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#7730, aired 2018-03-30COLA $600: This cult cola launched in 1985 is a favorite of "Gamers, hackers...& other night owls" Jolt Cola
#7603, aired 2017-10-04FOOD & DRINK $400: In diner slang, an "M.D." isn't a Mountain Dew but this soft drink Dr. Pepper
#6928, aired 2014-10-29BEVERAGES $1000: This soft drink once used the slogan "It'll tickle yore innards" Mountain Dew
#6457, aired 2012-10-16BRAND NAMES $1,000 (Daily Double): An animated character called Willy the Hillbilly was an early spokesperson for this soda Mountain Dew
#6199, aired 2011-07-21SCOOBY'S RELATIVES? $800: This carbonated beverage comes in varieties called Baja Blast & Livewire Mountain Dew
#6089, aired 2011-02-17SODA $1000: Mountain Dew offers a drink called Baja this--have one! Blast
#6070, aired 2011-01-21WE OWN YOU $400: Gatorade, Mountain Dew & Ruffles Pepsi
#5924, aired 2010-05-20BEFORE, DURING & AFTER $400: Florida NBA team that's central to a lofty Thomas Mann work about a soft drink Orlando Magic Mountain Dew
#5840, aired 2010-01-22POP QUIZ $600: An early label for this soda showed a hillbilly shooting at a revenuer running from an outhouse Mountain Dew
#5483, aired 2008-06-11BEVERAGES $800: An animated character called Willy the Hillbilly once sold this citrusy soda brand Mountain Dew
#5371, aired 2008-01-07SODA POP QUIZ $800: The drink known as "Code" this is "everything you love about Mountain Dew with a smooth cherry flavor" Red
#5269, aired 2007-07-05WHADDYA DRINKIN'? $400: This soft drink's cans used to feature Willy the Hillbilly; in fact, its name is a slang term for "moonshine" Mountain Dew
#4703, aired 2005-02-02NONPOTENT POTABLES $1600: Consumers named this citrus drink "Code Red" because its cherry rush captured it spirit Mountain Dew
#4667, aired 2004-12-14SNOWBOARDING $400: Snowboarding is often featured in ads for this Pepsico soda with a lofty name Mountain Dew
#4448, aired 2003-12-31BRANDS $400: This soft drink was once billed as "Zero-proof hillbilly moonshine" Mountain Dew
#4378, aired 2003-09-24TRAVEL FUN $600: If you're at least 39" tall, you can ride the Mountain Slidewinder at this Dolly Parton theme park Dollywood
#4239, aired 2003-01-23POP STARS $2000: The people who make Mountain Dew also have Sierra this Sierra Mist
#3518, aired 1999-12-15FIZZ-ICS $400: An animated character called Willy the Hillbilly once sold this citrusy soda Mountain Dew
#3035, aired 1997-11-07THEME PARK FUN $100: The Slidewinder is a free-flow flume ride down a mountainside at her theme park, Dollywood Dolly Parton
#368, aired 1986-02-05"J" WORDS $300: "If you shut up your mug, I'll fill up" this with "good ol' mountain dew" your jug

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