Season 34 Final Jeopardy! Round clues (41 clues archived)

#7637, aired 2017-11-21CLASSIC ALBUMS: Hailed as the "greatest album of all time", in 2017 it returned to the top of the charts 50 years after its first release Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
#7632, aired 2017-11-14THEATRE: Despite objections from the playwright's estate, a 1991 French production of this 1952 play had a small all-female cast instead of male Waiting for Godot
#7631, aired 2017-11-13VICE PRESIDENTS: A biography of this 19th century VP traces his family to a German town made famous in a folk tale about children Hannibal Hamlin
#7630, aired 2017-11-10AWARDS & HONORS: The Victoria Cross is for military bravery; this cross first given in 1940 & named for Victoria's great-grandson is for civilian bravery the George Cross
#7629, aired 2017-11-09THE GREAT DEPRESSION: A street-corner occupation that saved many in the Depression was aided by a 1930 tops-in-the-U.S. crop in this state Washington
#7628, aired 2017-11-0819th CENTURY POETS: In 1824 he was refused burial in Westminster Abbey for "questionable morality"; in 1969 he got a memorial stone there Lord Byron
#7627, aired 2017-11-07LANDLOCKED COUNTRIES: South of the Tropic of Capricorn, this kingdom is the world's southernmost landlocked country Lesotho
#7626, aired 2017-11-06MUSIC & HISTORY: This 1880 piece was written more than 6 decades after the Battle of Borodino, the conflict it commemorates the 1812 Overture
#7625, aired 2017-11-03WORLD CAPITALS: The world's highest international airport, at an elevation of over 13,000', serves this South American capital city La Paz, Bolivia
#7624, aired 2017-11-02U.S. HISTORY: Only 4 men have been both VP & president & served in both houses of Congress; 2 of them shared this last name Johnson
#7623, aired 2017-11-01THE OSCARS: For 1992, this New Yorker was the first man with 2 acting Oscar nominations in the same year for different films Al Pacino
#7622, aired 2017-10-31LETTER PERFECT: George Eastman called it "a strong, incisive sort of letter" K
#7621, aired 2017-10-3019th CENTURY LITERATURE: This 1870 novel has a ship whose name is from the Greek for "sailor" & a captain whose name is Latin for "no one" Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
#7620, aired 2017-10-27THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE: The Mopan River flows about 20 miles from the capital of this country Belize
#7619, aired 2017-10-26BOARD GAMES: An early edition of this game that debuted in 1949 says that it's "the great new Sherlock Holmes game" Clue
#7618, aired 2017-10-25AMERICANA: The tiny town of Cayce, Kentucky was the home & supplied the nickname of a man famous in this job an engineer
#7617, aired 2017-10-24ETYMOLOGY: This 8-letter word meaning "cultured" or "intellectual" originated with a phrenology concept highbrow
#7616, aired 2017-10-23ENGLISH LITERATURE: Much of this novel takes place on the island of Despair, off the coast of South America, from 1659 to 1686 Robinson Crusoe
#7612, aired 2017-10-17ASIAN GEOGRAPHY: It's the only country that borders both the Caspian Sea & the Persian Gulf Iran
#7607, aired 2017-10-1020th CENTURY NOVELS: The protagonist of this novel "was fairly sure that his age was 39, and he believed that he had been born in 1944 or 1945" 1984
#7606, aired 2017-10-09HISTORICAL AREAS: An ancient quote mentions this area & 3 population groups, the Belgae, Aquitani & Celts Gaul
#7605, aired 2017-10-06COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD: They begin with the same 3 letters: the most densely populated country in Europe & the least densely populated in Asia Monaco and Mongolia
#7604, aired 2017-10-05ACTORS & THEIR MOVIE ROLES: He played Shakespearean title characters 4 times, receiving Best Actor Oscar nominations each time Laurence Olivier
#7603, aired 2017-10-04AMERICAN PLAYS: The latitude & longitude given by the narrator of this 1938 play would set it in Massachusetts, not New Hampshire Our Town
#7602, aired 2017-10-0320th CENTURY WORLD LEADERS: He said, "Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another" Nelson Mandela
#7601, aired 2017-10-02AMERICAN ARTISTS: This artist from Iowa once said, "All the really good ideas I'd ever had came to me while I was milking a cow" Grant Wood
#7600, aired 2017-09-2919th CENTURY PEOPLE: On June 28, 1838 an archbishop jammed a ring made for her little finger onto her 4th; she had to soak it in ice water to get it off Queen Victoria
#7599, aired 2017-09-28THE NORTHEASTERN U.S.: Once its own city, it joined with a neighbor in 1898; today on its own it would be the 4th most populous city in the U.S. Brooklyn
#7598, aired 2017-09-27AMERICAN WOMEN: A collection of her writings includes letters to her famous husband & articles like "Eulogy on the Flapper" Zelda Fitzgerald
#7597, aired 2017-09-26FICTIONAL CHARACTERS: At the Women in I.T. Awards in 2017, the head of MI-6 said today the real version of the character known by this letter is female Q
#7596, aired 2017-09-25BRITISH POETS: The statue of a sailor seen here in Watchet, England is based on a famous poem by this man Samuel Taylor Coleridge
#7595, aired 2017-09-22POETS: In an 1855 poem he wrote, "I guess it must be the flag of my disposition, out of hopeful green stuff woven" Walt Whitman
#7594, aired 2017-09-21COMIC BOOKS: Told to create a character called this, Len Wein learned the real animal is short, hairy & will attack an enemy 10 times its size Wolverine
#7593, aired 2017-09-20U.S. POSTAL ABBREVIATIONS: In 1969 the "B" in this state's abbreviation was changed to an "E" to avoid confusion with a Canadian province Nebraska
#7592, aired 2017-09-19POTENT & NONPOTENT POTABLES: Reverse the 2 words in the name of this Canadian whisky brand & you get the name of a cola Crown Royal or Royal Crown
#7591, aired 2017-09-18THE OLD TESTAMENT: Consisting of 21 verses, the book of this minor prophet, whose name means "servant of God", is the shortest Obadiah
#7590, aired 2017-09-15GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS: "Connecting police for a safer world" is the motto of this 190-member organization Interpol
#7589, aired 2017-09-14BUSINESSMEN: The corporation of this British man got its name from his early inexperience in business Richard Branson
#7588, aired 2017-09-13ANCIENT HISTORY: Battles at Trebbia & Trasimene were among the victories of this man who was born in Africa & died near the Black Sea Hannibal
#7587, aired 2017-09-1221st CENTURY GRAMMYS: This singer has won Album, Record & Song of the Year twice, the only artist to do so Adele
#7586, aired 2017-09-11ARTISTS & AUTHORS: In 1929 Georgia O'Keeffe painted the tree in New Mexico under which this British-born author used to write D.H. Lawrence
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