Season 33

#7446, aired 2017-01-16 Eli Nehus vs. John Avila vs. Mary Caruso
#7445, aired 2017-01-13 Cheryl Guy vs. Eli Nehus vs. Tanner Hesse
#7444, aired 2017-01-12 Zoey Orol vs. Sarah Labadie vs. Cheryl Guy
#7443, aired 2017-01-11 Colby Taylor vs. Zoey Orol vs. Alain Norman
#7442, aired 2017-01-10 Blair Moorhead vs. Colby Taylor vs. Libby Hunt
#7441, aired 2017-01-09 Joe Bartolomeo vs. Blair Moorhead vs. Jack Paleczny
#7440, aired 2017-01-06 Joe Bartolomeo vs. Dante Atkins vs. Christina Bussmann
#7439, aired 2017-01-05 Amanda Berofsky vs. Joe Bartolomeo vs. Kelsey Morgan
#7438, aired 2017-01-04 Amanda Berofsky vs. Rich Betz vs. Megan Soto
#7437, aired 2017-01-03 Gavin Mulligan vs. Rebecca Glass vs. Amanda Berofsky J!Buzz: Jeopardy Team Lego Minifigures.
#7436, aired 2017-01-02 Mukund Marathe vs. Gavin Mulligan vs. Katie Carter
#7435, aired 2016-12-30 Mukund Marathe vs. Kate Gran vs. Ryan VanderYacht
#7434, aired 2016-12-29 Justin Scace vs. Mukund Marathe vs. Nathalie Szilagyi
#7433, aired 2016-12-28 Stephanie Schlatter vs. Mike Lamar vs. Justin Scace
#7432, aired 2016-12-27 Stephanie Schlatter vs. Colin Utley vs. Hallie Boston
#7431, aired 2016-12-26 Sam Scovill vs. Wren Allen vs. Stephanie Schlatter
#7430, aired 2016-12-23 Sam Scovill vs. Molly Thacker vs. Vinnie Chiappini
#7429, aired 2016-12-22 Sam Scovill vs. Amelia Reinwald vs. Brad Snyder
#7428, aired 2016-12-21 Cindy Stowell vs. Sam Scovill vs. Jennifer Johnson Cindy Stowell game 7.
#7427, aired 2016-12-20 Cindy Stowell vs. Julia Kite vs. Colleen Cooper Cindy Stowell game 6. WE ASKED: Ana Navarro.
#7426, aired 2016-12-19 Cindy Stowell vs. Jonathan Bill vs. Kristin Szuhany Cindy Stowell game 5.
#7425, aired 2016-12-16 Cindy Stowell vs. Erin Williams vs. Michael Rollins Cindy Stowell game 4.
#7424, aired 2016-12-15 Cindy Stowell vs. Chelsea Cohen vs. Sara Quashnie Cindy Stowell game 3.
#7423, aired 2016-12-14 Cindy Stowell vs. Susanna Barron vs. Edward Montiel Cindy Stowell game 2.
#7422, aired 2016-12-13 Tim Aten vs. Garrett Levenbrook vs. Cindy Stowell Tim Aten game 8. Cindy Stowell game 1.
#7421, aired 2016-12-12 Tim Aten vs. Amy Young vs. Bridget McNulty Tim Aten game 7.
#7420, aired 2016-12-09 Tim Aten vs. Jim Yulman vs. Lara Croft Tim Aten game 6.
#7419, aired 2016-12-08 Tim Aten vs. Stephanie Snyder vs. Anton Deljaj Tim Aten game 5.
#7418, aired 2016-12-07 Tim Aten vs. Jaime Ryan vs. Wendi Rottweiler Tim Aten game 4.
#7417, aired 2016-12-06 Tim Aten vs. Alison Carey vs. Anuj Patel Tim Aten game 3.
#7416, aired 2016-12-05 Tim Aten vs. Yi Deng vs. Matthew Martinez Tim Aten game 2.
#7415, aired 2016-12-02 Asim Modi vs. Ryan O'Shea vs. Tim Aten Tim Aten game 1.
#7414, aired 2016-12-01 Justin Bender vs. Kylie Carrithers vs. Asim Modi
#7413, aired 2016-11-30 Justin Bender vs. Michael Malyszko vs. Vicki Kelly
#7412, aired 2016-11-29 Justin Bender vs. Dan Chafetz vs. Jennifer Berry
#7411, aired 2016-11-28 Justin Bender vs. Hobie Barnes vs. Allison Totura
#7410, aired 2016-11-25 Andrew Lee vs. Liz Hutchens vs. Justin Bender
#7409, aired 2016-11-24 Andrew Lee vs. Jay Johnson vs. Lexie Gagliardi
#7408, aired 2016-11-23 Stephanie Hubley vs. Christina Boyadjian vs. Andrew Lee
#7407, aired 2016-11-22 Michael Borecki vs. Sharath Narayan vs. Alec Fischthal 2016 Teen Tournament final game 2. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7406, aired 2016-11-21 Michael Borecki vs. Sharath Narayan vs. Alec Fischthal 2016 Teen Tournament final game 1. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7405, aired 2016-11-18 Michael Borecki vs. Antonio Karides vs. Apurva Kanneganti 2016 Teen Tournament semifinal game 3. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7404, aired 2016-11-17 Connor Pierce vs. Emily LaMonica vs. Alec Fischthal 2016 Teen Tournament semifinal game 2. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7403, aired 2016-11-16 Sharath Narayan vs. Lucia Geng vs. Lily Allingham 2016 Teen Tournament semifinal game 1. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7402, aired 2016-11-15 Michael Borecki vs. Sharath Narayan vs. Jasmine Wheeler 2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 5. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7401, aired 2016-11-14 Lucia Geng vs. Antonio Karides vs. Connor Pierce 2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 4. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7400, aired 2016-11-11 Leeyu Addisu vs. Alec Fischthal vs. Michael Kwan 2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 3. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7399, aired 2016-11-10 Jack Bekos vs. Sabrina Duong vs. Emily LaMonica 2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 2. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7398, aired 2016-11-09 Lily Allingham vs. Porter Bowman vs. Apurva Kanneganti 2016 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1. From DAR Constitution Hall...
#7397, aired 2016-11-08 Georjean McKeeman vs. Stephanie Hubley vs. Allon Scheyer
#7396, aired 2016-11-07 Chuck Dunn vs. Georjean McKeeman vs. Kat Lewin
#7395, aired 2016-11-04 Rachel Hopkins vs. Donna Goldberg vs. Chuck Dunn
#7394, aired 2016-11-03 Vivek Ravishanker vs. Rachel Hopkins vs. Sharon Stern Gerstman
#7393, aired 2016-11-02 Vivek Ravishanker vs. Courtney Cissel vs. Dennis Fipps
#7392, aired 2016-11-01 Thea Lawton vs. Vivek Ravishanker vs. Denver Wade
#7391, aired 2016-10-31 Julia Lee vs. Jon Frank vs. Thea Lawton
#7390, aired 2016-10-28 Ken Hirsh vs. Meghan Winch vs. Julia Lee
#7389, aired 2016-10-27 George Stuart vs. Ken Hirsh vs. P.J. Molski
#7388, aired 2016-10-26 Lani Gonzalez vs. George Stuart vs. Erin Henry
#7387, aired 2016-10-25 Lani Gonzalez vs. Yoey Sacks vs. Joel Goldes
#7386, aired 2016-10-24 Lani Gonzalez vs. Susan Logan vs. Norm Burnosky
#7385, aired 2016-10-21 Doug Hartman vs. Katie Landers vs. Lani Gonzalez
#7384, aired 2016-10-20 Debbi Hopkins vs. Doug Hartman vs. Hunter Manchak WE ASKED: Al Franken.
#7383, aired 2016-10-19 Shannon Dillmore vs. Erin Rettler vs. Debbi Hopkins
#7382, aired 2016-10-18 Shannon Dillmore vs. Jeremy Zarowitz vs. Anne Exler
#7381, aired 2016-10-17 Susan Cole vs. Marianne Novak vs. Shannon Dillmore
#7380, aired 2016-10-14 Susan Cole vs. Keely Walker vs. Jerry Castro
#7379, aired 2016-10-13 Susan Cole vs. Bhaskara Marthi vs. Amanda Watson WE ASKED: Melissa Harris-Perry.
#7378, aired 2016-10-12 Pidge Meade vs. Russ Williams vs. Susan Cole
#7377, aired 2016-10-11 Pidge Meade vs. Alice Emerson vs. Kalen Meine WE ASKED: Meet the Press host Chuck Todd.
#7376, aired 2016-10-10 Nate Ross vs. Charlie Olsky vs. Pidge Meade
#7375, aired 2016-10-07 Sarah Flamini vs. Nate Ross vs. Bryn Keating
#7374, aired 2016-10-06 Margie Eulner Ott vs. Randi Rae Arnold vs. Sarah Flamini
#7373, aired 2016-10-05 Seth Wilson vs. Eric Felkey vs. Margie Eulner Ott Seth Wilson game 13.
#7372, aired 2016-10-04 Seth Wilson vs. Joe Schneider vs. Ben Wynns Seth Wilson game 12. WE ASKED: Matthew Weiner.
#7371, aired 2016-10-03 Seth Wilson vs. Amy Pistone vs. George Lyle Seth Wilson game 11.
#7370, aired 2016-09-30 Seth Wilson vs. Walt Livingston vs. Erica Dreisbach Seth Wilson game 10.
#7369, aired 2016-09-29 Seth Wilson vs. Damien Shirley vs. Anne Campbell Seth Wilson game 9.
#7368, aired 2016-09-28 Seth Wilson vs. Erin Post vs. Harold Leff Seth Wilson game 8.
#7367, aired 2016-09-27 Seth Wilson vs. Miranda Prince vs. Bing Kao Seth Wilson game 7.
#7366, aired 2016-09-26 Seth Wilson vs. Dennis King vs. Jocelyn Dorfman Seth Wilson game 6.
#7365, aired 2016-09-23 Seth Wilson vs. Elena Stuewe vs. Charlie Geer Seth Wilson game 5.
#7364, aired 2016-09-22 Seth Wilson vs. Kellyn Johnson vs. Ryan Mill Seth Wilson game 4.
#7363, aired 2016-09-21 Seth Wilson vs. Sala Levin vs. Sharren Lee Gibbs Seth Wilson game 3.
#7362, aired 2016-09-20 Seth Wilson vs. Bryan Hlavinka vs. Rachel Lin Seth Wilson game 2.
#7361, aired 2016-09-19 Siddharth Hariharan vs. Dorcas Alexander vs. Seth Wilson Seth Wilson game 1. WE ASKED: L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti.
#7360, aired 2016-09-16 Siddharth Hariharan vs. Brandon Barnes vs. Christine Schreck
#7359, aired 2016-09-15 Scott Bateman vs. Siddharth Hariharan vs. Amy Ramsay WE ASKED: Louis C.K.
#7358, aired 2016-09-14 Elizabeth Troyer vs. Scott Bateman vs. Barbara Colberg
#7357, aired 2016-09-13 Annie Busiek vs. AndrĂ© Hereford vs. Elizabeth Troyer
#7356, aired 2016-09-12 Courtney Paulson vs. David Gottdenker vs. Annie Busiek First game of Season 33. New title graphics. New Jeopardy!...

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