Season 3 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (213 clues archived)

#681, aired 1987-07-20ACADEMY AWARDS: He was nominated for writing, directing, & acting in a 1978 film, & again for a 1981 film Warren Beatty
#679, aired 1987-07-16AMERICAN LITERATURE: 19th century novel whose alternate title is "Life Among the Lowly" Uncle Tom's Cabin
#678, aired 1987-07-15MYTHS & LEGENDS: In Greek mythology, Zeus turned King Lycaon & his entire family into these animals wolves
#676, aired 1987-07-13U.S. CITIES: Of the 10 largest cities in population in the U.S., only these 2 are less than 100 miles apart New York City & Philadelphia
#674, aired 1987-07-09ASTRONOMY: Since it can be seen w/ the naked eye, it was the farthest planet away from the Sun known to the ancients Saturn
#673, aired 1987-07-08PERFORMING ARTS: 1 of the 6 performers who received Kennedy Center honors December 7, 1986 (1 of) Lucille Ball, Ray Charles, Yehudi Menuhin, Hume Cronyn, Jessica Tandy & Antony Tudor
#672, aired 1987-07-07GAMBLING: 3 of the 4 states with the highest lottery sales in dollars in calendar year 1986 (3 of) California, New York, Illinois & Pennsylvania
#671, aired 1987-07-0620th CENTURY AMERICA: The 2 contenders in the closest U.S. presidential popular vote in the 20th century John Kennedy & Richard Nixon
#670, aired 1987-07-03MONARCHS: Last 3 reigning monarchs of this European country have all been women the Netherlands
#669, aired 1987-07-02THE BIBLE: Man of Gath whose height was six cubits & a span Goliath (Raphah or Lahmi)
#668, aired 1987-07-01WORD PLAY: "Cruciverbalist" is a 14-letter word for one who constructs these crossword puzzles
#667, aired 1987-06-30ORGANIZATIONS: While Easter Seals is a group in itself, this group sponsors Christmas Seals the American Lung Association
#666, aired 1987-06-29N. AMERICAN GEOGRAPHY: Only state east of the Mississippi that borders Canada but not the Atlantic or a Great Lake Vermont
#665, aired 1987-06-26SOUTH AMERICA: 1 of 2 South American countries whose name & capital's name have the same # of letters (1 of) Peru & Paraguay
#664, aired 1987-06-25THE CABINET: 2 of the 4 original cabinet posts, which despite widespread belief, did not include Postmaster General (2 of) Secretary of State, Treasury, War and Attorney General
#663, aired 1987-06-24SCULPTURE: Dedicated in Concord, Mass. in 1875, it was Daniel Chester French's 1st commission The Minuteman
#662, aired 1987-06-23POP MUSIC: Elvis Presley record which held Billboard #1 singles position for 11 weeks, longest in rock era "Hound Dog"/"Don't Be Cruel"
#661, aired 1987-06-22RELIGION: After being a hostage in Lebanon, he became head of the Presbyterian Church (USA) Rev. Benjamin Weir
#660, aired 1987-06-19U.S. GOVERNMENT: He served as Speaker of the House longer than anyone else, almost 17 years Sam Rayburn
#659, aired 1987-06-18BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: "The world's largest art department", with 606 artists, can be found at this company in Kansas City Hallmark
#658, aired 1987-06-17TRANSPORTATION: Only transcontinental U.S. airline named for its founder; in 1984 it came back from near-bankruptcy Braniff
#657, aired 1987-06-16THE CONTINENTS: Besides Antarctica, the other 2 continents that have no communist countries Australia & South America
#656, aired 1987-06-15YOUNG WOOD: Monthly, over 3 boxcars of ponderosa pine become this toy invented in 1916 by F.L. Wright's son John Lincoln Logs
#655, aired 1987-06-12MOVIE CLASSICS: "I cannot live without my life, I cannot die without my soul", are Olivier's last lines in this 1939 film Wuthering Heights
#654, aired 1987-06-11TOYS & GAMES: This marionette was the mystery guest on "What's My Line?" on August 15, 1954 Howdy Doody
#653, aired 1987-06-10TRAINS: 1 of 3 other European capitals thru which route of original Paris to Istanbul "Orient Express" pass (1 of) Vienna, Budapest or Bucharest
#652, aired 1987-06-09SPECTATOR SPORTS: In 1951, 1952, 1959, & 1986, this team performed for an audience of 1, the pope the Harlem Globetrotters
#651, aired 1987-06-08ANTHROPOLOGY: Extinct species of man named for a German valley where the 1st remains were found in 1856 Neanderthal
#650, aired 1987-06-0520th CENTURY ELECTIONS: Only year in which the winner defeated not only the incumbent but the previous president, too 1912
#649, aired 1987-06-04FAMOUS AMERICANS: Renaissance man, "he seized the lighting from heaven & the scepter from tyrants" Ben Franklin
#648, aired 1987-06-03WORLD STATISTICS: This continent currently has both the world's highest birthrate & the world's highest death rate Africa
#647, aired 1987-06-02SCIENCE: Of the 106 elements, the greatest #, incl. aluminum & silicon, were identified in this century the 19th century
#645, aired 1987-05-29THE CABINET: 1st Attorney General under LBJ Robert Kennedy
#644, aired 1987-05-281968: On Christmas Eve & Christmas Day, 1968, Frank Borman, William Anders & James Lovell, Jr. did this 10 times circle the Moon
#643, aired 1987-05-27CANDY: Of brown, green, orange, tan, or yellow, the color you'll find in plain M&Ms but not peanut M&Ms tan
#642, aired 1987-05-26THE CALENDAR: When spelling all 7 days of the week, the 2 letters which appear most often D & A
#641, aired 1987-05-25GEOLOGY: 3 of the 5 U.S. states with volcanoes active within the last two centuries (3 of) Hawaii, Alaska, Washington, Oregon & California
#640, aired 1987-05-22PRESIDENTS: 1st president who was not born in either the original 13 colonies or the original 13 states Abraham Lincoln (in Kentucky)
#639, aired 1987-05-21WORLD CITIES: The most populous city in the world south of the equator is this one in South America Sao Paulo
#638, aired 1987-05-20THE OSCARS: Tied with Olivier for most "Best Actor" nominations at 9, he won 2 years in a row as a sailor & a priest Spencer Tracy
#637, aired 1987-05-19LANGUAGES: Language in which the famous Gutenberg Bibles were printed Latin
#636, aired 1987-05-18AMERICANA: Title 4 of the U.S. Code states its length must be exactly 1.9 times its width the flag
#635, aired 1987-05-15WORD ORIGINS: New York City borough named for Catherine of Braganza, wife of Charles II of England Queens
#634, aired 1987-05-14WARS: If you "Remember the Maine", you know it blew up February 15, 1898 in this city's harbor Havana
#633, aired 1987-05-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: The book "Sold American!" deals with this industry tobacco industry
#632, aired 1987-05-12THE 1930s: In the '30s, these 2--a little girl & a big ape--were both called "The 8th Wonder of the World" Shirley Temple & King Kong
#631, aired 1987-05-11TELEVISION: It was Steve Allen who coined this show's question, "Is it bigger than a breadbox?" What's My Line?
#630, aired 1987-05-08U.S. CURRENCY: This not-widely circulated bill is the only 1 to have a famous historic event depicted on the back the $2 bill
#629, aired 1987-05-07ELECTIONS: The only 2 presidential candidates who have won 49 states in an election Nixon & Reagan
#628, aired 1987-05-06STATE SONGS: The state animal of Kansas is the buffalo & this its state song "Home On The Range"
#627, aired 1987-05-05ART NEWS: In December 1986, a computer analyst claimed that the model for the "Mona Lisa" was this person Leonardo da Vinci
#626, aired 1987-05-04PRESIDENTS: Number of Vice Presidents of the last 50 years who later became President 4
#625, aired 1987-05-01TRANSPORTATION: In its ads it claims to be the first airline to fly to all 50 states United
#624, aired 1987-04-30MEDICINE: In 1977, the world's last naturally-occurring case of this disease occurred in Somalia smallpox
#623, aired 1987-04-29MOUNTAINS: Rising to 8651 feet, Mount Sinai is the highest point in this country Egypt
#622, aired 1987-04-28U.S. PRESIDENTS: Total number of presidents who died while in office 8
#621, aired 1987-04-27CODES OF HONOR: As bushido was to 16th century samurai, this was to 12th century knights chivalry
#620, aired 1987-04-24LONDON: Borough in which Henry VIII was born, they say you can stand in 2 different hemispheres there Greenwich
#619, aired 1987-04-23GAY '90s: By 1897, as many as half of Seattle's police & firemen had left the city to go there the Yukon
#618, aired 1987-04-22THE OSCARS: The last movie in black & white to win Best Picture was this 1960 Billy Wilder film The Apartment
#617, aired 1987-04-21FAMOUS QUOTES: In 1946 in Missouri, Churchill said, "From Stettin... to Trieste," it "has descended across the continent" an Iron Curtain
#616, aired 1987-04-201978: 1978 was 1st time since 1447 that this many men have been pope of the Roman Church in 1 year three
#615, aired 1987-04-17WORLD LEADERS: In 1962, he asked "How can you... govern a country that has 246 different kinds of cheese?" Charles de Gaulle
#614, aired 1987-04-16LANGUAGES: Language spoken by the most people in South America Portuguese
#613, aired 1987-04-15IN THE NEWS: FDR was named this 3 times, Ike, Truman & Churchill twice; but for 1966 it was the 25 & under generation Time Man of the Year
#612, aired 1987-04-14THE MOVIES: The 2 highest grossing films of 1965, both musicals, starred this actress Julie Andrews
#611, aired 1987-04-13SPORTS: They are the only Major League Baseball team which prints their media guide in 2 languages Montreal Expos
#610, aired 1987-04-10GOVERNMENT: In 1977, James R. Schlesinger became the 1st person to hold this Cabinet position Secretary of Energy
#609, aired 1987-04-09PRESIDENTS: President who's buried the farthest south Lyndon B. Johnson
#608, aired 1987-04-08ROYAL FAMILIES: In 1932, this Mideast country took on the name of its ruling family which still rules today Saudi Arabia
#607, aired 1987-04-07ISLANDS: It's the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea Sicily
#606, aired 1987-04-06ANIMALS: With a young one valued at $1.4 million, Guinness calls them the most costly zoo animals giant pandas
#605, aired 1987-04-03THE DOLLAR BILL: Number of times the word "one" appears on the front of a $1 bill 2
#603, aired 1987-04-01SITCOMS: On the final episode of "My 3 Sons", 1 of only 2 grown male characters that remained unmarried Ernie or Uncle Charley
#602, aired 1987-03-31VICE PRESIDENTS: 1st vice president who did not become president, he's famous for other reasons Aaron Burr
#600, aired 1987-03-27THE CONTINENTS: With an average elevation of over 6000 feet, it's the highest continent Antarctica
#599, aired 1987-03-26BOARD GAMES: In Scrabble, the colors of the 2 squares that double & triple the word value pink & red
#598, aired 1987-03-25U.S. STATES: Only state whose entire territory we acquired directly from Spain Florida
#597, aired 1987-03-24THE U.N.: Now 2nd largest contributor of U.N. operating budget, this country isn't a perm. member of Security Council Japan
#596, aired 1987-03-23EDUCATION: The oldest existing public school in the United States opened in 1635 in this city Boston
#593, aired 1987-03-18U.S. CITIES: It's the largest city, by far, with parts on both banks of the Mississippi River New Orleans
#592, aired 1987-03-17FAMOUS MEN: Howard Hughes, Edwin Link & Glen Curtiss are enshrined in the National Hall of Fame honoring this aviation
#591, aired 1987-03-16WORLD POLITICS: This socially conservative European country didn't give women the vote until '71 Switzerland
#590, aired 1987-03-13MONARCHS: This Eng. king who saved his country from conquest & promoted learning is the only 1 called "the Great" Alfred
#589, aired 1987-03-12POP MUSIC: They're the only father-daughter pair to have had Billboard #1 hits both individually & as a duet Frank and Nancy Sinatra
#584, aired 1987-03-05ASIA: This country is the world's most populous monarchy Japan
#583, aired 1987-03-04LETTER PERFECT: All the letters that appear on the top row across on a standard touch-tone phone ABC, DEF
#582, aired 1987-03-03COMEDY: The 1st star ever elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame for comedy, not music Minnie Pearl
#581, aired 1987-03-02ISLANDS: Of Canada's 3 largest cities, the one that's on an island Montreal
#580, aired 1987-02-27U.S. HISTORY: The presidential message delivered to Congress December 2, 1823 is better known as this Monroe Doctrine
#579, aired 1987-02-26TIME: Only state entirely in the Pacific Time Zone that doesn't border on the Pacific Nevada
#578, aired 1987-02-25WORD PLAY: Man's name formed by using, in order, the 1st letters of 5 consecutive months Jason
#577, aired 1987-02-24NUMBERS: Setting a pair of standard dice on a table, total of numbers on sides, not including tops & bottoms 28
#576, aired 1987-02-23FAMOUS QUOTES: It's the only mathematical formula in the current Bartlett's "Familiar Quotations" E = mc2
#575, aired 1987-02-20WEIGHTS & MEASURES: A unit of weight in Spain, it's also a sign of the zodiac Libra
#574, aired 1987-02-19LANDMARKS: The Library of Congress was originally housed in this building the Capitol
#573, aired 1987-02-18HISTORY: It arrived in the U.S. in June of 1885 in 214 cases aboard the French ship Isere Statue of Liberty
#572, aired 1987-02-17THE MOVIES: He has starred in 5 of the top 10 grossing films of all time Harrison Ford
#571, aired 1987-02-16BODIES OF WATER: Bordering on Mich. & N.Y., these 2 Great Lakes are the only ones to border on 1 state each Lake Huron & Lake Ontario
#570, aired 1987-02-13FAMOUS LASTS: The very last to do this so far was Eugene Cernan walk on the Moon
#569, aired 1987-02-12MYTHOLOGY: Her name indicates she received "gifts from all" the gods Pandora
#568, aired 1987-02-11ACTORS & ACTRESSES: In 1977, he became only actor to win Best Actor Oscar posthumously Peter Finch
#567, aired 1987-02-10WORD ORIGINS: In the 1860s, sailors aboard this British ship were ordered to wear identical brass-buttoned blue jackets the HMS Blazer
#566, aired 1987-02-09TRANSPORTATION: Guinness says world's largest fleet of taxis is found in this North American capital Mexico City
#565, aired 1987-02-06LAKES & RIVERS: Alexandria, Herculaneum & Memphis can be found on banks of this 2348-mile-long river Mississippi
#564, aired 1987-02-05THE CONSTITUTION: The 26th Amendment gave these people the right to vote in federal elections 18-year-olds
#563, aired 1987-02-04THE OSCARS: 3 actors, including Kim Hunter & Karl Malden, won Oscars for this film but Brando didn't A Streetcar Named Desire
#562, aired 1987-02-03DEMOCRATS: With 61.32%, he amassed highest percentage of popular vote in any 20th cent. presidential election Lyndon Baines Johnson (in 1964)
#561, aired 1987-02-02ANIMALS: It's believed elephants rarely lived beyond 60, about the age the last of these wear out teeth
#560, aired 1987-01-30U.S. STATES: Number of states whose names end with the same vowel they begin with 4
#559, aired 1987-01-29BRIDGES: It's spanned by the Bridge of the Americas Panama Canal
#558, aired 1987-01-28FAMOUS WOMEN: When she died on Jan. 22, 1901, Henry James wrote, "We all feel a bit motherless today" Queen Victoria
#557, aired 1987-01-27WORLD POPULATIONS: With a birthrate of zero, this country has no trouble remaining world's smallest state the Vatican City
#556, aired 1987-01-26BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Aerospace engineer Howard Head made his fortune designing equipment for these 2 sports skiing & tennis
#555, aired 1987-01-23THE CONTINENTS: The only continent crossed by the Tropic of Cancer, the Equator & the Tropic of Capricorn Africa
#554, aired 1987-01-22CITIES: In 1904, this city hosted the Democratic National Convention, a World's Far & the Olympics St. Louis
#553, aired 1987-01-21THE CABINET: The Secret Service is part of this Cabinet department Department of the Treasury
#552, aired 1987-01-20PETS: 1 of 2 breeds with most dogs registered on A.K.C. lists from 1981-85 (1 of) Cocker Spaniels or Poodles
#551, aired 1987-01-19WOMEN: Former Arizona state senator who received a historic federal appointment in 1981 Sandra Day O'Connor
#550, aired 1987-01-16THE CIVIL WAR: Site of half the major battles, this state is considered the war's chief battleground Virginia
#549, aired 1987-01-15THE OSCARS: It was the first sports film to win Best Picture Rocky
#548, aired 1987-01-14THE SOVIET UNION: He was top Soviet leader longer than anyone else Joseph Stalin
#547, aired 1987-01-13THE CENSUS: Of the 10 largest cities in population in the U.S., 3 are in this state Texas (Dallas, Houston & San Antonio)
#546, aired 1987-01-12KINGS & QUEENS: Number of Henry VIII's wives who outlived him 2
#545, aired 1987-01-09STATE CAPITALS: The only person from whom the names of 2 current state capitals are derived Christopher Columbus
#544, aired 1987-01-08NOBEL PRIZE: The only 2 presidents to win the Nobel Peace Prize, they ran against each other in 1912 Theodore Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson
#543, aired 1987-01-07MOVIES: Charlton Heston, who's played "3 presidents, 3 saints & 2 geniuses", won his Oscar for this role Ben-Hur
#542, aired 1987-01-06ASTROLOGY: While Gemini is represented by 2 humans, this sign is represented by a pair of animals Pisces
#541, aired 1987-01-05WORLD POLITICS: The 1986 Reader's Digest Almanac lists this city as "The Capital of the World" New York
#540, aired 1987-01-02AMERICAN LITERATURE: Inspirational 19th century song from which John Steinbeck got the title "The Grapes of Wrath" "The Battle Hymn Of The Republic"
#539, aired 1987-01-01AMERICAN INDIANS: America's largest reservation houses mainly members of this tribe Navajo
#538, aired 1986-12-314-LETTER WORDS: The two 4-letter words found on a U.S. penny, one in English, one not cent & unum
#537, aired 1986-12-30INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIONS: 1 of only 2 Western Hemisphere nations that are members of OPEC Venezuela or Ecuador
#536, aired 1986-12-29U.S. CITIES: This city has the oldest zoo, hospital, art museum & circulating library in the U.S. Philadelphia
#535, aired 1986-12-26SCIENTISTS: Called father of the Soviet H-bomb, he's a hero in the West but not in Russia Andrei Sakharov
#534, aired 1986-12-25WORLD CAPITALS: 2 of the 3 European capitals on the banks of the Danube (2 of) Vienna, Budapest or Belgrade
#533, aired 1986-12-24THE BIBLE: Author credited for more New Testament books by far than anyone else Paul
#532, aired 1986-12-23MYTHOLOGY: Though it's said he fathered 50 sons, Priam was the last king of this city-state Troy
#531, aired 1986-12-22STAMPS & COINS: These people are only exception to the rule "Must be dead 10 years to be on a U.S. stamp" presidents of the United States
#530, aired 1986-12-19BLACK AMERICA: Of the 6 U.S. cities with over a million people, number that currently have Black mayors 4
#529, aired 1986-12-18THE MOVIES: "Wuthering Heights", "Of Mice and Men", & "Stagecoach" all came out in this "Best year ever for Amer. films" 1939
#528, aired 1986-12-17KID STUFF: In tic-tac-toe, maximum number of X's you can have on the board without winning 5
#527, aired 1986-12-16THE MONTHS: It's only month that can start on the same day of the week as the month before it March
#526, aired 1986-12-15THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: This western hemisphere country consists of 31 "United States" & a Federal District Mexico
#525, aired 1986-12-12MEDICINE: Condition whose name is Latin for "waterfall", because it's like looking through one a cataract
#524, aired 1986-12-11FLAGS: The only 2 colors on the flag of the USSR, as well as those of the People's Republic of China & Vietnam red & yellow
#523, aired 1986-12-10THE OSCARS: Both "The Color Purple" & this 1977 ballet drama got 11 nominations & no Oscars The Turning Point
#522, aired 1986-12-09U.S. CITIES: Cities in which G. Washington, only U.S. president inaugurated in 2 different cities, took the oath of office New York & Philadelphia
#521, aired 1986-12-08NOTORIOUS: The most famous families of Logan County, Virginia & Pike County, Kentucky The Hatfields & the McCoys
#520, aired 1986-12-05WOOD: Percussion instrument whose name combines Greek words for "wood" & "sound" xylophone
#519, aired 1986-12-04WOMEN IN BUSINESS: The largest publicly-held U.S. firm headed by a woman publishes this major daily newspaper The Washington Post
#518, aired 1986-12-03SPORTS: 1 of 3 state capitals which have an NFL team (1 of) Atlanta, Indianapolis & Denver
#517, aired 1986-12-02MODERN LITERATURE: "Anyone who wants to get out of combat duty isn't really crazy," said Doc Daneeka of this title rule Catch-22
#516, aired 1986-12-01THE 50 STATES: This state, whose flag features a bison, also has a town founded by & named for Buffalo Bill Wyoming
#515, aired 1986-11-28TOYS & GAMES: 2 of 3 point values from 1-10 not represented on Scrabble tiles (2 of) 6, 7 & 9
#514, aired 1986-11-27FACTS & FIGURES: Since 1937, NYC has officially kept the number of these constant at 11,787 the taxi cabs
#513, aired 1986-11-26THE OLYMPICS: The U.S.A. has hosted the Summer & Winter Olympic games this many times each 3
#512, aired 1986-11-25BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: With over twice as many U.S. cardholders as its nearest competitor, the credit card held by most people Visa
#511, aired 1986-11-24MILITARY HISTORY: The famous "Damn the torpedoes" command was shouted by a rear admiral during this war the Civil War
#510, aired 1986-11-21U.S. GOVERNMENT: Last year in which we went an entire calendar year without a vice president in office 1964
#509, aired 1986-11-20AGRICULTURE: Of the world's 4 largest countries in area, it has smallest percentage of farmland Canada
#508, aired 1986-11-19MAN IN SPACE: Now seen as a TV spokesman, he was only astronaut to orbit Earth in Mercury, Gemini, & Apollo craft Wally Schirra
#507, aired 1986-11-18U.S. HISTORY: Of 9 "wars" in which the U.S. has been actively involved, these 2 lasted the longest Vietnam and the Revolutionary War
#506, aired 1986-11-17AMERICAN MOUNTAINS: Of the more than 80 U.S. peaks over 14,000' that have names, most are in this state Colorado
#505, aired 1986-11-14HEALTH: Iceland shares the longest average life expectancy of 77 years with this other island country Japan
#504, aired 1986-11-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This company's figures show about 7% of present U.S. work force got its start working for them McDonald's
#503, aired 1986-11-12ANCIENT WONDERS: Of the other 6 wonders, this one was nearest to the only wonder which still exists, the pyramids Pharos (Lighthouse) of Alexandria
#502, aired 1986-11-11BEST SELLERS: In 1985, autobiographies of these 2 men topped hardcover best seller lists Chuck Yeager & Lee Iacocca
#501, aired 1986-11-10ACTORS & ACTRESSES: 2 of 3 performers to win three or more Academy Awards for acting (2 of) Katharine Hepburn, Walter Brennan or Ingrid Bergman
#500, aired 1986-11-07ASIA: Only SE Asian nation never a colony of the West, its name aptly means "land of the free" Thailand
#499, aired 1986-11-06TELEVISION: In 1986, 3 stars of this Emmy winning 1966 comedy series went on a 20th anniversary tour The Monkees
#498, aired 1986-11-05POETRY: Colorful common title of the most famous poem written by Gelett Burgess the "Purple Cow"
#497, aired 1986-11-04ADVERTISING: In the U.S., more money is spent advertising in this medium than any other newspapers
#496, aired 1986-11-03VICE PRESIDENTS: Last vice president who was not elected, but nominated by the president & confirmed by Congress Nelson Rockefeller
#495, aired 1986-10-31AFRICA: Last 2 countries in world alphabetically; Victoria Falls lies on their mutual border Zambia & Zimbabwe
#494, aired 1986-10-30GENERALS: 1 of the only 2 generals in American history to serve as Secretary of State (1 of) (Alexander) Haig or George Marshall
#493, aired 1986-10-29ELECTIONS: Third-party candidate who got nearly 7% of the popular vote in the 1980 presidential election John Anderson
#492, aired 1986-10-28NEWSPAPERS: With the weekday circulation close to that of "The N.Y. Times" & the "L.A. Times" combined, this is the largest-selling U.S. daily The Wall Street Journal
#491, aired 1986-10-27THE OSCARS: Only family in which 3 generations have won Oscars the Hustons
#490, aired 1986-10-24U.S. CITIES: Largest city in population east of the Rockies & west of the Mississippi River Houston
#489, aired 1986-10-23MAN IN SPACE: President who signed the bill which created NASA Dwight Eisenhower
#488, aired 1986-10-22WORLD HISTORY: Its 25th anniversary, Aug. 13, 1986, was celebrated with parades to the east & mourning to the west the Berlin Wall
#487, aired 1986-10-21MOUNTAINS: Highest mountain outside Asia is on this continent South America
#486, aired 1986-10-20LITERATURE: Title of this 1940 novel is taken from the words of John Donne, which begin "No man is an island" For Whom the Bell Tolls
#485, aired 1986-10-17ROYALTY: Of the wives of Henry VIII, the only one who didn't share her 1st name with any of the others Jane Seymour
#484, aired 1986-10-16ACTORS AND ROLES: 2 stars who have portrayed author/reporter Carl Bernstein or a character directly based on him in film Jack Nicholson & Dustin Hoffman
#483, aired 1986-10-15THE CALENDAR: Most recent year which reads numerically the same backward & forward 1881
#482, aired 1986-10-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In 1985, this Michigan-based company was the nation's largest single exporter General Motors
#481, aired 1986-10-13THE POST OFFICE: Only state whose official 2-letter abbreviation consists of 2 vowels Iowa
#480, aired 1986-10-10THE CIVIL WAR: The southernmost point in the Union was in this state west of the Mississippi California
#479, aired 1986-10-09MEDICINE: Often quoted, it's the weekly publication of the Massachusetts Medical Society The New England Journal of Medicine
#478, aired 1986-10-08REPUBLICANS: Born in 1874 during Grant's administration, this President died in 1964 during Johnson's Herbert Hoover
#477, aired 1986-10-07FAMOUS NAMES: Hero of World War II, last viceroy of India, & victim of the IRA Lord Mountbatten
#476, aired 1986-10-06THE 1970s: Group, much in the news in the months following Feb. 4, 1974, their symbol was a seven-headed snake S.L.A. (Symbionese Liberation Army)
#475, aired 1986-10-03U.S. GOVERNMENT: In 1971, this agency left the Cabinet & became a non-profit corporation the U.S. Postal Service
#474, aired 1986-10-02THE UNITED NATIONS: City in which the United Nations Charter was signed in 1945 San Francisco
#473, aired 1986-10-01HISTORIC YEARS: A famous channel crossing ended on September 28th of this year, as familiar to the British as 1492 is to us 1066
#472, aired 1986-09-30TELEVISION: This mini-series & its sequel featured Ed Asner, Lorne Greene, Henry Fonda & Marlon Brando Roots
#471, aired 1986-09-29INVENTIONS: The "gin" in Eli Whitney's cotton gin is a variant of this common English word engine
#470, aired 1986-09-26GAMES: The 4 corners on a Monopoly board are "Go", "Free Parking" & these 2 Jail & Go To Jail
#469, aired 1986-09-25THE CONSTITUTION: The next amendment to the Constitution will have this number 27
#468, aired 1986-09-24STATE CAPITALS: The 2 New England state capitals that are also their states' most populous cities Boston, MA & Providence, RI
#467, aired 1986-09-23THE FLAG: "Star-Spangled Banner" that flew over Ft. McHenry in War of 1812 had this same # of both stars & stripes 15
#466, aired 1986-09-22POP MUSIC: "Singers" named in 1958 after Liberty Records engineer Ted Keep & execs Al Bennett & Simon Waronker the Chipmunks
#465, aired 1986-09-19FIRST LADIES: Of all the First Ladies past & present still living, she is the youngest Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis
#464, aired 1986-09-18U.S. PRESIDENTS: The number of U.S. presidents in the 20th century to serve out at least 2 full terms 3
#463, aired 1986-09-17THE BIBLE: According to Genesis 7:16, it's who shut the door on Noah's Ark the Lord
#462, aired 1986-09-16MONARCHS: This early 13th cent. king was so despised that no other British monarch has borne his name John
#461, aired 1986-09-15FRUITS & VEGETABLES: According to Guinness Book of Records, the heaviest fruit or vegetable ever grown is 1 of these pumpkin
#460, aired 1986-09-12THE CALENDAR: Barring the unforeseen, the last presidential election of the 20th century will be held in this year 2000
#459, aired 1986-09-11ACTORS & ROLES: In a 3-year period, 2 actors won Oscars for playing this character in different films The Godfather
#457, aired 1986-09-09U.S. STATES: Despite govt. predictions to the contrary, in 1985 this became the least populated U.S. state Wyoming
#456, aired 1986-09-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: World's #1 maker of infant formula, this company does 98.2% of its business outside its home country Nestle
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