Season 1 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (48 clues archived)

#160, aired 1985-04-19KINGDOMS: Possessing the northernmost island in the world makes this kingdom the world's northernmost Denmark
#158, aired 1985-04-17SOAP OPERAS: CBS soap opera which is the only soap left on the air which began on radio The Guiding Light
#153, aired 1985-04-10PRESIDENTS: The only president to be sworn in by a woman Lyndon B. Johnson
#141, aired 1985-03-25BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This cereal co. which owns Parker Bros. & Lionel Trains is the largest toy maker in the world General Mills
#138, aired 1985-03-20THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Site of Nov. '78 headline tragedy, it's the only S.A. country with English as official language Guyana
#127, aired 1985-03-05BODIES OF WATER: Only Great Lake not forming part of Michigan's borders Lake Ontario
#126, aired 1985-03-04BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Gunmakers Remington & Sons began making this different product in 1874 typewriter
#110, aired 1985-02-08THE ZODIAC: Appropriate astrological sign shared by Britain's Princesses Anne & Margaret Leo
#99, aired 1985-01-24U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Each one of these 2 letters begins the names of 8 states M & N
#98, aired 1985-01-23MARTYRS: Executed by English for sorcery, later declared innocent and, in 1920, made a saint Joan of Arc
#84, aired 1985-01-03SPACE: Lunar sea on which Apollo 11 landed the Sea of Tranquility
#81, aired 1984-12-31SPORTS: Only 2 cities with both a National & American League baseball team New York & Chicago
#80, aired 1984-12-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Number of states that touch the Pacific Ocean 5
#77, aired 1984-12-25WORLD CAPITALS: The closest foreign capital to Washington, D.C. Ottawa
#70, aired 1984-12-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Cincinnati company that is #1 TV advertiser, spending $½ billion per yr. Procter & Gamble
#69, aired 1984-12-13DANCE: American who founded dance schools in Fra., Ger. & Russia, but was played by Brit. actress in '68 film Isadora Duncan
#68, aired 1984-12-12FLAGS: Country whose flag includes pictures of the British & Dutch flags South Africa
#67, aired 1984-12-11WOMEN IN HISTORY: Arrested for voting in 1872 election, she died 14 years before the 19th Amendment Susan B. Anthony
#66, aired 1984-12-10U.S. GEOGRAPHY: The 2 states on both sides of the Mississippi Louisiana and Minnesota
#65, aired 1984-12-07TITLED HEADS: Queen of France 1559-60; Catholic Europe considered her the rightful queen of England Mary, Queen of Scots
#64, aired 1984-12-06WORLD HISTORY: In 1804 this Caribbean country became 1st black nation to gain freedom from European colonial rule Haiti
#63, aired 1984-12-05SHOW BUSINESS: Barrymore, Rathbone, Roger Moore & Larry Hagman are among 61 actors to play this character Sherlock Holmes
#62, aired 1984-12-04U.S. PRESIDENTS: President elected to 2nd term with 523 electoral votes, the greatest number in any election Franklin D. Roosevelt
#61, aired 1984-12-03EUROPE: The Soviet army was welcome in this capital in May of '45 but unwelcome in August '68 Prague
#59, aired 1984-11-29THE CALENDAR: The only day of the week named for a Roman god Saturday
#58, aired 1984-11-28TRAVEL & TOURISM: City that boasts the tallest U.S. monument, completed in 1965 St. Louis
#57, aired 1984-11-27GOVERNMENT: Decade the last amendment to the Constitution was ratified in the 1970s
#56, aired 1984-11-26BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Country that manufactures the most cars per year Japan
#42, aired 1984-11-06THE BIBLE: First person in the Bible to be imprisoned Joseph
#41, aired 1984-11-05SPORTS: Either of 2 current pro baseball team names that don't end in "S" (1 of) Chicago White Sox & Boston Red Sox
#21, aired 1984-10-08THE ARMED SERVICES: The last military branch to be established United States Air Force
#20, aired 1984-10-05WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It has more people than all the other South American countries combined Brazil
#19, aired 1984-10-04THE CALENDAR: Number of leap years between 1985 & 2001 4
#18, aired 1984-10-03U.S. PRESIDENTS: In the 1860 election for his 1st term, more Americans voted against him than for him Abraham Lincoln
#17, aired 1984-10-02TRAVEL & TOURISM: This country draws the most American tourists each year Canada
#16, aired 1984-10-01WORLD CITIES: It's the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere Mexico City
#15, aired 1984-09-28MATHEMATICS: The number of zeros in 1 trillion 12
#14, aired 1984-09-27BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Automaker that introduced the alternator, power steering & electric ignition Chrysler
#13, aired 1984-09-26THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Only 1 of 9 planets not named for a Greek or Roman mythological figure the Earth
#12, aired 1984-09-25RIVERS: It carries more water than the longest rivers in Asia, Africa & No. America combined the Amazon
#11, aired 1984-09-24TITLED HEADS: N.Y. financier Al Grimaldi is next in line for throne of this Mediterranean principality Monaco
#10, aired 1984-09-21U.S. PRESIDENTS: Adventurous 26th president, he was 1st to ride in an automobile & an airplane Theodore Roosevelt
#9, aired 1984-09-20SCIENCE: The mammal that holds the record for the longest lifespan man
#5, aired 1984-09-14THE OLYMPICS: Of the 5 continents symbolized by Olympic rings, only one never to hold Games Africa
#4, aired 1984-09-13AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Since 1970, the only cabinet department not headed by a secretary the Attorney General's Department
#3, aired 1984-09-12LANGUAGE: It is the 2nd most spoken language in the world English
#2, aired 1984-09-11THE CALENDAR: Calendar date with which the 20th century began January 1, 1901
#1, aired 1984-09-10HOLIDAYS: The third Monday of January starting in 1986 Martin Luther King Day
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