Season 1 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (163 clues archived)

#193, aired 1985-06-05FAMOUS NAMES: In 1974, this baseball figure set record for most letters received in the mail in a year, some 900,000 Hank Aaron
#191, aired 1985-06-03RIVERS: 2 of the 3 "rivers" which surround Manhattan (2 of) East River, Hudson River & Harlem River
#189, aired 1985-05-30LANGUAGES: It was the 1st human language Tarzan spoke French
#188, aired 1985-05-29U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Two of the three states to join the Union in the first half of the 20th century (2 of) Arizona, Oklahoma & New Mexico
#187, aired 1985-05-28HISTORY: It was the world's largest city for the entire 19th century London
#186, aired 1985-05-27LITERATURE: Since no one had trademarked this ancient title, Thomas Nelson Publ. was allowed to in 1979 The Bible
#185, aired 1985-05-24ISLANDS: Two of three islands on which Napoleon was born exiled, and died (2 of) Corsica, Elba and St. Helena
#184, aired 1985-05-23REPUBLICANS: The 2 who were presidents during the Centennial and Bicentennial years Ulysses Grant & Gerald Ford
#183, aired 1985-05-22THE OSCARS: From 1978-81, all Oscar winners for Best Supporting Actress had these same initials M.S.
#182, aired 1985-05-21THE MILITARY: Maintaining the world's largest army, this country has about 3½ million troops on active duty China
#181, aired 1985-05-20U.S. STATES: State that was southernmost of original 13 colonies Georgia
#180, aired 1985-05-17BRITISH MONARCHS: In 1553, she became 1st woman to be crowned Queen of England Mary (Bloody Mary/Mary Tudor)
#179, aired 1985-05-16TELEVISION: Only "M·A·S·H" regular to really serve in Korea, he also served in "AfterMASH" Jamie Farr
#178, aired 1985-05-15THE AMERICAS: One of only two countries in South America not bordering Brazil (1 of) Chile & Ecuador
#177, aired 1985-05-14ACTORS & ROLES: Sean Connery, Richard Todd & Dick Gautier have all played this legendary fugitive hero Robin Hood
#176, aired 1985-05-13U.S. PRESIDENTS: Last Democratic president to serve 2 complete terms, no more, no less Woodrow Wilson
#175, aired 1985-05-10TOYS AND GAMES: Of the six different chess pieces, the only two which can make the opening move pawn & knight
#174, aired 1985-05-09WORLD CAPITALS: This Mideast city gave its name to a type of cloth, steel & a jeweler's technique Damascus
#173, aired 1985-05-08ANCIENT HISTORY: Cornelia was his 1st wife; Calpurnia his 2nd Julius Caesar
#172, aired 1985-05-07GOVERNMENT: The highest ranking member of the U.S. President's Cabinet the Secretary of State
#171, aired 1985-05-06MEDICINE: A vaccine developed in 1796 made this disease the 1st conquered by man smallpox
#170, aired 1985-05-03STATE CAPITALS: The closest state capital to the nation's capital Annapolis
#169, aired 1985-05-02FLAGS: Number of stars on the U.S. flag which served the longest 48
#168, aired 1985-05-01NAMES IN THE NEWS: This U.S. president made the cover of "Time" magazine 64 times, almost twice as much as anyone else Richard Nixon
#167, aired 1985-04-30POLITICAL QUOTES: According to Samuel Johnson, it "is the last refuge of a scoundrel" patriotism
#166, aired 1985-04-29U.S. STATES: Though this state has no reservations, it has largest American Indian population Oklahoma
#165, aired 1985-04-26FAIRY TALES: Worldwide, this fairy tale has been subject of 58 films, more than any other story Cinderella
#164, aired 1985-04-25THE CONSTITUTION: The first person to sign the Constitution George Washington
#163, aired 1985-04-24ROYALTY: Queen Elizabeth II's father, he became this king when his brother abdicated the throne George VI
#162, aired 1985-04-23EDUCATION: The first university in the Western Hemisphere was founded in 1553 in this Latin American capital Mexico City
#161, aired 1985-04-22GOVERNMENT: Since the Bill of Rights' ten amendments, only this many more have been added to the Constitution 16
#160, aired 1985-04-19KINGDOMS: Possessing the northernmost island in the world makes this kingdom the world's northernmost Denmark
#159, aired 1985-04-18THE AUTOMOBILE: In 1972, it surpassed the Model T to become largest single car model ever sold Volkswagen Beetle
#158, aired 1985-04-17SOAP OPERAS: CBS soap opera which is the only soap left on the air which began on radio The Guiding Light
#157, aired 1985-04-16BOOKS & AUTHORS: Upon completion of his "Answered Prayers", this late author would have received $1 million Truman Capote
#156, aired 1985-04-15U.S. GOVERNMENT: Highest elected official who can serve an unlimited number of terms the Vice President
#155, aired 1985-04-12MEDICINE: In 1806, France was 1st major Eur. country to forbid this profession from practicing surgery barbers
#154, aired 1985-04-11SHAKESPEARE: Besides "A Midsummer Night's Dream", the other Shakespearean play with a season in title The Winter's Tale
#153, aired 1985-04-10PRESIDENTS: The only president to be sworn in by a woman Lyndon B. Johnson
#152, aired 1985-04-09THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: In the Websters 3rd International Dictionary, it's the letter with the most entries S
#151, aired 1985-04-08THE CALENDAR: In 1984, the Cotton, Fiesta, Orange, Rose & Sugar Bowls were all played on this date January 2
#150, aired 1985-04-05THE CIVIL WAR: As early as 1862, federal troops occupied this largest city in the Confederacy New Orleans, Louisiana
#149, aired 1985-04-04THE OSCARS: This 1969 film was the last time the Best Actor Oscar was awarded for a western True Grit
#148, aired 1985-04-03GAMES: In a standard deck of playing cards, the only suit that does not have a one-eyed face card clubs
#147, aired 1985-04-02WOMEN IN SPORTS: Only Olympic events in which women compete directly with men equestrian
#146, aired 1985-04-01THE ZODIAC: Unlike Scorpio, these 2 water signs are actual water creatures Pisces & Cancer
#145, aired 1985-03-29WORLD HISTORY: It's the oldest independent country in the Western Hemisphere the United States of America
#144, aired 1985-03-28TECHNOLOGY: On std. touch tone phone, tot. No. of buttons with characters also appearing on top row of a typewriter 12
#143, aired 1985-03-27RIVERS: Second longest river in Europe, it flows through or borders eight countries, more than any other the Danube
#142, aired 1985-03-26PUBLIC HEALTH: Since vaccinations are not yet available, it’s most widespread of communicable childhood diseases chicken pox
#141, aired 1985-03-25BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: This cereal co. which owns Parker Bros. & Lionel Trains is the largest toy maker in the world General Mills
#139, aired 1985-03-21COLLEGES: One of the two "Big Ten" schools without a state name (1 of) Northwestern or Purdue
#138, aired 1985-03-20U.S. PRESIDENTS: As result of 20th Amendment, his 2nd inauguration was the 1st to be held Jan. 20th, not March 4th Franklin Delano Roosevelt
#137, aired 1985-03-19SHOW BUSINESS: The only major Hollywood movie studio currently owned by one person, Denver oilman Marvin Davis 20th Century Fox
#136, aired 1985-03-18THE CONSTITUTION: First branch of the government the Constitution deals with the legislative branch
#135, aired 1985-03-15THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Site of Nov. '78 headline tragedy, it's the only S.A. country with English as official language Guyana
#134, aired 1985-03-14HIGHER EDUCATION: Besides JFK, 1 of 4 presidents who was a Harvard graduate (1 of) John Adams, John Quincy Adams, Theodore Roosevelt, or Franklin Roosevelt
#133, aired 1985-03-13MATHEMATICS: Branch of mathematics that means "to measure the earth" geometry
#130, aired 1985-03-08ANATOMY: Between leaving right ventricle & entering left atrium, blood passes through this major organ the lungs
#129, aired 1985-03-07COLORS: The three colors of the Cuban flag red, white & blue
#128, aired 1985-03-06THE OSCARS: Best Actress in '72, her father won Oscar in '58 & mother a special "baby" Oscar in '39 Liza Minnelli
#127, aired 1985-03-05BODIES OF WATER: Only Great Lake not forming part of Michigan's borders Lake Ontario
#126, aired 1985-03-04BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Gunmakers Remington & Sons began making this different product in 1874 typewriter
#125, aired 1985-03-01THE ARMED SERVICES: Defense Dept. that in wartime controls 3 of the 5 armed services the Navy
#124, aired 1985-02-28TELEVISION: Number of children originally in the Howard & Marion Cunningham family of Milwaukee, WI 3
#123, aired 1985-02-27WORLD CAPITALS: In less than 40 years, Karachi, Rawalpindi & Islamabad have all been its capital Pakistan
#122, aired 1985-02-2620th CENTURY: In 1927, he was named "Time" magazine's first "Man of the Year" (Charles) Lindbergh
#121, aired 1985-02-25THE CABINET: In '61, President Kennedy began the custom of having this diplomatic ofcr. take part in Cabinet meetings U.N. Ambassador
#120, aired 1985-02-22THE WORLD: Nation that is not a member of the United Nations, but is home to U.N. European headquarters Switzerland
#119, aired 1985-02-21AWARDS: The only U.S. military decoration that may not be awarded to citizens of other countries the Congressional Medal of Honor
#118, aired 1985-02-20TOYS & GAMES: The 2 spaces that adjoin Boardwalk in Monopoly GO and Luxury Tax
#117, aired 1985-02-19THE CONSTITUTION: Insisting on inclusion of a Bill of Rights, this N. Eng. state was last of original 13 to ratify the Constitution Rhode Island
#116, aired 1985-02-18U.S. GEOGRAPHY: It's the largest state in area east of the Mississippi Georgia
#115, aired 1985-02-15THE MOVIES: The movie studio that released the landmark film "The Jazz Singer" in 1927 Warner Bros.
#114, aired 1985-02-14THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE: Old English resembles this modern language more than it does Modern English German
#113, aired 1985-02-13THE CALENDAR: The 1930s were this decade of the 20th century the 4th decade
#112, aired 1985-02-12FAIRY TALES: Number of characters who sang the song "Heigh Ho" in '37 Disney film 6
#111, aired 1985-02-11NEW TESTAMENT: Only New Testament writer believed not to have been originally Jewish Luke
#110, aired 1985-02-08THE ZODIAC: Appropriate astrological sign shared by Britain's Princesses Anne & Margaret Leo
#109, aired 1985-02-07PRESIDENTS: Last President to appoint a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Richard Nixon
#108, aired 1985-02-06U.S. STATES: State with the smallest population Alaska
#107, aired 1985-02-05SHOW BUSINESS: Only actress to win an Oscar, a Tony, a Grammy & an Emmy Rita Moreno
#106, aired 1985-02-04WORLD CAPITALS: A major foreign tourist center with many American-owned hotels & businesses, but only til '59 Havana
#105, aired 1985-02-01BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: 60% of the world's pumpkins end up in this company's cans Libby's
#104, aired 1985-01-31FAMOUS QUOTES: In '60s speech to Congress he said, "All I have I would have gladly given not to be standing here today" Lyndon Johnson
#103, aired 1985-01-30TELEVISION: Mt. Vernon, NY native who now hosts shows on all three major networks Dick Clark
#102, aired 1985-01-29COLORS: The 2 colors on either side of yellow in the spectrum orange & green
#101, aired 1985-01-28U.S. PRESIDENTS: Since Hoover, number of presidents known to have faced unsuccessful assassination attempts 4
#100, aired 1985-01-25THE WORLD: With 168 persons per sq. mi., the continent with the highest population density Europe
#99, aired 1985-01-24U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Each one of these 2 letters begins the names of 8 states M & N
#98, aired 1985-01-23MARTYRS: Executed by English for sorcery, later declared innocent and, in 1920, made a saint Joan of Arc
#97, aired 1985-01-22THE THEATER: The musical "Hello Dolly!" was based on this Thornton Wilder play The Matchmaker
#96, aired 1985-01-21HISTORY: In 1952, it became the 3rd country to test an atomic bomb Great Britain (England)
#95, aired 1985-01-18TOYS & GAMES: The highest number under the "N" on an American bingo game 45
#94, aired 1985-01-17STATE CAPITALS: Most populous state capital, it falls alphabetically between Olympic & Pierre Phoenix, Arizona
#93, aired 1985-01-16DANCE: After its appearance in the Black musical "Runnin' Wild" in 1923, it became a national craze the Charleston
#92, aired 1985-01-15THE OSCARS: They won '34's Best Acting awards from opposite sides of blanket in "It Happened One Night" Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable
#91, aired 1985-01-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Domestically oriented co. which in '68 discovered largest N. American oil field, in Alaska Arco (Atlantic Richfield)
#90, aired 1985-01-11HOLIDAYS: Current name of holiday 1st established to mark armistice ending World War I Veterans Day
#89, aired 1985-01-10FAMOUS FAMILIES: Illinois family that included a vice-president, governor & U.N. ambassador, & a U.S. senator the Stevensons
#88, aired 1985-01-09MYTHOLOGY: Name of the ship Jason & crew traveled on to fetch the Golden Fleece the Argo
#87, aired 1985-01-08EUROPEAN HISTORY: On May 1, 1945, Admiral Karl Doenitz assumed this office in Germany Fuhrer (or dictator)
#86, aired 1985-01-07WORLD GEOGRAPHY: Country nearly surrounded by the Ligurian, Adriatic, Tyrrhenian & Mediterranean Seas Italy
#85, aired 1985-01-04SPACE: Lunar sea on which Apollo 11 landed the Sea of Tranquility
#83, aired 1985-01-02FOOD: By weight of total catch, the world's leading fishing nation Japan
#82, aired 1985-01-01SPORTS: Only 2 cities with both a National & American League baseball team New York & Chicago
#80, aired 1984-12-28U.S. GEOGRAPHY: Number of states that touch the Pacific Ocean 5
#78, aired 1984-12-26ROCKS & MINERALS: Carat for carat, these corundum gems are the most expensive in the world rubies
#77, aired 1984-12-25WORLD CAPITALS: The closest foreign capital to Washington, D.C. Ottawa
#72, aired 1984-12-18THE CALENDAR: Total days in a year which fall in months with 31 days 217
#70, aired 1984-12-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Cincinnati company that is #1 TV advertiser, spending $½ billion per yr. Procter & Gamble
#69, aired 1984-12-13DANCE: American who founded dance schools in Fra., Ger. & Russia, but was played by Brit. actress in '68 film Isadora Duncan
#68, aired 1984-12-12FLAGS: Country whose flag includes pictures of the British & Dutch flags South Africa
#67, aired 1984-12-11WOMEN IN HISTORY: Arrested for voting in 1872 election, she died 14 years before the 19th Amendment Susan B. Anthony
#66, aired 1984-12-10U.S. GEOGRAPHY: The 2 states on both sides of the Mississippi Louisiana and Minnesota
#65, aired 1984-12-07TITLED HEADS: Queen of France 1559-60; Catholic Europe considered her the rightful queen of England Mary, Queen of Scots
#64, aired 1984-12-06WORLD HISTORY: In 1804 this Caribbean country became 1st black nation to gain freedom from European colonial rule Haiti
#63, aired 1984-12-05SHOW BUSINESS: Barrymore, Rathbone, Roger Moore & Larry Hagman are among 61 actors to play this character Sherlock Holmes
#62, aired 1984-12-04U.S. PRESIDENTS: President elected to 2nd term with 523 electoral votes, the greatest number in any election Franklin D. Roosevelt
#61, aired 1984-12-03EUROPE: The Soviet army was welcome in this capital in May of '45 but unwelcome in August '68 Prague
#60, aired 1984-11-30WORLD CAPITALS: Birthplace of Beethoven, it has been a capital only since 1949 Bonn
#59, aired 1984-11-29THE CALENDAR: The only day of the week named for a Roman god Saturday
#58, aired 1984-11-28TRAVEL & TOURISM: City that boasts the tallest U.S. monument, completed in 1965 St. Louis
#57, aired 1984-11-27GOVERNMENT: Decade the last amendment to the Constitution was ratified in the 1970s
#56, aired 1984-11-26BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Country that manufactures the most cars per year Japan
#55, aired 1984-11-23THE OSCARS: In 1971 & 1973, these 2 Best Actors refused the Oscars they had won Marlon Brando & George C. Scott
#54, aired 1984-11-22DANCE: Balanchine called him "the most interesting, inventive & elegant dancer of our time" Fred Astaire
#52, aired 1984-11-20THE BIBLE: First person in the Bible to be imprisoned Joseph
#51, aired 1984-11-19SPORTS: Either of 2 current pro baseball team names that don't end in "S" (1 of) Chicago White Sox & Boston Red Sox
#48, aired 1984-11-14FOOD: By worth, the largest single grocery item imported into the U.S. coffee
#45, aired 1984-11-09ROYALTY: This king became the Duke of Windsor after he abdicated Edward VIII
#44, aired 1984-11-08AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Along with president, these 2 must sign a bill for it to become law the speaker of the House & the vice president
#43, aired 1984-11-07MATHEMATICS: Only current Arabic number which cannot be expressed in Roman numerals zero
#42, aired 1984-11-06RIVERS: Mark Antony's journey to Cleopatra's Nile began on this river the Tiber
#41, aired 1984-11-05THE ZODIAC: The only sign of the zodiac not symbolized by a living thing Libra
#37, aired 1984-10-30FAMOUS FAMILIES: Members of this acting family starred in "Grand Hotel", the Dr. Kildare films & "E.T." the Barrymores
#35, aired 1984-10-26U.S. STATES: This state was once an independent monarchy Hawaii
#30, aired 1984-10-19ASTRONOMY: After the Sun & the Moon, the brightest astronomical object regularly seen in our sky the planet Venus
#25, aired 1984-10-12FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: Alphabetically, the last of the 7 Dwarfs Sneezy
#24, aired 1984-10-11THE SUPREME COURT: He successfully argued Brown vs. Board of Education before Supreme Court, then became its 1st black justice Thurgood Marshall
#23, aired 1984-10-10DANCE: Introduced in 1650 at court of Louis XIV, it’s a slow, dignified dance done in 3/4 time the minuet
#22, aired 1984-10-09U.S. STATES: Only state bordering on 4 of the 5 Great Lakes Michigan
#21, aired 1984-10-08THE ARMED SERVICES: The last military branch to be established United States Air Force
#20, aired 1984-10-05WORLD GEOGRAPHY: It has more people than all the other South American countries combined Brazil
#19, aired 1984-10-04THE CALENDAR: Number of leap years between 1985 & 2001 4
#18, aired 1984-10-03U.S. PRESIDENTS: In the 1860 election for his 1st term, more Americans voted against him than for him Abraham Lincoln
#17, aired 1984-10-02TRAVEL & TOURISM: This country draws the most American tourists each year Canada
#16, aired 1984-10-01WORLD CITIES: It's the most populous city in the Western Hemisphere Mexico City
#15, aired 1984-09-28MATHEMATICS: The number of zeros in 1 trillion 12
#14, aired 1984-09-27BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Automaker that introduced the alternator, power steering & electric ignition Chrysler
#13, aired 1984-09-26THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Only 1 of 9 planets not named for a Greek or Roman mythological figure the Earth
#12, aired 1984-09-25RIVERS: It carries more water than the longest rivers in Asia, Africa & No. America combined the Amazon
#11, aired 1984-09-24TITLED HEADS: N.Y. financier Al Grimaldi is next in line for throne of this Mediterranean principality Monaco
#10, aired 1984-09-21U.S. PRESIDENTS: Adventurous 26th president, he was 1st to ride in an automobile & an airplane Theodore Roosevelt
#9, aired 1984-09-20SCIENCE: The mammal that holds the record for the longest lifespan man
#8, aired 1984-09-19AMERICAN HISTORY: He served as congressman from 1 state, senator from another, governor of both & president of Texas Sam Houston
#7, aired 1984-09-18WORLD HISTORY: Country where Napoleon met his "Waterloo" Belgium
#6, aired 1984-09-17EUROPE: Country where the current king succeeded his grandfather after a 44-year gap Spain
#5, aired 1984-09-14THE OLYMPICS: Of the 5 continents symbolized by Olympic rings, only one never to hold Games Africa
#4, aired 1984-09-13AMERICAN GOVERNMENT: Since 1970, the only cabinet department not headed by a secretary the Attorney General's Department
#3, aired 1984-09-12LANGUAGE: It is the 2nd most spoken language in the world English
#2, aired 1984-09-11THE CALENDAR: Calendar date with which the 20th century began January 1, 1901
#1, aired 1984-09-10HOLIDAYS: The third Monday of January starting in 1986 Martin Luther King Day
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