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#7733, aired 2018-04-04THE FICTION SECTION $800: Irving Stone's fictionalized biography of artist Vincent Van Gogh has this passionate 3-word title Lust for Life
#7611, aired 2017-10-16PAINT BY NUMBERS $400: A still life by Van Gogh is often called "Vase with 15" these, though Vincent himself wrote there were 14 sunflowers
#7462, aired 2017-02-07CITIES $800: In 1881 Vincent van Gogh moved to this Dutch city, home to the royal family the Hague
#7362, aired 2016-09-20SEEN FROM ABOVE $1200: (Kelly of the Clue Crew shows a painting and a video on the monitor.) Based on a work titled "Olive Trees" by this painter, crop artist's Stan Herd's version is perhaps better viewed from an airplane (Vincent) van Gogh
#7303, aired 2016-05-18ART $1200: In 1987 his "Irises" sold at auction for a then-record $53.9 million Vincent van Gogh
#6888, aired 2014-07-23JOBS IN ART $1600: He painted the 1889 portrait seen here in Arles--apparently, right as the mail came Vincent van Gogh
#6308, aired 2012-02-08ART & ARTISTS $800: This artist wrote his sister that "putting little white dots on the blue-black is not enough to paint a starry sky" Vincent van Gogh
#6017, aired 2010-11-09ROOMMATES $800: While rooming with his brother Vincent van Gogh, he introduced Vincent to some Impressionist friends Theo van Gogh
#5879, aired 2010-03-18ART & ARTISTS $2,000 (Daily Double): The world's largest collection of this post-impressionist's work is at the Amsterdam museum named for him Vincent van Gogh
#5824, aired 2009-12-31ART HOUSE MOVIES $400: The brother of this artist is torn between art & business in the Robert Altman film "Vincent & Theo" Vincent van Gogh
#5572, aired 2008-11-25BIOPIC SUBJECTS $800: 1956: "Lust for Life" Vincent van Gogh
#5185, aired 2007-03-09ART WORKS $400: "Portrait of Pere Tanguy", "Potato Eaters", "Night Cafe" (Vincent) van Gogh
#5171, aired 2007-02-19ONE-WORD RHYMES $600: Nicole Kidman is one; so was Lucille Ball & Vincent Van Gogh redhead
#5170, aired 2007-02-16PAINTERS $600: In 1889, he painted the self-portrait seen here; notice the bandaged ear Vincent van Gogh
#5078, aired 2006-10-11RELIGION IN ART $400: 1890's "Church at Auvers" is in the typical frenetic style of this artist (Vincent) van Gogh
#4993, aired 2006-05-03BIG-SCREEN ARTISTS $800: 1956: Kirk Douglas Vincent van Gogh
#4846, aired 2005-10-10WHERE WE WENT ON SUMMER VACATION $1000: …to New York City where we visited the Museum of Modern Art & saw this man's famous painting, "Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh
#4464, aired 2004-01-22PEOPLE IN SONG $1600: Don McLean's musical tribute to this man begins, "Starry starry night" Vincent Van Gogh
#4360, aired 2003-07-11ART & ARTISTS $400: In 1888 this painter suffered one of his first attacks of madness, while Paul Gauguin was visiting him Vincent Van Gogh
#4342, aired 2003-06-17ARTISTS & THEIR WORKS $800: "Irises" (1889) Vincent Van Gogh
#4333, aired 2003-06-04MUSEUMS $200: The museum of this 19th C. Dutch-born painter is on an Amsterdam street named for 17th C. painter Paulus Potter Vincent Van Gogh
#4307, aired 2003-04-29THE THEATRE $600 (Daily Double): Now ear this: "Vincent in Brixton" is a play about this artist Vincent Van Gogh
#4296, aired 2003-04-14THE ANTHONY QUINN FILM FESTIVAL $1600: Kirk Douglas was Vincent Van Gogh & Anthony Quinn played Paul Gauguin in this artsy 1956 big screener Lust for Life
#4275, aired 2003-03-14ARTISTS IN FRANCE $1600: He was living in Auvers-sur-Oise when, despairing & lonely, he shot himself in 1890 Vincent Van Gogh
#4243, aired 2003-01-29WHICH CAME FIRST? $1000: "Potato Eaters", "Starry Night", "Crows in the Wheatfields" "Potato Eaters"
#4158, aired 2002-10-02IT'S NOT ALEX TREBEK $400: It's not me in the picture seen here, it's a self-portrait of this famous artist Vincent van Gogh
#4122, aired 2002-07-02FROM FRANCE $1,000 (Daily Double): Famed Socialist Eugene V. Debs was named for 2 socially conscious French authors: Eugene Sue & this man Victor Hugo
#4069, aired 2002-04-18BAD NEWS $1000: This painter said "Ear's to ya" when he attacked roommate Paul Gauguin in late 1888 Vincent Van Gogh
#3884, aired 2001-06-21PORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST $200: One of his self-portraits is seen here Vincent Van Gogh
#3796, aired 2001-02-19THE ARTS THE NEW YORK TIMES $100: Hooray! Dan Castellaneta's wild 1-man stage show named for this artist doesn't have "a single ear reference" Vincent Van Gogh
#3791, aired 2001-02-12ART & ARTISTS $200: "Red Vineyard at Arles" was possibly the only painting this Dutchman sold during his lifetime Vincent Van Gogh
#3728, aired 2000-11-15ART HISTORY $200: He said he had no difficulty expressing sadness & extreme solitude in the work seen here Vincent Van Gogh
#3716, aired 2000-10-30GO GO GAUGUIN $200: This artist painted Gauguin's chair, seen here: Vincent Van Gogh
#3708, aired 2000-10-18NAME THE ARTIST $200: 1890: "Starry Night" Vincent Van Gogh
#3672, aired 2000-07-18CLINICALLY DEPRESSED $600: The same night he cut off his ear he had threatened Gauguin with a razor Vincent van Gogh
#3657, aired 2000-06-27ART FOR ART'S SAKE! $200: Artist whose self-portrait is seen here: (less one ear?) Vincent Van Gogh
#3603, aired 2000-04-12NAME THE ARTIST $600: "The Potato Eaters" Vincent Van Gogh
#3571, aired 2000-02-28ARTISTS ON FILM $600: Anthony Quinn in "Lust for Life" Paul Gauguin
#3543, aired 2000-01-19FLEMISH & DUTCH MASTERS $400: Artist whose masterpiece is seen here: ("Night Cafe") Vincent Van Gogh
#3503, aired 1999-11-24FAMOUS ART $300: He painted the pretty flowers seen here: Vincent Van Gogh
#3403, aired 1999-05-26PARISIANS $800: In the 1880s he introduced his brother & roommate, Vincent, to the Impressionists Theo Van Gogh
#3400, aired 1999-05-21ART & ARTISTS $200: After a violent episode 2 years before his death, this Dutchman committed himself to an asylum but continued to paint Vincent Van Gogh
#3346, aired 1999-03-08FILM BIOGRAPHIES $400: "Lust for Life", starring Kirk Douglas, was based on Irving Stone's book about this Dutch artist Vincent Van Gogh
#3276, aired 1998-11-30VAN GOGH A-GO-GO $600: His 1972 hit song "Vincent" was a tribute to Van Gogh Don McLean
#3246, aired 1998-10-19ARTSY FILMS $200: Tim Roth played the artist Van Gogh & Paul Rhys played his brother in this 1990 film Vincent and Theo
#3230, aired 1998-09-25HERE'S LOOKING AT ME $200: He went downhill between his 1887 "Self-Portrait With Gray Felt Hat" & his 1889 one "With Bandaged Ear" Vincent Van Gogh
#3023, aired 1997-10-22THE 1980s $200: In 1987 small bunches of his "Irises" & "Sunflowers" sold for a total of $93.8 million Vincent Van Gogh
#3006, aired 1997-09-29ARTISTS $400: He included sketches of Dutch rural scenes in a letter to his brother Theo sent around 1885 Vincent Van Gogh
#2950, aired 1997-05-30LETTERS $800: In 1885 he wrote to his brother Theo, "There is a school....of impressionists. But I know very little about it" Vincent Van Gogh
#2926, aired 1997-04-28ART $300 (Daily Double): Dutch artist Anton Mauve was a relative & counselor of this "Sunflowers" painter Vincent Van Gogh
#2848, aired 1997-01-08GUINNESS RECORDS $400: The highest price ever paid for a drawing is $8.36 million for one he drew at Arles in 1888 Vincent Van Gogh
#2825, aired 1996-12-06ART & ARTISTS $200: He painted "Irises" & "Pink Roses" as well as "Sunflowers" Vincent Van Gogh
#2815, aired 1996-11-22POSTAGE STAMPS $900 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE): A recent stamp honoring this artist featured the work seen here: Georgia O'Keeffe ("Red Poppy")
#2807, aired 1996-11-12ART $600: He slashed his ear before Christmas in 1888 & painted a "Self-Portrait with Bandaged Ear" soon after Vincent Van Gogh
#2673, aired 1996-03-271889 $800: In June 1889 he executed the "Starry Night" painting Vincent Van Gogh
#2650, aired 1996-02-23ART & ARTISTS $600: This Dutchman painted landscapes of olive trees & cypresses while at the asylum of St.-Remy Vincent Van Gogh
#2118, aired 1993-11-17ARTISTS $400: HIs "Self-Portrait With Pipe and Bandaged Ear" is part of the Leigh B. Block collection in Chicago Vincent Van Gogh
#2082, aired 1993-09-28BOOKS & AUTHORS $800: Irving Stone's research for this novel included a story in Vincent van Gogh's asylum cell Lust for Life
#2040, aired 1993-06-18ART $400: Gauguin painted this friend of his "Painting Sunflowers" in 1888 Vincent Van Gogh
#1984, aired 1993-04-01ART $200: In 1888 he painted his "House at Arles", his "Bedroom at Arles" & several still lifes of sunflowers (Vincent) van Gogh
#1723, aired 1992-02-12ART $200: From 1880 to his death in 1890, this Dutch artist's brother Theo supported him financially Vincent van Gogh
#1518, aired 1991-03-20ARTISTS $400: His 1889 self-portrait shows him with pipe & bandaged ear Vincent Van Gogh
#4, aired 1990-07-07ARTISTS $800: "A Portrait of Dr. Gachet" by this artist sold in 1990 for $82.5 million Vincent Van Gogh
#1206, aired 1989-11-27ART $2,000 (Daily Double): In 1888 Vincent van Gogh threatened to kill this artist who was his roommate at the time Paul Gauguin
#988, aired 1988-12-14MOVIE CLASSICS $200: Liza Minnelli said this film about Van Gogh was her father's favorite, because painting was his 1st love Lust for Life
#738, aired 1987-11-18ART $800: Vincent Van Gogh's brother Theo did this for a living worked in an art gallery (or sold art)
#719, aired 1987-10-22VAN GOGH $200: 1st line of the Don McLean hit, "Vincent" it includes the title of a famous Van Gogh work Starry, starry night

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (10 results returned)

#7684, aired 2018-01-2519th CENTURY EUROPEANS: In an 1889 letter to his brother, he wrote, “I wouldn’t exactly have chosen madness if there had been a choice” Vincent van Gogh
#7441, aired 2017-01-0919th CENTURY NOTABLES: Calling him a red-headed madman, in 1889 a group of his neighbors signed a petition to ban him from his home in Arles, France Vincent van Gogh
#7104, aired 2015-07-02EUROPEAN ARTISTS: In 1890 a critic said this artist "directs his brush with enormous dabs of impasto of very pure color in sinuous trails" Vincent van Gogh
#6569, aired 2013-03-21ARTISTS: On his deathbed he told police, "What I have done is nobody else's business"; one theory is he was protecting others (Vincent) van Gogh
#6267, aired 2011-12-1320th CENTURY LITERATURE: A 50th anniversary edition of this fictionalized biography featured the painting seen here on its cover Lust for Life
#5860, aired 2010-02-19ARTISTS: In 1882 he wrote, "Though I am often in the depths of misery, there is still calmness, pure harmony, and music inside me" Vincent van Gogh
#5249, aired 2007-06-07ARTISTS: One of his last letters said, "I am risking my life for (my work) and my reason has half-foundered owing to it..." Vincent Van Gogh
#4732, aired 2005-03-15ARTISTIC MASTERPIECES: "Shouldn't the shining dots of the sky be as accessible as the black dots on the map of France?" the artist wrote of this work The Starry Night (by Vincent Van Gogh)
#3583, aired 2000-03-15ARTISTS: As of Oct. 1999, of the 10 most expensive paintings sold at public auction, these 2 artists had 4 each on the list Pablo Picasso & Vincent Van Gogh
#2754, aired 1996-07-18ARTISTS: In 1914 his brother's remains were moved from Holland to Auvers, France & buried beside him Vincent Van Gogh

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