Season 10 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (230 clues archived)

#2295, aired 1994-07-22U.S. PRESIDENTS: 2 of 4 men who served as president without having been elected to another public office (2 of) Ulysses Grant, Zachary Taylor, Dwight David Eisenhower & Herbert Hoover
#2294, aired 1994-07-21HISTORIC DYNASTIES: Muzio Attendolo, who founded a Renaissance dynasty, took this surname that means "the forcer" Sforza
#2293, aired 1994-07-20BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This electronics company is named for an early product, the first commercially successful car radio Motorola
#2292, aired 1994-07-1919th CENTURY AUTHORS: D.H. Lawrence said he probably did "more than any writer to present the Red Man to the white man" James Fenimore Cooper
#2291, aired 1994-07-18STAGE STARS: Her stage name came from reading fellow performers' tea leaves Gypsy Rose Lee
#2290, aired 1994-07-15ISLANDS: The Dutch & French, who occupied this Caribbean island, divided it between them on March 23, 1648 St. Martin (Saint-Martin, Sint Maarten)
#2289, aired 1994-07-1420th CENTURY WOMEN: C.B. Luce said of her, "No woman has ever so comforted the distressed or so distressed the comfortable" Eleanor Roosevelt
#2288, aired 1994-07-13SENATORS: As a child in 1938, this current senator cut the ribbon opening London's Children's Zoo (Edward) Ted Kennedy
#2287, aired 1994-07-12NEWSMAKERS: She played the Favorite Aunt in the Washington Ballet's Dec. 26, 1993 performance of "The Nutcracker" Chelsea Clinton
#2286, aired 1994-07-11WORLD GEOGRAPHY: 2 of the 3 countries in the Western Hemisphere that have a "Z" in their names (2 of) Venezuela, Brazil & Belize
#2285, aired 1994-07-08MOUNTAINS: The second peak surveyed in this range was Mount Godwin Austen the Karakoram Range
#2284, aired 1994-07-07PRESIDENTIAL HOMES: Name shared by a state capital & a president's home in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains Montpelier
#2283, aired 1994-07-06THE HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES: Established in 1795, this committee has jurisdiction over social security, tariffs & all revenue measures Ways & Means
#2282, aired 1994-07-05WOMEN IN SPORTS: Charmayne Rodman, the only woman to earn $1 million in the rodeo, did it in this event barrel racing
#2281, aired 1994-07-04SPACE EXPLORATION 1994: The USA's 1st lunar probe in 21 years is named this because after the mission it'll be "lost and gone forever" Clementine
#2280, aired 1994-07-01OPERETTAS: In this operetta, the title character has made flirting a capital offense; violators will be beheaded The Mikado
#2279, aired 1994-06-30IN THE NEWS: In 1994 the Navy named a new class of cargo ships after this entertainer Bob Hope
#2278, aired 1994-06-29THE NOBEL PRIZE: The only category in which an American did not win an award in 1993 Peace
#2277, aired 1994-06-28ASTRONOMY: It was discovered by a Czechoslovak-born astronomer in March 1973 (Comet) Kohoutek
#2276, aired 1994-06-27WORLD CITIES: Now a national capital, Gurkha kings made it their capital after capturing it in 1768 Katmandu
#2275, aired 1994-06-24LAST LINES: A J.M. Synge play ends, "Oh my grief, I've lost him surely. I've lost the only" one of these Playboy of the Western World
#2274, aired 1994-06-23RULERS: 4 sons of the founder of this kingdom have served as its king; 1 reigns now Saudi Arabia
#2273, aired 1994-06-22FAMOUS WOMEN: She was quoted as saying that as a mother, "I modeled my behavior on chimps... they are very loving" Jane Goodall
#2272, aired 1994-06-21ISLANDS: This isolated Pacific island 1400 miles SE of Tahiti is named for the first European who sighted it, in 1767 Pitcairn Island
#2271, aired 1994-06-20FICTIONAL TRANSPORTATION: It's 70 meters long, powered by electricity, displaces 1500 cubic meters of water & cost 1,687,000 francs the Nautilus
#2270, aired 1994-06-17LANGUAGES: This island country's 2 official languages are Sinhalese & Tamil Sri Lanka
#2269, aired 1994-06-16LETTER PERFECT: Hottinguer, Bellamy & Hauteval, agents of Talleyrand, were called this in a 1798 report to Congress X, Y & Z
#2268, aired 1994-06-15BOOKS & AUTHORS: JFK donated some of this book's royalties to the city of Plymouth in Great Britain Why England Slept
#2267, aired 1994-06-14FAMOUS NAMES: In 1921 he was appointed an advisor on Arab affairs to then British colonial minister Winston Churchill T.E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabia)
#2266, aired 1994-06-13COMMUNICATIONS: This first passive communications satellite, launched in 1960, simply reflected radio signals Echo
#2265, aired 1994-06-1019th CENTURY HUMANITARIANS: Like her sister Parthenope, who was named for Naples, she was named for the city of her birth Florence Nightingale
#2264, aired 1994-06-09RULERS: Manuel II, deposed in 1910, was this country's last king Portugal
#2263, aired 1994-06-08PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: 2 of the 3 presidents elected with over 500 electoral votes (2 of) Nixon, Reagan or Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#2262, aired 1994-06-07SCULPTURE: Since 1948 over 8 million tons of granite have been removed in sculpting this man & he's not finished Chief Crazy Horse
#2261, aired 1994-06-06BRITISH HISTORY: Over 300 years after his 1658 death, his head was laid to rest by his alma mater, a college at Cambridge Oliver Cromwell
#2260, aired 1994-06-03U.S. GEOGRAPHY: At 193 square miles, this mountain lake is the largest alpine lake in the United States Lake Tahoe
#2259, aired 1994-06-02BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: In 1912 he organized the Keystone Company Mack Sennett
#2258, aired 1994-06-01WORD ORIGINS: This term for one who exposes political corruption comes from a character in "The Pilgrim's Progress" a muckraker
#2257, aired 1994-05-31AUTHORS: Her last book "A Garland For Girls" was completed shortly before her death in 1888 Louisa May Alcott
#2256, aired 1994-05-30COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: 3 of the last 5 presidents have earned degrees from this university Yale
#2255, aired 1994-05-27STATE CAPITALS: It lies on the east bank of the Missouri River about 150 miles south of the Canadian border Bismarck, North Dakota
#2254, aired 1994-05-26COMPOSERS: This pianist & composer died in 1886 while attending a Wagner music festival at Bayreuth Franz Liszt
#2253, aired 1994-05-25WOMEN IN TELEVISION: Joan Ganz Cooney was president of this company 1970-1990 the Children's Television Workshop
#2252, aired 1994-05-24COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: The people of this kingdom call it Druk Yul, meaning the realm or land of the dragon Bhutan
#2251, aired 1994-05-23BEST SELLERS: The title of this 1987 novel comes from the burning of valuables in Florence, Italy in the 1490s Bonfire of the Vanities
#2250, aired 1994-05-20EXPLORERS: He published the aptly titled memoir "High Adventure" in 1955 Sir Edmund Hillary
#2249, aired 1994-05-1918th CENTURY AMERICA: In 1785 he became America's first minister to England John Adams
#2248, aired 1994-05-18POETS: On his death, April 27, 1882, the church bells of Concord, Mass. tolled 79 times in his memory Ralph Waldo Emerson
#2247, aired 1994-05-17ARCHITECTURE: Montreal, Tehran & Jerusalem are cities for which Moshe Safdie has designed these communities of prefab modules Habitats
#2246, aired 1994-05-16MEMOIRS: In 1981 he published "A Knight at the Opera" Rudolf Bing
#2245, aired 1994-05-13MYTHOLOGICAL WOMEN: The name of this woman in mythology is Greek for "weaver" or "bobbin worker" Penelope
#2244, aired 1994-05-12ALPHABETICALLY FIRST: Among the men who have walked on the Moon, his last name is alphabetically first (Buzz) Aldrin
#2243, aired 1994-05-11IN THE NEWS: His daughter Alina Fernandez Revuelta, was granted political asylum by the U.S. in 1993 Fidel Castro
#2242, aired 1994-05-10AMERICAN LITERATURE: Headings in this 1854 work include "Solitude", "Brute Neighbors" & "The Pond in Winter" Walden (Life in the Woods)
#2241, aired 1994-05-09THE SUPREME COURT: While Chief Justice, he was made special envoy to England, where he made a very unpopular treaty John Jay
#2240, aired 1994-05-06ARTISTS: "Red Vineyard" was one of the few of his paintings sold during his lifetime Vincent van Gogh
#2239, aired 1994-05-05THE BIBLE: Although blind, he killed 3,000 at a religious festival Samson
#2238, aired 1994-05-04GOVERNMENT: In the majority of the state legislatures, this person presides over the senate lieutenant governor
#2237, aired 1994-05-03BANKS: This New York City bank is named for the 25th Secretary of the Treasury the Chase Manhattan Bank
#2236, aired 1994-05-02MUSEUMS: Founded in 1846, it's the world's largest museum complex with 16 museums & over 140 million items Smithsonian
#2235, aired 1994-04-29FIRST LADIES: At 21, she was the youngest wife of a sitting president Frances Folsom Cleveland
#2234, aired 1994-04-28OPERA: In Act I of this 1875 opera, the title character stabs a fellow factory worker Carmen
#2233, aired 1994-04-27SHAKESPEARE: The play in which Edward, Prince of Wales says, "I do not like the tower, of any place" Richard III
#2232, aired 1994-04-26LITERARY LANDMARKS: A home built in 1668 at 54 Turner St. in Salem, Massachusetts inspired this 1851 novel The House of the Seven Gables
#2231, aired 1994-04-25ECOLOGY: From 1949 to 1952 she was editor-in-chief for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Rachel Carson
#2230, aired 1994-04-22OLD RADIO: This comedian said he took his last name from a Revolutionary War hero who was no longer using it Fred Allen
#2229, aired 1994-04-21FAIRS & EXPOSITIONS: The Century of Progress Exposition in 1933 marked the 100th anniversary of this city Chicago
#2228, aired 1994-04-20THE 50 STATES: This Atlantic state's highest point is 442 feet on Ebright Road in New Castle County Delaware
#2227, aired 1994-04-19BRITISH ROYALTY: In the line of succession to the British throne, she's Number 5, the female highest on the list Beatrice
#2226, aired 1994-04-18CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: Jennifer Greenway's "A Real Little Bunny" is a sequel to this Margery Williams classic The Velveteen Rabbit
#2225, aired 1994-04-15MOVIE ACTRESSES: 1 of only 4 women who have won the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award (1 of) Lillian Gish, Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Stanwyck
#2224, aired 1994-04-14THE NOBEL PRIZE: On receiving the Nobel Peace Prize in 1979, she said, "I accept in the name of the poor" Mother Teresa
#2223, aired 1994-04-131990s BESTSELLERS: The pivotal item in a 1992 bestseller, it was written by Darby Shaw the Pelican Brief
#2222, aired 1994-04-12COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: This university was founded in 1870 at the urging of Rutherford B. Hayes Ohio State University
#2221, aired 1994-04-11U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of 2 presidents who became widowers & remarried while in office John Tyler or Woodrow Wilson
#2220, aired 1994-04-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This company was founded in the 1930s to produce anti-glare products such as sunglasses Polaroid
#2219, aired 1994-04-07THE OLD TESTAMENT: Nahum 1:3 describes these as the dust of God's feet clouds
#2218, aired 1994-04-06WOMEN AUTHORS: In the 1920s she wrote, "A woman must have money and a room of her own if she is to write fiction" Virginia Woolf
#2217, aired 1994-04-05DRAMA: This Tony-winning "Best Play" of 1988 is set in Paris & Beijing M. Butterfly
#2216, aired 1994-04-04VICE PRESIDENTS: At the age of 20 he helped manage Hubert Humphrey's 1948 Senate campaign Walter Mondale
#2215, aired 1994-04-01BUSINESS LEADERS: In 1986 he published his autobiography, "Pizza Tiger" Tom Monaghan
#2214, aired 1994-03-31SCIENTISTS: By his own account, he was born "in Diamond Grove, Missouri, about the close of the Great Civil War" George Washington Carver
#2213, aired 1994-03-30PULITZER PRIZE NOVELS: The first Pulitzer Prize-winning novel by a woman, it became a movie in 1993 The Age of Innocence
#2212, aired 1994-03-29U.S. PRESIDENTS: 2 of the 3 presidents elected in a year ending with "0" who did not die in office (2 of) Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, or James Monroe
#2211, aired 1994-03-28AUSTRALIA: In the 1800s many dangerous felons were sent here, now Australia's southernmost state Tasmania
#2210, aired 1994-03-25THE CARIBBEAN: Charlotte Amalie, the largest city in the Virgin Islands, is named for a queen of this country Denmark
#2209, aired 1994-03-24LESSER-KNOWN NAMES: You're most likely to see the names Catalina Villalpando & Nicholas Brady together on one of these a $1 bill
#2208, aired 1994-03-23THE BIBLE: The first person mentioned for whom no children are listed Abel
#2207, aired 1994-03-22PLAYWRIGHTS: Mrs. Patrick Campbell said of this vegetarian, "God help us if he should ever eat a beefsteak" George Bernard Shaw
#2206, aired 1994-03-21ISLANDS: At 122 square miles, it's Europe's smallest island nation Malta
#2205, aired 1994-03-18MASCULINE NAMES: This common English man's name is from the Greek for "God's gift" Theodore
#2204, aired 1994-03-17TRAVEL & TOURISM: In November 1993 Disney announced plans to build a Disney's America Theme Park in this U.S. state Virginia
#2203, aired 1994-03-16LITERARY LANDMARKS: In 1923 Henry Ford bought this Mass. tavern & turned part of it into a museum honoring Longfellow the Wayside Inn
#2202, aired 1994-03-15AFRICA: The French Foreign Legion was created in 1831 to occupy this country Algeria
#2201, aired 1994-03-14THE UNITED NATIONS: The only member of the League of Nations that has never joined the United Nations under any name Switzerland
#2200, aired 1994-03-11THE WINTER OLYMPICS: In some events of this competition, each miss requires a 150-meter penalty lap the biathlon
#2199, aired 1994-03-10THE CONSTITUTION: Name given the plan proposed by William Paterson at the Constitutional Convention the New Jersey plan
#2198, aired 1994-03-09U.S. PRESIDENTS: 1 of only 2 men elected to Congress after serving as president John Quincy Adams or Andrew Johnson
#2197, aired 1994-03-08THE NOBEL PRIZE: In 1993 she became the first American woman since Pearl Buck to win the Nobel Prize in Literature Toni Morrison
#2196, aired 1994-03-07WEATHER: Europe's highest recorded temperature, over 120º F., was in this country in 1881 Spain
#2195, aired 1994-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE: Penguin's edition of this 1830's classic includes a glossary of thieves' slang Oliver Twist
#2194, aired 1994-03-03CHINA: Today this historic region of China is simply referred to as the Northeast Manchuria
#2193, aired 1994-03-02THE FOUNDING FATHERS: He wrote newspaper essays under pseudonyms such as Pacificus, Camillus & Publius Alexander Hamilton
#2192, aired 1994-03-01BRAND NAMES: In the 1930s this product was advertised with the phrase "Don't put a cold in your pocket" Kleenex
#2191, aired 1994-02-28JAZZ: Real name of the American jazz musician whose compositions include "Ornithology" Charlie Parker
#2190, aired 1994-02-25FAMOUS NAMES: In 1970 he made his first visit to a Tennessee classroom since his conviction 45 years earlier John Scopes
#2189, aired 1994-02-24FAMOUS WOMEN: A 1953 graduate of Mount St. Vincent College in NYC, she was a world leader 1986-1992 Corazon Aquino
#2188, aired 1994-02-23HISTORIC CAPES: On October 21, 1805 the Victory won a victory off this Spanish cape Trafalgar
#2187, aired 1994-02-22POETS: An 1863 poem by this man includes the line "On the eighteenth of April, in Seventy-five" Longfellow
#2186, aired 1994-02-21U.S. LANDMARKS: This building has the world's biggest switchboard with about 1 million calls per day on 34,500 lines the Pentagon
#2185, aired 1994-02-18LEGENDARY PAIRS: In the late 1100s, monks at Glastonbury Abbey claimed they'd found the bodies of this royal couple Arthur & Guinevere
#2184, aired 1994-02-17PERFORMING ARTS: A famous U.S. school is named for this philanthropist who was born at sea to French parents in 1836 Juilliard
#2183, aired 1994-02-16FAMOUS SPEECHES: In a 1963 speech JFK declared, "2,000 years ago the proudest boast was 'civis romanus sum.' Today" it's this Ich bin ein Berliner
#2182, aired 1994-02-15WORLD LEADERS: In 1992 he became the first foreign head of state to be convicted by a U.S. jury Noriega
#2181, aired 1994-02-14THE 1970s: In August 1993 the last of the contaminated water from this 1979 accident site was evaporated Three Mile Island
#2180, aired 1994-02-11ISLANDS: Henry Hudson named this island for the Dutch legislature Staten Island
#2179, aired 1994-02-10PRESIDENTS: Both of his sons were given the name Doud, their mother's maiden name Dwight David Eisenhower
#2178, aired 1994-02-09TRAVEL & TOURISM: This European resort was founded in 1856 & named for Prince Charles III Monte Carlo
#2177, aired 1994-02-08HISTORIC NAMES: In 1895 he founded the Wyoming town now considered the eastern entrance to Yellowstone Buffalo Bill Cody
#2176, aired 1994-02-07POETIC HEROINES: In Tennyson she calls herself "that wicked one, who broke the vast design and purpose of the king" Guinevere
#2175, aired 1994-02-04DIRECTORS & THEIR FILMS: 1 of only 2 films directed by Clint Eastwood that did not star Clint Eastwood (1 of) Bird or Breezy
#2174, aired 1994-02-03U.S. HISTORY: Laura Keene, who first came to the U.S. in the 1850s, was best known for her starring role in this play Our American Cousin
#2173, aired 1994-02-02ORGANIZATIONS: As a declaration of faith, soldiers in this organization sign the Articles of War The Salvation Army
#2172, aired 1994-02-01ANCIENT CITIES: Antony & Cleopatra met in this city, later home to an apostle & now in Turkey Tarsus
#2171, aired 1994-01-31THE WHITE HOUSE: 1 of the 2 presidents who died in the White House William Henry Harrison & Zachary Taylor
#2170, aired 1994-01-28WORD ORIGINS: From the same root as "bottle", this job in Old England involved pouring wine butler
#2169, aired 1994-01-27EUROPEAN GEOGRAPHY: Name shared by the southernmost province of Belgium, a country on its border & a capital city Luxembourg
#2168, aired 1994-01-26FAMOUS NAMES: Eisenhower said on his 1955 death that no other man contributed so much to the growth of 20th c. knowledge Albert Einstein
#2167, aired 1994-01-25AMERICAN NOVELS: The first sentence of this 1957 novel is "I first met Dean not long after my wife and I split up" On the Road
#2166, aired 1994-01-24FAMOUS PAIRS: On radio, this pair was played by the creator's daughter, Joan Burroughs, & her husband Tarzan & Jane
#2165, aired 1994-01-21THE KENNEDY CENTER HONORS: The first ballet company founder honored by the Kennedy Center, he was born in St. Petersburg in 1904 George Balanchine
#2164, aired 1994-01-20INVENTORS: He & his wife are buried on an estate called Beinn Bhreagh on Canada's Cape Breton Island Alexander Graham Bell
#2163, aired 1994-01-19THE 50 STATES: Though 46th largest in area, this state ranks 9th largest in population New Jersey
#2162, aired 1994-01-18COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: A Massachusetts city & college are named after this British commander at the 1759 capture of Ticonderoga Amherst
#2161, aired 1994-01-17SPAIN: The name of this southern region of Spain probably came from a word that means "land of the Vandals" Andalusia
#2160, aired 1994-01-14LEGENDS: According to Sir Thomas Malory, the name of this object means "cut-steel" Excalibur
#2159, aired 1994-01-13SHAKESPEARE'S PLAYS: Sir William Catesby's last line in this play is "Withdraw, my lord; I'll help you to a horse" Richard III
#2158, aired 1994-01-12HISTORIC NAMES: The town in which he was born in 1870 was later renamed Ulyanovsk Vladimir Lenin
#2157, aired 1994-01-11FAMOUS WOMEN: In an 1875 book she wrote, "Disease is an experience of so-called mortal mind" Mary Baker Eddy
#2156, aired 1994-01-10MONARCHS: King William IV's daughters died in infancy, so this niece succeeded him on the British throne Victoria
#2155, aired 1994-01-07ETHNIC GROUPS: 1/4 of Americans claim this central European ancestry, making it the nation's largest ethnic group German(s)
#2154, aired 1994-01-06FAMOUS NOVELS: Chapter 32 of this novel is titled "Cetology" Moby-Dick
#2153, aired 1994-01-05CARD GAMES: Best poker hand that can be formed from the last 5 monarchs of England four of a kind (four kings)
#2152, aired 1994-01-04COMPOSERS: He had 3 children: Eva, Isolde & Siegfried Richard Wagner
#2151, aired 1994-01-03POP MUSIC: He has surpassed Elvis with a Top 40 hit in 24 consecutive years Elton John
#2150, aired 1993-12-31POLITICIANS: Elected to the House of Representatives in 1966, he was the first Republican to represent Houston George Bush
#2149, aired 1993-12-30SHAKESPEARE: The 2 female title characters in Shakespearean tragedies who die by their own hand Cleopatra & Juliet
#2148, aired 1993-12-29FOOD & DRINK: This coffee is known by the name of the Nashville hotel where it built its reputation Maxwell House
#2147, aired 1993-12-28WOMEN IN BUSINESS: This woman who began selling her products in the 1930s is estimated to be America's richest self-made woman Estée Lauder
#2146, aired 1993-12-27FAMOUS NAMES: This English innkeeper kept 40 horses ready for customers but gave them no choice in the one they got Hobson
#2145, aired 1993-12-24THE CALENDAR: By our calendar, the first British East India Co. was founded on this date, the last day of the 16th century December 31, 1600
#2144, aired 1993-12-23MAGAZINES: After the TV show premiered in 1964, The New Yorker wouldn't allow this family in its cartoons the Addams family
#2143, aired 1993-12-22ORGANIZATIONS: This organization was dissolved in 1956 after its last member, Albert Woolson, died at age 109 the Grand Army of the Republic
#2142, aired 1993-12-21THE 1990 CENSUS: According to the 1990 census this state now contains 3 of the 10 most populous U.S. cities Texas
#2141, aired 1993-12-20THE BILL OF RIGHTS: As president of the Senate, he signed the Bill of Rights John Adams
#2140, aired 1993-12-17EDUCATION: Its 1st headline in '28 read, "2 Poor Boys Who Made Good Are Now Running for the Highest Office in the World" the Weekly Reader
#2139, aired 1993-12-1620th CENTURY WOMEN: She was Time magazine's Woman of the Year for 1953 Queen Elizabeth II
#2138, aired 1993-12-15WOMEN ARTISTS: "Diego and I" by this artist was the 1st painting by a Latin American to sell for more than $1 million Frida Kahlo
#2137, aired 1993-12-14THE OSCARS: His 1991 Supporting Actor Oscar came nearly 40 years after his 1st nomination for "Sudden Fear" Jack Palance
#2136, aired 1993-12-13TOYS & GAMES: This toy company with a theme park in Billund, Denmark plans to open parks near London & in the U.S. LEGO
#2135, aired 1993-12-10WORD ORIGINS: This word for mass destruction once referred to the killing of every 10th Roman soldier after a mutiny decimation
#2134, aired 1993-12-09SUPREME COURT JUSTICES: 1 of 2 20th c. justices who lay in repose at the Supreme Court building in Washington Earl Warren or Thurgood Marshall
#2133, aired 1993-12-08TELEVISION HISTORY: Connie Chung & Dan Rather are the 2nd male-female network news pair; Barbara Walters & this man were 1st Harry Reasoner
#2132, aired 1993-12-07FRANCE: 2 of the 4 presidents of France's Fifth Republic (2 of) Mitterrand, Pompidou, de Gaulle & Valéry Giscard d'Estaing
#2131, aired 1993-12-06U.S. STATES: The U.S. gov't owns 85% of this state's land, the largest portion for any of the lower 48 states Nevada
#2130, aired 1993-12-03WOMEN PLAYWRIGHTS: 1 of 3 women who won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in the 1980s (1 of) Beth Henley (for Crimes of the Heart), Marsha Norman (for 'night, Mother) & Wendy Wasserstein (for The Heidi Chronicles)
#2129, aired 1993-12-02WORLD CAPITALS: The capital of Albania is named for this other world capital Tehran
#2128, aired 1993-12-01U.S. HISTORY: Frank Harris' 1908 novel "The Bomb" deals with this 1886 U.S. incident the Haymarket Riot
#2127, aired 1993-11-301990s GEOGRAPHY: In area, it's now the largest country whose boundaries are wholly within Europe Ukraine
#2126, aired 1993-11-29PRESIDENTS: Under an act passed in 1958, they became the first two former presidents eligible for a pension Harry S. Truman & Herbert Hoover
#2125, aired 1993-11-26THE CABINET: In the 1970s he held more cabinet posts than anyone in U.S. history—4, including Attorney General Elliot Richardson
#2124, aired 1993-11-2520th CENTURY LEADERS: At age 13 in 1926, he was accepted as a novice at the abbey of Kykkos; he later taught there Archbishop Makarios
#2123, aired 1993-11-24NONFICTION: His autobiography was the bestselling hardcover book of the 1980s Lee Iacocca
#2122, aired 1993-11-23HISTORIC FRENCHMEN: In 1704 he was commandant of Detroit; a few years later, he was made governor of Louisiana Antoine de Cadillac
#2121, aired 1993-11-22MONEY: On July 27, 1971 Richard Nixon gave her the first of the new U.S. dollar coins Mamie Eisenhower
#2120, aired 1993-11-19WORD ORIGINS: The name of this dialect comes from a Hindi word, mantri, meaning "counselor" Mandarin
#2119, aired 1993-11-18HISTORIC NAMES: On June 27, 1525 he married former nun Katherine von Bora Martin Luther
#2118, aired 1993-11-17WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It's the northernmost mountain in the world over 20,000 feet in elevation Mt. McKinley (Denali)
#2117, aired 1993-11-16LITERARY TERMS: Jonathan Swift defined it as a "glass wherein beholders... discover everybody's face but their own" satire
#2116, aired 1993-11-15LANDMARKS: Lord Byron wrote, "I stood in Venice on" this, "a palace and a prison on each hand" the Bridge of Sighs
#2115, aired 1993-11-12COMEDIANS: On meeting this comedian, Gerald Ford said, "You're a very funny suburb" Chevy Chase
#2114, aired 1993-11-11CLASSICAL LITERATURE: 2nd century A.D. author Aulus Gellius gave us the story of this runaway Roman slave who befriends a lion Androcles
#2113, aired 1993-11-10POLITICAL QUOTATIONS: In '77 this foreign affairs adviser quipped, "There cannot be a crisis next week, my schedule is already full" Henry Kissinger
#2112, aired 1993-11-09IN THE NEWS: AP says about half its clients used the Ron Edmonds photo of these 2 men shaking hands 9/13/93 Yasser Arafat & Yitzhak Rabin
#2111, aired 1993-11-08THE REVOLUTIONARY WAR: The first battle of the war took place April 19, 1775 in what's now this state Massachusetts
#2110, aired 1993-11-05MAMMALS: They make up the second-largest order of mammals, Chiroptera bats
#2109, aired 1993-11-04RULERS: 1 of the 2 countries that have been ruled by members of the Braganza family (1 of) Portugal or Brazil
#2108, aired 1993-11-03REPUBLICANS: 2 of only 3 Republican Presidents who completed 2 full terms in office (2 of) U.S. Grant, Eisenhower, and Ronald Reagan
#2107, aired 1993-11-02PULITZER PRIZE WINNERS: Since 1952 he's hosted a weekday talk & interview show on Chicago's fine arts radio station WFMT Studs Terkel
#2106, aired 1993-11-01SCIENTIFIC DISCOVERIES: Its discovery was announced on March 13, 1930, Percival Lowell's birthday Pluto
#2105, aired 1993-10-29SPORTS FIGURES: In 1993 a commemorative stamp was issued in Detroit honoring this boxer, the 1st to be so recognized Joe Louis
#2104, aired 1993-10-28HOLIDAYS & OBSERVANCES: This holiday is the top avocado-eating day of the year in the U.S.; Super Bowl Sunday is second Cinco de Mayo
#2103, aired 1993-10-27BILLIONAIRES: On Fortune magazine's 1993 list of 101 billionaires, this American family ranked second the Waltons
#2102, aired 1993-10-26WORLD CITIES: This North African city controlled the red dye used to color Tarboosh caps Fez
#2101, aired 1993-10-25FAMOUS PAIRS: They were elected the first president & secretary of American Express Wells & Fargo
#2100, aired 1993-10-22TELEVISION: This series noted for the highest rated single episode of the '60s had a 1993 film based on it The Fugitive
#2099, aired 1993-10-21ORGANIZATIONS: When this U.S. organization was established in 1912, Daisy Gordon became its first registered member the Girl Scouts
#2098, aired 1993-10-20DISASTERS: This began Sept. 2, 1666 in the house of the King's baker in Pudding Lane the Great Fire of London
#2097, aired 1993-10-19LAST WILLS & TESTAMENTS: He left $50,000 to the "poor of Walldorf near Heidelberg in the Grand Duchy of Baden" John Jacob Astor
#2096, aired 1993-10-18U.S. PRESIDENTS: He was the first president to visit all 50 states while in office Richard M. Nixon
#2095, aired 1993-10-15FAMOUS HOMES: The ticket office at this presidential home hands out dozens of $2 bills as change every day Monticello
#2094, aired 1993-10-14FILM DIRECTORS: He was the first director to win 4 Oscars & the first to receive the American Film Institute's Life Achievement Award John Ford
#2093, aired 1993-10-13BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Founded as a nail enamel co. in 1932, it has been called "the General Motors of beauty" Revlon
#2092, aired 1993-10-12DRAMA: Moliere based part of "Les Fourberies de Scapin" on a play by this man about whom Rostand wrote Cyrano de Bergerac
#2091, aired 1993-10-11WORD & PHRASE ORIGINS: This term for a deadbeat came from a poker player whose hole card didn't fill out his hand four-flusher
#2090, aired 1993-10-08BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This department store now has America's biggest catalog J.C. Penney
#2089, aired 1993-10-0719th CENTURY POLITICS: In 1872 he was the Liberal Republican Party's first & last presidential candidate; he lost Horace Greeley
#2088, aired 1993-10-06WORLD CAPITALS: Uhuru Highway & Moi Avenue are important streets in this capital city Nairobi
#2087, aired 1993-10-05WORLD WAR II: Jan Gies, who was best known for his friendship with this family, died in 1993 at age 87 the Frank Family
#2086, aired 1993-10-04EXPLORERS: This famous explorer was born in Larvik, Norway October 6, 1914 (Thor) Heyerdahl
#2085, aired 1993-10-01HORSES: This breed was named for an area around Scotland's most important river Clydesdale
#2084, aired 1993-09-30U.S. CITIES: The closest port to Asia in the lower 48 states, it was named 1992's best U.S. city for doing business Seattle
#2083, aired 1993-09-29FLOWERS: This flower whose name is from the Greek for "wind" is also called a windflower anemone
#2082, aired 1993-09-28FAMOUS NAMES: Bartlett's lists the quotation "Viva la huelga!", which means "Long live the strike!", under his name Cesar Chavez
#2081, aired 1993-09-27THE GREAT LAKES: It's the only Great Lake whose bottom is above sea level Lake Erie
#2080, aired 1993-09-24IN THE NEWS: On St. Patrick's Day in 1993, she was appointed ambassador to Ireland Jean Kennedy Smith
#2079, aired 1993-09-23SCIENTISTS: He is Cambridge Univ.'s Lucasian Professor of Mathematics, a chair held 300 years ago by Isaac Newton Stephen Hawking
#2078, aired 1993-09-22THE U.S. CONGRESS: This state lost the most seats in the House of Representatives, 3, after the 1990 census New York
#2077, aired 1993-09-21TREATIES: These were 2 states involved in the 1929 Lateran Treaty Italy & the Vatican
#2076, aired 1993-09-20STATE CAPITALS: It's the only state capital whose name ends with 3 vowels Juneau
#2075, aired 1993-09-17COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: Its population center is farther north than any other country's Iceland
#2074, aired 1993-09-16TELEVISION: 1993's "Skylark" with Glenn Close was a sequel to this highest-rated "Hallmark Hall of Fame" film Sarah, Plain and Tall
#2073, aired 1993-09-15IN THE NEWS: Pres. Mitterand & Bishop Alanis signed a new constitution giving this country sovereignty in '93 Andorra
#2072, aired 1993-09-14SCIENTISTS: In 1955 2 elements were named for these 2 Nobel Prize-winning scientists then recently deceased Albert Einstein & Enrico Fermi
#2071, aired 1993-09-13LAKES: 2 of this large lake's biggest gulfs are Emin Pasha in the southwest & Speke in the southeast Lake Victoria
#2070, aired 1993-09-10ACTORS: He called his 1992 autobiography "What's It All About?" Michael Caine
#2069, aired 1993-09-09WORD ORIGINS: This word for one who willfully destroys comes from a group that sacked Rome in 455 vandal
#2068, aired 1993-09-08U.S. CITIES: Name shared by cities on the Kennebec & Savannah rivers; one of them is a state capital Augusta
#2067, aired 1993-09-07LANDMARKS: The Sceptre with the Dove & the Sword of Mercy are part of a collection housed here the Tower of London
#2066, aired 1993-09-06AMERICAN HISTORY: In 1919 he became the first General of the Armies of the U.S. John Pershing
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