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#8236, aired 2020-09-14THIS AMERICAN CITY $800: In 1819 a newspaper in this Ohio city boasted that it was "justly styled the fair queen of the west" Cincinnati
#8068, aired 2019-10-09BUILDINGS $1200: Cincinnati's Ingalls Building was the first high-rise made of reinforced this; in 1903, a reporter waited all night for it to fall down concrete
#8003, aired 2019-05-291919 $200: The Cincinnati Reds won the World Series over this team that later was found to have lost intentionally the (Chicago) White Sox
#7990, aired 2019-05-10THE UNDERGROUND RAILROAD $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew shows a map of the Ohio River on the monitor.) The Northwest Ordinance of 1787 banned slavery north of the Ohio River, eventually making this major Ohio city a key first stop for many escaping slavery; it's now the home to the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Cincinnati
#7950, aired 2019-03-15THE IDES OF MARCH $200: On March 15, 1869 the Red Stockings of this Ohio city became the first professional baseball team Cincinnati
#7835, aired 2018-10-05THE TRIAL'S VENUE $5,000 (Daily Double): The Mapplethorpe obscenity trial & the Pete Rose grand jury (a year apart) Cincinnati
#7773, aired 2018-05-30POLITICO $800: Today a TV talk show host, he was elected mayor of Cincinnati in 1977, hopefully with a minimum of chair tossing Springer
#7742, aired 2018-04-17SEEING RED $800: With origins going back to 1869, this Ohio sports team was named for its players' stockings the Cincinnati Reds
#7655, aired 2017-12-15TV NICKNAMES $1000: On "WKRP in Cincinnati", Tim Reid played the DJ with this nickname, also a certain plant Venus Flytrap
#7631, aired 2017-11-13OHIO $800: This Ohio city was named for a Revolutionary War veterans society that was named for a Roman general Cincinnati
#7592, aired 2017-09-19ORCHESTRA $5,000 (Daily Double): In 1977 the Cincinnati Symphony created the Cincinnati this Orchestra to play lighter classics in less formal attire the Cincinnati Pops
#7567, aired 2017-07-04THE RED, WHITE & BLUE $1000: This homespun announcer did radio play-by-play for Cincinnati, Brooklyn, and the New York Yankees Red Barber
#7520, aired 2017-04-28CLUES ACROSS OHIO $400: (I'm Tricia Macke of Fox19 NOW.) The ribs of the Montgomery Inn are a Cincinnati-area tradition; in 2013 this then Speaker of the House sent some to President Obama for his birthday (John) Boehner
#7479, aired 2017-03-02ZOO-TOPIA $600: Straight from Disney's animal kingdom, six of these recently took up residence at the Cincinnati Zoo meerkats
#7398, aired 2016-11-09X GAMES $1200: This male first name starting with "X" is also a Jesuit university in Cincinnati Xavier
#7388, aired 2016-10-26"C"ITIES $1600: You'll find a great American--heck, the Great American Ball Park in this city on the Ohio River Cincinnati
#7378, aired 2016-10-12IN CONCLUSION $1000: On Sept. 1, 1914 Martha, the last known living bird of this species, died at the Cincinnati Zoo a passenger pigeon
#7316, aired 2016-06-06PRO SPORTS TEAM NAME CHANGES $800: "Stockings" was once part of the name of this oldest team in the NL Central Division the Cincinnati Reds
#7289, aired 2016-04-28"ALL" ABOARD $800: On July 14, 2015 43,656 watched it at Cincinnati's Great American Ballpark the All-Star Game
#7255, aired 2016-03-11IT'S THE WURST $600: Craving a spicy all-pork Mettwurst? Head to this Ohio "Queen City" once known as "Porkopolis" Cincinnati
#7214, aired 2016-01-14DOUBLE ANIMAL NAMES $1600: It's a type of panda, or the nickname of the university of Cincinnati sports teams bearcats
#7084, aired 2015-06-04FUN WITH COLORS $600: The Cincinnati Bengals have used black, white & this as their team colors since 1968 orange
#7079, aired 2015-05-28BASEBALL STADIUMS $600: Marge Schott once threatened to move this team to Kentucky to get a better lease for Great American Ball Park the (Cincinnati) Reds
#6968, aired 2014-12-24"C" PORTS $800: It's at the mouth of the Cuyahoga River Cleveland
#6959, aired 2014-12-11OH, HI, OHIO! $2000: The 665-foot Great American Tower, this city's tallest building, stands at Queen City Square near Fourth & Sycamore Streets Cincinnati
#6929, aired 2014-10-30TV SHOWS' OPENING LYRICS $800: "Baby, if you've ever wondered, wondered whatever became of me", I became a DJ here WKRP in Cincinnati
#6882, aired 2014-07-15THAT NBC SHOW WAS FUNNY $1000: Station owner Jimmy James: "Free advertising for the station!... That's something you just can't buy" NewsRadio
#6841, aired 2014-05-19THE QUOTABLE TUBE $1000: On CBS: "As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" WKRP in Cincinnati
#6838, aired 2014-05-14COLORFUL SPORTS TEAMS $600: During the 1950s, this Major League Baseball team briefly added "Legs" to their name the Cincinnati Reds
#6830, aired 2014-05-02QUEEN OF $1200: It was a while ago, so we'll give Longfellow a pass when he called this Ohio city "Queen of the West" Cincinnati
#6795, aired 2014-03-14BASEBALL TEAMS $4,000 (Daily Double): In 1869 a club based in this, now a National League city, became the first all-professional baseball team Cincinnati
#6747, aired 2014-01-07THE PRESIDENT'S ALMA MATER $1,400 (Daily Double): He graduated from the University of Cincinnati Law School, where he was later dean William Howard Taft
#6730, aired 2013-12-1360 YEARS OF THE TV STATION $800: Diana Pierce anchors the news on KARE in this city a lot better than Ted Baxter did on fictional WJM Minneapolis
#6628, aired 2013-06-12ARCHITECTURE $400: Zaha Hadid's Cincinnati building that lets you see all the curating going on is the U.S.A.'s first of these a woman designed a museum
#6611, aired 2013-05-20UNREAL TV NEWSPEOPLE $2000: On this '70s show radio reporter Les Nessman said turkeys dropped from a chopper fell "like sacks of wet cement" WKRP in Cincinnati
#6576, aired 2013-04-01GOOD EATS $1000: Cinnamon & cocoa season the Cincinnati style of this dish, which is topped with cheese & served on spaghetti chili
#6510, aired 2012-12-28U.S. CITIES $200: We're livin' on the air in this city, home to the 49-story Carew Tower, on the north bank of the Ohio River Cincinnati
#6503, aired 2012-12-19MR. OR MS. RODRIGUEZ $600: On "WKRP in Cincinnati", Les Nessman mangled this golfer's name as "Rodrigweeze" Chi-Chi Rodriguez
#6423, aired 2012-07-18ADDRESSING THE BALLPARK $1000: 100 Joe Nuxhall Way the (Cincinnati) Reds
#6418, aired 2012-07-11WE LOVE "L.A." $1600: From 1978 to 1982 this actress was livin' on the air in Cincinnati... Cincinnati, WKRP Loni Anderson
#6410, aired 2012-06-29EVERYTHING CHANGES AROUND HERE $1600: This Ohio metropolis was once known as Losantiville-- &, informally, as Porkopolis Cincinnati
#6345, aired 2012-03-30RECORD BREAKERS $400: In 2010 the Cincinnati Reds' Aroldis Chapman set this unofficial record with 105 miles per hour the fastest fastball
#6344, aired 2012-03-29THEY CAME FROM OHIO $400: Born in Cincinnati, this CNN founder became North America's largest private landowner Ted Turner
#6344, aired 2012-03-29THEY CAME FROM OHIO $1600: From 1971 to 1979 he was a Professor of Aerospace Engineering at the University of Cincinnati Neil Armstrong
#6329, aired 2012-03-08WOMEN AUTHORS $400: Her father, Rev. Lyman Beecher, was president of the Lane Theological Seminary in Cincinnati Harriet Beecher Stowe
#6305, aired 2012-02-03SOME ROMAN GUY $400: A selfless citizen-soldier lent his name to this city in Southern Ohio Cincinnati
#6266, aired 2011-12-12BILLIARDS $2000: In 1845 this firm manufactured its first pool table for a Cincinnati meatpacker; it's sold millions of tables since then the Brunswick Corporation
#6235, aired 2011-10-28CASEY AT THE BAT $600: From 1999 to 2005, Sean Casey batted .300 or better 5 times in 7 seasons for this Ohio team the (Cincinnati) Reds
#6116, aired 2011-03-28HERBS & SPICE GIRLS $1200: The uniquely dressed Herb Tarlek hung out with Les Nessman & Dr. Johnny Fever at this title radio station (on TV) WKRP in Cincinnati
#6043, aired 2010-12-15THE CITY'S MAYOR $1000: Jerry Springer (1977 to 1981); yes, that Jerry Springer Cincinnati
#6026, aired 2010-11-22YANKEES, NO! $1200: A "Big Red Machine" from this city ran right over the Yankees in a 4-game sweep of the 1976 World Series Cincinnati
#5976, aired 2010-09-13THE WORLD SERIES MVP's TEAM $200: 1975: Pete Rose the (Cincinnati) Reds
#5963, aired 2010-07-14BORN ON THE 14th OF JULY $1600: On July 14, 1938 Abbie Hoffman was in short pants when this future "Chicago 7" leader made the scene as the "Cincinnati 1" Jerry Rubin
#5939, aired 2010-06-10'70s SITCOMS $1000: Les Nessman was the news director on this sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati
#5902, aired 2010-04-20NEWSPAPER NAMES $2,500 (Daily Double): Cincinnati's daily paper has this name, like the national tabloid, but with much different content the Enquirer
#5892, aired 2010-04-06FUN AT THE BALLPARK $600: A 1976 game in Cincinnati between the Giants & the Reds was stopped for 30 minutes when players were attacked by these bees
#5855, aired 2010-02-12NFL LOGOS $400: An orange letter "B" with black stripes the Cincinnati Bengals
#5852, aired 2010-02-09AFRICAN AMERICANS $1600: Carl Stokes, the first black mayor of a major U.S. city, was mayor of this Ohio metropolis from 1967 to 1971 Cleveland
#5787, aired 2009-11-10BALL GAMES $400: In 1869 the Cincinnati Red Stockings became the first professional team in this sport baseball
#5779, aired 2009-10-29MOST POPULOUS CITY IN THE STATE $2000: Ohio Columbus
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $200: Appropriately, Cincinnati is found on this river the Ohio River
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $400: In 1837 William Procter formed a business partnership in Cincinnati with this man, his brother-in-law (James) Gamble
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $600: What's now Cincinnati was part of this territory, the first possession of the United States the Northwest Territory
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $800: Dr. Albert Sabin developed this vaccine at the University of Cincinnati medical school polio
#5763, aired 2009-10-07CINCINNATI $1000: In 1990 a Cincinnati museum faced obscenity charges after exhibiting the work of this photographer (Robert) Mapplethorpe
#5708, aired 2009-06-03MIRO, MIRO ON THE WALL $600: The huge mural that Miro painted for a hotel in this southwest Ohio city in 1947 is now owned by the city's art museum Cincinnati
#5670, aired 2009-04-10WHAT IS THIS, SOME KIND OF JOKE? $400: From this '70s radio station sitcom: "As god is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" WKRP in Cincinnati
#5657, aired 2009-03-24THINK YOU KNOW BASEBALL? $800: Their home parks have included the Union Grounds, Crosley Field & Riverfront Stadium the (Cincinnati) Reds
#5634, aired 2009-02-19PRO FOOTBALL $1200: The Cincinnati Bengals' home stadium is named for this man who built a dynasty with another Ohio team Paul Brown
#5624, aired 2009-02-05THROUGH THE 1800s WITH SARAH POLK $2000: In 1888 Mrs. Polk pushed a button in Nashville & these came on at the Cincinnati Centennial Expo the lights
#5615, aired 2009-01-232 ANIMALS, 1 WORD $1000: To know this other name for a binturong, try asking around the University of Cincinnati a bearcat
#5537, aired 2008-10-07IN THE BALLPARK $1000: This team's Great American Ball Park has a riverboat deck that offers views of the park & of the Ohio River the Cincinnati Reds
#5490, aired 2008-06-20BIG BROTHERS $800: In 2008 quarterback Jordan Palmer signed with the Cincinnati Bengals to back up this big brother Carson Palmer
#5475, aired 2008-05-30PAPERS $600: Look into it & you'll see this Philly paper's name is spelled with an "I", the one in Cincinnati, with an "E" the Inquirer (Enquirer)
#5403, aired 2008-02-20LET'S GO TO OHIO $400: Churchill called this largest city on the Ohio River "the most beautiful of the inland cities of the Union" Cincinnati
#5387, aired 2008-01-29U.S. "C"ITIES $400: On the Ohio River, it's named after a society of Revolutionary War officers Cincinnati
#5375, aired 2008-01-11CRESCENT CITY ROLES $2000: One of the great poker movies of all time is this New Orleans-set period piece with Steve McQueen in the title role The Cincinnati Kid
#5318, aired 2007-10-24"C" IN HISTORY $400: This Ohio city was called the "Queen of the West" even before a Longfellow poem popularized the nickname Cincinnati
#5261, aired 2007-06-25MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL $200: In the 20th c., only Joe DiMaggio hit in more consecutive games than this Cincinnati Red who hit safely in 44 straight games Pete Rose
#5256, aired 2007-06-18RADIO CITIES $200: On a TV sitcom, Jennifer, played by Loni Anderson, brightened up radio station WKRP in this city Cincinnati
#5186, aired 2007-03-12IT'LL BE A COLD DAY IN HELENA $800: Royal "city" nickname of Helena... & Buffalo... & Seattle... & Cincinnati... the Queen City
#5163, aired 2007-02-07TEENS UNDER THE MICROSCOPE $1600: A Cincinnati study found a link between teen delinquency & early exposure to this toxic metal lead
#5152, aired 2007-01-23THE WIDE WORLD OF SPORTS $600: That's the ballgame for this city's Synergy Field, formerly Riverfront Stadium, in December of 2002 Cincinnati
#5059, aired 2006-09-14TV THEMES THAT HIT THE CHARTS $1200: This sitcom gave us rock & roll "fever" WKRP in Cincinnati
#5050, aired 2006-07-21U.S. CITIES $400: President Taft wasn't a Communist, but he was from this city that's home to Reds Cincinnati
#5045, aired 2006-07-14HOMETOWN ATHLETES $600: Known as "Junior", this Cincinnati high school superstar joined the Reds in 2000 Ken Griffey, Jr.
#5038, aired 2006-07-05WORLD SERIES MVPs $200: 1976: Johnny Bench the Cincinnati Reds
#5027, aired 2006-06-20BASEBALL RECORD BREAKERS $400: This Cincinnati Red had more career at-bats than any other player, 14,053; that's one reason for all those hits Pete Rose
#4970, aired 2006-03-31GLUTTONY $400: In the '90s you were a glutton for punishment if you rooted for this Ohio NFL team that went 52-108 the (Cincinnati) Bengals
#4921, aired 2006-01-23MEDICAL PIONEERS $400: Life-changing & yummy too, the oral polio vaccine was developed by this University of Cincinnati researcher Albert Sabin
#4883, aired 2005-11-30WHAT A (TV) CHARACTER! $2000: This news director of radio station WKRP in Cincinnati won the Silver Sow Award for Agricultural Reportage Les Nessman
#4878, aired 2005-11-23CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUMS $6,000 (Daily Double): Founded in 1939, this city's Contemporary Arts Center was at the center of a 1990s 1st Amendment case Cincinnati
#4867, aired 2005-11-08U.S. CITIES $600: Believe it or not, Jerry Springer was once the mayor of this large Ohio city Cincinnati
#4853, aired 2005-10-19OCCUPATIONAL TV $400: Venus Flytrap & Dr. Johnny Fever both worked at this title location WKRP in Cincinnati
#4818, aired 2005-07-13BRAND NAMES $400: This flour brand took its name from the award won at the 1880 exhibition in Cincinnati Gold Medal
#4807, aired 2005-06-28"X" RATED $400: Located in Cincinnati, it's one of 28 member institutions of the Association of Jesuit Colleges & Universities Xavier
#4766, aired 2005-05-02STATE FIRSTS $600: In 1869 this state scored big with the first professional baseball team, the Red Stockings Ohio
#4733, aired 2005-03-16WORDS "INC" $400: In bowling, it's a split of the 8 & 10 pins; it's also a city in Ohio Cincinnati
#4712, aired 2005-02-151970s TV $400: Gordon Jump played radio station manager Arthur Carlson on this sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati
#4685, aired 2005-01-07ODD AMERICAN HISTORY $400: Way before Ford, an assembly line was set up in Cincinnati in the 1800s to disassemble these animals pigs
#4678, aired 2004-12-29U.S. NEWSPAPERS $800: If you're wondering, Cincinnati spells this newspaper with an "E"; Philadelphia does it with an "I" the Enquirer
#4661, aired 2004-12-06BASEBALL MVPs BY DECADE $1000: Cincinnati Reds catcher Johnny Bench, 4,000-hit club member Pete Rose the '70s
#4654, aired 2004-11-25ADD TWO LETTERS $1200: It's the season to which you add two letters to get this last name of Cincinnati's mayor in 1977 Spring & Springer
#4637, aired 2004-11-03BASEBALL IN THE '60s $600: In 1968 this Cincinnati Reds player became the first catcher ever named Rookie of the Year Johnny Bench
#4607, aired 2004-09-21BASEBALL ROOKIES OF THE YEAR $800: 1956's Rookie of the Year with Cincinnati, he was the first player to be MVP in both the AL & NL Frank Robinson
#4597, aired 2004-09-07BASEBALL: THE 1930s $2000: In June 1938 this Cincinnati Reds pitcher became the only man to pitch a no-hitter in 2 consecutive games Johnny Van Der Meer
#4591, aired 2004-07-19LONI, DONNY OR YANNI $800: Receptionist for "WKRP in Cincinnati" Loni Anderson
#4590, aired 2004-07-16IT'S A TEAM THING $200: From 1970 to 1996 this baseball team's address was 100 Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati Reds
#4514, aired 2004-04-01OREGON TRANSPLANTS $1600: Born in Lebanon, Oregon, 1940; starred in "WKRP in Cincinnati" & "Head of the Class" Howard Hesseman
#4486, aired 2004-02-23COLLEGE BASKETBALL $800: Only 2 men have won 3 NCAA scoring titles--Pete Maravich & this Cincinnati player known as the "Big O" Oscar Robertson
#4450, aired 2004-01-02ANIMALS AMONG US $2000: Like the last passenger pigeon, the last captive Carolina parakeet died in the 1910s in this Ohio city's zoo Cincinnati
#4442, aired 2003-12-23U.S. NEIGHBORHOODS $1600: This Ohio city's Over-the-Rhine neighborhood, named by German immigrants, was the scene of rioting in 2001 Cincinnati
#4340, aired 2003-06-13I QUIT! $200: When he left NASA to be a Univ. of Cincinnati prof., he took one giant leap into retirement from the public eye Neil Armstrong
#4329, aired 2003-05-29BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $2000: Procter & Gamble has been headquartered in this city since 1837 Cincinnati
#4297, aired 2003-04-15STATES' SOUTHWEST CORNERS $2000: Major Ohio city closest to the state's southwest corner Cincinnati
#4241, aired 2003-01-27CLASSIC SITCOM EPISODES $1000: "Dr. Fever & Mr. Tide" WKRP in Cincinnati
#4233, aired 2003-01-15SUPREME COURT JUSTICES $2000: This former vice-mayor of Cincinnati said of obscenity, "I know it when I see it" Potter Stewart
#4196, aired 2002-11-25'70s TV $200: This show's theme song says, "I'm living on the air in Cincinnati..." WKRP in Cincinnati
#4186, aired 2002-11-11OHIO ENTERTAINERS $2,000 (Daily Double): This Cincinnati gal's professional name comes from characters in a film based on a Bizet opera & in a Greek myth Carmen Electra
#4167, aired 2002-10-15"ED"-UCATION $1600: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Heritage Village in Cincinnati) In 1874 this man invented the quadriplex system to handle 4 messages at once over one wire Thomas Edison
#4162, aired 2002-10-08WILLIAM HOWARD TAFT $1200: (Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from Cincinnati) Before ascending to the presidency, the only job Taft was voted into was as one of these in Ohio Superior Court judge
#4159, aired 2002-10-03WHAT'S THAT THING CALLED? $2000: (Sofia of the Clue Crew reports from Heritage Village in Cincinnati) Like in colonial days, I'm making yarn using the drop type of this spindle
#4143, aired 2002-09-11THE TELEGRAM $400: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Cincinnati.) In the 1850s Hiram Sibley bought up telegraph lines & used railroad rights-of-way to create what became this company Western Union
#4141, aired 2002-09-09HAIL TO THE CHIEF $800: (Jimmy of the Clue Crew reports from Cincinnati.) Born in this room, he was big for his age as a baby; he weighed 220 in college and 300-plus in the White House Taft
#4095, aired 2002-05-24CELEBRITY POLITICIANS $1200: Now a TV host, he was the mayor of Cincinnati in the 1970s Jerry Springer
#4033, aired 2002-02-27IS THERE SOMETHING I SHOULD KNOW? $400: With the push of a button by FDR, May 24, 1935 saw this historic first at Crosley Field in Cincinnati lights at a baseball game (first Major League night game)
#3979, aired 2001-12-13THAT'LL BE THE "DAY" $1200: 180,000 dwell in this city southwest of Columbus & northeast of Cincinnati Dayton
#3925, aired 2001-09-28KIDS' THEATRE $400: The Cincinnati Children's Theatre poster for this kids' classic is seen here The Wizard of Oz
#3924, aired 2001-09-27TEAM PLAYERS $500: A Seattle Mariner from 1989 to 1999, he joined the Cincinnati Reds in 2000 Ken Griffey Jr.
#3911, aired 2001-09-10LARRY KING'S PUBLIC FIGURES $300: At the bottom of the hour, bet you won't miss my chat with this all time "hit king" of baseball...Cincinnati, hello? Pete Rose
#3908, aired 2001-09-05TOP 100 NEWSPAPERS $400: Look into it & you'll see this Philly paper's name is spelled with an "I"; the one in Cincinnati, with an "E" the Inquirer
#3892, aired 2001-07-03CLIFFS NOTES AT THE MOVIES $500 (Daily Double): People in Tijuana, San Diego & Cincinnati have drug problems Traffic
#3889, aired 2001-06-28THIS & THAT $600: This baseball team plays its home games at Cinergy Field Cincinnati Reds
#3861, aired 2001-05-21SCHOOL DAYS $500: Ken Griffey Jr. attended this city's Moeller High, most famous as a football powerhouse Cincinnati
#3809, aired 2001-03-08BYE-BYE THREE RIVERS STADIUM $200: Three Rivers Stadium opened in 1970, the same year as this city's Riverfront Stadium Cincinnati
#3757, aired 2000-12-26PICTURE THIS $400: The 2 names this creature goes by for sports fans in Detroit & Cincinnati Tigers & Bengals
#3737, aired 2000-11-28SPORTS LEGENDS $100: During his 24-year career, this longtime Cincinnati Red set a record with 14,053 at-bats Pete Rose
#3713, aired 2000-10-25BANANA REPUBLIC $100: In 1998 the Cincinnati Enquirer apologized for stealing voice mails from this giant U.S. banana company Chiquita
#3660, aired 2000-06-30AMERICANA $400: Roy Rogers once said his birthplace was roughly where second base at this city's Riverfront Stadium later stood Cincinnati
#3658, aired 2000-06-2820th CENTURY SPORTS $500: He managed the Cincinnati Reds to 2 World Series titles in the 1970s & Detroit to 1 in the 1980s Sparky Anderson
#3553, aired 2000-02-02SENIOR CITIZENS $200: He had his best years with the Cincinnati Reds, but finished up as his son's teammate in Seattle Ken Griffey, Sr.
#3541, aired 2000-01-17OKLAHOMIES $200: Born in Oklahoma, this Hall of Fame catcher for the Cincinnati Reds is part Choctaw Indian Johnny Bench
#3514, aired 1999-12-09AMERICAN HISTORY $500 (Daily Double): Due to expansive pork processing facilities, this city on the Ohio River was once known as "Porkopolis" Cincinnati
#3493, aired 1999-11-10THE 1830s $400: In 1837 William Procter formed a business partnership with this man in Cincinnati James Gamble
#3411, aired 1999-06-07GORDON $300: DJ Venus Flytrap was the alter ego of Gordon Sims on this sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati
#3411, aired 1999-06-07THE NATIONAL PASTIME $1000: This Cincinnati Reds player appeared in 3,562 games, the most by any player in major league history Pete Rose
#3398, aired 1999-05-19TELEVISION $1000: Howard Hesseman spun out the tunes as this hip "medical" deejay on "WKRP in Cincinnati" Dr. Johnny Fever
#3385, aired 1999-04-30REDS $400: From 1934 to 1938 he was the voice of the Cincinnati Reds Red Barber
#3370, aired 1999-04-09CINCINNATI $100: Born & raised in Cincinnati, he broke Ty Cobb's hit record as the Reds' player-manager Pete Rose
#3370, aired 1999-04-09CINCINNATI $200: The sculpture "Genius of Water" crowns one of these structures at the heart of Cincinnati's downtown Fountain
#3370, aired 1999-04-09CINCINNATI $300: At Oktoberfest 1994, 48,000 Cincinnatians flapped their elbows like wings in this dance Chicken Dance
#3370, aired 1999-04-09CINCINNATI $400: The Convention Center is named for Dr. Albert Sabin, best known for developing this in Cinci in the '50s Oral polio vaccine
#3370, aired 1999-04-09CINCINNATI $500: The Greater Cincinnati Airport is actually across the Ohio River in this state Kentucky
#3324, aired 1999-02-04TUESDAY $1000: With Tuesday at his side, he starred in "Soldier In The Rain" & "The Cincinnati Kid" Steve McQueen
#3315, aired 1999-01-22BASEBALL HALL OF FAMERS $400: Johnny Bench Cincinnati Reds
#3264, aired 1998-11-12THE MEDIA ON TV $200: This radio station featured Dr. Johnny Fever, Venus Flytrap & Les Nessman on the air WKRP (In Cincinnati)
#3191, aired 1998-06-15SPORTS $3,000 (Daily Double): (Hi, I'm Greg Gumbel) During his 26-year career Sparky Anderson managed the Cincinnati Reds to 4 NL titles & this team to 1 AL championship Detroit Tigers
#3186, aired 1998-06-08U.S. CITIES $600: Longfellow dubbed this Ohio city the "Queen City of the West" Cincinnati
#3178, aired 1998-05-27WOMEN IN SPORTS $500: In 1993 Marge Schott, owner of this team, was suspended for making racist remarks Cincinnati Reds
#3124, aired 1998-03-121930s TV $200: This Cincinnati-based soap company has been advertising on TV since 1939 Procter & Gamble
#3069, aired 1997-12-25LADIES DANCING $400: She used to dance with the Cincinnati Ballet, as her husband Matthew Broderick could tell you Sarah Jessica Parker
#3056, aired 1997-12-08CITY TV $400: Howard Hesseman & Loni Anderson returned for cameos on the '90s revival of this 1978-1982 series WKRP in Cincinnati
#3041, aired 1997-11-17BORN IN THE U.S.A. $100: Marketed as the soap that floats, it was born in Cincinnati in 1879 Ivory soap
#3026, aired 1997-10-27AMERICAN FOOD $500: In Cincinnati the "five-way" type of this dish includes spaghetti, cheese, onions & beans chili
#3010, aired 1997-10-03SPORTS $1,000 (Daily Double): (VIDEO DAILY DOUBLE): "(Hi, I'm Mike Piazza) I was the NL's '93 Rookie Of The Year. In '68 this Cincinnati Reds player became the 1st catcher to win the award" Johnny Bench
#2955, aired 1997-06-06ART EXHIBITS $1000: In 1990 a Cincinnati museum faced obscenity charges after showing the work of this late photographer Robert Mapplethorpe
#2937, aired 1997-05-13LAKES & RIVERS $800: Cities on this river include Louisville, Cincinnati & Wheeling, West Virginia Ohio River
#2921, aired 1997-04-21STADIUMS & ARENAS $300: Jacobs Field is part of this Ohio city's Gateway Sports Complex Cleveland
#2918, aired 1997-04-16TENNESSEE WILLIAMS $800: Williams' "The Notebook of Trigorin", based on this "soaring" Chekhov play, opened in 1996 in Cincinnati The Seagull
#2915, aired 1997-04-11THE MIDWEST $800: From around 1885 to 1910 the political machine of George "Boss" Cox ran this southern Ohio metropolis Cincinnati
#2875, aired 1997-02-14NOTABLE NAMES $400: In 1971 he took another giant leap, becoming professor of aerospace engineering at the Univ. of Cincinnati Neil Armstrong
#2864, aired 1997-01-30U.S. PRESIDENTS $1000: The Cincinnati home of this President & Chief Justice is now a national historic site Taft
#2825, aired 1996-12-06BUSINESS & INDUSTRY $800: Only Philip Morris & this Cincinnati-based firm have yearly ad expenditures exceeding $2 billion Procter & Gamble
#2698, aired 1996-05-01TRANSPORTATION $1000: Queen City Metro operates buses throughout the metropolitan area of this Ohio River city Cincinnati
#2605, aired 1995-12-22TRANSPORTATION $400 (Daily Double): This city is Ohio's principal port on the Ohio River Cincinnati
#2579, aired 1995-11-16BASEBALL $200: In 1978 this Cincinnati Red set a modern-day National League record with a 44-game hitting streak Pete Rose
#2578, aired 1995-11-15OHIO $100: This bar soap that floats was invented in Cincinnati Ivory soap
#2537, aired 1995-09-19BASEBALL $200: The Detroit Tigers' Sparky Anderson began his major league managerial career in 1970 with this city's Reds Cincinnati
#2350, aired 1994-11-18EDUCATION $600: In 1836 he became president of Cincinnati College & published his 1st "Eclectic Reader" William McGuffey
#2289, aired 1994-07-14RETIRED $200: In 1971 this first man on the Moon retired from NASA & became a professor of engineering at the Univ. of Cincinnati Neil Armstrong
#2244, aired 1994-05-12SPORTS '93 $500: Marge Schott, owner of this baseball team, was suspended for 1 year for making racist remarks the (Cincinnati) Reds
#2174, aired 1994-02-03AMERICANA $800: Because it was such a major meat-packing center, this Ohio city was once known as "Porkopolis" Cincinnati
#2079, aired 1993-09-23U.S. CITIES $500: This Ohio city's Fountain Square includes a fountain cast by the Royal Bronze Foundry of Bavaria Cincinnati
#2047, aired 1993-06-29IT'S EXTINCT $300: The last known representative of this type of pigeon died in the Cincinnati Zoo in 1914 the passenger pigeon
#1683, aired 1991-12-18BASEBALL $200: In 1990, his 1st year as this team's manager, Lou Piniella led them to a 4-game World Series sweep Cincinnati Reds
#1586, aired 1991-06-24USA $500: Longfellow called this city "Queen City of the West" & it has kept the title Cincinnati
#1494, aired 1991-02-14COLORFUL SPORTS $200: CBS lost millions in ad revenue when this team swept the 1990 World Series the Cincinnati Reds
#1353, aired 1990-06-20U.S. CITIES $1000: The Tyler Davidson Fountain is the hub from which distances are measured in this Ohio city Cincinnati
#1308, aired 1990-04-18THE MIDWEST $300: This city's Red Stockings were the first baseball team to receive salaries Cincinnati
#1291, aired 1990-03-26BASEBALL $200: The "Black Sox" team that threw the 1919 World Series lost to this Ohio team Cincinnati Reds
#1186, aired 1989-10-30BASEBALL MANAGERS $400: This manager won 2 World Series at Cincinnati & 1 with his current team, Detroit Sparky Anderson
#1167, aired 1989-10-03OHIO $500: The metropolitan area of Cincinnati extends into these 2 neighboring states Indiana & Kentucky
#1160, aired 1989-09-22POTPOURRI $200: While 501 is played with darts, 500 is a game invented by a Cincinnati company using these cards
#1090, aired 1989-05-05DISC JOCKEYS $300: Dr. Johnny Fever & Venus Flytrap were resident DJs in this CBS sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati
#1007, aired 1989-01-101984 $400: As usual, this Cincinnati-based company spent more on advertising than any other U.S. corporation Procter & Gamble
#983, aired 1988-12-07"DAY"s $400: A Cincinnati nightclub owner changed this singer's name when she became famous locally for "Day by Day" Doris Day
#959, aired 1988-11-03U.S. CITIES $600: Covington, Kentucky is included in this large Ohio city's metropolitan area Cincinnati
#867, aired 1988-05-17THE 1950s $300: To avoid being linked with communism, this Major League Baseball team changed its name Cincinnati Reds, Redlegs
#762, aired 1987-12-22HODGEPODGE $800: Greater Cincinnati Airport is in this state Kentucky
#743, aired 1987-11-25ACTRESSES $400: Epitome of the exotic 20s vamp, she was really little Theodosia Goodman from Cincinnati Theda Bara
#718, aired 1987-10-21SPORTS CITIES $300: The pair of baseball "Sox" Boston & Chicago
#590, aired 1987-03-13BUSINESS BIGGIES $400: Cincinnati-based company that makes largest selling toothpaste, detergent, & dandruff shampoo in U.S. Procter & Gamble
#559, aired 1987-01-29BASEBALL $400: With over 1000 RBIs, this Cincinnati Reds catcher led the majors during the '70s Johnny Bench
#543, aired 1987-01-07U.S. STATES $600: Its 3 largest cities all begin with the letter "C" Ohio (Columbus, Cleveland & Cincinnati)
#504, aired 1986-11-13UNIVERSITIES $600 (Daily Double): In lists in World Book & World Almanac, the only accredited colleges which begin with "X" share this name Xavier
#475, aired 1986-10-03WINES $100: Vintage 1842, the 1st of this bubbly wine produced in U.S. was made in Cincinnati champagne
#459, aired 1986-09-11SPORTS STADIUMS $1,000 (Daily Double): Only major league stadiums with "River" in their names, these 2 NL parks both overlook the Ohio Three Rivers Stadium & Riverfront Stadium

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (6 results returned)

#8167, aired 2020-02-25FAST FOOD: This sandwich was 1st sold in 1962 as an attempt to give the many Catholics of Cincinnati something to eat on Fridays during Lent Filet-O-Fish
#7318, aired 2016-06-08STATE CAPITALS: This Midwestern capital was named for a man who was born in what is now Turkey over 2,000 years ago St. Paul
#6710, aired 2013-11-15PLAY CHARACTERS: In Peter Roach's phonetics glossary, this alliterative guy is "the best-known fictional phonetician" Henry Higgins
#5400, aired 2008-02-15AMERICAN POETRY: Walt Whitman called this "the beautiful uncut hair of graves" grass
#4761, aired 2005-04-25U.S. CITIES: In 1790 this Midwest city was named for a society that had been named for a Roman citizen-soldier Cincinnati
#70, aired 1984-12-14BUSINESS & INDUSTRY: Cincinnati company that is #1 TV advertiser, spending $½ billion per yr. Procter & Gamble

Players (67 results returned)

Amy Helmes, a writer originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 21 player (2004-09-10). KJL game 42. A resident of Beverly...
Alli Hammond, a college instructor from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 21 player (2005-01-06).
Amy Fletcher, a junior from Cincinnati, Ohio 2005 Teen Tournament quarterfinalist: $2,500. 16 at the time of the Teen Tournament.
Dave Abbott, a musician and licensing executive from Fort Thomas, Kentucky "He won the 1999 Tournament of Champions. A musician and licensing...
Jonah Knobler, a sophomore at Harvard University from Cincinnati, Ohio 2000-B College Championship 1st runner-up: $15,000. 19 at the time of...
Ben Davis, an investment specialist from Fort Mitchell, Kentucky Season 22 player (2005-11-24). Not to be confused with Season 26...
Bruce Brown, a substitute teacher originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 22 1-time champion: $28,906 + $1,000.
Colleen McSwiggin, a microbiologist from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 15 1-time champion: $10,595.
Erin Bogart, a junior at Miami University of Ohio from Cincinnati, Ohio 2001 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500. Erin was 20 at the time...
Dave Abbott, a musician and contract manager from Cincinnati, Ohio 2014 Battle of the Decades invitee: $5,000. 2005 Ultimate Tournament of...
Drew Lachey, a singer and actor from Dancing with the Stars "He was working as an emergency medical technician when brother Nick...
Ted Kenniston, a logistics manager from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 23 2-time champion: $28,600 + $2,000. Won $32,000 on Who...
Ashley Tongret, a historic preservation officer from Fort Thomas, Kentucky Season 23 player (2007-03-26).
Pat Burghardt, a computer analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 17 2-time champion: $18,001.
Jamil Muhammad, a marriage educator originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 23 player (2007-05-16).
Lisa Cope, a homemaker from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 23 player (2007-05-25).
Leigh Bachman, a brand strategist from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 23 player (2007-06-04).
Dave Abbott, a musician and contract manager from Cincinnati, Ohio 2014 Battle of the Decades invitee: $5,000. 2005 Ultimate Tournament of...
Delori Hawkins, an administrator from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 16 player (1999-11-30).
Lauren Frieman, a teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 24 player (2008-01-01).
Rachel Horn, a sophomore from Cincinnati, Ohio 2008-A Teen Tournament winner: $75,000. 15 at the time of the...
Dara Lind, a junior from Yale University 2008 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 20 and from Cincinnati, OH at...
Robert Arshonsky, a 12-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio 2008 Kids Week Reunion player (2008-09-19). 1999 Back to School Week...
Gretchen Carlson, a journalist from the CBS Saturday Early Show "Since winning the 1989 Miss America crown, she's built an extensive...
Laura Mitchell, a technical editor from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 25 player (2008-12-29).
Mark Halpin, a scene designer from Cold Spring, Kentucky Season 25 player (2009-02-12).
Allison Hurley, a junior at the University of Cincinnati from Medina, Ohio 2002 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500.
Sarah Howison, a grad student originally from Bethel, Ohio Season 25 player (2009-05-21).
Kelly Loughead, a college freshman from Mason, Ohio Season 26 player (2010-01-05). Last name pronounced like "LAW-hed".
Rhonda Scarborough, an arts administrator from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 26 player (2010-02-25).
Marty Scott, an assistant district attorney from Forney, Texas Season 26 3-time champion: $64,002 + $2,000. Marty won $250,000 on...
Peter Landesman, a marketing director from West Chester, Ohio Season 27 player (2010-10-06).
Meredith Bateman, a grocery merchandiser from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 player (2012-10-26).
Matt McQueary, a governmental auditor from Cold Spring, Kentucky Season 27 player (2011-01-14).
Claudia Kasvin, a high school English tutor from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 27 player (2011-01-17).
Jim Fenton, a chemical engineer from West Chester, Ohio Season 27 player (2011-04-15).
Sally Umbach, a third grade special education teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio "She teaches at a school district that has been in operation...
Amy Ruberg, a college and career consultant from Batesville, Indiana Season 27 player (2011-05-25).
Patrick Stubbins, a writer originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 27 player (2011-06-03).
Clarence Page, a journalist from The Chicago Tribune "His nationally syndicated column began as a local column for the...
Kevin Moser, an attorney from Fort Wright, Kentucky Season 29 player (2012-12-18).
Michele Myers Beuerlein, a research assistant from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 player (2013-01-04). Last name pronounced approximately like "BUR-line".
Ben Dwertman, a writer and library services assistant from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 player (2013-03-11).
John Anneken, a postdoctoral researcher from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 3-time champion: $60,112 + $1,000.
J Tarter-Fox, a customer service representative from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 1-time champion: $33,300 + $1,000. As indicated by his...
Gabe Gales, a research analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 29 1-time champion: $27,950 + $1,000. JBoard user name: gabethegoat
Rani Peffer, a corporate finance manager from Crittenden, Kentucky 2014 Tournament of Champions quarterfinalist: $5,000. Season 30 5-time champion: $68,701...
Katie Moriarty, a 5th grade teacher from Cincinnati, Ohio "She teaches fifth grade in the same classroom where she attended...
Sandy Howard, a homemaker from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 30 player (2013-12-17).
Devin Baker, a government secretary from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 30 player (2014-04-14).
Olivia Woods, a 12-year-old from Cincinnati, Ohio "She loves working with little kids and would like to become...
Kurt Fritzsche, a medical device engineer from Loveland, Ohio Season 31 1-time champion: $13,201 + $2,000. JBoard user name: fritzk3
Amanda Johnson, a sophomore at the University of Chicago from Cincinnati, Ohio 2003 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500.
Valerie Braun, a homemaker from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 31 player (2015-04-30).
Ken Harrison, a computer programmer from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 3 player (1986-11-06).
Kat Cahill, a pharmacy technician originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 31 player (2015-06-26).
Alex Maggio, a writer originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 32 3-time champion: $63,401 + $1,000.
Lt. Commander Alan Echt, an industrial hygienist from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 10 1-time champion: $14,001. Alan was in uniform as a...
Ken Hirsh, a law library director and law professor from Milford, Ohio Season 33 1-time champion: $16,001 + $2,000.
Nora Rowaily, a scoring director from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 33 1-time champion: $23,600 + $1,000.
Keith Herrell, a copy editor from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 5 player (1988-12-09).
Kate Kahn, a Secretary originally from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 3 player (1987-03-27).
Eric Eifrig, a lawyer from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 35 player (2019-03-06).
Kirby Copelin, a data analyst from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 36 1-time champion: $34,401 + $1,000.
Ryan Wenstrup-Moore, an associate director of social media from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 36 player (2020-01-29). Ryan's sign-in included a small "C.E." below...
Gauravi Shah, a nuclear engineer and improv comedian from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 36 1-time champion: $25,601 + $2,000. First name pronounced like "GOR-vee".
Kyle Dallman, a political recruiter and trainer from Cincinnati, Ohio Season 36 1-time champion: $15,400 + $1,000.
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