Season 6

#1359, aired 1990-06-28 Dan Katz vs. Randy Pierce vs. Lesley Berger Dan Katz game 3.
#1358, aired 1990-06-27 Dan Katz vs. Paul Levy vs. Dee Brady Dan Katz game 2.
#1353, aired 1990-06-20 Eric Terzuolo vs. Diego Cordovez vs. Joan King Eric Terzuolo game 4.
#1347, aired 1990-06-12 David Nixon vs. Peggy vs. Ron Missing introductions, J! round, and the first 9 clues of...
#1346, aired 1990-06-11 Russ Harris vs. Stuart Nulman vs. David Nixon
#1343, aired 1990-06-06 Mary Jane Wright vs. Anne Kantner vs. Paul Thomas
#1340, aired 1990-06-01 Tom Stimson vs. Beth Andreasen vs. Brad Williams
#1339, aired 1990-05-31 Mike Clark vs. Tom Stimson vs. Mark Saltzman
#1336, aired 1990-05-28 Richard Neale vs. Dan Sadoff vs. Jim Vichench Richard Neale game 5. Missing Final Jeopardy!
#1333, aired 1990-05-23 Richard Neale vs. Barbara Murray vs. Kent Rasmussen Richard Neale game 2.
#1332, aired 1990-05-22 Joe Esparza vs. Elaine Lavine vs. Richard Neale Richard Neale game 1.
#1331, aired 1990-05-21 Michelle Collier vs. Deborah Peters vs. Joe Esparza
#1330, aired 1990-05-18 Amy Zucker vs. Michael Thayer vs. David Honea 1990 College Championship final game 2.
#1329, aired 1990-05-17 Amy Zucker vs. Michael Thayer vs. David Honea 1990 College Championship final game 1.
#1328, aired 1990-05-16 Michael Thayer vs. Joey Burgoon vs. Katie Polk 1990 College Championship semifinal game 3.
#1327, aired 1990-05-15 Gavin Russell vs. Noah Smith vs. David Honea 1990 College Championship semifinal game 2.
#1326, aired 1990-05-14 Amy Zucker vs. Matthew Miller vs. Brad Williams 1990 College Championship semifinal game 1.
#1325, aired 1990-05-11 Eryn Brown vs. David Honea vs. Sue O'Connor 1990 College Championship quarterfinal game 5.
#1324, aired 1990-05-10 Joey Burgoon vs. Penny Prior vs. Amy Zucker 1990 College Championship quarterfinal game 4.
#1323, aired 1990-05-09 Julie Gross vs. Matthew Miller vs. Noah Smith 1990 College Championship quarterfinal game 3.
#1322, aired 1990-05-08 Bobbie Diamond vs. Katie Polk vs. Brad Williams 1990 College Championship quarterfinal game 2.
#1321, aired 1990-05-07 Elena Broder vs. Gavin Russell vs. Michael Thayer 1990 College Championship quarterfinal game 1.
#1320, aired 1990-05-04 Paula Massengale vs. Brenda Bright vs. Michelle Collier
#1319, aired 1990-05-03 Paula Massengale vs. Doug Fisher vs. John Baird
#1318, aired 1990-05-02 Paula Massengale vs. Mark Crouter vs. Robin Meyer
#1317, aired 1990-05-01 Paula Massengale vs. Guy Pugh vs. Kate Weiss
#1312, aired 1990-04-24 Robin Corkery vs. Anne Connell vs. Gary Klein
#1311, aired 1990-04-23 Liz Barnea vs. Carol Chaffee vs. Robin Corkery
#1309, aired 1990-04-19 Liz Barnea vs. Pete Brown vs. Beverly Davenport
#1308, aired 1990-04-18 Liz Barnea vs. Dave McCarthy vs. Bette Greenfield
#1307, aired 1990-04-17 Steve Mueller vs. Liz Barnea vs. Jim George
#1305, aired 1990-04-13 Jeff Liebowitz vs. Bob Mahoney vs. Jim Devlin First four clues only.
#1304, aired 1990-04-12 Roy Jimenez vs. Jeff Liebowitz vs. Lindi Bauman
#1303, aired 1990-04-11 Ed Borasky vs. Bill Schwartz vs. Roy Jimenez
#1302, aired 1990-04-10 Ed Borasky vs. Kerry Noonan vs. Joel Silverman
#1301, aired 1990-04-09 Ed Borasky vs. Larry Naftulin vs. Charlie Feldman
#1300, aired 1990-04-06 Joel Goldberg vs. Anne King vs. Ed Borasky
#1299, aired 1990-04-05 Joel Goldberg vs. Tom Berg vs. Kathy Fuller
#1296, aired 1990-04-02 Dan Ritey vs. Joel Goldberg vs. Mark Hinckley
#1295, aired 1990-03-30 David Vanden Heuvel vs. Dan Ritey vs. Andy Gedo
#1294, aired 1990-03-29 Andrew Bernknopf vs. Ardwight Chamberlain vs. Myles Rossi Andrew Bernknopf game 5.
#1291, aired 1990-03-26 Andrew Bernknopf vs. Glenda Wells vs. Paul Lenzi Andrew Bernknopf game 2.
#1290, aired 1990-03-23 John Cunningham vs. Don McQuarrie vs. Andrew Bernknopf Andrew Bernknopf game 1.
#1289, aired 1990-03-22 Valerie Williams vs. John Cunningham vs. Gabriella Anderson
#1286, aired 1990-03-19 Mark Shrager vs. Mary Beth Smalley vs. Ken Sarajian
#1285, aired 1990-03-16 Phil Leib vs. Mark Shrager vs. Keith Harrett Clues featured (out of order) in the opening scene of...
#1283, aired 1990-03-14 Phil Leib vs. Michael Abracham vs. Sharon Schwartz
#1281, aired 1990-03-12 Jamie Orenstein vs. Ken Mitchell vs. Sarah Stegall
#1279, aired 1990-03-08 Elaine Zollner vs. Martin Gostanian vs. Gretchen Pruett Elaine Zollner game 5.
#1276, aired 1990-03-05 Elaine Zollner vs. Keith Pickering vs. Gunther Freehill Elaine Zollner game 2.
#1274, aired 1990-03-01 Deborah Hummel vs. Jerry Fried vs. Kathy Rice
#1273, aired 1990-02-28 Deborah Hummel vs. Jim Hennessy vs. Barbara Lieberman
#1272, aired 1990-02-27 Erik Larsen vs. Mac Jones vs. Kevin Gillogly Erik Larsen game 5.
#1271, aired 1990-02-26 Erik Larsen vs. Isabel Leininger vs. David Marcus Erik Larsen game 4.
#1267, aired 1990-02-20 Terry Swart vs. Freddye Silverman vs. Larry Minton
#1266, aired 1990-02-19 Terry Swart vs. Dennis Shirilla vs. Susan Davis
#1265, aired 1990-02-16 Jamie Weiss vs. Andrew McGeorge vs. Richard Morris 1990 Teen Tournament final game 2.
#1263, aired 1990-02-14 Andrew McGeorge vs. Peji Ghanouni vs. Beth Mullins 1990 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3.
#1262, aired 1990-02-13 Jamie Weiss vs. Avi Stadler vs. Wen Shen 1990 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2.
#1260, aired 1990-02-09 Sharon Kristal vs. Richard Morris vs. Avi Stadler 1990 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5.
#1257, aired 1990-02-06 Mike Grant vs. Beth Mullins vs. Wen Shen 1990 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#1255, aired 1990-02-02 Gretchen Radtke vs. Chris Mullins vs. Terry Swart
#1254, aired 1990-02-01 Lorrie Mowat vs. Gretchen Radtke vs. Ray Albrektson
#1252, aired 1990-01-30 Terry Ragazzini vs. Bill Forman vs. Nancy Austin
#1251, aired 1990-01-29 Rob Lasker vs. David Harris vs. Terry Ragazzini
#1250, aired 1990-01-26 Ray Baxter vs. Rob Lasker vs. Debbie Howe
#1248, aired 1990-01-24 Dan Bowman vs. Cecilia Huber vs. Oded Ben-Ami
#1247, aired 1990-01-23 Dan Bowman vs. Jonathan Lowenberg vs. Kim Wells
#1246, aired 1990-01-22 Steven Kurtz vs. Mike Yanochik vs. Dan Bowman
#1245, aired 1990-01-19 Steven Kurtz vs. Florence Shimano vs. John Mackall
#1242, aired 1990-01-16 John Collier vs. Karin McLeer vs. Charlie Erlandson
#1241, aired 1990-01-15 Frank Spangenberg vs. Barbara Prideaux vs. Murdock Martin Frank Spangenberg game 5. Frank sets a new single-day cash...
#1240, aired 1990-01-12 Frank Spangenberg vs. Jan Ford vs. David Kahn Frank Spangenberg game 4.
#1239, aired 1990-01-11 Frank Spangenberg vs. Dan Milliman vs. Bill McCulla Frank Spangenberg game 3.
#1238, aired 1990-01-10 Frank Spangenberg vs. Dick Dobrow vs. Susan Gliner Frank Spangenberg game 2.
#1237, aired 1990-01-09 Joe Haggerty vs. Frank Spangenberg vs. Al Cotton Frank Spangenberg game 1.
#1236, aired 1990-01-08 Joe Haggerty vs. Florence Livingston vs. Wayne Perra
#1230, aired 1989-12-29 Mike Carter vs. Holly Tooker vs. Andy Gould Last show of the '80s.
#1229, aired 1989-12-28 Robert Baker vs. Nancy Miller vs. Mike Carter
#1227, aired 1989-12-26 Barbara Skolaut vs. Donna Grant vs. Barry Molitch
#1224, aired 1989-12-21 Jeff Bandman vs. Mary Barry vs. Richard Boyce Jeff Bandman game 3.
#1221, aired 1989-12-18 Avrom Simon vs. Harris Peet vs. Lea Hall
#1215, aired 1989-12-08 Bill Warren vs. Richard Sowalsky vs. Pam Richardson
#1214, aired 1989-12-07 Marge Burgess vs. Alan Wyle vs. Bill Warren
#1210, aired 1989-12-01 Jeff Slike vs. Candy Martinez vs. Sam Longoria
#1209, aired 1989-11-30 Jeff Slike vs. Cecil Reniche vs. Pat Curry
#1208, aired 1989-11-29 Jeff Slike vs. Susan Yarborough vs. Max Goldberg
#1207, aired 1989-11-28 Nancy Janow vs. Jeff Slike vs. Patti Van Benthuysen
#1206, aired 1989-11-27 Lisa Guay vs. Steve Robinson vs. Michael Reilly Lisa Guay game 5.
#1205, aired 1989-11-24 Lisa Guay vs. Tom Mills vs. Don Steiner Lisa Guay game 4.
#1203, aired 1989-11-22 Lisa Guay vs. Susan Heider vs. Sidney Evans, Jr. Lisa Guay game 2.
#1202, aired 1989-11-21 Jim Dompkowski vs. Lisa Guay vs. Gary Williams Lisa Guay game 1.
#1201, aired 1989-11-20 Bill Nyden vs. Kathy Hall vs. Jim Dompkowski Bill Nyden game 2.
#1200, aired 1989-11-17 Tom Cubbage vs. Brian Wangsgard vs. Rich Lerner 1989 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#1199, aired 1989-11-16 Tom Cubbage vs. Brian Wangsgard vs. Rich Lerner 1989 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#1198, aired 1989-11-15 Brian Wangsgard vs. Mark McDermott vs. Ouida Rellstab 1989 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#1197, aired 1989-11-14 Rich Lerner vs. Eric Newhouse vs. Bruce Cox 1989 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#1196, aired 1989-11-13 Tom Cubbage vs. Cigus Vanni vs. Peggi Malys 1989 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#1195, aired 1989-11-10 Cathy Boggs vs. Rich Lerner vs. Chris Shea 1989 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.
#1194, aired 1989-11-09 Brian Wangsgard vs. Yael Sofaer vs. Tom Cubbage 1989 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#1193, aired 1989-11-08 Jeff Richmond vs. Joel Sacks vs. Eric Newhouse 1989 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#1192, aired 1989-11-07 Cigus Vanni vs. Bruce Cox vs. Ouida Rellstab 1989 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#1191, aired 1989-11-06 Mark McDermott vs. Jim Tompkins-MacLaine vs. Peggi Malys 1989 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#1190, aired 1989-11-03 Joe Roberts vs. Bill Nyden vs. Fran Pipp Bill Nyden game 1.
#1189, aired 1989-11-02 Harry Cortez vs. Joe Roberts vs. Marti Ermiter
#1188, aired 1989-11-01 Jim Coury vs. Lynne Lukach vs. Harry Cortez
#1187, aired 1989-10-31 Anne Herbst vs. Ellen Palmer vs. Jim Coury
#1186, aired 1989-10-30 Steve Berman vs. Frazier Solsberry vs. Jared Brenner Steve Berman game 5.
#1185, aired 1989-10-27 Steve Berman vs. Ed Brown vs. Jim Drake Steve Berman game 4.
#1184, aired 1989-10-26 Steve Berman vs. Larry Linsey vs. Paula Long Steve Berman game 3.
#1183, aired 1989-10-25 Steve Berman vs. Erin Sheffield vs. Lee Raskin Steve Berman game 2.
#1182, aired 1989-10-24 Jay Wish vs. Gary Myers vs. Steve Berman Steve Berman game 1.
#1181, aired 1989-10-23 Charley Horan vs. Roberta Simon vs. Jay Wish
#1180, aired 1989-10-20 Charley Horan vs. Ed Devin vs. Carol Roggiero
#1179, aired 1989-10-19 Charley Horan vs. Craig Chambers vs. Pam Browning
#1178, aired 1989-10-18 Ed Toutant vs. John Kirk vs. Charley Horan Ed Toutant game 2.
#1177, aired 1989-10-17 Stacie Macias vs. Ed Toutant vs. Patty Meagher Ed Toutant game 1.
#1176, aired 1989-10-16 Stacie Macias vs. Barbara Rose vs. Rick Ostrow
#1175, aired 1989-10-13 Stacie Macias vs. Mary Owenby vs. Larry Kole
#1174, aired 1989-10-12 Liza Taylor vs. John Meyer vs. Stacie Macias
#1173, aired 1989-10-11 Greg Rombach vs. Masao Okazaki vs. Liza Taylor
#1172, aired 1989-10-10 Kerry Tymchuk vs. Helen Atlas vs. Greg Rombach
#1171, aired 1989-10-09 Kerry Tymchuk vs. Frank Stanonik vs. Mike Donnely
#1170, aired 1989-10-06 Kerry Tymchuk vs. Frank Stanonik vs. Martin Euritt
#1169, aired 1989-10-05 Kerry Tymchuk vs. Cathy Crino vs. Hyim Goldstein
#1168, aired 1989-10-04 Tom Neven vs. Colette Perry vs. Kerry Tymchuk
#1167, aired 1989-10-03 Dale Ragus vs. Gerry Sullivan vs. Tom Neven
#1166, aired 1989-10-02 Dale Ragus vs. Bugs Twocock vs. Mike Varn
#1165, aired 1989-09-29 Norm Burger vs. Dan Boehme vs. Dale Ragus
#1164, aired 1989-09-28 Norm Burger vs. Drew Blakeman vs. Linda Nalitz
#1163, aired 1989-09-27 Marty Wazowicz vs. Norm Burger vs. Cindy Armstrong
#1162, aired 1989-09-26 Tom Smolich vs. Larry Thompson vs. Marty Wazowicz
#1161, aired 1989-09-25 Tom Smolich vs. John DeAngeli vs. Sarah Taxman
#1160, aired 1989-09-22 Tom Smolich vs. Jay German vs. Sarah Echt
#1158, aired 1989-09-20 Larry McKnight vs. Stephen Lee vs. Arthur Steiner Larry McKnight game 4.
#1152, aired 1989-09-12 Bob Blake vs. David Burnett vs. Pat Gmeiner Bob Blake game 5. New 5-day winnings record.
#1150, aired 1989-09-08 Bob Blake vs. John Wallace vs. Nancy McGregor Bob Blake game 3.
#1147, aired 1989-09-05 Kevin Glynn vs. Linnda Durre vs. Alan Fletcher

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