Season 3

#663, aired 1987-06-24 Bob Verini vs. Larry Brown vs. Fran Strykowski Bob Verini game 5.
#662, aired 1987-06-23 Bob Verini vs. J.J. Fowell vs. Linda Marshall Bob Verini game 4.
#661, aired 1987-06-22 Bob Verini vs. Al Lewis vs. Emalie Brooks Bob Verini game 3.
#655, aired 1987-06-12 Jonathan Fellows vs. Meg Shreve vs. Sue Gouldley Jonathan Fellows game 5.
#641, aired 1987-05-25 Tim Casey vs. Robin Gillen vs. Clara Poplin
#640, aired 1987-05-22 Zeke Sevilla, Jr. vs. Lee Saunders vs. Irene Grzywacz 1987 Senior Tournament final game 2.
#632, aired 1987-05-12 Frank Dillon vs. Ruth Henoch vs. Dan Zamos 1987 Senior Tournament quarterfinal game 2.
#623, aired 1987-04-29 Bruce Adelstein vs. Richard Heft vs. Linda Shewey
#621, aired 1987-04-27 Richard Cordray vs. Eileen Oshinsky vs. Bob Peck Richard Cordray game 5.
#620, aired 1987-04-24 Richard Cordray vs. Yaier Lehrer vs. Donna DiMesa Richard Cordray game 4.
#619, aired 1987-04-23 Richard Cordray vs. Maureen Girr vs. Bob Hansen Richard Cordray game 3.
#618, aired 1987-04-22 Richard Cordray vs. Marian Evans Melnick vs. Scott Myers Richard Cordray game 2.
#617, aired 1987-04-21 Larry Dundas vs. Susan Wilcox vs. Richard Cordray Richard Cordray game 1.
#607, aired 1987-04-07 David Roussel vs. Woods Gleason vs. Jonathan Vaughan
#606, aired 1987-04-06 Joel Lewin vs. David Roussel vs. Carol Childs Missing introduction and first clue.
#596, aired 1987-03-23 John Podhoretz vs. Ed Gardner vs. Tracy Bernstein John Podhoretz game 3.
#593, aired 1987-03-18 John Ryan vs. Maxine Paley vs. Eric Oberhand John Ryan game 5.
#592, aired 1987-03-17 John Ryan vs. Brent Minor vs. Maggie Baker John Ryan game 4.
#591, aired 1987-03-16 John Ryan vs. Sara Fox vs. Jackson Wheeler John Ryan game 3.
#590, aired 1987-03-13 John Ryan vs. Fran La Bruto vs. Elizabeth Souders John Ryan game 2.
#589, aired 1987-03-12 John Ryan vs. Judith Kallen Dry vs. Fran La Bruto John Ryan game 1.
#584, aired 1987-03-05 Judy Goodnight vs. Keith Walker vs. Barbara Platz Keith Walker game 1.
#581, aired 1987-03-02 Virginia Sielen vs. Paula Wilhelm-Naughtin vs. Pat Howe Alex announces the first Seniors Tournament.
#571, aired 1987-02-16 Paul Egendorf vs. Dawn Marie Nolan vs. Curt King 1987 Teen Tournament quarterfinal game 1.
#564, aired 1987-02-05 Joel Nathanson vs. Charlie Orlowek vs. Maggie Moe
#562, aired 1987-02-03 Claude Welch vs. Linda Lyle vs. Joel Nathanson
#561, aired 1987-02-02 Nancy Neff vs. Claude Welch vs. Mike Stafford Alex announces the upcoming inaugural Teen Tournament at the beginning...
#560, aired 1987-01-30 Rex Schultz vs. Nancy Neff vs. Irwin Moskowitz
#559, aired 1987-01-29 Rex Schultz vs. Lindsay Franco-Ferreira vs. Margaret Wheeler
#558, aired 1987-01-28 Jim Crawford vs. Rex Schultz vs. Mary Frances Smith First segment only.
#550, aired 1987-01-16 Justin Culkowski vs. Mike Williams vs. JoFrannye Reichert
#549, aired 1987-01-15 Lance Lawson vs. Justin Culkowski vs. Sheila Halko
#538, aired 1986-12-31 David Shear vs. Barbara Jackson vs. J.C. Turner
#528, aired 1986-12-17 Phyllis McDonald vs. Frank Hughes vs. Judy Kilbane Koch Frank Hughes game 1.
#524, aired 1986-12-11 Steven Goldstein vs. Bill Blum vs. Debbie Sherry
#523, aired 1986-12-10 Steven Goldstein vs. John Ling vs. David Epperson
#521, aired 1986-12-08 Lee Pritchard vs. Bill Ryan vs. Annette Freestone
#511, aired 1986-11-24 Linda Williams vs. Patty Young vs. Jeff Ramsey Missing Final Jeopardy! Round.
#510, aired 1986-11-21 Paul Rouffa vs. Chuck Forrest vs. Marvin Shinkman 1986 Tournament of Champions final game 2.
#509, aired 1986-11-20 Paul Rouffa vs. Chuck Forrest vs. Marvin Shinkman 1986 Tournament of Champions final game 1.
#508, aired 1986-11-19 Paul Rouffa vs. Beryl Arbit vs. Lionel Goldbart 1986 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 3.
#507, aired 1986-11-18 Chuck Forrest vs. Jay Rosenberg vs. Gary Giardina 1986 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 2.
#506, aired 1986-11-17 Donald Burgo vs. Marvin Shinkman vs. Gary Palmer 1986 Tournament of Champions semifinal game 1.
#505, aired 1986-11-14 Chuck Forrest vs. Guy Tonti vs. Gary Palmer 1986 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 5.
#504, aired 1986-11-13 Gary Giardina vs. Harvey Becker vs. Eric Schoeck 1986 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 4.
#503, aired 1986-11-12 Donald Burgo vs. Mark Leinwand vs. Beryl Arbit 1986 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 3.
#502, aired 1986-11-11 Paul Rouffa vs. Marvin Shinkman vs. Jared Eisenstat 1986 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 2.
#501, aired 1986-11-10 Jay Rosenberg vs. Lionel Goldbart vs. Danny Green 1986 Tournament of Champions quarterfinal game 1.
#499, aired 1986-11-06 Richard Gelb vs. Linda Williams vs. Ken Harrison
#497, aired 1986-11-04 Sherman Allen vs. Nancy Zende vs. Dave Maney
#496, aired 1986-11-03 Brad Geagley vs. Sherman Allen vs. Colleen Yarnell
#495, aired 1986-10-31 Jeff Suto vs. Rosemary Woodlock vs. Brad Geagley
#484, aired 1986-10-16 Dave Traini vs. Elizabeth Charland vs. Brian Barrett Dave Traini game 5.
#482, aired 1986-10-14 Dave Traini vs. Ian Barondess vs. Paul Schindler Jr. Dave Traini game 3.
#480, aired 1986-10-10 Steve Cowie vs. Dave Traini vs. Rosalie Hill Dave Traini game 1.
#478, aired 1986-10-08 Carl Brady vs. Bob Menaker vs. Janet DeLand
#475, aired 1986-10-03 Carl Brady vs. Ty Walker vs. Sharon Miyasato
#471, aired 1986-09-29 Zanete Barons vs. Tom Rutledge vs. Paul Raymond
#469, aired 1986-09-25 Don Tracy vs. Chas Wilson vs. Jim Bell
#468, aired 1986-09-24 Heidi Yorkshire vs. Don Tracy vs. Pat Van Hartesveldt
#465, aired 1986-09-19 Marc Wade vs. Ed Coyne vs. Tim Singer Missing first 13 clues.
#464, aired 1986-09-18 Roger Storm vs. Karin Hofland vs. Marc Wade Roger Storm game 5.
#460, aired 1986-09-12 Fern Cogar vs. Wade Ballard vs. Roger Storm Roger Storm game 1.
#459, aired 1986-09-11 Fern Cogar vs. Steve Lipman vs. Tony Barreto
#456, aired 1986-09-08 Susan Sackett vs. Florence Cohen vs. Sandra Cheltenham First game of Season 3.

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