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#7726, aired 2018-03-26AMERICAN POLITICAL HISTORY $1600: This man's political rise began when he was just 30 & the people of Nebraska elected him to Congress William Jennings Bryan
#7582, aired 2017-07-25STATUARY HALL: THE STATE REPRESENTED $800: William Jennings Bryan Nebraska
#7517, aired 2017-04-25SPEAKING OF TONGUES $1000: This politician was known as the "silver-tongued orator of the Platte" William Jennings Bryan
#7419, aired 2016-12-08HISTORIC AMERICANS $1600: In an 1896 speech William Jennings Bryan said, "You shall not crucify mankind upon" this a cross of gold
#7394, aired 2016-11-03AMERICAN HISTORY $1200: This Nebraska Democrat lost an 1894 bid for the U.S. Senate but was nominated for president 2 years later William Jennings Bryan
#7242, aired 2016-02-23"FY" ON YOU $800: In 1896 William Jennings Bryan said "You shall not" do this to "mankind upon a cross of gold" crucify
#7226, aired 2016-02-01SHEER WILL $600: This 3-named man won the Democratic nomination for president when he was only 36 William Jennings Bryan
#7176, aired 2015-11-23IN THE STATE'S HALL OF FAME $600: Willa Cather & William Jennings Bryan are midwestern strong in this state Nebraska
#7108, aired 2015-07-08WITNESS $200: On July 20, 1925 he called opposing counsel William Jennings Bryan to the stand as a witness, & a hostile one at that Clarence Darrow
#7081, aired 2015-06-01HISTORIC MOTTOES & SLOGANS $1,000 (Daily Double): Huey Long adapted this slogan from a speech by William Jennings Bryan that goes on to say, "but no one wears a crown" "Every man a king"
#7074, aired 2015-05-21THE 20th CENTURY $1,200 (Daily Double): This trial opened on July 10, 1925 with William Jennings Bryan arguing for the prosecution the Scopes (Monkey) Trial
#6975, aired 2015-01-02IN MY CABINET $1000: William Jennings Bryan, Thomas R. Marshall Woodrow Wilson
#6705, aired 2013-11-08AMERICAN POETRY $400: This politician was the subject of Vachel Lindsay's 1919 poem "Bryan, Bryan, Bryan, Bryan" William Jennings Bryan
#6553, aired 2013-02-27GOLD RUSH $800: This U.S. politician & orator said, "you shall not crucify mankind on a cross of gold" William Jennings Bryan
#6352, aired 2012-04-10LOOK AT ME $400: In presidential elections, this man won the silver three times William Jennings Bryan
#6006, aired 2010-10-25LAWYERS $1600: This prosecutor in the Scopes Monkey Trial fell ill & died shortly after that trial ended William Jennings Bryan
#5838, aired 2010-01-20"CROSS" TALK $1000: At the 1896 DNC, William Jennings Bryan told delegates, "You shall not crucify mankind on" one of these a cross of gold
#5780, aired 2009-10-30SCIENCE $1200: William Jennings Bryan called this theory a "program of infidelity masquerading under the name of science" evolution
#5752, aired 2009-09-22THIS & THAT $1000: You'll get a "Cross of Gold" if you can tell us the name of this "Boy Orator of the Platte" William Jennings Bryan
#5517, aired 2008-09-091908 $1,000 (Daily Double): This orator runs for president for a third & last time & loses again William Jennings Bryan
#5502, aired 2008-07-08GEOGRAPHICAL NICKNAMES $800: William Jennings Bryan, the "Boy Orator of the Platte", knew the Platte primarily runs through this state Nebraska
#5453, aired 2008-04-30WILL...OF...FORTUNE! $1000: This orator & Nebraska representative opposed the gold standard & urged the free coinage of silver William Jennings Bryan
#5395, aired 2008-02-08BORN & DIED $2000: A statesman born March 19, 1860 in Salem, Illinois; died July 26, 1925 in Dayton, Tennessee William Jennings Bryan
#5113, aired 2006-11-29GOVERNORS $1000: Charles Bryan, brother of William Jennings, was governor of this state from 1931 to 1935 Nebraska
#5042, aired 2006-07-11FEMALE FIRSTS $1000: In 1933 FDR appointed Ruth Bryan Owen, daughter of this politician, the first U.S. woman diplomat William Jennings Bryan
#5013, aired 2006-05-31THAT'S SO CONVENTIONAL! $1600: He gave his famous "Cross of Gold" speech at the 1896 Democratic Convention William Jennings Bryan
#5003, aired 2006-05-17DEAD GUYS WITH 3 NAMES $2,000 (Daily Double): He lost to McKinley twice & Taft once, & for helping Wilson get elected was made Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan
#4943, aired 2006-02-22WHERE THERE'S A WILLIAM $1000: After this man's speech at the National Convention in 1896, the Democrats came out pro-silver William Jennings Bryan
#4794, aired 2005-06-09C'MON, YOU HAD TO EXPECT NEBRASKA $1000: Serving the state as a U.S. Congressman in the early 1890s, he "Scoped" out 3 runs at the presidency William Jennings Bryan
#4695, aired 2005-01-21KILL BILL: VOL. 1 $1,500 (Daily Double): This former Secy. of State under Wilson died soon after winning a famous 1925 court case William Jennings Bryan
#4633, aired 2004-10-27PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGNS $800: He was called the poor man's candidate in 1896; a campaign button quoted his "Cross of Gold" speech William Jennings Bryan
#4567, aired 2004-06-15FAMOUS AMERICANS $800: Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle! They're the opposing minds seen here during the 1925 Scopes trial Clarence Darrow and William Jennings Bryan
#4561, aired 2004-06-07SECRETARIES OF STATE $1600: This silver-tongued orator & publisher of "The Commoner" resigned as Secretary in 1915 (William Jennings) Bryan
#4521, aired 2004-04-12CONGRESSIONAL RECORD $1600: Ruth Bryan Owen, following this Nebraskan, her father, found a woman's place is in the House, too William Jennings Bryan
#4381, aired 2003-09-29WILLIAMS $800: This orator who unsuccessfully ran for U.S. President 3 times was known as "The Great Commoner" William Jennings Bryan
#4235, aired 2003-01-17HOLY CROSS $1000: In an 1896 speech while running for president, William Jennings Bryan said, "You shall not crucify mankind upon" this a cross of gold
#4024, aired 2002-02-14VALENTINO'S DAY $2000: Promotions for the land boom in this state even had William Jennings Bryan touting the joys of Coral Gables Florida
#3980, aired 2001-12-14HISTORIC PEOPLE $2,800 (Daily Double): This 3-time Democratic Presidential candidate was called "The Boy Orator of the Platte" William Jennings Bryan
#3899, aired 2001-07-12I BEAT YOU $1000: William Jennings Bryan (twice) William McKinley
#3872, aired 2001-06-05I WON $600 (Daily Double): Pitted against Clarence Darrow, this man won his case on July 21, 1925 & then died 5 days later William Jennings Bryan
#3689, aired 2000-09-21VICE PRESIDENTS $300: In 1900 Republicans put this "Rough Rider" on the ticket to counter the appeal of Democrat William Jennings Bryan Theodore Roosevelt
#3683, aired 2000-09-13STATUARY HALL $1000: William Jennings Bryan Nebraska
#3461, aired 1999-09-27BILLS & WILLS $800: This perennial Democratic nominee also served as Woodrow Wilson's Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan
#3434, aired 1999-07-081900 $900 (Daily Double): The Populists met in May 1900 in South Dakota to nominate this man for president William Jennings Bryan
#3367, aired 1999-04-06DEMOCRATS $500: This Democrat's "Cross of Gold" speech supported the bimetallic theory (William Jennings) Bryan
#3362, aired 1999-03-30TRIALS OF THE CENTURY $300: This famous orator aided the prosecution of John Scopes during Tennessee's sensational "Monkey" trial William Jennings Bryan
#3275, aired 1998-11-27U.S. HISTORY $1000: His golden-voiced speech at the 1896 Democratic Convention clinched his nomination William Jennings Bryan
#3023, aired 1997-10-22IT'S MY PARTY $800: William Jennings Bryan was nominated for president in 1896 by both the Democrats & this "People's Party" Populist
#2907, aired 1997-04-01LOSE A TURN $500: This orator was the Democrats' presidential nominee twice, lost a turn & was nominated again in 1908 William Jennings Bryan
#2894, aired 1997-03-13COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $400: Named for William Jennings Bryan, Bryan College was founded in this Tennessee city in 1930 Dayton
#2863, aired 1997-01-29FAMOUS AMERICANS $1000: In 1887 this future Democratic presidential nominee moved to Lincoln, Nebraska William Jennings Bryan
#2697, aired 1996-04-30FAMOUS EDITORS $1000: This Omaha World-Herald editor was the Democratic candidate for president in 1896, 1900 & 1908 William Jennings Bryan
#2598, aired 1995-12-13HISTORIC NAMES $500: Name given to the speech William Jennings Bryan delivered at the 1896 Democratic Convention "Cross of Gold"
#2513, aired 1995-07-05POLITICIANS $1000: The last political post William Jennings Bryan held was Secretary of State under this president (Woodrow) Wilson
#2230, aired 1994-04-22WOMEN'S FIRSTS $400: In 1933 Ruth Bryan Owen, the daughter of this political leader, became America's 1st woman diplomat William Jennings Bryan
#2129, aired 1993-12-02COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $1,000 (Daily Double): In 1930, the William Jennings Bryan University opened in this Tennessee city Dayton
#2124, aired 1993-11-25THIRTYSOMETHING $800: When he gave his "Cross Of Gold" speech at the 1896 Democratic National Convention, he was 36 William Jennings Bryan
#2053, aired 1993-07-07FAMOUS SPEECHES $1000: His "Cross of Gold" speech in 1896 helped him win the Democratic presidential nomination William Jennings Bryan
#1886, aired 1992-11-16STATE CAPITALS $500: The home of William Jennings Bryan is preserved in this state capital where he lived from 1887-1921 Lincoln, Nebraska
#1675, aired 1991-12-06HISTORIC QUOTES $800: In an 1896 speech, William Jennings Bryan said, "You shall not crucify mankind upon this" a cross of gold
#1660, aired 1991-11-15FLORIDIANS $200: Ruth Bryan Owen, who served in the U.S. House from 1929-33, was this famous Nebraskan's daughter William Jennings Bryan
#11, aired 1990-08-25U.S. HISTORY $2500: William Jennings Bryan was elected to his first public office in this state Nebraska
#1337, aired 1990-05-29THE 19TH CENTURY $500: In 1896 this presidential candidate ran on a platform advocating the free & unlimited coinage of silver William Jennings Bryan
#1319, aired 1990-05-03POLITICAL QUOTES $500: William Jennings Bryan was referring to him when he said, "We have a president who has kept .... us out of war." Woodrow Wilson
#1207, aired 1989-11-28U.S. HISTORY $500: Youngest major presidential candidate at 36, his famous "Cross of Gold" speech led to his nomination William Jennings Bryan
#1059, aired 1989-03-231900 $1000: He lost the presidential race to McKinley for the 2nd time in a row William Jennings Bryan
#738, aired 1987-11-18U.S. HISTORY $1,000 (Daily Double): William Jennings Bryan died just a few days after the conclusion of this the Scopes Trial
#729, aired 1987-11-05NEBRASKANS $600: Only the 2nd Democratic congressman from Nebraska, he was his party's nominee for president 3 times William Jennings Bryan
#337, aired 1985-12-24NEBRASKA $1000: Golden-voiced editor of the "Omaha World-Herald" who ran for President 3 times William Jennings Bryan
#308, aired 1985-11-13POLITICAL SLOGANS $1000: In 1912, this pres. candidate declared, “We stand at Armageddon, & we battle for the Lord” Teddy Roosevelt
#2, aired 1984-01-01FAMOUS PAIRS $500: They were the opposing attorneys at the Scopes "Monkey" Trial Clarence Darrow & William Jennings Bryan

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (4 results returned)

#7527, aired 2017-05-09FAMOUS TEACHERS: W.J. Bryan gave the keynote speech at this man's high school graduation in 1919; 6 years later their paths would cross again John Scopes
#5139, aired 2007-01-0419th CENTURY DEMOCRATS: In a famous speech he said, "You shall not press down upon the brow of labor this crown of thorns..." William Jennings Bryan
#4431, aired 2003-12-08PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: The last major party Presidential candidate to lose twice to the same individual Adlai Stevenson
#2775, aired 1996-09-27STATESMEN: His "The Menace of Darwinism" & "The Bible and Its Enemies" were published in the 1920s William Jennings Bryan

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