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#7987, aired 2019-05-07IN THE PRINCIPAL'S DESK $200: The principal has confiscated several of these trading cards including 3 Squirtles Pokémon cards
#7976, aired 2019-04-22THE 20-TEENS $400: This augmented reality game, where you try to capture Pikachu in a store or forest was a summer craze in 2016 Pokémon Go!
#7915, aired 2019-01-25POP CULTURE PORTMANTEAUS $400: The name of this Pokemon, Ash's best buddy, is a blend of Japanese words for a mouse sound & something sparkly Pikachu
#7839, aired 2018-10-11UNUSUAL CHARACTERS $800: In the Pokemon universe, Litwick appears as a ghostly sort of this inanimate object (look at the name) a candle
#7587, aired 2017-09-12WORKS LIKE A CHARM $600: In the "Sun and Moon" edition of this 20-year-old game from Japan, the shiny charm helps to catch the title critters Pokémon
#7237, aired 2016-02-16JAPANESE POP CULTURE $1600: To mark the launch of Pokemon, Kansas' capital was renamed this for a day in 1998 ToPikachu
#7081, aired 2015-06-01CARTOONS $400: Pikachu, Chespin & Bunnelby are these title creatures battling it out on Cartoon Network Pokémon
#6783, aired 2014-02-26TOY STORY $400: There are actually world championships for the trading card game & video game featuring these "pocket monsters" Pokémon
#6661, aired 2013-07-29WHAT A CHARACTER! $1200: "Mouse" is the species of this character featured in video games, trading cards & TV shows Pikachu
#6085, aired 2011-02-11ON YOUR SLEEVE $1000: You can use sleeves to protect these items used in both Magic: The Gathering & Pokemon cards
#5960, aired 2010-07-09SOUNDS LIKE A NEW POKEMON $200: Chimu won't defeat anyone nowadays: it's a people of Peru defeated by this empire in the 1400s Inca
#5960, aired 2010-07-09SOUNDS LIKE A NEW POKEMON $400: Melodeon's only power is to give enjoyment: it's a reed one of these an instrument
#5960, aired 2010-07-09SOUNDS LIKE A NEW POKEMON $600: If you put down in your pokedex that you have anorak, you've got one of these, similar to a parka a coat
#5960, aired 2010-07-09SOUNDS LIKE A NEW POKEMON $800: Scimitar could help you win some battles: it's a type of this a sword
#5960, aired 2010-07-09SOUNDS LIKE A NEW POKEMON $1000: Plateosaurus was a grass type of dinosaur; it wasn't a carnivore or omnivore but this third type a herbivore
#5680, aired 2009-04-24SOUNDS LIKE A SNEEZE $400: This yellow Pokemon character evolves into Raichu Pikachu
#5488, aired 2008-06-18WE HAVE MET THE ANIME $400: This anime show didn't start on TV; its characters were first part of Nintendo's "Pocket Monsters" Pokémon
#4627, aired 2004-10-19TV SHOW ROLL CALL $400: Ash, Misty, Brock & Pikachu Pokémon
#4332, aired 2003-06-03PLAY $800: Bandai introduced this society of monsters in cards & toys to compete with Pokemon Digimon
#4111, aired 2002-06-17CONSONANTS $400: The Motion Picture Association of America gave "Pokemon 3: The Movie" this rating G
#3921, aired 2001-09-24RATED G $300: The "First Movie" from this card game features an evil clone, Mewtwo, who wanted to rule the world Pokémon
#3699, aired 2000-10-05NEW VIDEO GAMES $600: In "Hey You", this Pokemon, you control the little critter on your Nintendo with voice commands Pikachu
#3449, aired 1999-09-09VIDEO GAMES $200: Meaning "pocket monster" in Japanese, there are about 150 of these Nintendo Game Boy creatures Pokémon

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#7642, aired 2017-11-28VIDEO GAMES: The desire in his childhood to catch every insect inspired Satoshi Tajiri to create this 1996 game Pokémon

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