Season 5 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (215 clues archived)

#1145, aired 1989-07-21AMERICAN POETS: He wrote a biography that won Pulitzer Prize for history in 1940 & won for his poetry in 1951 Carl Sandburg
#1144, aired 1989-07-20MONARCHS: Berengaria, who never set foot in England, was its queen for 8 yrs. after marrying this king on Cyprus Richard the Lionhearted
#1143, aired 1989-07-19THE '30s: 2 of the 5 states in the Dust Bowl (2 of) Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado, Texas or New Mexico
#1142, aired 1989-07-18AMERICANA: Hotel made famous by Dorothy Parker, Franklin Pierce Adams & Robert Benchley the Algonquin
#1141, aired 1989-07-17OPERA: Based on a French novel by Henri Murger, its title refers to the carefree life artists lead La bohème
#1139, aired 1989-07-13IN THE NEWS: The European Community's target year for lifting all economic barriers among its 12 members 1992
#1138, aired 1989-07-12FAIRY TALES: 4-letter boy's name that appears most often in the titles of Grimm's fairy tales Hans
#1137, aired 1989-07-11MOVIES: Title of a 1960 S. Tracy film, it completes the bib. quote "He that troubleth his own house shall..." Inherit the Wind
#1136, aired 1989-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY: Alexander Hamilton Stephens of Georgia was the only person to hold this office Vice President of the Confederacy
#1135, aired 1989-07-07ACTRESSES: In 1955, she was the 1st adult actress to win an honorary Oscar, but she didn't attend the ceremony Greta Garbo
#1134, aired 1989-07-06MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: The name of this instrument played with the mouth goes back to a Greek word for "agreement" harmonica
#1133, aired 1989-07-05MONARCHS: This late ruler was born in 1892, & his original name was Tafari Makonnen Haile Selassie
#1132, aired 1989-07-04STATE CAPITALS: The 2 state capitals, both east of the Mississippi, that begin with the same 6 letters Columbus (Ohio) & Columbia (South Carolina)
#1131, aired 1989-07-03NATIONAL PARKS: Besides Wyoming, the 2 other states in which Yellowstone park is located Montana & Idaho
#1130, aired 1989-06-30CORPORATE AMERICA: This company began in 1914, transporting passengers in Minnesota between Alice & Hibbing Greyhound
#1128, aired 1989-06-28POETRY: They're described as "Snowy, Flowy, Blowy, Showery, Flowery, Bowery, Hoppy, Croppy, Droppy, Breezy, Sneezy, Freezy" 12 months
#1127, aired 1989-06-27FOREIGN PHRASES: Latin phrase found on the face of the Great Seal of the United States E pluribus unum
#1126, aired 1989-06-26WOMEN: 1 of 3 states that currently has a woman governor (1 of) Vermont, Nebraska, or Arizona
#1125, aired 1989-06-23MAN IN SPACE: On May 25, 1973 it took the crew in an Apollo capsule 9 tries to dock with this craft Skylab
#1124, aired 1989-06-22PULITZER PRIZES: 1 of 2 Black women who won Pulitzer Prizes for their fiction, 1 in 1983 & 1 in 1988 Alice Walker or Toni Morrison
#1123, aired 1989-06-21THE CABINET: Department whose 1st secretary was Oveta Culp Hobby & whose last was Patricia Roberts Harris HEW (Health, Education & Welfare)
#1122, aired 1989-06-20HISTORIC NAMES: In 1916 he was poisoned & shot, but died by drowning Rasputin
#1121, aired 1989-06-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: In a Eugene Field poem, the wooden shoe stands for a trundle bed, & these 3 for 2 eyes & a head Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
#1120, aired 1989-06-16AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHTS: M. Stapleton, Eli Wallach, Jessica Tandy & M. Leighton all won Tonys for performances in his plays Tennessee Williams
#1119, aired 1989-06-15TECHNOLOGY: French scientist Rene de Reaumur got the idea to make this out of wood from watching a wasp paper
#1117, aired 1989-06-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This national chain of 1,248 stores was named after a pond Waldenbooks
#1116, aired 1989-06-12VOCABULARY: This 7-letter synonym for dictionary is from a Greek word for "word" lexicon
#1115, aired 1989-06-09THE OSCARS: British actress who won Oscars for playing Southern women in 2 different films Vivien Leigh
#1108, aired 1989-05-31BEST SELLERS: The title of this 1970 best seller referred to brothers Rudolph & Thomas Jordache Rich Man, Poor Man
#1107, aired 1989-05-30COINS: She became the only monarch to appear on a U.S. coin, when a commemorative quarter was issued in 1893 Queen Isabella
#1106, aired 1989-05-29THE 50 STATES: The 2 states whose names end with the letter "Y" Kentucky & New Jersey
#1105, aired 1989-05-26FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: According to the Browning poem, he could also get rid of "The mole and toad and newt and viper" the Pied Piper of Hamelin
#1104, aired 1989-05-25MONEY: It was the 1st country to use paper money China
#1103, aired 1989-05-24WORLD CITIES: Linked by the world's 5th longest suspension bridge, it lies in both Europe & Asia Istanbul
#1102, aired 1989-05-23LITERATURE: It's where Philip Nolan asked to be buried at sea
#1101, aired 1989-05-22AWARDS: In 1931 this social worker became the 1st American woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize Jane Addams
#1100, aired 1989-05-19PEOPLE & PLACES: Plato mentioned this place in "Critias" & "Timaeus", & people today are still looking for it Atlantis
#1099, aired 1989-05-18EUROPE: Alphabetically it's the 1st member of both the European Community & NATO Belgium
#1098, aired 1989-05-17SPORTS: Both volleyball & basketball were invented by Y.M.C.A. staff members in the 1890s in this state Massachusetts
#1097, aired 1989-05-16AMERICANA: It was published annually from 1732-1757 & credited to an imaginary astronomer Poor Richard's Almanack
#1096, aired 1989-05-15WORLD POPULATIONS: The U.S. Census Bureau predicts by 2050 this country could surpass China in population India
#1095, aired 1989-05-12BODIES OF WATER: Covering more than half a million square miles, it's the world's largest gulf the Gulf of Mexico
#1094, aired 1989-05-11MONEY: "In God we trust" & this word appear on the front of every current U.S. coin liberty
#1093, aired 1989-05-10THE SPANISH-AMERICAN WAR: 1 of 2 current U.S. possessions acquired as a result of the Spanish-American War Puerto Rico or Guam
#1092, aired 1989-05-09FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: This character, created about 1850, has an artificial leg made of white polished bone Captain Ahab
#1091, aired 1989-05-08MOUNTAINS: It's name means "great mountain" & it has 2 peaks, Kibo & Mawenzi, that are 7 miles apart Kilimanjaro
#1090, aired 1989-05-05WOMEN IN POLITICS: In 1974 she became the 1st woman head of state anywhere in the Americas Isabel Peron (of Argentina)
#1089, aired 1989-05-04THE ACADEMY AWARDS: "Best Actress" for 1968, she was the only one in Oscar history to win for playing a queen Katharine Hepburn (The Lion in Winter)
#1088, aired 1989-05-03HISTORY: At the request of the king of England, Pope Innocent III annulled this in 1215 Magna Carta
#1087, aired 1989-05-02SLANG: The credit for coining this slang word goes to Alben W. Barkley's grandson veep
#1086, aired 1989-05-01U.S. STATES: This state's seal includes an eagle holding a serpent in its beak & grasping a cactus in its talons New Mexico
#1085, aired 1989-04-28FILMS OF THE '50s: The 1st part of this classic 1959 comedy is set in Chicago in February 1929 Some Like It Hot
#1084, aired 1989-04-27MONARCHS: He married a woman with royal blood & then killed his own cousin to become king of Scotland Macbeth
#1083, aired 1989-04-26HOLLYWOOD: Cowboy star who has 5 stars on Hollywood's Walk of Fame--1 each for film, TV, recording, theater & radio Gene Autry
#1082, aired 1989-04-25FAMOUS ENGLISHMEN: The last names of surveyors Charles & Jeremiah, who did their most famous work in the 1760s Mason & Dixon
#1081, aired 1989-04-24THE 1988 ELECTION: 2 states carried by Michael Dukakis besides Massachusetts, his home state (2 of) Rhode Island, Minnesota, New York, Hawaii, Iowa, Oregon, Washington, West Virginia or Wisconsin
#1080, aired 1989-04-21FAMOUS PAIRS: One was born in Ulverson, England; the other in Harlem, Georgia, & they 1st teamed up in 1926 Laurel & Hardy
#1079, aired 1989-04-20BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The world's best-selling pen is this company's "Crystal" model BIC
#1078, aired 1989-04-19THE PULITZER PRIZE: 3 years after this William Kennedy novel won a Pulitzer Prize, it came out as a film starring Meryl Streep Ironweed
#1077, aired 1989-04-18CIVIL WAR: He was the only U.S. senator who did not leave the Senate when his state seceded Andrew Johnson
#1076, aired 1989-04-17U.S. COINS: Images replaced on the front of the penny & the nickel by the presidents on them today Indian heads
#1075, aired 1989-04-14OLD TESTAMENT: His adventure began when he "rose up to flee unto Tarshish from the presence of the Lord" Jonah
#1074, aired 1989-04-13EUROPE: 3 of the 6 original members of the European Common Market (3 of) Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, France, Italy & West Germany
#1073, aired 1989-04-12BOOKS & AUTHORS: The 1st book in David Saperstein's trilogy that continued into "Metamorphosis" & will end with "Butterfly" Cocoon
#1072, aired 1989-04-11THE CALENDAR: On the old Celtic calendar this was the last day of the year, & some of its pagan rites still exist Halloween
#1071, aired 1989-04-10WORLD CITIES: With over 2 million people, it's the largest city in the West Indies Havana, Cuba
#1070, aired 1989-04-07U.S. PRESIDENTS: The 3 presidents, besides Bush, whose last names contain only 4 letters William Taft, Gerald Ford & James Polk
#1069, aired 1989-04-06SHAKESPEAREAN QUOTES: In a Shakespearean tragedy, this famous farewell follows "Now cracks a noble heart" Good night, sweet prince
#1068, aired 1989-04-05CANADA: The two Canadian provinces without coastlines Alberta & Saskatchewan
#1067, aired 1989-04-04HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Great American Smokeout, urging smokers to quit the habit, is held each year a week before this holiday Thanksgiving
#1066, aired 1989-04-03WORLD AFFAIRS: In 1963 these 3 nations signed the Nuclear Test Ban Treaty the U.S., U.S.S.R. & the U.K.
#1065, aired 1989-03-31PLAYWRIGHTS: The son of an actor, he won 4 Pulitzer Prizes for Drama, more than any other playwright Eugene O'Neill
#1064, aired 1989-03-30BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Headquartered near St. Paul, this company churns out the top-selling brand of butter in the U.S. Land O Lakes
#1063, aired 1989-03-29MOVIE STARS: She made only 11 Hollywood films during her brief career, co-starring twice with B. Crosby & winning an Oscar Grace Kelly
#1062, aired 1989-03-28BODIES OF WATER: The only U.S. state whose coastline touches a body of water called a sea Alaska
#1061, aired 1989-03-27ISLANDS: It's the most volcanic country in the world Iceland
#1060, aired 1989-03-24WESTERN HEMISPHERE: When it broke away from France in 1804, it became the 2nd independent country in the New World Haiti
#1059, aired 1989-03-23FIRST FAMILIES: The last member of a first family to have been married at the White House Tricia Nixon
#1058, aired 1989-03-22ANIMALS: The elephant is the largest land animal by weight; this animal is 2nd the Rhino
#1057, aired 1989-03-21U.S. PRESIDENTS: Though his 2nd administration was scandal ridden, he was almost nominated for a 3rd term 4 years later Ulysses Grant
#1056, aired 1989-03-20BRITISH HISTORY: Since 1700 Britain has had only 3 reigning queens: Victoria, Elizabeth II, & this woman Queen Anne
#1055, aired 1989-03-17MONARCHS: In her will, she wrote of her hope of just rule for the Indians of the New World Queen Isabella
#1054, aired 1989-03-16FOOD & DRINK: The letters in "made" can be made into these 2 different words, one a food & one a drink Edam & mead
#1053, aired 1989-03-15THE OSCARS: In 1938, he was the 1st boy actor to win an honorary Oscar, & he's still performing today Mickey Rooney
#1052, aired 1989-03-14THE PLANETS: This planet is named for the original god of the sky in Greek mythology Uranus
#1051, aired 1989-03-13AMERICAN LITERATURE: When Rip Van Winkle fell asleep, this ruler's portrait hung in front of the inn King George III
#1050, aired 1989-03-10ORGANIZATIONS: Its roots go back to two 1850s organizations: the General Female Training Institute & a prayer union the YWCA (the Young Women's Christian Association)
#1046, aired 1989-03-06EXPLORERS: Henry & David are the 1st names of these men who are often paired but mainly worked separately Stanley & Livingstone
#1045, aired 1989-03-03THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR: 1 of 2 famous patriots hiding in Lexington when Paul Revere warned "The British are coming" Samuel Adams or John Hancock
#1044, aired 1989-03-02STATE CAPITALS: One of three state capitals with the shortest names--only five letters long (1 of) Dover, DE, Boise, ID & Salem, OR
#1043, aired 1989-03-01LANDMARKS: de Maupassant & Dumas fils were among those who signed a protest against building this landmark Eiffel Tower
#1042, aired 1989-02-28ACADEMY AWARDS: The 1st person to win a special Oscar, he won in 1929 for writing, acting, directing & producing Charlie Chaplin
#1041, aired 1989-02-27CLASSICAL MUSIC: A movement of this symphony Beethoven supposedly was writing on his deathbed premiered in 1988 the "Tenth Symphony"
#1040, aired 1989-02-24CANADA: In 1621 this Canadian province was named to honor the homeland of the reigning king, James Nova Scotia (New Scotland)
#1039, aired 1989-02-23THE UNITED NATIONS: Much in the news in Sept.-Oct. 1988, it's the largest in population that's not a U.N. member (South) Korea
#1038, aired 1989-02-22WORLD POLITICS: 2 countries whose governments are headed by a chancellor (West) Germany & Austria
#1037, aired 1989-02-21HISTORIC LAST LINES: It concludes, "...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" the Declaration of Independence
#1035, aired 1989-02-17STATE CAPITALS: 2 of the 4 state capitals with "City" in their names (2 of) Carson City, Oklahoma City, Jefferson City, or Salt Lake City
#1034, aired 1989-02-16AWARDS: She was the 1st woman to win a Nobel Prize Marie Curie
#1033, aired 1989-02-15AMERICANA: The 1st of these to fly officially in the U.S. was raised at Fort McHenry at 12:01 A.M. July 4, 1960 50 star U.S. flag
#1032, aired 1989-02-14SOUTH AMERICA: This South American country is named for an Italian city Venezuela
#1031, aired 1989-02-13FILMS OF THE '80s: Oscar-winning film whose title character was played at age 3 by Richard Vuu & as an adult by John Lone The Last Emperor
#1030, aired 1989-02-10HOLIDAYS: Holiday on which the U.S. flag is to be flown at half staff until noon Memorial Day
#1029, aired 1989-02-09WORLD LEADERS: She was the guest of honor at the last state dinner President Reagan hosted Margaret Thatcher
#1028, aired 1989-02-08VICE PRESIDENTS: The only 2 vice presidents who previously represented Minnesota in the Senate (Hubert) Humphrey & (Walter) Mondale
#1027, aired 1989-02-07THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR: He served as a major general in the Continental Army & a brigadier gen. for the British Benedict Arnold
#1026, aired 1989-02-06BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The 7 largest banks in the free world are headquartered in this country Japan
#1025, aired 1989-02-03GREAT BRITAIN: 1 of the 3 former prime ministers currently sitting in the British House of Lords (1 of) James Callaghan, Harold Wilson & Alexander Douglas-Home
#1024, aired 1989-02-02U.S. GOVERNMENT: The Census Bureau is part of this federal department Commerce
#1023, aired 1989-02-01THE NOBEL PRIZE: In 1975 he became the only Soviet citizen to win the Nobel Peace Prize (Andrei) Sakharov
#1022, aired 1989-01-31POLITICAL QUOTES: President who said, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet" Abraham Lincoln
#1021, aired 1989-01-30ISLANDS: In 1542 this island group was named for the future King of Spain Philippines
#1020, aired 1989-01-27STATE CAPITALS: Of the state capitals, this one has the busiest airport Atlanta
#1019, aired 1989-01-26U.S. STATES: It's the only state besides Hawaii whose name has 3 adjacent vowels Louisiana
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AUTHORS: This U.S. poet laureate is the only writer who won Pulitzer Prizes for both poetry & fiction Robert Penn Warren
#1017, aired 1989-01-24FILMS OF THE '40s: This 1941 film is the only one with a color in its title to win the "Best Picture" Oscar How Green Was My Valley
#1016, aired 1989-01-23CHEMISTRY: Chemical formula for the most abundant molecule found in the human body H2O
#1015, aired 1989-01-20U.S. STATES: This state's current license plate has a biplane pictured on it North Carolina
#1014, aired 1989-01-19FAMOUS NAMES: His father, whose first & middle names were also Charles Augustus, was a Minnesota congressman Charles Lindbergh
#1013, aired 1989-01-18THE OSCARS: This 1951 musical is the only movie with a world capital in the title to win "Best Picture" An American in Paris
#1012, aired 1989-01-17ASIA: The 4 official languages of this Southeast Asian country are Chinese, Malay, English & Tamil Singapore
#1011, aired 1989-01-16POETRY: In a famous poem, the Mongol Empire summer palace called Shangtu is known as this Xanadu
#1010, aired 1989-01-13THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: Originally called Vera Cruz, this country was renamed for a type of tree Brazil
#1009, aired 1989-01-12FASHION: The 2 Asian leaders in the 1960s & '70s for whom popular jacket styles were named Nehru & Mao
#1008, aired 1989-01-11COLONIAL AMERICA: This colony was named for the 1st governor of the colony of Virginia Delaware
#1007, aired 1989-01-10THE OLYMPICS: In 1960 he became the 1st black athlete to carry the U.S. flag in the Olympic procession Rafer Johnson
#1006, aired 1989-01-09PRESIDENTS: 2 presidents who didn't go to college (2 of) Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Cleveland & Truman
#1005, aired 1989-01-06WORLD GEOGRAPHY: 2 of the 9 mainland countries of the world through which the Equator passes (2 of) Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Gabon, Congo, Zaire, Kenya, Somalia & Uganda
#1004, aired 1989-01-05WORLD RELIGION: This country has the most Protestants of any in the world United States
#1003, aired 1989-01-04THE CIVIL WAR: The 2 Union states that were invaded by General Lee's Confederate armies Maryland & Pennsylvania
#1002, aired 1989-01-03LEADING LADIES: The 2 blonde sex symbols who made their last films with Gable, 1 released in 1937, 1 in 1961 Jean Harlow & Marilyn Monroe
#1001, aired 1989-01-02FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: "The Revenge of the Hound" was published in 1987 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of this hero Sherlock Holmes
#1000, aired 1988-12-30EXPLORERS: Puerto Rico's 2nd largest city is named for this explorer, its 1st governor Ponce de Leon
#999, aired 1988-12-29LANDMARKS: Irish-born architect J. Hoban designed this building in 1792 & finished rebuilding it 25 years later White House
#998, aired 1988-12-28PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the 1st incumbent president to debate his opponent for office on TV Gerald Ford
#997, aired 1988-12-27WEIGHTS & MEASURES: This English word is derived from the Latin "duodecim" dozen
#996, aired 1988-12-26MOUNTAINS: Soviet mountain range thought to be where the white race originated Caucasus Mountains
#995, aired 1988-12-23TELEVISION: It was on for 6 years, giving it the longest run of any animated TV show in prime time The Flintstones
#994, aired 1988-12-22WOMEN IN SPORTS: This California teenager was the 1st American to win a regular gold medal at the 1988 Summer Olympics Janet Evans
#993, aired 1988-12-21MOVIE DIRECTORS: Joan Fontaine is the only performer who won an Oscar for acting in any of his 53 films Alfred Hitchcock
#992, aired 1988-12-20LANGUAGE: The Hawaiian alphabet uses 12 of the 26 letters in the English alphabet & runs from "A" to this letter W
#991, aired 1988-12-19BEST SELLERS: In 1964, 5 of the top 10 nonfiction best sellers were by or about this man John F. Kennedy
#990, aired 1988-12-16ADVERTISING: 1 of the top 5 advertisers on network TV sports shows in 1987 was this Cabinet department the Department of Defense
#989, aired 1988-12-15AMERICANA: The U.S. flag flies 24 hours a day over both his birthplace & his grave Francis Scott Key
#988, aired 1988-12-14PUBLISHING: The World Almanac is published either 48 hrs. after a presidential election or this October event World Series
#987, aired 1988-12-13MONARCHS: He was the last person to hold the title Emperor of India King George VI
#986, aired 1988-12-12FRUITS & VEGETABLES: In pounds per capita, the most consumed fresh fruit in U.S.--mostly the yellow Cavendish variety bananas
#985, aired 1988-12-09THE CENSUS: Decade in the 20th century in which the fewest immigrants were admitted to the U.S. the 1930s
#984, aired 1988-12-08INVENTORS: A unit used to measure the intensity of sound is named after this inventor Alexander Graham Bell
#983, aired 1988-12-07TELEVISION: This TV star was posthumously honored by having a bus depot in Brooklyn named for him Jackie Gleason
#982, aired 1988-12-06THE CIVIL WAR: Confederate troops wounded this general May 2, 1863 at Chancellorsville; he died 8 days later Stonewall Jackson
#981, aired 1988-12-05U.S. LANDMARKS: Its cornerstone was laid February 12, 1915 the Lincoln Memorial
#980, aired 1988-12-02MONARCHS: This Queen of England was the granddaughter of Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain Mary I (Bloody Mary)
#979, aired 1988-12-01STATE CAPITALS: The 2 state capitals located on the Mississippi River St. Paul, Minnesota & Baton Rouge, Louisiana
#978, aired 1988-11-30FAMOUS NAMES: Surveyor general of India from 1830-43, in 1865 a mountain was renamed in his honor Sir George Everest
#977, aired 1988-11-29AMERICAN HISTORY: Historically significant event of June 17, 1972 the Watergate break-in
#976, aired 1988-11-28HISTORIC DATES: Date in 1777 on which the Continental Congress approved a flag of 13 stripes & 13 stars June 14
#974, aired 1988-11-24ACADEMY AWARDS: 2 of the 3 "Best Picture" winners of the '80s with 1-word titles (2 of) Gandhi, Amadeus or Platoon
#973, aired 1988-11-23FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Alice in Wonderland character named after the county in which Lewis Carroll was born Cheshire Cat
#972, aired 1988-11-22NATIONAL PARKS: The only national park named for a president is named for him Theodore Roosevelt
#971, aired 1988-11-21MUSICALS OF THE '80s: The hero of this Tony Award-winning "Best Musical" is sometimes known by a number, 24601 Les Misérables
#970, aired 1988-11-18ELECTIONS: 3 twentieth century presidents who were defeated when running to retain the office (3 of) Taft, Hoover, Carter, & Ford
#969, aired 1988-11-17GEOGRAPHY: Now independent, this island has been ruled by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French & British Malta
#968, aired 1988-11-16MAN IN SPACE: 3 months after John Glenn, he became the second American to orbit the Earth (Malcolm) Scott Carpenter
#967, aired 1988-11-15THE NOBEL PRIZE: This country's authors have won more Nobel literature prizes than any other, including the U.S. France
#966, aired 1988-11-14THE CIVIL WAR: The bloodiest single day of fighting in the Civil War took place in this state Maryland
#965, aired 1988-11-11THE SUPREME COURT: Only member of the current Court who has been elected to a public office Sandra Day O'Connor (state senator from Arizona)
#964, aired 1988-11-10THE OSCARS: Husband & wife who won Oscars almost 30 years apart, she in 1958, he in 1987 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
#963, aired 1988-11-09FOREIGN PHRASES: The Greek expression meaning "philosophy (is) the guide of life" is abbreviated by these three Greek letters phi beta kappa
#962, aired 1988-11-08PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the only incumbent vice president to defeat a president in a presidential election Thomas Jefferson
#961, aired 1988-11-07WORLD CITIES: This major North American city is built around the mountain it's named for Montreal
#960, aired 1988-11-04LETTER PERFECT: Vowel found in the names of 7 of the 9 planets U
#959, aired 1988-11-03THE BIBLE: While there were lots of animals on Noah's Ark, there were this many humans 8
#958, aired 1988-11-02THE SPACE RACE: Sputnik was the Soviet's 1st satellite, while this was ours Explorer
#957, aired 1988-11-01POLITICIANS: Carl Hayden represented this state in Congress from when it joined the Union until 1969 Arizona
#956, aired 1988-10-31AUTHORS: One of this author's two middle names was Balfour Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
#955, aired 1988-10-28PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the 1st candidate to receive Hawaii's electoral vote John F. Kennedy
#954, aired 1988-10-27WEATHER: With an average of 7.4 inches of rain annually, it's the driest state in the U.S. Nevada
#953, aired 1988-10-26RELIGION: Almost struck by lightning in 1505, this young man vowed to become a monk & did soon after Martin Luther
#952, aired 1988-10-25THE NOBEL PRIZE: He was knighted in 1953, the same year he won the Nobel Prize for Literature Winston Churchill
#951, aired 1988-10-24WORLD HISTORY: On May 20, 1902 U.S. rule ended & this country became independent Cuba
#950, aired 1988-10-21EUROPEAN HISTORY: Germany's 3rd Reich was the Nazi regime, the 2nd was the 1871-1918 monarchy, while the 1st Reich was this Holy Roman Empire
#949, aired 1988-10-20THE UNITED NATIONS: In the course of its 43-year history, the UN has had this many Secretaries-General 5
#948, aired 1988-10-19NAMES IN THE NEWS: By June 30, 1988 every U.S. residence should have received a gov't booklet w/this man's photo on the cover C. Everett Koop
#947, aired 1988-10-18WORLD CAPITALS: Canada agreed to abide by this person's choice for its capital city, & in 1858, Ottawa was chosen Queen Victoria
#946, aired 1988-10-17ACADEMY AWARDS: He was nominated posthumously for "Best Actor" 2 years in a row, in February 1956 & February 1957 James Dean
#945, aired 1988-10-14WORLD HISTORY: An allied army of Americans, Britons, Germans, Frenchmen, Russians & Japanese ended this in 1900 Boxer Rebellion
#944, aired 1988-10-13ELECTIONS: He was the last major party presidential candidate to lose 2 elections to 2 different men Thomas Dewey
#943, aired 1988-10-12THE MILITARY: The Marines' Hymn was written during this war the Mexican (American) War
#942, aired 1988-10-111988: In April the late Dr. Paul D. White became familiar to many people who saw his portrait on this A stamp
#941, aired 1988-10-10THE CIVIL WAR: 1 of 2 states admitted to the Union during the Civil War (1 of) West Virginia or Nevada
#940, aired 1988-10-07SPORTS & GAMES: Invented in 1895 in Massachusetts, it became an Olympic sport at the 1964 Tokyo games volleyball
#939, aired 1988-10-06THE CABINET: The flag of the secretary of this department bears a clipper ship & a lighthouse the Department of Commerce
#938, aired 1988-10-05SEE THE USA: Latest figures show this U.S. state is the most popular destination for Japanese tourists Hawaii
#936, aired 1988-10-03TECHNOLOGY: They 1st appeared in British shops, hotels & railway stations in 1884 & were called silence cabinets telephone booths
#935, aired 1988-09-30THE MOVIES: Under the system begun in 1968, the MPAA has assigned this rating to more films than any other R
#934, aired 1988-09-29HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: It didn't become a federal holiday until 1971, though it was 1st celebrated in 1792 Columbus Day
#933, aired 1988-09-28MONARCHS: The world's oldest dynasty, some 2000 years old, still reigns in this country Japan
#932, aired 1988-09-27THE BIBLE: The only 3 men to reign as king over all 12 tribes of Israel Saul, David & Solomon
#931, aired 1988-09-26AMERICANA: In 1986 Coke & Kodak were among 19 firms who pledged over $66 mil. to use its image in their ads the Statue of Liberty
#930, aired 1988-09-23ROYAL FAMILIES: England's Queen Elizabeth I had this many stepmothers 4
#929, aired 1988-09-22MAGAZINES: In June 1988 he appeared on the covers of Time, People, Life & Sports Illustrated Mike Tyson
#928, aired 1988-09-21THE MOVIES: Charles Laughton, Trevor Howard & Anthony Hopkins all played this historic figure William Bligh
#927, aired 1988-09-201978: Upon Golda Meir's death, this leader said, "I must, for history's sake, praise her as an honest foe" (Anwar) Sadat
#926, aired 1988-09-19MYTHOLOGY: 2 of the 3 goddesses who were contestants in the famous beauty contest judged by Paris (2 of) Aphrodite, Athena or Hera
#925, aired 1988-09-16THE U.S. CAPITOL: Only state to contribute a statue of a king for our Capitol's National Statuary Hall Hawaii
#924, aired 1988-09-15BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Inspired by Cornell's new team colors, in 1898 it changed its orange & black labels to red & white Campbell's
#923, aired 1988-09-14MUSICALS: This Lerner & Loewe musical was written directly for the screen & wasn't a Broadway musical 'til 1973 Gigi
#922, aired 1988-09-13THE CALENDAR: 1st year of the 100th century 9901
#921, aired 1988-09-12WORLD LEADERS: He was named president of the Soviet Union twice; once in 1960 & again in 1977 (Leonid) Brezhnev
#920, aired 1988-09-09FAMOUS NAMES: The assassin John Wilkes Booth admired this other assassin, for whom his father was named Brutus
#919, aired 1988-09-08SHAKESPEARE: The 1st line spoken in this Shakespearean play is 1 word: "Bos'n!" The Tempest
#918, aired 1988-09-07PRESIDENTS: (2 of 4) U.S presidents who married divorced women (2 of) (Ronald) Reagan (Andrew) Jackson, (Gerald) Ford or (Warren) Harding
#917, aired 1988-09-06HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: Observances that fell in 1988 on Wednesday February 17 & Thursday March 17 Ash Wednesday & St. Patrick's Day
#916, aired 1988-09-05U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Longest boundary between any 2 U.S. states is the one between these 2 Texas & Oklahoma
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