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#7771, aired 2018-05-28SWINGERS OF SPORTS $600: In 2010 Sachin Tendulkar scored the first one-day double century (that's 200 runs) in the long history of this sport cricket
#7719, aired 2018-03-15I AM HUSSEIN $800: Nasser Hussain scored thousands of runs in this sport & also captained the English national team for 4 years cricket
#7701, aired 2018-02-19TABLE TENNIS, ANYONE? $1000: Americans call a table tennis racket a paddle; Brits use this term familiar from cricket & another sport a bat
#7597, aired 2017-09-26SPORTS ABBREV. $2000: In cricket, a batsman can be dismissed (that's cricket talk for "out") for LBW, "leg before" this leg before wicket
#7555, aired 2017-06-16SUPERSTITION $1600: Having one of these insects of family Gryllidae near the heart in a home was a sign of luck in olden times a cricket
#7350, aired 2016-07-22BEASTLY BACKING BANDS $400: Buddy Holly & them--chirp in now the Crickets
#7265, aired 2016-03-25GANG GREEN $2000: He's appointed the conscience of a wooden boy Jiminy Cricket
#7262, aired 2016-03-22IT'S POTPOURRI, "C"? $200: In this sport, a googly is a bowled ball that breaks in an unexpected direction cricket
#7236, aired 2016-02-15"C" IN LITERATURE $2000: "Chirp the first" is the first chapter of this Dickens short novel The Cricket on the Hearth
#7149, aired 2015-10-15SCIENCE & NATURE $800: A Mormon cricket is a long-horned type of this insect; if we could jump like them, we could leap about 120 feet in the air a grasshopper
#7074, aired 2015-05-21THERE'S A BUG IN MY BOOK TITLE $800: Even bugs move to the city: "The ____ in Times Square" Cricket
#7039, aired 2015-04-02UP IN THE ATTIC $200: Grandpa never played this sport, but we found a bat used for it cricket
#6982, aired 2015-01-13SPORTS TALK $200: Oh I do say, sticky wicket is a term that comes from this team sport cricket
#6953, aired 2014-12-03MOVIES $1000: "Million Dollar Arm" tells the true story of an agent who goes to this country to recruit cricket bowlers to play baseball India
#6904, aired 2014-09-25SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE $600: Sir Arthur played on the same cricket team as this "Peter Pan" creator & helped him write an operetta (J.M.) Barrie
#6896, aired 2014-09-15BRIT BITS $400: Now played throughout the world, it's often called England's national summer sport cricket
#6868, aired 2014-06-25CHESHIRE CATS $800: Cheshire's Charles Marriott was a great leg break & googly bowler, making him really good at this sport cricket
#6816, aired 2014-04-14GOOD LUCK CHARMS $600: In Asia these insects are said to bring good luck; owners sometimes tickle them with rabbit whiskers to make them "sing" crickets
#6789, aired 2014-03-06ON THE BOOKSHELF $400: In a kids' book, Chester is this title type of insect who comes from Connecticut to live in Times Square cricket
#6787, aired 2014-03-04DISNEY SIDEKICKS $2000: The song heard before the credits as fireworks explode over the castle was sung originally by this sidekick Jiminy Cricket
#6728, aired 2013-12-11THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY $1200: The Beatles chose their name partly in homage to Buddy's backing band with this other insect name The Crickets
#6719, aired 2013-11-28NATIONAL ATHLETES $2000: Cricket's Imran Khan Pakistan
#6678, aired 2013-10-02AIM! $1000: Bull's-eye! Cricket, baseball & 51 by 5s are varieties of this game darts
#6579, aired 2013-04-04ENGLAND SWINGS $800: In 2005 a 32-year-old Cambridge man punched out a 14-year-old over a game of this; I say! that's not... cricket
#6448, aired 2012-10-03WOOD $400: This traditional wood for cricket bats even has a cricket bat species, though there's no weeping... willow
#6362, aired 2012-04-24THIS OR THAT $400: An essential piece of cricket equipment, or a nocturnal mammal bat
#6243, aired 2011-11-09BUGS $400: An association in Beijing sponsors fighting tournaments for the field type of these chirping insects crickets
#6212, aired 2011-09-27DRESS CASUAL $2000: This cloth is not just for grunge musicians; an 1897 book for boys says it's "the best wear for cricket" flannel
#6205, aired 2011-07-29THE CALL OF THE WILD $400: The field type of this leaping insect chirps by rubbing a scraper on one forewing along a row of teeth on the other forewing a cricket
#6160, aired 2011-05-27I'LL NEED SOME BACKUP $600: ...and the Crickets Buddy Holly
#6112, aired 2011-03-22A NUMBER LESS THAN 10 $400: In cricket scoring, it's a duck's egg 0
#5980, aired 2010-09-17AIRLINE CARRY ON NO-NOS $800: Baseball bat? No. Bat for this, England's national summer sport? Also no cricket
#5953, aired 2010-06-30KITTY LIT $1600: In this George Selden work, Harry Cat becomes friends with Chester, a cricket from Connecticut who goes to NYC The Cricket in Times Square
#5916, aired 2010-05-104 SCORE & 7 $600: Some Australians believe 87 is an unlucky number in this sport, as it's 13 short of a century cricket
#5787, aired 2009-11-10BALL GAMES $2000: The phrase "a sticky wicket" comes from this British sport cricket
#5728, aired 2009-07-01TAKE MY TEMPERATURE $600: Changes in the frequency of these insects' chirps can be related to changes in temperature a cricket
#5688, aired 2009-05-06WOULD YOU LIKE FLIES WITH THAT? $400: Crick-ettes (yep, they're made from crickets) come in several tangy flavors, including these breakfast strips & cheese bacon
#5684, aired 2009-04-30WHY YA BUGGIN'? $400: A jumping insect related to grasshoppers, or a game with wicket intentions cricket
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S CRICKET $400: The first intl. cricket match took place in September 1844; Canada beat this neighbor by 23 runs the United States
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S CRICKET $800: Cricket is played between teams (or "sides") of this many players each--handy if a football game breaks out 11
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S CRICKET $1200: Cricket's World Cup is contested every 4 years; crikey! This country has now won 3 straight Australia
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S NOT CRICKET $200: The unlucky guy seen here is the hawk variety of this insect a moth
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S NOT CRICKET $400: The aphid species of this stinging flier is seen magnified here; you don't want to know what it does to aphids a wasp
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S NOT CRICKET $600: Yikes! It's the rhinoceros type of this common insect a beetle
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S NOT CRICKET $800: It's easy to see how this insect got its familiar name a walking stick insect (stick insect accepted)
#5662, aired 2009-03-31THAT'S NOT CRICKET $1000: Did she or didn't she? Only an entomologist knows for sure, but it's this type of grasshopper seen here a katydid
#5643, aired 2009-03-04ENGLISH LITERATURE $2000: This fireside novella by Dickens is subdivided not into 3 chapters but into 3 chirps The Cricket on the Hearth
#5620, aired 2009-01-30GODS AROUND US $800: The likeness of God used in this 1975 Monty Python comedy is a picture of British cricket star W.G. Grace (Monty Python and) The Holy Grail
#5513, aired 2008-07-23CROSSWORD CLUES "P" $1600: Cricket field's central part (5) pitch
#5470, aired 2008-05-23AUSTRALIA $600: An Australian sporting hero, Sir Donald Bradman is the only Aussie knighted for his services to this sport cricket
#5454, aired 2008-05-01CROSSWORD CLUES "C" $600: "Googly" sport (7) cricket
#5445, aired 2008-04-18I'M AN ANIMAL $400: This insect's sound as he rubs his wings together is a courtship song a cricket
#5439, aired 2008-04-10SPEAK OF THE DICKENS! $1200: In an 1845 tale, Mrs. Peerybingle says, "To have" one of these "on the hearth is the luckiest thing in all the world!" a cricket
#5438, aired 2008-04-09ASIAN PERSUASION $1600: It's the Indian city that's the home to Eden Gardens, Asia's largest arena for cricket Calcutta
#5421, aired 2008-03-17SIR ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE $600: Conan Doyle wrote a tribute in 1915 on the death of W.G. Grace, a superstar in this sport cricket
#5418, aired 2008-03-12SPORTS BY POSITION $800: Wicket keeper cricket
#5397, aired 2008-02-12BALLS $2000: The ball & bat used in this sport are seen here cricket
#5358, aired 2007-12-19A MOLE $600: The mole variety of this insect has forelegs adapated for shoveling: the males can chirp a mean tune, too a cricket
#5346, aired 2007-12-03"ICK"-IPEDIA $1000: It's the target of the bowler in the sport of cricket a wicket
#5343, aired 2007-11-28MOVIE FOLK $2000: To get orc war screams for the Helm's Deep battle, this director put phonetic yells on a scoreboard for 25,000 cricket fans Peter Jackson
#5318, aired 2007-10-24ALL THINGS OPERATIC $1200: This "Cricket on the Hearth" author wrote the libretto for John Hullah's "The Village Coquettes" Charles Dickens
#5310, aired 2007-10-12BOOKS $1000: A book by George Selden related the adventures of Chester, this insect "in Times Square" a cricket
#5301, aired 2007-10-01COMPLETES THE OPERA $800: Goldmark: "The Cricket on the ____" Hearth
#5297, aired 2007-09-25INSECTS $400: The finest singers among species of this insect are the tree type, not the house or field type crickets
#5293, aired 2007-09-19FAIRIES $800: She appoints Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio's official conscience the Blue Fairy
#5279, aired 2007-07-19LET'S VISIT INDIA $600: Eden Gardens in Calcutta is the world's largest stadium for this sport popular in India cricket
#5278, aired 2007-07-18INSECT INVASION $2000: Noisy bug seen here a cricket
#5150, aired 2007-01-19DISNEY MOVIES BY CHARACTER $200: 1940: Jiminy Cricket Pinocchio
#5116, aired 2006-12-04SPORTS PEOPLE $1600: Sachin Tendulkar of India is a leading bowler in this sport cricket
#5019, aired 2006-06-08GAMES $200: This British sport features 2 teams of 11 members & 2 wickets placed 22 yards apart cricket
#4993, aired 2006-05-03SODA $200: Don't worry--Cricket Cola isn't flavored with crickets but with this "colorful" tea green tea
#4985, aired 2006-04-21A BUG'S LIFE $600: The field & house types of this insect are sold as laboratory subjects, frog food & bait crickets
#4921, aired 2006-01-23MASSACRE $2000: In a 1994 match between Durham & Warwickshire, Brian Lara scored 390 runs in a single day in this sport! cricket
#4896, aired 2005-12-19IT'S AUSTRALIA, MATE $400: The "Ground" for this sport in Melbourne, Australia has a capacity of about 100,000 spectators cricket
#4865, aired 2005-11-04UNUSUAL PETS $600: To feed your gecko, PETCO offers a "Case O'" these noisy insects crickets
#4784, aired 2005-05-26HE'S A JAMAICAN, MON $1600: Alfred Valentine is a famous Jamaican bowler in this sport, taking over 100 wickets in 36 matches cricket
#4752, aired 2005-04-12ANIMALS $800: A type of cricket that mainly lives underground is named for this tiny-eyed mammal a mole
#4707, aired 2005-02-08INTERNATIONAL SPORTS STARS $2000: Led by top player Chaminda Vaas, Sri Lanka has a powerful team in this sport that uses bats, balls, wickets & stumps cricket
#4687, aired 2005-01-11PARENTING $400: A talking cricket warns him, "woe to boys who refuse to obey their parents and run away from home!" Pinocchio
#4618, aired 2004-10-06OTHER USES FOR ANIMALS $400: Join the club, the cricket club, where you swing one of these a bat
#4591, aired 2004-07-19ALL SPORTS $1200: Delivering a ball to a batsman in cricket isn't called "pitching", it's called this bowling
#4577, aired 2004-06-29COUNTRY CLUBS $800: These sporting items L.J. Nicolls started making in Sussex in 1876 have been good for many centuries cricket bats
#4570, aired 2004-06-18INSECTS $1600: Acheta domesticus, the house species of this, is the one "on the hearth" in literature the cricket
#4564, aired 2004-06-10CLIFF NOTES $200: Jiminy Cricket! Cliff Edwards was the voice of Jiminy Cricket in this 1940 classic Pinocchio
#4553, aired 2004-05-26CROSSWORD CLUES "C" $1200: English field game, or field insect (7) cricket
#4528, aired 2004-04-21TOO MUCH TIME ON THEIR HANDS $2000: It took 5 days in 2003 for India to beat Australia in its first test match victory in Australia in this sport in 22 years cricket
#4518, aired 2004-04-07BACKWORDS $800: This school probably makes students bring a doctor's note to get out of cricket practice Eton (for note)
#4512, aired 2004-03-3010-LETTER WORDS $800: Jiminy Cricket acted as this for Pinocchio his conscience
#4508, aired 2004-03-24PLANTS & FLOWERS $400: Despite its name this carnivorous plant also eats caterpillars, spiders & crickets Venus Flytrap
#4483, aired 2004-02-18BEASTLY RHYME TIME $2000: Chirping insects' admission passes crickets' tickets
#4478, aired 2004-02-11OPERAS YOU'LL LIKE $800: If you love insect operas (& who doesn't), try to see this one named for the chirper "on the hearth" The Cricket
#4406, aired 2003-11-03THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $1200: It's a hat, or the person who throws the ball to a batsman in cricket a bowler
#4396, aired 2003-10-20SCIENCE & NATURE $800: Crickets "hear" via highly sensitive membranes on these body parts their legs
#4331, aired 2003-06-02THE JOCK $400: At Karachi National Stadium, you can cheer on heroes of this sport, including Hanif Mohammad & Shahid Khan Afridi cricket
#4322, aired 2003-05-20THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH $200: A cricket's receptors for this are highly sensitive areas on its front legs hearing
#4322, aired 2003-05-20THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH $400: Crickets chirp by rubbing these body parts together wings
#4322, aired 2003-05-20THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH $600: Famous in Utah, this type of cricket that's actually a katydid bears the name of a religion Mormon cricket
#4322, aired 2003-05-20THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH $800: This cricket that bears the name of a burrowing mammal can be a serious agricultural pest mole cricket
#4322, aired 2003-05-20THE CRICKET ON THE HEARTH $1000: This can be estimated by adding 40 to the number of a snowy tree cricket's chirps in a 15-second period temperature
#4284, aired 2003-03-27MARCH MADNESS $200: In March 1969 Baron Constantine, lawyer & cricket star, became the 1st black member of this house of Parliament House of Lords
#4273, aired 2003-03-12CHILDREN'S LITERATURE $1600: A classic book by George Selden tells of this noisy insect "in Times Square" The Cricket
#4249, aired 2003-02-06TASTE TREATS? $1200: The Entomology Club at Iowa State Univ. put these chirping insects into Chocolate Chirpie Chip Cookies crickets
#4162, aired 2002-10-08FILE UNDER "H" $1600: Despite a clubfoot, Lord Byron played cricket for this London school in its rivalry match against Eton Harrow
#4155, aired 2002-09-27A DICKENS OF A STORY $2000: This Dickens Christmas story is divided into "Chirp the First", "Chirp the Second" & "Chirp the Third" "The Cricket on the Hearth"
#4148, aired 2002-09-18SOUNDS GOOD TO ME $600: They're the loud leapers heard here a cricket
#4147, aired 2002-09-17NATURE $600: The Mormon cricket is a long-horned type of this jumper grasshopper
#4127, aired 2002-07-09THE OLYMPICS $200: The only Olympic tournament in this sticky wicket sport was at the 1900 Games &, of course, Great Britain won cricket
#4009, aired 2002-01-24DISNEY MOVIES $800: Jiminy Cricket! a ride based on this film opened in Tokyo Disneyland a month before one opened in Disneyland Pinocchio
#3941, aired 2001-10-22THE LANGUAGE OF SPORT $300: To be stumped, sticky wicket cricket
#3913, aired 2001-09-12BEFORE & AFTER $200: "That'll be the day" when this leader of the Crickets wins an Oscar for "The Piano" Buddy Holly Hunter
#3855, aired 2001-05-11YOUTH IN ASIA $1000: With a 6-wicket victory over Nepal, Bangladesh recently retained the Asian youth championship in this sport cricket
#3851, aired 2001-05-07RECOGNIZE MY GAME $400: A mallet, balls, wickets, stakes croquet
#3793, aired 2001-02-14TAKE ME OUT TO... $400: Take me out with the crowd at this "religious" London cricket ground, HQ of the Marylebone Cricket Club Lord's Cricket Ground
#3739, aired 2000-11-30FAMILY TIES $100: An "Insider" told us New Zealand cricket greats Jeff & Martin Crowe are cousins of this actor Russell Crowe
#3673, aired 2000-07-19INTERNATIONAL SPORTSMEN $1000: New Zealand-born Jonah Lamu is tops on the pitch of this sport Rugby
#3639, aired 2000-06-01THE JOY OF INSECTS $200: One difference between crickets & these, including locusts, is crickets' longer antennae Grasshoppers
#3608, aired 2000-04-19"STICK"s & "STONE"s $500: The game of cricket gives us this phrase for a difficult situation Sticky wicket
#3607, aired 2000-04-18ASSUME THE POSITION $1,000 (Daily Double): Insert 1 letter into the name of a comic book hero to get this cricket player batsman
#3582, aired 2000-03-14POP MUSIC PAIRINGS $100: ...& the Crickets Buddy Holly
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKET $200: Like baseball's, cricket's scores are kept in these units; each team may have hundreds runs
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKET $400: In 1953 batsman Jack Hobbs became the first pro cricketer to receive this title from the monarch knighthood
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKET $600: The player in this position initiates the action the bowler
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKET $800: A striker can be declared out if he's LBW, "leg before" this wicket
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKET $1000: Term for an international match, or what its players are "put to" the test
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKETS $100: When you hear the snowy tree cricket, count the chirps in 15 seconds & add 40 to get this the temperature
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKETS $200: For a 1-inch-long field cricket, it can be as far as 24 inches a leap
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKETS $300: Field crickets "sing" by rubbing these together, usually the right over the left wings
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKETS $400: Acheta domesticus is this common type of cricket, a name it shares with a fly & a mouse house
#3294, aired 1998-12-24CRICKETS $500: Keats' "Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness", it's when most adult crickets die autumn
#3240, aired 1998-10-09MOVIE DEBUTS $1,000 (Daily Double): Eva Marie Saint made her screen debut in this classic film seen here: "Tarrytown." "Where's that?" "It's in the country." "I don't like the country. The crickets make me nervous." On the Waterfront
#3239, aired 1998-10-08GO PLAY OUTSIDE $400: The area between the wickets is called the pitch in this game Cricket
#3221, aired 1998-09-14SPORTS $200: This British sport using a bat & a ball is popular in Jamaica, the Bahamas & Trinidad & Tobago Cricket
#3216, aired 1998-09-07COMMON BONDS $200: Larks, crickets, informers Things that sing
#3172, aired 1998-05-19MEN IN BLACK $600: J's little weapon is named for this "noisy" insect Cricket
#3139, aired 1998-04-02"ICK"Y WORDS $100: Dickens had one "On the Hearth" & Disney had one narrate "Pinocchio" a cricket
#3136, aired 1998-03-30HOCKEY $1000: The game of cricket gave us this term for 3 or more goals scored by a player in a game a hat trick
#3108, aired 1998-02-18BUGS $100: These insects "chirp" by rubbing their 2 front wings together Crickets
#3097, aired 1998-02-03CHAMPIONS OF TOURNAMENTS $400: In 1996, Sri Lanka, a 66-1 underdog, batted down Australia in the World Cup of this sport Cricket
#3070, aired 1997-12-26MODERN OPERA $400: Zandonai's opera "Il Grillo del Focolare" is adapted from this author's "The Cricket on the Hearth" Charles Dickens
#3043, aired 1997-11-19MRS. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON $1000: Jiminy Cricket! Her 1972 book was "Declaration of" this Conscience
#2958, aired 1997-06-11SPORTSWRITERS $300: Sir Leonard Hutton, one of England's finest batsmen in this game, later covered it as a columnist cricket
#2954, aired 1997-06-05INSECTS $200: One type of this insect can tell you the temperature; add 40 to the number of chirps in 15 seconds Cricket
#2948, aired 1997-05-28BUG NAMES $200: A googly is a deceptive delivery by the bowler in this sport cricket
#2931, aired 1997-05-05SPORTS TERMS $300: Backward short leg, bat, wicket Cricket
#2889, aired 1997-03-06SPORTS $200: Fielding positions in this British game include wicketkeeper, square leg & gully Cricket
#2879, aired 1997-02-20FAMILIAR PHRASES $200: Those who play cricket know an awkward situation is this kind of "wicket" sticky wicket
#2858, aired 1997-01-22SPORTS RULES $200: If a "lost ball" is called in this British favorite, 6 runs minimum are scored Cricket
#2834, aired 1996-12-19TREES $200: It has cricket bat & weeping varieties Willow
#2714, aired 1996-05-23CHILDREN'S LIT $400: Charles Dickens wrote a story of this insect "on the Hearth"; George Selden set his "in Times Square" cricket
#2680, aired 1996-04-05"DAY" SONGS $200: The Crickets in 1957 & Linda Ronstadt in 1976 had a hit with it "That'll Be The Day"
#2464, aired 1995-04-27INSECTS $100: One of the biblical plagues brought upon Egypt was swarms of these cricket-like insects locusts
#2351, aired 1994-11-21COMMON BONDS $400: Baseball, cricket, vampire Bats
#2348, aired 1994-11-16AMERICAN HISTORY $300: Mormons say divine intervention sent these birds to stop a cricket infestation in 1848 Seagulls
#2020, aired 1993-05-21BUGS $200: The field & house types of this chirping insect are raised & sold as fish bait crickets
#1890, aired 1992-11-20SIGNS & SIGNALS $300: These noisy insects are a sign of good luck in China crickets/cicadas
#1489, aired 1991-02-07INSECTS $400: Katydids & bush crickets are long-antennaed kinds of this insect grasshoppers
#1486, aired 1991-02-04THE OSCARS $300: The only Oscar-winning song sung by a cricket "When You Wish Upon a Star"
#2, aired 1990-06-23THE QUEEN'S ENGLISH $1500: A leg break bowler may deliver a flipper in this sport cricket
#1336, aired 1990-05-28HATS $400: In cricket a bowler who took this many wickets in the same number of balls got a free hat--hence hat trick three
#1171, aired 1989-10-09ENGLISH LITERATURE $800: His lesser-known Christmas stories include "The Chimes" & "The Cricket on the Hearth" (Charles) Dickens
#1065, aired 1989-03-31NAME THAT TOON $200: We 1st met him in "Pinocchio" sitting on a match holder & singing "When You Wish Upon a Star" Jiminy Cricket
#1042, aired 1989-02-28INSECTS $600: In the Orient, the males of these insects are caged for their songs, this Buddy Holly group wasn't crickets
#760, aired 1987-12-18NATIONAL SPORTS $400: Encyclopedia Britannica says it's generally considered England's national summer sport cricket
#735, aired 1987-11-13TOUGH DISNEY $600: For "Pinocchio", he was painted with 27 colors; for the "Mickey Mouse Club", they used only nine Jiminy Cricket
#730, aired 1987-11-061787 $1000: Thomas Lord, a Yorkshireman, opened a "ground" for playing this in London cricket
#724, aired 1987-10-29BIOLOGY $400: Male mole crickets shape the entrances of these to amplify their songs, which can be heard a mile away burrows
#615, aired 1987-04-17FOREIGN SPORTS $200: Eton boys are called dry-bobs if they play cricket & this if they row wet-bobs
#589, aired 1987-03-12THE ENCYCLOPEDIA $200: On TV's "Mickey Mouse Club", this insect taught a generation how to spell "E-N-C-Y-C-L-O-P-E-D-I-A" Jiminy Cricket
#566, aired 1987-02-09MOVIE TRIVIA $100: Cliff "Ukulele Ike" Edwards went "buggy" as the voice of this "Pinocchio insect" Jiminy Cricket
#526, aired 1986-12-15INSECTS $200: The chirping of male crickets is thought to be connected to this biological urge reproduction (mating)
#459, aired 1986-09-111957 $200: August 19; that'll be the day Buddy Holly hits the charts with this group the Crickets
#381, aired 1986-02-24INSECTS $600: A nature sprite, or the larval stage of crickets, cockroaches, or cicadas a nymph
#369, aired 1986-02-06SPORTS TRIVIA $1000: At up to 300 x 200 yards, or over 5 acres, this sports has the largest playing field of any polo
#309, aired 1985-11-14INSECTS $500: Of its varieties, the atlas is 1 of the largest & the death's head hawk chirps by blowing its nose moths
#278, aired 1985-10-02SCIENCE $400: Around for 400 million yrs., there are now more than 2,000 species of these pesty cricket cousins cockroaches
#18, aired 1984-10-03OSCAR SONGS $100: Only Oscar winner sung by a cricket, it's Disney's theme "When You Wish Upon a Star"

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (6 results returned)

#7569, aired 2017-07-06SPORTS TRADITIONS: Since 1986, reaching the quarterfinals of this event has entitled you to free tickets & free tea for life Wimbledon
#6230, aired 2011-10-21CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: In the original 1883 work, this title character kills a talking cricket, has his feet burned off & nearly starves Pinocchio
#6207, aired 2011-09-20NAME'S THE SAME: Name shared by a popular world sport & a member of the Gryllidae family cricket
#6049, aired 2010-12-23SPORTS: In 1744 the first mention of this now popular sport said, "Away flies the boy To the next... post And then home with joy" baseball
#5461, aired 2008-05-12INVENTORS: In 1894, in his West Orange lab, Thomas Edison shot this sport, the first sporting event ever filmed boxing
#3243, aired 1998-10-14ROCK & ROLL HISTORY: The name "Beatles" was inspired by the backup group of this singer Buddy Holly (his backup group was called The Crickets)

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