Show #295 - Friday, October 25, 1985

Mark Leinwand game 2.


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Al Lusher, a high school teacher from North Hollywood, California

Faye Ringel, a college professor from Norwich, Connecticut

Mark Leinwand, an attorney and a businessman from Los Angeles, California (whose 1-day cash winnings total $8,950)

Jeopardy! Round

    $100 3
China borders it on the north, & South Korea on the south
    $100 1
Color of the movies' "Dahlia", "Max", & "Lagoon"
    $100 19
Number of meters in one kilometer
    $100 15
A calf's is tasty with onions; a human's is his largest organ, except for the skin
    $100 5
A version of the Twist was named for this famed N.Y.C. lounge
    $100 9
Moving its tassel to the left means you've graduated
    $200 4
You'd find Mauritius, the Maldives, & Madagascar in this ocean
    $200 2
In "Casablanca", Frenchmen drown out singing Germans with this song
    $200 21
Number of dots in an umlaut, or number of vowels joined together in a diphthong
    $200 20
Not the legendary American lumberjack, but a swelling near the big toe
    $200 17
It's the official state song of Missouri
    $200 10
The Western hat was originally named for this easterner who designed it
    $300 6
Mountains crowd to 10 ft. apart around this famous pass between Pakistan & Afghanistan
    $300 11
At the end of it, Gable trumpets & "The Walls of Jericho" fall
    $300 23
In the Bible, the number of the book of Numbers
    $300 22
A curse on an egg-laying fowl, or a common childhood viral disease
    $300 24
Edie Gorme "blamed" this dance for her romance
    $300 12
Ironically, this bishop's hat was once worn by Jewish high priests
    $400 7
Sp. for "big feet", Patagonia is a region in S. South America belonging primarily to this country
    $400 14
Author Ken Kesey said it would have been better with Kirk Douglas in Jack Nicholson's part
    $400 28
In Olympic boxing, maximum number of rounds in each bout
    $400 26
Soft substance consisting of cells & connective tissue that fills the cavities of bones
    DD: $400 25
Request the Drifters make of their girl in this song:

"You can dance every dance with the guy that gives you the eye /
Let him hold you tight..."
    $400 13
Unlike the haberdasher, this person makes women's hats
    $500 8
This term is used for not one but several invisible surface points in Antarctica
    $500 18
Anti-war film in which the hero is cut down while reaching for a butterfly
    $500 29
Number of years in a sesquicentennial
    $500 27
The medical examination of a dead body to find out the cause of death; a postmortem
    $500 16
Lacy headgear worn by the ladies of Spain

Scores at the first commercial break (after clue 14):

Mark Faye Al
$300 $1,600 $1,200

Scores at the end of the Jeopardy! Round:

Mark Faye Al
$1,700 $3,900 $1,600
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