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#8219, aired 2020-05-21THEM DUKE BOYS! $800: As a young man Arthur Wellesley, best known as this duke, had gambling debts & trouble at school before his martial glory the Duke of Wellington
#7984, aired 2019-05-02TORY SPELLING $1200: Family name of the war hero better known as Wellington W-E-L-L-E-S-L-E-Y
#7517, aired 2017-04-25SIMILARLY NAMED SCHOOLS $600: It's about a 2-hour drive northeast from Wesleyan in Connecticut to this Seven Sisters college in Massachusetts Wellesley
#7494, aired 2017-03-23POTPOURRI $1000: "Not to be ministered unto, but to minister" is the motto of this Seven Sisters college that's outside Boston Wellesley
#7483, aired 2017-03-08EARLY AMERICAN HISTORY $1600: In 1735 James Oglethorpe invited this founder of Methodism to evangelize in Georgia John Wesley
#7388, aired 2016-10-26NUMERIC TERMS $1200: Mount Holyoke & Wellesley are part of this group of women's colleges the Seven Sisters
#6969, aired 2014-12-25WHERE DID YOU GO TO SCHOOL? $800: To this college for women, same as Hillary Clinton Wellesley
#6837, aired 2014-05-13LIBRARIES $800: The Clapp Library at Wellesley College has the love letters exchanged by these 2 English poets in 1845 & 1846 Barrett and Browning
#6820, aired 2014-04-18THE DUKE OF WELLINGTON $400: British hero Arthur Wellesley, Duke of Wellington, was born in 1769 not in Britain but on this nearby island Ireland
#6729, aired 2013-12-12McCARTHYISM $2000: Kevin McCarthy's sister Mary wrote "The Group", which follows the lives of friends who went to this women's college Vassar
#6422, aired 2012-07-17ARTHUR $400: British commander & statesman Arthur Wellesley was better known by this hereditary title the Duke of Wellington
#6131, aired 2011-04-18FORBES' MOST-EDUCATED SMALL TOWNS $800: No. 2: This Boston suburb that's home to one of the Seven Sisters Wellesley
#6075, aired 2011-01-28PLAYING THE PROFESSOR $400: This movie with Julia Roberts as a Wellesley art history professor has a painting in its title Mona Lisa Smile
#5847, aired 2010-02-02COMMENCEMENT SPEECHES $1200: (Secretary of State Hillary Clinton delivers the clue.) In 2009, I gave the commencement address at Barnard College; in 1969 I gave the first ever student commencement at this other women's college Wellesley
#5603, aired 2009-01-07WOMEN'S TUITION $1600: Hillary Clinton became a Democrat while attending this Massachusetts school Wellesley
#5563, aired 2008-11-12WHEN YOU GO TO COLLEGE $600: Maybe you'll join this kind of impromptu comedy troupe, like Dead Serious at Wellesley improv
#5356, aired 2007-12-17HOT "ROD"s $400: Then-last name of the current U.S. senator who graduated from Wellesley College in 1969 Rodham
#5277, aired 2007-07-17HISTORIC LONDON $1600: Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of this, was known as a soldier but had an eye for art, as you can see at Apsley House Wellington
#4741, aired 2005-03-28WHO PLAYED 'EM? $400: 2003: Katherine Watson, an art history instructor at Wellesley in 1953 Julia Roberts
#4191, aired 2002-11-18PEN NAMES $1200: In her youth, this Bronte sister wrote under the masculine alias Lord Charles Albert Florian Wellesley Charlotte Bronte
#4096, aired 2002-05-27DUELS $2000: In 1829 Arthur Wellesley, who sported this title, challenged Lord Winchelsea to a duel; both missed their targets Duke of Wellington
#3923, aired 2001-09-26WORLD CAPITALS $1000: This New Zealand capital is named for Arthur Wellesley, a British duke Wellington
#3712, aired 2000-10-24GOYA $600: One of Goya's few foreign patrons was Arthur Wellesley, first Duke of this Wellington
#3555, aired 2000-02-04FIRST LADIES $100: In 1969 she graduated from Wellesley College where she was president of the student government Hillary Clinton
#3518, aired 1999-12-15THEY WENT TO SCHOOL BACK EAST $600: Hillary Rodham (B.A. '69) Wellesley
#3434, aired 1999-07-08HILLARY & JACKIE $400: Jackie earned her B.A. from George Washington University & Hillary graduated from this college in 1969 Wellesley
#3235, aired 1998-10-02COLLEGES, HITHER & YON $800: Of the schools known as the Seven Sisters, this one in Massachusetts is alphabetically last Wellesley
#3228, aired 1998-09-23HORNBLOWER $400: In the first Hornblower novel, Horatio falls for Barbara Wellesley, sister of this duke Duke of Wellington
#2936, aired 1997-05-12WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $500: This secretary of state majored in political science at Wellesley, graduating with honors in 1959 Madeleine Albright
#2885, aired 1997-02-28THE 1800S $200: In 1814 Arthur Wellesley was created the first Duke of this Wellington
#2873, aired 1997-02-12HISTORIC BROTHERS $500: Richard Wellesley, governor-general of India, had to settle for marquess; brother Arthur won this title Duke of Wellington
#2669, aired 1996-03-21LIBRARIES $1000: The Margaret Clapp Library at Wellesley College has all the love letters sent by this pair of poets Robert & Elizabeth Barrett Browning
#2354, aired 1994-11-24FIRST LADIES $200: Surprisingly, she was head of the campus Young Republicans while a student at Wellesley in the 1960s Hillary Clinton
#1836, aired 1992-09-07PRIME MINISTERS $400: This soldier & statesman who defeated Napoleon at Waterloo served as British PM from 1828-1830 the Duke of Wellington (Arthur Wellesley)
#1826, aired 1992-07-06HODGEPODGE $1000: Lawyer Henry Durant founded this college for women on his estate near Boston in 1870 Wellesley
#1, aired 1990-06-16FIRST LADIES $400: Barbara Bush & Raisa Gorbachev spoke at the 1990 commencement at this college Wellesley
#1257, aired 1990-02-06COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $500: 3 of the schools known as the 7 Sisters, a group considered the feminine version of the Ivy League Barnard, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar & Wellesley
#1152, aired 1989-09-12COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: "Sister school" that's involved in investing $7 million to redevelop So. Hadley, Mass., where it's located Mount Holyoke
#805, aired 1988-02-19AMERICAN MUSIC $1000: While an English professor at Wellesley, Katherine L. Bates wrote the words for this patriotic song "America the Beautiful"
#734, aired 1987-11-12COLLEGES $2,000 (Daily Double): 4 of the 7 colleges comprising the prestigious group known as "The Seven Sisters" (4 of) Vassar, Wellesley, Radcliffe, Bryn Mawr, Barnard, Holyoke, and Smith
#678, aired 1987-07-15COLLEGES $200: A legend at Wellesley is that winner of the annual spring hoop-rolling contest will be 1st to do this get married
#664, aired 1987-06-25WORLD CAPITALS $800: New Zealand's capital was named for Arthur Wellesley, the 1st man given this title (Duke of) Wellington

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#7374, aired 2016-10-06SECRETARIES OF STATE: The 2 Secretaries of State who received B.A.s in political science from Wellesley, 10 years apart Madeleine Albright & Hillary Clinton

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Tom Walker, a lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts Season 21 1-time champion: $23,201 + $2,000. Father's Jeopardy! Message Board user name: ProudFather
Wade Markel, an Army captain from Wellesley, Massachusetts Season 13 player (1996-12-09).
Beth Ford, a professor of African-American literature from Wellesley, Massachusetts Season 25 player (2009-06-11).
Brian Donahue, a research scientist originally from Wellesley, Massachusetts Season 9 2-time champion: $12,398.
Laura Rigge, a junior at Wellesley College from Emmaus, Pennsylvania 2013 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Fariha Ali, an attorney from Wellesley, Massachusetts Season 32 player (2016-03-31).
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