Season 2 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (78 clues archived)

#450, aired 1986-05-30GENERALS: Highest rank, General of the Armies of U.S., was given only to Pershing in 1919 & this deceased president in 1976 George Washington
#449, aired 1986-05-29THE NOBEL PRIZE: It's the only organization to have been awarded 3 Nobel Peace Prizes the Red Cross
#447, aired 1986-05-27SEPTEMBER: The only 2 presidents to die in September; both were assassinated Garfield & McKinley
#441, aired 1986-05-19THE FLAG: Feature & its color common to flags of U.S., Venezuela & Pakistan white stars
#438, aired 1986-05-14STATE CAPITALS: The 1st letter in the alphabet that does not begin the name of a state capital E
#430, aired 1986-05-02WORD ORIGINS: From a medieval occupation, this common English surname is Ferrer in Spanish & Kovacs in Hungarian Smith
#427, aired 1986-04-29WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Capital of this English-speaking country is southernmost national capital in the world New Zealand
#424, aired 1986-04-24THE AMERICAS: Central Amer. country whose 1904 constitution contained a provision authorizing U.S. intervention Panama
#423, aired 1986-04-23THE OSCARS: This Best Picture had the shortest title, using only 2 different letters Gigi
#422, aired 1986-04-22GAMBLING: Next to slots, Nevada casinos make more money from this game than any other, nearly $3/4 billion in 1985 blackjack
#415, aired 1986-04-11AMERICAN LITERATURE: Title of O. Henry's collection of short stories, "The Four Million" refers specifically to this the population of New York (the citizens of NYC)
#414, aired 1986-04-10THE CONTINENTS: Of the 7, this continent has the world's longest total coastline, over 96,000 miles North America
#411, aired 1986-04-07ENGINEERING: Country which tried to build a canal across Panama before we did it France
#410, aired 1986-04-04TELEVISION: In each TV season from 1958 to 1961, the 3 top-rated shows were of this genre westerns
#397, aired 1986-03-18FAMOUS AMERICANS: 1 year after winning an Oscar, she was honored on a postage stamp, but not for her acting Grace Kelly
#396, aired 1986-03-17MAN IN SPACE: This Space Shuttle, the only 1 named for a spaceship, is the only 1 not to have flown in space the Enterprise
#395, aired 1986-03-14THE '70s: Due to '73 energy crisis, Congress stopped the environmental impact review & ordered its construction the Alaska Pipeline
#394, aired 1986-03-13SPORTING EVENTS: Established in 1911, this yearly event has largest single day attendance in sports the Indy 500
#383, aired 1986-02-26TELEVISION: In fall of 1985, 5 of 8 prime time network series on Mondays had this word in their title and
#382, aired 1986-02-25LIFESTYLE, U.S.A.: This state has consistently had the highest divorce rate, by far Nevada
#381, aired 1986-02-24ELECTIONS: Total of senators & congressman, plus vote of D.C., it's # of electors in Electoral College 538
#375, aired 1986-02-14U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Geographic distinction of the city of Leadville, Colorado the highest incorporated U.S. city
#374, aired 1986-02-13FAMOUS NAMES: In 1985, this person became the 1st professional athlete ever to appear on the front of a Wheaties box Pete Rose
#373, aired 1986-02-12THE OSCARS: In '48, she became the only performer in the sound era to win Best Actress without uttering a word in the film Jane Wyman
#372, aired 1986-02-11EUROPE: All of Denmark is surrounded by water except for its 42 mile boundary with this country Germany
#371, aired 1986-02-10FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Mother of Bonnie Blue, she ran a sawmill after the Civil War Scarlett O'Hara
#370, aired 1986-02-07ROYALTY: Just as wife of U.S. President is called "First Lady", husband of a reigning British Queen is called this Prince Consort
#369, aired 1986-02-06PRESIDENTS: Of the 25 lawyers who have been President, he served most recently Gerald Ford
#368, aired 1986-02-05ACTORS & ROLES: 1 of 3 actors who won Best Actor Oscar for playing an actor Jimmy Cagney (for George M. Cohan), Ronald Colman, or Richard Dreyfuss
#367, aired 1986-02-04ENERGY: While U.S. is #2 petroleum producer in the world, this country produces the most the Soviet Union
#360, aired 1986-01-24TWENTIETH CENTURY: To honor him in 1965, Elizabeth II was the 1st reigning British monarch to attend a commoner's funeral Winston Churchill
#356, aired 1986-01-20DEMOCRATS: Nichols & May; Peter, Paul & Mary; and Simon & Garfunkel all reunited at a 1972 benefit for this Democrat George McGovern
#355, aired 1986-01-17THE OSCARS: The 2 Black males who have won Academy Awards for acting Sidney Poitier & Lou Gossett (Jr.)
#354, aired 1986-01-16TELEVISION: It ran on CBS for 20 years, longer than any other U.S. prime-time series with continuing characters Gunsmoke
#352, aired 1986-01-14VICE PRESIDENTS: 2 of the 3 Vice Presidents to serve under FDR (2 of) Harry S. Truman, Henry A. Wallace, and John Nance Garner
#351, aired 1986-01-13THE MILITARY: Foreign country in which the most American soldiers are stationed Germany
#350, aired 1986-01-10AMERICAN HISTORY: McLean House in Virginia was site of this event the Confederate surrender
#340, aired 1985-12-27LANDMARKS: Of the 6 current standard U.S. coins, the number that feature U.S. landmarks 2
#339, aired 1985-12-26AGRICULTURE: Though 65% of its workers are in agriculture, this continent has lowest farming output, per capita Africa
#338, aired 1985-12-25GOVERNMENTS: Country with the oldest written constitution still in use The United States
#337, aired 1985-12-24SPORTS: 1 of 2 sports which, in order to avoid injuries, ban left-handed playing (1 of) jai alai or polo
#336, aired 1985-12-23THE FLAG: Per U.S. flag code, only place in U.S. where another flag may be legally flown higher than ours The United Nations
#335, aired 1985-12-20ELECTIONS: Winner of the Presidential election in which Ronald Reagan got one electoral vote Jimmy Carter
#330, aired 1985-12-13LANDMARKS: They are America's only National Historic Landmark on wheels the San Francisco cable cars
#328, aired 1985-12-11KINGS & QUEENS: Eleanor of Aquitaine was only woman ever to be married to kings of both these countries England and France
#327, aired 1985-12-10LANGUAGES: Per 1980 census, after English & Spanish, the 3rd most popular language spoken at home in the U.S. Italian
#324, aired 1985-12-05MONEY: Smallest U.S. denomination, it appears on no coins, just trading stamps, & tax notices 1 mill (1/10 of a cent)
#316, aired 1985-11-25BROADCASTING: Though British born, he has been under contract to NBC continuously since 1938 Bob Hope
#315, aired 1985-11-22THE AMERICAS: Westernmost national capital in the Americas Mexico City
#314, aired 1985-11-21THE SUPREME COURT: This president appointed more Supreme Court justices than any other George Washington
#313, aired 1985-11-20THE OSCARS: Winning Best Actress Oscars in 1964 & 65, these 2 British-born actresses share the same 1st name Julie Andrews & Julie Christie
#312, aired 1985-11-19LITERATURE: 1952 novel that begins off the coast of Cuba, & ends on shore 3 days later The Old Man and the Sea
#311, aired 1985-11-18THE 50 STATES: Aside from the Dakotas & Carolinas, # of states with 2 words in their names as commonly used 6
#310, aired 1985-11-15LANDMARKS: Popular name for the Jefferson Nat'l Expansion Memorial Gateway Arch
#309, aired 1985-11-14U.S. GOVERNMENT: Individual receiving 2nd-highest U.S. gov't salary -- $104,700 per year excluding expenses chief justice
#308, aired 1985-11-13BIOLOGY: Of the 4, blood group of the universal recipient AB
#307, aired 1985-11-12FLAGS: This color appears on more different national flags than any other red
#306, aired 1985-11-11THE NOBEL PRIZE: Since it was established in 1901, the Nobel Peace Prize has been awarded to these 2 U.S. Presidents Theodore Roosevelt & Woodrow Wilson
#297, aired 1985-10-29U.S. GOVERNMENT: The only elected official in the fed. gov't. with duties in both the executive & legislative branches vice president
#295, aired 1985-10-25SCIENCE: From name of Greek sun god, it is the 2nd most abundant element in the universe helium
#294, aired 1985-10-24BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Having acquired Hughes Aircraft, it's now the world's largest industrial corporation again General Motors
#293, aired 1985-10-23HISTORIC NAMES: 1 of the "heroes" of the Alamo, he was also a slave-trader, land-swindler, & notorious brawler Jim Bowie
#282, aired 1985-10-08GEOGRAPHY: Other than North America, the continent closest to South America Antarctica
#280, aired 1985-10-04BUSINESS AND INDUSTRY: Over 1/2 of Fortune 500 and 42% of all N.Y. Stock Exchange companies are incorporated in this state Delaware
#279, aired 1985-10-03WORLD POLITICS: Last Communist party chief of the U.S.S.R. to leave office without dying Nikita Khrushchev
#278, aired 1985-10-02THE CONTINENTS: Of the 7, this continent has the greatest number of independent countries Africa
#277, aired 1985-10-01MOVIES: Compass directions of the Wicked Witches killed in "The Wizard of Oz" west & east
#276, aired 1985-09-30RECENT HISTORY: President under whom the U.S. gave full recognition to Communist China Jimmy Carter
#275, aired 1985-09-27THE FLAG: After a former president's death, the flag is flown at half-mast for this many days 30
#272, aired 1985-09-24HISTORIC NAMES: On Sept. 8, 1825, he left for France with honorary U.S. citizenship, $200,000 & 23,000 acres in Florida Marquis de Lafayette
#271, aired 1985-09-23SPORTS: With a total of 20, this player holds record for most Wimbledon titles ever Billie Jean King
#270, aired 1985-09-20U.S. PRESIDENTS: Our 8th president, he was 1st to be born an American citizen & not a British subject Martin Van Buren
#269, aired 1985-09-19THE CALENDAR: Date of the final day of the 20th century December 31, 2000
#267, aired 1985-09-17HOLIDAYS: Then called Decoration Day, Memorial Day was 1st observed after this war the Civil War
#264, aired 1985-09-12MISS AMERICA: He replaced Bert Parks as host of Miss America pageant for 1980 Ron Ely
#263, aired 1985-09-11EXPLORERS: Of Columbus' 3 ships on his 1st voyage, the one that never returned to Spain the Santa Maria
#262, aired 1985-09-10WORLD LEADERS: His daughter & grandson have also served as India's prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru
#261, aired 1985-09-09WOMEN IN SPORTS: Among the women prominent in this sport are Rachel McLish, Lori Bowen, & Cory Everson bodybuilding
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