Season 5 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (68 clues archived)

#1145, aired 1989-07-21AMERICAN POETS: He wrote a biography that won Pulitzer Prize for history in 1940 & won for his poetry in 1951 Carl Sandburg
#1144, aired 1989-07-20MONARCHS: Berengaria, who never set foot in England, was its queen for 8 yrs. after marrying this king on Cyprus Richard the Lionhearted
#1142, aired 1989-07-18AMERICANA: Hotel made famous by Dorothy Parker, Franklin Pierce Adams & Robert Benchley the Algonquin
#1136, aired 1989-07-10AMERICAN HISTORY: Alexander Hamilton Stephens of Georgia was the only person to hold this office Vice President of the Confederacy
#1121, aired 1989-06-19CHILDREN'S LITERATURE: In a Eugene Field poem, the wooden shoe stands for a trundle bed, & these 3 for 2 eyes & a head Wynken, Blynken, and Nod
#1106, aired 1989-05-29THE 50 STATES: The 2 states whose names end with the letter "Y" Kentucky & New Jersey
#1105, aired 1989-05-26FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: According to the Browning poem, he could also get rid of "The mole and toad and newt and viper" the Pied Piper of Hamelin
#1104, aired 1989-05-25MONEY: It was the 1st country to use paper money China
#1103, aired 1989-05-24WORLD CITIES: Linked by the world's 5th longest suspension bridge, it lies in both Europe & Asia Istanbul
#1102, aired 1989-05-23LITERATURE: It's where Philip Nolan asked to be buried at sea
#1092, aired 1989-05-09FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: This character, created about 1850, has an artificial leg made of white polished bone Captain Ahab
#1091, aired 1989-05-08MOUNTAINS: It's name means "great mountain" & it has 2 peaks, Kibo & Mawenzi, that are 7 miles apart Kilimanjaro
#1090, aired 1989-05-05WOMEN IN POLITICS: In 1974 she became the 1st woman head of state anywhere in the Americas Isabel Peron (of Argentina)
#1087, aired 1989-05-02SLANG: The credit for coining this slang word goes to Alben W. Barkley's grandson veep
#1084, aired 1989-04-27MONARCHS: He married a woman with royal blood & then killed his own cousin to become king of Scotland Macbeth
#1076, aired 1989-04-17U.S. COINS: Images replaced on the front of the penny & the nickel by the presidents on them today Indian heads
#1063, aired 1989-03-29MOVIE STARS: She made only 11 Hollywood films during her brief career, co-starring twice with B. Crosby & winning an Oscar Grace Kelly
#1062, aired 1989-03-28BODIES OF WATER: The only U.S. state whose coastline touches a body of water called a sea Alaska
#1037, aired 1989-02-21HISTORIC LAST LINES: It concludes, "...we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor" the Declaration of Independence
#1029, aired 1989-02-09WORLD LEADERS: She was the guest of honor at the last state dinner President Reagan hosted Margaret Thatcher
#1025, aired 1989-02-03GREAT BRITAIN: 1 of the 3 former prime ministers currently sitting in the British House of Lords (1 of) James Callaghan, Harold Wilson & Alexander Douglas-Home
#1024, aired 1989-02-02U.S. GOVERNMENT: The Census Bureau is part of this federal department Commerce
#1023, aired 1989-02-01THE NOBEL PRIZE: In 1975 he became the only Soviet citizen to win the Nobel Peace Prize (Andrei) Sakharov
#1022, aired 1989-01-31POLITICAL QUOTES: President who said, "The ballot is stronger than the bullet" Abraham Lincoln
#1021, aired 1989-01-30ISLANDS: In 1542 this island group was named for the future King of Spain Philippines
#1019, aired 1989-01-26U.S. STATES: It's the only state besides Hawaii whose name has 3 adjacent vowels Louisiana
#1018, aired 1989-01-25AUTHORS: This U.S. Poet Laureate is the only writer who won Pulitzer Prizes for both poetry & fiction Robert Penn Warren
#1017, aired 1989-01-24FILMS OF THE '40s: This 1941 film is the only one with a color in its title to win the "Best Picture" Oscar How Green Was My Valley
#1016, aired 1989-01-23CHEMISTRY: Chemical formula for the most abundant molecule found in the human body H2O
#1015, aired 1989-01-20U.S. STATES: This state's current license plate has a biplane pictured on it North Carolina
#1014, aired 1989-01-19FAMOUS NAMES: His father, whose first & middle names were also Charles Augustus, was a Minnesota congressman Charles Lindbergh
#1013, aired 1989-01-18THE OSCARS: This 1951 musical is the only movie with a world capital in the title to win "Best Picture" An American in Paris
#1011, aired 1989-01-16POETRY: In a famous poem, the Mongol Empire summer palace called Shangtu is known as this Xanadu
#1010, aired 1989-01-13THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: Originally called Vera Cruz, this country was renamed for a type of tree Brazil
#1009, aired 1989-01-12FASHION: The 2 Asian leaders in the 1960s & '70s for whom popular jacket styles were named Nehru & Mao
#1008, aired 1989-01-11COLONIAL AMERICA: This colony was named for the 1st governor of the colony of Virginia Delaware
#1007, aired 1989-01-10THE OLYMPICS: In 1960 he became the 1st black athlete to carry the U.S. flag in the Olympic procession Rafer Johnson
#1006, aired 1989-01-09PRESIDENTS: 2 presidents who didn't go to college (2 of) Washington, Jackson, Van Buren, Taylor, Fillmore, Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, Cleveland & Truman
#1002, aired 1989-01-03LEADING LADIES: The 2 blonde sex symbols who made their last films with Gable, 1 released in 1937, 1 in 1961 Jean Harlow & Marilyn Monroe
#1000, aired 1988-12-30EXPLORERS: Puerto Rico's 2nd largest city is named for this explorer, its 1st governor Ponce de Leon
#999, aired 1988-12-29LANDMARKS: Irish-born architect J. Hoban designed this building in 1792 & finished rebuilding it 25 years later White House
#996, aired 1988-12-26MOUNTAINS: Soviet mountain range thought to be where the white race originated Caucasus Mountains
#991, aired 1988-12-19BEST SELLERS: In 1964, 5 of the top 10 nonfiction best sellers were by or about this man John F. Kennedy
#990, aired 1988-12-16ADVERTISING: 1 of the top 5 advertisers on network TV sports shows in 1987 was this Cabinet department the Department of Defense
#989, aired 1988-12-15AMERICANA: The U.S. flag flies 24 hours a day over both his birthplace & his grave Francis Scott Key
#986, aired 1988-12-12FRUITS & VEGETABLES: In pounds per capita, the most consumed fresh fruit in U.S.--mostly the yellow Cavendish variety bananas
#981, aired 1988-12-05U.S. LANDMARKS: Its cornerstone was laid February 12, 1915 the Lincoln Memorial
#980, aired 1988-12-02MONARCHS: This Queen of England was the granddaughter of Ferdinand & Isabella of Spain Mary I (Bloody Mary)
#979, aired 1988-12-01STATE CAPITALS: The 2 state capitals located on the Mississippi River St. Paul, Minnesota & Baton Rouge, Louisiana
#970, aired 1988-11-18ELECTIONS: 3 twentieth century presidents who were defeated when running to retain the office (3 of) Taft, Hoover, Carter, & Ford
#969, aired 1988-11-17GEOGRAPHY: Now independent, this island has been ruled by Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Normans, French & British Malta
#968, aired 1988-11-16MAN IN SPACE: 3 months after John Glenn, he became the second American to orbit the earth (Malcolm) Scott Carpenter
#967, aired 1988-11-15THE NOBEL PRIZE: This country's authors have won more Nobel literature prizes than any other, including the U.S. France
#966, aired 1988-11-14THE CIVIL WAR: The bloodiest single day of fighting in the Civil War took place in this state Maryland
#965, aired 1988-11-11THE SUPREME COURT: Only member of the current court who has been elected to a public office Sandra Day O'Connor (state senator from Arizona)
#964, aired 1988-11-10THE OSCARS: Husband and wife who won Oscars almost 30 years apart, she in 1958, he in 1987 Paul Newman & Joanne Woodward
#963, aired 1988-11-09FOREIGN PHRASES: The Greek expression meaning "philosophy (is) the guide of life" is abbreviated by these three Greek letters phi beta kappa
#962, aired 1988-11-08PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the only incumbent vice president to defeat a president in a presidential election Thomas Jefferson
#961, aired 1988-11-07WORLD CITIES: This major North American city is built around the mountain it's named for Montreal
#959, aired 1988-11-03THE BIBLE: While there were lots of animals on Noah's Ark, there were this many humans 8
#958, aired 1988-11-02THE SPACE RACE: Sputnik was the Soviet's 1st satellite, while this was ours Explorer
#957, aired 1988-11-01POLITICIANS: Carl Hayden represented this state in Congress from when it joined the Union until 1969 Arizona
#956, aired 1988-10-31AUTHORS: One of this author's two middle names was Balfour Robert Louis Balfour Stevenson
#955, aired 1988-10-28PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS: He was the 1st candidate to receive Hawaii's electoral vote John F. Kennedy
#945, aired 1988-10-14WORLD HISTORY: An allied army of Americans, Britons, Germans, Frenchmen, Russians & Japanese ended this in 1900 Boxer Rebellion
#944, aired 1988-10-13ELECTIONS: He was the last major party presidential candidate to lose 2 elections to 2 different men Thomas Dewey
#933, aired 1988-09-28MONARCHS: The world's oldest dynasty, some 2000 years old, still reigns in this country Japan
#931, aired 1988-09-26AMERICANA: In 1986 Coke & Kodak were among 19 firms who pledged over $66 mil. to use its image in their ads the Statue of Liberty
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