Suggest correction - #294 - 1985-10-24

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    $100 14
Benny, Lord & Klugman

Show #294 - Thursday, October 24, 1985

Mark Leinwand game 1.


Scott Feigelstein, a community relations specialist originally from Brooklyn, New York

Mark Leinwand, an attorney and a businessman from Los Angeles, California

Ginny Crispell, an English teacher from Port Jefferson, New York (2-day champion whose cash winnings total $13,100)

Jeopardy! Round

(Alex: In every response there is the name of someone that is also the name of a popular toy.)
    $100 6
He tried to get the underworld to call him "Big" George Nelson rather than this
    $100 9
It takes about 100 drops of water to fill this cooking measure
    $100 14
Benny, Lord & Klugman
    $100 26
This humorist often began his lectures with, "All I know is what I read in the papers"
    $100 19
In the Middle Ages, women often shaved their hair to give this a higher look
    $100 1
This cowboy didn't appear in his horse's series "The Adventures of Champion"
    $200 7
The Reno bros. pulled off America's 1st robbery of one of these, October 6, 1866
    $200 10
Unlike regular ice when removed from the freezer, dry ice cannot do this, only evaporate
    $200 15
Desi's "dizzy" redhead
    $200 20
Common color of beauty patches, which were sometimes cut in silhouettes of friends or family
    $200 2
Dale Evans' "cream"-colored mount
    $300 8
Even though Ann Bonney put down this "colorful" pirate, she took up his profession
    $300 12
Term for the "attractive" quality found in lodestone from magnesia in Asia Minor
    $300 17
Nixon's controversial Cocker Spaniel
    $300 21
In Elizabethan times, this part of eggs was used to give skin a fashionable glaze
    $300 3
The mission he chose to accept before "Mission:Impossible" was starring on "Fury"
    $400 11
When he arrested Alvin Karpis, public enemy #1, in 1936, he forgot to bring his handcuffs
    $400 13
A whip makes a cracking noise because the tip moves faster than this
    $400 18
This company won't play around with your tax return
    $400 22
Ancient Egyptians often stained their nails & this part of their hands
    $400 4
This show about a boy & his "pal", shot only 39 episodes but they were shown by all 3 networks
    $500 16
Clarence Darrow defended these 2 teens who tried to commit the perfect murder in 1924
    $500 23
Sterling silver is not pure silver but an alloy of silver and this metal
    $500 24
1958-61 series starring Gene Barry as a dapper lawman
    $500 25
Mistress of Louis XV, after last rites, her final act was to apply rouge
    $500 5
Jingles rode Joker, a bay, & he rode Buckshot, an Appaloosa

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 11):

Ginny Mark Scott
$0 $500 $800

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Ginny Mark Scott
$400 $2,400 $1,100
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