Season 36 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (26 clues archived)

#8071, aired 2019-10-14CHEMICAL SYMBOL WORDPLAY: Fittingly, the symbols for the 4 elements in sodium citrate, which can make cheese melt easier, spell this 5-letter food nacho
#8070, aired 2019-10-11AMERICAN PLAYWRIGHTS: In 1963 the Pulitzer Advisory Board vetoed his controversial play & gave no award; he would go on to win 3 Pulitzers Edward Albee
#8069, aired 2019-10-10ENGLISH HISTORY: In 1600 a royal charter authorized it to set forth to "parts of Asia and Africa" in search of "trade and traffic" British East India Company
#8068, aired 2019-10-09HIT 1980s ALBUMS: This American singer-songwriter briefly landed on the U.N.'s apartheid blacklist for his 1986 multi-platinum album Paul Simon
#8067, aired 2019-10-08LAST WORDS: In 1876 in the Dakotas this American said, "The old duffer broke me on the last hand" Bill Hickock
#8066, aired 2019-10-07OBSERVANCES: Washington made the very first presidential proclamation in response to a request for "a day of public" this Thanksgiving
#8065, aired 2019-10-04WORLD LITERATURE: Some parts were translated from a 15th century Syrian manuscript when this work was introduced to Europe around 1700 One Thousand and One Nights
#8064, aired 2019-10-03PHRASE ORIGINS: The OED's first citation for this phrase referring to a region of the U.S. is from a Durant, Oklahoma newspaper in 1936 Dust Bowl
#8063, aired 2019-10-02ANIMAL AKAs: It's also called the czar fish sturgeon
#8062, aired 2019-10-01MOUNTAIN RANGES: A chain of volcanoes is named for this mountain range where the continental USA's deadliest eruption took place Cascades
#8061, aired 2019-09-30SYMBOLIC OBJECTS: To complete one of its regular trips, in 1948 it took a boat across the English Channel; in 1952 it took a plane en route to Finland Olympic torch (Olympic flame)
#8060, aired 2019-09-27EPITAPHS: From his own 1898 poem, the epitaph of this Irish-born man ends, "his mourners will be outcast men, & outcasts always mourn" Oscar Wilde
#8059, aired 2019-09-26WORLD LANDMARKS: "The Eighth Wonder", by composer Alan John & librettist Dennis Watkins, is about this building that opened in 1973 Sydney Opera House
#8058, aired 2019-09-25NATURAL GEOGRAPHIC FEATURES: Timely for 2018, in 1866 Mark Twain wrote of this landmark's "sputtering jets of fire" & "heat from Pele's furnaces" (Mount) Kilauea
#8057, aired 2019-09-24AMERICAN COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES: The 1862 Morrill Act gave states federal acreage to sell for school funds, leading to the creation of 69 of these land-grant universities (land-grant colleges)
#8056, aired 2019-09-23MUSICAL THEATRE INSPIRATIONS: The title of this musical that opened on Broadway in 1964 was inspired by a Marc Chagall painting Fiddler on the Roof
#8055, aired 2019-09-20U.S. CURRENCY: In 1929 Alexander Hamilton became the new face of the $10 bill, replacing this foe of his legacy, who got moved to another denomination Andrew Jackson
#8054, aired 2019-09-19TOYS & GAMES: Invented in 1974 as a model to teach 3-D problems, it became one of the bestselling toys of all time Rubik's Cube
#8053, aired 2019-09-18THE 1940s: This nickname for a history-changing weapon of 1945 came from a character in "The Maltese Falcon" Fat Man
#8052, aired 2019-09-17NATIONAL ANTHEMS: With lyrics by Sir Adolphe-Basile Routhier, it debuted on June 24, 1880, at a celebration of St. Jean Baptiste Day "O Canada"
#8051, aired 2019-09-16EUROPEAN AUTHORS: When he didn't win the inaugural 1901 Nobel Prize, 42 of his peers apologized to him, calling him "the most revered patriarch of today's literature" Leo Tolstoy
#8050, aired 2019-09-13PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATES: This is the most recent presidential election year when both major presidential candidates were residents of the same state 2016
#8049, aired 2019-09-12AMERICAN MUSEUMS: President Johnson signed a law that added 2 words to the name of this museum established in 1946, D.C.'s most popular the Air & Space Museum
#8048, aired 2019-09-11CHILDREN'S BOOKS: The original title of this 1900 classic included a gem; another working title mentioned a Plains state The Wonderful Wizard of Oz
#8047, aired 2019-09-101960s TV HISTORY: The 1967 finale of "The Fugitive" drew in 78 million viewers, surpassing the 73 million who tuned into this show Sunday, February 9, 1964 The Ed Sullivan Show
#8046, aired 2019-09-09BIBLICAL ARCHAEOLOGY: A site excavated since 1899, Tell es-Safi has been identified as this Philistine city, home to a giant warrior Gath
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