetta The Pirates of Penzance
#1267, aired 1990-02-20GOVERNMENT: This man resigned his Senate seat January 3, 1989 Dan Quayle
#1266, aired 1990-02-19ANCIENT HISTORY: Crassus, Julius Caesar & this man formed the 1st Triumvirate Pompey
#1265, aired 1990-02-16AMERICAN NOVELS: Chapter 15 of this 1881 novel is entitled "Tom as King" The Prince and the Pauper
#1264, aired 1990-02-15U.S. STATES: In 1820 it became the last New England state admitted to the Union Maine
#1263, aired 1990-02-14ASTRONOMY: In 1910 it could be seen with the naked eye; in 1911 a telescope was necessary; by 1912 it was gone Halley's Comet
#1262, aired 1990-02-13THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR: In April 1775 Gen. J. Warren made him an official messenger of the Committee of Safety Paul Revere
#1261, aired 1990-02-12MONEY: Name of the structure seen on the back of the currently minted nickel Monticello
#1260, aired 1990-02-09SHAKESPEARE: Tho Shakespeare wrote many plays about kings, she is the only title character who is a queen Cleopatra
#1259, aired 1990-02-08PRESIDENTS: The only U.S. president who served previously as U.S. representative to the U.N. George Bush
#1258, aired 1990-02-07EUROPEAN CITIES: The name of this Italian city comes from the Greek word for "new city" Naples
#1257, aired 1990-02-06LANDMARKS: Slated for demolition, it held 2 madmen, 4 forgers & a nobleman when the mob came for its gunpowder The Bastille
#1256, aired 1990-02-05FAMOUS QUOTES: One of the most famous questions in history, it was asked in 1871 in the village of Ujiji "Dr. Livingstone, I presume?"
#1255, aired 1990-02-02POLITICS: He was the last man holding the office of gov. when elected vice president of the U.S. Spiro Agnew (1968)
#1254, aired 1990-02-01PUNCTUATION: The name of this punctuation mark is Greek for "together" Hyphen
#1252, aired 1990-01-30EUROPE: 2 of the 3 countries which today share the region of ancient Macedonia (2 of) Bulgaria, Greece & Yugoslavia
#1251, aired 1990-01-29ROYALTY: If Prince Charles keeps his name when he becomes king, this number will follow it III
#1250, aired 1990-01-26AMERICAN AUTHORS: He died at age 28, just 5 years after his Civil War novel was published Stephen Crane (The Red Badge of Courage)
#1248, aired 1990-01-24DIRECTORS: He was an actor for 21 years before he directed his 1st feature film at age 23 in 1977 Ron Howard
#1247, aired 1990-01-23AMERICAN HISTORY: He was born in Connecticut in 1800 & hanged for treason in Virginia in 1859 John Brown
#1246, aired 1990-01-22DISNEY: The last full-length cartoon feature Walt Disney supervised personally, it was set in India The Jungle Book
#1245, aired 1990-01-19ANCIENT TIMES: This city didn't exist at the time of the Trojan War so Paris couldn't have abducted Helen from there Sparta (Helen was married to the king of Sparta)
#1242, aired 1990-01-16PUBLISHING: Annual publication whose 1992 issue will mark its bicentennial The Old Farmer's Almanac
#1241, aired 1990-01-15U.S. PRESIDENTS: Of the 1st 7 presidents, only these 2 were not re-elected John Adams & John Quincy Adams
#1240, aired 1990-01-12BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The Welch's Company has its corporate headquarters in this Mass. town Concord
#1239, aired 1990-01-11ORGANIZATIONS: It moved its HQ from Savannah to Wash. D.C. in 1913, & in 1917 began making each First Lady honorary pres. the Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.
#1238, aired 1990-01-10PLAYS: 1949 Pulitzer Prize play in which the title character commits suicide for the insurance money Death of a Salesman
#1237, aired 1990-01-09GEOGRAPHY: The 2 independent South American countries named after famous men Bolivia and Colombia
#1236, aired 1990-01-08ANAGRAMS: 2 words having to do with parenthood that are anagrams of "parental" paternal & prenatal
#1235, aired 1990-01-05FOREIGN CURRENCY: The 2 world currencies, 1 European & 1 Mideastern, that are anagrams of "LIAR" lira & rial
#1234, aired 1990-01-04THE NOBEL PRIZE: In 1954 the U.N. won for Peace, Hemingway for Literature & this U.S. chemist for Chemistry Linus Pauling
#1233, aired 1990-01-03WOMEN IN SPORTS: The last 2 U.S. women to win Olympic gold medals in individual figure skating Peggy Fleming & Dorothy Hamill
#1232, aired 1990-01-02THE OSCARS: Of Cecil B. De Mille's 70 films, only this non-Biblical one won "Best Picture" The Greatest Show on Earth
#1231, aired 1990-01-01SHAKESPEARE: Act I, Scene III of this play involves a heated discussion about 3,000 ducats The Merchant of Venice
#1230, aired 1989-12-29WORD ORIGINS: This word for a close friend or an old chum comes from the Greek word for time Crony (from the Greek god Chronos)
#1229, aired 1989-12-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Surprisingly, it was not made a legal U.S. holiday until 1941, over 150 yrs. after it was 1st celebrated July 4th (Independence Day)
#1228, aired 1989-12-27WORLD CAPITALS: City that's the westernmost capital on the European mainland Lisbon, Portugal
#1227, aired 1989-12-26TEXAS: The front of the state seal of Texas has 1 star & the back of the seal has 6 of these Flags (Six flags over Texas)
#1226, aired 1989-12-25THE SUPREME COURT: 1 of 4 presidents who left office without having appointed a Supreme Court justice Jimmy Carter, Andrew Johnson, Zachary Taylor or William Henry Harrison
#1225, aired 1989-12-22MOUNTAINS: The names of the tallest peak in the Alps & the tallest peak in Hawaii both mean this in English white mountain
#1224, aired 1989-12-21AWARDS: More Congressional Medal of Honor winners have come from this war than any other the Civil War
#1223, aired 1989-12-20MODERN HISTORY: In 1980 Vigdis Finnbogadottir became this country's 1st female president Iceland
#1222, aired 1989-12-19BROADWAY MUSICALS: Near the end of this 1960 musical set in Britain, the heroine is almost burned at the stake Camelot
#1221, aired 1989-12-18FAMOUS NAMES: He said, "I saw a fleet of fishing boats, ...flew down...& yelled at them, asking if I was on the right road to Ireland" Charles Lindbergh
#1220, aired 1989-12-15U.S. GEOGRAPHY: It's the smallest state in land area of those not in the original 13 colonies Hawaii (6,423 sq. mi.)
#1219, aired 1989-12-14THEATRE: This 1955 play set in Mississippi takes place on a family patriarch's birthday Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
#1218, aired 1989-12-13CONGRESS: Beginning with Theodore Sedgwick in 1799, 8 House Speakers have represented this state, more than any other Massachusetts
#1217, aired 1989-12-12WOMEN: In 1976 she became the 1st woman to serve as Chief of Protocol of the United States Shirley Temple Black
#1216, aired 1989-12-11BRITISH ROYALTY: The name of the House of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha was changed to Windsor during this monarch's reign George V
#1215, aired 1989-12-08RIVERS: The single greatest source of water power in the U.S. is on this river The Columbia River (Grand Coulee Dam)
#1214, aired 1989-12-07THE MOVIES: The only film role Jimmy Cagney played twice; the 2nd time was in "The 7 Little Foys" George M. Cohan
#1213, aired 1989-12-06THE COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS: In terms of area it's the largest country in the British Commonwealth Canada
#1212, aired 1989-12-05FINAL RESTING PLACES: This town was the 1st to serve as the burial place for 2 U.S. presidents Quincy, Massachusetts (Braintree, Massachusetts)
#1211, aired 1989-12-04AMERICAN HISTORY: He was captured near Irwinville, Georgia on May 10, 1865 Jefferson Davis
#1210, aired 1989-12-01LANGUAGES: To have taken the 1st modern IQ test in 1905 you had to understand this language French (the Binet-Simon test)
#1209, aired 1989-11-30THE POST OFFICE: From 1837-1970 this animal was on the seal of the Post Office Department a horse
#1208, aired 1989-11-29U.S. PRESIDENTS: From March 4, 1933 to January 20, 1953, he was the only living former president Herbert Hoover
#1207, aired 1989-11-28SHAKESPEARE: Shakespeare's only play with an English locale in its title The Merry Wives of Windsor
#1206, aired 1989-11-27STATE CAPITALS: Genoa, Italy gave this state capital a 20' statue which was put in front of City Hall Columbus, Ohio
#1205, aired 1989-11-24MAN IN SPACE: America's 1st civilian in space Neil Armstrong
#1204, aired 1989-11-23LANDMARKS: Its name is literally Persian for "crown of palaces" Taj Mahal
#1203, aired 1989-11-22THE OSCARS: This Irish-born actor has received 7 "Best Actor" nominations without winning an Oscar Peter O'Toole
#1202, aired 1989-11-21THE SOLAR SYSTEM: It's the smallest of the 4 giant planets Neptune
#1201, aired 1989-11-20THE CENSUS: 3 of the 6 U.S. states averaging fewer than 10 people per square mile (3 of) Alaska, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota, South Dakota & Wyoming
#1200, aired 1989-11-17U.S. HISTORY: The states admitted to the Union in the 20th century were Alaska, Hawaii & these 3 Arizona, New Mexico & Oklahoma
#1199, aired 1989-11-16UNREAL ESTATE: Originally this legendary place name referred to a ruler near Bogota who dusted his body with gold El Dorado
#1198, aired 1989-11-15VICE PRESIDENTS: At 39 he was the youngest man to take the office of vice president Richard Nixon (in 1953)
#1197, aired 1989-11-14FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Hired as a ship's cook, he led the mutiny aboard the Hispaniola Long John Silver (in Treasure Island)
#1196, aired 1989-11-13STATE CAPITALS: 2 of the 3 state capitals lying on the Missouri River (2 of) Jefferson City (MO), Bismarck (ND) & Pierre (SD)
#1195, aired 1989-11-10THE CENSUS: 2 of the 4 U.S. states with a population density greater than 500 people per square mile (2 of) Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey & Rhode Island
#1194, aired 1989-11-09COMMUNICATIONS: The "T" in TASS, an agency founded in the Soviet Union in 1925, stands for this Telegraph
#1193, aired 1989-11-08THE OSCARS: Only Pulitzer Prize-winning novels to become Oscar-winning “Best Pictures” are “All The King's Men” & this one Gone with the Wind
#1192, aired 1989-11-07U.S. POLITICS: He served as Sec'y of H.E.W., Sec'y of Defense & Att'y General, all in the same year--1973 Elliot Richardson
#1191, aired 1989-11-06U.S. STATES: With over 35,000 miles, this state has the longest highway system in the U.S. Texas
#1190, aired 1989-11-03PRESIDENTS: The last president who did not serve in the armed forces Franklin D. Roosevelt
#1189, aired 1989-11-02THE CALENDAR: The 1st leap year of the 21st century 2004
#1188, aired 1989-11-01IN THE NEWS: In June 1989 this country changed its name to the Union of Myanmar & its capital to Yangon Burma
#1187, aired 1989-10-31HISTORIC NAMES: In 1805 he was named Gov. of New South Wales & was overthrown in a mutiny 3 years later Captain William Bligh
#1186, aired 1989-10-30BOXING: He lost a heavyweight championship bout in 1938 & is now a Coca-Cola bottler in West Germany Max Schmeling
#1185, aired 1989-10-27FILMS OF THE '50s: The 2 "High" films in which Grace Kelly starred High Noon (1952) & High Society (1955)
#1184, aired 1989-10-26WORD ORIGINS: Where you'd naturally find armalcolite, named for the 3 men who 1st handled it the Moon
#1183, aired 1989-10-25U.S. PRESIDENTS: He married the same woman twice: in 1791 & again in 1794 Andrew Jackson
#1182, aired 1989-10-24SCULPTURE: It's the largest copper statue in the world the Statue of Liberty
#1181, aired 1989-10-23COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: After Haiti, it's the oldest independent black republic in the world Liberia
#1180, aired 1989-10-20STATE CAPITALS: Lying at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo range, it's the highest state capital Santa Fe, New Mexico
#1179, aired 1989-10-19MONARCHS: Between 1700 & the present all the kings of England have been named George, Edward or this William
#1178, aired 1989-10-18PUBLISHING: For its 1990 edition Guinness is dropping all records of this 1 of the 7 deadly sins gluttony
#1177, aired 1989-10-17THE UNITED NATIONS: It's the largest country in Europe that is not a member of the United Nations Switzerland
#1176, aired 1989-10-16DISNEY FEATURE FILMS: This 1940 Disney title character wore a Tyrolean hat Pinocchio
#1175, aired 1989-10-13SHAKESPEARE: He appears in 3 of Shakespeare's plays & his death is reported in "King Henry V" Sir John Falstaff
#1174, aired 1989-10-12AMERICANA: When the "Star-Spangled Banner" was written, this man was president of the U.S. James Madison
#1173, aired 1989-10-11THE BIBLE: Created on the 3rd day, it was, according to Genesis, the 1st form of life on Earth plant life
#1172, aired 1989-10-10FAMOUS NAMES: The story of this man who rented a house in Omaha, Nebraska in 1917 was made into a 1938 film Father Flanagan
#1171, aired 1989-10-09U.S. CITIES: Pennsylvania City named for the home of William Penn's ancestors; its name is found on a Monopoly board Reading (Railroad)
#1170, aired 1989-10-06AMERICAN LITERATURE: The only native Californian to win the Nobel Prize for Literature John Steinbeck (in 1940 for The Grapes of Wrath)
#1169, aired 1989-10-05MYTHOLOGY: In Greek mythology, he was the most famous son of Hypnos, the god of sleep Morpheus
#1168, aired 1989-10-04TELEVISION: This NBC special was performed live in 1955 & 1956; videotaped in 1960; & re-run in '63, '66, '78 & '89 Peter Pan
#1167, aired 1989-10-03U.S. STATES: It's the only letter not used in the spelling of the 50 states Q
#1166, aired 1989-10-02VOCABULARY: From the Latin for "at the same time", this 12-letter adjective contains all 5 vowels simultaneous
#1165, aired 1989-09-29WORLD CAPITALS: It's the only world capital on the Tigris River Baghdad, Iraq
#1164, aired 1989-09-28LEGENDS: She abducted Lancelot when he was a baby & kept him on an island the Lady of the Lake (or Vivien or Nimue)
#1163, aired 1989-09-27FAMOUS WOMEN: Born Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu in 1910 in what is now Yugoslavia, she became a citizen of India in 1948 Mother Teresa
#1162, aired 1989-09-26BEST SELLERS: A juvenile edition of this 1961 best seller was called "The Great Adventure of Michelangelo" The Agony & The Ecstasy
#1161, aired 1989-09-25WORLD GEOGRAPHY: The 2 nations planning to build a 10-mile bridge between them to link Europe to Africa Morocco & Spain
#1160, aired 1989-09-22THE U.S. CONGRESS: As long as Hawaii's been a state, he's represented it in Congress Daniel Inouye
#1158, aired 1989-09-20LONDON LANDMARKS: It was built originally on the Whitehall site of a medieval palace used to house visiting Scottish kings Scotland Yard
#1152, aired 1989-09-12LITERATURE: The next-to-last chapter of this novel is entitled "The Knitting Done" A Tale of Two Cities
#1150, aired 1989-09-08THE CABINET: When this department was established in 1849, it was called the Home Department the Department of the Interior
#1147, aired 1989-09-05WORLD LEADERS: This famous man was the grandfather of the current prime minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru
#1146, aired 1989-09-04SOVIET HISTORY: He was Premier when Yuri Gagarin, the 1st cosmonaut, went into space Nikita Khrushchev
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