Jeopardy! Round, Double Jeopardy! Round, or Tiebreaker Round clues (49 results returned)

#7952, aired 2019-03-19THEY NAMED THE COLLEGE FOR ME! $1000: This university in Virginia is named for 2 men--one brought our nation together, one attempted to tear it apart Washington and Lee
#7834, aired 2018-10-04IF I WERE IN RICHMOND... $1000: I'd consider auditing a course at this Richmond school, VCU for short Virginia Commonwealth University
#7608, aired 2017-10-11ACC SCHOOLS $200: Thomas Jefferson laid out the campus of this school that opened with a faculty of 7 the University of Virginia
#7220, aired 2016-01-22U.S. UNIVERSITY TOWNS $2000: Liberty University Lynchburg, Virginia
#7041, aired 2015-04-06FACTA MORGANA $800: Morgantown is home to the Mountaineers of this university the University of West Virginia
#6920, aired 2014-10-1714 LETTERS OR MORE $1200: This city is home to Piedmont Virginia Community College as well as the University of Virginia Charlottesville
#6865, aired 2014-06-20THE ONLY PRESIDENT WHO... $400: founded a university Thomas Jefferson
#6399, aired 2012-06-14ALMOST HEAVEN: WEST VIRGINIA $1000: West Virginia University was founded in this city in 1867 Morgantown
#6330, aired 2012-03-09ATLANTIC COAST CONFERENCE SCHOOLS $400: Its founder Thomas Jefferson didn't want to grant degrees, as they were "artificial embellishments" the University of Virginia
#6308, aired 2012-02-08COLLEGE "M" $400: "We are" this West Virginia university, home to the Byrd Biotechnology Science Center Marshall
#6158, aired 2011-05-25WHERE AM I? $800: (Kelly of the Clue Crew stands on the lawn of a neoclassical building.) I'm at this famous home which in 1987 was named to the World Heritage Sites list along with the nearby University of Virginia Monticello
#6069, aired 2011-01-20COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: This university in West Virginia is named for the Supreme Court Chief Justice who raised the court to a position of power Marshall
#5985, aired 2010-09-24COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $400: Thomas Jefferson planned the curriculum & hired the first faculty for this university University of Virginia
#5949, aired 2010-06-24DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE MORGANS? $1600: It's home to West Virginia University Morgantown
#5885, aired 2010-03-26I'M GETTING TOO OLD FOR THIS STUFF $1,500 (Daily Double): He said, "Too old to plant trees for my own gratification, I shall do it for posterity" & at 83 designed an arboretum for UVa [the University of Virginia] Thomas Jefferson
#5718, aired 2009-06-17CELEBRATING POE'S BICENTENNIAL $1200: Visit Poe's room at the University of Virginia & you'll notice that it has this appropriate number 13
#5590, aired 2008-12-19BYPASS $1200: The extension of this city's U.S.-29 bypass will have a connector road to the University of Virginia Charlottesville
#5508, aired 2008-07-16A "FAIR" DEAL $1200: Virginia city home to George Mason University Fairfax
#5459, aired 2008-05-08MADISON MEN $200: After the death of this friend of his, Madison succeeded him as the rector of the University of Virginia Jefferson
#5315, aired 2007-10-19AMERICANA $600: When Custer marched into Charlottesville in 1865, faculty leaders convinced him to spare this university (whew!) the University of Virginia
#5310, aired 2007-10-12THOMAS JEFFERSON $400: In 1819 Thomas Jefferson founded the University of this, his home state Virginia
#5298, aired 2007-09-26EDGAR ALLAN POE $800: Poe's wife, who passed away at age 24, had this name, like the state at whose university Poe studied Virginia
#5229, aired 2007-05-10WHAT'S THE PLAN? $400: His plan for the University of Virginia was of an "academical village" around a "temple of knowledge" Thomas Jefferson
#5080, aired 2006-10-13WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA? $800: In 1826 James Madison succeeded this other former U.S. president as rector of the University of Virginia Thomas Jefferson
#4887, aired 2005-12-06THE UNIVERSITY OF... $600: James Madison was Rector No. 2 of this university; James Monroe was a member of the 1st governing body the University of Virginia
#4584, aired 2004-07-08THAT'S MY SCHOOL! $1000: There's a Washington & Jefferson College in Pennsylvania & a Washington & this general University in Virginia Lee
#4531, aired 2004-04-26LIBRARIES $800: The Morris, this type of library at the University of Virginia, has first editions of Coke & Blackstone law library
#4216, aired 2002-12-23UNIVERSITY STATE $600: Sweet Briar College & Washington and Lee University Virginia
#4215, aired 2002-12-20COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $800: The Thomas Jefferson Medals for architecture & for law are given annually at this university University of Virginia
#4195, aired 2002-11-22COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $2000: A Virginia university bears the name of this man who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights George Mason
#4107, aired 2002-06-11THRILLER $400: This author made a University of Virginia law professor the protagonist of his 2002 novel "The Summons" (John) Grisham
#4085, aired 2002-05-10WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS $400: On New Year's Day 2002, this school's Seminoles beat Virginia Tech 30-17 to win the Gator Bowl Florida State University
#4044, aired 2002-03-14OF MADISON $2,000 (Daily Double): James Madison succeeded Thomas Jefferson as President of the U.S. & as rector of this university the University of Virginia
#3776, aired 2001-01-22AFTER THE WHITE HOUSE $200: He not only designed the buildings for the University of Virginia, he also chose the faculty & curriculum Thomas Jefferson
#3635, aired 2000-05-26"CHA"RADE $700 (Daily Double): City where the university building seen here is located: Charlottesville (University of Virginia)
#3624, aired 2000-05-11SWEET "VIRGINIA" $500: This university's sports teams are known as the Mountaineers West Virginia University
#3455, aired 1999-09-17LITERARY TOURISM $200: Edgar Allan Poe's room at this Charlottesville school is kept the way it was when he studied there in 1826 University of Virginia
#3453, aired 1999-09-15PRESIDENTIAL NICKNAMES $400: "The Father of the University of Virginia" Thomas Jefferson
#2936, aired 1997-05-12WHEN THEY WERE IN COLLEGE $300: Katie Couric was an associate editor of The Cavalier Daily while at this Charlottesville school University of Virginia
#2897, aired 1997-03-18AMERICANA $600: The Virginia Film Festival unspools at the University of Virginia in this city Charlottesville
#2887, aired 1997-03-04ARCHITECTURE $500 (Daily Double): The design of the rotunda at the University of Virginia is based on this still-standing temple in Rome the Pantheon
#2864, aired 1997-01-30U.S. PRESIDENTS $200: He not only founded the University of Virginia, he also chose its first professors Thomas Jefferson
#2673, aired 1996-03-27COLLEGE POTPOURRI $300: Prince Charles was the keynote speaker at this Virginia university's 300th anniv. celebration in 1993 William & Mary
#1466, aired 1991-01-07COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES $600: As you might expect, Old Dominion University is in this state Virginia
#1346, aired 1990-06-11PRESIDENTIAL NICKNAMES $400: "Father of the University of Virginia" Thomas Jefferson
#985, aired 1988-12-09PRESIDENTIAL COLLEGES $1,300 (Daily Double): If Jefferson, Monroe or Tyler had written home for money, it would have been sent to this Virginia college William & Mary
#947, aired 1988-10-18THOMAS JEFFERSON $1000: Jefferson called the founding of this the last service he could render for his country University of Virginia
#893, aired 1988-06-22COLLEGES $400: The 1st 2 rectors of this university were Thomas Jefferson & James Madison University of Virginia
#616, aired 1987-04-20VIRGINIA $300: Stanford White called it "the most exquisite & perfect group of collegiate buildings in the world" University of Virginia

Final Jeopardy! Round clues (4 results returned)

#7542, aired 2017-05-30THE CIVIL WAR ERA: The USA's largest state school in 1861, by 1862 its enrollment had dropped by 90% the University of Virginia
#5123, aired 2006-12-13UNIVERSITY GEOGRAPHY: Around 1830 the first Catholic priest ordained in the U.S. obtained land in this state where a university now stands Indiana
#4647, aired 2004-11-16OCCUPATIONS: While working as one, Charlotte Bronte complained that one of these "has no existence, is not considered as a living... being" a governess
#3395, aired 1999-05-14HISTORIC AMERICANS: This member of William & Mary's Class of 1762 founded a univ. that opened in 1825, one year before his death Thomas Jefferson (University of Virginia)

Players (31 results returned)

Kelley Burd, a junior at West Virginia University from Bristol, West Virginia 2004 College Championship semifinalist: $10,000.
Jerry Mayer, a political science professor from Arlington, Virginia Season 21 player (2004-12-14).
Maureen McKay, a systems engineer from Potomac Falls, Virginia Season 21 player (2004-12-15).
Billy Baxter, an attorney from Richmond, Virginia "Representing the College of William & Mary, he won the 1992...
Molley Jesse, a senior at the University of Virginia from Columbia, South Carolina 2000-A College Championship wildcard semifinalist: $5,000. 21 at the time of...
Rob Schickler, a senior at Baylor University from Arlington, Virginia 2000-B College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500. 21 at the time of the College Championship.
Katie King, a junior at the University of Kentucky from Charleston, West Virginia 1999 College Championship first runner-up: $15,000.
Chanel Lee, a junior at the University of Virginia from Bronx, New York 1998 College Championship quarterfinalist: $2,500.
Gretchen Carlson, a journalist from the CBS Saturday Early Show "Since winning the 1989 Miss America crown, she's built an extensive...
David Hudson, a junior from the University of Virginia "His musical taste has changed since he won $10,000 on Kids...
Laura Myers, a senior from the University of Missouri 2009 College Championship second runner-up: $29,900. 22 and from Richmond, Virginia...
Scott Menke, a senior from Johns Hopkins University 2009 College Championship semifinalist: $10,000. 21 and from Flemington, New Jersey...
Kadeem Cooper, a junior from the University of Virginia 2009 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. 20 and from Brooklyn, New York...
Dave Belote, the base commander from Nellis Air Force Base, Las Vegas 2010 Tournament of Champions wildcard semifinalist: $10,000. Season 26 5-time champion:...
Rebecca Dixon, a graduate student and musician from Vancouver, Washington Season 26 2-time champion: $53,002 + $1,000. Rebecca and her partner...
Will Warren, a senior from the University of Alabama 2010-A College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000. Hometown: Madison, Alabama. Will Warren Blog...
Jennifer Roberson, a U.S. Fire Administration program manager from Ashburn, Virginia Season 26 player (2010-06-11).
Amanda J. Ray, a sophomore at the University of Virginia from Harrisonburg, Virginia 2010-B College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000 + a Nintendo Wii + the...
Jennifer Carlo, an assistant dean of student affairs from Dunbar, West Virginia Season 27 player (2011-03-29).
Scott Russell, a university chaplain from Blacksburg, Virginia Season 28 player (2011-12-05). Scott appeared on the show in his...
Kelly O'Donnell, a political reporter from NBC News "An Emmy-winning political reporter, she has covered Capitol Hill and the...
Lisa Farricker, a nursing student from Winchester, Virginia Season 28 player (2012-07-20).
Semret Lemma, an MBA student from Arlington, Virginia Season 30 player (2014-02-28). JBoard user name: semlem
Ricardo Pineres, a government relations professional from Herndon, Virginia Season 31 player (2015-01-12). Last name pronounced like "pin-AIR-ez".
Ashley Wilson, an organization development consultant from Alexandria, Virginia Season 32 2-time champion: $52,402 + $1,000. Ashley returned to the...
Adam Antoszewski, a junior at the University of Virginia from Baltimore, Maryland 2016 College Championship quarterfinalist: $5,000.
Katie Oliver, an administrative professional from Fredericksburg, Virginia Season 32 player (2016-02-17).
Megan Mills, a teacher from Fairfax, Virginia Season 32 player (2016-06-22).
Damien Shirley, a digital consultant from Arlington, Virginia Season 33 player (2016-09-29).
Pasha Paterson, a senior computer science researcher from Richmond, Virginia JBoard user name: zerobandwidth Season 34 player (2017-09-27).
Jordan Goodson, a senior at Columbia University from McLean, Virginia 2018 College Championship semifinalist by wildcard: $10,000.
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